I’d been out to Hong Kong, working with intel assets, I’d been overseas in Iran and elsewhere, working with good people who, you know, love our country, in Iran, – who are not enemies of the United States, as well as people in Russia. I’ve been working with people in Russia, in the media, and elsewhere, who love America. We do not have enemies in Russia or Iran, despite the attempt to try and say that they are all terrorists. They are not. Iran has the greatest number of Christians that are coming to the surface.

Scott Bennett [i]

Not being a crackpot, in a world of crackpots, is just another way of being cracked. At least, that is how one is made to feel when crazy talk is given credence; for those who lend an ear to madness would make sanity trade places with madness. In Andrew Lobaczewski’s book, Political Ponerology, we read about the abnormal personalities who thrive in totalitarian movements. “Psychopathic individuals generally stay away from social organizations characterized by reason and ethical discipline,” noted Lobaczewski. “After all, such organizations are created by that other world of normal people so foreign to them.” But once inappropriate passions attach to political discourse, once darker motives appear, the psychopath perceives “this fact with almost infallible sensitivity: a circle has been created wherein they can hide their failings and psychological differentness, find their modus vivendi, and maybe even realize their youthful Utopian dream of a world where they are in power….”[ii]

Scott Bennett, who has admitted to working with “intel assets” in Hong Kong – and with lovers of America in Iran and Russia – says he was a psychological warfare analyst for the United States Army. He claims that NSA contractor Ed Snowden was a colleague of his when he “left the Bush Administration.”[iii] Bennett claims to have a Ph.D. in “political theory” and a Master’s Degree in international business. “Francis Fukuyama was my mentor at George Mason University,” he tells his listeners. With Snowden and Fukuyama affixed to his credentials, Bennett portrays himself as a super-patriot who believes Michelle Obama is a man whose “penis” he has seen “flopping about” under her dress. As if to further spoof his audience, this self-described psychological warfare “analyst” says 9/11 was an inside job, that a missile hit the Pentagon instead of a plane, that “nuclear” detonations brought down the Twin Towers (somehow, without the lethal radioactivity attending a nuclear ground burst).

Bennett says that the American defense establishment unleashed the COVID pandemic. He alleges that Ukraine was invaded by Russia, in part, because of U.S. biolabs making bioweapons designed to kill Russians. The biolab story, says Bennett, “was exposed by Russia…. I was working with a lot of the scientists that were testifying about these death factories that were biochemical, germ, DNA targeting weapon systems – they were targeting Russian/Slavic DNA.” – All of this he states blandly, with glib assurance, and without proving any of it. One would think such extraordinary claims would require extraordinary proofs. But then, for such a person, proof is not a serious concern.

Nested behind Bennett’s profession of faith, and his supposed patriotism, is a pack of lies. If Bennett’s version of reality were true, and our government was actively plotting to exterminate Russians with a bioweapon, certain facts would have to be explained (which he cannot possibly explain): Why hasn’t Moscow presented this evidence at the United Nations? Why hasn’t Vladimir Putin threatened nuclear war over it?

If Washington is plotting to destroy Russia and China, as Bennett claims, then why has Washington allowed its nuclear arsenal to deteriorate? Why has Washington allowed Moscow and Beijing to build up their nuclear forces into a first-strike juggernaut while failing to build civil defense at home? If America was such a ferocious, predatory country, why is our southern border wide open instead of Russia’s or China’s? None of these questions will ever be answered by Bennett. Furthermore, it is inconceivable that a person with a Ph.D. – an educated person like Bennett – would subscribe to the absurd series of counter-factual narratives that he regurgitates. He is supposed to be a scholar who styles himself Dr. Scott Bennett. The ethic of a scholar should be caution when it comes to unproven assertions. But Bennett makes unproven assertions without batting an eye.  

Lobaczewski tells us that political psychopaths will infiltrate “the rank and file” of movements where ethical standards have fallen. And as we are not as ethical, or as careful as we once were, we have become susceptible to a ponerogenic process; that is, to making patriotism itself a vehicle for unscrupulous individuals. According to Lobaczewski, “pretending to be sincere … poses no difficulty for the psychopath, since it is second nature for them to play a role and hide behind the mask of normal people.”[iv] Lobaczewski says that psychopaths are not entirely motivated by egoism:

These people have in fact been hurt by nature and society. An ideology liberating a social class or a nation from injustice may thus seem to them to be friendly; unfortunately it also gives rise to unrealistic hopes that they themselves will be liberated as well. The pathological motivations … affected by the ponerogenic process [i.e., the incubation of political evil] strikes them as familiar and hope-inspiring. They therefore insinuate themselves into such a movement preaching revolution and war against that unfair world so foreign to them.[v]

Ironically, Bennett’s rhetoric is an iteration of the very decadence and treason he denounces; for his use of language, his command of facts, and his intellectual integrity are at the lowest level imaginable. He openly preaches the breakup of the United States, incitement to civil war. His rhetoric is peppered with obscenities even as he quotes from the Bible. Of course, Bennett might argue that consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. He, after all, has the truth – which he got from intel assets in China, Iran and Russia. Having acquired this “truth,” Bennett returns to America and mingles with Trump-connected celebrities. “I went to Washington D.C.,” he says, “[And] I met with people – Giuliani, Patrick Byrne, Joe Flynn, Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, Col. Tony Shaffer…. And I presented that the Bank of Switzerland had entered into a partnership with the Chinese Communist Party to purchase … Dominion voting machines and impregnate, manipulate, the algorithms and then, therefore, change the votes.”[vi]

Here Bennett veers into claims that others (including this website) investigated and debunked two years ago; namely, the evidence alleging Chinese interference in the 2020 election put forward by Mike Lindell. That evidence turned out to be bogus and Lindell is being sued for $1.3 billion by Dominion Voting Systems. Whatever we may suspect, whatever we might fear regarding elections, allegations must be proven. If you are ethical, you do not promote false narratives; because if you do, the creepy crawlies will come into your party, your movement, from every side. And you will be the enemy.  But now, of course, our rightwing folk are not so keen on proof. As I have written elsewhere, they apparently do not know what the word means. In 2021 Lindell said he had “absolute proof” in the form of “packet capture data” that China manipulated vote totals in the 2020 election through access to voting machines. Lindell even set up a “Prove Mike Wrong Challenge” as part of his August 2021 Cyber Symposium event at Sioux Falls, South Dakota, saying he would pay out $5 million to anyone who could prove his “packet capture” data was wrong. Robert Zeidman took Lindell up on that challenge and issued a 15-page report concluding that Lindell’s evidence did not involve “packet data of any kind.” In fact, Lindell’s “evidence” did not “contain any information related to the November 2020 election.” When Lindell’s attorney declined to award Zeidman the money, Zeidman filed for arbitration under the contest rules. After an evidentiary hearing earlier this month, Lindell was ordered to pay Zeidman the $5 million. Yet here is Scott Bennett revisiting these disproved claims, pushing them forward once again, attempting to breathe new life into them.[vii] As Lobaczewski noted, when intellectual dishonesty cracks the door open, psychopaths and grifters of every kind come waltzing in. He wrote: “The entire life of a society thus affected then becomes subordinated to deviant thought-criteria and permeated by their specific experimental [psychopathic] mode….”[viii]

People like Bennett pick up and rebroadcast poisonous narratives the way unsanitary people pick up dangerous germs. You spread those germs and make, thereby, a political epidemic. Multiplying and amplifying false narratives is a totalitarian tactic. You manufacture so many false stories that finding the truth is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. After the noisiest claims are found to be fraudulent, people want to be done with the entire haystack.

There is no end to the false narratives Bennett favors. He predictably approves of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, for example, referring to it as “a special military operation,” saying that Washington warmongers started the war, that Russia has been winning the war, that the Western media has covered up Russia’s progress and that Russia’s victory is certain. Predictably he cites the error-filled commentaries of Col. Douglas Macgregor and the prognostications of the convicted child molester Scott Ritter.[ix]

Bennett presents himself as someone who has briefed President Trump. Of special interest, podcast host Nino Rodriguez asks Bennett, “Can I get a confirmation from you? Would you say Trump was invited to run [for President]?” Bennett replies, “Oh yeah, he was seen and invited and praised by a lot of the military special operations sort of people.” When Nino asks the nature of the charade we are watching, Bennett makes a telling comment: “We are watching Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln. And Trump is Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln is Biden – the walking zombie retard.”[x]

Bennett thinks the good people of America need to secede from the perverts and freaks. That’s right. We abandon half the country. We just withdrawal into our little conservative enclaves under this latter-day Jefferson Davis (i.e., Trump), and save ourselves. In what way this makes sense politically or militarily, Bennett does not dare to say. He simply makes these Civil War references, alleging that former Vice President Mike Pence is a pedophile because he “looks like one.” Insinuating himself into the Trump movement, Bennett talks of rubbing shoulders with Sidney Powell and former CIA official Kevin Shipp. Bennett claims his research and knowledge kept Michael Flynn out of jail. He transmits, through his own braggadocio, a kind of guilt by association to all those conservatives he praises. For anyone who associates with him is, indirectly, associating with those lovers of America in Russia and Iran.    

In terms of naming America’s enemy, Bennett says “It is the Devil himself who is programming all these people. It is a diabolical agenda to destroy humanity.” Many will heartily agree with this assessment, but Bennett would never call on an exorcist. The real question is who programmed him to vomit up all those pins and nails? And if he is so concerned with waging war on “principalities and powers,” why does he use analogies taken from Harry Potter movies to make his points? And then there is his theological use of pharmacology:

Now is the time when people need to be prepared because the clamor and the chaos and the insanity of the left is getting so toxic, so sick – they are becoming so rabid – they are never going to get better. They are never going to be wholesome. They are never going to return to a sense of compromise. It’s terminal. They are now coming apart at the seams. They are losing their humanity. I had visions and images of this years ago…. It’s a diabolical thing that I think is amplified by the vaccine that cuts off their spiritual connection to God.

So now, if you have been vaccinated, you are Satan’s spawn. Here Bennett’s rhetoric bears a mirror-image likeness to communist rhetoric. He vilifies, in part, the same people the communists vilify. He is insane, toxic, and rabid in his own way. He is never going to return to a sense of compromise. And if the left is coming apart at the seams and losing its humanity, so is he. And what, through all this, is Godly about his presentation? He demonizes ordinary people whose only sin was trusting their family doctor. It was bad enough seeing anti-vaxxers demonized. Bennett is now pushing from the other side, demonizing the vaxxed. His fraudulence is found in certain glaring inconsistencies. As he calls for the red states to form their own Confederacy under the new Jefferson Davis (Trump), Bennett nevertheless clings to his beloved blue state of California, where he lives and has no intention of leaving. Bennett says, “I see a lot of real estate opening up when everybody dies off from the COVID-19 [vaccine].” But if all the blue-state folks are going to die of the vaccine, why do we need to secede from the Union? Why talk about hanging Nancy Pelosi if she is going to die soon anyway?

There is no truth here, let alone a consistent worldview. Yet Bennett claims he is giving people “the truth,” and he is giving it to them raw. “When I went to Iran the first time,” he says, “[with] former CIA Department intel guys … we went to Iran, if you can believe it, to build a bridge for Trump….” Bennett blames Newt Gingrich for undermining Trump’s outreach to Iran. Bennett even blames “the whole Jewish Zionist side” because “they wanted a continued Israeli conquest operation that no Americans wanted or knew about….” Here Bennett shows his antisemitic side. Having embraced the Iranian position on Israel, we would expect nothing less. Related to this, Bennett pretends to be very angry that Trump did not shake hands with the Ayatollah. Bennett says he traveled to Iran to pave the way for Trump, but the FBI did not like it. According to Bennett, “they threatened us when we got back [from Iran], and they said ‘You can never go back there again.’ ‘Well,’ I said ‘f—k you! I’ll go any g–damned place I want to.’”

Bennett says that he visited Iran a couple of months ago, to speak with college students. His message was that Trump is the real President of the United States, and that the real American patriots are on the side of family values just like Iranian Muslims. As for his work in Russia, Bennett says he was “the liaison” to lots of Russian television programs. According to Bennett, “Russia is not an enemy of the United States. The good Americans know that. Trump knows that…. I like Putin. I wrote an article … Putin should get the Nobel Peace Prize because he’s been so exhaustively patient and gentle in not annihilating Ukraine.”

Why not give Putin hundreds of Nobel Peace Prizes? For there are hundreds of occasions when he might have nuked America, but he did not. This extraordinary patience and restraint deserves some kind of recognition, don’t you think? After all, Putin’s exhaustive gentleness is also seen in his invasion of Ukraine, in the atrocities of his soldiers, and in his ongoing strikes against Ukrainian civilians. Think on the city of Mariupol – a Russian-speaking Ukrainian city – with ninety percent of the buildings damaged or destroyed by Russian artillery. Does the word “gentle” come to mind?

I hope that nobody is taken in by Bennett; especially because he is a fawning pro-Kremlin toad-eater. I suspect Bennett is attracted to Russia for a very special reason. Lobaczewski explained that reason as follows:

In a pathocracy [i.e., government led by pathological individuals], all leadership positions … must be filled by individuals with corresponding psychological deviations…. However, such people constitute a very small percentage of the population and this makes them more valuable to the pathocrats…. After such a system has lasted several years … they are considered the most loyal, even though some of them were formerly involved on the other side in some way.”

Because we are no longer entirely honest with ourselves, such people have appeared in our midst. We see them on the left and the right. They are all over the Internet. Please do not credit them. Please do not repeat their lies. The truth will set you free, but even the smallest lie will make a prisoner out of you.

Links and Notes

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205 thoughts on “Poisonous Prattle

  1. He sounds like a plant, a caricature, rolled out to (further) discredit Trump supporters, now that Trump’s pulled away in the polls post-arrest and with DeSantis’ slow implosion. Walking embodiment of Q.

    Not because Trump is so far talking truth about Russia-China (I don’t think he is). But because it’s useful (destabilizing) to paint his supporters as dangerous domestic terrorists.

  2. I do not know about this guy, how he got to be like that, but there are many good people who had been blinded by a crafty propaganda. At first Russian trolls create an account and share something that is very popular. Like place antivaxx content which resonated with many people, and it gets many reposts. Then the same chanel starts posting pro-putin materials. And people start to believe these lies as well. Unfortunately, the fact that you are a good and smart person, does not stop you from falling into a trap of believing pure nonsense. This is what I saw happening over and over. Thank you, Jeff, for this article, which helps to cut through these lies. Yet the blind will not see.

    1. They truly refuse to see. And yes, many good people fall for the lies. This is what is so frustrating — watching it unfold.

  3. Throw enough manure against the wall and not all of it slides off. This guy is controlled opposition, but please do tell, what diseases have been successfully treated by any product produced at any of the suspicious bio tech labs?

  4. Why do we have bio-labs everywhere to begin with? Why do they constantly lie about it?

    1. There are bio labs doing research into diseases in many countries. This is a normal thing. Scientists need a place to work. And who is lying about what, exactly?

    2. Jeff doesn’t allow that discussion here, unless you accede to the official DoD narrative, that the ones in Ukraine were just left over from the Soviet Union, and we didn’t want anything bad to leak out from them. As for all the other places, probably the same lame excuse.

      1. I just did allow the discussion. What I do not allow is trolls who spread lies and make nonsensical arguments without proof.

      2. Have you read the patents for the mRNA technology? Do you not consider the patented intent stated in them to be a bioweapon? Those patents have been linked on other threads here before, and invariably you delete them.

      3. I was interested in those documents awhile ago, but I have come to distrust the narrative of those who pretend to understand them. These people have a background and connections, and there are things that trouble me about that background. So I do not comment on things unless I am satisfied as to the right understanding. People are misinterpreting facts and documents right and left. I do not wish to contribute to this chaos. Some things you must wait on. Many tricks are being played today. Don’t be too sure you know who is playing them and to what end. When you have limited time and resources, you have to focus on things that give you a deeper understanding. Corruption in government and business is not new. The question is: Which foreign intelligence service has been exploiting it? How does it fit with the war strategies of the leading powers? If you cannot answer this, then you wait on further information or insights. Unanalyzed facts, which lead us to faulty conclusions, are worse than nothing.

      4. I was the first writer to say COVID was a bioweapon made in a lab. My article was published at “Epoch Times” in late January 2020. My article was discussed at “Zero Hedge.” There is now so much disinformation on this subject from every side, it is very hard to find a needle of truth in the haystack of lies.

      5. THE: “Bioengineered plants bred to stop producing oxygen” what??? O2 (oxygen) is a waste product of the Krebs cycle that plants use to produce sugars and starches. If plants didn’t produce O2, they would die.

        You really need to be careful to whom you listen.

      6. This genetic modification of plants, hijacks the process of converting CO2 into Oxygen, in order for the plant to produce spike proteins, instead. This has already been accomplished with tobacco related plants, and corn.


        Accumulation of recombinant SARS-CoV spike protein in plant cytosol and chloroplasts indicate potential for development of plant-derived oral vaccines


  5. Petunia and The…you’re turning this into a vaccine debate. That is not what it is about. I use to read Brian Shilhavy (SHILLhavy?) on Health Impact News a lot. Great articles for the past three years on COVID, the vaccine, mandates, etc. Only now he has started writing about the Ukrainian invasion. Recently he stated that Russians have discovered a child sex trafficking/paedophile operation run by the Ukrainian government. His source: a video of a Russian military officer who claimed to have discovered it. No video footage, photos, witness testimony, nothing. Just a Russian soldier speaking into a camera about what he supposedly discovered. Well strike me dead. Whoever would have thought? It’s not like a Russian soldier is going to bad mouth Ukraine is it? These ‘alt media’ guys are working for Putin and Dugin, whether they know it or not. They want to see the destruction of the USA. They suck you in with (very often accurate) vaccine and Big Pharma corruption articles, then lalet push you towards Putin, as the saviour- never mentioning Russia’s Big Pharma corruption along the way, of course. Only the West’s.

    1. Gary: This is exactly what has happened. Having written and researched in this area for many years, Russia is suddenly turning conservative readers to the pro-Kremlin narrative. I have been watching this develop in real time, and I saw it coming years ago. And now it is here, advancing quickly. I encounter it everywhere. And I feel a bit helpless. Tucker Carlson and Jessie Waters were sneering at Ukraine every night in Fox News until my own mother told me I am wrong in what I write about Russia. She watches Fox every night. At some point, when nobody is listening or reading, I will stop writing.

      1. If rouge operatives within the US Government weren’t subverted by Russia, China, or whomever it is that controls those totalitarian regimes, then Putin wouldn’t have any issues to capitalize on, or exploit.

        What false narratives has Peters advanced? I’m bothered about his unqualified rhetoric against Israel. Not that Israel is perfect, but I suspect that he might ascribe to replacement theology. The only reason why God hasn’t gone Sodom and Gomorrah on US yet, might just be because we haven’t yet turned entirely against Israel.

        Keep writing Jeff. The purpose of allowing comments on a blog is to put our heads together. Just because we challenge your essays is no reason for you to pout and run away. Man up and respond accordingly. Otherwise, it’s like you try to edit the comments to only reflect the view of sycophants.

      2. THE: You just called me a pouting coward who only wants sycophants posting here. I hope that felt good because it was completely pointless. My main concern today is the corruption our enemies are exploiting and piggy-backing on. If you want to write an Encyclopedia of American Corruption that has no connection with the communist threat please take it somewhere else.

      3. Why do you feel the need to constantly try to antagonize? Why do your comments nearly always detract, deflect, or confuse from the points he is making? Why not start your own blog where you can promote your theories -or disinformation IMO? You could say something like, “Well, I read where Jeff Nyquist says such and such, but here’s what I think.” But no, you come here to troll, and pretend you are trying to put your head with his to come to better understandings, when in reality, he has already thought it through and come to conclusions, hence the essay. You just troll, peppering the comments section with so many cleverly worded distractions, that he could never respond to all of it, and only get pulled onto endless rabbit trails by even trying.

        And now you have the gall to tell him to “man up”?

        Son, he man’s up everytime he posts an essay or does an interview. He does so under his real name, while little court fool you does your silly distraction routine.

        You and your brother trolls are fools, and all honest readers see it.

      4. Well, as long as I’m alive and able, you won’t stop then. Because I’m listening and reading. Since I’m only 41, hopefully I’ll keep you going until you’re old and gray.

      5. Don’t stop writing. Tell your mom that Russia Today tried to recruit Tucker right after he was fired. That should tell her something.

      6. Keep writing. We’re reading and listening. I fell for the alt media psyche warfare for a long time. Thanks to the work done by yourself, as well as Brendon O’Connell and a few other analysts, it helped me to see what was really going on. If I hadn’t read yours and the material of others, I would still be watching Infowars and not knowing any different. Keep up the great work.

      7. I think that the attempted Russian recruitment of Carlson was meant in ‘mockery’ or something like that. They weren’t serious, according to an article that I had read.

      8. Don’t be afraid to let people have their say. Simply address their points and explain why they are mistaken. By allowing discussion here, the collective brain power might just think up solutions to the problems which you neglect to consider.

      9. Jeff

        Don,t stop writing ! You are one of the few writers who is doggedly loyal to what is true. And not to what is popular or makes people feel good.
        The more people you wake up, the more will survive in the coming troubles.
        Thanks for all of your hard work and sacrifice. Bravo !

      10. There is much to consider, usually more than one man can take in, or understand on his own. And we have trouble even understanding the ” mystery of iniquity”: how can such individuals as murderers and the like keep doing what they do? Jacob Boehme wrote: ” it is not to be thought that the Life of Darkness is sunk in misery and lost as if sorrowing. There is no sorrowing. For sorrow is a thing that is swallowed up in Death, and Death and Dying are the very Life of the Darkness”. They do not know, it is the ” sickness unto death”.

  6. The United States has been set up in a double bind (no win saturation – Kobayashi Maru).
    Russia has captured bioweapons labs in Ukraine. No matter if they are former Soviet labs or new ones. The US has been actively working in them, for whatever purpose, but Russia has filed official complaints and with facts in evidence.

    There is sufficient evidence to try the United States for war crimes. If convicted, Americans will be responsible to make reparations. Biden might even be inclined to accede and place administration of the country to the United Nations. Would we allow that to happen? We can’t even get one county to eliminate the Internet connected Venezuelan voting machines.

    1. Lanyard, I’ve noticed that you have something in common with Obama’s “reverend”, dont you? Yep, birds of a feather. You both rabidly hate America, and would love to see her go down.

      You are a loser.

      1. Kill the messenger. Do you dispute that Putin has filed charges of genocide against the United States? If not, then if the US is convicted, what do you think the sentence will be?

      2. So now you act is if you are only concerned about America?

        I could not care less if your boy Putin filed charges against us or not. The man does nothing but lie, and he intends to do anything he can to the detriment and destruction of America.

  7. I see communists exploiting America’s opposition to a “multipolar” underdog and/or unappreciated periphery not as a sheer lie on the part of communists; but as a devilish/opportunistic weaponization and planned exacerbation of a conflict that to an extent exists on its own.

    It’s like Bezmenov said, communism is like a judo opponent (vis-a-vis Japanese fight technique), in judo you don’t put your enemy in motion, you exploit the motion he’s already forwarding, you help him in it so you can use his move into a loss of balance.

    People realize Americans don’t have much of a cosmopolitan vocation (lack of vocation which is an arguably pejorative quality no doubt deliberately encouraged by evil social engineering policies and stereotypes), albeit there exists anecdotal evidence that in the eighteen hundreds appretiation of ancient languages scholarship and ancient classical works held a distinct place in American ordinary polite society. People sense Americans are in specific and critical ways provincial, the only cosmopolitan role-model seemingly familiar to American imagination I suppose would be Indiana Jones (who is a parody of what a person with a universalist outlook would look like, by the way).

    One instance of this is American intellectuals failed to realize things relative to being inserted in the wider world cocnversation, that ought to be realized with a certain facility, e.g. Olavo de Carvalho was onto something when he claimed Iranian 20th century culture/authors (along with their net of discussions) provided a richer, deeper outlook (one perfectly aware of what was going on in the West, by the way) than the entirety of/the combined Western intellectual milieux in the same period. I think this Olavo thesis would sound so outrageous/inconceivable to some American conservatives, if not all, they’d spit out their coffees just hearing that and dismiss it as absolute nonsense pronto.

    It is clear that, to give an example, if the Brittish and the India folk got along, relatively speaking (despite their differences), it was to a large extent due to the generosity of scholars such as Sir John Woodroffe who basically dedicated a big chunk of his life to the study of tantrism and ended up suggesting he did but scratch the surface of the subject-matter. The point is: not underestimating what you don’t understand can open doors; whilst underestimating what one doesn’t understand is terribly dangerous. There is something disturbing, terrifying and haunting about how American conservatives have been reduced to being little more than the fact-checkers/jornalist opponents of leftist ideologies, the outlook of which goes essentially unchallenged except by a vain merely skeptical stubbornness. Conservatives don’t appretiate just how shallow and precarious their position actually looks like, and (given how arbitrarily bloodthirsty communism is) that makes them look like a semi-slumbering stalked prey. Conservatives could dispell the relatively hypnotic illusion of a multipolar world hostile to the US, but seem to be in their response to reality a far cry away, as they say, from addressing these political accusations as the specious constructs that they are; and conservatives seem to somehow retrospectively work to make the illusion truer by their relative indifference to it, or are framed to give that effect.

    This is something I find hard to get off of my mind, because it is so impressive, how Americans have been cornered into a rhetoric circumstance in which whatever they say or immediately do, they look pretty bad. And if they already lost the rhetoric standing, why should they remain in any way, shape of form a ruling country, or an influential country? This in and of itself invites challenge, invites animosity.

    1. America has always been provincial in outlook. Conservatives here have nothing left to conserve — though they act as though they do. Modernity has reached the last phase of its nihilism.

      1. Unfortunately, that may well be true. Nevertheless, the Bible says how we are supposed to live. When society disintegrates, that might be our only alternative, if technology and totalitarianism aren’t already sufficient to prevent even the most basic agrarian and craftsman societies.

      2. I’m sorry I have posted so many comments to these fools. No offense taken if you delete them.

        On another note, since I am reading Golitsyn now, do you think the FSB analyst you quoted could be engaging in the “weakness and evolution” mode of disinformation?

    2. I used to live in what I called “the snootiest hick town I ever lived in” namely San Francisco. I understand New York City is just as bad. It’s not just the conservatives, but the whole society has given itself over to “bread and circuses”—trivia that means nothing. Meanwhile serious scholarship is denigrated.

      I come from an academic background, where today the possession of a PhD takes precedence over careful research and discovery. PhDs can make wild claims without a shred of evidence (or more accurately, credible evidence) while someone who has done the patient research gets ignored.

      Pedro, I think you are right, that such shallowness is an invitation to those who wish to conquer.

      I first saw Jeff’s essays in World Net Daily and recognized that “here is someone who speaks my language” in a field in which I am a dabbler while my main work is elsewhere. “My language” is the language of serious scholarship. I recognized and appreciated it.

      1. Nordstrom just closed it’s Market Street stores.

      2. R.O.,

        I am somehow familiar with individuals/minor celebrity-type figures (celebrities who in some ways look neat) and their fans/supporters, however discreetly, clinging to Ph.D titles like a true talisman, precisely when the Ph.D holders could use being more sensible and generous to things they don’t understand. The words you used sound to me exactly right.

      3. I was just in San Francisco on Tuesday. I’d heard about all the stores leaving town or locking everything behind bulletproof glass… but to see street after street full of tents and homeless people was disturbing. To read about it doesn’t come close to giving you the true picture. 🙁

        On a happier note, I had never seen the buffalo until this trip. 🙂 The guide said Dianne Feinstein did that when she was mayor.

      4. Years ago the bison were kept in a fenced off area in Golden Gate Park, about midway between the eastern edge and the sea, just west of Spreckels Lake on the north side of John F. Kennedy Drive. It looks as if they’re still there.

    3. I have recently been listening to the podcasts of James Lindsay, who essentially breaks down the “operating system” of American Leftism, calling it what it is, Marxism and a Communist takeover long in the making. (He does NOT get into modern geopolitics but does draw the historical precedents to Soviet/Russian communism and Maoism, and philosophical roots back to Hegel/Marx).

      An underlying theme is that the uninitiated (which includes all of the right) have no idea what they’re really up against. All the podcasts I’ve listened to have been on point, here’s one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsX8zPuSVRk

      Lindsay doesn’t use this example, but to me it helps make the point. Matt Walsh did a documentary where he asks gender “experts” and transgender individuals to define “woman” and they refuse to provide any recognizable definition, saying only “a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman.” This forms the WHOLE thesis of Walsh’s documentary: “See, they can’t even define woman! They’re a fraud! They’re crazy!” Walsh thinks it’s a mic drop moment, a huge gotcha. Meanwhile, the gender-people just shake their head at Walsh in amused condescension. He has missed the point.

      It’s about ontology (what is) and epistemology (how we know). In their Marxist theology, a human is actualized (made fully human) in the negative dialectical process of “becoming” via negation of what “is.” (“is” in quotes, because it’s not real in itself, but reality constructed from prior human projection in preceding “becoming”). This is constant motion and the goal is constant revolution – via negation (dismantling) of the old – and what’s new is immediately old. The instant “becoming” is actual it is inherently limited by its own definition. Plug any paradigm into this operating system – class, gender, racial identity. Constant negation of power hierarchy (what is “normal” or “normative”); the new hierarchy immediately old, to be chopped down through active epistemic work – “knowledge creation.” Kind of like new age “manifesting.” All knowledge is “constructed” and therefore “becoming” fully human means to consciously participate in “knowledge creation,” moving teleologically toward liberation by breaking down limiting definitions. And all definitions are limiting.

      So these lefties mean what they say – a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman – self-creation, self-affirmation, the act of becoming fully human via active reality construction. The “becoming” part is key. In this world view, *anything* one ascribes as an attribute of a “woman” is inherently limited, oppressive, and thus violent. They think their definition of woman is “liberating” (because it lacks limiting content) and just as “real” as a “biological” definition, because they think that was constructed, too. They think’s it’s all make-believe but theirs avoids limitations, which are always oppressive and thus always false – same thing. What’s most “true” is what is least “oppressive.” This is how they think about truth.

      These nuts think they are literally “transforming” what a woman is by “imaging” it this way; because if all reality is “constructed” the goal is to avoid false limitations, and all limitations are false. Hence constant destabilizing motion, always destructive and more radical than what came before. This is why “inclusivity” is logically wired to become ever-more radical – what’s at the margins today (excluded from the norm) is the target for inclusion tomorrow, constant motion. That’s the operating system. It’s meant to be destabilizing, disorienting, disordered. Its true believers believe they are liberating humanity and creating Utopia. Useful idiots.

      That’s what the right is up against. And why in most if not all contexts, arguing “facts” is a waste of time because their project is literally to “create” facts. It’s why most of the left that formed its thinking in the 1990s now identifies as right (even if they won’t admit it). This ideology has been around for decades – the trap is now being sprung for active cultural revolution. It coincides with the coming kinetic war. Most people would not want to go along with this, but on every front, people (especially but not just the right) don’t know they’re targets in a war. You can’t argue with CRT (because they don’t think facts are legitimate). It’s like quick sand, a destructive, energy suck. Honestly the way to defeat it is top down – get our elites and bureaucracies out of the cult.

      Americans may be provincial. But the true error is not to understand we are under attack, or to recognize what attack looks like. The attack runs deeper than we deem plausible. Yes it’s from within, which is disorienting, but fundamental questions HAVE to prevail: who would want to destroy us? Our own elites? How does that benefit them? Or is it the nations now busy consolidating hard power as quickly as they can and letting their plans be seen (which must mean direct attack is coming). Our elites MUST see the war for what it is. We need them, it’s simple as that.

      Any self-described intel operator or alumn, like this Bennett, must be ignored by the right unless he is raising alarm on the gathering the threat of China/Russia, period, full stop. Because WHATEVER corruption exists in our own halls of government, bureaucracy and industry is and must now be a secondary concern to the forces gathering against us. At this point it’s a total distraction to get mired down in the real or contrived sins of the past decades; the question is who will stand to defend the Constitution NOW. Think about whether the men in the early colonies sat around obsessing over the corruption of their own elites, with the British gathering at the shores. The immediate call was to pick up arms in the attack. That is where we are. This is what the right needs to get focused on. Because for all the outlandish claims of the likes of people like Bennett – there are a lot of legitimate concerns too, and the right is fixated on them, not accepting that we don’t have that luxury.

      Imagine thinking that the real communist threat is home grown, while Putin, former KGB, is now the moral savior for classic Western liberalism and religion. That China’s model of international engagement is peaceful – all about benevolent reciprocity. Americans are fixated on internecine fights and score settling; when you’re at war, all internecine fights are petty. Right populism (which I identify with) needs to realize we need our elites, with their many flaws – a war footing will only come from them. We need to get them properly focused. It may be too late, but it also may not be.

      (sorry this comment got so long and meandering … I appreciate this space to share even tangential thoughts/ideas provoked by the original article and comments!)

      1. Excellent commentary: Yes. “The negation of the negation” — the negation of classicism, sexism, racism. It is part of their formula for making man into God or into a woman. Transformative, supposedly, as it takes you out of the “false consciousness” of the system. In 1987 the hardcore Marxists in my graduate program were discussing these items, sometimes with puzzlement. Floating abstractions and aggregate hypostatizations on every side. Toxic gibberish so sophisticated you cannot disentangle it. Back then it was forbidden to say that people have “instincts.” Everything is a construction of the dominant class, sex, race and must be deconstructed.

      2. It’s no wonder that Marxists are so angry if this is the process that use to form a world view… the amount of frustration created by this is enough to drive anyone nuts.

        I assume that Marx did the really believe any of this crap, but used it to manipulate people into doing what he wanted them to do…

      1. They won’t win in the end. They will have to stand before their Maker and receive His judgement. It won’t be a good day for them.

    1. I had never heard of him either, but I have seen others who may be less extreme but are proudly spewing Russian propaganda…Christopher Caldwell and Jeff Childers come to mind.

      1. Larry Johnson, the Hoft brothers, Sundance over at the Conservative Treehouse are some that came to my mind.

      2. Oh yes. I’ve talked to Larry. We had an argument over Russia last time we talked. He is crazy for Russia. And Larry was in the CIA. Go figure.

      3. It’s a good thing he doesn’t have to type the articles for Gateway Pundit on paper, as he seems to salivate over all things Russia and Putin.

  8. Please keep writing Jeff. We sill always keep reading, and will always be grateful.

  9. “working with good people who, you know, love our country, in Iran, – who are not enemies of the United States”

    How is it different from you working with Chinese and Russian traitors?

    1. Commit: who are the traitors? Those who build up a society and country, or those who tear it down? And in a country ruled by traitors, are not those who try to stop the traitors heroes and not traitors?

      Everywhere where Marxist socialists rule, which includes communist ruled countries, society is torn down and corruption reigns. This is not to say that corruption is unique to communist countries, rather that it is far more prevalent there. How does that not make those rulers traitors to their peoples? Does that not make those who oppose those traitors for the love of their countries heroes?

      Therefore, does Jeff deal with traitors, or heroes? You know my answer.

  10. Off topic: Someone recently made reference to a piece Jeff had written on the Communist infiltration of the Freemasons. This interests me, and I have searched for the article, but without success. If anyone knows where it is and can link to it, I would be very appreciative.

    1. I did not write an article on Masonic Lodges that I can recall. I have mentioned it in interviews after running across the story in a recent biography of Julius Evola. He was working for the SS in Vienna on an archive cataloguing all the lodges in Europe. The Russians captured that archive in 1945. Such information would have been used to infiltrate those lodges they deemed important. This would have been standard Soviet practice.

  11. Jeff, there are other journalists fighting the Russian dis/misinformation. Here is a link to a podcast by Nordic journalists who chased a Russian ship in the area of the Nordstream pipeline last year, just prior to its explosion. Since April 26 of this year, they’ve created a podcast tracking the war and Russian disinformation. https://rephonic.com/podcasts/cold-front

    It is also available on Apple podcasts
    Podcasts.apple.com. it’s called Cold-Front.
    ID 1683166185.

    1. Hi Dear Liberty, below is the link to an article from the leading Polish conservative website Niezalezna.pl (Independent.pl) about that subject. As it came out, the three Nordic TV stations Danish, Norwegian and Swedish) have reported that shortly before the explosion of the North Stream pipelines three Russian ships were operating over the pipeline for few days. That included the special operation ship equipped with a small deep diving submarine. Those Russian ships operated with their radio identification devices switched off however the defense services of those countries managed to intercept the communication between them and Moscow and also managed to pinpoint exactly their location for that period. The article itself is translatable into English as well.


      I’ve always suspected that the destruction of the Nort Stream pipeline was the result of a lousy maintenance so typical for the Russians or it was a deliberate act of vandalism.

      Most probably, Russians, or rather Putin himself, were expected to put the entire blame on the Americans hoping that the outraged Germans would break with America and exit the NATO it has always been the strategic plan for Putin and Russia. That would consist an enormous win for Putin and it would completely isolate the entire eastern Europe and Poland in particular and make those countries vulnerable to Russian aggression and possible takeover. Just few days ago one of the deputes to the German Bundestag from the Green Party issued an appeal to break with America. The following reconstruction of the damaged North Stream albeit very difficult would be possible. I have already red on one of the Polish conservative websites that Germans are already building supplies of high pressure gas pipes and it is certainly in an expectation that somehow they will be able to resume trading with Russia as usual.
      Thank you – Bogdan the Aussie

      1. It never made sense that the Americans would blow the pipeline. They had too much to lose. So the Russians just turned off the transponder on their special operations ship and openly sat over the pipeline, laid the explosive charges and everybody missed it except a few enterprising journalists and Swedish signals intelligence. The knee-jerk reaction is to blame America. That was what I was cornered with.

  12. Mr. Nyquist’s work is so unique and so indispensably valuable (being the modern equivalent to a collective exorcism of yesteryear that it is), I think somebody who is good with organising petitions and such should start a list of signatures, or something to that effect, maybe even a collection of brief notes by people, in order to show him that his work is as much in demand as it has ever been.

  13. Thank you Jeff for your writings and your time. I follow from Brazil, I always disclose.

  14. Jeff
    Will you be back on the John Moore Show? I learned so much from the questions and your answers. I have a stack of books you referenced. I looked forward to it every Tuesday and Wednesday. What happened…….I can’t find out
    Kevin Taylor

      1. I was unable to find you on Republic Broadcasting Network, where I normally listen. I finally brought up the shows on a link to a Facebook page where there are video versions of the show. However, I’ve just checked and Monday’s show (which you are not on) is now posted. I was thinking RBN had stopped carrying Moore, but now I’m thinking they’ve just been slow for some reason.

  15. It’s funny, though. This Scott Bennett character gets asked by the interviewer, “No offense, but I haven’t really seen you publicly, Scott. I mean…”. Bennett’s evasive reply, “Yeah. There’s reasons for that.” Interviewer: “But now, I mean, that’s kind of over? Are you comfortable with that? Or do you want to stay behind the scenes?” – Bennett: “No, look, we are entering a time where men of valour and courage and strength and conviction are being called to rise up. They’re not given a choice. You’re being forced to rise up. And I simply carry with me what I’ve done, what I’ve seen, my experiences that God has given me. God says, ‘The righteous are as bold as a lion’. God says, ‘Blessed is the Lord my strength which teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.’ God says, ‘I shall give you a tongue that thine enemies cannot gainsay nor resist.’ And I don’t fear any man, I never have. That’s why I went to Iran. That’s why I went to Russia. That’s why I went to other countries, and have spoken about this, because it’s not classified. And that’s served to build diplomatic bridges and engage in influence operations that no one else could ever do, and I don’t want to have conversations about that. But now is the time, you know, where people need to be prepared, because the clamour and the chaos and the insanity of the Left is getting so toxic, so sick, they’re becoming so rabid, they’re never going to get better, they’re never going to be wholesome, they’re not going to return to a sense of compromise – it’s terminal. They are now coming apart at the seams. They’re losing their humanity. I had visions and images of this years ago, and I couldn’t quite understand why, but I saw the internal disintegration of the layers of a human being occurring, not just the epidermological (sic!), skin, flesh, tissue, but the emotional, spiritual, cognitive, the intellectual, the instinctive, all these things are coming apart in certain people, and it’s a diabolical thing that, I think, is amplified by the vaccine that cuts off their spiritual connection to God…”

    He seems like a “sleeper patriot”, if there is such an animal, who has suddenly popped up out of nowhere, calling essentially for civil war. And by his boastfulness and apparently groundbreaking “insider information”, he reminds me of another “great asset”, Steven Ben-Nun, the fellow who appears on RBN’s John Moore Radio Show every Tuesday, to the detriment of Mr. Nyquist who is a regular guest too, immediately monopolising the conversation as soon as he is on…

    1. The biggest tell, to me, is when he says, “they are losing their humanity.” Never, ever, ever take seriously someone who says this. It’s a toxic way to think and darkens the mind, kind of like looking at porn. It’s also the “hook” needed to condemn a “patriot” as Hitler (it doesn’t matter if the left talks this way constantly with impunity). Bennett’s an idiot or a provocateur. We need mental and emotional discipline. Only engage in demonstrable facts, stay calm, ignore pathos.

      1. Yes. Bennett is dehumanizing his intended targets. It is very dark. One must never lose sight of the fact that your worst enemy is still human. That is why there must be rules in war. Why you do not assassinate people, even bad people.

      2. The biggest tell to me is when he says the vaccines cut off their spiritual connection to God. Only sin does that, and Christ is the way to restore it.

    2. From what little I could find, it seems as though dude’s a fraud. It appears as though he was an army reservist attached to a psychological operations unit, as a personnel officer, at McDill Air Force base, which is where special operations command is run.

      He had no orders to Special Operations but I guess since McDill is a special operations base he could claim that he was part of a special operations unit? But I suppose that if that is the case then the bar tender at the enlisted club would be part of special operations as well…

      It probably not the most reliable source but the replies in the post link to some news articles about Bennett.


  16. There was a drone attack against one of Putin’s residences over night. Russia says that it might retaliate with nukes.

    1. Russia will massively retaliate and the war in Ukraine will be over.

      1. Nobody has invaded Russia and they can make up any excuse at any time to nuke you. But then, you are on Putin’s side.

      2. If nobody invaded Russia, then who attacked the Kremlin with those drones? Before you respond by asserting that it was a false flag by Russia, be sure you can prove it, or else prepare in advance a snappy retort for when Russia retaliates.

      3. It’s like you dingbat trolls are trying to make us afraid of Putin attacking us. Yall seem to be such gleeful little imps at the thought.

        Before commenting, maybe you should consider the future of all liars. (Hint: it’s going to last a lot longer than any nuclear attack 😉

        You halfwits really ought to try to become honest men though. It must really stink going through life as such lowlifes, attempting to shill for your idol, Putin.

      4. Thank you for clarifying that. By answering the question you provide enlightening information sometimes. This still doesn’t explain why if autonomy for the Donbas is detrimental, then why are the United States, Great Britain, France, and Germany, signatories to the Minsk Accords?

      1. Maybe they will still do it, just as a practical joke, then.

        I support not being stupid.

      2. I support NATO announcing a withdrawal from Eastern Europe before it happens, but time’s a waste’n.

      3. It’s real magnanimous for you to prefer Eastern Europe dead rather than dead.

      4. That is very twisted Lanyard. The Ukrainians prefer freedom to living on their knees. So they are standing up against Moscow, against the largest army in Europe. THEY ARE FIGHTING. I admire this, and believe they deserve to be armed. It would be wrong to turn our backs on them out of our own cowardice.

      5. The Ukrainian people didn’t call for war. The majority are ethnic Russians. Zelensky was elected by the same Internet connected Venezuelan voting machines that Trump and Biden were. Any Ukrainian with the means has migrated out of the country. Putin called for a return to the Minsk Protocols for a negotiated settlement which Ukraine reneged on, twice.

      6. You are mistaken in your facts, Lanyard. The Ukrainian people are outfighting the Russians, and Zelenskyy was not elected fraudulently. His government is popular. Nobody seriously alleges otherwise. As for the Ukrainian refugees: — women, children and the elderly have sought refuge abroad, which is appropriate. Why not? Furthermore, the Minsk Protocols were rejected by the Ukrainian parliament when they refused to make a new Constitution as called for in Minsk II. This agreement is an affront to Ukrainian sovereignty. It would be like Russia dictating changes in the US constitution in order to get back control of Alaska. But I get what you are saying: Maybe if we all became slaves of Russia they won’t nuke us. On the other hand, maybe they can jump in a lake and we won’t nuke them.

      7. During Minsk II the Ukrainian Parliament voted autonomy for the Donbas, but upon hearing the results, the losing minority started a riot on the floor of Parliament and the legislation was never implemented. The news article was posted on this blog.

        Arguably, Putin simply actualized it.

      8. Implementation of Minsk II would in effect destroy Ukraine as a sovereign country. The DNR and LNR would be reincorporated into Ukraine but as distinct political, economic and legal entities tied to Russia – thus introducing a constitutional Trojan Horse that would give the Kremlin a lasting presence in Ukraine’s political system and prevent the authorities in Kyiv from running the country as an integrated whole. Indeed, radical devolution to Donbas might well prompt other regions to press for similar powers, causing central authority to unravel and effectively balkanizing Ukraine.

      9. The Minsk II agreement required that Ukraine change its Constitution. This was never going to happen, as the Rada was never going to vote away the sovereignty of the country. Point 11 in the text of the agreement stated: “Constitutional reform in Ukraine, with a new constitution to come into effect by the end of 2015, the key element of which is decentralisation (taking into account peculiarities of particular districts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, agreed with representatives of these districts), and also approval of permanent legislation on the special status of particular districts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts in accordance with the measures spelt out in the attached footnote,[note 1] by the end of 2015.”

  17. Re:
    [ GREYKNIGHT says:
    MAY 3, 2023 AT 7:21 PM
    “…It’s like you dingbat trolls are trying to make us afraid of Putin attacking us. ”
    “…attempting to shill for your idol, Putin. ” ]

    Glad you’re not afraid of nuclear war. Are you afraid of sitting in the middle of the highway playing tiddlywinks? Why don’t you go do that, then; or do you? Why don’t you go to Ukraine and join the Azov NAZIS? Are you afraid?

      1. Big talk. I don’t see you on the ground in Ukraine. Were you even in the service? How old were you on 9/11, under 49?

      2. I volunteered to join up when I was a teenager, back in 1978. But hey! Do you really think death is the worst thing? Really?

    1. Hahaha, you sound just like the trolls at Gateway Pundit, circling every one of Larry Johnson’s articles like starving vultures. I have seen that same reply so many times (Why dont you go fight for Ukraine) I’m really surprised you pissants cant come up with something fresh.

      As for being afraid, I cant control what your hero Putin does. I cant control if nukes are launched toward us or not. In fact, my times are in God’s hands, not Putin’s. So, why worry about what is not in my hands.

      But, *if* he attacks, and *if* I survive, then I will do my fighting right here on my soil, by the grace and help of God.

      You, on the other hand -when the tide is turned against you, and when your deeds are brought to light- will scurry like a cockroach for some dark little crevice to hide yourself in. But you won’t be able to get away.

      1. You evade the issue. Seriously, why don’t you walk the talk? How is that an unfair question? You mention that many people ask it. Does the more people who ask a question that is continually avoided somehow invalidate the question? All that tickty tickity typing, but nothing but unresponsive replies.

      2. Another nonresponsive reply. Now we all can see that there is no logic or reason behind your unsubstantiated rhetoric.

      3. But there is. And more than that, there is sincerity and honor, unlike with your cynical, hollow comments. Hollow comments from a hollow man.

    2. THE: your taunting us about fear of nuclear war is rather misplaced. I, along with others, fully expect that there will be a nuclear war, and there is nothing that we as individuals can do to stop it. So rather than tie ourselves up with fear, we calmly evaluate our chances and where we can, make appropriate actions.

      By the way, since you are so hot about NAZIs, why don’t YOU join the largest NAZI group in the world, namely the Wagner Group fighting for their Führer Putin?

  18. Okay Jeff. You win. There’s no point. You might as well just go ahead and censor comments since nobody here will discuss matters on the merits anyway.

    Before you delete this comment, maybe you could explain why aiding Ukraine is the best way to grind Russia into submission, giving them the opportunity to go nuclear, instead of launching an all out nuclear first strike?

    1. You have no merit. Your comments have no merit. They are insidious attempts to deceive and demoralize. *You* are nothing more than a tool for your Communist masters.

      1. Now that you got that off your chest, why haven’t you joined the Azov NAZIS?

      2. Why do you support the deaths of so many Ukrainian civilians? Why do you support Russian kidnapping of innocent Ukrainian children?

      3. What about the kidnaping of children in the United States by Mexican cartels? Why do you support that? As if my question proves that you do, as if your assumptions are proven by your slanted question.

      4. So, hold on. You are saying something pretty crazy; that is, If GreyKnight is against the kidnapping of children by Russians in Ukraine, then he must be FOR the kidnapping of children in the US by drug cartels? That is basically what you are arguing. This argument is completely fallacious. In fact, nothing you have written so far makes much sense. Please try to make a single, simple, logical thought. And try to make it relevant.

      5. Please provide a link to one challenging question that you’ve ever answered.

    2. I am waiting for you to cite evidence, make a point, or fashion an argument. And please stop this whiny “before you delete this comment” nonsense. Also,
      don’t put words in my mouth. I have never favored “grinding Russia down.” Ukraine has been invaded. They are fighting hard to stay free. Nobody has to grind Russia down. Just arm Ukraine to deter Russia from continuing this madness. As for nukes, the Russians can launch a nuclear war at any time. One reason they cannot launch such a war is that Ukraine is free, and Moscow cannot use nukes on their Slavic brothers. So they are stuck in a conventional war. This is lucky for us. If we blink, however, they and they’re Chinese friends will murder us all.

      1. Putin probably doesn’t have the balls to use nuclear weapons. He is afraid of losing power and he was afraid of dying of Covid..

      2. If you were Putin, having murdered 82 journalists and various dissidents and businessmen, wouldn’t you be afraid of dying? After all, what does he have to look forward to?

      3. It’s an important moment for the communist bloc. If Ukraine’s counter offensive is really successful and they take back Crimea then Putin’s regime would collapse and Putin would be hanged which would end the long term strategy. They might use nuclear weapons in that case but it’s very unlikely that Ukraine’s offensive would be that much successful..

      4. For Mr. Nyquist: You inferred earlier in comments that ‘if we blink’, the Russians and Chinese will spring into action against us. But what form, exactly, would that ‘blink’ take? Ending/suspending aid to Ukraine? Russia eventually getting the upper hand militarily, and forcing negociations? Negociations resulting in what, specifically? Or the U.S. substantively cutting its military spending? Or other factors? And what would the timeframe/lapse be, from blink to attack? Just askin’ as usual.

  19. It’s worse than ironic how so many self professing conservatives advocate cancel culture same as progressives, or are all the real conservatives the only ones who really get cancelled?

    1. THE: I think you are the one taking the communist side, the cancel culture side, because you are advancing the Russian talking points on Ukraine. Russia sends wheat to communist Cuba, nuclear scientists to North Korea, is allied with China, has sent troops to Venezuela and is building military facilities in Nicaragua. All these countries are Marxist. Wokism and cancel culture is just a form of Marxism. Why can’t you see that by taking Russia’s side you are taking the Marxist side? But then, I suspect you know exactly what you are doing.

      1. That’s not the point, Jeff. Just because I reject the foolish or malevolent actions being taken against Russia does not mean that I support Communism or Fascism. What it means is that what the US is doing is not going to make Russia surrender, and all the death and destruction in Ukraine accomplishes no good. The ends do not justify the means. For decades the World has lived under the potential for nuclear war. Impatience and hatred don’t justify depopulating Ukraine and Russia. This is reckless in the extreme and criminal. Mischaracterizing me does not make up for your lack of a workable solution. Mutually Assured Destruction, Balance of Power, and Spheres of Influence, served the World well for many years. It’s shameful that the World didn’t find a viable, peaceful solution during all this time.

      2. Arming Ukraine does not force Russia to surrender. It deters Russia from continuing the war. You do not seem to recognize the difference here. You are justifying Russian aggression by saying they will nuke us if we don’t let them have Ukraine. But then, it is mutual assured destruction. Right? So which is it? Make sense, please.

      3. Arming Ukraine and funding their military is antagonistic towards Russia. This is not diplomatic. Diplomacy is what’s called for, not war. Unless you are capable and prepared to defeat Russia in a nuclear conflict, don’t assume that Russia won’t take it there. The old policies of a stalemate worked. If Russia want’s Ukraine, it will take it. Russia doesn’t need Ukrainians living there. All they need is the real estate for access to the Black Sea. This war will just escalate until Russia can reasonably justify self defense.

      4. Therefore: Arming and finding the Vietcong and the North Vietnamese communists was antagonistic towards the United States, as an ally of the Republic of Vietnam. This was not diplomatic. Diplomacy is what is called for, not war. Unless you are capable and prepared to defeat the United States in a nuclear conflict, don’t assume that America won’t take it there. — ?

  20. Jeff, did you see where I asked you about your military duty or lack thereof? Gaynight keeps running interference so people won’t notice that the question was asked.

    1. The question was inappropriate. You were trying to embarrass me, even shame me by turning the discussion into a personal interrogation. Get off my site.

      1. Maybe the reason you eunuchs are trolling Jeff -and by extension, his honest readers- is because Putin is aware of the sober, accurate information he is putting out.


        The truth is getting out, so they are cracking the whips on yall hard there at the Russian Academy of Sciences, is that it?

        Why aren’t you stooges out fighting on the frontlines for Mother Russia?

      2. Oh, Putin definitely wants to kill me. And he has killed some of my friends. You can be sure they know who I am. The SVR even planned to carry out an operation against me. This is normal for anyone who opposes the communist bloc.

  21. A UCAV flown to Moscow shotted the dome structure on top of the Russia’s grand palace, the Kremlin alleges to be Ukrainian (obvious scapegoat) drone ‘attempted to target’ Vladimir Putin.

      1. Exactly, but the flagpole targeted and survived too. Keep writing Jeff, we are reading and listening.

  22. Some good news! On BillOReilly.com tonight, Bill had George Pataki (last Republican governor of NY) on. Pataki has recently been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his Ukrainian relief fund. It was clear from the discussion, Bill and George scoff at the notion that the Ukrainians used drones to attack Putin or the Kremlin. Since it’s behind a paywall, I have written a brief summary.

    Both were very clear that Russia was the aggressor to blame in Ukraine. To help Ukraine, Pataki provided hundreds of generators and 400 large heaters this past year. He said they have not seen the humanitarian aid from slow Joe here in the USA arrive in Ukraine.

    Pataki emphasizes this is a battle of good (Democratic Ukraine) versus evil (Putin regime). He says what Jeff says all the time. Look at who Russia’s friends are: China, N. Korea, Venezuela, and Iran!

    Pataki does have some worries about Ukrainian gov’t corruption, and he believes in accountability, but he has not personally seen corruption in his relief efforts. It was a very good segment. It starts at the 15 minute mark.

    Final thought: Bill O’Reilly has gained 1000s of new subscribers since Tucker was fired from Fox, so his new viewers are getting a truer and clear orientation that Putin’s regime is the enemy.

    Check out http://www.GeorgePatakiCenter.com. It’s a volunteer driven organization. No one gets paid. Look under Ukrainian relief.

  23. Jeff

    Is there an organized effort to chronicle Russia,s war crimes in Ukraine ? I know in WWII the U.S. army made a point of documenting the crimes of the Nazis, especially when they entered the concentration camps.
    Although perhaps independent journalists are doing a fine job in this regard.
    Some people will deny or look away when something is horrible. But it is helpful to know the truth.

  24. Hi Jeff,

    Your articles so fascinating and in my layman’s opinion, right on the money. Thank you!

    Your analyses have changed my view of the Ukraine war significantly. The most important item to me was the review of Russia’s actions and intent, i.e. they never stopped being Marxist and they’re allied with China to create world communism. Your information about the tendency on the conservative side to believe all kinds of disinformation (e.g. from people like Scott Bennett) needs a wider audience, since so many patriotic people end up repeating propaganda unwittingly.

    Per the Ukraine war, a puzzle I’m still wondering about is this:

    Is it possible that China-Biden and Putin and Xi conspired to slow walk the Ukraine war so that Biden would have the chance to continue to send billions of dollars and arms / munitions to Ukraine, and thus drain our reserves to dangerously low levels?

    Partly of course, because he hasn’t built up the military as he should have.

    *** I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t support Ukraine. I’m just wondering if how it was done (per above) was deliberate. I guess the heart of my question is:

    Isn’t Biden in cahoots with Xi and Putin? And if so, why is he even bothering to send any arms to the Ukraine, unless it’s to lower our readiness to fight Russia and China directly?

    Thanks for all that you do!


    1. Peter, that is a very good question. Biden did not send weapons in the first month in the war. Then he sent small arms and ammunition. He came under increasing political pressure from Congress and foreign allies. So he was reduced to dragging his feet. He had pretended to be against Putin, and so he had to play the hand dealt to him by his own pretenses. Russia was not supposed to get stuck in Ukraine.

  25. Ironically, I just learned that May 3 is Media World Freedom Day (a United Nations creation).

    Here is a link with filter capability on the 82 journalists killed in Russia since 1992 created by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).


    Be careful, Jeff. We need your voice and your wisdom.

  26. “Oh yeah, he was seen and invited and praised by a lot of the military special operations sort of people.”

    Whatever the case there were some very interesting moves being made in the twilight of the Trump administration. Chris Miller has been doing interviews (acting Defense Secretary for a time in the wake of Milley’s “We’ll warn China.” who then passed the buck like a hot potato with Esper. Kissinger’s removal from official DOD advisory roles, the functional incorporation and elevation of SOF to a formal military branch under DS & Executive authority [some say the implementation of JFK’s NSAMs to retract ‘paramilitary forces’ from CIA], and the Pentagon revoking CIA procurement & funding from DOD sources:

    Miller interview with SOF veterans @Team House

    Pentagon weighs cutting most of its support to CIA’s counter-terrorism missions 10.12.2020

    Dark Journalist: Trump Pulls The JFK Card NSAM 57

    ibid. Dark Journalist X-Election: Deep State Showdown – Trump Uses JFK National Security Memo 57!

    “The real question is who programmed him to vomit up all those pins and nails?”

    Everything must be a nail or chaff if you’re Hammer & Sickle.

    “Bennett is now pushing from the other side, demonizing the vaxxed.”

    When and if 5th column and other treasonous liabilities come to light on top of the damage caused by the “gene transfection technology” itself, that dehumanized Skinner Boxed gullible herd mass is just the type to take the precedent of Fergusen & Floyd to the Nth degree in a psychotic split. It doesn’t need to be added to on top of the Vietnam’s worth of excess mortality apart and aside from ‘Covid deaths’ whatever the uninflated tally.

    “Why not give Putin hundreds of Nobel Peace Prizes?”

    Alex Jones’ operation involves a lot of ‘middle eastern money’ and that fake Catholic Cuban converso Pieczenik has never had to account for claiming Trump was a “counter coup” or that “we put Putin there” as a Henry Kissinger acolyte by his own admission. Anti-antisemitism is a rhetorical Chinese Finger Trap like the “de-nazification operation” over on the Black Sea and the less said the better. The Left meanwhile has no compunction about pushing convicted murder accessories like Governor Brown, Angela Davis, or actual Capital attackers like Susan Rosenberg, yet here we are incapable of broaching topics like the Manhattan Project penetrations or Silvermaster Spy Ring or a litany of the most egregious traitors like Jonathan Pollard without a Conservative waxing liberal shadow boxing midcentury Germans and even POTUS 45 can’t be bothered to pardon J6th tourists because of hand-wringing over the optics of it.

  27. That drone ‘attack’ on the Kremlin looked laughably cartoon like.
    What this incident will be used for remains to be seen.

    -Bill Freeman

    1. I thought so too. I like how the security camera had an almost perfect view of the attack. Almost like it was supposed to happen that way…

  28. It’s very telling how people supposedly on the right, who on paper would be more closely related to defending moral values, tradition, patriotism, nationalism, are very eager to side with a cryptocommunist leviathan with close ties with all sorts of psychopathic dictators against a small nation just minding its own business, and the same crowd mocks Biden’s dementia, when they’re much younger and are just as lost if not worse, since they don’t have mental problems to be used as an excuse for their insane and suicidal discourse.

    1. Marcello: there are two reasons that I can recognize for shallowness on the “right”.

      The abandonment of the Bible as the guide and rule of thinking. That is just as true for many on the “right” as for the “left”. The Bible repeatedly admonishes that the internal realities are more important than external appearances. But when Biblical thinking is abandoned, the external appearances are what are left. That includes the external practices of morality.

      One has to give credit to the Russian multi-year propaganda that gives the appearance that their country is a defender of traditional morality. Those who look at external appearances are fooled by that propaganda. The reality is that the Russians are very immoral and corrupt. Those who look only at external appearances don’t see that corruption.

      Take those two factors, along with the history that Ukraine has been a corrupt society (largely thanks to the Soviets) and those shallow thinking on the “right” go with the appearances, rather than the truth.

    1. Deborah: Many thanks for posting that Substack article. I have heard about this interview, read other summaries; but this is more detailed. And it is quite surprising. I cannot help suspecting a purge is coming to the Russian administrative system. But who will be purged? Honest people? Dishonest people? It seems that few of these folks have any honesty in that system. Lunev described them to me as horrifying criminals, massively corrupt, greedy. And that was a many years ago. Russia has been corrupted by systemic lying from the top. Socialism. The lies have rotted them. This is where we are headed, too, if we cannot confront the utopian lie. I hear two versions of this same story. One is that Shoigu is bad, the other is that Shoigu is the only honest one in a house of thieves. He was the only Putin advisor who cautioned against a widened war, according to one source. If true, then he might be honest. Prigozhin, however, makes Shoigu out to be a villain. Hard to say. But Russia is in trouble. Pray for a change in Russia. A good change. And peace.

    2. Russia’s regular armed forces in the front are now combat ineffective. Only the Wagner troops have any offensive capability. The ground is expected to be dry around May 10. By common report, the Russian forces are demoralized and their artillery shelled Kherson causing 70 civilian casualties, hitting a gas station, a supermarkt, etc. Artllery duels around Bakhmut. Not much is changing hands. Russia lost two companies in a human wave assault two days ago, where the troops were sent in without armored vehicles or adequate artillery support. Crazy.

  29. Jeff, I check every day to see if there is a new article from you yet, I love these articles. I am glad that I got to know you through Torsten Mann. We from East Germany didn’t know anything. We knew nothing about all the crimes of the Eastern Bloc. Thanks to you, I now see the truth. Your articles are wonderful. Why don’t you block or block these pro-Russian trolls? They are stealing precious time from you and us. Keep up the good work and please don’t stop.

    1. Thank you! I do usually delete the Russian trolls. But it’s good to show the importance they assign my work — that they are ever attentive.

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