In battle one engages the orthodox and gains victory through the unorthodox.

Sun Tzu

This interview with Mr. Moric of the Geopolitical and Empire podcast is an attempt to give background on the Soviet long-range strategy, Anatoliy Golitsyn, James Angleton, and the fall of the Soviet Union. It is too big to treat so quickly, but an overview may be useful for some readers who want a snapshot before embarking on more serious reading. To correct an error, I misspoke when I referred to KGB defector Nosenko exonerating Oswald. I meant to say he exonerated Moscow in the death of JFK. Talking has no edits, but it is lively enough to carry you and Mr. Moric added some nice visuals.


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128 thoughts on “Geopolitics & Empire Podcast: Deception and the Fall of Communism

  1. Thank you Jeff! This is a very comprehensive interview with a lot of material and insight into the machinations of humanity’s greatest enemies. And thanks for the subtitles!

    1. Dear Mr. Nyquist, how would you argue against the usual claim that Russia got encircled by NATO despite Sec. James Bakers given assurance that this would not happen?

      If I’m not wrong this is also Putins main line of argumentation and this sounds appealing. So there definitely is a guilt by NATO and US neocons by going east and expanding as far as possible, wouldn’t you agree?

      But is Russia really threatened by this? What has changed since let’s say two years ago that might be an occasion for Russia to so this right now? Did something change that could have triggered this?

      What could have been possible threats that might have frightened Putin so he resists now? That also provide an alibi for him to blame NATO?

      I just looked at Lew Rockwells take on this, so these questions came up. He wants the US to stay out, like you propose, but he only sees the West as an aggressor:

      And one more thing, if I might ask: What do you think about the international bankers in this conflict? Might they be trying to pitch NATO against Russia/China? Are there indications that you are aware of?

      1. James Baker never gave such assurances as you describe. This is a misunderstanding. Please read M. E. Sarotte’s concise account, “Not One Inch: America, Russia, and the making of the Post-Cold War Stalemate.” Furthermore, NATO has not “encircled” Russia. The country occupies 11 time zones, bordering the U.S on its eastern side by the Bering Strait, and Poland/Lithuania (NATO) on its Western end. You have Japan off from Vladivostok, etc. Is this the “encirclement” you refer to? Then Lincoln and Seward are to blame, and God us to blame for putting Japan so close to Siberia. By the same logic, you might say Russia has encircled NATO, developing satellites throughout Africa and Latin America. But you do not count any of that. Neither do you take notice of Russia’s intensive active measures, subversion, infiltration and use of organized crime to get control of Western banks, politicians, corporations, universities. Russian power is represented by the world’s most effective secret service, and by the communist international. They also have the largest nuclear arsenal. To forget this, is to have missed the whole game. Your very questions lead me to think you have one foot in fantasy and one foot on a banana peel. We are now in the end game and the Communists are preparing for convergence on their terms. You have to get this Kremlin nonsense out of your head. Russia and communist China have been coming for us since Stalin’s time. Communism is the new religion. Nobody has stopped it. Nobody cares to stop it. Everyone thinks the world’s evil malefactors are capitalists, or bankers, or the CIA, or big oil, or big pharma. Communism is something only crazy people worry about. Right? And Lew Rockwell believes the free market is his magic decoder ring. He has not seen the real downside; namely, people like him won’t DEFEND. Your question about international bankers is frustrating to see. Read a real history of banking, like Niall Ferguson’s House of Rothschild.

      2. Thank you for your answer, Mr. Nyquist. (Not sure why I can’t answer directly to your post.)

        I fully agree. Just played devils advocate so I could get your thoughts on this line of argumentation because it would be in my opinion the most common counter argument you get when you make these points to someone.

        I’m also familiar with Sutton, Quigley and Ferguson in matter of international finance and banking. Sorry for being so sloppy in putting the question. This is exactly why I was asking the question since I’m aware what happend in 1917 with the Bolsheviks and later with banking interests putting Hitler in place. I’m also aware that China got opened up by the same people with massive capital inflows since the 1960s.

        So my question was pointing in the direction of how much influence these circles nowadays have on Russian/Chinese politics or if they are acting now only on their on behalf and in accordance with their ideological goals.

      3. Wealthy people and corporations often give money to both sides in an election. They do this for insurance, because they cannot afford to offend the people who win political power. It is often an error to say they “put Hitler in power,” etc. People with assets need to avoid offending ambitious politicians. The wealthy contribute to many politicians if only to safeguard their interests. It is dangerous to be the target of government prosecution, antitrust, etc. All businesses are potential targets of government.

  2. Great Interview. Jeff, why Russia in 2014 annexed only Crimea and did not advance into all of Ukraine? What change since that time?

    1. The Russian military is much stronger now and the West is relatively weaker — especially weakened by COVID, by lockdowns and there is the day of reckoning with vaccine injuries that will shake our system to its foundations; also add the fact that China is now mobilized and prepared to strike outward — with both countries having carrier-killer missiles. Russia has also deployed its new S-500 ABM systems.

      1. Thank you for this interview, Mr. Nyquist.

        About vaccine injuries, do you expect the onset for the rest of the population will be sudden or prolonged over a longer period of time? Could you please clarify what do you mean by “day of reckoning”?

        I’m not well versed in biochemistry, but I’m really interested on any insights on how these injections might work.

        I’d really like to hear what are your thoughts about the vaccines, especially now since the COVID-19 narrative seems to have already filled its purpose.

      2. What I meant was that the authorities are going to have to admit that the vaccines were a mistake, and that hundreds of thousands if not millions have been injured or killed in Europe and the USA. That admission can only be put off so long. And people will have to be held responsible. Thus, a day of reckoning.

      3. So this whole theory of Communist invasion relies on a “day of reckoning with vaccine injuries”. Again I must ask, what if this day does not come? What if the vaccines remain safe (as they have been from day 1) and millions of recipients do not suddenly drop dead? Why don’t you ever discuss this possibility? It sounds like this whole Communist Invasion depends on tens of millions of Americans dying in a very short period of time (not to mention hundreds of millions worldwide), so until that happens, your theory is not plausible. Will you just stubbornly hold onto this theory indefinitely waiting for your countrymen to drop dead? Is this really how you live your life? There is so much other important stuff to focus on, why such obsession with the “Communists”? Can you not see your own extremism on this matter? Do you simply ignore your hypocrisy?

      4. No surprise to see you misrepresenting what I have said. Right now there are many thousands of vaccine injuries — which can no longer be denied. Also, vaccine effectiveness is also being seriously questioned. At some point the vaccines will have to be withdrawn and the failure of policy acknowledged. That will be a day of reckoning because many officials in various countries will be forced to resign. Some may be charged with crimes against humanity. How many dead and injured from vaccines? The numbers are already in the hundreds of thousands in Europe and America. Perhaps the final numbers will exceed a million, but we do not know yet. Many governments will lose the confidence of citizens when this happens. That is the day of reckoning I refer to, which further erodes public confidence as war is threatened by Russia and China.

      5. I am only making one response to the many dishonest Radiofort postings. I am deleting all further posts from this person. I have no patience for his lies, false charges and slanders. Take your commie roadshow to another site. I am not your straw man.

      6. You are a glutton for punishment:
        and — and Steve is a man of the left, not of the right, so you cannot say he shares any of my views otherwise. And then, at a glance, Steve links to a definitive study —
        The vaccines are doing the opposite of what they are supposed to do, in 145 countries. Beattie’s study concludes: “These results should encourage local policy makers to make decisions based on data, not narrative, and based on local conditions, not global or national mandates. However, based on past performance it is not expected that health authorities will react to these results in a rational fashion. Rather they will continue pressing their vaccine mandate for all, regardless of age or medical history.”

        I am afraid, Mr. Radiofort, you are on the wrong side of history and science.”

      7. Yes, and Russia and China are a package deal. The US will likely have to deal with both. They also have the advantage on the domestic front. They have relatively cohesive societies in comparison with the US and very effective means to deal with troublemakers and dissenters. People in the US cannot agree on anything. Even the so-called conservatives see the US as the aggressor even while Ukraine is being surrounded by Russian troops and military equipment. It’s almost like an episode of the Twilight Zone.

      8. EMILKC: I don’t know that much about Russia, but China is not as unified as you think.

        China is occupied by a foreign ideology that stays in power through the barrel of guns.

        The peasants in the villages are resentful of the city folk who are so much wealthier, yet the peasants are not allowed to move to the cities and share the wealth. I can give several examples of what I observed.

        The occupying force (CCP) has a few layers of police and army (PLA) to keep them in power, but they are hated by both peasants and city folk for their cruelty and their corruption. If the people thought there is a chance that they could successfully revolt and throw off their occupiers, they would, but they are disarmed against armed troops.

        The Chinese are divided by language and culture. The northerners speak Mandarin and the government discriminates against speaking Cantonese, the language spoken in southern China. Mandarin is taught in all schools, but once Cantonese speakers return to their villages and cities, they usually don’t speak Mandarin any more. I had no problem dealing with people in southern China, because I speak Cantonese.

        The PLA is the largest military in the world in number of men in uniform, but how many can they send here? They have to hold back some to continue their occupation of China. They need to hold back some to defend their southern border with India. Will they be able to send over enough to succeed in their invasion of the U.S.? If the PLA invades the U.S. and then is defeated, will the people of China see the PLA as weak and revolt?

        What about Russia? How unified are they?

  3. The West has been outplayed – it is as clear as daylight. The NATO countries will not lift a finger when the Russians take the Ukraine because all their cities are threatened by Russian nuclear missiles. America has Russian nuclear submarines within range of her cities. So what, are you going to call the Russian’s bluff? Europe depends on cheap Russian gas to heat their homes. So what makes anyone think they will cut their own throats? As we all know – there are no friends in international relations, only interests.

    1. Russia tries to get a good price for gas in a down market, despite artificially manipulated high prices for petrol products. Biden bolsters the borders of NATO, as Russia does with Ukraine, and assures sanctions on Russia if it invades Ukraine.

      Russia threatens to cut Europe off from gas, and Biden threatens to cut Russia off from selling gas.; stalemate.

      US sells gas to Europe at inflated prices; win.

      1. Natural gas in the US is so abundant that the industry considers it a waste product. They will pay you to haul it away. Automobiles ought to be converted to natural gas, instead of electicity.

  4. I’m still thinking there might be a Russian-Chinese first strike against the US any day now. Ukraine and Taiwan are too small to really interest them, but make good sparring partners, good distractions, and good decoys to lure US assets out of position. It makes more sense for them to hit us now while it’s still cold, crop planting hasn’t started even in the southern US, and we haven’t recovered from the Covid19 insanity yet. The Reds are losing momentum in the streets here. Now apparently it’s legal in the US, to shoot Reds who are beating you and shouting obscene death threats.

    1. Ukraine is still largely a country made in the Soviet image. Its elite is the same old elite. I believe Ukraine can be brought under Moscow’s control without a major war. Some fighting would be necessary, but I cannot imagine Ukraine inflicting serious losses on Russia.

      1. Russia already controls the Ukrainian intelligence, mafia and politics. Many documents with the names of agents and members of the Ukrainian KGB were destroyed after the collapse of the USSR. 80% (if not more) of the members of the Ukrainian SBU during Yanukovich’s presidency were FSB agents. Yanukovich was himself KGB/FSB agent recruited while being in the prison. 35% of the members of SBU were Russians! Zelensky’s campaign was financed by Russia with around 200 000 dollars and now he pretends to be Western ally. Poroshenko’s factory for candies was functioning in Russia during his presidency. Why? Why a Poroshenko’s female relative was married with the deputy governor of Saint Petersburg? And Kremlin doesn’t know it? Poroshenko is Russia’s controlled opposition on international level! Everything is a theatre, Balshoi teatar!

      2. I can imagine Ukraine inflicting serious losses on Russia. Russia may still win, but it will be a bloody win for them.

        The Ukrainians are more than willing to fight for their country. Russia holds about half the area in the Donbas it held. Untrained civilians fought and pushed them back. Russia still holds what they do only because they put a very large number of regular troops into the fight. Ukraine’s military situation has changed enormously since then.

  5. Mr Nyquist, Golitsyn writes in ” New lies for Old” that the strategic deception he posits would have a ” Chinese Wall” separating inner party in on the deception from outer party, and that no Jews would be in on deception secret. Can you enlarge upon this? And does this mention of the Jews in official organizations in Soviet Union not being told under any circumstances seem anomalous to you? Would it indicate a change in ideology from within inner party, in your opinion, if true?

    1. I was as referring to KGB reorganization under Shelepin, covered in Epstein’s book on Golitsyn titled “Deception.” What page number in “New Lies for Old” is your supposed quote referring to party reorganization?

      1. I have not read the book in many years, nor do I have the book in my keeping. But, the comment about a ” Chinese Wall” separating those organizations that know about the alleged ” Strategic Deception ” from those party and other organizations that do not know, is including an almost off handed statement about keeping ethnic Jews in any organization ignorant of these alleged plans. I didn’t make it up, I was struck by this anomalous comment and that’s why I remember it clearly. Perhaps you might have better luck finding the statements than I, and can then explain them somewhat.

      2. In reference to your comment below, I’m certain that I read it somewhere in the literature, but no matter.

        I suppose that it occurred to you at some point that perhaps both Golitsyn and Nosenko could have been wrong, both coming to the West as they were in the wake of Goloniewskis defection-but that is problematic too, Col. Mikhail Goloniewskis defection

    2. Until Jeff arrives, may I offer that there was never any such supposed, Chinese Wall:

      [ In 1989 Gorbachev was quoted speaking to the Politburo saying the following ” In October 1917 we parted with the old world rejecting it once and for all. We are moving toward a new world, the world of communism. We shall never turn off that road.” He also said “Gentlemen, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about glasnost and perestroika and democracy in the coming years. These are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant change within the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our aim is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep.” During 1989 when the Berlin wall came down he proclaimed ” I am a convinced Communist. For some this may be a fantasy but for me it is my main goal”

      Gary Kah, The New World Religion ]

      1. New Lies for Old
        The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation
        By Anatoliy Golitsyn · 1986

        About this edition
        ISBN:9780745002194, 0745002196
        Page count:412
        Original from:the University of Virginia
        Digitized:March 18, 2011
        Author:Anatoliy Golitsyn

        Google Books search finds tree results for –

        Jews: pages 51, 132, & 230

        Chinese wall: pages 101, 271, & 272

      2. I have looked at all the references to Jews in Golitsyn’s book and Strannik has apparently fed us disinformation. There is no such statement as he describes in Golitsyn’s book.

      3. As I suspected. The Google search didn’t provide the full copy of listed pages, and I don’t have a copy of the book myself. Glad you could catch that.

      4. Gorbachev’s role in Russian history will be that of a mere destroyer, not some acolyte of a campaign of worldwide communist subterfuge. The Russian people curse his name because he and his Western style liberals managed to screw up things much as Biden is doing now.

  6. The goal is twofold. The destruction of America and the creation of the one world dicktator and one world government.

    They want the insane and bald guy to do it. CLOD Swab and his sidekick the NURD Bull Gates.

      1. How does this work? Are Gates, Schwab, and others, being blackmailed over their Epstein romps, or are they ideologically aligned? I don’t think bribery would have much impact. Do they believe that they will have a seat at the round table?

      2. Funny, I don’t see too many Russian or Chinese shareholders in Vanguard… In fact Vanguard is exceptionally secretive about its shareholders.
        I do see that Vanguard has major shares in Blackrock.
        I also see that between the two, nearly every purchase or economic transaction a person can make, profits one of these two companies/institutional investors either directly, indirectly or both.
        I also see their involvement with WEF and other policy makers, NGO’s and other policy distributers who are directly linked with governments aka the policy enforcers, with a two way link to the media and big tech aka the policy propagandists. The people are just on the receiving end with faux input via pantomime political elections and NGO controlled petition platforms.
        Do you want Pepsi or Coke?

  7. Mr Nyquist, was not Gorbachev the leader of the Soviet Union and head of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union? What did the man ever do for Russias or the Russian peoples? Again, it seems that you and others have no place in your ideological synthesis for Great Russian nationalism and aspirations, which is most curious given the historical opposition of Communism to the same, as being ” reactionary ” and ” counter revolutionary “.

    And so it is.

      1. Recall that Gorbachev also enabled every other nationalism within the Soviet space as well, activating those ” time bombs” that Lenin and his heirs created within the ruins of the Romano v dominion. They too were anti Russian nationalism.

      2. In reply to Mr Nyquist about Russian nationalism and any other nationalism: of course others should have freedom, but not the ” freedom ” of a weak disunity that outsiders can take advantage of. Did not the ancient Greeks and the Renaissance Italian city states learn this? Or the Russian city states fractured polities before the Mongol Yoke?

    1. Western-European television viewers were treated to pictures of a Gorbachev-walkaround;angry ‘pots and pans protests’.Somehow we were led to believe that these people,who just days prior would have fretted to communicate anything even to their closest kin, suddenly came out to revolt against this bloodthirsty regime. I never believed this

      1. That’s because you don’t know or understand the Russian people, which isn’t your fault. Russian people hate evil, but hate evil plus weakness and stupidity even more. The last rulers of the Soviet Union were fools and thieves, but cowards to a man. An evil but strong and clever ruler can at least sometimes do something right out of expediency, but the other sort can do nothing right at all.

      2. “Russian people hate evil”

        That’s hilarious. Russians have long tolerated evil and even their own weakness in the face of Stalinist tyranny. Your love of the Soviet regime shines through more and more.

  8. Rather, brothers unite and defend each other from common threats while maintaining their liberty.

    1. Evil is not beaten by evil, but by good. By the humility and endurance that drives away the prince of this world. St Paul never advocated rebellion against the Emperor Nero, but rather obedience in all things except sin.

      1. You misread the Bible. Especially Romans 13:1–7. God commanded rebellion against evil civil government several times, some of which were recounted in Hebrews 11. God commands that our civic duty is to work for justice, as in a court of law, (Micah 6:8). Continuing to teach the Gospel when such is prohibited by the government, is already rebellion. Working for justice in an unjust system is already rebellion against the system. What it comes down to, which are the tactics to use in each situation?

        Paul practised rebellion against Nero by using the tactic that was most effective for his time and place, namely teaching the Bible.

        In everything, be subject to the Word of God, the Bible and do not repay injustice with injustice.

  9. Hello Mr. Nyquist,
    thank you for the great interview. I have a question I’d like to ask for clarification. With the recent unrest in Kazakhstan, my initial reflex upon hearing the news, before I learned any of the details, was that Russia had mounted a false flag operation of a fake rebellion as an excuse to go into Kazakhstan to exert their control in that country.
    Then a few days later, In one of your previous blog posts, I recall you having a different take on the situation. You seemed to be saying that the uprising there was legit, and that the government of Kazakhstan was merely a puppet state of Russia, and the Russians were going there to quash a legitimate uprising.
    Fast forward to one of your recent podcast interviews, and I thought I heard you say something to the effect that the Russians mounted a false flag operation there to give them an excuse to go in and shore up their control “in the east” (Kazakhstan) prior to mounting their invasion in the west (Ukraine)–a similar scenario to my initial hunch.
    So my question to you is, would you care to elaborate on this further? What do you think was really going on in Kazakhstan recently?
    Thank you.

    1. “False flag” may be the wrong terminology here. The word the Russians use is “provocation” (Provikatsiya). Whenever people revolt against a totalitarian government they have real grievances. But it is the practice of such governments to infiltrate the opposition and to carry out provocations which can be used to justify a crackdown in which dissidents are arrested and people are killed. The government in Kazakhstan is Soviet constructed state and its secret police work with the Russians and use the same tactics as Russians to cope with opposition. In fact, Russian officials have long stated that they have the right to intervene in Kazakhstan, as if it were a colony. As a country within Russia’s “near abroad,” Kazakhstan does not have real sovereignty. Not knowing all the groups involved in the revolt, it is impossible to say which rebel groups are under control of Kazakh and Russian special services. Most groups are probably infiltrated. That is how totalitarian police states stay in power. Reports I received recently suggest that the most significant group involved in the uprising was under Moscow’s control. This fact changes nothing in terms of whether people there have legitimate grievances. It may seem confusing to you, but there is no contradiction in what I said. The only difference between what I said previously was credible information confirming what we must always assume in such countries; namely, that the police have infiltrated the opposition and employ provocation as a tactic.

      1. Russia is involved due to mutual treaties between CSTO members, much as NATO. Plus, frankly, Kazakhstan as a neighbor would fall back into Islamic barbarism and become a nuisance if there were not some level of watchful vigilance and occasional intervention when needed. Watch Mexico fall apart and see what the USA would rightfully do.

      2. Hello Mr. Nyquist,
        thank you for the clarification. That sounds perfectly reasonable. I don’t think there is any contradiction in what you said or wrote. Good point about the distinction between “false flags” (a totally counterfeit operation) vs. a provocation of an authentic rebellion involving “agent provacateurs”.

        I’d like to get your take on Russian disinformation relating to the pandemic, but I’ll save that for another time.
        Thanks again for all your good work!

      3. Strannik, your lack of knowledge on Mexico reveals you to be a charlatan. Mexico has fallen apart several times. The only interventions in Mexico was the Mexican-American war that resulted because of the admission of Texas into the Union, and because of the Pancho Villa invasion of the southwest. They never recovered from their “revolution” in the 1910s and are still pretty much a failed state.

  10. Meanwhile the US government is pushing back on the allegations that plans are afoot to undermine China’s With counter intelligence operations during and at the Winter Olympics. Separately, the US government is considering an unprecedented action they are considering shutting down and closing the US Embassy in Beijing due to China’s government ruthless pandemic control measures involving COVID-19 (however there have been reports on alternative news outlets on the Internet stating that the so-called new Covid outbreak in central China it’s not the coronavirus but instead of a hemorrhagic fever virus outbreak that possibly could’ve been leaked from a lab there).

    State Department rebuffs Chinese propaganda on U.S. undermining Olympics:
    Chinese government and media assertions that the United States is secretly working to undermine the Beijing Olympic Games are false, the State Department said Sunday.

    U.S. mulls evacuating Beijing embassy over COVID rules:
    China’s draconian pandemic control measures have prompted the State Department to consider evacuating American diplomats and their families from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

    1. Diplomatic relations with Red China should be broken, and not just because of covid. It was a very bad mistake on Nixon’s part to bring China in from the cold.

  11. Just my opinion for what it’s worth; but it seems to me that three powers are vying for control of the world albeit all three are communist. I say communist in reference to America/UK only because they are heavily dominated as such throughout all mediums. I think America/UK are coming up short in this race and will eventually end up with a participation trophy. I don’t see Islam as a viable player but more as useful idiots being played by the former three for their advantage. Eventually, I see the vast majority of Islam suffering heavy losses along with the Jews as well as the Christians. The reason for that deals with religious morals opposed to a secular world takeover. Unfortunately, both Christianity and Judaism have been severely compromised over the decades.

  12. It’s important not to get lost in the details. Why would Russia want Ukraine or China want Taiwan? These are excuses for traitors in the US to deploy US forces to places useless for defending the US, places where they will be stranded and captured.

    It is the US they are after and the best time for them to strike is now, while it’s cold and our crops aren’t in. Ukraine and Taiwan are feints. The tide has turned against the Reds in the streets of the US. The Reds need to strike hard now to keep up momentum.

    1. “Why would Russia want Ukraine or China want Taiwan?”

      Both have given their reasons and they haven’t hidden anything. Putin wants to revive the Soviet Empire, and China wants Taiwan because they can’t stand to have a Chinese country standing free and prosperous off their coast. Yes, Ukraine would be a real economic burden, as are Crimea and the Donbas, but that does not matter. A good part of Russia’s economic problems stem from the invasion of Ukraine and neither Crimea nor the Donbas have allowed Putin to make war pay.

      1. Ohngineer your malice is only matched by your mendacity. In regards to your earlier comments about Mexico, you rather proved my point about Kazakhstan as a failed State, just like Mexico. Both having a more powerful and more responsible neighbor that intervenes, except that you neglected to mention the earlier Mexican American War and the Texas war of independence, I noticed.

        Putin doesn’t want to ” revive the Soviet union ” either, whatever else he is he famously said: ” whoever doesn’t want to restore the Soviet union has no heart, but whoever does want to restore the Soviet union has no brain “. And ” it would never have made it to the 21st century “. So many lies, but expected from those like you infected with ethno tribal hatreds. Nobody wants your Galician uniate Banderastan in any case.

      2. So what does this Russian nationalism of yours amount to? Do Russian nationalists really want central Asians flooding into Moscow and other cities taking jobs from Russians? Is that your nationalism? Yet this is Putin’s policy. And how can he feel sentimental about the communist regime? He said you have no heart if you don’t want communism restored? Really? And you agree with that? Have you read Solzhenitsyn? The communist regime was heartless. And it persecuted Russian nationalists as well as Ukrainian nationalists. But you are not a nationalist, are you? How could you be?

  13. There are one hundred people divided fifty/fifty in opposition to each other. One side looks at both sides while the other adamantly pursues only one and refuses to acknowledge an alternative. He who sees but one side only is often suspect.

    1. Has Jeff been censoring you, too? I think Biden’s doing the right thing in bolstering NATO borders and warning to sanction Russia if they invade Ukraine. That supports the treaty the US agreed to assure security. Russia is in our territorial waters and makes no motion of going away, so turnabout is fair play. Now if only Biden were as concerned about the US borders and coast lines.

      1. Actually, my comment was directed to Radiofort; but I still have trouble navigating my responses properly. No, Jeff hasn’t been censoring me. BTW, I have no reason to trust the decisions of our government on any issue. And, though I have always been a Republican, I have no reason to trust them either. Also, I will at least try to see both sides whether I agree or not. Thank you for your response.

      2. EddieHnatko, download the WordPress app. Then search for Mr. Nyquist’s blog in WordPress ( same as in your search engine).

        The WordPress comment format is much better organized, and you can reply to someone, and your comment will appear under their name in that thread.

  14. Have you guys seen where Geogre Soros just fired, Xi Jinping?

    “Xi Jinping has many enemies,” Soros said, adding that he is “introducing a system of governance that is inherently superior to liberal democracy.”

    “He rules by intimidation and nobody dares to tell him what he doesn’t want to hear,” Soros said, noting that makes it “difficult to shake his beliefs even as the gap between his beliefs and reality has grown ever wider.”

    “He tried to impose total control, but he failed,” Soros said, claiming there is “strong opposition” to him within the CCP.

    “It is to be hoped that Xi Jinping may be replaced by someone less repressive at home and more peaceful abroad,” Soros said. “This would remove the greatest threat that open societies face today, and they should do everything within their power to encourage China to move in the desired direction.”

    foxbusiness .com/politics/soros-china-xi-jinping-greatest-threat-open-societies-face

    1. Despite what Jeff says, Soros thought the he was calling the shots; himself that is, not Jeff.

      [ Jeff Nyquist says:
      January 31, 2022 at 4:57 pm

      The Russians and Chinese are calling the shots. ]

      msn. com/en-us/news/world/as-putin-heads-to-beijing-russia-and-china-e2-80-99s-stronger-ties-are-a-headache-for-the-us/ar-AATm6Sc

      As Western governments scramble to predict Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions toward Ukraine, one of the countries with the clearest view may be China: Putin is expected to visit Beijing for Friday’s Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies and for talks with his Chinese counterpart.

      Putin’s trip casts a spotlight on the China-Russia bond, which has deepened considerably in recent years, echoing their close relationship at the dawn of the Cold War. Both Beijing and Moscow see the partnership as key to countering a world dominated by the United States, as they share resources and technology and divide the attention of Western governments.

      “These two simultaneous challenges are much bigger than if the U.S. has to deal only with the China challenge or the Russia challenge,” said Alexander Gabuev, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Moscow Center. “Joe Biden’s team is only human: They have 24 hours [in a day].”

      1. In the news:

        Russia takes the rotating presidency of the 15 member UN Security Council for the month of February and has already scheduled a review of ongoing negotiations through the Minsk process, an effort to bring about a ceasefire in the civil war in eastern Ukraine between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian government forces, which has gone on for nearly eight years.

  15. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, during the weekend me and Albert from the HKIP had a conversation on Telegram where we decided to look into the Hong Kong Sovereignty negotiations in the 1980’s between Deng Xiaoping and Margaret Thatcher which included internet articles and education textbooks on the matter and also books written by academics and other people, what we found was that there was no mention on the fact that the Chinese Communist Party employed a strategy known as controlled opposition to get the sovereignty on Hong Kong and also created controlled opposition groups as a means to destroy the people in Hong Kong who opposed the transfer of Sovereignty of Hong Kong after 1997

  16. In reply to mr Nyquist concerning Nationalism, I have to say that whatever objections I might have to certain policies or beliefs of President Putin that might be insufficient to my Nationalism, I set aside those objections for now when faced with forces opposed to the very existence of my nation in any meaningful sense.

    Its similar to the choices faced by Prince Saint Alexander Nevsky on who to fight first, and why. An ally that is not so great a friend is still not an enemy. And good Ukrainian men who ally with their own destroyers are a special kind of stupid. Hopefully the curable kind. Maybe they think the same of me, but such is the age we live in

    1. You have just made the case for Ukrainian resistance to Russia. Russia has been trying to destroy Ukraine and Ukrainian identity since the Tsarist days, continuing to the present communist regime. Therefore, as you say, “good Ukrainian men who ally with their own destroyers are a special kind of stupid” which includes those Ukrainians who ally themselves with Russia.

      1. On the contrary, I spoke of allying with a decadent EU liberal crowd and accepting their shibboleths in return for their money.

    2. So you imagine these dreaded Uniates are allying with “their own destroyers” aka NATO troops? Do you think the NATO member nations intend to invade and occupy Ukraine and destroy it?

  17. Think tennis if not chess.

    Taiwan, Havvai’i, and Eastern Europe, place the US in closer proximity to slam the ball cross court at the opponents feet, just as Russian occupation of Cuba, Venezuelan, and Mexico along with China’s occupation of Canada, do for them.

    What’s the best move; attack from the positions of advantage, or remove the enemy from theirs’?

      1. Oh, but some would love to make the Ukraine an ” anti-russia” full of self hating Slavs and uniate fascists, a dagger at the heart of our land, in a way Cuba never was for the USA during the Cold War.

        Of course this is the natural trajectory of your argument, the only way Russia can ” prove” not being the center of a international communist revolution is ultimately to cease to exist.

        If I’m mistaken about that, maybe you could lay out some conditions under which it could be shown that Russia is no longer (even to you) ” under Communist dominance “. Something tells me that even a Russia apparently a Orthodox Christian Monarchy and Capitalist would still be considered an enemy of the human race and the West in particular.

        I am a Russian Orthodox Christian, a Monarchist and traditionalist of the deepest sort, opposed to Communism and liberalism and all the other Modernists sects, but its interesting how even my vision of the future is somehow anathema here. Most peculiar, and telling. Seems to me you are rather loathe to admit Great Russian nationalism would be welcome here, as if lurking behind it ” has to be” some Communist puppeteer. I could be wrong but it appears that way to me. I mean, ask yourself if there are any non russophobic commenters here who subscribe to your theories, who don’t have some ethno tribal and/or religious reason to believe in what you say.

        As for me, its interesting, most intriguing. But I look at my own life and surroundings and suspect another kind of conspiracy or conspiracies at work, aside from a crypto communist one. Its center, if it still exists even, to me would be Chinese if anything from my perspective. I’m far more concerned about Islamism, frankly, as I am of the religious end of the red Green Leftist/Islamist Axis.

  18. I am sceptical of your whole conjecture that Putin’s Russia is the USSR continued. But you are clearly no fool and I have heard of that theory before, in Edward Epstein’s book Deception. I have a few questions for your kind consideration. In your opinion:
    Is the Western world’s leftist ‘Woke’ ideology part of this plan?
    Do you think there was a coup at the CIA when Angleton was fired?
    If yes to that question, was this the central event in the infiltration of Western government institutions by communists?
    Is Putin’s cultural conservatism in Russia just a sham?
    Could you recommend open sources, links, articles, papers, books, that substantiate your conjecture?

    1. Russian cultural conservatism is not a sham. It cannot either be faked somehow by Russias more westernizing leaders nor by the people. Its just in our cultural DNA. Russia is being reborn. That’s what terrifies and enrages Modernists the world over.

      1. It seems to be me that situation isn’t all that different from that of the US in that one regard. I know that the Orthodox Christian Church, perhaps the oldest Christian Church in the world, has very conservative tendencies as a whole, and that many people in Russia today are devout Orthodox believers. But, I doubt very seriously that the Russian leadership is motivated by such factors as opposed to ideological considerations. That was the paradox that I observed in watching the hours of footage and interviews of soldiers in eastern Ukraine since the conflict began in 2014. On the one hand, the separatists openly admit on camera that they are communists, but on the other they also seem to be genuine Orthodox believers. How does this square? How can one both be a Christian (and for the record I do believe Orthodox Christianity is the closest thing to the pristine Christian faith of 2000 years ago) and yet support an ideology that only promotes materialism (in the sense the material world is all there is and the supernatural world is a fascist lie to dupe the working class) and the notion of creating an eventual heaven on earth through revolution and killing all the fascists (as far as I can tell, a “fascist” is anyone who disagrees with the communist ideology)? Clearly, Mr. Putin is not motivated by conservative Christian values, but rather by ideological and imperial considerations. Some of the separatists that were interviewed stated that they were a part of the process of the building the “Soviet Union 2.0” — their words not mine — along with all that represents.

      2. Emilkc, in reply I’d say that Donbass people and other Russian people are using modern world words like ” Communism ” to express old Russian ideas on community and social living, in what they really mean. I do not see it as a contradiction in their Orthodoxy. Before the Kholkozes, the Soviet collective farms, were the Artels and Zemstvo and Mir, the old Russian peasants communes. Before western influences of Socialism were native Russian initiatives like the ” Labor Brotherhood of the Holy Cross ” which the Bolsheviks actually suppressed, of course. Only the materialistic and atheistic is an abomination.

      3. Demonizing the word “Western” is an ideological generalization that falsifies a much wider phenomenon which includes Russian cultural conservatism itself. Russia’s conservatism, as such, refuses to acknowledge itself as yet one more iteration of modernism — as the denial of modernism by the undertaker’s path. To make the corpse appear better than it did in life. Russia is no more being reborn under this banner than the western traditionalists managed “morning in America” under Reagan. They mistook sunset for sunrise.

      4. Strannik: you wrote, “Emilkc, in reply I’d say that Donbass people and other Russian people are using modern world words like ” Communism ” to express old Russian ideas on community and social living, in what they really mean.” Do you really expect me to believe that the people of Donbass and other Russians are stupid? That after living under communism so long, that they don’t know what “communism” means?


        Note well on this map, that the farther east you look in Ukraine, the darker the red, meaning more abortions. Less than 10% of Russians attend divine liturgy on Sunday. I am guessing the Orthodox are like Catholics in that missing mass is a mortal sin. Sunday observance is a reflection of the seriousness of one’s faith. I believe Poland and the USA have the highest rates of mass attendance in the Western world. Look at what color Poland, and Portugal, are on this map.

        When is this Russian rebirth going to bear out in people actually going to church and not killing their babies?

      6. Strannik,

        You need to lay off the vodka. You think you’re going to convince us that they were using the word communism to mean brotherly love and being nice to eachother? You need to work on your act!

    2. Yes, I suspect elements — but only elements —of the current deviant left thinking were seeded by agents of influence; but the left is inherently deviant, rebellious. Metaphysical rebellion is an aspect of the left, with a life of its own. This is very fortunate for the West’s enemies — no doubt. As for a coup at CIA — I do not think so. The CIA was penetrated at the top two decades earlier, when Gen. Smith fell under suspicion. CIA was a weak institution from the start. Lastly, Putin’s cultural conservatism is partly a scam. He is following lessons taught by Stalin in this regard. Not all scam, but entirely Stalinist — even in its sham Orthodoxy.

      1. In reply to Mr Nyquist. First, I want to preface my replies by stating that I do have respect for and admire Mr Nyquist and his work. I will say that there are few who are in power that can entirely escape the formative influences of their early years. So in Russia, this means among some, Soviet union and Communist influences. But I’ll say that in my experiences it is more a secularist and humanist mindset, and with some a crass and vulgar materialism. But however much they may or might internally want to produce a sham or co opt an existing spiritual hunger, they themselves won’t dare to take their direction in a way the innately conservative people will not go.

      2. I have some Orthodox friends who I have great respect for. Real Old Calendar traditionalists. Very well-educated. Serious people. Good people. So I am offended when Protestants or Catholics disrespect the Orthodox. I also have Catholic friends I feel great respect for. And I am Protestant. So I feel the insult when a Christian from one branch of the faith disrespects another. This is why I have put a stop to religious discussions here, because people today are not generally respectful. This should help readers understand why I am especially pained by certain comments. Daring the question; Can the old ideals of Orthodox Russia be revived? I do not know. If a true living faith, with God present, emerges in Russia, it is possible. But it can only be true if there is discernment. And discernment means Putin cannot be accepted as Orthodox. That is my view.

  19. You’re Russian, right? Do you think Putin is a communist or wants to conquer or dominate or defeat the West? I personally don’t believe this. But the blog-owner is no fool and I have this theory that the dissulution of the USSR was just a ploy. What do you think about that?

  20. Sry, I have SEEN this theory about the dissolution of the USSR being a ploy, before. I am personally very sceptical of that but willing to entertain it. Could you comment on that? Thanks

    1. Putin is actually what passes for a Western style liberal in Russia, but I don’t judge him personally. Perhaps he does as he sees best forthe nation.

      The collapse of the Soviet Union wasn’t a sham: the anarchy and suffering and looting were very real, and that sort of thing cannot be faked. Its almost an obscenity to think about it otherwise. The new elites did not secretly maintain Communism for 30 years now, and secret train cadres of leaders in being secretly Socialist for 30 years and counting now, awaiting some moment to reveal Communism 2.0 in a time of triumph in the indefinite future.

      No, they encouraged Capitalism and western style living, and still do to a considerable extent. Their children don’t learn Marx, but Mammon, living like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds and Trumps and so forth. They drive western cars and have villas in Europe and their families go to private schools in London, Switzerland, etc… They are what they are: they are like the Bolshevik leaders in that they want a Western ideology and economics and way of life, because they are averse to living like Russian people, with Russian civilization and culture.

  21. I’d say too that the Western influences on Russia are the legacy of Tsar Peter and his heirs, that it’s the more Western who have Petrine obsession with a great Empire and being more like an America or Germany or Britain, instead of being something else, being actually Russian

    1. Mr Nyquist, in response to your comment about the ” demonization ” of the term ” Western ” in Russia, etc…

      I would agree that a conservative movement can maybe be a dead end of sorts, but that in turn depends on the nature of the past being idolized itself.

      Take the Nikonian and Petrine official Orthodox church and the honoring of Monarchs like Tsar Peter and Tsarina Catharine in the diptych by Russian monarchists, as if these were righteous Orthodox Christian kings and queens.

      This is not the past that needs to be emulated. So your point is well taken, while I think one needs to acknowledge that people will run through these false options first, human nature being what it is.

  22. Thanks for your replies to both. I have to admit I believe Putin is not a secret world revolutionary communist. And I can honestly understand why Russia would not want Nato forces in Ukraine. America would not want Russian, or Chinese, forces in Mexico or Canada.

    But I see Russia and China as very distinct. I know they are allies now. But I think we, the West, made them allies. China is a real enemy. I am not convinced Russia is.

    1. You have to explain, then, why Putin has been helping every communist country on earth throughout these last 22 years. And NATO is not in Ukraine. NOT.

      1. A devil’s advocate for Putin’s foreign policy might suggest that he takes on allies that themselves are ” in the dog house ” with the American government, the more he pursues a course independent of his original closeness to Washington.

      2. The Chinese are not merely “in the dog house” with Washington. You are talking about the worst criminals in the world. Anyone who partners with the CCP is stained with the blood of their genocidal course. If you hate Nazism how can you take such a benign view of the CCP?

  23. I attend an Orthodox Church, and it is possible that the people, themselves, are giving terms like “communism,” a different meaning than that which is understood by intellectuals and ideologues, but, nevertheless, the interviewees (separatist soldiers and officers) make sweeping generalizations about eliminating fascists that are inconsistent with Orthodox theology. Also, there are several different jurisdictions of the Russian Orthodox Church with differences between them in their approach to communism. There was even a ‘catacomb Church’ during the height of persecution by Stalin and others. There was also a Texan (when I thought I’d seen it all) that had joined the separatists and was interviewed by the reporter of Vice News. He made his intentions quite clear as a communist and none of the words offered by fellow soldiers and officers contradicted his statements. Quite the opposite. Belief in a materialist philosophy is not compatible with Orthodox Christianity which is about following the old ways and making Christianity a way of life as opposed to just a belief system. Certainly to embrace communism as such is to deny Jesus Christ and His mission.

    1. Yes, precisely a way of life, not just a belief system. I am not one to go out of my way to criticize my Orthodox brothers and sisters, but I am inclined to follow the most traditional in my sympathies and my own way of life, the Starovery. I am forced sometimes to use more modern words, and in English, but I am speaking about old ways.

      Now the people in the Donbass, who see men being idolized in the Ukraine after 2014 who fought their grandparents, conclude that they are fighting the same fight. And looking at the Azov Battalion for example, one could be tempted to agree with them. There are no easy choices in evil times. I use sometimes the example of Hetman Mazepa and his turning against Tsar Peter. Mazepa is anathemized by official church for allying with Sweden, while Tsar Peter is praised as a ” Righteous king” But Mazepa was true Orthodox, while Peter an Antichrist who hated real Orthodoxy and had a Satanic cult involved in his revelry. I know where I would stand, but I do not revile others unnecessarily who can’t see as I do

  24. I do agree with you that there are no easy choices. I am not enamored of the system of rule by corporations that has developed in the West as more and more small businesses are driven under. Nevertheless, I see communism/totalitarian socialism as the worse of the two evils, because of its repressive nature and because of its focus on materialism. Actually, the worst of all possible worlds is the hybrid system where communism and corporatocracy coexist side by side, as in China.

    1. I have expressed my concerns about China here before, for precisely reasons that you give. A China that is allied to the Islamic bloc by all manner of political, military, and especially economic ties is a real potential threat

    2. RO, as is your wont you are twisting what I said about Communism and the people of the Donbass. What I am saying is that the Marxists had nothing to teach and much to learn, from the communalism of traditional minded peoples, and that when these Novorossiya people speak of ” Communism ” and ” Soviet ” , its not the same as some godless Bolshevik talking about it or anyone else for that matter. You may not care much for what they think their socio economic system should be more like, or their ideas on the practice of Christianity in today’s world, but they are good sincere hard working people, who are honest and aren’t part of any sinister plot you might want to project onto them.

      1. How can I believe you when it is you, I mean you, who claims that those people are stupid? They made their statements, why should I not take them at their words?

  25. Mr Nyquist, you may well be right. However, we have the example of Scripture that God is not done with anyone, much less rulers, and anything can happen. King Solomon began well but ended his reign badly. And king Manasseh was a very evil king who repented while imprisoned in Babylon and returned a good king briefly before his death. God sees the heart. And its also true that rulers need to be told the honest truth.

  26. You are indeed malignant, RO. Nobody said that the people of the Donbass are stupid. Only you cretinously suggested or inferred it from what can only be a perverse obtuseness.

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