All the capitalist countries of the world, which were united in the war against us, against our terror and our system, are forced against their will to enter into trade agreements with us, knowing full well that in this way they are helping us to strengthen and secure our system.

Vladimir Lenin [i]

In designing their theater nuclear offensive, the Soviets have selected, as a point of departure, one of the simpler approaches – a nuclear fire barrage followed by a basically conventional exploitation. They believe that the first nuclear strike may be decisive in determining who wins the war.

Joseph D. Douglass, Jr. [ii]

When the time is ripe, we will strike, comrade. In one day we will wipe out all the American war bases from Spain to Alaska. And on the very same day, the one hundred most important Americans will die. Some of them will be poisoned, some crushed under falling rocks, some in ‘unavoidable’ automobile accidents. The sooner these American exploiters, these bloodsuckers of the poor are liquidated, the better.

General Sascha Korotkov [iii]

The future founder of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Ulyanov [Lenin], was born on 22 April 1870. He had an older brother and sister, named Alexander and Anna. (He also had four younger siblings.) They were good children. “Vladimir, on the other hand, was an unruly, noisy child, given to tantrums,” noted biographer Robert Payne. “He learned to walk late, and in the first months of walking he was always falling down and screaming…. His tantrums were sometimes violent, and they were sometimes accompanied by acts of cruelty. His sister Anna remembered that he was always breaking his toys.”[iv] One day little Volodya [Vladimir] was given a caged bird as a pet. He let it die. Later in life, Volodya grew up to let millions of people die. Worse yet, he ordered thousands of executions and mass killings. Today Vladimir Lenin lies in state, at the center of Moscow, in a pyramid-shaped mausoleum.[v] His diminutive namesake, Vladimir Putin, rules Russia, keeping communism’s murderous traditions alive. Like Vladimir Lenin, Vladimir Putin falls down, has tantrums, and breaks his own toys (i.e., his own tanks, artillery, helicopters). But little Volodya Putin has not broken all his toys. In fact, he has not touched his nuclear toys. But he is eyeing them.  

In February 2022 little Volodya Putin began his biggest tantrum. He ordered an all-out invasion of Ukraine. This invasion ran into stiff resistance. Little Volodya fell down and went boom. Last summer, the mighty Russian Army hid in bunkers, behind minefields, protected by helicopter gunships and air strikes. There was even a brief mutiny by the Wagner mercenary boss. Things were looking bleak, indeed; but now the situation is turning around and little Volodya is picking himself up from the floor. He is dusting himself off. He is smirking again. How is it possible to recover from such a tumble? Because the West is losing interest in the Ukraine War. Many were initially outraged at the brazenness of Russian aggression. Military assistance subsequently flowed to Ukraine, even as the West regarded events in eastern Europe as a kind of TV drama. Western “audiences” watch wars on television. Everyone has a front row seat, so to speak. Unavoidably, there is a tendency to treat wars voyeuristically. The media, ever sensitive to audience interest, craves change and readily shifts its coverage to new happenings.

Early last summer a majority of Americans were cheering for Ukraine. Today they are tired of Ukraine, if not annoyed – especially when they keep hearing about Ukraine’s corruption. The fact is – all governments and militaries are corrupt. Did not our fathers and grandfathers, who fought World War II, say to each other in the midst of the war, “That’s government property – it’s free.” Corruption exists in all large governments and militaries during wartime. If a country is rich, like America, corruption and its attending wastage is part of the cost of war. If a country is relatively poor, like Ukraine or Vietnam or Cambodia, we act as though it is better to let them fall – with killing fields to follow. Why are we always listening to fools who insist that the victims of totalitarian aggression are among “the most corrupt countries in the world”? We should remember these same arguments from the Vietnam War. Let South Vietnam fall to the communists. Let Cambodia fall, people said. These governments are corrupt. And so, to our everlasting shame, a communist genocide was allowed to take place.

Always we see these invidious comparisons in which Americans, demoralized about their own country, begin to favor Russia and imagine Putin is some kind incorruptible liberator. The case for moral equivalence between powers, or Russian moral superiority, is being made every day, in the media, on the far left and right. At the outset of the war, Russia’s agents of influence were laying low only for a season. But now they have been mobilized, because so much is at stake. For example, a joint investigation by Der Speigel and the Washington Post alleges that a Ukrainian team headed by Colonel Roman Chervinsky, “coordinated the sabotage of the Russian Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines….”[vii] To be sure, Chervinsky denies the allegations; but who will believe him? Blaming Ukraine for the bombing of the pipeline is an extraordinary thing, since that giant of anti-American hate, Seymour Hersh, has “journalistically” claimed that America blew up Nord Stream 1 and 2. So, which is it? Which Devils did it? The American Devils or the Ukrainian Devils? It is a case of whichever fits with Moscow’s need of the moment. Eighteen months ago, Russia was trying to arouse anti-American feelings in Germany. Today Moscow’s plan is to leave the entire West with a bad taste in its mouth regarding Ukraine.

Setting aside all the disinformation to date, the truly decisive measure against Ukraine was the October 7 birthday gift from Hamas to Vladimir Putin. By attacking Israel, by murdering innocent civilians – including children and babies – with horrifying brutality, Hamas has distracted the West from Ukraine – to the great relief of those Western “statesmen” who are secretly beholden to Moscow (can you guess their names?). The entire political Establishment and media have turned the tragic events of October 7 into an extravaganza: Israel vs. Hamas. One conflict now takes up all the bandwidth. And that is, most likely, by design. There must be, we know, a “decent” interval between caring about what happens in Ukraine and feeding 40 million people to the Kremlin crocodile. Europe’s ruling whores need to cover yet another betrayal with something respectable. Oh yes, people must be cajoled into forgetting. Our leaders said that Russia’s aggression should be opposed; but now, after 22 months of war, Europe has run out of ammunition and weapons to send! It is as if the great economic powerhouse of Europe, with a Gross National Product of $17.3 trillion (compared to the United States’s $6.5 trillion GNP), cannot produce the ammunition needed. How could they be so weak, so incapable, after 22 months of war? Didn’t they ramp up their production of howitzer shells?

During the annual meeting of the Valdai discussion Club in Russia, two days before Hamas terrorists chopped the heads off babies and took hundreds of hostages in Israel, little Vladimir Putin suggested that Western funding for Ukraine could be derailed. There was, at that time, chaos in the U.S. Congress. The question of funding for Ukraine had become a bone of contention. Ukraine is being propped up by humanitarian aid from America, noted Putin. If aid from the United States, from one country, “just stops,” he explained, “[Ukraine] will … die in a week.” Putin added, “The same applies to the defense system. Just imagine the aid stops tomorrow. It will live for only a week when they run out of ammo.”[viii]

Just imagine, indeed! What would happen if Ukraine stopped receiving support? First, Ukraine would collapse and the Russian Army with its tactical nuclear weapons would be at NATO’s doorstep. Look, then, at the ammunition problem. If you hadn’t the will to supply Ukraine’s army, why would anyone credit your willingness to supply the smaller armies of Poland and the Baltic States? Presently Ukraine has the most experienced, battle-hardened army in Europe, with 500,000 military personnel. This is more military personnel than Germany (184,000), Poland (120,000), and the Baltic States (26,000) combined,[ix] and still larger than the number you would get by adding all U.S. troops in Europe (100,000). Like it or not, Ukraine has become an essential blocking force against Russia’s larger armed forces. Add to that thousands of Russian tactical nuclear weapons which are politically not suitable for use against Ukraine but were made for hitting NATO.

Why do I keep mentioning nuclear weapons in evaluating the current situation? Because Russia cannot successfully invade Europe or battle the United States without using nuclear weapons. Furthermore, if we look at China’s preparations for war against the United States, and China’s alliance with Russia, there is every reason to think that Moscow and Beijing are contemplating a nuclear world war. Some readers will shake their heads, saying that nuclear war is too dangerous, that the environmental effects would entail man’s extinction; but this is untrue. Studies on the effects of nuclear weapons do not show that such weapons threaten us with extinction. To the contrary, strategic nuclear weapons can be air-burst to minimize short-term fallout. As for long-term fallout, the threat is less than the fallout we have already experienced from above-ground (i.e., “dirty”) atom bomb tests. Furthermore, no Military strategist would use nuclear weapons in a way that would cause unnecessary destruction. As Soviet Colonel M. Shirakov wrote in 1966, “The objective [of war] is not to turn large economic and industrial regions into a heap of ruins.”[x] Studies, going back to Herman Kahn’s On Thermonuclear War, have continued to show that long-term fallout as well as short-term fallout, are survivable. Peter Vincent Pry’s Nuclear Wars: Exchanges and Outcomes has a chapter on societal survival in which he debunks nuclear winter as well as the death-by-radiation scenario depicted in the movie On the Beach.[xi]

Readers might ask, then: If nuclear war is doable, when does the war begin? The answer is simple. World War III begins when the leaders in Russia and China are ready for nuclear strikes, and when, at the same time, they believe that the West is unready. In this context “ready” means “ready and able to win a nuclear and biological war.” By “unready” is meant “unready to defend effectively.” In strict military terms it does not matter if five or six billion people die from the use of mass destruction weapons, or if ten million square miles are contaminated or turned to desert by the effects of short-term fallout. In that event, which would be a worst-case scenario, there would still be 47 million square miles of living space for the remaining two or three billion people. The loss of land and people is inconsequential from the standpoint of those seeking global dominion. If this is the path Russia and China must follow to rule the world, then the leaders of Russia and China will follow it. These people do not care if humanity is reduced to subsistence farming. The conquerors will live in comfort and safety while the vanquished will be forced into slavery. Such is the calculus of Beijing and Moscow. As we see from the ongoing destruction of Ukraine, it is perfectly normal for Russia’s rulers to kill civilians and reduce cities to rubble. Russian missiles hit Ukrainian civilians every day. An entire country, regarded by Moscow as Russian territory, is being systematically reduced to rubble without the use of nuclear ammunition – and the Kremlin does not hesitate to kill and kill again. In this matter, Soviet Colonel Shirakov was naïve. As noted in previous essays, totalitarianism has always been destructionist.

Therefore, in the future, if the West ever suffers military incapacity, Moscow and Beijing will take full advantage. In December 1999, China’s Defense Minister Chi Haotian said that war against the United States “is inevitable.” Why, indeed, would anything of the kind be “inevitable”? Vladimir Lenin wrote, “The replacement of the bourgeois state by the proletarian state is impossible without a violent revolution.”[xii] Violence is the whole point. Take the violence out of communism and the leaders of the movement would begin to feel bored by the whole thing.

In this context Kevin Rudd, writing in the pages of Foreign Affairs, described Chinese President Xi Jinping as a “Leninist.”[xiii] When I asked the famous Chinese dissident Harry Wu to describe China’s Leninist leaders, he gave a one-word reply. He said they were “killers.” As if to prove Mr. Wu’s sage description, China’s defense minister, General Chi Haotian, told a room full of high Party cadres that China’s key objective was the extermination 100 to 200 million Americans. He said America and China were already at war. “The issue is that the Chinese armed forces must control the initiative in this war,” said Chi.[xiv] How is the initiative to be controlled? Once full-scale war begins, the initiative is maintained by nuclear strikes. Soviet military texts, which Chinese generals have studied, describe the context of world war as follows: “The military strategy of imperialist states is intended to preserve and to extend [the life of] the capitalist system, which has outlived itself, to preserve the rotten system of colonialism, and to combat the most advanced and most progressive system of human society, the socialist system.”[xv]

V.I. Lenin taught that the present epoch is that of “the transition from capitalism to socialism….” It is the epoch of “the downfall of imperialism and the liquidation of the colonial system, an epoch of the transition of more and more peoples to the socialist path, an epoch of the triumph of socialism and communism on a world scale.”[xvi] Because the capitalist system is continuously weakening, socialism has the cultural and political initiative. We can see this is true by looking to the left and the right. According to Moscow’s strategists, who see propaganda as a weapon of war, “American monopoly capital … has created a surreptitious colonial empire and has become the biggest international exploiter.”[xvii] Consequently, America is the main enemy of the socialist bloc. According to Marshal V.D. Sokolovskii’s strategists, writing in 1962, “The areas where the imperialists will most likely initiate aggressive wars are in the Near and Middle East … in Korea … in Taiwan … [and] against the People’s Republic of China….”[xviii] How odd, indeed, that Europe does not appear on Moscow’s longstanding list of hot spots. How is this to be explained? According to Sokolovskii’s text, Germany’s Nazi past means that Germany cannot become a serious military power; second, France “has too many communists and England has too many socialists and that, therefore, both England and France are very unreliable military allies [for America].”[xix] Therefore, the best Russian strategist of the twentieth century held that American imperialism would not show itself in Europe.  

And yet, despite this shrewd evaluation, Moscow has become bogged down in Ukraine – a third rate power that should have been swept away in days or weeks. History is ironical, to be sure; and from the standpoint of Marxism-Leninism the Ukraine War is merely a nuisance. The Ukrainians are only delaying the inevitable. Moscow, therefore, has not initiated a nuclear war on account of events in Ukraine. Moscow has stuck with the analysis of its greatest strategist. One must adhere to principles, to higher-level analysis, no matter the difficulties. In this context, Marxism-Leninism has long taught that nuclear world war only becomes necessary when America (first and foremost) resists the slide into final defeat. According to Moscow’s strategists, the American imperialists have made “every effort to preserve their rule…. To this end they employ every possible means: colonial wars, economic pressure, subversion, conspiracy, terror, and bribery.”[xx] To break down this resistance to socialism’s inevitable victory, Moscow and Beijing have long waged a campaign of subversion, which includes the infiltration of Washington, D.C., the cultivation of Western billionaires as dupes, and the de-industrialization of America through the tactics of the China trade war. Add to this, communist attempts to dominate oil, gas and strategic metal production and no observer can successfully argue that the unraveling of America’s economic position has been accidental. No. It is the result of careful planning. It is the result of Russian and Chinese strategy.

 Even now the Russian government is supporting Marxist movements in Africa and Latin America. As one country after another breaks from Washington’s sphere of influence in the Western hemisphere (i.e., Venezuela, Brazil, Nicaragua, etc.), Moscow sees the socialist world system coming together. If, at any point, America attempts to reverse this toppling of dominoes, world war is in prospect. According to Sokolovskii’s strategists, “If a world war between the imperialist and socialist camps is not prevented, it will be, because of its essentially political nature, the decisive armed clash between the two opposing world social systems.”[xxi]

Although the socialist bloc has disguised itself since 1991, with Moscow pretending to be a normal country under nationalist leadership, the socialist bloc has continued to function and to expand. While America and its NATO allies let their nuclear forces decline into obsolescence, Russia and China have been building new classes of nuclear and missile weapons. A recent test failure of an old Minuteman ICBM, in the United States, underscores how badly America has fallen behind even as Russia claims successful tests of new missile systems.[xxii] The strategic situation of today, therefore, may be characterized as one of a deluded West, acting as though America is still an invincible superpower, confronting a heavily armed East. Because of this overestimation of Western strength, the West has boldly assisted Ukraine. It is slightly humorous to see that Moscow is dumbfounded at the West’s naïve attitude toward Russia’s nuclear forces. But Moscow has long cultivated this naivete in Western leaders.

The point is a subtle one. Here is why war is being contemplated by China and Russia. Mere threats will not force the West to surrender. Intimidation will not work with people, like Americans, who take their continued existence for granted. Russia must therefore teach the West a lesson. But how? Even Russia’s old friends, like U.S. President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Scholz, do not take Russia’s threats seriously. After all, they are old friends of Moscow – always ready to help Moscow on the sly. Why would Moscow launch a war against them? Moscow could not possibly wish to conquer their friends in Washington and Berlin. Surely Moscow would not hurt its faithful running dogs who talk like utopians in the midst of capitalism. But Lenin said, “We are not utopians. We do not have ‘dreams’ about dispensing at once with all subordination; these anarchist dreams … are essentially alien to Marxism, and in practice serve only to postpone the socialist revolution….” Russia intends to initiate the World October Revolution and rule Europe even as it assists China in destroying America. Biden and Scholz cannot be very bright, since they do not understand this larger game. In this comedy of errors, everyone misunderstands everyone else. However, it will not continue as a comedy for long.

The situation in Eastern Europe and the Pacific is more precarious than the West’s running dog leaders assume. According to Sokolovskii’s strategists, writing in 1962, “One of the important tenets in Soviet military doctrine is that a world war … will inevitably assume the character of a nuclear war with missiles, i.e., a war in which the nuclear weapons will be the chief instrument of destruction, and missiles the basic vehicle for their delivery to target.”[xxiii]

Few Western leaders or experts believe in the inevitability of a nuclear world war; for nobody in the West is preparing. Nobody. Meanwhile, both Russia and China have built massive civil defense and underground facilities. Russia and China have had civil defense drills even as they continue to strengthen their respective ballistic missile defense systems. For those who are reading the tea leaves, Russia and China have been preparing for a future nuclear war. Why go to such expense, year after year, if you are not going to fight such a war? Why waste all that money and effort if war is not inevitable?  

The proof of the two countries’ ultimate intentions is found in their joint economic policy. China and Russia have recently announced an economic agreement whereby China’s food and energy needs will be met by Russia.[xxiv] This is clearly a pre-war measure and not a bluff. China’s biggest problem is feeding itself during a war with America. And now Russia has solved that problem. All that remains is for Russia to defeat Ukraine so that the two powers can turn and confront America. According to Sokolovskii’s strategists, “The logic of war is such that if American aggressive circles initiate a war [blah, blah, blah], it will be transferred immediately to the territory of the United States of America. All weapons – intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles, and other strategic weapons – will be used….”[xxv]

Russia and China intend to fight World War III on American soil. Not in Europe. Not in Asia. No. The war will be fought on the territory of the United States. Officials from both countries have spoken about this for many decades.

Sokolovskii’s text says that nuclear rockets will be used to “defeat the enemy’s armed forces in the theaters of military operation and [to facilitate] the seizure of his administrative political centers and other vital regions….” America’s administrative centers are here, in the United States. To accomplish this, nuclear strikes will be directed against troops, ships, ballistic missiles, and air force concentrations. Nuclear strikes will also be used for “the annihilation and devastation of targets deep within … [America] in order to break up the organization” of the country.”[xxvi]

All of this is to occur simultaneously with an invasion of North America. How do I know? In testimony before Congress in 1955, a Czech military defector, Col. Jan Bukar, presented Soviet operational war maps of the United States, showing areas where battles would occur. Two of Bukar’s Soviet instructors, Gen. Banin and Lt. Col. Studensky told their classes that U.S. territory would become the battleground in a future war between socialism and capitalism. A diplomat named Sverdlov told Bukar that Alaska would be directly annexed and was considered part of the USSR. “Alaska belongs to the Soviet Union,” said Sverdlov, “and the day will come that we shall infiltrate Alaska, and that Alaska shall again belong to us.”[xxvii]

According to GRU defector, Col. Stanislav Lunev, Moscow’s plans to invade North America and annex Alaska were never revoked. In fact, these plans were renewed in full under Boris Yeltsin in 1992. The largest change to the strategy of invasion, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, was that China would be responsible for invading the lower 48 states while Russia would invade Alaska and Canada. Russia’s post-Soviet military lacked the manpower for fighting in the lower 48.[xxviii] This testimony goes to show that Moscow does not change its objectives from decade to decade. It does not matter who Russia’s leaders are. Even as Putin prepares to invade Alaska today, Stalin prepared a force of 50,000 troops to cross the Bering Strait. According to Cold War historian John Lewis Gaddis, “Stalin had a contingency plan to attack Alaska in 1951-52…. He had major military operations going. How such an attack would have profited Stalin remains unclear…. There are several different interpretations. If he really thought he could pull it off, one has to consider his mental stability….”[xxix]

Gaddis was a great researcher into the Cold War, but he was not a psychologist or strategist. Neither was he qualified to judge Stalin’s mental stability. Gaddis never grasped the essentials of nuclear war. To say that an evil genius is “mentally unstable” merely demonstrates one’s inability to understand evil. Gaddis did not grasp the expedient cunning of Marxist social science, diplomacy, and military strategy. For that matter, Stalin was not the only communist to contemplate world conquest. In 1958 Mao Zedong told his colleagues, “In the future we will set up the Earth Control Committee, and make a uniform plan for the Earth.”[xxx]

Red China’s military and economic objective has always been to defeat the United States – the heartland of capitalism. Since Mao’s time, this objective has not changed. As researcher Nevin Gussack noted, “the Chinese continue to strongly consider the option to utilize their nuclear arsenal against American targets. Their state-owned media continue to boast of such intentions and China’s capability to launch an aggressive attack.”[xxxi] The Chinese media has said the U.S. Midwest will not be the main target of Chinese nuclear attack; rather, the primary targets will be “key cities on the West Coast of the United States, such as Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego…. The 12 JL-2 nuclear warheads carried by one single type 094 SSBN can kill and wound 5 million to 12 million Americans…. If we launch our DF31A ICBMs over the North Pole, we can easily destroy a whole list of metropolises on the East Coast and the New England region….”[xxxii] Ironically, this gives new meaning to the disparaging phrase “fly-over country,” as applied to the Midwest and Bible Belt.

In February 2008, in advance of the 2008 banking crisis, the Chinese Communist Politburo and Central Military Commission held a meeting in a luxurious underground bunker known as Command Center One. Before the assembled dignitaries and strategists, General Secretary of the Communist Party Hu Jintao made the following remark: “In history, the Western powers used warships and opium to colonize China. Now the opposite has happened. We will use our open policy, seize the economic crisis in the West as a historical moment, and use effective measures to turn them into Socialist China’s economic and cultural colonies…. Our colonization of these countries is the historical process of communism’s triumph over rotten capitalism. We Chinese communists must shoulder the great historical mission, and use socialism to defeat capitalism, eventually liberating the entire humanity with communism.”[xxxiii]

Note how Chairman Hu says, “liberating the entire humanity with communism.” Once again, nothing has changed. Nothing ever changes when it comes to these people. The communists can change their tactics, they can adapt any mask or disguise; but they never change who they are underneath, or what they ultimately want.

Already California is colonized by China. The governor of California, Gavin Newsom, is a Chinese stooge. There is no other way to describe him, politically. State employee retirement funds have been invested in China, making the entire state bureaucracy beholden to Beijing’s financial blackmail. Both Los Angeles and San Fransisco are heavily infiltrated by Chinese agents. Chinese and California businessmen have joined together in a collaboration that is strategically calculated to maximize Chinese strategic military advantages. At the same time, the Russian mafia in Sacramento is under GRU control, and has bribed officials in targeted government agencies.[xxxiv] The picture is similar in many other states, though California is probably the worst case. Here we can see, in vague outline, the true purpose of China’s infiltration of the United States. The first Chinese beachhead is in California. In fact, the beachhead is already well-supplied and supported. This is why, last year, the CCP ordered the mobilization of nearly a thousand merchant ships for an impending war against America, including over 60 roll-on-roll-off ships capable of carrying 16,000 military vehicles. This is more vehicles than Hitler had for invading Russia in 1941. Such a massing of ships is not for invading an island, like Taiwan, which could more easily be surrendered through blockade. Such an assemblage of ships indicates a continental-scale invasion.[xxxv]

China continues to move personnel and weapons into Mexico. According to American journalist Scott Gulbransen, China has been building arms caches in Mexico for twenty years, smuggling those caches into the United States for a future invasion.[xxxvi] The classified 1997 “Sidewinder Report” which was leaked to American journalists was about a massive Chinese communist plot to subvert Canada for use as a “highway” into America’s flank. The report was a joint study by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. The report came too late, of course. China had already gotten its hooks into the Canadian economic and political system. Canada, like Mexico, is an invasion path.

People without imagination, who style themselves military experts, will tell you that China could never get troop ships past the U.S. Navy. In military affairs one should never make such pronouncements, especially when the Chinese have been moving people and enterprises into Mexico, Canada, and the United States for decades, during peacetime. How many Chinese living in North America have military training? How many have access to weapons? The invasion has been underway for many years.

Colonel Stanislav Lunev, a Russian defector from the GRU has said that Russia and China’s invasion plans for North America are built on the model of Germany’s 1940 invasion of Norway. The German invasion of Norway was conducted over open sea lanes, while the British fleet was off Norway’s coast laying mines. Norway was at peace with Germany at the time of the invasion, and German merchantmen simply offloaded troops into Norwegian ports. The British Navy sank a few German merchantmen, but most got through. Our strategic geniuses should ask themselves how many Chinese ships arrive at West Coast ports every day? How many troops and items of heavy equipment could be offloaded in a single night? – A night of violence and surprise. How many could be offloaded in Mexican ports operated by the Chinese? – ports like Ensenada, a hub for China’s Hajin Shipping Company. “The port of Ensenada is ready to receive container ships of greater capacity,” noted the government of Mexico in a 2015 news announcement.”[xxxvii] And then there is the Mexican highway leading to the United States from Ensenada, built with Chinese money. Was it charity for China to build such a highway in Mexico? No, it was strategy.

Given the success of communist infiltration of the governments of Mexico, Canada, and the United States, what do we suppose the chances of a successful invasion are? Should we be smug, like so many military analysts? The argument is simple: China and Russia intend to make war on us at some point in the future. Of course, they will try to make us surrender without a fight; but, as we have seen in the Ukraine War, Americans do not see themselves directly threatened. They believe themselves to be safe and would never agree to surrender before being bombed. And who would be in the mood to surrender after being bombed? People who are starving, suffering, and have lost their way of life, have only one thing left: And it is not the shame of surrendering.

It is true that the communists make elaborate and interesting plans; but their success at cultural warfare, their ability to infiltrate everywhere, does not translate into guaranteed military or economic success. Moscow’s military strategists have gotten themselves stuck in Ukraine. The Russians under Sokolovskii thought so highly of nuclear weapons, tanks and paratroopers, all their operational notions boiled down to the need for speed (so to speak). This led them to an erroneous military assumption. In 1962 the Soviet military strategists said, “Positional warfare has evidently become a thing of the past. Rapid combat maneuvers conducted simultaneously or consecutively in different places and at different depths in the zone of military operations will replace positional warfare.”[xxxviii] But then the war in Ukraine happened, and there was no avoiding a “positional war.” The Kremlin assumed that its next major war would be a nuclear missile war. Funny thing, nuclear weapons cannot be used against Ukraine because China is going to need Ukrainian wheat if world war breaks out. As noted earlier, contaminating Ukraine’s rich soil with dirty atomic (tactical) munitions is not an option. Russia cannot use its nuclear weapons in Ukraine. So, Russia is stuck fighting a conventional war, a positional war – the kind of war they did not plan for. Here is a saving grace for the West.

Helmuth von Moltke (the elder) said, “No plan of operations reaches with any certainty beyond the first encounter with the enemy’s main force.”[xxxix] In other words, we cannot tell what will happen in a war. There are too many variables, too many unknowns. The outcome of the Great Contest may not depend on the strengths of the competing powers, but on the catastrophic nature of existing weaknesses. America has many traitors, it is true; but on the day of reckoning traitors can be hung. China and Russia have corrupt, gangster-like, semi-feudal mercantilist economies from which there is no coming back in a crisis. They do not understand political economy. Their workers are always cheated. Their leaders are kleptocrats. When they hang “wreckers” and “spies” because their economies have collapsed, they will be killing the only people who can save them from cannibalism.

Consider the economic and political stability of the Russian and Chinese systems. Even now China’s economy is destabilizing. Russia’s economy is less dependent on outside support than China’s, yet even Russia is having serious trouble. Nationalized economies cannot operate successfully without periodic infusions from the West. Once these economies make war on the West, they will be lost even if they win every battle. They will sink into a chaos of their own making. Their best option is to take over the West without a fight. But how do they make that happen?

As noted earlier, Russian and Chinese threats of nuclear war have had little or no impact on the public or policymakers in the West. There are, quite naturally, agents of influence attempting to rectify this situation, but their message is a function of too little, too late. Decades of Soviet propaganda convinced Americans that nuclear war is suicide for both sides. Why would the very people who swallowed such disarming lies ever take a nuclear threat seriously? And so, for that very reason, Westerner’s do not react to Russia’s nuclear threats. After a moment of reflection, using the false knowledge drilled into them after decades of anti-nuclear agitation-propaganda, they will shrug off Putin’s latest threats.

In politics and war, a system based on lies and deception has special problems of its own. As noted by Anton Koslov, writing in the “Afterward” of Russia’s Secret Rulers, Leninism was a conspiratorial system that corrupted society by disintegrating “the very process of the comprehension of reality.” Deception was the essential trick in the Marxist-Leninist trick-bag, yet it was also dysfunctional in terms of executing any long-term strategy.

In 1957 responsibility for Soviet strategy was given to a fat and sleek-headed apparatchik named Leonid Brezhnev.[xl] Under his leadership a two-tiered strategy was devised, with military and KGB tracks operating in parallel. Wisła Suraska, in How the Soviet Union Disappeared, credited Brezhnev with playing off the military against the KGB during his career. This was cleverly done by (1) tasking the military with preparing a future nuclear war and, according to Golitsyn, (2) tasking the KGB with a future program of false liberalization and controlled dissent – to be carried out by Brezhnev’s successor.[xli] By combining deceptive liberalization with nuclear war preparation, the planners were following Sun Tzu’s strategy of readying an attack while preparing to feign disorder. But these two tracks were not in tune with each other. Moscow’s strategists believed Gorbachev’s reforms would catch America flatfooted, forcing an abandonment of Cold War attitudes and the nuclear arsenal. They believed that NATO would fall into a state of military disrepair, so that the West’s position would become hopeless.[xlii] What they did not see was the disintegration of their own system – which had been created by Stalin through sanguinary discipline. It was Brezhnev’s tolerance for corruption that broke that discipline. Brezhnev was not an administrative terrorist like Stalin. He did not “liquidate” his subordinates at regular intervals. Without Stalin’s harsh discipline, Brezhnev’s lieutenants had no reason to be honest or efficient. According to Anton Koslov, “Stagnation comes when the sated conspirators have decided that the terror they’ve imposed has been sufficient, [and] now they can live for a while. But when the terror ends, a reverse reaction begins – corruption.”[xliii]

Stalin wanted an efficient administrative machine. Strange as it may sound, belief in Stalin’s socialism was successfully maintained and engendered by terror and its psychological effects. It is exciting to belong to an elite group, especially a conspiratorial group, where obedience is a life-and-death matter. “Terror is the dynamic of conspiracy,” noted Koslov; “[it is] the instrument through which the conspiracy of the minority can be maintained successfully against the majority. Terror synchronizes the work of the system of the conspiracy, supporting it as One Great Conspiracy.” Here was Lenin’s discovery and the secret of Stalin’s mastery. Misunderstanding the logic behind Stalin’s purges, Brezhnev unwittingly nurtured a thieving pack of toadies – an error Vladmir Putin has also committed. “The weakening of terror leads to a desynchronization of the integrated system of the conspiracy,” noted Koslov. The weakening of terror inspires counter-conspiracies. “A conspiracy without terror … leads to a static situation and stagnation.”[xliv]

After Brezhnev, complacency permeated the Soviet system. When Moscow carried out its deceptive liberalization under Gorbachev, the system’s weaknesses began to tell. The biggest mistake was when German unification came early. The Soviet Army in East Germany, suddenly finding itself on the soil of a NATO country, suffered defections (mainly of technical personnel). This crisis triggered a chain reaction, leading to the August 1991 coup. Of course, from the standpoint of grand strategy, setbacks of this kind were tolerable. A former KGB officer once described a meeting he had with the acting head of the KGB, Leonid Shebarshin, in 1991.[xlv] Shebarshin admitted there were “setbacks,” but everything was still on track. After all, the West had been deceived. It was now a question of opening new avenues of infiltration and subversion. The work would continue, full steam ahead. Shebarshin was correct, but he was also making a mistake. The core of the communist system had been destabilized, though the ultimate meaning of this destabilization was not immediately apparent. KGB General Shebarshin saw the Russian Federation as an acceptable fraud for carrying the work of subversion forward. The acting pro-capitalist drunk, President Boris Yeltsin, played his part brilliantly. His embarrassing behavior and visible corruption – along with the country’s economic suffering – discredited capitalism and democracy within Russia. Perfect! Then Putin arrived in 1991, winking and smiling as he went. But the Soviet revitalization plan would hit a snag in Georgia and in Ukraine.

According to KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, Soviet liberalization was designed to serve conspiratorial Leninist objectives.[xlvi] Anton Koslov wrote, “True liberalism, economic and legal, begins where conspiracy ends….”[xlvii] Of course, the Leninist conspiracy did not end. The structures of the conspiracy – the KGB, Stavka, and the Communist Party – were never liquidated. The iron triangle of Soviet power teamed up with the Russian mafia and the KGB’s newly minted “oligarchs.” Here was the Old System with a gangster capitalist façade. Yet it was no longer Stalin’s system. It was more corrupt than ever, and though that corruption was exported to the West, it corroded the Leninist mechanism itself. Republics like Georgia and Ukraine could escape the post-Soviet system of control by a combination of counter-conspiracy and revolution. And yes, Moscow could reconquer Georgia and Ukraine by outright invasion, but the political and moral costs of open reconquest through war signified a more serious miscalculation. Everyone in Russia and in the West would see what was happening. The deception game would be over. The war game would have to begin.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine suggests more than a mask slipping off Moscow’s false face. It suggests the kind of complication that unravels larger plans. Communism was ever a system of spoliation and murder. As one observer wrote during the Russian Civil War in 1921, “Rarely does a person join the Communists for reasons of conviction; more frequently it is to have power and to plunder with impunity.”[xlviii] Real communism is a criminal conspiracy by a party of cutthroats and thieves. According to Koslov, “The essence of the Leninist Communist Party is a system of conspiracy, of conspiracy in the making.”[xlix] Koslov added, “Lenin was a journalist and a conspirator, and in his perception the world consisted of conspiracies of all sorts. Religion was a conspiracy; the government was a conspiracy; the [world war] war was a conspiracy … the rebellion of the Kronstadt sailors was a conspiracy.”[l]

Today, this “Leninist culture of conspiracy” is transmitted as if by osmosis to the world. Here is where Koslov’s insights bear fruit. Conspiracism is gaining traction among leftists and rightists. One might say we are all conspiracists now. Moscow hopes to manipulate all these conspiracy theorists. However expert the Russians are at this game, Moscow is going to lose control. Koslov argued that Lenin’s way of seeing reality was corrosive in and of itself. It negated freedom by deriding constitutional checks and balances. Lenin mocked the law of nations, regarding treaties as pie crusts “meant to be broken.” Leninism is conspiracism, argued Koslov. Yet it assumes, incorrectly, that conspiracy is forever workable. Even as socialism takes us by the throat, it leads the human mind towards a degenerate cynicism. “At the level of perception,” wrote Koslov, “conspiracy gained the status of official reality and defined not only the state structure but the entire realm of the new culture…. The construction of society on the basis of a conspiracy led to the formation of the type of culture characterizing archaic societies….” In such societies, noted Koslov, “violence is the main method of resolving internal contradictions. Hence, the cult of violence instilled by the Bolsheviks.”[li]

In relation to this, Lev Timofeyev rhetorically asked, “Can there be a police sketch that will catch Satan?” This, indeed, is a question for Moscow’s bureaucratic labyrinth. We cannot know, says Timofeyev, which secret will be revealed next, or “whose face will peer out as us, when we put all the available fragments together.”[lii] In fact, Timofeyev probably passed over the answer when he asked, “On whom, then, do political decisions [in Russia] depend in the final analysis?” According to Timofeyev, some observers thought the mafia had taken power; that is, the criminals who bribe the secret police. Yet, in a country where nobody has any rights and the police can murder or torture anyone they choose, those who pay bribes do not have the ultimate say-so. The ones who receive the bribes are in control; that is, the people with the most guns and the biggest organization. Here is an insight that applies to the West as well.[liii] The answer is found with those who “are disposed to speak of the traits and methods of … [those] bearing the unique stamp of yesterday’s apparatchiks, KGB agents, and influential ‘commanders of the socialist economy,’ especially the chiefs of the military-industrial complex who now occupy key political and economic posts.”[liv]

In other words, the communists, Stavka, and the KGB are still in control; but that control has been intellectually and morally corrosive. It is not Stalin’s simple control by sanguinary discipline and Marxist principles. The whole thing is disintegrating. It has descended into that nihilism which was always lurking at its core. Here we have a system that disturbed the delicate balance that must exist between force and fraud. In other words, the portion of fraud added to the system was too high. Instead of leading to ultimate victory, we find corruption leading to unprecedented bungling. The rulers in Russia and China are not going to control events; rather, events are going to control them. Evil is a special case of stupid, driving from its camp the best people – the intelligent, the honest, and the competent. The historian John Mosier, who has written extensively on Soviet Russia during World War II, suggested that totalitarian systems do not handle complexity well – especially the complexities of war. This is because they do not handle intelligent people well. It is one thing to have a long-range plan and a deceived enemy. It is another to have lackeys and mediocrities running everything.  

Jeff and Jimmy From Brooklyn: World Communism as a Movement for World Conquest

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92 thoughts on “Totalitarian Subversion, Part III: Plus New Audio with Jimmy from Brooklyn

  1. Now, the West is floating the ideas of abandoning Ukraine. Russia is going to annex Ukraine soon. After that, Taiwan will be annexed by China as Biden and uniparty traitors in the US met with Xi Jinping in San Francisco to determine the outcome. Unlike Ukraine, Taiwanese people are so brainwashed to support communism more than liberty.

    Communism didn’t work out as expected in the USSR because the history of Russia and Eastern Europea is too “white” and peaceful. In China and rest of Asia, there were brutal methods of execution to instill the sense of terror into the populace. The most brutal method of execution was the nine familial extermination (or your whole clan’s execution) being the norm in China and other part of Asia for centuries. Kim dynasty in North Korea continues to do this but with gulags instead of executions. Mongols practiced this method on the daily basis, and that was why West Asia was depopulated for centuries! Assyrians are renowned by their cruelty as well. Islamic empires are notorious for their brutality against rebels and their families, namely the Mughal conquest of India or Islamic conquest of Persia. In opposite of the West, people here value individualism and often refrained from excessive terror campaigns like in the East.

    JR Nyquist made an excellent point of Stalin because Stalin was the closest one ressembling the monarchs of China, Mongols, Assyria,.. who used extreme cruelty against enemies and their entire families to consolidate power. Stalin used terror as a cleaver to keep the Soviet Union in line, and it could have worked if he had a harem of sucessors like Kim family. Stalin underrestimated that the “whiteness” of Russians or Eastern Europeans would enable Khrushchev and Brezhnev to rise. Vladimir Putin later seemed to learn from the mistakes as his assassinations have been increasingly eliminating the whole line of family as Asiatic rulers regularly did. In fact, Putin admired the Kim family and even gave Kim Jong Un a wholesome welcome recently. After annexation of Ukraine, North Koreans will be the workers to rebuild under Russian management. With rising Muslim population in Russia and other post-Soviet states, it’s clear that the communists in Russia/post-Soviet states will use Muslims to displace the “whiteness” in their own population who love individual liberty. These principled Muslims will be tolerate if future Russian leaders, full blown Communist without facade like Putin or Yeltsin, committing nine familial extermination against rebellious dissidents. In fact, Muslims even cheered for the brutal execution of Israelis recently to show how tolerant that they will be in the future communist oppressions.

    With the traitors inside the West, I feel that communism will be here soon. However, totalitarianism has its weaknesses correctly as Mr Nyquist stated above. I think he forgot the most important detail that Yuri Bezemov said many times: A demoralized population. In fact, the population in the West has been demoralized so bad that I don’t think anyone will even fight if the Communists come. They switched plans from violently taking over the West to peacefully taking over the West with bribes.

    My greater concern is for humanity. As Mao Zedong stated his desire to create a world government under Marxism-Leninism, I fear the future will be a mixture of 1984 and Brave New World. It won’t be good for humanity!

  2. Thanks, Jeff, for an outstanding article. Sobering and terrifying. Yet, do I perceive a glimmer of hope in your description of the potential internal collapse of China and Russia due to their growing corruption and structural stress?

    Or will that simply push them to strike more quickly, with nuclear weapons, because they will realize that they’re running out of time?

      1. And then, on the American side, it seems to me that the elections in 2024 are a crossroads which, if we vote in strong, freedom-minded leaders, will allow us to push back against China and Russia, or, if those elections fail, due to apathy or fraud, may result in our internal collapse and eventual takeover by China and Russia.

        Do we have one year left to rally our strength to oppose totalitarianism? If China does deploy tactical nukes and multiple terror attacks by its soldiers who have come across our border, will it be game over, or will it finally rally the American people to wake up and fight back?

      2. As the essay shows, Russia and China are having problems the closer they get to their goal. They have begun a war in Ukraine. This is going to push rearmament at some point, and we see the US manufacturing starting to come back. But environmentalism is being used and also material shortages to stop it. Would not entirely count us out, but a rough ride lies ahead.

      3. Thanks for that additional clarification and thanks for articulating the threat so well. I’m almost down watching your two videos with Alex Benesch on conspiracy theories. SO excellent.

        Have you done anything with Frank Gaffney? I think he would really appreciate your material and research. Here’s to waking up the American public!

  3. You chose a good day to post this article and interview because one of Putin’s biggest cheerleaders and obvious agents is holding a conference this weekend. He is working hard to spread this pro Russia and anti America propaganda and from what I am reading and hearing he is succeeding. He is a traitor to this country and his anti war stance is a bunch of bologna. He is just fine with us giving up or giving in to Russia and China.
    Also, once Mike Adam’s started hosting on the Alex Jones show he became pro Putin and after he endorsed RFK Jr. he started saying that there was no proof of Chi’s atrocities. For a man who touts himself as high IQ he sure is stupid.

      1. He refers to Fatima. According to the secrets of Fatima there will be a big light during the night which indicates that the time for WW3 is coming. This was the case for WW2. Now in Europe in the last weeks we had aurora borealis in several countries such as Germany (especially the north), Italy (north), but also France, Greece, Czech Republic. According to several prophecies these are the countries invaded suddenly by the russians in WW3. Who knows, anyway Mister Nyquist you can’t immagine how many european (and especially german and they are well known in Germany) prophecies predict this russian invasion. I think this is one of the reasons why many german observers (also generals) warn against a russian invasion in Germany and think that the russians just pretend weakness. PS as usual excellt essay!

      1. So many panicked that the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21st, 2012, in fear that it meant the end of the World. In fact, there’s a different, very logical reason for that date. It is the dawning of the age of Aquarius; astronomically significant, rather than astrologically, that is. At mid point of the elliptical path of Precession, in one thousand years from now, planet Earth will be at it’s farthest most distance from the Sun. Pole shifts are typical every thirteen thousand years, or so. That’s not to say the many coincidental Earth changes which invariably occur while Earth is in the signs of Aquarius and Leo, won’t contribute to the cataclysmic events of, The Great Tribulation.

    1. No, it’s not a warning from Heaven; there is enough in the Word to know that the kings of the East are gearing up for war and that the nations are ripe for visitation.

      By the way, Jeff, this latest article of yours is a superb insight into the self-destructive entropy woven into communism. Simply stunning.

  4. This is speculation on my part, but I was thinking about how these things mentioned in this essay fit together with the drama in Gaza and evidence that the US government is preparing to support Israel militarily. I am open to critique so long as it is thought out and intelligent. So for better or worse, here’s my thoughts…

    The Muslim world hates the US (the great satan), and they hate Israel (the little satan) and if the US were drawn into a war in support of Israel, then that would draw in the jihadi’s in large numbers and would drag the US into something that it can’t fight. The US military doctrines are based on winning WW2 and not for fighting insurgents who are prepared to die for their cause and who use guerilla warfare tactics instead of maneuver warfare tactics. The US being drawn into a war allied with Israel would be took good to pass up for the jihad, which plays into Moscow’s hands since Iran and Russia are allied. Russia is the master of asymmetrical warfare and the jihadis are willing to be used as proxies, whether they realize it or not.

    So… the US gets drawn into a war that it can’t win, again, and gets bogged down in the middle east while our resources are drained, our strong men are decimated, and our industries are hobbled by climate change rules initiated by the Marxists in the Whitehouse and by the apparatchiks in the US government administrative state. Our military intentionally gets hobbled by rules of engagement put forth by the pentagon and the whitehouse, rules that are unfair and aimed at reduces the militaries ability to fight.

    Here on the home front sleeper Jihadis, Cuban DGI troops, Spetznaz, and Chinese SF troops are activated after having crossed the open border and start their mayhem with supplies and gear that have been stockpiled just for this moment. Law enforcement is over whelmed by these actions and responds as best as they can but the scale would be too large for an effective response and chaos would become even worse because we Americans are unaccustomed to any level of discomfort and struggle and people would panic.

    A minority of Americans would feel compelled to respond to help out and would do so but would be taken into custody or attacked by the FBI, the media, and all of the useful idiots for committing “hate crimes” against Islam, the “religion of peace”. This causes more chaos as Americans have had enough and feel as thought they have been backed into a corner. Trouble ensues because the government sees this as the opportunity to forcefully disarm Americans and many Americans will have none of that…

    In order to “keep the peace”, the current administration, or perhaps the next marxist administration, calls in the UN for help and then the Chinese and Russians show up on the scene ready to help “bring the US population to peace” with the help of compliant US government and local law enforcement officials. The Chinese already have the beachhead in California, Oregon, and Washington state and that is more than the allies had at Normandy.

    Just something that has been going through my mind these last couple of days.

    1. When Taiwan is annexed by China peacefully (Taiwanese traitors will stage a coup and invite the PLA to annex), the next move would be blockading Japan and South Korea. China will declare an indefinite warzone status around Taiwan to have a perfect excuse of crippling the economy and military supply chains in Japan and South Korea. Russia will stir up troubles in the Northeast Asia through launching salvo missiles to destroy merchant ships against Japan and South Korea. I personally suspected that Biden and uniparty traitors met with Xi Jinping in San Francisco to discuss this exact scenario. The US will stand outside to let Taiwan falling back under China, while the Chinese will not blockade the Luzon straight to allow maritime lanes going to the US undeterred. Japan will be forced fighting wars against China and Russia alone! The situation for Japan is far worse than Ukraine because there is no supply chains line for Japan! Possibly, North Korea will be given a greenlight to conquer South Korea in the mist of chaos. Losing South Korea to North Korea and isolating Japan alone into a deep state of poverty will make the US losing power in East Asia. Trevor Loudon and his fellow friends at Epoch Times did an interesting topic on why China militarily needs Taiwan so much because it is the stepping stone for China to establish a blue navy with stealthy nuclear submarines that will be undetectable if swimming in Pacific Ocean. Taiwan is the equivalent of Crimea! The isolation of Japan will also give an opportunity to Biden and his uniparty apparatchiks an excuse to use Japan as a money laundering schemes that will also enrich Chinese and Russian communists. I personally know that Chinese and other Asian communists have pretty much bought all assets in Japan. Biden and his friends will flow money into Japan that will enrich Asian communists!

      This scenario would be as bad as another decades of being stuck in the Middle East. Losing Asia means that the US naval supremacy will be weakened and harassed by a joint Chinese-Russian navy. China with Taiwan means that the US naval supepower status will be over!

  5. Jeff, after you mentioned him on The Liberty Man, I reached out to John Mosier several weeks ago and mentioned following your work and analysis on the Communist movement. I asked him to send any writings he might do himself and I must tell you that I get frequent emails with his latest thoughts now.

    Again, I love to listen to you and Jimmy from Brooklyn and the knowledge you bring. I am also becoming a fan of Nevin Gussack’s interviews with you as well.

    I do my little part to introduce you guys to fam and friends in my own small circle. Kudos to you all. I hope Americans wake up soon.

      1. Eric Prince mentioned in an interview that an old school frogman he knows was part of a hydrographic survey of Taiwan’s shoreline some years back and said that there are only three areas on the island that are suitable for amphibious landings. I took that to mean that an amphibious assault on Taiwan would be very difficult, possibly impossible.

      2. Eric Prince courts the Chinese Communists. Watch his interview w Shawn Ryan. He’s more about getting rich from the Chicoms today than patriotic in my opinion. His sister, Betsy DeVos was Secretary of Education but she was “all in” for Common Core curriculum for our children in public schools. These 2 individuals are NOT conservatives.

      3. Hello, Jeff! I’ve heard about shortage of ammunition sent to Ukraine, and that Zelensky is getting desperate asking where is the ammo. Is Nato boycotting these shipments, delaying production on purpose? You wrote in many articles that Biden was helping Ukraine, but most unwilling, sending less Himars than the ideal number. I also read that in the beginning of WWII labor unions went on strike in order to boycott US aid to the allies., and that thet dido so on Stalin’s command. Could that be happening now?

  6. “As noted earlier, Russian and Chinese threats of nuclear war have had little or no impact on the public or policymakers in the West. … Decades of Soviet propaganda convinced Americans that nuclear war is suicide for both sides. Why would the very people who swallowed such disarming lies ever take a nuclear threat seriously? … After a moment of reflection, using the false knowledge drilled into them after decades of anti-nuclear agitation-propaganda, they will shrug off Putin’s latest threats.”

    Sounds like the story of the boy who cried “Wolf!”

    I have found this paragraph to be true as I tried time and again to warn people about Moscow’s intent. They just don’t believe it. They assume that the rulers in Moscow are sane and believe the same as they do.

    I saw a photograph of a billboard in Russia with the message “Alaska is ours”. (What little Russian that I studied is largely forgotten, but I still can read some.)

    “How many Chinese living in North America have military training?” I would say the majority of men who came here from mainland China after they were adults. “How many have access to weapons?” How many have become “citizens” therefore able to walk into any gun store and legally buy weapons? How many smuggled shipping containers full of weapons are there stashed around the country?

    “The invasion has been underway for many years.”

    1. In this interview, Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s remarks about the character of military-age Chinese men flowing over the southern border are noteworthy, as are those about China’s involvement with Hamas, much greater than that of Iran. She recounts here the story of her escape to the U.S., which includes connections to Miles Guo, now in prison, whom she identifies as a Chinese agent.

      Dr. Yan has her own program on the station as well.

  7. The KGB/FSB guards in the Kremlin will be jumping for joy, all for world communism! 😡😡
    DIW economist Claudia Kemfert wants to declare a climate emergency
    Economist Prof. Claudia Kemfert from the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) has proposed officially declaring a “climate emergency” so that the German government no longer has to adhere to the debt brake.
    Following the Federal Constitutional Court’s ruling on the debt brake, many of the coalition government’s climate policy projects are on hold for the time being: 60 billion euros are missing for the next four years since Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) had to restrict the scope for borrowing from the “Climate and Transformation Fund” (KTF) on November 15 and order a spending freeze. A new business plan is now to be drawn up as quickly as possible. According to Lindner, however, this should definitely do without new taxes and without new debt.
    However, economist and energy expert Prof. Claudia Kemfert from the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) does not want to leave it at that. In an interview with the “taz” newspaper, she suggested declaring a “climate emergency”. It was “there” anyway. In an official state of emergency, the German government would no longer need to observe the rules on the debt brake and would be allowed to spend more money again.
    Kemfert cited the coronavirus crisis as an example: this was also an emergency that would have justified a temporary suspension of the debt brake.
    An “extraordinary emergency situation”?
    Read more here:

      1. Yes, they have escaped from communist asylums. Declare a climate emergency … imagine that. We have normal fall weather. They really are sick psychopaths. If someone had told me that in 1989, I wouldn’t have believed what we’re experiencing in Germany today.

  8. BRCC661: I have never trusted Eric Prince. As for his sister, spot on. My bailiwick is education, and for all her talk about school choice, she has always been all in with the prevailing ed zeitgeist, as evinced in her support for Common Core, as was noted.

    Quietman: I agree with your comment about this post. Perhaps the most penetrating among a constellation of penetrating commentaries. Stellar.

  9. Thanks Jeff for your very interesting written contribution.

    Rule of thumb from civil defense for fallout after a nuclear weapon explosion!
    The rule of seven:
    After 7 hours 90% is gone
    After 7 x 7 hours 99% are gone (approx. 2 days)
    After 7 x 7 x 7 hours 99.9% are gone (approx. 14 days)

  10. Recently, Argentina elected a WEF stooge.

    We all know that WEF is a Marxist-Leninist organization with Klaus Schwab loves Lenin and pledges loyalty to Xi and Putin. The new Argentinian president will not only destroy the country for BlackRock (mostly Chinese and Russian money) and also foreign vultures. I am curious on what the communists are planning for Argentina here since the country is full of white people or the most anti-socialist bastion of all. Our right-wingers think that Argentina is merely resisting against socialists with this new president.

    Nevertheless, I think that Milei is going to pave a way from Brazilian socialists invading the country in near future. If not, a total stealth economic takeover by Chinese communists who will use BlackRock and other investment funds as proxies. Keep in mind that BlackRock works for its invisible clients, and its shareholding of global companies is an intermediary to its clients.

    1. Agreed. Libertarians and free market types are generally blind to the dangers of unbridled free trade and financialization of the economy. This interview is indicative of this problem and should confirm your fears. Milei is 100% correct for being against political relations with China, Cuba, Venezuela, (and hopefully Russia), but is all for the private sector having trade relations with the communist world. See:
      Free market fear of all rules and regulations limiting commerce paralyzes any and all anti-communist efforts. It was this dichotomy which led me down the rabbit hole of turning against free market fundamentalist theory and economics while still opposing socialism and fascism as properly defined.

      1. Your last paragraph is interesting, Nevin. Would you expand on that or direct me to something you have written or spoken about on that topic?

      2. Even with sanctions against Communist countries, the problem is with corporations. Before corporations were about to be created in the United States, there was contentious debate against corporations. Prior to that, trusts were the entity for forming syndicates in order to develop a joint project. The main difference being, that a trust has an expiration date; either at conclusion of the project, or ninety nine years, whichever comes first, while a corporation violates the principal of perpetuities, with an infinite term of existence.

        It is the 14th Amendment, imposed under martial law, which grants corporations with privileges equal to that of a person. The difference there is, that a person dies, usually in less than ninety nine years.

        Another crucial attribute of a corporation which can be of major benefit to Communist infiltration, despite sanctions, is that many states and countries, incorporate companies in their jurisdiction, permitting anonymous bearer shares, which can be traded like cash. The consumer can never know who the funds from their purchases or transactions, might actually be benefiting.

        The best solution is for consumers not to do business with corporations, dealing exclusively as possible with local or private companies that do not issue shares of stock. Most corporations lose money on produced goods and services, but make huge profits solely on the sale of stock. This allows them to under cut the mom and pop stores. Unfortunately, most mom and pop outfits still sell imported items.

        Personally, I have no problem buying foreign products, just so long as they aren’t produced by corporations or Communist countries. If a company pays a fair and decent living wage to their employees, it’s all good with me.

  11. Thanks! It’s a long, very complicated story which led me to this point. Alas, I was a staunch free market advocate up until the 2008/2009 recession. I started to ask myself the following questions:
    1) What led to the deindustrialization of the US, which erodes America’s capacity to innovate and prepare for war?
    2) Why did American companies and investors trade and provide international legitimacy to the gravediggers of free societies? (I first learned about the role large American firms played in trade with militaristic socialist dictators through my membership in the John Birch Society from about 1995 to 1997).
    3) Why are so many younger Americans attracted to the (false) promises made by communist/socialist ideologies and groups?

    Based on my research and yes some personal interactions with folks holding these beliefs, I realized that unchecked capitalism contained its own seeds of destruction. I remember the article For the Love of Money by Sam Polk (New York Times) January 18, 2014 explaining this clearly: (this is excerpted from my book Turning the Page)

    A wealthy hedge fund trader Sam Polk recalled in a tell-all article in the New York Times: “…working elbow to elbow with billionaires, I was a giant fireball of greed. I’d think about how my colleagues could buy Micronesia if they wanted to, or become mayor of New York City. They didn’t just have money; they had power—power beyond getting a table at Le Bernardin. Senators came to their offices. They were royalty.” Why did these politically powerful financiers negatively affect our national economy and stymie long overdue reforms? After all, were they not Americans too? Would they not lose much in the event of a collapsed American economy, or a social revolution brought upon by extreme manifestations of inequality? Polk provides a unique insight as to the mentality of much of America’s super-wealthy: “…in the end, it was actually my absurdly wealthy bosses who helped me see the limitations of unlimited wealth. I was in a meeting with one of them, and a few other traders, and they were talking about the new hedge-fund regulations. Most everyone on Wall Street thought they were a bad idea. ‘But isn’t it better for the system as a whole?’ I asked. The room went quiet, and my boss shot me a withering look. I remember his saying, ‘I don’t have the brain capacity to think about the system as a whole. All I’m concerned with is how this affects our company.”

    Or this: When fears were expressed that a $700 million loan disbursed by the First Chicago National Bank to the USSR would finance Moscow’s ICBM modernization program, a representative of that bank responded, “It could of course but we would hope not. We can’t control that.” When asked about the uses of a loan disbursed to Bulgaria, Daniel Davidson, the head of the London branch of the Morgan Guaranty Bank nonchalantly noted, “For all we know, they may be buying uranium with it.”

    And then there are books authored by dissident conservatives like Sohrab Ahmari (Tyranny Inc.) which makes a strong case that unchecked private sector power is just as problematic to liberty as overly centralized government power.

    Where I differentiate myself from Marxists is the program he laid out in his Manifesto, which calls for an authoritarian state (such as what he termed “despotic inroads” against private property). The economic and political proposals of Marxism deny human nature, efforts for self-improvement, basic freedoms, social mobility based on incentives and innovation. Its goal attaining a classless society is untried and unrealistic. The practitioners of Marxism (after coming to power) are often the worst hypocrites too.

    I discuss this on my show the Politically Homeless Podcast. Also, I outline this theme in great detail in my book Turning The Page: My Evolution from Conservatism to Radical Civic Nationalism and Sowing the Seeds of Our Destruction: Useful Idiots on the Right, which is available on Amazon. I eventually plan to develop a Substack subscription newsletter as well.

    1. “A wealthy hedge fund trader Sam Polk recalled in a tell-all article in the New York Times: “…working elbow to elbow with billionaires, I was a giant fireball of greed. I’d think about how my colleagues could buy Micronesia if they wanted to, or become mayor of New York City. They didn’t just have money; they had power—power beyond getting a table at Le Bernardin. Senators came to their offices. They were royalty.” Why did these politically powerful financiers negatively affect our national economy and stymie long overdue reforms? After all, were they not Americans too? Would they not lose much in the event of a collapsed American economy, or a social revolution brought upon by extreme manifestations of inequality? Polk provides a unique insight as to the mentality of much of America’s super-wealthy: “…in the end, it was actually my absurdly wealthy bosses who helped me see the limitations of unlimited wealth. I was in a meeting with one of them, and a few other traders, and they were talking about the new hedge-fund regulations. Most everyone on Wall Street thought they were a bad idea. ‘But isn’t it better for the system as a whole?’ I asked. The room went quiet, and my boss shot me a withering look. I remember his saying, ‘I don’t have the brain capacity to think about the system as a whole. All I’m concerned with is how this affects our company.”

      I also want to add a famous quote of Lenin: “Power grows from the barrels of a gun”

      These elites in the West grow rich from financialization through selling away technology secrets, market shares of industrial production, and other intangible/physical assets to the Communists. Basically, they are doing exactly what Lenin predicted that capitalists would do. Selling ropes, so communists can use to hang the “capitalists” or “imperialists”.

      Practically, the Communists have the power of assassinating or killing any rich elite who opposes them. That’s way more scary than stupid lies in Jewish global domination conspiracy theories. Most people don’t know how many Soviet/Russian defectors that Putin have assassinated in secret. Not just defectors alone but their whole families in the nine familial extermination method that China and other Asiatic empires regularly did.

      None of the Western elites dare to oppose the Communists because their family can be killed tomorrow, and no one will know about it. You would be afraid of being a rich person in the West because of this reason. You would not have any political power in the ranks of the communists unless joining them. However, joining the communists would mean selling your souls to commit heinous acts against dissidents in the name of absolute power.

      1. People who predicate themselves in only on money are typically weak. Traditional aristocracies are warrior aristocracies. They do not live in fear. “Kill me? Come and try. Let’s fight it out right here.” Dueling was an elite thing. Now? Just cowards.

  12. Hence, I reject the conspiracy theories espoused by many within the “populist” Right because they lack a deeper substance of the problem within unchecked capitalism. There are deeper economic, sociological, and psychological reasons explanations at work.

      1. The problem with the social sciences, is that they are based upon biased impressions and untested hypotheses.

      2. You have no idea what you are talking about. Social sciences are not one thing that can be written off with a sneer. A lot of knowledge is there.

      3. Social sciences might guess right, occasionally, but essentially, they are merely academic. Furthermore, an academic discipline or lack thereof, in general, can’t be slandered. I did mention market research in these comments. Market research is a social science, but it employs the use of clinical research and testing, with protocols of the Scientific Method. Psychology may or might not in every instance be scientific. The term ‘Social Science’ is in fact, a misnomer as it is not necessarily a science at all.

        A suppose a social scientist might be scientific if they put their mind to it, though.

    1. Re: [ Nevin says:
      November 20, 2023 at 1:48 pm
      “…deeper economic, sociological, and psychological reasons explanations at work.” ]

      Case in point, ‘Bud Light’; Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch Brands, Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC, or by whatever other compartmentalized veils of shielding there might be, was the top selling beer in the United States. It was the favorite beverage of, regular guys, until under the Great Reset under the Covid Live Exercise, the propagandists decided that tried tested and proven effective marketing could be dispensed with in favor of foolhardy, political correctness, by running a TV commercial with a transsexual as the spokes model.

      As a result, that beer is no longer America’s favorite. In fact sales have plummeted as consumers have switched to other brands. The problem is that Blackrock is probably the major shareholder of all the leading brands of all other products, including beer and everything else produced by corporations.

      In my opinion, China or whoever calls the shots at Blackrock, doesn’t care about sales. What they want is societal modification. No more of this customer’s always right, horse hockey. People need to have a better appreciation for business. Blackrock isn’t interested in knowing what people prefer, Blackrock believes that people will buy what they are told to buy.

      Nice try, but there are plenty of local craft beer brew pubs most places, these days. Personally, I favor Maui Brewing, Bikini Blonde. They claim to be employee owned.

      1. I would like to add that people who calls the shots at BlackRock are Chinese, Russians and other communists. Here is one of many examples.

        “In August 2021, BlackRock set up its first mutual fund in China after raising over one billion dollars from 111,000 Chinese investors. BlackRock became the first foreign-owned company allowed by the Chinese government to operate a wholly-owned business in China’s mutual fund industry.”

        There is a lot of shadow cross-shareholdings in multiple tax havens. Like Alibaba in the US is owned indirectly by China through an island in the Carribeans. I hope Mr Nyquist employs someone who can actually trace the money of the communists.

      2. Money from communist countries is everywhere, but the largest sums are from illicit narcotics trafficking. I am not a financial auditor and tracing communist money is no my job any than doing your taxes is my job.

      3. Every once in awhile, a politician raises a ruckus about offshore banks in tax havens, as if the US Congress can do anything about foreign banks, but time and time again, it comes out that the worst offenders are foreign banks with strict privacy regulations where US politicians have on deposit their kickbacks.

        Following the money dead ends in tax havens. I personally have no problem with tax havens or banking privacy in principal. I’ve even had a few myself. In fact, all US banks are supposed to keep clients’ accounts confidential, but FinCen tends to infringe the Right to Privacy.

        Furthermore, the US Government even has spies employed at Swiss Banks. This may be a conspiracy theory, but it seems to me that the Biden Administration, along with most other Democrat and Republican elected and government officials, are in partnership with China. I suspect that Biden and Xi discussed plans to shove through, the undead, Trans Pacific Partnership, as the solution to the deliberately caused economic upheaval under the scamdemic.

      4. The late, US Senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, hated tax havens. On the floor of the Senate, he held up a copy of Bill Hill’s report on Tax Havens, condemning it as the way to evade taxes. However, in the actual report by Hill, the author writes that it’s illegal to evade taxes, but it’s a right and necessity to avoid paying unnecessary taxes.

      5. [ Excerpts ]:

        What’s Next for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?
        Last updated September 20, 2021
        Council on Foreign Relations

        …the deal was never ratified by the U.S. Congress, as it became a target of both Republican and Democratic candidates during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump formally withdrew from the TPP on his first full day in office, in January 2017.

        With the United States on the sidelines, the remaining TPP countries have forged ahead with a new version of the pact, known as the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), keeping most of the original intact. In September 2021, China applied to join the pact, putting further pressure on the United States. U.S. President Joe Biden has said he does not support rejoining the TPP as it stands, but that he could try to renegotiate it to include stronger labor and environmental provisions.

  13. @JAKE P. ROSCOE: I think you make a valid point. The stock market/public traded companies are not in themselves problematic as long as destructive behavior is outlawed. For example, I would outlaw stock buybacks (which were legalized in 1982). This would allow these profits to be plowed back into productive investments like R&D and new manufacturing facilities. Also, I would halt mergers and acquisitions, LBOs, etc, which has led to the monopolization of American businesses. Before the LBO frenzy starting in the 1980s, America had a thriving small and medium size business community. I would also look at a serious (but slow due to economic considerations) reversal of free trade policies and implement a level of protectionism.

    1. Regulations are invariably violated and ineffectively enforced. Besides, legislators are not motivated to represent their constituents nowadays, since voting laws have all been decimated. Ultimately, the power lies with the consumer. If a consumer is unable to determine the who the individual owners of the company or shares are, then buy something else from a craftsman.

  14. Mr Gussack, do you know Adrian Vermeule’s idea of common good constitutionalism? If the answer is positive, do you believe it could provide a basis for a non market fundamentalist alternative to mainstream american conservatism?

    1. No, I am not familiar with it. However, thanks for the lead. I am interested in learning more about common good constitutionalism. Thanks Pablo.


    Javier Milei’s ‘lioness’: Argentina’s new first lady Fatima Florez is a comedian who satirised her new boyfriend in an impersonation – but can the glamorous divorcée tame the tantric sex ‘lion’?

    *The couple met on a chat show last December when Fatima was still married:

    1. Dr Judy Mikovits, says that that lab consists of items confiscated from her lab, when she was fired for being a whistle blower. As we know, China, Dr Anthony Fauci, Ft Detrick, and Dr Ralph S. Baric of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, are all complicit.

      1. Dr Judy states this in several interviews conducted by Stew Peters on his antisemitic, little podcast.


    DOJ announces arrests in ‘high-end brothel network’ used by elected officials, military officers and others

    By Holmes Lybrand, CNN
    3 minute read
    Updated 6:56 PM EST, Wed November 8, 2023

  17. Putin set to nuke Space NAZIS in Antarctica!

    I want to let you know that the Chinese have 5 bases here already and are setting up 4 more immediately during the absolute worst time of year. There are Chinese everywhere down here and up until a month ago I never saw even one.

    Also of note, now Turkey has been sending in troops independently and so are quite a few other countries from Africa & South America all of them want to set up bases here and are bringing in the infrastructure to do so.

    Everybody seems to want to get in on whatever is down here as soon as possible to not be left out. I am more certain than ever now that the mad rush is because there is definitely something here. I noticed more and more German speaking people coming through as well. Numbers have always decreased in the winter time down here not increased.

    1. Linda Moulton Howe, has released more stunning video testimony from two anonymous Navy insiders/whistleblowers about a multinational coalition that has a secret space program with bases in Antarctica, on the Moon, Mars and even beyond our solar system.

      Antarctica: Alien Secrets Beneath the Ice video launch.
      November 27, 2019: Linda LIVE –

      1. Linda believes that it was 34 million years ago that Antarctica was free of ice, but she fails to take into account, Earth Crust Displacement Theory, that it was during the last ice age, under the sign of Leo, 13 thousand years ago, that the Earth’s crust shifted causing the continent of Antarctica to rotate from a sub tropical latitude.

        On 6th July 1960 Lt Colonel Harold Ohlmeyer, a United States Airforce Commander, sent a reply to a letter from one Professor Charles Hapgood who had requested his opinion on a feature found on a map of 1513 AD called the Piri Reis Map. Lt Colonel Ohlmeyer’s reply was a bombshell. The map, showing the coastline of the east coast of the Americas and the west coast of Africa, the Colonel remarked, also seemed to show the coastline of Queen Maud Land in Antarctica free of ice – a condition it had not been in for some 9000 years!

        In fact, it is only in recent times that modern man has been able to map this coastline using sub-surface surveying techniques that can penetrate the ice sheet that lies on top of it.

        Ohlmeyer had no idea how a map existing in the 16th century could have got hold of such knowledge.

        Graham Hancock

  18. Very interesting interview.
    Stephen Kotkin on China: Unpacking the CCP, Communism, and US-China relations!
    ChinaTalk March 2023

    Kotkin explains how Marxism-Leninism is made up of two twin components, anti-capitalism and anti-imperialism. As I understand it, sometimes Communist Russia and China make nice with the West be de-emphasizing the former – think of the 90’s so-called “liberal” Russia and “capitalist” China– and promoting the latter in the guise of Russian nationalism or Chinese nationalism. Only their idea of nationalism/anti-imperialism is very hegemonic and expansionist. But this dichotomy, or rather constant see-saw between anti-capitalism and anti-imperialism, often fools the West. The only disappointment with Kotkin’s analysis is towards the end, where it is clear he doesn’t see an existential threat to the West from Russia and China, and thinks the US can calm down China’s aggressiveness through a combination of dialogue and standing its ground on matters of international law. If the US made it sufficiently clear that it doesn’t seek to harm China in any way then a military escalation can be avoided. If only. The problem is most Americans and even experts who are knowledgeable about Communist history, only see China as a troublesome rival but never a serious threat, and certainly never Russia and China together as a threat.

    It is a similar problem with Ben Hodges’ interview below. While the analysis of current developments in the Ukraine war is fascinating, at the end when asked about China he opines that Biden’s recent talk with Xi and the opening of communications between the US and Chinese militaries is a good thing because it prevents accidents arising from misunderstandings. “Accidents” in this case means the US responding with force to one of China’s many provocations, which there is no risk of given that nobody wants a war with China (it would be bad for the economy). However, Hodges does agree with Jeff in that the current blow-up in the Middle East which now commands all the attention in the West is simply too convenient for Russia to be dismissed as a coincidence. Russia’s only hope of winning is to sour the West on providing military aid to Ukraine. He is not convinced that Trump would continue aid to Ukraine if he were re-elected. Biden and other leaders need to make a much clearer case why it’s in the interest of the West to support Ukraine, and why a Ukrainian victory, not just a ceasefire, is desirable. But Hodges doesn’t speculate on why Biden and co. are so deliberately vague and more than 1.5 years late in making the case. Ukrainian forces also established a bridgehead on the eastern side of the Dnipro, which is quite impressive given that they can’t bring over any heavy machinery yet. If they could expand that bridgehead and get long-range missiles there Crimea could become untenable for the Russians.

    Targeting Crimea is the key to ending the war with Russia | Lieutenant General Ben Hodges
    Times Radio Nov 17, 2023

    12:56 “This narrative out there that I hear occasionally about Ukraine fatigue. Nobody should be fatigued, we’re not doing anything. I mean it’s the Ukrainians that have every right to be fatigued.”

    Jeff, you referred several times to a report by Scandinavian journalists who were accosted by Russian special forces close to the location of the Nord Stream pipeline explosion shortly before it occurred. Is there a link to this report and is it translated in English at all? It is a shame that the Washington Post can publish such allegations and completely ignore a much more credible first-hand witness report.

    1. The assessment on Ukraine is too optimistic. Ukraine should have stayed silent around 2020s to secretly bring the US nuclear weapons internally and establish the US military base. The action should have been secretive but some traitors in NATO probably leaked the intel out to make Russia invading in 2022.

      If I was Zelenskyy, then I would apologize to Russia and bid my times like Sun Tzu to develop and build Ukraine Armed Forces strength. When the war started in February 2022, Russia took Kiev in 3 days but Zelenskyy and his NATO friends made a smart move with grain deals, and this tricked Russia to withdraw and allow Ukraine buying times. The next mistake is to unilaterally take a full war against Russia. He should have just kept the situations down and wait a little longer to build strength. During the humiliating times to build strength, Ukraine must secretly get nukes.

      I personally suspect that Zelenskyy never truly wanted to go through attacking the Russia immediately. It was Biden, who was a proven Russian agent, pressured Zelenskyy to waste all menpower into a grinder for Russia without adequate equipments. The US under Biden didn’t truly deliver the state-of-the-arts equipments for Ukraine. Biden helped Russia to depopulate Ukraine for future settlements by Russians, North Koreans and other communists. Meanwhile, Russia also gets rid of unwanted men or rebellious agents in the Ukraine War which Stalin did similarly in WW2. Stalin sent the political prisoners and rebellious people dying against Nazi Germany to starve off German bullets.

      Keep in mind that Putin’s brutality is still very similar to Stalin in this recent news. He learned from China in the nine familial extermination method.

    2. The Scandinavian journalists you asked about have a podcast called “Cold Front,” which I have on my iphone’s podcast ap. The Channel is DR LYD Dokumentar & Krimi.

      Regarding Kotkin, I have read both volumes of his Stalin biography and look forward to the Third. Now, in discussing Kotkin, I am definitely out of step with most folks. I understand the need to be objective and scholarly, but I was never in agreement with Max Weber’s “Wissenschaft als Beruf.” (Science as a Vocation). Yes, one must be detached and objective. But objectivity does not mean we must be moral idiots. Above all, the objective scholar must condemn communism as a political system and theory; for there can be no science without morality, because the search for truth — which is the essence of science — is essentially a moral quest to begin with. Therefore, while I admire Kotkin as a biographer of Stalin, I suspect that his moral principles have been too flexible when it comes to communism. Otherwise, he could not be published or have a good job in academia. Would he have lasted so many years in academia if he had been outspoken against Marxism? No. And he has to know what is happening at our universities. Yet I’ve never heard him say anything about it except to make fun of the prevailing foolishness. Is he blind, then, or does he say nothing because it is better for him, personally? He talks about China as if communism there is too inefficient to succeed. Where is his sense of the larger picture?

      All these people, like Kotkin, who are ostensibly conservative but never express meaningful outrage regarding today’s communists, have to delude themselves. What you do is, in essence, regard communists of all stripes as colleagues, as persons who have a place in our “democratic order.” You say the current leftist control of our educational institutions is a passing phase. As a society, we will grow out of it. But I do not think so. I think, rather, that we are in serious trouble.

      Totalitarianism is the leading edge of a new religion. It is a political religion which is, quite obviously, taking over the world. Kotkin does not seem to see this. Or, if he does, he keeps quiet (which is disreputable). Communism, he might say, is not a threat because it is going to dissolve. It is going to fail. It is going to be swept away in the course of time. This is an old scholarly notion, going back to the Bolshevik Revolution. The communists won’t hold power for long, these folks like to say. And then, if the communists do last, they are not really communists. Framing it that way, a scholar like Kotkin cannot be wrong. So there is a disconnect at work.

      The academic conservatves have been a problem for us. Like all academics they take the teachings of Marxism as something they disagree with. Yet they do not understand the purpose of the ideas. The Marxists are in earnest, but they are not in earnest about the truth. They are in earnest about power. Kotkin does not see this. So he describes China as an inept regime, and there is truth in this. But there is another truth which must be set side-by-side with it; that is, the truth about Western ineptitude; for America allows itself to be penetrated by communist bloc agents of influece, to be tricked and disarmed. The ideology of communism is being taught, in disguised form, to American children. It has entered the White House after taking bribes. There is this assumption that such a state of affairs is not so serious. I beg to differ.

      We are weakening vis-a-vis communism and the danger is growing. Listening to Kotkin, he seems to be living in an ivory tower disconnected with this reality.

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