Me and my public understand each other perfectly. It doesn’t hear what I say, and I do not say what it wants to hear.

Karl Kraus

In 1990 Pfizer’s Groton plant was making enough penicillin to supply one third of American needs. By 2008, Pfizer had shuttered all of its drug manufacturing there. Now, pharmacists fill prescriptions for penicillin with essential ingredients made in China.

China RX[i]

A refusal to accept the basic tenants of Communism … transforms a Western historian in Communist eyes into a falsifier of history.

Natalie Grant[ii]

During a panel discussion in New York, CDC Chairwoman Dr. Carol Baker has suggested that the problem of vaccine refusers could be solved if we get rid of all the white Americans and replace them with vaccinated aliens. Carol Baker is regarded as a “legend” when it comes to infectious diseases, and her defenders say that her remarks were taken out of context. Here is a video clip of what she said:

Casual, offhand, genocidal remarks do occasionally erupt from our academic wizards. Their regime is ideologically oriented to blame anyone who resists. These wizards, of course, claim to follow science. But the “science” they are really implementing is “scientific socialism,” which is also known as “dialectical materialism” (a.k.a., Marxism). We do not recognize it as Marxism because Marxism is “science” and science is always changing as new “discoveries” are made. A fabulous discovery, of recent utility, has been the concept of “pandemic” and all the opportunities it promises. The “Great Reset,” which is a reset to socialism, appears to be the hoped-for revolutionary exploitation of the COVID-19 pandemic. And anyone who resists this “Great Reset” is, ipso facto, endangering the health of all who draw breath.

The Marxists and their fellow travelers make it very clear that President Trump and other conservative leaders are to blame for many of the deaths that occurred during the recent pandemic; for as the conservatives have resisted socialism by resisting the “pandemic as strategy,” they are readily set down as “enemies of mankind,” opposed to science, etc. This rising “health regime,” with its socialist aspirations, is predicated on a biological war that is ongoing. This war relies, strategically, on the inversion of blame; that is, on a set of role reversals in which the dupe and the victim are maligned as perpetrators while the perpetrators are seen “riding to the rescue.”

The targeted countries in this biological war, with its “Great Reset” aftermath, are the NATO countries; that is to say, the old enemies of the “socialist bloc.” These are the same countries that have been injected with the toxic mRNA formula. In this context, China was not injected. Russia was not injected. At the same time, it is the infiltrated and compromised structures of the U.S. defense and intelligence establishment that will become the focus of a massive psychological warfare campaign designed to convince the entire world that America is the culprit behind the pandemic and its aftermath. In fact, this indictment is being drawn up, even now. It will be alleged that America has launched a genocidal attack on humanity; and that capitalists (bankers and corporate leaders) are behind the attack. Those who have always been marked for liquidation by the Marxists will be blamed for all the vaccine deaths, just as conservative politicians were blamed for pandemic deaths. The people that will be shielded from blame are the communists, in China and Russia.

It is important to blame capitalism for the fiasco that is unfolding. Our subversives are tasked with a very important mission; namely, the elimination of the capitalist system, the liquidation of all billionaires and millionaires, and the elimination of the United States itself (since America will appear to be the Enemy of All Mankind). Using tried and tested methods of propaganda and information warfare, the Communist Parties and their sponsors in Beijing and Moscow will avoid blame even as they reap the rewards of their main enemy’s demise; for once America is gone, none can stand against them.

Everything here has been orchestrated by persons possessed of a Machiavellian will to power, using advanced concepts, strategies, and the global Leninist structures put in place under the Third International of 1919 (i.e., the Comintern).[iii] Today, the Communist Party USA, which was founded in 1919, serves as a political conveyor belt transmitting Revolutionary momentum to America’s infiltrated “structures,” especially the U.S. Democratic Party. If you read the Program of the Communist Party USA you will find everything in that Program is being carried out by the Democratic Party, with a view to uniting non-white minorities and women to defeat the “ultraconservative” white bourgeoisie.[iv]

Knowing that the strategy of the Communist Party is racially and sexually-based is important; for when we hear anti-white racism from government officials or others, we are hearing the voice of the Communist Party explaining its program from behind the mask of “science.” Yes, we must “follow the science.” Marxism, after all, is a science that was long ago predicated on ritualized whippings of targeted groups (i.e., Christians, anti-vaxxers, Jews, and white males). Anti-white racism now fuels the Revolution. The time has come to criminalize everyone who opposes socialism. In keeping with this idea, the anti-socialists are being guided onto paths of resistance which will be used to justify their incarceration. The MAGA movement itself is being fed false narratives, which it naively soaks up. Every mistake made on the right will justify the criminalization of Christians, conservatives and patriots (i.e., with MAGA being depicted as insurrectionist and pro-Russian – for which charges of treason will be “framed to fit”).

Underneath this ingenious strategy are the haters, the Marxified bureaucrats, the socialist professors, assorted ideologues and Russian/Chinese spies (who, by secret agreements three decades old, are working closely together to conquer North America). All these persons are guided by a hatred of the United States. Their strategy is one of “divide and conquer.” Thus, Dr. Carol Baker gives herself away – unable to keep her mouth shut – blurting out what is in the back of her mind, what animates all those who hate America. This, I believe, is the significance of Dr. Baker’s statement about eliminating white people. This confession was not a joke. It was not anomalous. What we see in this outburst is the dirty undercarriage of the socialist movement itself. Here is the emotional drivetrain that propels the Marxists forward. If you study them at close quarters you will discover a vast academic hate machine. You will see what lies behind Critical Race Theory. It is a thick stew of venomous envy, despair, and a narcissistic desire for absolute power. Our culture is drowning in the spiritually contaminated byproducts of these wizards of the Great Reset.

To show that Dr. Baker’s remarks were hardly an isolated case, consider the statements of Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper, who says “White people are committed to being villains.” She told an interviewer, “The thing I want to say to you is we got to take these Motherf*ckers out.”

Did Carol Baker or Brittney Cooper laugh after making such comments? Was it a funny joke? Is wiping out an entire ethnic group funny? These prestigious professors, with their academic credentials and big salaries, are serially praised and promoted by the academic and medical establishment. They are America’s emerging nomenklatura. They wouldn’t dare make a joke about eliminating Mexicans or blacks or Chinese. These professors are, indeed, perfectly aware of what they can and cannot say. They are perfectly aware of the Program of the Communist Party USA, which calls for the demonization of white ultraconservatives.

The totalitarian process of organizing for mass murder is well known. First you demonize, then you arrest and liquidate. Furthermore, an intelligent observer can tell who the target of a future liquidation will be by noting who is being demonized. The Jews in 1930s Germany watched this same process unfolding when they saw Hitler threatening the Jews with annihilation in January 1939. People said to themselves, Hitler is just blowing off steam. He does not intend to exterminate the Jews. But Hitler did intend to exterminate the Jews. And all those inclined to dismiss Hitler’s 1939 statement were dead wrong. Therefore, when we hear certain statements pouring out of the pie-holes of wizards like Dr. Baker and Professor Cooper, we should sit up and take notice. These ideologues are not joking.

In fact, attacking white people is perfectly safe at the present time, especially for those attached to the hard socialist power structures emerging out of the Nanny State. There is mainly only one group that might oppose their power-grab. And the scenario is, quite naturally, a do or die set piece battle in which one side or the other prevails; for the white middle class is, in theory, big enough and wealthy enough to stop socialism in its tracks. So, the logical thing is to take away the moral credibility of the white middle class. Call them racists. Reduce their influence at every turn. Float the idea of “eliminating them.” Therefore, jokes about killing white people precede the genocide of doing in the same way that lightning precedes thunder. After all, it was Marx’s partner Engels who said that communism entailed the extermination of entire races and classes of people.

As a professor of African and women’s gender studies, Professor Brittney Cooper has argued that “All things that begin in white folks are not infinite and eternal. They ain’t gonna go on for infinity and infinity. And that’s super important to remember.” As an encouragement to the Marxist faithful, Professor Cooper says the crackers who voted for Trump aren’t going to the future socialist paradise. Not to worry, we’ve got this, says Cooper. White folks are headed for history’s incinerator.  

Connected with all this are certain medical practices which, in fact, belong to “biological warfare.” One might say, as Naomi Wolf has suggested, that the attack underway is “binary”; that is, involving two elements: First, a pandemic to drive the human cattle to the vaccines; second, a needle in every arm as the Chinese drive the vaccine manufacturing process forward. As a useful idiot, Dr. Carol Baker wants everyone vaccinated. Undoubtedly she does not know the full extent of the program she is advancing. One might say she is simply following orders. The fact that she herself is slated for liquidation has not occurred to her. Professor Cooper is also a “useful idiot,” not realizing that the communists in Moscow and Beijing want to exterminate black Americans just as they want to exterminate white Americans.

Baker wants to stick everyone with an experimental medicine that would ordinarily require eight years to safety test. And she has no problem forcing it on everyone. That she is a crazy person, without judgment or sense, is perfectly obvious. That she appears to be white, joking about eliminating white people, brings her character into focus. This is a very special kind of imbecile who will be studied in the future. These imbeciles are everywhere. To be sure, they believe that they are geniuses. They believe that patriotic Americans are idiots. Listen to them closely. The sounds they emit are hollow. They crucify the truth on a daily basis. They are only fit for the lowest employment, yet they aspire to dominate society.

In reality, black Americans are the most vaccine resistant of all ethnic groups. This shows that black Americans, in general, have good instincts. Famously, black Americans have been at the receiving end of ghastly experiments, like the one that the Tuskegee Institute conducted back in 1932, originally called the “Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male.” Medical bureaucrats then took a group of 600 black men, 399 of them having syphilis, and purposely did not inform them or treat them. By 1943 penicillin was found to successfully treat syphilis, but the 399 infected patients were not given this needed treatment. This study was not terminated until November 1972 when someone in the U.S. Health Department figured out it was “unethical.”[v]

Government has this character, and bureaucratic medicine has a lot to atone for. In the end, if they are willing to harm black patients they will harm white patients. There is, among “scientists,” this unethical tendency that appears and reappears. History tells us that we cannot always trust health officials. Black Americans and white Americans instinctively smell a rat. Government, as George Washington warned, can be a “fearful master.” A government that dictates your health regimen has already opened the way tyranny. The government exists, supposedly, to defend us against enemies foreign and domestic. What if the government, in fact, has failed to defend us. What if the government has been taken over by foreign and domestic enemies? Society would then be wide open to every conceivable kind of attack, especially biological attack.

As Americans, black and white, we are facing the same lethal threat from the communists. We are urged to accept the dismemberment of our economic system under the “Great Reset.” We are to be divided, one against the other, black against white, poor against rich, women against men. We are considered irredeemably bourgeois even as the Chineses Communist Party wants our land and our infrastructure with which to build a “second China” in North America. Such is the real communist agenda, as explained by General Chi Haotian, in a secret speech given to high-level party cadres twenty years ago. Here is what General Chi said:

We must prepare ourselves for two scenarios. If our biological weapons succeed in the surprise attack, the Chinese people will be able to keep their losses at a minimum in the fight against the United States. If, however, the attack fails and triggers a nuclear retaliation from the United States, China would perhaps suffer a catastrophe in which more than half of its population would perish. That is why we need to be ready with air defense systems for our big and medium-sized cities. Whatever the case may be, we can only move forward fearlessly, for the sake of our Party and State and our nation’s future, regardless of the hardships we have to face and the sacrifices we have to make.[vi]

General Chi added, “The population, even if more than half dies, can be reproduced. But if the Party falls, everything is gone, and gone forever.” Chi made a very special point in saying that throughout Chinese history “the ruthless have always won and the benevolent have always failed.” Only the Communist Party of China is sufficiently ruthless to achieve the victory envisioned. If the Party dies, said General Chi, it is worse than losing 650 million Chinese lives. Here in America, however, we are ready to blame any number of “bad actors” for what is unfolding. The CCP continues to build its alibi.

More in Part II, next week

Links and Notes

[i] Rosemary Gibson and Janardan Prasad Singh, China RX: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine (Connecticut: Prometheus Books, 2018 ), pp. 74-75

[ii] Natalie Grant, from a pre-publication copy of her book titled Disinformation.


[iv] — Readers do not have to trust to my summary. They can read the Program of the Communist Party and see for themselves. The Program begins with the following explanation: “The Road to Socialism USA is the Program of the Communist Party USA, adopted in 2005 and updated by our 100th Anniversary Convention in 2019 in Chicago. It offers our view of the path from the struggles of the present all the way to socialism, a strategy of struggle, unity, reform, and revolution.” In terms of disarming the right, the Program further states, “There are two major reasons why socialism has become even more imperative for the survival of the human race in recent decades. One is the development of nuclear, chemical, space-based, and biological weapons, which threaten the very existence of humanity. These weapons dramatically escalate the dangers of war, already a horrendous and destructive force. The war-oriented extreme right could drive the world to the brink of destruction or even over the brink. For our very survival, we need a world in which the arms trade is curtailed and then eliminated, in which nuclear proliferation is ended by the complete destruction of all nuclear weapons, and in which all chemical and biological weapons are outlawed and destroyed. As an initial step, we need all nations to pledge no first-use of nuclear weapons, no preemptive nuclear war, and no extension of the arms race into space. A socialist world, in which the economic incentives for war would be eliminated, is humankind’s great hope for peace and survival.” The program involves a coalition of non-whites and women, overturning the Constitution of the United States at some point in the future, and establishing a socialist dictatorship according to Soviet principles.



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252 thoughts on “The Politics of Biological Warfare and the Inversion of Blame, Part I

  1. Ahhhh, Jeff. As I read your piece, I’m thinking….I resemble these remarks. Lol. It reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day and the repeated time loop.
    As in our private conversation regarding these experimental biological agents that were or have been being experimented with courtesy DARPA and individuals such as Ralph Baric (UNC Chapel Hill) or Dr. Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance and, of course, the top paid healthcare bureaucrat, soon to be retired, Anthony Fauci….
    As usual, great thoughts.

    1. The key, I believe, is in the corruption of officials. In payoffs and financial dealings. Part II will delve into how we can best analyze such materials.

    2. There are other notable, non-Western scientists who should be similarly examined; namely, Shi-Zheng Li of Wuhan Institute of Virology and Malik Peiris of University of Hong Kong.

    3. Jeff, what do you make of this balloon? Is it a test run for an EMP? Couldn’t it have housed a nuke? Was it irresponsible of the US military to not shoot it down immediately, especially considering it probably was transmitting info on the Montana ICBM fields to satellites? Do you believe it cannot be steered? I am highly skeptical.

      And what kind of information can be gleaned from seeing the missile silos? They already know they’re there, are they checking to see if they’re being activated?


      1. I’m no military expert, but if I were a general in the PLA, I would not use a large balloon to deliver a weapon of mass destruction against my foe. There are surely better tools for that purpose.

    4. They are now preparing the public for mass attacks on the grid this year.

      As proof, they cite a document from one of their fake “white nat” groups.

      This is extremely concerning. If Russia is behind this fake document, are they laying the groundwork for the US government to be confused and looking internally instead of externally when Spetznaz actually attacks the grid? This seems extremely dangerous to me.

  2. And thank you Donald Trump via Operation Warp Speed:

    “I recommend taking the vaccines. I did it, it’s good. Take the vaccines.” — Donald J Trump, August 21st, 2021
    “I hope everyone remembers when they’re getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, that if I wasn’t President, you wouldn’t be getting that beautiful ‘shot’ for 5 years, at best, and probably wouldn’t be getting it at all. I hope everyone remembers!” — Donald J Trump, February 28th 2021
    “I would recommend it and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don’t want to get it and a lot of those people voted for me, frankly.” — Donald J Trump, March 16th 2021
    “We have our freedoms and we have to live by that, and I agree with that also. But it is a great vaccine. It is a safe vaccine, and it is something that works.” — Donald J Trump, March 17th 2021
    “Get those shots everyone!” — Donald J Trump, December 17th 2020
    “I guess in a certain way, I’m the father of the vaccine because I was the one that pushed it. To get it done in less than nine months was a miracle.” – Donald J Trump, April 29th 2021
    “Everybody, go get your shot.” — Donald J Trump, February 28th 2021
    “It works incredibly well. 95%, maybe even more than that…and it is really saving our country and it is saving frankly the world.” — Donald J Trump, March 9th 2021
    “It will save millions of lives, and soon end the pandemic once and for all. These vaccines are also very safe.” — Donald J Trump, December 11th 2020
    “The Vaccine and the Vaccine rollout are getting the best of reviews. Moving along really well. Get those shots everyone!” — Donald J Trump, December 17th 2020
    “Well, I got the Pfizer, and I would have been very happy with any of them. I thought a very bad statement was when they did a pause on Johnson & Johnson. I think that frightened people. That was a bad thing to do. At that time, when they did the pause, they had six people that may have had some difficulty out of millions that received it. But I think the pause was a very bad thing to do.” — Donald J Trump, October 2nd 2021

    1. @BRCC66
      Or how about Cliff Kincaid equating all those who didn’t want the injections or were suspicious of them, to the Unabomber. There were quite a few other posts, all very similar in nature and calling people Luddites for not wanting the revolutionary mRNA vaccines. I will never forget that. I now no longer read anything written by him. I regard him as hysterical and compromised.

      Regarding the Chinese ‘weather balloon’, I thought this was very interesting.

      1. James Dobson is still even relevant with anything he spouts today? I thought we learned our lesson with listening to anything said by the likes of Jimmy Swaggart, Pat Robertson, courtesy Ralph Reed
        and the “religious Right” years ago.

    2. Trump is not a thinking man’s president. Even if the vaccines were safe and effective, the entire process was wrong. Chinese involvement with Big Pharma is wrong. We are courting our own destruction. It is insanity.

      1. I agree that Trump is not particularly smart, but he sacrificed his reputation and possibly his freedom soon because he wanted to do something good for the country. As many problems as I had with his blindness or his policies, he oafishly stumbled into the Presidency out of some genuine patriotic urge, surprised the Communists, and has paid for it ever since. His name ruined, endless investigations, and possibly prison time soon.

        He unintentionally set back the Communists plans and paid dearly for it, a greater price in reputational destruction than almost any of us would pay. We should be thankful for that garish patriotic oaf.

      2. Yet no one is mentioning the possible Russian involvement in the creation of the vaccines. I have long considered the Chinese involvement to be a distraction from the true creators, the Russians. What about Katalin Kariko?

        The level and scope of her work is very interesting.

        We are yet to see the true catastrophe and nature of this whole operation.

      3. I had one source on this that dried up. Said the Russians and Chinese worked on the COVID virus together in Central Asia. No confirmation. Many interesting bits like this. Not proof, though.

    3. Trump is not a very smart person, but he’s at heart an old school boomer patriotic American. He was tricked, that’s all.

      1. That’s debatable. He’s played ordinary Americans as if he’s just like them. He’s nothing of the sort. He’s another billionaire who runs in the same circles in society with the very globalists he tells you and me he’s working to defeat and “Make America Great Again”!

        The majority of folks who voted for him the first time don’t have any real clue as to his ties with these people. Much like his voters had no clue of his assault on private property rights years ago. Private property rights being an important piece of the foundation of what this country was built upon.

        Years ago, he used his money and political influence to do everything possible to push out a lil’ ol’ lady (Vera Coking) from her home, property he needed to further development for a parking garage to compliment a casino venture….luckily she sued and beat him in court. And he eventually gave up on that endeavor.
        He’s a despicable person then and now in my book.

      2. Many of us voted for him simply because he was the least bad of two bad choices.

        I live in the heart of rural, conservative Alabama, and distinctly remember two older men whom I greatly respect, talking about the choice between Hillary and Trump. One said to the other, “We’re in bad shape when these are our two choices”. The other said, “Yep.”

      3. I’ve heard this many times before. The “lesser of two evils” when going to the polls. And therein lies the problem and I don’t see it changing (at least not in my lifetime).
        It’s the same thing every election. I remember conservative’s “go-to guy” on what and how to think, Rush Limbaugh, during an election year saying that voting for any third party candidate was simply “wasting your vote”.

        I hear that and always think….if the system is truly broken, and needs to get back to a limited form of government, as you say, why would you continue down the same path election after election and just mark the box to vote for the candidate that is really no different, or no better than the opposition?
        Local government and state government is where the difference can be made and must start there. But try to get others to attend their local school board meeting, a city council meeting, or gather at their respective State Capitol to talk face to face with their government representative(s) about any issue pertinent to their State. Good luck. I’ve tried and tried and folks don’t want to be bothered. There’s ball practice to get little Johnny to after school, or I worked late and don’t feel like stopping in at city hall to hear what’s going on, or I’m working that day and can’t get time off.
        And folks wonder WHY and HOW our Federal government has become dictatorial in so many ways? I never ever believed that in America I would see businesses, churches, schools literally closed down because of a supposed deadly virus and the draconian measures imposed. Arrows on the floor directing people in a particular direction at the local grocery or Walmart. Masks mandates and 3 years into a pandemic people still wearing masks even OUTDOORS??

        Regardless, and just as has happened before, come election time, November 2024, folks will go to the polls and do their “civic duty” and vote for another candidate who is their “lesser of two evils”.

      4. The past few years, it has become clearer and clearer to me also, that the local and state governments are where we have good chances to effect some change. I myself won’t be voting in a presidential election again, as it truly seems to be a farce now. I didnt so much vote for Trump the second time, as I was voting against Biden. Lesser of two evils, sure, but look how evil Biden is. However, I wouldn’t vote for Trump again no matter what now, if I was to vote in a presidential election. My youngest brother voted for some third party person, or either wrote someone in as a protest vote against Trump in the last election.

      5. In my opinion, today in DC, Democrat and Republican politicians, or those candidates running for office there, are all wings of the same bird. They just portray to us that they’re on opposing sides of issues, 2nd Amendment, religious issues, taxes, or potential war….you know, matters that most folks will actually stop and listen to the nightly news about.
        I remember not so long ago of many “Tea Party” conservatives who campaigned that they would make a difference in Washington if elected and bring back small government. And so, a majority of folks here in my state of Missouri elected them to various districts in office. 10-15 years later? Most, if not all, of those “Tea Party” candidates/politicians/elected representatives are part of the Establishment Republicans today. If you actually look up their voting records, they vote lock step to whatever Party leaders are in favor of or opposed to at the time. They are instructed early on (usually before actually arriving) about how the game is played there. One doesn’t get anywhere without the approval of the Party leadership. Want to be on a particular committee?
        “Well, what can you do for your Party?” “Ya see Mr. Tea Party guy, we need you to be in our corner with an upcoming “x” issue when we get around to voting on it.”
        Or “I can help with campaign contributions next bid if I can count on your vote for this proposal I’m putting together…”

        Same stuff happens at the State level but not at the magnitude it has operated under for decades in DC.

      6. I remember as a teenager, reading where George Wallace had said that there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between a Democrat and a Republican. Even at that age, after reading that, I began paying enough attention that it began to seem to me that Republicans just took a slower route (mainly of compromise) to get us to the same place the Democrats wanted to directly take us to.

      7. Because of that, for all of my adult life I’ve never referred to myself as a Republican, or a supporter of a certain man, but as an American Constitutionalist. May sound dumb, but that is the way I thought of myself in my mind. In other words, I support the upholding of our Constitution, and I will support a man insofar as he does that.

      8. As have I, sir. I have a friend who does this and I’ve starting doing it as well and that is to pose the question to my respective elected official, local, State and at times Federal, but most of the time it’s , “Have you actually read the Missouri Constitution?” And if they answer in the affirmative, I like to ask them to tell me their thoughts of Article “x” Section “x”…..or how they voted on Constitutional amendment # ….it’s interesting at hearing the responses. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised but most of the time they haven’t a clue on what the very document states…the document they swore an oath to protect. That’s why we are in the mess we are today in this country.
        Honestly, I see a balkanization coming soon to America. States will ultimately become separate Republics with their own forms of governance.

      9. Yessir. And so much of our culture is now so rotten. And like you have pointed out several times, so many of us have this shopping mall mentality, where so long as rough money is coming in to indulge our appetites, we can’t be bothered to consider things like right and wrong, and principles, or do some basic homework on a political candidate.

        I got a taste if this shallow, hollow culture when I was pretty young.

        I used to work for a small industrial contractor. We sold and used a product called Belzona, which made a lot of very good, polymeric repair and coating materials. My boss requested that I go to Belzona’s U.S headquarters in Miami for about a week long conference.

        There were salesman and contractors from the eastern half of the nation there.

        I realized just how sick our culture has become. These guys were morally SICK. I heard one guy telling another guy, that “you would *love* my 17 year old daughter if she were here”. He meant in a lustful way.

        They took us to a restaurant every night. I declined to go every night, until the last night, so I could say I had eaten at a fancy restaurant in Miami. There was a bulky sort of Cuban guy who tried hard to get me to dance and drink with one or two of the younger ladies. I had already told him I was married and would not be unfaithful to my wife. He persisted, coming over to the table where I was eating with my boss and two guys from North Alabama. I had to embarrass him in front of them to get him to leave me alone. He was so mad, I thought I was going to have to fight. My fellow Alabama guys just clammed up and didnt back me. I was only 23. Yes, I got a taste of the fast moving, shopping-mall culture type guys, who only care about money and prestige, and I detest it.

      10. I’m pretty sour towards the political realm these days. When my kids were elementary school age, the wife and I stood up to the whole common core curriculum that was being implemented here in our local school and across the country (around 2011-12). Pulled our kids out of the public school and homeschooled them. I took heat from family and friends. Regardless, I became heavily involved with efforts on the State level to do my part to rid Missouri of “Commie Core”. I met people who knew people and who knew State Reps and State Senators at that time. I became an activist among many, many others and on other issues as well.
        Anyway, as parents, May 2014, we were told by those state politicians who were “on our side” that they had a bill that would be voted on and they felt really good that it would be passed with everything they had worked on with us. Only to discover that late night, night before the last day of session, the powerful education lobby, along with their own political allies in office, and the help of those who were supposedly “on our side” , gutted that bill and then voted in a revised version that was nothing at all as what we had worked hard to achieve. Our own allies sold us out.

        A few years later, I dove into the fluoride issue of our local town who had fluoridated water for (at that time) 15 years. Several of us worked hard locally to get fluoride out of the public water supply. This effort was successful and even today the town water supply does not have fluoride added.

      11. I too have been vocal in our little area. I live several miles outside of city limits, but have gone to city council meetings in the main town I do business in, and spoken out against wrong things being done. I have also written letters to editors of local papers, which seems to maybe be more effective in rural areas than urban areas.

      12. Yes, I forgot about writing letters to the editor as well. That did not gain any traction at all for my efforts. Not one local paper of the 4 small towns (in the county) published my comments on the fluoride issue. There were local doctors and dentists here who used their own influence in that regard…friends of the local paper owners and editors.

      13. I’m sorry you have experienced betrayal from some of your representatives, and local professionals. It is amazing to realize just how much some of them are committed to themselves above Christian morality and the Constitution.

        My grandfather once told me as a kid, that as I got older, I was going to learn just how selfish a lot of people in the community were when it came to trying to get everyone to come together to do something to benefit the community.

        Well, we’d best not write a book here in Mr. Nyquist’s comments section, but keep up the good work.

        Also, since I’ve discovered Mr. Nyquist, I pass his essays on to local leaders from time to time.

      14. That’s a great idea. I support Jeff (even when I disagree) and I have recently ordered a couple of his books for my own collection.
        Yes, I don’t want to take away from the discussion on the topic.

      15. Today’s issue, or the past 3 years issue, has been “the jab” forced on everyone and most certainly those of us who have worked in healthcare for years (as both my wife and I have). Trying to get US Congress critters to actually do anything to stop this? It’s impossible, as 99% of them are owned by the pharmaceutical industry and do their lobbyists bidding when approached with any legislation stopping these dictatorial measures and powers that have been implemented over a virus. “ Thank you for your comments on this matter and know that I am working hard for the constituents in Missouri….”

        Then trying to get Mr. Nyquist to go down the rabbit hole and understand how many layers are covering up who, what, where, and why (insert sarcasm). I look forward to part 2.

      16. Brcc66: You’ve done some good, then! The core problem, perhaps, is that activists on the left actually infiltrate conservative groups and engage in ideological as well as tactical sabotage. How does one identify these bad actors? Not easily.

        And why are most politicians so easily dissuaded from doing the right thing? I think we are dealing with a very sophisticated organization on the other side and we lack the same level of sophistication, so far, to compete.

      17. I would advise everyone to vote. Even if there is cheating, you are making more work for the cheaters. If enough people vote the other way, the cheat machine might break down. It does not hurt to try.

      18. When you give up on voting, there is a sense in which you have given up on the institutions and the Constitution. Too many people do that and the enemy has essentially won.

    4. Trump also did nothing to make his Standard of Care zinc/hydroxychloroquine/Azithromycin treatment available and legal to all. Watch Democrats heel turn on anti-vaxx at Warp Speed to successfully impeach Trump 2024. It’s a poison pill. I don’t trust DeSantis, but he doesn’t have this Trojan Albatross over his shoulders.

  3. Can you explain how RNA sequence from Moderna patent from 2015 made it into Covid?

    Seems you just blame everything you don’t like on China without proofs.

    1. Communist China is notorious for stealing our intellectual property. Should we be surprised, then, at another such case? The Chinese have stolen our missile technology and nuclear warhead designs. Of course they are stealing our RNA products, our biological designs. Or maybe they just bought the sequence, or were given it in exchange for something we wanted — since these naive capitalists do not realize they are selling the communists the rope they will be hanged with (as Lenin said).

    2. Thank you for defending the psychopaths, murderers, and torturers in the CCP, Commit. Truly, you have exposed where your heart lies.

  4. Meanwhile, China has a “weather balloon” simply floating over US airspace over the lower 48, over a Montana military site, as well as Missouri’s own B-2 bomber base this afternoon….but nothing to see here, hmmm? Future EMP anyone?

      1. People do have such short memories though. I have read commenters on Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, and Twitter saying “this never would’ve happened under the Donald Trump!”

        Well….does anyone remember when the North Korean satellite passed over Levi Stadium after the Super Bowl in 2016?

        This balloon should have been shot down when it entered U S. airspace in Alaska.

      2. Sorry, but this continued notion that DJT is a “Savior” is absolute nonsense.

      3. All these foreign policy “experts” and military “experts” who we watch via webinars and who pay lip service on constant threats to national security every week and yet nothing is done. ALL Talk…and yet we have an enemy nation invading our own airspace today….a Friday…a traditionally slow news day…

      4. Monkey Werx has shown that even our own government has surveillance balloons over CONTUS, specifically, his visual example a few days ago was two areas over the state of Oklahoma.
        And, as he noted, now, the US military will simply defer to China’s recent ballon, if anyone questions why our own military is surveilling US. “Oh, it’s not us up there, it’s the Chinese.”

      5. The Patriot Act was Pandora’s Box regarding our own citizens privacy, specifically in how to lessen our personal privacy. Supposedly, a Republican Prez and his Attorney General had our own interests in mind back in 2001, only to realize the next guy in office would decide to use it against American citizens. Then Obamacare helped open up what was left in terms of privacy regarding one’s healthcare sand doctor patient relationships. Now, 2022-23, after a 3 year “plandemic” it’s morphed into a national security state via public private partnerships. Government, in cahoots with the DoD, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and the mainstream media, can pretty much control the narrative that gets delivered to the public here.

      6. I suspect we are dealing with something more insideous than “the next guy in office.” The main force working to “bring down civilization” over the last 100 years has been the communist movement. The idea that this movement no longer exists, or is no longer effective, is belied by events in South America, Africa and Eurasia. Pointing to villainy in the DoD, Big Tech, Big Pharma, may be off the mark. There has always been villainy everywhere at all times. We are looking at something more organized ideologically motivated.

      7. I was told these balloons have been passing over us for awhile. Why are they making a fuss now? Did someone leak? Or is there a political reason?

      8. Indeed. It looks like they did shoot it down, however, the video I see on the news shows a hit near the bottom where the electronics are, I hope that portion isn’t damaged. Second, until we know more, I hope it didn’t have a self-destruct mechanism and we are being played and Biden delayed it, making it look like we are victorious for shooting it down. We need to do better; how did it get this far inland to begin with?

      9. Not sure how they could allow it to keep flying knowing it could contain a nuclear device. Honestly shocking.

      10. Two North Korean satellites pass over the USA every day and both might have nukes mounted in them. Peter Pry worried about it and thought we should shoot them down.

  5. Jeff what is your opinion on the Chinese Spy balloon? Is this the endgame invasion you were predicting last year?

    1. Everyone sees the Chinese balloon in the sky. Few see that Chinese balloons are floating freely in our corporate board rooms, the White House, the Congress, and the Pentagon. Nobody even notices, let alone shoots down these more dangerous “balloons.”

  6. Wonder what China’s reaction would be regarding “a stray weather balloon” floating over their own airspace courtesy the US of A? Doesn’t take a rocket scientist or foreign affairs expert to answer that one…

  7. Re: the Chinese “balloon” currently doing God knows what in our skies, I find it telling that the White House seems to be silent on this issue in the media. I guess they can’t say anything which might upset their masters in Beijing.

      1. Yes. When I click on your header I get, “Welcome to the world’s most popular website builder.” So I have to ckick on comments to reach your blog. When I make this comment and sign my name and email, there are only two blocks to check where in the past there were three. (Save and Notify) Checking them does not send an email to confirm.

      2. Mr. Nyquist, I just made a comment in reply to brcc66. It showed up, and a few seconds later, it disappeared. No problem with me if you deleted them, as it is your site, but I’m just trying to make sure it’s not a glitch with WordPress.

      3. When one clicks on your “Home” link, it also does not go to the correct URL.

      4. I have a “Home” link? Where is that on the page? WordPress wants me to download this Jetpack app. I thought I was using it. Has my site ever had a “Home” link? I just followed the direction to set up the site for a blog. I see “main page” and so on. Did I leave something out?

      5. I downloaded the jetpack app yesterday, and that is when avatar disappeared and wordpress has done a couple of other weird things. I deleted it. I dont recommend it.

      6. Thanks for the advice. I was wondering about the Jetpack. The more complicated a thing is, in terms of site management, the more likely I am derailed by it.

      7. It doesn’t really do anything other than make it where you can change features on your blog site, or access stats of the site, etc, from any device. At least, that’s what I gathered. But my WordPress app has been having hiccups ever since I downloaded, and not long after, deleted it.

      8. Jeff, I meant to say your “Back To Main Page” link. It has the incorrect URL. It should be “”, instead of “”. I would also simply change the text to “Home”. Should be an easy fix for both.

  8. Thomas Sowell proposes that the 19th century sefl-described progressives in America, who pushed for eugenics; have had a lasting residual influence in such organizations as Planned Parenthood. Olavo de Carvalho observed in some public talk there is evidence Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, specifically targeted blacks for her abortion centers. A guest of Joe Rogan’s, author Abgail Shrier (see her book “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters”); if I remember correctly; [she] specifically noted that Planned Parenthood conducts the hormone shots and/or other procedures for little kids purported to need sex change (over gender dysphoria). This hormone shots process is said to render the person sterile. There is some piece from The Economist apparently suggesting sterilisation was a requirement for legal sex change in Sweden under an explicit eugenics intent, decades ago, and that this kind of politics somehow was imported more discreetly in other countries.

    The book by Jim Keith, Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness, proposed the somewhat eye-opening thesis (essentially, if not using equivalent words) according to which the kind of cultural phenomenon Henry Miller represented (the licentious mentally-free-from-civic-responsibilities-wayfarer hedonist outlook, an outlook casual about one’s acceptance of abortion [and contraceptives], and acceptance of the violation of marriage oaths), was a kind of late effect of an elite corporations eugenics lobby in America preceded by a lot of working hours of dissemination in official education.

    The same corporations which worked so hard to enforce eugenics became seemingly the same ones who financed communism in America and all over the world (from at least the 50’s, probably earlier), according to the Congressional Reece Committee (see the book “Foundations: Their Power and Influence”).

    So, foreign communist enemies partnered with the Western socialist elites (as Carrol Quigley acknowledged in Tragedy and Hope) to push forward the eugenics agenda, which includes ethnic control (but is not limited to it); and at the same time to rally minorities under the banner of social justice politics (which seemingly is exactly what activists who avowedly worked for a revolution preceded by a gradual process, such as Saul Alinsky, [what they] engaged in). According to Peter Schiff, famous economists, the affirmative action politics purported to help blacks actually makes blacks to be percieved as less competitive, and thus less valuable, or at least less easy to have their merit ascertained. Thus, this kind of politics has a eugenic of eugenic-suspected connotation.

    Similar, what some describe as “black culture”, like the hip hop milieu and motifs; is strangely evocative (in some ways) of the kind of uncivic licentious atmosphere of Henry Miller’s literature. This culture has obvious ties to the communist movement, insofar as it glamorizes the criminal life (a point of communist politics noted, among others, by Christopher Story). Hip hop/rap not only have a eugenics ring to them, but it’s been a while since people started to realize that. Many years ago, when I was reading a journalist essay about social engineering from Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited (1958); I searched on Youtube for reviews of the book and I found out an interesting short video series which explained hip hop culture had a lot of motifs that were seemingly designed to dehumanize people and in some ways render them sterile.

    Is is a recurrent theme in this hip-hop/rap genre that people be called by animal names like “Dog”, “Hawk”, “Gorilla”. Even if these nicknames may be seen as harmless if regarded without qualification, they kind of enforce a “character” that is meant to serve as a role model to the audience. Other hip hop themes percieved as uncivic in the series were the gender cross, in which women assumed for the sake of a song etc., a tomboy attitude and masculine clothing; while there was in this culture something of an encouragement for men to display “sensitive” and feminine traits in a highlighted sense. The gist of the series had to do with showing these mass entertainment products in many ways parallel a scene from a movie [Menace II Society (1993)] in which [if I understtod correctly] scene, shown in the series, a grandfather [in a black neighborhood aflicted by drug-trafficking etc.] asks his grandson “Do you care whether you live or die?” and the grandson answers “I don’t know” as he walks away with his buddies. The point is this subculture creates a sort of existencial emptiness, even though it dangles all sorts of surface fireworks in front of the masses.

    Thus, it looks like if it is true CRT and the marxist hold of the country (which is seemingly expressed, among others, in mass entertainment) has a certain eugenics (and thereby a certain qualified racism) effect, it is so by design. When one reflects that, according to data suggested by the Reece Committee, big corporations have been financing this paradoxical process for three-quarters of a century, somehow it’s no wonder things have gotten awry.

    1. Market hedonism opens us to the dark side of capitalism. What we have today is two manifestations of materialism. The Western free market materialism, and the Eastern despotic materialism. Both are destructive, although the West is not ONE THING. It is a complex mix of things. The East presents us with a political force that has penetrated an oblivious West, and prepares its destruction.

      1. One way to see that an equivalent to the hip-hop culture social engineering is found everywhere (and thus seems to represent a political movement), not just in the U.S; and that it is more than a simple market hedonism tendency, but it is actually an arm of international communism; is that (as Claire Starling explained in Thieves’ World) communism made a serious alliance with organized crime in the early nineties. The natural consequence of it is for organized crime to acquire a sort of ideological and cultural expression. That seems to be what the Fast and Furious movie franchise means. The main characters even start one of their movies in Cuba, claiming they were visiting there for the sake of the local beauty. Interestingly, Vin Diesel (star from Fast and Furious) starred a movie, Babylon A.D. [2008], which is clearly inspired by Dugin’s Eurasianism ideology, the main character’s original storyline venue is Russia. In Brazil the alliance between the leftwing guerrillas from the seventies and organized crime drug-dealers is something Olavo de Carvalho noted as crucial; and Bolsonaro repeatedly (including during his late live debates/debate with Lula) noted the “tight dialogue” [diálogo cabuloso] crime organization leaders or leader claim to have with Lula’s party. A lot of the social influence exerted by drug Lords in Brazil has to do with Brazil’s equivalent to American hip-hop, namely, “funk music”.

      2. Soviet involvement in organized crime goes back to studies conducted by the Soviet Academy of Sciences back in the 1950s. The decision to infiltrate organized crime was made under Khrushchev. The KGB spread immoral ideas and cultural corruption intentionally as a tactic.

      3. If Ms. Claire Sterling were alive, I think she would investigate the involvement of communism/communists allied with crime and cryptocurrencies. In Thieves’ World she explained money-laundering is a key factor in organized crime; and it so happens it is very appealing that the crazy number of cryptocurrencies extant (some 20 thousand different cryptos total) suggests them currencies play some part in money-laundering. Ms. Sterling explained professional launderers usually make the money go through a long tiring route before it being considered sufficiently clean. So, with cryptos you have basically 20 thousand new short cuts to beef up the scheme. Another point which makes cryptos suspicious is the obscurity of Bitcoin’s origin, in that no one really knows exactly who Satoshi Nakamoto even was.

        Another point is cryptos have all this activism behind them (which doesn’t look like something likely entirely spontaneous), and seem to have played a role in bridging a certain alliance between left-wing politics and the Austrian School of Economics defenders ( the latter technically spousing a right-wing outlook in many ways). This looks or feels like a scissors strategy move. Because of this probable move, as depicted in its outward traits in a Netflix documentary called “Silk Road: Drugs, Death and the Dark Web”, the Austrian School of Economics came to acquire the connotation of something subversive and almost sinister in certain respects or contexts.

        In Brazil the recently appointed equivalent to the Secretary of Treasure, Fernando Haddad (from Lula’s party, Haddad having also been a former presidential candidate), had [of late] his nephew promoted as head/ceo of Binance (crypto-related big name business) in Brazil. Sam Bankman-Fried, the crypto-related business of whom collapsed last year, is said to have significant relations with the Democratic Party/leftism, including the mainstream media which is heavily leftist-leaning in America.

      4. Moral permissiveness had its vanguards and needn’t be anything intrinsic to ‘free enterprise’. E Michael Jone’s characterization of this as early to mid 20th century American Catholics holding the line against [well, let’s not be uncouth] ‘catspaws of WASPish/British Utopian Progressivist Technics’ more or less tells the tale. “A Republic if you [can stay Christians].” to paraphrase Franklin. If an amoral crusade is being waged it is only going to be deterred by force in the end.

        Did This General Just Leak the China War Plan?

        This is the sort of moral cant destroying the West, not the enemies openly scheming their murderous idiocy to capitalize on it.

    2. Hip hop culture is the approved Marxist masculinity: bravado, bravery, machismo, and violence, coupled with a glorification of criminality and hedonism.

      Meanwhile, any other forms of masculinity are forbidden and mocked. Police masculinity, father masculinity, husband masculinity, or any other type of law-abiding masculinity are banned. Young men flock to the culture as they are starving for masculine role models and that is the only one allowed. The racial element is simply the shield and vector they use to insert it into the culture, knowing critics will be afraid to criticize it for fear of being called racist. But race is entirely secondary and I would almost say irrelevant to the main goal of glorifying criminality, demonizing law enforcement, glorifying polygamy, demonizing monogamy and family life, and demonizing sobriety. In Russia, they glamorize criminality using rap too; they simply use white rappers. The primary goal of this programming is the behavioral changes and perceptions they seek to induce.

      1. This article reminded me of the video of Lukashenko discussing military preparations (including with respect to Moldova) early in the war.

  9. Jeff, what are your thoughts on the China mobilization? Do they have to attack at some point? Someone said mobilization is war, so can they stay in an indefinite state of mobilization? I always thought it meant an attack in 2022 winter, but what are your thoughts? Can they stay mobilized indefinitely or would they be forced to attack at some point?

    1. It was a Russian general, at the beginning of World War I, who famously said that “mobilization is war.” It may be that the Chinese have already attacked us with a biological weapon or weapons. If that is true, and we do not know for certain, then the mobilization in China would be a corollary of the biological attack. They must be ready if we catch on to what they are up to. This is prudent on their part. And this may be why Russia has mobilized and is fighting a war, which could be extended at any time. Both Russia and China are mobilized for war. Why? Ukraine is one issue. But the infiltration of the U.S. biological war defense structures — which is now coming into view — is suggestive of a wider war that is being waged. Only we do not realize the war has begun. You do not cozy up to our biowar defense folks and offer their Big Pharma friends sweet financial deals, unless you are planning or conducting an attack. The Chinese have buddied up with our biowar people. Why was this game of seduction engaged? Their strategic objective has always been to bring down the United States. General Chi Haotian made the plan very clear in his secret speech. And now we see that Fauci was working with them, using their playbook instead of ours to respond to the pandemic.

      All these American Pharma executives made deals with China. How is this acceptable? There should be no circumstance in which Chinese communist companies make vaccines that are being pushed into every American’s arm. If Naomi Wolf is right about this, we need to stand against it. And the officials here who have allowed this, should be arrested for criminal negligence or treason. We live in an era of biological and toxin weapons. Opening the U.S. to attack from China, so you can make money or “do science,” is not acceptable. These defenders of America have shown themselves to be irresponsible or worse. None of them should have held their positions. If we survive the present era, there will be treason trials. There will be.

  10. The Right is indeed being set up on a dual front:

    1. Misguided paths of resistance mentioned in the article, and,
    2. Refusal to bow down to the “image of the beast”, i.e., the sacred projects of the ungodly red ideology staring us down: LGBT, CRT, pharma-vaxx hysteria, enviro-cult, feminism, all of which are incessantly propounded by the academic hate machine that is the false prophet of neo-Marxism.

    Conservatives, real ones, that is, the “ultra right” in CP USA parlance, are in mortal danger and have a very short time to figure out how to survive this massive onslaught. Looking at the draft version of the coming hate speech law in Ireland, for example, it appears the intention is indeed mass incarceration of conservative refuseniks, with lengthy custodial sentences not just for committing an offence against a “protected characteristic” (i.e. LGBT, non-white immigrants, etc), but also on the basis of a mere suspicion that such an offence will be perpetrated in the future. And how would such an assessment of suspicion be made? By data-mining records of emails, social media posts, telephone conversations, etc.

    This thing is existential, on multiple levels. It is the most perilous time in the history of humanity.

    1. I am convinced that the past 50 years of authoritarian laws in Europe have been coordinated by the KGB. This is convergence of Europe into the Federation of Communist States. If I had to guess, Russia wants to take Europe without firing a shot. Only decapitating the US could accomplish this.

      Europe MUST become more totalitarian in order to merge into the coming Communist super-state. I forget the quote by a KGB official who said years ago the European changes were already irreversible. Laws against speech, laws against movement, against bodily autonomy, depreciation of currency, establishment of a Central bank – it is very possible that Europe becomes Communist through changing of laws and that Russia seizes the continent through its agents in the EU without firing a single shot.

    2. Communist engage in their own active revisionism incessantly, and what passes of ‘conservative’ in America is totally immanent and beholden to their Liberal pinkos across the aisle, the tail end trailing 10 years behind. If the endemic nature of Sino-Soviet espionage from Karl Fuchs & co. in the Manhattan Project through the Rosenbergs and Jonathan Pollard isn’t brought to common civic consciousness the antibodies simply will not develop. We have nuclear proliferation — and every other WMD kind — thanks to Communism. It isn’t just about the West, but terms by which man explores and spreads to other worlds. That cannot be on the basis of Marxist or any other kind of Leninisms.

    1. A racially motivated killing, in broad daylight. This is the fruit of Dr. Baker and Professor Cooper’s comments about eliminating white people.

      1. Add to green lighting the killing of white people with the justice system sympathizing with the killers, while simultaneously trying to impose more gun control, and we see the genocide plans unfolding.

      2. This was one of your first articles that I could remember that focused heavily on the Marxist-Leninist’s anti-white rhetoric, Jeff. Am I imagining this or does this represent a conclusion you have recently reached? I have noticed many people are afraid to use the term “anti-white”. I have also noticed that the Marxist-Leninists fund and control the “alt-right/white nat” movement. I personally also wonder if there is not a section of the FBI/CIA that is running fake white nat groups. Most people within them are extremely un-organic, suspicious characters.

        Jason Kessler, who organized Charlottesville, used to be an Occupy Wall Street stooge. Matthew Heimbach is basically a left-wing socialist. Richard Spencer, who was one of the first, comes from an extremely wealthy Dallas family, has a PhD from Duke I believe, gives off CIA vibes, and had a Russian girlfriend. Anders Breivik was trained by Belarus KGB. Many of these groups have extremely fine-tuned talking points and professional iconography. I have said for a long time that I believe all “white nat” groups are controlled by either Russian KGB or Western Marxist groups. The person who targeted the Tree of Life was communicating with someone in Romania who encouraged him to do it. The fake threat of “white supremacy” would not work without these fake individuals and fake groups.

        Thank you for finally shining a bright light on this operation of Russia.

  11. Jeff not sure if you can comment, looks like Joshua Wong, Jimmy Lai, Lee Cheuk-Yan who are the leaders and figures of the CCP created and controlled Hong Kong Democracy Movement has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, for people who want to know what people in Hong Kong really want is not ‘One Country Two Systems’ but rather an end to it, also in an interview which me and Albert did with Jean Robin, we talked how the Hong Kong Democracy Movement is in fact controlled opposition:

    1. It’s good to see this information getting out. Obviously, giving a Nobel Peace Prize to a CCP agent is very stupid. But this is something we have come to expect from those fools.

      1. This is slightly different, but Pulitzer Prizes–it seems like a lot of the people in recent years who have won those awards are frauds or are hacks. And so, I no longer think of the Pulitizer as amazingly prestigious; I’ve come to look at the Prize and its winners with some disdain.

  12. Robert Malone gave a speech in Sweden on 5th generation warfare ( The transcript shows that he quotes Mikki Willis:

    I’ve been a human rights activist for almost 20 years. … Nearly every organized resistance I’ve been a part of has ended just inches from victory for the same critical mistake: infighting. When members of the same group turned against each other. It often begins with whispers about the most prominent spokespeople of the cause. These rumors typically sound like, “I hear John is controlled opposition,” or, “Some people are saying Jane is compromised.”

    While the use of infiltrators and agitators is a very real thing, I’ve yet to experience one scenario where such a label was accurately applied, and suspiciously, these labels are always branded on the people who are making the most progress. With the degradation of their reputation goes their contribution to your life. Prior to social media, people actually sat down to dialogue through their differences. Today, without solid evidence or sufficient inquiry, we go directly to our keyboards to vent our suspicions. Even after the rumor is proven false or simply fades away, some level of doubt and division always remains. This is all by design.

    … The planting of divisive rumors is one of the most common tactics used in psychological warfare. As the lies bloom, like worker bees, well-intended citizens pollinate the masses with poisonous disinformation. What the gossiping bees fail to realize is that they themselves are doing the work of controlled opposition. They’re literally unwittingly working on behalf of the very forces they believe they’re resisting.

    Our greatest power is our numbers, hence the relentless effort to shatter us into [00:39:00] broken fragments. As their agendas are being exposed, the dividers will stop at nothing to cover their crimes against humanity. They have bunkers. All we have is each other. The good news is that’s all we need. Though we are intrinsically interconnected, our minds are being wired to obsess on our differences. Contrary to social indoctrination, we do not have to be ideologically aligned to stand together. We don’t even have to like each other. There is only one thing that we must agree on, that freedom is our birthright.

    Now is the time to let go of whatever it is you’re holding onto that keeps you divided from your friends, family, and fellow humans. … I’m not suggesting that we look the other way when someone is clearly thwarting our forward momentum, there are people who deserve to be called out by name, especially those who are undermining our trust in each other. But even then, we should remember that there is a human life being affected by our words. We’ve been so conditioned to believe we are powerless, that we’ve become careless with our power, like toddlers with loaded guns. How many times do we need to shoot our own foot till we realize that the power is in our hands? The only thing that can stop us at this point is us.

    Let us be careful when we speak negatively of others that we have a sound basis for what we are saying, lest we unwittingly do the work of our enemies, and divide ourselves.

  13. Whenever I read about white people like Baker, or yellow people like Haotian Chi, or black people, calling for genocide against white people, I must say that they have awakened the sleeping giant. Kipling knew what happens in the backlash of white wrath and Americans patiently keeping their powder dry.

    It won’t be pretty, but we didn’t start the conflagration.

    by Rudyard Kipling

    It was not part of their blood,
    It came to them very late,
    With long arrears to make good,
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    They were not easily moved,
    They were icy — willing to wait
    Till every count should be proved,
    Ere the Saxon began to hate.

    Their voices were even and low.
    Their eyes were level and straight.
    There was neither sign nor show
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not preached to the crowd.
    It was not taught by the state.
    No man spoke it aloud
    When the Saxon began to hate.

    It was not suddently bred.
    It will not swiftly abate.
    Through the chilled years ahead,
    When Time shall count from the date
    That the Saxon began to hate.

    * All freedom minded people who have a burning desire to eradicate evil.

    1. Kipling sobered up when his son died in WW1. It is easy to support imperialism as long as it doesn’t affect you and your family.

      1. Did he tell you that he recanted his poem? Or that the soon civil eruption in the USA will have little to do with *American* imperialism?
        Now let’s talk about genocide, or Chinese imperialism, or Americans committing treason.

      2. Imperialism such as the Communists invading and violating every single nation in their insane lust for power.

    2. This is honestly cope. Nobody is coming to save “white people”, least of all white people themselves. And this is not a racial conflict; it is a Marxist-Leninist conflict, using racial hatred. To succumb to racial antagonism is to ignore the true players, operating at a higher level. This is a struggle between fascism and democracy.

    3. that’s an inspirational poem…FOR THE WHITES.. yes, the Dutch suffered 4 years of occupation, subjucation, humiliation, slavery, distruction. People reduced to eating flower bulbs..But then, they sent an army of 200 thousand to retake their heritage, on the other side of the planet..The Dutch East Indies.. Unfortunately they were ultimately, as the commander Simon Spoor described it, “defeated by own government” (and of course by the untimely treachery of the US administration). Nonetheless, our race is uniquely suited to ‘just plough on’. Our people soldier on, beseaching our Lord to bless them. And then the results are sometimes truly amazing. We might just actually survive this.

  14. If you are able to believe that communists turn themselves into fake capitalists, why is it so hard to understand that WEF cosmopolitan bourgeoise are trying to turn themselves into fake Marxists? They want to destroy national bourgeoise under the cover of Marxism. Those who truly understand Marxism know their attempt is destined to fail.

    1. You are revealing more yet again, with your mention of fake Marxists. Only because a true Marxist would never say they were one. I’ll just keep peeling my onions and look away to avoid the sting.

    2. You are either a foreign intel agent or merely a very indoctrinated person hopelessly confused by your childishly simplistic buzzwords.

  15. CPUSA are not communists in any regard except name. No communist party outside the imperial core (the so called West) takes them seriously. They are useful idiots of bourgeoise.

    1. Antifa burns cities in defense of the American establishment run by public-private partnerships, aka fascism. Perhaps only as a means to a hoped for communist end.

      1. “Antifa burns cities in defense of the American establishment run by public-private partnerships, aka fascism.”

        Exactly, antifa are brownshirts of the imperialist establishment.

      2. It literally hurts my brain to read some of this “analysis”. Antifa & BLM are proxy warriors of the Marxist-Leninists. Fascism in its strictest definition is the transition phase from capitalism to communism, which is why the Democratic Party has encouraged it. The goal is totalitarianism, they do not care how they accomplish it, who they use, or if they have to recruit amoral corporations during that transition.

  16. Biden doesn’t require migrants at border to get vaccinated despite mandate on Americans
    Anna Giaritelli
    September 10, 2021

    The Biden administration is not planning to vaccinate the nearly 200,000 migrants who are showing up on the border each month, despite imposing mandates on federal workers and private businesses nationwide.

    White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed during a press briefing Friday that many employees would be required to get the coronavirus vaccine but that people in federal custody at the U.S.-Mexico border would not be required, nor be able, to get it.

    Dr. Paul Alexander is here to detail Big Pharma’s new drug and how it’s causing the Covid virus to mutate.


    Bill Maher Condemns Woke Revolution, Twitter’s ‘Red Guard’, And Its US Parallels:


    China was much on Bill Maher’s mind in this week’s edition of HBO’s Real Time. His first mention came during the opening monologue, when he talked about people “freaking out” over the Chinese spy balloon over Montana.

    “Now they know where we keep the cows,” Maher said. He noted the Chinese are denying that the balloon is being used to spy on us. “That’s what TikTok is for.”

    Maher was against those who want to shoot it down, calling for calm. “We have to watch til it crashes and burns,” he said. “Like we’re doing with Kanye”

    But Maher turned serious during his New Rules editorial, noting how the woke are trying to reinvent the very nature of human beings. He talked about the Red Guard movement in China, where people would attack those accused of not toeing the ideological line, making them wear dunce caps and publicly shaming them.

    Such tactics, Maher said, were an attempt to change things by screaming at it, a problem then — and now, again, becoming more and more a fact of life here in the US.

    To illustrate that, Maher cited the story of Jason Kilborn, a University of Illinois Chicago School of Law professor accused of engaging in behaviors that made some students of color feel uncomfortable. On an exam, he alluded to two racial slurs in a hypothetical question on a black female worker suing an employer. Complaints ensued, and he was banned from campus and had to undergo sensitivity training and write five self-reflective essays.

    That was the modern version of what the Red Guard was doing. “If you can’t see the similarities between (Kilborn) and that, the person who needs reeducation is you,” Maher said.

    He wrapped up his editorial by pointing out how Winston Marshall, the former banjo player of Mumord & Sons, was forced to step away from the band and issue a cringing apology for endorsing a controversial book.

    “Pain from a book?” Maher asked. “Not unless he hit the drummer over the head with it.”

    Maher likened that situation to John Lennon’s song “Revolution,” which called out people who carried pictures of Chairman Mao, and “ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow.”

    “There was a guy who understood how good intentions could turn,” Maher said.

    Maher also had on former Minneapolis police chief Medaria “Rondo” Arrandondo, both agreeing that what happened in Memphis to Tyre Nichols was bad.

    The panel discussion saw New York Times columnist Brett Stephens and Arizona Democrat Congressman Ruben Gallego on board.

    Their most interesting discussion centered on the decision to end emergency pandemic measures in May, which will mean changes in a number of issues, particularly immigration.

    1. Marxism-Leninism by definition becomes more and more extreme, as the process is a transitionary one that is designed to move people’s psychologies closer and closer to the final goal.

      Bill Maher was the “woke” of his time; he came up with a wave of atheists whose claim to fame was denigrating, attacking, and discrediting Christianity. During that phase of the American Cultural Revolution, demolishing Christianity was critical and thus he played a pivotal role, along with people like Christopher Hitchens, George Carlin, etc… these people were elevated specifically because they savaged, ridiculed, and mocked the historic American religion.

      That phase has been completed. We are now in a phase of ridiculing, mocking, and savaging white people as a racial category. The woke anti-white racists of today will be the “moderate” ones critiquing the even more insane ones to come, if we are somehow not nuked. Bill Maher and the anti-white ideologues are both agents of the Marxist-Leninist plan; he deserves absolutely zero glory, as he paved the way for this. His time has passed, he helped eradicate Christianity, just as these people, if successful, will eradicate “whiteness”. In many ways, Bill Maher is directly responsible for this.

      1. Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks, Bill Maher is a great dual-loyalty American.

  18. Commit@3:59 wrote: “Exactly, antifa are brownshirts of the imperialist establishment.”

    So communist-favoring Antifa, are brownshirts of imperialism. So imperialism is a tool used by communists for communist goals.

    Glad that we cleared this up.

    1. How is (contemporary) antifa communist? They are the most violent elements of all anti-communist movements.

      1. It’s easy to be a Marxist-Leninist when you just say false things and they’re true simply because you said so. The willingness to lie is a massive strategic advantage for Marxist-Leninists.

    2. There is clear distinction between geniue anti-fascists and the so called antifa.

    1. “Antifa” stands for “anti-fascist”. Good to see you admitting to being a fascist, Commit.

      1. So they call themselves anti-fascist, but are actually pro-fascist?

        Wait a second, are you saying that people who use self-descriptive terms sometimes lie?

        In other words, even though you say you’re anti-fascist, you *gasp* might actually be fascist? Even though you say you’re anti-imperialist, you *gasp* might support imperialism? Even though you say you support workers and justice, you *GASP* might actually support oppressive psychopathic thieves and murderers?

        Thank you for enlightening us on this technique of lying about what one stands for, Commit.

  19. Perseus: “Imperialism such as the Communists invading and violating every single nation in their insane lust for power.”

    You don’t understand what the term means. There can be no imperialism without capitalism.

    1. “There can be no imperialism without capitalism,” according to commit.

      And “People of color cannot be racist”, say critical theory cultural Marxists.

      Stop the labor of misconception! “True communism is perfectly good, but hasn’t yet been achieved” is no different than “You can be God.” Uh-huh.

      Murderous liars.

      The same people as described in the essay here today. You people kill all that is good, beautiful, and true.

      You have no moral, philosophical, historical, or theological stature here.

      1. “People of color cannot be racist”

        Have I ever comment on the race issue? Please provide citation. It’s your American issue, communists in general support self determination and oppose integrationism promoted by your establishment. I have no issue with both black and white nationalism and segregationism. You should oppose supremacism and chauvinism though. Live alongside with mutual respect, not necessaryly together.

      2. They use the same template over and over again. The goal of the rhetorical mechanism is to create bigotry. Bigotry against rich people, bigotry against “imperialists”, bigotry against white people.

        The trick to doing this is to claim and project that the target you wish to stir up bigotry against is itself bigoted, that the target you wish to stir up hatred against is itself hateful. This is the fundamental revolution that Marx pioneered: a way of inciting hatred openly, in public, legally, so that given enough time, one could indoctrinate large swathes of the population into hatred and harness that hatred to launch into power. And the second part of this technique that Marx pioneered was using history as a way to generate this bigotry.

        If the old school racists of old used genetics or DNA to make biological racist arguments, Marxists use historical techniques to make historical racist arguments.

        “White people have committed evil in the past.” Not some white people. All white people. The distinction is small, but massively powerful.

        “Men have committed violence against women.” Not some women, nor mention the many men who died to protect women. All men.

        “Rich people have oppressed poor people.” Not some poor people, nor mention the good rich people did. All rich people.

        You will notice all Marxist-Leninist brainwashing techniques and arguments follow this same basic template. Select your target, then attack that target as a Class using “history”. Omit all good that class has done, find every bad example, and present it as “history”. This began in American schools inciting hatred against Men by telling women Ah highly distorted version of male history. It moved to inciting hatred against Heterosexual people. Present your hate-inciting under the guise of “history”. After installing the male-hatred program into American schools, they moved on to straight-hatred, white-hatred, etc..

        The brilliance of this technique is that you can do it openly and actually get the government institutions to do it for you with their massive budgets, turning a nation’s institutions into self-perpetuating brainwashing machines. You can literally whip up a mob in public and use it to seize power. I believe that THIS is the fundamental revolution that Marx created. Intelligent evil people understood the power of this rhetorical technique, the phenomenon of appearing to be saying one thing, while in reality doing another. And very few people understand exactly what is happening while it is occurring.

    2. The term “imperialist” does not have “capitalist” in it. You Communists are the biggest Imperialists of them all, toppling nations, assassinating foreign leaders, launching coups, and invading sovereign countries. Despicable imperialists.

      1. “toppling nations, assassinating foreign leaders, launching coups, and invading sovereign countries. Despicable imperialists.”

        It’s what world imperialism used to do as long as it was strong. That time is over fortunately. Nations are emancipating.

      1. Imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism. Socialist economy is based on domestic production, not on rent extraction from exported capital.

      2. Communists can’t be Imperialist, you see. When they meddle in other nations, assassinate their leaders, murder their democratically elected politicians, destabilize their systems, and invade them, that’s not Imperialism at all. Commit is totally ok with that. He loves invading sovereign nations and enslaving foreign peoples.

  20. Self considered ‘elites,’ such as Carol Baker, don’t speak for ethnics. It’s college educated whites and the fewer minority students enrolled, who buy into the propaganda. Black Americans and Mexican Americans, in particular, don’t appreciate illegal aliens. Even most Chinese immigrants are more loyal than Carol Baker. There is a serious problem with Chinese nationals enrolled in US universities, but they are on ten year visas. As the foolish people who have taken the mRNA Covid lethal injections are now becoming increasingly aware of their pending medical ailments, the majority of Americans will be enjoined in attitude against those such as Carol Baker, whomever or whatever is motivating her.

    1. It’s the bourgeoise upper class that promotes open borders and despises working class compatriots of all races. That class has to be eliminated to save the nation. In Europe we are almost there, Americans are slower to realize due to benefits frot imperialism and racial divides.

      1. Any class that opposes the Marxist-Leninists or poses a threat to their power must be eliminated, according to them. The moral justification is merely window dressing after the fact.

      2. All that’s needed is to eliminate the Democrat and Republican parties along with the Venezuelan Internet connected voting machines, and to reinstate the Anti Masonic Party.

      3. Unfortunately, it’s the middle class that’s being eliminated. The problem is with the 14th Amendment which creates equal privileges for corporations on par with persons. Trusts have an expiration date, but corporations live forever. This creates entanglements which violate the principal of perpetuities.

  21. Hi Jeff, are you aware that Dr. Carol J. Baker is Jewish? That is significant because Jews do not consider themselves to be White. I was shocked to learn this hard lesson by reading “Know Your Enemy: Counter-Intelligence Information” by Maj. Robert H. Williams. 1950. Williams exposed many communist activities in our govt., including that of Anna M. Rosenberg. The Anti-Defamation League tried to oust Williams and finally succeeded. The Senate confirmed Mrs. Rosenberg as Asst. Sec. of Defense in charge of personnel, hence, Williams ousting.

    Of course, the first thing the Bolsheviks accomplished when they obtained power in Russia was to outlaw anti-semitism. Henry Makow: “The Illuminati are responsible for the Jewish holocaust and will not hesitate to throw uninitiated Jews, like my family, under the bus again.”

    1. What is your preferred solution of the Jewish question? Marxist solution is assimilation, those who refused (Zionists, followers of Judaism) were dealt with. There wasn’t powerful Jewish lobby in the USSR.

      Now look on your American establishment.

      1. Christians are saved through the Jews, as if grafted onto an olive tree. In the United States, all are at liberty to believe what they will, so long as their actions don’t infringe on another’s freedom. Laws must be pursuant to the Bill Of Rights, or else to be struck down. God blesses Abraham and his descendants, and curses those whom would curse them. God has always disciplined his people. A man might insult or joke about his own wife, but nobody else better try that.

      2. Petunia: through Christ, hence the name Christians. In the analogy of the olive tree, both the Jews and Gentiles were represented as branches and Christ was represented as the tree.

      1. I have listened to Martin’s explanations. The guys who created a certain delousing agent in Germany — Zyklon B — were not ultimately responsible for the Holocaust. One might examine all their contracts and all the government paperwork, and make a case against them. You can assign guilt here or there, and surely there is plenty of guilt to go around. But Hitler was the person who ordered the mass killing. Every crime of this kind has its originator. We have the habit of thinking the guy who made the gun is the criminal. It is the guy who fires the gun, or directs the firing of it. Some people spend their whole lives as tools. We need to distinguish the tool from the operator.

      2. C’mon Jeff. The guy has investigated the 5100+ patents involving coronavirus that these players have been involved in since the late 90’s? And you’re nit-picking at his personal humanitarian thoughts or opinions? I don’t particularly care for those opinions either but his work and research should stand on its own in regards to the issue at hand, ie, coronavirus, and who’s been involved all this time. Sometimes I think guys like you with all yiur degrees and initials behind one’s name, cannot see the obvious.

      3. I am skeptical of interpretations that have ideological content. Ideology is not, strictly speaking, truth. It is short-cut thinking that simplifies and reduces things, usually in support of a feeling or desire, an animosity or obsession.

        Skepticism regarding ideological distortions in big picture analysis is not nitpicking. It is prudence. Ideological sentiments have no place in analysis if we want to get to the truth. A given conclusion might be correct, or not. If someone characterizes economic transactions as always animated by greed, and blames individuals for larger processes governed by economic laws as a “conspiracy,” he may be misinterpreting the observed social phenomenon because he detests “capitalism.”

        I am fascinated by Martin’s facts, to be sure, but I am more cautious about his interpretations because he remains clueless about major factors touching on those facts; and he does not have a social science background. This means he does not realize how difficult it is to correctly interpret certain features of political or economic systems. Moral outrage at corrupt officials or contractual interactions does not explain what we are seeing. It may dispose us, however, to blame institutional or structural processes that are merely incidental to what happened (rather than causative).

        What we need is a more complete big picture view of events without prejudging the facts if we are to arrive at the right context for interpreting them. As it happens, facts do not speak for themselves. But our prejudices lead us to use facts to draw false conclusions, or to make unwarranted leaps, because we are predisposed to “ideological” thinking (as we see in Commit’s remarks which demonstrate a distorted take on almost everything).

        Since most people today specialize, and big-picture analysis is less and less smiled on, we find that most attempts to form a larger context are very naive. In other words, analysts who omit the operations of the communist bloc special services in league with the communist movement over the last hundred years are prone to misunderstand larger events like World War II or the COVID pandemic and the hard push by the ruling leftist Establishment for mass vaccination of every last person (in the face of public distrust).

        Nothing here is obvious, except our ideological impulse to blame greed. Read what Adam Smith or Max Weber have to say about this and you will see the problem. Then read the defector literature and you will not be able to sleep so easily. Greed is limited in the damage it can do. Totalitarian ideology — theoretically opposed to greed — is not so limited. Here the history of communism is very instructive.

      4. Ideological content? I’ve read many many articles and listened to many of Dr. Martin’s interviews and presentations and I do not hear any ideological content as you refer to. I’m assuming you refer to his “political” ideology. Again, as I told you privately regarding Sasha Latypova’s comments on this issue, I don’t analyze or over analyze these folks’ political viewpoints or their personal views of opinions on current world affairs. I don’t really care. I take them at face value and only care with information via their expertise in their particular area of interest. Martin, with contracts and patents regarding this beer virus since the 90’s and Latypova with her own expertise in pharmaceutical contracts and experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Again, privately, I was perplexed you question my information presented to you and yet you have mentioned publicly of Dr. Naomi Wolf’s opinions and writings. And so let’s be clear, her ideological content is no where near yours OR mine. As I reminded you, she’s a staunch liberal, a Democrat, a feminist who is as far Left politically-speaking as you or I, and yet somehow you continue to mention her as giving her a free pass, so to speak, when you’re doing recent interviews or writing on this subject of C-19.

      5. I do not give anyone a free pass on ideology. In fact, I have never discussed Wolf’s ideology, so I do not understand what you are referring to. I am concerned with the correct interpretation of certain facts. Wolf’s ideological prejudices do not enter in to her statements about the Fuson International Ltd involvement in Pfizer COVID vaccine production. This is the most important question that has to be resolved. What does this involvement signify?

        Sasha’s article you sent me offers a very strange interpretation of these facts which I will analyze in Part Two of this installment. This analysis is wholey inadequate and partakes in fundamental errors of interpretation.

      6. I’m just a guy. Some education, but not a PhD. I can think critically. As an American, the last 3 years I’ve been subjected to treatment that is normal for 3rd World or Marxist countries.
        Apathy is the prevailing attitude among Americans here. Some of us have rejected the draconian policies of the past 3 years. Regardless, some of us are still mad as hell.

      7. That movie you referenced is a reflection of the larger problem, of course, but it is not the answer. It does not properly frame anything. It mainly expresses alienation, commonly met with on all sides, which is ripe for ideological exploitation; that is, for the lies we believe in.

        Marxism was designed by Marx and Engels to exploit this kind of alientation. Conspiracy theory is an ideological alternative to Marxism, born of this same alienation. When I was a college senior I had leftists shouting the words of Peter Finch’s speech (from the movie “Network”) in my face, as if it contained a profound understanding of the world and how it actually works. Yet alienation and the solutions embraced by the alienated tend to be false solutions. The Finch speech itself reflects the ideological distortions its alienation yearns for. For example, in 1976 when that movie came out there was not a depression ongoing (though people felt like there was). There was stagflation coming on, and there was a psychological malaise encouraged by a general sense of disatisfaction with our post-Vietnam War, post-Watergate institutions (which Reagan’s presidency largely reversed, except with leftists, who remained angry and alienated). Despite all this, life was pretty good in the 1970s, compared to what most of humanity, in most of history, has to offer. And it remained good for decades after the Peter Finch character raged at the cameras. But now, as things are coming to a head, and our leaders are similar to what we had under Jimmy Carter, the feeling of malaise has returned. We have been losing ground. The enemies of our civilization are winning. We can see it. We can sense it.

        What we failed to see decades ago is very important. The communist movement was advancing throughout Reagan’s term of office. But nobody noticed. In fact, our leading conservatives thought communism was defeated. This led me to turn my back on mainstream conservative thought in the late-1980s. Why did they miss the ball? What was wrong with them? In my view, they were alienated and their conservatism was an intellectual bandaide. They had never really understood Edmund Burke as they pretended to. They did not understand communism, as they pretended to. They were almost to a man economic hedonists and careeerists. They were narcissistic. There were big holes in what they understood to be reality. And their professed spiritual beliefs were, in large part, a false show. (Here is the real source of their alienation.)

        As in the 1970s, alienation is felt by more people more intensely than ever. Alienation leads to anger as anger focuses blame (usually against the wrong parties in the wrong way), and is readily exploited by revolutionary politicians and politics who promise political solutions to spiritual problems. Communism is, actually, a spiritual problem.

        Back in the 1970s, of course, we were under attack. Communism was advancing in Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central America. You could feel that something bad was happening. Today the situation is much much worse, only nobody can articulate it. There is no Ronald Reagan. Furthermore, Reagan’s “morning in America” was a temporary solution because the conservatives of that time did not really understand their enemy and the patience of that enemy in its long march through their institutions — which they were powerless to stop. Better to cheer the defeat of the Soviet Union and invest in the market.

        The problem with most of our pundits today: They talk as if we are still in the 1980s, or in the late-1970s with a Reaganesque solution around the corner. This is the opium of the right, the desire for economic optimism.

        We have always been in a war with people who want to take civilization down. The communists are alienated because they are in spiritual despair.

        Revolutionary politics, born of despair and alienation, may be the biggest problem of all.

      8. Yes! This is exactly what some of our Right leaning talking heads, pundits, and newsites are doing to a lot of Conservatives. Making them feel alienated and angry, and directing their anger in the wrong channels. They are directing our anger towards branches and leaves, like Soros, Schwab, Gates, the WEF. Mere branches, twigs and leaves. While the roots and trunk are left alone, very rarely even identified. This is why I am so drawn to your work. You go to the core of the matter. You aren’t satisfied with striking mere appendages of the beast, you are trying to get to the heart. Sorry for the double metaphor, but we must cut the tree down, and dig up the roots, and pour out a 100 lb. bag of salt into the hole of the rootball.

      9. Hahaha! Case in point, a recent post over at Gateway Pundit:

        The “establishment” is behind wokeism.

        The Establishment is made up of people. What kind of people? What is their ideology? Is it Marxist or Marxist-driven? And where did that originate? Who were their mentors? What (front) groups were/are they a part of?

        These Conservative authorities can talk all around the root of the problem; can strike at so many branches, twigs, and leaves. And while they may be brilliant, and may be correct in a lot of ways, they are ultimately missing the mark, for they do not expose the trunk and the roots. They are blinded to the Communist parasite in the organisms of Western governments and societies.

        They see many of the useful idiots and corrupt people, and mistake them as entities of themselves, as part of a big club of corrupt elites, when all they are is part of a big system that has been embedding itself for generations.

        Rare are the Jeff Nyquists, Contemplative Observers, Trevor Loudons, etc.

        A dime a dozen are the talking heads, who dont see it all the way to the source.

      10. A social science degree has nothing to do with proving whether or not a patent has been developed as a bioweapon and deployed. Dr David Martin is not alone in noting a strong correlation of evidence for such. There is more than sufficient evidence to file civil suit against the DoD for complicity in attacking Americans with SARS2 and the mRNA Covid serums, and to file criminal charges against many individuals within the Government along with those in private industry. The only delay is with the prejudicial courts who neglect to hear the cases. The jurisdiction of Common Law, still exists, and the People are about ready to form Grand Juries and try these bastards for genocide and treason. It might seem that people have become thoroughly brainwashed, but examine the people paid to cheer Nicolae Ceaușescu as he gave his final speech, but in the middle of that speech, they dropped their supportive banners, and jeered him.

      11. Sasha Latypova has become a decisive element of Stew Peters and Karen Kingston, who say that she holds useful idiots of the Covid false narrative harmless, while Dr Jane Ruby says that Latypova never asserted such. Kingston advises to sue Pfizer exclusively, as the DoD has transferred interest in mRNA technology to them, while Ruby says to prosecute all the many pharmaceutical companies involved with harmful Covid drugs.

      12. Why do you try to discredit Dr Martin on such a superficial assertion, while evading the facts which he actually presents with citations? That’s on par with an ad hominem attack. I’m saying that his evidence is sufficient to hang the perpetrators of the crimes that he charges them with.

      13. You troll me into repeating slander:

        [ JEFF NYQUIST says:
        FEBRUARY 5, 2023 AT 11:16 AM

        Martin’s facts, to be sure, but I am more cautious about his interpretations because he remains clueless about major factors touching on those facts; and he does not have a social science background. This means he does not realize how difficult it is to correctly interpret certain features of political or economic systems. Moral outrage at corrupt officials or contractual interactions does not explain what we are seeing. It may dispose us, however, to blame institutional or structural processes that are merely incidental to what happened (rather than causative). ]

        He’s got the genocidal maniacs, cold handed. None of what you say to undermine the facts are relevant in the slightest. You seem to favor censorship in order to save established institutions from unreasonable unsubstantiated prejudicial slander of the sort that you yourself, Jeff, level against Dr Martin. Oh, but butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth.

      14. It is not slander to say that his analysis of the facts lacks clarity and has ideological elements. Anyone can look and see for themselves.

      15. Furthermore, Jeff, you have previously stated that the CIA ought to be dissolved as if the infiltrators can’t be routed out. So, much for that favored institution. Yet, you argue against Dr Martin, to absolve the DoD from any wrong doing. While not all officials within the DoD are corrupt, anymore than most in the CIA, the ones who’ve authorized and participated in biowarefare against Americans and the World, deserve to hang. Why do you defend them from Dr David Martin?

        Besides, Social Science is pseudo science, anyway.

      16. Petunia: Please do not misrepresent my positions, or distort what I say. I am not defending the DoD or CIA. I am seeking answers while you are advancing an ideological position. The politics of blame is beside the point. Understanding the enemy is the key. Railing against institutions that house hundreds of thousands of persons, like the DoD, confuses the issue. It’s like saying Americans did it. Okay, which Americans. Why? Who specifically is doing this? Nobody has fully explained this. But Russian active measures want people like you to blame the CIA, and DoD, because the Russians and Chinese are seeking military dominance. You seem to be okay with that. At least you do not seem interested in Chinese or Russian culpability. Only some general idea of American evil. The main threat to America is in Russia and China, and in the communist movement — the ideology of socialism. That is what my own analysis has shown. Americans as Americans do not want to destroy America. Communists and agents of our foreign enemies do. If our institutions are infiltrated, find the infiltrators. Do not muddy the waters by accusing institutions without identifying who the bad guys are. Very quickly I lost patience with pro-Putin trolls who keep posting here. And I suspect you are one.

      17. Also Jeff, you have asserted that Russia is behind the Covid attack. You base this upon circumstantial evidence from the Soviet Union. I don’t doubt that they had scenarios, as Russia must have today. The US would be remiss not to have such contingencies as well. It is entirely possible that Russia has infiltrated the DoD, but you haven’t presented any direct evidence of that. Some foreign entity has apparently subverted that critical agency, but it’s not clear who or what.

  22. Some other time – Anthrax sprayed?
    Drones used: 25 miles this and that way at night?
    Should I trust anyone in the US military above the rank of private?
    How many hardback copies of “The Lies We Believe In” out and about?

  23. “How do you know Lenin was right?”

    I am using his definition of the term imperialism. There is nothing to be right or wrong.

    1. “When we Communists invade nations and topple leaders, it’s ok… because we’re Communists.” – Commit

      Glad we cleared up that Commit doesn’t really care about Imperialism at all. More fake preening.

  24. Commit@6:25 pm, I responded only to what you have written and not to what you are feeling.

    In America, commentators on MSM have parroted “POC cannot be racist.” Anyhow, those causing racial divisions are on the same team as the people who are responsible for genocide.

    1. “In America, commentators on MSM have parroted “POC cannot be racist.””

      Your media promote integrationism. Your establishment killed black nationalist leaders MLK an Malcolm X. You can’t argue they favor either side. They simply want to destroy all nation’s dignity, not only inside America.

      1. The only kind of integration that is acceptable is the kind that works to create strong and safe civilizations.

        No sense debating you further. It won’t do any good.

      2. Communists are the only ones who have promoted “integrationist”. And those two were killed by people in their own groups. Malcolm X was killed by his own colleagues after he started to leave that life. One could argue communists killed MLK in order to make him a martyr.

  25. This is slightly different, but Pulitzer Prizes–it seems like a lot of the people in recent years who have won those awards are frauds or are hacks. And so, I no longer think of the Pulitizer as amazingly prestigious; I’ve come to look at the Prize and its winners with some disdain.

  26. It is very clear that here in Oregon our leaders are utterly Marxist. The more reasonable rural parts of the state are being targeted, soon to be followed by the rest. The Oregon Firearms Federation sent out an email titled “Why Are Democrats Protecting antifa?” today. It discusses a new bill that targets patriots, House Bill 2572. Anyone who doesn’t believe something dangerous is going on should read it.

      1. And I suspect CA state legislator Richard Pan has a copy of these plans in his garage. He was involved in a whole string of recent CA totalitarian bills that shocked me when I read them.

        Fortunately, I live in a county with a constitutional sheriff and was never harassed when shopping locally while going bare-faced. However, I’m afraid the ChiComm paratroopers will have him outgunned when they finally make their appearance.

      2. US west coast is going to sink into ocean in a century or so, with next major earthquake.

  27. “But Hitler was the person who ordered the mass killing.”

    Hitler’s handlers ordered it.

    1. Commit: If you have studied Hitler’s biography, the main thing Neville Chamberlain learned, and the German generals learned, was that Hitler was not someone anybody could “handle.” He got out of hand in a very big way, and even Stalin — who tried to handle him — failed spectacularly in June 1941.

  28. Poor Hitler.
    Always ridiculed and misjudged.
    Did he not actively protect the Jews, personally shutting down KRISTALLNACHT once he was aware of the situation?
    Pretty sure his personal doctor was a Jew, pretty risky if what is said about him is true, don’t ya think? Daily injections from the “enemy”?
    Then there were the Jewish units fighting for Germany in WW2 including Finnish Jews who feared Stalin a greater threat to their Sovereignty than Hitler. They were of course correct….

    1. John Davies: Sympathy for Hitler? Really? In what way was I was ridiculing or misjudging him? Everything I wrote about him was factual, unlike your statement above. I have studied Hitler’s biography with great care. I have read and reread the memoirs of those closest to him. His personal doctor was not a Jew, by the way. Dr. theodor Morell was an expert at treating syphilis. And if you have read Mein Kampf you will find the anti-Semitism is quite extreme. In fact, it is sickeningly extreme to the point of obsession. But you may not feel the same way about it.

    2. “Finnish Jews who feared Stalin a greater threat to their Sovereignty than Hitler. ”

      They were not wrong. Stalin denied Jews any special status, which Zionists saw as actual threat to their movement, unlike Holocaust. Hitler killed many poor people of Jewish background based solely on their family tree, who often didn’t identity as Jews. Those people were despised by Zionists even more than by Nazis. Zionists didn’t have a problem with their sacrifice (the word holocaust means ritual sacrifice in Hebrew) for creation of Israel and forever special status of victims.

    3. John Davies, Finnish jews fought against Stalin because Soviets had invaded Finland. Finnish people fought in the same side with Hitler against the Soviets, and so did the Finnish jews. Some of jew medics even saved lives of German soldiers and received Iron Crosses from Germans. But those jews refused to those the Iron Crosses they were offered, unlike most Finnish soldiers who did take the . I remember the Rabbi of Helsinki Synagogue tell this story when I was a child, and the same history is also documented in Propatria-webpage.

      And don’t forget that Finland also switched sides and fought in the side of Stalin to drive Hitlers Germans out of Lapland by force. So it could be said we were allied with both Hitler and Stalin. We were fighting both Hitler and Stalin, as well, but just not at the same time.

      It is not the most noble war when you have Hitler in the one side and Stalin in the other. In that sense I believe this coming war might be more clean, if the world could really be diveded between the camps of Freedom and Communism.

  29. Before
    1980 there were
    comments about the value
    of being a generalist – immediately adopted I did.

    About ideology:
    the trap of having to talk to people.

    traps are broad
    green – lawned valleys with a gentle,
    easily walked down slope, then your eyesight very slowly clears.

    then you hear a
    noise and look behind you.

  30. Are these position mutually exclusive?:

    Over and over, you’ll hear people say that we can’t hold big pharma accountable for the damage they’ve caused, because of what our lovely and brave U.S. Congress did. In the PREP Act that they rushed through three years ago, they gave Pfizer and Moderna and all the rest basically total immunity for anything they did.
    But this simply isn’t true.

    Dr. Jane hosts a 3 part interview with intelligence analyst Sasha Latypova (known from Team Enigma and the Batches/Lots breakthrough) who has documentation to prove that the entire covid plandemic is a DOD operation, planned, owned, funded, and controlled across hundreds of companies, not just Pfizer and Moderna, charged with producing parts of the chemical bioweapons, and in collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party. Our own military leadership is taking our country down and committing treason and bioterrorism

    1. Coordinated by the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH), ACTIV brings NIH together with its sibling agencies in the Department of Health and Human Services, including the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA),

      The Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) provides an integrated, systematic approach to the development of the necessary vaccines, drugs, therapies, and diagnostic tools for public health medical emergencies such as chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) accidents, incidents and attacks; pandemic influenza (PI), and emerging infectious diseases (EID).

      Together with its industry partners, BARDA promotes the advanced development of medical countermeasures to protect Americans and respond to 21st century health security threats.

      1. Sasha Latypova says that, The Securities and Exchange Commission, has a contract which discloses affiliation of the CCP through Forusn with Pfizer, BioNTech, Gates Foundation, and the DoD.

        Disclosure Guidance
        Information About Filing Reviews
        Filing Review Process
        Filing Review Correspondence (includes Staff Comment Letters)
        CF Disclosure Guidance Topics
        Topic 11: Special Purpose Acquisition Companies
        Topic 10: Disclosure Considerations for China-Based Issuers
        Topic No. 9A: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disclosure Considerations Regarding Operations, Liquidity, and Capital Resources
        Topic No. 9: Coronavirus (COVID-19)
        Topic No. 8: Intellectual Property and Technology Risks Associated with International Business Operations
        Topic No. 7: Confidential Treatment Applications Submitted Pursuant to Rules 406 and 24b-2
        Topic No. 6: Staff Observations Regarding Disclosures of Non-Traded Real Estate Investment Trusts
        Topic No. 5: Staff Observations Regarding Disclosures of Smaller Financial Institutions
        Topic No. 4: European Sovereign Debt Exposures
        Topic No. 3: Staff Observations in the Review of Promotional and Sales Material Submitted Pursuant to Securities Act Industry Guide 5
        Topic No. 2: Cybersecurity
        Topic No. 1: Staff Observations in the Review of Forms 8-K Filed to Report Reverse Mergers and Similar Transactions
        Other Staff Guidance and Sample Comment Letters
        Sample Letter to Companies Regarding Recent Developments in Crypto Asset Markets
        Sample Letter to Companies Regarding Disclosures Pertaining to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine and Related Supply Chain Issues
        Sample Letter to China-Based Companies
        Sample Letter to Companies Regarding Climate Change Disclosures
        Sample Letter to Companies Regarding Securities Offerings During Times of Extreme Price Volatility
        Sample Letter Sent to Certain Issuers Who Failed to File Annual Reports Required by Regulation A
        Sample Letter Sent to Public Companies Regarding XBRL Requirement to Include Calculation Relationships
        Sample Letter Explaining Transition to EDGAR Submission and Filing of Draft Registration Statements
        Sample Letter Sent to Financial Institutions Regarding Their Structured Note Offerings Disclosure in Their Prospectus Supplements and Exchange Act Reports
        Sample Letter Sent to Public Companies on Accounting and Disclosure Issues Related to Potential Risks and Costs Associated with Mortgage and Foreclosure-Related Activities or Exposures
        Sample Letter Sent to Public Companies Asking for Information Related to Repurchase Agreements, Securities Lending Transactions, or Other Transactions Involving the Transfer of Financial Assets
        Sample Letter Sent to Public Companies on MD&A Disclosure Regarding Provisions and Allowances for Loan Losses
        Staff Guidance for Financial Institutions Filing Proxy Statements in Connection with the TARP Capital Purchase Program
        Sample Letter Sent to Public Companies on MD&A Disclosure Regarding the Application of SFAS 157 (Fair Value Measurements) (September 2008)
        Sample Letter Sent to Public Companies on MD&A Disclosure Regarding the Application of SFAS 157 (Fair Value Measurements) (March 2008)
        Sample Letter Sent to Public Companies That Have Identified Investments in Structured Investment Vehicles, Conduits or Collateralized Debt Obligations
        Staff Reports
        Staff Observations of Custom Tag Rates
        Staff Observations in the Review of Smaller Reporting Company IPOs
        Staff Observations in the Review of Executive Compensation Disclosure
        Staff Observations in the Review of IFRS Financial Statements
        Staff Comments on Annual Reports Containing Financial Statements Prepared for the First Time on the Basis of International Financial Reporting Standards
        Summary by the Division of Corporation Finance of Significant Issues Addressed in the Review of the Periodic Reports of the Fortune 500 Companies

  31. I see a red herring argument in the attacks listed in the essay—the real target of the attacks is not whiteness per se, but Christianity. It is the country folk, small towns and farms, that are for historical reasons almost totally of European ancestry and the majority hang onto their Bibles and guns. But the bigots can’t come out and attack “Christianity” openly, because too many Blacks and Hispanics who identify as Christians would see that this is an attack against them as well (which it is). Were all Whites Christians? Not by a long shot. But it is Christianity that gave Europe, and by extension America, the spiritual and mental tools to become the industrial powerhouse that dominated the world.

    Now our enemies are playing the race card, that it is the skin color that determines how people acted. and act. They lump the non-Christians together with the Christians to say that both are the same. We should not fall for that. Those of us who are Christians should recognize who we are, who are not with us, who are with us and advance from there. We should be proud of what Christianity has accomplished, joining hands with all fellow Christians to work together.

    1. This is correct, but not the only reason they selected “Whiteness” as a linguistic and psychological construct. It is also because Europeans are the legacy class in America and thus hold most of the wealth and power. In order to facilitate a drastic change in who holds the power, one must target the legacy Class.

  32. My aunt knew communist in 1920s chicago. Womens lib wave she refused the plan to destroy usa was a slow systematic approach like the russian revolution they targeted farmers and pushed divorce to dissect the us family unit. I have a newspaper 30s with “rules of the reds” we are pretty much by social engineering completely soviet. The book classic Intentional dumbing down of america I’ve loaned to school boards but many would rather deny it or ignore it. They wont consider critical race gender theory as commie and cant fathom all the predictive programming and still think MSM is ok but it’s always centered on war propagand . I just praise their woke mentality and their children’s hands are soft as silk and they have few hobbies and arent very energetic or industrial. America is in trouble like never before. They complain about the southern invasion somewhat and I quiz them about try to leave america I’m 6 generation living on the farm in the same house that all my grandfathers also dwelled in. I tell people I live in the county museu . I’m proud but will walk away and have connections north in BC and Alaska. I wont waste ammo on retreating people when the SHTF history repeats itself often but the Victor’s do write the history I go to Henderson clinic mennonites so the bioweapon is thin in country but Lincoln is ruined. A san Francisco mayor and gay women running the police force also San Francisco. The unicameral is becoming graft I read like people breath and i relate to all your exposing and con necting logic. Your a genuine real example and would have no problems debating the college idiots talk about wasting wages lucky they have 10year. Always look forward to you articles you are appreciated … live long

    1. The balloon is probably us origin to help biden look a few points worth something like it’s a big decision and they will protect us lol. The commies have got so many people rooted in most all legacy institutions and across our culture. Their everywhere and they cant keep track of each other and more get integrate . Ole Missouri Joe would freak but he knew they were concentrating reds in hollyweird. The military congressional industrial complex is one of about 7 conglomerates that have most all of the economics in their corporated control they are satanic and insane and dysfunctional and I believe so inbred they struggle or steal their off spring

  33. a long time ago in China people would go to their medicine man for their herbs and spices to prevent disease, if they got sick, someone was in trouble. Over the last 100 years Western medicine has overtaken an destroyed that way of thinking in China. You wonder why they want you dead?

      1. pharmaceuticals by their very design make the bloods ph acidic. disease thrives in acidic blood. ask your doctor to tell you th ph of your blood, they wont, you are not to know.

    1. Jeremy Rugless: I was with a U.S. trained PhD pharmacist when we visited a Chinese rural hospital. He tensed up, but didn’t say a word when we saw the hospital’s pharmacy. There was one row of shelves, a little larger than one row of shelves in our local Safeway pharmacy, for western medicine. There was another row of shelves, about the same size, for the Chinese herbal medicines. That was all.

      Compare that to our local Safeway which has about 12 rows of shelves, and to Chinese herbal stores in Chinatown San Francisco, that was little of both. Western medicine has not destroyed Chinese herbal treatments, rather the Chinese have neglected both.

      The CCP wants us dead because they want our land, after they have ruined much of their land through pollution.

      1. not easy for the immune system to fight off the incesssant attack from chemicals and pollution. herbal remedies can only do so much. Planet sick, people sick, all stems from western greed.

  34. Ohhhh Jeff, I assumed you would know I was talking of Eduard Bloch, the Hitler family doctor not the drug pusher Morell….
    So you read a biography, good for you, well done, I wonder if it mentioned that he personally shut down Kristallnacht once he was aware of the situation?
    I think David Irving provides one of the most concise and well researched historical bodies of work in its class, but I guess you have not read any of his work due to his reputation. I do recommend it. I was particularly flabbergasted by the Tilier untruth (Google won’t help there I’m afraid)….

    1. Irving is an apologist for Hitler. His theory is that Himmler did the Holocaust without Hitler’s permission. It is a ridiculous theory. Himmler’s brother rebuked Irving for it. He told Irving, “My brother was a coward. He would never have done those things without Hitler ordering it.” Then we have the testimony of Himmler’s doctor. Himmler initially refused the order to kill large numbers of Jews when first given it, but then made amends to placate an angry Hitler, who reproached him for ingratitude. Himmler was so terrified of Hitler’s wrath he would commit any crime. Also, when Hitler was 16 years old he was not an Anti-Semitic dictator. That his mother’s doctor, who treated her for terminal breast cancer, was Jewish, has no significance in terms of exonerating Hitler as some kind of enlightened figure whose antisemitism is a misunderstanding. You don’t get to come up here and play this game on my readers.

  35. Its funny how jews keep coming up in the comment-section on this blog. I really do wonder what you (Jeff) think about the Soviet relation or plan for jews?

    Mostly what comes to mind is the fact that all “death-camps” were in Svoiet territory, while all “concentration-camps” were in Allied territory?

  36. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    ‘Identifying the enemy thanks to Golitsyn’

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