Nobody now disputed that what occurred was a monstrous crime, but – committed by whom? Who is guilty? How did it happen that nobody saw this sooner? You will not find the guilty. One lot will insist that they knew nothing; another, that they were afraid; others still, that they believed.

Vladmir Bukovsky[i]

General Laura Richardson, with four stars, runs the U.S. Southern Command. Last week she said that the United States Government had asked several Latin American nations – including Venezuela and Cuba – to donate their Russian-made military equipment to Ukraine. The Pentagon has, according to Richardson, offered to give U.S military equipment in exchange for Russian-made equipment “if those countries want to donate to Ukraine.” The nine countries in Latin America are, “Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela.”

Would you give U.S. weapons to communist allies of Russia and China, like Cuba or Venezuela? We know that Russian weapons stink, especially the hand-me-down weapons given to the Latin American countries. And look at this list of nine countries buying weapons from Russia. Why would a self-respecting country buy such weapons in the first place? Is there not a political signifier here? By their weapons ye shall know them?

General Richardson, of course, knows that Russia and China are moving into Latin America with great determination: “This region is so rich in resources,” she explained, “rare earth minerals, lithium. The lithium triangle is in this region. There are a lot of things this region has to offer…. I think they are there to undermine the United States, they’re there to undermine democracies, and they all mean business…. And, quite honestly, with all of the disinformation and the Russia Today Español, Sputnik Mundo – [with] over 30 million followers … this is very concerning.”[ii]

So General Richardson is in something of a ticklish position. On the one hand, her Commander-in-Chief wants to swap weapons with communist Cuba and Venezuela – to help Ukraine. On the other hand, these and other countries have Russian weapons because they have been slowly and quietly aligning themselves with Russia and/or China. Richardson is giving us these subtle data points. At least she seems to understand the danger from Russia and China.

Given General Richardson’s overall report, American policy does not make sense. If we are going to thwart Russia’s moves in Eastern Europe, why offer to give Russia’s allies – in Cuba and Venezuela – weapons we will not even give to the Ukrainians? Is this not baffling? Are we so stupid that we are forgetting who is against us worldwide? As a stage magician might say, “Watch this trick as my fingers never leave my hands!” Even a senile magician, pulling a rabbit out of his hat, may smile and bow to the crowd. But the trick is at our own expense. Why not give the superior American weapons directly to Ukraine? If such weapons are impractical in the hands of Ukrainians, why would Cuba and Venezuela want them? If you analyze this story, these are the kind of questions you end up with.  

And now our economy stands at the edge of an abyss. Should Ukraine fall our allies in Europe might be swallowed in the aftermath. South America is gone. Africa is mostly gone. Central America is mostly gone. Think of “the sequence” we have experienced during the last three years: First, there was the pandemic, then a summer of riots, then the Biden coup, the 1/6 provocation at the Capitol, the censorship of conservative voices on social media, illegal vaccine mandates, a massive enlargement of the Federal deficit, and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia along with a Russia-China military alliance.

None of this looks coincidental. These events did not just happen, at random. They were, quite clearly, part of a “sequence.” Yet our best leaders seem entirely oblvious. None but military commanders like General Richardson will tell us that China and Russia are allied, that they are forming a larger bloc of countries in Latin America to strangle our economy, destroy the dollar, and more. On top of all this, there are those who suspect that we have been subjected to a massive biological attack, using our own National Institutes of Health and CDC as attack vectors.

One only has to review the War Room/Daily Clout Pfizer Documents Analysis Volunteers’ Reports to get the sense of an enemy closing in for the kill.[iii]  In terms of the Pfizer vaccine, we have evidence of fraud and coverup. Pfizer’s own documents show that the vaccine was neither safe nor effective. Many questions follow from this. Why, then, did government officials recommend the vaccine for young children (when the vaccine was not initially tested on young children)? Given that the vaccine was dangerous, especially to persons with auto immune illnesses or other health vulnerabilities, why would the government or schools or large corporations, implement vaccine mandates? Why discriminate against people with health conditions? Why did the FDA fail to mention the danger of heart damage to vaccinated teens? All these questions are asked in the Analysis Volunteer Reports.

The push to inject the entire population of the First World with an experimental drug is not merely a scandal. It is evidence of something more far-reaching. Perhaps, indeed, it is an attack on the people of the United States and Europe engineered by Chinese agents and companies. There is a case to be made that communist China has infiltrated and corrupted our health science bureaucracy which is responsible for defending us from biological attack. They have aligned their pharmaceutical companies with America’s. They have offered their services on the cheap to draw our Big Pharma producers into partnerships – to harvest our medical and biological technologies. To what end? To mount a biological attack? To fulfill the mandate of Chinese General Chi Haotian? He called for killing 100 – 200 million Americans in a biological attack. He spoke about it more than twenty years ago.

This is not a conspiracy theory. This is a question – a serious question. And we need serious answers. The longer we do not receive the answers, the more danger we are likely to be in; for if the pandemic response was honest – involving mistakes made in good faith – there should be no coverup. There should be no evidence of collusion with Red China. It is when we see people hiding the truth, covering up for their actions, hiding Chinese involvement, that we must fear the worst.  

That Pfizer sought to cover up a flood-tide of adverse events is now documented. The truth was supposed to be kept secret until the year 2096. What honest process seeks refuge in such a prolonged darkness? The thesis of the War Room/Daily Clout team is that scientific fraud has taken place, on a massive scale. The report reads: “The clinical data of the Covid-19 vaccines is corrupt and fraudulent. Attempting to conceal data for 75 years is another form of fraud as well.”[iv]

What we have here is a “trust the science” meme. But I fear that the operative word is “trust,” and all the “science” is false advertising. It is only people using science as a justification for destructive policies – for sabotage, for poison injected into the arms of children and pregnant women. And it is a bubble that is going to burst, like the bubble of manmade global warming “science.” I do not trust the “science” because I can see the not-so-hidden agenda of the people involved. In the case of the mRNA “vaccines,” millions of people have been used as lab rats, jabbed with something that was not properly tested, that was made with Chinese inputs. And what we know about the Pfizer shots is probably true of the Moderna and AstraZeneca shots. Why would the leaders of the West expose hundreds of millions of people to such a risk?

Let us not make excuses for anyone. Scientists should be accountable for their work when people begin to die from it. Furthermore, scientists are people who happen to be as subject to bribery and blackmail and ideological manipulation as anyone else. Thus do they croak, like frogs, their chorus, “Trust the science!” Which simply translates, “Trust us.” But they are as corrupt as the dishonest, ideology-driven society they serve.

“An opposing concept comes in with Bacon’s ‘knowledge is power,’” wrote Richard M. Weaver in 1948. “If the aim of knowledge is domination, it is hardly to be supposed that the possessors of knowledge will be indifferent to their [own] importance. On the contrary, they begin to swell; they seek triumphs in the material world (knowledge being meanwhile necessarily degraded to skills) which inflate their egotism and self-consideration.”[v]

The egotism of the scientist (so-called) also aligns with profits. And if they have collaborated with the communist Chinese, there are business relationships to be considered. It is only natural that guilty men will hide their guilty deeds. “Nothing can be done,” wrote Weaver, “until we have decided whether we are primarily interested in truth.”[vi] In fact, the scientist who is interested in money or accolades, is no longer in the business of finding scientific truth. Science for him has become a license to offer short-cuts to truth; that is, dangerous solutions in exchange for fame and fortune. Weaver presciently wrote, “Having become incapable of knowing, he becomes incapable of working, in the sense that all work is a bringing of the ideal from potentiality into actuality. We perceive this simply when his egotism prevents realization that he is an obligated creature, bound to rational employment.”[vii]

Fauci was hardly an Apostle of Truth. He was caught contradicting himself on more than one occasion. If you watch him carefully you will see that he is an obvious egotist. Remember him preening on CNN? And what is it when a doctor says it is okay to give an experimental drug to pregnant women and children? An experimental drug should never be given to children! Right? This is especially true when the risk to children from COVID was negligible in the first place. When Fauci used his position to give the green light to vaccinate people, to coerce people by threatening their jobs, he crossed a line.

The entire policy of mass vaccination in the middle of a pandemic was insane on its face. The virus mutated to an entirely different strain by the time the vaccine came out. It was absurd that anyone took these shots. It was monumental stupidity to trust government bureaucrats and corrupt elected officials and a corrupt science in bed with our Chinese communist enemies.

I think what we have is a treason problem. I think our society has been penetrated by a secular religion that is hostile to the stated values of our society. That secular religion was once called communism, though that name has been removed from the label. As Vladimir Bukovsky wrote in an unpublished work many years ago, “The communists are indeed masters of propaganda. Seizing all mass communications into their hands and having done away with the opposition, it is not too hard to manipulate a headless population, destroying all that is human in people. The secret of their success, however, is that they combine propaganda with terrorism and organization.”

Is this not what has been unfolding?

Links and Notes

[i] From an unpublished manuscript that is soon to be published.



[iv] Ibid, (Kindle) p. 674.

[v] Richard M. Weaver, Ideas Have Consequences (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1948), p. 72.

[vi] Ibid, p 73.

[vii] Ibid.

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299 thoughts on “Monstrous Crimes of the Inside-Out and Backward

  1. Great thoughts. Our institutions are so corrupted in the US of A today (public private partnerships) and one cannot trust anything that comes out via public health entities.

    1. Here is an added item courtesy of our friend at “Once Upon a Time in the West,” — WW4 File: Dr. Naomi Wolf acknowledges binary nature of COVID jab bioweapon on Bannons War Room: “I believe as you know that this [mRNA gene therapy] is a bioweapon. I’ve done reporting showing it’s being manufactured in concert with the CCP, the IP and tech went, per SEC Filing 21 21 to China. China’s opened manufacturing plants all over Western Europe and now in North America. And so for me, it’s just a slow way to debilitate, if not kill off the population in North America and Western Europe. And I see that very conservatively and very advisedly. I think it’s extraordinarily danger- ous and terrifying that they’re promoting this now as an annual thing”; meanwhile Russia warns NATO that delivery of 14 German-built Leopard 2 main battle tanks to Armed Forces of Ukraine will be equated with use of “dirty bombs” against Russian troops since MBTs equipped with sub-calibre armour-piercing shells with uranium cores; Konstantin Gavrilov, head of Russian delegation in Vienna at OSCE Forum on Military Security and Arms Control: “We warn the Western sponsors of the Kyiv military machine against encouraging nuclear provocations and blackmail” –

    2. If the US gives weapons to Communist slave states, it is treason. Period. Those same tanks or other weapons may even be used in the invasion of America.

  2. Mr. Nyquist please help me with something, or feel free to list some links.

    You already corrected my thinking about Russia (they’re still communist) and Putin (a communist, NOT nationalist or Christian). You helped by explaining the deception techniques in Russia as well as the Scissors Strategy that seeks to lure support from the far left and right.

    What I do not understand is why the US has allied with Ukraine (evidence of some NAZI history). I’m basing my question on the belief that USGOV is also communist. Are Russia and China are perfect ideological matches for US? If US leaders are moving the country into the communist sphere, then why not form alliances with R and C? What other reason for US policy besides money laundering?

    I apologize for asking such a simple question but I’m puzzled. Thank you.

    1. It’s a good question. The short answer is that the communists in Russia and China do not want to share the world with their stooges in the U.S. According to defector testimony, confirmed in the secret speech of General Chi, the plan is to exterminate the lower 48 states and build a second China here in the USA. The agreements on this were worked out at the end of the Cold War. They would not want their “friends” here to know their intentions.

      1. Your first sentence gives the impression that R and C are not interested in exporting Marxist Revolution but are thug regimes bent on helping their own kind, ie, akin to being nationalists. Yet we, the US, naively believe in a unified global government; if not that, then a one world government using brute force to compel subservience from less compliant leaders—Putin and Xi. Am I on the right track? Thank you.

      2. China and Russia have exported Marxist Revolution for decades. Russia is supporting every Marxist regime on the planet, but not all regimes are Marxist, so Russia and China must be all things to all people. Flexibility rules. Different strokes for revolutionary folks. Global governance is a communist front for drawing together communist and capitalist dreamers. The key tactic is to blame everything bad on capitalism, the CIA and America. They now have almost everyone on this page. Their stooges and lackeys are all over Western governments and businesses, on the right and left. They own most universities, ideologically. The ideology now comes in 31 flavors, including homo-Leninism, feminist-Leninism, environmental-Leninism, transgendered-Leninism, Black Lives Matter Leninism, right-wing anti-American Leninism, Liberation Theology Leninism, etc.

      3. “They would not want their ‘friends’ here to know their intentions”.

        Of course not. That’s why it’s a ‘secret speech’. The clue’s in the name, as they say on “Veep”.

  3. As Yoda might say: “Truly screwed, we are.”

    The penetration of western media, corporations, and every level of government is astounding. The Communists have done their insidous work well for 100+ years. I do not see how the West possibly survives and wins this battle when almost no one in a position of power even comprehends the war that is going on around them. Our dis-education system in America has so dumb-downed the populace that we have 3-4 generations of Americans that have no clue what our constitutional freedoms are (were) and why they are worth defending. Instead they believe that the US has been evil incarnate since day 1 and the cause of all the world’s problems for the past 300 years.

    1. Yes. We are in serious trouble. Even at this late hour, when nations are visibly sinking into communist despotism, you cannot get anyone to pay attention. The anti-communist position has been thoroughly discredited as paranoid. In its place is a vast tapestry of real paranoia; for example, that we did not land on the moon, that we killed JFK and not the communists, that Ukraine is a CIA puppet state, that the bankers and billionaires of capitalism are trying to kill off the human race, etc. it is not that our leaders are angels. It is that the communists are most certainly taking over and replacing the usual corruption of human society with totalitarian mass murder. There is no perfect world. Revolution just gives you violent political psychopaths instead of the white collar greedy ones. People have no idea how much worse it will get when the “greedy” capitalists are liquidated. At least the capitalists made stuff that works. Get ready for cannibalism.

      1. Scary, isn’t it? It’s like many are sleep-walking…. or they’re zombies. Similar to a bad nightmare you can’t seem to wake up from. Sooo thankful I refused the bioweapon jab!

        Did you see this: “Why didn’t the unvaccinated do more to warn us?”
        Not sure if it’s real or satire, but I have no doubt we’ll be blamed once again.

      2. Wow, Prayingnok. That website is crazy. The unvaccinated should have done more to warn people? That’s a hoot. I had no idea if the vaccines would work before they came out. But I knew not to trust the science. I have not trusted big medicine as a general rule ever since my doctor almost killed me thirty years ago. But hey, doctors are supposedly gods in the eyes of many. They can do some things very well. But they are “practicing “ on people. It’s common sense to some extent. We all need to inform ourselves and use our own judgment. As for warning everyone when you only have suspicions regarding fallible institutions intellectually and financially partnering with Marxist regimes, there is the ignorance of an entire society to contend with. Joseph McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover were demonized for their efforts. People who tried to raise the alarm about the vaccines have been deplatformed, censored, mocked — and some were threatened. To the bargain, many of us left our jobs to avoid being hassled; and many were labeled conspiracy theorists or nuts. Hey, we were a threat to public health. Remember? I heard the scorn in people’s voices. But hey, these folks are adults. Their health and citizenship is their responsibility. They aren’t children.

      3. Yes, the website is crazy! The article was picked up by ZeroHedge and that’s where I saw it first. They aren’t children but they certainly act like it!!!

        We’re still being discriminated against. I’m leaving on a cruise next week going through the Panama Canal. The first stop is Colombia (should be interesting!) and they insist that anyone not vaccinated provide a medically-witnessed negative Covid test before getting on the ship. The vaccinated don’t have to pay the $129 for the test.

      4. If the USSR never said anything about fake moon landings at the time. Why not? Now they want America thoroughly discredited. Sheer propaganda. America is to be demonized in every way.

      5. The thing is, some of us tried to warn people, and we were not listened to. The moment I learned that mRNA was the main active ingredient of the “vaccines”, I started warning people not to take them, and that was before they got their EUA. But practically everyone I warned took the jabs anyways. The exceptions are my nonagenarian mother and two sisters. I had studied genetics, which is also why I avoid GMO foods. At that time I didn’t know about the heart problems, blood clots, strokes, etc. all I knew was that sticking people with mRNA is dangerous. But almost no one listened to me.

      6. Yes R.O., it was common sense not to allow anyone to tamper with your body in that strange way. The whole idea was wrong at its foundation. It was a deeply twisted response to a weaponized virus. And now we find evidence that the vaccines may be — as Naomi Wolf says — part of a binary weapon. We shall see.

      7. Anyone who knows even a few Ukrainians well, knows that they are not puppets. Corrupt yes, but not puppets. And they have always been this way. I cite the reply of Ivan Sirko and his men to Mehmed IV.

      8. Thanks to Richard C Hoagland, Russia doesn’t doubt the Moon landing, rather Russia wants to know what happened to the missing Moon rocks, that should be shared with the World. After that, Hoagland got banned from Coast to Coast, but he’s back on, now.

    2. We are witnessing the Communist murderers slowly aligning in making their justification for destroying the US.

      It is possible that this is what Ukraine was for all along. After all, if Russia won quickly, what would they have used as their justification? This method allows for slow escalation by their agent inside the US, allowing a gradual worldwide public brainwashing process to justify the coming attack on America.

      1. Yes. It is all about setting up a justification for mass murder. In fact, all of Marxism is oriented to such justifications; that is, killing for the fun of it.

  4. Speaking of “Once Upon a Time in the West,” & Steve Bannon’s War Room: FROM TWO WEEKS AGO:

    Latin America File: Steve Bannon interviews Matthew Tyrmand on unfolding communist revolution in Brazil, Supreme Federal Court judge Alexandre de Moraes putatively right-wing in affiliation but orchestrating clampdown on patriotic demonstrators and media platforms on behalf of de facto president, leftist criminal Lula da Silva; Tyrmand: “Jovem Pan news has been kicked off the air, the Brazilian equivalent of Fox news, Paulo Figueiredo Filho and all of the right-wing journalists have been deplatformed. The extradition notices are being drawn up, for the journalists and pastors and activists who have residence in the US. They’re putting out red notices, reiterating the call to extradite (leading journalist) Allan dos Santos”; “They are going full gulag, it is absolutely gross. Even [Brazil-based journalist] Glenn Greenwald, who helped build this, cheerleading the fight for Lula against Bolsonaro, now he’s giving a press conference, because now they’re trying to censor him”; Tyrmand also says leftist agents provocateurs infiltrated crowds at National Congress, Presidential Palace and supreme court on Jan. 8, goaded patriots into vandalizing government facilities in Brasilia

    source 1:

    source 2:–judge-alexandre-de-moraes–a-right-wing-man-who-has-become-lula-s-indispensable-ally.B1gJ0z0Tci.html

    1. “The extradition notices are being drawn up, for the journalists and pastors and activists who have residence in the US.”

      So you believe anyone has a right to stay in foreign country while practicing subversion there?

      1. Hey look, it’s demonic genocide-supporting Communist Commit, here again to lecture us all. It’s like Jeffrey Dahmer giving lessons on ethics.

    2. Glenn Greenwald, a typical leftist who was so proud of supporting Lula. Another left-wing IDIOT – now crying because he realized what they were.

  5. There is no conspiracy in this, those Russia aligned latin American countries have large stockpiles of artillery ammunition and artillery pieces Ukraine desperately needs right now. They rejected this offer. Some American crap they could get in exchange probably wasn’t that dangerous as you believe. Artillery is decisive factor.

    NATO is offering tanks exactly because they don’t have any more artillery to give. Most likely just a posture to convince Russia for peace talks, everyone knows Ukraine is not going to win.

    1. Not everyone believes that Ukraine is not going to win. To the contrary, they have a chance of winning.

      If the American stuff is such crap, then why is your good buddy Putin, whining about it?

      Putin is losing because his country has been hollowed out by corruption, corruption of which he is an intimate partner.

    2. Commit: I am afraid everybody does not know Ukraine isn’t going to win. Wars are hard to predict. So many experts who predicted Ukrainian defeat in a few days or weeks have egg on their faces. It’s almost been a year. Where is the Ukrainian defeat? Maybe in the spring. Maybe not. Given Russia’s bungling, who knows?

      1. Take a look at Ukraine. You call that winning? I’m sure the people feel that all that destruction is well worth the death of so many generals that might otherwise have been inclined to depose Putin. How many Americans would have to survive a nuclear first strike, for you to say that the US wins a nuclear war?

      2. Petunia — you twisted Russian shill. Ukraine wins if Russia fails to conquer. The assault and encirclement toward Kiev last year was a Russian loss. Drive on Odessa in the South failed. Kherson retaken by Ukraine. Kharkiv offensive by Ukrainians a success. Do I call that winning? If Russia loses, Ukraine wins. What are you? — unable to read battle maps?

      3. You make it sound as if Ukrainian citizens are expendable as their cities. As if the lives lost are merely plastic chess pieces on a cardboard chessboard. There are no winners in war, and anyone who supports this war in Ukraine, really ought to ask Ukrainians how they feel about it, instead of speaking as if for them.

      4. I’m sorry, Petunia. But the Ukrainians are fighting the war. And they are not plastic chess peices. I think your anger should be focussed on the aggressor, not on someone who sympathizes with the Ukrainian victims.

    3. “Hi everyone, I’m a lying Communist whose ideology murdered millions. Definitely believe me.”

  6. The
    greater danger
    for most of us lies not
    in setting our aim too high and falling
    short, but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.
    Michelangelo Buonarroti

  7. I understand some NATO countries are now sending tanks to Ukraine. Do you think there could be a nuclear exchange sooner rather than later? We are so weak and they appear very strong.

    1. It’s hard to say when they will start the big war. I think Russia has to win in Ukraine first. Then China will have renewed confidence in Moscow. That is importance.

      1. I hope it’s the latter outcome. But, Jeff, I must ask, what is your opinion on America sending so much of its military equipment (and taxpayer money) over to the Ukraine? If you have discussed this elsewhere, perhaps I had missed it.

      2. We are not sending money except in humanitarian aid. Twenty something billion in military aid is helpful to Ukraine in terms of keeping them from immediate collapse. It is not much in terms of our total budget. It amounts to less than one percent. It’s less than a penny out of each tax dollar. In terms of armament it also is a drop in the bucket compared to what is being spent and lost by Ukraine itself every day. And the expenditure helps to keep us safe — as Russia cannot attack us or our treaty allies effectively while bogged down in Ukraine. The ammunition may be the most important component, and the least expensive. Ukraine needs heavy weapons.

      3. If that is so, then how would you respond to someone making the argument that the U.S. is bleeding away its own domestic military arsenal to send to the Ukraine?

      4. The U.S. military budget was around $850 billion last year and we theoretically sent around $23 billion in arms to Ukraine. I have read that the tanks we are sending will have the uranium armor stripped off them before they go. So I doubt we’ve bled too much. At any rate, we are working to replace everything we are sending according to this story:

      5. Thank you for clarifying this! I really appreciate it. It’s so hard these days to know what’s what, with all of this contradictory information flying about from all directions. I had been so confused as to what to believe.

        I watch ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ often, and recently, he pushed the whole ‘we’re draining our national arsenal’ line and I guess I was starting to believe it myself.

  8. Centuries ago, the Roman Empire and the Sassanid Empire of Persia fought a war from 602 AD to 631 AD. At one point, Khusrow of Persia all but rebuilt the Empire of Persia of Ancient times, with Persian troops outside Constantinople. While by the end of the war, Heraclius the Roman Emperor had put out the sacred flame, defeated the Persians at Nineveh, and took Ctesiphon. But the end result was mutual exhaustion and the Muslim invasions. Today is no better.

      1. Nothing new under the sun Mr. Nyquist. Modernism isn’t sustainable, and so Premodern and Anti modern systems fill the void created. Great Empires and blocs of nations contend for supremacy, and the wars leave them exhausted and ripe for revolution and foreign invasions.

  9. First, how to sac my queen, then rook, then bishop, then knight, then pawns.
    Mikhail Tal

    You must take your opponent into a deep dark forest where 2+2=5, and the path leading out is only wide enough for one.
    Mikhail Tal

    Ideology resembles – a clear path leaving a deep dark forest.

  10. I don’t understand if Jeff is simply careful with his words or too generous.

    If the US is giving weapons to Communist nations, it’s treason, period.

    1. The more we learn about sars the more this feels like a bioweapon and a deliberate attack.

  11. The public should be outraged that almost every one of our own national security agencies (the ones who are supposed to be working FOR the security of America) are involved in this recent chimeric corona virus’ being “leaked” from an enemy nation…as well as the resulting “experimental biological agents” aka gene therapies, being forced on everyone here and worldwide.

    But, instead, most are truly ignorant that so many types of “national security” operations have gone on unnoticed for almost a hundred years (such as merging intelligence agencies with organized crime, Operation Underworld of WW2).

    In my opinion, The CCP has implemented Round 1 of our own demise flawlessly. American companies across the business and healthcare spectrum, even our own military, forcefully rolled up the population’s sleeve and took their poison. Almost 3 years now, Round 1 has come and gone without China ever firing a shot, but our own population is beginning to see increased disease and death as a result. More mRNA experimental biological agents to come and this time without any oversight or rigorous testing and all under EUA. All this, courtesy an enemy nation who successfully uses our own capitalist system against its own citizens.

    1. The communists always manage to use their “friends” in America as helpers. And they have so many little helpers now that it’s sickening.

      1. Jeff, a bit off topic, but I had mentioned to you months ago asking about any updates via Roger Robinson’s work regarding stopping TSP funds being invested in the CCP. You had said you would follow up after the next committee meeting (Clear and Present Danger China). Any new information yet?

      2. Robinson was not attending the meetings for many months. Now it seems that Wall Street and the government are not serious about cutting ties with China. The promise of getting China out of our capital markets seems dead.

      3. I had written my “Congressional Critters” of this months ago and again after the November election and to date, no response other than “thanks for your thoughts on the issues”…as George Carlin once said….”It’s a BIG club, and you ain’t in it!”

      4. Nobody is home. The “Club” is the thoughtless mechanism of people who, like rodents on a tread wheel, cannot see outside their cage. They imagine they are climbing to Heaven. But they are working their way in the opposite direction.

      5. I think “the Club” he referred to is that of the politicians, unelected bureaucrats, elitists, and others who are seemingly above the laws and rules already established that most of us common folk adhere to everyday. And yet they regulate and legislate courtesy wealth and power and personal influence
        to force the rest of us to do their bidding.

  12. “If the USSR never said anything about fake moon landings at the time. Why not?”

    Watch the documentary it is mentioned there.

    They got detente and disarmament treaties around the same time. From balance of power point of view, arms are more important than PR stunts.

    It was before internet, almost no one in America would believe Soviet statement over their media anyway.

    1. Commit: you wrote “It was before internet, almost no one in America would believe Soviet statement over their media anyway.” Well, most Russians didn’t believe their own media at that time. There was a saying from that time in Russia “There is no truth in Pravda” which you need to know Russian language to catch the joke (“pravda” means “truth” in Russian). What we didn’t know was the growing dishonesty in our own media.

      1. “There is no truth in Pravda”

        After perestroika people realized that what Pravda told about capitalism was true.

      2. Do you have any idea of miserable daily life was for average people in the USSR? The standard of living was below that of black South Africans in the 1980s.

    2. Commit, would you like to apologize for the many Communist murders here? An apology seems appropriate. If there is no apology, we can only conclude you are a psychopath who believes those murders were justified.

  13. “The secret of their success, however, is that they combine propaganda with terrorism and organization.”

    I hope American’s still pay attention to the word success.

  14. Just came across this by accident, go to the one hour mark.
    Should be interesting to some of the readers of Jeff’s blog.

    Ep052 Meteor Crater Blast Wave / Monumental Erosion -Kosmographia The Randall Carlson Podcast

  15. I remember reading on a mainstream news article earlier on during the pandemic that the mRNA technology had never been used on a large scale before, or even proven to be effective, in fact the article said it had been considered “a pipedream”.

    Another point is if China collaborated so closely with the Western research agents involved in the pandemic response, why would China (as has been reported) ban the use of the m RNA technology vaccines in China?

    Another interesting point is the places in which the pandemic lockdowns were harshest and most dystopian (to the point that people were forced out of their homes to prison-like facilities, and received a daily ration in from public officials), namely, Australia and New Zealand, these places were easy-prey places heavily influenced by Chinese trade lobbies and their accompanying influence.

    In Brazil, Bahia State, long during the pandemic, you couldn’t enter a public facility (for instance to apply for some certificate) if you weren’t vaccinated; you couldn’t apply for a public job. The governor of Bahia, Rui Costa, was a Worker’s Party (Lula’s communist party) member.

    1. Australia has a shouty man culture which the Simpsons did a good parody of. He who shouts loudest gets. And in the case of covid the population demanded lockdowns so lockdowns are what we got. I disagree with what was done but at the time covid was seen as an existential threat. It’s possible China exploited this but to be honest it feels like we just did it to ourselves without much outside help.

  16. The vaxx-deception has been so widely imbibed because we are endlessly subjected to the “cult of the expert”, which is a natural consequence of our Prussian-model education system that shunts everyone into narrow niches of expertise and deliberately seeks to discourage us from lateral thinking.

    In Apocalyptic hieroglyphs, this cult is the beast from the earth of Rev 13, that looks like a lamb but speaks as a dragon, elsewhere in that book known as the the False Prophet, that possesses all the gravitas and plausibility of one who could literally summon fire from heaven. And its entire purpose is to convey and reinforce the narrative du jour of the ungodly who rule over us and fabricate sacred cows for us to submit to (such as LGBT, CRT, enviro-cult, vaxx-cult, etc). Whereas in yesteryear the False Prophet largely consisted of the priesthood of apostate Christianity, nowadays it additionally includes all the educators, the scientists, the media, the movers, shakers and influencers, whenever any of the above speak to sell “the message”.

    1. CRT is interestingly not only the prevalent outlook in America to talk about race/racism, it is the only one. It seems to me, from anecdotal evidence, conservatives basically are mere “atheists” in relation to this outlook/ideology. For instance, Thomas Sowell says in one of his books race is mysterious, one doesn’t know what to think of it. If CRT is the prevalent and actually only racial ideology, and if as CRT advocates say racism in America is nowhere but at the same time everyway (hiding in plain sight), doesn’t is follow the ideological tool to carry out this systemic racism has to be CRT/marxism? In some ways marxism seems to be the parasite and the face of human intellectual degeneration. On that note, it is but inescapable that this amounts to an Apocalyptic scenario.


    Vladimir Putin is set on ‘big war’ with Nato to bring back the Iron Curtain says top Russian political scientist as Ukraine warns Russia will launch new pre-emptive strike by February 24:

    Russia ‘is now locked in a war against the West’: Chilling warning from Europe’s defence chief as more nations line up to send more tanks and arms to help Ukraine:
    *Stefano Sannino suggested Putin was ‘moving the war into a different stage’
    *Spain and Norway expected to announce how many Leopard 2s they will send

    1. Various analysts see this attack posturing by Putin as a way of excusing his military failures of the last year to win a decisive victory. He has not won because, he says, that Russia is fighting the entire West. This gets him off the hook with his people. It also serves as a call to arms. Therefore, Russia must redouble its efforts. “Get to work!” Russians must expect more sacrifices, the loss of loved ones, the taking of men off the street for service, and more. As for immediately attacking NATO, that would not make sense until the Ukrainian armed forces were defeated. Using nuclear weapons now would result in a response from Britain, France, and the USA without an ability to advance through the rubble to victory. For nuclear weapons to be effective, the Russian ground forces must be ready to move into the NATO countries directly. But they are bogged down in Ukraine. And Russia cannot use nuclear weapons in Ukraine because Putin started the war by claiming Ukrainians were Russians who needed to be liberated from the Nazi regime in Kiev. So the little KGB colonel is stuck. If Putin wins in Ukraine, however, a general attack on Europe becomes possible as Europe is in bad shape militarily and Putin would be free to use his nuclear advantages against non-Russian peoples.

      1. More than 24hrs have now passed since the warming of that “imminent” Russian attack. Why do people keep posting such silly stuff?

      2. This is an interesting argument. Do you think there is a possibility that they wanted to end up with the US/West/NATO as the final enemy all along, and this was the slow buildup to justification?

      3. The Russian strategists want to detach the United States from NATO by dividing along the Atlantic. Then Europe can be absorbed by Russia. But this has not worked so far. It is hard to say why. Probably the Alliance, seeing itself as successful in 1991, was rather entrenched in its existence during the Post Soviet period rather than being without a rationale for existence. This was not expected by Moscow.

  18. Jeff, I want to point out a super aggressive campaign currently being waged by some covid-truthers who in their zeal for unearthing the roots of this vax agenda have been publishing articles purported to show documents and other contractual materials indicating the Department of Defense is responsible for the development and deployment of the entire vaccination operation. Something smells funny on it. This is being largely disseminated by a pharma ‘whistleblower/analyst’ Sasha Latypova. Many people within the truth movement are parroting this–she came out of nowhere and all of a sudden she is a prolific video interviewee. Thoughts?

    1. Yes, I’ve watched Sasha’s activities with interest. The same exact accusation could be made against our defense establishment regarding nuclear weapons. Scientists working for the Manhatten Project gave nuclear secrets to Stalin. The Roosevelt White House, according to Major Jordan, sent the materials to make nuclear weapons through lend lease. We have always had Marxist sympathizers and Russian confederates here. And there are many holes in our security state. It is rich, indeed, to accuse us of originating the attack on ourselves because Russian or Chinese agents penetrated our scientific and defense establishments. What we need, of course, is a counterintelligence agency that works. Until we get such an agency, Americans will continue to enrich themselves, or work off their grudges against our society, by sending technology to our enemies.

      1. The Communists have always spread lies that the Americans’ government is responsible for attacks that Russia/China committed. See JFK and 9/11. I could find you many Americans right now who believe the US/CIA orchestrated those.

        People, understand how Communists operate. They use many of the same strategies over and over again.

      2. If the KGB was behind JFK killing, why does our government today keep records sealed?

      3. Bobby Kennedy, the Attorney General, was overseeing the CIA from behind the scenes and plotting the assassination of Castro. Kennedy died in the same way Castro was supposed to die. Castro warned them it was a two way street. This is not something anyone in America wanted to admit at the time or now. And it is now inconvenient because it suggests communist bloc culpability. Look now who is in charge. Very bad for detente, too.

      1. We do have to prepare for biological war, and I should hope we are aggressive about such preparations. The problem is if the enemy infiltrated our defense.

      2. I’m deeply concerned that our own military, and DoD, was (and has been) involved in research, development and implementation of a bioweapon against its own people in this chimeric gain of function experimentation that has been going on for years. There are hundreds of patents on everything related to coronavirus for decades! Dr. David Martin has documented this since the late 90’s. All this has went on under the radar with no oversight or accountability.

        And if it’s an unknown such as Sasha Latypova or Dr. Peter McCullough or Dr. David Martin or whoever that can bring it to light and hopefully wake the general public up? More power to each of them. Treasonous acts have occurred against our own people. And here we are simply commenting on a blog about it.

      3. Why would one be deemed an “essential worker” over any other co-worker? And be required to “carry one’s papers” verifying “essential” employment? Why would the local diner and other local businesses, like fitness centers be forced to close their business down? Why were all local churches decreed to discontinue all services and close the doors to its respective congregation? Why would the local Wal Mart have orange cones set up to enter/exit the store through specific doorways and have arrows taped on the floor to specify direction of flow of foot traffic through each grocery aisle? Why were liquor stores allowed to stay open and operate during the entire “plandemic”? Why mask mandates? Even continuing today?

        And lastly, why would the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of our own military make a phone call to a known enemy nation to warn of a possible attack from his own Commander-in- Chief as Milley did?

      4. Why? Because the perpetrators are agents of the communist movement backed by China — not agents of America or its institutions. Never never, blame American institutions or persons for what is treason inspired by enemies foreign and domestic. Blame the enemy. I am sick and tired of Americans blaming America. That is communist propaganda.

      5. Jeff, you can play on words all you want. Contrary to what you chide me for saying, this IS Americans who have made a conscious choice to follow Communist actions, directions against their own country and it’s founding principles.

      6. Any American who joins our national enemy is a traitor to America. They have joined the anti-American side. They are no longer on the American side. So please do not turn this into an American conspiracy. Our enemies foreign and domestic are trying to make us collectively guilty for everything that happens, to justify our extermination. This is psychological warfare. And it is genocide. Do not join up with this. Do not fall for it. Do not contribute to the general demoralization — to the enemy narrative.

      7. UN Agenda 2021 & Agenda 2030 is the depopulating of the planet. It’s published.
        That’s not a secret or conspiracy theory. Globalists aren’t loyal Americans. The goal is to exterminate everyone with any experience living with Rights or in relative prosperity. China messed up Hong Kong, first thing, and the US didn’t object in the slightest.

        If you tell me that Russia controls the UN, I’ll accept that.

        Sasha Latypova, by the way, is Ukrainian.

      8. There is a war being waged against the Anglo tribe as a whole, specifically, against its heterosexual males. It’s blatant in every ad you see, in every cadence of the “toxic masculinity” mantra, in every Hollywood film or music video and in every ludicrous demand for reparations. If those who hate us could, they would develop a bioweapon to purge us from the face of the earth and sadly, I think the liberals from within our own tribe would be all for that.


    Six steps to Armageddon: In a chilling account, top military expert explains how Putin could launch nuclear strike if faces further humiliation in Ukraine:

    *Ex-UK diplomat outlines the nightmare scenario that could lead to nuclear war
    *Tim Willasey-Wilsey said Doomsday could begin with the collapse of Putin’s army

    1. Russian nuclear war theory does not stipulate the “humiliation” of a Kremlin official as the rationale for starting the war. Nuclear war is a very serious thing, and can only be initiated if conditions are perfectly aligned, and victory is assured (without the possiblity of a serious counterforce attack). Russia needs a few more years of American negligence in its nuclear forces to make such a scenario workable. All of this appears to be bluster. Of course, one never knows what a crazy person is capable of. Thus, Putin’s new image as a crazy “dying” man. And this uncertainty is worth exploiting if only for purposes of intimidation.

      1. Nuclear war isn’t necessarily a World War, of course. Tactical nukes could be used by Russia against NATO weapons installations in Eastern Europe member countries, but would tactical nukes really be necessary to do the job? Might not SATAN 2 hypersonic missiles with air fuel bombs or even more conventional warheads, suffice? Besides, if Russia were to attack the US continent, would Biden retaliate MADly, anyway?

      2. Never underestimate the capability of Westerners to fall for the latest Commie propaganda.

        “Putin’s dying! He’s desperate! He’s about to be couuuuuped by his generals!” Idiots! All of them!

    1. If you have just poisoned your partner at the dinner table, you watch him very carefully to see if he realizes what you have done and suddenly kills you before he keels over. China is watching us with this same vigilance. If we start to figure things out, they may have no choice but to strike.

      1. Will they wait even that long? People are waking up. The injuries and deaths are getting harder and harder to cover up. People are realizing that they have been lied to. They will want to have revenge on those who lied. And they will find China behind those liars. China is behind Mitch McConnell and the Biden crime family. China is behind Fauci and the WHO. Do I need to name more? Their poison is slow acting. Will enough of us wake up in time? Weren’t they planning on attacking us anyways, just waiting for what they consider the opportune time?

      2. If they can convince everyone DARPA and the NIH did it they can sit back and watch us tear ourselves apart without fear of retaliation. This is why it is so important to be precise about your main enemy — the power that ultimate instigated the attack (not the immediate or visible instrument).

      3. Mmmmm, ok Jeff, you’ve lost my respect with comments like this. Insulting to those of us that actually have “skin in the game” regarding the recent actions and involvement of DARPA and NIH and the resulting unconstitutional actions that were imposed on all US citizens via ABC public health agencies, local, State, and Federal. You have no clue about the effects imposed on those of us in healthcare who were told to take the jab or else and the sacrifices made to stand for principle. But you are so quick to point out that we are simply ignorant in regards to being “precise about your main enemy”.
        I think I was pretty clear in my numerous comments here on your post about who the main enemy was…China. And that they were aided by numerous ABC agencies right here in the US of A. Healthcare is the new weapon of choice that they have decided to use against the citizenry.

        So, I take offense at your comment as to somehow China will “sit back and watch us tear ourselves apart without fear of retaliation”.
        You may know insiders and defectors and be “in the know” about policies being implemented by your friends in so many bureaucratic government ABC agencies. But until you face losing your livelihood from a career that involved helping people? You can’t even imagine what I know or anyone else who has commented here.
        Fact of the matter is that we have a major problem with unelected bureaucrats appointed by elected officials on both sides of the political aisle making rules and regulations that are somehow mistaken for law. And until that is addressed? Guys like you should refrain from insulting people like me as though ignorant and not worthy of your superior intellect on foreign affairs….folks who are truly personally affected in our own unimportant (to you) lives.

      4. The comments here are not always posted in the right order, so my reply may have been for someone else and not you. I hope my reply was not I objectively insulting as I meant no such thing. I have one family member dying at home and another in the hospital right now, so I am trying to answer these posts as I can. I do not know who you are, or who most people here are. My comments are read by many people, so my replies are addressed to all the readers. I am sorry if you are offended at my idea that most will miss Russia and China’s role in all this. I just wanted to make the point for everyone, because it is so important to know who is trying to kill you. Walk a mile in my shoes and mostly what you will hear is people assailing me for not placing THE BLAME on the CIA or Big Pharma or the Globalists. I am here to tell you of a bigger enemy: the communist movement, Russia and China. As for losing income or career, I have lost two careers for standing up against Marxists. Anyone who stands against communism is standing against the biggest mafia in the world. They have used our schools and universities against us. Now they are using medical science against us, and the weather, etc. It is good you stood have up to them. We are all going to have to do this or we will not survive. I meant no offense in saying this. It is what I always say, over and over.

      5. Fair enough. I’m just a guy in rural southern Missouri who has enjoyed your weekly perspective on Crawford county’s Liberty Man, John Moore’s program. Have met his buddy Leon Green at one time and I personally know the gentleman who John relies on for open source intel posted on his site. I’m not ignorant to what is going on so maybe remember that some of us have sacrificed just as you have.

      6. And for the record. These comments WERE indeed posted in the right order. So anyone can plainly see mine and your comments in the order they were posted.

      7. Yes, I just reread them. I was reacting to your suggestion that Americans and our defense department, etc., other institutions, are behind an attack on the country. I think a foreign hand is at work.

      8. Our DoD, specifically DARPA are indeed behind this experimental gene therapy being forced upon us! But it’s not without the aid of our enemy China as well.

      9. What do you mean “behind”? You mean a general ordered this research intended to vaccinate and kill millions? That the Defense Advanced Research people forced it on the country? But this agency has no power to make such mandates. Politicians and a larger political process was at work. Right? Was there not $350 million in Chinese bribes paid to bureaucrats in the NIH, CDC and to Fauci’s circle? And if I’m a Chinese general in charge of a biowar program, and I bribe you, doesn’t that make YOU (as bribe-taker) my employee, my lackey, my cats paw? Then who is doing it? Whose project is this, really?

      10. Would you agree that DARPA has been involved with and experimenting with mRNA gene therapy since the early 2000’s?

      11. . The goal: to find a way to produce antibodies for any virus in the world within 60 days of collecting a blood sample from a survivor.

      12. All Covid countermeasures, including the biological warfare agents marketed as “Covid-19 vaccines”, were ordered by the US DoD as a “large scale manufacturing demonstration” via Other Transactions Authority contracts.

      13. Pfizer-BioNTech is really a 3-party R&D alliance: Fosun-Pfizer-BioNTech, and by “party” I mean that one of the three is the Chinese Communist Party. Fosun is a huge Chinese conglomerate that owns a large number of global companies, and its chairman Guo Guangchang is a very high ranking member of the CCP. It is curious that the US DoD awarded $10 billion (Pfizer’s Operation Warp Speed/DoD/BARDA contract) to a venture whose substantial equity (and IP) holder is the the Chinese Communist Party.

      14. It is ignorance bordering on insanity that any Western company would partner with China. But then, these executives and their associated politicians probably never heard of General Chi Haotian’s secret speech and would not believe in its authenticity if they read the transcript where he talks about killing 100-200 million Americans with a biological weapon.

      15. I’ve attempted twice to reply to your own responses and WordPress won’t post my comments or a link that I’ve attempted to communicate. And why is that Jeff?

      16. I did not use multiple links in one post. I used one link after my specific comment. Try again. Never mind, I get it. You’re the smartest guy in the room and can censor whatever you deem “propaganda” to your own liking here.
        I’m done. You can continue on with your blog and your fan base that seem to never challenge your way of thinking. Have a great evening!

      17. I have not censored you. P.S. Why would I censor you when I’ve been on pins and needles wondering what you are trying to say with all your questions. I have no idea what your point has been with all this. It is a great shame that you should draw such a wrong judgment from this exchange (i.e., that I am censoring you and now lying about it.)

      18. Are you censoring my replies back to you? I’ve posted replies several times to your own responses here and included one link and yet nothing shows up. Why is that Jeff?

      19. I have read a number of replies from you. I do not know if some aren’t showing up. Your “why is that Jeff” seems a bit accusatory. I have not censored any of your posts. Try refreshing your browser.

  20. Organization is key.
    Evil is always an organized army, the same for thousands of years…you just have to make good men delusion, fearful and silent so they will do nothing. Their goal was easy, make United States of America, Divided States of America and they conquer us. Make their friends their enemies make their enemies their friends.
    They live to divide us, by making evil good and good evil, wrong right and right wrong.
    All they have to do is pretend they are a friend and keep us from the truth with lies.
    You have any of those in your life? God told us you will know them by their fruit, only takes a little truth and common sense. They usually expose themselves and flee if you walk in the truth and light and stand on truth without compromise.
    You have to know your enemy to overcome him.

    God has surely spoken to people like He did to Moses, Joshua, Jonah ect- but the people choose to go their own way, refuse to listen to the truth and warnings and repent.
    Our children were to be raised in truth, fearless of man and courageous for God instead generations are afraid on man and don’t fear God, it is a trap and a dead end always and forever, for His word never fails.

    Just takes one powerful godly man to lead a nation out of slavery. Who will stand and lead?

    Jesus said, “those who aren’t against me are with me.” So let’s be United in the fact we believe in God and we know all things are possible if we believe and stand firm and fight for the truth.
    Yes it is easy to think and say but it must be put into practice to work.

    United we stand.
    Thanks Jeff! Awesome article! Thanks for the truth!

  21. Bad mood comment.
    Americans will still be buying Chinese “goods” when Chinese troops are entering the city limits. Prove me wrong.

  22. Treason and genocide are the crimes at hand. People ought to form grand juries to investigate and bring charges at Common Law, against county clerks for election fraud, and doctors for murder. Fair trials should be convened for capitol offense and where a guilty verdict is rendered, the Biblical punishment must be executed by the people; death by stoning.

    1. Yep. The judgment should be in their own words. It however is a sociological problem which will require a sociological solution. Let us say that civil war of cowards started when they started bashing as cowards real warriors in uniform legitimately hostile to foreign entities and illegals like the Soviets. The government police forces prefer a civil war where they think they will dominate like cowards a disarmed populace. The problem is they want it both ways. Where feminists in particular assert their sexual freedom superiority when young but all of a sudden cry of fat or age shaming once they do not attract men, you have corporations and government agents who promote laws empowering their putting their hands in our lives for whatever suspicious reason but then crying foul about creep conspiracy theorists so called. Marxism is like that, it is absolute paranoia. The bourgeois can always be distrusted of having legitimate consciousness because of money interest, but somehow this allows government and the worker so called on food stamps from claiming they own thus the real legitimate political consciousness without corrupting conflicting of interest. Thus the “creep” “racist” “white men” somehow cannot speak about the “creep” “angry” Soviet American Babushka bitter “cat-ladies” and their South American illegal Marxist “refugees” of global soviet warming voting democrat because something must be done about fat shaming,

      1. In a US Military Court Martial, there is a firing squad, but only one gun has live ammo. The rest are blanks. That way, no one can know for sure who the actual executioner is. That’s if the soldier with the live round can’t tell. Or if the recoil isn’t visible to all. I say the entire squad, ought to all have real bullets.

    2. Hanging by the neck was not a Hebrew means of execution, but rather “hanging” there generally seems to refer to securing the already executed by the hands, outstretched, to a lateral beam erected atop a stake in the ground, also known as a “gallows”, or metaphorically as a “tree”, to demonstrate the infamy and demise of the slain criminal. Stoning was the usual form of execution, so that normal civilians (within what was a relatively informal, low bureaucracy society) had a part in it. I could be wrong, but the modern day equivalent of stoning might be the firing squad, in which case all participants should fire live rounds. It’s an interesting subject and I believe it needs more study!

  23. I also was wondering, inversely, that if Turkey sticks it to NATO acquiring Russian crap S400s in lack of self respect (PKK gets Russian weapons), then why do we ask Turkey’s permission to let Sweden and Finland in Nato? We could do it bilateral coalition protection with Sweden and Finland without these backstabbing schizo scumbags. .

    1. To belong to NATO all NATO countries must agree. There are already treaties between Sweden and NATO countries like Norway and Denmark if memory serves

      1. Just before Christmas, a woman in Birmingham, England was arrested near an abortion clinic. She did not block access to the clinic, and it wouldn’t have mattered if she did because it was not even open for business at the time. She did not disturb the peace in any way. In fact, when police asked if she was protesting, she answered, “No.”

        Then they asked if she was praying. She answered, “I might be silently praying.” And that was enough. Off she went with the officers — under arrest for “maybe” saying a silent prayer. Several cities in the United Kingdom have adopted “protest prohibition statutes.” The statutes make prayer a “form of protest,” and they forbid protest in the vicinity of abortion clinics — even if it comes in the form of silent prayer.

        Was it a fluke? No, it happened again in another English city. An army veteran now serving as a physiotherapist was stopped by officials. They asked if he was praying and he said that he was. The officer asked, “Can I ask what is the nature of your prayer today?” The man said he was praying for a deceased son. Twenty years ago, he had paid for the baby to be aborted, and he was still racked with guilt. Prayer for a deceased child does not help the child, but the prohibition of any silent prayer violates the most basic of human rights. It is an attempt to police both faith and thought.

        This was not North Korea, China, Hitler’s Germany, nor Stalin’s Soviet Union. This was “Christian” England.

        [continues at: hallindsey dot com]

    2. With Erdogan as President, is Turkey a loyal member of NATO? With all the RINOs in office, for example, and seeing how the British Commonwealth has become as Draconian as China, who’s trustworthy, nowadays? Bill Clinton as President decaled war against US citizen militia groups. The FBI infiltrated perfectly legal affiliations. Is there a church or any AA meeting that isn’t infiltrated? We could eliminate Homeland Security and segregate the intel agencies as originally established, and attempt to clear out the Communists and Fascists, but even if it were possible to do that, how do we keep them out going foreword

  24. Jeff,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the bio-medical fascism that has gripped the world for the past 3 years. With daily reports of people dying suddenly and vaccine injury studies coming out of Europe with rock solid data, it is way past time that we stop the madness of the mRNA vaccine rollout. This is our most urgent need of the moment in my opinion.The UK has just reported that they are averaging 3,000 excess deaths (not covid-19 deaths, which are on a steep decline) per week and this spike correlates with the vaccine rollout dates.This week the UK has stopped giving the vaccine for anyone under 50. The CDC’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database has over 30,000 reports of vaccine caused deaths and that system is generally way under reported. I have no doubt that the communists are behind much of this and so we must start speaking out and demanding that our state legislatures pass laws to protect us, as well as hold the people responsible accountable.

      1. But the most secretive is the MoD’s 77th Brigade, which deploys ‘non-lethal engagement and legitimate non-military levers as a means to adapt behaviours of adversaries’.

        According to a whistleblower who worked for the brigade during the lockdowns, the unit strayed far beyond its remit of targeting foreign powers.

        They said that British citizens’ social media accounts were scrutinised – a sinister activity that the Ministry of Defence, in public, repeatedly denied doing.

        Papers show the outfits were tasked with countering ‘disinformation’ and ‘harmful narratives… from purported experts’, with civil servants and artificial intelligence deployed to ‘scrape’ social media for keywords such as ‘ventilators’ that would have been of interest.

        The information was then used to orchestrate Government responses to criticisms of policies such as the stay-at-home order, when police were given power to issue fines and break up gatherings.

        It also allowed Ministers to push social media platforms to remove posts and promote Government-approved lines.

  25. So, we can assume that R/C and friends are watching the crops in the Southern Hemisphere like a hawk. Maximum dependable information.

    1. Volcanic eruptions have known effects. We have never suffered these effects with 8 billion mouths to feed. The northern hemisphere will be affected later this year.

      1. It’s already starting. I lived in California for several years. The rainiest years followed major eruptions.

    1. Once again, WordPress has infuriatingly put my comment in the wrong place; my above reply was meant as a response to @JeffNyquist’s ‘U.S. depopulation’ comment above.

    2. All hope lost for the world? Not necessarily true. Life will be hard for the survivors. Man will have to reflect on the why of it. The destruction of America will l, of course, coincide with mass death across the world. The general decadence here in America is a general problem, afflicting all countries. The source of spiritual sustenance has dried up. Truth is absent.

      1. “The source of spiritual sustenance has dried up” — for the many, perhaps. Yet for others, like me, such a ‘source’ has changed dramatically from what they were raised in. But should Americans be punished just because they, on the whole, are gradually becoming less religious? I like to believe that Americans are special people, and that they don’t deserve to suffer in such a bleak and a morbid way, as the Communists apparently have laid out for us.

        I do not mean to offend @JRNyquist with such an opinion. Also, I am not trying to make insinuations regarding his previous comment.

    3. One thing that jumps out when you read through the Old Testament, is that no matter how bad the catastrophe, God always preserves a remnant. When mankind get to the other side of this crisis, those who are trusting in Christ will either be in that remnant or in the presence of God.

      1. When you read the Old Testament, the wicked are slaughtered eventually. When you read the New Testament, the righteous are tortured to death by evil ones.

        The difficult conclusion any honest individual reaches reading the Bible and believing it is that there is no way to “save” your earthly skin, that we will all perish, and the only determining factor will be whether it is at the hands of God or of Satan, allowed by God.

        But yet I still see many people try to find some loophole where they survive on Earth – I think it is a function of this false reality we have lived in for the past 60 years of relative “peace”. Peace is not natural, war is the natural state of man, in fact I think it is incredibly unhealthy for the men of a society to not know their enemy or to know there is a war raging. It leaves them totally psychologically unprepared. This is unprecedented in human history, for centuries men always knew there was some enemy tribe seeking to conquer them. It kept them in a constant state of healthy alertness. It also psychologically prepared them for the possibility of death, and contemplating death clarifies many things for a human, like what is important, what is worth dying for, etc…

        But the modern man does not have a place in his contemporary psychology for the possibility of death – his time is filled with sports, porn, distractions, delusions, entertainment, and the idea that we are at peace.

        As Bezmenov said, “we are not living in the peacetime. We are in a state of total undeclared war.”

  26. Published January 24, 2023 8:00am EST
    Putin’s pivot in Ukraine will bring about permanent war in Europe:
    Putin is making significant changes to Russia’s military strategy as the war against Ukraine nears the one year mark:

    By Rebekah Koffler | Fox News

    Russian TV Warns New ‘Big War’ Coming After Putin Ultimatum:

    Margarita Simonyan, a Russian state TV host and editor-in-chief of the state-sponsored RT, has said a that “big war” is set to commence by the end of winter, following ultimatums made by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


    1. If true, that would indicate nuclear and EMP attacks on the U.S. by Russia and China very soon. Anything is possible, of course, as the West is unprepared. But you have to ask the reason for this rhetoric. Think, once more, of the poisoner looking across the dinner table at the poisoned victim. Watch to see if the victim realizes he is dying and reaches for a knife to lash out at the poisoner. Remain prepared, says the poisoner. Do not let him use his steak knife. Yes. You might have to strike first. How big is the die-off now? By the end of winter? What will be the reaction in Washington? Paris? London?

      1. The CIA is an organization that should be disbanded. It has been penetrated by foreign intelligence, and is managed by Marxist feminists. The CIA is incapable. Especially, it did not kill JFK or take over Ukraine in a coup. It is the favored whipping boy of our enemies. Make it a whipping boy and you are playing the monkey who imitates an enemy. Imitation is flattery and will not save you.

      2. Mr. Nyquist, many of us have read that the US, led by V. Nuland, helped overturn an election in Ukraine in 2014. Is this false? If true, what gives us the right to promote democracy by changing the leadership? This is why people on the right are against Ukraine in its war—because they see a long list of bad actors of American officials backing Ukraine. How do you support Ukraine when anti American globalists are involved. I really don’t know.

      3. The U.S. diplomat V. Nuland overturned an election? That is nonsense. There is no evidence that any such thing happened. I only hope you know what such evidence would have to look like, not to confuse it with a tape recording of diplomats discussing advice they might give to Ukrainian politicians who were forming a government.

      4. Give them a break for what? This website you link to is Russian propaganda. There is very little truth in it. Please look more carefully at the facts.

      5. They lie. We know it. Everything that Obama and all of his minions did throughout the world is not good for America. Nuland enjoys the protection of a compliant media and biased fact checking organizations. Propaganda is everywhere so we must rely on realizing that ducks quack, and thus they are ducks. Who is evil? Who isn’t?

        You have stated here the CIA needs to be disbanded. You also stated we need to defend our institutions in the face of foreign meddling.

        I’m going to believe this and not the noise being generated by the enemies of the republic.

      6. The Revolution of Dignity in 2014 was not orchestrated by Nuland or by Obama. This is nonsense. Ukraine is trying to maintain its independence. In fact. Russia is still supporting communist regimes worldwide. Check your facts. Ukraine is the only country in Europe that has outlawed its Communist Party. Furthermore, Obama was mentored by communist Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party member and probable KGB agent. Putin was a KGB career officer. You have to go back and analyze the facts more carefully to understand what all this means in terms of present-day strategy.

      7. How does one know when they are reading Russian “propaganda” as you commented a minute ago?

        We all know Obama is a communist. Evidently, so is Biden based on his secret that has been revealed. Do we know if that information is authentic? But let’s just agree that the Willow Tree president is a pinko.

        Why do they care about U’s independence?

        Thank you.

      8. They do not care about Ukraine’s independence. They will betray Ukraine at their first opportunity. But like all crimes, the key is in not getting caught.

      9. This is what you taught me yesterday:

        “The short answer is that the communists in Russia and China do not want to share the world with their stooges in the U.S. According to defector testimony, confirmed in the secret speech of General Chi, the plan is to exterminate the lower 48 states and build a second China here in the USA.”

        If I’m a US pol or diplomat, this would bother me. I would want America leading this new, Communist world order. Evidently, you have answered my questions, but I really don’t see a noble reason for OUR for pol towards U. So what interest is to be found in U? The only thing we on the right can think of is $$$$$$ laundering and keeping it a secret.

        Thank you, Mr Nyquist.

      10. The White House only supports Ukraine for the sake of appearances. Just watch and see what happens next. Military experts said last year Ukraine was going to collapse. Slow-walking a few weapons was not going to make a difference. The White House initially refused to give Ukraine HIMARS. The Biden people were then threatened with public embarrassment by Britain and Poland if they didn’t give the artillery systems to Ukraine. So they gave them 12, later 4 more. Do you see how this works? Ukraine requested over 300 tanks ten months ago. Now we (the USA) are giving them 14-30 tanks with the uranium armor stripped off of them. Does this sound supportive to you?

      11. We’ve given waaaay too much tax payer purchased military hardware all on account of appearances. I can see the half hearted effort, by the way.

        Why bother with appearances?

        To keep fooling the American public that dotgov is not in the communist camp? ? ?

        Thanks for your time and patience. I think that will be all for now. Looking forward to the next essay.

      12. I am in the middle of the article that you linked talking about Obama and his plan to make America communist. As I was reading it I was thinking about the question—is Mr. Nyquist is trying to warn us about what the lies are doing to our judgment? If so, then we should actually hope that the Russians lose the war to Ukraine. But this again doesn’t make sense to me because the Obama Biden group is helping the wrong side, albeit for appearances sake only. I’m getting even more confused due to this disingenuous support for a country that is resisting Russia and fighting for its sovereignty and its borders. but the one thing I’m not confused about is I know the enemy is communism and any state in the world that wants to bring America into the communist fold.

      13. Russian strategy is based on the “scissors strategy” which involves being on both sides of every major conflict. This is alien to Western strategic thought; but it is intrinsic to Russian strategy.

      14. My comment should have gone to Grey Knight, but thanks for mentioning the Scissors Strategy. While they are into scissors they might lose an actual kinetic war.

      15. There is a larger process of gaining more and more control, like when every group is addicted to their narratives and the narratives converge or are turned against each other to eliminate certain actors.

      16. I think Mr. Nyquist has an essay or two going into more depth on how Russia uses the Scissors Strategy. I remember one in which he goes in depth on how Russia was behind the flood of Syrian refugees into Europe, and manipulating the Right and Left in the response to the invaders. I’ll see if i can find which one it was. They manipulate our judgement through false narratives on both sides. But, as Mr. Nyquist has repeatedly pointed out, always ask, “Who gains?” from different narratives or policies. More to the point, ask “How does Communism (via its biggest governments Russia and China, and the movement at large) gain?”

        And, as Mr. Nyquist, and others have pointed out, remember how the Left was more openly pro Russia, up until that time Obama was caught giving Medvedev that little message for Putin? Ever since then, the Left has shifted to an anti Russian rhetoric, gradually causing many Conservatives to reactively decide that Russia must be good since the likes of Obama and Hillary speak negatively about them.

        But, who gains in all of this? Do Putin and Russia gain? Yes. They gain a more confused and divided America. They gain the support of many Conservatives and patriotic people.

        They gain even more when Biden and Leftists in Congress speak strongly against Putin, and put Zelensky on a pedestal. When they say the Bidens had corrupt business dealings in Ukraine, and we are going to send them money to fight Russia. When they say, Putin and Russia are Christian, and Zelensky is shutting down “Christian churches”, when actually Zelensky is shutting down what amounts to dens of spies in the Russian Orthodox Church in his country.

        I dont know if Zelensky is a true and good man or not. But i do know the Ukrainian people do not have the slightest desire to go back under Soviet rule. They would rather suffer death, and the destruction of war than to go back under Communism.

        But anyway, the Russian dupes such as Biden are accomplishing more than one end with their anti-Russia and pro-Ukraine rhetoric. The biggest things i see, is they are driving more Conservatives into Russia’s camp, alienating Ukraine from the sentiment of patriotic Americans who would otherwise be supportive in sentiment and material; and depleting our military capabilities which only exacerbates the first two accomplishments.

        Biden and gang are some of the most soulless, wretched, corrupt people we have ever seen. When they meet their Maker, it will be horrifying for them.

      17. Yes he is. Just the fact he cant keep his hands and eyes off little girls is enough to put him under the jail, speaking for myself.

      18. If only i could forget.

        The fathers of those children who have stood by and allowed him to do that, have a lot to answer for too. The only man i have ever seen not allow him to fondle his (grand)daughters, was Jeff Sessions, when VP Biden swore him into a new term in the Senate. After the swearing in ceremony, Sessions ushered his granddaughters past Biden, and slapped Biden’s hands away from them when the dirty old man reached out to touch them.

        And that is also a reason i believe Jeff Sessions is one of the last -if not the last- honorable men we had in Congress.

      19. Sorry. Accidentally hit send. The other two were your essays, Russian Strategy and Europe’s Refugee Crisis”, and “Obama and Russia”.

      20. Grey, am reading the article about Obama’s personal pro-Russia mindset. No one in the days of 2016-17 ever said, “Stop this Russian collusion nonsense against Trump, Flynn, and others, and let’s discuss recent past history since Obama and Hillary were making decisions concerning American relations with Russia.” Secret meetings between Hillary and the Russians? Between Kerry and the Russians? What?! Where is The Vigilant Col Vindman when we needed him? Demanding to know what was negotiated in darkness? The media didn’t note the sudden shift from being cozy with Communist Russia by Biden and Obama to Trump plotting with Russia to win an election. Or did they just look the other way. “Liberal values be damned! Our importance in national affairs is more important than the truth”—as Rush Limbaugh pointed out the fact that these media elites benefited the most by playing along in the charade while The People are being hoodwinked.

        Trump’s Russia interests probably are limited to doing business and clinking champagne glasses with Russian beauties. Brennan gets on his knees for Russia…

        And I was upset when Lindsey Graham wanted Putin assassinated. Good article here as it discussed the Russian pivot from bad boys to conservative moralistic nationalism. It answers my questions, but who would believe that government goes to such great expense creating narratives of lies to achieve policy objectives. Similar to guerilla war where you don’t know who is exactly the enemy…

      21. Retired, it is truly as you said, that no one (in positions of power or great influence, ie government and mainstream media) in 2016/17, called for a halt to the Russian Collusion bs and demanded investigations into Obama, Hillary, et al.

        But, how much of our government and media is owned, bought out, compromised, and/or indoctrinated in Marxist ways of thinking?

        Soeaking only for myself, i wouldnt go so far as to say that our government itself goes to great expense creating narratives of lies, but that our government has been massively infiltrated by a highly organized and effecient group of people (Communists), committed to the destruction of our nation and the West. They didnt just get in there overnight, but have worked for generations embedding themselves, projecting themselves as different things to different people in their spheres of influence, but Communists at the core, working and sacrificing to realize the worldwide revolution.

        It is truly diabolical, truly Satanic.

        I would say, we know who our enemy is. Thanks to the unselfish work of men like Jeff Nyquist, tge Contemplative Observer, Trevor Loudon, and many others who did not get distracted by the many tantalizing conspiracy theories and false narratives generated by our enemies, but have kept their eyes closely on the ball, we know who the enemy is.

        Get your hands on a copy of the book New Lies for Old, by Anatoliy Golitsyn.

        There are so many good books,but a little work of fiction by CS Lewis, called That Hideous Strength, very masterfully shows how the minds of Communists organize and work. I have been rereading it the last few days, and it is a beneficial read, though fiction, like 1984, and Animal Farm.

        But to me, if you will prayerfully read and meditate on God’s Word daily, you will more and more easily get a sense of truth and lirs in the political spheres.

        Ultimately, Satan is our enemy. Communism is one of his greatest tools.

      22. Hahaha! I just began reading in That Hideous Strength where i left off last night.

        Bear with me for a moment.

        I am reading a conversation between a man named Ransom, a d Merlin (who has been awakenedin the present day to help defeat the basically Communist enemy which had taken over England). Ransom had earlier made a statement which caused Merlin to accept him as an authority.

        In the conversation where i picked up reading, Merlin tells Ransom that that previously made statement was a password recognized the world over. Ransom couldnt hide his surprise that it was a password.

        “But…but,” said Merlinus, “if you knew not the password, how did you come to say it?”

        “I said it because it was true.”

        The magician licked his lips which had become very pale.

        “True as the plainest things are true,” repeated Ransom…

        I very much identify with Ransom here. I had never read a lot about Communism, until i stumbled upon Mr. Nyquist’s work and had my appetite piqued, so to speak.

        I will never read and know as much as Jeff, and other intellectual giants on the subject.

        But, i have a solid foundation of Truth through a saving relationship with Christ and reading and meditating on His Word.

        So, when i first began reading things Nyquist was trying to show people about Communism, it just naturally rang true with me.

        Now, he and i and others here dont agree on everything pertaining to the Bible and philosophy,but that doesnt negate the fact that he knows much truth about our Commu ist enemy and has done a tremendous job exposing it, for those who have eyes to see.

        I didnt have to plumb the depths of it to realize this man has stayed on the trail of our enemies like a bloodhound on the scent of a coon…or criminal. The worst sort of criminal.

        It’s like my grandmother once told me. People trained to recognize counterfeit bills, dont spend all their time looking at every different counterfeit bill they can find, for arent there always new counterfeits being printed? No. They learn every detail of the real bills -the true bills- and thus they are able to recognize the false ones.

        Through the miracle of God’s Word, we have the Truth. If we know the Person Who is the Truth (Jesus), and the Book He gave us, we will recognize the lies around us. The more we know the Truth, the more easily we detect the lies.

        To me, it really is that simple.

        I know that Mr. Nyquist studies the Bible, and it has helped him in his quest to root out the lies our enemies have sown in our society.

        Finally, another statement from That Hideous Strength, when Merlin asks Ransom why they cant just go out and physically conquer their enemies.

        Ransom replies, “It could not be done now. They have an engine called the Press whereby the people are deceived. We should die without even being heard of.”

        Sorry if this is too much, Mr. Nyquist. I got rained out of work today, so just sitting at home for a little while before i go look over the jobsite.

      23. I agree with you that Mr. Nyquist has done an excellent job of revealing the vitality of Russian communism and that despite the makeover that Putin gave to himself and Russia, nothing has changed in over 100 years. This is new to me, and trying to figure out the implications gets messy:

        “Yes, Mr. Biden, I call your bluff. Now will you please nuke Moscow into oblivion so we can rid ourselves of this evil once and for all? Please, Mr President, put up or shut up.”

        Where I might have difficulty with Mr. Nyquist is in some of his conclusions about some of our institutions, namely the CIA and health institutions particularly. It is pretty well known that the CIA has gained too much power domestically and it in other countries, changing regimes and disrupting the internal affairs of our former enemies, which I was all on board with. The problem now is that constitution loving Americans are the target of the same alphabet agencies, and this can’t be good.

        As far as the Kennedy assassination is concerned I’m not sure what evidence Mr. Nyquist has that mitigates the CIA’s possible role there, and I have been reading books and articles about how the CIA was involved in the Watergate affair, (James Hougan, Secret Agenda, John O’Connor, Mysteries of Watergate) and we know from congressional committees of the 1970s that the CIA and the FBI had taken their powers too far. The 1960s were when the lines became blurred…
        Bay of Pigs, plots to assassinate Castro, JFK, plot to kill muckraker journo Jack Anderson, Ellsberg psych break-in…

        Why were General Lansdale, Frank Sturgis, E Howard hunt, and other CIA personnel spotted in Dealey Plaza in Dallas in November 22, 1963? Why are records sealed today that could tell us the full story about President Kennedy‘s assassination? I’m not sure I am on the same page with Mr. Nyquist regarding CCP and Russian disinformation designed to turn Americans against its institutions. I need to read his blog and go back to what he’s written on how and where the demoralization (Bezmenov) is happening, which it certainly is, but perhaps not in regard to,say, CIA, which has done a good job on its own causing trouble (Nixon really got taken down but the CIA lived to breathe another day).

        It will be a tall order since my reading list is loaded every day.

        Perhaps he can opine here and on what he thinks about Bannon. Both he and Bannon are participants on The Com on The Present Danger, but that doesn’t mean they are fully simpatico.

      24. You have looked into Kenney’s assassination and the CIA much more than I. From what little i have read and heard from Nyquist, and Loudon, and a couple of others, it makes sense to me that the KGB was behind it. Oswald had definite ties to the Communists.

        Maybe Mr. Nyquist will be able to give you some more input before the comments close, but if you peruse his essays, he talks about it here and there.

        One telling point is the statement Gorbachev made when visiting the U.S. He looked at a poster listing the different theories as to who was responsible for Kennedy’s assassination. The KGB was at the bottom of the list. He pointed to it, laughed, and said that that should have been at the top.

        Well, I’m off to look over my jobsite.

      25. Yes, I didn’t consider that. Perhaps CIA—and they were there—were looking for agents. The CIA at that time, were just as anti-communist as was Kennedy.

      26. It is a good idea to read Ion Pacepa’s book on Lee Harvey Oswald and Khrushchev’s role in the Kennedy assassination. The book is “Programmed to Kill.”

      27. I just quickly read the description on Amazon; good suggestion.

        Does the author explain the troubling forensic problems with the event, like JFK head being rocked back by the fatal shot?

        Feel free to suggest reading material. My emphasis is unfortunately shifting away from practical prepping and civil defense and back to interesting reading.

      28. The thing that is really disturbing is how the Russians prepared the way for this switch (flipping the right and left with regard to Russia). There are so many little things. But the zinger is found in the defector literature, where KGB Major Anatoliy Golitysn wrote about “convergence” as part of the Russian-Chinese long-range strategy. He warned of convergence of the West and East on the East’s terms. It’s as if this is being worked out through ideas, in our heads, over a long period of time.

      29. It’s evil and genius. Like I might have said here months ago, my brain doesn’t work the way theirs does. I know where up and down are and can’t function by corrupting reality.

      30. Retired: I support Ukraine’s independence as I hope you do. A country, minding its own business, should not be bombed and invaded, and falsely accused of being “Nazi.” In 1979 Senator Biden went to Moscow with a delegation. He spoke out against Soviet human rights abuses. I hope I am not obligated to approve of those abuses because Biden spoke out against them. But there is a secret document stolen out of the Soviet archive by Vladimir Bukovsky which shows that Biden told the Russians, in secret, that he did not really have a problem with their human rights abuses, that he had to pretend for the sake of appearances. Here is a link: “Biden’s Secret Diplomacy” – Bukovsky and Stroilov on Scribd. Check it out: — Biden is Moscow’s friend. He always has been.

      31. Thank you for your patience as I try to understand all of this.

        Ukraine independence is not what I have a problem with, nor is its their choosing to ally with anyone who will help them with their cause vis a vis Russia.

        What confuses me is our support for Ukraine because: how can a government support both democracy and communism? If Biden really sided with the USSR, which was possible given his labor union stances throughout his career, and if the entire Obama-Biden group is sympathetic towards communists (you know, China), then they too are communists. To me, they are globalists and pro-communist.

        Earlier when I was confused about the American plot in all of this, you kinda explained it by talking about China/US instead of US towards Russia. I recall Obama saying into a hot mic he wanted to support Vlad after he won re-election. What happened to that? Was the O Administration so democracy pure that it changed direction when a Russian puppet took power in U? It seems American globalists are selective about democracies they will support or “meddle” with. And we are a country that meddles. Only today the ones being meddled with are no longer communists.

        Honestly, whenever Democrats are in the White House, I can little make sense of their foreign policies.

        Thanks for hanging in here with me on this.

      32. The thing to understand is that Biden and his ilk are deceptive about what they believe and who they support. You cannot take their statements or claims at face value. Biden claims to be a patriotic American. Does that mean we have to be against America now, too? I think you will understand that Russian experts are trying to manipulate you even as Biden is playing his little games. Biden has slow-walked his military support for Ukraine which was wrung from him by a larger international process in which he must not give himself away as a true friend of Moscow and Beijing. Deception is the name of the game. An agent of influence is only effective if he does not blow his cover.

      33. Also, how can it be hard to see that Ukraine has been wrongfully invaded by Russia, with thousands of innocent civilians slaughtered, and they deserve vindication? Putin himself has said in speeches at the beginning of the invasion, that the breakup of the Soviet Unio was illegal, and basically he is putting it back together. Hence, Ukraine is the beginning of that “reunification”, and if they fall, look out! It is in our national interest that Ukraine damage, and even defeat Russia.
        Biden has long sold his soul to our Communist (i.e. Russian and Chinese) enemies, and is in a precarious situation as their lapdog and yet the “leader” of the nation they ultimately want to destroy. There are still many patriotic people. We still have our Constitution. He cant be as openly aligned with them as he may like, so must pretend to be supportive of Ukraine.

        Doesnt the fact he wants the Russian aligned Latin American countries to send inferior weaponry to Ukraine, and in turn supy them with our superior weaponry reveal his true sympathies? And who, pray tell, will the new weaponry be used against? He also indirectly supplied China with U.S. weaponry via Afghanistan.

        He must avoid being impeached and remain in office as long as possible, so that he can be used to weaken us and strengthen our enemies as much as possible. Hence, he must talk as if he supports Ukraine. But talk is cheap and actions tell the story.

      34. I inadvertently replied to Mr. Nyquist re your comments. Thanks for the very interesting reading!

  27. Zero Hedge: New RAND Study Breaks From US Hawks, Warns Against “Protracted Conflict” In Ukraine

    The famous Pentagon and US government-linked think tank RAND Corporation has finally attempted to inject some rare realism into the Washington establishment’s thinking and planning regarding the Ukraine war.

    So far throughout eleven months of conflict which remains largely stalemated, though the last few days have seen Russian military momentum and advance grow in the Bakhmut offensive, US and NATO officials have unhesitatingly and enthusiastically cheered on every major escalation of the West’s involvement.

    But the new 32-page RAND document has sounded the alarm over the dangers of this approach, which is unusual given the think tank is notorious for being the hawkish academic arm of the military-industrial complex. This was especially the case in the Vietnam war era, when RAND became infamous for its fueling the policy behind various insurgency and counterinsurgency fiascos in Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. RAND now argues that in Ukraine “US interests would be best served by avoiding a protracted conflict,” and that “costs and risks of a long war…outweigh the possible benefits.”

    The RAND report is here …. Avoiding a Long War: U.S. Policy and the Trajectory of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict (RAND Corporation).

    1. So the article says RAND has argued for the wrong policies in the past. But now, suddenly, their analysis is spot on. Let’s feed the Ukrainian people to the crocodile so it will eat us last. If it is not in our best interest to see Russian aggression halted in Ukraine why would it be in our best interest to see it stop at Poland or Germany or France? Why not give California to China. A prolonged war to keep Illinois would not be in our best interest. Give up now and save yourselves.

      1. I wonder if this turn from the “hawkish” RAND, on the back of Putin threatening nuclear attacks against NATO, is not a sign of that the West will take Russia’s rhetoric as a pretext to stop giving aid to Ukraine. “We really wanted to help Ukraine, but now madman Putin is explicitly threatening us with nuclear attacks. It would be irresponsible to keep helping them in this context, we have our own people to think of.” Whether this is a result of Communist agents finally being able to finesse policy in Russia’s favour, or fearful U.S. and NATO leaders naively thinking they have secured “peace in our time”, it doesn’t matter much if they succeed.

        Weeks before, when NATO countries were still dithering over giving a few MBT’s to Ukraine, there was this exchange on Russian state TV. Jan 10/23
        “Top Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov and his panelists promote the idea of resuming nuclear testing and conducting preventative nuclear strikes”

        The guests make a pretense of going along with the official propaganda which says that Russia’s very existence is at stake, but they soon let the cat out of the bag. Russia’s ratio of conventional weapons is not enough to advance against NATO and Russia needs a *global victory*. Countries like France and Britain are likened to animals, which will be clubbed in the head with a nuclear stick for getting in Russia’s way. This chauvinism-on-steroids portion is intended for Russian audiences. For Western audiences, there is a military expert who argues that a limited nuclear war is impossible and will lead to mutual destruction of the U.S. and Russia. One interesting point. Kalashnikov spoke to academics from Arzamas [-16] who told him that specialists who used to conduct testing have left, and that Russia’s products have been outdated for a while (sure hope this is true).

        Other lies told in the broadcast:
        – Polish units are fighting in Ukraine at full capacity
        – The U.S. has given a full range of weapons to Ukraine
        – Russia is fighting alone against the full potential of NATO
        – Russia, under Gorbachev, ratified a nuclear weapons testing ban but the U.S. never did the same
        – Russia has not tested a nuclear weapon in 30 years, only been using computer simulations

        There is a Jan 25/23 clip from CNN on youtube titled
        “US and Germany finalizing plans to send tanks to Ukraine”

        Former Gen. Wesley Clark makes some the same arguments Jeff has been making. That NATO is only sending a few dozen tanks months too late, when they should have sent hundreds of tanks months ago. Also other weapons that were promised to Ukraine (Switchblade drones for example) have still not been delivered and seem to be stuck in the Pentagon pipeline.

      2. Informed people know Ukraine is not winning, better peace deal with humiliating concessions now than unconditional surrender later. I can understand their logic.

  28. Do you think newly elected Czech president, general Petr Pavel, can be a deep communist agent? He was being trained for being a spy during the late eighties and then somehow made it into top NATO structures. He was a candidate of the pro western people. Somehow they don’t care about his past.

    1. I would be more suspicious of him than his supporters are. I believe in such cases you have to speak with people who know the subject personally to get a sense of who he is. I have not done that, so I cannot comment.

      1. He is most likely a double agent, Americans must have some dirt on him from the past, always the case of people who make it to top, who are promoted by mainstream media.

    2. Good question regarding Pavel, time will tell. Wolves in sheep’s clothing so perfectly sewn. Although he seems almost too perfect, at least to me as an outsider. It’s amazing how new candidate leaders that were indoctrinated into communism (this requires some commitment from what I’ve been told) can conveniently give it up.

      1. Do you understand our language? He speaks and acts like a robot. Repeating dumb phrases. I am curious who his handlers are. His voters are mostly conformists who would vote for anyone they are told in MSM.

        He was elected because all media were promoting him for some reason. Very powerful forces must be behind his campaign.

  29. “Commit: you mean the Americans the communists have dirt on?”

    His superiors in NATO who promoted former communist trained spy, from all people, into position that has nothing to do with intelligence. Can they be also communist agents? Or can it be that he was involved in some dirt they know on him, which makes him likely loyal in their eyes?

    Then CIA controlled media decided to promote him, from all people, as a presidential candidate? He was almost unknown before.

    No one talks about his past training. He presents himself as an ordinary military commander. CIA controlled media present him as such.

    Only the so called alternative media talk about his past.

  30. I have been perusing the blog “Once Upon a Time in the West”. Clearly the author has been following Jeff Nyquist and is well aware of the Perestroika deception and the Russia/China long-term strategy to destroy and/or subjugate North America and Europe following a nuclear war. All of this makes it jarring when in the top post he refers to NATO “recklessly escalating” the proxy war with Russia. This is accepting the enemy’s narrative –that ascribes guilt to our own side– in the one area where, against all odds, and however tentatively, the penetrated West is resisting the Communist advance. If Jeff’s military analysis is correct, Russia’s stumbling in Ukraine, and maybe to a lesser extent the China protests, may be the one thing keeping the Communist powers from launching the final war right now. This readiness to accept Russia’s narrative seems to be part of a long pattern, in which conservatives have more sympathy for Taiwan, etc. against China than sympathy for Europe against Islamic, and now against Russian, expansion. In their eyes, Europe was long ago written off as hopelessly socialist and not worth saving. It is a form of self-hatred.

    The article upthread doesn’t show India to be very grateful for all the benefits it got from the West. Tons of Western tech companies and manufacturers have opening branches in India, and tons of Indian workers and their families have immigrated to the U.S., Canada, UK and other countries. When I visited Italy in 2018, Florence was full of Indian shopkeepers selling souvenirs. But no appreciation for any of this.

    1. Laura: Yes, you are right. There is a lot of ingratitude towards America and the West. The West is not perfect., to be sure. I understand how many in India feel about British imperialism. But that was a long time ago. And as you know, the danger now comes from the communist movement and the Chinese Communist Party, and the Kremlin. But it is very hard to get a large number of people to say this and stick by it.

      I went to school with anti-American leftists in the 1980s. They constantly blamed America for everything. Reagan was evil, of course. They hated the Constitution and the Flag. Fast forward forty years to this steady drum beat today — involving the same accusations — coming from the right. The CIA killed Kennedy, says Tucker Carlson. The CIA pumped American full of drugs, says Alex Jones. The CIA did a coup in Ukraine, they both tell us. The CIA was taken over by Nazis long ago, we are told. The CIA and the DoD were behind 9/11. They are, even now, plotting to carry out a nuclear war (even though they have neglected to prepare for a nuclear war). Then somebody says the Defense Department wants to kill us all with a vaccine. It is suggested that our own institutions responsible for defending us from a biological attack have orchestrated such an attack on us. Big Pharma is plotting our demise, along with the leading banks, the capitalists, the corporations, etc. BLAME CAPITALISM. BLAME THE WARMONGERS IN THE PENTAGON. Please think. During the Cold War these same themes appeared constantly in the Soviet media, every day. (And in the communist press.) And now they are in the mouths of conservatives. Tell me if this can be a coincidence. Were the Soviet propagandists right, after all? Did the wrong side win the Cold War? Or did the Cold War come to an end as everyone imagined? The people trying to scare us into appeasement with nuclear war, during the Nuclear Freeze movement of the 1980s, were leftists. Now the people trying to scare us into appeasement include Tucker Carlson and folks on the right. Steve Bannon supposedly says he wants to destroy all our institutions and says he is for the working man and “the little guy.” Funny thing, isn’t it? Marxists were once for the working class. But who is holding up the working class now? You line up communist propaganda and left wing propaganda from forty years ago and you compare it to right wing propaganda now…. What is going on here? Am I the only one to notice? How do you explain this to people without making them angry? I only ask people to think about it. Try and understand how information warfare works. What does it really look like? And if it is truly smart, and well-done, would you even see it coming?

      How would you recognize that your own mind was being colonized? Honestly, I’ve been following this thing for 35 years and it’s pretty clear. We got here by discreet steps over a very long period of time. And right now we are against ourselves on nearly every front. We are all being turned against our own institutions, even as our institutions are being infiltrated and turned against us. It’s not just that the other guy has been corrupted and we are lilly white. We’ve lived pretty thoughtlessly, and this is where our thoughtlessness has brought us. We’ve all been going along, sleep-walking.

      1. Jeff: decades ago, I noticed a curious phenomenon, that major international corporations, supposedly capitalist, were supporting leftist, communist goals. That made no sense to me. By those actions, those corporations had become enemies of the United States and of capitalism. Does that include all of them? I don’t have the information to say “all”.

        Similarly, communists have infiltrated, even to the top, at least some of our alphabet agencies. Then the political appointees from Obama and Biden over our military act like they are traitors, trying to destroy us. I can see why shallow thinking people would end up blaming the whole agency, and not just the traitors within the agencies.

        I firmly support capitalism, which includes franchisees, but I’m suspicious of corporations and think they ought to be kept small and powerless. No way should there ever be any business/government cooperation—“crony capitalism”.

      2. There are hundreds if not thousands of large corporations. There are tens of thousands of communist agents from Russia, China, Cuba, etc., infiltrating government and business and science since 1991. In fact, look at how Marxists have inserted their ideas into our leading business schools. And look at the consequences for many corporations, especially hospitals.

        There are so many aspects to communist infiltration, one person like myself cannot keep up with all the detail. One ends up learning some basic principles after seeing the process at work in various institutional settings. Joseph Schumpeter, the economist, wrote that oligopoly capitalism was susceptible to being socialized. He thought the process was inevitable, as described in his book, “Socialism, Capitalism and Democracy.” Former communist Bella Dodd wrote about her own role as a communist lawyer, organizing to infiltrate schools and spoke privately (according to a recent biography) about sending hundreds of infiltrators into Catholic seminaries. Many have recognized this kind of activity as a serious longterm problem. Is capitalism now capitalist or socialist? Is the Pope even Catholic? You see the dilemma, of course. This is not easy to talk about. I think the socializing process is happening in many corporations. It is happening because the schools from which executives are hired have indoctrinated future business leaders. It is happening because communists got into major corporations decades ago, and may control some of our leading businesses. Certainly, they got into the Tax Exempt Foundations more than seventy years ago. The communists have been laundering drug money through our banks. How much control is there?

        The simplist way to discuss this is historically and sociologically. We have a New Religion (a political religion) that is rising to power through our culture, through the arts, sciences, and business. The resistance to this new religion has been sporadic and weak all along the line. What more can I say? At what point has the infiltration of capitalism and the culture left us past the point of no return? I do not know the answer. Right now, with the right wing using Russian talking points during a Russian invasion of Ukraine, I have little hope we can stop the process from engulfing the entire world.

        The scientist, Gustave Le Bon, wrote about this problem in two books. One on Revolutions and the other on Socialism. He said, in the end, the New Religion of socialism would triumph throughout the world. But then it would destroy the world. And then, it would finally be discredited. I am partial to this view, but I am not entirely sure. Humanity may remain in a degraded state for a long while. We have seen many degraded societies throughout history, and some of them have been around a long time.

    1. Yes, he seems a little less promoting the Russia line. I chewed him when he played clips from that stupid Col. MacGregor and another Russian stooge. And some of my friends wrote him as well. So, maybe he’s more clear headed.

  31. Update: I am still trying to find out what happened on Biden’s first trip to Moscow in 1973. It’s not in the Bukovsky files. Joseph FInder makes no mention of BIden by the way in his book. The articles on the internet have links to the 1973 trip that lead all to one place:his 2011 speech at Moscow university on the website. Has the information been scrubbed intentionally? What are they hiding? I found both Russian articles and American articles all say things like “Biden’s first trip to Moscow occurred in 1973” and then there will be a link…then back the we go.

    To Retired. Further information on Biden’s sympatico relationship with Moscow.
    It is known he went to Moscow for the first time in 1973 (also Egypt and Israel, shortly after his election; not sure which order he visited these countries),.

    Trevor Loudon made the point that a significant portion of Biden’s campaign funds came from The Council for a Livable World which was chaired in 1973 by Al Gore, Senior. This known Communist group is all for eliminating or limiting nuclear weapons in the USA. Not surprisingly, Biden has voted for stopping nuclear proliferation since the beginning of his career. This is further evidence of his “helping” his Russian buddies. Someone must know what happened in 1973 on his first trip to Moscow and I would like to find out what they are hiding.

    1. I can’t imagine any NATO country willing to fight for Ukraine unless a major false flag attack occurs on its territory.

      Also there are millions of Ukrainians living in NATO countries, I can’t imagine people will allow mobilization before sending those draft dodgers first.

      1. Does anyone in NATO believe nuclear war is possible? Or is that simply too far outside their ability to conceive? Perhaps it is a question of an inward unreality or disconnectedness.

      2. Commit: will they be fighting for Ukraine? Or for their own survival following a full-on Russian invasion fronted by tactical nukes? At the same time that the U.S. staggers under multiple nuclear strikes that have targeted much of its military and several major cities?

        Jeff is right, that our political leaders can’t conceive of a nuclear war. Doesn’t that make us more vulnerable to a nuclear attack?

  32. “that major international corporations, supposedly capitalist, were supporting leftist, communist goals”

    What communist goals? Monopolization of the economy?

    1. Retired: ask yourself, who uploaded that picture? How many of the accomplishments that it lauds are lies? Does this sound like the KGB agent who praises Stalin? Who works with known Nazis (Wagner group)? Who sent his army to invade a peaceful neighbor, starting in 2014? If you are a member of Western Rifle Shooters, could you find the answers to these questions? Or is this an organization that is Astroturf funded by Russian propaganda?

      1. The editor there goes by Pete.

        I saw some of Jeff’s articles got posted there; don’t know if someone submitted them or if Pete posted them. I began noticing that 100% of the memes and articles take the Russian side. The meme you saw is the reason why it is so slanted. The meme that showed a picture of some world leaders spaced apart and posing on what looked like pedestals was captioned,



        That’s how most people including I feel or felt.

        I tried getting Pete to post more balance by sending in some of Jeff’s recent works, but got no response.

        Please feel free to give it a go.

        Col MacGregor, who I listened to once or twice, is kind of the go to guy on the blog there. People will listen to him, or Mearsheimer, plus some Russian Americans who sound like experts (red flag!), but don’t seem ready to receive Mr. Nyquist. It took me a while to look favorably on Ukraine because I was convinced that Putin, although a thug, is a Christian nationalist in spirit, opposed to moral decadence like we are, and against the globalists agenda.

        If you have read my posts here and a few months ago, I really had to press Jeff on the problem of Team Biden siding against Russia if Jeff’s thesis is entirely based on Golitsyn’s warning. I think Mr. Nyquist has made made a good case that we are being steered into the Communist world.

        But who will rule it? Does Biden, Blinken, and the entire cast plan to rule, and if necessary, use arms against their ideological brothers to do so? or will they turn the country over to Xi? Putin? Schwab?

  33. Here is a direct quote from then Vice-President Biden to a Russian audience of government officials in 2011. He spoke at at Moscow State University. The link below will take you to the entire speech. Remember, the US President at the time was Obama and Putin was the Russian leader.

    “And if you think I’m exaggerating and overstating the case, consider the following statistics — or polling. In December of 2008 — December of 2008, one month before we were sworn in as President and Vice President, polling showed that only 17 percent of all Russians had a positive opinion of the United States — 17 percent. This year, that number has jumped to over 60 percent. Our goal is to have it continue to climb.

    That same year, Americans ranked Russia as one of the top five countries threatening American security — two years ago. This year, only 2 percent of the entire American population say they view Russia as a threat. All of this leads to one very important conclusion in the mind of one Vice President that I think is now beyond dispute: the reset is working. Working for all of us, working for Russia. And I would presumptuously suggest working for the world.”

    Tell me, who does Biden consider his buddy, Mr. Retired?

    1. “The great reset is working,” said the traitor Joe. Did the US favorability polling toward Russia go up because Barack was in the WH or because people are thinking Putin is anti-Davos, anti-WEF, anti-LGBT, pro-Christian?

      And thus it is true that Ukraine will never win its war with Russia: with allies like Joe and his controllers, Ukraine has no chance of defeating both the Russians and the Americans.

      For the imperialist Commies in DC, killing is for fun, power, and control.

      1. Great Reset has failed before they even started implementing it. There isn’t class basis for such a change. Who is supposed to enforce it? They can try, will end up hanging on the trees.

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