To say that we recognize only a straight road, would be a mistake.

Vladimir Lenin [i]

Even many of the well-meaning, intelligent, and leading citizens of open countries where debate is unhindered, and opinions may be expressed freely have lacked the perspicacity to see through the finely woven veil of the Soviet spider.

Natalie Grant [ii]

Last February 15 Havana’s communist government thanked the Russian government for donating 25,000 tons of wheat to Cuba. Foreign Trade Minister Ana Teresita Gonzalez spoke of “the many actions of this type” carried out by Moscow.[iii] For example, in April 2022, the Russian government donated nearly 20,000 tons of wheat to communist Cuba.[iv] Meanwhile, communist North Korea has been hiding its ammunition shipments to Russia, in support of Putin’s war in Ukraine.[v] Even more curious, Russia is aligned with communist Vietnam,[vi] has sent troops to Venezuela in support of communist dictator Nicolás Maduro,[vii] has been invited by another communist dictator, Daniel Ortega, to send troops to Nicaragua,[viii] and has conducted joint military exercises with South Africa (where the ruling ANC has long been a front for the Communist Party of South Africa).[ix] Even more significant, however, is the emerging alliance between Russia and communist China. Shortly before Russia launched its all-out invasion of Ukraine, communist China made a joint declaration with Russia about a “new era” under a new global order. In effect, the world’s most populous communist country has aligned itself with the Russian Federation, a country that supposedly laid aside its communist system in December 1991 in favor of market reforms and democracy. Yet in the end, President Vladimir Putin of Russia and Xi Jinping of China, both say that the friendship between their two countries “has no limits.”[x]

How are we to understand Russia’s pro-communist foreign policy? Why does Moscow act, in foreign affairs, as if the Soviet Union were still in place? Some will say that Russia’s communist alignment and invasion of Ukraine is an appropriate response to NATO expansion. But if Russia really was a free-market democracy and not a crypto communist state, then why are its European neighbors so afraid of being invaded that all of them have joined or want to join NATO? Is it because the “evil empire” never really disappeared? Under communism, Moscow’s troops invaded, in living memory, every single European country adjoining her borders. And Moscow trampled down the peoples of Eastern Europe. This is why a traditionally neutral country, like Sweden, wants to join NATO. Furthermore, if the danger was coming from so-called American imperialism, wouldn’t all these countries be lining up to join Russia instead of NATO? To see the situation clearly, you have to ask and correctly answer such questions.

Russian shills, broadcasting anti-Ukrainian slogans (e.g., that Ukraine is “the most corrupt country in the world,” etc.), insist that NATO is conspiring to destroy Russia. But ask yourself. Could all these little countries – Sweden, Finland, the Baltic States – be conspiring, at the behest of “American imperialism,” to encircle and destroy the world’s leading nuclear power? The world’s largest country? Or are these small countries acting to protect themselves, out of fear? The Kremlin publicly complains that America is “encircling Russia”; but Moscow has been supporting communist regimes in Latin America (e.g., like Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela) in an encirclement effort against the United States. Here we find a cynical double standard at play, characteristic of Lenin and his followers. Russia has eleven time zones and now invades a twelfth. To enlarge this comedy further, Russian officials have hinted about taking Alaska “back.” After all, Alaska was originally Russian territory. Maybe it will be Russian again. For the only “encirclement” of Russia visible on a map is off the coast of Siberia, in the state of Alaska, which has belonged to the United States since it was purchased from the Tsar in 1867. A few years ago, the Chairman of Russia’s State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, alluded to Alaska as follows: “When they [U.S. lawmakers] attempt to appropriate our assets abroad, they should be aware that we also have something to claim back.” A deputy speaker in the Duma proposed holding a referendum among Alaskans on joining Russia. “We don’t interfere in their domestic affairs,” he added, trying not to laugh as he was applauded by Russian legislators.[xi]

And now, with Russian troops furiously assaulting Ukraine’s defenses, Russia makes veiled threats against the West. Apparently, the Ukrainian Soviet republic must be returned to the motherland. In fact, Moscow talks as if Ukrainian sovereignty has always been a fiction (invented says Putin, by Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin). This raises further questions. If Ukraine has always been part of Russia, then why did Russia pretend to recognize Ukraine’s sovereignty in 1991 and in 1994 with the Budapest Memorandum? What was the purpose of this deceptive Russian pretense? And if Ukrainian independence was a sham, was the collapse of the Soviet Union also a sham? The fact is, Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity led to genuine independence for Ukraine in 2014. Russia responded by annexing Crimea and invading Donbas and then, in 2022, invading the whole of Ukraine. Before the Revolution of Dignity, Moscow was ruling Ukraine through the corrupt Party of Regions and (you may have guessed) the Communist Party. Before 2014, Ukrainian independence was a deception. It was a fiction that the West stupidly believed. Genuine freedom for Ukraine was never Moscow’s plan. Only fake independence for Ukraine was envisioned. The same was true for Georgia, and the Baltic States, and Poland, etc. While we believed the Soviet Union had been rolled back, Moscow was holding onto its empire through clandestine communist structures in business, politics, and the media. The fact that some of these countries have won genuine independence is a problem for Moscow.

It was KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn who warned the West, in 1984, that a “controlled liberalization” was coming to Eastern Europe. Golitsyn wrote, “Western acceptance of the new ‘liberalization’ as genuine would create favorable conditions for the fulfillment of communist strategy for the United States, Western Europe, and even, perhaps, Japan.”[xii] Golitsyn explained that the Sino-Soviet split was part of this deception strategy – conceived to trick the West into building up communist China. “After successful use of the scissors strategy [i.e., the false Sino-Soviet split] … a Sino-Soviet reconciliation could be expected,” Golitsyn predicted. “It is contemplated and implied by the long-range policy and by strategic disinformation on the split.”[xiii]

Golitsyn predicted that, owing to the success of these and other deception operations, the communist bloc would acquire new countries in the Third World “at an accelerating pace.” And this is exactly what has happened in Latin America and Africa. “Before long,” noted Golitsyn, “the communist strategists might be persuaded that the balance had swung irresistibly in their favor. In that event they might well decide on a Sino-Soviet ‘reconciliation.’ The scissors strategy would give way to the strategy of ‘one clenched fist.’ At that point the shift in the political and military balance would be plain for all to see.”[xiv]

The truth is in front of us. The Cold War never ended. And now we stand, with compromised leaders, with a failed counterintelligence system, with our universities under Marxist control, and nearly everyone – right and left – embracing self-neutralizing narratives that are leading the United States to its doom. As long as our leaders remain clueless about communism we will continue to lose ground to the communists. As long as our people cling to pro-Russian narratives, or our businessmen insist on partnering with China, we will lose. We will keep on losing until enough people wake up. And right now, we are far from waking up.

Lenin Was the Man

In 1976 Eduard Shevardnadze, destined to be the Foreign Minister of the Soviet Union under Gorbachev, made a speech in which he praised Soviet Leader Leonid Brezhnev by calling him, “The most eminent politician of the modern world, by whose example we must educate ourselves to work in a Leninist way, to think in a Leninist way, and to live in a Leninist way.”[xv] And what is the Leninist way? According to Robert Bathurst, Lenin was obsessed with violence. “More often than not,” wrote Bathurst, “[Lenin’s] solution to obstacles in the path of realizing his schemes was to shoot the offender or to liquidate the opposition. Probably quite unnecessarily, he advised Stalin to have a telephone operator shot who had given him a bad connection – a solution he also advised for prostitutes who distracted soldiers at the front.”[xvi]

Lenin’s means of governing was, in fact, terroristic – by way of purges, summary trials, firing squads, and hangings. Lenin favored criminals who would employ violence without hesitation, using aliases even as they relished grand larceny. “Since these powerful men … lived a kind of masquerade,” wrote Bathurst, “it is not surprising that they saw traitors and saboteurs behind many honest faces.” It was a case of psychological projection. They were all criminals; therefore, everyone else must harbor criminal propensities as well. Given their paranoia, their hateful behavior, their butchery of millions of people, how did they avoid punishment? Lenin provided a very simple answer when he wrote: People for the most part … don’t know how to think, they only learn words by heart.[xvii] In other words, people cannot figure out what has happened to them, who to blame, or what to do about it. But Lenin knew what to do. He would befuddle nearly everyone with misdirection, obfuscating lies, and false narratives. As the leader of the first socialist empire he would confuse everyone by adopting capitalism. Having approved the murder of the Tsar, he would form a monarchist movement of his own. He would make people believe that Russia was socialist in name only. Since people “don’t know how to think,” they would not know how to interpret what was happening in Russia.

Of course, Lenin’s enemies were not the only people who, “for the most part … don’t know how to think.” According to Bathurst, Lenin’s followers also lacked the wherewithal to have thoughts of their own, keeping Lenin’s corpse on display in a mausoleum on Red Square, while standing on top of that Mausoleum, quoting Lenin’s words, following Lenin’s program because they could not think for themselves. And even now, these degenerate epigones are still following Lenin. To explain this, however, is not easy because Lenin was not a straightforward politician. He did not follow a “straight road.”

One of the leading experts on Lenin’s duplicity was Natalie Grant Wraga, who wrote under the name Natalie Grant. She was born on 24 February 1901 in Tallin Estonia, in the Russian Empire, as Natalie Konstantinova Mark. After the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution she escaped Lenin’s Russia to marry an American, to work for the U.S. State Department, and to become one of America’s leading authorities on “the Soviet style of strategic deception.”[xviii] She once told John Berlau of Insight Magazine, “Propaganda is obvious to anybody with any brains, but disinformation is not. Sometimes more than 90 percent of the content of disinformation is true. The thing that is important is … the part that is false.”[xix] According to Grant, the characteristic deceptiveness of the Kremlin after 1917 can be traced directly to Lenin. “Lenin’s duplicity was phenomenal,” wrote Grant. “The evidence often cited is a booklet he wrote in 1920 titled ‘Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder.’ Just as revealing are his notes and comments to colleagues.”[xx] Because Lenin left a paper trail, and his deceptiveness is suggestive of current Kremlin policy, Vladimir Putin has had to publicly distance himself from Lenin. At the same time, however, Putin has not betrayed his faith. Lenin remains above ground, in Moscow, on display in his mausoleum.[xxi]

In plain language: Putin’s duplicity comes directly out of Lenin’s duplicity. This is because Putin has no ideas of his own. The falseness of his Christian Orthodox faith, and the falseness of his Russian nationalism, can only have one inspiration. Lenin. In terms of Putin’s war preparations, he clearly mimics Stalin – complaining of encirclement by the “imperialist powers,” obsessed with evil “fascist” plots even as he secretly makes use of fascists as allies. In this matter, defector Simona Pipko once told me that, “Putin consciously imitates Stalin.” Yet, even as Stalin was compelled to follow Lenin’s great script, Putin is similarly obligated; for this was the mission handed to Putin by those Lev Timofeyev has called “Russia’s Secret Rulers.”[xxii]  Putin, therefore, has two aspects: first, he aspires to the long-lived success of Stalin; second, he follows (as Stalin also followed) the thinking of Lenin. Lacking the paranoid perceptivity of Stalin, and the thinking ability of Lenin, Putin’s regime also lacks Stalin’s sanguinary discipline and Lenin’s characteristic fluidity. Consequently, Putin cannot deviate from a long-range policy set down under Khrushchev, Brezhnev, and Andropov. Insofar as he lacks the ability to carry out Stalin-style purges, or show trials, Putin nonetheless gropes his way toward victory through a more muted terrorism – by way of assassinations and poisonings. Putin’s one advantage is that the long-range policy of his predecessors has largely succeeded in neutering the West intellectually. Consequently, even as he mobilizes for war, America is not rebuilding its nuclear forces, hardening its power grid, or opposing communist subversion at home.

Putin and his associates are wracking their brains to solve the Ukraine problem. They undoubtedly see their own situation as similar to Lenin’s; for Lenin fought a civil war within Russia, and Putin is also fighting a civil war within the “former” Soviet Union (which he is trying to reassemble). This is why Moscow demands that the war in Ukraine be treated like a domestic Soviet or Russian matter. In effect, Putin portrays himself as putting down an insurrection – an attack on Russia, coming from the West. The agency of the Ukrainian people, and their desire for freedom, is entirely denied. Putin therefore says he is fighting “Nazis,” that he is stamping out fascist rebels who are attempting to break off a chunk of Russia. Putin is therefore applying Leninist terror by using maximum force – bombing civilians and civilian infrastructure – to force the Ukrainian people into submission. The use of terror to force people to submit was Lenin’s main contribution to Moscow’s victory in the Russian Civil War of 1917-1923.

During the Russian Civil War, for example, Lenin was “enthusiastic” about something he referred to as “a beautiful plan.” The idea was for communist troops to cross into Latvia and Estonia (then independent countries), for the purpose of hanging priests and wealthy farmers with the idea of pinning it on anti-communist guerilla units operating in Russia. Here we see a mirror image of the Donbas War, where Russian troops committed atrocities on the local population and blamed those atrocities on “Ukrainian Nazis.” A case was even brought before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) concerning Russia’s false atrocity claims. The case was Ukraine vs. the Russian Federation, in which no evidence was found against Ukraine. However, thirty legal scholars warned that Russian accusations of Ukrainian atrocities in Donbas were part of an “accusation in a mirror” technique. Instead of Ukraine being guilty, it was the Russians who were committing atrocities and inciting genocide against the Ukrainians.[xxiii]

Lenin was eager to commit atrocities. He was also eager to blame those atrocities on his enemies. Putin is the same. His forces attack civilians and blame the resulting deaths on his enemies. This has been the script in the Donbas War since 2014. It is now playing out in Ukraine as a whole. A few days ago, for example, with regard to the massacring of more than a thousand civilians, Russian Ambassador to the UK, Andrei Kelin, said, “Bucha has been staged and there is no doubt about that. Staged by Ukrainian special forces. In Mariupol, you probably are [referring to] bombing the theatre…. But victims have not been discovered.” Kelin insisted that Bucha “was fake.” He said Russia “does not … target civilian infrastructure.” He said the Western countries are responsible for destroying Ukraine.[xxiv]

What kind of regime does Ambassador Kelin represent? Clearly, Kelin’s lies are Leninist in character; for Lenin was the original model of this particular kind of deceit.

For the sake of the communist faithful in Russia, who still control the army and secret police, Lenin continues to be important. Natalie Grant coined a term for Lenin’s cancerous influence. She likened it to a disease she called Leninoma, “the cancerous disease that leads a human being to commit a crime and place the blame elsewhere.” She added that, “Just as cancer grows and eventually envelops a body, so has Leninoma spread throughout Marxism-Leninism and its precepts.” Leninoma is present in all the communist crimes committed around the world today, in Africa and Latin America, in China and North Korea. It is also the essence of communist disinformation, deception, and the outrageous hoaxes that have been practiced on us all.[xxv]

According to Grant, Moscow’s disinformation schemes are “shrouded in secrecy.” In fact, “A labyrinth of deceit obstructs research. And the deeper one probes, the more complex the picture becomes.” All sources inside the former Soviet Union are suspect. We can only be sure of one thing; that is, the deception machinery of Lenin’s regime is still operating in Russia. And that means the heart of the communist regime was never cut out. The pattern of Russian lying is still Leninist in form and content, as described by Grant:

In the 1920s Soviet disinformation succeeded in disarming the anti-Communist forces in Europe. In the 1930s Soviet disinformation succeeded in creating ill will among the non-Communist countries. During World War II Soviet disinformation succeeded in appeasing the concern in the West regarding Communist aims for control of large segments of Europe. In the 1950s Soviet disinformation succeeded in convincing Western powers that the Communist nations were much more powerful than was actually the case. In the 1960s Soviet disinformation was successful in dulling Western awareness of the Communist danger by stressing polycentrism and exaggerating scission in Communist ranks.

And then came Kissinger’s opening to China, and détente, and Gorbachev’s perestroika, and the “collapse of the Soviet Union,” which has – in practical terms – resulted in the partial disarmament and weakening of the West while Russia and China continued to build up their strategic nuclear forces – all the while advancing in Africa and Latin America. Russia and China now enjoy a strategic nuclear advantage over the United States. Quite obviously, this advantage was not gained by accident. It is the product of a successful Leninist strategy, patiently carried out over decades. Because of this successful strategy, the world is on the brink of an unprecedented catastrophe. And along the way, for the sake of masking his methodology, Vladimir Putin denounces Lenin – whose crooked road he has been following for many years.

The West must never see that Moscow is still using Lenin’s playbook. Russia’s economic reforms of the late 1980s and beyond were modeled on Lenin’s New Economic Policy (NEP). Russia’s deceptive nationalist program since 1991 was modeled on Lenin’s Operation Trust of the 1920s (which will be explained below). Gorbachev’s perestroika, and Yeltsin’s Russia, could be described as NEP 2.0 and Operation Trust 2.0, which Putin continued. One may ask why Moscow has done all this. What do they hope to gain?

Communism’s stated objectives are a mix of the grandiose, evil, and insane. To state these objectives without using Marxist jargon must sound ridiculous. To state these objectives using Marxist jargon bores rather than alarms. In its boring aspect, it is about liberating mankind. But what could this mean? Cutting through the jargon to the practical bits, it is actually about destroying civilization and killing God. Then it is about becoming God. In essence, it is a quest for unlimited power. Whatever Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping say about making a better world, we only have to look at the bombardment of Ukraine to realize what this better world amounts to.

In his book, The Triumph of Provocation, Josef Mackiewicz explained, “Lenin personally suffered from a phobia: He hated God.” In a letter to Gorky, Lenin called God “a putrescent corpse, the stench of whose putrefaction has poisoned the atmosphere of the globe.” [p. 123] So let us ask the question again. What do the leaders in Moscow and Beijing hope to gain? The GRU defector, Col. Stanislav Lunev, liked to say that Russia’s rulers were very simple. They want to defeat the West. This has been the Kremlin’s mantra for more than 100 years. In word and deed, most human beings repeat themselves. They say the same things, over and over, and do the same things, over and over. To restate Lenin’s insight once more: “People for the most part … don’t know how to think, they only learn words by heart.”[xxvi] By repeating certain words, man tries to remake the world. You might ask why these particular words – Lenin’s words – are still so important. The bosses in the Kremlin must follow something. And as everyone can see, they are by no means Christian gentlemen. They are not libertarians. They are not democrats. They are not going to give Russia back to the Tsar. No. They have no choice but Lenin, because Lenin was a genius and they are mediocrities. Lenin knew how to think while they can only memorize someone else’s words. And given who they are, and where they came from, only Lenin’s words make sense to them. These words represent the only successful formula that worked for them in the past. It is the formula that was left to them by Lenin and Stalin and Khrushchev, et. al.

To state the thesis briefly: Because everything follows from Lenin, they cannot afford the West to see Lenin’s importance. In that event, the West would take corrective measures. In that event, all the puzzle pieces of the last thirty years would fall into place. The scales would fall from the West’s eyes. And that would not be good for Russia’s secret rulers. At all costs, the Kremlin must hide their debt to Lenin. Therefore, Vladimir Putin has gone out of his way, in public appearances, to criticize Lenin.

Here is an example: From The Guardian (UK), “Vladimir Putin accuses Lenin of placing a ‘time bomb’ under Russia,” where Putin says, “Lenin stood for the state. The Soviet Union was established on the basis of … full equality with the right to secede [from] the Soviet Union. It was [a] time bomb under our state.”[xxvii] This is blatant nonsense because, as Robert Bathurst noted,

When the Bolsheviks set up their state, they made many guarantees of freedom of the press, secrecy of the ballot, freedom of religion, the right of assembly, elections, and all the norms of advanced societies. These declarations, seldom observed, were repeatedly embodied in constitutions of the RSFSR in 1920, again in the constitution of the USSR in 1923, the Stalin constitution of 1936, and the Brezhnev constitution of 1977. [xxviii]

The right of secession of Soviet republics was always meaningless. It was an empty promise, devised by Lenin, to neuter those communists who wanted the republics to remain independent states. It was Lenin’s trick to subdue Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. The Union Treaty and the Soviet constitutions were meaningless documents. For Putin to say that Lenin “planted a bomb” under the Soviet state by falsely promising real autonomy for the republics is like saying Lenin’s promises of free speech and democracy were a bomb planted beneath the state. The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic of Lenin, which became the Soviet Union in 1923, was built on false promises. Without those false promises, nothing would have been built at all. This was Lenin’s “art of the possible.”

In that same forum where Lenin was denounced as “planting a bomb” under the Soviet state, Putin was careful to explain, “I used to like and still like the communist ideas, the socialist ideas. If we look at the ‘Code of the Builder of Communism’ that had a wide circulation in the Soviet Union, it resembles the Bible quite a lot. And that is not a joke.” (At this point, a female participant on the panel suppressed a giggle). Putin continued, “It’s sort of an extract from the Bible. But the ideas are very good, equality, fraternity, happiness….”[xxix]

Putin’s criticism of Lenin is deceptive; for Putin is complimenting Lenin, saying that Lenin was too nice. After all, Lenin gave the Soviet republics too much freedom. Natalie Grant offered the following warning about people who depict Lenn as benevolent: “The presentation of a concocted image of Lenin [or communism] … usually betrays the hand of the disinformer, because facts do not show Lenin to have been humane, understanding, and moderate in his views.” In fact, Lenin did not plant “a bomb” under the Soviet State by being too nice. Grant noted, “Lenin’s writings and actions provide evidence conflicting with this luminous image. Shoot without hesitation anyone hiding a gun, commands Lenin. ‘[It is] imperative … to carry out merciless mass terror against kulaks, priests, and white guards; doubtful cases should be locked in concentration camp outside the city….’”[xxx]

Is this the voice of a man concerned about an outlying republic’s right to secede?

Here is another example: From The New Yorker, “Putin Disses Lenin,” by Masha Lipman. Here we read how Vladimir Putin visited the Seliger National Youth Forum in the summer of 2014 and spoke disparagingly about the Bolsheviks and Lenin. By making such statements, Putin reassures Russians that they are not living under communist rule. Putin has had to do this to maintain control; for many Russians, having lived under communism, despise communism. Therefore, they must be placated with the idea that communism is not coming back – that Putin will not bring it back. Putin, therefore, pretends to be his own opposition; that is, he pretends to be a man opposed to the policies he himself is following (i.e., by supporting communist regimes around the world).

According to Natalie Grant, to alleviate the threat of a renewed uprising of Russia’s anti-Bolshevik elements, Lenin created his own monarchist movement, which has come to be known as the Trust. It was a monarchist movement under communist control (in the same sense that President Putin is a “nationalist” adhering to a communist foreign policy). Months before the Trust was started, Lenin opened the Soviet economy, permitting capitalism to exist in the Soviet Union. He also reorganized the secret police, transforming the Cheka into the GPU. Messengers were sent to Europe, and to leading monarchist émigrés in the West, saying that the Bolshevik regime had inwardly crumbled. Grant wrote,

Several émigré leaders accepted the Trust and its emissaries from Soviet Russia as legitimate members of an anti-communist opposition movement. Collaboration was established between the Trust in Moscow and the so-called Kutepov organization, a secret group of ardently patriotic emigres with General Aleksandr Kutepov at their head.

Several foreign intelligence services which, for obvious reasons, were extremely interested in the Trust as an entity that could provide information on Soviet Russia, also accepted the Trust and its agents as bona fide. Through these services, the Soviets were able to hoodwink the governments of four countries: Britain, Estonia, Finland, and Poland. The number of countries which were victimized indirectly was immeasurably greater. These latter countries were fed Soviet disinformation largely through intermediaries. Among these countries was the United States.[xxxi]

As anyone with eyes can see, a return to Lenin’s NEP strategy began under Gorbachev in the 1980s. Operation Trust was repeated in the 1990s. Putin took over the Gorbachev-Yeltsin New Economic Policy (NEP), and he became the main emissary of an updated version of Operation Trust. Rather than persuading the West with a host of minor figures (i.e., dispatched agents) it was found to be more effective if the President of Russia performed the gag himself. Putin therefore has pretended to be a traditionalist, a nationalist, an Orthodox believer, etc. But then, with an equivocal wink to the apparatchiks, he tells his listeners that Leninism is straight out of the Bible. Putin is suggesting that Lenin, the man who called God a stinking corpse, was running a kind of Sunday School. “It is not a joke,” Putin said. So, if you get the joke, keep quiet and don’t laugh.

Here’s another item, tailored for American conservatives: CNS News, “Putin: Woke Culture in U.S. is Just Like Bolsheviks, ‘Dogmatism Bordering on Absurdity,” by Michael W. Chapman. Putin is perfectly aware of the fact that Lenin’s Bolsheviks were not “woke,” and that Lenin preached against dogmatism. It was a clever stroke, therefore, for Putin to denounce wokism as Bolshevik when he said,

We look in amazement at the processes underway in the countries which have been traditionally looked at as the standard-bearers of progress. Some people in the West believe that an aggressive elimination of entire pages from their own history, ‘reverse discrimination’ against the majority in the interests of a minority, and the demand to give up the traditional notions of mother, father, family and even gender … are the mileposts on the path towards social renewal.

Here Putin is criticizing Western leftists just as Lenin criticized them in 1920, in his booklet, Left-Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder. One might say that Putin is addressing two audiences at once. He is addressing the communists in Russia, who detest Western leftists; and he is addressing Western conservatives, who also detest Western leftists. Following Lenin’s road, which is not a “straight road,” Putin said, “Anyone who dares to mention that men and women actually exist, which is a biological fact, risks being ostracized [in the West].”[xxxii]

Many conservatives will stand up and cheer these statements. What they do not realize is that Lenin and Stalin curtailed early Bolshevik experiments in free love and the destruction of the family for practical, revolutionary reasons. This is all part of Soviet history. Stalin understood that the family was needed, after all. And since Lenin and Marx both said there was no Marxist dogma, the Soviet Union took a more pragmatic course by instituting the “Soviet family,” which copied some of its features from the Orthodox Christian family – except God was replaced by the Communist Party.

Lenin was a practical revolutionary. He declared himself against “left doctrinairism within the working-class movement.” The primary thing, Lenin explained, was to “search after forms of the transition or the approach to the proletarian revolution.”[xxxiii] In the midst of a civil war, having won his revolution in Russia, Lenin groped his way forward. Lenin wrote,

The immediate objective of the class-conscious vanguard … is to be able to lead the broad masses (who are still, for the most part, apathetic, inert, dormant and convention-ridden) to their new position, or, rather, to be able to lead, not only their own party but also these masses in their advance and transition to the new position.[xxxiv]

Lenin was opposed to “opportunism and social chauvinism” on the left. If he linked arms with a capitalist, it was only to cut the capitalist’s throat. This was not the case, however, with most leftists, who either refused to link arms with capitalists or would refuse to cut their throats when the time came. Most leftists, for Lenin, were not real revolutionaries. They were weaklings. According to Lenin, “the victory of the vanguard in the revolution, cannot be reached without the liquidation of left doctrinairism, and without a full elimination of its errors.”[xxxv]

Lenin underscored the fact that pro-communist propaganda is entirely insufficient. He wrote, “the mere repetition of the truths of ‘pure’ communism, are of no avail.” It becomes necessary, Lenin explained, to “entangle” all the “class forces hostile to us.” They must be, he said, “at loggerheads with each other, [having] sufficiently weakened themselves in a struggle which is beyond their strength.” Furthermore, “all the vacillating and unstable, intermediate elements” in a country’s politics can be counted on to politically disgrace themselves because their goals and methods are impractical. Only a dedicated and well-organized revolutionary vanguard can then take charge of events. Here Lenin envisioned exploiting political differences within the Western countries. He wrote of taking “due account of these differences, and to determine the moment when the inevitable conflicts between these ‘friends,’ which weaken and enfeeble all the ‘friends’ taken together, will have come to a head….” That, said Lenin, is the task “of a Communist who wants to be, not merely a class-conscious convinced propagandist of ideas, but a practical leader of the masses in the revolution.” To this end Lenin wrote of communism’s ability to “effect all the necessary compromises, tacks, conciliatory maneuvers, zigzags, retreats and so on, in order to speed up the achievement and then loss of political power by the [doctrinaire leftists].”[xxxvi]

Like Lenin, Putin is criticizing the “doctrinaire leftists” of the West for being “impractical” and absurdly “dogmatic.” Contrary to the West’s mistaken notions, Lenin was no dogmatist; and neither is Putin – whose Leninism is so advanced that he offended dogmatic Marxists by likening communist principles to Biblical principles. Those who have read Lenin will understand what Putin was playing at while making such comments. But conservatives in the West, who never bothered to read Lenin, will misunderstand everything. They will think Putin is praising Christianity. By talking deceptively Putin is using Lenin tactics, employing Leninist psychological weapons. As Lenin explained,

One will readily agree that any army which does not train to use all the weapons, all the means and methods of warfare that the enemy possesses, or may possess, is behaving in an unwise or even criminal manner. This applies to politics even more than it does to the art of war. In politics it is even harder to know in advance which methods of struggle will be applicable and to our advantage in certain future conditions. Unless we learn to apply all the methods of struggle, we may suffer grave and sometimes even decisive defeat….[xxxvii]

Lies and self-misrepresentation are a primary means of struggle, according to Lenin. In her book on Soviet political warfare, Natalie Grant paraphrased analyst Suzanne Labin’s dictum that “communism moves ahead by confusing the thinking of its enemies.” Thus, disinformation and misrepresenting oneself “is possibly the most precious tool in the Communist’s plans to conquer the world. The disinformer promotes chaos in the mind of the Communist’s target and atrophies defensive reaction against Communist attack.” [xxxviii]

This is exactly what Putin and his predecessors have been doing since 1991. Even as the Ukraine War moves into its second year, the Kremlin’s deceptions continue to play out. American conservatives, thoroughly confused by Putin’s way of talking, have come to believe that their main enemy is located in Washington, D.C. Consequently, Putin is “the enemy of my enemy” and qualifies, however tenuously, as a friend. Being disoriented as to the enemy’s center of gravity, American conservatives cannot form accurate political judgments, and cannot find their way strategically. Grant warns us,

The lie leaves a sediment of doubt in moderately credulous audiences even when exposed. As for the gullible man on the street, at first he merely repeats and cites opinions and stories fed to him, often without his knowledge, by the disinformer. Then, gradually, the distorted picture which is presented to him soaks into his mind. He begins to lose confidence in the non-Communist world and soon becomes an obedient, though unwitting, puppet in Communist hands.[xxxix]

Grant’s work on Soviet political warfare warns against two errors which Moscow’s disinformation encourages: (1) Communist countries need not be feared because “they will either disintegrate before long or evolve into democratic entities”; (2) that communism is so powerful that “opposition is futile.”[xl] According to Grant, both these notions – which contradict each other – are false. She wrote, “They serve Moscow because acceptance of the former thesis leads the Western citizen to let down his guard, to scorn established evidence of Communist subversion and brutality, and to offer no resistance to Leninist brainwashing.” On the other side of the ledger, the notion of communist invincibility “breeds exaggerated caution and excessive fear of Moscow and paralyzes the will to resist.” This is exactly what we see today, and this strategy owes everything to Lenin.

Today we hear the foolish suggestion that America must end the war in Ukraine to align with Russia against China. We must, in effect, surrender Ukraine to Putin. Explaining her theme in depth, Grant wrote, “In order to convince their audience that Communism need not be feared because it will collapse of itself, the disinformer proclaims that Communist unity is being destroyed by internal strife.” Grant then admitted, “Conflicts undoubtedly exist in a closed totalitarian society such as the Communist. But at the risk of indulging in a seeming paralogism, we must admit that a conflict in the Communist ranks often profits the Communist movement.”[xli]

Conservative politicians and pundits have described communism as an economic system that failed to provide a decent standard of living. This system is described by conservatives as oppressive, outdated, and too ridiculous to take seriously. Communism, therefore, is not a threat. But, as the famous Russian dissident, Vladimir Bukovsky said, during an interview, “Western conservatives never understood communism.” The teachings of Lenin are complex, full of contradictions, and by no means straightforward. In his essay, “Certain Features of the Historical Development of Marxism,” Lenin paraphrased Engels when he wrote, “Our doctrine … is not a dogma, but a guide to action. This classical statement stresses with remarkable force and expressiveness that aspect of Marxism which is very often lost sight of. And by losing sight of it, we turn Marxism into something one-sided, distorted, and lifeless….”[xlii]

Since Western conservatives have not seen how multifaceted and flexible Marxism is, they have been consistently incapable of adjusting their own tactics to counter the communist movement. No matter how many times the Marxists fail, no matter how many times they are compelled to retreat into pretense, into “capitalism,” or “democracy,” their grandiose dream remains. Lenin said that when Marxism is regarded as a dogma “we deprive it of its life blood….” More than that, he said that by dogmatizing “we undermine its connection with the definite practical tasks of the epoch, which may change with every new turn of history.” [xliii] [Italics added]

In the West, we have sown the wind by imagining that Marxism is a fixed dogma. By treating Marxism as a dogma the conservatives have disarmed themselves. And very soon they will reap the whirlwind. Lenin said that communist revolutionaries must “grasp that which is nationally specific and nationally distinctive…” Even as they are not nationalists, they are mentally equipped to use nationalism and to manipulate nationalists – in Russia and America. Communists are not without insight, and they are not without strategy. If only we could say the same thing about our conservatives.

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143 thoughts on “The Triumph of Misdirection

  1. Only a few days after the January 8 provocation in Brasilia, which flung the doors wide open for Lula to erect fully-fledged communist tyranny in Brazil, Venezuela’s tyrant Nicolás Maduro solemnly declared before his own Venezuelan puppet National Assembly,

    “I was speaking with President Lula da Silva by phone the other day; I was speaking personally with Gustavo Petro [the newly elected Marxist President of Colombia]; I was speaking with the [Peronist-socialist] President of Argentina, Alberto Fernández. A new hour is coming, a special hour, to unite the efforts and paths of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, to advance in the formation of a powerful bloc of political forces, of a powerful bloc of economic power, that speaks to the world, that also invites the world to integration, that invites the world to build new poles of power in this way, that community of shared destiny that our elder brother President Xi Jingping talks about, or that multicentric, multipolar world that our elder brother President Vladimir Putin talks about. For that world to arrive [he speaks about a world unified under communism!] it is necessary to have a cohesive Latin American/Caribbean bloc that’s united and advanced, and so I say, I announce, that Venezuela takes the lead in the battle for the construction of that world of a great homeland of that independent and sovereign force [he talks about communism!] that will bring more happiness, progress and prosperity to our homeland and to the entire Latin American and Caribbean continent!”

    Was there any alarm in conservative quarters over the prospect for America to get encircled and strangled from all sides (as well as from within!) by communism? Did anyone of this braindead conservative Putin claque even realise that Maduro & comrades mean it; that they WILL form a Latin-American/Caribbean communist bloc from the Rio Grande in the north all the way to the Tierra del Fuego in the south? That a great and powerful new dawn, i.e. final victory, for world communism is approaching? That they are following Stalin’s dictum about an ultimate turning of the tables? Here is what Stalin predicted back in 1939:

    “The withering away of the state, the precondition for the classless society, could not be entertained as a possibility until the encirclement of socialism by capitalism had been changed to the encirclement of capitalism by socialism. That is to say, until those conditions had been established which would assure world-wide Soviet domination.”

    So, as we are hearing the Kremlin’s upside-down propaganda of an “encircled Russia”, the fact of the matter is: It is AMERICA which is under imminent threat of total encirclement, isolation and defeat!

    1. Contemplative Observer: Brilliant choice of quotes and commentary. Indeed, the communists are openly admitting their plan. But almost everyone still remains blinded and deafened by the prevailing false narratives. Are the people that embrace these false narratives innocent? I used to think ignorance understandable. But not in this instance. Now that I see how it perpetuates itself in the face of the truth, I realize that a choice has been made. A choice that bespeaks corruption of soul.

      1. Also, the psychological disarmament of the West by the theatrics of collapsible communism more than thirty years ago still pays massive dividends for the world revolution. America is now experiencing her own Bolshevik Revolution, the balance of world power is shifting as rapidly as never before, and yet the use of the “C word” is still out of the question! It seems both politicians and political commentators still fear the killer label of McCarthyism, and so they keep in line and remain quiet…

  2. “How are we to understand Russia’s pro-communist foreign policy? Why does Moscow act, in foreign affairs, as if the Soviet Union were still in place? ”

    It doesn’t really matter if country is run by communists or not. What determines foreign policy is country’s position in global division of labour and degree of sovereignty the country aspires.

  3. “For the same reasons, the struggle that the Egyptians merchants and bourgeois intellectuals are waging for the independence of Egypt is objectively a revolutionary struggle, despite the bourgeois origin and bourgeois title of the leaders of Egyptian national movement, despite the fact that they are opposed to socialism; whereas the struggle that the British “Labour” Government is waging to preserve Egypt’s dependent position is for the same reason a reactionary struggle, despite the proletarian origin and the proletarian title of the members of the government, despite the fact that they are “for” socialism.”

    J. V. Stalin – Foundations of Leninism

    It doesn’t matter how “progressive” imperialist ruling class pretends to be as long as they stick to globalism. You have a point that isolationist “right” is closer to Lenin than globalist “left”.

  4. ANYBODY aligned with the communist cause is equally guilty of the crimes of communism, as there is no excuse for its terrorist atrocities and enslavement of entire peoples in this world.

    The main proof that communism has never collapse is in its diabolical nature…and in its total disregard of justice which has never been applied to the communist leaders in any and all the Soviet Bloc countries, including Russia – setting aside the Communist China as fully communist controlled country…they at least do not pretend to have any freedom of conscience guaranteed for the Chinese slaves of the CCP regime.

    The western governments were long ago infiltrated by communists who are ALL without any exception fully subordinated to the communist center Kremlin. CPUSA (and other countries Party membership lists) were submitted to Moscow and there they are, including those in present leadership of the western countries. Then there is the WEF which in fact is the new name of the Comintern, of which one of the first members was the KGB criminal Putin himself.

    By the way the KGB is not allowing her agents to leave its ranks…ever. The only way to leave the KGB and related sister services is in a coffin…murdered or by natural causes of old age.

    What a diabolical system communism is…!!! It is the devil himself who rules these criminals and they are not even human beings anymore, that is why communist operations are so successful and their results are nearly flawlessly executed. It is a religion of the devil and based on fear and terror, enslavement of mind and soul to the atheistic cause of degradation of the human soul to the levels of animal survival, and this based on constant lies and injustice, all subordinated to the communist cause and nothing else. No deviations are permitted, laxity of opinions which may contradict the cause are only there for the strategic purpose of communist deception, the unity of the cause, this evil cause, and the deceptive methods this same communist diabolical terror entails, these are the marks of the evil mastermind behind them – again, the devil. nothing less.

    If there was a collapse of communism (or to say how Russians now and then say it – collapse of the Soviet Union) then where are their desire for true justice – no high ranking communist official in the “former” Soviet Bloc countries was even brought to justice, true justice…and these were terrorists who were routinely ordering murders (just like Putin etc.) and slavery for all those who disagree with their evil cause and evil laws of the state,

    The failure of the western countries is in their recognition of this so rampant communist slavery, and of its terror and systemic injustice.

    Censorship of the truth, persecution of those who would voice even small disagreement with the Party line, executions and criminalization of the opponents of communism, establishment of the communist controlled opposition and so on…and this again is being used by the Russian communists anywhere in the world today, including the US Government. The main proof is in their inability to demand justice for the crimes of communism and to reject the advances of the communist leaders to become “friends”…and there is always some advisor of some president or two who is on the Moscow’s side secretly, advising to do just that…help the communist cause to enslave the whole world in the end.

    Biden’s and Pelosi’s and Schumer’s and the whole Democrat Party today (more or less) communist affiliation and membership list is no doubt sitting in the Kremlin, the files of these long-term communist assets worldwide were NEVER made public by the “new Russian leadership”…why would that be ? The answer is obvious – they are there to help carryout out the complete restructuring of entire countries into the Russian controlled communist camp.

    The only entity that can NEVER be destroyed is the true Catholic Church, which is today in the catacombs, as the Vatican is controlled by the communist established apostate Sect called Novus Ordo (that’s New Order in Latin).

    Heretics, apostates and infidels are excluded by their false beliefs from God’s help and will have to endure the upcoming time of the Antichrist, the rule of atheistic communism worldwide, foretold in 1917 AD by Our Lady of Fatima – confirming Ezechiel 38 and Apocalypse 20 etc. – Divine wrath upon those who have chosen to disregard the truth of salvation and allowed themselves to be perverted in mind and soul by false heretical doctrines of the devil…and God will not help them, as it is recorded in the Holy Scripture.

    This post has been written with reluctance, as the essential recovery of the heretic cannot happen without the Divine grace and mercy of Our Lord…a human soul cannot obtain her true conversion without God.

    1. Both sides play deception games. WEF monopolists pretend to be Marxist in order to save collapsing imperialism. One must focus on the main contradiction to understand interests of various parties. Public rhetoric is more often misleading.

      1. Your untrue assertion proves the point in the article above…manifestly so.

      2. How can a wooden-headed Leninist monkey tell whether the WEF is pretending to be Marxist or pretending to be capitalist? Are you your reflection in a funhouse mirror?

      3. For what it’s worth, I believe the WEF only flirts with the CCP but is, in reality, a front for the western globalists who themselves are a closet communist faction. China has shown the western globalists how to run a social credit top-down tyranny, so the intellectual property transfer we bemoan going to China comes with an an unnoticed and unlamented reciprocity: our own shadow governments in the West get a proven template for social engineering and tyrannical rule.

        But the bottom line is all ungodly rulers in this world are materialist to the hilt, whether they profess alignment with liberal democracy or communism; the end is always the same: consolidation of power and wealth for the ruling elites. Though life-destroying and frequently genocidal, the concomitant ideology, whatever it may be, reduces to just stringing along the useful idiots, like Commit, to clear what fallow ground stands in the way.

  5. Jeff, you’ve talked a lot about ideology and that people here in the US need to stop holding to, or subscribing to ideologies when speaking to the subject of Communists, Communism, or Marxism, or anything pertaining to the subject.
    If one looks up the word ideology, a synonym listed is the word “dogma”.

    So, if Lenin and Marx both said there was no Marxist dogma, what exactly IS IT that they subscribed to?

    1. Yes. Or as Lenin said, Marxism is a philosophy that lays out the scientific management of human affairs. After the fashion of Faust, in the spirit of Machiavelli.

      1. A synonym (or synonyms) of “philosophy” are the words ideology and dogma.

        So, I’m having a hard time understanding your own personal opinion as to this definition of ideology you have and how wrong everyone is to have such a thing, when in fact, the words ideology, dogma, philosophy are all references to the same thing.

      2. It’s not my personal opinion that ideology and philosophy differ. You are attempting to use words in a loose way, making two things the same that are not. Truth requires a certain standard of honesty and precision in language. Philosophy is not ideology, even though people are sloppy and use these words as if they are interchangeable. Read the works of Eric Voegelin or the Socratic dialogues. Read Xenophon. Read Plato. The sophists were the ideologists of their day. They used words to make their ideas plausible even when those ideas were wrong. The distinction is important, and is a moral one. Ideology does not concern itself with truth or the good. Philosophy does, and therefore must be openness to questions in philosophy — to rethinking and reconsidering. Ideologists never reconsider. Their ideas are fixed. Marxism uses ideology, knowing perfectly well it is untrue. Lenin believed in changing the party line, and changing the dogma of the hour. His moral theory was revolutionary pragmatism. His disagreement with traditional philosophy goes deeper than any ideology. Lenin’s mistake was philosophical, and spiritual.

        Think of it this way: Philosophy is love of wisdom. Ideology is whatever you want to slap together and call truth in order to manage people. Ideologues are dogmatic. But classical philosophy is not dogmatic. Ideology is for the masses. Philosophy is for the few.

      3. In practice it is ruthless and Machiavellian. On paper it sits there abstractly and says something different to sedentary professors. Lenin would call these professors “bourgeois philistines.” He spat venom on them when they came in range.

      4. Ruthless? Ok, agreed. But I don’t care about “sendentary professors”. I asked you a direct question regarding your previous stance and statements on your own previous statements on previous posts regarding your statements regarding
        “ideology”. I’m beginning to believe you indeed have an “ideology” that we (the US) MUST continue to be the world Policeman against Communism. For decades, our ABC national security agencies prop up simpletons against the threat against Marxist governments in the interest of the greater good. These “simpletons” are just as much Communists as the current governments in control…and yet guys like you and Frank Gaffney and all the rest of your former military “experts” buddies push for more support and money against the creep of Marxism. In my opinion, you’re just another neo-conservative who wants to push his own narrative to increase military spending against the boogey man.

      5. My strategic advice is not ideology. There are no other great powers today that can restrain the expansive ambitions of Russia and China. Without our strategic leadership and help — as needed — all the key countries would fall under the dominance of our enemies. If isolated and surrounded, we would stand very little chance of survival. Nothing here is ideology. It is just sound diplomacy and military analysis.

      6. And nothing changes. The Commies continue their creep and we continue to fall behind as a nation. In concert with the Marxists, the Muslims (Muslim Brotherhood suit and ties have been in our State Department since the 50’s) are responsible for Common Core curriculum here in the US. Your “experts” refused to listen to the likes of Stephen Coughlin or even John Guandolo even when your Republican Party Presidents were in office ( yes, you DO have an ideology like anyone else). You preach about Communism? Islam has been around a helluva longer time than Karl Marx’ “ideology. Either way, this nation is soon to fall. It’s every man for himself here in the US in 2023.

      7. brcc66: I’m not sure if you are addressing me or someone else in referring to “your” Republican presidents and “your” experts who refuse to listen to Stephen Coughlin and even John Guandolo. I consider John a friend, and I also have read Stephen Couglin’s writings with real interest. I’ve shared a speaker’s platform with both of them. I’m not sure why I am being battered about the head with Islam. And if America is soon to fall, why waste your time berating me? I just want America defended, so we have a fighting chance against all enemies foreign and domestic. It’s not an ideology to want to live,

      8. The major problem, BRCC66 is there is no “boogeyman.” We have real enemies, and only fools call them “boogeymen.” Those enemies require far more than mere military spending, although that is necessary. It requires something so many of you don’t have, a capacity for critical thought.

      9. I’m no fool. Jeff never mentions the fact that we’ve had infiltration of our State Dept via the Muslim Brotherhood since the 1950’s. In concert with the Marxists. He never mentions that or the likes of a Stephen Coughlin who warned of the current threat via Islam via our own system of governance. Coughlin was pushed out. Just as was John Guandolo. Nyquist has all his neoconservative buddies like Frank Gaffney that want to push videos and webinars about the Russia/China threat and yet won’t mention Islam and if they do it’s that the “extreme” and or “radical” Muslims are a minimal threat.
        *hey JR, there is no such thing as “radical” of “extreme” Muslims. It’s Islam…a socio-economical system cloaked as a religion…the fastest growing “religion” to date. Hate to break it to ya folks, the Republic is dead. It’s been an oligarchy for 50+years. This country has never encountered a land invasion but it is soon to become reality courtesy our 2 most formidable enemies. The Muslims will eventually overtake the Commies but, we won’t be witness to that in the lower 48.

      10. And btw, ohengineer, I take offense that you don’t even know who I am and yet you comment, insinuate that I “don’t have a capacity for critical thought”.

      11. How will the Muslims avoid being genocided by China and Russia once America is out of the way? Consider what the Russians did to Chechnya, without biological and nuclear weapons. Imagine what they will do when America is gone and biological weapons can be used without restraint. The Chinese are genociding Muslims right now, and what does the Muslim world do? What chance do the Muslims actually have against communists?

      12. Jeff, contrary to your own beliefs, these two factions have used one another during both our lifetimes, with Islam being here long before your Marxist threat. And in the end, it will be Islam that will still be here with what is left of the United States.

      13. You are wrong about my “beliefs.” I have no such beliefs. Please stop telling me what I believe. Read what I have written and stop trying to attack me for things I never said.

      14. Brcc66, Jeff has written about the Islamic threat. Read his short book, The Fool and His Enemy, and he discusses it. But he has also brought out in his different writings, that many of the leading Muslims are Marxist indoctrinated, and are used as a terrorist arm of the Communist movement. Like the leadership of Iran. He has brought out how Russia had a lot to do with 9/11. How the Soviets infiltrated and gained control of different tribes in Afghanistan.

        (Mr. Nyquist, please delete this comment if any of the above I stated is inaccurate.)

        You haven’t read enough of the man’s work.

        Maybe you have missed these things, or maybe what Mr. Nyquist brings out is causing you to see that you have to rethink some things about who our main enemy is.

      15. “It’s not my personal opinion that ideology and philosophy differ. You are attempting to use words in a loose way, making two things the same that are not.” One of the problems in a discussion like this is the use of language. People can and do have differences in how they understand terms and concepts. Those are honest differences that may compel us to abandon cherished terminology in order to have unambiguous communication.

        Take for example the term “religion”. It is basically an undefined term. For some it’s limited to refer to a god or gods. In a survey of all world’s religions it’s found to refer to beliefs all the way from spiritism and polytheism, to agnosticism even atheism. That makes “religion” to refer to any set of beliefs, not necessarily logical, that people accept as true and to be lived. According to that definition, philosophy is a subset of religion.

        In this discussion, I’d substitute the term “guiding principle” for “ideology”. I too see “ideology” in practice to be a synonym to “philosophy”. The guiding principle of communism is the acquisition and possession of power by any means fair or foul. You may have some other terms that you prefer. Right now I see use of terms like “ideology”, “philosophy” and “dogma” as hindrances to clear communication.

      16. Ideologies are systems. Truth is not a system, and should not be related as a system. It is the system-building of ideologies that make them problematic.

      17. BRCC, I really don’t care that you are offended. I don’t need to know you. I just need to read what you post. That makes it abundantly clear that you have not thought critically.

      18. When we start learning as a child, we start creating a mental framework of reality from the information that comes in and we continue building this framework for the rest of our lives. This is essential, for without this framework all we would have is a bunch of disconnected pieces of information. This framework allows us to reason, understand, make judgements, and have discernment. When we get new information, if it agrees with our framework, we take it in and it reinforces that framework. If it disagrees with our framework, we have three choices: modify our framework, tear down the framework and build another one, or dismiss the information that disagrees with our framework. Sometimes dismissing the information is the right thing to do, if we know that new information is false or if the preponderance of evidence says that our framework is correct. The problem occurs when we obstinately cling to that framework when the preponderance of evidence says that it is wrong.

      19. There is a problem with this. Truth is not properly determined by a “framework” or “system.” Truth is what corresponds with reality. A much more difficult proposition that relying on a “framework.”

      20. I agree that truth corresponds to reality, and that our frameworks often do not. However, that does not negate what I said. We all have a framework and our moral duty is to try to conform that framework to truth.

      21. Dal: you give too much credit to human logic. As Jeff mentioned, and my experience supports it, people don’t think. Most people don’t have a consistent framework. They have not thought things through. As such, they are easily led by slogans and propaganda. I include otherwise highly intelligent people among these thoughtless masses.

        To give an example, the textbook used in a university biology class was written by George Gaylord Simpson who was at that time a missionary for the Darwinian theory of evolution. In the introduction to that book, he spent a few pages defining the scientific method, that it must be based on observation. The next page he defined evolution in such a way that it could not be based on observation, therefore no way could it be a scientific theory. He contradicted himself. Where else was his thinking messed up?

        This was not a mere mistake caused by the limits of human knowledge, rather he had not analyzed the implications of what he knew. Unfortunately, that appears to be the default, not the exception. The result is that most people are a mess of confused and contradictory opinions. How can they know the truth, when they haven’t taken the effort to examine themselves for the truth?

      22. Darwinian evolution is a good example of why a “framework” does not lead to truth. Observation has shown that they cannot find all the intermediate forms in the fossil record, and genetics shows the complexity of organisms is too great to have formed living creatures by a stochastic process plus natural selection. Something is missing — the theory does not explain our existence. It has been falsified. But who dares admit it? This most famous of frameworks is shot down by simple facts. Simple truth. So they just ignore the truth. Scientists are often in love with their frameworks, like the Theory of Evolution. Rather than scrap it, they adjust the theory ti preserve the framework rather than seeking the truth. Evolution is not from natural selection and genetic variation. Organisms are too complex. Therefore, there must be an intelligence that created living things.

      23. Jeff and R.O. I don’t disagree with anything either of you have said, but we are talking past one another, because we are using different definitions for the word framework. I wish I had more time to elaborate, but I don’t, so I’ll have to let it go for now.

      24. I have told you in what sense I am using the word “ideology,” and I have not made that definition up. Other definitions of the word is not relevant to my essay, and merely causes confusion. That is not up for debate. An author gets to use words, according to given definitions in the dictionary. Here is the definition I am using, taken from Websters New International Dictionary, 1943: IDEOLOGY: (2) Visionary speculation; idle theorizing; also, an impractical theory or system of theories. Also, (4) A subjective interpretation of observed phenomena.

        Now here how I use the word “philosophy,” which is defined in the dictionary. PHILOSOPHY: (1) Literally, the love of wisdom; in actual usage, the science with investigates the most general facts and principles of reality and of human nature and conduct….”

        You can use the Newspeak Dictionary that eliminates words you think are unnecessary. By doing this, however, you will be taking away the ability to think certain important thoughts. And if ideology and philosophy mean the same thing, then one of these words is no longer necessary. And the thoughts I am trying to share can no longer be communicated. That would be catastrophic.

      25. I apologize that my comment caused confusion.

        I have not used the word ideology in my comments. I was the first to use the work framework in this discussion and never intended it to be equated with the word ideology as you have done.

        I did not make up a new definition for the word framework. I used it in the sense that it is used in the psychology of learning literature and similar to the way that it is used in the artificial intelligence literature.

    2. The western leftist is a hopeless romantic whose romanticism is steeped in the sociology of 19th century febrile bourgeois society, and that sociology leads it invariably to repeat bourgeois habits eventually. One cannot take seriously any philosopher taught in high school, so to speak, because high school is about rote learning, the first steps at discovering thoughts, Lenin, by mocking rote learners, simply mocked those who did not grow up pass the high school stage in dealing with philosophy or even science. Just look how AOC type “climatists” treat science, it is ridiculous. how they separate it from religion like a good kid learning his “white lab coat” lesson in wannabe objective analysis. After high school, these separations and lessons are usually taken in relative stock to what reality is once the student is to start thinking on his own. However a lot of people remain at the high school level, fascinated by philosophers and “strict” in their treatment of science. For instance, no one in their right mind would apply “techniques” and a “science” of seduction or relationships in its strictest laboratory sense of it in every day life. There is a science to politics, war, seduction and relationships, but the high school framework of it, autistic, separated and not linked to other arts was only there for illustrative purposes.

      An example of that is shown in the movie Groundhog day, and in there the character applies a precise science of seduction that is highschoolish, awkward and which becomes more and more sophisticated and not without its successes as a result – but bittersweet ones. The character even steals money to improve his wealth attraction potential but also later his gangster charm creds, and yet he still is unsatisfied by his mediocre successes until he gets it. He gets that his “antagonists” are real people and not just abstract things to manipulate awkwardly because he will look awkward, fake, strange and creepy.

      Lenin knew his blind leftist followers were either dangerously awkward autists or simply bourgeois in training. Just as Hitler was frustrated with the lack of ruthlessness of his Nazis of Catholic origin (prefering them the muslims), Lenin was no doubt frustrated by the dull headedness of his blind awkward followers who could only give away his plot just as the Obama like character in Groundhog Day figures he is ridiculous with his own barely pubescent techniques.

      Meanwhile we have conservatives, who, in Elmer Fudd fashion, typical of these antigun fudds who do not see the dangers, congrat themselves for having caught an easy to catch autistic leftist, much the way a hunter feels like “an Indian wiseman of the land” for tricking a duck with a Duck Dynasty bait tool. Show them then a real predator in human form at a Hunter Lodge party, and they will call that Lenin a Christian for sure. It does not dawn on them that they would be baited themselves.

  6. “If Ukraine has always been part of Russia, then why did Russia pretend to recognize Ukraine’s sovereignty in 1991 and in 1994 with the Budapest Memorandum?”

    The US was a signatory of this and is therefore obligated to defend Ukraine against Russia’s attack. Every time I bring this up, it is ignored; crickets chirping. I am glad you brought this up. It IS terrible to see the conservatives falling for the false narrative. Everyone seems to be soaking up the strong delusion.

    1. Actually, the Budapest memorandum is not a defense pact. It’s a promise by various nuclear powers to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty (that is, to respect Ukraine’s borders and territory). The U.S. would not have obligated itself to defend Ukraine in 1994. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says Russia is not violating the treaty, since Russia is not attacking Ukraine with nuclear weapons. That is an astonishing interpretive stretch. But it is typical Russian (Leninist) diplomacy.

      1. That is a bit of understatement. The Budapest Memorandum has no conditions on the guarantee. Given we were guaranteeing Ukraine’s sovereignty, I don’t see how we avoid giving them help against Putin’s aggressive war. That does not mean US boots on the ground.

      2. We were not “guaranteeing” Ukraine’s sovereignty against other countries. We were saying, in essence, that as a nuclear power we were not going to take advantage of Ukraine after she gave up her nuclear weapons.

      3. I thought Ukraine could quickly build its own nukes. Some reading shows its infrastructure would require 2 years minimum. That deal Ukraine made with USSR to give up its hundreds of nukes looks bad. But I guess few hundred nukes can’t really help UKRAINE right now. They need what the WEST won’t give.

  7. The spirit of anarchy always at work, secretly and underground. There is no need for them to hide anymore in these great times of delusion-the days of the great Apostasy are here. This is all Satans and his minions work and powers, playing to to the gallery of those who hate the truth that could save them since the beginning of time. Their all so obsessed with evil, God rubs their noses in it-gives them what they want. Since they refuse to trust truth their banished to their chosen world of lies and illusions. (2 Thessalonians)

    God has chosen those who love the truth since the beginning of time- Keep living I it, it will never fail you and will sustain you through everything.
    They do not want people knowing this power that comes from knowing God because they are afraid of it. People with God have conquered evil, taken over Kingdoms, administered justice, shut the mouths of lions, escaped swords, flames, famine, routed foreign armies, became powerful in battle ect (Hebrews 11).
    They can only function in lies and deceptions, that is why they must silence the truth of God to make men weak and helpless, water it done, use false prophets and propaganda telling people what their itching ears want to hear.
    We need a revival of sound doctrine to help the blind see, set the captives and oppressed free. People must know the WHOLE counsel of Gods word for themselves. Without truth there is no real power or life, just the walking dead.

    Thanks Jeff!

  8. “How can a wooden-headed Leninist monkey tell whether the WEF is pretending to be Marxist or pretending to be capitalist? Are you your reflection in a funhouse mirror?”

    Interesting theory. So if the WEFers pretending being capitalists. Who are the real capitalist?

      1. “Who is a WEFer?”

        The cosmopolitan bourgeoise organized in WEF. Richest people in the world. How can one just pretend being part of that class?

  9. Marxism – Leninism is a nihilistic diabolically established lie, it has no foundation in anything truthful other than that of itself it fluctuates in its definitions for the purpose of deceiving those who may be captured by its false promises.

    It is certainly not a dogma, as dogma in the strict sense of the meaning is established fact, and a fact cannot be based on a single lie, because then it would cease to be a fact as such, and communism (Marxism-Leninism) is certainly not a philosophy in the strict sense of the word, as philosophy (scholastic for example, etc.) is again based on truthfully set constraints and set rules of definitions, which definitions define these philosophies – but in case of Marxism-Leninism this is again impossible, as the word dialectic which is the essence of this horrible ideology of the devil, is its foundation which is its characteristic…in simple terms communism is a lie and should not be called philosophy at all, but ideological degradation of men, introduced by Satan for the purpose to force men into believing such heretical poisons as atheism, upon which communism dwells as its surest foundation, denying thus the Author of all established (revealed) truth – God Himself.

    And because without God there can be no sound foundation of any order, that which is denying His existence is therefore in variance to the truth, it is capable of eliminating all justice if necessary (history of communism proves this point), and subjects its own foundation to the necessity of self-preservation, which is based on brute force of tyranny, has no other goals but to enslave all who come against it (in thought and deed), and communism does not tolerate deviance from its perversion of the truth…and thus it must never be called philosophy, much less dogma.

    Marxism-Leninism eliminates, denies in fact, Divinely granted dignity of the human soul, made to the image and likeness of God, and this is the essential point why communism is so hideous and evil…it denies the ordinance of God, the very purpose God created man, the very reason of human life itself, and communism subverts it to its own diabolical purpose which the communists themselves cannot control as its power is the power of Satan upon which it rests, and Satan is the father of all lies.

    And because human race is today by its own free will degrading itself into the mire of immorality and sin, heresy and and apostasy, there are no more secure safeguards against it, nor is there any other remedy but the infinite mercy of God…and that will not come as long as the human race offends Him…by the very denial of the Divinely revealed truth…and so communist tyranny is the Divine punishment of the human race, worldwide…

    The only victory against communism was ever achieved by true Catholics of Spain (1936-39 AD), which defeated the communist forces backed by Stalin in a bloodbath so great that the communists were humbled for many years afterwards, and this was a true Holy Crusade against them, blessed by true Pope Pius IX…(the lying communist propaganda of course painted the forces of General Franco as “Nazis”, which is a blatant lie as Franco himself stated that the civil war was fought for the purpose of defending the country against communism and defending the established order, which was Catholic).

    Today, no country in the world can claim to be truly Catholic, only the true Catholic Church…and it is all written in the book of the Apocalypse how it will play out, with the many mysteries that are still there until they become clear in the outcome which they represent, and then those only will have the confidence and trust in Divine help who have not betrayed Him and do wish to live in truth and justice in front of Him, which fact excludes all heretics, apostates and infidels…

    This same fact is well established in the Old Testament…but that fact is well understood already. Christ Our Lord says ” every kingdom divided against itself shall be made desolate…and house upon house shall fall…” – and this means most of all division of Faith, denial of the Divinely revealed truth, which is nothing else but Catholic Tradition, and thus the abominable tool of Satan – atheistic communism – is the Divine chastisement of the worldwide unbelief….and it will be very painful, as the Divine promise of Christ Our Lord “and behold I am with you all days…etc.” does not apply to those who deny the truth God has revealed about Himself and His Church, the true Catholic Church, has always declared and taught throughout the centuries…

    1. He only deletes comments that he can’t debate, and that undermine his NAZI view.

      1. I delete you every chance I get, Lanyard, and every reasonable reader — seeing what you’ve just posted — will know why I delete your worthless drivel.

      2. You’re utterly clueless Lanyard. You have no idea what a Nazi is. Mr. Nyquist is in no way a Nazi. I met the real thing while living Germany. people like yourself are just pretenders.

  10. Anyone who says Frank Gaffney ignores Islam has not listened to him very much. Gaffney coined the phrase, “Islamic Supremacy,” after all, and has had John Guandolo, Robert Spencer, Claire Lopez, Caroline Glick, and other experts on Islam on his podcast many times in the past.

    As for Stephen Coughlin, he’s well aware of Nyquist’s writings, and to my knowledge has not disputed them. But they each bring something different and valuable to the table of knowledge. Coughlin specializes in the tactics of Marxism used on the masses, and how it keeps them framed within left/right dialectical narratives, which in effect, neutralizes them. Coughlin’s work is invaluable in waking people out of the “blue pill” narrative. His work is invaluable in understanding how to get out of range of the enemy’s attacks and break out of the news cycle narratives.

    Nyquist, on the other hand, as he has said, specializes in the longterm strategic thinking and actions of the main perpetrators of Marxism and Communism, the latter of which is not an ideology, but, as he once said–a way of acquiring and holding onto power by any means necessary. With Nyquist there are no secret occultist players or vague conspiracy theory generalizations. He strips off the masks, shows us the real players involved and where they get their tactics and strategies from by spelling out in graphic detail and then spoon feeding us what the Communist nations and leaders that berthed Communism and developed it into a powerful force for evil around the world have done and are now doing, in real time, in national and international events. No one is doing this on the level Nyquist has to date. Trevor Loudon comes the closest, perhaps, but even he once admitted to me that no one understands the depth and entirety of the communist threat like Nyquist. His vision comes from decades of reading their materials, studying their methods, interacting with other anti-communist thinkers, and perhaps most important, talking to the actual former communist players who defected to the West to warn us of this evil. Nyquist also attends conferences where he can to meet and talk with government players and military leaders to glean more insight into what’s going on in the world. He then gives to us the results of this immense work. That’s “understanding the threat!”

    1. All talk…nothing more. I’ve read writings (and own books by many of these folks) by the likes of Gaffney, Spencer, Lopez, and Guandolo. Books written, books sold. Articles and opinion pieces penned…and nothing….No action taken, no influence, no policy changes. These people only talk. But keep believing that somehow the masses are somehow listening and the ship will magically be righted back on course. We are past the point of saving as a nation. But….it sure makes great conversation via word press articles , talk radio, and certainly social media these days.

      1. BRCC66: Just curious, what suggestions do you have for moving to the next level in action?

      2. Self preservation. I think the past 3 years of a plandemic is proof enough to know our government is no longer representative of the people, or for the people. Though intentions by the likes of a JR Nyquist and others are noble efforts, in the end it’s not enough to change what’s coming. You and I and our own children have witnessed an invasion via illegal immigration over the past 20-30 years…but we will witness an actual military action/invasion here in our own land courtesy the other 2 world superpowers very soon.

      3. Well from my point of view, Mr. Nyquist isn’t a policy maker but he is taking action through what he writes, researches, and talks about. He is trying to influence the few that are willing to hear what he has to say. He is doing the most critical part; he is sounding a alarm that only a few people are willing to hear.

        He isn’t hiding behind some obscure screen name. His name, reputation, and his face are all attached to the work that he is doing and in this day, that takes some balls to do. I have respect for him and his work.

        I really appreciate what he is doing as it helps me to focus my thinking, my study, and my preparation so that I can take care of those whom God has placed in my charge when the balloon finally goes up.

      4. Edward Bulwer-Lytton said in 1839: “The pen is mightier than the sword”. In many cases it is true. Jeff is definitely doing his part!

  11. Hi Jeff… I’ve been reading your articles and watching your interviews for quite some time and deeply appreciate your in-depth analysis. As a person relatively more aware of the dangers of Marxism-Leninism and Communism than some others, but in no way even close to the level that you’re at, I have some questions.

    I do feel that your analysis above is spot on. However, I’m perplexed by the actions of the global and American leftists (who perhaps would be hated by Lenin as you stated), in terms of their support of the Ukraine. George Soros has a big Defend the Ukraine blurb on his website. The hard-left Dems in America are all on board with helping the Ukraine and seem to hate Russia, Russia, Russia.

    Yet: they are Leftists who seem to also love China and are advancing the cause of socialism, etc. One would think that they would support Russia too!

    Are these Leftists brain dead and unaware of the Russia/China alliance, or are they engaging in a riposte to cause a reaction among conservatives? That is: “If the Left is for Ukraine and hates Russia, then we should take the opposite stance.”

    Could American Leftists be so subtle? If not, what are they doing?

    * And…. by supporting the Ukraine, I’ve read that the US has drained its military / ammunition reserves. Of course, we should have been building them all along. But, is the war in the Ukraine being used by Russia and the Left as a way to weaken the US so that Russia and China could win a conventional war?

    Would it be more strategically sound to stop sending money and arms to the Ukraine and build up our defenses against the possibility of China invading the lower 48 and Russia trying to take Alaska and Canada, as I think you’ve mentioned?

    (Of course, with Biden, that won’t happen in any case.)

    In summary, I think your analysis about Putin, et al seems profound and correct. It would help, I think, to clarify the questions I’ve posed above, to make headway in discussion with conservatives about these issues.

    Thank you!!!


    Peter Falkenberg Brown

  12. Hi Jeff… I’ve been reading your articles and watching your interviews for quite some time and deeply appreciate your in-depth analysis. As a person relatively more aware of the dangers of Marxism-Leninism and Communism than some others, but in no way even close to the level that you’re at, I have some questions.

    …. but when I posted them, my post didn’t appear. Not sure what happened.

    Peter Falkenberg Brown

  13. Thank you Jeff for another informative and excellant article about who Putin really is. If conservatives had labeled Obama a communist, as they should have, Obamacare would probably never have passed, and the bio medical tyranny and genocide that resulted from COVID-19 fascism may have been averted. One of the common themes that you see all throughout the Bible is God telling His people to “Fear Not”. It is extremely costly when we give into fear. We need courageous people more than ever now. We must focus on doing what is right at all costs.

  14. This essay reminds me of a statement attributed to Lao Tse (or Sun Tzu) “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    Doesn’t this neatly sum up what you said in your essay? Our people don’t know the enemy, and often they don’t know themselves. So they fall for the many traitors in our midst, who speak our language with our accents, going about whispering falsehoods in our ears causing us to lose heart. Will we ever wake up?

  15. If the Ukrainian coup/revolution in 2014 was organic, then how do we answer those that say it was a staged “color revolution” instigated and supported by the Obama administration, particularly through Clinton as secretary of state? I used to believe this narrative but after reading your work and thinking critically about what’s going on in the world, it makes sense to me that it was in fact something organic and that Russia’s response was to flood the Donbas with Wagner group type folks and spetznaz, but the Clinton color revolution narrative is so ingrained in people’s thinking that I don’t know what the truth to be and I don’t know where to look for answers so that I can try to explain things to the few people who seem to be looking for the truth. I’ve started reading though the defector literature and am working through America Betrayed at the moment. I take your notes and use them as a guide to grow my library but any other sources would be greatly appreciated.

    The Russian propaganda seems to be winning to the point that people will accept that Ukraine is being led by a Jewish Nazi that has some isis fighters, because that is what RT tells them even though it’s easy to find that certain elements of Wagner group are white supremist and Russia is using Chechans
    as fighters who have a history of fighting alongside isis, Al-queda, and the Taliban. All of this is interesting to me because those same people would never accept “news” from NPR, which is only partially funded by government, but will believe every single thing that RT says even though it is completely funded by government.

    I’m trying to sound the alarm to the few that are awake enough to hear it.

    1. There was no coup in Ukraine. That’s Putin’s propaganda. I have observed there is nothing you can say that will convince those sold to Putin that what Putin has said is a lie. They are gullible and their minds are completely closed to the facts. To them, anything that goes against what Putin says is propaganda and you are worse than an idiot for pointing it out. After all, Putin is a Christian, and the Russian economy is soaring to new heights.

      When you have the Hofts, and Johnson, a tame CIA retiree, worshipping Putin, you know there is a serious problem. The path Russia is on is the road to perdition. The poor gullible fake conservatives will simply have to learn the hard way. The only question is what it will cost the country to pay their tuition.

    2. It’s very good that you are dedicated to educating yourself on these subjects. You will become a valuable resource for others. The color revolutions — in Georgia and Ukraine — were revolutions against the corrupt Soviet holdover structures in those states, which were keeping them under Moscow’s control. It is no accident that Russia invaded both countries after color revolutions. The United States under Obama was incredibly obsequious toward Putin and Russia. Putin treated Obama like an underlying. He lectured him for an hour when they first met. He avoided having a relationship with Obama, telling him to “go talk to Medvedev.” When Obama had to oppose Putin in Syria he was terrified, arranged a secret meeting with Putin, and begged him to tell him what to do. It is all in Ambassador Michael McFaul’s memoirs.

  16. Olavo de Carvalho’s translated works would do a lot of good to the American right, Jeff. In special, would put its intelligence back to the top of the world. Would protect against Russian propaganda. Would warn against commerce with China. Would lead to the prohibition of land owning by foreigners in the USA. Would keep gun rights. Would favor homeschooling. Would bring people back to church. Would convince about the problems of drug addiction. Would help unstable marriages. Would avoid suicides (really!). Etc.

    1. That result is a big assumption. There is a great delusion loose in the world, and those holding to it are invulnerable to the facts.

  17. A propos Brcc66 RE: Islamism

    Textual analysis of the Koran has clarified its provenance (not earlier than 800 AD) and source texts (Nestorian non-Trinitarian liturgies) of the Koran, thousands of “dark passages” of the Koran can be read now with the assumption of Aramaic diacritics which at some point where forgotten or bowdlerized. Bin Salman making public statements to the effect of constraining legal judgements to “only the high reliability passages” out of the Hadith commentary in the past year portends further reform and modernization in the near east, if only for its literate classes and preventing their brain drain. The scholarship first spearheaded in the early 80s has come to fruition, and these textual issues can’t be esoteric articles of faith for their priests to obscure much longer.

    Strategic import: demographically young Middle Eastern states facing mass apostasy from ISIS Koran thumpers and bed sheet attire for women in public doesn’t remove enmity Muslim enmity against Christian Europe over night, but it makes contesting the girdle of the World Island easier if Red China & Russia continue to chase Belt & Road ambitions. Were the effort wasted ‘courting’ China to moderate Russia in that half-century long Kissinger perfidy was spent on Iran, we might have had a ‘colour revolution’ worth a strategic damn by now.

    The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran: A Contribution to the Decoding of the Language of the Koran, Christoph Luxenberg
    Corrections in Early Qurʾān Manuscripts: Twenty Examples, Daniel Alan Brubaker
    A Challenge to ISLAM for Reformation, Gunter Luling
    The Qur’an: Misinterpreted, Mistranslated, and Misread. The Aramaic Language of the Qur’an, Gabriel Sawma

    Thomas Alexander

    Lloyd De Jongh


  18. This is an incredibly good and insightful article, packed with knowledge, great expertise and a level of knowledge in this field that is second to none. I don’t know anyone else who puts it so succinctly. Thank you Jeff from East Germany, the former Soviet colony, for this great text, which I of course long ago translated with Deepl and sent by mail.

  19. I once told a Russian that Putin is not a commander but instigator, which is why he is never going to be punished because he only gives out ideas and never orders that he would be responsible for. That Russian told me that no, Putin is a realist, that he does give orders as trusted commander and has precise strategy.

    I think the issue is in between, or that Putin knows who is the idiot Russian to instigate to his death at the Ukraine front and who is the trustworthy to give orders to poison someone.

    Similarly anti-knight instigators like Don Quixote are embraced romantically by western leftists and idealists. A Lenin person however would take from that story what is politically useful and discard the nonsensical rest. Certainly the totalitarian nature of the anti-knight in his folly against the page serves a purpose, a method to a madness. The ability of obtaining plausible deniability through feigned folly and mere instigation would certainly be exploited in the unlikely event that Putin would be dragged to the Hague. However there definitely are orders to poison this or that person that are carried out, as well as definite filtration systematic and professional processes going on whether in the Donbas deportations or the propaganda of Wagner trolls on Facebook.

    That conservatives so called do not want to investigate seriously the commandeer of those poisonings and nor look at the untenable filtration process in Ukraine or in social media, is absolute corruption, a corruption of intellectual laziness and easy self credit for making easy money on youtube instead of risking the hard and unthankful work of analysis.

    1. This is with the cowardly added Fudd caveat that an instigator like Putin certainly will leverage on the inherent responsibility of those in power out west, taken down by the same sort of beheading that took the Tsar down, blaming him all for being king and as responsible king. Fudds do not want to fee responsible for anything and they do not want to give credit to the higher “blamable” status of their own leaders than that of Putin.

      This talk of globalist cabal would not be occurring if our western philantropist fools did not take full responsibility for their own programs. To wit Putin does not have a “program” of global “philanthropy” he takes responsibility for to his own undue risk taking.

      The Perestroika deception is not an “awkward” plot to deceive per say, but simply a “common sense” adjustment to shine the light of responsibility on them and be discreet about one’s own program, its sucess, failure etc in terms of promise. Putin is a discreet globalist, the others like Bill Gates are blowhards.

  20. Not that this is any way to be construed as a defence of western government or our globalist overlords, but no way can Russia and China plausibly claim to be encircled by the US and its allies in any existential fashion.


    Because the US only has something like 10 army divisions, perhaps barely enough to invade itself, never mind vastly populated China or vastly sized Russia; its bases therefore are no more than a containment effort, or the artefacts of such an effort from a bygone time when the US military was stronger. The Russians and Chinese know this very well and are, as usual, being disingenuous liars by framing such things as “encirclement”.

  21. Interesting article:

    “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has reportedly set up defense mobilization offices across China in recent weeks—signaling that the regime is preparing for war against the United States and its allies, according to China expert and author, Bradley Thayer.”


    “The balloon, to my mind, was a signal: It was not just an intelligence collection operation, but it was a signal that the Chinese Communist Party is not going to leave the American homeland alone,” he said.

    “If war comes, they’re going to target the United States, in the United States—the American people themselves.”

    Thayer took note of Xi’s recent speech in which he took aim at the United States for the first time, calling it “an alarming development.”


  22. When you look into those globalist organizations, you will find Rockefellers involved in most of them.

    Q: Are Rockefellers communists? Are they suicidal? Are they, or the people they pay so stupid to work towards communist revolution, that will liquidate their own class?

      1. They employ the best thinkers to advice them how to preserve wealth and power. They knew since seventies the monopolist capitalism is a Ponzi scheme, prepared since then for a something in the line of great reset, that will cement their power.

      2. Don’t knock yourself out to try to get rich, in the process abandoning your insight.

        (A very colloquial translation of Proverbs 23:4)

        Doesn’t this sound like much of our business class—in their desire to get rich, they just throw away careful evaluation with whom they deal?

  23. There is about 2,000 globalists and close to 8 billion in population, they fear us waking up more than anything. They fear the masses finding out they live in a fake reality zoo, branded at birth, nothing but a bunch of animals working for them, living inside an electrical fence, that will zap you if you get to close to their secrets. We exist to be their lab rats to be poisoned in mind, body and soul.
    Those that wake up and realize they are in a fake propaganda world of lies and deception (The Truman Show- it’s been scripted for thousands of years by demons) are silenced and told they are mentally ill. We can only wake up through God given divine intervention-salvation, which is saving us from Satans hold on us.
    Psychiatry is nothing more than taking people away from their connection to God. The government and medical community is nothing more than drug pushers-a criminal cartel that uses their drugs to deceive and lead the whole world astray. “For by thy sorceries (pharmakeia in Greek) were all nations deceived” (Rev 18:23). They use their soul-damning drugs, drug abuse and addiction, chemical warfare, bacteriological attacks, weather warfare, to reduce the population and now plan to kill billions with it. Polio originated with lead and arsenic sprayed on apples. Most virus is just poisoning. They poison are water, air, food, drugs, paint, wallpaper, carpet, vaccines ect. We allow it! We don’t even have a clean soil, water, food, air act that protects us?

    We have been born into this mind war that only works if they control our thinking. They must keep us from the Divine connection that delivers us from their demonic doctrines taught by demons and we escape their traps. God gives us common sense, logic, knowledge and understanding through His truth and we learn to think for ourselves.
    Esther was connected to God and she prayed and new what to say to the King and made a way for God to give the King a dream that saved them.
    David a little shepherd boy had great power from his connection to God and in faith took action and killed Goliath.
    The whole army of Isreal was under the spell of fear from Goliaths evil propaganda. Without divine connection people are fearful. Divine connection makes you fearless and courageous and you will die to save others lives. Because that is what God calls us to do.

    You can’t be a part of this government and be innocent at the same time. Every person in the Government who is silent about these paid prostitutes, drug pushing, pedo mass murderers and not holding them accountable as they should, their watching as they plan and try and dispose of billions of people-God sees it, God holds YOU accountable. God gave you that platform to serve and save the people of your country and to die for them to save their lives if need be.
    Resign now and repent if you can’t do this job period.

    We are witnessing mankind’s final approach to their New World Order and you must not submit to it or to their authority or you will not be in Gods will and plan for you. You may not be able to buy or sell without their approval but you either bow to Satan or God-you choose.

    Their are no neutralities in religion we are either Christ’s and we live to serve and fight for Him and truth or we belong to Satan and live for him and serve and fight for his lies and dilutions that kill, steal and destroy everything he has his hands on. Birds of a feather flock together!

    Ask yourself whose work are you doing?
    Are you part of the problem or the solution?
    Because are children and all the precious poor children in their clutches, their walls, their zoo are worth this fight of us going up against the electrical fence- if we die we die. Most likely the people who built the fence will get trapped in it themselves from the fear of us awakening.
    All the fear they create is based on illusions.
    God says “do not be afraid” 365 times in the Bible-one for everyday. The fearless will overcome this evil and have the courage to stand and fight.
    Let’s see this faith in action and win our country back from the bottom up. Go take over all your local boards and tell your local Government and sheriffs whose boss-the people!
    Times call for you to Choose a side yesterday!
    They fear us awakening more than anything in the world.
    Thanks so much Jeff!

  24. It was reported long time ago – when Yeltsin took over (was installed by the CP USSR Politburo) to take over from Gorbatchov, there was supposedly a commission established to find out where the CP money went, headed by person name Burbulis…

    This is what was reported (the question is WHAT is the situation today – how many legitimate businesses and such like entities are under the communist control ? Is Pfizer one of them, or Moderna etc. ? So if this is so, it is better to ask – how many are not taken over [in secret] by communists, including KGB etc. agents ? How many honest entities are allowed to function now ?)
    Gennady Burbulis was in charge of a secret audit ordered by Boris Yeltsin in 1991. After the failed August coup of that year, Burbulis issued a secret report to Yeltsin. While Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev was begging the West for foreign assistance, the KGB was frantically transferring billions in currency and gold to various Western countries for the purpose of buying Western businesses to use as false fronts for subversion and sabotage.

    In addition, the Russians used communist funds to create at least 84 companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange. This economic network is growing, and operates in Austria, Sweden, Germany, France, the U.K., Belgium, Japan, Canada, the Philippines and the United States.

    According to the Burbulis Committee, the Communist Party Soviet Union (assisted by the KGB and GRU) transferred over $20 billion in assets to 7,000 bank accounts around the world between 1989 and 1991. The money was transported by Russian “diplomats” in diplomatic pouches. This operation was merely a small part of a much larger operation aiming at the penetration of key Western business sectors.
    The communist takeover of the whole world entails the subversion of all that would constitute any form of influence in any and all spheres of public and private life…the Antichrist and his communist henchmen…Moscow and Beijing as leaders…

    The quoted details were published in EU long ago so what is the situation now ?

  25. Breaking news: Nicaragua’s communist tyrant Daniel Ortega has cut diplomatic ties with the Vatican (which is ironic as this current Pope is showing on a daily basis that he is a Marxist himself; in the case of Nicaragua, Francis has merely criticised the neo-Sandinista regime as a dictatorship). Seen in context, there is a pattern here, as Nicaragua has already cut ties with the Netherlands last October, and is in full confrontation both with the EU and with the Bolshevik regime in Washington (another irony!), as if playing a lead role, or at least serving as a probe, for greater things yet to come. In the end, communism will certainly not be interested in an arrangement with Rome (or Washington, for that matter), however far to the left the Catholic Church (or Washington) may turn. It looks like a terrible foretaste of what’s to come: ZERO compromise with any and every bourgeois or even left-liberal force out there in the West. The world revolution does not seem to be inclined to take too many prisoners, or to share its coming power with these, as defector Yuri Bezmenov called them: “political prostitutes”. Quote, Yuri Bezmenov, from his 1984 interview conducted by G. Edward Griffin:

    Q: And yet, these people who have been programmed and, as you say, in place and who are favourable to an opening with the Soviet concept: these are the very people who would be marked for extermination in this country?

    A: Most of them, yes. Simply because the psychological shock when they will see in future what the “beautiful society of equality and social justice” means in practice, obviously they will revolt. They will be very unhappy, frustrated people. And the Marxist-Leninist regime does not tolerate these people. Obviously, they will join the links of dissenters, dissidents. Unlike in present United States, there will be no place for dissent in future Marxist-Leninist America [Bezmenov’s analysis dates from a time prior to Moscow & Bejing’s joint decision to depopulate America altogether]. Here you can get popular like Daniel Ellsberg and filthy rich like Jane Fonda for being “dissident”, for criticising your Pentagon. In future, these people will be simply squashed like cock-croaches; nobody is going to pay them nothing for their beautiful, noble ideas of equality! This they don’t understand, and it will be greatest shock for them, of course.

    The following article of October 2022 gives a good survey of Ortega’s recent confrontative diplomacy (that is certainly coordinated with Moscow & Beijing):

      1. Oh yes, it advances – like a machine. Just spent the last couple of hours going through a whole array of early 1970s’ fusion jazz, and what I always came back to was leading jazz drummer Billy Cobham’s legendary piece Stratus of his 1973 album Spectrum. Why do I find Stratus so particularly fascinating? Because its merciless and unforgiving groove, that just rolls on and on and on, seems to paradoxically base itself on all the psychedelic influences of the era and at the same time brutally cut through all those same influences, leaving nothing but the revolutionary movement ever ahead, EVER FORWARD!

  26. Excellent article.
    I am reminded of an encounter with two Russian girls while holidaying in Croatia in the late 2000’s.
    Neither of them had heard of Glasnost and both treated Putin like some kind of movie star, total idol worship…. I remember being quite shocked at the time….

    1. Curiously enough, also Serbia (and quite officially so) is on Russia’s side. The breakup of Yugoslavia was a ruse, and carried out for a number of strategic reasons (one of them, evidently, being that a multiplication of socialist states entering the EU and NATO also exponentially increases Moscow’s influence in these organisations for the sake of convergence, on Moscow’s terms, towards a “Common European Home from the Atlantic to Vladivostok”). They’re all still communists there (and like with the other official or covert satellite states of yesteryear, are longing back, to a horrifying degree, for the “good old days” under Comrade Tito). The late Christopher Story’s work of 2002, The European Union Collective: Enemy of Its Member States, provides extensive documentation in this regard:

    2. Sorry, I got your comment wrong in that I hurriedly missed that you were talking about Russians and not Croats. – But in Russia, it’s of course all still USSR, and the cult of personality that they built around the person of Vladimir Putin exactly matches all communist cults of personality of the past all the way into the present, from Stalin to Mao to Kim Il Sung to Ho Chi Minh to Fidel to Mandela and finally – not to forget – to Barack Obama!

  27. Thanks Contemplative Observer for posting the link for Christopher Story book.
    Jeff has done some good work on the John Moore Show on Tuesday and Wed.
    It is worth a listen. His patience shows up there too. At the end of the day he always contends for liberty. I fell for the Nuland narrative until I listened to Jeff.
    I struggle why Present Danger China would give air time to Robert Malone.
    Which camp does he hang with?
    Kevin Taylor

    1. Selected quotes from Xi’s speech have strong echoes of Hao-Tian’s oration from many years ago (I have read the English translation) that you mention from time to time, Jeff. The fact that Xi is now, at the present moment, using the very same language that was used by his idol is truly worrisome. I am greatly alarmed that it will come to pass as you have said–perhaps in June will be the day(s) of destruction?

      1. Russia has to win in Ukraine and China will have to return to its mobilization order which apparently was dropped or put on hold as Russia’s failures in Ukraine mounted over the summer.

  28. The captured Russian soldiers in Ukraine were asked where they are from in Russia, 2 of them both replied Leningrad. They still call their officers by their ranks and Comrade, as for example Comrade Major etc., and such like evident communist Soviet manners as if nothing has changed in Russia.

    The guiding principle is always – criminal communist Mafia must never be trusted in ANYTHING, all treaties and agreements and documents and promises MUST BE rejected on the sole premise that these are criminal atheistic communist Mafia and the only way to deal with their threat is to eradicate that Mafia once and for all…

    The term unspeakable slaughter of these diabolical monsters is the only thing they will understand, but there is no unity in the western countries and most of the political and military power etc. is in the hands of the communists or communist controlled opposition.

    But nothing is helpless nor hopeless because those who truly love God and their neighbor in true charity they will obtain true help from God…with the understanding that the only time communism was defeated was in Spain 1939 AD, and the Christeros in Mexico before that, both countries were back then still truly Catholic and those people were fighting Holy Crusade against communism, otherwise communism is advancing in the pace never seen before.

    Those who are not with Me are against Me (says Christ Our Lord), and those who gather not with Me, scatter…

    There is only one Catholic religion which is Catholic Tradition, the Novus Ordo Apostate Sect that occupies the Vatican today is excluded, her members and any other heretics will not be helped by God against the upcoming Russian and Chinese communist tyranny, as such perverted souls do not of their own free will belong to Our Lord’s Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation….RECONSIDER, time is running out.

  29. Hi Jeff, I would have liked to know what you thought of Ron DeSantis. Maybe you have already written it and I missed it

    1. DeSantis is interesting. He appears to be a thinking politician, and he is conservative. There is a question in my mind as to how much he understands the communism problem.

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