…the coordinated duality of Soviet and Chinese policies offers a number of advantages for communist strategy. It enables the communist bloc to retain the initiative, to open up new possibilities for maneuver, and to induce erroneous responses from its opponents. Where there are conflicts in the outside world, it enables the two communist partners, by taking opposite sides, to strengthen communist influence simultaneously over both parties to the dispute.”

Anatoly Golitsyn[i]

KGB Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, who defected from the Soviet Union in December 1961, successfully predicted the rise of Gorbachev and a false Soviet liberalization that would weaken the West’s strategic posture. He even predicted that the Communist Party would give up its monopoly of power in Russia. The Cold War, in effect, would be over. Only the whole thing, he said, would be a deception. It was designed so that the West would relax its guard. The Chinese and Russians – together with their communist allies around the world – would then be better positioned to infiltrate the West’s core institutions. Moscow and Beijing would also gain access to Western technology for military modernization. At the same time, the West would stop making nuclear weapons. And this is exactly what happened after 1991.

Look at the present situation in Moscow: The façade is over. Russia is no longer pretending to be a democracy. Putin is no longer pretending to be America’s friend. The mask has been ripped off. And despite predicting all this in advance, almost no one has credited Golitsyn. When the Soviet Union was crumbling, when Golitsyn’s predictions were coming true, the mainstream media was busy slandering him. The fact that Golitsyn’s name remains blackened, that his analysis is never used by mainstream politicians or pundits, shows that the communist deception succeeded – and still succeeds. This fact cannot be understated. Most conservatives believe, with Sean Hannity, that “Reagan won the Cold War.” No major media voices are heard saying, even now, that the communist bloc still exists, or that the communists fooled us in 1991. Everyone talks as if Russia and China were non-communist powers, motivated by nationalism instead of the murderous ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Mao.

Because nobody heeded Golitsyn’s warnings, America and Europe allowed their nuclear arsenals to fall into disrepair. No new warheads have been produced in decades. There is no effective testing regime. The old experts have retired. Critical technical knowledge has been lost. The weapons we rely on for national survival are past their shelf-life. So the question of the hour is whether the West’s nuclear weapons work. Russia and China are watching carefully. In the coming months they will be testing us; and once they are confident that we have no effective nuclear deterrent, they will present their ultimatum. Or they will simply attack – as Russia has done to Ukraine – and wipe us out.  

When a country gives up its nuclear arsenal, whether by neglect or treaty, consider what happens. Maria Drutska pointed out a few days ago, “Ukraine gave up 3,000 nuclear warheads because we were promised we would be protected. Now our soldiers are castrated, beheaded and burned alive. Their screams will haunt us for eternity. We watch our children kidnapped, we watch our houses bombed.”[ii]

Why was Ukraine invaded? Because Moscow was emboldened by having more nuclear weapons, and more modern nuclear weapons, than the United States. The Russian state wanted Ukraine reintegrated into a new Union. And why did they decide on this now? Because the West was weaker, vis-à-vis China and Russia, than it has ever been. Furthermore, Ukraine is an important food-producing country, and China needs that food production. Given the long-range communist strategy, there was no time to waste. In fact, there is testimony out of the Russian FSB that the Kremlin has been contemplating nuclear strikes against the West. They even tried to keep this from their own planners.

According to a Russian FSB analyst, writing anonymously about the war in Ukraine, “no one knew that there will be such a war – it was concealed from everyone.” The bosses in the Kremlin did not tell their own analysts that they were thinking of invading Ukraine or nuking the West. Instead, the Kremlin bosses invented a fake scenario. The anonymous FSB analyst wrote, “…you are being asked to analyze various outcomes and consequences of a meteorite attack – you research the mode of attack, and you are being told that it’s just a hypothetical and not to stress on the details, so you understand the report is only intended as a checkbox, and the conclusions of the analysis must be positive for Russia, otherwise you basically get interrogated for not doing good work. So, you must write that we have all necessary measures available to nullify the effects of a given type of attack.”[iii]

The word “meteor,” of course, is a metaphor for the word “nuclear.” The n-word is an obscenity which should never be spoken. So instead of “nuclear attack” you tell your analysts it is a “meteor.” Hopefully, they are smart enough to understand without grasping your intentions. If they try and say the wrong thing out loud, you correct them. You tell them to “shut up” and do the analysis. Mark the checkbox and give the green light to the Kremlin.

At least one FSB analyst tried to warn the Kremlin that Russia was too weak to economically survive a nuclear war. “And now what?” asked the Russian analyst. World War III is not doable. He wrote, “We cannot announce a general mobilization for two reasons: (1) Mobilization will implode the situation inside Russia: political, economic, and social. (2) Our logistics are already over-extended today. We cannot send a much larger contingent into Ukraine … because our roads simply cannot accommodate the resupply of such convoys, and everything will come to a halt. And we can’t pull it off from the management side because of the current chaos.”[iv]

Military operations require tremendous administrative integrity. You need honest leaders who tell the truth and you need subordinates who can speak truth to power. Effective military organizations require moral courage which is more important than battlefield courage. But there was never any moral courage in the Russian system, because everything in Russia has been based on lies. If you went along with the lies you were promoted. First was the lie that Russia was democratic. Second was the lie that Russia had a free economy. Third was the lie that Russia had joined civilization, that her leaders were “normal people.” (As the defector, Col. Stanislav Lunev, told me, “These are not normal people. These are crazy persons.”) When your entire political system is a lie, and lying has become second nature from top to bottom, you lose the ability to do things properly. “Yes, Comrade President, we are keeping your equipment in storage. No, Comrade President, we are not stripping it or selling it off. Yes, Comrade President, we are building new weapons. No, Comrade President, we are not embezzling the military budget.” (And under his breath: “Well, you embezzle everything so why can’t we?“)

Deception has been Russia’s great weapon. But deception is a two-edged sword. If you accomplish everything by trickery, what happens when your subjects turn the practice on you? To make lying and cheating an acceptable standard, modeled by your leaders, is to corrupt your own subordinates. Imagine, then, what happens when honesty is needed in a cooperative effort to encircle an enemy capital city during an invasion? The Air Force says it has neutralized Kiev’s air defenses when they have not. The paratroopers fly in and get shot down. Or the logistics department says there is enough food and fuel when there is not. The tank factories supposedly made new tanks, yet there are not enough new tanks to form a regiment. Lying and cheating, having become endemic to the system as such, destroys the efficacy of that system. And so, the Russian soldier invaded Ukraine on an empty stomach. “Go find food,” said the officers. As the promised sleeping bags and blankets never arrived, the generals said, “Go sleep on the cold ground.” When some soldiers, feeling misused, started defecting to the Ukrainians the Russian generals ordered atrocities against civilians. “We will put an end to defections. If they kill Ukrainian women and children, they cannot go over to the Ukrainians. They will be trapped and forced to fight.” Therefore, it follows, that a system predicated on deceiving the West ends by demoralizing itself. If a leader is not honest, why should his subordinates be honest? If the subordinates are not honest, why should the soldiers trust the orders he receives? As lies come down from the Kremlin, lies flow up the chain of command from the front.  

Russian deception strategy is ingenious, of course. But it is also a disaster; and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a disaster that continues to unfold – a gift that keeps on giving. As the FSB analyst noted, “even those loyal to us in Ukraine are publicly against us.” And it all went wrong because of lying, cheating, and coloring the truth. “Because,” said the FSB analyst, “all of this was planned at the top (in Russia), because we were told that such a scenario will not happen unless we were to be attacked first.” But Moscow was not attacked first. Naked Russian aggression, supported by outrageous lies, do not moralize the Russian solider; rather, it is Ukrainian morale that benefits from the rightness of their national cause. “The [Ukrainian] enemy is motivated,” said the Russian analyst. “Monstrously motivated. Knows how to fight, plenty of capable commanders. They have weapons and support. We will simply establish a precedent of human catastrophe in the world.”

Russia cannot not use its nuclear advantage in Ukraine because Putin said that Ukrainians were Russians. It is a statement he made at the outset of the war, that he cannot take back. If Ukrainians are Russians, the Russian president cannot use nuclear weapons against them. That does not work, politically. Furthermore, Russia is unprepared to deal with nuclear strikes launched from Europe or America. However, if the West’s nuclear weapons do not work, Putin may feel free to do as he pleases against NATO, thereby undercutting Ukraine’s position from behind. But how can Putin determine the efficacy of NATO’s nuclear deterrent?

“To offer further cynicism,” wrote the FSB analyst, “I don’t believe that Putin will press the red button to destroy the entire world. First, it’s not one person that decides, and someone will refuse. There are lots of people and there is no single ‘red’ button. Second, there are certain doubts that it actually functions properly. Experience shows that the more transparent the control procedures, the easier it is to identify problems. And where it’s murky as to who controls … there are always problems. I am not sure that the ‘red button’ system functions according to the declared data.”[v] And so, it seems, the Russian analyst wonders whether the Russian generals have cheated during their own missile tests. Do Russia’s nuclear weapons work? Little else in the Russian military seems to work as advertised.

And now we have an explanation for why America still exists after three decades of outrageous subversion and treason at the highest levels. If Russia has deceived and infiltrated the West, the native dishonesty and corruption of Russia’s own leaders has rotted them as well. All the while they were plotting our destruction, they were becoming hollow themselves. Things have not gone well in the Russian heartland, and now that heartland is being put to the test. Russia appears unable to defeat Ukraine. The traitors in America and Europe, however corrupt they might be, however effective the blackmail, are not going to commit suicide by acquiescing to Russia’s demands and threats. “Oh yes, you paid us well and we understand your threats. But no amount of money will convince us to kill ourselves. Go ahead, do your worst. If you expose us, you expose yourselves.”

Russia and China’s Way Forward

It is important to understand that the worm’s-eye-view of the demoralized FSB analyst misses the big picture. The demoralized Russian does not see the lamentable situation of the West, with its suicidal and increasingly insane policies. He does not reckon with the French President kowtowing to Beijing, or with Biden blocking American nuclear rearmament. He does not see how Critical Race Theory is taught to U.S. military personnel, or how Chinese agents have penetrated the Centers for Disease Control, or how subservient the West’s media has become to false narratives. Instead of counting the West’s deficits, he is counting Russia’s. To understand the situation correctly, he should have analyzed the pathologies of East and West; for the real question is whether one side or the other collapses first.

The leaders of Russia and China have always had a plan. The way forward, said Marx, is through a “crisis of capitalism” in which the economic system of the West finally collapses. “The communist bloc will not repeat its error in failing to exploit a slump as it did in 1929-32,” noted Golitsyn. “Information from communist sources that the bloc is short of grain and oil should be treated with particular reserve, since it could be intended to conceal preparation for the final phase of the policy and to induce the West to underestimate the potency of the bloc’s economic weapons.”[vi]

According to Soviet strategists, the key natural resources are oil and grain (or anything that amounts to the same thing, like natural gas and fertilizer). If the East can cut the West from its energy supplies, the West will suffer a severe economic contraction, vindicating communist theory. If a food crisis develops and people in the West face starvation, communist theory will again be vindicated. Battlefield defeats in Ukraine are insignificant if the West suffers a severe and prolonged loss of grain or oil (or natural gas). In light of this, consider how the oil-rich Saudi kingdom has been pulled into the orbit of China and Russia. Last month, the Saudis joined Russia and China’s Shanghai Cooperation Organization.[vii] It is perfectly clear that oil will be used, in the coming months, as a weapon against America’s allies in Europe and Asia. Combine this with attacks against the West’s energy sector by way of anthropogenic global warming theory and you have a communist recipe for victory.

Consider all the little victories communism has won along the way: The Keystone XL pipeline project was scrapped after President Biden blocked the necessary federal permits. American oil refineries are now sitting idle. In Europe, imports of Russian natural gas have been reduced by two-thirds. At the same time, OPEC has agreed to cut oil production as much as 3.66 million barrels per day.[viii] Economies staggered by the pandemic are continuing to struggle. Worse yet, the pandemic has seriously damaged the West’s banking system as commercial real estate holdings have fallen in value. Perhaps, indeed, an economic crisis will bring Europe to its knees and politically destabilize the famously stable United States. Here, the fifth column activities of Russian and Chinese operatives have made a significant contribution.

According to Gen. Jan Sejna, who served as Chief of Staff to the Czech Defense Ministry in the 1960s, “the main target of the Strategic Plan is the United States….” Although this Strategic Plan was developed in 1957-58 by a special committee under Leonid Brezhnev, Moscow’s Warsaw Pact allies were only brought into the plan during an October 1966 meeting held in Moscow. According to Gen. Sejna, the plan called for “the withdrawal of the U.S.A. from Europe and Asia; the removal of Latin America from the United States’ sphere of influence and its incorporation into the Socialist bloc; and the destruction of the United States influence in the developing world; the reduction of American military power to a state of strategic inferiority; the advent to power in Washington of a transitional liberal and progressive government; and the collapse of the American economy.” When Moscow’s Central Committee Secretary, Konstantin Katushev, visited Prague to give the Czechs a strategic update in September 1967, he encountered skepticism from the Czech communists. Katushev explained that America was a volatile society. He said, “It can move to either extreme … as we’ve seen in the McCarthy period and the Vietnam War. If we can impose on the U.S.A. the external restraints proposed in our Plan, and seriously disrupt the American economy, the working and lower middle classes will suffer the consequences and they will turn on the society that has failed them. They will be ready for revolution.” [ix]

Knowing that the United States “can move to either extreme,” the communist movement has taken great pains to place agents on the right as well as the left. As time goes on, the narratives of the right as well as the left, have become contaminated with variations on old communist themes. Many supposed conservatives are now pro-Russian in their thinking. They want America to withdrawal from Europe and Asia, and they do not care if Latin America joins the Socialist bloc. All these themes, which we see around us, support the strategic goals of Moscow and Beijing’s long-range strategy.

In politics and strategy, it takes a lot of “juice” to successfully push a narrative. Therefore, it is no accident that these narratives are gaining ground among conservatives. People are so unoriginal and unthoughtful today, it is only natural that they succumb to enemy active measures. Many respectable Americans are ready to do Moscow’s bidding. And this situation will likely get worse before it gets better. Therefore, whenever you hear someone from the right mouthing themes consistent with Moscow’s past strategic goals, be on your guard.

What we see on many sides are the fruits of communism’s infiltration of American institutions from 1919 to the present. Add to this, the successful deception operations of 1989-91 when communism supposedly gave up the Cold War.  As long as Moscow’s larger deception strategy succeeds, no one will see past the many small deceptions that are perpetrated day-to-day. They will see everything out of context, without understanding how each element fits together with other elements. And so, in America, Marxists have gotten themselves elected to office by wearing false democratic colors. Foreigners may still think of America as a right-wing country. But this is untrue. America took a left turn many years back, as political scientist Tim Groseclose has shown.[x]

In the 1990s, Golitsyn asked why the West ignored his warnings about the dangers of Soviet “Democratization” and the marginalizing of anticommunists. He wrote, “Lacking any means for distinguishing facts from fiction, they are incapable of producing valid and objective synthesis. The capacity to analyze Communist developments effectively, which existed up to the early 1960s, has been lost.”[xi] Golitsyn added:

Misunderstood and misinterpreted, the wealth of information available is of no greater value than the volumes of an old encyclopedia. The key to the correct interpretation of the facts, which brings them to life and makes them useful, is informed study of the Soviet long-range strategy which has been in operation since the late 1950s. This study reveals what Lenin called the ‘algebra’ of modern Soviet politics. Without the key, Western studies are confined to conventional, pedestrian arithmetic.[xii]

For more than three decades our leaders have misunderstood our strategic situation, mistaking their enemies for “partners.” Few see Russia’s aggression against Ukraine as part of a communist push for global dominance. They see the national aspirations of Russia and China as divergent. Nearly all our leaders have yet to learn that the communist bloc still exists. They have yet to reckon with the fact that Russia invaded Ukraine with the support of the other communist bloc countries. China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba have refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. North Korea is sending military supplies, and Chinese components are showing up in captured Russian weapons.[xiii] The future is therefore predictable, from the standpoint of the larger communist strategy. The West will never succeed in countering the East unless they acknowledge that the communist bloc still exists, and a global communist movement still exists. As pressure is leveraged against Europe by the bloc’s agents and economic allies, enthusiasm for Ukraine’s defense will diminish. However long it takes, the Russians will politically and economically attack the sources of Ukrainian supply in Europe. Moscow will never relinquish the objective of conquering the whole of Ukraine as a step toward enslaving Europe.

Once Russia and China have secured certain strategic advantages, their “scissors strategy,” said Golitsyn, would “give way to the strategy of ‘one clenched fist.’” Golitsyn wrote, “The argument for accommodation with the overwhelming strength of communism would be virtually unanswerable. Pressures would build up for changes in the American political and economic system…. Traditional conservatives would be isolated and driven toward extremism. They might become the victims of a new McCarthyism of the left.”[xiv]

The only silver lining is that the left has been disoriented by Moscow’s deception strategy. They support Ukraine, against Russia’s wishes. How could this have happened? Russia did not think there would be a long war in Ukraine. The left in Europe and America would never have had time to register the humanitarian catastrophe if Russia had conquered Kiev in days. It was an invasion that was supposed to last three or four weeks at most. How quickly people would have then forgotten. Biden even said it was okay for Russia to invade Ukraine, if only it was a minor invasion (rather than a long war). But Russia got stuck. And now the Kremlin must backpedal. The left and right must be realigned in some way. Watch for a sudden turn of opinion. Watch how it all unfolds; for the Russians are on the communist side, yet they do not want to lose their friends on the European and American right. Consider, once again, the unusual statement of Venezuela’s communist dictator, Nicolas Maduro. Earlier this year Maduro proposed the creation of a new alliance bloc in Latin America under principles “that our elder brother President Xi Jinping talks about … [and] our elder brother, President Vladimir Putin, talks about….”[xv] There is no way Maduro’s elder brothers are not the leaders of a communist bloc which is now being extended to include most of South America.

Let us revisit what General Laura Richardson said on the subject:

General Richardson of U.S. Southern Command

“The largest military buildup in history,” says Gen. Richardson, is happening “in China.” This buildup needs to be explained, especially in terms of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Here is evidence of Golitsyn’s “once clenched fist.” China is forming that fist even as Russia has thrown a punch. All these moves are related; and Gen. Richardson is drawing our attention to Russian and Chinese moves in our own hemisphere; that is, the takeover of countries in South and Central America by Marxists who receive support directly from Beijing and Moscow (i.e., see Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, Maduro in Venezuela, the Cuban communist regime, and the rise of China’s friends in Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Argentina.)

As the communist bloc defector literature indicates, everything here has been choreographed in advance. The invasion of Ukraine is, in essence, a precursor attack. Moscow needs Ukraine securely under control before the Kremlin is free to support China’s moves in the Pacific and the Western Hemisphere. China needs Russia’s naval and nuclear missile support. Therefore, China must wait until Russia has won the Ukraine War. According to this interpretation of events, China was mobilizing for war against America last year in anticipation of a Russian victory in Ukraine; but this victory was not achieved. So, China is waiting to begin its “special military operation,” – and waiting, and still waiting.  

In May 2020, when the COVID pandemic was locking down the United States and most of Europe, Asian intelligence sources were warning Washington that China and Russia were planning a “thunderous” war against the United States.[xvi] In mid-2021, someone high up in Russian intelligence, frightened by the Kremlin’s “crazy” plans for war, passed information to U.S. officials about the coming invasion of Ukraine. On its side, the Ukrainian government was warned about the coming invasion by the Americans. When told, Zelenskyy the actor appropriately hid his foreknowledge of Russian plans with a pretended skepticism toward the Americans. President Zelenskyy and his staff did not want to reveal – to America or anyone else – that Ukrainian politicians had been approached by the Russians to assist in a Russian takeover of Ukraine. The plan was to kill thirty top Ukrainian officials, including Zelenskyy, and install a puppet government in Kiev. Many of these politicians were considered friendly to Russia; but on being asked to betray their country, reported the recruitment attempts to Ukrainian security officials. The Ukrainian government was, therefore, well-informed on Russian intentions. Yet this knowledge had to be kept secret, as the Ukrainian military was engaged in sensitive defensive preparations which included dispersing military supply depots and air defense sites that would be targeted in the first hours of an attack from Russia. The Ukrainian government did not want to panic the Ukrainian people, especially since nobody knew if Ukraine could withstand a full Russian attack. At the same time, the Ukrainian intelligence officers were keeping tabs on more than 800 prominent citizens in league with Russian intelligence. Many of these Ukrainians would be arrested before or immediately after the Russian invasion of February 2022.

Related to this, it is well-known that President Xi has been telling the Chinese military to “get ready for war.” Chinese military newspapers published articles about the coming war as early as April 2020. These articles were not mere rhetoric. If we credit Golitsyn, he warned about a shift in Russian and Chinese strategy following the success of Russian and Chinese deception operations: especially the false Sino-split deception and the false Russian liberalization. The joining of Russia and China into an offensive military combination was always in the cards.

If this overview of the situation is correct, all those analysts who think China is “taking advantage of Russia,” or that China wants to take over Siberia when Russia collapses, are misreading events. The objectives of Moscow and Beijing are not limited to acquiring territory in Ukraine or taking the island of Taiwan. In this regard their alliance is not temporary. It is not the result of opportunism. The alliance between the two countries is not even new. It is a longstanding collaboration to bring about America’s destruction.

In this context, it is childish to expect that America can woo Russia away from China. Steve Bannon has expressed this idea, but he has neglected to read the warnings of Golitsyn. He has failed to see that a long-range communist bloc strategy exists. Sadly, the opinion leaders of the right are misguided in their analysis of current events. While it is true that the left has been full of useful idiots and fellow-travelers in decades past, today’s right presents another flavor of wrong. For all those misguided conservatives who think Putin is “benign” and Ukraine is evil, let me read a line from Russian SVR defector Sergei Tretyakov’s testimony, given in 2007: “I want to warn Americans. As a people, you are very naïve about Russia and its intentions. You believe because the Soviet Union no longer exists, Russia is now your friend. It isn’t, and I can show you how the SVR [KGB] is trying to destroy the U.S. even today and even more than the KGB did during the Cold War.”[xvii]

Putin was leading Russia in 2007. If Tretyakov says Putin was plotting our destruction then, what are we supposed to think now? Looking at the invasion of Ukraine, some U.S. officials are saying that “Putin has changed.” No, he has not changed. He has merely torn off his mask. As if to dismiss the importance of Putin’s deceptive self-presentation, some conservatives are repeating the line that Putin is playing the role of Mussolini to China’s Hitler. But all these analogies misunderstand the fundamentals. Russia and Red China have been aligned for thirty years if not seventy-four years. Long before Putin took power, the alliance between Russia and China was in place. According to Col. Stanislav Lunev, a Mandarin-speaking defector from Russian military intelligence, Russia and China signed secret intelligence and military agreements at the end of the Cold War. These agreements covered intelligence cooperation and a future invasion of North America. Lunev told me, in 1999, “Russia will provide the missile power and China will provide the manpower.” But nobody in the American security establishment believed Lunev’s intelligence. The campaigns of our elected leaders depend on contributions from big business, and big business wanted to trade with China while developing Russia’s energy resources.

As for the idea of invading North America, nearly all our “experts” have scoffed. Chinese troops will never reach North America, they say. Nobody would be crazy enough to launch a thermonuclear war. But Gen. Richardson is telling us, in so many words, that Russia and China are already here. They are invading our hemisphere. In February 1999, when confronted with a room full of skeptical American experts, Lunev said, “During my years with the Soviet and Russian Army we trained for one mission, and one mission only: Future nuclear world war against America.”[xviii]

Anticipating this exact end-game scenario, KGB defector Golitsyn wrote a memo to the CIA in 1973. After the U.S. defense establishment has been sufficiently weakened, noted Golitsyn, Russia and China might launch an all-out attack:

… The Soviet and Chinese rocket strike units and strategic bombers will make a surprise raid on Pearl Harbor lines on the main government and military headquarters of the leading Western countries and on their missile sites. The main idea will be to knock out the primary Western sources of retaliation and to paralyze, at least for a short period, their physical ability to take a decision on retaliation.[xix]

According to Golitsyn, the Soviets would use their hotline to Washington D.C. to sow confusion and doubt on the American side. “Such an attack will probably be accompanied by an intensification in the activity of the Communist countries’ intelligence agents designed to increase panic and to operate blackouts and paralyze normal life in the capitals of the Western countries.” This is speculative, admitted Golitsyn, yet nuclear war “has been the subject of study by the KGB, and should in any case be prepared for.”[xx]

After debunking right-wing fears of a nuclear threat from Russia during the Cold War, Kremlin officials and Russian TV pundits are talking seriously about nuclear attacks on the West. Rather than saying that Russia is a threat to no one, they are openly boasting about Russia’s nuclear capabilities. That is, they are threatening to use nuclear weapons against NATO countries – to drown the British with a nuclear “tsunami bomb”; to nuke Poland or even NATO headquarters in Brussels. In effect, Putin’s forward deployment of nuclear weapons to Belarus constitutes a nonverbal nuclear threat. This has been underscored by Yuri Felshtinsky, who claims that Putin is planning to have “Ukrainian partisans” capture the Russian weapons in Belarus and fire them into Poland. Putin will absolutely deny that he fired the weapons, explained Felshtinsky. “Putin does not care about the Belarussian people,” said Felshtinsky. “[Belarussian President] Lukashenko has no voice or power at all….” Felshtinsky is puzzled by the silence of Belarussian society regarding Russia’s transfer of nuclear weapons to their country. “On the state channels of Belarussian TV, they discuss with smiles how they will destroy Poland and Lithuania with nuclear strikes. That’s fine, but no one is asking the question … ‘Aren’t they going to retaliate?’ And no one is worried, somehow….”[xxi]

According to the late Peter Vincent Pry, there are questions about the status of NATO’s nuclear weapons. Do these weapons work? The Kremlin would like to know. The last U.S. nuclear test was Operation Julin, conducted on 23 September 1992. The last nuclear test conducted by the United Kingdom was on 26 November 1991.[xxii] The last French nuclear test was conducted on 27 January 1996.[xxiii] Although Russia supposedly has not tested a nuclear weapon since 1991, there have been a series of atypical “earthquakes” in Russia, which some experts believe were underground nuclear tests. As reported by the Arms Control Association in 1997, “A small earthquake beneath the Arctic Ocean off the coast of Novaya Zemlya has led to reports that Russia conducted a clandestine nuclear explosion at its former test site on the island.”[xxiv] Since Russian specialists are known to be working at the North Korean nuclear test site, Russian nuclear weapons may have been tested in North Korea, without anyone being the wiser. In fact, an official of the International Atomic Energy Agency privately told me that, in his opinion, North Korea has never “made” a nuclear weapon of its own; rather, Russia has given North Korea nuclear weapons. The weapon tests in North Korea, therefore, might be Russian nuclear tests. Meanwhile, the Chinese have been expanding their nuclear test site with new tunnels.[xxv]

What if Putin is moving nuclear weapons into Belarus for a “live fire test”? Drop a nuclear weapon on Poland and see what the West does. Can the West successfully explode a nuclear device in response? If the West responds conventionally, repeat the process until the West proves that it has a nuclear capability. If the West can only respond, one-to-one, with conventional weapons, Russia and China might conclude that the West’s nuclear arsenals are no longer in working order.

We need to assume that Russia and China are attempting to acquire strategic nuclear supremacy over the West. In fact, the Chinese have attempted to trick us into believing they have no such intention. The Chinese military text, Unrestricted Warfare, is full of clever disinformation where it claims that nuclear weapons are obsolete and unusable. The underlying suggestion is given out that China has no intention of building a large nuclear arsenal.[xxvi] With STRATCOM’s recent announcement that China has more ICBM launchers than the United States, we now know that Unrestricted Warfare’s text was misleading.[xxvii] In response to a letter from STRATCOM’s Gen. Anthony J. Cotton, four members of Congress wrote, “It is not an understatement to say that the Chinese nuclear modernization program is advancing faster than most believed possible. We have no time to waste in adjusting our nuclear force posture to deter both Russia and China. This will have to mean higher numbers and new capabilities.”[xxviii]

The Biden Administration and the Democrats in Congress can be counted on to block any attempt to build new and reliable nuclear warheads. Russia and China’s useful fools in the Federation of American Scientists have issued a statement denying that China poses a threat. Supposedly, this is all about defense contractors making money. We are told, in terms of nuclear weaponry, that numbers do not matter. According to the FAS,

Even if the hawks in Congress have their way, the United States does not seem to be in a position to compete in a nuclear arms race with both Russia and China. The modernization program is already overwhelmed with little room for expansion, and the warhead production capacity will not be able to produce large numbers of additional nuclear weapons for the foreseeable future. It would be more constructive for the United States to focus on engaging with Russia and China on nuclear risk reduction and arms control than engaging in a build-up of its nuclear forces.[xxix]

Therefore, we should just give up on the idea of building a credible nuclear deterrent. Let’s just rely on Russian and Chinese promises – like the Ukrainians did when they gave up their nuclear weapons in 1994.

If the Federation of American Scientists believes nuclear weapons are useless, maybe they should pay closer attention to what the Russians have been saying in recent months. In January, former Russian president Dmitri Medvedev suggested that nuclear weapons could be used by Russia because Russia’s survival was at stake in the Ukraine War. He said, “The defeat of a nuclear power in a conventional war may trigger a nuclear war.”[xxx] It is almost as if Russia wants a nuclear war, and a ready-made excuse for pushing the red button is at hand. And yes, what Medvedev offers is nothing less than an excuse – and a feeble one at that. If Russian troops are forced out of Ukraine, in what sense is Russia’s survival at stake? Here we have a situation in which Russia has lost no territory, in which Russia’s sovereignty is not even being threatened, and no Russian cities have been damaged by bombardment. Yet, if Moscow is blocked from flattening and conquering Ukraine, then a defeat is somehow registered which threatens Russia’s survival and justifies a nuclear attack on NATO. In fact, Ukrainian troops have not crossed Russia’s border, and the Ukrainian government’s stated goal is merely the return of Ukrainian territory. How does the West’s support for this defensive Ukrainian policy justify nuclear strikes on NATO? Neither Ukraine nor NATO have advocated an invasion of Russia. How, then, is Russia’s survival in any sense “at stake”?

When combined with Russia’s long record of cheating on arms control treaties, this kind of rhetoric is more than sinister. The truth is, Russia suspects the West’s nuclear deterrent has deteriorated. Although Russia’s Army is stuck in Ukraine, the nuclear option may provide them with a path to ultimate victory. According to the Czech communist defector, Jan Sejna, the bloc’s long-range plan had a nuclear weapons component which “revolved around how to design arms control agreements so that the United States and other NATO nations would ultimately be compelled to eliminate their own strategic weapons, while [Moscow and its allies] … would be able to retain enough of their strategic forces to tilt the global balance of power in their favor.”[xxxi] Sejna added that, “To cheat and deceive the enemy is the duty of all party and government organizations and individuals.”[xxxii] Russian cheating, in fact, is always carefully planned in advance. Sejna noted,

The instructions [of the Administrative Department] explained that cheating, deceiving, disinforming, and misleading the enemy were very important functions of both party and government organizations because they helped to protect socialism, blinded the enemy to the nature of the main strategic goals, and specifically covered the methods used to achieve the main strategic goals … [which aimed at] the final victory of communism.”[xxxiii]

The fact that Venezuela’s communist dictator, Nicolas Maduro, refers to Russia and China’s leaders as “elder brothers,” openly signals the continued existence of a communist bloc under Russian and Chinese leadership. What else could Maduro’s speech signify? The communists have deceived us. They have cheated on all their agreements. Control of the world requires strategic nuclear supremacy. This explains the rapid buildup of nuclear and conventional weapons in China.

Looking at American communists, like Angela Davis and Gus Hall, it is inconceivable that they gave up their beliefs in 1991. So why would we accept the claim that the communist rulers of Russia gave up their beliefs? The communists in Angola and Namibia and North Korea and Cuba did not “give up” their belief system. But somehow, the communists in the Soviet Union were more enlightened. Was this story ever believable? It was believable only to those wanted to believe. Such a belief was soothing and flattering. We could claim victory over the Soviet Union. We could stop worrying about nuclear war. We could watch democracy take root in Eastern Europe. But then, the hard left was gaining a foothold in Washington, D.C.

Ask yourself, honestly: How many of our Democratic politicians are Marxists? Communism is a crazy belief system that has killed tens of millions of innocent people during the last hundred years. Yet communist thinking underlies America’s public school curriculum. Communist thinking underlies the woke dogmas fashionable at our universities. Communist thinking underlies the policies of leaders who have resisted replacing old and unreliable nuclear warheads with new ones. The pattern has been, and remains, one of unilateral and spontaneous disarmament by neglect. And it has been enabled by massive infiltration and subversion of our political system – at all levels – by communists. Nothing here has happened by accident. The communists have worked hard and diligently for decades. But nobody is supposed to acknowledge this reality. We are all playing a game called “let’s pretend.”  

Golitsyn warned that Moscow’s deception strategy would create conditions for the political isolation of anticommunists and conservatives. He said they “would be isolated and driven toward extremism. They might become the victims of a new McCarthyism of the left.”[xxxiv] In the crucial phase of long-range communist bloc strategy, the rise of former Russian security chiefs to the highest office (e.g., Andropov and Putin), would become necessary “in order to secure the important shift in the realization of the strategy.”[xxxv] The entire state apparatus would be shifted from one policy to its opposite in short order – rapidly, and without bureaucratic resistance. The initial part of the strategy, for Moscow, would begin with an offensive consisting “of a calculated shift from the old, discredited Soviet practice to a new, ‘liberalized’ model, with a social democratic façade, to realize the communist planners’ strategy for establishing a United Europe. At the beginning they introduced a variation of the 1968 Czechoslovakian ‘democratization.’ At a later phase they will shift to a variation of the Czechoslovakian [communist] takeover of 1948.”[xxxvi]

Everything did not go as planned in Moscow’s strategy. But now we see that the Kremlin is still determined to dominate Europe. We can see that Moscow is brandishing its nuclear weapons. We can see that Beijing and Moscow are coming together as allies. What is more dangerous, of course, is that Western political analysts have misunderstood Russian and Chinese politics. They accepted the Sino-Soviet split as real. They accepted the collapse of communism in Russia as real. As a result, we are walking blindly into the communist endgame. And there is almost no one in authority who understands the kind of alliance Russia and China have built – in Asia, in Africa, and in Latin America. Right now, the only people openly fighting Russia are the Ukrainians.

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178 thoughts on “Russian and Chinese Strategy: Rock, Paper, Nukes

  1. You have it wrong, Russia planned for the long war, the west expected short one.

      1. They wanted to make it look like an unsuccessful intended short war, to pull the NATO full in.

        The long war uncovers hollowness of imperialist economies and more likely triggers a cataclysmic change, in Ukraine, Russia and the West. Sooner or later, Americans will have to abandon Ukraine.

    1. Russia might have had a plan B for the long haul, but certainly was not expecting this bog down. It is quite Kavkaesque to see the continued lack of repent of the Soviet prosecutorial party and mindset of these criminals. The textbook Gulag KGB persecution is applied in the civil society at large of western nation as a filtration process. Any fault, if not demoralizing, is meant to trigger a usage of one’s magnaminity as an admission of guilt.

      If there was a devil confronting us after death to prove guilt to hell, that would be the method, or, worse, the method is a sort of preparation and softening of whomever before death for that confrontation at the gates of the underworld. Nothing like confession and self incriminating demoralized mindset to lock someone up.

      In fact, it is the Russian nihilism of the 19th century displayed by Dotoyevsky: it starts with gaslighting, the a self serving attack, and if the attack fails, all the more better for an additional layer of nihilistic argument that all is well because more gaslighting opportunities arise out of it.

      Slow clap.

    2. It is a serious inconvenience for you to see that the Russian economy has been hallowed out because of the corruption of the regime. The economy is only thing that reflects the corruption. The ineffectiveness of the military is also a reflection of the corruption. There are also serious questions about the Chinese military for the same reasons.

      1. Are you writing from the front lines? Or just parroting monopolist media? I recommend you to listen actual military experts like col Macgregor.

      2. The Russian economy is one of the strongest on the planet. Their currency is backed by hard assets like PM and energy. Their intentions in Ukraine were to stop the advance of NATO and the killing of Russians there. It’s our economy that is doing a face plant.

      3. NATO was not advancing into Ukraine or Russia. And no NATO forces were killing” Russians in Ukraine. This is a Russian propaganda lie which you have uncritically swallowed. Please talk to a real Ukrainian or an honest Russian. Furthermore, Russia’s economy is not strong compared to the U.S., Japan or China.

    3. “We threw away our best airborne troops and 30,000 armor vehicles just to make you believe we suck. Our long promised winter offensive to end the war was also botched with waves of human meat to lure you into thinking we’re completely spent. And the shifting to a defensive posture all across the front after our winter failure is just to fool you into thinking we’re afraid of the coming Ukrainian counterattack.”

    4. Is anyone aware that America removed “launch on warning” from our nuclear posture response? PDD-60 signed by then President Clinton in 1998 orders our military to absorb a nuclear attack,then actual detonations be confirmed before we launch our missiles? Therefore we have no nuclear deterrence!

      1. Oh yes. This is old news. Clinton decided that we would ride out a full attack, which is now an invitation to attack. Peter Pry spoke with me often about our strategic posture and how frightening it is.

  2. Jeff Nyquist: “What about the hollowness of the Russian economy?”

    Russian and Chinese economies are real deal. The so called west is not a money lending Ponzi.

    1. Your post is laughable. You ignore the facts and it makes you look like an utter idiot. Both economies are hollow because the deep seated corruption in both systems. The Russian military has be4en ineffective because of Putin’s corruption, and that of his regime. China is no better off and the regime is peddling hard to paper over the economic problems in China.

      You, of course, will come back with some sort of communist sewage that is just as much a lie as most everything you’ve posted in the past.

    2. Chinese debt to GDP is something like 250% or more. Local governments are going bankrupt. A super majority of the Chinese middle class have their savings tied up in primitive but massive ponzi schemes–Evergreen being just one example–and will never see their money again.

      The CCP is standing on a tofu dam. The dam is holding back a tidal wave that will destroy China and wipe out a lot of people overseas too. Currently the CCP is plugging holes in that dam by increasing China’s debt, which increases the strength of the wave. But sooner or later all that debt, all that corruption and criminality is going to hit that dam and modern China will be gone.

    3. A “real deal” where every company has two sets of books; one for official accounting, the other showing the real picture. When I lived in Latvia (which today still has two economies, an official one and a black one), the government there even published projections for the black economy! Deceit and corruption in the east is just assumed as a matter of fact; and that all goes back to the ecosphere of self-engendering deceit that is communism because, to possess communist views, one must lie about everything. Hence today in the communist-infected West, up is down, back is front, ugly is beautiful, black is white, male is female, evil is good and good is evil.

  3. Jeff, ‘In the coming months they will be testing us’. It would take moron to realize the US is at the lowest ebb in decades. Transvestites running groups, collectivism rampant, the best of the military forced to resign and the rest are sick, leadership focusing on the wrong battle fronts and non-essentials of political morality plays and lastly our entire fiat money system built on the petro dollar is on its death watch….the list of our decline on top of the weapons decline is damning. I am dumbfounded on what the bad guys are waiting for?

    1. China is needed and as mentioned, China can’t make its moves till Russia has completed its takeover of Ukraine. A monkey wrench was thrown in the Communist plans.

      Personally, I see that no rush is needed in the Sino-Soviet plans. Though Ukraine drags on, all you mentioned about the decay of the US is true and becoming increasingly more true as each day passes. Why would they strike today when tomorrow we are guaranteed to be weaker? Even if they are still waiting to attack till after the election, do you think there is time to turn things around if a Republican gets into office? Do you think anything will objectively change enough to make a difference in stopping a Chinese invasion? Even the Republican party fails to see the danger of Russia and indeed seems to be in the Russian camp. They will wait till they are sure we have bottomed ourselves out in my opinion.

      1. CMS: What do you mean that China can’t make a move until after Russia completes its conquest of Ukraine? Why wouldn’t Russia merely cut off Ukraine by an attack from Belarus directly into the soft belly of largely undefended western Europe? Basically leaving Ukraine still undefeated, but cut off from other countries, much like the U.S. skipping islands of Japanese control during World War II?

        As far as waiting for us to hit bottom, the CCP is also sitting on a powder keg with a lit fuse getting shorter. Is their fuse long enough to wait for us to bottom out? Or will they have to act sooner to make sure the fuse doesn’t reach the powder? Their conquest of the U.S. would presumably put out the fuse. The longer they wait, the more likely the fuse will reach the powder. The powder is the Chinese people’s patience with CCP rule, or rather the lack thereof.

      2. Russia has too many divisions tied down in Ukraine to mount a successful attack on Poland. And Western Europe is hardly undefended. There is rapid reaction force ready to move into Poland from France, Spain and UK that could be deployed to before the Russians reach Warsaw, plus tens of thousands of forward-deployed American troops — not to mention the Polish Army (which has been growing in size). The only way forward for Putin is to break the morale of NATO through economic and political warfare or through nuclear dominance. NATO will tire of the war in Ukraine if Russia softens its tone.

      3. My figures are from a few years ago, but at that time there were only three countries in NATO that met the minimum standards of 2% of their GDP going towards defense. Those countries were the U.S., Poland and little Estonia. As a result, NATO is far weaker than on paper.

        The U.S. has largely frittered away its military in the last three years under Biden.

        But what of the Russian troops streaming into Belarus? Does anyone have any good figures? I hear rumors that the Russian forces already are at about five times the number of soldiers than in the initial invasion a year ago. What will they be like by summer?

        If I were a Russian general, I would leave Poland alone … for now. Then make a massive attack on northwestern Ukraine to make a corridor to NATO. Then pave my way forward using tactical and medium range nukes. This would disrupt what NATO troops that exist. That would cut off Ukraine from the West. This is just my speculation. With the Russians, you never know. They can be counted on to do something stupid.

      4. My understanding is that there are less than 20,000 Russian troops in Belarus. I will check today, but that is not sufficient for invading Lithuania let alone Poland.

      1. back in the 70s we wondered why Ivan didn’t visit Oktoberfest. Later we found they were as bad off as we were militarily.

    2. ARNOLDFISHMAN , where on earth did you get the moronic term fiat money system? It does not exist in the entire economic theory! Who teaches you this nonsense?
      Fiat is a car brand! Besides, there is the term Fiat Lux (lat. ‘Let there be light!’) and that is a quotation from the creation history.

      1. Fiat currency doesnt exist – no bank can create money, exept the national bank.
        Of course is money convertible: You can buy things and work for it or chance it in other currencies. No more money have to do as exchange.
        In contrast to this gold-money doesn’t work, because it removes from the market and can not allow the exchange from goods

    1. Ever since losing the war the Germans have willfully dragged their feet out of nihilistic spite. There is something in them that do not want anyone on the West to win because they lost…. And because they are in great part the eff in reason for this mess! Getting fooled by communists by thinking they (Hitler what not) were a wall against Stalin. They were its glorious entry!!! And they still do not realize it but unconsciously with their faux contriteness for the holocaust. It reminds me when Germans were telling me how we were wrong to chaff at Saddam, when the Germans were the organizers of the Baath fascist parties in the mid east. Speaking of live Communist cells, live German Nazi cells were in full cooperation with communists in Egypt during the 50s for doing what even Moses had not been able to accomplish, namely get all the jews out of Egypt.

      1. Imho it would have helped the Germans, if the Americans had admitted after the war to the betrayal by FDR and his red agents of the Anti-Nazi and Anti-Communist resistance (Canaris and Co.).
        We (I am german, with one italian grandfather, none of them having been Nazis) have no heroes other than Communist ones, as they are painted as the only ones resisting the Nazis, which are painted as the ultimate evil doers all over the world up until today, regardless of what the numbers actually tell (Moscow and Beijing must be laughing every day). The german collective identity is based on shame and guilt and it`s frustrating that even our so called modern allies participate in that brainwashing only to complain how brainwashed we are. I am very thankful to Americans like Diana West for their work. Books like hers (“American Betrayal”) would not even be possible in Germany. No modern German could write such a book, because he would be accused of “Revanchism”, “Revisionism” and ultimately of being a Nazi apologist (Canaris is not a Leftie, so he must be a right winger, which is basically a Nazi in modern Germany. The chairman of the FDP recently said he wanted a “non-left” Germany. He has to say “non-left”, because “right” is so taboo and the biggest taboo is calling the Nazis Socialists and Left-Wing).
        We are not even allowed to mourn for our losses, because we apparently deserved it all, we were apparently all evil Nazis and the glorious Allies, in bed with Stalin, are all heroes and never did anything wrong.
        To get an idea of the mentality of the average German, look at “progressive” Americans licking the boots of BLM Activists. They are turning Americans, British etc to feel like the average German with this woke stuff.

        PS: Sorry, but the Baath party was sponsored by Moscow, it`s not “us” every time.

      2. Admiral Canaris was a great man and may have defeated Hitler by producing maps showing exaggerated British troop numbers when Operation Sea Lion was being prepared (i.e., the German invasion of Britian). Canaris caused the operation to be canceled. If not for that, I suspect the British would have lost the war early on. The British did not appreciate what Canaris did for them, and how he also dissuaded Franco from joining Hitler. The story of Canaris is one we can all learn from.

    2. The German military has been seriously neglected and it is small. This country is no longer a major power. France and Turkey are much stronger than Germany. It is not a big deal that Germany has ammunition shortages.

  4. On July 4th, 2006, North Korea launched three ICBMs at Honolulu, and nine Scuds. The had announced that they would do so, but the news media in the US characterized it as a missile test; North Korea did not. It was a warning. It was not a surprise attack.

    Precisely five minutes after the launch of the first ICBM, NASA launched Space Shuttle Discovery, Mission STS-121. Coincidentally, all three ICBMs fell into the ocean, along with all the Scuds. What kind of a test were the Scuds supposed to be?

    This was a test of US Defenses.

    Aboard the Discovery that day, was USN Captain, Lisa Marie Nowak, an highly decorated high tech weapons expert who taught Navy fighter pilots. Why was she hired as a lowly crane operator?

    North Korea obtained it’s ICBMs from Pakistan. They were tried, tested, and proven effective, Chinese, design. Why did they fall into the drink?

    1. By the way, STS-121 was the only mission to launch against the warning of the NASA Chief Safety and Mission Assurance Officer. Bryan O’Conner refused the order to launch from then NASA Administrator, Michael Griffin, so Griffin ordered it himself. What was so urgent and imperative to risk the lives of seven American astronauts; the lives of nearly one million Havvai’ians and about as many tourists?

  5. Jeff, your comprehensive outline here for those not yet read into the great deception is well done and is a well-appreciated reminder for those of us more aware of the huge hole we’ve foolishly dug for ourselves in the West. For those of us who have been following in depth all of this for many years now, your work to bring forward more and more details into the light of day is, in my view, akin to and perhaps even literally a mission from God to which you are remaining faithful right to the end. And yes … it’s clear that we are indeed on the verge of the endgame planned for so many decades by the Marxist elites. Carry on, sir.

  6. In light of the previous articles on the UFO meta-scam, one can see that to imbeciles like Maduro that the one clenched fist is his “Aliens have landed, take me, take me” moment for the global world communist “association”/dissociation. There is so much to this UFO myth that is generative of “anti-culture” communist scenarios like these indeed. In Orwelian terms, the conflict is not one of divorce but an expensive marriage ceremony meant to atone parties on both sides who would otherwise object if not invited and spent on..,

    The other day on CBS it was ridiculous to see the expert feign beffudlement as to why China would work with Cartels and smuggle cannabis in states making it illegal. She thought it was only about money. No word on the opium war and the definite attack of China on the US in this. In other times this would have been a declaration of war, but in our day an age it is an issue of climate change and hoping for the UFOs to save us.

    Ridiculous how bankrupt and full of intellectual vanity we have become, spitting on selfless genius.

  7. Doesn’t look good, does it? With only one side fighting, and the other side deaf, dumb and blind, it seems – by human reckoning – only a matter of time until Moscow & Beijing will have overcome their difficulties one way or another and be ready to strike.

    Barry Humphries alias Dame Edna Everage, the phenomenal comedian from down under, died on this April 22, 2023, age 89. Under the guise of a shrill transvestite, Humphries actually enjoyed the freedom of a jester, and he just didn’t give a hoot about political correctness; that is, until not too long ago, when wokeism came after him because of some satirical remarks he had made about so-called transgenders… – Wherever one looks, it feels like an era is coming to an end…

    1. This was of course his alternative character, “Sir Les Patterson”, which was way more brutal than “Dame Edna”…

  8. In reading this essay, I was reminded of a story I read about the 1948 Israeli war for independence. The story may be apocryphal, but it seems to fit.

    There were two journalists who met and discussed the upcoming war, a young newcomer and an old hand. The old hand asked the young journalist who he thought would win, and why. The young man answered confidently, citing the superiority of manpower and weapons that the Arabs could bring to bear. After hearing the young journalist out, the old hand then countered with a litany of Arab corruption that would defang the paper superiority of Arab armies, giving the Jews a chance to win. The two reporters stared at each other for a moment, realizing that their home offices would never accept such a report, then went together to a bar and got drunk.

    The corruption on the Russian side I think makes Putin all the more dangerous, quicker to turn to nuclear weapons out of desperation. How soon, I would not be surprised if it is this summer. How long can China wait? Their people are already almost on the verge of revolt. Regime change with Chinese characteristics. And Russia? If they open with a nuclear barrage, a nuclear Pearl Harbor, our country will suffer terribly, but that corruption may yet blunt their attack, still our survival will be by the grace of God.

    1. “The corruption on the Russian side I think makes Putin all the more dangerous, quicker to turn to nuclear weapons out of desperation. How soon, I would not be surprised if it is this summer.”

      Yeah, Russia is corrupt. Just like every other government on the planet. However, I live in the most corrupted country in the world. It is called the United States. The need to make excuses for the US and the need to declare us the “good guys” is a sad reflection on the character of the average American.

      1. Are you taking a swipe at me with this comment? America is not more corrupt than China or Russia — or the next dozen African countries. Try living in these places. Get some knowledge of the world before handing down such judgments.

      2. Well, when Russia and China get around to having Drag Queen Story Hours, allowing mentally disturbed individuals to pretend they are women, making it impossible to criticize a vaccine that is more dangerous than the mild “flu” it supposedly was designed for, deliberately importing parasites that immediately go on the dole, and having elections that make banana republics blush, I’ll grant your supposition. Until then, just because I live in the United States, I’m not going to ignore the “corruption” here, which is MY responsibility. Not worrying about the “corruption” in Russia or China.

      3. This phenomenon belongs to a minority in America, and nobody should let their kids go to a public school unless it is run by trustworthy people.

      4. How much of the corruption in America can be traced to agents from the Communist bloc? BLM…check. Covid, the lockdowns, the poison shots, the persecution of those who buck the narrative…check. Critical Race Theory…check. Feminism…check. Fentanyl and other drugs…check. Politicians, including current president, compromised by accepting gifts from Communist lobbyists…check. The curse of Obama…check. The hamstringing of our industry by greedy businessmen doing business with malicious China…check. The lie of man-made global warming being used as the rationale behind destroying our energy production…check.

        And the list goes on…

        Yes, we are responsible for, and must acknowledge and deal with our own sins. But Russia and China have played huge roles in poisoning our society.

        If you aren’t concerned about Russia and China, why post here?

      5. Anonymous White Male: The argument can be made that the U.S. is the least corrupted country among major powers. But we have fallen far from where we started.

        It used to be that a handshake was all that was needed for a business contract. Today we have lawyered documents and crooked businessmen still cheat. But when I look at other countries, Asia especially, I see the expectation of corruption that infects all layers of society. The same corruption is in Russia and much of Africa The U.S. hasn’t reached that point yet. Most of our corruption is found among a certain group of people, hopefully still a minority. That minority is working hard to convert the rest of society to their corruption. There is still hopefully a majority offended by that corruption, which is why there are actions, even at the state level, to counter that corruption.

      6. @ Anonymous White Male: The big difference is the Russian and Chinese military and intelligence services are trained and prepared to wipe the US out as an independent country. True, there is plutocratic corruption in the US, but our disdain for our mutated system does not absolve political observers from sounding the alarm regarding the plans of Moscow and Beijing to destroy the US as a sovereign power.

  9. I have not read of nor heard *anything* about any serious efforts by the Russian air force to seriously interdict supplies of US/NATO weapons as they are transferred through Ukraine to the battlefront areas. Instead Russia concentrates, it seems, on attacking Ukrainian infrastructure. But infrastructure does not shoot explosive shells and warheads at Russian forces like HIMARS and artillery and Javelins do. So why does not Russia adopt an all-out strategy of attacking Western weapons shipments? They have the bombers, long-range tactical strike aircraft, special forces sabotage/strike teams, and a variety of missiles with which to do so. And surely they have the intelligence assets of all types to effectively uncover and track the shipments. Is it because they are afraid of trying, for some reason? Do they fear their best and most expensive aircraft will not get thru, be shot down? Are they afraid of killing any American military personnel who are surreptitiously accompanying the transfer and deployment of weapons? We know from the recent document links that U.S. Special Forces personnel are deployed within Ukraine. Are the Russians afraid that their deaths resulting from Russian military actions, even if they were ancillary/’accidental’, would trigger some active U.S. response? They simply just don’t seem to be trying. A total effort on the Russians’ part to stop those weapons shipments, it would seem, would quickly paint the Ukrainians into a corner and force them to negociate and/or surrender. But that would paint the U.S. and NATO into a corner, also. Pathetic Joe would then have to decide to ‘fish’ with direct U.S. combat involvement, or cut bait. If you would elucidate your thoughts along these lines, Mr. N.

    1. No, the Russians are not afraid of killing Americans in Ukraine. Yet the number of US special forces there is too small to even matter, let alone to bother with. I know that the Russians have attacked supply shipments in the Lvov area, near the transit hubs where they come in. I heard an American who was present during one of these attacks. He was joining the Ukrainian Army and got caught in it, and it totally shocked him. Of course, interdiction is a difficult strategy that only succeeds if you can put hundreds or thousands of aircraft up continuously. The Russians do not have sufficient strike forces to do this. Knocking out a few supplies here and there does not do much.

      1. Mr. Nyquist, regarding your reply to my previous comment here, I would think the Russians would put the biggest premium—by far—-at taking out the Patriot and other antiair missiles *as they are being moved* to their deployment areas/stations. Or even soon after arrival, yet still before they are set up and readied for combat. And the NATO tanks and multi-rocket artillery launchers, support vehicles, and ammo stocks. Would they really need hundreds of warplanes and cruise missiles to do so, on a continuous basis? Of course we would have to figure in US-NATO and Ukranian efforts to move them securely, I would expect they certainly would factor in the possibility of the Russians trying to sniff the shipments out and target them. I would not doubt these items are moved under cover of night and/or poor weather. But the Russians are certainly skilled in military hunter-killer efforts. They have the Spetznaz teams to covertly insert and hunt. And the aircraft—Backfire and Blackjack bombers, SU-24 Fencers—to go in for the kill. And the satellite/communication/EW assets to support those. Plus their assorted cruise missiles, and perhaps even the Isklander MRBM in conventional mode (although that would require quick real-time target-and-fire ability). Why this is not their current concentrated focus, I still cannot understand. Makes one wonder now if they really could do all that well in a conventional conflict against a combined and now-reinforced and stocked-up NATO force—-however long that conventional mode might last, that is.

      2. I think Russia and the bloc’s main assets are compromised people and embedded agents in the West who will betray the shipping/deployment information.

      3. I recently finished reading Edward Jay Epstein’s biography of Armand Hammer. It is mind boggling the influence that hollow, shell of a man managed to attain over politicians, businessmen, and others in the West, especially America. How many more similar to him are there, with greater or lesser degrees of bought or blackmailed influence? Soros is surely a huge one.

        As Americans are further and further removed from the influence of the Gospel, and the righteousness that exalteth a nation, we have more and more self-centered people who would happily betray information to the Communists, for whatever money or position or goodies the Communists offer. Remember what the Holy Bible says, that “in the last days, perilous times shall come, for men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous…” and the list of characteristics goes on.

        So, we have many self-loving sellouts who would betray vital information on movement of military material to the Ukraine. People who have no courage born of conviction. Look no further than the Bidens. What a sad mess Joe has wrought upon his family and now this nation, because he is a self lover, and covetous, and much else besides.

        And the Communists are masters at exploiting these type of people. How many more like Joe are in the halls of Congress, in the judiciary, in the different bureaucracies, in the intelligence agencies? Another prominent example is Fauci. Will we know in this life the extent to which this self-lover has betrayed this country for whatever he got out of the bargain?

        As Mr. Nyquist pointed out, there is no moral courage in Russia. And I think there is a pretty big shortage of it in American government officials. And I think that is the Communists biggest asset that can help make up for their baffling battlefield bungles.

      4. Russia has hypersonic missiles. I strongly doubt they can be intercepted by a Patriot system. Russia can afford to wait and demonstrate its advantages when the time is right.

      5. Russia’s SATAN hypersonic missile travels at a velocity of 20 times the speed of sound; 15,340 miles per hour. A laser travels at the speed of light; 273,400 miles per hour.

        What happened aboard STS-121?

  10. I have made a comment earlier in this blog about the purported prophetic predictions of a certain “Father Oliveira” (pseudonym), a Brazilian post-conciliar clergyman that has attracted attention for having gotten right a number of things years before they occurred, among them the Russian setting the Northern Hemisphere on fire, as it were, in 2022 (“Father” Oliveira saw this coming, it is said, in March 2020).

    I honestly don’t know what to think of these predictions in terms of my doubting I am sufficiently intelligent in this regard; but there came up of late a new mysterious prediction of “Father” Oliveira’s regarding America, which, if true (and if I were an American) perhaps I wouldn’t want to ignore before it potentially were to be confirmed.

    A translation of the message is as follows:

    “On February 6 Father Oliveira was on a beach afishing leisurely; and he would cast a net that went to and fro along with the waves. At a given moment he realized [something], while gazing at the waters, inexplicably feeling like fleeing the place were he was. He enjoys fishing, and is quite comfortable/familiar with it, which all the more made him reckon his sudden urge a bad strange one. He thus just stood there with the net on his hands, trying to figure out what had happened. It seemed like a panic attack, a causeless terror. Then he saw/realized before him an immense wave coming his way. He turned his back to it and went back to the [presumably portable] chair where his stuff lay. As he looked down upon the groung in the water surface the image of the United States flag appeared submersed. The whole of this took place in just a few seconds. It then was vanished. There was no closing in wave [no big wave] anymore; no flag on the ground. The clergyman sat on the chair and said “God, why do you always show me things like this?, I do not know what you mean to tell me.” He kept sitting there, the bad feeling went away, and he then went back to fishing.

    “He remained for days thinking about it/this revelation, on whether it was literal or symbolic, on whether it had to do with the near future or a distant one. On whether it is a conditional future event or an inevitable one. None of it seemed clear to him. (…)”

      1. I would contend, they do not. At least not as fast as many would like to believe. Sure, we can believe in the idea that Russia is truly that inept…and they may be, at least in part, that clueless. However, if we believe in the idea that others can stifle the pushing of the red button, can we not also assume that they are not as inept as they may seem at first blush?

  11. Unfortunately, the establishment is too stupid to understand what you are saying. If they had a brain they would declare that all US citizens be armed and trained in their usage. They would galvanize the population. As it is, we are too far removed from reality to see our pending destruction. If we don’t kill each other, we will yet reap the whirlwind. Personally, at this point I don’t care one way or the other. It doesn’t matter who is responsible for the mess we are in. The people have made their choices; and there is no turning back. Nonetheless, I always appreciate your analysis. But then, I’m part of the choir. Even so, I’m ready and waiting.

  12. After reading your posts on spiritualism and religion, I’m wondering what religion, spiritualism or belief you follow?

    1. I am Presbyterian. I did not write a post on Spiritualism, which was a movement that sprang up in the nineteenth century around the famous Fox sisters in Rochester New York.

  13. Excellent essay, as usual. I sent it to about 120 individual people in my circles.

    I just began reading Golitsyn this past week. Extremely eye opening. Not something one can rush through.

  14. Well, the author has provided a valid perspective – not the MSM “slava ukraini” version, nor the opposite perspective provided by Simplicius, Doctorow, Big Serge, or M.O.A. This Nyquist version may seem somewhat dated, an old view of “a communist under every bed”, but if you look at how the U.S. society has been undermined by the media, or at the southern border chaos, of the control of the media in the U.S., it doesn’t seem so farfetched. Thank you for writing this. People need to see all sides, if critical thinking is to be engaged.

    1. Of course, I did not look under the bed for communists. But I am sure their is a drooling useful idiot there ready to say there are no communists down there with him.

      1. LOL! There aren’t enough beds in Washington DC for all of them to hide under.

  15. I never understood why some of those people seem to think that Unrestricted Warfare does not include using nuclear weapons. I read the English translation, and remember those Chinese Colonels writing that ”when something reaches an extreme, it turns over”.

    I alwayd understood it this way: there is no need to develop bigger bombs, since hydrogen bomb has already reached the extreme in terms of firepower. So, the focus of developing new weapons turns towards less destructive and less lethal weapons (which are usually also more subtle than huge nuclear explosion).

    But this would apply to research and development of new weapon technologies, and does not mean that all those old and traditional weapon systems would not be used anymore at all, for example nuclear. ☢️ Unrestricted Warfare by definition implies that all weapons will be used, including nuclear.

    Why they misunderstood it? Out of fear? Or wishful thinking?

    1. Jake bro shocked Putin and China declare the dissolution of the Soviet Union illegal (hence Nato illegal)… https://youtu.be/CTmMuX-SsGs I guess we do not see a not so subtle implicit declaration of war? Cowardice indeed makes blind and stupid… I am 90% sure the current queer trend among corporation is an unconscious reaction to a Chicom-Russia psyop of cultural intimidation through nuclear war fear mongering. These men act dumb and put on skirts discussing stupid issues out of a dissociating trauma-fear. Will Jake Bro turn transexual now? I once had a strange dream after 911 where Bush was at a nighclub, crying while dressed in drags, while people around him still hated him as if he were an adult and not the real Peter Pan part of the queer like people hating on him at the night club. Now I know what it meant.

    2. The Unrestricted Warfare book contains subtle disinformation about Chinese strategic intentions. It suggests nuclear weapons will not be used by China in mass strikes. You apparently share certain notions the Chinese colonels were playing to, and read past the numerous references to nuclear weapons no longer being useful. But the Chinese military leadership believe no such thing. The nuclear powers, by the way, do not use larger and larger nuclear weapons — developing bigger and bigger bombs. Large bombs were produced in the 1960s to make up for missile inaccuracy. Needing to get the target promptly, a bigger bomb makes a near miss into a hit. As the missiles became more accurate, bomb sizes have been decreasing. The standard nuclear warhead today is smaller than fifty years ago.

      1. Well, it should be now clear that China considers nukes useful since they are building more of them. I heard it is quite a build up.

        It indeed seems I missed this talk about nuclear weapons no longer being useful in the book, it is long time since I read it, so I dont remember exactly. Or maybe I thought they are not useful in current level of escalation, like when China still benefits from trade and warm relations with US. For example how a communist might consider human rights to be an useful tool when moving from feodalism to capitalism, but be against them moving from capitalism to socialism.

      2. The Colonels’ book is underscored by Mao’s “end of a gun” dictum. It goes without saying for their own purposes.

  16. Meanwhile Trump is pushing the word nuclear in the unconscious, saying it is a “bad word”. Smh. The UFO psyop is the current mobilizing effort of demobilizing through the queer trend. People confuse de-escalation from demobilization. Nuke are treaties made things for the worst in terms of allowing enemies to plan mathematically for the exact count of nukes we have. Gun/nuke control does not work but Trump banned quickly the bumpstock which was just reinstated by the Supreme court! In my book Trump represents the celebrity queer side of America, dissociating and dedifferentiating both gender and word drfinition like de-escalate through deterrence and demobilize. In my book Trump is a bit the typical cheaphawk republican kettle calling the democrat pot black in terms of Afghanistan demobilization. In fact, TALKING loudly about nuclear war is what assures it in the consciousness and makes it less likely successfully destructive . It is when we push things in the unconscious that things go south. Queer single mother and sisters raised Hitler counter attacked Stalin for that very reason. Time will tell.

  17. On the Marxist anti cultural level of the current queer agenda, it is very similar tomislamic terrorism. Jihad Joe decides to don musli garments, does it awkwardly and schizo technico like out of culture, muslim girls make fun of him, or culture laughs at the queer “cutes” by an adult, so to speak, and so Jihad Joe joins ISIS to kill other established muslims and lash out at Christians, saying they do not worship the “real islam” of theirs (aka revolutionary take over of established ones). The same happens with this fashion schizo terrorism making the new queers who horrify regular gays, actual genuine cultural queers and women who are established as women. Hence we are witnessing the onset of Pink terror and the building up for a pink 911. One can also see the UFO phenomenon as one subversive to the religious spiritual established cultural knowledge and language order. This is very very sinister because this is what the Nazis were too as built by the communists: a new crazy religion like occultist thing overthrowing the jewish kabbalah cultural tradition. One should note that a French Marxist is now a cult leader of a UFO cult in America, having found funds from schizos answering the strange call in order to build an embassy for aliens. One of his crazy schizo or schizo-triggering insignas meant to replace the acculturated void of schizophrenics is a drawing of a swastika inside the star of david. I mean this is completely stupid ligature of signs typically crazies borrow from images out there, without an ounce of actual mystical originality and personality of own. They just copy stuff like at a cultural carnival, borrowing pieces and marching on to the front for acculturated idiots to pick up first

    1. Continuing on thar thread, the proof in the schizo pudding is the movie ET where the bored acculturated near autistic little girl meets ET as a friend and plays dress up with it, putting him in drags, and not just women or little girl clothing, The ponzi scheme structure imagerie of communism , of prison mentality for newcomers, of this “community organizing” of gangs and queer communities where the newcomer evokes a social virginity needing deflowering etc. it is uncanny. Any troll coming here lashing out for communism has some real issues. Dressing a murderous schizo system in drags is the thing to behold.

      1. Here’s a snippet:

        Fox News on Monday confirmed that it “parted ways” with popular primetime host Tucker Carlson, offering no explanation why.

        “FOX News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways. We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor,” said a news release from the news channel.

        The release said that his departure from the network is effective immediately. Carlson’s last show was on Friday, April 21. It means that Carlson will not have the opportunity to host a final Fox News show and bid his viewers farewell.

      2. Will Tucker Carlson run for president, with Tulsi Gabbard as his running mate?

      3. AOC has been upset with Carlson ever since he called her “Sandy Cortez” which was the name he thinks AOC went by in high school.

        Cortez wants news organizations like Fox to be called out, and even canceled by the government, for their behavior and for spreading “dangerous content.”

        “And when you look at what Tucker Carlson and some of these other folks on Fox do, it is very, very clearly incitement of violence. Very clearly incitement of violence.”


        Ocasio-Cortez’s mother is from Puerto Rico, her father from the Bronx. She has described herself as a woman of colour.

        Carlson said: “No one ever dares to challenge that description, but every honest person knows it is hilariously absurd.

        “There is no place on Earth outside of American colleges and newsrooms where Sandy Cortez” – Carlson’s derisory nickname for the New York congresswoman – “would be recognized as a quote, woman of color, because she’s not!

        “She’s a rich entitled white lady. She’s the pampered obnoxious ski bunny in the matching snowsuit who tells you to pull up your mask while you’re standing in the lift line at Jackson Hole. They’re all the same. It doesn’t matter what shade they are.”


      4. Whew! This is SCATHING!

        And then out of nowhere, we received an early copy of “Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC.” It’s a book length suck up to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by the editors at “New York” Magazine. It’s coming out next week.

        Now, a hagiography of Sandy Cortez is like a box of Fig Newton’s, you know, it’s wrong to open it, but the temptation is strong, and so we did. And before we knew it, we consumed the whole thing. We still feel sick.

        So that is what we’re opening with tonight. The new Sandy Cortez book. Yes, it’s a lighter topic than tyranny in Canada, or war in Ukraine, both which we will get to in a minute. Our only excuse is, it is Friday and we’ve got limited self-control with stuff like this.

        It’s an amazing book. Let’s put it this way, it opens by comparing Ocasio- Cortez to Jesus, and then it suggests that because she once got second place in a high school science competition, she could have gone on to win the Nobel Prize.

        It is a remarkable piece of journalism. We plan to put extensive excerpts from the book on the screen tonight for you to read, and then we thought: Who reads anymore? Not Sandy Cortez, she never reads. Reading is racism. It’s so White people.

        [ Continues… ]

      5. Combat in Afghanistan
        In early 2005, Murphy was assigned to SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team ONE as officer in charge of Alpha Platoon and deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.[4] While deployed, Murphy was known for wearing the patch of FDNY Engine Co. 53, Ladder Co. 43 (“El Barrio’s Finest”) in remembrance of the terrorist attacks on September 11th and an FDNY friend of his who had died that day.[6] Shortly before deploying to Afghanistan, Murphy had asked for several patches from a close friend of his who had been assigned to the station.[7]

        Operation Red Wings
        See also: Operation Red Wings
        Operation Red Wings was a counter-insurgent mission in Kunar province, Afghanistan, involving a four man special reconnaissance team of United States Navy SEALs. Murphy and two other SEALs in the team, Danny Dietz and Matthew Axelson, were killed in the fighting, in addition to 16 other U.S. special operations members, who were killed when their helicopter was shot down while attempting to extract the SEAL recon team. Prior to a helicopter being shot down in 2011,[8][9] Operation Red Wings was both the largest loss of life for U.S. forces in Afghanistan since the invasion began[10] and the largest loss for the SEALs since the Vietnam War.

        Murphy was the commander of the four-man reconnaissance team made up of himself, Danny Dietz, Matthew Axelson, and Marcus Luttrell. The team was tasked with conducting surveillance on a top Taliban leader, Ahmad Shah (code name Ben Sharmak),[11] who commanded a group of insurgents known as the “Mountain Tigers,”[12] west of Asadabad.[13][14] They were dropped off by helicopter in a remote, mountainous area east of Asadabad in Kunar Province, near the Pakistan border. After an initially successful infiltration, local goat herders stumbled upon the SEALs’ location. Unable to verify any hostile intent from the herders, the team cut them loose. Hostile locals, possibly the goat herders they released, alerted nearby Taliban forces, who surrounded and attacked the small team. At the cost of his own life, Murphy was able to get a message out to friendly forces of their situation, which prompted reinforcements flown in on an MH-47 Chinook helicopter. The helicopter was shot down by an RPG, killing all 16 personnel aboard; eight were SEALs, the other eight were 160th SOAR.[4]

        Murphy, Dietz, and Axelson were killed in the action. Luttrell was the only U.S. survivor and was eventually rescued, after having wandered in the mountains before being taken in by friendly local Afghan villagers.[4] All three of Murphy’s men were awarded the Navy’s second-highest honor, the Navy Cross, for their part in the battle; alongside Murphy’s Medal of Honor, their team became the most decorated in Navy SEAL history.[15]

        As a consequence of this, the US Military no longer allows for just 4 men in operations like this, it is now standard to have 8+ men in such an operation.[citation needed]

        A military grave stone with an image of a man with a cross next to it. Also shows the name of the individual and info about them with an image of the Medal of Honor.
        Murphy’s grave at Calverton National Cemetery
        Murphy was killed on 28 June 2005 during Operation Red Wings. He had left cover and moved to a clearing away from the mountains, exposing himself to a hail of gunfire in order to get a clear signal for his satellite phone so he could contact headquarters to relay their dire situation and request immediate support for his team.[16] He dropped the satellite phone after being shot more than 14 times but picked the phone back up and finished the call. Murphy signed off saying “Thank you”,[17] then continued fighting from his exposed position until he died from his wounds.[4]


        On 4 July 2005, Murphy’s remains were recovered by a group of American soldiers during a combat search and rescue operation and returned to the United States.[18] On 13 July, Murphy was buried with full military honors at Calverton National Cemetery.[19]

        Operation Red Wings Medal Of Honor Park

    1. Fox should have zero viewers after jumping the gun on election night calling it first for Manchurian Joe. Carlson should have zero support on the right after the internal email leak of him showing his hand on Trump. Talking head cant refraine “white nationalist” this, “nazi” that was especially deranged with Behar equating Carlson with “the 1930s Father Coughlin period.”

      This is all very dangerous when Red China can and only will move on Taiwan (or the USA/Japan) IF they can foment a proper civil war and subsequent “kick the dog until it bites then you shoot it.” sort of power grab. Kayfabe paid actor frauds like Carlson that don’t even write their Jon Stewart style infotainment ought to be non-entities. Then again the tiny septuagenarian viewer demographic is completely deceived on Russia as a reflex against Biden Laptop compromat & Manchurian Joe.

  18. Jeff – Thanks very much for this -outstanding and insightful once again- essay. Very nice readin’ you on a regular basis.

    I am writing from France hence I would like to comment on your [“…” with the French President kowtowing to Beijing] – Some questions prevent me from getting asleep to be fair and I would love getting your views (including those re. the level of rightness of my feelings and intuitions) on the below. I am questionning about French President Macron yet what I am writing about him might be extented to other Western leaders, belonging to countries which are more (such as France) or less infiltrated, subverted, compromised by marxists.

    Below is the discussion I have had with General Spalding on Twitter on April 11 (following a video posted by French President re. his recent trip to China with the following comment [For a reciprocal dynamic. In the service of peace, stability and prosperity.) – Here is the link FYI, e.g. if you’re interested in wathcing the c. 2min video: https://twitter.com/GialloAurelio/status/1645823273203105793

    Gen Robert Spalding: “Pathetic”

    Me: “Dear General – I agree with u on basically everything re. the marxist agenda we presumably both oppose. Yet, a quick question to u: what does not M. Macron do that he should of which you are 100% convinced he reasonably could in what is to me WWIII? Tx & Regards. From France.”

    Gen Spalding: “If I understand your question correctly my answer would be France cannot do anything in isolation and expect to be able to maintain the integrity of its social and political system. The authoritarians are putting pressure on the integrity of systems in all free countries. All free countries therefore need to work together to eliminate Marxist elements in their societies. And they further need to work together to promote the liberty and prosperity of their citizens.”

    Me: “Thanks General for the prompt response. Appreciated. Crystal-clear. Once again, I fully agree on each & every word u wrote (esp. re. the pressure likely to be put on Free countries’ systems). At least from a pure theoretical perspective. Yet, to which extent can he today starts working (or continue to work) with the Free World such as your leading country? How could we be sure he could do that? Could we swear that he could do that? My feeling -maybe I am wrong of course- is that he just has no other option, at this stage. My views are the following: France is presumably one of the most infiltrated and subverted by marxists (the CCP) country globally amongst the said “Free World” countries. At this stage, what could be the price to pay (by French President first and French people then) should France “disobey” the CCP agenda? Cannot stop thinking of this to be fair. Is that a crazy idea that he might not have any other option than collaborating with the authoritarians? What about the threats (of which those we might ignore) from them? What about the “price of the truth” for French people (at this stage once again)? Sthing is illogical in M. Macron’s sequences, as if he could not say|do what he really thinks|wants. It’s a possibility that he sincerely collaborates with Reds. Yet I cannot trust that. Convinced he has no choice yet I have of course no evidence. Time will tell presumably. Thanks for answering me and tks for your input to my thoughts. For the kids, I wish the Free and Independent Constitution of the USA stands tall. Lookin’ fwd to listening to u again soon (e.g. with excellent Jeff Nyquist).”

    Gen. Spalding: “Time will tell. We certainly face grave challenges.”

    Me: “Should Anatoliy Golitsyn be right, challenges might be grave indeed. Do hope France will be in a position to duly fight together with the Free World against the [One clenched fist]. God bless you and yours General Spalding. As well as the kids all over the world. Take Care.”
    I guess you understand what I mean: What kind of threat(s) (energy, medicines, nukes, possible health-related threats deriving from jabs -e.g. to which extent could vaccinated people could be further harmed based on what they might now have in their body?-, other threats) could the Western countries face today to force them comply (at this stage of the Providential agenda) with the marxist agenda? To force them to inter alia implementing absolutely crazy and stringent healthcare measures during the Chinese virus episode (in France for example, we had to sit to drink a coffee in brasseries if we wanted to avoid getting infected and receiving fines), dealing with mass vaccination (including military forces – I still do not understand this to be fair), propose only “low” reaction from NATO countries to the Communist agression war in Ukraine or some other pressure techniques used by infiltrated marxist to destabilize countries (leading possibly to civil war or the “Crisis Stage” as per Y. Bezmenov on “Subversion”, i.e. just before normalization by force), as mentioned by General Spalding above (in France we currently have to deal for instance with a change -for even more marxist fashioned- in pension policies)

    From my perspective,
    (i) we are currently at war (“When you’re losing a war and you don’t even know you’re in it… It’s hard to get worse than that – Trevor Loudon, March 23, EpochTimes);
    (ii) People do not know the truth (of course) and
    (iii) The truth (the underlying “reality”) is currently ruling the Free Countries and this truth could not be affordable at this stage.

    To which extent can today Western countries tell the truth to their people? Do Free countries’ governments have to tell it to people whatever is the price, or could it be a relevant option to cooperate (or keep cooperating, e.g. for highly subverted|infiltrated countries such as France) while waiting for a better moment to tell the truth to people (e.g. we are at war with the communist bloc)? To which extent could the postponment of the said truth be a relevant strategy? What could be the “price to pay” (e.g. for free countries’ people) should, for instance and at this stage, M. Biden or M. Macron say “no” to the communist movement? What could be the nature of the threat?

    To me, the Enemy is the Communist bloc|the Marxist agenda. But I am convinced that if we start looking at the war at the “individual” level, we will be mistaken as to possible responsibilities (people might have no other option, is that insane to say that?). An example: is M. Putin the Enemy? If he is then his death should “theoretically” lead to the end of the war in Ukraine. Yet, who can believe in this? The war will keep going (as per the long-range strategy for instance) whoever is in Kremlin (e.g. another compromised puppet of the secret real leaders of Russia).

    What do you think of the above? Is that bad to wait for making judgements about people?

    Thanks for your insight and sorry (to everyone :)) for the long post.

    All the best to you all.
    Take Care
    Vince, Paris, France

    1. Thank you Vince. We cannot tell exactly how the Kremlin works. Putin is a person who represents others, as most leaders. We must think on who he represents.

  19. Mr Nyquist,

    Enjoy your work and have followed your for a number of years. Let me give you another possibility: what if the Ukraine thing is really just a maskirovka? What if the idea of that engagement was nothing more than a fixing engagement? Fix the enemy and drain their resources? I ask, as the Russian Pacific Fleet is nothing more than medium duty ships and fast-attack craft. I see very little value in China holding off on an invasion of Taiwan to get the use of that small contingent. Additionally, if the Russian fleet of heavy ships transits anywhere it is telegraphed ahead of time. Sure, it would be fine to use the Russian missle or long-range assets, but that is not necessarily dependent on Ukraine. I’m becoming more convinced that you are correct in your assessment of Putin; he is an intellectual poser. However, if Xi is equally in that category then who is really pulling the strings? Neither are intellectual giants. It feels like, to me, that China is now in the driver’s seat of BRICS and Russia is just a willing or stupid dupe. I’d also posit that Taiwan is just another fixing engagement. If your defectors are to be believed, that is just an appetizer to what is their real goal: The USA.

    1. If the Russians intended to get stuck in Ukraine, why didn’t the Chinese follow through in their mobilization last year and attack in November as many Chinese were led to believe would occur?

      1. It is really quite simple: let the west and capitalism writ large get bogged down in Ukraine. Sure, Russia has been losing in the short-term, in Ukraine. But the Wagner group….which is made up of thugs are taking the brunt of the losses now. Let the agents of chaos within the US work their magic. Why would China need to invade? This, as you have said numerous times, is a war of attrition. The communist block is attriting our physical armaments. They are attriting our financial system. They are attriting our social and moral cohesiveness. If the Chinese, specifically, are playing the long game….wouldn’t this make sense? And, think on this, what if Xi is really calling the shots? What if Russia….with all it’s vast resources but inferior societal controls….is the vassal?

      2. Jay. I think you have that backwards. It is Russia that is bogged down in Ukraine — not the West. And Russia is not China’s vassal.

      3. With all due respect, I think you are missing the point. Russia is most certainly bogged down in the Ukraine. Is that because of inattention or design? I recognize that Russia and China, back in the day, entered into an agreement. They were partners right? Did not the US do that with Russia in WW2? In today’s world, who has become the vassal and who has become the master? No willing party of an agreement assumes they will become the vassal. They all assume parity….or secretly assume the dominant position.

      4. A country, like Russia, which has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, and can devastate China if it needed to, is not a vassal. A vassal is not someone who can destroy you. Russia has technology China does not have. It is Russia that has enabled China, not the other way around. Russia’s conventional military weakness is relative. Nuclear weapons are the great equalizer.

      5. Actually, it is. You continue to play both sides in this argument. On one hand you say Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal, while saying equally they are corrupt, incompetant and incapable of launching anything without numerous hands on the button. On the other you say China is capable of launching an attack on the US, saying they could equally absorb any nuclear hit the US could launch…but saying their vast wealth of natural resources and shear demographic size does not put them in the driver’s seat? Of course it does. Let’s take this to one logical conclusion: the Russians and Chinese conquer the US. The Chinense then lob an EMP over Russia. AT that point, I’d take one Chinese soldier with a stick over any non-employable Russian nuke. Point being, technology is great until you get hit in the face.

      6. The Russians can have the biggest nuclear arsenal and be corrupt. The fact that an FSB analyst wonders out loud about Russia’s ability to launch is a hypothetical. It does not make Russia inferior to China in strategic firepower. And I never wrote that China could “equally absorb any nuclear hit the U.S. could launch. I never have written a sentence like that. Saying that Chinese generals are willing to take heavy casualties in a nuclear war is not the same as saying that they do not respect Russia’s nuclear capabilities. Furthermore, China and Russia both hold similar philosophic views. Why would they attack each other? As Marina Kalashnikova, the Russian historian, said to me more than a decade ago: “They are working together because they are both communist.” And your whole discourse here never takes that into account.

    2. Russians are full of passion and deception. The Chinese are full of deception and patience. You know this, they play the long game. Nuclear weapons are a threat until they aren’t.

      1. In these four sentences you have said nothing of substance. The Russians and the Chinese leaders both practice deception, and they both have patience. Nuclear weapons are a threat because they ARE. If it was so easy for China to take out Russia’s nuclear weapons, why are we still breathing? It is much easier to take out American nuclear weapons than Russian ones.

    3. also, if you really think the Chinese are capable of something as audacious as attacking the USA mainland, do you not think they are incapable of understanding the technological advantage Russia presents? The Chinese may be many things, stupid is not one of them. I believe Sun Tzu said something about keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer.





  21. Awesome essay, Jeff. It summarizes very well some of the key points you have made many times before about the true position of Communism in Russia and their long term strategy. If someone has been duped by the Russian propaganda, this might be the column that makes some Conservatives go, uhh, “What if I am wrong?” To that end, I posted a link to your column with a piece of it in a comment on Jeff Childers column. As I have mentioned many moons ago, he is so down on Ukraine that I don’t know that he can ever climb out of his hole, but maybe some of readers will.

    Speaking of Childers, he reported a story I hadn’t seen elsewhere. He says that the Russians might have bombed a bunker in Kiev a few weeks back with a supersonic missile and perhaps 200-300 generals in the Ukrainian government/military, Nato could have been killed. Here is his quote and the link to his source.

    “What we DO know is that Ukraine (apparently assisted by US forces) conducted an attack on a civilian neighborhood inside Russian borders in February. We also know that Russia has recently used hypersonic Kinzhal missiles in Ukraine. The highly-suggestive but unverifiable part is the claim that Russia retaliated by attacking Kiev (or Lviv) with six hypersonic Kinzhal missiles, destroying a 120-meter-deep military bunker housing 100-300 top Ukraine and NATO generals, who were leading Ukraine’s military campaign until they were hypersonically snuffed out.” https://twitter.com/Sander_2021/status/1648848040340406273

    1. After the last time Ukraine attacked a Russian fuel depot, inside the border of Russia, Putin announced the activation of, Dead Hand, his doomsday machine. Things quieted down quite a bit, after that. This recent attack inside Russia, must not have been with the use of missiles, but every time Zelensky fired missiles on Russia, Putin retaliated with hypersonic missiles.

    2. It is amazing how people will believe fictitious stories. The fantasy of killing hundreds of top Ukrainian and NATO generals is rather remarkable. Imagine 100-300 generals in the same bunker. Each one has a staff. So that makes how many thousands in the bunker together?

      1. So then are we to toss out the baby with the bathwater? Did Russia strike with hypersonic missiles, or not? Was a NATO mission located deep underground in Kiev or Lviv, or not?

  22. Re:
    [ JEFF NYQUIST says:
    APRIL 24, 2023 AT 7:40 PM
    Wow, Lanyard. Putin really is your hero. Thanks for sharing. ]

    All I did was state the facts. Those who fail to learn tragic lessons from history are doomed to repeat it. Do you think that Biden wants to convince everyone so much that he’s not a Communist that he will retaliate against Russia when Russia clears NATO out of Eastern Europe?

      1. I would rather that the US and NATO would reduce the risk of nuclear war, rather then to dare it. I would rather that Russia eliminate NATO nuclear weapons from Eastern Europe, then to nuke the United States. Of course if Russia were to do that, would they stop at that point, or would the West go ahead and activate Russia’s Dead Hand doomsday machine?

      2. Jeff, do you see no way to deter Russia and China from World war? Do you really think that pestering Russia with Ukraine will be the least bit effective towards that end?

      3. Seriously, Jeff, to what extent does United States support for Ukraine effectively deter Russia from nuking the US? Don’t you think it rather might elicit that?

      4. Then you agree, that pestering Russia by supporting Ukraine will not deter Russia from nuking US? If so, then is it really a good idea to be trolling Russia?

  23. I guess Russia intended to wage a very short war, but under the circumstances shifted to a mode where Ukraine armed forces will be depleted, the country destroyed, NATO ordinances exhausted, and the dollar weakened. They can move dialectically from one scenario to another.

    1. All parties have been engaging with outdated army surplus. NATO members expect to be reimbursed for donating their old stock. Won’t they be surprised when they remain unarmed? That’s part of Biden’s plan, to render Eastern Europe, defenseless. Russia saves it’s newest most effective weapons, with the exception of a few hypersonic missiles, just for show. The US has some tricks up it’s sleeve, as well, but Biden isn’t serious about going to war with Russia.

  24. on Twitter, Michael Yon is covering the invasion of the US through the Darien gap, the most unsettling are the Chinese nationals, one of these is even threatening Mr. Michael

    1. Reports are that Chinese nationals crossing illegally into the United States, are aggressive, yet the US Border Patrol just follows orders to release them into the US. This is doubly dangerous, as Americans are likely to persecute innocent Asian Americans, and innocent Hispanic Americans. As Americans took jobs out of state, families have become separated and individuals have become isolated. We really don’t know our coworkers or neighbors, very well.

      1. Could have sworn that somebody had posted a comment here about how President Trump’s policies worked to effectively stop illegal immigration at the US border with Mexico, without the wall? As president, Bill Clinton wanted a wall, but Republicans insisted that the objective was to trap Americans IN. As we enter a 13,000 year cyclical of global cooling, perhaps the agenda is to vacate Central America for the benefit of a minority of elites and their future descendants, for the next 2,000 years?

    2. Yes, I have been closely following that too. Very unsettling and grievous is an understatement. Some very dark times are ahead. We desperately need God’s help, direction, and mercy.

    3. How many of those Chinese nationals are PLA special forces?

      Let’s put two and two together. The Chinese have been smuggling military weapons into the U.S. for a long time. At least two were caught, one in Oakland, another in Seattle, per previous messages on this blog. Customs were checking only 2% of containers to make sure that the contents match the bills of lading. That means, statistically speaking, for every container caught, 49 got through customs. I’ve been in warehouses, even a fairly modest warehouse can house two to four 40 foot containers with almost no effect on a front business that makes the whole thing look legit.

      Now bring in thousands of Chinese nationals, almost all of them military age males, match them up with the previously smuggled in weapons, do I need to say more?

  25. Thank you for this excellent article ! Russia and China are attempting do “de-dollarize” world trade so that the US Dollar collapses and they can take over the world without a fight. Do you think their strategy could work or is the US Economy too powerful ?

    1. The attempt to attack the dollar is connected with America’s readiness or willingness to defend various countires. If a country depends on America for defense, that country will support the dollar. If that country thinks the U.S. cannot or will not defend them, they will abandon the dollar. This is the reason Saudi Arabia has turned toward China and Russia (as Biden has shown sufficiently dislike toward them, they feel insecure aligning with the U.S.). So far the number of countries turning against the dollar have not been significant enough to change anything, and even the Saudis are hedging their bets a little. There are rumors that dozens of countries will turn against the dollar at one time. Certainly, Biden and the Democratic Party have contributed to this situation by their policies and by alienating the Saudis. If the Russians and Chinese can accomplish their goal, America will be economically destabilized and will have to live within its means. Those who favor the welfare state over a strong military will try and cut our military down to nothing. If that happens, of course, the Russians and Chinese will try and take the whole world. It is not an automatic victory for the communist movement, but it will look like a victory unless people stand up and fight for their liberty. The ruthlessness of the Chinese and Russian governments will then be clear for all to see. The communist movement will be discredited in practice once people around the world see what it means in practice.

      1. But what happens if China betrays Russia in the next war? Would they consider sharing the rest of the planet with America or rule it all by themselves?

      2. Ben Bradford: what makes you think that there will still be a U.S. after the next war? Or will we be like Germany at the end of the 30 years war—half or more of our population gone, much of our infrastructure gone, no longer able to project our influence abroad, that is, if we survive at all. Or again, would we be like Germany before Bismark, broken up into several small states? Or will we be a vassal state to China?

        And what makes you think that China would survive as a unified country? If they invade the U.S., as I fully expect, and lose, will this be the trigger that sets off a revolt of the Chinese people against the CCP? They’re pretty close to a revolt without such a trigger. Will China dissolve into different regions fighting against each other? That’s happened in the past with China.

        Russia has wanted to take over all of Europe since tsarist days. Their country’s population is shrinking, and with it the opportunity to make good on that desire. If they try now, it will be a succeed or die proposition. I think they will try.

        Once the bullets start flying (in this case nukes) all bets are off. No prediction can be made. China knows that they must defeat the U.S. before taking on Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines. Will they succeed?

        Too many questions, too few answers. But even the thought of the U.S. allying with China is out of the question. China and Russia need to work together even to have the thought of defeating the U.S., so if China betrays Russia, it will be after the U.S. is no more. Too many questions, too few answers.

      3. @JRNyquist: Great analysis, Jeff. I had a strong feeling that the Saudis were ‘alienated’ by Biden’s stupidity and by his recklessness when he decided to insult them over the death of Khashoggi. I’m not trying to defend the Saudis here, just making an observation that when they went with the Chinese (during the negotiations with the Iranians), they were simply seeking an alternative. Still bad for us, of course.

      4. The Saudis are not perfect in terms of our standards, but Trump had brought them together with Isreal and the region was secure. Trump leaves and everything he did was shredded by Biden. Look at Israel’s situation now.

      5. RE the Abraham Accords–Trump had achieved something rare and amazing there that no one else had for decades, and it was wiped out by Biden after having been in effect for a very brief four months. Incredible.

        It goes without saying that Biden is continuing Obama’s hostility and disdain towards Israel, a policy with which I totally disagree.

  26. Those of you who are familiar with the famous anti-Communist radio caller “Jimmy from Brooklyn” will be glad to know that he was one of the guests on the nationally syndicated America at Night with Rich Valdes show last night. (Valdes replaced radio hall of famer Jim Bohannon who passed away last year).
    You can hear the show at this link:

    This is at least the second time he has had Jimmy as a guest and it is great to have his message heard by a wide audience. He also had Trevor Loudon on a show a few months back. I have made guest suggestions that he have Diana West and Jeff Nyquist on the show as well, but I have not received any feedback if they are pursuing that.

    1. Don’t forget Joel Skousen who in my opinion understands where this is all going. Back in 1998 on the Art Bell Show Skousen told the viewers about PDD-60 which orders our military to absorb a nuclear attack before we retaliate. Art didn’t believe it and asked Skousen where he found this. Skousen told him and Arts webmaster Keith Rowland found the document. Skousen was right. We still have this policy in effect today in 2023.

      1. Skousen has a distinctive view, which depends on belief in an occult conspiracy. This has led him to some mistaken predictions, where he did not fully understand the strategic motives of the leaders. For example, he predicted that George W. Bush would invade Iran in 2007, but that did not happen. The flaw was in Skousen’s belief that Bush was under orders from a nefarious “conspiracy.” I disagreed with Skousen at the time. According to a source in the intelligence community, Bush’s original plan was to invade Iran after Iraq, because Iran had been involved in 9/11 (training some of the terrorists) and constituted a serious long-term threat. Overturning the clerical regime in Iran would have solved a lot of our problems, and we are going to lose the Gulf States and their oil at some point because of it. But the whole idea of taking down Iran was overreach. As Bush discovered, we simply did not have the wherewithal to take on Iran using Iraq as a base. Condi Rice ultimately talked him out of it. Also, with our political correctness, we handled the Iraq occupation incorrectly. You cannot use Iraq as a base against Iran by partnering with Iraqi Shiites. The Iranian regime is Shiite. How could that have ever worked? We would have had to reconstitute Saddam’s Sunni regime. Regarding Skousen, none of this appeared in his analysis at the time.

  27. Thank you once again for articulating so clearly the threats we face from the Communist Conspiracy. Perhaps if you could dive deeper into how the Conservative alt-right and truther movement/media sphere has been orchestrated and organized by the Kremlin and perhaps the CCP as well. As I looked into news articles and videos fellow conservatives were posting about America’s imperialism, cultural marxism, wokeism etc., it more often than not led me to a individual affiliated with a Russian news organization. This happened so often that not that now if I come across a conservative voice out there like Jordan Peterson, who is a Putin sympathizer, and rehashes the narrative that UN/NATO/”globalists” are Nazi’s and spreading cultural Marxism which they say is wokeism (it bothers me that the two are being equated, because conservatives are only focused on that kind of “Marxism” being the enemy, focusing only on liberal democrats who they think are running the UN) it a sign to me that the particular commentator I am hearing is probably compromised by the Kremlin or their puppets.

    1. Thank you, Jennifer, for commenting. I have written about Peterson — who has disappointed me — and it all boils down to the way we simplify issues without command of the details. Peterson is a simplifier who left psychology and strayed into politics. Not his field.

      1. sorry to disagree, but I must. Jordan Peterson, with all his foibles, knows human nature. Politics is just a down-field genre of society and therefore psychology. He who knows the mind…therefore psychology….controls society.

      2. Peterson is not knowledgeable when it comes to Russian or communist politics. He likes to quote Solzhenitsyn, but does not know much about communism (which is a vast subject). He debated the Slovenian communist, Slovoj Zizek, a few years ago on communism. He simply read the Communist Manifesto of 1848 to go up against a philosopher who has a deep understanding of the subject. So Peterson made some embarrassing mistakes and was mocked by Zizek. You cannot deal with this subject or its acolytes by using the vulgarian CliffsNotes version of it. You are going to have some misunderstandings about the subject, and you are going to misunderstand its meaning.

      3. Again, and with all due respect, I think you are missing the point. I didn’t say Peterson was an expert on Russian politics or communism. I said he is an expert on the human condition and psychology. That is not to say he completely understands communism. I am saying he understands the drivers behind the movement. Can he talk communism to your liking? No. But I do not think you could venture into his world without the same level of cynicism or rebuke. The difference is, he does. He ventures. You may find him a lost cause in the genre, but he is no shrinking violet.

      4. Peterson takes Russia’s side in the war, effectively. And that is outrageous for someone who makes moral posturing a part of his act.

  28. Every
    day that is born
    into the world comes like
    a burst of music and rings the whole
    day through, and you make of it a dance,
    a dirge, or a life march, as you will.
    Thomas Carlyle

    My good buddy Tom,
    would not lead me wrong,
    will rain wash that place clean?

    Stay in tune, I guess, Is the Thing.

  29. Thank you for the excellent article. It is an excellent one to share with people who are new to the communist axis perspective of global happenings.

    Say, would you be willing to give more detail what is going on in Sudan? Conservatives, of course, are blaming America. I assume it is the Axis tying up more loose ends in Africa to consolidate their control. It is confusing who is on whose team–which is communist vs patriotic vs the West. Absolutely tragic what is happening there and so many Americans, yet again, abandonned by the regime in DC. And now their bio-lab taken over and WHO “warning” of potential coming dangers.

    1. I believe the story on Sudan is that the Russians want to build a base there, and the country is divided between groups holding different views. I do not have details on those groups, good or bad. It is optimal, to some analysts, for America to try and support one group against those working with our enemy. This is not always the right thing to do. But I do not know details in Sudan. I will look into it and see what I can learn. The problem we have with our own CIA and military, is that some of our folks are not always well-behaved or honest in their actions; and this is held against Americans in general. I do not know if that is the case here. I always hope to see honesty and noble behavior from American officials. As I’ve written here before, I oppose assassinating enemy leaders. I oppose preemptive wars as a general rule. Of course, these things are complicated, and an ability to do something does not mean it is strategically wise (even if it can be morally justified).

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