…between the ‘grey’ and the ‘red’ terror there may be an intermediate period — the ‘pink’ terror, when active military operations have not yet begun and there is still peace, but when some of the best spetsnaz units have already gone into action.

Viktor Suvorov

The Interview below is on the Soviet long range strategy. It begins with an introduction in German, but quickly switches to English after the first couple of minutes. Dave, Fabio and I are each broadcasting from a different continent.


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50 thoughts on “The Communist Long Range Strategy: A Discussion with Dave and Fabio

  1. This video gives a lot of interesting and not so well known historical perspective that gives a huge eye opening insight into our modern historical context. I really enjoyed the discussions on WWII, especially. The discussions in this video shed light on the underpinnings of recent history and these underpinnings are pretty shocking in how they correlate to understanding what we are now going through with being subject to experiencing asymmetrical warfare while most people are still unaware and blindly naive to the danger we are in. I like how this video also gives hope however that the truth will ultimately prevail. This video helps us understand some important truths that we are now in the midst of.

    1. “I like how this video also gives hope however that the truth will ultimately prevail.”

      The truth always prevails whether anyone is listening or not.

  2. There is no need for any military attacks on the part of the Communists, for the secular world of today’s West finds it’s directionless direction in the government and management of earthly things and a purely earthly felicity which is the hallmark of Chinese civilization (which it always has had), its natural centre. And the Chinese have a better understanding of what Communism is really all about than anyone else can at this point.

    Everyone else (who would not be considered pathologically Monotheistic and possessed of a clear Katehon/Eschaton distinction )is already in Their camp and working for Them, knowingly or not. Faced with Anarchy, the Atheists (explicitly or otherwise) of the Western world will and are gravitating to orbit around the Sun of the Middle Kingdom.

    People in charge like Xi Jinping know all this of course. There’s no rush to force the issue just yet on Their part.

    1. There is no need for military action if psychological, economic and biological attacks from the communist bloc succeed in collapse NATO. The communists in Russia are hiding under the facade of Putin’s regime. The communists in the West are breaking down all the West’s defenses.

      1. NATO has collapsed itself, before it was even launched, unfortunately for the West. What values and beliefs was it fighting for? And what was it organized against?

        I guess that my main point is that this baked into the Napoleon cake from the start, the confusion of the West (without delving too much at this point into the reasons for that confusion) is the nature of the West itself. A secular and autonomous scientific humanism is the ideal, already, and would be given impetus even (or rather especially within) a New Age/UFO kind of deception.

        I am thinking that in that confusion, Western “Right ” will see and adhere to their place in Chinese model, out of a growing admiration for it, having in themselves little spiritual foundations and much respect for the Middle Kingdom’s Authoritarian ways and Power, since they too ultimately worship Power.

        Oligarchs recognize Oligarchy wherever they see it, it is pretty much the same all over although some peoples have made a science out of it’s survival and it’s flourishing. Some peoples have made almost a science out of surviving and trying to nullify this Abomination, however.

  3. Great presentation on the part of Mr. Nyquist! At the same time, it revealed the catastrophic cluelessness in Germany (that is much worse still than in America) about where they actually stand and what had been happening to them during the last century.

    Also, just found this interesting photograph of Angela Merkel apparently made earlier this month during her last week as Chancellor of Germany. Now that her 16-year destructive mission is complete, it may be worth having a closer look at her face, one facial half at a time. Her right facial half shows more or less her usual public persona: a reserved, disciplined, ever-self-controlled and controlling politician, but already stone-cold. Yet, as one switches to her left-hand facial half (covering the right-hand half), what a disturbing contrast: We see an Angela Merkel seemingly grinning at the public and enjoying her moment of revolutionary triumph!


  4. Seems to me that NATO has told Putin that he has no say over Ukraine. The US must have such far, superior high technological weaponry, that there’s no fear of Russian nuclear capability or asymmetrical attempted attack.

    1. It is insanity of the deepest sort, a provocation which can only invite disaster for everyone. So, the next question should be: who wants disaster for everyone?

    2. It is a post-cold-war group-think. NATO politicians can’t admit they are powerless.

      1. I was thinking more on the fact that it is of no legitimate Western interest to be involved in this particular civilizational space

  5. In the interview, Jeff, you mention that Bobby Kennedy while JFK’s attorney general, took over the CIA. If that were the case, was it before or after, the Bay of Pigs invasion? It has been rumored that Jack was extremely dissatisfied with the CIA for setting him up for failure in that mission.

      1. No. The Soviets and Cubans were behind it. Castro was furious with JFK after finding out about a CIA plot to kill him with a rifle. Khrushchev was also angry and had privately discussed assassinating Kennedy. The assassin who the CIA recruited to kill Castro was, unluckily, a double agent working for the communists. Castro found out. So LBJ was not at all responsible. But he knew who was responsible and so did RFK. This story could not be made public in those days. Americans would not have been happy to learn their leaders plotted murders in secret. Therefore, U.S. assassination plots against foreign leaders had to be kept secret to avoid a scandal that would have damaged the Democratic administration of Kennedy with some blowback on Johnson.

      2. Biden just released more documents about the assassination of President, Kennedy. Have you read any, yet? Why the secrecy? What might we learn?

      3. So many revelations and much lost history covering last century and a half in less than an hour and a half. And now, here, another piece of the puzzle. Saving this interview for a rewatch, so that I can transcribe most of it. You don’t post often, but when you do…

      4. Regarding your answer to SHOOT ME asking if JFK assassination were a CIA/LBJ coup… “No. The Soviets and Cubans…”… what do think Howard Hunt’s deathbed confession was all about? Do you think he participated in Dallas as a Soviet asset or do you think Hunt’s son lied about his dad’s fess up… the latter scenario just doesn’t feel right. Attention? Book deal? Easier to believe FBI/CIA theory, but I can see how cover-ups make them appear guilty without actually being so. What do you know about the Hunts?

      5. Not only was Hunt’s alleged confession fishy, we know from defector information (V. Mitrokhin) that the KGB forged a letter from Oswald to Hunt, setting up the latter as a co-conspirator in the assassination. What really happened with the alleged deathbed confession? Two of Hunt’s sons hoodwink their elderly father into making certain statements into a tape recorder. Hunt was suffering from dementia at the time. The two sons wanted to sell the sensational confession for money. Hunt’s wife and other children outed the two sons for taking advantage of a confused elderly father. As I recall, the LA Times investigated and found no credible evidence. Another typical JFK assassination conspiracy hoax.

  6. Jeff, if Nosenko was a double agent, how do you think he managed to hold out in solitary confinement and heavy interrogation for years on end?

  7. Mr Nyquist your remarks to David and Fabio were Stirring and made plain the Clear and Present Dangers now confronting German speaking Europe. You emphatically explained the essentials of the Fake Collapse of Communism and the False Split between Russia and China.

    You strengthened the Heart of David and Flavio by assuring People CAN become Awakened to the Truth;..And; We Have on OUR Side: TRUTH.

    The Question that Remains is: How MUCH TRAGEDY Before How Much Truth is Needed to Turn the TIDE in Our Favor. Right now it is clear that the German speaking world in Europe has its back to the Wall.

    Mr. Nyquist thank you for providing Encouragement, Truth, and Hope to Strengthen America’s friends in the German Speaking World who are facing the Ravaging Jaws of the Red Russian Bear and the Red Chinese Tiger.

    Mr. Nyquist your remarks reminded me of 2 things:

    Your call to action to stand on the TRUTH at this time of Impending Danger reminded me of the words of Victor Frankl regarding the Last of Human Freedoms:

    “The last of human freedoms – the ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances.” – Viktor E. Frankl

    ALSO your Generous Encouragement reminded me of scenes from the movie dramatization of the efforts
    of Vice Admiral William F. Halsey to strengthen and sustain our forces during the World War 2 Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands Campaign.

    The name of the movie is The Gallant Hours. It stars James Cagney as Vice Admiral Halsey.

    Our Enemies are are Resolute.



    Don’t GIVE UP THE SHIP!!!!

  8. As we Hurtle towards 2022 and Our Date with Destiny we may wish to Review the Following while Keeping in Mind the Communist Long Range Strategy:

    Episode 3113 Secure Freedom Radio. Kerry Kershaneck Interview.

    Begin Listening at 5:05 minute point:

    Comrade Xi ‘s Talk with Comrade Putin for the Purpose of “Safeguarding the Dignity of Each Country”


    Xi confirms what Mr Nyquist has been Declaring and Warning from the Rooftops for Years.

    Kerry Kershaneck


    Wake Up America.

    “Lenin said that if you wish to destroy a nation you must corrupt its currency. Whether this has happened as a result of accident or design, I cannot say. It was not for nothing that the World Economic Forum last year unveiled their vision of what your life will look like in the year 2030: “You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

    From The Dying Dollar by Benjamin Braddock


    Russia & CCP China Military Cooperation

    Xi and Putin Talk about Security Cooperation Against the United States


    China and Russia Will Not Allow West to Divide Them



    Solar Minimum: Red China gets A little Help from its Friend.




  9. Jeff, after watching that, a simple question for you. Would you concede that communism is – by any reasonable metric – a red monstrosity “that was, is not and yet is”? Because I am certain that’s what it is and, that being the case, its near-term supremacy in the West is sadly hard-wired into the future, but by the same token, its utter and final ruination shortly thereafter is equally assured.

    1. By strict analysis using the tools of social science and historical knowledge, communism can only have a destructive effect. As long as it rules it dehumanizes and kills. Given that it is destructive and false, it has a shelf-life related to the ongoing social pathologies of the moment in East and West. The fall of the Roman Empire comes to mind. An end and restart of civilization is suggested. This is not a bloodless process. We may revisit a period of barbarism and a massive population decline. This has happened before.

      1. That program used all the archetypes of civilization’s destruction. The Galactica as Ark. A surprise nuclear attack followed by subversion. The Cold War sub-theme reigns throughout.

  10. Corporatism and globalism IS communism once you have decoded their language:
    Transition = Managed decline.
    Green = Deforestation and starvation
    Renewable = Expensive, scarce and unreliable
    Affordable = Fuel poverty
    In short an anti human psychopathic agenda has been unfolding for decades based upon fraudulent science, sponsored by those who will profit from the artificially imposed hardships and chaos….
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Corporations are amenable to infiltration, corruption and subversion — turned against the principles of a civilization that has abandoned its principles

    2. The communists have partnered with these Western companies since the end of the Cold War as these companies have always been inclined to partnership (which they attempted during NEP in the 1920s and in the 1940s, 1970s, etc.) because liberal elites have rarely understood the communist aspect of socialism’s advance. History shows that anyone who partners with the communists is taken over by them. This has to be understood. The free market is under attack, and the easiest path of infiltration for the attackers is through the large corporations and big government. Liberal economic globalism was a completely different ideal 100 years ago. After infiltration we see it as a process that conforms to Marxist theories about late capitalism. Conservatives who do not realize this are suddenly confirming Marxist concepts in their mode of speech and are falling in with the Final “convergence” stage of the long range strategy. This is the stage in which conservative criticism of capitalism aligns with communist theory (which they never bothered to learn) and becomes revolutionary (right-Bolshevist). The Revolution you join to overthrow the system will be led by “conservatives” who are agents of the communists. When the Revolution is finished there will be no freedom and you will be enslaved by your own leveling actions. You will have been strategically exploited by the communist strategists just as corporate liberalism has been infiltrated and exploited — through perceptions management, active measures, and slogans. You never have thoughtfully reacted, but at each stage your reactions have been predictable and guided. Not understanding the indirect approach of communist strategy, which presents you with false alternatives at every turn, you succumb gradually. You are helpless, even as our corporate, academic and government elites are helpless. No civilization can survive such thoughtless behavior. You have to understand the enemy thoroughly and the process of corruption he exploits to advance his dialectical advance. If you do not up your game, you will suffer defeat after defeat. Even your victories will be setbacks. Corrupt Western criminals and corporate leaders are not our main enemy. The communists are the main enemy — with the communist cadres in Moscow and Beijing being the most influential within the global communist movement.

      1. So let me ask you this: do you find any legitimate non-Marxist criticism of Capitalism out there on a systemic basis?

  11. Glad you didn’t post my 2nd comment (re Howard Hunt) from last night, Jeff. (And of course, probably goes without saying, don’t post this one either… I did a quick search on his “confession” after comment and found this https://jfkfacts.org/deathbed-confession-howard-hunt/ among others. I think I first read about this Hunt lore in the L.A. Times newsPAPER in the mid-’90s a few years before I ever accessed the internet, so never dug any deeper. Glad I finally did…. these spooks are bad enough – MKULTRA, MONARCH, BAY OF TONKIN(s) like OKLAHOMA CITY, TWIN TOWERS, LAS VEGAS, etc… but I was 10 years old on November 22, 1963, and my heart is still wounded. If Havana/Moscow hadn’t, CIA probably would’ve. One last point to make here… I suppose in the short run it was necessary to have Joe Public distrust law enforcement at its highest levels – which we really should anyway [see litany above] – than to positively affirm that our beloved President had his brains blown into the just as beloved First Lady’s lap by our nuclear rival. There’d’ have been no waiting to see who blinked first. In the long run… at least we’re still looking for blinks. Pray for us sinners.

      1. Posts with more than two links require my permission before they appear, and if I am busy I do not see them right away — so there can be a delay.

    1. There were Soviet moles in the CIA that Bobby Kennedy was undoubtedly looking for after Dulles was forced out and RFK began talking to KGB defector Golitsyn. CIA personnel turned by the KGB had a very urgent motive to work with the Cubans and KGB and to support the Nosenko narrative and to assist the communists in the JFK “event.” Also, LBJ was a very corrupt politician and might have been removed as Vice President for crimes that were beginning to surface in 1963. The Soviets knew this and undoubtedly had blackmail options against LBJ; so the story regarding him is not a straightforward story. Angleton lamented Allen Dulles’s leadership of CIA, strongly suspecting a Soviet blackmail of Dulles and his friends from OSS days when Nazi gold changed hands at the end of the war. SS Gen. Walter Schellenberg’s premature demise after the war could have been due to KGB or CIA poisoning (leading to death by cancer). Certainly, Schellenberg held potent secrets in his brain that were compromising to both Cold War adversaries.

  12. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, there is a article released on the New Zealand Media condemning the Hong Kong Elections but they have missed out important keypoints about the Hong Kong ‘Pro-Democracy/Democracy’ Movement.

    1. The Hong Kong ‘Pro-Democracy/Democracy’ Movement has never gone against the Chinese Communist Party or its regime, in an article written by Julian Ho in 2017 which is available on Medium.com, he warns that even though they disagree with the June Fourth Massacre, the Hong Kong ‘Pro-Democracy/Democracy’ Movement is not against the Chinese Communist Party or regime

    2. The Hong Kong ‘Pro-Democracy/Democracy’ Movement also had a second name, they were originally called the Hong Kong Democratic Reunification Movement before they became the Hong Kong ‘Pro-Democracy/Democracy’ Movement


  13. No matter what, the final act of the long range strategy must have boots on the ground. It doesn’t matter whether those boots are a foreign occupying power, as in the case of U.S. occupation of Japan after WWII, or a local occupying force such as the PLA being the boots keeping the CCP in power. Unless our communists can disarm the American public and establish their own Gestapo without a war, the long term strategy must end in war—nuclear and invasion.

    Right now the U.S. has many more battle experienced veterans than exist in the total PLA. And they are armed. And the PLA can afford to send only a portion of their troops in an invasion of the U.S. We will lose tens of millions of our own population, much of it to nuclear weapons, but when people realize that the cost of losing is death, they won’t stop fighting until dead. The fighting will be fierce and bloody, but ultimately, I don’t see how the PLA can win in an invasion.

    I’ve been hearing about riots in China for some time now, even despite the censorship by the CCP. But now with the crop failures due to the floods and other natural disasters, hunger is starting to stalk the land. Hungry people will see that they have nothing more to lose so will be willing to rise up in rebellion against the CCP. A regime change with Chinese characteristics does not leave the old regime in comfortable retirement. Throw in a failed invasion of the U.S. with an army that is already having trouble with desertion, how much of the army will throw in their lot with the rebels? By the time a new regime takes over, China could have only a fraction of its present population.

    1. R.O. – My feeling is that America is going to be hit hard. I don’t see any way to avoid it. With the exception of many of us who are keeping abreast of things – some more so than others – the vast majority will be caught by surprise. I know things will be brutal, but foresight is advantageous in that it removes fear. I think in the absence of a nuke attack the Sino/Russian military would prefer that the USSA make every effort to disarm those of us who are willing to fight. I know a lot of us have no problem going down in a fight against any force of arms. The bigger question is how the many will react to a door-to-door in the middle of the night. Most of us are not organized and find it hard to do so because folks seem content to go on with their lives as best they can. But what happens when a neighbor is confronted by twenty Gestapo? Will there be a response, or will the blinds be pulled? I don’t have an answer for that. Personally, I would prefer an invasion – something we can see outright. And yes, I think we could kick some butt.

  14. Mr Nyquist, with regards to your reply to me about systemic non Marxist criticism of Capitalism and your own writing of such, it occurs to me (as well as you might know) that no revolutionary ever was motivated by the soundness of any economic theory, but rather by the promptings of the Will to Power within them. This is why you had Iranian Marxist students becoming devout followers of Khoemeni to give an example. When Capitalism falls, it won’t be because of Communists as such, but rather instead it’s own failings that are integral to It.

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