Even conservatives are failing to recognize the stakes here, not that … we’re in favor of sending American troops over to defend or die in Ukraine; but … this is a country just like the Republic of China on Taiwan that deserves its independence from … Russia. I mean, what has happened to the conservative movement, Jeff, where even people who claim to be conservatives on Channels like Fox News are failing to stand up for freedom and independence for freedom-loving people?

Cliff Kincaid

The Russian government has announced that all four of its fleets will be going to sea soon. Over 140 ships of the Russian Navy, all at one time, will be leaving port. The exact date has not been given as of this writing. Moscow is calling this “a drill.” At the same time, Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping on 4 February.

In addition to troops and aircraft, Russia has been massing Iskander-M ballistic missiles near Ukraine. The State Department has ordered the evacuation of the families of U.S. Embassy personnel in Ukraine. It is advisable that U.S. citizens in Ukraine get out of the country while they can, because the U.S. Government is not going to rescue them if they get stuck in a war zone. Presently, Russian military aircraft are forward deploying to Belarus. Russian mechanized infantry divisions have been positioned in Belarus, north of Kiev. There are numerous reports of Russian nationals crossing the U.S-Mexican border illegally.

J.R. Nyquist’s latest conversation with Cliff Kincaid on Ukraine vs. Russia

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263 thoughts on “Russian Mobilization Continues: A Discussion with Cliff Kincaid

  1. if they weren’t so busy paying off the biden mafia i might feel sorry for ukraine but they haven’t fought for themselves either. let europe handle it. they told trump they could so let them. of course they couldn’t even launch an interceptor the other day…. no more american blood. not one more drop.

      1. China and Russia have an intelligence-sharing agreement regarding the United States. If China blackmails Biden, Russia would be in on it.

      2. China could be playing 2 chumps off against each other . Let Joe the moron devastate RasPutin …. And vice versa. China sits on the sideline cheering.

  2. Why isn’t your book available in Kindle format? I’m so tech addled that i can’t read physical books anymore, the line and text sizes and brightness aren’t optimized for speed reading.

      1. Well, that is one thing that we can agree on at least, that only the hard copies will survive.

        Man was not meant for Modernity in any case, but given his fallen condition he also isn’t collectively capable of seeing that either. I’m sure that the civilization before the Flood, the civilization of the proud Giants that we still see some signs of all around us, was even more advanced than ours today, and likewise doomed for their wickedness that they would not see in their stupid blindness….

      2. “One day all digital media will be wiped out. Only hard copies will then be useful.”

        It’s so funny how many of us (including me) have been conditioned to believe the opposite.

      3. One major solar flare and all this digital stuff will be erased in a day. Only hard copies matter. Only something you can hold in your hand, published on paper with low acidity.

      4. I have never read a book online. I also do not keep any estimates or work notes on a computer, but written down in a notebook or a folder.

      5. “One day all digital media will be wiped out.” I have to disagree.

        What you say may have been true 30 years ago, when almost all digital media were magnetic based. But today, the majority of digital media are non-magnetic. You can put a powerful magnet actually touching it, and it won’t be wiped out.

        Secondly, in order for an electro-magnetic pulse to have its effect in wiping out electronics, the electronics need to be attached to an antenna. An example of an antenna is the power grid. Much of the electronics not attached to the power grid will survive. That includes many of the micro-computers in cars. And older computers sitting unplugged in the basement.

        Third, those magnetic media and electronics stored in Faraday cages will most likely survive an EMP.

        Much of the internet, carried in fibre-optic cables, will survive. Again, we deal with something that is neither magnetic nor an antenna.

        I agree that much electronics will be destroyed in an EMP, how much I don’t know, but 100% is not realistic.

      6. 100% correct , a good idea to have a small library particularly about the problems we face today and who is responsible, these books are slowly being taken out of circulation.

      7. I actually agree with Jeff on this point as hard copies are way better than electronic copies

      8. Fahrenheit 451 is obsolete. Nobody reads nowadays. As books decompose, and libraries close, due to Covid and the pending Carbon lock-downs, the Internet will be the only source of information, if not mostly disinformation.

        For years already, one day there’s an article, the next day it has been edited or deleted.

        The agenda is to erase all history, and kill off anyone who has lived to remember it. Parents will die of mRNA lethal injections, and orphans will be confiscated like Hitler Youth, if not inoculated as well, with no parents left to defend them.

  3. Greetings Mr Nyquist. Although I am commenting for the first time, I have followed your work for years, and appreciate you very much, thank you. I commend you on your recent definition of communism. How can a way of life possibly be explained in one sentence? If I may, and this will sound harsh, but I submit that many “conservative” Christians in America are really communists, and not yet aware of it. I see it in my own area within the rural Ozarks, very disheartening. Communism does not have to be labeled communism for it to be so. Am I wrong in saying, one example would be the (disbanded), and discontinued use of the term “Soviet.” Doesn’t Russian occupation sound better than the sting of “Soviet” occupation? Isn’t it easier for American patriots to fantasize of the strong, horse back riding, black belt, “Russian” leader, rather than the “Soviet”? Isn’t this part of the subversion that has/is happening throughout the world? I am in no way an expert, just a few of my thoughts. Blessings, Everett

    1. i don’t see your logic in saying that conservative Christians are communists. all the same, the vast majority of conservative Christians will be demanding a right wing authoritarian leader after Biden drags the nation in the mud just a season or two longer. notwithstanding, there’s a point where a nations pocket book and morals of a people are so fundamentally bankrupt that any chance for change, no matter how frightening the long-term prospects will be popularly demanded. the alternative to an economic, social, and environmental reset is complete chaos of unknown intensity and duration. authoritarianism offers, at least, the promise of pain with a prospect for hope (albeit that hope is rooted in a utopian pipe dream).

      so far as i can tell, communism is a synonym for technocratic authoritarianism. likewise, environmental sustainability is synonymous with extreme poverty.

      1. I did not say all were, I said many were. As Mr. Nyquist explained in a previous post, no one can define communism in a single sentence. Labels and terms are essentially meaningless, when the proof is in how they live their life and the ideology they accept.

      2. Communism is a complicated issue. For example: Is a communist someone who believes X, Y, Z? Or is a communist a member of a communist party? Or is a communist an unwitting adherent of an amorphously forming “new secular religion” that tends toward totalitarianism socialism? Or is communism a form of political gangsterism, made more powerful by sophisticated social science concepts? Or is communism an evolving idea which has not reached its final form? — a violent rejection of existing structures?

    2. Same for calling Russian and Chinese communists President. They are not elected,sham elections with obvious fraud. Yet we call them President showing the world communist dictators share the same title as American presidents. There is no equal sign ..words have meaning.

      1. A bitter reality should be acknowledged, regardless. Biden is in the office, lives in the White House, commands the government. However he got there, the reality is evidence of national disintegration. The word “president,” applied to him, has a negative significance and is painfully real, unfortunately.

  4. It’s such a shame that there are no subtitles available under the video. I have asked for this many times, unfortunately without success.

      1. youtube ads automatic closed captioning as far as i know. from other people’s complaints on other videos i’ve come to the impression that the channel owner has to enable the option for youtube to auto-generate closed captions based on speech recognition. makes sense for youtube to offer this service considering they are running speech recognition for marketing and copyright purposes anyway.

      2. It was not a reproach to you. Maybe you can ask Cliff to adjust it accordingly, so that people from the former GDR, who had to learn Russian, can also understand it?

  5. What if Russia surmises that the US is too weak or scared to use nukes in the event this spills over into any attack on a NATO state? That perception would be taken as carte blanche to invade Poland, the Baltics, etc., surely? Because I think there is the possibility this mobilization is not just about Ukraine.

    1. The mobilization is very large and now involves Russian naval forces. Watch now for what China does, and look to the Putin-Xi summit on 4 February in Beijing. This will tell us more.

      1. The winter Olympics in Beijing also kick off on February 4. Do you have any thoughts on how winter Olympics may factor in to timing or strategy, if at all?

      2. Some think that war will begin during the Olympics. Some think on 22 February, after Olympics are over. Watch for Putin’s trip to Beijing and his summit with Xi on 4 Feb. Then see if NATO looses its nerve or unity. Watch Japan, too.

    2. NATO as far back as President Eisenhower who warned us nato was not a lifetime institution. President Trump was right nato serves Europe whose interests are not aligned with ours to say noting that Europe does not pay its share of financing its defense budget responsiblities. Most European count4ies are socialist in nature and now we are inching towards the same. American executives like Zuckerberg are accepting of Chinese communist. Socialism..to the tune of Zuckerberg buying the communist dictators book of favorite writings,then buying copies of the same book and giving them to his senior executives!

  6. Mr. Nyquist what do you make of the comments of the German Vice-Admiral regarding the tensions in Ukraine? https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/germany-roiled-political-earthquake-navy-chief-resigns-after-saying-putin-deserves-respect

    “Schönbach went on to claim that what President Putin really wanted was the West to “respect” Russia, adding “giving some respect is low cost, even no cost. If I was asked, it is easy to give him the respect he really demands and probably also deserves.””

    It seems that he got canceled for these comments by the German govt.

    He also turned against China and said Russia is needed as an ally against them. Do you think he is serious?

    He slammed China which is “not that nice country we probably thought” and added that that “Russia is an old country, Russia is an important country. Even we India, Germany, need Russia. We need Russia against China…” This, he said, is “easy” and “keeps Russia away from China” because China needs resources of Russia and they [Russia] are willing to give them because the sanctions sometimes do go the “wrong way”.

    1. Vice Admiral Schönbach is like many in the U.S. security establishment who think Putin can be won over as an ally against China. So what would we have to give him? And would he be a faithful ally? But then, Putin has already made commitments to China, and these longstanding commitments began before Putin took power. And, from other sources, it appears that Putin long ago chose China as an ally over the United States. The admiral probably missed the defector testimony, from Col. Stanislav Lunev of the GRU, that Russia and China have secretly agreed on a division of spoils after the next world war. Lunev emphasized that defeating the United States in a war was always the mission of the Soviet and then Russian armed forces. The many games being played after 1991 have only this end. It would be wonderful if such fantasies and misunderstandings as those expressed by Vice Admiral Schönbach were realizable. I fear they are not.

      1. Many defectors have warned america of communist true intentions. Apparently American business leaders,and some politicians would rather believe fiction and not communisms true intent.
        We because of our lack of real leadership have sold Americas soul,corrupted our institutions,attack police and micro manage their actions,fail to protect communities from riots only if they are instigated by Black Lives Matter and antifa, avowed marxist organizations funded through soros and bloomberg.
        The military is going through a purge,does not tolerate dissent,and we are being set up for a mega failure and likely surrender!

    2. Schönbach, an admiral of tiny rusting irrelevant navy, in India talking about respect is nothing but ridiculous. They in India already respect Putin’s navy, unlike German “navy”.

  7. Tucker’s romance with Vald probably represents an unconscious cultural undercurrent of knowing we need an authoritarian leader to shore up a collapsing nation and undo the damage done by the Biden Regime. Xi, on the other hand, has done far worse at projecting himself as a “man’s man”, the “extreme on crime” figure we want to rule our nation. Note how when Duterte started ordering the extrajudicial execution of small time drug dealers there were only mere wimpers of “stop” from the international community and the people of his own nation didn’t rise up, although he is ambiguously or otherwise semi-disgraced in a manner similar to Trump in politics at this point.

    When it comes to fentanyl laced weed, this seems to be an extension of what Joseph Douglas referred to as Mao’s “chemical warfare” by other means in which the Chinese subsidized heroin prices for US soldiers in Vietnam (with special targeting of officer corps). Obviously, many officers and NCOs in Vietnam were demoralized or on the edge of demoralization so a program to sell weed laced with heroin was successful in further demoralizing troops by creating significant numbers of heroin addicts across the conflict zone. Now project ahead to the modern day and consider the weakened and largely demoralized state of the American people, their demoralized state makes them highly addiction prone. Throw in weed laced with fentanyl and benzodapines laced with fentanyl and such and you can start to see an agenda. The first part of the agenda is for China to work with Mexican cartels and apparently corrupt Canadian customs officials who allow fentanyl to be mass produced from China purchased precursors by exiled Chinese criminals in Canadian factories to ween people off of heroin and onto the cheaper and easier to traffic fentanyl. Then you see the number of addicts rising and creating social and economic chaos due to falling out of the work force and fiending for drugs they can then no longer afford.

    1. The assault on our country by the drug cartels has long been connected to Russia and China. Joseph D. Douglass, Jr.’s book, “Red Cocaine,” outlined this, from defector testimony and open source research, more than three decades ago. The only thing that has changed is the size of the problem. It grows worse with each passing year. China and Russia are allies, have been allies, and will continue to be allies, as long as the United States remains a military power.

  8. I hadn’t heard of Cliff before so I checked out his website. His appears to be one of more extreme conspiracies. Among other hard to believe thoughts, he wrote an article on his website claiming that the anti-vaccine (COVID-19) movement is communist propaganda; basically Russia and China are trying to get people not to trust the vaccine. He seems to support the vaccine full heartedly. What are your thoughts on the anti-vax movement being fed by communists?

    I don’t agree with that as there is ample evidence of the dangers of the vaccine. Perhaps the Russians would like to continue building mistrust and division among the people, but I think many of Cliff’s claims are wrong.

    It makes it difficult to follow any of his claims on other subjects when he is so clearly misled by this one.

    1. Nobody is right about everything. I disagree with Cliff on the vaccines months ago, and have discussed the subject with him on previous podcasts linked on this site.

    2. Communists would be stupid not to fund anti-vax movements. anti-vax is now synonymous with anti-establishment. anti-establishment is a destabilizing force. the Communists (and any other morally bankrupt organization, or individual of notable sophistication) funds all sides of a conflict. they’ll even fund their enemies to a) gain temporary tactical influence over the enemy force (e.g. ISIS or Taliban up until someone else is willing to throw more guns and loyalty bribes their direction) and b) more broadly speaking , to create inter-group conflict and regional instability (e.g. China ostensibly funding and equipping IRA rebels with explosives and sniper training in the 1960s(?)). a people or nation at war with itself is can offer little or no economic or military resistance against foreign influence.

  9. Much of this is hysterical and untrue/half true. What is the reality? This has more to do with Ukraine’s internal collapse and disintegration into separate parts, occasioned by the return of Oligarch Poroshenko to face his corruption and treason charges, and the internal rivalry of the Oligarchy clans. The professional comedian and semi professional politician President Zelensky is desperate for a sane solution with Russia and the people of the Donbass republics (who are either ignored or vilified in the West) no doubt, but hands are tied somewhat by the lunatic Banderists and his own Oligarchic paymasters like Igor Kolomoisky, (he of the triple Ukrainian/Israeli/Cypriote nationalities), and Rinat Akhmetov.

    1. It is an Anschluss, then? Instead of Austria in 1938 it will be Ukraine in 2022. The Union will be re-established. Great Russia restored. Over in a few days, perhaps. Let’s see how that works out.

      1. Nobody wants Ukraine as it is, even many Ukrainians. So no invasion I think. Ukraine is always unstable, being a Frontier (literal meaning of ” Ukraine “, like Serbian ” Kraijina”). Recall the relationship between my Ukrainian Cossack hero Mazepa with Tsar Peter? Well, it was complicated, and that hasn’t changed.

        Don’t confuse us Russian people too much with Tsars Peter and Catherine, or their children Lenin and Stalin. They have their plans perhaps,
        perhaps not, but the ” Tsar is far away”. Tsars and Commisars are far from this movement of peoples, is what I see. I for one am more a fan of Stenka Razin and Emelyan Pugachev, of Kuzma Minin and Prince Pozharsky anyway.

        Hard to describe it with loaded Western words and their associations, but no Russian worships the State, but we do revere Nation/Civilization. In Western terms ideal is probably close to Agrarian and ” Libertarian ” Communalism, free and democratic while have strong leadership with popular roots. Maybe big city people think more like individualistic Westerners, but aboriginal savages I claim kinship to do not, our ” deplorables “, real Russian.

      2. I am not worried about the Russian people as a threat. I worry about the the Kremlin gangsters whose Stalinist predecessors murdered more Russians than Hitler.

    2. “Ukraine’s internal collapse” exists only in your fertile imagination. The “people of the Donbass (sic) Republics” are nothing but Russian infiltrators. The lunatics are people like you who do little more than vomit Putinist propaganda.

  10. Thanks to you, and Mr. Kincaid for the discussion..

    I have been following your writings for years, so this Ukrainian situation, and also the Chinese situation does not really surprise me…

    I remember years ago, there were comments from Russian sources, and maybe some geo-political analysts that more or less said that “Russia would never allow Ukraine to join NATO, and would even start a nuclear war to prevent this from happening..

    If a person looks at a map, maybe a bit from a Russian point of view, can someone with an open mind see how the Russians may think that “NATO” or the “West” may be trying to encircle them, or at least move right up to their border? They have been attacked from the West twice in the past? ( Napolean and Hitler )

    I think there was a book by Peter Pry called “War Scare”. and he spoke of the paranoia of the Russian general staff… I recall in his book he was told by a Russian govt official that Russia would go nuclear over Ukraine joining NATO.. The Russians have recently asked for a written guarantee that Ukraine would not ever join NATO. ( Rejected immediately by the West) I see some of this thought process in recent Russian statements.. Putin has said “We have no-where to retreat to” — “They ( NATO ) are on our doorstep”

    I am a “red-blooded” American, not a Russian bot… This situation seems to be getting very spooky… We are arming the Ukrainians… so its possible soon that American weapons will be killing Russians…

    I think our “leadership” is very naive and has no strategic sense… there are 5000 nukes pointed at America… I hope and pray for a way out here… I have no answers… This could blow up in our face…

    Sorry for the half- baked writing here… maybe this is where Tucker Carlson, and some other conservative people’s thoughts are coming from?? ( Not putting words in anyone’s mouth, these are my own thoughts only.)

    Anyway, Thank you again for this blog, and your updates on this subject… Best wishes to you.

    1. Very few in the Conservative MSM scene are steeped in defector literature and understand long-term geostrategic planning. if you think short term, you only see the face Putin has been projecting in the leadup to the latest event (GW Bush seeing Putin’s “soul” while Biden says he can’t see Putin’s soul). if you think long term, you see the chess pieces falling into place, Putin’s projected persona was lipstick on a pig. Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka off the top of my head or two of the more popular commentators who understand long-term geopolitical vision and the deviousness of various intelligence agencies. but even then, we’re all prone to error and deception.

    2. Yes, of course, from a strict military point of view a country which takes up 11 times zones has no room to retreat. How much room for retreat does Finland have? Or how about Poland? Or, what about Ukraine? Why does Russia get to run over Ukraine and Ukraine gets run over? Ukraine needs room to retreat, too. But they get none. Why? Of course, the double standard is always assumed and nobody questions it. Naturally, the Russian generals would react violently to Ukraine becoming a NATO country. Everyone understands this. It would therefore be unwise for NATO to attempt such a thing. Then let Ukraine be a buffer state. But Russia is not content with this arrangement. Furthermore, ask yourself why Ukraine is failing to mobilize for its own defense? A real scary enemy THEY are! And sending a few planeloads of weapons to Ukraine is meaningless. So where are those weapons to Ukraine really going? To Russia! We are gifting all that equipment to Moscow because none of it will be used to defend Ukraine because no effective defense has been prepared. There is, today, a powerful and renewed Russian military moving up on NATO. It is funny how this is made to look like NATO moving up on Russia. The enemy propaganda is so relentlessly tiresome. Is there a NATO threat to Russia? Come on! NATO is dilapidated. She is not ready for war. But Russia is ready. So where is the threat of war really coming from? Is it coming from unprepared NATO or prepared Russia? The danger from Russia and from China now grows exponentially. Do you see the United States calling up reserves? No. We do not mobilize or prepare. But China and Russia do mobilize and prepare. Meanwhile, throughout the West, people blame us for being too aggressive. Excuse me?! These poor misinformed people have not understood that the external threat is tied to an internal threat that already has the West in its grip. This internal threat includes the Russia/China aligned criminal cartels with their drug trafficking, money laundering, and financial power (now converted into political power through the buying of politicians). People have become “modern” and will tolerate anything. As long as they are comfortable. And so they have allowed many things that would not have been tolerated fifty years ago. I am doubtful that a defensive front can be formed anywhere. We shall see soon enough. Going by appearances, we may be already defeated without realizing it. I have watched this Russian-Chinese strategy unfolding for many years. I have followed the defector literature, which all our experts ignored. And so you ask me about Russian “paranoia.” Oh yes! — paranoia in a country of 11 times zones! After all, paranoia so readily justifies offensive war and the acquisition of more time zones. If one needs to justify an offensive war, a justification can always be found. Meanwhile, we believe the enemy’s justification for war and blame ourselves. That is good for nothing! It has nothing moralizing in it, and is contemptibly weak-minded. We may soon learn that rocks do not hurt tanks and over-aged nuclear weapons do not a deterrent make. Our weakness is a weakness of soul, a weakness of mind, and finally, it translates into military weakness. And this latter weakness spells defeat. If we no longer care about the soul, or the life of the mind, we nonetheless pretend to care about our physical existence. But people without soul or mind will not defend their physical existence. When are we going to learn this? But who wants to learn? We just want to be entertained. After the president’s performance the other day, I do not see the slightest glimmer of understanding. We are in a serious crisis and, so far, our leaders think it can be handled with a few sanctions. Yet these sanctions will hardly equal the sanctions that Biden has already placed against our own economy, against our own energy sector, against the Keystone Pipeline, against our own currency. I go over these points again and again: (1) We never developed serious ballistic missile defenses as the Russians have; (2) we never modernized our nuclear forces; (3) we have no civil defense; (4) we are so far behind that our survival is in question. This situation is not merely about Ukraine. The Russians and Chinese will begin to accuse us of many crimes and provocations. These claims will be used to justify further invasions. It seems the Russians and Chinese can do as they please. It is unfortunate that Tucker Carlson and other conservatives have not understand any of this. It is all very tragic, and we are going to pay a heavy price. Thank you for being a reader of this site.

      1. When I read that we were sending weapons to Ukraine, that was my thought, that these weapons might just wind up in the hands of Russia. Just like our corrupted, Communist-controlled leaders gave so many billions of weapons to the Taliban and China, via Afghanistan. They are now giving Russia more weapons via Ukraine.

        If I think too long about the state of our nation, and our legion of sellout leaders, I fear I would have a stroke or a heart attack.

        We have imbeciles, narcissists, crooks, insane people for leaders. They have *utterly* sold us out, and we were too well-fed and comfortable to notice or care.

      2. Our situation will have to be corrected at some time. Probably it will occur under conditions of war. Violence changes people and countries. It is not always a change for the better; yet we have a pretty sick country here.

      3. Yes we do. I am so sad for my country. I just hope there are enough sane, selfless, wise people in the heartland who can somehow come together and stand. I remember reading about the Vendeans in France during the French Revolution, how they bonded together and fought against the radicals. If I remember right, weren’t the Vendeans ultimately beaten? But they stood together, and went down fighting. Sometimes, I feel like something similar to what the Vendeans did is about the best I can expect for us who love what our country was.

      4. I agree. Russia and China aligned are our worst outcome. We lost an opportunity to keep Russia from becoming a ally/partner with communist China.
        We have been warned by many defectors of what communism is and how it operates,we continue to ignore those warnings. Our business leaders are increasingly enamored with Chinese socialism and it seems obamas transforming America is to be a carbon copy of Chinese communism.
        Our politicians should be required to reveal all connections to the Chinese communists them and their families and compare it to what their policies are!
        The KGB the Inside Story by Christopher Andrew and Oleg Gordievsky and The Sword and the Shield by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin tells us what do not heed.

        Our politicians involved us in undeclared wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan, oddly the output of heroin in both regions increase over 5 fold…the biggest market for heroin…America.

        The Politics of Heroin,CIA complicity in the Global Drug Trade by Alfred W. McCoy revised edition explains in detail what has and is occurring.
        To include the kidnap,torture and murder of dea agent Enrique S.Camarena…who has been held responsible?

        We have a fbi and doj who largely do not investigate or prosecute Black Lives Matter,antifa,and before that the occupy movement. Funded by soros and bloomberg,responsible for riots injury and death,assaults on federal protective police and fire damage to u.s courthouses,yet these same organs find and endless accusation of President Trump and impeded him and his administration at every turn.

        Politicians have sold America’s should,opened a undending stream of illegal aliens and transport them across America using our military! Unvetted,no examination for diseases or criminal background..who does such a thing to our country while loudly proclaiming we must defend Ukraine sovreignity.

      5. I do not think there was an opportunity to align with Russia after 1991, and our past alignment with China was a strategic mistake. I think we can all see that now. We built up China ourselves. And any alignment with Russia would be exploited in a similar way, and was exploited in the 1941-45 period. And Russia was not truly free under Yeltsin, because the KGB was not really reformed, and the Communist Party Soviet Union simply broke into several parties, and governed through the political theater of the Duma and the Kremlin. Names were changed, the KGB staff were farmed out to businesses; but the inward essence of the regime did not change in Moscow. In fact, Russia has been building up China’s war-making capacity for thirty years, and this was happening under Boris Yeltsin as well. The coordination between Russia and China has been stunning. I believe we have been facing a bloc strategy all along, and we have been deceived by this supposed divide between Moscow and Beijing. Our danger did not develop only recently. The danger goes back to 1917 and to 1960, and to the misunderstandings of 1991. It has deeper roots.

      6. So many do not realize that mobilization is an act of war. Russian mobilization over the threat to Austria to Serbia in 1914 is what brought on WW1.

      7. Mobilization is a step in preparing to go to war. If you miss that step, it is a real misstep. And you might not be able to make up for it.

    3. No serious person in Russia, including Putin, believes that NATO expansion could be a threat to Russia. Ukraine invade Russia? Get real. NATO is and has been purely defensive, formed following Russia’s post-war expansion into, and consolidation of, the “Warsaw Pact” nations — on central Europe’s very border. I think those Russian psychopaths know very well we are the “good guys.”

  11. As a communist, I kind of agree that the imperialism is finished, the imperialist virus won’t save them as long as the third world continues to reject imperialist vaccines.

  12. They are blinded by racism, they can’t admit non-western countries being able to cooperate on long term strategy.

    1. Mr Nyquist, in reply I would say that on a universal level we always see iterations of the conflict between Oligarchy and Monarchy. It always takes an iron willed man to carry out the common good of the people instead of being a front for a group of bandits.

      1. Aristotle said that monarchy — rule by one — is actually rule by the small group surrounding the monarch. One cannot rule alone. Yes.

  13. Okay, so Biden sends weapons to Ukraine, which the puppets fork over to Russia. Big wast of US tax payer money, as usual; corporate welfare for the US military industrial complex.

    How does mobilization of Russian troops within Russia on the border of Ukraine, put them in reach of the United States?

    1. You are not reading carefully, or thinking about what you read. Whether or not Kiev is run by patriots or Moscow’s agents, Russia will take control of the weapons either way; because Russia will control Ukraine. The Russians are putting all four of their fleets to sea at the same time while their army is mobilized. Except for Alaska, which can be reached by Russian paratroop and air mobile divisions, the continental U.S. is mainly threatened by the deployment of several thousand spetsnaz troops, infiltrated across the Mexican border since the middle of last year. These are sabotage troops for hitting water supplies, power, and assassinating important people. Then there are the nuclear rocket forces which can reach the United States in about thirty minutes, and the ballistic missile submarines which can reach the U.S. in much less time. Russian mechanized divisions and armor will not be invading the United States. That invasion will consist mostly of Chinese troops.

      1. To clarify the point of my question, what is the danger of sending weapons to Ukraine, when Russia has no shortage of weapons which won’t be used against the United States, anyway? Ukraine is nowhere near the United States, and is even quite remote from Western Europe.

        On another point, defacto President Biden recently went on the boob tube and softly requested for social media to censor criticism of the so-called, vaccine. He read his lines perfectly. I doubt if he has dementia, but he did not look well. Aside from his pasty complexation, his eyes were half shut with a glazed look, which I suppose might have been due to harsh light, but it gave me a creepy feeling that I’ve never felt about anyone on a live news presentation, before. Is it just me, or is there something seriously unusual about Biden?

      2. Ps: I appreciate your summarization, scary though it is. Should people hunt down these saboteurs themselves?

      3. Fair point if I understand; the Ukrainian people are our friends, despite the former Soviets in control of Ukraine?

        How actively involved and by what interaction ought the United States be involved with the government of Ukraine’s former Soviet government officials?

      4. How can Americans tell the difference between agents of Interpol or the JTTF, from Russian saboteurs within the United States? Should US citizens tolerate, JTTF and Interpol agents who attempt to intimidate, provoke, or incriminate Americans, as they have been doing since before the Covid Live Exercise?

      5. Every time I file a complaint to the FBI about being threatened, provoked, intimidated, and incriminated by street people who know more about me than I know about myself, I never hear back directly, but rather just get stalked even more. In the same breath as one insulted me, he had the audacity to say that he’s not my enemy. I don’t tolerate bullies. If this continues, I intend to file a state equivalent to a Freedom of Information Act request, while in anticipation of it being ignored, will prepare to file suit in Federal Court, to find out just exactly who these menaces are. Furthermore, I’ll subpoena the surveillance recordings from the advanced high tech drones, and find out how many there are, how much they cost, who manufactures them, and who mans them. They will all be called as witnesses. I don’t like to have to sue, because I have better things to think about, but if I’m continually harassed, it’s constantly on my mind as it is. You want me to write a book so you can have a citation? I have other first hand witnesses who can testify.

      6. Thank you for posting this Jeff. They have indicated that they read this blog, along with my social media posts. With friends like them, who needs enemies? Although, many of these operatives are foreigners, which is why I suspect Interpol, a private detective firm, perhaps contracted with the JTTF. Despite the USA Freedom Act, another sweet sounding bill, like the PatRIOT Act, which it replaces.

        I suspect that the reason for foreign agents is veneer to evade the Domestic Spying Act. Prior to the PatRIOT Act, under ECHELON, foreigners in university computer labs were used to spy on Americans, as Commonwealth countries, such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and of course, Great Britain, were used as listening posts to spy on Americans and report to the NSA. It’s a similar concept to money laundering.

        Look at what totalitarian states, Australia and New Zealand have become. Reminds me of Hong Kong.

      7. I’m not sure what Putin hopes to accomplish by sending the fleet to sea. It will accomplish little in the Black Sea. Unless Putin is planning to try to isolate Europe from North America, it has little meaning.

      8. Jeff I’m of absolutely no importance whatsoever, as far I as I’m aware, other than the fact that I’m harassed. These agents have been in place for years. Many were acquaintances of mine, some I mistakenly considered to be friends.

        Prior to the Covid Live Exercise, there as a strange homeless lady who showed up at the University of Havvai’i. She would sit and break out in tears in the computer lab. I got to talking with her and she said told me that she and a friend of hers, a chess master, came from Austin, where they were stalked by strange people who she didn’t know, and that her friend had vanished without saying goodbye; that she believed that the strangers had abducted them. She said that they were in the library where we were talking at the time.

        I demanded that she point them out to me; that I’d kill them for her. I thought that she was imaging things. She backed down and said that it would be a matter for the police. Shortly thereafter, my acquaintances began menacing me in the ways which she described her stalkers. I was followed by two of them, to Santa Barbara, where there were quite a few more new ones.

        She wasn’t imagining things, and neither am I. Are they Russians?

      9. I fear that your recollections sound a little paranoid? Do you usually believe you are being followed? Are you on medications? Seriously. Please do not post personal material about being followed, about offering to kill people for strangers, etc. I will delete.

      10. You can delete this of course, but read it yourself and think about what I have to report about what just occurred this morning. One of the creeps who hangs out in Thousand Oaks, California, was burning leaves behind the library. He never goes inside, just hangs around outside and keeps to himself. As I passed another individual out walking in the park this morning, I noticed him. The walker must have seen the look on my face. I was about to go over and kick his ass. The walker stopped me saying that the Fire Department was on the way. This county has Fire Hazard signs permanently posted all over. These stalkers I suspect are like Antifa or something. Big Sur is currently on fire. We just had a big wildfire earlier this Winter. It’s not even fire season. The Ventura County Deputies are great guys, and top professionals. I hope they know more about what they’re dealing with than I do. Furthermore, despite the fact that I’ve been followed from Honolulu, and the homeless lady was followed from Austin to Honolulu, these stalkers have been in place for quite a long time, before the Covid Live Exercise, began, and are in place, in many locations, now. You don’t want me talking about it, but I was merely responding to your assertion that Russian agents are streaming over the border. Don’t you even believe yourself? Shoplifting in California is no longer much of a crime, but boy, if you don’t wear a mask, big trouble.

    2. Re:
      Jeff Nyquist says:
      January 23, 2022 at 8:05 pm

      [ …Except for Alaska, which can be reached by Russian paratroop and air mobile divisions, the continental U.S. is mainly threatened by the deployment of several thousand spetsnaz troops, infiltrated across the Mexican border since the middle of last year. These are sabotage troops for hitting water supplies, power, and assassinating important people. …]

      how do you know this, and how have the Spetsnaz troops been identified, if US citizens can’t themselves? If they have been identified, then why can’t the DoD if not the subverted FBI take them out?

      1. The sighted infiltrators could be Russian mafia but are probably spetsnaz. Last year the Russian military signed secret agreements with the Mexican drug cartels to move spetsnaz personnel and weapons into the USA. I have more than one source saying the infiltration has been underway for several months. The U.S. Government does not care to do anything about it. Perhaps the Biden administration welcomes the infiltration. Just look at how many of our leaders actually hate this country.

      2. The government is too, busy sicing teams of undercover cops on me. I’ve told the FBI that I’m a waste of resources. I suppose I ought to take it as a compliment, that the FBI is so subverted. Maybe they doubt that the UFOs are demonic entities, and that I successfully banished them, and the men in black want to be there when they come back to haunt me some more? I don’t control the Orbs, I only banish them.

  14. I claim no special insight, but I have a bad feeling about the next 30-60 days. The basis for my concern regarding the ominous threats we face are a combination of the following:
    1– incompetent leadership at nearly all levels of US Govt & Military
    2– a divided US obsessed with political correctness and fear of a virus
    3– a badly weakened US economy and fractured supply chain
    4– Russian & Chinese military and naval movements as well as threats against Ukraine, Taiwan and other targets
    5– the apparent Hemorrhagic/Marburg type outbreak currently going on in China–conveniently timed just before Chinese New Year (just like Wuhan Flu two years ago). Are we about to see China unleash bio-weapon #2 upon the world?
    6– upcoming Putin/Xi Summit (strategy coordination meeting and war planning?)

    Jeff, what do you think? I am concerned that another biological attack followed by surprise missile/emp attack on the US and the other Western nations may be just around the corner.

    1. I am also concerned about the hemorrhagic fever outbreak in China. We are in a very vulnerable position now. All the things you’ve listed are realities. And there are so many ways the enemy can exploit their advantages and our ignorance. A surprise attack is possible.

      1. Makes you wonder what the contents are in all the container ships from China that are sitting on our coasts. There has been a large influx of Chinese cargo ships this month alone. (See link below). No one would suspect it.


        Recently, the Chinese have been converting commercial and civilian ships as a cover to transport military troops, equipment and vehicles.


        Well researched and said, Jeff.

    1. Covid 19 is worrisome, especially the psychosomatic and immunocompromise disorder known as “long covid”. The problem here is that Covid 19 has been so widely hystericized and has symptomology so broad that any sickness will be initially attributed to “Covid 19” in the early days of illness when containment might be remotely possible. Moreover, the unpaid mandatory quarantines from work and society more generally are going to result in people not reporting early stage novel illnesses under the assumption they have Covid 19.

      For multiple reasons, Covid 19 will accelerate the appearance of the next plague even absent intentional biological warfare programs and the relatively high frequency of reported and unreported lab accidents. for that matter, i just read a youtube comment earlier today that mentioned the detection of “naturally evolved” plastic digesting bacteria being found in the oceans. Who really believes this is a natural event when large amounts of funding were, in recent years, being thrown at creating just these bacteria? I wonder how much of our residential and industrial infrastructure can survive plastic eating bacteria?

      1. Most of the plastics in the oceans are organic. By that, mostly made up of carbon and hydrogen, both of which individually and in combination are harmless. Once the movement of waves and breakdown from UV make the plastic particles small enough, normal bacteria are able to ingest and break down what’s left of the plastic. These are not special bacteria.

        Ah, the strange things one learns in organic chemistry class.

  15. Given the corrupt Ukraine government, perhaps they will just load up all their loot and fly out to the closest country which will receive them with open arms. We may have another Afghanistan developing. That would hopefully solve all of Russia’s problems and they can go home and let the implanted spies take over.

    Really, this does scare me considering all the bad things that could happen, but there may be helping hands in high places directing the non-response that the Western world will make.

      1. As with all Oligarchy structures, Mr. Nyquist. ” Soviet ” sounds great: ” Council “, people getting together in direct local government and solving local problems, yes?

        But all Republics are more or less just a screen for the powerful to act behind, and this is everywhere, like the Novgorod Republic .

        Even given that we are all sinners, Cossack assemblies of the Hosts and Old Believer Sobors worked pretty good nonetheless. Synergy between direct democracy and popular leader with unquestionable authority,with the Cossack Hetman as an example.

  16. A couple of vids of interest to readers of this blog:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uLTl_WTtgg 23 Jan Ukraine Update: The Clock is Ticking.
    S2 Underground. < professional level military intelligence analysts weigh in on Ukraine and the increasingly unstable US domestic situation.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPiua6x1jNw How Much Global Crop Yield Will Be Lost From the Tonga Eruption (1/2). David Dubyne. apparently the plume from the recent mega eruption rose to an excess of 150,000 feet.

  17. Hi friends. Just checking in. I haven’t commented here in a long time because I was in the hospital and then rehab for ten weeks. It wasn’t Covid, but the experience made me rethink my position on the vaccines. And i want to share those thoughts here, as they may help somebody else.

    I found out today that the family member of a dear friend, who is in her 30’s and 8 months pregnant, came down with Covid last week and has been put in intensive care. They did a C-section to try to save the baby. They say the mom may not make it. This family was not vaccinated, and the disease hit them hard.

    I have a nephew who is a doctor in a Chicago hospital. He loves me and has no reason to lie to me. He says 80% of the people in his hospital who are hospitalized with Covid are unvaccinated. The father of another friend, who works in a hospital, says 92% of the Covid patients in his hospital are unvaccinated.

    What this means to me is, we stand a lot more chance of being hospitalized or dying from Covid if we aren’t vaccinated than if we are, although it’s true both sets of people can get the disease.

    I always said I’d wait 3 years, and if the vaccinated people hadn’t all dropped over dead by then, maybe I’d take the vaccine. But being in the hospital, with Covid patients in the rooms on either sides of me, with the same nurses going in and out of their rooms as came into mine, I decided that while the vaccine is a risk, it was riskier for me to not get vaccinated. The percentage of unvaccinated people who are in hospitals with Covid also played a big part in my decision. So I got the vaccine on December 7.

    It’s been about a year and half since the vaccines came out, and I know no one who died from it. That counts as a test, for me, of a sort. I do know, on the other hand, unvaccinated people who have died of Covid. So in my current, revised thinking, while the risk of the vaccine is certainly there, the risk of not taking it is greater.

    I don’t want to start a big argument about this. We all have the right to decide what we put into our own bodies, and I support anyone who refuses to take the vaccine. It’s their body and their choice. I just thought it might be helpful to share my thoughts, as my experiences have caused them to change.

    It’s good to be back and reading the blog. I almost died! I feel like I’ve resurrected or something. Blessings on Jeff and on all of you.

    1. This terrible experience underscores the desirability of universal use of prophylactics like HCQ and Ivermectin, such as has been the policy in a number of areas of the globe, with considerable success. Speaking for myself, I have never minimized how serious this plague can be; I have simply been angry that the above have been rejected for no possible reason that can be interpreted as benign. In other words, people should not be placed in the position of either taking a (some, many) risky injections to mitigate covid or take their chances on getting it, with grave consequences. This is a third path whose suppression is, in my opinion, criminal and malevolent in intent.

    2. I’m glad you’re feeling better.Btw I sincerely mean this (the most of us will have family members who have taken the jab and for this reason alone,hope the vaccine is indeed innnocuous).

      So lets assume the vaccines do provide a level of protection against covid (to be honest I’m very doubtful).Surely we then also must take into account the ‘adverse effects’ which even the msm can;t entirely sweep under the rug.Again,based on my own experience,I think we all have heard first-hand accounts of people,after getting the jab,feeling fatigued,feeling ‘not quite right’.I mean weeks later.

      Personally.I dont like the jab;I dont like the totalitarianism,the logical inconsistencies,the haste,the qr/beast-mark,the propaganda and the likely involvement of fetal tissue.To me,this entire palette points to something really bad.

      From the outset I’ve said the following:1this isnt a crisis;it was released in China by the Chinese,and surely they wouldn’t have wanted to kill off their entire military. 2)if something worse (ethnic-targeting eg) does somewhere along the way ensue,unfortunately no vaccine will save us,

    3. The overwhelming number of new cases of covid are among the vaccinated. The “authorities” keep changing the definition of what “vaccinated” means and allows them to perpetuate the lies. The lie you were told about a Chicago hospital is typical.

      It has been admitted that the vaccines confer little to no protection.

      1. Today:
        COVID-19: A Second Opinion
        Senator Ron Johnson
        Published January 24, 2022 481,492 Views

        Discussion begins around 40 minute mark. Sen. Ron Johnson moderates a panel discussion, COVID-19: A Second Opinion. A group of world renowned doctors and medical experts provide a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.

        Most Recent Most Relevant :
        Kirsch: 379,000 Dead from Jab, Deadly Bioweapon Covid Shots Killing Masses
        Stew Peters Show
        Published January 14, 2022 61,187 Views

        MRNA Inventor Faces Tough Questions as Jab Deaths Explode
        Stew Peters Show
        Published January 4, 2022 237,714 Views

        Flood OF Hospital Death Reports: Thousands Cry Out As Loved Ones are Murdered By Hospital Protocols
        Stew Peters Show
        Published January 21, 2022 50,378 Views

        LIVE! Exclusive: FIRST LOOK at Kid Vax Contents! Monoclonal Antibody SECRETS Exposed and MORE!
        Stew Peters Show
        Published January 18, 2022 40,069 Views

        Unmasked: Fauci’s Death Funnel, Proof: Fauci Funded, Continues to Fund Gain of Function Research
        Stew Peters Show
        Published January 14, 2022 32,909 Views

        EXCLUSIVE: La Quinta Columna 1-On-1: Spanish Researcher First to Reveal Graphene Oxide
        Stew Peters Show
        Published January 13, 2022 67,786 Views

      2. Jeff, this has been all over the news for weeks among those that actually report news. Israel and Gibraltar are two countries that have the overwhelming majority of their people vaccinated, yet they have seen surges in cases parallel to the number of vaccinations.

      3. Yes, they have had more cases. How about deaths? The claim is not made that the vaccines stop COVID from spreading to the vaccinated, but that the symptoms are less severe. That is what they are claiming. How do we verify this?

      4. Jeff, I looked up an answer to your question concerning deaths, and found the following:

        These are just three of the sites flagged by duckduckgo when I asked “deaths in Israel 2021”. There are many more whose titles suggest that the death rate in Israel from all causes is way up following the injections.

    4. “… we stand a lot more chance of being hospitalized or dying from Covid if we aren’t vaccinated than if we are, although it’s true both sets of people can get the disease.”

      My understanding is the vaccines were effective in reducing hospitalization and symptomology in older age groups – esp against the earlier variants. But it appears that these vaccines offer essentially no protection against the especially infectious (but relatively mild) Omicron variant.

      I think your change in attitude is understandable, but some of the statements you make are too broad. Individuals who are older and/or have various comorbidities (eg. obesity) may receive net benefit from accepting these vaccines. But the risk-benefit calculation looks much different for younger, healthier individuals. For the latter, the risk of severe illness or death from Covid is exponentially lower than for the former; and in many cases, does not outweigh the risk of severe adverse reaction from the vaccines.

      Very sorry to hear about your recent trials and wish you all the best.

      1. I know it. It just seems like the policies now in place are making it less and less appealing for sane, able young men who want to serve their country. I could not join because I was born without a hand, but several of my friends did. I am about to be 40. A couple of younger guys who have worked for me have joined, but they tell me they cant be outspoken about their values and how they really feel about things. I wonder how many are deterred by the policies, and atmosphere now.

  18. Thought provoking article and comments, as usual. Yet, I am left with some questions. Why would Russia/Putin physically invade Ukraine? I understand why it sought to exploit the Russophile population of the Donbass and Crimea, and to a lesser extent, the rest of Eastern Ukraine, which has more of the population favorably inclined toward Russia. But I don’t believe Russia really wants much to do with western Ukraine. My ancestors are Ukrainian, Slovak and Russian, quite a mixture. However, I recall that many Ukrainians fought with the Axis against the Soviets and for good reason. Holodomor, anyone? At any rate, I am not of the opinion that Russia will “invade” with a large military force, but will continue to posture and threaten, all the while continuing to subvert Ukrainian government authority in the regions it wants to overtake. Time will certainly tell, as always..

      1. Whether NATO is united or split, it remains infiltrated. Putin’s demand for NATO to not admit membership to Ukraine, is a distraction.

  19. The more I learn about “spike protein” the less impressed about the odds of vaccine injection benefitting anyone, ever, period. Thirty eight years in medicine and decades of pathology interest especially in respect to pharmaceutical intervention, particularly in community acquired STDs, and it is easy to be critical of this “weaponization” of medicine. In particular the “pre-abortion” aspects, as well as the denying treatment to the unvaccinated. Tuskegee all over again! No wonder my black friends are horrified! Who could possibly blame them, they are way ahead of the rest of us for good reasons.

    It probably means I will be committed to a psyche ward, perhaps I even belong there!

    As far as Ukraine, well, ain’t it obvious.
    A gal friend asked what is going to happen to us, here in the states. I told her “Rhodesia.”
    She said, “Isn’t that Zimbabwe now?”
    I said “Exactly.”

    1. somewhere i read:when the missiles come down,we go up.And this is my hope.But we dont know.

      Meanwhile,numbers have never been the all-determining factor.Otherwise the 300000 Rhodesians would have been wiped out long before.Also we would never have heard of Blood River or Majuba.

      10 could have saved Gomorra;Perhaps a remnant will yet save the US…and us all.

  20. Jeff,I’ve read a number of Dr Peter Pry’s books and I especially appreciate his abillity to inform the readers in an accesible manner;the nuclear balance book for instance is not that difficult to read.To be honest,your own writings in comparison are sometimes very hard to plough through (and I understand this might be my fault).Anyway,Dr Pry has argued that we must make ‘love not war’ with Russia.And his explanations -the Barbarossa-experience for instance- seem perfectly reasonable.Any thoughts?

    1. We should avoid war with Russia, if we can. Sending troops to Ukraine, if strategically effective, would not be immoral. However, it would be strategically insane. It would, I believe, entail risks that are absolutely unacceptable. We must not provoke a war with Russia, and such a deployment under the circumstances would provoke a war — to no good purpose. We cannot succeed in defending Ukraine, in my opinion. Therefore, it should not be attempted. We should not give the Kremlin an excuse to do what they seem inclined to do; that is, wage a war in which the Russian people feel justified and the Chinese will join in. All that being said, we must speak realistically about the regime in Moscow and never prettify its nature. Any economic ties with such regimes are dangerous, compromising to our economic elites, ultimately damaging to our own economic independence, etc. Has Peter disputed any of these points? I doubt he would. Furthermore, I do not see any possibility of an alliance with Russia at this time. Perhaps some special circumstance will arise in future, like a change in the Russian political system; but even then, any reliance on an unknown and untested entity is inherently dangerous. Any shift by Russia to “friendship” toward us could be very dangerous. Just as playing the China card was morally wrong and strategically disastrous, any alliance with Russia now would also be morally wrong and strategically dangerous.

      1. If they get into a larger war with NATO, which largely depends on their intentions and NATO’s next moves, then you can count on Russian air and naval activity in the Norwegian Sea and North Sea.

      2. my thoughts too.so sad though.Dr Pry is the quintessential American Eagle;Just the way he comports himself and how he looks!

      3. In my opinion, Operation Barbarossa is irrelevant here. We all realize Russia has great strategic depth, but in Ukraine that would be irrelevant. Also, in this case the problem is not Hitler, but Putin. Putin has taken a few pages from Hitler’s manual and refined them somewhat. But, Hitler’s false flag was just as recognizable as anything Putin puts together. His cries about NATO are nothing more than the same game the Soviet Union played. Putin is well aware that NATO is a defensive alliance and poses no threat to Russia.

        I will say that NATO could support a war in Ukraine if it had the will. There is no way it could do so in Georgia and it would be tough in Ukraine.

        Nixon’s China ploy has come back to bite us and I did not have a good feeling about that at the time he went to China. There is no way anyone with any sense could play the alliance game with Russia. While Russia and China were on the outs for a number of years, that is now in the past. China is really no friend to Russia either. For now it is advantageous to have what looks like an alliance, but China is waiting for the chance to strike north into Siberia.

  21. I would rather bend a knee to Putin than to Luciferian U.S. Government United Nations NATO scum

  22. Mr. Nyquist, take a look at this golden nugget of information found in plain sight on Jens Stoltenberg’s Wikipedia bio:

    “Stoltenberg’s first steps into politics came in his early teens, when he was influenced by his sister Camilla, who at the time was a member of the then Marxist–Leninist group Red Youth. Opposition to the Vietnam War was his triggering motivation. Following heavy bombing raids against the North Vietnamese port city of Hai Phong at the end of the Vietnam War, he participated in protest rallies targeting the United States Embassy in Oslo. On at least one occasion embassy windows were broken by stone-throwing protesters. Several of Stoltenberg’s friends were arrested by the police after these events.”

    Mr. Stoltenberg is “just” the commander of NATO. 🙃
    Well, as you say, Ukraine is already a done deal. The only course to be taken is for the sane people in the West to acknowledge that it has been duped by conspirators and naive Liberalism…



  23. Just my $0.02, but I continue to pray for our Republic. It’s probably the #1 thing that many of us can do….pray that God intervenes. Do we deserve judgement as a nation? Millions of aborted babies say “yes.” God also has a plan for America. Our republic was the one thing that stood in the way of totalitarians over the last 100 years. Sadly, the useful idiots of those same totalitarians are now in charge here at home. I think it’s just a matter of time, but God is bigger than all of this, and His will be done.

    There is a part of me that looks at what’s going on and I remember that communists always love to plan plan plan. They can be guilty of over-planning. This may turn out to be another instance of war games, or a combination of taking Ukraine plus gauging the West’s reaction to the 3 or 4 different “drills” going on over the next month. Perhaps they take Ukraine but also observe how we handle the potential threat against the rest of Europe, or just the Baltic States. I think its clear that going forward, Russia/China feel emboldened to replace the West at the top of the “world order.” If this current round of drills and crises isn’t the endgame, then I can see them setting up shop in Central and South America as well as more patrols and sorties off our coastlines, all while they continue to drive a wedge into NATO and isolate the United States as much as possible. Knowing full-well that our elections can be rigged in favor of their useful idiots, I dont think they have to fear a real US President ever again. I go back to what I said above though – God’s will be done. If enough of us humble ourselves and pray along with fighting the good fight, inform other, prepare, etc, it can make a difference even in this late hour.

    1. The communist bloc has always advanced with caution, sometimes accepted setback in order to gain better positions elsewhere. There could be a major conflict soon, or they could extend the period of maneuvering for position.

  24. (Corrected version of my previous comment; please, delete the former)

    With all due respect, Frank Gaffney, did you hear this: “The Committee on the Present Danger: China” should be “The Committee on the Present Danger: China AND RUSSIA”!

    Open your eyes, Mr. Gaffney, widen your scope and say good-bye – better late than never! – to your cherished illusion of “Reagan having won the Cold War”! HE LOST IT! And the Cold War never stopped, either. The Soviet (or rather: combined Soviet/Chinese) “monster plot”, so heavily ridiculed in American government circles for so long, WAS (AND HAS REMAINED) REAL. Anatoliy Golitsyn, James Angleton, and others – including Mr. Nyquist – had been RIGHT! And now, after three decades of alleged “post-communism”, the Soviets and Red Chinese have indeed turned the tables on the United States, and a “cold war” that never ended will soon give way to a HOT war, to World War III, which will be so much more than a war in the conventional sense of the word, but what the Soviets (and all communists around the world) have always been referring to as: WORLD OCTOBER!

    As a little reminder of the dangerous depths of the Russian soul (and everything it contains, including its most terrible fruit: machine Stalinism), here is Rimsky-Korsakov’s arrangement of Mussorgsky’s Night on the Bare Mountain. The piece – despite all its beautiful and shining romantic colours – portrays a bizarre and cruel witches’ sabbath, as if anticipating the Russian tragedy under communism that is now about to become the same tragedy on a planetary scale. God help us!

    1. Frank Gaffney is a national treasure. Very eloquent also. So much better than Bannon. Undoubtedly exactly knows the score. Granted,he’s not perfect, but who is?

    2. Actually sir, The+Contemplative+Observer, what you assert may be half true. The United States is conspicuous by it’s absence in the Apocalyptic books of ancient Hebrew Scripture, but Europe, Israel, Russia and China, remain. That would suggest that Russia does not exercise it’s most ambitious scenario, and as Europe would seem to be incapable of defending itself from Russia without the protection of the United States, I doubt your conclusions.

      1. I thought the EU was against the death penalty. What you suggest might occur, but as the EU is fully on board with injecting people, I doubt if anyone will even do any prison time.

    3. ” dangerous depths of the Russian soul”? Coming from a Germanic gentleman this is rather too rich a broth to drink I’m afraid. No sir, the civilized Germans made an abattoir out of the whole 20th century. And your typical German racism is duly noted as well.

      1. That’s hilarious. Stalin made Hitler look like a piker. Stalin almost lost because of all the killing on the 30s.

        At least Germany was civilized. Can’t say much in that regard about Russia even now.

      2. And in response to Ohengineer: you know what your ” civilization ” can do, right? It takes the path of Babylon and of Sodom.

      3. Russian pseudocivilization is already in the sewer. It was coming out of it in late Tsarist times, but lost its life in the Bolshevik revolution. It has never recovered.

        As a studious Christian I am well aware of where western civilization is headed. The same place Russian civilization already is.

  25. There is NO creditability with the U.S. any longer. There has never been a more wicked nation in the history of man. Dumb A#s populous do not know that the Ukraine went under direct rule of Russia in the early 1700’s under Peter the Great and Catherine the Great after him. Prior to that Russia and Poland controlled the Ukraine. That was even before the U.S. was founded. Khrushchev tossed Ukraine a bone in 1954 by handing Crimea over. But, as we know Crimea– maybe or maybe not— voted to return to Russian rule. Who can believe anything the U.S. media and government says. Significant parts of Ukraine desire to be a part of Russia but the U.S. wants to secure its bio-weapon labs, child/human trafficking centres, drug trafficking and nuclear weapon base on Russia’s border. After all, the U.S. toppled the legit government, stole their gold and put in their puppet leader. I mean, is anyone awake. What we gona do when Russia has bases and nukes in Cuba, Venezuela and permanent nuke subs off the east and west coast water of the U.S. ? What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Russia has 15 to 17 military bases practically all of the around their own border. The U.S. has countless bases all around Russia. The U.S. has caused more upheaval, destruction, theft and misery than any other nation. I don’t see or hear U.S. and NATO giving more than whispered lip service to the Chinese atrocities and else where around the world. They are too busy trying to control and maintain power over the whole world themselves. The U.S. is going to soon realize they are blinded by their arrogance and pride and their rule and empire is over.

    1. Balaam A: I am not sure why you think America is the most wicked nation in all history, except that you evidently hate America. And don’t you dare deny it. What you write is full of hate, and forms a justification for the mass killing of Americans. For you, Stalin’s genocidal actions against Ukrainians during the Terror Famine do not count. Pol Pot’s killing fields do not count. Mao’s mass killings do not count. It is true, of course, that morals have been better in the past than they are today. All modern nations, I am afraid, suffer from similar moral deficits. All great nations have done wicked things at various times. This is a commonplace observation. But you make America into a special case. Your argument sets up America as the target of a yet greater mass extermination event. Is America really in control of the world? You fool! The United States does not even control its own border with Mexico! The good that has been done by American business and charities is never counted by moral idiots like you. And when America is exterminated, criminal propaganda like yours will be used to justify that atrocity. Such is your moral position.

    2. The Crimea referendum was invalid. It would be no different than Nazi Germany holding a referendum in Poland after invading and expecting a vote other than Hitler winning. The Crimea referendum was a joke.

      1. Most excellent point, Jeff. So obvious, yet no one else has made it.

        A lot of people regurgitate the latest propaganda, that Russia and Ukraine are one and the same from the beginning. I say they began as one, but Russia moved away and developed their own unique culture.

        Ukraine has it’s own language as well, and that Ukraine is both mother and father to Russia. This does not justify Russia claiming that Ukraine has always belonged to Russia, and therefore it’s Russia’s for the taking.

      2. Well, I don’t know about ancient territorial boundaries. Was the area now currently Russia, ever occupied by those who speak Ukrainian? Doubtful. I’m sure there are at least two who can say for sure. Besides, Ukraine would be in no position to hold that territory today, but Russia could easily take Ukraine, as if it ever really rid it self of Soviet control.

        Wars determine territory. No country that has ever lost it’s sovereignty has ever regained it, other than Israel which has done so not merely once, but three times, precisely as foretold in ancient Hebrew Scripture. I think that confirms that Ukraine never escaped Russian control at all.

      3. Such historical arguments end up being ridiculous. Shall we give the Roman Empire back to the Romans? And who did they steal it from? One goes back through history and never can find who originally owned everything.

    3. To mr Nyquist regarding Hitler, Lenin, and Stalin and your question as to Stalin’s ” Racism”:

      I would say that Stalin was racist against Russians, sure. As to Hitler copying Lenin, I’d say he was to a degree. I read somewhere that Hitler obviously quoted Lenin from read passages of Stalin’s book: ” foundations of Leninism” , favorable quotes. But then, he wore the red armband in Munich for a time in 1919, did he not?

      1. My point is, you called our Austrian friend a racist because he commented on the dark element in the Russian soul. He did not say there was no dark element in the German soul. All groups have their dark and light elements, expressed uniquely in art. There was, after all, a relationship between Russian and German totalitarianism. Can we admit that? And learn?

    4. If memory serves, voter turnout in Sevestopol was 125%. Throughout Crimea it was about 90%. Meanwhile, on the ground reports state that voter turnout was almost non-existent, with Russian “green little men” and Russian journalists being given ballots to vote.

      Since that time, the Russians have tortured and persecuted the native Tatars, chased off more than a million people who fled back into Ukraine, and have imported between 200,000 to 1,000,000 Russians from the mainland to colonize Crimea (this is an estimate from the Tatar representative, who describes it as a deliberate attempt to replace the Tatars/Ukrainians).

      1. Sounds like Jihadist propaganda to me. You just cry that your Crimean Tatar blood brothers cannot raid and enslave Kuffar as in the ” good old days”.

      2. I’ve not heard of any Crimean Tatars raiding and enslaving anyone. On the other hand, Russian soldiers barely hide their brutal crimes against Tatars, Ukrainians, Georgians, Syrians, Chechens, their brothers, sisters, cousins, etc etc etc.

      3. Putin has engaged in ethnic cleansing, a crime against humanity. But, Putin is a criminal, so it’s natural for him to act that way.

  26. … even though the most realistic (and most shattering) musical illustration of not only mechanised war, but war as a means to bring about the death of the human soul (!) was certainly the one by Englishman Gustav Holst (who was of Swedish descent) in his piece, Mars, the Bringer of War, which is part of his famous symphonic suite, The Planets (Holst, as a student of astrology, brilliantly describes in this suite the spiritual essence of all the planetary principles from Mercury all the way to Neptune – Pluto had not yet been discovered in 1916, when this music was written):

    Pay attention to the final merciless strokes of the orchestra at the end of this work: destruction giving way to a shocking and agonising nothingness! No sweet and happy end to take away from the previous horrors, but a terrible, terrible look right into the abyss!

    This is exactly what’s coming: Maximum agony and suffering; Christ’s Passion, if you will, to be relived by the entire human race…

  27. No matter what you say it’s inevitable it would come to this. There cannot be two masters in the same house. One will eventually challenge the other for supremacy.

    Moe has decided YOUR time has come.

    1. Shemp decided Curly’s time had come, now Jeff is coming in to replace Moe? This is a bad time for it, we need Jeff for his analysis!

  28. Poland is in a bad geographic position being on the European plain. It is why they have the history they do.

    The number of deaths attributed to Covid is trash. CDC has admitted that. It’s closer to 30K than a million.

    Bannon has a military background, but he is, in very many ways, an ignoramus who is willfully blind to what is going on.

    Ukraine is willing to fight for itself. All they need is the material means to do so. They have a large number of willing people, unlike so many who were willing to fight to the last American trooper.

    1. Americans need to wrestle with this at home.

      The Supreme Court on Wednesday refused a request from former President Donald J. Trump to block the release of White House records concerning the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, …

      In an unsigned order, the majority wrote that Mr. Trump’s request for a stay while the case moved forward…

      Justice Clarence Thomas was the only Supreme Court Judge to dissent from the majority, while Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, wrote an opinion in support of Executive Privilege. The seven in the majority, failed to sign the order, yet it was forwarded to the National Archives, which then sent many of the Privileged materials to the House Committee.

      The seven Supreme Court Justices who released that unsigned order, defrauded the National Archives, which illegally forwarded the Privileged materials to the House Committee.

      That is a conspiracy, which is grounds for criminal prosecution of the seven Supreme Court Justices who committed the fraud, and whomever was involved at the National Archives that sent the Privileged materials to the House Committee, whom will also be complicit if they attempt to prosecute on the basis of those ill gotten gains.

      Impeachment of the judges would be redundant, but ought to coincide with criminal indictment against the conspirators.


    2. Bannon seems self-serving to me. What little I have listened to of him. Sometimes you just get a gut feeling about someone after listening to a little of what they say, and how they say it.

      1. To mr Nyquists question:

        Budapest is irrelevant, in any case, given Ukraine’s slow but inevitable implosion and fragmentation. It doesn’t matter what I think, or feel about the matter. Galicia and Lvov will go it’s own way: the Poles and/or the Nemetsky are no doubt waiting, considering the history. The Crimea and Novorossiya likewise are going their own different way. This is a new time of troubles, or Tatar yoke, kind of period: you don’t want any part of it.

      2. He looks like a dissipated drunk. And he’s got got hard eyes. He’d fight you for the last shot in the bottle, I reckon.

      3. Strannik, you’re simply being foolish. Ukraine has been growing and improving. Putin’s Russia has been declining. The GDP has been cut by a third since 2010, and that’s one of the lesser effects of Russia being run by a criminal party.

        Putin is a very foolish man, regardless of what idiots like yourself wish to push.

    3. Seven of nine, Supreme Court Justices, issued the order without signing it. This is somewhat encouraging, because they understand that the order is illegitimate and therefore non binding. The significance being, that it can’t be used as a precedent to undermine Executive Privilege of either former or future, Presidents. Of course the House Committee has the documents and Congress does whatever they want. They can’t retroactively un-read them, and the Supreme Court is unlikely to order them to disregard what they read, but there’s probably nothing incriminating in them anyway. It seems that during this Covid Live Exercise, that everybody is playing fast and loose with the law.

      1. I would venture to say that little if anything is truly known, so a rush to judgment could be rash and unwise.

  29. I said to my mother recently as we were watching a press conference given by that turncoat Jake Sullivan, “These people should be in prison, but here they are, somehow running the country.”

    1. The above comment was meant in reply to @JRNyquist’s comment RE how our current leaders seem to hate the U.S. and many of its people. I have no idea why my comment got pushed down all the way to the bottom.

  30. Mr Nyquist, as to our Austrian friend and racism, I don’t disagree, but surely it rankles due to it still being within the living memory of some.

      1. On that note your point is taken. Technology alone possesses a wizardry that guarantees slaughter should war erupt. So no more war among brothers! But so many put their trust in Technology, and War. But they forget that God ” is a Man of War” that surely laughs at their toys.

      2. And this is exactly why war will not happen. Peace will be found before war is ever a practical option. Leaders of global superpowers know a modern war will end their leadership. It will end their comfort, their control, their power; it will not increase them, as has been the goal of nearly all wars of the past. The modern age has developed weaponry on all sides that ensure the destruction — if not of the leaders themselves —then of their existing empire and way of life. This is a new consequence of war that has come about in the past 30 years. Acting like modern leaders still live in the same environment of war as even 50 years ago is shortsighted. All the fear-mongering and war hypothesizing distracts from meaningful discussion. The next war will come from a superpower government turning against its own people, and the sane nations of the world uniting against it.

      3. Yeah the same bird that tells you all the stuff that you posit which never happens.

      4. In my writings I really do not make predictions. I write about things that have happened or will happen and discuss other people’s successful predictions — like those of KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn. I offer scenarios and explain where things are headed. For 34 years I have been warning about what would happen if we neglect our defenses vis-a-vis Russia and China. I warned against the strengthening of the communist fifth column here in America. So, as you can see, Russia and China are working together, and the fifth column has been strengthened here at home. Where have I been off the mark? The U.S. Navy is the smallest it has been in 100 years. Our army has active ten divisions. So where in all this have I been wrong? I do not understand your snarky, dishonest comments. You really must explain to me how Golitsyn got 94 percent of his predictions right, and you must explain why his predictions are still coming true. But you never really study anything worthwhile. And you never actually follow through on any challenges.

  31. I am no doubt a dense and foolish man. But it occurred to me just now that all this mess serves several US Democrat aims, just in time right before mid term elections. One aim is distraction, another is demonization. This recalls to me the previous Trump-Russia collusion nonsense. Whoever your Democratic strategist is, he is a Godzilla, a Genius.

    1. In any case, I trust in Divine Providence, or Hegel’s ” Cunning of Reason ” which is the same, being the Divine Logos. Man has forgotten God, but God has not forgotten man.

      1. Ohngineer, sure they are the same. You misunderstand Hegel just like all the other Marxists do. Hegel writes for people already versed in Classical Philosophy, particularly Plato, and uses dense and idiosyncratic language that presupposes familiarity with all his other works in his readers minds. Marx ” stood Hegel on his ear” only in fantasy: Marx neither understood nor cared to truly understand what Hegel was truly about. God the Second Person is the Logos: the Divine Reason without which nothing can be understood at all.

    2. A genius? Our Democratic strategists? Opening the border? Refusing to modernize our nuclear forces? These are not geniuses, these are agents of your country.

      1. No agents of any country, but rather of one broad ” nation”, I am thinking. Consider that of all the different power groups of people in the Democrat alliance of the Damned, there is only one that is never abused or taken for granted, but is given all things: the militant Mohammadans. Your Leftist Red-Green alliance is turning into an increasingly Islamist one, as no doctrinaire Communist would import people like Somalis into places like Minnesota. Again, my opinion.

      2. Strannik, your country is the one one responsible for the current state of communist subversion around the world, just accept it.

        Also, your leftist red nation is an increasingly Islamist one too. Would a doctrinaire communist import people from the ‘stans into places like Moscow?

        Not my opinion, just facts.

  32. Ricardo Galvan: read a history book. Crimea under Muslim Tatar rule and Ottoman allegiance was one big Slave market, or I should say ” Slav Market ” and again you give yourself away in your choice of people you whimper about.

  33. It’s nothing I can prove, but I’ve long suspected that Turkey and Russia (and therefore Turkey and China, Turkey and Iran, etc., etc.) are secretly allied and that Turkey will be used as a wedge to break apart NATO and end it. It’s just sort of “gut feeling” thing for me at this time, but there have been several curious things in the last many years that, for me, point to the distinct possibility that Turkey is no longer on side with the US and NATO, no matter what they might say or how they might appear to behave.

    The play could be one of Turkey appearing to be in opposition to Russia over Kazakhstan, Ukraine, etc., or it could be one of Turkey just plainly coming out on side with Russia in sort of a last minute “surprise! surprise!” revelation. I think Turkey fancies itself the new head of a sort of reconstituted Ottoman Empire for the modern age and they know the rest of NATO would never go for that, but the Russians would be only too willing to help them toward that end on the condition that Turkey would keep a “whip hand” over the Islamic world to suit Russia’s aims over the long term.

    1. You may well be right about Turkey, but not Russia. These nations have always been unfriends at best, and fought a dozen wars against each other. In fact, Erdogan is quite close to the Ukraine, and is playing a double game that would benefit only Turkey.

      1. Prediction: Turkey will abandon NATO (formally or in a de facto fashion) and side with Russia in the near future.

      2. Turkey looks both East and West, so to speak. I’ve heard it compared to a wild card in how it can use its position to influence or to support whichever side that it wants to. Is this accurate, Jeff?

  34. Covid is yes also a war against the western world and certainly against Ukraine, maybe the graves are supposed to be for the many vaccination dead?

  35. Quietman: no, rather NATO is being led by consideration of Turkish objectives and foreign policy, Turkish and Islamic militant. Recent events in Kazakhstan were likely intended to create a new Syrian style conflict bordering Russia, complete with Islamic militants (remember the beheadings of police officers?)but failed due to quick CTSO action, for now.

  36. The Russians will not attack anytime soon, not when the whole world is now watching them and Western armies are on alert.

    They’ve feigned attack at least a dozen times since their capture of Crimea and incursion into Donbass. They’ll do this for fun, to test out response, and to normalize our attitude to just another Russian drill.

    They’ll strike when no one is expecting it or paying attention.

    1. I should point out that this notion you have of surprise attack is something of a myth. War requires thousands of actions to mobilize and prepare. It cannot be done without detection. In order to carry out effective attacks you cannot go from peace to war in a snap. You have to mobilize in plain view of everyone while offering a false or diversionary explanation; for example, that you are taking back Ukraine or Taiwan, etc. in this way the stupid Americans do not match your mobilization and are unprepared for a larger war. Mobilization is war. And every surprise attack is preceded by some kind of mobilization. Before Pearl Harbor the U.S. military knew the Japanese were going to war with us. They undoubtedly did not understand how effective the Japanese were, and did not know exactly what the Japanese would do, but they knew something was about to happen. The commanders at Hawaii were surprised because they lacked imagination. They did not imagine Japanese Air Fleet could travel all the way to a position north of Hawaii to launch air strikes.

      1. Perhaps the operative phrase is “when no one is expecting it or paying attention”.

        Obvioiusly no-one is now paying attention, so necessarily we’ll be surprised.

        And as to what is being expected: David Wilkerson in his 1980’s book ‘Set the trumpet to thy mouth’ predicted the burning oil-fields and blackened skies of the Gulf War. If memory serves, he also wrote the following: “a crazy dash for peace will fail..Peace seems attainable, at precisely the moment the enemy is gearing up for war’.

      2. What’s even more asinine about the US Navy’s lack of preparedness against Japanese surprise attack, is that Japan’s surprise attack on the Russian Pacific fleet in harbor at Port Arthur in the beginning of the Russo Japanese War of 1904-5 was still within living memory in 1941 and had been studied by every Naval academy in the world, including the planners of the British sinking of the French fleet in 1940 and the same men who sank much of the Italian navy in the same year.

      3. Yes. And Billy Mitchell predicted in the 1920s that a war with Japan would begin with a Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor using aircraft and submarines. But who listened to him? He was kicked out of the Army Air Force on a court martial.

  37. Jeff,

    Thank you for what you do to communicate honestly what is going on in the world. I think I first heard about you on a Secure Freedom Radio podcast with Frank Gaffney. I bought your book “The Fool and His Enemy Toward a Metaphysics of Evil” and it is packed with wisdom. At this point, our best hope is to ask God for wisdom and have the courage to act courageously whatever the circumstances,

      1. Yes, the people of this world ought to fast & do penance like the Ninevites, but I doubt they will. It’s more likely that they will only blaspheme The Most High even more as is written in the book of the Apocalypse.

    1. A LA Metro bus driver told me that his brother in law is a longshoreman in LA, and that he was directed to stay home and collect his paycheck. The slow down is deliberate.

      1. No, I don’t think the container ships are full of troops, not yet.

        Remember our build-up to the invasion of Iraq? It took just days to get our troops over there. It took three months to get all the war supplies for our men to use. If those ships are full of war materials, it makes sense to delay emptying them until the supplies are needed.

      1. Are you suggesting that this is actually a smart defensive move, or just dumb luck?

      2. If enemy troops are on those boats trying to invade and the commie long shoreman’s union is inadvertently keeping them at sea, how long can they last out there before expiring like so many typical illegal aliens?

      3. The Trans Pacific Partnership, underwent several incarnations with different titles so throw people off track, but was always the same agenda. It was supposedly so that humongous Chinese ships could unload in Mexico, to be shipped up the Midwest to Canada by rail, and evade the Longshoreman’s and Teamsters Unions. I now wonder if it wasn’t to smuggle in enemy troops?

  38. A wise old man once told me, “Son, you should learn to read a woman within one minute of observation. Barring that, ten seconds of her speech will tell you everything you need to know.”

  39. Here is a point to ponder that has not been discussed yet: A nuclear-armed Germany. How would the Russians react to the sudden announcement that Germany has built up (secretly) a nuclear arsenal, mounted, say, on a few hundred state-of the-art long-range supersonic speed-capable stealth mobile cruise missiles? Impossible to keep such a secret, you say? Well, the Germans have kept secrets before. Their attack on Poland in 1939 and on Russia in 1941; the Ardennes offensive in 1944. Ah, but intelligence collection has much improved since then, one might counter. But even the Israelis surely do not know everything about Iran’s nuclear weapons research, perhaps even some very critical aspects. Why could not Germany keep such a buildup secret *if it wanted to*? Germans are among the world’s top engineers. and in various aspects. Surely they could keep such an effort secret if they really tried.
    Unexpected surprises are a part of history. And a nuclear-armed Germany was likely the primary fear of the Soviets during the cold war. With so many Russian formations in then-East Germany, they would never have tolerated it during that era. But they are all much further away now, so their reaction, I think, would be one of trepidation, enough to give them real pause, albeit with a tinge of humiliation. Still unlikely, many would say, given Germany’s internal politics. But not totally impossible. The late(?) economist Paul Erdman posited such a scenario at the end of one of his novels (I forget specifically which one). It involved the sudden deployment of German nuclear-armed cruise missiles in conjunction with the announcement of a new Russian-German nonaggression pact, coupled with the booting of all U.S. forces from German soil. Really, a possible scenario within the next 20 years, so long as no serious conflict breaks out in the meantime??

    1. I do not understand. You introduce a completely gratuitous thesis, with no evidence, with no likelihood, without any discussion of German politics — for what purpose? It detracts from a very real event that is unfolding. If you were in sports, I would tell you to KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL.

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