Belief in manmade global warming depends on acting as if the laws of physics are suspended and we are living in special time in which the climate is unchanging apart from the hand of man. In a sense we actually are living in a special time relative to the last 3 million years, which has been an ice age. The special time we live in is an interglacial period — a temporary respite in the ice age.

David Archibald, The Twilight of Abundance

A cold wave hits Europe. Spain has to restart its coal plants. Siberia suffers 68 below zero temperatures on December 2. Record spring temperatures are recorded in Antarctica. Russia and China are husbanding their water and fertilizer resources. Fertilizer shortages begin to be felt in the United States and other countries. What is happening? How do we understand it? I decided to resume my discussion on global cooling with David DuByne of Adapt 2030. By popular demand….

Discussion on Global Cooling with Jeff Nyquist and David DuByne

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71 thoughts on “On Global Cooling with David DuByne: The Coming Food Crisis

  1. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, according to David DuByne (Adapt2030) first signs of food problems will show up in 2023 or 2024, there is a Australian forecaster who runs a website called Inigo Jones Weather on Facebook, his forecast for New Zealand for 2022 is that it will be much wetter, also New Zealand had rain and snow in December as well

  2. What is the effect of global cooling on Russia ?

    Most of the talk is about how China will be , or is, in a jam because of the cooling. Is Russia heading for trouble also ? And if so do they have strategies and plans in this regard ? I always think of Russia and the USSR as a cold weather area, but I don,t know if this is accurate.

  3. It´s colder in southern Brazil too. We had unusually low temperatures in November. Curitiba is having 10ºC in December! I´ve never seen this before.

  4. Grand solar minimum, the jab, wokies, and geophysical attacks by the universe will be the perfect storm. We live in interesting times – a curse.

  5. Terrifying perspectives, on all levels. In Central Europe, people were still running around in winter clothes all the way into May this year! I still recall a report from June that the strawberry farmers over here – just for one example – were late by THREE WEEKS! Also in 2020, very late freezes destroyed most of our apricot harvests and severely reduced other fruit produce, as well. Right now, it’s unusually chilly, too, with temperatures going up and down across freezing point during the course of the day. No mild weather any more as we oftentimes had this time of the year, say, in 2000 or 2010. Also I haven’t observed real record heats here for quite a number of years as we regularly had them 20 to 25 years ago. Back then, 38° C (100° F) occurred fairly often. In recent years, no more. Maximum temperatures hardly ever exceeded 33° to 35° C (91° to 95° F), but one significant change did occur: Summers became so much more humid, almost subtropical, which is harder to bear than dry heat.

  6. I don’t like videos because ideas go by so quickly, before one can comment on them.

    Minnesota is considered in the mild summer climate zone. I spent a few years there, and one day it got up to 95° F (35° C). But my grandfather lived in St. Paul during the 1930s and he told me that one night the low for the night was 98° F (37° C), can you imagine what the high for the day was? My mother tells me she remembers many a morning waking up in a wet bed, wet from sweating all night.

    Some years back, a comment on an article in website mentioned that Kansas City hadn’t seen any days over 110° F (43° C) since 1955. Before then they were common.

    From these and many other reports, these are evidence that global cooling started at the end of the 1930s. A graphed temperature line is not straight, but wobbly. Even the last 23 years have not been as warm as the 1930s. Do the European records show the same pattern?

    Politicians and their bought off “scientists” are gaslighting us.

    1. We really are not being told the truth, but we are given a narrative they want to sell to everyone. They want to censor anyone who offers a more accurate analysis.

      1. No, they deliberately tell us the exact opposite because as we can finally see from the mRNA trans-humanism experiment, they want us dead, if not zombie robots.

      2. I wonder if the pending ice age is partly the reason for thinning the herd? The Agenda 21 club, sees a planet of limited resources over populated with useless eaters in any event, and an economic collapse is immanent anyway. So perhaps this plannedemic is a controlled demolition?

      3. The trans-human gene splicing might be to create a life form capable of surviving the ice age. The mRNA shots destroy the immune system, perhaps intentionally so that it won’t clear out all the high tech garbage that the shots put in, while the Osterized Hydra bodies insert edit with the severed DNA of the host, in order to enable regeneration and immortality. Of course the zombies will have Mad Cow Disease, so that there will be no human will to resist commands over 5G to the magnetic nano particle and Prion Crystal redundant nervous system.

      4. They only need one successful prototype, and it might well take billions of guinea pigs to find it with such a scatter gun approach. The Antichrist builds a great big giant robot that takes over the world and causes everybody to be branded 666.

    2. Zombie Robots is a good description of Brave New World’s chemically induced “dictatorship without tears”. Do drugs not make us apathetic? The key then is to use propaganda or fear to motivate otherwise apathetic workers.

  7. Sprouts are easy to grow, and have one thousand times the nutrients than the grass produced from planting. Buy seeds at the health food store. They’re pretty cheap. Some seeds purchased at the feed store for planting are treated with insecticide. Get gallon jars, rinse the seeds daily, and in a few days, the jar will be full of sprouts. These can be dried and ground into flour for baking. Radish seeds are HOT, and good to use sparingly for seasoning the other sprouts; red wheat, mung bean, alfalfa and the like.

  8. Seems to be a real debate between military meteorologists as to the expected duration of this solar minimum but most all expect it will be historically deep. Some even express the comment that we won’t be going back to the old warmth for a “long time.”

    Question: “Hundreds of years or thousands?”
    Answer: “We’ll see.”
    Question: “Extra-solar influences?”
    Answer: “We’ll see, but yes, probably.”

    Once again, “What are they NOT telling us?”

    1. I corresponded with Valentina Zharkova. She is probably the leading researcher with the best track record. She thinks this cooling period will end around 2050. Russian researchers say end of century. None I know of are saying this is the end of the interglacial period. Any citations for me?

      1. Ah, well, more like 2,148 years, I think.

        What’s keeping us warm now is all the carbon in the atmosphere from the overloaded oceans due to about two million undersea volcanoes currently erupting.

      2. I have been following John Casey and his great books and also several Russian scientists. I started those preps 10 years ago and glad I did. Dr. Bill McFarland

      3. Co2 is not at historic highs. 5000ppm and more has been seen before. We are at the low end for plant growth. below 200 ppm you won’t see plant growth and we’re at about 400ppm now.

      1. Zharkova has some interesting conclusions about Solar Inertial Motion and the interplay with changes in the Sun Earth distance which directly relates to climate change. Disagreements with her methods and results, both theoretical and mathematical are common, and there are multiple errors in her alignments with the past, such as missing minimums, lack of a 4.6 thousand year pattern and such.

        I do not know which theory(s) the “Mil Weather” scientists prescribe to, I was simply told of their discussions second hand from a “missile” guy, with an impeccable launch record.

        I still think that C Brown, “Revolution:Ice Age Re-Entry,” with the data that the Greenland Holocene Climate Optimum was over 8 thousand years ago, and he thinks the “end of the Ice Age” was much earlier than the oft quoted 12,500 BC date, a start 19,600 and end 2100 years ago for the interglacial, represents very well the fact that we are due or even overdue for a return of glaciation, and have already in fact entered the glacial cycle.
        Obviously centennial scale oscillations will continue and we will continue our descent into the next glaciation, but Brown’s evidence is that we will switch to a cold climate following Greenland and Antartica both of which already have. A significant volcanic event, could give us what looks to be a record plunge in temperatures, although not statistically significant over the last 2 million years.
        Regardless, there is zero evidence for an IPCC 30,000 year delay to the next glaciation.

        Once again, as far as the Mil guys are concerned, what are they not telling us, for any of them to be concerned about the fact that “this is it.” I mean via Brown, the timing works, we entered this re-glaciation 2100 years ago, it does look like our temps will “fall of a cliff,” especially with a large volcanic event, a cold climate always follows a record minimum, but even the most pessimistic would expect several more oscillatory variations, just like we have always had, what do the “Soviet,” Crony Capitalist, ChiCom, NWO, Illuminati, Satanists, and whoever the heck else you want to name, know about this we don’t?
        Jeff, the “Nuclear Winter” and “Global Warming” big lies had definite cause and effect planning, financing, strategy, outcomes, and now we add the “CRT” and “SARS-CoV-2” and “Vaccine” big lies to the mix and I am beginning to “smell a great big Commie Rat.” I also smell not death, but evil.
        We are in titanic peril

      1. This past summer in central Alabama was quite odd. Typical highs are in the 90s with many days in the 95-100 range. In 2021, there were more days with temps in the 80s than in the 90s, very few in the high 90s. And we had sufficient rainfall so that there was little need to irrigate the lawn, which is very unusual. I’ve wondered if this is part of a trend or just one of those random climate variations. Next summer, I’ll pay more attention.

      2. More rain can happen, drought also possible. Higher summer temps because earth is closer to sun. Wetter springs and colder winters eventually.

    1. Even in a global cooling event, the cooling is not evenly distributed globally.

      For example, I lived in San Francisco. When I was there, the climate was dominated by winds from the west drawn across the cold Humboldt current. As a result, the climate was cold, damp and often foggy. With global cooling, the interior valleys, whose heat used to draw the cold, wet air into San Francisco, cooled off, so that San Francisco now has experienced heat waves.

      There are other places where local conditions will cause warming because of global cooling. But those will be the exceptions, not the rule.

  9. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I watched the video yesterday and at least 2 conclusions i came with from the video which are:

    1. The Global Economy along with International Trade will not survive a Grand Solar Minimum

    2. Some countries will eventually experience problems like when people start to starve or go hungry, governments will eventually be toppled or overthrown (Adapt2030) David Dubyne has also discussed about this

    3. There will be a conflict over food

      1. No, it’s just that the Rhine River froze over, and the adventuress Vandals where thereby able to cross. Rome tried to by them off, but money wasn’t their motivation. They just liked breaking stuff.

  10. Our solar system, indeed our galaxy go through many complementary cycles. Of the greatest concern, according to many, is the 12,000 cycle, with harmonic cycles at 3,000 and 6,000 years. There is abundant evidence of these cycles going back about 72,000 years… much further and the changes in the Earth overwrite the longer history. We are approaching, some say rapidly, the next 12,000 year cycle event. Too much detail to go into here, but governments have suspected this for some decades and are preparing for it. This event, dubbed a solar micronova by Ben Davidson, otherwise known as a massive superflare, can occur as the sun accretes dust and material, from a periodic plasma wave that emanates from the center of the galaxy, in the corona and periodically sheds it in a massive blast.

    The 6000 year harmonic corresponds with Noah, and the 12,000 year cycle corresponds with the instant ice age that froze wooly mammoths so fast that undigested food has been found in their stomachs. That requires a flash freeze that is incapable of being created by anything but a massive celestial event… if you think of the size of a wooly mammoth, to have it’s food frozen in it’s stomach in a matter of minutes… well, you get the idea. A blast from the sun can rip away part of the atmosphere, causing ionization of the ocean and an immediate deep freeze on the side receiving the brunt of the blast.

    Having said all this, the events leading up to this “micronova” are already occurring and this is why we are seeing substantial changes in our climate, as well as major changes being recorded on Mars (including a substantial uptick in seismic activity), the Jovian system, and more. We may see this event in our lifetimes.

    If you’re interested in learning more about this, you might check out the playlist:

    1. I would be careful with those dates. Despite what “scientists” claim, they lack scientific grounding.

      For example, about a half century ago, a geologist got lava samples from known, surveyed lava fields from less than 200 years previous. He then sent the samples to labs that specialized in dating. The “dates” the labs sent him ranged from over a million years old, to one over a billion years old from a lava field that was erupted only two years before the test. The experiment has been repeated, with similar results. Many “scientists” hate those results, so won’t publicize them.

      The talk with David Dubyne has thousands to millions of years being bandied about, all unscientific. If a study is based on only one unknown and unknowable factor, then its results cannot be scientific. Radiometric dating, such as the Potassium–Argon method in volcanic rocks, has three areas that are unknown and unknowable.

      • What were the original concentrations and ratios of the radioactive and resultant elements?
      • Was there any leaching in or out of these elements, and by how much?
      • Was there any factor that may have caused a change in the speed of radioactive decay?

      Even a slight change in any one of these three factors can lead to massively altered results. And there’s no way to answer these questions using the scientific method based on observation.

      I prefer to deal with verifiable history, which goes back only about 2500 years. That’s a long enough time span to tell us what to expect from global cooling and this arriving grand solar minimum.

      1. No one has been able to take anything he says seriously. He’s a fundamentally unserious individual, acting like an airhead at the best of times.

      1. I think the CCP wants a war, but they want the U.S. to throw the first punch so that they can claim to be defending themselves. Is Biden playing his part to give them their war?

  11. I live in the quiet zone near Snow Shoe resort, the Chem trailing last 10 yrs. has been so heavy it has become a fight to keep snow at the resort not to mention the Pine Tree kill of from Chemical Fall Out.

  12. Off topic but in reference to the commenter here who was recommending John Glubb’s case studies in civilizational collapses: oversimplified the book mostly reiterates hard times>strong men>prosperity>weakness>lack of innovation>collapse but also notes that everything Conservatives popularity label “signs of moral degeneration” are historical indicators societies in decline and portend collapse when they all occur in relatively short order.

    most notably of all, Glubb makes the astute argument that historians measure the time frame for collapse lazily and stupidly. it takes hundreds or thousands of years for a civilization to re-build and re-civilize but collapse is almost always sudden, it may only take weeks for a civilization to collapse from the perspective of those immersed in living it (even while the Secular Prophets may cry doom and gloom much longer). you can see this pattern in stock market bulls vs bears where only a few analysts (possibly mostly by chance) ever hit enough key metrics to successfully forecast the specific causes or timing of a major bull or bear run.

    1. Face diapers are fun! Hey! Want to play a new game? Pin the happy face on the face diaper! Yeah! Then you get kicked like a piñata and all your vaccinated stuffing comes out with little nano-prizes.


    Tucker: Why is the United States doing this?
    ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host addresses Joe Biden’s handle on foreign policy.

    1. Jeff, I noticed a few years back that Google seemed to have blacklisted certain conservative sites, as searching for the titles of articles in quotes would turn up no search results. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you might try using the DuckDuckGo search engine, instead.

      I also found this article on it:

  14. I’m just glad I am watching all this from the front porch of my house on the Alabama gulf coast.

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