There is no community of language with the representatives of the dominant ideologies. Hence, the community of language that he himself wants to use in order to criticize the users of ideological language must first be discovered and, if necessary, established.

Eric Voegelin

On Sunday, February 5, a discussion on the importance of Anatoliy Golitsyn took place between four anti-communist writers. For those who wish to understand the importance of Golitsyn in the context of ongoing events, this discussion may serve as an introduction.

Discussion Panel hosted by Jean Robin, with Cliff Kincaid, Trevor Loudon, and J.R. Nyquist.

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176 thoughts on “Identifying the Enemy: A Panel Discussion

  1. Ideology is not a crime. Christianity is not an ideology, and Christianity tolerates liberty in all religions and ideologies, provided that they don’t infringe upon the freedom of others. Thought crimes such as hate crimes are double jeopardy, and set an unjust precedent. In fact that’s an import from China.

    In the United States, one is innocent until proven guilty. The ends to not justify the means. Despite the subversion of the US Government, and it’s support of NAZIS in The Ukraine, and in spite of suspicions against Putin, it’s a bad idea to try and provoke World War Three. Especially with a compromised president and legislature, with a military hollowed out by mandated lethal injections.

    It’s bad sportsmanship to throw a tantrum, kick over the chess board, and stomp off. To ignore a nuclear superpower as if it were a minor rouge nation, is below hubris; it’s suicidal. Diplomacy is necessary, even though the enemy might well be a superior chess player.

    1. Petunia: your response fits perfectly with the subject of this thread—I had fun watching the news reports when the Russian “Wagner Group” hit the news recently. How our leftist press really didn’t want to tell the whole story. Do you know who is the “Wagner Group”? Your comment indicates that you are ignorant of them. I’ve known about them for a few years.

      The Wagner Group is the largest NAZI group in Europe, if not the world. It got its name from Hitler’s favorite composer. They are Russians. Its leader is an associate of Putin. They were in the news because of their fighting on the side of Russia. They also recently posted a video trying to recruit U.S. veterans. So if you really want to oppose NAZIs, shouldn’t you first identify who is the enemy, who are the real NAZIs, and then oppose them?

      1. Petunia is one of those people who makes things up and misrepresents my positions, either unconsciously or consciously. There is a low level of consciousness there, and it just wastes everyone’s time.

      2. Lol? They are Nazis only because Hitler liked Wagner?

        They are actually killing Nazis and seem to be pretty good at that.

    2. Petunia. Why do come to this site? You are not equipped to discuss anything intelligently here. You don’t read books and only pretend to read what is posted here. Is someone paying you to harrass this site? That’s the only reason I can imagine for you posting here.

      1. I’m fairly certain Petunia is a Chinese national. The way they use language gives off the vibe of a non-native English speaker. Specifically, it sounds similar to The Global Times or other examples of Chinese thought translated into English for an English speaking audience.

        On a side note, I still think Mr. Nyquist is overly dismissive of the Chinese balloon. Using whataboutism remarks about Chinese TikTok and satellite surveillance is not a comprehensive response to large enemy aircraft flying over America.

      2. I believe we recovered the Chinese balloon and found it was a surveillance balloon. What I am dismissive of is the hysterics — when so many more dangerous Chinese operations here are ignored and receive no national attention (plus the Chi Haotian secret speech).

      3. Dal: some notes on rereading General Chi Haotian’s speech:

        He praised the Chinese people’s willingness to kill. But if I were a communist official, that would be something to fear. Who is more hated in China than the CCP?

        One thing that stood out to me in southern China, were the forests. The highways went though miles of forests. True, the forests were mostly on the hillsides. I asked, “If China is so overpopulated, why are there these forests? Why haven’t these hillsides been terrassed like in Bali?” No answer.

        To be fair, that was southern China. Other parts of China may not be like that.

        Another thing I noticed is how polluted are the rivers. Even with boatmen hired full-time to pick up the pollution, they couldn’t get it all. They couldn’t start to get all the chemicals out.

        General Chi repeatedly compared China to Nazi Germany, the racism and even to the demand for “Lebensraum” while he said that they should try to avoid that term.

        The question of the United States takes precedence over the invasion of Taiwan, Japan and other smaller countries. That makes sense. But with it comes the call to eliminate 100–200 million people. Genocide.

        There is more, but these are some highlights.

      1. Then it is time for the pasting of content to your computer.

        This to your address bar, not google search.

    3. Petunia and Commit work out of the same dimly lit propaganda sweatshop, a flickering overhead neon light painting their sallow faces in an unhealthy ghoulish glow, their grubby sausage fingers emitting a constant and putrid stench of lies and propaganda for mass murderers, emanating through the electrical wires and polluting the broader world.

  2. I think Petunia’s ignorance is deliberate, his first paragraph was sort of persuasive then it changes and gets hard to swallow.

      1. How? My idea of American imperialism is that it can produce nothing but print money and stocks at this point. This article and articles about inability to supply Ukraine with weapons only confirm that.

      2. There is no reply option to COMMIT, so here it goes:

        It always amazes me how communist leaders are truly capitalist, making money hand over fist, owning multiple dachas like Sanders in Vermont, Warren in Massachusetts. I could go on. It’s always been that way.

        You could sum up communism:
        Organized crime led and backed by thugs.

        Like organized crime, communists must protect their operations by expanding their spheres of influence and forcing it on other nations like the neighborhood protection racket forcing a choice between payment or death.

        Commies are imperialists of another sort.

  3. Maybe this won’t interest anyone terribly, but I take the liberty to share an information concerning the coming events. A Brazilian Post-Vatican II clergyman, who goes by the probably pseudonym of “Father Oliveira”, claimed to have recieved in May, 2020 (besides other messages), a prophecy concerning the world events unfolding since then, and he is said to correctly have predicted some of what has been transpiring. His predictions have stirred people all over the country, and his identity as a real post-conciliar clergyman (through some public influencers or recognizable public individuals who have friends or acquantances in common with him [Oliveira]) seems to have been verified; albeit this man does not wish for the time being to identify himself.

    On May, 2020, he seemingly and/or basically predicted the Ukraine invasion in 2022.

    Here is an excerpt of some of what he claims to have foreseen in May, 2020:

    ‘Then I saw a window being opened and then there was a very big calm. During this calm, I saw people preparing for something, stocking up on food.

    ‘I interpreted: “A window (period) of peace will arrive between 2021 and 2022 [as the globe revolves], but this peace will be like a false peace, for a short time.”

    ‘I think it’s a period of preparation.

    ‘I saw the numbers 2021 and 2022 and, just below, soldiers gathering. But they were as if they were in hiding, in a secret meeting.

    ‘I interpreted: “In this period, I believe that the first conflicts will start, but the world will not know, it will not be public.”

    ‘I don’t know why, but I get the feeling this image is pretty metaphorical. It is a conflict that will not be seen openly.

    ‘Then I saw a great fire in the upper part of the terrestrial globe.

    ‘I asked myself: “Will there be any catastrophe in the northern hemisphere?”

    ‘Then I saw the president of Russia pointing at the globe and smirking. I interpreted: “Russia will show its malice.”

    ‘Or something will happen that will confirm a position of the President of Russia. His expression was like that when one says: “I told so! I warned!”‘

    Oliveira correctly predicted, or at least explicitly suggested with a question in this prediction, that Benedict XVI would die in 2022, which was a close call that excited people of late, since Benedict XVI died on December 31st, 2022.

    Another passage of his prediction (among others) deals with what is now the future (further excerpts bellow):

    ‘The globe kept turning and I saw the numbers 2022 and 2023. Then I saw huge battalions marching, but the strange thing was that there was such silence. As in the image of the military meeting, I again felt that feeling that something wasn’t exactly what it seemed.

    ‘I asked myself: “Will there be the beginning of a war? Will it be silent?”

    ‘At that moment, the globe spun and I saw the numbers 2023 and 2024. Then I saw only war. I saw people watching war scenes on television.

    ‘I asked myself, “Will the world see the horrors of war in 2024? Will this appear on the televisions? Or will it be a conflict that we will only watch, but won’t be exactly physical?”

    ‘The certainty of a conflict seemed clear to me, but the nature of it did not.

    ‘Then there was a time jump. On the globe, I saw the numbers from 2024 to 2029 pass quickly, and a great light appeared in the sky.

    ‘I interpreted: “There will be conflicts or problems until 2029. In that year, there will be some sign in the sky.”’

    Some of the influencers who somewhat discussed these predictions positively cautioned people to not take it too seriously and let discernement of its content mature and stand the test of time. In any case, this is something which makes one wonder.

      1. If Ukraine collapses, it will discredit Anglo Saxons and their lackeys in the EU to such a degree, there is no way other countries are going to fight.

      2. Given the fact whatever form this widened war may assume this new war would constitute a frightening unchartered territory, a part of the Russian leaders might be asking themselves “If the Ukraine people surrender, do we resent them or thank them?”

      1. The information you gave is remarkable. I had heard of this gentleman, Thomas Horn, I had watched a documentary on the Prophecy of the Popes he put out.

        I think, contextually, the sign in the sky “Father Oliveira” seems to allude to can be interpreted to be the same sign in the sky Malachi Martin (the Roman prelate who read the one-sheet-never-released Third Secret of Fatima) said belongs in the Third Secret of Fatima, and said he [Martin] was looking for/expecting. Martin alluded to this sign/mentioned this sign some twelve times, at least, in the course of his seven Art Bell nineties interviews. He also alluded to it in the series of interviews he did with Bernard Janzen. This sign in the sky is a sign, according to him, meant to supernaturally reveal an upcoming religious leader. In a way this is corroborated by “Father Oliveira” since the latter claims an angel specifically warned him to be ready for 2029, and a certain sense of happiness came upon him at this warning.

        Excerpt from Malachi Martin’s interview with Bernard Janzen, The Kingdom of Darkness [1992], 1h 34min 20 sec:

        Bernard Janzen: But, humanly speaking, could there be one person that would come and restore it. I don’t think it’s possible. 
        Malachi Martin: No. It must be Our Lady. It must be a supernatural thing, and she has… isn’t it [true], Bernard, let’s be awfully frank; even if people don’t want to accept it; we know the agenda, we know the agenda very clearly. We’re going to go on slipping down the slope. We’re [(it’s) a big thing, it’s a long slope], we’re very near the edge of that chasm over which we finally topple. And we’re going to topple over it; and there’s going to be chaos; what they call nowadays ordered chaos. Chaos under control. 
        And there are going to be natural calamities, as well as man-made calamities. Mistakes made by people. And finally there are going to be calamities that come upon us from the hand of God. And people will say “My God! This is not caused by nature, this is something else!” 
        And at the end of all that Our Lady will come and there will be a sign in the heavens, meaning she has come. And everybody will see that sign.They will know it. They will know it calls them to their conscience. It doesn’ mean they are going to be converted.It means that those who are already converted will get better; it means that those who are wobbling may if they want to be confirmed in their faith; it means that the others who don’t believe and refuse to believe will say “We can despair. There’s no way out”. It’s simply God putting people on notice that things have changed.
        Bernard: “But it is also Christ saying “I give you one more chance”.
        Martin: Yeah. It’s [stutters and repeats himself] God saying, uh, there is a refurbishment going to take place. I will have uh an apostle in charge of you now who is going to be an apostle who’d have the power to change things; because he must give the power. And know, John Paul II, that poor man, Karol Woityla, he hasn’t be given by God the power to change things. But there will be a pope, a leader of Christianity, arising, who will change it all; because he would have the power built into him. John Paul II is supposed to preside over the decadence and the failure, and hold things together as long as possible; because there are people to be saved still. But the man who will do it is somebody after his death. Not the next pope, but somebody else. And that’s the mystery of what is coming in the future. All that we can hold on to is the fact that…  

        As to Thomas Horn’s allusion to Revelation 8’s Wormwood; I am not quite sure what to think of it, except it is interesting that Revelation 8 belongs, correspondingly, in the Third Secret of Fatima; for a source of Frere Michel (Fatima historian) said according to Sister Lucia of Fatima the Third Secret corresponds to Revelation chapters 8 to 13; and the same Third Secret is definitely concerned with a sign in the sky. The idea of a comet, according to Malachi Martin, is certainly not mentioned in the one-sheet text/Third Secret of Fatima he read ( the one the Vatican never released). The first three [Revelation chapter 8] angelic trumpets successively hurt the third part of some aspect of the world. The Wormwood star hurts a third part of rivers and fountains of water. The “third part being hurt” quality is an allusion to an idea of gestation/transition, and to the idea of a domino effect, the gathering of momentum of something. Duality, for example, in the Pythagorean tradition, means transition, so when “a third” of an object is said to be hurt (only two thirds remaining), this suggests that this object is being gradually destroyed. This somehow/in a way conflicts with the expectation the upcoming comet, whether literal or not, causes an immediate complete effect. But still, it is an interesting prediction; it is not impossible it should be fulfilled in some way.

      2. It occurred to me another point which seems somehow to tie Thomas Horn’s 2029 prediction of a comet with the Third Secret of Fatima sign in the sky revealing a religious leader: There is in tradional sacred symbolism the notion of a “rock from outer space”, which [clear enough] corresponds to a comet, and this symbolism of a rock from outer space means a sensible/terrestrial expression of a suprassenible/heavenly knowledge/reality. Thus, for instance, this is represented in the Muslim Kaaba black stone, which is said to have come/descended from outer space. Similarly in the Gospel Christ refers to himself as a stone, Matthew 21:42.

  4. I watched this today and I found it very interesting. Many great voices together. I hope all of you plan to get together in the future.

    1. Commit: if Ukraine collapses, the Russian imperialists will attack the Check Republic, the Slovak Republic, Austria, Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, and other countries as they strive to set up their empire that stretches from Vladivostok to Lisbon. Will they succeed?

      1. That comment is true for some. But for others like me, I read most of the day and I can either read in echo chambers or read all points of view. The latter doesn’t always work because writers can be engaged in deception. How many scandals or political topics can I possibly absorb the facts? Start with the Russia Gate and proceed from there. But in debating people about politics I find it difficult to get all of the facts; like how do I know if a Soviet defector isn’t a double defector?

        So I try “following “ people who have the time and research skills that will lighten my load. Steve Bannon is an example, but I noticed that you and he are not on the same page as Bannon seems to be pro Russia and against big business.

        If ABC NBC CBS CNN FOX and all news outlets did their jobs and reported facts, we could then go to discussion groups to help decide the truth…..

        I’m consumed with Watergate after reading Hougen’s 1984 book, and then watching hours of discussions by Shepard, Colodny, O’Connor, and the Liddy radio program from the Watergate Hotel on the 20th anniversary of the break in and arrests on C-Span. That scandal may never be reopened and possibly expose partisan reporting and the introduction of exculpatory evidence in Nixon’s behalf…

        We are losing the fact war to people so focused on winning politically.

      2. Someone asked me why we are where we are. My great surprise as a young scholar was that none of the scholars or security experts had studied the defector literature. All were dismissive or even expressed contempt for Soviet “traitors.” Even conservatives, so-called. It was a lot of work — reading being part of it; but also, difficult analysis. Career’s were guided by a groupthink process, or by Marxist senior professors. I generalize, of course. The nuances are endless though my commentary cannot be.

      3. Neil Postman wrote a book in the 1980s titled “Amusing Ourselves to Death,” in which he said our society is “post-literate,” which does not mean we cannot read. It means we do not read very much. The vast majority who were reading 120 years ago are now watching TV or videos, etc. This, he argued, is a problem because reading trains the mind to think.

      4. Jeff, your answer here, that people are watching videos instead of reading, is ironic because it is on an essay that consists of a video.

        As for me, in spite of dyslexia that makes reading slow and difficult, hence restricting the amount that I can read, I prefer the written page over the video. Dyslexia forces me to think.

  5. But Russia’s economy is the size of Texas

    Top 10 Steel-Producing Countries in the World — million tons (Mt) in 2021:

    China — 1,032.8
    India — 118.1
    Japan — 96.3
    United States — 86.0
    Russia — 76.0 (estimated)
    South Korea — 70.6
    Turkey — 40.4
    Germany — 40.1
    Brazil — 36.0
    Iran — 28.5 (estimated)

    1. “But Russia’s economy is the size of Texas”

      In what metric? The so called GDP is a meaningless number.

  6. I would like to make one point. May it be that Central Banks, which are active working against the small community banks (which number decreased signficantly in Europe and the US),, crucial for the small and medium enterprises and therefore backbones of a sane capitalist system (as in Germany, Japan and the US especially till the 90) are simply controlled or infiltrated by communists? Especially the FED and ECB created a lot of boom/boost cycles, inflation and crisis. The ECB tries to implement the cimate narrative in Europe and to enforce the banking system to invest only in green technology. May it be that they are simply useful idiots? To be honest we don’t need central banks, the US grew moore before the implementation of the FED than later. However they are working against a sane capitalist system and for communism

    1. Banks exist for specific reasons which are not evil. Central banks have served an important purpose in history. Read Macaulay on debt. But now all our institutions are turned against us. Look who the Pope is. Look who the president is. Look who the King of England is. Consider those who dominate our great universities. Do you think banks or corporations are immune to capture by this New Religion — the communist movement? It is a movement which long ago swore allegiance to Moscow Center. The question is whether Moscow Center still operates. I say it does.

    1. Retired,
      Has Bannon made that perfectly clear, multiple times, in
      all of the venues in which he has spoken? Has he ever mentioned
      Anatoliy Golitsyn? Has he ever yelled very loudly “New Lies for Old”?

      Just want to know.

      1. He says he is pro-Laobeijing (Chinese people) and pro-Russian people. He is against the war in Ukraine but I imagine he is pro-Ukrainian people. I have not heard SB speak about Anatoliy G. He and Mr. Nyquist have The Committee onThe Present Danger in common, but to my sadness they don’t seem to agree on the defector’s thesis.

        I’m trying to understand any support for Ukraine based on: the Americans who support Zelensky are immoral thugs—all of them—globalists, and stupid at making sensible policies. Why would Communists running America pretend to be against communist Russia? It’s kinda expensive to do that. I started reading Golitsyn but switched to Pacepa on JFK assassination. I think Golitsyn is credible but should I not believe US blew up Nordstream and is Sy Hersh an operative who wants Americans to turn against itself or is he right about the demolition?

        This is all above my pay grade.

      2. I just got Pacepa’s book on the JFK assassination, and Edward Jay Epstein’s book on Armand Hammer. Reading Epstein’s book first.

        I’ve got Golitsyn’s first book as well, and need to get on with reading it.

    2. Bannon has secretly met with Alexander Dugin, according to Ben Teitelbaum. Bannon supposedly offered Dugin some kind of alliance. Dugin’s ideology calls for the extermination of America, by the way. By what measure, then, is Dugin an intelligent geopolitician? I wonder what he imagines is possible and why? My thinking on this is 180 degrees from Bannon’s. Please explain what I am missing?

      1. You aren’t missing anything. But I didn’t know that about Bannon meeting this Dugin. I’ll need to investigate that. So what did Bannon mean, if he said it, that he’s a Leninist? Thank you for your time.

      2. I think Bannon is all over the map, intellectually, and reflects certain ideas characteristic of his generation. He is impressionistic in his statements.

      3. I did a quick search on Bannon and Dugin. Quick reading is these two are traditionalist.
        Against globalism and for the nation state.
        Want the administrative state pared way down.

        If Bannon wants America to be exterminated, does that mean occupied and controlled by some other world power? Or does it mean renewed as it was before it became a leviathan?

        As much as I would like to turn back the clock, with our current population of diminishing whites , with a growing population of people wanting more government, like all those anti-Communist Vietnamese and Taiwanese here who wind up voting Democrat , I don’t see much hope for Friedman’s great idea of Freedom and Capitalism.

        What are your political beliefs. I don’t really know much about that.

      4. Bannon and Dugin both claim inspiration from Julius Evola. He was an exemplar of a philosophy called “Traditionalism,” which is very different from anything you might understand by that word. Evola favored the victory of the Axis in WW2. It is a complex subject.

    1. Hersh was the journalist who ruined Angleton. But he has exposed some very serious things in the past. One cannot always tell if he has the truth.

      1. Bannon just now called him a muckraker. I vaguely recall Hersch wrote something critical about the FBI and Comey back in 2016.

      2. One cannot tell…

        Yes, which is why we the untrained analysts need to know who is trustworthy. My loyalties to the Constitution will do the rest, I hope. But even with that, I voted twice for Trump and was disillusioned and liked what I see in DeSantis…talk about winning.

        But now I’m not even sure about him with fans on his side like Bush and Rove and GOP, Inc.
        Mi should have learned to be an analyst and not so opinionated.

        These are difficult times for knowing what’s really happening.

        Thanks for the heads up about Dugin/Bannon.

      3. @JRNyquist: I don’t have a bias towards Hersh either way. In fact, this is the first time that I have heard about him. It had just seemed like an important story worth sharing.

      4. The account on Substack was only created an hour before this article was published. So far there is no verification that this account belongs to Seymour Hersh.

        Only a few minutes after the publication a journalist called Matt Taibbi shared it on Twitter, and from there on it went viral:

        Taibbi started his career as a journalist in the Soviet Union:

        He is a Putin admirer and shares lots of russian disinformation on his channel.
        The headline “How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline” also looks like a typical headline by him:
        – “How America Got It So Wrong.”
        – “How America Made Trump Unstoppable”
        – “How America’s biggest banks took part in a nationwide bid-rigging conspiracy”

      1. It also creates the moral justification for Russia to attack American infrastructure. Which means there could have been Russian agents of influence in the White House who wanted him to do it.

  7. Following the blog and listening to the discussion now.

    I just wish we could get you and Trevor to speak at Hillsdale College, especially to counter that Christopher Caldwell creature.

    By the way, I recall in the last blog you mentioned you had a family member in the hospital, perhaps near death. I wanted you to know that my husband and I have been holding your family in our prayers.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights with us, Jeff. I have learned so much from you on history, strategy, Communism, and I’ve learned from many of the commenters, including Commit. (We have to know how real Communists think. :-)_

    I just wish more people who cared about our country and western civilization were aware of your work. I think you have understood and grasped the situation we face from a perspective that is singularly closer to reality than any other journalist or politician I have listened to or read. You and Trevor are such amazing resources.

    Pessimism is not in my nature, but the doomsday clock seems about to strike midnight.

      1. It showed up after my second comment. Maybe I need to be more patient.

  8. Jeff :

    I was at the site onceuponatimeinthewest. Someone informed somebody the U.S. Army is at DEFCON 2. What do you think ? Unless this is something we should
    not know or discuss.

  9. Jeff Nyquist @9:38pm
    It is entirely possible if not probable that US destroyed the pipeline, and not necessarily fake news. By the way, although I dislike Rolling Stone journalist and serial fornicator TAbbi, he has changed his tune recently from being all professional/left all of the time, to writing about governmental abuse since the coronavirus outbreak.

    Additionally, I might be seen as a victim of disinformation but I judge people by their actions, and based on that, western leaders are more than likely suspect. They have done evil to their own citizens, so I need not pause and consider defectors whispering in my ear that I am playing right into the Russian’s hands. Evil is as evil does. Biden did warn that he would do the deed, and when serial liar John Brennan said, “Russia did it,” it was then I believed that Biden did so.

      1. Of course.

        My introduction to defector warnings is new, not including Bezmenov. I don’t want to ignore my instincts and deductive reasoning by thinking that I might be helping the other bad guys, Russia and China, by not judging the actual bad guys right here in America.

        That’s what I struggle with.

        In the 60s, 70s, and 80s, we were United against the communists. Today, we have met the enemy only to find that it is us.

        As always thanks for taking the time to converse with all of your readers. Not all bloggers will do that.

  10. Phenomenal powerhouse panel here. I especially loved the reference to the Michigan conference, Jeff. I have just been reading Reds In America, by the R. M. Whitney, the reporter who wrote the book about the Bridgman Convention. It is an absolutely explosive book, which shows how the American Communist Party was nothing more than LITERALLY a foreign intelligence operation.

    1. There is also a book by President Harding’s Attorney General, which also talks about the communists and other intrigues. Some amazing things were happening in this country 100 years ago. But we had better leaders.

      1. Speaking of 100 years — Pedro Henrique Barreto de Luna’s comments on prophecy brought to mind some points of historical interest. The year 2029 is prominent in his discussion. Consider: in 1929, Our Lady appeared to Sr. Lucia, the surviving Fatima seer, and instructed her to tell the Pope to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, in union with all the bishops of the world, in order to prevent Russia from “spreading her errors around the world.” Although opinion is divided as to whether her directive was complied with, I think the evidence is decisive that not all the elements of her instruction were ever met. Now consider that in 1689, a seer was told by Our Lord to instruct the French king to consecrate France to His Sacred Heart. Louis XIV declined to do so. Exactly 100 years later, the establishment of the National Assembly kicked off the chain events that led Louis XVI three years later to the guillotine.

        In 1931, Our Lord made an explicit connection between the two events when he spoke to Sr. Lucia and told her, “Make it known to My ministers, given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My requests, they will follow him into misfortune.” Reassuringly, He added, “It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.” I have felt for some time that 1929 is a significant year for the events that are now unfolding.

  11. I see many people using the nominal GDP argument in context of war here. If you emit large amount of money, it increases prices of everything, housing, healthcare, education etc. Makes imported goods cheap as long as other countries accept your currency. The GDP number grows. BUT it also makes your industries uncompetitive and destroyes industrial base, including dual use manufacturing and defense manufacturing.

    1. Americans consume much more imported goods than they produce. The FIAT ponzi scheme can’t run indefinitely. That is why your establishment wants to reduce your numbers via lab made viruses, vaccines etc. Replace you with people who consume less. Nothing to do with communists.

    2. This is an interesting economic issue. Chinese economic strategy is, in part, based on de-industrializing America. The only problem with the strategy is the communist assumption that investment banking is parasitic. No. Investment drives the economy from success to success. Read the Austrian school on this, especially, where investment turns out to be the motor of growth. The Chinese strategy will fail, but the U.S. position of industrial weakness is a real problem as well. The key word here is “malinvestment.” It is occurring on a massive scale, grounded in the belief that China and Russia are economic partners. No. They are strategic enemies using economic relationships as an attack vector.

      1. “Chinese economic strategy is, in part, based on de-industrializing America. The only problem with the strategy is the communist assumption that investment banking is parasitic.”

        But they have already achieved this goal.

  12. “The account on Substack was only created an hour before this article was published. So far there is no verification that this account belongs to Seymour Hersh.”

    Seymour Hersh is not a credible journalist. His use of anonymous sources only discredits his message. He is a mouthpiece of establishment. Seems there is some infighting.

    1. Seymour Hersh’s source on this, I am told, is a communist. Hersh needs to come out of the closet, I think. He is more sophisticated than Commit, however. Commit needs to appreciate the subtlety of some of his comrades.

      1. How can you be so naive? If he was truly leaking some classified info, without getting greenlight from higher ups, he would end up like Julian Assange in a better case.

        Never trust professional journalists, they are nothing but prostitutes.

        There must be some hidden agenda behind this leak we don’t see yet.

      2. Sy Hersh rose to prominence by breaking the story on the My Lai massacre. Since then he’s been known among the leftist peace movement as an anti-establishment truthteller. He also broke Abu Ghraib and reported, via CIA sources, that Obama’s version of hunting and killing Bin Laden was BS, that in reality Pakistan had been holding him prisoner, finally gave him up and cooperated with the Navy Seals, and he was killed in cold blood. Given the nature of his big stories, he or his sources could be communists.

      3. There are bad things that Americans have done, and outing these things has its place. On the other hand, this can be done destructively, maliciously, with the idea of demoralizing Americans and undermining their institutions.

    2. The “establishment” is Marxist-Leninist, so what you’re saying is Hersh is flacking for Russia. Thank you for your honesty, Comrade Commit.

  13. I just looked up the prices of Golitsyn’s books on Amazon. They are quite expensive. Even a used copy of Perestroika Deception on AbeBooks costs $78.00. So glad these books are being translated into other languages. Just wish the English versions weren’t so expensive.

    1. I have often wondered if we need a new publisher who is specifically anti-Communist. It’s not just the Perestroika Deception that is sky-high; there are others relating to this topic that are as well. I have wanted to read the Perestroika Deception for a long time now, but as you said, finding a copy at a normal price is almost impossible. A shame, because New Lies was absolutely brilliant in my opinion.

    2. You can obtain both Golitsyn’s books in English for free at (New Lies For Old and The Perestroika Deception). Golitsyn’s publisher for the first book was threatened in some way, and withdrew the book from the market, so it is even more scarce than you might expect for a book forty years out of print.

      There is no registration or subscription process at You can read the books at the site, or download them as pdfs (as I have done myself).

      Jeff makes quite frequent references to Joseph Douglass’s Red Cocaine and Jan Sejna’s We Will Bury You, and these are also available from the same site.

  14. My comment will be more on intuitive wave, rather than intellectual, but I want to share a dream my friend had in 2010. She did not understand it then. But now she does.
    In her dream she saw planet Earth. Hitler’s moustache started growing from Ukraine. It gradually covered the whole earth.
    Then she saw herself in the US, standing next to a temple. The earth was shaking terribly and moving like waves. A woman in white stood near the temple and said: There are not enough rescuers.
    When Putin started acting like Hitler in Ukraine, the first half of the dream came true. Now we are expecting to see the second half.
    When I tell people about it, they do not want to believe. They want life to be normal so much, they dull their survival instincts.
    After I had my own dreams about war in Ukraine, I warned many people. They did not want to believe. It is so normal not to want to believe in anything negative. The wake up call is awaiting all of us.

    1. Valentina: “When I tell people about it, they do not want to believe.” That’s why there will not be enough rescuers. People need to be prepared in order to be rescuers, which means they need to listen to these warnings. But they don’t listen, and don’t prepare.

      I agree with you, it is frustrating.

  15. “Hersh is supporting the Russian narrative. He has never been a friend to American national security.”

    He is a controlled opposition figure.

    1. You have no proof of Hersh being “controlled opposition.” You are giving him and his ilk an alibi. You are covering for him. It is obvious.

      1. He never uncovered anything that wasn’t already known. Everyone knew that American soldiers were mass raping and mass murdering in Vietnam. Everyone knew who blew up Nord Stream.

      2. Sheer communist propaganda there, Commit. “Everyone knows what you commies are feeding us.” Let’s all hate America together. Blame America now and forever. But who murdered millions of Ukrainians during the Ukraine terror famine? You commies. How many did Pol Pot kill? What about Ethiopia in the 1970s. Communism is a lie. It is the original BIG LIE. You know what the world will be without America and the free market? A sesspool of destruction and filth starvation and war. Corruption? Look at China and Russia. Poverty and political oppression. Look at China and Russia. You Marxist ignoramus. Marx laughed at people who believed in his writings. Do you bother to read anything except communist propaganda?

    2. Comrade Commit collected his rubles and logged in for another day of lying for mass murderers. He sighed and wondered to himself whether this was worth selling his soul for.

    1. …so I had to send the same comment a few times just I can see if the link to the book was finally visible in the comment section. my Apologies

  16. No it is not too late to read Golitsyn. In reality it doesn’t matter whether people read him or not. Reading Golitsyn is presented as the only hope for understanding the situation and thereby rescuing freedom, capitalism, democracy and truth from the ashheap. But understanding the situation will not change the outcome of the forces that are at work. The only thing that will effect political and moral salvation for the west is an inculcation in the minds of many of the values that communism is fighting against. Someone needs to take strong control over the outlets of information; schools, media, internet social media, etc. upholding unashamedly the values that produced freedom to begin with. Ideas such as truth, logic, self discipline, integrity, etc., all the values that grow out of our Judeo-Christian religious heritage. Such an idea would immediately tend to suggest our own form of dictatorship to achieve succsess. Unfortunately that is probably true. The cycles of a nation’s rise and fall will likely be repeated again in that way. Otherwise, I fear we are only fighting a losing battle.

  17. I’ve started reading the defectors and have been reading through other writings that detail the history of the Communist party here in the US. I can clearly see how current events are linked to a world wide Communist movement and history tells us that we are heading for a lot of death and destruction. I feel the need to tell people about these things but it seems almost impossible to get through the conspiracy theories and disinformation out there. It’s really difficult to talk with people that believe in Chemtrails, flat earth, and the illuminati… It’s almost as though we have to wait for all hell to break loose and then we can point at the carnage and say “see, I told you so”.

    1. Yes. Many people are sucked into these false narratives, and it blocks them off from the reality of what is actually happening. My fear is that bad things will unfold and they will simply keep saying it’s “the Illuminati bankster Ashkenazi capitalist corrupt Ukrainian CIA Big Pharma baby eaters.”

    2. Flat earth movement is a CIA psy-op. Chemical spraying and illuminati are very real things.

      1. To Commit
        of no more
        encouraging fact
        than the unquestioned
        ability of a man to elevate
        his life by conscious endeavor.
        Henry David Thoreau

        Are you
        the idea that we
        are all helpless little victims
        of the organizations towering over us?

        Can’t be true, won’t ever be true.

        Nobody forces you to sit in front of the boob-tube.
        Nobody forces you to pay attention to what people say.
        Nobody forces you to let your mind be cluttered and un-focused.

  18. The German newspaper Die Zeit published two weeks ago a very interesting article about Putin’s closest German friend Matthias Warnig – a former high-ranking Stasi officer and spy, and nowadays CEO of Nord Stream 2. He still regularly visits him in Russia. According to him Putin is totally isolated and still extremely fearsome about Covid, which is why he avoids almost any human contact. »Während seiner Reise nach Moskau hat Warnig auch Putin wieder besucht. “Er bemüht sich sehr, den Kontakt zu mir zu halten”, sagt Warnig. Putin schotte sich vor der Außenwelt ab, “die Selbstisolation ist eine Katastrophe”. Putins Angst, sich mit Corona zu infizieren, sei unvorstellbar groß. Fast niemand habe mehr Zugang zum Herrscher, und wenn doch, dann oft nur noch per Videoschalte und Telefon. “Der Einzige, der ihm noch was sagen kann, bin ich.”«

      1. You don’t want this to be true. If Putin dies he will be replaced with someone not as soft towards imperialism as him.

      2. With that statement, you mock the brave Ukranians, (as you believe Putin is fighting U.S. imperialism) proving once again that you are a diabolical, cowardly creature. Such a shriveled soul you have.

      3. I have often thought they are the same person, but whoever it is will just post again under another name. But it’s like you and others have said, we do learn something from them. Mainly how soulless and crafty with words they are (or attempt to be). Just like the Petunia handle can quote Scripture, or make a common sensical statement, and then go on to make a skewed or twisted point. Or try to overload with information pulled from totally different topics, in order to confuse people.

      4. Jeff, I thought you allowed Commit’s comments is for comic relief. That guy’s a hoot. So many of his statements are so ridiculous that the only sane response is to laugh at them. It does no good to get angry and call him a liar. Just lighten up and laugh.

      5. R.O. — You misunderstand. I am not writing about blocking Commit. Petunia and Lenyard and this person who posts under names of this kind, who pretends to be a conservative Christian.

  19. I have some information that can create a more complete picture of Taibbi. Someone who worked with Taibbi at the Moscow Times, with whom I am very close, and for whose credibility I can vouch absolutely, had this to say when I queried him about Taibbi:

    “Both Taibbi and I pretty quickly came to see Nineties Russia as a corrupt oligarchy run by former Communist apparatchiks and mafiosi and aided and abetted by Western governments and business elites that pretended (or maybe some actually believed) their Russian counterparts were democrats at heart. That new Russian ruling elite picked Putin to succeed Yeltsin in order to guarantee ‘the continuity of power,’ to use the term the Russian elite itself liked to use.

    “Taibbi was unequivocally a leftist (and still is, at least in some ways) but understood this and certainly was no apologist for the Russian regime.”

    Taibbi is clearly of the band that is or was willing to point to Western/U.S. interference as contributing to creating a corrupt, gangster Russia in the wake of the collapse. I think this fundamental naive misunderstanding of the strategic goals of Russia (and China) account for his having been taken completely by surprise by the invasion of Ukraine. To his credit, he acknowledged this enormous goof on his website:

    “Part of news and even commentary is admitting mistakes, and though I always made sure when discussing the subject to note Vladimir Putin could still invade Ukraine, I have to admit, I didn’t see this happening. Some old colleagues I trust, including some Putin-critical Russians, didn’t see it, either, but in many cases they just didn’t want to believe it, for reasons that are more understandable from their perspective. My mistake was more like reverse chauvinism, being so fixated on Western misbehavior that I didn’t bother to take this possibility seriously enough. To readers who trust me not to make those misjudgments, I’m sorry. Obviously, Putin’s invasion will have horrific consequences for years to come and massively destabilize the world.”

    “being so fixated on Western behavior…” I think that these are the words of an honest man. And by the way, according to the report of someone else close to me who was on the ground in Moscow when the invasion began, Taibbi’s remark that Putin-critical Russians didn’t see it coming is correct.

    1. I’ve read Taibbi for years and this fits my impression of him. I’d rather read someone who accepts facts and adjusts, than someone who always starts from a viewpoint I agree with.

  20. “But who murdered millions of Ukrainians during the Ukraine terror famine? You commies. How many did Pol Pot kill? What about Ethiopia in the 1970s.”

    No one, you believe in fictional stories.

  21. Jeff, I sent a lengthy comment on Taibbi a few minutes ago. Don’t see it posted. Just a heads up.

    1. Deborah: if you don’t see your comments right away, wait a few minutes, then reload the page and look again. I often do that as often there’s a delay in the posting. It might be something to do with WordPress, I don’t know.

      By the way, interesting comment about Taibbi.

  22. “Like Hannibal after Cannae, our conservatives and nationalists do not know how to use their victories. It is time to acknowledge the larger reality of an ongoing and systematic subversion. The longer we put this off, the worse our situation will become.”
    J.R. Nyquist

    “Codes” a la the book: “Dune” by Frank Herbert

    File this under: Being on the same page, Christians, Agnostics, Agnostics with Details, Etc.

    Parents to a 2 years and older child, “Just because their law says you get off with light punishment for crimes committed before you’re 18 years old.

    “That means nothing!!!” (your choice of teaching methods).

    People say they believe,
    I’d rather here them say I taught little John and Jane
    a Code, of number ( ), so I can refer to something explicit, then rate their parenting skills.

    P.S. it is more than slightly ridiculous to expect my ego to be less strong than say, a 4 foot thick piece good looking mahogany with multiple iron bands — sorry to waste peoples time with a personal comment, but is it useful going forward.

  23. If conspiracy theory is poor man’s Marxism.
    Then please label conspiracy fact in the same terms. Rich man’s privilege, perhaps?
    While we live under corrupt systems of governance (as we have done since we began living in organised collectives) there will always be conspiracy. Conspiracy to rule, conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to disrupt….
    Hardly poor man’s Marxism is it?

    1. He said “uneducated” man’s Marxism, ie uneducated on the Communist *conspiracy* which he said it is, actually quoting Lenin.

      Didn’t you pay attention? The Communist movement is proven conspiracy *history*, as opposed to *theory*.

      But you’re just another pseudonym of the same troll who always trolls this site, aren’t you?

      1. Actually he stated “the poorly educated man’s Marxism”, so looks like neither of us was paying attention…
        As for your accusation, of trolling, I’ll just put that down to your own inherent paranoia.
        FWIW all political parties engage in the conspiracy to rule.

    2. Conspiracy theory has become an ideology which aligns people with enemy narratives. People who are predisposed to conspiracy theory are being manipulated into anti-American, anti-market narratives. These narratives are not anti-communist. No longer focussed on our real enemies, but on an impending civil war which will give our enemies everything they want. You have to look at who gets the advantage with these narratives.

    1. The communists use race as a weapon against Western civilization. This is good strategy on their part. We have no counter-strategy, so we succumb. We allow ourselves to be bullied by these narratives, which are calculated to take advantage of human timidity and conformism.

    1. Congressman Gaetz is himself working toward the management of our decline. It is unfortunate that he has poor strategic sense. Every penny spent to support Ukraine is worth ten pennies spent elsewhere. It is buying time for our country to prepare its defenses, though we do not seem to be preparing. As long as Russia is stuck in Ukraine we are safe. NATO is shielded. When Russia collapses Ukraine, the way is open to a larger war. NATO will be wide open to invasion. And Russia does aim at the breakup of NATO. Let there be no doubt.

    1. For what my opinion is worth… I’m not sure that there is much that Ukraine can do to stop that amount of power without having fresh troops and a lot of outside help. The equipment that Ukraine is being given is American and German made and not the Ukrainian/Soviet made tanks and aircraft that they are used to operating and will require significant training in order to be effective. They will be going against a larger amount of simpler to operate low tech weapons crewed and maintained by people that have been training with those weapons for a while and who have the benefit of the lessons learned from the last years worth of combat operations. Russia will be flooding the battle field with fresh soldiers, even though they are mostly conscripts, and fresh equipment. The shear numbers of troops and equipment could be enough to overcome any technological advantage that Ukraine may have using NATO gear. The Russian military has never really cared about personnel loses so I would imagine that they will just roll over Ukraine while taking the heavy losses. It would take a lot more than the small number of Bradley’s, Abrams, Leopard 2s, and whatever aircraft they will get to stop what the Russians are willing to throw at them. Just my thoughts…

      1. This is the concern that many of us had months ago if the West did not step up and give sufficient resources so that Ukraine could form heavier brigades. We have not given Ukraine what is requested and what Ukraine needed. The Russians have pushed their people hard to get the job done. We shall see how effective their attacks will be. It is difficult to assess at present, and expert opinion differs.

    2. I’m not sure giving Ukraine jets would be practical. Air defense systems are more practical. Ukraine needs artillery systems and tanks. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry says that Russia is planning a new offensive to coincide with the one year anniversary of the war. The Russian buildup is supposedly significant. There is always danger, if the ground is frozen, of a Russian success, of collapsing the flank of the main exposed position in the middle of the line. This is the concern at the moment. If Ukraine can weather such an offensive Russia will be in serious trouble. Russia has been preparing for something big since early fall. I would waiting till late June, just to be sure. And maybe this offensive will be a test of new doctrine, new training, etc. We shall see how extensive or limited it turns out to be.

      1. The SMO will continue until its stated goal of demilitarization is reached. Sending more weapons to be destroyed is inhumane as the operators will also be killed. There is no other possible outcome, informed people in the west know.

    1. That’s a very good video presentation of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the monstrous consequences — atrocities, destruction of cities, etc. — of the attack. If this is what the Russian military is willing to inflict on people they claim are “Russians” or “Slavic brothers,” what can NATO expect in future when Moscow’s propaganda is focussed on America and NATO? This Russian invasion is only a first move, and a determined one.

      1. Banderites don’t consider themselves Slavic. They have a rich history of killing Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, …, not only Russians.

  24. If anyone is really interested in a hard copy of New Lies for Old you can have mine if you’ll pay shipping. I’m in Idaho. . .

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