Whatever one may make of the above observations, I in any case believe the evidence is quite strong that elements of the U.S. government and the governments of other nations have been doing all they can to implant the idea of the reality of UFOs as extraterrestrial spacecraft in the public mind, while simultaneously debunking this belief.

Charles Upton

The right and left are coming together under strange circumstances: Congressional hearings on the UFO/UAPs. Members of Congress have expressed surprise at this fact. It seems the prospect of intruders from outer space is the only subject that brings us together.

Most people like a good mystery, and UFOs represent a long-standing one. Ufology touches on the nature of reality. Because of this, a brief digression is in order. Most people think of reality as something that doesn’t disappear when you stop looking at it. They think of “real objects” in spacetime. They think these objects are only affected locally, throughcause-and-effect mechanisms. But now science itself has called all this “thinking” into question. In fact, a Noble Prize in physics has been awarded for scientists who proved that the universe it not locally real.

Experiments suggest that objects are not influenced solely by their local surroundings and may lack definite properties prior to measurement. In other words, Albert Einstein was not crazy when he worried whether the moon was there when nobody looks. To underscore the worry in this case, the Nobel Prize in physics was shared by John Clauser, Alain Aspect and Anton Zeilinger for proving that local reality is not what materialism supposes.

In Donald Hoffman’s book, The Case Against Reality, we are told that spacetime is doomed. Many physicists, says Hoffman, no longer believe spacetime is fundamental. What, then, is fundamental? Hoffman suggests that we are fundamental – that consciousness is fundamental. Given the high strangeness of many UFO reports, where consciousness seems to be distorted when in proximity to an anomalous flying object, an intriguing field of inquiry appears. If the sacred cow of “spacetime” has itself been gored by Nobel Laureates, anything may be possible. As Werner Heisenberg famously said, “Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think.”

In this context, the high strangeness of the UFO phenomenon merely confirms what physicists have been saying. Eight years ago, a former Soviet laser physicist told me a curious story. He spent a year working on equations for a superweapon. When he got to the key equation, something unexpected happened. “When I finished the equation,” he said, “God spoke to me. He said you will not build this weapon. And if you try to build it, people will die. And when we tried to build it, people died.” 

I asked him what this equation was about. As best as I can remember, he said the equation described the root reality behind everything. He said reality derived entirely from a hierarchy of mind, with God as the highest mind and all others subject to Him. He said that God manifests the physical universe from moment to moment. In other words, human beings are lesser minds living inside of God’s creation. In other words, physical reality is epiphenomenal. Or as Hoffman suggested, “Spacetime is doomed.” Spacetime is not the ultimate reality. To use a technical expression, physical reality is epiphenomenal or secondary. Here is curious affirmation of the philosophical speculations of Plato and Aristotle. In modern times it was Arthur Schopenhauer who argued for the epiphenomenal nature of physical reality. Schopenhauer wrote, bizarrely, that “the whole body is nothing but the objectified will, i.e., will that has become representation … the will is knowledge a priori of the body and the body is knowledge a posteriori of the will.” Or, in a simpler formulation, “everything is will.” Such was the writing of a willful man. 

What is behind the UFO mystery? Angels, demons, extraterrestrials? Now our politics reaches to the edge of reality; for Congress has started an inquiry where the witness testimony suggests a coverup. And what is covered up? Is the scandal of spacetime’s flimsiness leaking out of the Pentagon? If the universe consists of a hierarchy of mind – how many levels of mind are above the human mind?  

A former Pentagon intelligence official, David Grusch, has testified, under oath, to discovering a UFO crash retrieval and back-engineering program within the defense community. Grusch claims that this crash retrieval program has successfully recovered non-human craft as well as non-human bodies. He also claims to know where the wreckage and the bodies are kept. Whatever we think of Grusch’s credibility, he is not the first person to make allegations about crash retrievals. This is an old story, told by scientists and military men for the past 75 years. But Grusch is the first military man to follow the legal whistleblower process. The internal investigative body responsible for overseeing the intelligence community, in fact,says that Grusch’s allegations are “urgent and credible.” When Grusch first became a whistleblower, the attorney that represented him had served as the intelligence community’s first inspector general. More frightening than UFOs, is Grusch’sallegations that a group within the government has engaged in murder, misappropriation of funds, evasion of congressional oversight, and other abuses of power. 

Some commentators, desperately clutching at a nonexistent respectability, are dismissing Grusch’s testimony as laughable nonsense. Anyone familiar with the history of UFOs is not laughing. Something is going on. Strange things are seen overhead, and people in the government have made mischief with it. And now that mischief is spilling into politics. Given the threats of nuclear war that we have been treated to in recent months, the timing is peculiar. Perhaps a larger game is unfolding.  

Whether anyone believes Mr. Grusch, whether someone put Mr. Grusch up to this, we have the curious testimony of Commander Fravor, a U.S. Navy pilot who ran into a flying Tic Tac some years ago. Here is an excerpt from Fravor’s testimony:

Mr. LANGWORTHY: Do you believe any aircraft … of the United States could have shot the Tic Tac [UFO] down?

CDR FRAVOR: I’d say no. Just on the performance it would have just left in a split second.

Mr. LANGWORTHY: So, we have a problem here that needs further investigation. [Laughter from others in the room]

CDR FRAVOR: Yes! [smiling]

MR LANGWORTHY: In your belief is this flying Tic Tac … is it capable of being the product of any other nation on the Earth?

CR FRAVOR: No, as I said earlier, I think it defies current material science in the ability to develop that much propulsion. And I know there have been physicists who have done calculations [showing] it is beyond anything that we have. 

MR LANGWORTHY: Well, either the United States has an adversary here in this world that we don’t know, or we have some serious investigations to do. 

Congressman Langworthy asked if there was anything Commander Fravor wanted to add. Fravor said that the sighting of his squadron was the “most credible UFO sighting in history” because of the visual, radar and advanced censors that confirmed the existence of the flying “Tic Tac” along with its incredible performance characteristics. “These naysayers who said it was something on the screen – there were four sets of human eyeballs, and we were all very credible.”

Congressman Burchett asked whether anyone had been hurt or killed during UAP reverse engineering. Strange to say, Gruschanswered, “Yes.” 

BURCHETT: How were they injured? Was it something like radioactive type situation or something we did not understand? I’ve heard people talk about Havana-syndrome type incidents. What was your recollection of that?

GRUSCH: I can’t get into specifics, but you can imagine assessing an unknown unknown. There’s a lot of potentialities you can’t fully prepare for. 

Then there was Grusch’s curious exchange with Congresswoman Luna:

MRS LUNA: Mr. Grusch, why is it that you refer to the phenomenon as “non-human intelligence.” Why not extraterrestrial life?

MR GRUSCH: I think the phenomenon is very complex, and I like to leave an open mind analytically to specific origin. 

MRS LUNA: When you say specific origin, can you elaborate for those that might –

MR GRUSCH: … [just] keep an open mind as to what it might be. 

A little later in the questioning we find the most important question of all:

MRS LUNA: …You mentioned white collar crimes being committed in connection with this.

GRUSCH: I have concerns on the interviews I conducted under my official duties of potential violations of federal acquisition regulations – the FAR.  

This testimony, given under oath, touches on possible criminal activity within the Pentagon’s black budget. And while Gruschhas no proof of crashed flying saucers, or dead non-human pilots, he has nonetheless discovered a budgeted or (perhaps) unbudgeted program which purports to have crashed flying saucers and bodies. And there is something wrong with the way this program has been administered. In the first place, how were the contractors handling non-human technology picked? Were the contracts accorded lawfully? Was the money appropriated lawfully? Even the Inspector General of the intelligence community thinks an investigation is in order. And we are told there are other witnesses willing to come forward; that is, if they can be protected from administrative punishment. 

So, we have another mess in Washington, D.C. And we have some technical questions, as well, since the former director of the Lockheed Skunk Works became infamous for saying, “We already have the means to travel among the stars but these technologies are locked up in Black Projects … and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity. Anything you can imagine, we already know how to do.” Such were the words of Ben Rich, who said this many times in front of many people. Once Rich was asked how UFO propulsion worked. He reportedly said, “Let me ask you. How does ESP work?” The answer came back as a question, “All points in time and space re connected?” Rich said, “That’s how it works!” 

When Rich was dying of cancer, he supposedly told a friend that there were two types of UFOs – “the ones we build, and the ones THEY build.” If that is true, I have only one urgent question: Do the Russians and Chinese have this technology? Please tell me we haven’t shared it.

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  1. Lol. Welp, now it says it was posted yesterday, and all the previous comments are gone. All this technology is enough to make someone pull their hair out sometimes. I wish I hadn’t mentioned it. I’m sorry.

  2. @GreyKnight what happened? Why was the first post taken down? I received two emails, but now the link to first post says the page can’t be found…

  3. Ok, I won’t tell that we shared it.

    Clownishness out of the way. who knows what has been shared by the morons running DC, other than God, who knows all, or the Satan that inspired it? The governments of the world are more and more satanic. As the end times are upon us, it has become far more open. I think UFOs are demonic in nature and the efforts to make them seem like “space aliens” just looking to do us good, is the goal.

  4. Former Navy SEAL Shawn Ryan has interviewed Dr. Steven Greer about UAP/UFO’s as well as former Marine and whistleblower Michael Herrera about a human trafficking operation in Indonesia involving UFO’s and Black Ops. Also DC Long, an Army combat veteran who has told of his own UFO experience. After watching these interviews, I’m of the mindset there are lots of unanswered questions on the subject.

  5. “Perhaps a larger game is unfolding.”

    Yes, I think so. It can’t be a coincidence that a new “cute” movie is coming out about UFOs and aliens. It’s been too long since ET and this younger generation needs influencing.

  6. America is using recovered UFOs to make high-tech weapons: Intelligence officer-turned-whistleblower claims US recovered ET craft and ‘opened Pandora’s Box’ – in bombshell BBC interview:

    *Intelligence vet David Grusch told BBC Radio 4 that he exposed America’s secret UFO programs because the public deserves to know ‘their place in the cosmos’
    *Grusch interviewed 40 ‘current and former highly distinguished intelligence and military personnel’ who worked on still classified UFO crash retrievals, he said
    *Grusch’s attorney, the former Obama-appointed spy agency watchdog Charles McCullough, told BBC that Congress may be denied ‘access to the information’

    UPDATED: 17:19 EDT, 4 August 2023



    EXCLUSIVE: David Grusch’s whistleblower UFO testimony is slammed by head of Pentagon office as ‘insulting’ for accusing government of cover-up at bombshell congressional hearing:

    *Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the Pentagon’s UFO office, has slammed whistleblowers’ testimony at Wednesday’s congressional as ‘insulting’
    *In a personal statement posted on his LinkedIn page, Kirkpatrick said he was ‘deeply disappointed at the denigration’ of civil and Defense staff
    *David Grusch was one of three military whistleblowers who testified under oath that they had knowledge of a government cover-up of non-human spacecraft

    PUBLISHED: 13:49 EDT, 28 July 2023 | UPDATED: 21:45 EDT, 28 July 2023


    1. Monkey Werx US gave a sitrep yesterday regarding the recent news out of Arizona.

      Restricted air combat training areas in Arizona, seeing encounters with small unidentified flying objects sometimes in a swarm like group (as many as 8). Advanced Drones possibly? There is a huge presence of the intelligence community in this area. Military operations, not aliens.
      Also, the same activity on our East Coast but not talked about as much as Arizona.
      Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Pax River, and Norfolk…


  7. I think the outer space “alien” narrative is just that – a narrative. Watch carefully, folks – a fake alien invasion will be used to herd us into the digital prison being built for us. Because the gubmint can be trusted, while “aliens” can’t… LOL. I’m a Geologist, by the way – this is all BS, designed to create fear. Just think about the timing of this – why are these “revelations” coming out NOW…??? Because, again, gubmint can be trusted while “aliens” can’t. Recall the old meme – FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real.

  8. Nothing new here. There have been other witnesses about this in congress for decades.. A few years ago Robert Hastings, gathered many high ranking militarty, to testify about ufos disabling ICBMs. They had a confrence at a National Press club. This lạtest” leak” has no evidence of craft or bodies. The message is clear to me. Alien creators will not allow a nuclear armagedoen. Thats why we have been disaing your nhkes. Just an idea. Im not commited to that.

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