According to reports, during the most difficult period of the Sino-US trade war, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) considered the use of viral weapons to disrupt the United States.

Chinese Samizdat


The Soviet Party fell apart because no one had the balls to keep it together.

Xi Jinping, to CCP leaders in 2012


President Donald Trump’s push-back against China’s exploitive trade practices from 2017-2019 was not acceptable to Beijing. Trump upset China’s play for economic dominance. Look what followed: — a global pandemic out of China, lockdowns of citizens, an experimental vaccine pushed on hundreds of millions of people, Western markets crashing, countries paralyzed with fear, massive economic dislocations, banks ready to fail, free societies turning to government controls, medical “martial law,” and a Russian invasion of Ukraine. All these events must be seen in context, as part of a sequence. It is a sequence best understood with reference to the defector literature (and testimony) of Anatoliy Golitsyn, Jan Sejna, Viktor Suvorov, and Stanislav Lunev. The main point of these authors is that Russia did not undergo a fundamental change after the fall of the Soviet Union. Golitsyn and Sejna refered to a “long range” communist bloc plan for collapsing the Warsaw Pact. Golitsyn, as well as Lunev, said that Russia and China were in a solid, long-term alliance that was kept hidden from the West. At some future date, the plan was, that Russia and China would confront the West. And that is what is happening now.

People always ask about the timing of future Russian and Chinese moves. To understand future timing, look at how past events were timed. In this context, the timing of the outbreak of the pandemic is suggestive. The pandemic appears to have been a watershed moment, and thus, fitting like a puzzle piece, the pandemic also appears to have been calculated rather than accidental. There is also the question of the Communist Party’s consolidation of Hong Kong from late 2019 through 2020. Here was a clear precursor event. As the whole world can see, Hong Kong’s politicians have outlawed all criticism of the Chinese Communist Party (on orders of the Communist Party). Meanwhile, dissidents say that thousands of protestors are missing. The corpses of some have washed ashore, others have been scraped off pavements after fatally falling from buildings or parking structures. Grieving parents have been threatened into silence. At least one parent was murdered, her body found in a dumpster. It is alleged that the CCP’s secret police deployed 400 officers to Hong Kong at the beginning of the 2019 protests. Why did the CCP decide to take back Hong Kong, on the eve of the pandemic? Did this move foreshadow the pandemic? I think it did; for it was a move that would, in normal times, have turned world opinion against China. Yet Beijing got away with it. No sanctions. No serious consequences of any kind. The pandemic so thoroughly eclipsed the takeover of Hong Kong that the world preferred not to notice.

What has emerged out of Hong Kong is a story of bloody conquest — bloodier than the violence of June 1989, at Tiananmen Square. It is violence that was spearheaded by agent provocateurs, by controlled opposition leaders and secret death squads. Here is a campaign of kidnapping, murder and intimidation — a campaign that was meticulously planned. Given the subsequent pandemic, the timing of the Hong Kong takeover must have been part of a larger plan. Today, all eyes are focussed on Taiwan. China is threatening a blockade or invasion of the island. Yet, according to defector testimony, China’s real target is America. According to the secret speech of Chi Haotian Taiwan is a diversionary ploy. America is Target No. 1. Defeat America and Taiwan surrenders automatically. Here is the larger strategic context; that is, the enemy’s plan. That plan involves Russia and China moving together against the United States. This plan was explained long ago by the KGB and GRU defectors A. Golitsyn and S. Lunev. To view the Hong Kong takeover as an isolated event, therefore, is an error. To view the pandemic as an isolated event is an error. To view Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an isolated event is an error. What the defectors called a “plan,” is still on the table. It is still playing out. That ought to be clear (though almost nobody knows how important the defector testimony turns out to be when it comes to analyzing contemporary events).

Then there is the curious case of the World Health Organization’s modulated criticisms of China after the pandemic outbreak. This was calculated, I think, to establish the organization’s credentials as a legitimate international authority. Officials of the World Health Organization are not normally critical of Communist China. After all, China pays most of the organization’s bills. And the ideological orientation of the officials will prove to be communist. So why would they risk the wrath of their patron in China, to criticize lab safety at the Wuhan L4 virology lab as they did in 2020? The game is to preserve the credibility of certain agents of influence, to keep the ball moving forward on the biological war front.

If we think strategically, the COVID-19 pandemic was too strategically important to have been an accidental lab leak. It was very strange to find local health officials, at ground zero in Wuhan, reprimanding Dr. Li Wenliang for texting about the SARS-like illness when it first appeared. Why was he under attack from the CCP? In reality, it was as if Beijing had ordered Wuhan health authorities to allow the virus to spread. Why, indeed, would they do this? In terms of disinformation, whole books have been written to paper this over.

If there was any doubt about the danger of an outbreak, the Wuhan virology lab had already run the RNA sequencing of the virus on or before January 7, 2020. They knew it was a SARS-like illness. They probably knew it was theirs. Was a warning issued? No. Everyone was ordered to keep quiet. Where do orders in China come from? The top of the Communist Party. Why would they give such an order? It only makes sense if they wanted it to spread.

Toward the end of 2019 China and Russia were planning for what KGB Major Golitsyn called “one clenched fist.” This is where China and Russia act together, as open allies. It began with the takeover of Hong Kong. Strategically, Russia and China would begin to make military threats, to use their economic weapons (fertilizer, food and energy). Later, in 2021, Vladimir Putin would demand that NATO pull out of the Baltic States and Poland.

Here is the Reuters story from 17 December 2021: “Russia demands NATO roll back from East Europe and stay out of Ukraine,” by Gabrielle Tetrault-Farber and Tom Balmforth. “Russia said on Friday it wanted a legally binding guarantee that NATO would give up any military activity in Eastern Europe and Ukraine.” The article also stated, “Moscow for the first time laid out in detail its demands … [for] defusing the crisis over Ukraine…. Russia has denied planning an invasion.”

We know that the Russians were lying about planning to invade. At this juncture, they were looking for the West to renounce any defensive measures regarding the five countries in question. What Moscow wanted, before the invasion took place, was a commitment from the United States and NATO. That commitment would be, on the West’s part, to do nothing, to let Ukraine, the Baltic States and Poland fall under Russian control. Here Russia was not acting the part of a country under threat. Russia was preparing the way for an invasion that would ultimately include five countries. Russia was doing in Eastern Europe what China had done in Hong Kong.

The Russians also wanted the U.S. to remove all its nuclear weapons from Europe. If any of these December 2021 Russian demands had been met, NATO would have collapsed. NATO membership would have been meaningless. In essence, Moscow was actually making a play for the breakup of the Western alliance. And why would such an attempt occur two years into the COVID pandemic? First, because the West was economically exhausted by the lockdowns. Second, Russia had prepared a campaign of energy blackmail. Resistance was futile, according to the Kremlin’s logic. And before Putin invaded Ukraine he went to Beijing and met with President Xi. The “one clenched fist” was a fact. Golitsyn’s nightmare prediction from 1984 had come true. The West had fallen for the controlled liberalization strategy of Russia. Consequently, America had not tested or built a nuclear weapons since 1992. Russia and China, however, were making nuclear weapons and ICBMs like sausages. The upper hand was theirs.

All the Russian stooges in Western Europe were jolted awake to the consequences of their past activities. Even if many were being gently blackmailed, there was no incentive to commit political suicide by accomodating Moscow in everything. Fair is fair. A blackmailed politician might even resent being blackmailed or bullied over the long haul. “We are your guys,” they might say, “but we cannot do everything for you. Overrun Ukraine if you must. Make it a fait accompli as the Chinese did in Hong Kong. We will rant and rave, but do nothing in the end. Look at our performance after your annexation of Crimea. We did nothing to you! Go to it, then. Take Ukraine. But do not expect us to openly assist you.”

Please remember that this all goes back to late 2019. It goes back to the CCP’s takeover of Hong Kong. It goes back to the pandemic, which has weakened the West, setting the stage for further economic blows. As the invasion of Ukraine was part of a push to collapse NATO and kick the U.S. out of Europe, China’s moves are meant to force Japan and Australia to cut their ties with America, forcing America out of the Far East.

The pandemic must be seen in this context. The most disturbing fact suggesting an intentional release of the coronavirus by Beijing, was the massive Wuhan potluck, involving 40,000 families, which was held after government meetings on 17 January 2020 in which obedience to Party orders was underscored. At the insistence of Beijing — against the advice of local party officials and the mayor of Wuhan — the city went forward with the potluck, which took place in Wuhan weeks after the danger of a wider outbreak was known. The Chinese New Year’s potluck in Wuhan was credited with infecting 10,000 people. Some of those people returned to jobs abroad — in Europe, Australia, and North America. It was an essential vector of the global pandemic to come. It was, arguably, a biological attack.

Was COVID-19 unleashed for the purpose of destroying global capitalism? Is the party-state system of China better able to function — by killing millions of its own elderly people — while the West collapses in a futile but hopeless humanitarian effort to save its elderly? Has China now reduced the burden of its oversized elderly population? Does the savvy economist doubt, at this moment, that despite China’s troubles the West is facing the gravest economic crisis in its history? Eight billion people depend on the global market — on capitalism — to eat and live. Destroy that division of labor with a fear that paralyzes it, and what will be left? What would another pandemic outbreak bring? How far are we from the edge?

China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc., represent a new communist bloc. Evidence suggests they have been strategically preparing and coordinating for a single purpose: to take down the United States and destroy global capitalism. Like Lenin and Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao, they do not care how many people die. They do not care if the global economy collapses. They have been preparing many decades for this moment. They have been stockpiling food, weapons and gold. They have executed a series of strategic deception operations, and sabotage operations. They have been infiltrating and subverting the institutions of the West. They have engaged in drug trafficking. They have used organized crime and terrorism. Details related to their vast preparations may be found in the defector literature, in the writings of Jan Sejna, Anatoliy Golitsyn, Viktor Suvorov, Ion Pacepa, Stanislav Lunev, and Alexander Litvinenko (among others). The countries of the former communist bloc, also known as “the socialist camp,” developed a long-range strategy which has been meticulously followed.

I recently discussed my concerns about communist bloc strategy and the COVID vaccines with Nevin Gussack. The video was censored by YouTube, and so I am uploading it here, for those who would like to hear something so dangerous and subversive that Nevin’s channel was suspended for a week.

The Populist Podcast Interview that was censored by YouTube.

is History Repeating ItselF?

Here is a “big picture” postcript: Secular socialism appears, more and more, as a religion. In this religion man’s salvation is to be political. The state, geared toward objectives of “socialization,” is to deliver humanity from poverty, backwardness and war. Always, the religion of socialism seeks the elimination of the old religion and its gradual replacement with wokism. The erosion of the old religion, together with the rise of the ruthless new faith, not only entails the eventual persecution and denigration of the old faith, but its gradual replacement in full.

The New Religion appears in the large cities first. It is spread by intellectual elements in the urban population. This was true of Christianity under the Roman Empire. The phenomenon of red states and blue states in the U.S. is actually a reflection of blue urban centers going over to the New Religion, with red rural and small-town areas (the Bible Belt) holding to the old religion. According to Max Weber, Christianity first spread in the cities of the Roman Empire. The word “pagan,” in fact, signifies “an ignorant country dweller,” a “rural bumpkin.” Today, the word “redneck” has the same connotation; only now the Christian is considered the bumpkin. Christianity no longer dominates in the ruling centers, and is no longer the ideology of the ruling (urban) elite. Socialism is taught in the universities and schools. It is the hobby-horse of the mainstream media. It is no more fashionable to be a redneck in today’s America than it was to be a pagan under Theodosius the Great, in the late Roman Empire.

An empire founded under pagan rites and principles could not survive the gutting of its traditions. A decade after Theodosius’s reign the barbarian invasions began. Sixteen years after his reign, the city of Rome was besieged and sacked for first the first time in more than 700 years. The army, largely made up of pagans (ignorant country dwellers) was asked to fight for an empire that had destroyed their temples, murdered their priests, and smashed their gods. A similar situation now colors the United States military, whose soldiers are governed by feminists and homosexual rights activists. Senators have, for the first time, called into question the propriety of Christians serving in senior positions of government because they are out of step with the ruling ethic of the country. Such is the revolution that has been underway.

The external threat to the West, like the external threat to Rome, coincides with feelings of envious inferiority from large nations dwelling outside the frontiers of the civilization. Envy is a dangerous form of hatred, which also coincides with covetousness and great power ambition. The prosperity of the West under the Pax Americana resembles the prosperity of the Roman Empire under the Pax Romana. A leading barbarian prince of the late Roman period famously admitted there was something inside him that wanted to see Rome burn. The same sentiments may be found in the statements of Mao Zedong, Nikita Khrushchev, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. The difference between the “barbarian” powers of Roman times and those of today, is that our latter-day barbarians have long been ideological socialists, politically opposed to Christianity and capitalism (despite splashy disinformation to the contrary). The barbarians of today are exemplars of the New Religion. They are connected to the West’s socialist elite in a web of relationships tracing back to the Cold War. The left that presently dominates Western institutions is the same left that supported Stalin in the 1930s and 40s, wanted to “ban the bomb” in the 1950s, supported Ho Chi Minh in the 1960s, and reviled Reagan in the 1980s.

Taking a long view of the current crisis, we can see a problem of history coming to light. Though we remain in ignorance, some kind of process, involving cause and effect, presents us with recurring pattern of revolution in which core values are overturned. This may only be understood if we examine problems related to moral and spiritual decline, together with the problem of ideology (i.e., the systemic falsification of reality by a political party, faction, or ruling elite). Also, as civilizations age, they lose touch with their founding faith. This may be, at bottom, why our civilization seems to be in free fall.


Story shows CCP knew RNA sequence of virus was known by end of first week in January. Local health officials purposely allowed virus to spread in last days of December. Reprimanded Dr. Lee for attempting to warn others:

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177 thoughts on “The Strategic Context: Plus, A Censored Video Podcast

  1. The context goes back further than you insist we consider Covid in. The patents for the mRNA and SARS2 synthetic virus goes back to 1995 or earlier. Indeed, China did dissolve autonomous Hong Kong under C19 following Trump’s tariffs on certain Chinese imports, but it wasn’t just that nobody noticed, The United States Administration, failed to condemn that action. Furthermore, China retaliated to the tariffs by boycotting US exports of soy beans, which China vitally needs. Subsequently, China began harvesting fish in US Territorial waters of the Northern Marianas Islands. The Navy tolerates this.

    Republicans have sought tort reform, caps on medical malpractice and pharmaceutical litigation awards, along with elimination of the FDA protocols of testing for safety and efficacy of drugs. Trump gave them all of that.

    The Covid Live Exercise and Great Reset, are a multinational mission which effectively has reduced the World population. Many suspicious actions that might be part of that mission, have resulted in the destruction of food processing plants and removal of farm land from production. Holland, the third largest food producer in the World, ordered farmers to kill their cattle out of concern for climate.

    Putin made no secret of wanting NATO out of Eastern Europe, citing verbal assurances from a US Government official. This was reiterated in Putin’s letter to Biden, prior to Russia’s recognition of The Donbas as independent countries. Just the other day, former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, now deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, said that the only way for Moscow to ensure a lasting peace with Ukraine was to push back the borders of hostile states as far as possible, even if that meant the frontiers of NATO member Poland.

    There is no argument that Russia and China are pushing the limits, but if those two countries were entirely out of the picture, what sort of World would there be?

    China announced a vague proposal for peace in Ukraine. There’s nothing revolutionary in that, it consists of basic obvious requirements. That proposal offers no solution of justice, though. There is no known solution for the damage that’s already been done that will cause far greater damage in the future, even if all Covid restrictions were to end, and if Russia and Ukraine were to cease all hostilities.

    Someone it seems, is benefiting from billions of US Dollars being issued ostensibly for Ukraine, but without a honest audit, it doesn’t seem that the funds actually result in any current spending for in theatre. Nick Guarino says that “They” aren’t going to destroy the capitalist system. Seems to me that somebody has other use for all that money.

    1. I do not think you fully comprehend the danger that Russia and China represent. You are ignoring something much further back: The Bolshevik Revolution and the communist subversion of the United States, right down to control of the teacher’s unions and the schools that educate our kids. Everywhere in the world, China and Russia are promoting communism into power. They are still following the old agenda. Why? You seem more interested in the sins of capitalism. You postulate some invisible capitalist cabal reaping profits from Ukraine. Come now. The losses there are tremendous, in lives and treasure. We have to defend the West to survive, and we have to defeat the communist subversion at home. Whoever you are to post this, you do not understand how clueless we all are, and how fooled we have been.

      1. I think the club is bigger than just Russia and China. Indeed, the Chinese model for society is what the club intends for the United States and the World. You deleted posts of Ukrainian scientist, Elena Filatova. She says that Russia has destroyed major Ukrainian cities which had majority Russian supporters; that Putin is a Globalist. I get the feeling that she is unhappy about her country being in ruins. I don’t see US tax dollars going to her benefit. With sponsorship she could easily get a US visa if she were to get the mRNA lethal injection, but she hasn’t mentioned it. That’s my own observation.

        Look, Jeff, I’ve been a fan of yours since you first wrote for WND. You covered the Russia threat before it was popular, but I don’t see Russia having the resources to be running the show solo, today. At any rate, we need to deal with useful idiots where we find them, and we need to confront them on a local basis. County elections clerks for starters.

        As for Ukraine and Eastern Europe, the US was just fine and dandy with them behind the Iron Curtain. The hypocrisy of Russia calling for the removal of NATO from Eastern Europe, is the nuclear submarines off the coast of the US, but Putin did call for negotiations rather than war before it started. For years diplomacy was standard. Russia and China are not petty rouge nations that can be ignored; like it or not.

        That’s your cue to call me a commie sympathizer, but antagonizing Russia by arming and training Ukraine is like whipping a tiger with a willow branch. If you aren’t prepared to launch an all out nuclear first strike, then diplomacy and compromise are the only rational, practical, course of action, unless you can come up with better third alternative.

        Let’s hear it.

      2. Why would I call you a commie sympathizer, anonymous “THE”? What a creepy name, by the way. So suggestive. And I never said Russia has the resources to take on the West solo. You imply I said that, but I never did. But Russia has the nukes to devastate the West. That’s the reality. And you say I deleted Elena Filatova? She posted on this site? How do you know that? Or are you the same troll that keeps posting all kinds of things here under various names? — where I just delete all the posts because you won’t debate honestly? Misrepresent my position and I automatically delete you. I have so little bandwidth I am not giving it away to people who want to cancel me. You are strategically mistaken in your ideas about Russia and China. We antagonize them by breathing. They are coming after us whether we train and equip Ukrainians or not. So let’s train and equip them before you lose our only remaining advantage. Of course, you don’t get that. So it’s time to blame America, then. Right? It’s our fault again. Or are you just living in denial that Moscow and Beijing are enemies no matter what we give them?

      3. G1nt01c: You need to read more carefully in the defector literature and history of communism to understand more. The communist bloc is real. It is not a make-believe thing. The regimes in China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, Congo, etc., are run by flesh and blood communists. They are not fakes or puppets of cabalists or Satanists or banksters, etc. No serious student of history believes such narratives. Oil rich Venezuela, for example, is run by Marxist Leninists supported by Cuba and Russia and China. The same goes for communist countries around the globe. For some reason you think the facts about communism taking over countries (like Brazil) are some kind of invention by people who want to fool you into a false narrative. But tell me, what powerful person says what I am saying? My writings are blotted out by so many false narratives and challenges by people like yourself, that it is very difficult to be heard at all. How can facts be “old” or “worn out” simply because you have some fantasy about an evil elite group manipulating history? Sorry to say, we don’t get to make up the facts of reality because we find these facts “worn out.” Facts are facts. Truth is truth. We are compelled to respect the truth. The missiles in China, with their nuclear warheads, pointed at us, are communist weapons. It is not a disservice to point out communism’s advance in Washington DC, Latin America, Africa, or Europe. Communism wears many masks. It always uses deception. The communists do not admit who they are to everyone. Hugo Chavez pretended to be a populist. I interviewed his pilot and chief of air staff. He knew Chavez well. He told me, “Chavez is a communist who wants to destroy the United States.” I spoke with the former vice president of Peru last year, who told me President Castillo is a communist. In Brazil my friends are suffering because Lula’s victory signifies a communist takeover in Brazil. Is this not perfectly clear? Or do you deny what has happened down there? You must talk to people in the region to see that communism is real, that Russia and China are promoting it. The media will not talk about it. CNN and Fox News will not explain this to you. So there is no Kayfabe here. There are a handful of marginalized anticommunists trying to warn a public that will not listen, as country after country falls. I am doing you a service by writing about it and explaining it. The Cold War never stopped. We were fooled into thinking it stopped, and you drank that Koolaid and have decided to reprimand me. But I am sorry, you have missed a mountain of fact, of testimony. This testimony is not part of a Kayfabe dialectic as you suppose. This very use of the word dialectic partly derives from Karl Marx, only it has been tweaked by conspiracy theorists who have alleged communism itself was always a false front controlled by “dark forces” that cannot be shown to exist. The communists just live conspiracy theory. They know all about it and use it to draw attention away from themselves. Conspiracy claims are not supported by the kind of testimony we have from Russia and China, etc., about communism. The communists have infiltrated our side, so many conflicts appear controlled. But no. It is the work of infiltrators. In reality, communist active measures, perceptions management and disinformation have hobbled us. Your kind of thinking is strategically off the mark. The New Religion of socialism, which is everywhere in control of institutions, is an achievement of communist grass roots activism over the last 105 years. Communism is real. It may employ many labels and claims. But when you look closely, the red star is there.

      4. Jeff, Yuri Bezmenov, a high level flesh and blood communist defector stressed that, in order to defeat communism and deal with Soviet subversion of the US, the US must cut off all Soviet Aid instead of giving assistance. This is the dimension you seem coy to talk about. Bezmenov did indeed hold up Anthony Sutton’s book – ‘National Suicide’ as a specific example.

        Replies resorting to victim-hood and hand-waving is a sign of weakness in my opinion.

      5. Too coy to talk about? I’ve publicly said we should cut off all diplomatic relations with communist countries. No embassies or consulates. No trade treaties. They are enemies. What are you accusing me of by saying I am too coy? There is nothing coy about my writings.

      6. Well and good then Jeff, if you’ve called out the suicidal trade policies of the past. Don’t forget though that technology transfers which Sutton stressed are even more precious than trade.

        In my opinion, at least in your recent writings, you seem to gloss over the existence of an over-arching financial-political structure/elite which you are inclined to blackwash with, for example, satanists, pagans, bankers, anti-semites etc.

        This financial edifice is perhaps much less hidden than before, and does not adhere to the Kayfabe.

        For example, the BIS in Basel (Bank for International Settlements) are testing a CBDC hub for cross border banking transactions (including Russia).

        USA Fed, Europe, Ukraine and Russia are all onboard with the Blackrock ‘going direct’ initiative.

        This global-macro-technological nexus cannot be properly understood, or written about solely with in a communist vs. capitalist dialectic.

        We may not be economists, but we can seek to understand those that speak to us laypersons like Catherine Austin-Fitts of and John Titus’ Hope this helps.

      7. Look, I am sick of people making a conspiracy out of the ordinary inclinations of businessmen. Greed is not good. But it’s not a “conspiracy” in the sense that is so widely promoted.

      8. In that case, I’ll just finish here by saying that, for those interested, the private bank which oversees the global financial system, and is acknowledged as having laundered Nazi gold stolen from Jews, the BIS, openly publishes its maneuvers, apparently without much fear of being called out for peddling conspiracies or for being antisemites.

      9. The Nazi regime was defeated almost 77 years ago. You just now dropped a potentially slanderous innuendo about the Bank of International Settlements still being run by anti-Semites (Nazis). Aside from the fact that it’s off topic for this blog, why would you do this? Finance and banking is a very complex subject, and BIS is not strictly a German-owned bank. It is a rather curious attempt to turn a discussion about communism into a discussion about capitalism. Evil capitalism is the subheading here. So bad. Maybe communism is the answer. Right? But in national life there is no utopia, only the choice between imperfect things. Communism has murdered and impoverished and enslaved hundreds of millions of human beings. Let’s not be so quick to condemn something that has been maligned by revolutionary killers for over a century. Economics is a subject far too complicated to be reduced to a massive conspiracy theory about bankers working tirelessly to pauperize us, or to commit mass murder. Look at who has been infiltrating us and changing our way of life. The communists seek to make a social revolution — not just a political revolution. They entered our institutions to do it, and they have penetrated our banks. Let’s emphasize, rather, that the core belief system at work here is not the evil banksters. It’s the idealists on the left who want a socialist utopia. It’s the Russian intelligence services and Chinese communists who feed it in order to bring us to our knees. Can’t you see it? Look. It’s happening all around you.

    2. “Guys, Russia said it was just about NATO, and China said they just want peace. I mean, could mass murderers really be lying? Let me do my “just asking questions” routine where I take genocidal regimes at their word!”

    3. Jeff, can you expound on YouTube censoring your interview? If so, this could be a huge tell of Communist influence at the company.

      I have always thought that they would do best to ignore you, since engaging you would reveal the existence of something that allegedly did not exist. In other words, actually attacking you would prove you correct.

      So what was the reason they gave? I assume it was a pretext as usual, but I am curious as to which pretext.

      I am also curious, if you are able to answer, if you have had any curious circumstances or contacts that made you aware that the Comms were aware of your writing and were trying to suppress it, even like someone contacting you. I remember you saying someone ended Art Bell’s career. If you cannot answer, I understand.

      1. The fact that trolls like THE, and Petunia Meadowbrook, etc are constantly trying to sow confusion on every essay Jeff puts out seems like proof that the Communists are aware of his writings. And it seems they have really been in high gear on his last three, being the first out of the gate to comment in order to deflect from or cause doubt about the information being revealed, in these last two, if not all three. Commit has been very vocal in the last few as well.

      2. Nevin had the details about the censorship as it was his channel. Maybe he is reading this and will respond to your question. But my statements about the vaccine were sufficient I think. As for the Russians, a friend of Putin — in 2013 — invited me to Moscow and St. Petersburg to give a lecture. He said I would eat at the best places, and have the time of my life. There were other approaches, later.

      3. Communists never want responsibility. They learned one thing about Kings and Tsars, and it is that once they fail, or something fails, it is customary for the people to blame all the ills on them. This is an old tribal rule that anthropologists have long studied. The King is worshipped as a good omen but once he becomes a curse, he is out. Thus the communists rule mostly by indirect means of spreading insanity, various intimidating pressures, usage of guilt (responsibility as a Christian now doing potentially bad things) and most of all through a combination of cold unaccountable bureaucracy and political incitation. Putin is a lawyer, not a commander, and as all Leninian bad lawyers are, they incite their clients at their own expense instead of calming them down.

        So, when youtube bans JRNyquist, it is due to pressures and incitations and general corruption of mind. Once an “honest” businessman feels threatened by the very integrity that got his business flourishing, feeling guilty, he will start self hating like a Christian who is not so secure anymore in his or her Christianity. Many a preacher has turned quite liberal if not communist when caught having affairs. This businessman, he or she will seek a way to get out of responsibility and be tempted to do communist incitation lawyerish things or to join and be incited. Let us face it, big corporations are run by lawyers, and very bad ones, that incite those corporations in very bad directions.

        And something very perverse happens to communist activists when they see others not biting the bait of communist incitation. In a way they start getting very worried inside thst they may be caught in a bad ponzy scheme of corrupt nonsense and so they need to see people turn to the same type of incitation. The second thing is that they resort to cynical underhanded attacks, discussing for not discussing but trolling, enjoying seeing the other suffer a sort of torment as commander of truth while the inciter is a smart arse who need not have such fear.

        Putin’s speeches are entirely tailored that way, he incites everyone, expresses wishes to take care of soldiers and end a draft to Ukraine, and yet the bureaucracy is still there doing the opposite. Putin is never responsible: he incites a mobilization but says he does not want one, and then the bureaucracy follows behind. He also invades Ukraine, keeps on a pension payroll Russians in Moldova refusing respect of Moldovans and yet says Europe is guilty of sending arms to Ukraine when in Bismarckian fashion Europe ought to seriously put a block on Putin’s ambition and station troops in Moldova and Ukraine at this point.

        One last thing, when Putin pretends to be conservative and not like gays, what he really is saying is that the West has chosen to control its people by making them fat, asleep and happy, while Russia really has the juice of the type of people who can be incited to be restless, loot, pillage and rape. This is the “conservatism” of Putin: having a restless and politically “more athletic” orc at his disposal, and he makes some on the right sadly insecure about being on the right snd implicitly wishing to be able to get away like he does. In effect Putin is recreating Nazis in the West, Nazis who admire him today, while the communist really craves some form of direct Nazi like command instead of always having to go round about the bush in indirect incitation and pressure.

    1. China tried a little capitalist experiment in Shanghai with the Hong Kong dollars diverted from Taiwan and the other Asian Tigers after the HK handover, but under Covid, they seem to have scrapped that idea. Since China has no domestic market to speak of, and as the US is buying far less from China, how will Colombia prove to save the economy of China? Do you suppose if the US or any other country were to seek business with Colombia that Colombia would give China an exclusive? Well, perhaps with a Colombian president like Lula of Brazil, but that won’t make China any money. All it would do is keep Colombia down. I know, Communists never learn.

      1. “The”

        Do you think everything is about money?

        Politics is about obedience, and as we
        have seen in the U.S., you don’t need
        money to gain obedience.

  2. I’m curious,
    this “club” wouldn’t
    one think they have sufficient
    desire to live, that they would keep
    the USA missiles up to date and usable,
    because you know, you get further with a
    smile, a handshake, and a credible means
    of retaliation, than you do with just a smile
    and a handshake.

      1. This isn’t a pissing contest, Jeff. There are many angles worth considering. They don[t excuse China and Russia, rather they might shed light on avenues for constructive dialogue. China’s recent peace plan, for instance. It’s so banal, but leads to motives of all parties in negotiations, if pursued. There may be nothing new to discuss, but if the effort isn’t made, then Russia will simply plow ahead.

        As you may have mentioned once or twice, that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a hoax, then what is the interest of the US in Eastern Europe now, that it wasn’t during the acknowledged, Cold War? Do US corporations have business interests that compete with Russia’s? What business is Russia in, other than oil, caviar, minks, and smuggling?

        I don’t suppose that the US would be dinking around in Ukraine unless the US has super advanced weapons up it’s sleeve.

    1. “They” believe that money buys security from nuclear powers, foolish though that is, but China seeks money from Colombian natural resources, such as cocaine. The US still buys that.

      1. I repeat,
        A smile, a handshake, bribes of a
        lot of money, and a credible well maintained
        nuclear means of retaliation, will take you
        a lot further than a smile, a handshake,
        and bribes of a lot of money.

        Now I’ve gone and forgot what the point was,
        I assume that is the actual meaning of your “analysis”.

      2. Your “analysis” is incoherent, except for the one general message you have that “there really is someone running the show in America, and they’ve got a plan, and they’re still in charge! They would never be caught off guard by foreign enemies, no sirree!”

    2. “Please, Westerners, the REAL enemy is your own country! Stop looking at us! Stop raising awareness about us!”

  3. Jeff, I’m only 30 minutes into this interview (and it has been outstanding), but I already have a question— do you believe Eisenhower was being controlled or influenced by communists while in office? The enormity of the strategic blunders he made while president (failure to set up national civil defense, failure to educate the country on communism), paired with the warning at the end of his presidency about the military industrial complex, have really got me wondering.

    1. I don’t know the answer to the Eisenhower question, except that his history is a strange one. I’ve been studying him on and off. Maybe I will be in a position to offer some answers one day.

    2. After reading Pacepa and currently reading Golitsyn, the Russian disinformation strategies, like the Chinese unrestricted warfare concepts, are incredibly difficult to combat, especially considering the advanced stage of demoralization that has occurred throughout the west.

      It was determined that Hitler’s Germany be made to surrender unconditionally but FDR and Ike would not listen to General Patton regarding the USSR threat, and Truman fired MacArthur who wanted to nuke Mao into oblivion.

      Two errors that haunt us today.

      Total destruction of Hitlerian fascism but God-less communism got a free hand to flourish.

      1. This is almost certainly because there were Communist agents inside the American government.

        The story of this past 100 years of Communist ascendance has been one of treason. Treason when we did not finish the job in WWII, treason when our politicians opened us up to China, treason as our nukes and our missiles have decayed.

        In some cases it was witting, in some cases unwitting, but to the end result, it doesn’t make a lick of difference. They both accomplish the same goal. The power of Communism lies in getting your enemies to commit treason against themselves, through bribery or sheer psychological trickery.

    1. “They want no single country to be able
      to wage war without resources from other countries.”

      You mean the malware in the US electrical grid is pure fiction?
      You mean before R or C or any other launch a first strike they
      have to get some resource from somewhere?

      Please enlighten us further.

  4. Ok, I’ve read your work off and on for years; and even remember you on the Jeff Rense program many years ago. If all of this is true, do you have a solution for normal people? I live in South Dakota, and while he have an above average Governor, she’s not…shall we say, a “student of history.” And, she thinks she’s a smart girl. Do we emigrate? Ignore it? Our current crop of politicians do not have the brain power to understand these matters.

    1. It would be nice if we could discuss these issues more widely and get people to do some reading. That’s what I am trying to encourage people to do. The problems we have can be fixed with awareness, knowledge, learning a few things. But it has to be more than a few people.

    2. Small things localities can do would be to build underground shelters, secure non-electric sources of water, potentially even stock emergency food.

      Ultimately, the American government needs to embark on an immediate nuclear and missile modernization program with every possible funds at its’ disposal. Nuclear missiles and warheads should be produced en masse.

      And we should simultaneously be manufacturing and cranking out missile defense systems for the homeland. Missile defense systems, modernized ICBM’s, underground bunkers, and food and water supplies for millions of people – this should be the immediate goal of the American government, in addition to severing ties and cutting off every single dollar flowing to Communist or Communist-affiliated nations. These are my proposals, perhaps Jeff has more.

  5. 25 responses and 18 of them are THE and Mr. Walker. It’s so tiring. Jeff you have my sympathy.

      1. I looked into that possibility in 1985-6, I swing
        more towards the mode of direct instruction and command.
        (God Save Us)

    1. There were reports a few years ago that WHO’s director general, Dr. Tedros, was China’s choice. Thus, one can infer that giving control of the U.S. pandemic policy is equivalent to giving that control to China. Thus, China decides what is a pandemic (racism, climate change, etc.), what medicine can and cannot be used, who gets medicine and who doesn’t, what vaccines are mandated, …

  6. The business of art lies just in this, — to make that understood and felt which, in the form of an argument, might be incomprehensible and inaccessible.
    Leo Tolstoy, What Is Art?

  7. If it was American job, wouldn’t they want to frame China by starting the “pandemic” in China? They actually practiced on this scenario in the Event 201 exercise.

    Only two narratives are allowed in American media, Chinese bio-weapon or natural occurrence.

    1. That must be some good glue you’re hugging to think American media tolerate the bioweapon angle. Maybe a few Republicans on Fox, but the entire rest of the media suppressed that story as a “conspiracy theory”. They didn’t even allow that one, and called it’s closely related relative, the “lab leak theory” a conspiracy theory as well.

      It’s always easy to be a Communist because you can simply lie about obvious falsehoods, and most of the time no one will correct you.

  8. I really detest this inversion of colours, where “red states” = conservative, “blue” = socialist. It looks like another way of hiding the fact that the Red Menace is back, with a vengeance.

    Re the world beyond the West as metaphorical “barbarians”, I 100% agree with this. In Apocalyptic hieroglyphs, the “sea” is the barbarian realm, which is the whole world beyond the West and, as far as I can discern, the “abyss” as a triple metaphor for hell itself, the depraved state of modern society and finally, the most expansive and deepest regions of the barbarian “sea”, which I take to be Russia and China.

    As for the WHO being staffed with communists, I think T Loudon recently pointed out that its figurehead, Tedros, has a communist past (meaning, he still is red to the core).

    1. Agreed, though to be fair, Blue WAS used by socialists in the past, surprisingly enough. I know that Mao’s soldiers were nicknamed “blue ants” for one thing, and Blue was also a prominent color for the Jacobins, the predecessors to Socialism, with even Karl Marx taking inspiration from them.

  9. “Then there is the curious case of the World Health Organization’s modulated criticisms of China after the pandemic outbreak. This was calculated, I think, to establish the organization’s credentials as a legitimate international authority.”

    Absolutely! At the beginning they actually praised China, but now the WHO wants to control the worldwide response to ANY health emergency. And Biden is happily signing us up.

    From the WHO accord:

    “States have, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of international law, the sovereign right to determine and manage their approach to public health,” the draft declares, “provided that activities within their jurisdiction or control do not cause damage to their peoples and other countries.”

    So tell me who decides about those activities? How are they controlled? I’m guessing that as soon as we’re signed up, another “pandemic” will hit.

  10. The posts here are interesting, but what is unclear is why there is any Russo-American and Sino-American conflict at all. The American left that for many years fought for what we are seeing today, are clearly winning in America. That same group is friendly with communists, so why are they pretending to support democracy in Ukraine and preserving the NATO alliance? I mean, those things are so bourgeois, and that isn’t a favorite thing with these communists. Why don’t they just cut the BS and shake hands with Vlad and Xi and say “mission accomplished”? This crap about Blinken getting scolded by China last August was laughable, considering Blinken, like Milley, s a Chinese butt-boy.

    An explanation is needed.

    1. The communists at the top, in Russia and China, decided in secret (in 1992) to destroy America rather than convert it into a socialist republic. This was a strategic decision.

      1. Which makes sense, because if you left us to our own accord, at some point, we would have revolted. Better to be done with us as a people, than try to control us as subjects.

    2. RETIRED: Mr Nyquist wrote this about 9-12 months ago in a comment section. Many pearls in the comment section that are worthy of copying/pasting/saving away for future review/clarification. The following parable-like quote of Nyquist really helped me connect some loose ends regarding the betrayal culture/quagmire that exists between, and within, Western leaders/”Globalists” and those of the Communist Axis.

      “I do NOT approve of Klaus Schwab or any of our Western leaders. I do not think they are nicer or better than Putin. This would be to compare apples and oranges. Our Western elitists are weak. They are fools. They have believed that Moscow and Beijing are their “partners.” They are the milk-giving cows of history, gladly giving their substance for Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. The insincerity of Joe Biden’s anti-Putin stance is found in his cutting of the Keystone pipeline. This was done to empower Russia and weaken us. And even now, as war gets closer, Joe does not restore the pipeline. None of his measures against Russia can be trusted. Cancel Putin and Lavrov’s American Express cards? Really? That is nonsense. Russia has been carefully preparing to withstand sanctions for many years. Biden is a cow, Schwab is a cow. Mao Zedong said that the capitalist world is full of ambitious people who seek status and power for the sake of money. They do not seek power for what they can do with it (i.e., for taking over the world). Mao said, “Why sew up their pockets?” Become their partners and help them get rich, help them make the milk of capitalism. Then the communists will collect the cream from the top, arm themselves with our technology and ideas, and send for the butcher. A cow is a smart animal. You have to be careful when you call the butcher to come for your cows. A friend of mine once had a dairy cow he was fond of. One day he had to sell her for hamburger. He tried to be as gentle and careful as he could. But when that cow saw the meat wagon pull up she knew it was her turn. She jumped a five foot fence and ran away. He had quite a day chasing her. Now look at Schwab, Macron, Biden, Scholz. They are cows. Do they see that the meat wagon is coming for them? Maybe they do. Maybe they have been told not to worry. It is only made to look like the meat wagon, they are told, so that they can arrest Trump and other right-wingers as Putin sympathizers. But I tell you, the meat wagon is for them. It is for all of us, but it is especially for them. And if they have instincts, like my friend’s cow, they will jump that fence and run. Or they will turn and fight with whatever horns they have. That is my metaphor, and I believe we will see it playing out.”

      Mr Nyquist, if you have any fine tuning of your previous perspective above, would appreciate reading your most up-to-date thoughts on it.

      If you read thru this speech, it is very clear CCP China has no use for or problem with erradicating caucasians or 100-200 million Americans–that includes the Bidens and all other traitors within, I believe. If that is not true, please, someone correct me.
      The Secret Speech of General Chi Haotian – J.R. Nyquist Blog (

      1. There is a great book which relates the testimony of communists who attended Mao’s lectures in revolutionary strategy. It’s title is “The Subversion of the innocents.” There is a much more extensive quote there on how to use business men and ambitious politicians. Greed can be used, says Mao. Let them have the money. They will serve us. The communists have turned influence operations into a fine art. It may look like they are doing what the capitalists want, but Mao touched on some higher philosophic principles. Power comes from guns, not money.

      2. To MNTGAL and Mr. Nyquist:

        Understanding China and Russia via this blog is not at all difficult; but trying to figure out the cast of characters in Obama’s and Biden’s administration is complicated: globalists, and subsequently communists, but at war with Russia and possibly with China, while being cut from the same cloth, with a slight difference due to their belief that “we can do this utopia thing democratically…”

        Uh, huh.

        Your insertion of the comment made previously by Mr. Nyquist is helpful and appreciated. My main effort since becoming a reader here is trying to make sense of American actors in light of JRN’s revelations about our enemies abroad. And it seems that none of these people have read the same literature that we’re reading, about those enemies.

        Now I watch YouTube videos on the JFK assassination, the Cold War, and Watergate, and then I comment to the comments that buy in to the Russian disinformation. So as far as I’m concerned,

        Pacepa knew more about the assassination than does Mark Lane,

        Nixon got ousted in a coup d’etat because Kissinger’s influence in detente and China policy (I mean, our spooks back then we’re seriously good guys being patriotic anti Communists and all. If one doesn’t make the connection there, just think about McCord purposely botching the Watergate burglary…),

        and J J Angleton was a hero for trying to prevent this day from arriving.

        I’m quite serious.

        The End.

        (I don’t get the emails that tell me someone has replied to my comment.)

      3. MR NYQUIST: Thank you for the further explanation and the book recommendation. I greatly respect your restraint and fortitude all these decades to keep perservering in telling the truth, helping people see and think thru what is so obviously happening, and to cut thru all all the layers of propaganda out there. I’m still fairly new and simple to all this. I’ll never be as well read or have massive historical prowess like you and several of your commenters have– and that’s ok. Despite only having a “Cliff Notes” grasp of it all, once the “scales fall off” and one has the true paradigm lens to look thru, a mere “lay” understanding is enough on many levels to communicate the dire situation to others. With so much blatantly happening now– all the sabatoge, jab info coming out, etc- I’m finding people are listening more and willing to at least consider we are in a global communist revolution, rudimentary communism strategies, the illogical nature of the “globalist” narratives out there, and basic history of how and why America is the main target. It may seem like it is “a day late, a dollar short, at the $2 ticket window” situation for more people to just now begin to be more open to hearing truth. But, I don’t believe that is so. It’s still worth the time and energy of all of us to simply share what you have worked to uncover for decades. Your labor is making far more of a difference than you even begin to know.

        RETIRED:”but trying to figure out the cast of characters in Obama’s and Biden’s administration is complicated.”
        Yes, it is! Just in case you are not yet aware, that whole area is Trevor Loudon’s specific wheelhouse. If you haven’t already, check his website out. The “Keywiki” part is the portal where he concisely goes into all the communist ties of Western leaders. One can search names out there etc and get their communist history. Just like Mr. Nyquist goes deep into the quagmire of Communism’s history, strategies, agendas, military plans, defector literature, philosophy behind geopolitics etc etc, Loudon does that in his area, too. His book, “White House Reds” may be what you want if hard documentation is your aim. On these sites, he gives simple, short, introductory level teachings on communism which are good to share with people. (Need subscription to Epoch Times to see full video often. Also posted on other video platforms.)

        Go under “TV”

        (BTW, learned of all these resources right here, from other commentors and Mr Nyquist over the last year. Very grateful for the wealth of info this comment section holds with each posting.)

        PS: As insightful as Perseus can be, he was mistaken. You are no troll or agent. You are just honest and full of questions as you delve into new territory. Keep asking because others learn too. I’m just now beginning to keep up with the flow of info here. Took me awhile! Honestly– when I first heard Mr Nyquist in an interview quickly refer to Anatoli Golitsyn, I heard him to say, “Anna paid a toll, go get some”. Needless to say, I’ve been on a REEEALLY steep learning curve! ☺️

    3. In my opinion, Retired is another agent like Commit or Barth. His schtick is more subtle, he does the whole “I kind of agree with you Jeff, but here’s a thing I innocently don’t understand”. Even the “an explanation is NEEDED” part here. Nevertheless, I shall attempt to address his pretense.

      The Left is winning in America on the cultural and moral front. That means they have successfully eliminated and replaced the historic moral identity of Americans, at least in the mainstream channels. This does not equate to total victory by the Communists and the acceptance by the American people of a totalitarian, oppressive state.

      The strategic goal of replacing American morality was to weaken them with hedonism, to make them fall asleep, to create more opportunities for weak people who could be bribed and betray their country.

      But culturally, Americans still have a sense of freedom. It has such a long history. Furthermore, Communist ideological subversion operations did not attempt much to attack this historical sense of identity relating to freedom. Even attempting authoritarian measures utilizing a highly unusual “pandemic” pretext caused a near-revolt in the States, and that was premised on the fact that it was a highly unprecedented, once in a 100 years, viral pandemic outbreak. It was almost certainly a test run by the Communists to see which citizenry would go along and how psychologically cowed they were. The response in American and Western European governments was no doubt illuminating. Some nations were more compliant than others.

      So their decision was probably simply made to focus all of their energy in eliminating the military resistance and capability of the United States. Due to plans we’ve seen by Stanislav Lunev, sure there may be plans for the “Salvation Committee” death squads post-invasion, but it is possible they reached the conclusion that attempting to impose a top-down totalitarian dictatorship in the United States would not be possible given the cultural historical identities.

      It must be remembered that Communists are a very small minority too. Highly organized, hyper-efficient, with force multiplication embedded in their system, but still a minority. There is always a possibility that if they attempted to go full dictatorship in the US, their subjects would have an “awakening of consciousness”, enough to overwhelm their minority. And in that case, only military overpowering by a foreign nation would suffice to overcome that domestic discontent. That is my theory. I do not know why they ultimately decided to destroy the US vs converting it. It’s also incredibly difficult to change laws to that degree. You need buy-in from a massive amount of people. But perhaps Jeff can chime in as to why that strategic decision was made.

      1. You could have addressed me directly and if you want to lump me together with Commit, then you have failed to read my replies to him. Who are you anyway?

        I get the impression that asking questions here in an attempt to sort things out is waaaay beneath your pay grade. I mean you really don’t have much time or patience with people who are just now learning about defector writings. I could continue but won’t bother since I consider you to be both wrong in your read on me as an “agent”—as well as a wee bit smug in his own erudition.

  11. Nevin Gussack, as someone who follows Caleb Maupin’s work (he mentions him in every interview), should know that the so-called new left is a fraud created by capitalist ruling class to destroy the working class. Nothing unexpected that many new leftists, kids of bourgeoise, made it into establishment.

    1. You might be right and I expect more than a few true believers of Bernie Bros don’t see their communist utopia emerging in what appears to be a simple gangster cabal of globalists who love Chinese population control methods coupled with WEF impoverishment goals under the guise of socialism.

      But you won’t get me to blame capitalism even though corporatists are the players in the current hostile takeover of freedom. Fact is, you can’t have freedom without capitalism and vice versa. American leftists are at the stage of destroying America and getting us used to being totally controlled. Which makes them allies with communists in both Russia and China. It’s all the same thing:

      We don’t need no stinking utopia! (Credit to Mel Brooks, Blazing Saddles.)

      The war in Ukraine cannot possibly be about protecting democracy any more than letting China into the WTF was about making China more democratic.

      Leftists are not stupid, just mentally unstable.

    2. There is no “capitalist ruling class”. There are Marxists in America, some controlled directly by foreign nations, and some indirectly or unwittingly controlled.

      Then there is everyone else. Conservatives and Republicans are stupid and naive. It’s laughable that they could even move the ball politically, much less create some fake “controlled opposition”. This is just more typical, rote Communist rhetorical strategy, accusing your enemy of doing the thing you are doing. Communists create fake opposition. There is no such thing as “organized capitalists”, the only plausible opposition is “right-wing” or “Republican”, and they wouldn’t know the first thing about creating fake opposition groups. Thank you for your lies, Commit, I hope sacrificing your honor and dignity is worth it.

      1. I think his honor and dignity was sacrificed long ago, and he has none left. He doesn’t even know what those virtues are anymore.

      1. No, it isn’t. It is a networking and coordinating platform of cosmopolitan bourgeoise. The invited politicians are not necessary on board. Of course the organizers try to influence them, but in the case of sovereign countries outside the imperialist bloc, mostly fail. WEF is full pro Ukraine for example.

      2. COMMIT wants to believe in unicorns—that communism done right has no selfish capitalist criminals, no Khrushchev, Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung murderers—Bob Geldof and Marianne Williamson leading the world in peace and love, possibly sponsored by Coca Cola.

      3. RETIRED: why does the class composition of WEF meet ups align almost exactly with the class composition of “victims” of those you call murderers.

      4. In all seriousness, if you can answer this question, even delicately, why do many western communists seem to be of a specific ethnic group? Even Steven krasner, professor emeritus of political science at Stanford, told this to me personally in 1986!

      5. Of course, you are referring to the Jews in writing this. The long-time head of the communist party in America, during much of my lifetime, was Gus Hall. He was Finnish-American. TThe most famous American communist was John Reed. Not Jewish. Alger Hiss, the famous communist spy, not Jewish. Harry Dexter White, the other famous communist who infiltrated government, was of Jewish Lithuanian background. Notice that these people or their parents came from the Russian Empire. They had opposed Tsarism and embraced socialism, which was the fashionable among those who hated the Tsar. I do not have statistics on ethnic percentages within the CPUSA, but the Party initially had a lot of Finns in it, partly because the Reds lost the Civil War in Finland, and many fled to America and joined the Party. and people from the former Russian Empire. Since a lot of Jews also fled that Empire, before the Revolution, becuase of persecution, you will also notice a number from that ethnic community joining the Party as well. But communism is not a Jewish movement. That is a mistaken notion. At the time of the Bolshevik Revolution, the most influential Jewish leader was the banker, Jacob Schiff. He was not a communist and he did not support communism. Henry Ford promoted the lie that Schiff had done so, and was sued over it, and was forced to admit he was wrong. Instead of financing the Bolshevik Revolution, Schiff urged the influential Jews at the time to support Admiral Kolchak and the White Army. And so they did. In sorting this out, it helps to use a good research library.

    1. Everything emanating from the WEF screams Chinese social credit dystopia on steroids. It’s even more neo-Marxist than Xi himself. How denialist do you have to be to say it’s not communist? Or maybe you define communism some other way, perhaps seeing as it has been sold to the activist-ideologue cadre, the ones who end up being first in line for a bullet once their useful idiocy has served its purpose?

      1. See? Total denialism.

        Then again, to be a communist one has to be in constant denial about the nature of man and reality itself.

        And part of that is denial about how the communist elites have always lived, i.e., like Tsars, while selling anti-capitalist drivel to the proles.

        Xi’s hellscape in China is the model the WEF is enthusiastically seeking to impose on the West. You won’t be able to so much as go for a quiet walk with your dog without permission and the right social credit score. In fact, you probably won’t even be allowed to own a dog because of its “carbon footprint”. Oh, the equality communism brings! Everyone equally impoverished, miserable and enslaved… except for the trillionaire and billionaire communist elites of course, and their mistresses and children.

    2. Commit earlier said the media only allows two narratives, one being the “Chinese bioweapon” one.

      In the article he just posted above, one of the first statements is a critique of the media for suppressing the “lab leak” narrative, made by none other than Edward Snowden.

      So in other words, apparently we are drowning in propaganda from our American media about Covid being a Chinese bioweapon, and also the same media is suppressing a narrative about Covid escaping from a Chinese lab.

      The truth according to Communists, otherwise known as… lies.

      Covid was a bioweapon. The Chinese woman scientist defector testified to it. The vax was almost 99% a bioweapon. The major media corporations in America are controlled in various ways, financially, politically, etc.. and thus they resist against the truth as much as possible, only allowing some slight pressure releases every now and then, such as when FBI Director Chris Wray is now authorized to say it was likely a lab leak.

      That same claim was called a “conspiracy theory” by our Controllers a short while ago. People were harshly punished for it.

      What else are they currently calling a “conspiracy theory”? Most likely, it will be revealed as truth soon. More than likely, “conspiracy theory” is a social convention, an enforcement technique, a rhetorical mechanism, to discredit and silence accurate, devastating truths.

      1. The article I posted makes case for covid being an American bioweapon.

  12. COMMIT@3:38
    You tell me.
    I am intrigued at how fascism can become a means to communism. Nyquist points out how China and USSR threw in the towel on socialism, got wealthy by participating in capitalism, but due to their hypocrisy and irrational beliefs in Marx, et al, they can’t admit that capitalism produces wealth. But it sure made ‘em bullies, bullies that don’t really believe in the average working Joe.

    So they are all lying thieves. Why won’t you admit it?

    1. “Nyquist points out how China and USSR threw in the towel on socialism, got wealthy by participating in capitalism,”

      He also claims that it is/has been temporary.

      Let’s assume the opposite side knows their strategy and feels threatened. Their domestic power very much depends on access to world markets which they are to lose with geopolitical defeat.

      Wouldn’t it make sense for them to impose some kind of authoritarian control, under the cover of great reset or whatever, to prevent any actual revolution or coup to happen?

      1. First, I hope that I did not misrepresent what Mr Nyquist is intending to state. He points out how the communists use capitalist greed against themselves.

        I could agree with your theory about Davos Man: he isn’t himself a communist anymore than woke corporations are subscribing to state ownership of their enterprises. Globalism is an animal that the Rockefellers, Bushes, and other capitalists have created.

        Who benefits? Not the little guy or the populist, or the nationalist.

        The oligarchs benefit. Elites benefit. Russia and China benefit because the chaos being created by WEF and UN plans have created chaos and destroy countries, making it possible for Xi and Putin to crush them.

        I never have believed that either Putin or Xi plan to be subservient to the bald Dr. No of the WEF. I don’t disparage capitalism because some fat cats got organized by the WEF and never got slapped down in anti trust lawsuits and other checks that level the playing field, which is better than thugs in communist military drab, or better than WEF fascists.

  13. As I understand him, Nevin says you need to be undogmatic in the defence of freedom. If you are not dogmatic, you treat it as a question of expediency.

    I think F.A. Hayek is correct when he says (my translation), as the growth of government in the last decades shows:

    “If the decision between Freedom and Force ist treated as a question of expediency, which has to be answered in every particular case, Freedom will almost always lose”.

    (“Wenn die Entscheidung zwischen Freiheit und Zwang als eine Zweckmäßigkeitsfrage behandelt wird, die in jedem Einzelfall besonders zu entscheiden ist, wird die Freiheit fast immer den kürzeren ziehen.”)

  14. Jeff, what are your thoughts on China’s proposed peace plan for Ukraine, that fell rather flat with all involved parties? What was the purpose of it? An editorial in The Epoch Times suggested that China needs Russia‘a help elsewhere. Do you think that’s a possibility?

    1. China’s peace proposal for Ukraine is the obvious basic requirements that everyone has already ruled out, except for Russia. There is no item on China’s list, that addresses contentions which led to the conflict.

    2. China is just posturing. China must avoid the appearance of helping Russia to avoid sanctions. But I think China is helping, quite a bit, using economic leverage against politicians in Europe.

  15. The Western countries are now sitting ducks and, for the most part, not even aware of it! Suspiciously, no public debate about the ongoing killing and maiming takes place. It’s as if the communists were already firmly in charge everywhere…

    1. Totalitarians have been imbedded for quite some time it would seem, but as Jeff has repeatedly asserted, Communism isn’t what people think it is, nowadays.

      Marxism is a stupid ideology to begin with, but what passes for Communism nowadays is far from simple Marxism. Antifa now poses as what they used to call, “far right”. New speak relabels terms as fast as those very terms become outed as totalitarian; either Fascist or Communist. Globalists, Fascists, Communists, all act the same. Censorship is the first step down the slippery slope towards totalitarianism.

      I reject their insistence that people must choose a side. None of them are a choice at all.

      1. In this comment I don’t seek to lecture anyone, rather the point is to state my position which so many here continually mischaracterize, rather than to debate. Specifically in this comment, I attempt to address the undercurrent that it’s better to support NAZIS than to negotiate with Commies.

      2. Better to support Nazis? Who ever said that? Why would it be better if the Axis had taken over Europe, Asia and Africa? Not good for the U.S. either way. The only thing one might say is that Nazism depended on one personality. Hitler dies, then what? There was no coherent Nazi ideology. It was a mishmash. What kind of regime would it have become? So, it may have been worse or better for us — and we have no way of knowing how that contest would have played out if the USSR had fallen. You are leveling a charge against me, I think.

  16. Another frustrating acquaintance of mine: An Englishman in his mid seventies. Lifelong Conservative Party voter and royalist. Trained as an engineer; married; two children (and, I guess, a number of grandchildren). A faithful subscriber to the lie of “collapsible communism” and a self-complacent, ever-feel-good man of “comfortableness” (the type of “tolerant Brit” who can get very uncomfortable, though, once you try to force him to open his eyes). Even though I’ve always liked the man, now it’s becoming ever more difficult to have any exchange at all (unless I keep quiet about the world revolution, which I can’t). The other day, I sat down and sent him a quite comprehensive survey of more-than-obvious facts proving that “Russia” is still the USSR in everything but name. Well, he didn’t seem to like that at all! No response! How stupid! How intellectually dishonest, as well! I ended my elaborations with the warning that hard facts won’t go away by simply ignoring them. But this “child” seems to think I’m the idiot. Sometimes I wonder whether he is now a de-facto leftist, in line with the Nyquist axiom: “The Right is a fiction. Everyone is on the Left.”

    1. I should add: Not only was his non-reply intellectually dishonest, but also – for an otherwise polite Englishman – very, very rude!

  17. “In all seriousness, if you can answer this question, even delicately, why do many western communists seem to be of a specific ethnic group? Even Steven krasner, professor emeritus of political science at Stanford, told this to me personally in 1986!”

    First, they are not an ethnic group but a cabal. An assimilated patriotic person who denounced the cabal shouldn’t be discriminated.

    Are they dominant in actual Leninist, not Trotskyist, parties though?

    Those people try to dominate every political movent. Even modern far right is full of them and their sympathizers.

    Communists nowadays are the only ones openly denouncing them. (The cabal, not the ethnicity).

  18. The Communists would have released the Kung Flu even without a Trump presidency.

  19. Jeff, I would like to make a suggestion, and perhaps other commenters could share whether they think the idea has merit or not.

    Is it possible for you to make this most recent article of yours an entirely separate, permanent page called something like “The Long Range Strategy” (the-long-range-strategy)? The entire first half of the article, stopping at the “Is History Repeating Itself?” section.

    This would give those of us who have been trying to educate our loved ones, acquaintances a single, static link to share which gives them a high-level overview. Many times, I find the difficulty in communicating the concept of the long-range strategy to low-information newcomers is that there are so many pieces of information. I share the Chi Haotian speech with them. Or the Stanislav Lunev article on the invasion plan. Or Golitsyn’s book. It’s a lot for them to take in. I can share articles from your blog, but many times those require an understanding of the broader context to digest.

    Having a single, “historical” format page for this information versus more of a fast-moving, current events type format would be easier for newcomers to comprehend, I think.

    This article does a great job putting all that information in a single place, building a coherent idea out of all the various data points. Having a single URL would be quite beneficial to raising global consciousness of the long-range strategy.

    This is also why I believe your article has “the trolls riled up”, as you put it. I shared it with a low-information friend and he found it quite illuminating. I think this is because of it’s very high-level format.

    If it’s possible to create a single page on your blog here with that article consolidating all of the various data points, I think it would be highly beneficial to raising mass awareness. It could potentially even be added to with any other data points you have, to create one single, mega-factual, dense case for the Long-Range Strategy. Just a suggestion, perhaps the other readers could chime in as to whether or not this would also assist them in making the case to family, friends, and acquaintances. Thank you.

    1. fwiw I sent this article, and JRN’s last article, to family, having the same thought about how well they cover big picture concepts, weaving in relevant contemporary data points and historical evidence.

      1. Sure, I meant more like a single page, also for newcomers who visit your site and maybe don’t know anything, are starting from zero. Just a suggestion.

      2. Great suggestion, Perseus. That would be very helpful! Search engines do not help one find JRN’s works and topics. Nor is there a search bar within this WordPress to find previous discussion on various topics. If it would be easier to do, even an outline format would be good–with big idea/bullet points, with 1-3 links to well documented sources for more indepth reference.

        Many people don’t even know basic statistics of communism– how many genocidal deaths it’s caused, how it has spread over the whole globe now, what it’s goals are, big ideas of its key forefathers, etc.

        Being a ground zero person a year ago, I can vouch what a total quagmire Communism is to start to understand, especially after being brainwashed with so many lying narratives. A “Cliff Notes” starter to the complex nature of this blog would have been very helpful.

  20. My first thought when hearing about the recent drone attacks in Russia, attacking as far away as Moscow, are these “false flag” attacks by the Russian government itself, similar to the “Chechen apartment building bomb attacks” some years back that were traced back to the FSB? Putin has been talking that this war is an existential threat to Russia, so wouldn’t false flag attacks fit right into his MO to scare the Russian populace into his corner?

    1. No trust, all war.

      Whereas if I put on the robe of trust
      that means if say something later proven
      to be untrue, a group of x have the legal
      authority to move my money or gold out
      of my account and then into the account
      of a person, organization, or government
      I hate, despise, loathe.

      One wonders
      why people at risk of being
      “suicide-ed” are not already using this procedure.

    2. Exactly the same thing I thought. Who would be dumb enough or even have the desire to attack Russia.

      1. Religious Zealots?
        Deranged cult leaders?
        Anyone who wants to say: I’m the person that started WW3
        Anyone who wants to see some country nuked, or grid down.
        Anyone who is obsessed with Earth avoiding having 25 billion people
        elbowing each other, and the planet.
        Someone who is shorting some stocks. (See: Movies)
        Someone who is planning “abusing” youngsters in the ensuing chaos.
        Someone who has paper or electronic records they want destroyed.
        Someone who wants revenge big-time.
        Someone who has talked themselves into firmly believing that WW3,
        will limited to a not large amount of explosions, and that a small
        Nuke War will have positive benefits going forward.
        The Native population of Titian, because you know, preventive defense.
        Someone who wants to alter the genetic make-up of the human race.
        Someone who is mentally ill, but has money for drones.

        I could go on, but why hand out answers?

  21. Just another annoying comment, I’m almost minus ten to sixth sorry
    if it annoys someone.

    “The Left is in charge of the institution of marriage.”

    Only because the males are feeble, no offer of
    marriage equals the institution of marriage no
    longer existing to that degree.

    The males have more leverage than they
    habitually think they do.

    Habit is the nursery of errors. – Victor Hugo

    1. Walker, is there a reason why you do not type words normally, but position them as if they are stanza’s or lines of a song. It is rather bizarre and probably dissuades people from absorbing the contents of whatever it is that you’re trying to communicate. Most people subconsciously discard ideas when they are presented the way you are doing, just my two cents for whatever that’s worth, I assume you want people to engage and consider your thoughts.

      1. P.
        who are brittle
        mentally are not really a concern of mine.

        I do make efforts to avoid going full-Yoda.

        Are most people in search of ideas?

  22. Kansas,

    Quo Vadis? Quo Vadis?! Quo Vadis?!!

    Kansas, the people,
    do not need to elect people
    that might or might not change laws.

    Salina? Well Salina still has teacher’s unions, that means
    they are not willing to be part of the Wave of the Future,
    therefore we don’t play games of baseball, football, basketball,
    or wrestling, not even whiffle ball with them.

    Kansas, lead us.

    P.S. yes they can keep their jobs during
    retraining, as long the pay is nothing above
    a living wage (they can live in dormitories and
    eat horse-stew and rice) and they speak no
    word other than to call roll.

  23. The China leaders say they have to get the Chinese people to go out and establish Chinese communities in other countries. There are many people fleeing from China due to their lockdown policies. Could that be part of the strategy to get them to “go out”?
    Unprecedented Number of Chinese Nationals Crossing US Border Coincides With ‘Run’ Social Media Trend in China

  24. Jeff, I’m curious, what “ideology” do you yourself subscribe to”? Politically speaking? Or even economically speaking?

    I listened to your comments during the 3rd hour of The Liberty Man yesterday and speaking to the subject of ideology you said something to the effect of “Ideologies are a shortcut….it’s not the truth”.
    “And if you uphold an ideology, in a sense, you are participating in a lie…”

    1. Since the truth cannot be abbreviated into a system, and ideologies are “systems of ideas,” all ideologies are reductionist and falsify reality. They do not represent a stance of openness toward the truth. The intellectual habits that grow out of ideological “thinking” are bad habits: (1) knowing the answer to political questions without knowing the particulars, but relying on knee jerk ideological stock formulas, slogans or “narratives” that distort realty; (2) to only read or interact with books or people that fly the same ideological flag; (3) If facts or testimony about reality conflict with your ideology, you scrap the facts and testimony without further investigation. Ideologists are not open to realities that conflict with their ideology.

      Here is a non-ideological thought: What I favor is a government of checks and balances that combines the simple forms of the state (monarchy, democracy and aristocracy) into a mixed government, as outlined in the Constitution. Power must be limited if you want to optimize Liberty. Then you need brave and intelligent leaders who are honest — who will stick to the truth through thick and thin. The free market is good for creating wealth; but this can turn out horribly without an aristocratic check on the money power. Aristocracy is gone, of course. It was an institution is based on family, wealth in landed estates, and tradition (service in war). Robert A. Heinlein developed a libertarian version of this in his science fiction, with citizenship only belonging to veterans. This is only one aspect of our crisis. These ideas are dangerous if you don’t have good people. What makes people good? Here we get into spiritual matters and is where I leave off — no religious wars, please.

      1. And haven’t I also heard you comment at times that it’s your own “thinking” that the US must continue to help/aid countries (like Ukraine currently) thwart Communists, ie, in this example, Russia? Or help/aid Taiwan, in regards to the other Communist threat via China?

        Wasn’t it George Washington himself that said during our own country’s early days that we shouldn’t make alliances or political connections with other countries? Independent of all and under the influence of none…

      2. If George Washington were alive today he would not commit us to strategic suicide. This is not the eighteenth century. America cannot survive isolated in a world dominated by Russia and China, where we have no Allies. World War is now a coalition game.

      3. We must maintain the alliances we have. If the structures we have built for defense since WW2 fall apart and we cannot defend our allies, our economy will collapse. That is a fact. We export our inflation. This is okay with our allies because we defend them. No defense, no U.S. economy, no U.S. survival. Russia and China will then rule the world for a very very long time.

    1. re above. Jennifer Zeng ‘CCP Ready for War’

      (apologize the mishmash post)

  25. Just a suggestion to consider….
    A Youtube video, behind you a poster,
    then a different poster later in the video,
    with page IV to page VI of
    “Origins of the Fourth World War”

  26. Mr. DeSantis

    Presidential material or a natural born used car salesman?

    Scratch tickets for Granny at your local convenience store, just in case she has
    managed to avoid becoming a compulsive gambler so far in her life, here is
    a little temptation for you, so sorry if you become a compulsive gambler
    and get put on the street, or blow your brains out with a bullet, so sorry.

    TALLAHASSEE — Lawmakers seeking to slap gambling-addiction warnings on state lottery tickets and advertising once again failed to scratch out a winner.

    On Friday, Gov. Ron DeSantis, noting potential impacts to money for education, vetoed a controversial bill (HB 629) that sought to require the following warnings to be prominently displayed on the front of all lottery tickets: “Warning: Lottery games may be addictive,” or “Play responsibly.”

    DeSantis in a letter accompanying his veto noted that Florida Lottery officials expressed concerns the new warning requirements could affect marketing and participation in multi-state games.

  27. Added for people who will not read Heinlein’s book.

    If I correctly understood Heinlein’s writing, “Veteran”
    means that the person has completed his tour of duty,
    not necessarily battlefield duty, but difficult service
    for the state. With the idea of restricting the franchise
    to persons who “have proved by long and difficult
    service” that they place the survival of the state
    ahead of themselves.

  28. I found these interviews interesting. Both are Russians. One says he thinks the real number who supports the war is 13%.

    Another one says the people are zombies, that they initially liked Putin. Says he would never fight against Ukrainians:

    Both of them say families of the dead are not being compensated. Both say you get 10 years for simply speaking out against the war.

    1. You may be right about support for the war in Russia not being as high as the Kremlin would like.

      Situation in Bakhmut is ‘much worse than officially reported,’ Ukrainian soldiers say (CNN)

      In a recent speech to the FSB, Putin admitted to “losses in our ranks”. In the same speech he told them to increase supervision and oversight of the Russian population, as well as counterintelligence activity against Western spies. (like there are really any Western spies in Russia!)
      Steve Hall, national security analyst: When Putin talks about counterintelligence, he’s not just referring to Western spies, he’s talking about dissidents inside Russia. The FSB has an entire department that is responsible for monitoring and also liquidating dissidents. It appears Putin is worried about the public’s reaction since the war is not going well.

      Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling also seems to make the point that Jeff made on the John Moore Show, that the intent of the Ukrainians in holding Bakhmut for so long was to get the Russians to expend a lot of manpower in trying to take it.

  29. It makes sense that only way Russia can win in Ukraine is by a war of attrition, if Ukraine does not get enough support from the West and invaders can outlast the defenders. For all of Russia’s talk of a big spring offensive, Jeff might be more correct that they are holding off until the Ukrainians run out of ammunition and Western aid. This puts China’s open support of Russia in context, since they can exert economic pressure on the West (and bribery and blackmail of politicians behind the scenes) to get them to slow-walk or withhold military aid. Once the Ukraine issue is settled, Russia can push on the Poland. Or Russia and China can turn their focus (and their forces) to the Pacific and cause the break-up of the US/East Asian alliance. Then they can really start to dictate terms and politically and economically demolish all the Western alliances. And then it will be America alone.

    Trump’s increasingly open support for Russia does not bode well. Being the political weathervane that he is, Trump is likely just mirroring the growing pro-Russia sentiment within the conservative base. But the problem is that once he speaks his word becomes law on the Right. No other position is seen as politically viable, and so the pro-Russia stance benefits from a mega force-multiplication factor. Instead of more people waking up to the combined Russia-China threat, we get deepening political divisions over who the enemy is. And that in addition to all the other domestic problems and divisions along every possible fault line.

    If Russia gets their way and they overtake Ukraine, then I can see Poland and the Baltic countries being next, as Russia’s impossible 2021 ultimatum to NATO indicates. The justification for this next move is already there, as for nearly 1 year Russian propaganda has been saying that Poland plans to invade Belarus and western Ukraine, because they are an imperialist Western power. When this happens, some people who support Russia now might finally start to have second thoughts about their peaceful intentions. But by then NATO’s military strength and political cohesion will be in much worse shape.

    As an aside, what is this about Trump saving America from a 10-year lockdown by promoting the Covid vaccine. Is this a widely promulgated story? The whole argument sounds like a fantastic –as in pure fantasy– way to excuse Trump’s mistake 2.5 years later, by saying that he opted for the lesser of 2 evils and saved more lives that way. How was a 10-year lockdown ever politically viable? Even in Europe people revolted against the mandates. How could the “powers that be” ever have maintained a 10-year lockdown, and what made their threats seem so credible in the fall of 2020, that Trump had no choice but to push the vaccine? And part of the reason why there was so little opposition to the lockdowns initially was because Trump supported them! Remember when he criticized the Georgia governor for reopening too early? So I don’t buy it. It seems like a desperate face-saving retcon pushed by Trump supporters, now that the 2024 campaign season has officially begun.

    1. One more point about the lockdowns vs. vaccines. A lockdown, although economically crippling, can be ended at any time. With a potential bioweapon vaccine, once a person gets the shot there is no way to control the immune system’s reaction. There is no way to control the time-release element if the vaccine is programmed to kill people within a certain period of time. And we already know the Covid vaccine is killing a high number of young healthy people, way more than the lockdowns. This fact alone makes it much more devastating, especially when talking about a country that might soon find itself at war. Now add the fact that the acceptance of the vaccine mandates may have paved the way for a global health dictatorship to push more harmful experimental vaccines on Western nations, if the first one didn’t work.

      1. This is what concerns me the most. Scaring people into giving up their God given rights out of fear of a virus. Then eliminating anyone who refuses to go along. It smells like communism. It looks like communism. I think it is communism.

    2. Trump continues to find ways to disgust, trying to appear as an all-wise, heroic champion.

      “Political weather vane.” Excellent description.

    3. Laura: I had not heard of this latest Trump narrative about him saving us from a ten year lockdown. Very odd. Sweden did no lockdowns and had fewer deaths per capita than the USA. Why didn’t they follow the Sweden model? I could never understand the thinking on this. And now we have a false either/or narrative. More confusion, I fear.

      1. I heard the 10-year lockdown balloon on hour 3 of the March 1st John Moore Show (you were the guest), he said this just after a commercial break. I couldn’t believe it — John is usually so against the Covid vaccines because of the many documented harmful effects. I can’t remember what specific evidence he cited. But the gist was that the shots are no longer Trump’s worst blunder because they saved America from even worse lockdowns.

    4. What exactly pro Russian has Trump been saying? I must have been ignoring the news too much lately. Trump never was the hero everyone wanted. Thanks.

  30. Your ideology then is that we (US) must continue to “maintain the alliances we have” by continuing to defend them?
    Defending in the sense that we continue to send aid to all these alliances in so many different ways, whether food, shelter, medical supplies, farming equipment, weapons, infrastructure, etc, etc?
    And that’s not even speaking to the “alliances” we have and still create or coerce in countries where we prop up one leader into power because the alternative or effect on the US could be detrimental (all courtesy of various ABC government security agencies).

    Honestly, I don’t see how this ideology is anything of what the founders intended when they set up a new government, a limited government, and one that represents the people. I think they understood and foresaw that this new nation would eventually become what it is today. Every country in the world wants what we have in some way. And we continue to “maintain” all of those “alliances”.

    1. My grand strategic recommendations are not an ideology. Grand strategy is about the best policies to strengthen your country and avoid defeat. The U.S. lacks certain strategic metals, and if we lost our access to Japanese industry, for example, many strategists believe our economy would collapse within two years. If America abandoned her allies, refused to support countries that are friendly, then the Chinese and Russians would eventually force the entire world into their camp. Do you really think we could survive that? We would have to convert our country into an barracks state to survive. And we would be outnumbered, cut off from raw materials. Canada and Mexico would turn against us. Our borders are very long in the north.

      1. It means that everything would have to be highly militarized. The society would have to be oriented to massive defense preparations to survive a hostile globe United under Russian and Chinese control. A guns rather than a butter economy, as we would then have to choose between a short easy life and an uncertain and difficult one.

      2. There are any number of things they can do to us if we have no allies and are isolated from all trading partners. China could strangle us. We are currently dependent on foreign production sources for key inputs in our economy. We might pursue an autarchic strategy, but Americans would have to work hard, and we are currently not ready for that. Supply chain breaks would be massive if we suddenly dropped our allies. People would want to surrender do we could “rejoin the world.” We’d have to ease into it gradually.

      3. @JRNyquist: ‘No trade’? I would assume that it means dropping the free trade policies that have been in place for the past several decades–that wouldn’t be a bad thing, especially after everything China’s gotten away with because of it.

        I’m not trying to put words in your mouth, and I’m not saying that you’re advocating for such a happening, but do you mean for the United States to cut off trade with every country everywhere in the world? In my opinion, it would probably be impossible to do that.

        ‘No trade/100% self-sufficiency’–isn’t that isolationism?

  31. “Treason when we did not finish the job in WWII”

    The only question back then was if Stalin decides to stop in Berlin.

    1. I doubt the Soviet Army would have done well against the Allies. Patton noted, after the war, that he knew how to cripple the Soviet Army logistically. It’s weakness on this area could be exploited by a mobile enemy possessing air superiority. Was Patton wrong? Probably not.

  32. With regard to the dying of no less than the whole of Christian civilisation, the significance of what happened inside the Roman Catholic Church beginning with the pontificate of “good Pope” John XXIII in 1958, is rarely looked at, let alone understood, in Protestant circles. Given the prominence – and “weight”, if you will – of the old, traditional Roman Catholic Church, these changes amounted to a veritable seismic shift, a “French Revolution”, as it were, inside the institution, launched by infiltrators and wolves in sheep’s clothings. The magic word at the time, famously, was “aggiornamento”, i.e., a necessary “updating” of the Church in the face of technological progress and massive changes in the societies of the world (this was the deceptive rhetoric by which these modernist churchmen sought to justify their work of destruction). How upside-down! The Church’s task would have been to warn against the dangers of secularisation and nihilism, rather than embracing them. And so, within a matter of a decade, at the most, the Roman Catholic Church ceased being Catholic and became somewhat a leftist sister organisation of the United Nations, with a new role for the future: “unifying” the world’s religious traditions into one revolutionary hybrid “faith”. The late American Catholic scholar Rama P. Coomaraswamy wrote a groundbreaking book about the Second Vatican Council of 1962-65, titled simply: The Destruction of the Christian Tradition. It’s a book everybody should read:

    1. Protestants came to much the same conclusion as your synopsis, only much earlier at the time of the Reformation.

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