Therefore, in accordance with strict necessity and justice we must devote ourselves wholly and completely to unrestrained and relentless destrution, which must grow in a crescendo until there is nothing left of the existing social forms.

Mikhail Bakunin

Below is a free-wheeling discussion I had yesterday with Nevin Gussack, who is starting a new podcast called the “Politically Homeless Podcast.” Nevin’s wealth of information comes out as I touch on themes of my essay on socialism.

The Politically Homeless Podcast, Episode 1

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95 thoughts on “Discussion on Socialism: With Nevin Gussack

  1. Looking forward to listening to this video tomorrow. Yay!

    Until then, I found this very interesting. Off topic but I wanted to share it. An illegal biolab in Fresno County, CA with ties to China:

    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tested the substances and detected at least 20 potentially infectious agents, including coronavirus, HIV, hepatitis and herpes, according to a Health and Human Services letter dated June 6” and “The other addresses provided for identified authorized agents were either empty offices or addresses in China that could not be verified,” court documents said.”

      1. Very! I wonder if there are more? Secret Chinese “police stations” and now this.

      2. Interesting! I wonder why they kept it secret for so many months? Didn’t want anyone to “panic”?

      3. And then there was this comment that caught my attention in another article. Kind of wild but also very possible.
        The comment:
        After some investigating, The property owner of this disease factory is also the same lady that owned the New China Chinese restaurant in Reedley, the same lady that rented out the space next door to her restaurant for a “massage” parlor that was later busted for prostitution! Open your eyes fellow citizens, we are being attacked from within our own borders. What is mans biggest weakness? Sex.
        I have been monitoring the news surrounding these parlors for years now. There are several articles found where they reuse condoms at these places to avoid any “evidence” buildup in their trash cans or pipes (from flushing them). The reason for this is that several agencies across our country have been awarded search warrants when the buildup of used condoms is found. So as a method of mitigation, the said parlors reuse the condoms! I’ve interviewed patrons and have been told once the sex act is negotiated, the masseuses would leave the room, to return with an opened condom on a towel. They are infecting these condoms with disease, then applying it to the patron! Spread the news, contact your local agencies. We need to get rid of these parlors.

      4. But… at least the FBI raided the lab, and didn’t allow it to continue to operate under the radar. To look on the bright side.


    U.S. Hunts Chinese Malware That Could Disrupt American Military Operations

    The Biden administration is hunting for malicious computer code it believes China has hidden deep inside the networks controlling power grids, communications systems and water supplies that feed military bases in the United States and around the world, according to American military, intelligence and national security officials.

    1. “The malware, one congressional official said, was essentially “a ticking time bomb” that could give China the power to interrupt or slow American military deployments or resupply operations by cutting off power, water and communications to U.S. military bases. But its impact could be far broader, because that same infrastructure often supplies the houses and businesses of ordinary Americans, according to U.S. officials.”

      Wow! They call the malware “Volt Typhoon”. Part of China’s prep for when they move against Taiwan, I imagine. Scary!

      Here is the NYTimes link for anyone interested:

  3. While watching the interview, I remembered a pun, “You wouldn’t know a Communist plot if you stood on Karl Marx’s grave.”

    You wrote a masterful essay last week. It took me three hours to read it, but it was well worth it. You are such a gifted writer.

    Very important for us to remember, they don’t need the C or S. These are not economic systems like I was taught in high school; they are methods of consolidating power.

    By the way, I ran into Alex Newman. He says hi.

  4. Great discussion. Listened on the move and stopped to jot notes thruout:

    1) Absolutely horrific what is in store for Ukrainians if we bail on them and fail to provide ammo, basic weapons etc. Liquidation/purges. That would be a grave evil for us to do.

    “You feed a crocodile people, and he will eat you last.”
    God have mercy on America if we abandon Ukraine now. We will tragically soon be “walking a mile in the Ukranian moccasins” here on CONUS if we do.

    2)Regarding communist atrocities in Asia in the past: Yes, the past horrific, but they are still happening today:
    This war correspondant, an ex-Ranger, reports on the 73 year war in Burma with a ministery that serves citizens in the midst of this war zones–Free Burma Rangers. Russia is supplying for all ruthless bombing of civilians.

    Full interview here:

    This Chuck Holton is also focusing on the current atrocities being done to Armenians.

    3) Needful, righteous anger towards our elites:
    “When go into business with your enemies, there is a special word for that. Its called treason. Because you are betraying your larger society to make money in partnership with your country’s enemy”

    4) The need for new leaders today:

    Perhaps they’ll arise from the firey furnace of affliction and possible war in our land.

    5) And for believers out there. (Pertinent to the start of discussion with Nevin regarding there is no pure capitalism or communism and ethics/morality.)

    I was wondering if this bible teacher had ever taught on communism. Sure enough, found a 3 part series on a small channel he did at his home church 2-3 decades ago on Capitalism,Communism and a believers perspective some may find interesting, challenging. Its a little feather ruffling in parts, but that makes it good. Some points are dated, of course, but mostly very relevant and true. He initially sounds a bit gentle on communism, but not at all, if u listen to the whole thing. Many interesting pearls I didn’t know. Just one: USSR was a cest pool of immorality at its onset and quickly circled the drain. Thus, it harshly and quickly reversed cultural course. Not for sake of honoring God, morality, or for the good of the people, but because it so disrupted a functional society. Putin lovers here in the West foolishly think he is so godly and moral. Russian Communists learned hard lessons very quickly, early on. We are on the slow learning curve in the West.




    1. Yes, he is right about Soviet early experiments with immorality and Stalin’s creation of the “Soviet family.” This is yet another angle to this complex subject.

    2. Thank you, MNTGAL. The sermon on Communism was excellent. I watched it twice. .

      1. First heard of him in 2006 when my pastor said of him, “David Pawson is one of the world’s premiere bible teachers.” After listening to countless hours of teachings thru the decades, from teachers across most of streams of the Body of Christ, (in the Western English speaking world anyways) I really believe that to be true. He is not infallible by any means, and I don’t agree with everything. But Pawson is quick to tell people, “If you don’t see it in your bible with your own eyes, then don’t believe me or anyone else! Throw it out!” It’s the combo of his brilliant mind with tender, humble, devotional love for Jesus that is so unusual. And he has the gift to help anyone love to read the bible for oneself. And he was a true forerunner in seeing the place of Israel in God’s heart. He smashes Replacement Theology with love but clarity. He taught the Roman’s “one new man” boldly. The Father wants a family of both Jew and gentile – who will love and humbly serve each other with no jealousies. Tons of his teaching out there for free.

        As these years roll out here, will be key we actually know what the bible says for ourselves. China is openly rewriting it! Deception is number one warning Jesus left for us.

        I know this is a politcal blog and not primarily a spiritual one. But, Truth is key to Mr Nyquist, and he acknowledges we have a spirital problem with Communism. It is a religion, afterall! Thus, I consider it “legal” to post a bit, time to time- respectfully without a spirit of strife. Always be free to challenge anything I write– and/or just scroll by it.

        So Mr Nyquist, keep on keeping on. Do not grow weary. Your work is making FAR more impact than you will ever know in this lifetime, perhaps. But, one day, He will show you. And, perhaps He will show you in this age! May it be! More key, pivotal people glean from your work than you know!
        Proverbs 25:2

      2. I too thank you MNTGAL for posting the David Pawson sermons. Great find for me and I am now listening to several of his sermons. Great teacher

  5. I wish I had the time to watch the entire exchange. I got 32 minutes in and had to stop.

    Gateway Pundit seems to have cut off comments from anyone that calls their propaganda what it is. Anyone thinking TGP is a conservative site is naïve at best. They’re the MAGA types Gussack brought up. Sad to say they’re useless. Hoft is simply a fool with a website.

    1. I would welcome an honest discussion of our situation by well-meaning people. I do not welcome snide questions from people who believe society should be leveled.

  6. I don’t want to sound impolite by annoyingly giving pointers, I apologize if I regrettably feel compelled to it, but Mr. Gussack’s Nyquist interview series could easily reach plenty more people with some modest seo implementation. I had a big youtuber recommend this course on digital marketing I am going through, very expensive course to take I was granted access to which explains the workings for building up a large audience. First of all, it is useful to install an app called vidIQ, it’s free, so when you open your video page on youtube the app shows you in the very page everything in seo (search engine optimization) and digital marketing terms you are doing wrong and/or could improve on. It gives you a scores, for example a score system mostly but not entirely based on the intrinsic force of the tags. If it shows your seo score is at least 50 out of 100, the video is good to go. Mr. Gussack’s latest Nyquist interview has 0 (zero) seo score, if it had a better score the logarithm could recommend the video to more people automatically. To make the score be at least 50 all you have to do is pick a good title, have the description repeat in some way the title content, and have the tags both repeat and reflect the title/description. The vidIQ app shows you which tags are stronger, it rates them and gives similar alternatives and their respective ratings.

    And the curious thing is most of the work in coming up with a good title, with the description which is suitable and the good tags is given to you free by the free available AI ( service . All you have to do is explain the video content and tell the ai chatbox “now give me a few title alternatives for the video, a description or overview and accompanying tags”, and in a few seconds it hands it over to you. The whole seo editing shouldn’t take half an hour long, 1 hour tops.

    And another thing is the digital marketing course I am following explains you have to have 13 minutes videos which demand little time to watch, and the hour/hours long video in the same channel, if you have either one or the other you have a comparatively lesser effect, if you combine the two for some reason the audience increases. So ideally one should have the lenghty video, a few weeks later take a 13 minutes cut from it and publish it.

    1. There is an analogy underlying the use of these digital marketing techniques and the very content of the video, in the sense that most people don’t understand the Golitsyn outlook, and most content creators don’t understand all or perhaps a significant part of the digital marketing techniques, but the underlying realities (Golitsyn talks about and digital marketing science talks about) have an impact on the world all the same. There is in a way no objective reason why such techniques should not be used and have their predictable effect put to the test, just as (analogically speaking) there is no objective reason why Golitsyn’s outlook should remain as obscure as it is.

      1. There has been an active campaign of slander Golitsyn for the last 50 years. Consequently, almost no one of note will read Golitsyn to see what he actually wrote.

      2. Ok, I listened to that Prophesy Club presentation last night that ANON posted. (Thank you, Anon.) Well, that was sobering. Would you update or edit any part of it after 25 more years of study?

        I’m wondering about your review of the prior Soviet states. So, several are in NATO. Did I understand correctly from your response in the last blog’s comments they all have probable Russian influence yet today- to one degree or other? Are they as infiltrated as they were when you did that presentation? I think of Poland, especially. Is Poland mostly shaken free from the Russian influence or not? Or is it unknown? What about Hungary? I have noted Orban over the years and never gave it a thought he could be something other than what he presented. Seems like NATO is potentially a big sham then, with so much direct prior soviet infiltration/control and also the WEF players in the EU, on top of that.

        So what do you think about Poland? Heard Loudon recently say that it was a Polish intelligence person that ID’ed Kissinger as a known Soviet agent from WWII. I thought Poland truly wanted freedom? Guess I’ve been living in the delusion that most of the states didn’t want to go back under communist/Russian rule because they have enjoyed the liberalization/freedom. So, like the Biden regime if we are fired upon, many of the NATO leaders could likewise just quickly fold and “surrender” if Russia overcomes Ukraine- all to serve their soviet govt masters? If so, then Ukraine is the sole brave country literally holding the globe back from not only full kinetic WW III, but also basically being handed over to the Communist Axis on a “NWO” silver platter?

        Hoping you will say I’m circling the drain too hastily here, and not giving NATO enough credit to do rightly….

      3. Mntgal: You have to remember that my Prophecy Club talk was in 1998, 25 years ago. The situation in Poland, Georgia, Ukraine and Romania, and the Baltic countries, changed significantly since then. The true anticommunists began to get stronger in Poland around 2007 when the Law and Justice Party took power. Around that time a Russian spy ring was discovered operating out of Polish military intelligence, in the Poland Defense Ministry. This spy ring was manipulating the various Polish political parties. The Law and Justice Party government fell after this, because Moscow’s agents, aligned with anti-anticommunist elements, reacted to cover up the situation; but the Law and Justice Party made a comeback, and has steered Poland in the direction of freedom ever since. It may not be perfect in Poland, but the country’s break with the hidden communist structures has been largely successful. In the Baltic States, anti-Russian feeling has overwhelmed the Soviet structures left behind. In Georgia there was a definite break with Moscow, which occasioned the Russian invasion of 2008; though the country is not entirely free of Russian influence today, as the Russians made an effort to deploy agents of influence there, with lots of money backing them. The communist structures in Romania also suffered setbacks during the last decade, though not as great as in Poland. A less happy outcome is found in Hungary’s Orban, who is not to be trusted. If you study his speeches, he talks like a communist apparatchik, and his conservatism can be no more trusted than Putin’s. The problem for Moscow has been a problem of maintaining control where free speech and elections have upset their apple cart (so to speak). Then came the ultimate catastrophe for Russia in 2014. Ukraine’s revolution was significant because it is the second-largest country in Europe after Russia, and it began to demolish its Soviet shackles. The 2014 Revolution of Dignity came as a real shock to Moscow, which reacted violently with the annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas. Now it has devolved into this terrible full-scale war to subjugate Ukraine as a whole. So, regarding my 1998 talk, I was describing the situation as it was in the late 1990s, not knowing these unexpected developments would cause Russia so much grief. The news from Poland and Ukraine is especially good. These people are not going to surrender to Moscow without a fight. As for the World Economic Forum, I believe it is a communist front organization that has worked closely with China and Russia for many years. Countless liberals and leftists in the West have been fooled by it. The Russian communists have deceived many people regarding their ruling ideas, so that people no longer think of the Kremlin as “communist.” More and more they have been giving themselves away, especially with all the Soviet symbols and flags and Lenin statues in Donbas. Communism is such a hated system, and the Russians have made themselves hated in Eastern Europe. The Baltic States, Poland, and Ukraine are the ones working hardest to stop Russia. These folks know that Moscow wants to reestablish the Soviet Union or its equivalent. They are our best allies in this struggle.

    2. I prefer writing essays. And I would prefer shorter videos. Discussion is valuable only as it takes us to ideas we previously left out.

      1. There is probably a lot of material already published from your valuable works, going back say all the way back to a Prophecy Club lecture I saw once on youtube, very seemingly scattered hard to find stuff on Youtube, and I remember I searched for this Prophecy Club excerpt available a second time after seeing it once and could not find it. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea to gather as much content as possible, and give it a proper systematic treatment, seo optimization, editing cards for the visuals, editing it with footages and images with special effects, also incorporating essays/essays excerpts old and new in the form of audiobooks (you don’t have to record the audio, necessarily, but it can be done, even with some voice apps available online which sound really good). There is a mountain of work that I am of the opinion could and should be done to create a social media well-crafted source for viewers. I wouldn’t be surprised if some or many of Professor Olavo de Carvalho’s former students felt obliged to form a team to help out in this perhaps under your oversight and suggestions, in fact I think some of them students would be thrilled to help. I remember Olavo saying in some video reading Origins of the Fourth World War is mandatory for his students. If there is a team the work can be lessened to each member, and since it takes time for the work of treating the material to be finished, it would seemingly . There are social media Olavo students groups, and probably some of the students you published talks with who became celebrities (Mr Allan dos Santos) could muster his credibility in order to raise assistence to this enterprise.

      2. Pedro: I appreciate your advice. However, I do not want to muster anyone’s credibility. My work began in earnest in 1987 and I can only continue in the spirit that leads to a new way of seeing politics. The learning process here leads away from “success” in the conventional sense. Analysis suggests the work must be unpopular the greater its long-term value. Origins was less than 300 pages of over a thousand pages. I edited out 700 plus pages because they partook of a false attitude, an erroneous self-regard. Everything I wrote that partook of a conventional mannerism rang hollow. Editing is 50 percent of writing and 90 percent of thinking. I edited out more than 70 percent. Good riddance! By 1992, when this body of research and thought had been sifted and reconsidered, I arrived at what became the first edition manuscript which still had conceptual and editing problems. It sat in a desk drawer for six years. When Art Bell heard of this manuscript in 1998 and put me before his 3 million audience, he advised me to publish it. I self-published and was invited to speak by Prophecy Club. I had been operating a private business for six years and was, in that instant, forced to speak publicly for months without adequate preparation. My faults of memory got the better of me at times. I had to shift back to writing and thinking mode after a period of neglect and, to be honest, disgust at our political culture. I continued to read and study, but with less intensity. I lost the stomach for “keeping up with the news” in those years because the opinions expressed by those of every shade of opinion were so terribly off base. The press and book publishing in the 1990s was so full of self-deception and self-congratulations, it was a case of wanting to fall silent. Of blotting out the world. Because of this, my memory of certain details I had learned was no longer fresh. Things sometimes come out of my mouth incorrectly. This is all very human and normal. So I hated listening to myself because, like any editor, I saw the mistakes and the slips, and little else. So I am not a big fan of my media appearances in 1998 (I was much sharper in 1999, when I was working very intensively). The subject here is so difficult, and my inadequacies so painfully obvious, that the valuable parts of my work are easily dismissed by the intelligent mainstream. Just find my mistakes and discredit me. It does not matter that our greatest experts are walking mistakes, blind to the calamity that now unfolds. Their mistakes belong to everyone, and everyone congratulates themselves on being right. The lesson here should not be missed. To go against an accepted error you must be perfect. But nobody is. Yet someone must be the boy who says the emperor is naked. In 1998, nobody was doing this except Chris Story, Joe Douglass, and a handful of others. I worked on this thing from 1987-1992 and was not fully prepared after a six year break. Unless you continually work at it, you loose the thread. And yet, life is nothing if not a series of interruptions. One also needs, at times, to mentally escape the darkness of it. Yet, the pull of the thing will force you back and draw you in. This is the thing that is exciting; that is, the movement toward greater clarity in a time of self-deception. There are rules that must be followed. These are rules businessmen and publicists hate. But they are rules: (1) do not stop for dogmas but run directly over them; (2) be prepared to ask disturbing questions; (3) be free to say stupid things, and to make mistakes in the hope of stumbling onto something better; (4) be prepared to say what is not pretty, and to take a beating for it; (5) This is not a golden highway to final answers (but a continual exploration); (6) in this work you will lose readers who part ways with an experiment that is “thinking out loud” in an area where hardly anyone is thinking at all; (7) as a rule, this kind of work must offend people — or else you are not doing it correctly. This work even wounds them. Am I not covered in wounds? Ask yourself how suitable this is for prime time. Is it even suitable for a larger audience? Attempt to popularize it and the work ends. Right there. Therefore, I am not becoming a publicist, or to taking advice from publicists, which inevitably leads to, “Stop writing about X, Y. And Z. Give lip service to A.” Such an editing process conflicts with the editing process I began with. Never detract from the work in order to advertise, in order to make a popular sound, in order to make a louder noise, in order to make anything inordinately pleasing at the expense of insight, or inappropriately flattering to hold some section of an audience, or inordinately conventional or orthodox to win applause, or to conform in any way with anything that is false. I am pained enough by my own mistakes, by the unfortunate way discussions can turn out, about things being too long or incomplete or misunderstood. One just goes forward in an attempt to find more insights and discoveries, to build a better context for understanding. My sense is that once you make it about self-promotion, or conformism for the sake of acceptance, the work dies and everything turns stale. You just stop creating, thinking, living.

      3. I forgot to finish a sentence in the message:

        “and since it takes time for the work of treating the material to be finished, it would seemingly be becoming to hurry up*”

      4. I guess if this digital marketing nearly-all-encompassing treatment of your intellectual work were to take place and be carried out (to add to the already effect it has had) you wouldn’t necessarily have to be directly involved in it for it to be carried out, since the material is publicly available already for the most part, howsoever scattered or raw in way of digital-marketing-friendly-content-creation-wise. But someone would have to carry it out; and sometimes this someone just is not there.

        In Brazil we have a saying “This is a beautiful novel which shall never be written”.

      5. Nevin needs to learn how to edit his podcasts. 🙂 Seriously, there are very few people who will watch a video that is 2 1/2 hours long, and it’s sad because there are some good “nuggets” in it.

      6. There is a famous William Blake quote: “Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.” Just as up and down are relative terms, namely you don’t have the one without the other, they are related, so also you don’t have the act of trying to understand without the act of trying to be understood. It is true the former has more to do with a priestly role, the latter whith a nobleman’s role; but the two roles are really underlyingly the same, the priest is a warrior preparing for battle, the nobleman is a priest who knows his theory by heart. This is a traditional symbolism commonplace.

        Besides, I don’t know if you are familiar with Dan and Chip Heath, Standford renowned authors of “Made to Stick: Why some ideas survive and others die”, they explain there is a phenomenon they call “the curse of knowledge”, which means a person who knows their craft/who knows something too well is unlikely to be able to fill the shoes of those who do not have this knowledge and is unlikely to see the things related to said knowledge just as those others see, in other words if you know something others do not chances are you are clueless as to the extent of their ignorance and their perception of things. Lacking this understanding of other’s ignorance or being opressed by the curse of knowledge is the primary challenge of a nobleman, breaking the spell of the curse of knowledge [the nobleman’s charge] is what the slaying the dragon metaphor is all about (like in the The Hobbit movie in which the character Bard slays the dragon), and you yourself admit a nobility class absence is a huge problem. And just for the sake of curiosity, the Bard character is presented as a nobleman by various signs, among them that the story repeatedly emphasizes his lineage, his care for his family, the fact at attempting to kill the dragon he enters a family ongoing unfinished business. However, Bard is not the king of Lake-town, even though he is offered this position he refuses it. There is more to nobility than a perceived self-promotion.

        Getting back to the subject of trying to understand being linked to the act of trying to be understood; the principles you enumerated have to do with what in hermeticism is connected to the idea of dissolution, a gestation and lack of a fixed formula. This is a relative term with coagulation, just as up and down are connected. You cannot have dissolution without coagulation, or without it leading to coagulation. And this is also reflected in the communist strategy: there is no way, as Golitsyn explained, the dismounted phase of the long-range communist plan, with the strategic goal hidden in a dissolution pool, remains like that forever. They will coagulate, unify and build up the whole armor back together.

      7. I kept bringing up Golitsyn over at Gateway Pundit. The so-called conservatives there, maintained their ignorance of the man, and paid homage to Putin at every turn. I also pointed here several times. As you might imagine, they slandered you as well, with one poster saying, he wanted his 10 minutes back. The owner of the site is just as anti-conservative.

        “Conservatives” are far to ignorant to see they are actually leftists.

      8. Jeff, I agree with @PrayingInOK— that was indeed very moving. What a conundrum: a message so disorienting that it cannot be heard, at least by those in positions of consequence. How tragic for you— and our country. You’ve done the best job possible, without losing the essence of your message, and for those of us able and willing to hear and understand— we are grateful.

        As far as your study goes, whatever you’re doing now, it’s obviously working beautifully! At times I’ve wondered whether you have a photographic memory. If you ever feel inclined to share what your method[s] of study are, as a homeschooling mother of four, I would be all ears!

      9. When reading I often just write out the key passages by hand. Then I jot comments. And I keep forgetting so I can go back and refresh myself with those more important excerpts.

  7. Great insight once again, Jeff. Specifically, at about the 1 hour 6 min mark, when you explain Property and “sharing tools” in a socialist society.

      1. Why do you post this here without commentary? Is this some kind of political statement by you in favor of pacifism? It would be better to just state what you think rather than leave us to puzzle it out.

  8. Jeff Nyquist’s book, Origins of the Fourth World War, came out a quarter of a century ago. Nevin Gussack (who is, if I’m not mistaken, 16 years younger than Nyquist) has been having exchanges with Jeff Nyquist, including online conversations, for quite a number of years now. Mr. Gussack is a well-read man, a librarian by profession, and has published a number of books of his own, including “Golitsyn Vindicated? A Second Look at ‘Splits’ In the Communist World During the Cold War”. And yet, watching him, listening to him talk with Jeff Nyquist, again and again feels like he is hearing Jeff Nyquist’s central thesis for the very first time ever, namely: that the so-called bourgeoisie lost its own protective strata when it did away with the aristocracy of old (on both sides of the “pond”), and thus made itself ready for slaughter by socialist totalitarianism. For sure, Mr. Gussack must have read Nyquist’s Origins of the Fourth World War, but it seems the penny still hasn’t dropped yet. Instead, he can’t let go of his thought experiments of moderate, socialist-leaning, mixed systems and what not. And he has this unpleasant habit of inviting Nyquist on his presentations only to not properly listen to him and instead show off his own supposed “wisdoms”. Maybe Mr. Gussack, who is so full of himself, should check out, for a comparison, young Thomas Patrick Carrigan’s podcasts (Tommy’s Podcast) and start learning the art of LISTENING…

    1. Gussack is an old school social fascist. He doesn’t understand there are no resources for going back to 60s. Neoliberalism (temporarily) solved very real problems of the imperialist economies. There is no way back. It is either WEF neofeaudalism with rationing and 15 minutes cities or revolution.

      1. It’s Christ’s Kingdom that is the solution, not your rancid communist cancer. This is spoken not for you, because that would be pearls before swine, but for others.

    2. I watched the potty mouthed Tommy interview Jeff. It was ok. Unfortunatly Tommy camera was ON, and viewers were treated to his nose picking and zit scratching. Quite distracting. I cant say I agree with you totaly about Nevin, hes respectfull and knowleable. However I also do not care much about his populist patriot political talk.

      1. One may complain about Tommy’s “loose” style (he could definitely improve that), but he is always listening very closely, and he is giving his guests the space they need. The first time I saw Jeff Nyquist on Tommy’s Podcast, I was thrilled by how comfortable Nyquist visibly was. He could really elaborate on the things he wanted to say, and Tommy hardly ever interrupted him or cut him off. Of course, people are different, and Mr. Gussack has done a great deal of research of his own. But he should work a little bit – in my humble (or not-so-humble) opinion – on his self-importance, think more deeply about where he actually stands, and also on his shrill voice, which painfully contrasts with the voice of his interviewee, without Gussack even realising. But who am I…

      2. Tommy contributed basicaly nothing in the interview I watched. I would have rather had Jeff do a monolouge.

    3. I think the answer to that is that Nevin is conducting the interview for the benefit of all those who might see it, who are *NOT* well-versed in the subject matter as most of us regular followers of Jeff’s work are.

      1. I wasn’t posing a question, but offering criticism. If you see any value in a confused mind debating a sagacious one, so be it.

  9. I look forward to weekly discussions between Nevin and Jeff but I agree with The Contemplative Observer when he says that Nevin needs to learn to listen and not try to dominate the discussion.

  10. Jeff,
    This is off topic. Do you have any thoughts about the John Birch Society? Is it accomplishing good work in fighting communism? Would you recommend supporting this? Are there other groups fighting communism?

    1. I have serious reservations about the Birch Society. I have written on this many times and in many places, and it is a complicated story. Birchism is based on a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theory is not a substitute for philosophical understandings and political science and history. In the Birch Society analysis of events, conspiracy theory ultimately substitutes itself for serious study in a journalistic age where presentism and pragmatism and materialism rule the soul. Conspiracy theory misunderstands and falsifies the deeper meaning of history with unverifiable conspiracy explanations which open up resentments and hatreds identical to those inspired by socialism, communism and anti-semitism. This is an extremely important observation, and explains one of the mechanisms used by Moscow to seduce conservatives.

      1. Thank you, Jeff. I don’t know hardly anything about Birchers, but I attended a meeting where several people there were or had been members so it made me curious. The organizer was Hal Shurtleff. He won a unanimous Supreme Court decision in January 2022, upholding his first amendment right to exercise his religion in the public square.

      2. Most of the people in the Birch Society are salt of the Earth. Very nice folks. But I am told they are against NATO and I would expect they do not favor supporting Ukraine.

      3. That is very unfortunate. Oh my. By the way, I find the podcast of Jake Broe very good at presenting the Ukrainian position and covering the war.

      4. Resentiment , envy, it is as often the case the root of much of this, in my opinion.

    2. I recently subscribed to and started following Broe’s work myself. I also recommend him to everyone. He is a former US Air Force missile officer, so he has some “real” credentials as far as someone who has done something worthwhile in life.

  11. I would like to speak up in support of Mr. Gussack. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that he’s my favorite of Jeff’s interviewers. He’s so intellectual, like Jeff, that it’s really enjoyable to watch–they’re well-matched in debating skills, and in possessing extremely sharp intellects like razors; again, just my opinion.

    I do like when Mr. Gussack talks at length–I feel like I learn something new and interesting often. I also don’t think that he talks over or that he interrupts Jeff much at all, unlike young Tommy, who seems to do that frequently–I’ve watched some of his interviews with Jeff, and I’ve come to such a conclusion.

    To me, Mr. Gussack doesn’t seem ‘full of himself’ at all, and Jeff seems really engaged in the discussions that they have, which makes for a very stimulating viewing experience.

    1. Seconded.
      Jeff Nyquist’s best interviews/discussions are with fellow well-read anti-Communists who truly understand Golitsyn’s warnings. People like Nevin Gussack, Trevor Loudon and Jean Robin. Unfortunately, this is a very short list.

      On a different note, I was browsing the Conservatives 4 Ukraine Facebook page and came across this Forbes article from February 2017 (the early days of the Trump presidency).

      Victor Rud lays bare the folly of America allying with its existential enemy, Russia, to defeat a secondary threat, Islamic terrorism, which was spawned by the first enemy. He goes through the history of the USSR/Russia’s fostering of Arab nationalism and modern Islamic terrorism and repeats Litvinenko’s revelation about Al-Zawahiri being trained in Russia. He also makes a curious comment about the Boston Bombers, implying they were deliberately recruited to carry out a terrorist attack in the U.S. to retroactively justify the Chechen War and to further downplay Litvinenko’s accusation. On first thought, the latter two events are too far in the past to be the reason for the KGB recruiting the Tsarnaevs. But 2012/2013 was the year when Obama and fellow ‘Russia Reset’ leftists started distancing themselves from their idol, perhaps it was also the time for Russia to begin more intensely cultivating the conservative side? The news story that Russia had previously warned U.S. officials about the Tsarnaevs got some attention in conservative forums and it was the first time I remember posters in mainstream forums cheering for Putin.

      “Russia’s “common interest” is not with Washington. It’s with ISIS. How many attacks by ISIS have there been in Russia? Precisely. Russian fundamentalism is at one with radical Islamic fundamentalism: the subversion and destruction of Western values and its societal structure. Both market a vitriolic anti-Western ideology, a faux morality playing the “Western society is immoral” card.”

      1. Mr. Rud’s article is a good overview of Moscow’s involvement with and use of Arab nationalism and Islam. Russia’s intelligence capabilities give Russian strategists the ability to hijack factions of religious sects, political movements, or political parties. This allows them many “combination plays” in which they pretend to help us against people they have mobilized against us.

  12. Off topic question : China has a no first use doctrine regarding nuclear weapons, which means they won’t use nuclear weapons first. Do you think they’re serious or are lying?

    1. They have a no first use bio weapons policy too. Lol.The primary use of strategic nuclear weapons is to eliminate your enemy nuclear forces, if you wait until your enemy has launched its nukes, you’ve given up a massive advantage. See also Clausewitz “Axe theory” which Nyquist has talked about before. Also page 200 of Origins of the First World War. I thought I recalled that you have read it.

      1. I have always believed that the “no first use doctrine” of the USSR and now of China, was and is a propaganda lie. What was unusual was when Putin came in and there was this change to a first use policy. Under Putin, Russia openly says it will use nuclear weapons first if they have to. This, I suspect, was embraced in imitation of NATO’s position of acknowledging the necessity of first use when Russia possessed conventional superiority in Europe during the Cold War. It was Russia’s way of saying, “We lack the conventional means.” It was also an indirect statement about feeling threatened by NATO, though this line of propaganda was not anticipated twenty-three years ago by NATO leaders. Anyone viewing it, with an understanding of Moscow’s strategy, could see they were exploiting their new “inferiority” in conventional arms to justify a future first strike with nuclear arms.

    2. Hmmm, coming from the same party that is re-writing the Bible. They are more than lying. They are trying to make us believe it.

  13. Hello Jeff, have you seen the trailer of the documentary War and Justice, by Marcus Vetter?
    Thank you.

      1. It is futile to treat war as the fault of both sides. It is wrong to see war as evil. One might as well say that earthquakes or hurricanes are evil. One cannot stop them from happening.

  14. “Dmitry Medvedev said in a Sunday Telegram post that Russia could be forced to mount a nuclear attack if Ukraine’s counteroffensive succeeds. In effect it is to say that if Ukraine “wins”, nukes would be deployed. This would happen in the scenario of “part of our land being taken away,” he said.”

    We figured as much.

    1. Given that Medvedev previously said Russia would go to war with us if we cut them off of the SWIFT banking system, we cannot put much stock in new threats. We cut them off of SWIFT and we did not get nuked. So it’s hard to take anything Medvedev says seriously. Of course, Russia not entitled to our markets, our credit, our technology, etc., when they invade their neighbors and threaten us all with nuclear destruction. And Civilization cannot allow itself to be blackmailed by a pack of thugs. I am relieved that the West is not going to cower in fear. Of course, I wish we had a better deterrent. And I wish our trade with China would be brought to an end.

      1. The majority of mankind in Modernity are feral with inverted indeed perverted instincts and bad conscience. This is hyper civilization, and is all happening because of our sins. When I said earlier that resentiment was the reason for all this, the reason for the hatred and grasping for a conspiracy or some external ” Demon” to blame everything on, yet to the degree that we have lived outside the pre modern thinking of the ancestors and their whole way of life that is the measure, measure of what actually is our personal fault.

      2. There is truth in what you say. Working on the next essay, I wrote words to that effect in a footnote. Modern liberalism and socialism is animated by materialist scientism. This is an inverted view, and has led to the many dysfunctions of West and East.

      3. China has been in recession since before Trump placed Tariffs against Chinese imports, because the US has been in recession first. Therefore, trade with China has nearly ended already. Russia eliminated the global banking system from Russia.

      4. You are lying once again. Do you think anyone here buys your BS? I just got back from WongMart I mean ChinaMart/Walmart. 10s of billions worth of Chinese merchandise is currently sitting on shelves of this retailer alone, with more sitting in ports waiting to be unloaded. Please kill yourself quickly.

  15. Does Türkiye control the ports for the Black sea? I was reading that Russia is releasing thirty more ships and I was wondering if Erdogan had the will or power to block them at the port? I see that Türkiye appears to waffle to whatever side fits them best, but if our current admin doesn’t even press Erdogan on it, that would be quite revealing. Maybe there are maritime laws during a war?

      1. Not to mention antibiotic resistant Tuberculoso and wage supression in construction and restaurant work. It infuriates me, Ive extensive experience of it in both fields.

  16. Just a little uchronia : let’s say that Reagan had accepted Golitsyn and had refused to support Perestroika and had exposed the fake Sino-Soviet split. How do you think the world would be today ? I think that it is not necessary a bad thing to have accepted Perestroika because the block had conventional and nuclear supremacy. Now they only have nuclear supremacy and US Air Force probably can still carpet bomb Russia with conventional weapons.

    1. Improbably, if Reagan had exposed perestroika as a deception, we would not have had Bill Clinton as president. We would not have had Obama. We would not have Biden now. Our people would be properly oriented to their real enemy, and we would have not continued our trade relationship with China.

  17. On the subject of the John Birch society, I’ve followed them closely almost since their founding. This might not be anyone else’s assessment of the JBS, but the main difference I see between their outlook (especially that of their founder, Robert Welch, and some of their early writers like Alan Stang and Medford Evans) and, for example, that of JR Nyquist, is that the JBS sees the West as controlling the East, not the East controlling the West.

    As in the movie, “The Wizard of Oz”, the cruel flying monkeys (the KGB) are tearing the straw out of the straw man, and the halberd-carrying Russian soldiers are chanting “Yo ee Oh”, but their boss is the Wicked Witch of the WEST.

    The JBS doesn’t see “the West selling Lenin the rope to hang the West.” They see the West as owners of the plantation, giving mere overseers (e.g. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao) the rope to whip the slaves in the East, and perchance to whip the slaves in the West too. The criminal monsters of power and greed, in the West, seem to consider Russia, Germany and China as third world countries whose leaders are to be installed, deposed, and ruthlessly bent to the will, of more or less Anglo-American tycoons who are not duped or manipulated by the KGB or anybody else.

    Essentially the JBS sees “Communism” as the latest incarnation of “Yankee Imperialism”. Trafficking opium along the China coast was the Yankee enterprise of yesteryear. The “bad Yankees” went one better and made China into “Slavery, Inc” with Mao and later, Xi, as overseer. A wholly owned subsidiary of WalMart.

    The weakness of the JBS position is their inability to identify these Western tycoons, or determine the exact motives and methods. But the JBS might be excused this failing, because it’s often easy for any citizen to observe that a crime is committed, but usually requires police powers to determine the who, how and why of the crime. An early example given by the JBS literature was the insistence of the “mainstream” Western newsmedia that Castro was only an “agrarian reformer”. The JBS view was not that the Western newsmedia corporations were unintelligent, nor that they were controlled by Russian spies, but rather, that they (whom Welch called “The Insiders”) owned Castro (and owned Khrushchev) and were covering for their own man.

    Such a viewpoint can result in fruitless speculation and in blaming the wrong persons. But it might be the truth.

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