If the physically unreal, namely the mind, defines all our reality, surely that which is finally true ought to be of a metaphysical, ephemeral, abstract, nonphysical nature, rather than of a ‘hard,’ enforced, verifiable one.

Nigel Kerner
Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls [1]

Both views, the materialistic as well as the spiritualistic, are metaphysical prejudices. It accords better with experience to suppose that living matter has a psychic aspect, and the psyche has a physical aspect.

Carl Jung
Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky [2]

Demonology is not just another crackpot-ology. It is the ancient and scholarly study of the monsters and demons who have seemingly coexisted with man throughout history. Thousands of books have been written on the subject, many of them authored by educated clergymen, scientists, and scholars, and uncounted numbers of well-documented demonic events are readily available to every researcher. The manifestations and occurrences described in this imposing literature are similar.”

John A. Keel, Why UFOs [3]

We are living in a materialist age. Even religious people believe in “evolution” and “science.” Reality is said to coincide with matter. Spirit is said to coincide with superstition. The mind is said to be epiphenomenal, the illusion of consciousness owing to chemical reactions in the brain. It is assumed that when the brain dies, the mind is extinguished. All favored solutions are material solutions. We rarely stop to consider that our “material world” was long ago negated by the Second Law of Thermodynamics (i.e., entropy). Material reality is dying. It has always been dying. Therefore, the material universe could not have always existed; that is, unless something nonphysical (i.e., spiritual) has always been there to sustain it.

More than thirty years ago a Ph.D. candidate in physics asked if I believed in magic. The science of physics, he said, was moving in the direction of the occult. In fact, the spooky physics of “quantum weirdness” is advancing, even now, through concepts like “quantum entanglement” which – oddly enough – parallels the work of sorcerers who practice voodoo.[4]  In his psychiatric investigations, Dr. Carl Jung discovered the existence of “autonomous psychic entities” that he called “archetypes.” These point to a realm “beyond the borderline, beyond the frontiers of knowledge.” Jung’s researches showed that on our side of that borderline we find numbers and quantity. On the other side we find these entities manifesting “themselves in a priori patterns.” Here was the explanation for “phenomena like dream-symbols.” Yet these entities, added Jung, could produce “remarkable relativizations of time and space which simply cannot be explained causally. They are the parapsychological phenomena which I have summed up under the term ‘synchronicity’….”[5]

Science’s gradual shift toward the occult is most obvious when it comes to the investigation of UFOs. The unschooled public imagines that UFOs (a.k.a., flying saucers) are space ships piloted by extraterrestrial visitors. The scientific investigator, however, discovers that UFOs produce psychic effects with high strangeness. For example: UFO aliens reportedly use telepathy to communicate. UFO sightings have been correlated with poltergeist activity. As John A. Keel noted, “The real UFO story must encompass all of the many manifestations being observed. It is a story of ghosts and phantoms and strange mental aberrations; of an invisible world which surrounds us and occasionally engulfs us; of prophets and prophecies, of gods and demons.”[6] Here the public’s materialist orientation leads away from the truth. The public no longer thinks of fairies, elementals, jinn, angels or demons. We do not believe in such things. People today are enthusiastic about Erich von Däniken’s Chariots of the Gods, readily dismissing the reality of supernatural intelligences. The public is uncomfortable with the idea that ancient magicians invoked gods or demons, built temples for them, built idols for them to inhabit, and sacrificed to them.   

In a chapter titled “The Cosmic Jokers,” Keel likened the UFO phenomenon to “the great unseen conflict between God and the Devil.” He added, “A major, but little-explored, aspect of the UFO phenomenon is therefore theological and philosophical rather than purely scientific. The UFO problem can never be untangled by physicists and scientists unless they are men who have been schooled in the liberal arts, theology, and philosophy.”[7] Keel then added, “Satan and his demons are part of the folklore of all races….”[8]

Jacques Vallee, who studied UFOs for decades, does not think UFOs are space ships. First off, he explained, there are too many landings. Based on reported sightings, Vallee calculated there has been “no fewer than” three million UFO landings in a twenty-year period. “This number is totally absurd,” he noted. A simple satellite, high in orbit, could gather all the needed data on earth without being seen by anybody. Vallee then drew the following disturbing conclusion: “Either UFOs select their witnesses for psychological or sociological reasons, or they are something entirely different from space vehicles. In either case, their appearances are staged.”[9]

Vallee has a hypothesis about this: “I propose that there is a spiritual control system for human consciousness and that paranormal phenomena like UFOs are one of its manifestations.”[10] As a scientist Vallee is worried that this control system is pushing us toward a new dark age and a new religion. He has long wanted to understand what is going on. Feeling uncomfortable about his own hypothesis, Vallee wrote, “I would like to step outside the conditioning maze and see what makes it tick. I wonder what I would find. Perhaps a terrible superhuman monstrosity the very contemplation of which would make a person insane? Or the maddening simplicity of unattended clockwork.”[11]

Charles Upton’s thesis about UFOs derives from traditional theology. Evidence for UFOs, he says, is evidence for “elementals” or “spirits.” These live on the etheric plane. According to Upton, “Some of the denizens of this [etheric] world are best described as demons.”[12] Upton therefore takes seriously Fr. Seraphim Rose’s assertion “that the purpose of the great expansion of the UFO phenomenon after WWII was to lay the psychic groundwork for the advent of the regime of Antichrist, particularly since… mass belief in UFOs … has been a key factor in the widespread pagan/occult revival that has so obviously weakened and undermined the world’s religions.”[13]

A New Religion for a New Age

Physical therapist Felix Kersten, who worked his therapeutic magic for Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler, related a curious incident while traveling on Himmler’s train during World War II. He discovered there was a library car on this train which entirely consisted of religious books. Kersten was astonished. Was Himmler religious? The Reichsführer-SS bemusedly explained that Hitler had asked him to form a new religion. These books, added Himmler, are essential to this task.[14] The idea was to gradually replace Christianity with a new faith. To accomplish this, the Nazis began to adulterate Christian teachings with something they called “positive Christianity.” Minister for Church Affairs Hans Kerri said, “Positive Christianity is not dependent on the Apostles’ Creed” or “faith in Christ as the son of God.” Positive Christianity held up Hitler as “the herald of a new revelation.” In effect, “the legacy of Judaism” was to be removed “from both dogma and ecclesial tradition.”[15] The following story illustrates how this worked: In June of 1937 a teenager and Hitler Youth squad leader, named Fritz Brüggemann, wrote to Himmler asking for theological advice. The teenager was disturbed by a Nazi speech he had heard in which Jesus was described as a Jew. Was this really true? Had he heard correctly? Himmler’s personal assistant, Rudolf Brandt, replied to the youth with the following words, “The Reichsführer is of the opinion that Christ was not a Jew. You must certainly have misunderstood the speaker.”[16]

Hitler’s objective was to turn Christianity into a completely different faith – with himself as messiah. Just as the socialists have labored to bureaucratically make themselves into “little gods,” the Nazi Party labored to deify Adolf Hitler as the Providential savior of Germany and the Aryan race. The communist project and the Nazi project are negative movements: that is, these new faiths have attempted to remake the world through destruction, mass murder and chaos; or as a Marxist would say, by “negating the negation.” In terms of Hermetic alchemy, the first stage in transformation is “the blackening.” To make a new order, you destroy the old. Thus, the uniform of the SS was black, and the Nazi flag – like the Soviet flag – had a blood-red background (which symbolizes the final stage of the black, white and red transformation. At the center was the swastika, a solar symbol – which Hitler turned counter-clockwise (if you consider it as a spiral), signifying a contrary revolution. [It is generally said that the Nazi swastika is right-facing and clockwise, but if you consider the motion of spirals, a counter-clockwise motion is implied by the elbows of the broken cross. Symbols are frequently misinterpreted and interpretations can be fluid. See last footnote below.]

The occult writer, Manly P. Hall, in his book The Secret Teachings of All Ages, explained the alchemical formula of the Rosicrucians and Freemans in terms of The Great Work (Magnum opus). According to Hall, “Ever upon the Grade of Black (the return into Chaos from which new creations are possible) follows the Grade of the Neophytes, the New Birth, which is often repeated with impressive lucidity. The black stage occurs as usual through fire.”[17] This obscure “occult” symbolism, wrote Hall, is meant “to protect [the initiates] from the persecution of despotic theology….” Therefore, the medieval alchemists “couched their philosophy in Christian terminology, although the great secrets of the Art were derived largely from Egyptian or Arabian adepts. The Mohammedans were masters of the Hermetic secrets and even the great Paracelsus secured from them the major part of his knowledge.”[18]

Depreciating the Soul

As a student of alchemy, Carl Jung wrote, “Western man is held in thrall by the ‘ten thousand things’; he sees only particulars, he is ego-bound and thing-bound, and unaware of the deep root of all being.”[19] Jung suggested that Western man has misunderstood his own soul. He has misunderstood Christ even as he would make God in his own image. Western man has misunderstood sin and evil, making his soul into one of the “ten thousand things” and thereby depreciating it – evading his spiritual responsibility. Jung warned, “with Western man the value of the self sinks to zero.” Jung said it was disastrous for people to “put nothing in their souls and have ‘all God outside.’”[20] Jung then argued, “Indeed the very intimacy of the relationship between God and the soul precludes …  any devaluation of the latter.”[21] It was Jung’s observation that Christian civilization had taken a wrong turn, blundering down a blind alley toward soullessness. “Christian civilization,” he wrote, “has proved hollow to a terrifying degree: it is all veneer, but the inner man has remained untouched and therefore unchanged.”[22] Jung thus concluded that “we have not succeeded in Christianizing the soul to the point where even the most elementary demands of Christian ethics can exert any decisive influence on the main concerns of the Christian European.”[23]

The proof of Jung’s assertion appears in the history of the last hundred years. Imagine churchgoing Germany – a Christian nation – succumbing to Nazism. Imagine Orthodox Russia succumbing to Marxism. Imagine America succumbing to feminism, the abortion agenda, and the selling of unborn baby tissue. From this we see that Christendom is hollow, or has become hollow. A disintegration of the Western soul has taken place, leading us to “Black blacker than black” – an inner place of terror and Chaos. Here we find modern totalitarianism in all its forms – nationalist, socialist, and national socialist – backwardly creeping toward chaos.

Western man has become vulnerable. Evil can have its way with him. On every side are the devil’s rag babies. Did a magician open a portal to Hell from whence an army of demons invaded the earth? Did the occult lodges of old Europe engage in dangerous experiments? Or was it the sorcery of a few oddballs? As we have learned, Karl Marx was fascinated by Mephistopheles and the magic of “the dialectic.” Nazism’s “magical” roots can be traced back to Dietrich Eckhardt and the Thule Society. The symbols of these movements, as noted before, are suggestive.  

Nearly two centuries ago magical texts were found in the ruins of King Ashurbanipal’s library at Nineveh. Among these magical texts was an ancient Chaldean text for summoning the Seven Wicked Spirits. Even in translation, these troubling incantations are darkly suggestive; their sinister cadence full of menace. Given our spiritual stupidity, what defense could we mount if such entities were unleashed today?

Morning of the Magicians

Jack Parsons, a rocket scientist who founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Cal-Tech was a disciple of the infamous British magician, Aleister Crowley.[24] In fact, Parsons was keen on something that Crowley had done in January of 1918. At that time Crowley conducted a magical operation while living in New York, on Central Park West. Crowley’s objective was to materialize an interdimensional being by opening a portal. Crowley supposedly accomplished this bizarre feat with help from a medium named Roddie Minor.[25] After weeks of sexual and ceremonial magic, Aleister and Roddie experienced a series of visions culminating in the transmogrification of an interdimensional entity called “Lam,” who bore an uncanny likeness to a latter-day grey alien. Crowley supposedly closed Lam’s portal after the operation. However, this portal was opened again, in 1946, by Jack Parsons and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The whole idea of materializing a “homunculi” (little grey alien) was somehow related to what Crowley called “the New Age of Horus” which was to replace the “dying Age of Osiris.” Parsons and Hubbard also attempted to manifest the Whore of Babylon as a “baby spirit” that could be placed in a womb. About this, Crowley penned a letter in which he wrote, “Apparently Parsons and Hubbard or somebody is producing a moonchild. I get fairly frantic when I contemplate the idiocy of these louts.”[26]

Witnesses in the vicinity of Parsons and Hubbard, including Whore of Babylon stand-in Marjorie Cameron, began to see UFOs after Lem’s reappearance. To explain the larger magical project behind all this, it is useful to turn to Aleister Crowley’s book, Magick, to a section titled “Of the Bloody Sacrifice.” With reference to “materializing” entities, we read: “…the bloody sacrifice, though more dangerous, is more efficacious; and for nearly all purposes human sacrifice is the best.” And if you are truly ambitious in terms of replacing the Age of Osiris with the Age of Horus, “There is a Magical Operation of maximum importance: the Initiation of a New Aeon. When it becomes necessary to utter a Word, the whole Planet must be bathed in blood. Before man is ready to accept the Law of Thelema, the Great War must be fought. This Bloody Sacrifice is the critical point of the World-Ceremony of the Proclamation of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child, as Lord of the Aeon.”[27] Regarding the particulars of blood sacrifice, Crowley wrote, “For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.”[28]  

For the record, Crowley did not consider himself a Satanist. “The Devil does not exist,” he insisted. “It is a false name invented by the Black Brothers to imply a Unity in their ignorant muddle of dispersions. A devil who had unity would be a God.”[29] After writing these words, Crowley then added, “It is, however, always easy to call up the demons, for they are always calling you; and you have only to step down to their level and fraternize with them. They will then tear you in pieces at their leisure.”[30] It is curious that Crowley also did not consider himself a black magician, even though he wrote a chapter on how to practice black magic. As occultists go, Crowley was something of a snob. About spiritualists and necromancers, he wrote scathingly, “They make themselves perfectly passive, and, so far from employing any methods of protection, deliberately invite all and sundry spirits, demons, shells of the dead, all the excrement and filth of earth and hell, to squirt their slime over them.”[31] Sounding almost like a Christian pastor, Crowley warned, “They are contagious as Syphilis, and more deadly and disgusting. Unless your aura is strong enough to inhibit any manifestation of the loathly larvae that have taken up habitation in them, shun them….”[32]

Crowley had harsh words, as well, for the general run of occult fraternities. He regarded the “Masonic Societas Rosicruciana” as “honest and harmless.” The members of such occult societies, he added, “happen as a rule to be pompous busy-bodies” who are governed “by persons claiming to represent the True Ancient Fraternity….” These secret societies, he wrote, are a common swindle.[33] Today’s numerous conspiracy theorists, who believe in forgeries, who credit contextual errors, who possess very little knowledge of history, frighten themselves into imagining that Crowley’s “pompous busy-bodies” are the real malefactors of the age. But no, said Crowley, they are clowns who lack true understanding.

Ritual Magic, Conspiracy, and the KGB

Crowley’s “operation” to change one Aeon for another was not unique. The alchemical formula, cited by Hall, is centuries old. The whole idea is to bring on a cycle of destruction for the ostensible purpose of creating something new. Here, the equivalent of the Seven Wicked Spirits are summoned by angry neo-pagans (or atheists) determined to smash Christendom and build a new pagan edifice. And Christendom, hollowed out by materialism and “fun,” is ready to be smashed. Here, occult rituals of destruction, ostensibly used to bring about a Golden Age, may be nothing more than a demonic trick to facilitate Beelzebub’s next happy meal.

Could the slaughter of millions coincide with a magical ritual? A cursory examination of Hitler’s successful military operations presents us with a clear picture of “conquest by way of magic circle.” The swastika of the Nazis inclines in a counter-clockwise direction if viewed as a spiral whose arms are bent backward by its circular spin; therefore, it is strange that Hitler’s conquests followed a perfect counter-clockwise pattern. Striking East, in September 1939, Hitler invaded and conquered Poland. Following counter-clockwise, in April 1940 Hitler struck north into Denmark and Norway. In May 1940 he struck west, conquering the low countries and France. In April 1941 Hitler continued his counter-clockwise ritual, conquering Yugoslavia and Greece (even as Rommel advanced across the Libyan desert toward Egypt). Completing the circle, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, conquering Byelorussia and Ukraine. The circle of conquest complete, the ritual was accomplished.

Was Hitler’s counter-clockwise circle of conquest a coincidence? Jung might call it a “synchronicity.” Or was it, rather, a demonic correspondence?

We ignore the reality of the supernatural at our own peril. More than three centuries ago, the famous New England preacher Cotton Mather was astonished at inexplicable phenomena he and others witnessed firsthand, including a girl bouncing through the air on an invisible pony, children vomiting nails and pins, and an old washerwoman named Goody Glover freely admitting commerce with spirits while refusing to remove the curse she put on the afflicted children. The court reluctantly hanged Goody and the curse continued until, at long last, Mather hit upon the idea of a prayer circle to break the curse.[34] In his book, On Witchcraft, Mathers wrote, “Alas, the Devils, they swarm about us, like the Frogs of Egypt, in the most Retired of our Chambers.”[35] He later added, “I am verily persuaded, that there are very few humane affairs whereinto some Devils are not insinuated; there is not so much as a journey intended, but Satan will have a hand in hindering or furthering of it.”[36]

To briefly examine the role of the occult in history, as we are doing here, is always problematic and prone to misunderstanding; for any mention of the occult plays into the hands of mocking skeptics or the credulous. To admit that these phenomena exist is one thing. To say exactly this all means, or how we can cope with it, is another. The subject opens us to half-baked conspiracy theories that attempt to explain everything in terms of a single causative agent: be it the Masons, the Jews, the Illuminati, space reptilians, or the Devil. Such theories leave no room for Providence or a hundred other factors. All effective action is reserved to the malevolent few, or to the Devil. Nothing remains to God or men. Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson satirized the occult/conspiracist view in their 1975 Illuminatus Trilogy, referring to the Dealey Lama under Dealey Plaza, orchestrating a firing squad to kill JFK.

Admittedly, most occultist are charlatans and most conspiracy theories are humbug. Blavatsky’s theosophy is a pastiche of plagiarisms. The New Age movement adds spells and Tarot cards to the power of positive thinking. Masons may be more sophisticated than the New Agers, but Crowley said they were pompous busy-bodies – and Crowley was in a position to know. Turning to the totalitarians of Nazi Germany, Russia and China, we find a villainy more murderous and efficient. The communists and Nazis have often been busy-bodies, but they have never been harmless.

Since the Nazis were defeated in 1945, evil has consolidated its position in the left-revolutionary movements, advancing what can only be called policies of Satanic inversion; that is, policies of national and cultural suicide. During the Cold War we called these people “communists.” Of course, the communists cannot claim an absolute monopoly on evil. After all, the Nazis might stage a comeback. Or maybe it will be Jihadists. Or maybe, if the CIA could break free from Moscow and Beijing’s control, we could cite the CIA as evil in its own right. We have rich people who have signed up with the Chinese or the Russians, mostly to the make money. In this regard, it is worth asking how we should rate our Jeffrey Epsteins, our Franklin coverups[37] and our Pizzagates. My impression is that these are but glimpses of a very sophisticated type of subversion, based on Andropov’s KGB pedophile rings (first organized in the 1970s).

For those who think the Masons or Illuminati or “banksters” are behind everything, one historical fact should cast doubt on this ever-recurring thesis: Heinrich Himmler came into possession of files on all the Masonic lodges in Europe. Famously, the Nazi killing machine was keen on “liquidating” or jailing astrologers, magicians and occultists of every stripe. A retired American intelligence official once told me, that when Hitler captured Paris in 1940, French Masons were among the first to be hunted, arrested, and killed. But the Nazis could not finish their work, defeated as they were in 1945. In that year, Himmler’s archive on Europe’s occult organizations was captured by the Red Army and taken to Moscow.[38]

And what about the Russians? We must not forget that Russia has its parapsychological research institutes. We know from defector testimony that the sub-basements of the Lubyanka have witnessed many occult experiments.[39] Black magicians and secret societies notwithstanding, if the Nazis were able to intimidate and suppress occult organizations throughout occupied Europe, Moscow could go one better by colonizing them. And given what Aleister Crowley said about the occult fraternities of his day, given how “harmless” and “pompous” they were, by what magic could they forestall the KGB? It is inconceivable that the harmless busy-bodies of masonry should enjoy dominion over the very dangerous busy-bodies in Moscow. Furthermore, if Aleister Crowley’s protégé summoned up a sinister homunculi in the New Mexico desert, the danger might well be tripled if Stalin’s security services were at hand to piggy-back on the resulting phenomenon.

What Do The Magicians Signify?

Occultists would like to believe that they can trace their lineage to the mystery religions of ancient Greece and Egypt. And perhaps they can. But do we really know what these ancient religions taught? The mystery schools of Greece and Egypt were crushed, ages ago, by the Church. To rely on a few Hermetic texts arising from the pagan syncretism of the second and third centuries is hardly authoritative. Like all those self-styled wiccans of the New Age movement, the Masons are modern men who play with pre-modern symbols. Do they even know what they are playing with?

Except for influences from India and from Buddhism, Western occultism is largely an amalgam of Hermeticism, Gnosticism, and neo-Platonism (with a little Jewish Kabbalism thrown in). As it happened, old Hermetic writings were rediscovered during the Italian Renaissance. Some of these found their way to Florence where the Medici banking family took special interest in studying and translating them. From this there emerged new texts and speculations as well as the magicians of subsequent centuries, including famous names like Dr. John Dee, Michel de Nostradamus, and Alessandro di Cagliostro.

Do magicians and occultists hold sway over history? The short answer is, no. The magicians of history have rarely been able to determine their own fate, let alone the fate of mankind. A mass of muddled nonsense has been written about history’s magicians and occultists, about secret societies and occult conspiracies. Those who do not know history are not merely doomed to repeat it; they are doomed to misunderstand it.  Perhaps the most effective occultist of the last five hundred years was Michel de Nostradamus. He never ruled a kingdom. He never made policy. But, by the alleged use of a magic mirror, he made the Queen of France angry. What value, then, was all his scrying and astrology?

Michel de Nostradamus wrote a letter to King Henry II of France, dated 27 June 1558. Therein Nostradamus predicted a “persecution against the Christian Church [greater] than ever was in Africa, and it shall be in the year 1792, at which time everyone will think it a renovation of the age….” Of course, 1792 was the year when the French monarchy fell and the French Revolution began violently persecuting the Church. In September of that year three Bishops and more than two hundred priests were massacred by revolutionary mobs. Hundreds of priests and nuns were arrested and jailed. How did Nostradamus manage such an accurate prediction?

Despite all the charlatans, the bad predictions, the awful philosophizing, something authentic occasionally peeks out at us from “the muck of the occult”[40] Warning of a future pagan revolt against Christianity, Nostradamus wrote, “the infernal power shall rise against the Church of Jesus Christ.” A new age would thus begin in which ignorant temporal rulers would be seduced “by tongues more sharp than any sword in the hands of a madman….” Nostradamus referred to this as the “rise of the second Antichrist.”[41] And Nostradamus was not alone in predicting the French Revolution’s long-lasting effects. But here, Nostradamus had a predecessor. Cardinal Pierre d’Ailly (1350-1420), wrote about “the fulfillment of ten revolutions of Saturn in the year 1789” at which time “the Antichrist shall come with his law and his damnable sects….”[42]

Carl Jung made the suggestion that Nostradamus had been aware of d’Ailly’s prediction, astrologically recalculated it and adjusted the date from 1789 to 1792. The reader may know that 1789 was the actual year during which the French Revolution began. Since Pierre d’Ailly was born in 1350, roughly two centuries before Nostradamus, we are looking at a rather bizarre obsession by two Frenchman with two very significant years in the future history of France. Carl Jung explained this in terms of the power of an underlying psychic reality which, through synchronicity, reveals itself in astrological correspondences. For many modern scientific thinkers Jung’s approach is unacceptably bizarre. Of course, science’s recent discoveries related to “quantum entanglement” only serve to validate the commentaries of Jung, Nostradamus and d’Ailly. Many Christians, of course, will be shocked that a French theologian and reformer paid heed to astrology. But there it is.

Our magicians, like our scholars and philosophers, are all-too-human. Their predictions are not perfect, and they sometimes forget to close the portal after summoning a homunculi. I do not believe occultist rule the world.

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A note on the Swastika: Symbols derive from the unconscious. We do not always interpret them correctly. The internet wiki says Hitler’s swastika turns clockwise. I am challenging this interpretation as an error, using a different method of interpretation. There are sources suggesting that both the right-facing and left-facing swastika are traditionally understood to be turning clockwise. I challenge this as well. What we need to do is consult nature. If we look at the motion of natural objects — the spiral arms of the galaxy, for example, or the motion of water draining in a spiral, or the bend of water coming off a rotating sprinkler— the direction of motion is always indicated by the bend in the water, or the arm, or the elbow. The human body also indicates the direction of motion toward the bent elbow, even in bows taken in the theater. See also http://rmchapple.blogspot.com/2017/10/always-remember-to-draw-swastika.html?m=1

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  1. This was a fascinating article. I like how you put this all together. Do you believe the higher ups in Moscow are secretly occultists? Or are they just atheists? I think Lucifer wants to reap souls. Millions of souls in a nuclear world war. That must be the reason why occultists serving him were instrumental in rocket designs and atomic weapons development. Aliens are demons basically and they want us all to follow them into hell.

    1. A defector once described the Russian political and military elite as psychopaths. I have no evidence that they practice ceremonial magic, though parapsychology is a field of research.

      1. I’ve read in multiple places that Alexander Dugin is (or at one point, was) an occultist, and that he advises Putin (thus earning him the nickname, Putin’s Brain). I’ve also read that in reality, he doesn’t have much influence in the Kremlin. Any thoughts on this? Brilliant article, by the way.

      2. According to his biographer, Dugin was recruited by the KGB more than thirty years ago. Because they knew he was interested in the occult, they offered him access to their secret occult archives. He could not resist the offer. Obviously, Dugin is highly intelligent. But he serves the Kremlin. He does not do their thinking for them. He justifies their policies, and that makes him a hack.

  2. Staggeringly incisive, Jeff. Oh that I could tell about my personal brushes with occultists many years ago in the intelligence community.

    Hopefully, for the sake of posterity, this observation is included in the next edition of “Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations: “… occult rituals of destruction, ostensibly used to bring about a Golden Age, may be nothing more than a demonic trick to facilitate Beelzebub’s next happy meal.”

  3. This was a very eclectic article, but I would like to comment on just one aspect of it: that there is biblical evidence for Satan being released into the earth for a time in the latter days. I take a partial preterist view of Revelation, which for those unfamiliar, sees most of Revelation as being about the judgment of Jerusalem and destruction of the temple in AD 70, several decades after Christ’s death and resurrection. The millennium is then the time period after this (the thousand years being symbolic for a long period of time), when Christ’s “already, not yet” kingdom rules on earth, through Christ’s body, the Church—made up of believers indwelt by the Holy Spirit.

    At the beginning of this thousand years, or long period of time, Satan is imprisoned (Jesus spoke of binding the Strong Man, Satan, in some of his parables). Then at some later point Satan is freed to deceive the nations:

    Revelation 20:7-11

    The Defeat of Satan

    [7] “And when the thousand years are ended, Satan will be released from his prison [8] and will come out to deceive the nations that are at the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them for battle; their number is like the sand of the sea. [9] And they marched up over the broad plain of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city, but fire came down from heaven and consumed them, [10] and the devil who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.”

    I’ve come to believe that perhaps here the “camp of the saints” refers to Christians in various places— South Korea, Africa, South America, the United States, and even the persecuted church in China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and other totalitarian states. The beloved city refers to Jerusalem. I’ve heard much speculation that Gog and Magog are ancient names for Russia and China, respectively, but have seen little evidence for this theory (perhaps another reader can enlighten me).

    I’ve long believed that Satan being released from his prison occurred in 15th Century Italy, when witches from across Europe gathered for a series of ceremonies to conjure some sort of evil force. This is detailed in the “Story of Civilization” series by Will and Ariel Durant. Of course, shortly following this came the rediscovery of secular humanism, the Enlightenment, and of course, Marxism.

    For further reading on the Partial Preterist view of Revelation, I highly recommend the books “Revelation: Four Views: A Parallel Commentary” by Steve Gregg et al, “The Days of Vengeance: An Exposition of the Book of Revelation” by David Chilton, and “The Last Days According to Jesus” by R. C. Sproul.

    1. Look at the Reformers and Puritans on this, especially the latter. This is a crash course of their model:

      1. In the aftermath of the Roman Empire’s decline would come the Time of the Gentiles (a 1260 year era in which apostate Christianity is the ascendant form), at the close of which the Lord’s public witness will be silenced. In my view, that silencing will be perpetrated by the resurgent communist movement, the scarlet coloured beast of Rev 11 and Rev 17, “that was, is not and yet is”, and which all who are not found written in the Book of Life shall admire and gladly follow after (so know your enemy is rabidly red and cannot be saved).

      2. The Lord’s witness, though seemingly dead forever, suddenly recovers after 3.5 years and takes power in a major western nation, commencing the Lord’s Kingdom aka the “spritual reign of Christ” referenced in Daniel 2 and Daniel 7; some writers thought it would be France, but most thought the UK. However, I believe it will be the US.

      3. The spritual reign sees the total annihilation of all ungodly rule on earth in a very short space of time and grows to fill the whole world with peace and unmolested liberty; no more oppressive bureaucracy, no big pharma, no fractional reserve banking, no inflation, no permission to build what you like on your own land, etc, etc., in accordance with Micah 2 and many other Scriptures that show God’s hatred of tyranny.

      4. At the end of that golden age, Christ returns literally and the resurrection of the just takes place; at the same time Satan is finally and fully bound for a literal 1000 years (as the Millennium is referenced after the close of “prophetic time” (where 1 day = 1 year) in Revelation). During that 1000 year era, there are only the godly living on earth, consisting of both the resurrected and “the quick” at the time Christ’s return, all with immortal, incorruptible bodies.

      5. At the millennium’s end, the damned are resurrected and Satan set loose to lead them on a final, deranged, vainglorious attack (called by theologians in the past “the Second Gog + Magog War”) on the Lord and His immortal people, promptly leading to the reprobate party’s instant judgment and transfer to the Lake of Fire.

      Some final quick notes:

      Matthew 24 refers to the end of the old Jewish state, not the Lord’s literal second coming, which it parallels in symbolic form. The Ab. of Desolation of Daniel 9 referred to in Matt 24 was the Roman army occupying Jerusalem at that time, but I think some post-Puritan writers believed a second Abomination of Desolation was to occur at the commencement of the Time of the Gentiles, which in my view was in the year 765 AD.

      The nation of Israel will become Messianic and turn to Christ at the end of the 3.5 dark years in which the Lord’s cause seems dead, leading to a recovery in the Lord’s people in the West that entails their accession to power in a major nation as described earlier. The outcomes of this event will be the total destruction of the Gog + Magog invasion force attacking Israel (which I believe will be a Russian-led attack to seize Israel’s Leviathan gas fields) and the swift end to communism, Islam, and thereafter, every false / apostate form of Christianity worldwide.

      As for timing, I believe communism will re-emerge, triumphant, in the West in 2025 in the form of a market-Marxist, biometric, Chinese style social credit hellscape, and that the 7 last plagues of Revelation occur between 2025 and 2028, culminating in the Russian-led assault on Israel that will lead to the utter ruin and permanent close of the ungodly’s rule on earth and the commencement of Christ’s spiritual reign.

      Last of all, I cannot stress the importance of having the correct eschatology because if I am right with this modern take on the Puritan interpretation, we have approx only 3 years left to prepare for the darkest age in human history. We could just wait and see, but I think it would be foolish to seek clarity on the brink of annihilation… even if you disregard the above interpretation model, it’s plain to see the course the world is on.

      1. Yes, but what’s your take? Not real occultists? Just following orders from Russia?

      1. Georgia Guidestones
        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        In June 1979, a man using the pseudonym R. C. Christian approached the Elberton Granite Finishing Company on behalf of “a small group of loyal Americans”, and commissioned the structure. Christian explained that the stones would function as a compass, calendar, and clock, and should be capable of “withstanding catastrophic events”. Joe Fendley of Elberton Granite assumed that Christian was “a nut” and attempted to discourage him by providing a quote for the commission which was several times higher than any project the company had previously taken, explaining that the guidestones would require additional tools and consultants. To Fendley’s surprise, Christian accepted the quote.[2] When arranging payment, Christian said that he represented a group which had been planning the guidestones for 20 years and which wanted to remain anonymous.[2]

        Christian delivered a scale model of the guidestones and ten pages of specifications.[2] The 5-acre (2-hectare)[2] site was apparently purchased by Christian on October 1, 1979,[3][4][non-primary source needed] from farm owner Wayne Mullinex.[2] Mullinex and his children were given lifetime cattle grazing rights on the guidestones site.[2]

        On March 22, 1980, the monument was unveiled before an audience variously described as 100[5] or 400 people.[2] Christian later transferred ownership of the land and the guidestones to Elbert County.[2]
        The stones defaced with polyurethane paint and graffiti.

        In 2008, the stones were defaced with polyurethane paint and graffiti with slogans such as “Death to the new world order”.[6] Wired magazine called the defacement “the first serious act of vandalism in the guidestones’ history”.[2]

        In September 2014, an employee of the Elbert County maintenance department contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation when the stones were vandalized with graffiti including the phrase “I Am Isis, goddess of love”.[7]


        A message consisting of a set of ten guidelines or principles is engraved on the Georgia Guidestones[8] in eight different languages, one language on each face of the four large upright stones. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, and Russian.

        Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
        Guide reproduction wisely—improving fitness and diversity.
        Unite humanity with a living new language.
        Rule passion—faith—tradition—and all things with tempered reason.
        Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
        Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
        Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
        Balance personal rights with social duties.
        Prize truth—beauty—love—seeking harmony with the infinite.
        Be not a cancer on the Earth—Leave room for nature—Leave room for nature.


      2. i always rather liked the Georgia Guide stones. the guide stones strike me as a modern “stonehenge” a document meant to outlast all human wars, including the nuclear variety and be found later by the ashes of civilization to be used as a guide for a functional libertarian system. the only point within the guide stones i dislike is the notion of a single universal language and i only oppose this because of God’s will at the tower of Babel.

    1. in other words, it’s a model of the syncretism quasi-Christianity taking root in Africa and India.

      https://www.wired.com/story/program-give-ai-ethics-sometimes/ giving AI a sense of ethics.

      it’s clear to me where this is going. the sometimes genocidal (or utilitarian) nature of the AI is not a bug. it’s a consequence of the ethical rules programmed into it. this kind of AI will likely serve in the future as a decision making oracle that searches out universal ethical principles in all the world’s major religions. it will, almost certainly, conclude that voluntary human sacrifice is fine and dandy and good for the collective.

      1. The Covid Live Exercise is the largest Satanic ritual sacrifice of all time, and whoever is behind it is Satanic. You can say that Russia calls the shots and the globalists obey, or vice versa, but it all ads up the same.

  4. The Washington Post

    Israel’s staunch evangelical allies shocked by Trump’s outburst on Netanyahu:
    Steve Hendrix – 7h ago

    JERUSALEM —One of former president Donald Trump’s major evangelical backers on Monday condemned recently reported attacks by Trump on former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and warned that he risked alienating his Christian base by distancing himself from the Israeli leader.


  5. Huxley’s Ultimate Revolution: The Battle For Your Mind & The Relativity Of Madness:

    MONDAY, DEC 13, 2021 – 11:40 PM
    Authored by Cynthia Chung via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

    The relevance of the Esalen Institute’s “revisioning of madness” needs to be acknowledged as having been entirely spear-headed by the Tavistock Institute, and clearly, not for our benefit.

    “America is the prophetic image of the rest of the urban-industrial world as it will be a few years from now – recent public opinion polls have revealed that an actual majority of young people in their teens, the voters of tomorrow, have no faith in democratic institutions, see no objection to the censorship of unpopular ideas, do not believe that government of the people by the people is possible and would be perfectly content, if they can continue to live in the style to which the boom has accustomed them, to be fueled, from above, by an oligarchy of assorted experts. That so many of the well-fed young television-watchers in the world’s most powerful democracy should be so completely indifferent to the idea of self-government, so blankly uninterested in freedom of thought and the right to dissent, is distressing but not too surprising.”

    – Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World Revisited” (1958)


  6. The powers that be have gotten away with perhaps the greatest mass deception in human history in the form of the COVID vaccination push, so one has to surmise that will embolden them into trying something more esoteric, right up to and including “disclosure”. The narrative for that has been building for decades, but now it seems they themselves are deliberately shining a spotlight on the UFO subject, which can only mean it’s one of their options for a near term second mass deception.

    The whole subject of UFOs is fraught with a superabundance of anecdotes, but we would be wise to remember that anecdotes are not evidence (in any field) and avidence is itself not proof (in any field). But stepping back from that point, the bigger issue has to do with one’s worldview or more precisely, one’s view of the spiritual realm. For me, without the Moral Absolute that is the Bible as our benchmark, we stand on a slippery slope of, in the bast case, recourse to observation and deductive reasoning / raw logic, or, at worst, total deception through trust of anecdotes and the claims of the plausible priesthood du jour. In the past in the West, that priesthood consisted of apostate clergy, but now it increasingly consists of “experts” who fence people in with their academic credentials, their peer-reviewed verbiage and the gravitas of their “God complexes”. Whatever form it takes, the priesthood is what is intended by the False Prophet of Revelation, also known as the second beast of Rev 13, which looks like a lamb but speaks – in the discernment of those given eyes to see it – as a dragon.

    Personally, I believe that the earth was cursed by God for man’s sake, which means that in this physical realm, man is the apex being. That curse also appears to have entailed an alteration to the laws of physics, to make it more difficult than it otherwise was just to live and exist. Before the Edenic curse, man could not, for example, hurt himself in an accident. We can only speculate on details, but in summary, the world was in a much more pleasant, easy state.

    When scientists look at the heavens and date galaxies with red shifts, and so on, they do so through the lens of atheistic assumption. Discarding the Word of God, it never occurs to them that God could have created the universe with apparent age. Adam, after all, was not created a newborn baby, but a fully grown man of an apparent age to match. But atheism also discounts the potential effects of the Edenic curse on the laws of physics, part of which might have been an alteration to the laws of space-time. Light, for example, may have travelled much faster pre-curse than it does now and that also could account for the apparent age of the universe.

    But what has this to do with ET? Well, if the observable universe is cursed for humanity’s sake then that confirms that man is the highest being in this realm. So if ETs arrive and we can kill them or they can die in a crash landing, that means that intelligent beings with superior technology to us are mortal because of our fallen nature… which is a theological paradox, a conundrum, an impossibilty. They cannot be higher beings than us and yet vulnerable to punitive laws of thermodynamics brought into existence as a judgment on us.

    However, if they can manifest in some other way but are immortal, then their nature is, by definition, angelic. If such beings then claim to be ETs from another planet, then we know they are lying angels. No true believer in the Bible could conclude otherwise.

    In closing, my position is that deception per se is being ramped up as we home in on the time of the Kingdom and that only those who already (or who soon will) know the Word of God and trust the Lord are going to be immune to it. So, while ostensible disclosure may or may not become a deception theme, I think we should be doctrinally ready for it.

      1. The Holy Spirit grants a certain measure of discernment. Perhaps just enough for some folk to draw the line at the shots, even for those who don’t watch Alex Jones or Stew Peters. When things don’t ad up, some people get suspicious, while others jump on the band wagon of propaganda. Progressives attack Christianity and take the shots, while more Conservatives are thought to be Christian, and tend to be more distrustful of Government and it’s mandates. That’s not to say that the stereotypes always hold up. Most churches nowadays have become apostate, yet by the Grace of God, many church goers are believers anyway. Personally, I have always been a believer from childhood, but it is Bible Prophecy that gives me a logical basis to support that belief.

      2. some. i know a man who diligently sought for guidance in prayer when his employer forced him to take it. the important factor to note is that it is not sinful to take the mRNA vaccines. i’d go so far as to say DNA corruption and other forms of disease are blessings designed to keep the flesh from consuming the soul as would inevitably happen if a man lived long enough. immortal man would incur damnation inevitably, what do you do with unlimited time but concede with it that God is irrelevant?

        i’d also go so far as to argue that there are no theologically sound Christian arguments against taking the vaccine. the “pure temple” argument is nullified by the hypothetical asking of ‘would i take this vaccine if Covid 19 had a 95% fatality rate?’. of course you would. you’d even emphatically insist that health information should never be kept private and therefore we should all wear our vaccination passports on our foreheads or visibly on our right arms. the stem cell argument is largely nullified by the realization that everything, including evil, works to the glory of God. again, if Covid 19 had a 95% fatality rate you’d be praising Science for the magic of stem cells. but beyond this, the children were not presented to scientists for the purpose of blood sacrifice. they were killed by amoral, profit or ideologically motivated, doctors doing unnecessary surgeries on mostly sociopathic (profit or ideologically motivated) or nervously neurotic women. the mostly amoral scientists simply made the best of a bad situation. had it not been for the woman’s voluntary child sacrifice to the cause of self, these potentially life saving treatments would not exist.

      3. When I first found out these toxic jabs were built on the backs of aborted babies, I decided then that i would rather die than take them. Living isnt everything. They could be a fountain of youth, curing all diseases, and I would not take one. Dont assume everyone values their life as much as you do.

    1. Our culture has rejected foundational religious dogmas and now embraces pseudo-scientific dogmas, newly formed and poorly considered. These lack spiritual coherence. The soul is discounted. God is discounted.

      1. It’s called apostasy, and it’s extensively Prophesied in The Bible for the end times.

    2. This concept of “the world… in a much more pleasant, easy state” and “an alteration to the laws of physics, to make it more difficult than it otherwise was just to live and exist” is most intriguing, and coincidentally is something I have been pondering more and more lately. Human life here *should* be much easier and largely problem-free. We go thru existence on Earth *constantly* battling and guarding against one problem or obstacle or another, whether related to health (especially), safety (against either violent or non-violent assault from/by others), or something like a vehicle or appliance) just suddenly breaking, *to name but a few examples*. (Not to mention governments’ perpetual grabs for more undue power or our accumulated earned/invested wealth.) It all takes up so much of our time and attention, and is never-ending. Conservative Christians cast life’s diffuculties as necessary challenges given by god to meet, and leftists will talk about a perpetual ‘struggle’ against injustice as the focus of life (hence, their constant hostile agitation). Bull to both, despite the reality of it all. I’m not saying that it should necessarily be a complete ‘life of Reily’, but sheesh, does the human body need to be subjected to 12,000 different diseases and ailments (as announced by some medical association back in 2012), when maybe a few dozen would suffice? Humanity’s built-in characteristic trait of underlying hostility is another main contributor to all these difficulties. It is always manifesting itself in one way or another, whether in a random encounter with a stranger on a street, a bully at school, or on the battlefield of mass conflict. What put it there, one has to wonder? Were we created that way, and why? If not, why were we subject to its corruption at some point? If humanity was indeed created by a god *subject* to corruption, then it is not humanity’s *fault* that all the ensuing problems and difficulties result. Rather, it seems god should have been the one to definitely have made a much greater effort at what we call ‘quality control’.

  7. Obviously, none of you are contactees, unless you’re trying to obfuscate the issue. My experience tells me that Dr Vallee has the best scientific understanding of the data. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that Russia’s in the driver’s seat at all.

    1. There are many political systems and their manipulation by Russia and China are one fact out of many; , which the Russians have mastered more than any faction. They do not control everything. But they have an ability to move the ball toward their goal. China, too. In no sense do Western governments move their ball toward the stated goal of prosperity and security. They open their borders, damage their own economies, weaken their militaries even as they grant economic advantages to China and Russia. This is perfectly clear.

      1. Are you saying that Russia is behind the aerial phenomenon of morphing and bi-locating Orbs? Or is it that the entities behind such aerial phenomenon, couldn’t possibly be involved in Earth’s governing?

      2. I have never said Russia is behind UFOs. Both the US and Russian governments have attempted to piggy-back on the phenomenon. It is unclear what they hope to achieve with this.

      3. If people can be made to believe that terrestrial governments are behind the UFOs, then fear of Brookings’ findings might be negated.

        At the inception of NASA, the Brookings Institute was contracted to study the likely consequences of contact with extraterrestrials. Noted anthropologist, Margret Meade contributed that many primitive societies disintegrated when exposed to advanced cultures.

      4. Considering that no country is willing to disclose UFOs, even Iran or North Korea, and none of them seem to be able to stop them, I simply ask the question. Is Russia more capable of infiltration of foreign governments than ET is likely to be?

      5. My experience convinces me that the intelligence behind the aerial phenomenon that contacted me is inter-dimensional, and demonic.

      6. At about 1:30 AM, October, 1984, there was a round, stationary light in the sky, too small to be the Moon, and too high to be a streetlight. My eyes suddenly felt as if forced out of focus, then there clearly were three orbs, side by side. The one on the left end, rose up and over to the right of the other two, then descended below the row, circling back to it’s original location on the left end, then the three, morphed back into one orb. After that, they separated back to three again, then another orb did something similar, in another direction, then they morphed back into one, once more. This continued and eventually I realized that a pattern had emerged, of orbs rotating around the others in various different directions, all as if on a two dimensional plane. I predicted the pattern, and it repeated once more, then the pattern changed to a new, longer, more complicated pattern, until I could predict that as well. Again it would change to another longer pattern.

        After quite a while of this, I realized that the Orbs knew when I recognized and predicted the new pattern. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up. They are telepathic. I predicted a couple more longer patterns, then waved them off, as I had enough after about an hour, and went to bed.

        That was the first night.

      7. The next night is another story, but flash ahead to about ten years ago, I was a control subject in medical research. One of the tests was where the doctor read out loud to me a sequence of numbers, and had me recite them back to him. Each consecutive sequence was longer than the previous. After about half an hour of that, I mentioned to him that the human attention span is only about 17 minutes long. He replied that, that is what he was testing. I said to him: “If I had known that, I would have quit a long time ago. In light of that test, it seems to me that the Orbs were doing the same with me. However, there might be a code which was communicated to me in the patterns. I don’t know.

        Consider the possibilities. Three Orbs in a row; left, center, and right. Each one would move in one, general direction at a time; up and over to the left, up and over to the right, down and under to the left, or down and under to the right. Only one Orb moved at a time. Twelve total possible symbolic movements. These combined in different order. Is it an alphabet? Might I be able to accurately recollect all or any of the sequences? I can only imagine that I remember precisely. There’s a strong likelihood of false memory syndrome, but I honestly don’t consciously recollect the exact patterns.

      8. I just did a search for “twelve letter alphabet”. The results came up: 12 Letter Alphabet of Astrology.
        Also it now occurs to me, that there are four terrestrial seasons, of three months each, for twelve months in a year. Hmmm. Furthermore, there’s 12 notes in the Chromatic Octave, based upon the Natural Harmonic Order.

      9. The next night I went to the door about the same time, to get some fresh air before hitting the hay. As I reached for the knob, I froze. I hadn’t given the Orbs a thought, all that day, until just then. A feeling of dread came over me. I raised a blade of the Venetian blind on the door’s window and had a peek.

        Nothing. What a relief, so I went out on the front porch like usual. No Orbs in sight, but I had an uneasy suspicion, so went out into the street, so I could see up the hill, around the tall Laurels in the yard. At the crest of the hill, the street is framed by two tall fir trees, one on each side.

        Up in the sky, off in the distance between the two trees, adjacent to the one on the right, was what looked like a star, twinkling, red, blue, green, red, blue, green… Then it stopped twinkling and simultaneously changed color to a blue white and in the next instant, a shaft of blue white light descended vertically from the star. It hesitated, then retracted back up, and then the star resumed twinkling, red, blue, green…

        I rushed into the house, past my mother in the kitchen who was clipping coupons in the middle of the night. She didn’t look up and I didn’t say a word. I went into her bedroom and grabbed the opera glasses. I went back outside and the star was still there twinkling. I looked through the small binoculars, and the star was gone.

        When I lowered the glasses, I could see that the star had moved over next to the other tree. It’s hard to say how far off behind the hill from the tree, or if it were small and in the atmosphere, or far out in Space, but it was still twinkling, then the shaft of light, then back to twinkling; same-same.

        This time I pressed my elbows to my chest for stability, and raised the glasses to my eyes, which I never took off the star. As quickly as I looked through the lenses, the star was gone, again. I lowered the binoculars, to see that the star had returned to the tree on the other side of the street.

        I went in and got my mom. I didn’t tell her why. She saw the star, too. I watched her face as she looked though her opera glasses. She looked confused as she pulled them away. I asked her if she still could see the star. She said that it had moved to the other side. I told her what I saw. We were standing shoulder to shoulder. From my perspective, the star was right where it was before she looked though the binoculars. She saw it on the left, and I saw it on the right, both at the same time.


        Mom said: “Let’s go back inside.”

      10. In the Quantum realm, one can know where a particle is, but not when it is, or we can know when it is, but not where it is, but we can’t ascertain both where and when it is, and the act of viewing the particle causes it to change.

        If the star is a vehicle which operates pursuant to the principals of Quantum Physics, then the speed of light is irrelevant.

      11. Creepy as that all is, none of that made me consider the Orbs and star demonic, until the third time.

      12. The dial of a clock is a circle. A circle has 360 degrees. A year has 365.25 days. One hour is sixty minutes; one cycle around the 360 degree dial. 24 cycles per day. I don’t know where this leads if anywhere, but these seem to be pieces that fit somehow.

      13. The 360 degrees of a circle are the 360 days in a twelve month calendar of thirty days each, with odd days added at the end of every year….

      14. Saints Catherine de Rici and Philip de Neri, were witnessed on multiple occasions to visit each other in both their own towns, simultaneously. Bi-Location. They had no vehicles.

      15. Catherine prayed for the phenomenon to stop. I don’t know what her objection was; whether she was frightened, or if she perhaps, felt unworthy? Apparently it wasn’t of their own volition.

  8. i recently resubscribed to Skeptic Magazine after over a decade’s lapse. in the first two consecutive issues i found an article on big bang cosmology that recommended turning away from falsifiable experiments in favor of accepting expert consensus due to the cost and complexity of further experimentation. the next article was on how free will can exist in a materialistic-deterministic universe because, you know, quantum emergent woo woo. a third article was on DMT consciousness as alternate realities. this article posited that most people who study DMT believe the spirit people are real due to the remarkable consistencies between reports (before a separate section concluding that such things are more likely not real). a fourth article was on the resurgence in popularity of UFO research and research into hypothetical advanced alien civilizations which the magazine’s author lamented has become an obsession of the Skeptics community despite representing a form of secular religion. just today Sketpic Magazine’s youtube channel posted a video where M. Shermer laments that Leftism or Anti-Racism have taken on the facets of a neo-religion.

    i love reading Skeptic just to see how the thinking Left is responding to the collapse of the materialist paradigm. it looks like the willful blindness is finally starting to wear off and is pushing the thinkers on the Left into the traditional positions of the political Right.

      1. On two separate occasions, Biden boasted that he could beat up Trump. There was a skit, perhaps in a movie, where two old political leaders duked it out instead of going to war.

  9. I LOVE this article! With regard to astrology, it is neither a magical sorcerer’s wand nor some doctrine of salvation. I’ve always regarded it as a simple mirror – mathematically precise and at the same time highly enigmatic – to better understand, comprehend and, let’s say, navigate through oneself and the world, past, present and future. No hocuspocus, but all the more deep contemplation about things!

    Clearly, Nostradamus wasn’t just an astrologer, but also a clairvoyant. The former comes with practice, the latter – if reliable and authentic – is a gift from God and from nowhere else. Humbleness is a sine qua non in these affairs. If you are full of yourself and your grandiose ambitions (occult or political), how could you ever expect to receive! My astrological teacher went as far in his empirical experiments as to leave the house and go on a car ride along with a catastrophic constellation. It nearly killed him. So, of course there’s no need for playing such infantile games. After all, one doesn’t jump from a sky scraper either for measuring the impact of hitting the ground! There is such immense, call it, beauty and great wonder in this mystical art (which isn’t even primarily about divination). Sadly, if one looks through the astrological section of a book store today, it’s almost entirely books written from a New Age perspective, which is pure poison.

    As for the advance of the Revolution, it is in any case highly interesting that Uranus (indeed THE principle of Mephistophelian negation, inversion and revolution) was discovered in 1781, i.e. on the eve of the French Revolution – by far dwarfing in its importance the discoveries of Neptune in 1846 (shortly before the Revolution of 1848) and of Pluto in 1930 (shortly before all hell broke loose in Germany and beyond). Thus, whatever year one believes marks the beginning of the 2,160-year period of the infamous “Age of Aquarius” (based on the precision of the equinoxes, which produces a “Great Year” of approx. 25,920 years, and the astrological relevance of these alleged “ages” is even quite questionable), an age of Uranus/Aquarius already began with the discovery of Uranus, the ruler of the sign of Aquarius, in 1781, which was shortly followed by the historical watershed of the French Revolution!

    To this day, France has kept her revolutionary tricolour flag as well as the cruel Marseillaise as her national anthem. Churches remain state property. For the bicentennial celebrations of 1989, then-President François Mitterand (a socialist) made sure that no historical re-evaluation of these monstrous events could take place. Today, following the 2019 fire of Notredame Cathedral, France will not have her main cathedral any more as it has been decided to turn it into a woke/Green/multi-confessional theme park. In other words, from presumably 2024, this second-most-prominent church in the entire Catholic world will have been transformed into a temple of the New Religion – history is about to repeat itself (respectively reaching at its final and deadly culmination).

    1. According to Old Testament, Nostradamus would have been a rock pile for just one false prophecy of his forty percent failure rate.

      1. Where are you afraid I get it from? It’s probably more than forty percent failure, a sixty percent hit rate would be generous.

      2. Given the way the “prophecies” are written, one can call almost anything a fulfilled prophecy. From what I’ve seen, none of Nostradamus’ prophecies has come to pass.

      3. The Old Testament standard for a Prophet is a successful series of short term predictions that come to fruition. One wrong forecast and he is to be stoned to death, with all of his accurate predictions to be discarded, and him never to be referenced, again. Whatever the hit rate of Nostradamus, it was beyond current scientific understanding, but not good enough. He wasn’t one hundred percent accurate, as required by Scripture.

      4. Nostradamus did not claim to be a prophet sent from God. He used a supposed experimental discipline, astrology, and saw things while gazing at a flame. He evidently learned this latter technique from old writings which he destroyed because he thought the knowledge could be abused. Astrology is based on the idea that there is order in the universe, and there are meaningful correspondences between the movement of stars and events on earth. Modern science views astrology as nonsense. It is remarkable that any predictions using such methods should prove correct. He did have hits which brought him to the attention of French royalty. Comparing him to Old Testament prophets is unfair and confuses the reader. You are making a straw man argument.

      5. The Bible forbids divination of any sort. Only Prophets of God are to be acknowledged. Cancel culture ad hominem attacks notwithstanding.

      1. Neither took place. Given the conditions under which he received his “prophecies” I would say that Satan simply did what he said he would do.

      2. The Nostradamus Prophecy about monarchy being restored relates to the period of Republican government which he successfully predicted and is still ongoing. It relates to our future. Of course it has not happened.

      3. Jeff, you and I will have to agree to disagree on Nostradamus. His “prophecies” are occultic in nature and given the nature of the 1792 prophecy, and how Nostradamus received them, I am compelled to say that Satan was simply telling the man what he himself planned to do. The overwhelming majority of the quatrains are so murky they can be said to mean almost anything.

  10. Those who follow the Bible don’t believe in evolution. They recognize that evolution is a false religion that came from ancient Greece, if not before in Babylon.

    God is spirit. However God created the universe in six days. He created man “in his image”. This is a functional image, not according to appearances. That means that man has a subset of God’s being and functions—his soul (spirit), creativity, logic, language, emotions, ability to love and hate, desire for justice, and so forth. Man was also made a physical being in order to interact with the physical universe that God created. There we have the marriage of the physical with the spiritual—the spiritual functions and being built into the physical body.

    God also made other beings that are pure spirit. Like God, they too can interact with nature. Some of those other beings rebelled against God. The leader and his followers are called “Satan” and the “demons”. The leader of the rebels induced Man also to rebel. Thus what we call “evil” entered the world. The rest is history.

    I wrote this to show that there are millions who don’t believe the ancient mystery religion called “evolution”.

    Yet, according to the apostasy of this present age as you mention at the beginning of your article, the majority of those who claim to be Christians, have turned to trust fallacious human teachings instead of God’s word. What defence can such people have against the occult that is closing in on us?

    1. The Holy Spirit protects those whom have accepted Salvation by Christ’s final sacrifice to end all sacrifices, to the extent that their own free will doesn’t preclude the defense from evil doers. Nevertheless, they retain their Salvation, even if they do lead defeated lives.

      1. Why six literal days? Because that’s the way the language reads. In Biblical Hebrew, the word “day” counted with a number was a day, equivalent to 24 hours. The concept that it was six literal days is backed up in other passages such as Exodus 20:10. I’m just going by the language here.

        God could have created the universe in an instant. Or he could have taken billions of years. But he reports that he did so in six days. Does one trust God, or does he instead trust another religion?

        Before creation, there were no days. All of our time measurements are connected to movements in the physical universe. Before the physical universe existed, there was no time as we know it. Hence also no days.

      2. Jeff: in order to find a deeper meaning, one must first read the text as it is written. Genesis 1:1–2:4 is written as a historical document, not as an allegory. Once we accept the text as written as a literal, historical document, then we can draw deeper meaning from it, and have the deeper meaning mean something.

        If we start with the presupposition that it is an allegory contrary to how it is written, then there’s no anchor nor end to the speculation. By not taking the text as written, then almost anything can be claimed for it, no matter how wild and off the mark is that claim.

        As for why God took six days when he could have taken a different time span, he didn’t say. There’s no use to speculate, for there’s no hope for an answer this side of eternity.

        An example of how reading the Bible literally as it is written gives us deeper meaning that has practical results, reading the Bible literally was one of the foundation steps in the development of modern, experimental science. By reading the Bible literally, the early scientists could draw deeper meaning from it concerning the nature of the physical universe and how to study it.

      3. I do not think Genesis is an historical document any more than it is journalism or a scientific treatise. The text is much richer than that, carrying deeper meanings. God making the world in six days has several meanings: (1) that God was long ago finished with creation; (2) that God rested after the sixth day — after he created everything; (3) that time itself was part of creation; (4) that our following of God — working six days and resting one — implies that we are now building and creating within the framework God created; (5) and, curiously, nothing is said about an eighth day — suggesting we are still in the seventh day. Furthermore, I profoundly disagree with your threadbare literalism, which drains the meaning out of the Biblical text line by line. The texts deeper meanings are not found in literalism. And I am not surprised by your assertion that Biblical literalism was a foundational step in experimental science. It is science that has contributed most to the world’s disenchantment.

      4. Jeff, what you just described reminds me of the allegorical thinking based on neo-Platonism, to a lesser degree neo-Aristotelianism, that long held Europe as an intellectual and technical backwater during the medieval era through the Renaissance. Nothing was as it appeared to be. Everything was allegorized.

        Then came the Reformation with its acceptance of reality as it really exists. Equally importantly, as reality functions. That was tied to a literal reading of the Bible, as the Bible is actually written.

        Science was developed as an adjunct to the spiritual reality. It was developed merely as a technique to study physical nature, not to replace the spiritual.

        Science contributed nothing to the world’s present disenchantment. Rebels against God misused and twisted science into what it never was intended to be, so that it is no longer science, but their philosophy that destroys.

      5. Are you really that close-minded? Saying that my point of view reminds you of the ideas that made Europe a “backwater”? But you misunderstand. I am not merely talking allegory — though that is certainly imbedded in sacred texts. How about interconnected meanings? —a web of truth? How about metaphors, or similes, or hidden multiple meanings? How about numerological meanings? Or meaningful coincidences and correspondences? You think such things are not real? That all real meanings are only literal? Seriously!? Yet I can prove there is more to these scriptures than your literal reading apprehends: that is, you have hardly scratched the surface! Six twenty-four hour days is to measure something mathematically, but that is not the meaning. 24×6 has much more to it. It is not about scientifically measuring the time it took for the universe to be made in hours. Consider, then, the numerological message imbedded in the text; for 24×6 is 144. Do you see the linkages here? This is not a mere scientific measure recorded for the sake of accurate reporting. The number 144 has a meaning that is non-numerical; that is numerological, like the 144,000 chosen of God, or the 342 days the dragon chased the woman carrying the man child in her womb. Or the fact that these numbers appear in the 27th (2+7=9) book of the New Testament. 1+4+4=9 and 3+4+2=9 or the beast is 666 —> 6+6+6=18 —> 1+8=9. And here we find that 9 is the number of death and birth, of the Alpha and Omega, that is and was to come. A woman is pregnant 9 months…. Pluto, the god of death and rebirth, is given as the name of the 9th planet. There are 9 Valkyrie’s, 540 gates on Valhalla, and the Feast celebrating the regeneration of the world is held on June 3 (6+3=9). But then, numbers are just for scientific measurement, right? There are no correspondences or “coincidences” in the universe (just as there are none between Heaven and Earth). You say that the Reformation came “with its acceptance of reality as it really exists” — “as reality functions?” Oh! Really? Like when Jack Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln were both shot in the head from behind by a southerner while seated next to their wives on the Friday before a major holiday? — Oswald shooting Kennedy from a warehouse and being apprehended in a theater while Booth shot Lincoln in a theater and was then apprehended in a warehouse — both assassins shot dead with a single bullet from a Colt revolver? — both President’s succeeded by President’s named Johnson born on 08? You mean THAT reality?! The one that only goes by cause-and-effect and not by meaningful correspondences? “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” The world as science imagines is not the real world at all but a makeshift model of something far more incredible and mysterious than we can possible imagine.

      6. Jeff: It could very well that both of us misunderstands the other.

        What I said is that one needs to start with a literal reading of Scripture. That includes that when a passage is claimed to be an allegory, read that section as an allegory. If the section claims to be a vision or a dream, then read it as a vision or dream where information is given in symbolic form. Not taking things like that and other literary devices into account is not reading the Bible literally.

        And where the text is written as a literal history, we are to take that as literal history. That doesn’t mean that we stop with just the narration of history. The histories recorded in the Old Testament were meant to be object lessons, without denying that they are also objective histories. For example, there’s a whole slew of lessons that can be derived from the objective, literal history recorded in Genesis 1:1–2:4, lessons that are not explicitly spelled out. The whole book of Genesis is a history book, a history that highlights only selected parts of the history from which lessons can be learned.

        Parts of history can be allegorized to give a picture lesson without denying their historicity.

        I understood your response as denying the historicity of Genesis. If that wasn’t your intent, then I misunderstood you.

        There are three ways to deny the historicity of an alleged history:

        1) The honest way—even though the document taken literally is written as a history, I don’t believe it is a true history because of ………(other historical evidence that contradicts the document).
        2) Smother the history—though it may be written as a history, what is actually on the page is not important. What is important are the symbolisms, the allegories, the numerology, the hidden meanings, etc. such that the literal meaning of the text is lost. This was the medieval way under the influence of Platonism.
        3) The dishonest way, the way of Bart Ehrman and his crowd—this is not really a history at all. The people of that time were not sophisticated enough to write a real history. Even though the text may appear to be a history, it really isn’t. Don’t take the text literally.

        I don’t like speculation, because I’ve been burned by it. These are where I speculated based on insufficient evidence, and turned out to be wrong.

        Concerning the Kennedy murder—I have seen enough evidence that shows that the government line that we have been fed is fake, that Oswald was an innocent patsy, but I don’t have enough evidence to be able to say what happened, not even enough evidence to be the basis of speculation. One of the evidences is testimony of the doctors at the hospital—they found two entrance wounds on the front of the body: one at the base of the throat; the other high, at about the hairline of the upper right forehead. These were experienced trauma doctors who knew what bullet wounds look like. But who did it? I don’t have a clue, so I won’t waste my time speculating on it. That the government line is fake ruins some of your coincidences concerning the Lincoln and Kennedy murders.

      7. You missed the point of my reply. You seem to be afflicted with an astigmatism of the mind. In terms of taking Genesis literally, just to be clear: You believe — as historical fact — that the human race began with two people whose children incestuously married each other, and you believe that the first woman literally had a conversation with a talking snake. Right? — And you believe that the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is a literal fruit tree? And you do not believe this story has a deeper spiritual meaning. Furthermore, it seems that you do not accept the Genesis story as sacred poetry, metaphorical and even meta-logical. So I must ask you, as a supposedly scientific person, how do you KNOW this sacred text is meant to be read literally? Isn’t it a sin to deny the obvious non-literal nature of key passages? Or do you read everything like a newspaper story? — because your reply suggests that you want everything to be understood literally when it is obvious that we are dealing with layers of rich hidden meaning that are not literal. Likewise, I did not mention the Kennedy assassination to learn your opinion about who was behind it. I was attempting to show that even our historical reality cannot be understood as literal. Reality is divine poetry — and it even rhymes.

      8. We should avoid theological discussions. Historical Fact itself is a profane, secular notion. That which is accepted as historical fact is not accepted on faith. The deeper experiences of the soul do not belong to secular time, but stand above secular things. The soul is not a place, and sacred texts need not be provable as historical fact or treated as such. I object to such treatment. A secular fact is provable by secular means.

      9. Mr. Nyquist, I am not being disrespectful of you, and I will try to refrain from further spiritual discussion, but I cant help but say the following. First, I know this is neither here nor there, but since this has been the topic of discussion, I personally believe in a literal interpretation of Genesis.

        What got my attention, is that R.O. was simply stating what he believes. You have said that we should always remember Nyquist’s Law: everyone believes something that is crazy to someone else. Clearly, a literal interpretation of Genesis is crazy to you. But you sort of personally attacked him and ridiculed him upon him stating his beliefs (which was in an ongoing dialogue between yall).

        The second thing is, not long ago you told me to respect the beliefs of all people on this site. Your ridicule of R.O, did not seem very respectful to me. It did not seem that he was ridiculing you.

        That is all.

      10. My intention was not to ridicule R.O. My argument was to clarify his position in order to make my case. By telling him what I actually think I am giving him a tremendous amount of respect — by crediting him with the ability to understand my arguments — which are serious ones. If you find my restatement of the literalist position ridiculous it is NOT because I am ridiculing it. I am presenting what literalists actually claim to believe. If literalism seems ridiculous to you, then why do you believe in it? I do not understand. My real point is not that literalism is crazy, but that it is functional atheism. Please bear with me. Literalism necessarily removes the most meaningful spiritual content from a sacred text and leaves it open to atheistic ridicule. The dictionary defines the word “literal” as “taking words in their usual or most basic sense without metaphor or allegory.” It is hard for me to believe that you and R.O. are serious about rejecting the many obvious metaphors and allegories in the Bible — especially the one in Genesis which describes the Devil as a snake. If that is not a metaphor then I am at a loss as to what metaphor might be. So it comes down to this. I regard people who take all the allegory and metaphor out of the Bible as functional atheists. You, on the other hand, probably regard me as an atheist. That is quite an impasse; and is the reason I do not like theological discussions. Symbol, metaphor and allegory are over most people’s heads and discussion typically descends to the lowest common denominator; that is, literalism. This simply will not sustain a living faith. I suspect that people who take everything literally cannot understand spiritual things at all. Their understandings being scientific, factual, historical, mundane — they only pretend to believe in the soul (which is the very land of metaphor, allegory and symbolic apperception). Literalists have paradoxically secularized their own “faith.” I am giving you a great deal of credit by explaining my view here, and not trying to offend you — though the very nature of the discussion produces offense on every side as agreement is rare. R.O. started pushing literalism. If I said nothing, people might mistake my silence for agreement. Allegory and metaphor are essential elements in my faith. Readers have been pushing their religious views for months in the chat despite my requests that they not do this. Now I present my own views and people are offended. This only underscores my previous point. Let us return to discussing political questions, and leave off religion.

      11. I see more where you were coming from. Nosir, I am not offended as I see it is an honest explanation. Yessir, let’s return to discussing political questions, lol.

      12. Mr. Nyquist, one last thing I must say only because of a question you asked in your response. I dont think a literal view of Genesis is ridiculous. I didnt mean I thought your summary of his beliefs was ridiculous. I only thought how you said he was close minded, etc, plus how I perceived your tone to be.

        Along the lines of “divination”, etc, I have an interesting story, at least to me.

        My great-grandfather on my dad’s side, was too old to be drafted in WW2. (I knew him as PawPaw). He worked as a ship fitter in the shipyards in Mobile. In the Spring, he would come home, and get all the crops planted, fences repaired etc, and leave my grandad and MawMaw to work the farm during the summer, while he went back to the shipyard.

        My grandad told me, that on two separate occasions, Pawpaw forgot where he had left a roll or two of fence wire, and each time he went to a “fortune teller” who told him exactly where they were each time. No leading questions or trying to jog his memory, just told him where they were.

      13. Jeff: you asked be before what I thought of Bart Ehrman and his teachings. I had read some of his writings before. But when I noticed that all that I read of his writing was derivative, things that other people had said before, I stopped reading him. I could see no benefit rehashing ideas I had heard before from other people.

        Just as C.S. Lewis mentioned that denying the reality of Satan and demons leads to letting down the defenses against the occult, so Bart Ehrman and his colleagues are opening doors to the occult.

        Bart Ehrman and his colleagues start with the presumption that there are no spirits. Therefore no god who created the universe. Therefore also no demons, ghosts, poltergeists, zombies (where demons animate the bodies of the dead), shape shifters (people deeply in the occult who can change the shape of their bodies), psycho-kinetics and other manifestations of the occult that have been reported by western missionaries who dealt with them in Africa and Asia. Just as demons can take over the bodies of animals and speak through them, so they can also manipulate inanimate matter, hence UFOs.

        I find that the way that Bart Ehrman and his colleagues treat the Biblical texts is intellectually dishonest. Without any evidence whatsoever, they à priori made up dates for when they think that the texts were written, based on theories that they made up that are invalid for any other literature. There’s also a certain amount of anti-Semitism involved, claiming that Jews were country simpletons compared to the peoples around them, therefore were credulous believers of improbable wild tales.

        They claim that they are doing textual criticism. Not true. What they are doing is textual deconstructionism, tearing the text apart in order to make it fit their theory. They à priori claim that the text as written is not what it seems to be. That a historical account, if it contains something that they believe can’t or didn’t happen, is therefore a fantastical fairy tale. Their theory has been called “JEPD Theory”, “JEPDR Theory”, “Formkritik”, “Documentary Hypothesis”, and whatever nom-du-jour that they have made up for it. “Textual criticism”, on the other hand, compares different manuscripts, each has some typos, in order to recreate the original text as closely as possible.

        Taking the Bible as written as an accurate history gives us lessons on our origins and ontology, therefore the denial of our origins is a denial of our ontology. The picture given is that we are both spirit (soul) and physical. Geneticists taking the Bible literally get the picture that the first humans were genetically perfect, that it took many generations of mutations before the deleterious effects of consanguinity became evident, hence the practice of sibling marriage lasted centuries.

        The text in its historical sections as written, is written as a true history. Just like any secular history. It’s not an exhaustive history, rather emphasizes those aspects from which we can learn lessons. In contrast Manetho padded Egyptian history to make it appear older. Any dates in other countries cross-linked to Egyptian history are likewise corrupted.

        What you do with it is your responsibility.

        The fight against communism is first and foremost a spiritual battle. A battle of ideas. The strongest spiritual force against communism is described in the Bible, if you take the Bible as it is written.

        I wrote this in response to your ridicule of the Biblical message.

      14. I did not ridicule the Biblical message. Please do not put words in my mouth. I was merely showing that your Biblical literalism is problematic in its rejection of metaphor and allegory. I am also put out by your repeated attempts to use my site to promote your theological views. I have politely tolerated this, offering warnings again and again. But you never take the hint and push your religious views. Only you have the way to God, all other Christians are going to Hell. How do you suppose that makes most of my readers feel? How does that make me feel? I do not want religious discord here. Your highly opinionated Biblical interpretations are intimidating to others. They begin to feel that this site is only for Biblical literalists and fundamentalists. This site welcomes all faiths and backgrounds to discuss serious national issues. Reading your text above, as with many of your texts, I feel judged and intimidated, as if you are assaulting my faith by insisting on the truth of yours. This is not constructive. So I have given you a little taste of your own medicine in return. I give you my interpretation and you do not like it one bit. I mentioned Bart Ehrman because he is an agnostic Bible scholar who started out believing exactly as you do. He lost his faith because he previously believed in literalism and inerrancy and found they were not sustainable after he acquired expert knowledge of ancient languages. If he had come at the subject differently, he might still believe in God. The Bible is a spiritual book which mixes metaphor and history. You have to discern which is which. The Bible says Christ is a lamb. Does that mean he eats grass and makes wool? No. Christ is also described as a lion. Does that mean he eats lambs? No. Literalism is not the way. During the Reformation Protestants were burning each other at the stake over Biblical interpretation. Are we going back to that? Then Imagine how Jewish readers of this site feel with all these religious interjections from you and others. I want all Americans to feel comfortable here. My site is not a Sunday School. For that matter, Fundamentalists have not been terribly good anti-communists. They are more interested in turtling and waiting for Jesus to rapture them. This is not going to help in the fight against communism.

  11. I, too, spoke to physics doctoral students. I was told that physics has lost its roots in the physical universe and has gone gallivanting off in a mental lala land of mathematics. We can thank Einstein for that. Before Einstein physicists made observations, then tried to explain them. Observation trumped any theory. But Einstein turned that on its head—he started with theory, then his followers went out and tried to find observations that support his theory. That has led also to confirmation bias.

    Just remember that some of the weirdness coming out of quantum mechanics is just mathematical modelling unhinged from physical reality. I wish I had that quote from Lord Russell where he states in effect that mathematics is the field where we don’t know what we’re talking about.

    I don’t see this as occultic in and of itself. Rather it’s just plain foolishness. How many people will take it a step further into the occult?

      1. Jeff, I think that what you said earlier about science being only a shallow approximation of immense mystery is something that many true scientists understand.

    1. Your take on mathematical modeling is typical of the misunderstanding of what goes on in Physics. There is no “model” unless there is a physical phenomenon to model. Without those phenomenon and the models, Engineering is impossible. Physics and Engineering are two sides of the same coin.

      Richard Feynman stated that Quantum Physics is preposterous, but that it had one thing going for it. It was true.

      Physics has come up against the limits of reality during my adult life. It is recognized that mathematical Physics is simply the meanderings of cloistered people with little physical support until experimental Physics catches up. Quantum Physics is a good example.

      If Quantum Physics is not true, then Solid State physics is not true and semiconductors are impossible and infrastructure of modern society is not possible. Those doctoral students meanderings are just a bit problematic.

      1. Ohengineer: Do you remember what was the first question on everyone’s mind when the first photographs of individual atoms were published? Oh yes, those photographs were a bit fuzzy, but they clearly showed individual atoms. The atoms were fuzzy little balls. Do you remember what was the question?

        The question that came to my mind, and everyone else that I know of, was “What about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle?”

        Heisenberg cleanly derived his Uncertainty Principle mathematically from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Einstein didn’t like it. Bohr showed Einstein that it was a legit derivation from Einstein’s own theory. Einstein went off muttering “God doesn’t play dice with the universe.”

        Since then atom level photographs have become common, even manipulation of individual atoms. I’m not a physicist, but I’ve been told that the physics used in that work is Newtonian physics, not Quantum Mechanics.

        Richard Feynman was wrong. In the fact that individual atoms can be imaged and manipulated in violation to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and Quantum Mechanics is derived from Einstein’s theory, then Quantum Mechanics is also not true. Its math may be useful to a certain extent, but ultimately its explanations may be erroneous.

        Solid state electronics have been discovered and their uses mapped out, but is the explanation of how they work correct? I wonder.

        Math should be the servant of experimental physics, not its master. Einstein made math the master.

      2. R.O., Math is the servant of Physics. Mathematical Physics is a branch of theoretical Physics and it preceded Einstein by quite some time, having originated with Newton. It has been said, over the years, that one language or other was the language of Physics. when I was kid, German was said to be that language. That was never true. mathematics is the language of Physics, and it matters not if you are talking theoretical or experimental physics. Experimental Physics is how Theoretical Physics is proven, or falsified. Mathematics is inescapable for all of Physics.

        The failures of Newtonian Mechanics became apparent during the 19th century. General Relativity corrects more than one problem, but one example was the precession of orbits (the orbit of earth, for example, around the sun is not the same every time. It varies by a small amount, but compounds over time, creating problems for those calculating ephemerides of stars and planets). The problem has affects in celestial mechanics and the space program for interplanetary space shots.

        The uncertainty principle has import to Quantum Mechanics as well as Relativistic Mechanics. Like the aerodynamic principles that predict the performance of a wing, there more than one path to that point. One can use fluid mechanics or Newtonian mechanics and get the same answer. The fluid mechanics path is more straightforward and the one normally used. That the uncertainly principle may be derived from relativity is not relevant in the manner you wish it to be.

        Einstein said what he did about God and dice in response to Quantum Physics.

  12. Germany is the land where the modern attacks against Christianity and the Bible started. There’s a whole book, a PhD dissertation, that details the history of that attack and the ideas that animated it, which is far too long for a comment on this blog. It’s in German. That attack started in the first decade of the 19th century.

    The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod in the United States was started by refugees from religious persecution by the German state church. This was in the mid 1800s.

    Not surprisingly, by World War I, the German population, including the state church, had become almost totally paganized. And yet, amazingly, after over a century of discrimination and even persecution, there was still a small remnant of true Christians in Germany. When the Nazis came to power, they brutally attacked that small remnant, sending many of its members to work camps where they had numbers tattooed on their arms. Only a few returned after the war.

    I met some some of those survivors, including one with a tattoo on his arm, others had gone into hiding.

    So what does it take to stop that myth that Germany was “a Christian nation” when the Nazis took power?

      1. I wrote “modern attacks”. If you want to include all attacks, the first one was the same day that Jesus rose from the dead. The religious authorities paid the Roman soldiers to spread the word that the disciples had overcome the guard and stolen the body.

      2. The Turks were not modern, rather they just continued the medieval attacks that started while Mohammed was still alive. Even today, the Moslem attacks are a continuation of medieval ideology, not modern.

      3. The Turks weren’t modern? But the Ottoman Turks fought in World War I. Of course, it all depends on how you define modernity. When I was in school the modern era was said to begin around 1500 with the voyages of discovery. There are three basic eras: antiquity, the Middle Ages, and modernity. The Medieval era followed antiquity, beginning in the 5th century and ending in the late 15th century. Unless you can squeeze another “age” in between the Middle Ages and modernity, you have modernity beginning with Columbus, Martin Luther, etc. My point being: The Germans were not the first to threaten Christendom in the modern era. The Turks invaded Europe in 1526 and conquered Hungary, sold a million Hungarians into slavery, and reached the gates of Vienna, which they besieged around 1530. If you think Henry VIII and Martin Luther belong to Medieval history, you have extended the Middle Ages further than any historian I know. But let’s say you are right. Let’s say I am ignorant since all our definitions have changed and I just never kept up. Even so, you cannot blame the Germans as the first and foremost nation to threaten Christendom during modernity. You are forgetting the French Revolution and its persecution of the Church — the massacre of Christians in La Vendée. Or will you now argue that the French Revolution occurred prior to modernity? Let’s not make the Germans guilty for everything. Please.

      4. The problem with what you were taught concerning the different eras is so simplistic that they are meaningless. If you want to discuss ideas and movements, particularly the “modern” age is a mess.

        Luther started the Reformation, which made a clean break with the medieval and even the Renaissance movements.

        After the Reformation, the Council of Trent was a throwback to the Renaissance, which was late medieval in its philosophy. Timewise after the start of the modern age, ideawise, medieval.

        Islam has never updated from early medieval thinking, not even to this day.

        Darwin reached back to antiquity, to BC Greek mythology, for his ideas. Aristotle already taught natural selection, all Darwin did was to popularize it.

        And the occult has infected all three of your ages.

        On another issue, what do you mean by “Christianity”? If you mean anyone who calls himself a “Christian”, then you again have an undefined term.

      5. Jeff: your definition of “Christianity” is undefined, because it includes all beliefs being taught in “Christian” churches from atheism, to polytheism and animism and everything between.

      6. No, I’m not a professional theologian, but I’ve studied enough Bible that I can hold my own in many theological discussions.

        However, here my intent is not to discuss theology, rather to say I don’t like trying to have discussions using undefined terms, and “Christianity” has become an undefined term. It is for that reason I try to avoid the terms “Christian” and “Christianity”.

    1. What we call “higher criticism” started about mid-19th century. It’s origins, however, go back much, much further into Gnosticism and effects can be seen in theological battles such as those between Arminius and Calvin, and their followers. Calvinistic predestination has its roots in Platonistic Gnosticism. Much of Higher Criticism is a reaction to the God of John Calvin and his Decretal Theology.

      The effects were much like the splatter one sees in radio and the heresy spread through both Calvinism and Armnianism. As the heresies advanced, the effect was a decrease in the number of true Christians as individuals were thrown increasingly on their own resources because of the aberrations of the so-called scholars. The true Church has never been large, but it has become quite difficult to find a good Bible teaching Church these days.

      1. I think we both know the answer to that question. The Communists have simply turned everything on its head for their own convenience and application of their deceit.

  13. Interesting entry. Kind of spooky for me to read at night. Something big is coming and it’s not going to be good.

    I remember reading on what anti-Communists said from like 80 years ago. They described it as a battle between materialists and people who believe in God and the human soul. It seems to me they often had a deeper understanding of the battle than the “anti-communists” we find today on foxnews

    Many years ago I read a book on Ayahuasca and got the idea that it may be possible to see spiritual realms. I traveled to the jungle in Peru and took it. I remember that night was hell and I was terrified and counting the seconds until it was dawn so I could leave that place. But when dawn came I suddenly felt well and instantly knew I was to stay another night and try it again. I’m not really sure what to make of it.

  14. There are many historicist commentators who have dates assigned to the 1260 year time prophecy that they deduce from the 1260 days, 42 months and 3 and a half years numbers found in Revelation 11 and 12. Historicism was a very popular method of interpreting prophecy among the reformers and especially in the 18oos and finds its adherents even today. historicism.com is a site for this view.
    In short, the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 created a vacuum in Rome that was filled by the Bishop of Rome. The date when the Bishop of Rome assumed power of the new Holy Roman Empire is debated but it happened in the 500s. Most point to Justinian elevating the Pope to power in the 532-538 time period as the beginning point. Just add 1260 years and you get 1792-98. In 1798 the Pope was taken captive by Napoleon ending the Holy Roman Empire.
    So my point is that Nostradamus could easily have used this historical prophecy to point to 1792. All historicist interpreters use the 1260 year prophecy to end up during the French Revolution. Not a big deal. Even Isaac Newton had his beginning and ending dates for this prophecy. Many interpreters today see this 1260 number as symbolic of the time between the first and second advents of Christ, but I digress.

    1. Wide digressions and commentary from the comments section, but nonetheless a great deal of enthusiasm generated by this subject. Modern man, eager for answers, at least on his terms. John Keel and Jaques Vallee provide in my opinion, the definitive direction for any further research on this phenomenon, which is to say that it indicates that the collective worldview of today is so far from the reality that it constitutes a form of madness, a psychotic break from the truth of things.

      I have no doubt that the powers that be, who after all have a vested interest in the maintenance of the collective consensus false worldview, are quite at a loss about the UFO phenomenon unless they have a connection to it that would enable them to bring it to its conclusion: as part of a wider deception which would constitute the very culmination of the modern era itself. And yet, I personally cannot help but wonder if some of these heavenly sightings give the elites a sense of existential terror, that some of the phenomenon points to Divine mercy, and judgment.

      In any case, it all points to quite another reality, far from the dry and dead materialism. But there’s a danger beyond mere secularism and materialism, a danger that lurks behind occult and hermetic teachings.

    2. “All historicist interpreters use the 1260 year prophecy to end up during the French Revolution”… I think most of them did, but John Gill did not and neither did some later historicists like Alexander Hislop.

      In my personal (for what that’s worth) modern update on the old Puritan-based eschatologies, I believe the “holy city” (European civilization) of Rev 11 began to be trodden underfoot by the “Gentiles” (apostate “Christians”) in AD 765 when Pepin’s donation to the Papal See began in any meaningful sense, with 3 kingdoms “plucked up” and given to the “Little Horn” of Daniel 7, which would mean the 1260 years run out in 2025, whereupon the old beast system, with its lip-service to acknowledging God, will be openly and powerfully replaced by the final, “scarlet coloured” one, “that was, is not, and yet is”, i.e., market-Marxism / Chinese style communism throughout the West.

      This is a very, very serious and troubling subject and one that, with the wrong eschatology, may very well overwhelm a lot of people over the next few years.

      1. I agree. “The Spirit explicitly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.” -1 Tim. 4:1.
        The best thing any one of us can do in the present crisis is to be “in Christ” like Noah was in the Ark.
        “For God is my refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” -Psalm 46.
        Psalm 91 needs to be memorized by the faithful.
        The entrance of God’s Word gives light in this present darkness.
        For “spirits of demons, performing signs go out to the Rulers of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. “Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame.” -Revelation 16:14

      2. Technically, astrology does not rely on spirits. It is based on a theory, true or false, that there are correspondences between events on earth and in the heavens. Recent scientific discoveries involving quantum entanglement suggest that correspondences of this kind could actually be discoverable. If you want to get Biblical, Look at the Star of Bethlehem and the three wise men from the East. If God made an ordered universe we should not be surprised if meaningful correspondences or “signs” are built in. An experimental science of discovering correspondences need not be Satanic, any more than discovering herbal cures for disease.

      3. Preterism’s major problem is allegorical “interpretation.” Little of it makes sense because there is so much that has not been fulfilled in detail, yet Preterists insist it has been. The contradictions are the reason few take it seriously. OTOH, full preterism is heretical as it denies specific biblical prophecies by allegorizing them.

      4. The Bible says that the stars have influence, but Man is forbidden from divination, because results may vary. Again, see the test of a Prophet.

      5. Isaiah 41:22-24
        22 Let them bring them forth, and shew us what shall happen: let them shew the former things, what they be, that we may consider* them, and know the latter end of them; or declare us things for to come.
        23 Shew the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that ye are gods: yea, do good, or do evil, that we may be dismayed, and behold it together.
        24 Behold, ye are of nothing, and your work of nought: an abomination is he that chooseth you.

      6. All trolls all the time. Even our religious “believers” are actors — if you could see what these frauds post you would know the game they have been playing. Pew pee-Ewe, I sniffed ewe out long ago as a fraud. And Jack can hit the road. Bye bye clowns!

      7. Weather forecasting is far different than Astrology. Weather forecasting applies physical laws and probability to arrive at an educated guess of weather conditions in the near future. Astrology is a form of divination.

      8. If astrology somehow turned out to work because of a correspondence between the heavens and terrestrial events, how is that any different than predicting weather based on the movement of clouds? Please explain.

      9. How many people have put their misguided faith in weather forecasters, only to be ill prepared for the worst? Even when the predictions for snow are accurate these days, the weather man gets death threats. So far as reports go, none have been stoned to death, if not stoned on the air.

      10. No wars have been fought over weather forecasting yet. Nobody has been burned at the stake for weather heresy. But you may be headed in that direction.

      11. There was a weather forecaster in Asheville, NC before i moved down from Ohio who was known as “Lyin’ Bob.” There were a few jokes about burning him at the stake.

  15. Wow, a Tour de Force!

    It’s interesting to notice disdain for the supernatural currently converging (with ferocity) among public authorities of science, government and even religion. The pompous busy-bodies think they’re exercising control via moral authority. If they truly were succeeding at it, we wouldn’t see them doing it. But there efforts are useful for darker currents who only gain from the misdirection.

    I sometimes joke it’s never so easy to throw in your lot with God once you’ve met the devil. Part of the serious point is that it’s all fine and well to be a casual Christian or “cafeteria believer” or New Age agnostic when you don’t believe that evil actually exists. Nothing is at stake. Much of modern therapeutic religion is about inculcating just that attitude – faith, morality, courage don’t really matter; just do you’re best; we’re all learning all the time; there is no “bad” there is just psychic damage and ignorance, etc. On the surface, these sound like attitudes for a tolerant, civil society; and so, it’s actually become a character flaw to believe in evil.

    One of the biggest hurdles for people grasping our current moment is a visceral disbelief in evil. Because evil is the only thing that can explain sustained, systematic, civilizational suicide. So those who think it immoral to see evil will denounce the person pointing at it. Quite a trick.

    Those who deride and mock the supernatural are either immoral or unserious or both. If and when expression and information are brought under total control, the refuge for the soul will be God’s unseen realm. It’s why we instinctively know to cling to God.

    1. Yes! Years ago, when I was teaching high school, a student made a rather surprising observation. She said, “I believe in God and not the Devil. Your problem is that you think there is evil.” Of course, she was an Orange County California 16-year-old growing up in the sunshine of Reagan’s America. She really did not think evil was real, and she did not like my approach to history — which was to impart the idea that evil is real. It came as a profound shock to me that she was consciously aware of choosing to look away, of denying evil after the fashion of the three monkeys — hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil — 🙉🙈🙊 — from a Japanese proverb.

      1. No. But I should flunk you for asking such a question. But hey, this is America. I could not even flunk students that refused to do any work and who flunked every test. Principals in those days were terrified of flunking anyone.

      2. These days people have a problem seeing evil for what it is, even denying it entirely. Both are acts of idiocy that vary only in degree, not kind.

        Alas, I know the pressures against rewarding a student for the quality, or lack thereof, of their work.

      3. I also grew up in SoCal in the sunshine of Reagan’s American. I know that mindset well. My whole family thinks that way. In fact, they think it’s regressive, bordering on “dangerous,” actually to acknowledge evil. They equate it with extremism. (Although they don’t say that exactly, because, you know, they don’t want to be judgmental.)

  16. https://zelalemkibret.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/the-complete-works-of-nostradamus.pdf

    I just now went through a great deal of Nostradamus’ prophecies all over again (which are oftentimes either riddles or so specific that it would need an expert historian to properly evaluate them), but what I found in the appendix titled, “Other Prophecies…” was this, and it’s pretty clear what this is about: “Third Age, for Mars the Warlike” comes pretty close to saying; Third World War. Also, he writes of widespread famine and even cannibalism!


    Celeste feu du costé d’Occident,
    Et du Midy, courir iusques au Leuant,
    Vers demy morts sans point trouuer racine,
    Troisiesme aage, à Mars le Belliqueux,
    Des Escarboucles on verra briller feux,
    Aage Escarboucle, & à la fin famine.

    Celestial fire from the Western side,
    And from the South, running up to the East,
    Worms half dead without finding even a root.
    Third age, for Mars the Warlike,
    One will see fires shing from the Carbuncles.
    Age a Carbuncle, and in the end famine.


    Bien peu apres sera tres grande misere,
    Du peu de bled, qui sera sur la terre,
    Du Dauphine’, Prouence & Viuarois,
    Au Viuarois est vn pauure presage,
    Pere du fils, sera entropophage,
    Et mangeront racine & gland du bois.

    Very soon after there will be very great misery,
    From the scarcity of grain, which will be on the land
    Of Dauphiny, Provence and Vivarais,
    To Vivarais it is a poor prediction,
    Father will eat his own son,
    And from the woods they will eat root and acorn.

    * * *

    And of course there is this famous quatrain, which points to the “seventh month” of the year 1999. Although the translation of “Roy d’Angolmois” to “King of the Mongols” (suggesting the use of an anagram, which Nostradamus often did) is subject to controversy, please mind the following: The Gregorian calendar was only introduced 16 years after Nostradamus died, so “seventh month” by Julian calendar means, for the 20th century, the time span from July 14 till August 13. – Well, then-Russian President Boris Yeltsin made Vladimir Putin his First Prime Minister (and thus prospective successor as President) on Monday, August 9, 1999!


    L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
    Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d’effrayeur:
    Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois,
    Auant apres Mars regner par bon-heur.

    The year 1999, seventh month,
    From the sky will come a great King of Terror:
    To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
    Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

    1. These are good examples of curious predictions. One must possess the insight needed for seeing correspondences. What should we call it? Reasoning by analogy?

      1. There must be something to It, Astrology, in any case. Scripture has the Heavens created ” for signs and for seasons “, and the Magi learned of Christ from those signs they saw in the Heavens. And yet divination is a very grave sin, all the same. No doubt, distinctions can and should be made about the issue. Perhaps in some cases hidden arts are hidden not because they are evil, but because to use those gifts require not only special natural talents
        but also a spiritual development that most people simply do not have. The Magi learned of the Child because they desired to worship Him, first, in their hearts and minds.

      2. Divination is attempting to know about the future by supernatural means. What exactly is supernatural about astrology — which looks to the movement of natural bodies like stars and planets? If the theory behind astrology has no scientific basis then it is quackery. If it has scientific observation behind it, how is it supernatural? It is no different than a method for predicting weather (which may or may not work).

    2. One should add that two days after Putin’s promotion to First Prime Minister, there was this Total Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 over the Atlantic, the English Channel, Northern France, southwestern Germany and Bavaria, the central and South-Eastern parts of Austria, south-Western Hungary, southern Romania, the Eastern parts of Anatolia and across through south-central Iran (and right over the nuclear facility at Natanz, if I’m not mistaken), the coast of Pakistan and right across central India.

      At the time, there was a great media hype surrounding this solar eclipse in Europe, and oftentimes it was even termed the “Nostradamus eclipse”, because of this particular quatrain given further above. However, the “King of Terror” mentioned by Nostradamus was mostly understood allegorically and not literally. Great eschatological fears were going around that summer, which included the idea of an impending meteoric impact, but hardly anyone was looking over to Moscow, where a stone-cold career officer of the Soviet KGB (and GRU!) just stepped out into the international limelight (almost as if out of the blue and thus “from the sky”) to indeed “bring back to life” the old “Mongol” empire of the Soviet Union, that had never been genuinely abolished under Yeltsin, in the first place!

      By the way, as one sets the time of the exact longitudinal newmoon (which was August 11, 1999, 13:09 CEDT) on various places, it turns out that this newmoon exactly stood at the local Midheaven for a longitude of 14°04′ East, which by and large matches Karlstad, Sweden (13°30° E), Berlin (13°25′ E), Dresden, Germany (13°44′ E), Prague (14°25′ E). Linz, Austria (14°14′ E), Klagenfurt, Austria (14°18′ E), Trieste, Italy (13°47′ E), Pula, Croatia (13°51′ E), Naples, Italy (14°16′ E), central Sicily, Valletta, Malta (14°31′ E) and Tripoli, Libya (13°11′ E).

      Strangely, there exists a prophecy by the Bavarian seer Alois Irlmaier (1894 – 1959) who spoke of some sort of lethally toxic “yellow dust” that will be spread (obviously in order to halt a Russian land invasion coming from the East) along a line through the Golden City (Prague) up to the Baltic Sea and down, apparently, to the Adriatic. The tanks, he said, would still move, but their crews inside would have turned pitch-black. All life, including plants, would die along that line.

  17. I think that divination refers to the attempt to predict the future and gain knowledge through the observation of random events. Based on the quantum uncertainty of the universe, I have often thought that such events might be subject to the control of spirits. Astrology clearly belongs to a different category. It may be true or false, but it is not the same as tarot or reading the future in the entrails of pigeons. The great Catholic philosophers of the Middle Ages, Thomas Aquinas and Albertas Magnus, believed in Astrology, though they condemned certain applications of it.

    1. I agree in the essentials of your argument. Saint Daniel was appointed chief of the Babylonian Astrologers, after all.

      1. Not quite. Daniel 2:48–49 says that Daniel was made ruler over the whole kingdom, in effect becoming the grand vizier under Nebuchadnezzar.

        Further, Daniel’s talents were recognized as not connected to astrology, rather that he got his answers directly from God.

      1. Another demonstration then of the wide abyss between the thinking of moderns and pre-moderns, with moderns after the Copernican revolution finding it hard to visualize-literally-the Heavens as being created for man’s Earthly benefit and the Glory of God quite exclusively. Astrology only makes sense in that context, I am thinking, a geocentric one.

  18. Now your back on this topic again. I thought to not comment any more about it. Last we spoke about Hessiers work. You did read him a bit wrong. He never says God made humans in the imagine of divine beings. Rather divine beings can and do take on human bodies. A few articles ago it closed before I could reply. You suggested I was preoccupied with this subject. Any way biblical Hebrew has a very small vocabulary. Approx 20000 words. Many nouns have multiple meanings. Day- “yom”has 4. One is an undefined period of time. Note we are still in the 7th day. See Dr. Hugh Ross “a matter of days”

      1. You did. Several articles ago in the last comment on the thread before the comments where closed by your preset 2 day limit. Also the word used for serpent can also literally mean shining one. So a serpent like heavenly being that shines and can talk. Many say the grays are shiny and reptile like. They aren’t very bird like mamal like or vegetable like. You have a problem with incest between Adam and Eve children? There is prohibition against it matter but initially was permitted. I’m sorry you are uncomfortable with these things.

      2. Sorry. Several articles ago is beyond my immediate recall. Perhaps I have no brain for such things. But, forgive my impertinence. A crawling serpent is definitely indicated in Genesis. It says God afterwards punished serpents by making them crawl on their bellies. Right? You may want to re-read the story.

      3. Yeah and serpents have vocal cords right? You might want to reread accounts of angels appearing as humans. If they can do that a serpent should be easy. This is the most powerful angelic being by the way. You are familiar with the pigs being possessed by the demons calling themselves legion after the talk with Christ? I would suggest you reread Heisser talkng about the nachesh, but since you got him wrong in Unseen Realm what’s the point? You seem to have a problem with the supernatural things in Bible. That’s fine. Not all Christians can deal with it.

      4. The Bible is poetic and metaphoric where it discusses the beginning and end of the world. It is clearer when we get to historical times and terms of how we should live.

      5. I’ll take that as a no. Do you believe humans evolved from primates or God created man? Do you believe God created the universe?

      6. “And the Lord God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly thou shalt go, and dust thou shalt eat dust all the days of thy life;” Genesis 3:14 KJ

  19. Another aspect regarding the twilight zone of obsession with darkness: Eduard Limonov (meanwhile deceased), Russia’s National-Bolshevist enfant terrible and ally, i.a., of Aleksandr Dugin and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, wrote the following in “Lecture 18: The Tunguska Meteorite and Human Semen” of his book, “The Other Russia” (which one could term a manifesto of a new, adventurous, phantastical communism):


    “There is some solution to the meaning of man, to imagine that we hang around here in vain each his term would be awfully bitter. Obviously, we, alas, are not the principal in the multiple gigantic worlds, as it seems to human kind, seemed until now. The head of it all, the Leader of world order cannot be only a god of men, what a specialization! And man cannot be such a God’s favorite pet so that he jealously, without leaving from sight, watches his morality. The God of an incalculable quantity of worlds, cold, rough, stone-metallic and inexorable, has to have the shape of some planet Saturn, scary and remote. And indifferent. When I want to pray, I admit, I imagine myself ice worlds, black holes, spaces of light years, rough sides of scary planets, all this revolving cosmogony, and I pray to Saturn. Also it is good to pray to the Tunguska meteorite – a part of the universe. The Muslims, who pray to the black meteorite of Kaaba are closer than us to the truth…”


    1. Alexander Solzhenitsyn called Limonov: “an insect who writes pornography”. This is sufficient.

      1. Whatever crazed and depraved, Limonov nevertheless expressed the very communist sentiments that underlie today’s Russia the same way as they underlied the old, official Soviet Union.

        As for Solzhenitsyn, it is completely inconceivable how he could have fallen – but he did! – for the ruse of a new, post-communist Russia and actually return (as had been predicted by Anatolity Golitsyn) into the same communist snake pit that he had left twenty years earlier! There were voices at the time of his quite pompously choreographed train ride in 1994 all the way from Russia’s far East to Moscow, who were desperately trying to signal him that he hadn’t smelled Russian air for way too long and was being played by a carefully crafted Potemkin show! Worse, by allowing himself to be personally honoured in his last years by President Putin, he virtually annulled all his former anti-communist heroism, without realising!

      2. It’s very difficult for a Russian expat. I recall Viktor Belenko (the pilot that flew a Mig 25 to Japan during the last of the Ford admin) nearly going back. Fortunately, an Air Force Colonel was there for him, and it probably saved his life.

        Frankly, I wondered about Solzhenitsyn. He wrote some very good stuff, but there were things that didn’t add up, but I could not put my finger on it. Still can’t.

  20. Limonov continues:

    “And if man needs so badly HIS special GOD, for men, then he should pray to human semen. That’s where the miracle really is, the only miracle of life. It doesn’t have to be falsified, it is each time Rebirth, Immortality. Dropped semen in the lap of a woman – happens the miracle of mans’ creation.

    “Smeared like Disneylands multiple houses of God are empty, only fat servants make invocations there. Actually, there are always unthinking souls, ready to accept these invocations for contact with God. In a simple computer today there is more mysteriousness than in Christianity. If fat, Moscow women, soft from the buns, ate by them in unrestricted quantities, crowd in front of the entrance to the CCS with Easter cakes, then what right has the national-Bolshevik to linger there too?

    “Thinking about the mysteries of the universe, imagine yourself the rough sides of the gloomy planet Saturn. Pour your semen in a young woman natzbol and a Human being will be born. Was anything ever born from Christianity, from the Church? Nothing, ever.

    “Our God is the planet Saturn. Bear on your chest a piece of meteorite. Trust the engineer Kovalevsky.”


    From “left” to “right”, these Soviet communists haven’t changed one iota and won’t change until indeed – pun intended – a meteorite might hit them and send them back to the deepest recesses of hell where they came from. The world needs a miracle!

    1. God fighters are God fighters, no matter who they are or where they hail from, they share all the common hallmarks of nihilism. A modern society afflicted with them does not bury them overnight.

  21. And on Solzhenitsyn, and your quick judgment of him and the Russian land and people he loved: simply no.

    1. It is possible to strike a balance. Honor Solzhenitsyn for the great courage and insight that marked most of his life, while recognizing that he made a grave error late in life. Otherwise you turn the man into an idol.

      1. What ” grave error “? He did no such thing as make errors. What he did was to return to his Russian land and people, who needed him and his thought, his example. Nobody fooled him, and nobody tried to either. You do not know us, and you fear and hate what you do not know, filling in the blank spaces with fanciful monsters and gargoyles. Do you not think Solzhenitsyn knew that Oligarchs rule the modern world? Should he have been afraid, or remain to die in a West alien even to itself much less a man like him?

        Whatever theories and surmises that you and others may have about bad intentions of the elites, you will find that it is our people, the most “reactionary ” at heart in the whole world, who ultimately decide what will or will not be. An anvil that breaks all hammers. Many here and elsewhere like to think of this people as a servile and inert mass, easily propagandized, but nothing could be further from the truth. It’s a lunatics joke to even think otherwise, akin to trusting in the worldview of people dropped on their heads in childhood. The Oligarchy does what it does because they fear the masses, as it often is when a government is an Oligarchy and not a Monarchy.

        No, Solzhenitsyn returned because he knew that the time was right. Knew that his witness was stronger than any covert machinations others might engage in. There certainly was no place for Solzhenitsyn in the dying West that he hated for its spiritual antipathy to any Russian restoration, knowing that for many in the West, anti communism was just a fig leaf for their lust to destroy Russia, not so much to destroy Bolshevism.

      2. Do you really think anybody in the West wants to destroy Russia? — Any government or large body of citizens? Financial institutions? Who exactly?

  22. Mr. Nyquist, to answer your question, I need only look around, and know history. Especially the history that is still within living memory. And then there’s geopolitics, especially the geopolitics of the future. One cannot have any claim to world hegemony without subduing the Eurasian Heartland within the World Island, that space between the Elbe river to the Barents sea, and from the Arctic south to the Caucasus, Himalayan mountains, and the Yangtze.

    1. That is not an answer. Japan and Germany do not threaten Russia. NATO is horribly weak and is a defensive alliance. America is crumbling. Who are you afraid of? Turkey? Iran? China?

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