Despite the overwhelming scientific evidence that COVID-19 could not have evolved in nature and, therefore, must have been created in a laboratory, it came as no surprise that U.S. intelligence agencies released an inconclusive report about its origin.

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit[i]

It should come as no surprise that America’s intelligence agencies are clueless, because these agencies recruit their analysts and managers from America’s colleges and universities. As institutions go, our colleges and universities specialize in cluelessness. A university degree is, in fact, training in how not to see. Why has this happened? “The essential thing has gone out of the entire system of higher education,” wrote Friedrich Nietzsche in 1888. How did it happen? A political ideal, Nietzsche explained, has been substituted for intellectual cultivation.

Today’s universities, like the German universities in Nietzsche’s day, are about “a brutal breaking-in with the aim of making, in the least possible time, numberless young men fit to be utilized….” What will they be utilized for? Under the present regime, to save the alleged victims of inequality, racism and sexism. This is the service to which young women and minorities are dedicated (to hell with young white males). Nietzsche further stated that higher education was no longer “a privilege” and that “schools are one and all adjusted – as regards their teachers, curricula and their instructional aims – to the most dubious mediocrity.”[ii]

This, of course, is disastrous for the life of the mind. It is also disastrous for any endeavor which requires a high degree of intelligence, keen judgment and real knowledge. How does all this play out in practice? Your typical university graduate today has been given erroneous theories to parrot – theories that appeal to insecure people who should have never entered a university. These theories depict capitalism as a parade of predatory villains and America as oppressive and evil (e.g., just read Noam Chomsky). The left-indoctrinated individual of today believes in the wickedness of “patriarchy,” heterosexual norms, and white skin; yet they are clueless regarding foreign enemies like the Chinese communists, North Koreans, or the Russians.

All of this carries over to our intelligence community, which is made up of university graduates. The left-educated intelligence analyst has a blind-spot when it comes to enemies who are infiltrating our institutions and weakening our defenses from the left. They do not want to see China as a hostile power. Better to cast doubt on the theory that totalitarian states are militarily aggressive. Better to say that capitalism is responsible for militarism. Therefore, when called upon to trace the origins of the COVID-19 virus, U.S. intelligence is not inclined to say the virus was intentionally created as a weapon by the People’s Liberation Army. It does not matter that the evidence is quite clear. The intelligence community is made up of people who do not have clarity, and do not want to blame communist China. That is why this same intelligence community believed false testimony from Igor Danchenko, now charged with lying to the FBI to the effect that Donald Trump was a Russian agent. As yesterday’s headline in The New York Post had it, “Durham’s indictment is ‘bad news’ for mainstream media on Steele dossier reporting….”[iii] Indeed, the mainstream media is cut from the same cloth as the intelligence community.

So, there is a fundamental disconnect at work. Our own intelligence community is inclined to a perverted analysis. And here we are, locked into the same country as these unwitting dummies, who believe the communist lies, or the Russian lies, or the Chinese lies, or Igor Danchenko’s lies. And here they are, once again, flat wrong; but there will be no contrition. These are functional imbeciles whose native intelligence might have been rather high at one time. But if your brain has been twisted into a politically “appropriate” shape, a lobotomy by any other name is still vacant-eyed and drooling. And by the way, we must reject the idea these people are liberals because leftists do not value freedom above equality. Therefore, there is nothing liberal about them. They are levelers and reflect that which attends leveling; i.e., tyranny.

It is a fact that conservatives and non-leftists of every stripe, have been aging out of management positions across the intelligence community. I once spoke to a fellow who was high up in a domestic intelligence agency. A few years ago, he complained that his boss was a “Marxist,” so he quit. Each time this happens, and it has been ongoing for years, the institutions turn a redder shade of pink. All institutions in the country are therefore succumbing to the New Religion of socialism. The whole country, in fact, has been moving to the left for decades. This has been scientifically proven by Professor Tim Groseclose, in a book titled Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind.

We are presently witnessing a gradual process of transformation. Some might say our civilization is disintegrating. Thinkers from the nineteenth century, like Nietzsche, would say that the disintegration began a long time ago. We are now witnessing the catastrophic end of a long-term decline. Once again, it is an intellectual process involving the life of the mind. The transformation takes place in the arena of ideas. Since our educational system is defective, the human beings that pass through the system increasingly partake of those defects. Nietzsche said that education consist in three things: “One has to learn to see, one has to learn to think, one has to learn to speak and write: the end in all three is a noble culture.”[iv]  

Without this noble culture there is only a parade of absurd ideas passing in and out of fashion. Without this noble culture there is nothing classic, nothing humanizing, nothing truly rational. Furthermore, an intelligence community staffed from a failed non-noble intellectual culture is going to be its own very special kind of clown show. Those who do know how to see, think, and speak will not be welcome in agencies so constituted, neither will the truly intelligent want anything to do with such agencies; for a clown belongs in a circus while a serious person goes his own way. Furthermore, if a clown show extends from the intelligence community to the military, as demonstrated by Lt. Col. Mathew Lohmeier’s book, then you know the circus has really come to town.  

The university was critical in the conversion of all other institutions to the socialist path. To be sure, we lost our intellectual culture through a gradual process. The continued decline of our intellectual culture has been noted by many observers since Nietzsche. The study of classic literature, complained Jacques Barzun, has been reduced to a “purely technical” endeavor. “One studies poetry and fiction or art and music not to receive and enjoy a message, but to apply one or another complicated method, a method through which feeling and pleasure and meditation are pretty well excluded.”[v]

Bad analysis typically arises out of erroneous methods, usually pedantic and often beside the point. The object of inquiry is misunderstood from the outset, mishandled and inverted. The entire procedure is designed by the ignorant to impress the ignorant. The intelligence bureaucrat may have sophisticated-sounding methods, but he cannot arrive at a true understanding of anything. His methods are contrary to purpose. Thus, America has massive and expensive intelligence machinery, but it is entirely dysfunctional. According to “the most detailed public disclosure of American intelligence spending in history,” obtained by the Washington Post from Edward Snowden, the intelligence community requested $52.6 billion for 2013.[vi] And yet, the intelligence community cannot properly identify its enemies, cannot provide timely information on real threats like COVID-19, and cannot even admit that COVID-19 was made in a lab. The problem, of course, is that these agencies are full of miseducated, misguided, imbecilic bureaucrats who are disinclined to learn anything. As they are already paid “experts,” there is nothing for them to do except bungle.

America’s 16 intelligence agencies employ around 107,000 people. How many of the analytic geniuses within these agencies have noticed the worldwide advance of communism around the globe? – in sub-Saharan Africa, South America, Nepal, and Portland Oregon? Perhaps the ones who noticed are working as night janitors somewhere, having lost their careers. The institutions themselves cannot notice. A specific ideological flavor predominates. Therefore, the intelligence failures must continue.

It is interesting to read the words of the late James Angleton, who was the infamous head of the CIA counterintelligence staff from 1954-1974. According to Joseph Trento, Angleton made a series of statements near the end of his life. These statements explained, in a nutshell, what had happened to the CIA and American intelligence from the early 1950s on. Shortly before his death from lung cancer in May 1987, Angleton told Trento, “I realize how I have wasted my existence, my professional life. I was always the skunk at the garden party, and even your friends tire of that.” Angleton was full of regrets. He had been warning that the KBG was winning the Cold War.

“You know how I got to be in charge of counterintelligence,” Angleton asked Trento. “I agreed not to polygraph or require detailed background checks on Allen Dulles and 60 of his closest friends…. They were afraid that their own dealings with Hitler’s pals would come out. They were too arrogant to believe that the Russians would discover it all.” Yet the actual situation of the CIA, before the advent of Dulles’s leadership, was much worse, and is worth relating: In 1952 the head of the CIA, Gen. Walter Bedell Smith, was suspected by the FBI of being a Soviet agent. He was talked into resigning from CIA by President-elect Eisenhower in January, 1953. Smith’s replacement at CIA was Allen Dulles, who had worked for U.S. intelligence in Switzerland during World War II, and became entangled with a certain SS general.[vii]

Angleton concluded, “There was no accountability. And without real accountability everything turned to shit.” Angleton then reflected on the consequences of the agency’s lack of integrity: “You know, the CIA got tens of thousands of brave people killed…. We played with lives as if we owned them. We gave false hope. We – I – so misjudged what happened.” When asked what went wrong, Angleton returned to the theme of the rottenness of the CIA leadership cadre under Dulles, “Fundamentally, the founding fathers of U.S. intelligence were liars. The better you lied the more you betrayed, the more likely you would be promoted. These people attracted and promoted each other. Outside of their duplicity, the only thing they had in common was a desire for absolute power.”

Angleton concluded, “I am fundamentally a failure. I failed to protect the CIA, because there was no real desire to secure the place from the Soviets. I never understood the great advantage the Russians had over us…. As Americans we just hold no real value in secrecy. God, it was such a simple explanation.”[viii]  

Aside from the moral failing which attends all, there has been an intelligence failure; yet there has also been a failure of intelligence.

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70 thoughts on “A Failure of Intelligence, or an Intelligence Failure?

  1. Angleton – one of my favorite modern historical figures – what if’s and might have been – fascinating character – love the “skunk at a party” reference – great post Mr. Nyquest!

  2. Dear Jeff

    Hello from the UK. Thank you very much for this post. I would agree that the CCP who control China have been aggressively promoting its interests. However, it is not the true enemy of the nations but rather a manifestation of the underlying source.

    As regards Covid 19 the issue of a virus coming from Wuhan and a laboratory is incorrect. It has been used as an excuse to pull back from China the industrial base which has been sold overseas. The Chinese people are good a many things, but high tech industrial components and general high quality engineering is not one of them.

    Or at least we in the west get the poorer quality items which is why ‘Made in China’ has had a derisive tone for many decades.

    The ‘blame the Chinese for Covid 19’ is a divide and rule tactic to muddy the waters and distract from other issues including the truth about what Covid 19 actually is from the disease point of view.

    As regards Wuhan I have explained what has gone on in my post. In essence it revolves round the awful pollution in Wuhan in the winter as a result of temperature inversion keeping the smog in the city and causing respiratory diseases.

    Anyway, here is the link if you are interested.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

  3. No surprises, alas. Both Roosevelt and Truman’s maladministrations were shot through with communists. Not surprised that Bedell Smith was suspected of being a communist agent. Sadly, not surprised Angleton compromised himself to obtain his position at CIA.

    The more one looks, the more one sees the country has been built on lies.

    1. Yes. Martin says Fauci was trying to use a coronavirus as a vaccine vector to eradicate the flu and even AIDS. That was the reason development began, and why there are patents. The research was stopped in America because it was considered dangerous; but Fauci then handed it to China for completion. The Chinese saw their chance and weaponized it. Here the stupidity of Fauci is equal to his hubris.

  4. Whether it’s the politicians, the intelligence people, the justice system, the military leadership, the commercial crowd, academia and education, arts and culture, or journalism (a Fourth Estate-turned-Fourth-Disgrace), we are living through a dystopian nightmare in which the blind (and rotten) are leading the blind; in which these cohorts of cultural suicide prefer a “comfortable numbness” (that’s soon going to end) to manfully acknowledging the UNCOMFORTABLE realities right in front of them.

    The New (or no longer new) Tutankhamun’s super-decadent birthday bash at his Martha’s Vineyard mansion last August, the brutal Gabby Petito/Brian Laundrie horror story that unfolded shortly thereafter, as well as oil heiress Ivy Getty’s late-Roman wedding last weekend (perhaps the most disgusting wedding money can buy) are unmistakable signs telling us that we have now indeed reached the end of the road.

    1. Actually, Pink Floyd’s title “Sheep” from their 1977 album Animals might be even more fitting (although they shamelessly turned Orwell’s critique of Stalinism in Animal Farm into an upside-down, Marxist critique of “evil, evil” capitalism – but the sheep-versus-pigs/dogs theme remains intact, despite the band’s ideological distortions):

  5. Years ago I typed this.

    “Secret courts, secret warrants, secret investigations, secret budgets, secret rulings, secret rules, secret laws, secret regulations, and secret decisions.”
    “What could go wrong?”
    “It is a damn shame we didn’t have all this “secrecy” during the Cold War, we might have actually won!”

    1. The problem with much of the secrecy is accountability. It seems there has been poor oversight, and secrecy has been used to block oversight. It is one thing to keep secrets from enemies, it is another thing altogether to keep secrets from those responsible for checking abuses. Here is where we have failed to adjust our institutions.

      1. No oversight, no institutional integrity. As control goes out the window, in come enemy agents (i.e., traitors) who turn the system against itself – and eventually reduce an entire country, even of the magnitude of the United States, into a communist vassal state at the mercy of Moscow & Beijing. As long as there is communism in the world (as well as in every other instance), sleep-walking and burying one’s head in the sand is not a good recipe for national survival….

      2. Makes you wonder if the current leadership would withhold info that a “missile attack” was inbound to Hawaii?
        Excellent comments, both of you.

  6. Jeff-
    And all that is left is the final blow. We won’t be able to save the country unless we focus exclusively on stopping the jab, and prosecuting everyone involved, Nuremberg 2.0 style.
    Obviously, this isn’t going to be easy to get off the ground. I fear that their plan involves such total destruction as to make the arrangement of such a legal proceeding so unlikely to the point of being impossible.
    The jabbed who die are…..well, off the board.
    The jabbed who are seriously injured are discarded by society, and by virtue of their conditions are likely permanently useless to the social order even though they now can see clearly. Worse yet, those stuck caring for them or also effectively off the board.
    The jabbed who haven’t yet been seriously affected, have by and large been further neurologically damaged beyond their university indoctrination and add even more resistance to corrective measures.
    Even worse, while on one level it can seem that allowing the ignorant, stupid, and or weak to voluntarily remove themselves from the gene pool, is its own silver lining, the truth is actually quite frightening.
    96% of physicians are reportedly jabbed. Given the actual facts of death and injury unfolding before our eyes, is it a stretch to suggest that the US medical system is mere months from total collapse?
    Aren’t we witnessing the takedown of all skilled labor in the country?
    Jeff, you wrote to me once that you didn’t know what China was waiting for. That you expected them to hit us soon and to hit us hard. Perhaps they already have and are just patiently waiting for us to bleed out.
    Autoimmune America. The once great nation that attacked and destroyed itself.

    1. The incapacitation or death of unwary people is tragic, but maybe the lesson here is that only cautious thinking people will survive and will carry on.

      1. It’s almost as if the goal of depopulation is to eliminate the useful idiots who take the shovel and dig their own grave. I mean, the mandates still are voluntary for those who prefer Rights to privilege’s. Government has yet to cross the line of mowing everybody down with machine guns.

      2. Another 2 months has gone by without these mass vaccine die-offs everyone here is hoping for. Sorry to rain on your horrible parade. As time goes on I’ll keep checking in to remind you all that I’m fine.

      3. The adverse effects of the deadly mRNA Covid serum injections is not reported on mainstream media, ninety percent of which is owned by six corporations. You’re fine now, unlike many who are dead and severely disabled, but as the spike protein produces Prion Crystals, if you don’t managed to detoxify perhaps with the aid of anti oxidants, you are likely to develop Alzheimer’s, Mad Cow, and Parkinson’s diseases. In the long term, for those who survive that, AIDS is likely to ensue. That’s not to mention the parasites, magnetic nano-particles, and nano-bots or the transhuman editing of your DNA.

      4. Sorry, Radiofort, I hate to spoil your gloating, but we don’t hope for the death of anyone, not yours nor anyone else. Our hope is that an antidote for the jabs will be discovered, publicized and applied. Furthermore, many of us have family and friends who have taken the jabs and we don’t want to see them suffer and die.

        The die has been cast by those who took the jab, what will happen will happen and there’s nothing most of us can do to change it.

      5. Regarding the vaccines; I do not know what is going to happen. But from what I’ve seen the vaccines are not effective or safe. I suspect the number of injuries and deaths are much higher than currently admitted by authorities.

      6. Yeah, and I’m saying I’ll keep letting you know I’m fine. Seriously though, what will you say in 10 years when these horrific things don’t come to pass? In 20 years? Will your current paranoia be justified? Will you be glad you were so scared of nothing? Will you be proud of being so confident in your outlandish beliefs? Or will you possibly regret allowing yourself to believe nonsense for so long? Will you wonder about how you could have lived with less anxiety and fear? Less assurance that we are doomed? More hope that we are indeed loved by God? I feel sad for everyone here who will believe that the vaccine is some kind of weapon of satan for the rest of their lives. It really isn’t saving you from anything except reality.

  7. Most gracious of you to make excuses for the spooks. I’ve always noticed how they invariably muddy the water so that one can never be sure of anything, one way or another.

      1. They know more than they want you to know. They don’t want you to know that they know, or what they know, or what they don’t know, or what they wonder about. To call them imbeciles is to let them off the hook. Hyperbolic attacks are lame. I’d like to see you go interview a few of them, for the record.

  8. There isn’t any actually ANY evidence Covid-19 existed at all!
    Yes, it came from a lab, a computer lab that generated the sequences everyone is referring to.
    The sequence went viral, but purely in the electronic media parlance.
    It has never been isolated from a human specimen, purified and shown to be the cause of any disease.
    Everything we allegedly know about it was generated on a computer simulation and the rest has been pure propaganda.
    I’m with Dr. Sam Bailey and Dr. Stefan Lanker this one…..

      1. I would advise to be wary of Joo Peters….. Just like Alex Jones genuine information sprinkled with misdirection 🙂

    1. I had a friend who almost died of COVID. It was no joke and without using the antiviral protocols he would have died. It was no ordinary flu. So please, let’s not go through that nonsense that it does not exist.

      1. I had it too in November 2019. It was bad, but nothing novel about it at all. The doctor treated it as Flu prescribed antibiotics and Ibuprofen. Gone in two weeks.
        I suggest you follow up on my suggestion and check out Sam Bailey and Stefan Lanka.
        Never isolated, just emailed fragments of DNA sequences from the CCP, that is the undisputable fact of the matter.

      2. You have mentioned before, that the virus is engineered to affect certain people exclusive to others. Any clue as to what the differentiating factors might be?

      3. JEFF NYQUIST says:
        NOVEMBER 3, 2021 AT 10:38 PM
        I agree that Floyd was no hero. One point I do not agree, however: the virus is not a hoax. A friend almost died of it, suffering serious oxygen reduction and almost suffocating. He had no flu symptoms whatsoever. It is no flu. It is a bioweapon that does not affect everyone equally.

      4. Yes, like all viruses, different people have varying immune responses depending on past exposure to Corona viruses. I said nothing about the virus being engineered to do that.

  9. The coup is collapsing. There’s not enough prison space for the entire Deep State, but there will be Nuremberg type trials, and the principal of Command Responsibility will be applied to the dictators and those just following orders, alike. The FEMA camps intended for Patriots and so-called, antivaxers, will be for all the traitorous collaborators, until they all die from the deadly mRNA Covid serum injections, which they are so fond of pushing.

  10. If we claim that the failure in intelligence is connected with a failure in education, then we have to go way back. To 1840. When Horace Mann opened the first public school. Before that year, there was no public education. Yet there was almost universal literacy among free people. Literacy good enough to discuss the Federalist Papers. Education was the realm of homes and churches, where it still properly belongs.

    The next big step in the destruction of American education was John Dewey and the Chicago school. He built on and expanded the ideas of Horace Mann. Even so, it took decades for his ideas to filter down to local schools. In fact, there are still schools that don’t follow his methods, mostly church schools. Basically his method is to provide drones for the factories, knowing enough reading to follow simple commands, but not enough to think deeply. We can see this in the TV evening news, where the actors before the camera know enough to read the copy they’ve been handed, but not enough to recognize the banality of what they’re reading and/or the falseness of the information.

    University education has also been dumbed down where one is rewarded not on the basis of original research and thought, but on how well he can parrot back a professor’s ideas. That was already the case when I attended a university, and probably worse today. It didn’t matter if what was taught was illogical, self-contradictory, contradicted by research, etc., students are expected to shut down their minds and follow their professors. I found it difficult to deal with fellow students because they’d say one thing, five minutes later contradict themselves, then go on their merry empty-headed way not realizing they didn’t make sense.

    Students at all levels have been taught obedience, instead of critical thinking and how to challenge faulty ideas.

    So what can we expect from such students when they graduate and enter the work force? Would you expect them to think deeply, recognize flaws that would expose false actors, recognize motives from friends and foes and how to react to them, or would they just follow orders even on how to think? What does one expect from “intelligence agencies” filled with unthinking drones?

    1. Regarding public schools: All societies require obedience to authority from children. The question here is the training of those in authority over the rest of us. If such people are given a poor or improper training, the whole society takes corruption from it.

      1. Obedience to authority and critical thinking, though related, are two different things.

        Absolute obedience to authorities, any authority above oneself, gives us “just followed orders”,

        Critical thinking asks “Which authorities to obey?”

        Critical thinking connected to the Bible recognizes that God is the authority to follow and the government only in so far as it doesn’t go against God’s authority. In spite of the false translation of Romans 13:1–7 found in the KJV and other translations, there are other verses such as Acts 5:29, Daniel 3:16–18 and 6:11 that show where true obedience lies, and Ephesians 6:12 that lists “authorities” among our enemies. Further that God demands us to work for justice, a justice that is not mere personal correct actions, but working for societal and judicial justice Micah 6:8. (A note on translation: what is often translated at “righteous” actually means “just” in the original languages of the Bible, and “righteousness” comes from “justice”. God is a just God.)

        Public education inculcates absolute obedience to authorities, and in the case of Antifa and related groups, the authorities of their brainwashing into wokeness and group leaders. Critical thinking weighs the authorities to see if they work for justice, logical thinking, the good of society, public order and follows only those authorities advocating for these ideas.

      2. I make this a separate statement vis-à-vis what I see as a lack of critical thinking concerning the CCP‘s public statements concerning Taiwan.

        • The leaders of both Russia and the CCP don’t believe in MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction).
        • Therefore they are willing to start a war with nuclear weapons.
        • Taiwan has made use of its terrain to make themselves a very tough nut to crack should the CCP decide on a military invasion.
        • A physical military invasion of Taiwan could cost enough to cause popular unrest within China.
        • If the U.S., Japan and other countries join in the defense of Taiwan, that tough nut can become an impossible nut.
        • The CCP has advocated for Lebensraum for some time.
        • Taiwan is a small, mountainous island with little usable territory.

        Therefore, should not critical thinking conclude that all the CCP’s talk about Taiwan is just a smokescreen for something different, possibly much bigger? Like an invasion of the U.S.? And the fact that they don’t believe in MAD that the invasion would start with the use of nuclear weapons?

        But the authorities, the experts, keep telling us that Russia and the CCP wouldn’t dare to use nuclear weapons because of MAD. Further, that no country would dare attack the U.S. because of our powerful military. Therefore, the unthinking drones in the “intelligence” community take the CCP’s statements concerning Taiwan at face value.

        Just my 2¢.

      3. Taiwan is not important enough in itself to risk a war, or to be focused on. America and it’s destruction must be the military objective. Thus, our continued integration with China economically is potentially fatal. They will use this relationship to destroy us, and a biological attack may be the means — with the collaboration of our senile institutions.

      4. The Soviets were of the opinion that nuke war was winnable, and used MAD as an idea to limit the west, not themselves. The US left parroted the idea like the good little Soviet commies they were.

      5. In my elementary school days in the early ’70s, I had a class teacher (a MALE, can you believe it, and already well over 50) who always showed up in suit and tie! By his enormous build, he could easily have been a basketball player, huge in height and with incredibly broad shoulders. He was a very friendly man, child-loving, but also demanding as a teacher. Everyone respected him, and loved him at the same time. He was the kind of teacher able to contribute to a proper formation of young school children.

        Later, as I proceeded to “gymnasium” (the continental-European equivalent, roughly, to high school), again it was solely and exclusively the elder generation of teachers who were apt role models and much more competent in their respective fields, on top of it. The freshman teachers who were flooding in right from university and bringing with them their radical Marxist ideas were not only poisonous on a personal level, but didn’t really teach us all that much either, preoccupied as they were with ideology alone: Brecht, Dada, and even Bob Dylan lyrics, instead of decent literature, for one example. For every old-school gentleman teacher leaving into retirement, in came one of these scoundrels intent on bringing down society. I bet most of them only went into the teaching profession for strategic reasons, and nothing else.

        Perhaps, in retrospect, my favourite was my English teacher, also a rather elderly gentleman. He spoke with a distinctly British accent and frequently came to school in the classiest three-piece pinstriped suits one could ever think, pocket square always matching his tie! Though not British (or even native English speaker), he was full of admiration for the British monarchy, and whenever his elaborations touched upon Princess Margaret, he respectfully – and with the deepest regret – spoke of “the unhappy Princess Margaret”! THESE were teachers! After them came the destructors, who in no time did away with it all…

    2. In re Horace Mann, I posted this four years ago on Robin Eubanks’ excellent blog, Invisible Serfs Collar:

      A bit tangential, but I have been reading about Horace Mann’s bomb-throwing in the Massachusetts school system of the first part of the nineteenth century. It is absolutely astounding how contemporary it sounds. It appears he tried to set up the Boston common school teachers to look like failures in order to institute “scientific” reforms. (David Coleman, call your office.) In push-back documents, teachers referred to him as a revolutionary and made it very clear that they understood the implications of that term. Revealingly, Mann accused the teachers of being “deeply and widely deficient in the two indispensable prerequisites for their office; namely a knowledge of the human mind as the subject of improvement, and a knowledge of the means best adapted wisely to unfold and direct its growing faculties.”

      What Mann lacked at that point was effective means of mind-control. The science was very primitive. Did you know the mid-nineteenth century fad of phrenology “located” within the brain the center of that very important attribute, “self-esteem?”

      Finally, I have been blown away by the quality of the writing in these polemical exchanges. It sheds light on the calibre of self-expression during the Congressional debates leading up to the Civil War, the Lincoln-Douglas debates, and the generally high level of literacy manifested in the journalism of the time.

      End comment

      P.S. Odds and ends: The David Coleman referred to above was the point man for Common Core. Every time I hear the term “critical thinking,” I shudder just a tad. It came right out of the Frankfurt School’s Critical Theory designed to promote criticism of everything in the society they were intent on undermining. Of course, “capitalism” as a term was originally used as a pejorative, so probably I should just get over it…

      1. I think followers of the Austrian School of economics also used the term “capitalism” in a positive sense. It simply refers to the free market economy, or the system of capital investment that continually raises the standard of living.

  11. The recent Chinese blackouts could be a sign that energy is being diverted to their military production.

    1. Or “simulations” of combat damage and their response to it.
      And further stockpiling for war.
      What would be very interesting is their air defense missile system deployments.
      What they would be defending besides pure military assets.
      Wuhan, anyone?

      1. China was in recession before Trump imposed tariffs. Restrictions imposed under the Covid Live Exercise, put the United States in a deeper recession than it too, was in. The result of Americans being designated as non essential, and social distancing reducing essential business by sixty six percent, resulted in reduced consumption of imports as well. This reduced consumption of products, resulted in reduced manufacturing in China, and a reduced consumption of oil. This hurts OPEC as well as China. The US continues to sell bonds to foreign buyers, which supports the US economy. It’s as if the United States can endure the hardship better than can Russia, China, and OPEC member nation states. Does this have any further implications?

    Stew Peters Show Published November 11, 2021

    Finish naturopathic Doctor Ariyana Love says there’s new research out of Spain supporting the idea that at least some batches of the coronavirus vaccine have graphene oxide in them. She tells Stew that graphene oxide is included as a way to deliver nanotechnology into the blood of the vaccinated, as well as components of Ebola and the Marburg virus.

    1. Turmeric is a common herb available in the grocery store spice rack. It is an anti-parasitic, antiviral, antibacterial, antioxidant, and blood thinner. As it also lowers blood pressure, be sure to monitor your blood pressure if taking medicine for such. Organic is best.

    1. I’m not Jeff and I don’t play one on TV, but Biden has business dealings with Ukraine. That’s what undermines that he’s a Communist asset of Russia. Not that he’s not Communist, but he does seem to like money.

      1. The Ukrainian bureaucracy and managerial class is largely Soviet in its instincts and allegiance. The people of the country are not the government, and the 2014 revolution has not lived up to its promises. There has been no lustration in Ukraine and few meaningful reforms. The country is so constituted that Russia could roll it into a new union in two weeks. The politics of the country are not straightforward.

      2. Blinken says US is concerned Russia may be ‘attempting to rehash’ 2014 invasion of Ukraine
        By Nicole Gaouette, Natasha Bertrand, Kylie Atwood and Jim Sciutto, CNN

        Updated 6:55 PM ET, Wed November 10, 2021

        (CNN)US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Wednesday that the United States is “concerned by reports of unusual Russian military activity” and the possibility that Russia may be “attempting to rehash” its 2014 invasion of Ukraine.

        Blinken’s comments came a week after Russia’s powerful security chief did not deny that Moscow was moving troops or assuage the US’ concerns about Russia’s intentions during a meeting with CIA director Bill Burns, according to four people briefed on the discussion.

        Speaking alongside Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba at the State Department, Blinken said that the US is “concerned by reports of unusual Russian military activity,” and is “monitoring very closely” the Russia activity.

        “Our concern is that Russia may make a serious mistake of attempting to rehash what it undertook back in 2014, when it amassed forces along the border, crossed into sovereign Ukrainian territory and did so claiming falsely that it was provoked,” Blinken said, referring to Russia’s invasion of Crimea. “So the playbook that we’ve seen in the past was to claim some provocation as a rationale for doing what it, what it intended and planned to do. All which is why we’re looking at this very carefully.”

        The top US diplomat also reiterated the US’ commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence, calling it “ironclad.”

        In a post on his Facebook page Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the US for its support and for intelligence it had shared about the situation.

        “Our Western partners have provided data on the active movement of Russian troops along the Ukrainian border and the increase in their concentration,” he wrote. “Foremost, we are very grateful to our partners for this information. This is a proof of support of Ukraine.”

        He echoed Blinken’s remarks about Russia’s playbook, saying that “from [the] Russian side, we hear accusations that it is Ukraine that is delaying the peace process. … I hope now the whole world can clearly see who really wants peace and who is concentrating almost 100,000 troops on our border.”
        ‘Demotivate them’

        Kuleba also said the US and Ukraine shared “elements” with each other Wednesday regarding the Russian military activities. “What we heard and saw today in Washington, DC, corresponds to our own findings and analysis, adds some new elements, which allow us to get a better and more comprehensive picture,” he said.

        Blinken and Kuleba addressed reporters at the conclusion of a strategic dialogue that led to the signing of a renewed Ukraine-US Strategic Partnership. The Ukrainian official expressed gratitude to the US for deepening defense and security cooperation “to help Ukraine build its capacity to defend itself and also to deter Russia to demotivate them from taking further aggressive actions.”

        “The best way to deter aggressive Russias is to make it clear for the Kremlin that Ukraine is strong,” Kuleba said. “I have repeated on numerous occasions that Russian aggression against Ukraine will end on the day Ukraine’s place as part of the West is institutionalized and undoubted. Today, we have made another important step in that direction.”

        Blinken said the US would continue to “consult closely as well with allies and partners” about Russia’s troop movements. On Friday, the US sent out a formal diplomatic note, known as a démarche, to NATO allies providing them with additional intelligence and requesting further coordination in response to the irregular troop movements, a person familiar with the message said.

        “As we make clear, any escalatory or aggressive actions will be of great concern to the United States,” Blinken said Wednesday. He added that the US will continue to support deescalation in the region and a diplomatic resolution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

        Vigilant and resilient
        Kuleba indicated that finding a diplomatic way out could be difficult. Pointing to various Russian efforts to destabilize Europe — including its coercive use of energy supplies, “propaganda efforts, disinformation, cyberattacks, military buildups, an attempt of Russia to digest Belarus” — the Ukrainian diplomat warned that “in this complicated game, we have to remain vigilant, we have, have to be resilient.”

        The joint press appearance is just the latest effort by the Biden administration to demonstrate support for Ukraine, some of which has happened behind closed doors.

        Burns met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia’s security chief, Nikolai Patrushev, last week, as the Biden administration has grown increasingly concerned about Russia’s recent troop movements near Ukraine. As CNN first reported Friday, President Joe Biden dispatched Burns to Moscow to deliver a clear message to the Kremlin that the US is monitoring the movements closely.
        In response, Patrushev did not deny that Russia was accumulating military units in the area, according to the four people briefed on the discussion. That stood in contrast to the Kremlin’s recent assertion that satellite images showing such a buildup — including self-propelled guns, battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles at a training ground roughly 186 miles from the border — were “low-quality” and “fake.”

        ‘The big question is…’
        The exact number of new Russian forces currently staged there is not clear. One official told CNN that the number of units in the area has increased by about two-thirds in recent weeks.

        But US officials believe that the military activity in western Russia is irregular, multiple sources told CNN. For one thing, it is the off-season for military exercises in Russia. Some of the units on the ground are also a long way from their headquarters, said Michael Kofman, an expert on Russian military studies at the Center for Naval Analyses.

        “The big question is why are units from the Central Military District 3,000 miles from their garrison hanging around for the winter?” he said. “It is difficult to find an innocuous explanation for the military activity that’s been taking place.”

        Russian special forces, known as the Spetsnaz, are also on the ground there, two people familiar with the intelligence said. Special forces greatly expand hybrid warfare capabilities, such as psychological operations.

        Still, US officials and outside experts closely tracking the movements say they don’t see signs that Russia is preparing to invade in the coming days or weeks. They don’t yet see what is known as a “logistics tail,” for example — the supply lines that would be needed for any military to launch a combat operation.
        Those sources say Russia does appear to be positioning itself to be able to launch a military campaign in the coming months, perhaps as soon as January. Missing ingredients, like a logistics tail, could be amassed on short notice, Kofman noted.

        Following his meetings in Russia, Burns spoke to Zelensky by phone in an attempt to diffuse tensions, the sources told CNN. A senior State Department official was also dispatched to Kiev on Thursday to support those efforts.

        The flurry of high-level diplomacy underscores how seriously the Biden administration is taking the latest Russian troop movements, even after an earlier buildup this spring ultimately did not lead to a renewed invasion. Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have also been exacerbated in recent weeks by a deepening Ukrainian energy crisis that Kiev believes Moscow has purposefully provoked.
        “The buildup, coupled with the energy blackmail, does suggest a more aggressive Russian posture,” an adviser to Zelensky told CNN.

        Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said on Friday that the “scale” and “the size of the units that we’re seeing” from Russia is “unusual.”

        “We continue to monitor this closely, and as I’ve said before, any escalatory or aggressive actions by Russia would be of great concern to the United States,” he said.

        This story has been updated with additional reporting.
        CNN’s Jennifer Hansler, Michael Conte, Christian Sierra, Barbara Starr, Katie Bo Lillis and Zachary Cohen contributed to this report

      3. Ukraine pleaded with O’bama to defend them from Russia. O’bama responded that the US would honor it’s commitment to defend members of NATO, meaning Poland. Now, Biden indicates support for Ukraine.

        The US does have have a treaty to defend Ukraine from Russia, in exchange for the nuclear weapons which Ukraine inherited from the Soviet Union. The US paid Ukraine for those weapons, then Ukraine stated that the weapons were missing and not to be found. Ukraine kept the money.

        I don’t think the US ought to be defending Poland. It’s a bad idea for Poland to be a full member of NATO.

  13. Re “A Failure of Intelligence, or an Intelligence Failure?” ….

    No, it’s the normal “pandemic of people stupidity” on steroids — study (NOT briefly scan) “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective  & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at

    “The inhumane abominations, issued by the highly credentialed professional class of psychopaths-in-control and their lauded sycophantic minions, of “No Jews Allowed” and “No Colored People Allowed” of yesterday is the “No Unvaccinated People Allowed” of today.” (from cited article)

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