Nobody now disputed that what occurred was a monstrous crime, but – committed by whom? Who is guilty? How did it happen that nobody saw this sooner? You will not find the guilty. One lot will insist that they knew nothing; another, that they were afraid; others still, that they believed.

Vladmir Bukovsky[i]

General Laura Richardson, with four stars, runs the U.S. Southern Command. Last week she said that the United States Government had asked several Latin American nations – including Venezuela and Cuba – to donate their Russian-made military equipment to Ukraine. The Pentagon has, according to Richardson, offered to give U.S military equipment in exchange for Russian-made equipment “if those countries want to donate to Ukraine.” The nine countries in Latin America are, “Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela.”

Would you give U.S. weapons to communist allies of Russia and China, like Cuba or Venezuela? We know that Russian weapons stink, especially the hand-me-down weapons given to the Latin American countries. And look at this list of nine countries buying weapons from Russia. Why would a self-respecting country buy such weapons in the first place? Is there not a political signifier here? By their weapons ye shall know them?

General Richardson, of course, knows that Russia and China are moving into Latin America with great determination: “This region is so rich in resources,” she explained, “rare earth minerals, lithium. The lithium triangle is in this region. There are a lot of things this region has to offer…. I think they are there to undermine the United States, they’re there to undermine democracies, and they all mean business…. And, quite honestly, with all of the disinformation and the Russia Today Español, Sputnik Mundo – [with] over 30 million followers … this is very concerning.”[ii]

So General Richardson is in something of a ticklish position. On the one hand, her Commander-in-Chief wants to swap weapons with communist Cuba and Venezuela – to help Ukraine. On the other hand, these and other countries have Russian weapons because they have been slowly and quietly aligning themselves with Russia and/or China. Richardson is giving us these subtle data points. At least she seems to understand the danger from Russia and China.

Given General Richardson’s overall report, American policy does not make sense. If we are going to thwart Russia’s moves in Eastern Europe, why offer to give Russia’s allies – in Cuba and Venezuela – weapons we will not even give to the Ukrainians? Is this not baffling? Are we so stupid that we are forgetting who is against us worldwide? As a stage magician might say, “Watch this trick as my fingers never leave my hands!” Even a senile magician, pulling a rabbit out of his hat, may smile and bow to the crowd. But the trick is at our own expense. Why not give the superior American weapons directly to Ukraine? If such weapons are impractical in the hands of Ukrainians, why would Cuba and Venezuela want them? If you analyze this story, these are the kind of questions you end up with.  

And now our economy stands at the edge of an abyss. Should Ukraine fall our allies in Europe might be swallowed in the aftermath. South America is gone. Africa is mostly gone. Central America is mostly gone. Think of “the sequence” we have experienced during the last three years: First, there was the pandemic, then a summer of riots, then the Biden coup, the 1/6 provocation at the Capitol, the censorship of conservative voices on social media, illegal vaccine mandates, a massive enlargement of the Federal deficit, and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia along with a Russia-China military alliance.

None of this looks coincidental. These events did not just happen, at random. They were, quite clearly, part of a “sequence.” Yet our best leaders seem entirely oblvious. None but military commanders like General Richardson will tell us that China and Russia are allied, that they are forming a larger bloc of countries in Latin America to strangle our economy, destroy the dollar, and more. On top of all this, there are those who suspect that we have been subjected to a massive biological attack, using our own National Institutes of Health and CDC as attack vectors.

One only has to review the War Room/Daily Clout Pfizer Documents Analysis Volunteers’ Reports to get the sense of an enemy closing in for the kill.[iii]  In terms of the Pfizer vaccine, we have evidence of fraud and coverup. Pfizer’s own documents show that the vaccine was neither safe nor effective. Many questions follow from this. Why, then, did government officials recommend the vaccine for young children (when the vaccine was not initially tested on young children)? Given that the vaccine was dangerous, especially to persons with auto immune illnesses or other health vulnerabilities, why would the government or schools or large corporations, implement vaccine mandates? Why discriminate against people with health conditions? Why did the FDA fail to mention the danger of heart damage to vaccinated teens? All these questions are asked in the Analysis Volunteer Reports.

The push to inject the entire population of the First World with an experimental drug is not merely a scandal. It is evidence of something more far-reaching. Perhaps, indeed, it is an attack on the people of the United States and Europe engineered by Chinese agents and companies. There is a case to be made that communist China has infiltrated and corrupted our health science bureaucracy which is responsible for defending us from biological attack. They have aligned their pharmaceutical companies with America’s. They have offered their services on the cheap to draw our Big Pharma producers into partnerships – to harvest our medical and biological technologies. To what end? To mount a biological attack? To fulfill the mandate of Chinese General Chi Haotian? He called for killing 100 – 200 million Americans in a biological attack. He spoke about it more than twenty years ago.

This is not a conspiracy theory. This is a question – a serious question. And we need serious answers. The longer we do not receive the answers, the more danger we are likely to be in; for if the pandemic response was honest – involving mistakes made in good faith – there should be no coverup. There should be no evidence of collusion with Red China. It is when we see people hiding the truth, covering up for their actions, hiding Chinese involvement, that we must fear the worst.  

That Pfizer sought to cover up a flood-tide of adverse events is now documented. The truth was supposed to be kept secret until the year 2096. What honest process seeks refuge in such a prolonged darkness? The thesis of the War Room/Daily Clout team is that scientific fraud has taken place, on a massive scale. The report reads: “The clinical data of the Covid-19 vaccines is corrupt and fraudulent. Attempting to conceal data for 75 years is another form of fraud as well.”[iv]

What we have here is a “trust the science” meme. But I fear that the operative word is “trust,” and all the “science” is false advertising. It is only people using science as a justification for destructive policies – for sabotage, for poison injected into the arms of children and pregnant women. And it is a bubble that is going to burst, like the bubble of manmade global warming “science.” I do not trust the “science” because I can see the not-so-hidden agenda of the people involved. In the case of the mRNA “vaccines,” millions of people have been used as lab rats, jabbed with something that was not properly tested, that was made with Chinese inputs. And what we know about the Pfizer shots is probably true of the Moderna and AstraZeneca shots. Why would the leaders of the West expose hundreds of millions of people to such a risk?

Let us not make excuses for anyone. Scientists should be accountable for their work when people begin to die from it. Furthermore, scientists are people who happen to be as subject to bribery and blackmail and ideological manipulation as anyone else. Thus do they croak, like frogs, their chorus, “Trust the science!” Which simply translates, “Trust us.” But they are as corrupt as the dishonest, ideology-driven society they serve.

“An opposing concept comes in with Bacon’s ‘knowledge is power,’” wrote Richard M. Weaver in 1948. “If the aim of knowledge is domination, it is hardly to be supposed that the possessors of knowledge will be indifferent to their [own] importance. On the contrary, they begin to swell; they seek triumphs in the material world (knowledge being meanwhile necessarily degraded to skills) which inflate their egotism and self-consideration.”[v]

The egotism of the scientist (so-called) also aligns with profits. And if they have collaborated with the communist Chinese, there are business relationships to be considered. It is only natural that guilty men will hide their guilty deeds. “Nothing can be done,” wrote Weaver, “until we have decided whether we are primarily interested in truth.”[vi] In fact, the scientist who is interested in money or accolades, is no longer in the business of finding scientific truth. Science for him has become a license to offer short-cuts to truth; that is, dangerous solutions in exchange for fame and fortune. Weaver presciently wrote, “Having become incapable of knowing, he becomes incapable of working, in the sense that all work is a bringing of the ideal from potentiality into actuality. We perceive this simply when his egotism prevents realization that he is an obligated creature, bound to rational employment.”[vii]

Fauci was hardly an Apostle of Truth. He was caught contradicting himself on more than one occasion. If you watch him carefully you will see that he is an obvious egotist. Remember him preening on CNN? And what is it when a doctor says it is okay to give an experimental drug to pregnant women and children? An experimental drug should never be given to children! Right? This is especially true when the risk to children from COVID was negligible in the first place. When Fauci used his position to give the green light to vaccinate people, to coerce people by threatening their jobs, he crossed a line.

The entire policy of mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic was insane on its face. The virus mutated to an entirely different strain by the time the vaccine came out. It was absurd that anyone took these shots. It was monumental stupidity to trust government bureaucrats and corrupt elected officials and a corrupt science in bed with our Chinese communist enemies.

I think what we have is a treason problem. I think our society has been penetrated by a secular religion that is hostile to the stated values of our society. That secular religion was once called communism, though that name has been removed from the label. As Vladimir Bukovsky wrote in an unpublished work many years ago, “The communists are indeed masters of propaganda. Seizing all mass communications into their hands and having done away with the opposition, it is not too hard to manipulate a headless population, destroying all that is human in people. The secret of their success, however, is that they combine propaganda with terrorism and organization.”

Is this not what has been unfolding?

Links and Notes

[i] From an unpublished manuscript that is soon to be published.



[iv] Ibid, (Kindle) p. 674.

[v] Richard M. Weaver, Ideas Have Consequences (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1948), p. 72.

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299 thoughts on “Monstrous Crimes of the Inside-Out and Backward

  1. “that major international corporations, supposedly capitalist, were supporting leftist, communist goals”

    What communist goals? Monopolization of the economy?

    1. Retired: ask yourself, who uploaded that picture? How many of the accomplishments that it lauds are lies? Does this sound like the KGB agent who praises Stalin? Who works with known Nazis (Wagner group)? Who sent his army to invade a peaceful neighbor, starting in 2014? If you are a member of Western Rifle Shooters, could you find the answers to these questions? Or is this an organization that is Astroturf funded by Russian propaganda?

      1. The editor there goes by Pete.

        I saw some of Jeff’s articles got posted there; don’t know if someone submitted them or if Pete posted them. I began noticing that 100% of the memes and articles take the Russian side. The meme you saw is the reason why it is so slanted. The meme that showed a picture of some world leaders spaced apart and posing on what looked like pedestals was captioned,



        That’s how most people including I feel or felt.

        I tried getting Pete to post more balance by sending in some of Jeff’s recent works, but got no response.

        Please feel free to give it a go.

        Col MacGregor, who I listened to once or twice, is kind of the go to guy on the blog there. People will listen to him, or Mearsheimer, plus some Russian Americans who sound like experts (red flag!), but don’t seem ready to receive Mr. Nyquist. It took me a while to look favorably on Ukraine because I was convinced that Putin, although a thug, is a Christian nationalist in spirit, opposed to moral decadence like we are, and against the globalists agenda.

        If you have read my posts here and a few months ago, I really had to press Jeff on the problem of Team Biden siding against Russia if Jeff’s thesis is entirely based on Golitsyn’s warning. I think Mr. Nyquist has made made a good case that we are being steered into the Communist world.

        But who will rule it? Does Biden, Blinken, and the entire cast plan to rule, and if necessary, use arms against their ideological brothers to do so? or will they turn the country over to Xi? Putin? Schwab?

  2. Here is a direct quote from then Vice-President Biden to a Russian audience of government officials in 2011. He spoke at at Moscow State University. The link below will take you to the entire speech. Remember, the US President at the time was Obama and Putin was the Russian leader.

    “And if you think I’m exaggerating and overstating the case, consider the following statistics — or polling. In December of 2008 — December of 2008, one month before we were sworn in as President and Vice President, polling showed that only 17 percent of all Russians had a positive opinion of the United States — 17 percent. This year, that number has jumped to over 60 percent. Our goal is to have it continue to climb.

    That same year, Americans ranked Russia as one of the top five countries threatening American security — two years ago. This year, only 2 percent of the entire American population say they view Russia as a threat. All of this leads to one very important conclusion in the mind of one Vice President that I think is now beyond dispute: the reset is working. Working for all of us, working for Russia. And I would presumptuously suggest working for the world.”

    Tell me, who does Biden consider his buddy, Mr. Retired?

    1. “The great reset is working,” said the traitor Joe. Did the US favorability polling toward Russia go up because Barack was in the WH or because people are thinking Putin is anti-Davos, anti-WEF, anti-LGBT, pro-Christian?

      And thus it is true that Ukraine will never win its war with Russia: with allies like Joe and his controllers, Ukraine has no chance of defeating both the Russians and the Americans.

      For the imperialist Commies in DC, killing is for fun, power, and control.

      1. Great Reset has failed before they even started implementing it. There isn’t class basis for such a change. Who is supposed to enforce it? They can try, will end up hanging on the trees.

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