Whatever one may make of the above observations, I in any case believe the evidence is quite strong that elements of the U.S. government and the governments of other nations have been doing all they can to implant the idea of the reality of UFOs as extraterrestrial spacecraft in the public mind, while simultaneously debunking this belief.”

Charles Upton [i]

Congressional hearings on the UFO/UAP matter have taken place, and members of Congress have expressed surprise at the bipartisan nature of the hearings. Evidently the prospect of extraterrestrial visitation is the only thing that can bring Americans together.

Of course, not even UFO whistleblower David Grusch insists that UFOs are extraterrestrial vehicles, as we shall see. That leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions. But the biggest unanswered question is the nature of reality itself rather than UFOs. In fact, the strangeness of UFO encounters and UFO “physics” may have to do with the strangeness of the universe.

Most people think of reality as something that doesn’t disappear when you stop looking at it. They think of “real objects” in spacetime. They think these objects are only affected locally, through cause-and-effect mechanisms. But now science has called all this “thinking” into question. Bizarre as it may be, a Noble Prize in physics has been awarded to scientists who proved that the universe it not locally real.[ii]

Experiments suggest that objects are not influenced solely by their local surroundings and may lack definite properties prior to measurement. In other words, Albert Einstein was not crazy when he worried whether the moon exists when nobody is looking. To underscore the worry in this case, the Nobel Prize in physics was shared by John Clauser, Alain Aspect and Anton Zeilinger for proving that local reality is not what materialism supposes.

In Donald Hoffman’s book, The Case Against Reality, we are told that spacetime is doomed. Many physicists, says Hoffman, no longer believe spacetime is fundamental.[iii] What, then, is fundamental? Hoffman suggests that we are fundamental – that consciousness is fundamental. Given the high strangeness of many UFO reports, where consciousness seems to be distorted when in proximity to an anomalous flying object, an intriguing field of inquiry appears. If the sacred cow of “spacetime” has itself been gored by Nobel Laureates, anything may be possible. As Werner Heisenberg famously said, “Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think.”[iv]

Eight years ago, a former Soviet laser physicist told me a curious story. He spent a year working on equations for a superweapon. When he got to the key equation, something unexpected happened. “When I finished the equation,” he said, “God spoke to me. He said you will not build this weapon. And if you try to build it, people will die. And when we tried to build it, people died.” I asked him what this equation was about. As best as I can remember, he said the equation described the root reality behind everything. He said reality derived entirely from a hierarchy of mind, with God as the highest mind. The physicist said that God manifests the physical universe from moment to moment. In other words, human beings are lesser minds living inside of God’s creation.

Hoffman has suggested something similar. He says, “Spacetime is doomed.” Spacetime is not the ultimate reality. To use a technical expression, physical reality is epiphenomenal or secondary. Here is curious affirmation of the philosophical speculations of Plato and Aristotle. In modern times it was Arthur Schopenhauer who argued for the epiphenomenal nature of physical reality. Schopenhauer wrote, bizarrely, that “the whole body is nothing but the objectified will, i.e., will that has become representation … the will is knowledge a priori of the body and the body is knowledge a posteriori of the will.” Or, in a simpler formulation, “everything is will.”[v]

Such was the writing of a willful man. What is behind the UFO mystery? Angels, demons, extraterrestrials? Now our politics reaches to the edge of reality; for Congress has started an inquiry where the witness testimony suggests a coverup. And what is covered up? Is the scandal of spacetime’s flimsiness leaking out of the Pentagon? If the universe consists of a hierarchy of mind – how many levels of mind are above the human mind?

A former Pentagon intelligence official, David Grusch, has testified, under oath, to discovering a UFO crash retrieval and back-engineering program within the defense community. Grusch claims that this crash retrieval program has successfully recovered non-human craft as well as non-human bodies. He also claims to know where the wreckage and the bodies are kept. Whatever we think of Grusch’s credibility, he is not the first person to make allegations about crash retrievals. This is an old story, told by scientists and military men for the past 75 years. The mainstream has treated such claims with ridicule when they have bothered to notice them. But Grusch is the first military man to follow the legal whistleblower process. The internal investigative body responsible for overseeing the intelligence community, in fact, says that Grusch’s allegations are “urgent and credible.”

When Grusch first became a whistleblower, the attorney that represented him had served as the intelligence community’s first inspector general. This is curious, and vaguely suggests factional infighting within the intelligence community.

Grusch alleges a group within the government has engaged in murder, misappropriation of funds, evasion of congressional oversight, and other abuses of power. Some commentators, desperately clutching at a nonexistent respectability, are dismissing Grusch’s testimony as laughable nonsense. Anyone familiar with the history of UFOs is not laughing. Something is going on. Strange things are seen overhead, and people in the government have made mischief with it. And now that mischief is spilling into politics. Given the threats of nuclear war that we have been treated to in recent months, the timing raises certain questions. Is the U.S. in possession of super advanced technology that Russia and China know nothing about? Or does the U.S. want its enemies to fear this is the case?

Whether anyone believes Mr. Grusch, whether someone put Mr. Grusch up to this, we have the curious testimony of Commander Fravor, a U.S. Navy pilot who ran into a flying Tic Tac some years ago. Here is an excerpt from Fravor’s testimony:

Mr. LANGWORTHY: Do you believe any aircraft … of the United States could have shot the Tic Tac [UFO] down?

CDR FRAVOR: I’d say no. Just on the performance it would have just left in a split second.

Mr. LANGWORTHY: So, we have a problem here that needs further investigation. [Laughter from others in the room]

CDR FRAVOR: Yes! [smiling]

MR LANGWORTHY: In your belief is this flying Tic Tac … is it capable of being the product of any other nation on the Earth?

CR FRAVOR: No, as I said earlier, I think it defies current material science in the ability to develop that much propulsion. And I know there have been physicists who have done calculations [showing] it is beyond anything that we have.

MR LANGWORTHY: Well, either the United States has an adversary here in this world that we don’t know, or we have some serious investigations to do.

Congressman Langworthy asked if there was anything Commander Fravor wanted to add. Fravor said that the sighting of his squadron was the “most credible UFO sighting in history” because of the visual, radar and advanced censors that confirmed the existence of the flying “Tic Tac” along with its incredible performance characteristics. “These naysayers who said it was something on the screen – there were four sets of human eyeballs, and we were all very credible.”

Congressman Burchett asked whether anyone had been hurt or killed during UAP reverse engineering. Strange to say, Grusch answered, “Yes.”

BURCHETT: How were they injured? Was it something like radioactive type situation or something we did not understand? I’ve heard people talk about Havana-syndrome type incidents. What was your recollection of that?

GRUSCH: I can’t get into specifics, but you can imagine assessing an unknown unknown. There’s a lot of potentialities you can’t fully prepare for.

Then there was Grusch’s curious exchange with Congresswoman Luna about the non-human bodies:

MRS LUNA: Mr. Grusch, why is it that you refer to the phenomenon as “non-human intelligence.” Why not extraterrestrial life?

MR GRUSCH: I think the phenomenon is very complex, and I like to leave an open mind analytically to specific origin.

MRS LUNA: When you say specific origin, can you elaborate for those that might –

MR GRUSCH: … [just] keep an open mind as to what it might be.

A little later in the questioning we find the most important question of all:

MRS LUNA: …You mentioned white collar crimes being committed in connection with this.

GRUSCH: I have concerns on the interviews I conducted under my official duties of potential violations of federal acquisition regulations – the FAR.

This testimony, given under oath, touches on possible criminal activity within the Pentagon’s black budget. And while Grusch has no proof of crashed flying saucers, or dead non-human pilots, he has nonetheless claimed there is a budgeted or (perhaps) unbudgeted program which purports to possess, under lock and key, crashed flying saucers and bodies.

Imagine all that is wrong with the way this program — if real — has been administered. In the first place, how were the contractors handling non-human technology picked? Were the contracts accorded lawfully? Was the money appropriated lawfully? Even the Inspector General of the intelligence community thinks an investigation is in order. And we are told there are other witnesses willing to come forward; that is, if they can be protected from administrative punishment.

Does America have its own space ships developed from non-human technology? Perhaps it is true. In fact, the former director of the Lockheed Skunk Works became infamous for saying, “We already have the means to travel among the stars but these technologies are locked up in Black Projects … and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.”[vi]

Such were the words of Ben Rich, who said this many times in front of many people. Once Rich was asked how UFO propulsion worked. He reportedly said, “Let me ask you. How does ESP work?” The answer came back as a question, “All points in time and space are connected?” Rich said, “That’s how it works!” When Rich was dying of cancer, he supposedly told a friend that there were two types of UFOs – “the ones we build, and the ones THEY build.”[vii]

If that is true, I have only one urgent question: Do the Russians and Chinese have this technology? Please tell me we haven’t shared it.

Notes and Links

[i] Charles Upton, The Alien Disclosure Deception: The Metaphysics of Social Engineering (USA: Sophia Parennis, 2021), p. 151.

[ii]https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-universe-is-not-locally-real-and-the-physics-nobel-prize-winners-proved-it/[iii]https://iai.tv/articles/donald-hoffman-spacetime-is-not-fundamental-auid-2281#:~:text=Donald%20Hoffman,’The%20Case%20Against%20Reality’.&text=Since%20at%20least%20Einstein%20we,now%20suggests%20spacetime%20is%20doomed. [iv]https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/164668-not-only-is-the-universe-stranger-than-we-think-it

[v] Regarding Schopenhauer: Some readers will reproach me for quoting Schopenhauer because he is regarded by many as an atheist. I believe this is a misunderstanding. In his written works, Schopenhauer never affirms atheism directly. Schopenhauer has suggested the existence of a universal will in which we all participate as little wills. I would argue that this will could be understood as God, though it is not the Christian God. In Schopenhauer’s philosophy consciousness (spirit) tends to be equated with blind will rather than omniscience. This thesis is more compatible with Buddhism than it is with Christianity. Of course, Buddhism is often described as an atheistic religion even though Buddhism does not explicitly deny the existence of God. On the other side of this equation, we are now surrounded by Christians who affirm God in speech while acting in accordance with scientistic materialism. This fact has disturbed me more than Schopenhauer’s alleged atheism; for he, at least, believed in the primacy of spirit. What is interesting, in the present crisis, is how Christians, Buddhists, polytheists and Schopenhauer agree on one fundamental point: They all deny the primacy and ultimacy of the material universe. Therefore, they all stand opposed to the prevailing philosophical materialism of today. Civilizations have been sustained, for thousands of years, by polytheists, Buddhists and Christians. Civilization under philosophical materialism, however, is disintegrating. This is a fact which can be objectively measured by rising criminality, corruption, childlessness, insanity, and other dysfunctions. In my judgment, mankind’s continued existence is threatened by materialist scientism – an orientation that leads to despair, political dysfunction, and the monkeyfication of man (i.e., man as watchful monkey with no interior life). This is true atheism, in theory and practice. It leads to destructionist politics

[vi] https://nexusnewsfeed.com/article/geopolitics/lockheed-skunk-works-director-says-we-can-take-et-home


134 thoughts on “On the UFO/UAP Hearings in Congress


    A monumental UFO scandal is looming



    The decades-long saga of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) is barreling headlong toward one of two stunning conclusions.

    Either the U.S. government has mounted an extraordinary, decades-long coverup of UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering activities, or elements of the defense and intelligence establishment are engaging in a staggeringly brazen psychological disinformation campaign.

    Either possibility would have profound implications for democracy, the role of government and perhaps also humanity’s place in the cosmos.
    For these reasons, it is imperative that Congress and federal law enforcement agencies devote significant resources to investigating a series of remarkable UFO-related developments.

    Importantly, a third explanation for recent events — that dozens of high-level, highly-cleared officials have come to believe enduring UFO myths, rumors and speculation as fact — appears increasingly unlikely.

    In June, U.S. Air Force veteran and former intelligence official David Grusch alleged that elements of the U.S. government have secretly and illegally overseen a decades-long UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering effort. Two defense officials corroborated the broad contours of Grusch’s stunning claims.

    Grusch has stated that he provided a wealth of highly classified evidence to the powerful internal investigative agencies overseeing the Department of Defense and the U.S intelligence community, but he has not presented any such evidence publicly.
    However, the officials and lawmakers who have reviewed Grusch’s classified evidence are taking his extraordinary allegations seriously.

    The inspector general of the intelligence community deemed Grusch’s allegations that UFO-related information was inappropriately concealed from Congress “credible and urgent.” Senate Intelligence Vice Chairman Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) confirmed the inspector general’s finding.

    I. Charles McCullough, III, the intelligence community’s first inspector general and now an attorney in private practice, represents Grusch and sat directly behind him during a July 26 congressional hearing. It is extremely unlikely that such a high-profile lawyer and former top federal official would represent anyone making the kinds of extraordinary claims that Grusch is without robust evidence.

    When asked during the July 26 congressional hearing whether he believes that the U.S. government possesses UFOs, Grusch stated, “Absolutely, based on interviewing over 40 witnesses over four years.”

    Grusch continued, “I know the exact locations [of retrieved UFOs], and those locations were provided to the inspector general and…to the [congressional] intelligence committees.” Critically, Grusch stated, “I actually had the people with the first-hand knowledge provide a protected disclosure to the inspector general.”
    It is unlikely that Grusch, speaking to Congress under oath, would perjure himself so brazenly over such specific, falsifiable facts, particularly with his high-profile attorney sitting directly behind him.

    To that end, it is safe to assume that more than three dozen individuals did indeed tell Grusch of a decades-long UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering program, and that those with “first-hand knowledge” provided corroborating information to the intelligence community inspector general.

    One theory for Grusch’s allegations is that the individuals he interviewed became convinced that decades-old myths and rumors of ultra-secret UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering programs are true. However, given the significant penalties for making false statements to an inspector general, it is extremely unlikely that multiple high-level, highly-cleared officials would falsely claim to have first-hand knowledge of myths and rumors.
    Rubio and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.), a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, have stated that multiple individuals with first-hand knowledge of Grusch’s allegations have spoken to Congress.

    Rubio put it succinctly: “Either what [Grusch] is saying is partially true or entirely true, or we have some really smart, educated people with high clearances and very important positions in our government who are crazy and are leading us on a goose chase.”

    “Most of these people,” Rubio continued, “have held very high clearances and high positions within our government. So, you ask yourself: ‘What incentive would so many people with that kind of qualification — these are serious people — have to come forward and make something up?’”

    This leaves two extraordinary possibilities — that Grusch is correct and elements within and outside of the U.S. government oversee a decades-old UFO retrieval and reverse-engineering effort – a profound, paradigm-shifting development — or, to quote Grusch, “multiple esteemed and credentialed current and former” government officials “with a long-standing track record of legitimacy and service to this country” are engaging in a brazen disinformation campaign.

    For their part, key lawmakers are taking Grusch’s allegations extremely seriously.

    On July 13, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) introduced a measure that asserts eminent domain over “any and all recovered technologies of unknown origin…that may be controlled by private persons or entities.” It also defines and contains two dozen references to “non-human intelligence,” a term used frequently by Grusch to denote the uncertain origin of highly advanced technology allegedly retrieved. Such efforts are referred to as a “legacy program” in Schumer’s legislation.

    In an in-depth NewsNation interview, Grusch also alleged that non-human remains have been recovered from UFOs. Schumer’s legislation requires that any “biological evidence of non-human intelligence” held by private companies be turned over to the federal government “in the interests of the public good.”

    On June 22, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), along with Rubio and two other Republican senators, introduced legislation that would immediately halt funding for precisely the types of illegal, unreported programs described by Grusch.

    The bill also instructs individuals with knowledge of such UFO-related activities to disclose all relevant information. It grants legal immunity if the information is reported appropriately within a defined timeframe.

    Meanwhile, Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) and Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.), who spearheaded the 26 July congressional hearing featuring Grusch and two former naval aviators, are leading a bipartisan effort to establish a select committee to investigate Grusch’s allegations.

    As Rubio stated, if Grusch is correct, “there’s a group of people who believe that they possess something that they don’t need to share with anybody, including elected officials, who they view as temporary employees of the government.”

    Rubio likened such a dynamic to “an internal military complex that’s their own government and is accountable to no one” which, ultimately, “would be a huge problem, if it’s even partially true.”

    Although such revelations would shake public trust in government to its core, that trust might be rebuilt upon the paradigm-shifting knowledge that humanity is not alone in the cosmos.


    Marik von Rennenkampff served as an analyst with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of International Security and non-proliferation, as well as an Obama administration appointee at the U.S. Department of Defense.

      1. Jeff,

        You really need to give Steve Quayle a phone call. He’s up to date on this material, can give you the answers you want (and some you don’t – like the Russian and Chinese both have this technology as well) and answer the questions on the “beings” and their origin. You won’t be disappointed nor wasting your time. But stay away from Stitchen’s research – it’s Luciferian in base and incorrect in a number of aspects.

        Be well sir!

      2. An elaborate deception probably based on a number of serious category errors reaching back from today to over 500 years ago to the beginning of the modern age. Spengler said that Western ” Faustian” primary values imagine man becoming ever more godlike, eternally moving in an infinite universe. This is not truly correct, in my opinion.

  2. “Eight years ago, a former Soviet laser physicist told me a curious story. He spent a year working on equations for a superweapon. When he got to the key equation, something unexpected happened. “When I finished the equation,” he said, “God spoke to me. He said you will not build this weapon. And if you try to build it, people will die. And when we tried to build it, people died.” I asked him what this equation was about. As best as I can remember, he said the equation described the root reality behind everything. He said reality derived entirely from a hierarchy of mind, with God as the highest mind.”

    Respectfully, I am not calling into question Mr. Nyquist’s recollection of this incident. However, I *am* expressing extreme skepticism of the veracity of this Soviet physicist’s claim regarding ‘an equation that described the root reality behind everything.’ I would defy anyone with mathematical or physical training to present such an equation for scrutiny. This really strikes me as a fanciful claim made to entertain a lay audience.

    1. Another physicist I have spoken to said this about the book: “To the honor of the author, he is not trying to avoid philosophical and religious aspects of the problem, but bravely faces them offering his own interpretations and explanations. It is rather unusual for the Physics book, but the … hierarchical approach to the Universe imposes requirement of the existence of God….”

      1. This is one thing modern society has forgotten and why it has failed to generate great physicists as it did in the early 1900s (with the famous photo of all the dream team surrounding Einstein with the like of Bohr, Fermi, Plank etc.), and which is that back then they were philosophers first who then dabbed in math and physics.

        We have made them out to be in movies as some kind of math and physics nerds, and schools have emphasized these topics above others. With dure respect to my high school classmate and highly talented Field Medalist Cedric Vilani (who was head and shoulders more advanced than the best students of that class, let alone myself) who promotes mathematics and science at every turn, but has he understood that Pointcaré and others of his heros were philosophers first and mathematicians second? Interestingly Vilani has later entered politics and showed to be quite the naive newbie at it despite all his good intentions. That call to politics of course bely a sort of interest outside and above math itself, a philosophical calling, albeit one coming late and not as developed as it should be.

        And so the most autistic math talents of our times happen to not rise to the ankle of actual past geniuses who had connectedness with the entire universe in a timeless and philosophical manner, interested and developed in all topics and not possessed in one topic such as math in particular. These were the truly inventive geniuses, ie those capable of possessing math and physics as secondary topics instead of being possessed by said topics.

        After the 50s, except maybe for Faynmann, (although Faynmann only finished and completed or rediscovered the mystical forgotten works of Etore Marjorana who mysteriously self-disappeared so intelligent he was above all the others like Curie or Einstein), nothing basically has even been invented after in fundamental physics and mathematics.

    2. Well, here, one night be missing the forest for the tree. Ok, Jesus too said egregious things, but there is a psychological lesson in this. The lesson is that one should not be possessed by science but science should be possessed by one. Meaning that God should be looked at in science, not God the symbolic, but the real idea of genius and of possessing those things as a creator instead of being possessed by them as the created.

      Shia dervish muslims in India will tell you that djinns were beings created by God who were not perfect and not visible. They became jealous or were neglected once God’s final and perfect creation, man and woman, were created. Ever since there has been a sort of tenuous relation between those beings we cannot see (and which are energy) and ourselves. That tenuous relation has basically the same language that the djinn is a sort of incredible talent but one lacking the genius meant for man and woman in the image of God, because the djinn who seeks to possess people is actually created himself or herself and possessed by God and will never own and possess topics like man and woman are supposed to do when following God.

      It is not the actual content that should be looked at in what these physicists say, but the actual container they point to.


    Pilots Are Seeing Some Very Strange Things In Arizona’s Military Training Ranges:

    U.S. fighter jets are having worrisome aerial encounters in Arizona’s restricted air combat training areas, which fits with a broader trend.


    PUBLISHED AUG 2, 2023 2:54 PM EDT


    1. Monkey Werx US gave his Sitrep yesterday of this news.
      Basically, Restricted air combat training areas in Arizona, seeing encounters with small unidentified flying objects sometimes in a swarm like group (as many as 8). Advanced Drones possibly? There is a huge presence of the intelligence community in this area. Military operations, not aliens.
      Also the same activity on our east coast but not talked about as much as Arizona.
      Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Pax River, Norfolk…

  4. On my WordPress app, it says this blog was posted two days ago, but according to the comments, it seems like it was only a few hours ago. Which is it?

  5. The Old Testament book of Job referred to Orion and Pleiades as being creations of God, why? Is it possible that these are home-worlds of other races that are under as you put it the mind of God?

    I tend to think yes, and that the beings from these worlds are what we refer to as daemons, or gods. In ancient writing daemons were never fully good or fully bad. The Olympian gods were more like us with the ability to do good and evil. Could these beings have come from other parts of the galaxy to guide humanity?

    It is possible in my mind to reconcile the above with standard Catholic or Evangelical theology if you are prepared to accept at least parts of the Book of Enoch as scripture. Both Peter and Jude quoted the book of Enoch and Paul (or Apollos) hints very strongly in the book of Hebrews to an angelic hierarchy.

    If I am correct, then we know from the book of Enoch that the watchers were supposed to guide humanity and instead fell and tried to create families of their own. They also taught us the nature of warfare and other technologies. Is it possible that the current iteration of these “watchers” have taught our higher ups technologies that are way beyond anything we could imagine in their terrifying scope?

    Anyway, off to enjoy the day, great article once again and I have found this website helpful in understanding what is going on: https://uapmax.com/ although I disagree with many of the authors assumptions.

    1. I know this line of thinking. God never told us to prepare for a ET invasion from Orion or Xzibit, or Pleiades. He never mentioned mysterios beings from another planet. He never mentioned abductions of children in the night. He told us to watch for a great deception that would decieve the whole world. Enter ET UFOS. Our culture has been imbued with the idea of Et. Star Trek, Star wars etc. Especially the under 50 year olds..They are willing and ready for an explanation that excludes Our God.

      1. “They are willing and ready for an explanation that excludes Our God.” This describes also European society in the second half of the 1800s, which is why they so quickly accepted Darwin’s updating of the ancient belief in natural evolution.

        At that time people had only the Biblical explanation for the diversity of life. Secondly there was a definition of “science” that limited what it could study (a definition of “science” that was still universally taught as late as the 1970s). Darwin’s teachings were outside of that definition of science. But those teachings excluded the creative activities of God.

        Today the definition of “science” has been changed specifically so that Darwinian evolution can be called “science”. That change in the definition has opened the door to all sorts of beliefs and wild ideas to be taught as “science”. The only teachings not allowed in this new definition are any that deal with God and the Bible.

        Enter UFOs……

      2. David Grusch did not refer to ET aliens, which is even more intriguing. This means that his sources in the government do not know what these UAPs are. This strikes me as stranger still. Do they actually have anything concrete?

    2. Aussiep: You may find this interesting as it addresses your very first question. My parents would listen to this fellow in my high school years. Funny I remembered hearing this decades ago, reading your question. But, even as a typical eye-rolling teen, it caught my attention.


      Super amazing that all major dynasties saw the same constellations in the night sky. Ecclesiastical 3:11

  6. This is going nowhere. A small handful of legislators held a hearing, but the vast majority won’t do anymore than ever. The DoD isn’t about to say what’s what. This supposed whistle blower is some sort of shill. He prefers closed door meetings. That’s probably because he doesn’t want to be prosecuted for perjury. I can tell you first hand, if the UAPs want to let you know about them, there’s no stopping them. This recent movement is to seed the idea for a Project Blue Beam, but it’s not even the real Project Blue Beam. Then of course, there will be the real alien intervention in support of the pending dictator or Europe.

  7. Looks like some comments went to cyber heaven. I had a comment on here earlier to day, and a couple others were there as well, but are now gone. Such things happen, alas.

    1. The NSA censors this blog. There’s probably a way for the administrator to set preferences to block people, but if so, then why does Jeff permit so may trolls whom he ostensibly tries to kick to the curb? Jeff is probably technologically clueless, so I blame the NSA.

    2. There are 2 different blogs about the same thing. Jeff explained what happened. Your comments are on the other one.

    1. The other thread with the same title. Just like the junior members of Congress think that they are the ones to launch Project Blue Beam, as if there weren’t already a more highly advanced version, the original Project Blue Beam. Can you imagine when the fake aliens from the new Project Blue Beam, encounter the phony aliens of the original Project Blue Beam. “I’m the real alien,” “No you aren’t, I am the real ET.” Then, the real inter dimensional beings show up, and nobody cares.

      1. This one is called: On the UFO/UAP Hearings in Congress

        The other is called: The Congressional UFO/UAP Hearings

      2. Like that Star Trek with Frank Gorshin in a double role. One alien’s face was white on the right side and black on the left, and the other alien was black on the right side and white on the left?

    1. I am afraid to close any of them. It got so messed up so fast, and I am traveling this week, I have not been in a position to solve this.

  8. Very interesting essay to think about. What if these objects are some sort of projections? Like a laser that is controlled through technology allows you to observe it on radar, computer, and in the air?

    For me, my personal opinion is that God created us. Our planet is perfectly situated for life. No other planet like ours has yet been found either in this galaxy or anywhere else. Eric Metaxas’s book “Is Atheism Dead?” does an excellent analysis of the science and why even if the algae were missing from the our oceans, human beings wouldn’t be here.

    I agree with your observation Christians, Buddhists, Polytheists and even Schopenhauer stand against objective materialism. More importantly, you are correct that since our culture has embraced this scientism materialism, we’ve been on the downward spiral as a civilization.

    Knowing that, we should be able to reverse engineer and course correct. It’s time to shine our light in the darkness.

    1. You think our understanding of Quantum Physics is advanced enough to comprehend such technology even if we had it on hand to examine?

      1. Well, not just technology, George Devereux who quoted extensively Margaret Mead was of the opinion that relationship between father and son or doctor and patient was much like quantum mechanics. If one tried to define the other, there was immediate resistance and change of behavior by the mere mutual observation. The observation skews inherently the position and velocity of the measured during the interaction between the two. There is no such thing, thus, as “white lab coat” medicine. This is an extension of puritan schizophrenia. It is better to assume there is an anxiety during the interaction and measure those anxieties so as to recompute the data accordingly by taking into account the disturbances, than claim there never were any with the perfectly pure instrument. That never happens and is balderdash excuses for scientific abuse such as experiments on lab rats who however will never behave in a cage as they behave in the wild. The container is inherently part of our character.

        What is annoying with this UFO current clap trap is the sort of belief it is trying to shape, which is as JR Nyquist indicates , that we ALWAYS have interacted with them, holistically so, because we all know deep inside we are observed by a higher being and act accordingly even when not seen by others, Yet we are here to believe we have been “unknowingly” observed by something using instruments on ourselves at our depends. This is hogwash. This is another puritan medical like attempt at making us believe that we need to discard holistic understandings of these interactions and instead submit to the “fact” finding process imposed on us, politically correctly and in reverence to these strange science abusing schizo mysticists in hiding who want the interaction of influence to be exclusively between them and us.

        Just as feminist independence is now revealing to be a fraud independence only applicable when it comes to deal with ancient traditions but one slave to “science abusing” strange men like in 50 shades of Grey, now our so called independence from God is going to be revealed as one proning in fact absolute dependence and worship of a new religiius cult which will not tolerate anxieties and forces of transfer between self and authority but themselves.

        Every humiliation such as this one of enslaving requires as a response provocation, and one of them is to switch allegiances and interest from “them, ie. go worship pagan gods or God Himself, to their faces, to trigger them and make them realize we do not submit to them like convenient little dogs to be neglected and then called back with a whistle whenever, and that the only submission they will get will be easily replaced anyways by Chatgpt type AI echochamber.

    2. I agree, Earth is uniquely designed for advanced human life. The timing, elemental composition, placement of moon, its size, outer planets, asteriod belt, etc. Our specific placement in our galaxy, at our specific time were astronomical observation of the entirety of of the history of universe is possible, in the middle of the 100,000 year period( out of billions of years) when our sun is in its most stable, least solar flaring, when our super massive black hole is at its least active phase, where its orders of magnitude smaller than most galaxies black holes…Thats just the start. Even atheist scjentists are conceding to the rare Earth idea. I dont believe there are ETs, I dont believe the UFO phenomenon is anyghing but fallen angel activity, and human effort to exploit it.The bible never tells us to be wary of God created, extra terrestial sentient life messing around, disabling our ICBMs, abducting people, sowing confudion. It does tell us about fallen angels and Satan trying to contaiminate the human genome. Genesis 6:1. Its not expounded upon in that book because it was understood. Jude, Peter in canon, nearly quoting extra canonical texts about fallen angel activity. If you go outside most canon, there is Enoch 1, Jasher, ect, talking about this. Earth is unique, there is no way for intelegent life to evolve on some other planet, or travel here. I suggest everyone start following Dr. Hugh Ross and his team at Reasons.org. The evidence for Earths purpose to deal with the problem of sin is clear. The Uviverse must be exactly the way it is, from total mass, size, elemental composition, TO MATER TO dark matter ratio- the latter the most compeling agruement for fine tuning.

  9. SUMMARY of

    A Report Prepared for the COMMITTEE ON LONG-RANGE STUDIES
    Washington, D .C.
    December 1960



    4. Though intelligent or semi-intelligent life conceivably exists
    elsewhere in our solar system, if intelligent extraterrestrial life is
    discovered in the next twenty years, it will very probably be by radio
    telescope from other solar systems. Evidences of its existence might also
    be found in artifacts left on the moon or other planets. The consequences
    for attitudes and values are unpredictable, but would vary profoundly in
    different cultures and between groups within complex societies; a crucial
    factor would be the nature of the communication between us and the other
    beings. Whether or not earth would be inspired to an all-out space effort
    by such a discovery is moot: societies sure of their own place in the universe
    have disintegrated when confronted by a superior society, and others have survived even though changed. Clearly, the better we can come to understand the factors involved in responding to such crises the better prepared we may be.

    –Dr Margaret Mead

    1. Mead was a well known ethnologist, I believe. Her work contributed to Ethnopsychiatry as a critique of our own society and its ethnic mental illnesses. I find it interesting that she was into UFO ethnology. Indeed, the UFO clap trap might be a sort of self demoralizing self psyop as often suicidal bipolar types have a combo of viewing themselves in all powerful grandiosity to dominate others while the flip side is they are miserable and suicidal and will quickly seek to rationalize this behavior by adopting self-demoralizing cults like these that obtain their full obedient submission while displaying empowerment and acts of “idenpendence” when dealing with more soulful people,

  10. Materialism is indeed quite an empty realm of thinking, sort of death before death. What an Ethnopsychiatrist has alluded to is that we are currently creating with technology, the internet etc. the very spiritual entities we tired to destroy and say did not exist, unconsciously and thus more effectively.

    He claims that the war on drugs has been a war on certain spiritual beings that South American Indians talked to with herbs and that as a revenge for this denying their children access they are making America addicted and worshipping those drugs. Pharmacy and modern medical system has become a primary means of colonization by destroying the holistic method of medicine and replacing it with modern medicine. We saw this in Covid in how Asians holistically found Hydrochlorine effective against covid as part of a cocktail and how modern medicine rejected that until its effects and process were “proven” all the while sabotaging any attempt at proving it. This process against Chinese medicine caused a big fight between holistic Chinese medicine followers and the newly formed western educated chinese doctor. There litteraly was a battle that was fought under the KMT between the two camps, Strangely, while the coming of Mao seemed to initially encourage the traditional camp, he too later crushed and persecuted the like of acupuncture practices so much so thwt acupuncture could only be found to be researched later in small Chinese communities overseas.

    In any case, now we go literally stealing the wealth of information these ancient networks developed, so to speak, and reselling it to them under pill form while denying them the ability to keep their ancient practice and memory wealth in medicine. With the advent of test tube babies, it so happens that the scienticists and materialists who keep saying there are no gods happen to make themselves gods by literally fabricating humans from A to B, and not just physically, but by the sheer fact they insist on their progeny to come back to them as if a father or spiritual father, threatening anyone practicing what he calls the polytheist aspect of medicine. Now, many illnesses find no cure until someone goes out and figure a cure by looking elsewhere than the current medical system. You have arabs living in the west acting pathologically until they are enjoined to talk to the djinns while all our psychiatry has been doing was suppress whatever was going on in their head instead of opening the communication.

    For example the cellphone, and especially the iPhone, has replaced the amulet we keep with ourselves all the time. The fact that we talk with earbuds while walking is also something the ancients did all the time talking to spirits. He also claims no intelligence is not artificial, that all our thoughts and ideas are not new at all and anyone’s way of thinking is completely artificial.

    For example, for ages medicine, religion and art were intertwined, to the point that if you went to see a play relating a story of your ancient relatives, it was a bit of healing medicine and worship, Meanwhile the religious ceremony also contained elements of performance and medicine. And going to the doctor or shaman one was further initiated in the religious figures and their actions at a distance. And so, on the surface, modernity has completely split all these three. A doctor will dismiss church as a separate “symbolic” activity and the movie theater as pure entertainment and nonsense, which is strangely is more and more, and, yet, wokism of late and this weird corporate bigbrotherism in bureaucrat Marxism in the theaters has shown that this wicked medicine is actually entertwined with politics, the worship of deep state skullduggery bureaucrats (notably law and order movie propagandas) and doctors and churches that more and more adopt this wokist balderdash abusing science by applying erroneous fantasy models on society, trying to correct it cybernetically, which makes things worse.

    The only reason communists like Marx succeeded is precisely because their cynicism dismissed their own theories. Thus these true Marxists, so to speak, happen to not apply at all marxism on themselves and any abuse usage of science. Only the idiots try to apply it like apprentice sorcerers. Marx, by mocking others following his cult since his cult for him was just an object and virtual kabalistic amulet like instrument, a lure to bring idiots together and make him dictator, cynically avoided himself the sort of abuse of science he proned, We see this nowadays with our idiots who cannot make a difference between average temperature and standard deviation of temperature. A stable increase in average should not be cause for alarm but only sensible relocation of crops, and certainty not for applying prescriptions the way we treat a psychiatric patient hearing voices with a medical treatment potentially making the person more unstable. All is going to happen is that instead of canceling the weather, we will feed into it like a pilot feeding into turbulences when fighting them to the point of breaking their aircraft. This is proof that ethnically we have become schizophrenic, that society is mixing everything up, just as happens with a specific idiosyncratic patient.

    In other words, this UFO confusion perception is yet another example of modernity’s ethnic schizophrenia between the magical and the scientific and how it is an extension of modernity’s weird religious practices of thinking that with some technology and abuse of science we can fix this or that conveniently without a negotiated (with gods?) weathering of storms. There are intentions and wills out there, much as the Indians understanding the uterus being a special organ with its own intensions that contained an entry for woman and one for man, and yet one from the spirit embodying the uterus. In that respect the concept of conception by the Holy Spirit, a concept laughed at nowadays, was quite the rational common beliefs back then and not at all extraordinary,

    People knew with us as content, we were inside a container simply because container forms content. Even bad content eventually finds sense in a good ground and container. Bad organization , demoralizing systems etc will however crush the best souls, just as Hosea had to learn the hard way when God told him Israel was a prostitute and he would marry himself a prostitute to learn what it does.

    To wit how we nowadays house workers and transport goods in uncaring looking boxes vs traditional societies that shaped those boxes with ornaments and whose architectural designs in Yemen included an entrance to the house for women and one for men. Modern uncaring in container making is uncanny as it not only is a prerogative of soul selling “western efficiency” but also actually mandated in ugly architecture socialist of countries that dismiss the “container-spiritual” in life and only focus on the existential of production and content.

    The sort of puritan like pursuit for “perfect” science and medical proof of process and effect of compounds in their materiality had completely dismissed the magical aspect of it. The soul selling involved, and, yet, paradoxically has become a religion of sorts, a possession. The medical welfare system has also itself acted not as a free medicine provider but something more akin to prevent you from obtaining other forms of medicines in an extremely controlled manner. The whole schizophrenia is that while the ancients perfectly knew various chemical poisons and chemotherapeutic plants, they also understood some plants as being none of that and magical. These people were not stupid, We are the stupids who barely are now starting to understand the placebo effect after injecting in patients addicted to pain medicines now and then unknowingly water instead of morphine and getting the same pain relief effect. Also things like the pill have a huge psychological and spiritual side effect which is essentially the psychiatric “suppression” of anxieties and “voices”, notably those coming from a baby with a different personality than our own or that of the medical community’s. The pill is not just a chemotherapy but completely political, and not so regarding “women’s independence”, but a specific form of independence from ancient traditions. To wit, Indian women have long practiced psychogenic abortions, and so the “invention” of the “morning after pill” is a fraud, so to speak, because this capability always holistically and politically existed without that hormone.

    In short, that UFO thing underlies the creation of a huge mysticist bureaucracy on our hands. To me it starts souldning more snd more like the Climate Change clap trap with all its trappings of fundings snd taxation for a nomenclatura of so called experts and bureaucrats who instead of striving toward a more integrated and representational nation, want instead the “magic wand” of having secretaries and plantation subordinates providing them on command the things they need to make their office clean and with no concern outside of that, thus localist and schizophrenic to their own selves only and not the greater purpose and mission.

    There is something extremely pathological in how “UFO tech” is being touted out there as some kind of little toy for a schizo adolescent encouraged to do away with the reality of the container, and that, to his peril. We went from being children with uncles and grandmothers as additional sources of wisdom and creating a family container where the personalities of mother and father were part of these personalities and the child allowed his own personality without a particular tension with mom and dad uniquely, to now single mothers being praised or even testtube designer baby parentlessness hailed, litterally human fabrication by conglomerates like Monsanto grain, feeding fake grain to fake individuals, so to speak, all in the blend schizo localist image of the science abusing idiots in charge of those conglomerates deep state Marxist bureaucracies acting as the chicom big brothers of these corporate corrupt and greedy thugs like Bill Gates who reject due process in monopoly cases and instead prefer to do the bidding of some communist bureaucrat only temporarily favoring him as a contractor-genius, only to be robbed later.

    1. There is an extensive bureaucratic demoralization effort currently underway in the armed forces. The political controversies over, say, wokism in the military has nothing to do with diversity but with a language of privileging the authority of useless bureaucrats running offices with their own fiefdom and jurisdictions, as if powers and privileges fairly redistributed for loyal behavior toward corrupt rulers, than of an integrated force working together outside those obsolete jurisdictions. The Navy is particularly bad in terms of allowing a supervisor to completely own a subordinate and thus prevent innovation and initiative. The school of Top Gun in particular, was not created to build crack “super pilots”, as the movie propaganda portrays it, but so that a place for pilots could exist outside the bureaucracy so pilots could integrate instead of focusing to much effort on disastrous politics of promotion.

      I have seen people in the military spend more time collecting “achievements” doing obsolete things the way a school boy earns points everytime he is seen refilling a multiplication table for the nth time, than actually working on the force.

      And so these culturally and now bureaucracy demoralized second Chinese generation ancestry kids can easily be captured by foreign chicom pausing as their elders capable of reconnecting them to their culture, to redeveloped connections, and to also escape the bureaucracy by doing something technically thrilling such as studying the inside of the boats for them – even for free! I mean, imagine that, the smart post-chinese american guy is being discouraged from studying his boat and integrating the force better, and yet finds some spy abroad encouraging him on studying that stuff and feel more useful integrating the Chinese force! This is an instantaneous capture opportunity by Chinese intel. This is how IsiS recruited too, by the way, because West European republic type nations demoralized their ethnic cultural wealth as being “superstitious” and replaced it instead with a soul stealing modern one.

      It is not clear thus if the DOJ went after this particular spy (as the schizo local politics localist minded DOJ has constantly ignored other spies when they voted Obama) because he spied or if it was a rebellion against the bureaucracy! Bureaucracy the DOJ sees eye to eye with the Chicom bureaucratic Marxist concepts. Again, woke marxism is only an imaged way of saying redistributed forms of ethnic racial privileges count, this sort of soulless potemkin culture in colors only you would see in Chinese capo Uyghur who perform by rote traditional dances but without the “intelligence” behind it, not the genuinely diverse cultures integrating with actual real gods.

    2. When I was in (early 70s), a man married to a foreign national could not become an officer. Now we let the foreign born handle classified material. As Bob Whitaker, a Reagan appointee, used to say, stupidity carries the death penalty and there are no stays of execution.

  11. Off topic, but you once answered me that you had sources inside of Russia reporting about Sakharov’s “strange” relations with the authorities. Could you briefly say what those sources told you please ? Thank you for all your work..

  12. What the motifs involved in this UFO–related matter tell me is that the new age or neo-spiritualism mentality René Guénon talked about in his books, and explained in great detail in way of philosophy of history, such went a long way. It is significant that Schopenhauer was openly and purportedly influenced by Eastern philosophy (a trait of the Theosophical-influenced neo-spiritualism outlook of modernity), and his actual grasp of Eastern traditions (as observed by Guénon) was basically and typically insignificant.

    This extraterrestrial stuff was pretty much a matter common to spiritualism séance revelations (Guénon mentions in his book on spiritualism there was this minor genre of literature in spiritualism in which life in other planets was described with a curiously prosaic ordinary quality), and Theosophy. The David Icke reptilians theory is said to be a recognizable, if more or less indirect, borrowing from the primitive Theosophy literature.

    In his book The Reign of Quantity and The Signs of the Times, Guénon tried to explain neo-spiritualism, which entails interest in things (associable for instance with relatively prominent new ager influencer David Wilcock) like remote viewing, telepathy, ETs, transitioning to a coming 5th dimension (in a kind of subliminal materialization of spiritual achievement); is a kind of logical prolongation of secular adherence to materialism. Materialism protects people from pejorative spiritual influences and superstitions in a certain sense, but that does not last long, for it afterwards gives occasion/serves as formal cause of unleashing strong repressed tendencies which are even worse than the percieved spiritual threats materialism began for the sake of guarding against. The whole neo-spiritualism predictable development outlined by Guénon in his magnum opus(The Reign of Quantity and The Signs of the Times), tragical as it is (especially in light of Dr. Stanley Montieths remarkable saying that Theosophy “influenced every aspect of our lives”), will nevertheless serve a greater purpose in the order of Providence.

    1. By the way it is relatively easy to trace an anecdotal onnection between the World Social Forum, a Latin American international Marxist-influenced gathering, and certain new age activism tendencies. Another instance, Graham Hancock’s new ageism is tied to environmentalism (Pascal Bernardin documented environmentalism is tied to communist block interests) and the support for drug consumption (Red Cocaine from Joseph Douglass). This new ageism is also seemingly, if relatively, tied to the kind of political narrative of focusing on Western elites role in bringing about nefarious plans, to the detriment of calling attention to the Russian/Chinese elites plan. The new age movement serves as a particularly good example of how communism moves around pieces in its chessboard in directions that would want to hide a concerted effort.

      1. René Guénon in his sort of bigraphical study of Helena Blavatsky, mentioned the The Paris Commune of 1871 (enthusiastically supported by Marx) had significant Theosophy Society affiliated members among its leaders. Fourier (utopian socialist) influenced the spiritualist doctrine of French spiritist Allan Kardec. According to Olavo de Carvalho the participation of socialists in the séances and social milieux of the spiritualist movement was a big thing, very characteristic in the history of socialism. If I remember correctly Edmund Wilson’s To The Finland Station study of the history of communism/socialism observes the curious fact famous socialist utopian Robert Owen was motivated in his ideals at least partly by communications he alleged he recieved from the spirits of men already passed away. You go to the literature of an author who is said to have deeply influenced Karl Marx, namely Max Stirner (author of The Ego and Its Own), Stirner is not only sympathetic to spiritualism, he actually kind of (that is, with a certain degree of ambiguity) suggests spiritualism rightfully took over to improve the outlook of ages past. Also Mikhail Gorbachev was honored by the sort of new age organization that is object of Lee Penn’s study (False Dawn), namely, the URI (United Religions Initiative). The relationships of spiritualism/precurssors of the new age and socialism/communism have never been perfectly explained/studied, but should (according to Olavo de Carvalho). For example, a French communist called Guy Besse, he had two disciples praise in a book passage Epicureanism, the philosophy (a philosophy Marx wrote about in his college dissertation or something like that), particularly the Epicureanism treatments and healing methods. And such therapies are to do with doctrines Olavo de Carvalho showed in a famous book of his, are somewhat continuous with new age therapies. There is a lot going on with this relationship between New Age and communism that apaprently very few people know about.

  13. It’s fitting that you started this essay with the question—what is reality? There are two main ways to approach the answer to that question.

    Based on present observation. In other words, the present is the key to the past and all reality.

    The second way is to look at history. The past is the key to the present.

    One of the problems of present observations are the limits of human perception. How do we know that what we perceive is real? Or is it a dream? Vision? Or nightmare that persists into the day? How do we know what is real? What is reality in the first place?

    The Bible has the only account that goes back to before the universe existed. “In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” All our notions of time and space are tied to the physical earth. The way this and following verses treat the earth is that it has its own existence apart from God. Man was created as a physical being designed to interact with the physical universe, therefore designed to recognize the reality of the physical universe. Therefore, reality is what the senses of a normal, healthy human tell him what is real.

    The Bible has no philosophical argument to try to prove the existence of God, for God is known through the history of his actions into the space / time universe that he created.

    The Bible also tells us that humans are not the only thinking beings that he created. There is another group of beings—spirits—that are also able to manipulate physical nature. Some of those spirits rebelled against God and became what are Satan and his demons.

    With this as a prolog, let’s look at the question of UFOs. Their propulsion is unknown. They are able to perform maneuvers that would tear apart human bodies. Even after so many years, they are still mysterious. Yet it appears that they have an agenda, namely to discredit the Bible. Based on history, it appears that they are demonic.

    Admittedly, the answer derived from history is rather simple, and the conspiracy theorists want a complex answer that includes government cover-up and other nefarious activities. This is coming also at a time of great apostasy when people abandon history to follow myths based on present observations. Crashed UFOs, recovered bodies, trying to hide those facts, how is that not more exciting than history?

    This flight from history also causes people to disregard Jeff Nyquist’s warnings, for those warnings are based on history. Jeremiah spent over 20 years trying to warn his people of the coming overthrow and destruction of his people, and they didn’t listen. Admittedly, Jeff is no Jeremiah, but his warnings are also valid. History is a stern teacher.

    1. Modern physics has bumped up against the limits of reality. The more we know, the more mysterious the universe becomes. Richard Feynman said Quantum Physics is preposterous.” Even so, the universe stranger than we can think.

      1. The problem with much of modern physics is that it has lost its way.

        Physics, and for that matter all of science, was originally developed to try to describe reality. Along the way, mathematics was found to be a handy tool to help in that description. For example, Newton developed calculus to describe observed motion.

        However, starting with Einstein, many physicists viewed their mathematical formulae as being more real than the physical reality in which they live. For example, Einstein’s relativity theory, as derived mathematically by Heisenberg, predicted that it is impossible to get pictures of individual atoms. So when the first photographs of individual atoms was published in the mid-seventies, the first question upon many lips, including mine, was “What about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle?” How many of modern physics’ “discoveries” are mere mathematical models, and not real?

        Physics needs to get back to description of observations, not a developer of theories based on mathematical models.

  14. He’s revealed nothing so far. He’s saying there has been a cover up. Hes revealing that there has been a cover up. He is saying he has 1st or 2nd witneses to contact with non human biologics and their craft. Nothing comes of it. Revealing a cover up, with another do nothing cover up, of the original cover up.

    1. It is either a disinformation scam or the real thing. Either way, things cannot be left as they are. They must not be left this way.

  15. The Bible clearly shows there is a large underground city, unseen world of the departed spirits of the dead, scripture talks of it having gates and bars and many chambers. Evil inhabits this dark dismal region of the dead where the ghosts of the departed reside together awaiting their final doom. It talks of death and destruction never being satisfied and the evil spirits always craving for more and more death and destruction-Hence the continued weakening of nations, the shaking of Kingdoms, overthrowing and destruction of cities and lives and all that is good, causing people to tremble, hate, fight, sin, sickness, death, making the whole world into a wilderness-this is all Lucifer’s doings by controlling those who are in control and the kings over the nations.
    It says mighty monarchs, princes, tyrants, leaders, “the great goats” leaders, people of great wealth, power and authority on earth are many of the tenants of this dark region. It talks of them welcoming the King of Babylon and His entrance into the dark regions of death and being surprised how soon he entered there (Isaiah 14).

    There are only two types of people, children of God or children of Satan.
    There is still time for you to join Gods army today!
    God said the rulers of this world are evil demonic entities and He told us how to fight them, with spiritual weapons (Ephesians 6)
    First we need to understand who and what we are dealing with and then we have to do what God says about overcoming them.
    We must be on the narrow path of His word to gain victory because wide is the road that leads to destruction. People are destroyed from lack knowledge of what they are really dealing with and so they perish.
    We can no longer have are cake and eat it too. There is no more time for compromise, there is only time to go the one way of truth and light and pray Gods Mercy sustains and protects us and we escape what is to come.
    The enemy got us to kill our unborn children and mutalate their genitals, parade and celebrate sin daily in a country founded on the word of God. God will judge us!
    Every Christian needs to wake up from their slumber and do something!
    The enemy knows his time is short and he is filled with fury.
    Stand firm,
    Thank you Jeff!

  16. “Spacetime is doomed.”

    Time is a measure and ‘space’ similar is shadow — even ‘illumination’ itself is another such. That this horsepucky is pushed an the JFK files delayed nearly anyother ten years since DJT punted on it in the first months of his presidency says it all. Most of it anyways.

    “This testimony, given under oath, touches on possible criminal activity within the Pentagon’s black budget.”

    FASB56 is necessary to obfuscate compartmentalization of tech which garantees the ‘monopolar’ world order. The alternative is a recapitulation of nuclear proliferation thanks to our ‘british cousins’ and Soviet spies in the Manhattan Project. The revolution was televised with the Moon Landing. Lumpenprole crab barrell ankle biters will remain in the dustbin of history indefintitely. These are the conditions of Type II and beyond Kardeshev Scale attainment.

    “Do the Russians and Chinese have this technology? Please tell me we haven’t shared it.”

    Supposedly these were the highest stakes of the John F. Kennedy assasination: ordering E.T. presence documentation shared with the Soviets & a joint US-USSR Moon Mission. With long term Kennedy family ally Sec. of Navy Forrestal killed in a manner consistent with Frank Olsen’s murder (corroborated in trial via declassified CIA wetworks manual, specifically LSD, blunt force trauma to cranium, and defenstraiton) — whom had several levels higher security acess — I might question it in context of possible Soviet Agent Kissinger determining US policy in such a geopolitically cuckholding manner.

  17. Hi, I am a new reader of your blog and I think there is some excellent content here. I have a question although it is off topic under this article comments are closed on the more relevant ones. Something that troubles me though is that it appears to be accepted(I may be wrong here) that the war in the Ukraine is a genuine war between Ukraine and Russia and that Zelenskyy is on the side of freedom and is fighting against Russia.

    I cant help the feeling that Zelenskyy is most likely either entirely compromised by communists or otherwise a committed communist(along with those under him) himself and the war in Ukraine is just another part of the broader deception. I do not mean to say that people are not fighting and dying or that there are not people fighting who genuinely do believe they are fighting against a Russian invasion but that ultimately this all serves a purpose for the communists and has been quite deliberately engineered for this purpose.

    We send in various forms of assistance but this will all be ultimately squandered, the opportunity is being used to paint Chinese communists as peaceful mediators. The communists can drain down the west militarily while learning more about western weapon systems(this may be largely redundant) and practising ‘combat’ against these secure in the knowledge that ultimately they will be permitted and assisted in destroying it all. They can further mobilise with an apparent justification while painting the west as the warmongers, etc etc.

    It just seems to work out so perfectly in favour of the communists that I struggle to accept it at face value.

  18. AC, I also wonder about Zelensky. He also plays right into the Russian manipulation of the American Right, by appearing as a bosom brother of Biden and other top Leftists in America. Also, how he said American sons should die for Ukraine, and the fact that the American sons who are the ones to sign up to serve have traditionally been from the Right. And how he somewhat cozies up to China.

    The Ukrainian people themselves ate fighting tooth and nail to drive Russia out. Zelensky?…

    It seems to me, if you are a good guy, you are *clearly* a good guy. There could be some little question marks. But such big ones?

    Of course, Zelensky was a comedian before, and not a manly, upstanding man as the videos of his queer acts show. Was he placed into this role by the Communists? Is he yet another albeit different kind of Russian puppet in the Ukrainian presidency?

    1. My choice of words, “placed into this role” werent good. I know the Ukrainian people voted for him. But was he, or has he become under the control or manipulation of the Russians?

      1. Anyone who pretends to be gay cannot have my respect. But this has absolutely zero bearing on the Ukrainian people’s struggle to drive the Russians out. They probably voted for him because it seemed he definitely wasnt a Russian tool like others had been. But alas, I fear they may have been wrong on that score. But what else could they have done? Like with us, the choices are limited between corrupt and more corrupt, dumb and dumber, one prima donna versus a narcissist, etc. Just like with us, they were voting for what appeared to be the lesser of the two evils.

      2. Mel Brooks and many other comedians have pretended all sorts of things. Bob Hope dressed in women’s clothing. Many actors have portrayed homosexuals — either seriously or mockingly. Entertainment is often in bad taste. Yet it has nothing to do with Zelenskyy’s turn to politics, as he ceased being a comedian when he became head of state. The president of a country, as president, becomes something other than an ordinary citizen. As head of state he personifies his country. He becomes a symbol, he represents a nation — a nation that chose him for reasons we should respect: namely, he portrayed the kind of president the country wanted — an honest reformer. And as long as he is faithful in his role, he deserves respect for personifying 45 million people struggling for freedom. He deserves our respect because he stayed in a besieged capital after his enemy sent teams to kill him, after Biden promised him a ride to the USA. A leader who does not abandon his people when targeted for death is in fact a hero. Sorry if this does not count in your book, but I will speak up for it. I do not care whether his comedy was in bad taste, or that he did a gay dance twenty plus years ago. He stood up for his country when targeted for death. His presidency was magnificent when he said he wanted weapons to fight with — not a ride.

      3. I’m not trying to knock the guy’s leadership. I think my questions are not off base. And he was a grown man when he chose to pretend to be such, not a teenager giving in to peer pressure. Be that what it is, my concern is for the Ukrainian people. I hope he is not a key in this drawn out game of undermining American support for Ukraine, by helping in alienating the Right.

      4. Zelenskyy had irritated you in something he did decades ago. Sorry the world works that way, but being irritated by someone does not validate the suspicion they work for Russia.

      5. So, in other words, I have no cause for wondering if he could be an agent in helping turn the American Right against Ukraine, and by so doing aid in the isolation of Ukraine which could likely lead to its defeat, and then the launch of the war against America?

        Leaving the whole gay act out of it, the other things I brought out made me wonder if that may be a possibility well before i ever saw the videos. They are just one ingredient of it.

      6. You can wonder whatever you want. The guy did something twenty years ago to irritate you, and it clearly colors your political evaluation of his current allegiance. His efforts to save his country are genuine in my opinion.

      7. Because his appeal to the Left will only carry him so far before it plays out, as the Left has always been aligned with Moscow, , and as they are the ones who have dismantled our military and hamstrung our nuclear detterence. The ones he needs to try to appeal to is the Right. And right now, everything he does plays into the alienation of the Right.

        I’m not saying that’s purposeful. I have no way of knowing. I’m saying *I wonder*

      8. Now if you mean on the level of our national and some state political leadership, I think i see what you mean.

        But on the level of the average American citizen, there is certainly a Right, otherwise you wouldnt write about the Russian manipulation of the Right regularly, so i dont think that was a very good statement.

        But I’m going to bed before one of us types something out of line to the other one, lol.


      9. I’m certainly not trying to undermine the cause of Ukraine -which is really our cause as well- in anyone’s mind. If you feel that I am doing so, or if my comments are totally misguided, it will not offend me if they are deleted.

      10. I have seen no evidence Zelenskyy is under Russian control. Do you have evidence of this? Please share if you do. But if you do not, please stop suggesting he is a traitor to his country. Such a suggestion, made without the slightest evidence, is not right.

      11. I did not say he was a traitor. I said i cant help but have suspicions about him based on how he seems to play right into the Russian manipulation of the American Right. I think I’ve been clear that I’m no Trump fan, but a few weeks ago, he made some negative remarks about Trump as compared to Biden. He made the statements about American sons and daughters dying for Ukraine. He has made a point to seek out those that the Right in America despise, i.e. our Leftist politicians, and the Rinos.

        I understand he may not realize what he is doing, or may not have much of a choice in the matter. At the same time, is it wrong to think he could also be manipulated or controlled by Russia in doing this?

        You yourself have made the clear case that the Soviet Union has pushed a lot of the vice and perversion in America. Could we not suspect their hand in the perversion in other countries, including Ukraine? In light of his very homosexual acting videos, could it not be reasonable to suspect they could have a way to manipulate him? I mean, I remember you once saying about Trump that ine of our problems in America, is many expected a reality tv star to save them. Again, I myself have never much cared for Trump, but I dont think much of a man who pretends to be a flaming homosexual either.

    2. As I recall, Zelensky was predicting that US sons would die in Ukraine if certain things didn’t take place.

      I see no signs that Zelensky is anyway a puppet. Putin hates the man cordially because he has stood as a head of state should stand when his country is under assault. That is not the same thing as saying he is some sort of saint. He isn’t.

      I don’t see that he is cozying up to China, but is actively seeking any source of aid he can come by. While China made nice noises. Xi was still supporting Russia in the war. From what I have come to understand, Xi has come under pressure to stop the support.

      1. Ohengineer, i understand, but I still cant help be suspicious of him. You know I’ve defended him at TGP sometimes against the Russian trolls. But really, my heart is with the Ukrainian people all the way, and 100 against Russia. And I cant help it, any grown man acting faggish especially in public, is not a man. Maybe he’s repudiated all that. If so, i havent seen it.

      2. Zelenskyy must manipulate China by holding out the prospect of future grain deals. In this way China’s concern for future food access serves to restrain Russia’s use of tactical nuclear weapons.

    3. Zelenskyy is caught between Russian aggression and Western foibles, Chinese concern over world grain prices. He must keep all sides in balance.

  19. One thing I have not seen commented on was the incendiary effect that Zelensky’s indecent and disrespectful videos had on conservative Catholics. Indeed, a video is worth a thousand words, and I think they sealed his doom with them, with a handful of exceptions that were able to reflect on the bigger picture, alluded to by Greynight, above.

    On the cosmological questions of time/space, what is reality, etc., I don’t think that anyone has been more penetrating than mathematician, physicist, philosopher and Catholic Wolfang Smith. His distinction between the physical and the corporeal is a critical insight.

    1. Wolfgang Smith is a Perennialist scholar, essentially, so his center tenets come from author René Guénon, the founder as it were of the Perennialist School. The Perennialist School is all about proposing that knowledge of the sacred does not get better, it exists, howsoever accidentally veiled, from the beginning to the end. Guénon saw this tendency of secular/official science expressing itself in ways that reflect the neo-spiritualism movement/the new age movement, he saw it coming long before contemporary physicist Michio Kaku started talking about 11 dimensions, which would include the 5th dimension. There is an old spider-man cartoon episode in which Siperman fights an alien trying to pull one over on him using the 5th dimension. And of course 5th Dimension is the name of a famous sixties band who performed the song “Age of Aquarius”, a new age song, just as aliens are a new age cliché. These approaches to science as influenced by neo-spiritualism are a form of shamanism as this concept was articulated in Guénon’s book The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times. Shamanism is an infra-religious phenomenon, meaning it borrows from religion some outward signs and concerns relatively speaking, but in a degraded level.

      And by the way, just because I approach this cultural phenomenon critically, doesn’t mean I believe that the neo-spiritualist influencers are insincere in their theory, on the contrary, their experiences with paranormal influences is only too real, but the point is they don’t understand these experiences because of a fundamentally lacking understanding of traditional religion and metaphysics. The reason why neo-spiritualism takes its toll on the world is precisely because degeneration has to increase in order for restoration to be accomplished all the more limitlessly. The great secular success of the Theosophical Society (precursor of neo-spiritualism); which excited philosopher Vladimir Sergeyevich Soloviov’s goofy and unwavering admiration for Madame Blavatsky even though she confessed before him she was a charlatan in many ways; was permitted and paradoxically or interpretation-wise encouraged by Providence as a terrible punishment (or curse), “the cup of God’s wrath”. It is curious that the word “wrath”, from this English term etymology, means “to turn”, “to bend”; in light of how in Genesis God “turned” or “changed” “every way to keep the way to the tree of life” (Genesis 3:24).

  20. Jeff,
    In your essay I was struck by this story you related that i quote below. Can you tell us more about this Soviet physicist and the purposeof the conversation?? He says he believed in God, and you describe him as a Soviet.” That’s fascinating. How did you persuade him to share these insights?

    What does “hierarchy of mind” mean?

    “Eight years ago, a former Soviet laser physicist told me a curious story. He spent a year working on equations for a superweapon. When he got to the key equation, something unexpected happened. “When I finished the equation,” he said, “God spoke to me. He said you will not build this weapon. And if you try to build it, people will die. And when we tried to build it, people died.” I asked him what this equation was about. As best as I can remember, he said the equation described the root reality behind everything. He said reality derived entirely from a hierarchy of mind, with God as the highest mind. The physicist said that God manifests the physical universe from moment to moment. In other words, human beings are lesser minds living inside of God’s creation.”

    1. It is fascinating story, and he was — at the time of his experience — a communist true-believer from a communist family. It is quite a story. As for the meaning of hierarchy of mind, as I understand it, the ultimate reality is mind/soul/spirit. This consist of individual conscious beings who exist as a hierarchy. Not all mind is equal. God is the highest mine. How to understand this? I am not a physicist, but the idea impressed me. I think there is something to it.

      1. I am still struggling to grasp what the concept of “hierarchy of mind” means. If it means that we are minds that exist inside of the mind of God, that sounds pantheistic. The question that comes to my mind is, Can God be holy if sinful creatures exist within his mind?

        If we are simply saying that the ultimate reality is mind/soul/spirit, this can be derived from 1) the belief that God is the one and only eternal, self-existent being. 2) Jesus’s claim to the Samaritan woman that God is Spirit, and 3) The Apostle John’s claim that the Word (Logos) was God.

        So if there is something here that is both novel and consistent with Christian theology, I am struggling to grasp what it is.

      2. You are trying to make something inconsistent with theological notions that already assume what you are trying to deny. All I have stated is: God is the highest mind. Matter is his creation and is therefore epiphenomenal. We live in God’s creation. If these propositions are not true, then no Christian theology is true. There is no inconsistency.

      3. Dal, you have a point. Sinful man’s thoughts and actions can’t be part of God’s mind, if I understand correctly.

        Maybe, as created creatures, we have the capacity to partake in one aspect of God, that when we are in obedience to His will, we have the indwelling Holy Spirit?

        By the same method, people can elect to disobey God, reject the Holy Spirit, and make agreements with Satan. These other-than-human-entities Jeff writes of might very well be from Satan.

        As people of Faith, we are taught there is spiritual warfare in the heavenlies and that we struggle with rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places.

        Biblically, what Jeff is writing about is consistent with Ephesians 6:12.

      4. “We live inside God’s creation, which is a metaphorical expression. Since there is no spacetime there is no “inside.” ”

        I don’t understand what you are trying to say here. Do you mean something akin to the Hindu Maya?

        The Biblical picture is that the physical universe is something that God created as an independent object, not part of God nor an emanation of God. We, as physical beings, are designed to work with the physical universe within which we dwell. How is this a metaphorical expression?

        Secondly, our understanding of spacetime is inextricably connected to our perception of the physical universe. How is a denial of the existence of spacetime not also a denial of the physical universe which God created?

      5. I just repeated what a physicist told me. No Hindu Maya assertions were made by me. Though last I checked the Bible is not a physics text. My references in the article were to discoveries in physics and not Biblical commentaries. I was once accused of being a bad Christian for denying the Earth is flat. Then I was binged over the head with Biblical quotes “proving” the world is flat.

      6. As I mentioned in another reply, modern physics has lost its way because so many physicists now believe that their mathematical formulae are more true than going out and observing nature. They have forgotten Bertram Russel’s warning that “Mathematics may be defined as the subject in which we never know what we are talking about, nor whether what we are saying is true.”

        Einstein’s Relativity Theory is a massive mathematical formula. But when Tesla, who understood math quite well, tried to apply it in the lab, found that it didn’t give results that corresponded to physical experiments. As a result, he was one of many physicists who opposed Einstein’s Relativity Theory.

        I, too, have seen an example of where math gets it all wrong, admittedly in a much simpler physics situation than quantum mechanics. So now, when physicists come out with some crackpot theory based on math, I smile, nod my head, and look at nature.

        True, the Bible is not a physics textbook, but it also doesn’t teach a flat earth. Those who make the claim that it teaches a flat earth use the thought patterns derived from ancient Greek philosophy and apply it to a book written using a different method of thinking, resulting in gibberish. From other sources, I learned that “the Bible teaches a flat earth” was invented in the 19th century by Huxley and other supporters of Darwin. After all, the medieval clerics preserved the writings of ancient Greek philosophers including Ptolemy who had made a measurement of the earth’s circumference that wasn’t too far off.

      7. The Nobel prize in physics was awarded last year for experiments on local reality and quantum entanglement that showed a contradiction in the way we conceive of local reality as real. It was not about math unconnected with outside observations.

  21. The reality of every situation is what God says about it. We are to have the mind of Christ, viewing the world through Gods truth and Gods perspective, as revealed in the Bible.
    God is the originator of truth, truth doesn’t change, God doesn’t change. The truth and reality of a situation is Gods viewpoint on the matter. Truth is the standard to which all things must conform.
    Truth is not whatever the majority agrees with, or whatever helps advance one’s own personal, scientific, religious, philosophical or political goals and power. Truth doesn’t change because human thoughts, opinions, ideas and traditions do. Humans are finite beings with limited knowledge and deceitful hearts.
    Gods word is greater and more powerful than man’s perceptions of truth.
    You have to know the truth, the truth that has never failed and has stood the tests of time forever. Replace the worlds lies with His truth and you will have clarity and victory and be set free from the enemy’s traps that bring confusion and defeat.
    We know the future by reading the past. There is nothing new under the sun.
    Thank you Jeff!

  22. Thanks for the replies. It does seem there are some mixed opinions regarding Zelensky. It is odd that my comment is not visible so I presume it has been removed for some reason.

    I avoided the term ‘puppet’ as I think that everyone under communism is essentially being used as a puppet- regardless if the are themselves a committed communist or merely a compromised individual. Putin and Xi in this way are both puppets themselves and expendable like any communist puppet and do not necessarily have the full picture themselves. They are each in their roles as they posses certain characteristics that make them naturally play their role as required mostly. So I think while Putin may well hate Zelensky this does not rule out them both being puppets.

    If Zelensky is under communist control then its hard to see how the people of Ukraine stand a chance and all the aid the west gives will only weaken our position when the communists do actually openly move against the west militarily.

    1. Aid to Ukraine has not weakened the West. Our weakness, besides, is our own fault as Ukraine has bought us a year and a half. What have we done with that time — purchased with Ukrainian blood?

  23. This is just a test to see if my comment will appear if I am logged into wordpress. My comments don’t seem to appear although for some reason it looks like others have read them.

  24. I assume that my comment has been scrubbed and I am blocked from making further comments. Apologies it was not my intention to cause any offence.

  25. Lady, I agree with most of what you say. My one concern is the idea of physical beings “being from Satan”. Hank Hanegraaf has argued that Satan and the demons do not have creative power. I heard his argument on the radio about 20 years ago, so I don’t remember the details of his argument. What I do remember is the problem we run into if Satan does have creative power. In that case, we could not be certain whether the resurrected Christ was really Christ or a demon masquerading as the resurrected Christ.

    But perhaps instead you mean non-human beings created by God but that have aligned themselves with Satan?

  26. Jeff, I have a completely unrelated question. Have you read Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope and/or Skousen’s The Naked Communist? I just bought these….I think I will be reading for a very long time. Is it worth it?

    1. I really did not care for either book. There are interesting things in them, but the larger interpretations are a bit off. Quigley overrated the importance of people who represented a fading Anglo-American elite, a fading dream, and a failed project. Skousen wrote the “Naked Capitalist,” which shows he framed things in a way I object to. No human group controls history — communist or capitalist.

      1. Thanks for your insights, Jeff. You understood what I meant. I thought Quigley’s book might be important and I was hoping Skousen’s would be a short cut. I’m also reading Glenn Beck’s latest book Dark Future which lays out in detail the plans of the WEF, big corporations, big finance, and the FedReserve.

        Is your point that these groups are like armies? They are battling each other for control, but the battle never ends and the grounds gained in one round and/or generation are lost in the next.

      2. Yes, there is always battling, but there is also a law of unintended consequences. Clever people with power are often not equal to their power. Consequently, their plans come to nothing. That which is superior accomplishes greater ends merely by existing with integrity, with no power, through a process of influence. But when inferior people come into power, they are often ineffective — though people imagine they control everything. The belief that all these groups are controlling history is a partial illusion. Imagine driving a car you only partially control.

    2. Oops! I meant to say Skousen’s The Naked Capitalist which is a book reviewing Quigley.

  27. “God is the highest mind. Matter is his creation and is therefore epiphenomenal. We live in God’s creation.”

    If that is what you mean by hierarchy of mind that I agree that it is consistent with Christian theology. I did not say otherwise.

  28. I looked at Hoffman’s article (ref. [iii]). What he is proposing is a physical universe with N dimensions (N > 4) in which 4-dimensional space-time is embedded. An illustration I have seen before is this: Suppose you have a sphere embedded in a 3-dimensional space and you have a 2-D ant on (or in) the surface of the sphere that can only move and perceive along the surface of the sphere. He can only move and perceive forward and backward and left and right, but he cannot move or perceive up and down. His entire perception of reality is 2-dimensional even though the sphere he moves upon is embedded in a 3-dimensional space.

    There have a number of (N>4)-dimensional theories proposed or explored over many decades (I believe that even Einstein worked on some at one point.) Eric Weinstein (brother of Brett Weinstein of the Darkhorse Podcast) gives a semi-accessible description of the impetus of such research at https://theportal.wiki/wiki/Theory_of_Geometric_Unity. I am probably being generous when I say it is semi-accessible as it still fairly obtuse. The short of it is that scientists believe that there should be a way to combine the electroweak theory, Einstein’s gravitational theory, and the standard model of particle physics into one overarching Theory of Everything. This would be analogous to how Maxwell combined electricity and magnetism into a single electromagnetic theory. It does not appear to be possible with 4 dimensions, so many have posited that the physical universe consists of more than 4 dimensions. Eric – a mathematician – proposed one such model in his doctoral thesis. I don’t believe any of these theories have been developed to the point that they have been able to encompass all three of these major theories. Eric discussed his theory on a couple of podcasts with Lex Friedman a couple of years back and he was under the opinion at that time that it was still an open problem.

    I personally think the Minkowski’s expression that space and time were doomed or Gross’s expression that space-time is doomed, or the physicist you spoke to who said that spacetime is not real, as a somewhat odd way of expressing things. When Einstein came up with his theories of relativity it did not invalidate the concepts of space or time or make them not real, it simply showed that to fully understand them one must combine them into a more complex 4-dimensional spacetime. So time and space as individual concepts are part of a greater reality that is called spacetime. Likewise, if it is one day proven that the physical universe consists of more than 4 dimensions, then spacetime will also be part of a greater reality. I would then still personally consider space-time to be real, but would just not the thing that is most real. Or perhaps another way of stating it is that it would not fully describe the reality of the physical universe but only partly so.

    1. “Spacetime is doomed” should not be confused with the statement “local reality is not real.” These are different references. The idea is that local reality is not real in the sense we imagine it, while others suggest it is not the primary reality as materialist science supposes. Physical reality does not generate itself.

      1. Jeff :

        I second your above comment. By way of background in physics, I did study physics into my junior year in college. That will give you some idea of how knowledgeable ( or ignorant ) I am on the topic. Loved the modern physics class and did well in it.

        I would add ( perhaps just rephrasing what you just said ) that not only does the spiritual precede the physical ( i.e., it caused it to be created ). But that what we call local reality (time, space, events ) is an epiphenomonon ( a symptom ) of more basic quantum reality. And of course God created these laws themselves and ” holds the universe in existence ” through them. And in fact can abrogate these laws in history when he so chooses.

        Consider the photon : Once it is created ( perhaps by an electron jumping to a lower level ). You have this particle ( or wave packet ) traveling at the speed of light. By special relativity, it would seem that since the electron travels at the speed of light – then what you have is a ” timeless electron ” existing in a timeless state. So you don’t have to go to far into physics to realize that the subatomic world is very different indeed than our macroscopic world.

        Just my take on things. I’m halfway through Jacques Vallee’s ” Dimensions “.

        If there is anything to disclose I hope that the government employees and others do not make everything public. That could jeopardize any advantage we might have over potential adversaries.

        Good essay as usual.

      2. Tom: Yes, you’ve said it very well. And your comments reminded me of something we should all keep in mind. Weapons can be built on these advanced physics understandings. We must be careful not to give up technology that our enemies might use.

    2. As a postscript for DAL: I think you have missed the point of my citations from physics. Scientists are finally realizing that consciousness is not epiphenomenal as the Marxists and neo-Darwinists have supposed. Physical reality is epiphenomenal. Therefore, materialist philosophy and scientism place what is primary in the secondary position while elevating the secondary to first rank. In doing this, materialism inverts the context of our existence. In consequence, we have begun to invert our political, moral, epistemological and metaphysical understandings. Take feminism as an example: Women are advised to act like men, to seek male status as a way of becoming “equal.” This does not make anyone equal, but destroys the soul of woman even as it undermines manhood. Clearly, if we confuse female with male consciounsess we begin to destroy ourselves. And no amount of plastic surgery or wealth transference can stop the process of spiritual destruction once it has been unleashed. Our materialism leads us, then, to a further step. As we have turned sexuality on its head, we imagine that plastic surgury can resolve our mental confusion. Yet, there is only more destruction and confusion. We likewise assume that we can, through political economy, make all people equal. But equality is not obtained in this manner. Our mistake is that we have set about “empowering” people without elevating them spiritually or improving their qualities of mind. Spiritual and mental confusion is nowhere addressed. What results is a physical catastrophe out of spiritual disorder.

      1. The Biblical picture is that neither physical nor spiritual are epiphenomenal, rather that both are equally valid. The physical affects the mental, and the mental runs the physical. Both make up the man.

        When the Bible wrote that man is created in the “image” of God, that does not refer to a physical likeness, rather to a functional likeness—God has given man creativity, speech, logic, emotions, appreciation of beauty, desire for justice, and other functional attributes of God. Like you wrote, those spiritual functions don’t override man’s physical reality—his desires, or mental confusion, don’t override his DNA whether male or female or other physical attributes. Surgically disfiguring people only worsens the situation. You are quite correct in that.

        I believe I’m just as opposed to philosophic materialism as you. I wonder if you go too far the other side, denigrating the material aspect of reality similar to Hinduism. Some of those in favor of physical mutilation do so because they believe the physical body as unimportant, not real, just a plaything that can be altered at will (both of us know that is false). Mutilate the body, and it changes how people think.

        It is a spiritual disorder to disregard or even to minimize the physical reality. That is just as wrong as to disregard or minimize the spiritual reality. Both are real.

      2. I denigrated the material aspect of reality? How is that? By putting physical reality into perspective? And also, I never suggested that the physical body is unimportant. I am suggesting, rather, that the physical body is perishable, unlike the soul. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? Someone famous asked that question.

  29. I Testified Before Congress on UFOs. What I Told Them Was the Tip of the Iceberg | Opinion
    ON 8/4/23 AT 6:02 AM EDT



    Pressure on Vatican to Reveal Archives After ‘UFO Cover Up’ Claims: Pressure is growing on the Vatican to shed light on whether it was aware of a UFO being retrieved from Italy in the 1930s, amid a slew of claims about the U.S. government’s knowledge.


    1. There are some government documents in Italy, going back to the Mussolini regime, which have supposedly been verified as authentic, which have been published on this. The documents refer to a crashed flying saucer in Lombardy. No pilots. Later documents suggest Germany as the source of this aircraft. Perhaps someone more familiar with these documents could comment.

  30. Given what we have bumped up against as a result of modern physics, many of you are simply chasing your tail. There is nothing wrong with “spacetime.” To say it doesn’t exist is the same as saying the universe does not exist. It is, however a subset of the universe and is what we are capable of directly observing. There seems to be 10 dimension, maybe as many as 11, depending on some definitions of gravity. The dimensional problem was seen a number of years ago when some problems could not be solved without more dimensions than we are capable of directly observing.

    At present, we have seen the universe is stranger than we can think. God created the cosmos, and he sustains it. While that is an epiphenomenon, from the standpoint of science, it’s not relevant. Science seeks to explain without resorting to the “God did it” explanation. Theologically, it is the major relevance. While the two do not conflict, the purpose of each area is not complimentary. Their purposes are completely different.

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