The very possibility that there are timeless truths is a reproach to the life of laxness and indifference that modern egotism encourages.

Richard M. Weaver

The atomized individual, cut off from his ancestors and his posterity, does not really see himself. And since he does not see himself, he cannot know himself. His education encourages him to specialize; that is, to know more and more about less and less. He sees history as a fragmented jumble of personalities and incidents which cannot be understood and probably should be ignored. He lacks the intellectual tools to see the patterns that are unfolding directly in front of him.

I was honored to have a discussion with Piero San Giorgio, a writer in Europe who sees a coming discontinuity (as I do). He knows a lot of history. I hope my readers will find this of interest:

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110 thoughts on “Conversation With Piero San Giorgio: A Historical Overview

  1. Do you have a recommended reading list? I’ve been ordering and reading the sources listed in the bibliography at the end of your essays but if there are other sources and books that you recommend then I would like to add them to my library as well.

  2. Thank you for this feast of truth and common sense. Enjoyed every minute of it.

    1. That is a good question. The Russian tradition in espionage, and according to previous Soviet operations, requires agent entry into the enemy’s camp. None would successfully enter except by deception, by controlled opposition, by subversion, bribery, pressure, and blackmail. Everyone at Davos is not an agent of Russia. Just the core organizers in a Leninist front organization — the WEF. One cannot capture a nation or group of nations from within without patience and the appearance of self-contradiction. Look at Kissinger as the most brilliant exemplar of this method in helping to arm and industrialize China. It was all done to hurt Moscow. But now Moscow is helped by China. What was lost inside Ukraine might always be recovered. Or not, depending on the success of agents working for Moscow inside Kiev. The mood in Europe is presently to resist Russia. The trick is to use this mood against Russia’s enemies in the same way a martial artist uses the strength of an enemy against itself. Imagine a peace treaty with a new Russian leader using a Ukraine peace treaty as a “bridge” to link all of Europe together even as America is pushed out. Such would be an ambitious plan, and it may easily fail. One tries nonetheless. One may take over what one peaceably enters. Failing that, mass death and slaughter follows.

      1. Long before Kissinger met Nixon, did Kissinger mentor Schwab? Were they both in it together to move America and the world away from sovereign nations and into a global government?

        It has been said that the CIA had a hidden agenda with its involvement in Watergate. The CIA at that time was opposite of what it stands for today, staunchly anti-communist. Was taking Nixon down necessary to get Kissinger out? Jerry Ford didn’t get the memo. Was the CIA fighting back against the administration’s plans to Make China Great Again? I haven’t heard anyone suggest this. But, yes, the CIA, according to Hougen and O’Connor, was deeply involved.

    2. The Western Globalists are, as T Loudon pointed out in a YT video last year, crypto communists themselves and I would go further and say they represent a rival faction to the Russo-Sino alliance. But they are sophisticated and pretend they are anything and everything but the one thing they truly are, and accordingly never apply the c-word to themselves.

      For me, the Ukraine situation is either an organic tussle between two ideologically aligned but rival blocs (the West vs the East) or something more complex, designed to synthesise a fully-blown digital ID social credit tyranny in the West (after, say, a cyberattack enacted by Russia, for real or by framing) and to establish long-term spheres of influence. Regardless, Russia will emerge from this (going by Ezekiel 38) as top dog among the barbarian hordes and the West will have the Mark of the Beast.

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us Jeff, even for someone who has followed you closely from the beginning, it was such an enlightening conversation. All the best

    1. Stalin is a hero, then, and not a mass-murdering tyrant? Oh my! And I suppose Marxism-Leninism is then the true philosophy! Mankind is saved at last! Such a revelation, Commit.

      1. “not a mass-murdering tyrant?”

        There isn’t any evidence for such allegations.

      2. Not all the volumnes that have been produced — by Robert Conquest, Solzhenitsyn, Kotkin, among hosts of others? So, you just ignore the reality that communism invariably produces. You just believe the Stalinist lies?

  4. Very interesting interview.

    Very important insight, that ideas are weapons. But the West has largely abandoned its best shield against bad ideas. That shield are the ideas contained in the Bible. Surveys that I have seen indicate that maybe as few as 5% of those who call themselves “Christian” actually know and follow what the Bible teaches. That’s in the U.S. with its myriad of churches.

    You mentioned that Protestant churches are dying. As a group (with some exceptions)… (each of the following can be expanded to at least a paragraph)
    • They no longer teach that the Bible is the Word of God
    • They have replaced Biblical teachings with emotionalism
    • They (not all) have retreated from the public square to concentrate on “religious” affairs
    • They have become anti-intellectual (the Reformation was an intellectual movement)
    • They have abandoned the concept of absolutes, both moral and otherwise
    • They have abandoned church discipline
    • They have abandoned history
    • They have allowed themselves to be infiltrated by heretics (communist agents, “higher critics”)
    To a large extent, the Roman Catholic church has done the same.

    This brings up, what is Christianity? By the time of Emperor Theodosios Roman Catholicism had been thoroughly compromised by paganism within its own ranks. Many of the practices that the Reformers of the 16th century recognized as heresies had became mainstream within Catholicism before Emperor Theodosios. One of those pagan practices was military action against those who were considered infidels.

    “…impose an orthodoxy…” is a practice opposed by the New Testament. In the New Testament, the orthodoxy is to be taught and the only imposition is that if one doesn’t agree with the orthodoxy, that he may not be a member of the group (church discipline).

    It is the ideas taught in the Bible that are the strongest weapon against wokism and communism. That’s why communists infiltrated the churches to blunt or even turn back those ideas. An example is “liberation theology”.

    That was insightful to recognize that we are very close to the same situation as was fourth century Rome. I see one big difference—the blue cities fear starting a civil war because they know they probably would lose, while the rural areas see starting a civil war as bad tactics, so we are at a tense stand-off. So even though wokism wants to start a crusade against anti-wokism, they won’t. Anti-wokism won’t start shooting until they have no other choice.

    Thanks again for a thought provoking and insightful interview.

  5. My concerns about vaccines it that this may be broader attack on fertility, which evidence seems to suggest. If 60% of people art infertile within 10 years, then out society falls apart. The second concern is that it has a built in kill switch which Karen Kingston, a former fizer medical analyst, believes after reading the patents. But if that were the case you would have done enough damage to the war by now. Too many unknowns and possibilities. Very concerning.

    1. I find the kill switch idea way too far-fetched. Many people also tie that in with 5G networks and at that point you might as well and have Mike Lindell’s Bio-symposium.

      Instead, I believe the long-term effects of the vaccine will be primarily on fertility and susceptibility to cancer both for the current and future generation.

    2. I think Greg is right. But it’s interesting how much of the Covid discussion has veered towards conspiracy theory – 5G, programmed kill switches, WEF depopulation agenda, etc. Jeff said something on that topic on the John Moore radio show this week, I don’t know if he got to finish his thought. When another guest repeated a new rumour of MRNa being put in the meat supply (but how could the MRNa survive the meat being cooked?), he questioned whether the intent of Covid and the Covid shots is really to depopulate the planet, since so many people dying at once *in the whole world* would be noticed and would provoke a violent reaction against the perpetrators. Instead, he said, what is less discussed is the possibility that Covid was an attack directed specifically against the West, with the goal being to create an ongoing crisis and gradually depopulate the West in order to prime it for a future military attack. This may be one reason why there was such a concerted push to make everyone get the MRNa Moderna/Pfizer shot, which was first manufactured and tested in China, but not the J&J shot. Dr Robert Malone revealed recently that Fauci was livid that J&J received government funding to develop a rival Covid vaccine to the Pfizer one. If anyone has a link to that, please post it as I couldn’t find anything specific on this on the Judicial Watch site. (Curiously, in browsing the titles of recent JW podcasts there were several references to Ukrainian biolabs. Also a lot of press releases about vaccine safety and the U.S. government-funded “gain of function” research at the Wuhan lab, but very little on the foreign origins and development of the Pfizer vaccine.)

      To go back to my original point, much of conservative media is focused on the “global depopulation agenda”, as shown by the amount of coverage given to the recent WEF summit in Davos. For example, Rebel News, a Canadian conservative news outlet, keeps sending me updates of their round-the-clock Davos coverage while bragging of how many reporters they sent to the summit. Notice how in 2+ years the “global depopulation agenda” has become commonly accepted wisdom on the conservative side. Purveyors of this theory also know with certainty who is behind it (those shadowy James Bond villain types at Davos!) and so the only questions that remain are over the particulars, ie. whether the MRNa vaccines come with a 5G kill switch, whether they will be added to the meat and the air we breathe, and whether Xi and Putin are puppets of the Davos group or fighting against it. If Covid was understood as a biological attack against the West, then it would stand to reason that powerful non-Western entities are ultimately behind it. Perhaps the country where Covid originated, and which, along with its close ally Russia, has long defined itself in (rhetorical) violent and hostile opposition to the West. I think if it came out that the Covid vaccine was developed with substantial Chinese input, and that Chinese state-funded companies control the manufacturing process in the U.S., this would quickly cut through the general public’s vaccine acceptance. People might buy a toy that is made in China, but who would inject themselves with a biological product made in China? This will be another missed opportunity for the patriot side if they don’t follow up on it.

  6. I read (for example) Madre Frances Alice Forbes’ biography of the Patriarch Athanasius of Alexandria (Saint Athanasius); the 4th century was in no way, shape or form characterized by Christians/Christian leaders skillfully lobbying and maneuvering their way into secular predominance to the detriment of every religion and sect else. It seems to me one can hardly say they were aggressive in that sense, as opposed to reluctant.

    For example, up to the Council of Nicea (325 A.D.) the bishops who participated in the Council had no familiarity with the army or imperial guard the Emperor ordered to salute them, according to Forbes’ purported impression the council fathers recieved salutation in the sense of having evoked all the tortures they not rarely had endured some years before at the hands of military officials. Thus Christians didn’t have any plan to penetrate or infiltrate the army. Forbes’ notes this same army would in a matter of years after the Council submit a considerable number of those same fathers to torture all over again, because of the Arian heresy takeover.

    Saint Gregory Nazianzen (Patriarch of Constantinople), for instance, accorging to Alban Butler’s account of his life, came to Constantinople around 379 as a bishop to find the place entirely desolate of Nicene-Creed partisans, the city in a state of murky confusion and basically no religious life, due to the former predominence of the Arian positions, and likely other parties arisen therefrom. His public orations (famous for their sublimity and encouraging quality), and his patient intervention, turned things around, but he didn’t act through ordinary political intrigue, he dressed so humbly and was so clearly attached to chastity and frugality and as to offend people. He quickly renounced his position as Patriarch of Constantinople and distanced himself from the powerplays and disputes of the Council of Constantinople, once the faithful in the city grew considerably again from almost nothing thanks to him. So the history of the 4th century is not the history of an urban Christian religion’s overwhelming and besieging powergrab, pressing in on the countryside. It was the story of how the corruption of city life played some role in quickly ousting from power the religion that at first sight seemed to have gained preeminence, and it is the story of costly and slowly it was for Christian to survive this upheavel and turn things around (thanks to leaders who not rarely reveled in living in the wilderness away from the reckless agitation and vanity of the cities, leaders such as Saint Gregory Nazianzen, Saint Anthony of Egypt, Saint Athanasius etc.).

    Arianism and its respective party outlived (along with its considerable influence then) the 4th century and played a remarkable role in Christian history for centuries after. Orthodox Christianity in the 4th century didn’t crush heretical sects it could techincally have attempted to crush though political maneuvers, such as the Priscillianists form the Iberic Peninsula. Saint Martin of Tours (a bishop), if I am not mistaken, is described as having protected the lives of some Priscillianists at the expense of entering a conflict with secular authorities. Priscillianists traveled to Rome and attempted to make their case before the Pope without being arrested or (apparently) agressively denounced throughout Christendom.

    Fr. William Jurgens (well-known church historian, from “The Faith of the Early Fathers”, volume 2): “At one point in the Church’s history, only a few years before Gregory’s [Nazianzen] present preaching (+380 A.D.), perhaps the number of Catholic bishops in possession of sees, as opposed to Arian bishops in possession of sees, was no greater than something between 1% and 3% of the total. Had doctrine been determined by popularity, today we should all be deniers of Christ and opponents of the Spirit.”

    Fr. William Jurgens: “In the time of the Emperor Valens (4th century), Basil was virtually the only orthodox Bishop in all the East who succeeded in retaining charge of his see… If it has no other importance for modern man, a knowledge of the history of Arianism should demonstrate at least that the Catholic Church takes no account of popularity and numbers in shaping and maintaining doctrine: else, we should long since have had to abandon Basil and Hilary and Athanasius and Liberius and Ossius and call ourselves after Arius.”

    Of this possibility of degeneracy Saint Jerome said: “The whole world groaned, and was astonished to find itself Arian.” In a panegyric of Saint Gregory Nazianzen about Saint Athanasius, the former confessed that during the Arian takeover of the church externals he (Saint Gregory) cried sour tears in misery. “We are persuaded”, wrote Saint Basil to Saint Athanasius, a quote inserted in a biographical work of Frances Alice Forbes, “your lidership is the only comfort remaining in our afliction. By the power of our prayers, and the wisdom of your counsel, you carry us through this terrible torment; as are assured of it all those who experienced, in some way, of your bounty. Because of it, cease not to pray for our souls, and encourage us in letters. If only you knew how much they benefit us, you would never let pass any opportunity to write. If it were given me, by your prayers, ever to see you, and benefit from your gifts, and add to the story of my life a meeting with so great and apostolic soul; certainly I should consider that the loving mercy of god rewarded me for all sorrows with which my life was afflicted.” The basic reason Athanasius became so prominent is that he became so alone in defending the church’s interest against heresy.

    Another point is Christians have not accidentally or without primary concern preserved the traditions of the ancient world. Saint Gregory Nazianzen violently reprehended those who didn’t like classical antiquity/classical literature or its cultivation, and von Pastor says this attitude is quite common among influential early fathers. Cardinal Newman describes some of the earlier fathers as weaving philosophies of history based on Greek mythology preserved in poetry. Augustine made valuable contributions, for example, to Aristotle’s theory of the categories. Boethius’ The Consolation of Philosophy, a call-back to the value of classical antiquity, is said in the Encyclopaedia Britannica to be the second most widely read book in the Middle Ages Latin territories, after the Vulgate. Boethius figures as a motif in the Hagia Sophia Eastern Cathedral. Otto Maria Carpeaux suggests the English Christian Monks from the early Middle Ages were active scholars of antiquity in way of philology and other literary studies.

    René Guénon himself observes it is quite clear the whole point of the Christian intervention in the Roman Empire was effectively rescuing the empire from collapse.

    1. In reply to your comment elsewhere about Fatima secret #3, if what you wrote is true then wouldn’t the current socialist pope want to make it public? That would really rally his troops and put the traditional factions on the defensive.

  7. Something I found very interesting today, in light of the discussion on society.

    I’ve been reading Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities, for the first time. I found this brief description of the state of French government and society quite similar to that in which we find ourselves in America:

    “Military officers destitute of military knowledge; naval officers with no idea of a ship; civil officers without a notion of affairs; brazen ecclesiastics, of the worst world worldly, with sensual eyes, loose tongues, and looser lives; all totally unfit for their several callings, all lying horribly in pretending to belong to them, but all nearly or remotely of the order of Monseigneur, and therefore foisted on all public employments from which anything was to be got;…

    “Doctors who made great fortunes out of dainty remedies for imaginary disorders that never existed… Projectors who had discovered every kind of remedy for the little evils with which the state was touched, except the remedy of setting to work in earnest to root out a single sin, poured their distracting babble into any ears they could lay hold of… Unbelieving Philosophers who were remodeling the world with words, and making card-towers of Babel to scale the skies with, talked with Unbelieving Chemists who had an eye on the transmutations of metals…

    “Such homes had these various notabilities ” [the nobles and others] “left behind them in the fine world of Paris, that the spies among [them] would have found it hard to discover among the angels of that sphere one solitary wife, who, in her manners and appearance, owned to being a Mother…Peasant women kept the unfashionable babies close, and brought them up, and charming grandmammas of sixty dressed and supped as at twenty…

    “The leprosy of unreality disfigured every human creature in attendance upon [the king]…”

    1. “Tale of Two Cities” is my favorite work of fiction. The theme of redemption runs deep through that book and many of Dickens other works.

  8. “Not all the volumnes that have been produced”

    I have yet to find an accusation against Stalin that professor Furr haven’t debunked in his many books.

  9. In Max Horkheimer’s (Horkheimer was the leader of the Marxist Frankfurt School) 1964 essay “Feudal Lord, Client and the Specialist”, he says that the disappearance or diminishing role of people he calls “specialists” [those comparable to what Ortega y Gasset calls “noblemen”, who took a lot of time and trouble to be skilled or knowledgeable] in industrial/mass society; this disappearance effects the following curious phenomenon: since everything becomes surface-like and artificial, it also becomes a requisite to be a fanatic that one believes not one’s own fanaticism/fanatical doctrine.

    I think it is simply a fact the left-wing politicians in America have taken full advantage of this fact. For example, the Ilhan Omar “some people did something” 9/11 speech (from which she didn’t back down or apologize one iota) gave occasion to Omar’s party accusing Omar’s critics essentially of simply being misogynist and anti-black racists. They promoted that and got away with it. I don’t think those who defended Omar, like AOC (who accused the criticism against Omar of being unchartered territory in terms of abuse and intimidation), believe one word of what they said. It seems to be a requisite to promoting the kinds of politics leftists promote that they don’t believe in it. At the same time this technique is effective because the general expectation is at least subliminally accustomed to a surface-like empty discourse by default. It is brilliant, in the sense that it is the same as commiting a crime against the mob/mafia and teasing them by asking “Are you gonna call the police?” Of course they won’t. And the funny thing is that albeit everyone essentially gets the point that’s what’s happening, there is not clear way to express it, it’s like a straitjacket. The same could be said of religious indifferentism.

    1. This person is wrong in his assumptions about small towns and rural areas. In fact, in a small town about 30 miles from me, blm was going to bus in some people to cause trouble. The people who owned businesses, and their families and neighbors were there with their weapons, ready to protect their town. The busses just rolled on through. I found out about it a couple days after it happened. One guy who was there, tokd me there were drones flying overhead. He thinks they were taking pictures or, surveillance, of the people who were there to keep their town from being destroyed. I think he’s probably right, seeing how blm had a free reign, and those who fought back sometimes got in trouble with the law.

      I’m sure the professional revolutionaries wold like to take their destruction into the small towns, and rural areas. Just as they eventually went after the kulaks in Russia, and spread into the countryside from Paris. But -for now- we are well armed and still able to impose a harsh penalty for that. The only questions are, for how much longer? And, do all small towns and rural areas have the will to stick together (not only against the mob, but also against pressure from the Law) and fight for what is theirs?

      1. I’ll say one more thing, in the town closest to where i live, there were rumors of blm types coming to cause trouble, around the same time as in the other town.

        Two young guys who work for me, have a dad who is a ranking officer in the police department. They are a very closenit family, and were “on standby” to help him if that happened. I called him and volunteered to be posted at a business if they needed more manpower. He gladly accepted my offer. Thankfully, nothing ever happened.

        A lot of law enforcement lost my respect during the riots, and covid madness, but there are still a lot of good ones too, who still understand their real duty.

        I think in areas like mine, where many if the families go back many generations, and there is a lot of distant kinship, and a kind of attachment to the land, that many revolutionaries will lose their lives and health if they try to spread into our areas.

      2. In western Europe, most of small farmers got bankrupt, “kulaks” bought out their land. Less fertile areas got depopulated. Small farmers got unemployed.

        In lesser extent this happened in America, where the farms were already bigger. What happened to your farmers in thirties was not due to dust storms.

        Collectivization is a more human way of mechanization of agriculture.

      3. I was referring to Russian kulaks after the Bolshevik Revolution, when the Bolsheviks sent their minions to plunder the foodstores of the kulaks, thus taking violence from the Petrograd into rural areas, and to France during the French Revolution, when the mob violence began to be exported to the rural areas.

        Your definition of collectivization sounds just the way Lenin or Stalin would have described it.

        Wake up, Commit.

      4. Collectivizaion is more human? I can hardly believe you are saying this. You take a person’s farm, a family’s farm, and all they have worked for, and their dreams, and you take his animals away from him, and it’s humane? You are out of your mind.

      5. Cant remember what month for sure, but it was that summer. However, i cant think of anything CDA would describe. CCA would describe the area though. But, I’m pretty sure this probably happened in different places that summer

  10. “”some people did something” 9/11 speech”

    Where she wrong? Some people did something. There wasn’t any honest investigation due to cowardice Americans like you. (There are brave people in the truth movement so I don’t want to put into the same bag).

    1. Some peoplo did something, to be sure, which isn’t the point. The point is instead of honoring the name of that tragedy (one most haven’t experienced directly to know what it felt like [e.g. being a relative of the victim/victims]) Omar spoke casually about it, and in way of signaling that tragedy under the aspect of accidental effects therefrom she resents; which is the same as saying she handled the subject-matter in a expletive sense, as opposed to using the ordinary definition underlying that tragedy. She, in a subliminal way, did not want to acknowledge the primary significance and meaning of that tragedy; consequently she meant this same rhetorical treatment of the subject-matter she was giving the audience should be [to the audience] considered ordinary and normal, when it is by definition not the ordinary or normal treatment the subject-matter naturally has. She was hypnotizing the audience. And the response to her critics, calling them misogynists and racists, and criminals who incite violence, was another hypnotic social engineering push.

      By the way, Omar is a Muslim, Muslims know full-well you are supposed to use a sacred name, however the purpose you use it for may be, like one walks on eggs; thus she probably knew from the sacred conventional sense attributed to the memory of the 9/11 tragedy she would hurt people’s susceptibilities by the way she talked. When a Muslim uses the name of a person [he or she] deems a prophet he/she adds “Peace be upon him/her” [“Prophet Issa/Jesus, peace be upon him, said that…”], even if the Muslim has scarce information on who this prophet was. So you don’t just use the name of something sacred like you handle the name of something prosaic/profane. Similarly, I wouldn’t be able to talk about the 1258 Fall of Baghdad (which left a lasting scar on Muslims, to be sure) with the casualness Omar talked about 9/11, because the evocation of it can easily make me cry, and in any case will without a doubt strike awe in my mind, even though it happened centuries ago. When Omar resisted saying “I am sorry anyone was hurt”, she simply meant to say “I don’t care, and that is why I made the choice of words in question to begin with”. There is anecdotal evidence a strong lobby is at large among Muslims to keep pushing this envelope of ok-ing to evoke the memory of 9/11 to associate it with anger against it having been used to embarrass Muslims, as opposed to evoke the sad and disturbing memory of those people who were really human sacrifices and were cruelly made a spectacle of by the terrorist attack.

      1. Retired was referring to the comment above “There are strange rumors of something that formed after Watergate, more secret than CIA.” that you made at 12:08. I was wondering the same thing.

      2. Yes. There is an old rumor that a secret intelligence group exists from the time of Angleton. Unfortunately, it remains a rumor only. No proof. Just stories from questionable sources.

  11. You wake up. Learn about your history. Small farmers got bankrupt often ending up unemployed in capitalism.

    1. And in Communism, small farmers were forced to work for the collective. No private ownership of the land, which induces pride and the ability to enjoy the fruits of one’s own labor, but rather fosters jealousy, resentment (of those who cant or wont work diligently), laziness, and theft, and actually results in starvation.

      People go bankrupt in *openly* capitalistic societies, many times because they foolishly take on a lot of debt during good times, and then when a downturn in the economy, or other setbacks take place, they cant pay their debt and are forced to file for bankruptcy. But for the wise, thrifty, and good, capitalism provides the best economic framework within which to work.

      So, your desired collectivist economy, hobbles a man right out of the gate, induces the baser qualities of human nature, and prevents prosperity; while capitalism leaves it all up to the individual whether to pursue noble ideals or succumb to baser motivations; to work diligently to honor God and family, or to just do enough to get by; to attain prosperity and thus benefit society, or to never have hope of better living conditions but always be at the mercy of evil, psychopathic dictators, and corrupt, ignorant bureaucrats.

      I’m no economist, but I understand enough about human nature and history, to be able to choose the better and more honesty type of economic framework.

      1. The collective farmers are all co-owners. What you say applies only few in capitalist society, it applies on all agricultural workers in socialist society.

      2. You are repeating the propoganda as told to the poor collective farmers. I have read quite a few testimonials and autobiographies over the years, and a handful of historical books, and none of them describe collectivization as something wholesome or good, as you do. They all describe it as oppressive, inefficient, corrupt, miserable.

        But they do say that their leaders and the bureaucrats who imposed collectivization on them, described it in such terms as you.

        Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and others described it in such terms as you do.

        Name me one prosperous, and thriving, collectivist society.

    2. There are no guarantees in life. What if you wake up and have cancer? What if you get crippled in a car accident? What are we going to do to prevent this? Chain you to your bed so you cannot get up and hurt yourself? This is called life, and bad things happen to people. If you are an adult, it is one of those things you have to accept. Economic freedom is of great importance, and it comes with a price. Guess what that price is? Your business might fail. The alternative is slavery, where you get subsistence and you own nothing, and you do not care to work hard because you will always get that guaranteed minimum. You have to understand what is what. You have to be a man. Life is risk. Always.

      1. Many years ago, I read somewhere that American industry was founded on private ownership of farms and the surplus provided by those farms. That way, the surplus could pay for the venture, and if the venture failed, the people can still eat and maybe try again. An example is Henry Ford, the farmer who started the Ford automobile company.

    1. I never defended any individual. And Gates is a great example of a person who, free to pursue base motivations or noble ideals, chose to give in to greed and became a useful idiot or lackey for the Chinese Communist Party.

      Nyquist brought this out in his “Subversion of the Not-so Innocent”.

      Then, on the flipside, you have a man like Dan Cathy, who had honorable motivations and desures, and built a thriving, lucrative business in which he provided a good income for his employees, benefited the communities around his stores, and delivered a good product and service.

      Could not have happened in a collectivist society.

      Capitalism, or maybe it is more accurate to say a free-market economy, (someone can correct me), provides the best economic framework for a prosperous society. Or course, only an overall upright and moral society can turn it to good use.

  12. “Name me one prosperous, and thriving, collectivist society.”

    In my country, the Czech Republic, the collective farms largely survived the counter revolution of 1989 and following wave of privatization. They are no less efficient than large private farms, where most of the workforce are not the owners anyway. Our agriculture is very competitive despite getting bullied by the EU that gives west European farmers much larger subsidies.

    1. If that is true, then it is the only exception I’ve ever heard of, and you are the only person I’ve heard hold it up as such.

      1. On second thought, going merely by your comment, if there is agricultural prosperity in the Czech Republic, it would appear that it is because of the privatization of some farms, becaue there certainly was no prosperity before the “counterrevolution”, as you call it, as it was merely a Soviet satellite, oppressed under the weight if Communism.

    2. I looked up some information on the Czech Republic’s economy. Only 2.6% of the labor pool works in agriculture. So, even if it was true that some of the farms are still collectivized, then they would be voluntarily so, and it not forced on them. And also, they are a very small part of the overall economy.

  13. “You take a person’s farm, a family’s farm, and all they have worked for, and their dreams, and you take his animals away from him, and it’s humane?”

    Your ancestors did that to native Americans, usually murdered them in addition.

    1. Commit: Oh! So you know who my ancestors were and that they were thieves and murderers! And you use this blanket condemnation of my family to justify Stalin’s thievery and murder! without actually knowing the history of my family! Poor immigrants from Sweden who never fought Indians. I would never argue in a way that justifies mass killing and the plundering of others, as you are doing. My ancestors did not rob Indians or hold African slaves. But even if they did, I am not guilty of something done by someone I never met who happens to be a great grandfather. If your great grandfather was a thief, should you be held on charges? Just listen to the way you argue. You argue like a communist. It’s so dishonest and wicked. You argue for killing. Why? Because you apparently think it’s fun. But, of course, you are a communist, justifying Stalin by accusing me and my family of crimes against Indians. Me and mine deserve to be robbed and murdered by you and yours because….. Just listen to yourself. Your words rings with blood lust.

      1. By you I mean American landowners. Nothing personal. You were talking as if the land was something created by landowners, not something that simply exists.

      2. No Commit. You made this very personal. You accused my family. By extension, you accused me. Everyone can read it. You do not get a pass.

      3. And like a good little Communist, Commit also denied the mass murders for which Stalin was responsible for upthread. “Stalin never ordered the murder of millions of capitalist scum in the 1930’s, and if he did it was totally justified by the American colonists taking land from the Indians in the and 18th century!”

      4. We ought to take these communist arguments personally, because the arguments he makes have been used to demonize Americans and justify the destruction of our country. How many of us will survive the process Commit is justifying? How many of our loved ones may die? This is more than hate speech. It is a mass murder contract, and it is no joke. Russia and China are building biological and nuclear weapons with the idea of targeting the U.S. Commit is their little mouthpiece, and he is monitoring this site. Why?

      5. In September 2019 the Bill and Malinda Gates Foundations made a $55 million investment in Biointech. In January 2020, when nobody knew how serious the pandemic would be, Pfizer and Biointech rushed to fashion a contract, their lawyers were worried they did not have all their ducks in a row. This is before anyone knew the events in China constituted a global threat. According to Naomi Wolf, Biointech had established positions in Wuhan and elsewhere in China. Remember, then, that it is the spike protein that causes harm in the body from the COVID-19 virus and is also produced in the body through the Pfizer COVID-19 “vaccine.” The mRNA of the lipid nano particles of the vaccine — according to Wolf — lodge in your liver, ovaries, spleen, and lymph nodes. According to Wolf, “The spike protein was developed by a Chinese scientist working in the U.S. , and that is an important compenent of the vaccine.”

        “Internal Pfizer vaccines showed no efficacy in November 2020…. Millions of people were vaccinated.” In May 2021 Biointech and a Chinese pharmaceutical company called Fosun Paharma were partnered. They commmit to produce one billion doses of the mRNA vaccine. Biointech provides the technology while Fosun produces the doses. There is some evidence that the vaccines were packaged or handled in Kansas and Massachusetts, but really we don’t know the source of the contents. This is a question-mark. Fosun Pharmceuticals is run by a deputy to the 10th and 11th People’s Congress of the CCP. So the chairman and CEO partnered with Biointech is highly connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

        In one video Wolf spoke of how the documents were acquired by a group with help from Judicial Watch. She and others have been going through the documents. If I have misunderstood anything she has said, it is after watching several presentations and being myself unclear as to what her statements mean exactly.

        On a segment with Steve Bannon many weeks ago she stated that the first testing of the Pfizer vaccine occurred in China, under nine groups. One was run by a PLA general. She stated that the first factory for making the vaccine was built in Shanghai. I have not seen any more on it and I have a difficult time finding old videos on Rumble because it does not have the best search engine.

        She has a Pfizer documents ebook.

      6. Yes, you are on to something Jeff. Reading between the lines, what Commit is saying should be especially frightening for Americans. If Stalin’s atrocities against Russian and Ukrainian peasants were somehow justified because of what American colonists did to the Native Indians, then what do the *actual descendants of those American colonists* deserve? Surely mass murder on a historically unprecedented scale!

      7. No. This is not what I watched. But it was Wolf and Bannon, and I listened to it four times. And I do not know why it is not being repeated far and wide, or is hard to find.

    2. So Commit says that because someones that had no relation to me, nor were my ancestors, had slaves and killed Indians, therefore I deserve to die? As far as I know, none of my ancestors were even in the States before about 1875. Then they came to be factory workers in Chicago and farm workers in Iowa. My father’s father was an immigrant. Therefore I deserve to die? Therefore I am to be discriminated against because of the color of my skin?

      Even if my ancestors were guilty of those crimes, Biblical teaching says that children are not to be punished for the sins of their parents, nor parents for the sins of their children. But communists like Commit and woke racists don’t care.

      1. Most of us are descended from European peasants, who suffered plenty from wars and famines and plagues. But we’re not asking for anyone to apologize for the tragic circumstances of our ancestors. We are blessed to live in American from the point of view of abundance and freedom. In other respects, we’re in a very bad situation. And we are floundering.

  14. My ancestors are from the Czech Republic so if my great grandfather came over and killed Indians and stole their land then maybe we should hold the Czech Republic responsible. Where does it end?
    Thank you, Jeff, you are a true warrior.

    1. How is the country your ancestors left responsible for what they did in the new country? Our country didn’t even exist back then if it was before WW1 when the genocide of Indians happened.

      1. You mean to say, Commit, that you defend the white colonialist Czech settlers in their supremacist take-over of land that belongs eternally to the native American?

        You stand with the white robbers, and against the victimized people of color?

        I expose you for the fаscist that you are.

  15. There was no genocide of Indians in America. Indians of practically every tribe are still alive today. And guess what? The Indians wiped out other tribes, and people who were here before them.

    But, really, it’s not about Indians to you. It’s just, that you are a pathetic, bloodthirsty little Communist troll, who does desire our deaths, as Mr. Nyquist said.

    It’s sad to see a small, shriveled soul as you regurgitate the lies of your filthy leaders which you blindly and eagerly swallow.

    You are like a parrot on the shoulder of a bloodthirsty pirate, repeatedly squawking the utterings of your master.

  16. Commit: My ancestors are from the region that is now known as the Czech Republic, a place that you call home. If you are using the “sins of thy father” logic then I would then be paying for the atrocities done by people now known as Czechs. So, were the people from your region evil Indian killers? Were they so eager to kill that they hopped on a boat and headed over to America to get the natives? Twenty first century Americans should not have to pay for our European ancestors sins.

  17. “You mean to say, Commit, that you defend the white colonialist Czech settlers in their supremacist take-over of land that belongs eternally to the native American?”

    Neither me nor my country took part of it. My country never took part in colonialism. Those individuals acted on their own. It was British colony, then the USA.

  18. If American land is eternally owned by native Americans then are the rest of us supposed to move back to Europe? How will I be received in the Czech Republic? You sound like an angry person so I bet I would not be welcomed back with open arms. I feel sorry for you because you are so angry and hateful, I will pray for you, Commit.

    1. Do you speak our language? I don’t care what your ancestry is, you are an American.

      1. Commit: Just for you to know. The last great famine to strike Europe, to claim many victims, took place in the country of my great grandfather, Adrian. That country was Sweden in the middle of the nineteenth century. He was a toddler when the famine hit. When he was eleven his father took the family to America, where food and land were plentiful, where immigrants were welcome.

        The tragic race war that raged over North America between whites from Europe and the Native tribes, might be traced to King Philip’s War. The Indians and whites of New England were living in peace for many years during the seventeenth century. Each had knowledge and goods the other wanted. But racial tensions arose over land that had been sold. In this war, some historians have claimed that a third of the White inhabitants in the areas affected by the war were killed. Many native Americans suffered worse, since the Indians who started the war lost. Then came the French and Indian Wars, involving terrible savagery — with Indian tribes fighting for both sides (but mostly for the French). The politics of these wars was never simple. The behavior, on all sides, was not always honorable. After all, the participants were human beings. To depict the native Americans as victims is not the whole story. To depict white people as evil, is also not the whole story. Given the terrible conditions many Europeans faced, given the open land in North America, given the many native Americans who loved the things white people had to offer, there were many who quietly joined with European civilization and accepted its advantages. Most of the descendants of native Americans are of mixed blood today. Other tribes proudly preserve their traditions. Nobody is exterminating them today. Many Americans have native blood in them. You can hardly tell who might share this ancestry among us. My own ancestry is not 100 percent European or white. This is true of many Scandinavians. We are, through our Uralic ancestors, not so far removed from the Indian’s own ancestry.

        Here is what is really objectionable in what you preach, Commit: The racially divisive formulas of the communist agitator would perpetuate the old wars by opening old wounds. If you are not an Indian, if you are not an America, it is not your history. It is not your business sticking your filthy fingers in our painful past to advance your twisted cause.

      2. I have Cherokee and Creek blood in me, so suppose he thinks i should just kill myself so the Indian blood can avenge itself on my European blood.

      3. Yes indeed! If a communist can get an American to kill himself, by offering simplistic and incendiary statements, then he will gladly talk us all into self-genocide. The self-hating American is now a serious problem. By all means we should be honest about our history. But not one jot of tribute to our enemies.

      4. “If you are not an Indian, if you are not an American, it is not your history. It is not your business sticking your filthy fingers in our painful past to advance your twisted cause”.

        @JRNyquist: Thank you. I would give this same warning to the Communist Chinese leaders, and to their lackeys in the Chinese media, because they all have a nasty proclivity for doing the same thing to America/the U.S.

        Do you remember the diplomatic meetings that were held between the U.S. and China during March 2021 in Alaska? What a disaster that was for our country! Reading about the events that transpired there made me so angry.

        This was the Chinese strategy–to harangue, and, essentially, to scold, the American diplomats, including Secretary of State Tony Blinken, for “racial crimes” that nobody currently living has perpetrated, and to try to rub the U.S. delegation’s noses in it, so to speak. As if the Communist Chinese are so superior! I don’t buy that. Especially with what they’ve been doing in Xinjiang. Chinese diplomat Wang Yi did most of the haranguing and the scolding; he is absolutely vicious, and is relentless. He also looks like a Kabuki actor, I couldn’t help noticing, lol.

      5. These Chinese communists have not attempted to right any of the wrongs of their society, the greatest wrong being the atrocities of the ruling Communist Party itself. In America we fought a bloody civil war over the issue of slavery — free states against a confederation of slave states. And after that war there was a political struggle to right wrongs. When did China ever have such an episode? It is, indeed, crazy for these monsters to lecture us.

    2. If you speak our language, you are welcome back.

      Nation = people speaking the same language and sharing the same culture.

      Some scholars say that Americans form several nations and America will probably balkanize soon. Cultural differences are too big for a single nation.

    3. Hello Carla, Commit was actually quoting me. I had said, earlier today, that Commit was evidently a supporter of whites taking “land that belongs eternally to the Native American”.

      I don’t believe a word of this, but it is the kind of rhetorical trick used by communists against their opponents. Only the dullest of communism’s foot soldiers actually believe it all.

      I was also trying to remind Commit that his ardent beliefs and dogged trolling of anti-communists will get him nowhere when the glorious world revolution finally takes place, since at any moment, a rival can always denounce him as a fascist, even with an argument to back up the accusation (which is exactly what I did). Consider it an act of charity.

  19. You are all over the map, Commit. You twist and turn and it’s like you purposely try not to get what i am saying. I am starting to understand Communism through a single person. So, thank you for today’s lesson.

  20. Every person without God is in a dire mental condition. Being alienated from Gods truth is the root cause of all mental disorders (Rom 1). God gives stubborn rebellious people over to a deprived mind because they have exchanged the truth of God for lies. These people are held captive through hollow deceptive philosophy’s which depend on human thinking, traditions and the principles of the world rather than Christ. They are enemies to God in their minds because of their evil thoughts, motives and behavior.
    You cannot argue with the deaf, dumb and blind only God can lift the veil of blindness to make them see, hear and understand. They choose to embrace the lies that all throughout history has only brought destruction. They choose to not seek God and His truth for themselves and so they choose to have these deprived minds that cause so much pain, suffering and torment-always the victim and never the victor, always blaming others for their miserable condition instead of taking personally responsibility. Hate causes pain and Gods love brings healing and hope, the enemy knows this. The enemy must keep people in fear, confusion, doubt, and unbelief to keep them manipulated and bound in chains. Gods truth brings, healing, clarity, peace, unity, freedom and victory.
    Money is the root of all evil Commit. So what is the motive of all you and yours lies, excuses and records of wrongs supposedly done to you as your excuse to loot America? Your motive is pure greed and lust for power period and for this your end will be destruction whether you want to believe it or not.

    Nothing is done in love for yourself and others and for this your are destroyed. For nothing can ever be gained without love. It is a principle of life that goes back to the beginning of time. God is love, God loves you, God loves your country and God loves America. If we do not live in love we are full of errors and deception that only brings destruction of lives, relationships, families, communities and countries. God does not keep a record of wrongs like you and for this we are all still breathing. Ask God to purify your heart and give you eyes to see because when you are blind you cannot know where you are going and you are walking towards a cliff with most of the world following behind you.

    We have generations who have grown up in this disinformation warfare from pathological liars distorting reality with their 24/7 propaganda of fear and confusion indoctrinating the masses against Gods truth which is the only thing that can keep us free in mind, heart and soul.

    Choose this day who you are going to serve-the father of lies and deception-the devil or God the king of the universe on the throne above all, who can speak a word or blow some air and you will disappear.
    May you Fear God not man for fear of God will make you wise instead of a blind fool.

    What would you do to someone who was tormenting, oppressing, enslaving, and trying to destroy your child’s life?
    God troubles those who trouble His children.

    God never changes and only God can change a human being and give him a sound mind, but you must have a willing spirit.

    Thank you Jeff for being so loyal and faithful to your country. May God continue to abundantly bless you!

  21. You accused my ancestors and my country from participating on crimes of your ancestors and your country. And when I oppose, you get outraged and call me names.

    There can be no reasonable discussion with the imperialists, I should have known, we are enemies.

    “Money is the root of all evil Commit”

    I am a materialist, not ashamed of that.

    But it is you imperialist bourgeoise who is scared of losing your rent income, who is afraid of productive labour.

    1. Commit, i think that you know very little about productive labor. You may have some theories about it, but i dont think you have much hands on experience with it. If you did, you would understand the blessing and satisfaction of enjoying the fruits of your labor, and the pleasure of a job well done.

  22. Yes. Growing rich and powerful by destroying lives, families and countries definitely doesn’t come about from loving and serving God as your master but loving and serving money as your master. Satan has never been satisfied, Heaven-paradise couldn’t even make him content!

    Satan knows the Bible is the most dangerous book in the world. That is why communists try and keep it from you-ban it, because it exposes Satans schemes.

    Know the Bible like your life depends on it because it does. You must know the truth for the truth to set you free.

    One lie is enough to question all truths.

    1. “Yes. Growing rich and powerful by destroying lives.”

      You are now projecting your bourgeoise methods on me.

  23. You are not my enemy you are Gods enemy. I only speak what His word says about you-those are the names God calls you.

    Don’t lump me in with our Government…the American government are communists-I am not a communist.

    I don’t pay rent, I don’t live in debt. I don’t buy a lot of material stuff anymore and I try and be self-sufficient, living off the land…Gods word help me know that.

  24. What do you think about Igor Šafarevič? Did you read his book about socialism?

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