The assertion that nuclear war will not be a continuation of politics is completely fallacious.

Colonel General Makhmut Gareev

We have several disturbing data points emerging in connection with the Ukraine War.

Point 1: On 23 September Polish teachers in Warsaw were asked to hand out iodine anti-radiation pills to students in case of emergency. In connection with this, the Polish Interior Ministry admitted that potassium iodide pills had been sent to regional fire departments after “media reports of fighting near the Zaprozhye Nuclear Power Plant” in southern Ukraine. Yet, the threat to the power plant has been alleged for months. Why send out these pills now?

Point 2: Pharmacies in Finland, Luxembourg and Norway are selling out of their supplies of iodine and potassium iodide. The pills are used to prevent the thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodine or cesium 137, a byproduct of fission which is readily absorbed by the thyroid. Europe is increasingly, and perhaps sensibly, afraid Russia will use tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

Point 3: The Polish Foreign Ministry recommended Polish citizens leave Belarus in March. In September the warning was issued again. Then, on October 10, the Polish government issued a further warning: “We recommend that Polish citizens staying on the territory of the Republic of Belarus leave its territory with available commercial and private means.” In the last several weeks these warnings have grown in frequency and urgency. Why?

Point 4: Yesterday, October 11, Russian troops started entering Belarus. The Russians have also been preparing for some kind of military move into Belarus for many weeks if not months, indicating a renewed offensive against Kiev.

Point 5: Russia has not committed its air force even as its artillery arm is no longer as effective as it was, due to the HIMARS taking out Russian ammunition depots. In order to deliver the necessary firepower Russia must now turn to its air force. The question for Russia is — how to protect forward air deployments from HIMARS attacks?

Point 6: Russia clearly intends to renew its offensive on a grand scale — from the north and south. Given the state of the Russian army, its training and doctrine, logistical limitations and the strength of the Ukrainian defense, the Russian Army could only be successful if supported by thermobaric or nuclear warheads. And only the mass use of these type of munitions would bring victory for Russia.

Point 7: If we watch Ukrainian President V. Zelenskiy’s recent comments about nuclear weapons, and his demeanor during his interview with the BBC on Friday, I am inclined to believe Zelenskiy possesses disturbing intelligence on Russian intentions he cannot share. After his Australia speech last week, during Q and A, he stated that the West should not sit and wait for nuclear strikes, but should react preventively, or that such a preventive policy should be discussed. This comment is telling, for it shows that the Ukrainian president is preoccupied with the thought that Russia is preparing nuclear strikes on his country. Follow this with what he said to the BBC, trying to walk back his comments. Clearly, there are things Zelenskiy cannot talk about. And he actually says that such talk is, in itself, “dangerous.” One may read in Zelenskiy’s face the seriousness of the present situation.

Final point: As far as we know, Russia has not moved any tactical nuclear weapons forward. And this would be ill-advised because of the HIMARS. The usual method for delivering nuclear attacks by artillery is now problematic for Russia. Nuclear or thermobaric warheads, placed in forward stockpiles, could be pre-emptively destroyed by Ukrainian rockets. What, then, would the Russian solution be? (1) missile delivery and (2) rapid forward deployment of air units to deliver strikes.

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173 thoughts on “Patterns of Warfare: Discussion With Tommy Carrigan

  1. Hopefully it doesn’t come down to nuclear escalation.

    I was listening to the John Moore radio show you participate in
    and it’s very sad to see how many callers are lost and they resort to attacking you for not joining them in their loony theories. Some folk really just want an easy stamp to do the thinking for themselves. Instead of researching things I just want to apply the Illuminati stamp, or the “Jewish cabal” stamp and it’s over, there’s not further thinking needed. It’s also similar to the Communist way of explaining problems of society: if there’s something wrong, the problem is that the Revolution didn’t happen yet, everything being funneled into we have to do this Revolution to bring the salvation, and how every single relationship between groups of people, be heteros vs homosexuals, religious folk versus atheists, men versus women, blacks versus whites, regional disputes such as the coastal portions of the US versus the midwest, everything has to be framed in a quasi class warfare way, as if there’s no nuance to real life, no possible pacific coexistence and common goals, everything is a perpetual class warfare style conflict.

    1. Sadly, these simplistic narratives are based on well-worked formulas that reinforce false ideas in the public mind. Political power or movements based on such ideas tend toward totalitarianism or authoritarianism, even if they intend the opposite. To these folks, there is no real discussion or debate. That is why the caller named “John from Tennessee” attacks me personally instead of discussing matters rationally. This is not good and suggests a Jacobin tendency — a rightwing revolutionism. They are not really able to discuss specifics, since they have not actually read much history, or learned political science. They truly think they have the keys, the knowledge of history that brings them to the door of absolute political truth. It is pathetic, indeed, that their “truths” can never be substantiated, that their narrative is always formulated in a way that no counter-example, no invalidation, is even possible from the outside. Whenever arguments are framed in this way, we are confronted with irrational motivations, largely unacknowledged. The argument for conspiracy then ceases to be reasoned. It takes the shape of a political religion. It is the uneducated man’s Marxism, established by frequent repetition of given themes. It demonizes “the elite,” it casts all events as a conspiracy to cheat the individual, the masses, the working man, the average guy. And so, since the system is sometimes unfair, events often appear to line up with conspiracy theory. Only, the theory is untrue. It brings us to false solutions and false explanations for specific events. It leads us away from a more nuanced truth that delivers us from missteps.

      1. I think the critique of our “elite” is basically valid. It’s just missing vital context and the bigger picture. Seems like Communism has affected and infiltrated our country/the West by capturing the elite, those with institutional and economic power. It’s worked pretty well. The Western elite is not monolithic, certainly, but the general zeitgeist – how they generally see and would shape the world – seems to track the prescriptions of the Communist Manifesto.

        What’s surprising from these callers and many conservatives is the rank hostility at the suggestion that the U.S. is not ultimately to blame for the Ukraine conflict or the escalations. They are so invested in the Grand Conspiracy theories that evidence of actual collusion and deception, by known enemies, to destroy and replace the West through a stealth/surprise world war (ie, a REAL conspiracy), strikes them as simple-minded and unrealistic.

        The reality of our situation, to my mind, means we need to take a very tempered view toward our own broken leadership. There’s no pretending we’re in good hands, but we also can’t just take the perverse stance of practically routing against our own side, which is sadly where so many conservatives are stuck, consumed as they are with the disgust we all feel. I wish there were a clear and promising way forward. All I can come up with is to pray for our leadership, and to try to stay mentally ready, come what may. Things, and people, can change quickly in extreme circumstances.

    2. But therein lies the problem. Everything is, whether we like it or not, is we vs them. And there is no way to effectively nullify that. When folks cannot communicate pacifically there is only conflict. That is why I feel Jeff is up against a wall. That is also why I believe conflict is inevitable.

  2. M-r Nyquist, Trevor Loudon revealed several years ago that his friend who studied in Moscow told him that the Soviet-Afghan war was a deception whose purpose was to deceive the West that the Soviet Army was ineffective. Don’t you think that this war is a deception too? Many soldiers from ethnic minorities are used as cannon fodder and very old and ineffective firearms and old tanks are being used against Ukraine. RAND corporation, Radio Svoboda and many analysts said years before the war that Russia is able to conquer for less than 60 hours the Baltic states and that NATO’s armies have many problems which can make them vulnerable in case of Russian invasion. And now we see some kind of Russian defeat. Isn’t it very, very strange? Isn’t it a deception in your opinion?

    1. There are levels of deception in war. And some things are what they appear. There is reality and facsimile. Everything is not a deception. Paranoia is not analysis. A small war in a remote place is not a big war in Europe.

      1. A real shame we can’t get Peter Pry’s comment on this now.
        And a big shame we didn’t follow his advice already given.

      2. don’t know if some already mentioned this similarity: the conflict with the Finns, Soviet failures were not deceptions, but they served as one to Germany perception (I believe)

      3. The Soviet failure in Finland did convince Hitler of what was then called “the rotten door theory.” Hitler said that the USSR was like a “rotten door.” All you had to do was kick it in. However, Hitler’s violent anti-Slavic racism effectively turned the Ukrainian and Russian people against the German invader. General J.F.C. Fuller argued that Hitler lost the war in the east on this account. And it was his war to win.

    2. When your principle war fighting arm is the Strategic Missile, the combat performance of grunts and pogues supporting them beyond “Go ethnically cleanse and pacify whatever survives in the glass and rubble.” is a matter of indifference. With the lithium deposits and the rest, it may have been justified just on raw nuclear weapons production materials (or undercutting dark money underwriting the economic blitz against them, opium et. al.)

  3. Putin has stated that he intends to save his SATAN 2 mach 20 missiles, sparingly, but those long range rockets with their 12 hypersonic gliders ought to do the trick; provided there’s enough of them in stock. Even cruise missiles out maneuver the HIMARS.

    1. The Javelin’s have been equipped to take out Russian cruise missiles. That’s what so great about programming firmware in electronics, you can change it on the fly.

  4. Eddiehatko, but the problem is that how much of it is really us versus them? Sometimes old enmities have to be smoothed over because survival is at stake. Germans and the French have some old hostilities but in the current invasion in Ukraine and its repercussions puts them in the same boat, just as Churchill and de Gaulle had to come to terms despite their mutual distaste because they had bigger fish to fry with the Nazis. Even if immediate survival is not at stake, it would be great for neighbors such as France and Germany to leave deadly rivalries in the past for the sake of a long lasting peace. People on the right will have to come to a common denominator with certain people on the left if a world war does happen, in all countries really.One could argue both the right and left have to adhere to a certain pursuit of the truth and common god over partizan fighting too for the sake of the country, to avoid a state of civil war regardless of what’s going outside. All those conflicts the Communists foster, the regionalisms, “oh you live in a flyover state” that are often weaponized to divide and conquer countries, this turmoil only benefits a country’s enemies. China can be seen as the enemy, but the CCP is the enemy of not only the West, but also the Chinese people, just as Ukrainians and Russians do have a common oppressor in the Kremlin, there’s a lot of nuance that the us vs them mentality cannot really grasp. The rich folk who invest in China, instead of setting them aside because of their ties with China, perhaps they can be won over to put their investments at home to avoid some sort of bloody persecution of the rich which the Marxists would love to engage in. The picture might look bleak, but when mankind is pressed against the wall, while horrible things may come out of the situation, positive examples also do happen.

    1. Many who identity as democrats or leftists do not agree with the extremism of the current democrat party. If and when they understand the extent of the corruption – the extent to which we all have been sold out – they will find much in common with the right. Likewise, some of the right will be outed as part of the problem, as we’re already seeing.

      The rich who have invested in China aren’t the most likely to rediscover their patriotism. Many if not most or all accepted years ago that China is ascending and they think their positioned to benefit. They ARE actually not really on our side, because they’ve largely given up on the idea of a powerful America as a standard-bearer for the world.

      But the true Marxists on the left aren’t as many as it seems, and may be only a few. Most think socialism or Marxism offers a way to “democratize” ownership and control the means of production, as a correction to a system that’s fallen pray to rent-seeking via financialization. That observation isn’t actually all that wrong – they just don’t know what Marxism really is and prescribes. Point being, many on the left are using labels and ideas they don’t fully understand, and imagining the politicians who push those labels and ideas see things as they do – they don’t realize what they’re buying into. And that’s the economic Marxists, as opposed to the cultural Marxists (ie, the woke mafia). Similar thing there – it’s actually the elite on the left pushing craziness like gender reassignment for kids, and CRT in schools, and transgender everything. Most normal people still view things about the same way people understood multiculturalism and tolerance in the 90s. Most even on the left either don’t realize how bad it’s gotten – or, more common now, they’re going along to get along, hoping the pendulum will swing back. Again, if and when they realize we’ve been sold out by our elites, they’ll find common cause with the right.

      It actually *is* normal people vs the elite right now, in general. It doesn’t make one a Marxist to observe that reality. And I don’t define “normal” vs “elite” solely in terms of class, though of course there’s overlap. Yes there are rich people who still believe in America but by “elite” I mean the juggernaut calling the shots, which involves multinational corporate, financial, tech and political power centers.

      What would really help would be for the “managerial class” who’ve been silently acquiescing and operationalizing the elite’s Marxists schemes to start speaking the truth and acting with courage. They’re all blind or terrified, and the latter are just hoping to keep their jobs and status.

      1. “Again, if and when they realize we’ve been sold out by our elites, they’ll find common cause with the right.”

        Tulsi Gabbard certainly did. It gives me hope!

    2. Marcelo, I find that reasoning much to optimistic under the present state of affairs. It may well be that two countries come together; but that only pertaind to the leadership. The populous are another matter. Let’s, for the sake of argument, just take one country – America. There is a reason why the past six plus decades have changed the country. Many have been deliberately deeducated and reprogrammed. Six decades cannot be reversed overnight or even in a couple years. But, on top of that, we no longer have industry and the media is a propaganda tool. Worse, our government is not concerned about its constituants. Then too, the population has become a mish mash of foreigners who have no concept of becoming Americanized – who see themselves as effecting a change to their benfit to the exclusion of natural born. Couple this with a general attitude of perverse and criminal behavior that has no allegience to any but themselves. The only reason Jeff has managed to reach those whom even listen is because the communication system is still intact. Whatever happens from here on out will be a humpty dumpty disaster. We discuss only to discover there is no workable solution. The beauty of disaster, if I may phrase it that way, is that we find out who we truly are.

    3. DeGaulle was a very selfish man, and while he knew he needed to cooperate, his arrogance wouldn’t allow him to do so much of the time. Most things had to be imposed upon him. As far as he was concerned, he was France, and no one else. He was also a problem in NATO as well. He withdrew France, but a number of French Kasernes remained in Germany while I was there in the late 60s. The French people finally got sick of him and turned him out of office.

  5. Apparently Russia is ready to send oil to Europe via an undamaged line of Nordstream 2:

    An undamaged line. Seems this is a key part of the story, which wasn’t part of the news coverage for the first week or so (or at least not a prominent part), while the propogandists were busy shouting through a megaphone “why would Russia sabotage itself? Makes no sense! Only the U.S. stood to benefit….”

    Well that point requires a bit of nuance if it turns out one line remains functional. In fact, it looks like Russia gets its headlines AND keeps a pipeline. This is proof Russia did it, but definitely problematizes the early narrative, and we know the media NEVER circles back to correct its initial narratives.

    1. I read this early this morning and it certainly left me wondering:

      Sweden is refusing to share the preliminary results of its official investigation into the Nord Stream pipeline explosions with Russia, asserting that the information is “confidential.”

      1. Correction on my post: I meant to say it’s NOT proof Russia did it.

        That is a very odd position for Sweden to take, I think! Seems like it would be better for them to just say their results are for now confidential, rather than confidential w/r/t Russia.

      2. Regarding the Nord Stream sabotage, this is what a German politician has to say: Oct 11, 2022
        Roderich Kieswetter – Bundestag Foreign Affairs committee. Russia pumping thousands of tons of gas in the damaged Nord Stream pipeline which makes it difficult for investigators to work at the bottom of the sea and determine cause of the explosions.

        Just as with the MH17 crash Russia is trying to stymie outside investigators. It sounds like despite Russia’s efforts Sweden was able to find out some things. I don’t think we have to wonder anymore whether Russia was behind the sabotage.

  6. (Apologies, not directly related to the content of this blogpost)
    Am trying to compile relevant reading materials to share with those interested, particularly content that will aid in understanding the motivations of the regimes in China and Russia (defector literature), as well as information pertaining to nuclear war.

    Dropbox link:

    Will add more content as I find it. Particularly interested in obtaining “Putin’s Russia” (Anna Politkovskaya) and “Ukraine’s Maidan, Russia’s War” (Mychailo Wynnyckyj). If others have suggestions or links they could share, would be much appreciated.

  7. I’m one of those who keeps Potassium Iodide tablets on hand. 🙂 Even though they show an expiration date, they don’t actually ever “expire” as long as they are stored in a cool, dry, dark place. They are one of those items that you will probably never need, but if you do, you better have them close by.

    “Yet, the threat to the power plant has been alleged for months. Why send out these pills now?”

    That’s a very good question, Jeff. For a short time, it was running on generators, but as of Sunday the power was back on. It has been an ongoing problem, so it doesn’t make sense to pass out the pills now for that reason. Things are certainly ratcheting up, especially with the “Butcher of Syria” now calling the shots!

    You commented on the prior blog about the look on Zelensky’s face during the interview. I can tell it really gave you pause. After the brutal retaliation, he said Russia was trying to “wipe them off the face of the earth. Completely.” I can’t imagine the weight on his shoulders.

      1. Wun Hop Kune Do creator, Al Dacascos, once spoke at a workshop.
        He said: “You knock out an assailant, but scrape your knuckle, you lose.”

      2. Jeff, I would say, Putin withdraws all his troops from all of Ukraine and returns to borders. Nothing else is acceptable to Ukraine, and think they are right in insisting on it. You can’t let a crook hold onto any of their ill gotten gains.

      3. You know better than JFK? The Phoenix that rises from the ashes might take awhile. Russia conducts itself pursuant to established law, while the World tries to cancel Russia. Censoring Putin’s official notices, won’t spare the ignorant from the consequences, however it seems to me that Russia deliberately behaves in a suspicious manner, to intentionally telegraph a nuclear attack on Kiev, which appears to convince Zelensky at least, if no one else, that Ukraine is about to become a complete and total desolate waste land. Russia is no doubt preparing to deliver on that foreshadowing. Then what? Everybody just feels bad for Ukraine?

      4. Lanyard: Your ignorance is showing. Russia has now violated several treaties and agreements in the prosecution of this war, including the Charter of the United Nations. Russia is waging an aggressive war of conquest. This was the charge against the Nazi leaders at Nuremberg. And they were hanged. Furthermore, Russia does not conduct this war pursuant to established law. That is a lie, and shame on you for telling it. Despite what you say, nobody is censoring Putin. The world hangs on his every word. He has taken center stage and nobody is upstaging him. In this situation if Putin uses nuclear weapons to conquer Ukraine, the world will not forget or forgive. Europe will arm itself and Putin will be less secure than ever. It is easy to see that a larger war must follow this one or grow out of it here and now.

      5. Jeff’s, entire avocation for decades, requires for Russia to attack the United States. Ain’t gonn’a happen. Russia ain’t goi’n away, neither. If Russia does surround and capture Kiev, it may use air-fuel weapons, but it won’t use nukes. If this war widens, it will be to eject NATO from Eastern Europe. Again, without the use of nukes. You can contradict all you want, but Putin has covered his ass by following the letter of the law, every step of the way,

      6. Lanyard: Russia and China have been preparing for a future nuclear world war against America. As my friend, Col. Stanislav Lunev once said: “My career in the Soviet and Russian Federation military, we trained for one mission and one mission only. Future nuclear world war against America.” America’s policy has been to deter such a war. But our deterrence inevitably fails. It is failing now. And Putuin has shown himself to be a thug. And you, now, are his shill.

    1. Re:
      [ War with Russia time line According to Jeff Nyquist
      Oct 12, 2022
      The Alex Jones Show ]

      Wow! Twice as many views, already!
      The old, Portland Memorial Coliseum has a seating capacity of 12,888.

      Alex asked Jeff a loaded question, which Jeff began to tactfully address, but Jones cut him off before he could say that Klaus Schwab carries water for Putin. Time was up, but Jeff is invited back for an entire hour, someday.

      1. It’s the one I posted about and you said “better late than never”, but that it probably wouldn’t be enough:

        US Buying $290M Worth Of Anti-Radiation Drugs for Use In “Nuclear Emergency”

        As part of long-standing, ongoing efforts to be better prepared to save lives following radiological and nuclear emergencies, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is purchasing a supply of the drug Nplate from Amgen USA Inc; Nplate is approved to treat blood cell injuries that accompany acute radiation syndrome in adult and pediatric patients (ARS).

  8. Really enjoyed your podcast with Tommy and listening to you both. Will have to check out some of his other shows. Be sure to post when you are back on with him please. Perhaps if Alex Jones has you on again for a full hour next time, you’ll get an actual 14 minutes of your speaking in the mix !

    I’ve been looking for years (online and thrift stores / yard sales) for Victor Suvorov’s book “Icebreaker.” It is available online for sale if one is willing to put out $250. to $1500. Yikes. It is available in PDF format though –

  9. L Layard: This is exactly the sort of lazy thinking Jeff mentioned above. India too has the capability to raise a two hundred million army. So is it India, or China, that will lead that invasion? Or maybe both?

    When will that invasion take place? Two years, or 200 years? The date is not given.

    Will China even be a country after World War III? How will Chinese civilians, who hate the CCP, react when the PLA, the military branch of the CCP, is thoroughly defeated on the battle field?

    Finally, you do not read the Bible literally if you fail to acknowledge that there are portions of the Bible that describes truths in an allegorical manner. Most of the book of Revelation is one allegory after another that need to be interpreted by explanations given in the Old Testament.

    While I think that World War III is described in Ezekiel 38–39, there is no indication as to its date nor how long a time will be after that war and Armageddon.

    We need to be silent where the Bible is silent. Anything other than that is heresy.

    Finally, what we see on the ground is more sure than how we try to fit our interpretations of Biblical allegories that we do not fully understand. Yet even there we have to admit that we don’t know everything that goes on. Is Russia planning to open a new front through Belarus? Will Russia use nukes? Thermobaric weapons? From what I see in Ukraine today, I expect Russia to use nukes, but at the same time that they send volleys of strategic nukes to try to soften this country in preparation for a Chinese invasion.

    1. Thank you, R.O. Yes. There is an additional problem with taking these scriptures as a literal prophecy of something about to happen. No such army of hundreds of millions, in real terms, could be logistically supported over such a distance today. You would be referring to some science fiction future, if at all. Besides this, given modern nuclear weapons, such a concentration of troops would invite nuclear attack. Also, such a force could not fit on the frontage given for the Middle East, or advance along a road net that could not support forces in excess of several million. So the image of hundreds of millions of troops has some other meaning which we cannot as yet fathom. To pretend that the scriptures are referring to China is, egregiously, adding to that scripture — against the express warning given by St. John — which states: “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book….” Lanyard and many others are guilty of adding to the Book of Revelation, by inserting China or America or other countries into their rendition of the book. This is more than they know, and they should be more circumspect. Being literalists, they ought to know that the Book of Revelation does not LITERALLY mention these countries. So you hear people say, “In the Book of Revelation it says….” No. You are adding to that book. And you are bringing the plagues of that book to yourselves. From our human perspective, it is hard to understand what many of these passages mean. And one thing is certain in this particular scripture: No such military movement from China is remotely possible in the twenty-first century. This is something beyond man’s present capabilities. So we are not talking about a current event. Furthermore, such a vast military host would serve no purpose in the Middle East. There are no armies in the Middle East able to withstand several million troops let alone hundreds of millions, and therefore no military reason to send hundreds of millions even if such were possible. In the long history of human warfare no such invasion force has ever existed, nor could it exist today. No such army could be projected into the Middle East by any of the Great Powers (whether India or China). And before anyone says, out of ignorance, that China had a 300 million man army in the 1960s, it is worth clarifying. When China had a militia of 300 million men, that militia was strategically immobile. It could not have operated outside of China’s borders. Like nearly all militias, it could not be used as an invasion force against anyone. Infantry with bolt action rifles, made up of peasants who are barely fed as it is, could not be fed or supplied at any significant distance from their homes. Look at the Russian Army in Ukraine. The Russians are operating against their neighbor, not far from Russia, and they are not adequately fed and supplied when we are talking 200,000 troops. China cannot supply an army of more than a few million in the Middle East today, let alone hundreds of millions. When people write such nonsense as invasions with hundreds of millions with reference to current events, claiming the authority of the Bible, they are bringing discredit to themselves and their faith. To spout such nonsense, representing it as an authoritative spiritual teaching and military analysis, is to signify the opposite of evangelizing. To distort the Bible, framing it with a cartoonish sense of future possiblity, persuades non-Christians that believers are fantasists. This is what St. Augustine called people who take such scriptures literally, and who pretend to know what the future is.

      1. The 200 million army of Gog-Magog in Rev 20 is not the same event described in Ez 38.-48; it’s merely named metaphorically after the first Gog-Magog war, which itself has not yet occurred, but which shall occur late 2028 / early 2029 and is one and the same as Armageddon of Rev 16.

        The second Gog-Magog war is when the damned are raised from the dead at the end of the Millennium and make a vainglorious attempt under Satan’s direction at murderously attacking the camp of the immortal believers, who had been enjoying peace on earth with Christ throughout the Millennium.

        The sequence is: apotheosis of the scarlet coloured political system in the West that was, is not and yet is (globalist-neo-Marxism) followed by the 7 last plagues, including the Armageddon / Gog-Magog War of Ez 38-38, then the Jewish Epiphany promised in Romans 11 and the start of the golden age of the Gospel (the time of the “Kingdom”) as promised in Daniel 2 and Daniel 7, then after generations of global success for the Gospel, Christ returns with the resurrected believers and binds Satan for a Millennium. At the end of that era of God’s will being done on earth as it is in Heaven, Satan is released for the second Gog-Magog assault, which ends in Judgment Day and the final eternal state. I think the Lord has arranged it this way to show that even a thousand years in hell is not enough to reform the ungodly.

        Or as John Gill wrote in his commentary on Revelation in the mid 1700s:

        ” these will be all the wicked dead, the rest of the dead, who lived not again until the thousand years are ended, when will be the second resurrection, the resurrection of all the wicked that have been from the beginning of the world; and these, with the posse of devils under Satan, will make up the Gog and Magog army: all the characters agree with them; these may be called nations, or Gentiles, being aliens from the true Israel of God, the dogs that will be without the holy city; these may be said to be in “the four quarters” of the world, since where they die and are buried, there they will rise and stand upon their feet, an exceeding great army; and as they will die enemies to Christ and his people, they will rise such; as they will go down to hell with their “weapons of war”, as is said of Meshech and Tubal, the people of Gog, ( Ezekiel 32:27 ) they will rise with the same; the grave, the dust of the earth, will make no change in their vile bodies, nor the flames of hell any alteration in the disposition of their minds; yea, as is said in the above place, they will “lay their swords under their heads”, and so be in a readiness, when they rise, to make use of them against the saints, and to avenge themselves; for their envy, malice, and revenge, will be heightened and increased by their confinement and punishment in hell: nor need this be wondered at, since the devils, notwithstanding they have been so long expelled the realms of light, and have been in chains of darkness, and in expectation of everlasting torment, retain the same enmity as ever; and though the deception will be very great, to attack saints in an immortal state, who are like the angels that die not, nor will these die any more, and especially since Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, who rules the nations with a rod of iron, will be at the head of them;”

      2. This almost sounds like a kind of Zombie Apocalypse. Dead people and devils coming up from the grave, or from Hell, organized into an Army. In more than a thousand years? Not Chinese communists. Not Russian troops. Obviously this has nothing to do with events unfolding this year, or in any history we are familiar with. And in 2028 you nonetheless predict a war. It seems like arbitrary speculation. How can this be justified? I do not understand.

      3. Quietman: you have just shown yourself to be a heretic who calls down curses upon his head (Revelation 22:18). You put in names and dates where the Bible is silent.

        Secondly, you violate Jeff’s rules for this blog by initiating theological controversy and trying to hijack the discussion to fit your theories.

        If I were Jeff, I would delete every one of your posts. But I’m not Jeff.

      4. @ R.O. I was responding to an already started line of discussion about biblical prophecy, so hopefully your crusade to have me banned will have to wait!

        @ Jeff: The Lord could have given us a systematic theology, but He presented His Word instead in a form that could be wrested to the destruction of religious unbelievers and that additionally requires interpretation. Jesus Himself often spoke in parables to deliberately obscure certain truths from His religious enemies.

        Interpreting prophecy is not adding to it or taking away from it per se; rather, adding or removing verses from the prophecy falls into that class, although unqualified statements lie “the Bible says there will be a Rapture in year x” is admittedly unacceptable.

        However, if we cannot attempt to interpret it, prophecy remains indefinitely worthless to humanity in this scene of time, being only knowable in eternity. That is not to say that all prophecy is readily interpretable, but rather that, in keeping with the principle explained to Daniel in chapter 12 of his book, that Apocalyptic prophecy is largely impenetrable until close to the time of its fulfilment, for reasons best known to God, but that He has ordained that it should become clear in time through the means of study. Daniel himself was perplexed by events in his lifetime and, despite being an actual prophet of the Lord, still was compelled to immerse himself in the study of Jeremiah’s prophecies before he understood where in prophetic history he was living.

        I believe, based on the late-era Puritan approach to prophetic interpretation, that we are living towards the close of the era of the two witnesses described in Revelation 11 and that the agency that will “slay” them is the western governments acting under the direction of the beast from the bottomless pit, described in detail in Revelation 17, and for me that plainly represents communist globalism. All western governments will therefore gag any opposition in the very near future (2025, for reasons I have outlined before ad nauseum) to their pet projects which collectively comprise the brought-to-life, menacing “image of the beast”: LGBT, CRT, feminism, environmentalism, etc., and that compliance with those things will become mandatory to function within western society, a process well underway informally already with cancel culture and prosecutions for refusing to bake wedding cakes for Sodomites.

        For there to be a West – and for that matter, Russian-led barbarian hordes – to fulfil the remaining major Apocalyptic prophecies, they must remain intact until the appointed time of their downfall, which is after 3.5 years from the date on which the Lord’s public witness is formally gagged in the West (again, I have explained the timing many times before).

        That is not to say there cannot be a nuclear exchange in the interim, but rather, that it cannot be existential to the planet, and I believe you agree with that view also given your comments about the falsity of nuclear winter, etc. I think that any imminent nuclear strikes (within the next 12 months or so) will necessarily be limited in scope but will be leveraged so as to provide coercive capital to expedite the CCP style social credit dystopia our own elites here in the West are openly salivating over. Everything between now and the first 6 months of 2025 will be engineered to bring us in the West into the top-down, suffocating go-along-to-get-along tyranny that Schwab and his fellow WEF front-men are feverishly pushing for.

        As for Rev 20 and the zombie analogy… yes, that’s essentially what it appears as. We can’t impose our definition of normal on what will be supernatural events to come, just as we have no business imposing rules about “normal” on our understanding of how the world came to be in the first place. But our immediate concern is the here and now and the very near future, as the trend towards tyrannical rule is picking up pace here in the West. The stand-off with Russia and China is no longer simply about them seeking to impose their cursed ideology on us, since that ideology has already crept into our governments stealthily, but rather is a struggle for hegemony and bounty – right up to, and including, possessing CONUS itself – between competing neo-Marxist blocs: the West versus the Russian-led barbarians. It’s a frightening thing to say, but it’s the truth: the West’s ruling elites are already crypto communist.

      5. Quietman: “…unqualified statements lie “the Bible says there will be a Rapture in year x” is admittedly unacceptable.” Yet you do exactly that in your references to Russia.

        “I believe, based on the late-era Puritan approach to prophetic interpretation…” By your own admission, your reference is Puritan, not Scripture.

        “…that we are living towards the close of the era of the two witnesses described in Revelation 11…” And who are the two witnesses? Not defined in Revelation.

        “…the beast from the bottomless pit, described in detail in Revelation 17, and for me that plainly represents communist globalism.” Here you have added to Scripture, which makes you a heretic.

        “All western governments will therefore gag any opposition in the very near future (2025…” Here you do exactly what you said you should not do in the first quote from you above.

        “For there to be a West – and for that matter, Russian-led barbarian hordes…” Russia is nowhere mentioned in the book of Revelation. Again you add to Scripture, which is heresy.

        “…they must remain intact until the appointed time of their downfall, which is after 3.5 years from the date on which the Lord’s public witness is formally gagged in the West…” This 3.5 years after witness formally gagged nowhere mentioned in Revelation, nor anywhere else for that matter.

        “The 200 million army of Gog-Magog in Rev 20…” There is no 200 million man army in Revelation 20, at least not in the Greek original.

        “…which shall occur late 2028 / early 2029…” There you go again, putting dates where Scripture has none.

        How many more examples do I have to show from your own writings, copy and paste, that you do not follow Scripture? That your whole presentations are fantasies? You say we should not put dates, yet you do that time and time again?

        Do you see why we are getting tired of your trying to hijack this discussion to give dates?

      6. Logistics of such an army will not be an issue. It will strip the land bare where it goes and most will be on foot or horse. The support required for a modern Army is another kettle of fish, and on that, you would be correct.

        As I have said before, Augustine’s writings are full of error. Even though Calvin was heavily dependent upon them, even Calvinists refer routinely, to the errors of Augustine. A lot of his doctrine came from his time as a Manichean. Augustine was foolish to diss those who take scripture literally.

        One of the most important rules of hermeneutics is “if the plain sense makes sense, seek no other sense.” That rule is attributed to Augustine, but, given his foolishness, I doubt he said it, as it stands four square against what he thought. Christ Himself said in Revelation 22:7, “Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book.” If the book can’t be plainly understood for what the book claims for itself, then such a statement is silly. 

        The Bible can be taken literally with allowance for figures of speech. Allegories are obvious and the meaning hemmed by the context. Allegorizing the broad swaths of scripture Origen and Augustine did make their teaching aberrant and untrustworthy. While there are symbols in Revelation, most of the book is written by man trying to describe 21st century things with a 1st century mind. Categorizing the book as allegory is an insult to both human author, John, and the ultimate author, the Holy Spirit.

      7. A 300 million man army has nothing to do with our time. Nobody has such an army today and nobody is building one. It is not relevant to us or this discussion. And please leave off attacking saints. The transition from history to eternity is not for the human mind to understand.

      8. Ohengineer: “The Bible can be taken literally with allowance for figures of speech. Allegories are obvious and the meaning hemmed by the context.”

        Jesus’ parables are allegories. Their contexts tells us that. We do not take the Bible literally if we do not recognize that they are allegories.

        Now take the use of visions and dreams in the Old Testament. They too are allegories. From the first ones mentioned in connection with Joseph to those recorded by Daniel, they are allegories. So the context “this is a dream…” or “this is a vision…” is the context to warn us that what follows is an allegory.

        The New Testament book of Revelation is an Old Testament book in its style and ways of saying things. It is also the longest and most complex vision given in the Bible. The Old Testament context says that the Book of Revelation is an allegory, or actually a series of allegories all within the same vision. And the different allegories are not necessarily in chronological order, again a practice found in the Old Testament. So, for example, the thousand years mentioned in Revelation 20 could be something mostly future in John’s days but that is already finished today, in our past, and we just don’t recognize it. Even the number “1000” could be an allegory.

        Therefore, if we read the Bible literally, the literal reading of Revelation is that it is a series of allegories. Allegories that are not necessarily in chronological order. Any attempt to de-allegorize sections of Revelation (this is not the same as trying to interpret some of the allegories) is not reading Revelation literally.

    2. The Kings of the East, might well include, India, and Pakistan, along with China, irrespective of corporate formations. Jesus said that no man knows the hour, but that we ought to recognize the season. Scripture provides many indicators of events which describe that season. The censor here won’t allow it, though.

      1. The Bible is the Sword Of God’s Mouth, the weapon he gives to Man with which to defend the Faith. You can delete Scripture, but you can’t eliminate the Word Of God.

      2. Finding several terms here that might be considered to be a metaphor, what please is the metaphor to which you refer, and what is it’s literal connotation?

  10. When Tommy Carrigan mentioned that if one didn’t succeed, it was because he didn’t try hard enough, that really struck a chord in me.

    Dyslexia is a weird condition. I mean that it has effects that completely defy logic. It’s not only connected with reading, but has effects in sports with hand-eye coordination. It effects writing, even when one writes pen on paper. One may think of one word, and a different one appears. Or worse, sometimes just gibberish. Spellcheck is his friend when he tries to write. A dyslexic cannot speed read, which means his access to literature is much reduced. A dyslexic can compensate for his dyslexia, by reading in context which takes time and so much effort that he is often worn out reading a fairly short document. There are many jobs closed to the dyslexic because of that condition. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot succeed.

    The situation is made worse if he has other disabilities as well.

    How do I know these things? I am dyslexic. I come from a multi-generational family of masters degrees and above, yet I had trouble getting a BA (before I was diagnosed). My father was a math professor—he was disgusted because I often garbled formulae and misread numbers. As an undergrad, my PE teacher had pity on me not to flunk me for having the worst results in class, because he saw I put in more effort than any of the other students.

    Dyslexia is weird.

    This does not excuse us from operating to the best of our abilities. But it does mean that we don’t look down on others who don’t operate at the same levels that we set for ourselves. But I can see setting certain minimal standards for responses on this blog. One of those standards is not to try to hijack the discussion to one’s own irrelevant theories. Another is to try to contribute something to the discussion, which is why I often remain silent. And I fully agree with the ban on initiating theological discussions.

    Yes, I enjoyed that discussion. Thanks for presenting it. Sometimes a more lighthearted discussion like that fits the bill.

    1. R.O. – I have a family member with dyslexia and one thing I notice and appreciate is how she thinks: it sounds cliche, but her thinking is nonlinear in the best sense, she makes difficult connections immediately and easily shifts among different intellectual contexts. She has a hard time writing a coherent essay but she is one of the most intellectually sophisticated people that I know! I don’t know that her unique intelligence is associated with the dyslexia, but it seems like it.

      Re theological discussions- I jumped in with a comment on the last thread then felt bad about it. Wish I could have deleted it. It’s a good reminder that it’s not helpful to have or express an opinion on everything.

  11. Excellent interviews, Jeff. I enjoyed listening to both. Quick question— Tulsi Gabbard recently quit the Democratic Party, calling them an “elitist cabal of warmongers.” How do you usually respond to this kind of a statement? I never know quite what to say. For one thing, it sounds an awful lot like Russian propaganda. I disagree with the Democrats on most things, but when it comes to Ukraine, it seems like they’re between a rock and a hard place.

    1. Jeff says that Biden is a Communist, yet he supports Biden’s support of Zelensky. Does that mean that Zelensky is not a NAZI, but rather is a Communist? What’s the difference? Tulsi, is totally unique, neither progressive nor conservative, nor liberal, nor neocon, nor compromising moderate. Her eclectic views are nevertheless, fatally flawed. Bear in mind that she withdrew her candidacy for president, in deference to Biden.

      Jeff, once stated here, that “Tulsi Gabbard is easy on the eyes, but she could talk the serpent into eating the apple.”

      1. Gabbard is a longtime supporter of Bernie Sanders. She is a socialist. Who is Zelensky? He quoted our Ronald Reagan in his inaugural address to is nation, advocating Reagan’s principles. Biden supports Ukraine only because he has no choice. His party began to take a strong anti-Russian stance in 2016, denouncing Trump as a Russian puppet. The Democrats have put themselves in a corner and cannot do other than they are doing. They cannot suddenly show themselves as Putin’s friends without destroying their domestic position. The core communist contingent, which controls the whole, would like to support Russia. It is best to do what they can subtly, but they dare not give themselves away. As for your pro-Russian tendencies, Lanyard, only a fool sympathizes with his enemy in a war, and Russia’s leaders have often showed their enmity for us. Ukraine never has.

      2. Gabbard served in Iraq and from that experience became anti-war. She’s more anti-war than socialist. She’s also shown that she’s capable and willing to self-correct.

        If we dismiss everyone on the left on the basis of being a socialist it doesn’t help the cause of pulling together. Even many people who identify as socialist don’t hold the beliefs we ascribe to that label. And many “centrist” dems and republicans who scorn “socialists” actually truly hold a worldview much like we see prescribed in the Communist Manifesto (e.g., Bloomberg, a “capitalist,” repeatedly praises China for it’s efficient and effective governance, claiming the dictatorial government actually adheres to the will of its people or at least “their own good,” same with many U.S. industry leaders (dem and republican) who will never criticize China but are quick to condemn the U.S. as “racist” or war-mongering). Gabbard is far less self-serving and authoritarian than these so-called capitalists. Maybe she’d accept the label “socialist.” But we’d be way better off with her than Bloomberg. Point being, labels don’t do us much good.

        Many people left and right who are against sending weapons and aid to Ukraine hold that view because our leaders are criminals who don’t have our best interests at heart, so they are not trusted, and because people do not recognize the threat posed by Russia/China. It’s a knowledge flaw, yes, but not necessarily a character flaw. I think we need to assume, as a default position, that unless someone is manifestly self-serving and dishonest, people have rational views based on the information they have – because knowledge can be corrected, and we have to WANT people to self-correct, and try to give people as much benefit of the doubt as possible, because we need as many people as possible to keep revising how they see things, and not stay in a defensive crouch.

      3. “Biden supports Ukraine only because he has no choice. His party began to take a strong anti-Russian stance in 2016, denouncing Trump as a Russian puppet. The Democrats have put themselves in a corner and cannot do other than they are doing. They cannot suddenly show themselves as Putin’s friends without destroying their domestic position. The core communist contingent, which controls the whole, would like to support Russia. It is best to do what they can subtly, but they dare not give themselves away.”

        This appears to be a source of considerable confusion. It appears some reflexively side with Russia only because they see the hated Democrats (and the liberal media) taking a strong anti-Russia position.

      4. Gabbard is a key player. By switching right she can openly flak for Putin, become vice president on Trump’s ticket, and lead us to socialism through the right instead of the left.

      5. I don’t trust Trump. I see him more as a demagogue than as a principled leader on the right. I voted against him when I had the opportunity to do so in the primary. I’ve never had reason to say that my choice was wrong then.

        Examples of his demagoguery include how he savaged some of his primary opponents on the flimsiest to no evidence. His choice of Pence as his running mate was suspicious from day one. How he banned bump stocks after the Las Vegas shooting based on no evidence even though the sound recordings gave evidence that the shooters (there were at least two) used 30 cal, belt-fed, military machine guns. Look at how he still supports “Operation Warp Speed” even as the bodies pile up. There are more.

        What bothers me is how so many simple-minded people almost worship the ground upon which he walks.

        I can see him choosing Tulsi Gabbard as his running mate. She hits most of the sacred cows of the left in a soft, reasoned way. Those two, working together, could very well lead us into a leftist dictatorship but in a way that many people on the right would not recognize it. Until too late.

      6. India plays dumb with the Good Cop, Bad Cop routine from Russia & China, even as China’s completely converged Nepal and slivers off territory in the Himalayas nonstop, even in open border clashes. If you want more forever wars, electing an Indian comes in a close second behind a Right of Returner. The Quad has an Anglo-redundancy security arrangement for good reason.

      7. “Examples of his demagoguery include how he savaged some of his primary opponents on the flimsiest to no evidence. His choice of Pence as his running mate was suspicious from day one. How he banned bump stocks after the Las Vegas shooting based on no evidence even though the sound recordings gave evidence that the shooters (there were at least two) used 30 cal, belt-fed, military machine guns. Look at how he still supports “Operation Warp Speed” even as the bodies pile up. There are more.”

        Ironically, Pence was ultimately the reason I even voted for Trump in the main election (wasn’t initially willing to vote for Trump largely because he implied in a stump speech in New York during the primaries that he won’t campaign against Roe v. Wade), and after he got pro-Life candidates on the Supreme Court, I voted for him again. During the primary, I voted for Ben Carson.

        And to be fair, Trump DID indicate he was going to fire Fauci after the elections, and I also heard about how someone within Trump’s administration actually called a doctor over to rein in on Fauci, but the CDC ignored him, so I wouldn’t say Trump was all for Operation Warp Speed ultimately.

        Either way, if Trump DOES make Gabbard his VP, I’m voting for Ron Desantis instead. I won’t support communists, period, especially if they’re the VP. And I count people shilling for Putin as Communists.

    2. Lot of democrats and closet democrats switch parties to stay in power. Got one here in Texas, my district, who switched. He is not our friend.

      1. No, sir; and I stand corrected. He is not a former democrat. BTW, why does everyone (gen.) use the word democratic incorrectly?

      2. Well, there is “democrat” with a small “d” and there is Democrat with a big “D” — and the latter is a political party. In fact, in some countries the Democratic Party is right of center. In others it is left of center. In America the Democratic Party has been captured, in part, by Marxists. But who realizes this?

      3. But that is what I am referring to. There is a democrat candidate and a Democrat Party; but they are anything but democratic. Hence, there is no such thing as a democratic candidate or a Democratic Party. Else Republicans might also be considered democratic in that sense of the word. Wordplay. No offense.

    3. I do not understand calling people who are sympathetic with Ukraine “warmongers.” And it is Russian propaganda to call the Ukrainians “Nazis.” This is nonsense. Ukraine is not a National Socialist country, and it did not start the war or invade its neighbor. Russia did that. These verbally aggressive agitators, assailing a politician, leaves me chilled. The lies they tell are influencing people. And they are using Russia’s threat of nuclear war to advance the cause of surrender, of retreat. This policy will destroy our world, and lead to a situation of universal degradation. America is not fighting a war in Ukraine. The Ukrainians are fighting the war. This is their choice, since they could easily surrender to Russia. All they have to do is throw down their weapons. But they are not. Can we sit here and allow them to die in that fight without giving a little material assistance? The war has been forced on the Ukrainian people by Putin, not by America. We are not the warmongers. Putin is the warmonger. This dishonest distortion of current events is troubling indeed. As I said about Gabbard before, if she had been Eve in the Garden of Eden, she would have talked the snake into eating the forbidden fruit.

      1. Weren’t the Ukrainians sporadically shelling the Russian-speaking Donbas for eight years and finally assembling an army to overrun the area just prior to the Russian invasion? This seems, at least, to qualify as a mitigating provocation.

      2. I do not trust Gabbard at all. She’s for infringement on the second amendment. She’s pro LGB blah blah.

        Those two are enough reasons for me personally to not trust her. She will further weaken at least those two traditionally strong Republican positions.

      3. I would like to hear her distinctly reject the WEF platform, especially as she is a WEF Young Leaders graduate.

      4. “I would like to hear her distinctly reject the WEF platform, especially as she is a WEF Young Leaders graduate.”

        In my case, I’d also make an additional requirement that when distinctly rejecting the WEF platform, she also makes absolute certain to specifically repudiate Klaus Schwab’s having a Lenin bust in his office, and make sure to repudiate Lenin not just for his tactics, but also his overall character. That would be a sure sign that Gabbard rejected Marxism.

  12. Jeff, I’m intrigued by Elon Musk’s role in this current and future war.
    He helps Ukraine with Starlink, goes hand in hand with the US military, but he also has a foot in China. What did you say?

    1. I do not know very much about Elon Musk, other than his interest in rockets and Mars. Many people of various backgrounds have been drawn into dealings with Russia and/or China. Each case is individual. Always, the Chinese and Russians try to manipulate their quarry. Especially billionaires. Politics is complicated enough. Add economics and you have a criss-crossing along with double-crossing, etc. Anyone from the West who invests in China, or goes into business with China, is going to lose in the long run. Understanding this is not so easy for businessmen. Once they started at the troph of cheap Chinese labor it was difficult to turn back.

  13. Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not; it is the first lesson that ought to be learned; and however early a man’s training begins, it is probably the last lesson that he learns thoroughly.
    Thomas H. Huxley

    Memorize perfectly.

    60 words and 7 punctuation marks.

    For ages 1.5 to death minus 4 weeks.

    “Water, food, and warn your friends so much they will begin to think you care about them giving a good example to others.”

    Then memorize one anti-effeminate quotation, to the point of near perfection.

  14. Corn harvest is progressing rapidly in Iowa and will be done in a few weeks. If the US civilian population is the main target, they might plan to wait until the corn is in a few central locations (Minneapolis, Chicago) or, worse yet, on a ship to China (“selling them the rope”). That way civilians will not be able to forage corn in the field this winter so well (a little corn remains but it tends to rot or be buried in snow)(the husk of unharvested corn, whose ears tend to droop down, tends to keep fallout dust off it).

  15. Funny thing is, I was never a big fan of corn anyway. They say it actually belongs in the grass family, that’s why it needs so much water and nitrogen. I never grew corn in my garden because of this trait. Usually, when Iowa gets a bumper corn crop the larger farms are able to store much more corn and easily put the smaller farmer out of business. That’s one of the reasons the smaller farmers have gone under. We don’t know what will happen this winter; maybe Biden will slip in a bill to convert it all to ethanol and sell it for a premium. I think there will be many unknowns regarding food and fuel scarcity this winter. Home heating oil is very pricey, at least in NY, but I would never pay 5 dollars for an ear of corn.

  16. “What you call masochist I will call heroism” I like what you said and to be fair I gave you a like for it too. But this would only apply in a war. Huxley was not at war when he said this.

  17. Earlier in the comments was a discussion about NPlate. The information below comes from attorney Jeff Childers who writes a column on Substack called Coffee & Covid. He has a lot of good information most if the time, except his position on Ukraine will make your head explode. At any rate, more to think about as NPlate was designed for things like Thrombocytopenia from vaccine injury.
    connect the nuclear-narrative story to the jabs? Childers sees a major cover up for the Biden Administration coming. Please grin and bear it through the sarcasm.

    Childers wrote, “Remember how HHS just bought $300 million dollars of medicine that it noisily claims is for nuclear preparedness? Specifically, BARDA said it bought Amgen’s Nplate drug, which can be used to “combat the effects of acute radiation sickness.”
    But guess what ELSE Nplate treats? I checked Amgen’s website. Oddly, I didn’t find anything on the Nplate page about treating radiation sickness. But I did find THIS:

    How about that, Sally? Nplate’s primary approved use is to treat “immune thrombocytopenia.”

    “Immune thrombocytopenia” sounded familiar.

    On a hunch, I hopped over to PubMed and searched the journals for the keywords “vaccine immune thrombocytopenia.” Guess what? It returned NINE HUNDRED AND SIX hits:
    One of the 2021 studies explains:¹

    Cases of apparent secondary immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) after SARS‐CoV‐2 vaccination with both the Pfizer and Moderna versions have been reported and reached public attention. Public alarm was heightened following the death of the first identified patient from an intracranial hemorrhage, which was reported on the Internet, then in USA Today and then in The New York Times. Described below, we have collected a series of cases of very low platelet counts occurring within 2 weeks of vaccination in order to enhance our understanding of the possible relationship[.]
    It’s not going away, either. Just six days ago, the journal Vaccines published a brand new study titled, “A Systematic Review of Reported Cases of Immune Thrombocytopenia after COVID-19 Vaccination.” In its conclusion, the authors noted:

    Although vaccine-related ITP is rarely a cause of death, it significantly hampers patients’ quality of life owing to the fatigue and adverse effects of therapeutic interventions, making it a critical pathology to understand in the context of accelerated global vaccination efforts.
    Fatigue… Sounds a lot like “long covid,” doesn’t it?

    I bet you’re wondering what causes ITP. According to the NIH’s website, it’s VACCINES:

    While causes of ITP include do viral infections, in such cases the ITP occurs DURING the infection, and the treatment for those cases is to treat the underlying infection. So it’s not covid.

    I know this sounds like a mad conspiracy theory, but try to follow me here. HHS just bought an historic amount of drugs approved to treat a vaccine-induced blood disorder, a vaccine-induced disorder linked to the most widely-used vaccine in history, a vaccine-induced disorder easily diagnosed by a standard blood test.

    If ITP is widespread, it will be impossible to hide, once doctors start looking for it.

    HHS said the Nplate is for treating radiation burns. That might be true, but radiation injuries are nowhere on the list of approved uses — on the drug’s own website. HHS made its drug-buying announcement right at the exact same time Joe Biden announced that “Putin is serious” about nuclear war.

    They wouldn’t provoke a nuclear war just to cover up a vaccine-induced disaster, would they? That would be crazy, right? Even for Joe? They aren’t stockpiling ITP drugs to treat a massive wave of long covid, I mean ITP, are they?

    Anyway. Who knows. But I have to conclude that the new narrative might NOT be about escalating the Ukraine conflict, after all. Maybe the new narrative is to cover up what’s giving all these people “long covid.” Or maybe I’m seeing things that aren’t there.

    You have to admit, it’s a bizarre connection. What do YOU think?”

      1. Quite a while ago, possibly even pre vaccine rollout, I read about similarities between covid symptoms and radiation sickness. A brief google search brings up a lot of links on the subject.

    1. A propos radiation sickness mimicking symptoms, there are patents on file that explicitly refer the mRNA gene transfection technology’s use to actively treat radiation damage resulting from nuclear attacks (conspicuously terrorist ones).

      “They wouldn’t provoke a nuclear war just to cover up a vaccine-induced disaster, would they?”
      Of course not, Comrade. Underscores the apparent inaction (or inability) to confront active measures and unrestricted warfare. Without pre-modern infant mortality, the cynical among them might even consider it a boon (fools and the undiscerning will be disproportionately self-removed from the gene pool). Then again, things aren’t moving all that swimmingly with the actual Manchurian Candidate in place.

  18. Well, this is a disappointment. I had no idea that Gabbard was ‘Socialist’, or a ‘supporter of Bernie Sanders’. When she is on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, I enjoy watching her; I think she makes good, solid points at times. Whatever her politics, she seems like a very strong, intelligent, well-spoken woman, which I admire.

    1. Jeff, I thought you were going to ban Lanyard. What a lout this troll tis.

    2. What are you Lanyard, 13? I agree with Janelle. This post is totally inappropriate.

      Jeff, we need a cleanup on aisle Lanyard.

      1. I think you hit the nail on the head earlier, when you told him he is a shill for Putin.

        I think that is exactly what he is.

        Maybe he works for the Russian academy of sciences.

      1. This interview was in January of 2021 before Putin attacked Ukraine. Very informative. Thank you MNTGAL

      2. Interesting prediction by Loudon that Gabbard is being set up, by Tucker and others, to be Trump’s running mate in 2024. I’ve heard that Fox is pretty much the gatekeeper for Republican politicians aiming to succeed at the national level. How strange would that be, that after years of fighting off the “Russia collusion” smear Trump and his base would be eager to embrace a strident Russia apologist as VP. I really hope someone will soon write the definitive book on QAnon and other Russian influence operations that may have helped turn the tide. I know Russia has been laying the groundwork for over 20 years, but I feel like the decisive push that made conservatives swing so forcefully in a pro-Putin direction came in the last 6 years. Any guesses what that was?

      3. Exactly. Beginning with Obama. Just the radical, wacko left denigrating Putin over and over again for several years, caused many Conservatives who don’t look much past the appearance of things, to begin thinking, “well, Putin must be good these slimeballs are against him.”

        Remember all the pictures and videos comparing Obama and Putin? Obama riding a bicycle with a helmet, while Putin rides a horse bare-chested. Obama wearing feminine looking pants while Putin throws a guy in a Judo sparring session. Obama kneeling to foreign heads of state while Putin made the Turkish president and his entourage wait for him in the foyer, and hung an offensive painting in the room they finally met in?

        All that stuff had an effect over the years, especially among Conservatives who aren’t inclined, or don’t even really know how to look beyond just mainstream “conservative” (ie Fox) news narratives.

    3. I was also a Bernie supporter in the 2016 primary. And at the risk of alienating everyone here – I’m not actually all that different now than I was then! I just know more. I was raised among democrats and believed to my core that republicans were mean and stupid. I wasn’t going to vote for Hillary. And Bernie, back then, was calling out the democrat party on being totally sold out, which it was/is. From my work, I was around a lot of administration officials and DC types, and what’s true is that among “the club,” party differences aren’t so significant. The political squabbles that consumed the public were mere petty annoyances, whereas there truly was/is widespread agreement across the board on things of consequence. We all know this. If real money or power was at stake, everyone ALWAYS knew how a vote or decision would shake out.

      I didn’t vote in the 2016 general election, but if I had to, it would have been for Trump. Of course I voted Trump in 2020. I make this confession to hopefully demonstrate that people are more multi-faceted than it may seem.

      AND, we may think we understand our political opposition, but if we easily dismiss someone because they believe this or that, we don’t really understand them. I guess that’s fine if we aren’t interested in expanding a common understanding of the challenges we face. Ironically, if the DNC hadn’t cheated Bernie, I wouldn’t have branched out in my search for news/commentary critical of the democrat party, and I wouldn’t have found so many intelligent conservatives. I would never had found out how wrong I was about so many things. Seek first to understand. None of us is above it all.

      1. I would have accepted Bernie as the people’s choice, plus he promised full disclosure.

    4. Tulsi Gabbard as a US Representative in Congress, resigned as vice chair of the DNC, in order to endorse Bernie Sanders, as Commander and Chief of the US Armed Forces, saying how he knew when to use the US Military and when not to. That’s a big sacrifice for such nominal reward.

  19. Maybe Tulsi Gabbard is evolving in her understanding, Visitor, just as you say you did. Jeff has written before about the importance of both liberals and conservatives waking up. When that happens, there’ll be a new coming together in truth. It won’t matter if someone supported a socialist at one time in the past, if they have since changed in their understanding. I believe Ms. Gabbard is very sincere. I don’t know, though, how much she has yet changed her views. I’m hopeful that this bright, well-spoken, and passionate woman may be coming over to our side. Time will tell.

    1. In is difficult to say. Watching Tutsi G’s rhetoric I have a serious sinking feeling. The way she presents herself is too calculated.

      1. Years ago, I got the impression that she had no real principals, other than to come up with the biggest tent platform. Today, she might either have a hidden agenda or has finally established some principals. Odds are, no matter how you look at it, she’s a flake.

    2. So by the way, I’m NOT a Bernie supporter anymore. He’s shown his true colors. Honestly in 2016, I didn’t even focus on the label “socialist” – I thought it was just a pseudo-intellectual had touted by posers trying to sound edgy. Almost like politicians love to say they’re “fighters.” We don’t really think they’re bragging about slugging people. Not an exact analogy – but that’s the idea. I thought Bernie just wanted universal healthcare and to hold big banks accountable for their reckless speculation (back then the phrase was that they “privatized profits but socialized losses”). I never identified as a socialist because I always understood the importance of free competitive markets – but I wasn’t bugged by the label. And I was not uniquely blind or dumb – it’s why I think many liberals who tolerate or support socialists are not ACTUALLY socialists. They simply don’t believe any American in the 21st century actually wants gulags and ration cards. So, they don’t take the label seriously.

      Re Gabbard, yeah let’s keep watching. She’s taken some positions in the past that didn’t benefit her at the time. But I agree her rhetoric sounds too polished and calculated. She just did an interview w/ Megyn Kelly that was mostly a cringe-fest of mutual flattery. Part of it was Kelly gushing about how exciting it is that Gabbard and Kristi Noem are good friends and worked out together in Congress (Kelly fawned over how attractive they are, barf). Pretty gag-inducing. I think I see Noem the way Nyquist sees Gabbard – says a lot of the right things but seems totally calculated (plus Noem had a lame excuse for backing off banning transgender men in women’s sports … blamed it on the lawyers).

      Anyway, I think it’s damaging to the dems that Gabbard is defecting. Which is good. However, it appears that defectors/detractors from the right and left (eg, Gabbard and Tucker Carlson) are bonding and finding common cause over belittling Ukraine and carving out the “anti-war” position on the basis of underestimating Russia and viewing the U.S. as the aggressor. That is bad. In fact, it’s the opposite of what we need.

      1. It gives me a sinking feeling when conservatives join the “blame America” chorus. And I do not understand these allegations regarding Ukraine. Where is the evidence we conducted a coup there? Are these people remotely familiar with Ukrainian politics? I have yet to find anything solid from these folks. Oh yeah, they will point to phone call between two clueless diplomats offering advice that some boxer is lacking political experience. So offering advice is a coup? Huh?

      2. “It gives me a sinking feeling when conservatives join the “blame America” chorus. And I do not understand these allegations regarding Ukraine. Where is the evidence we conducted a coup there? Are these people remotely familiar with Ukrainian politics?”

        This has been of great concern to me, of late. We have a sizable contingent of well-meaning conservatives who are taking the side of the brutal regime in Russia out of ignorance (and frustration with our own regime). They listened to a presentation by Professor Mearsheimer claiming that the war in Ukraine is NATO’s fault, or they absorbed similar views through Tucker Carlson, etc. It becomes increasingly difficult to reach these people through discussion, because pro-Ukraine / anti-Russia arguments are immediately dismissed as ‘propaganda’ echoed by the mainstream media.

        I believe these misunderstandings around Ukraine/Russia are a critical point of contention that must be addressed. But how best to approach this? Perhaps by elucidating some or all of the following:
        * The collaboration between Russia and China (and other communist regimes)
        * The evil nature of Putin (and Russia’s regime, generally)
        * The connection between the WEF / Klaus Schwab and the communists
        It seems that in fighting this battle of narratives, one must design a strategy fit for the purpose.

        As an aside, Seth Holehouse recently produced an excellent segment for his Man In America show where he tactfully and carefully questions the validity of the pro-Russia position (presumably due to the pushback he has received for repeatedly having Mr. Nyquist on as a guest).

      3. Jeff those allegations of a CIA/American coup in Ukraine give me a certain deja vu. The Communists say the same for the genuinely popular anti-Communist protests that happened in Brazil in the early 60’s when João Goulart was trying his best to make Brazil aligned with the Soviet Bloc, that ended up with a military junta. The left always says that it was an American coup that took Goulart out, when in reality there was a March of the Family with God for Liberty where many sectors of Brazilian society voiced their distaste for the Communist policies Goulart claimed he was going to implement. Those coup accusations come with zero evidence as well, it’s almost as if the Communists have to bury the bitter truth that the population despises their revolution.

  20. I wonder who creates Tulsi’s talking points. They are too calculated. She uses the term “anti-white” to describe the modern Democratic Party. It’s true, but almost no politician uses this term. She also explicitly attacks the current regime as totalitarian and anti-Democratic.

    What Russians do with poison pill candidates is package several accurate critique positions with several toxic ones. They do this with their “fascist” candidates in Europe, or with “alt-right” candidates in the US.

    So Tulsi’s rhetoric is designed to attract conservatives and Republicans with its criticism of Biden as authoritarian and of Democrats as anti-white. That’s the hook.

    The dirty little part is where she blames USA for being imperialist warmongers, seemingly supports Russia, and definitely supports Russia’s client Assad.

    So I do wonder if it is her selecting these positions or if she has “advisers”. They are crafted too strategically to be purely accidental.

    1. Heroes don’t kill people, they save people. So, what was the question “you” were asking again?

  21. Sub Brief’s analysis of the Kerch Bridge ‘wave’ [believes there was a seaborne modality based on the footage]

    “Nuclear or thermobaric warheads, placed in forward stockpiles, could be pre-emptively destroyed by Ukrainian rockets.”

    Scenario: Ukraine offensive momentum is induced to step foot into Crimea proper. It is contrived that they capture a tactical yield rocket or cruise missile unit. Maybe they even ‘surrender’, or ‘defect’ to stop WW3. It is detonated remotely “to stop proliferation and prevent a radiological terror event.” It was loaded with immense amounts of radioactive material, salting the earth and forstalling any operational initiative being taken in the south; the rainy season reduces air spread footprint; Ukraine is blamed for attempting to use it offensively as a matter of course, and NATO is implicated in breaking the nuclear taboo first, rather than them.
    Alternatively, that ‘captured’ tactical nuke unit is itself nuked gratuitously ‘for lack of accurate intelligence of its whereabouts and no communication from Ukraine’ conveniently incurring at least 5k fatalities in one sweep to the same end. “We conduct special military nuclear test on our own territory. You are going to start WW3 over it?”

    “What, then, would the Russian solution be? (1) missile delivery and (2) rapid forward deployment of air units to deliver strikes.”

    Same as Taiwan, if the satellites are that onerous a presence in the skies above: submarine cruise missile salvos from the Black Sea, closer the better. Conventional air/artillery/MLRS can move to final positions in the chaos. Only question would be if a decapitation strike with tactical nuke saturation suits them or not, if they could reliably locate Zelensky. Accounts from the likes of Chornovil suggest Zelensky – or those around him – were only prevented from capitulating by the actions of military hardliner patriots … financial dealings of his (and current POTUS’ son, along with Kerry’s and Pelosi’s) don’t exactly inspire confidence. If men from the Belarus build up are sent to Kaliningrad in any great number, my almonds will be twitching that much more violently.

    1. It’s not clear from your message, but the odd speculations following the youtube address do not appear in the “Sub Brief” video at that address, so they are presumably your own. The video address, again, is:

      The video maker is Aaron Amick, a former US Navy submariner, and he has an interesting contribution to make about the Kerch Strait Bridge explosion. From 3:40, he shows footage of a barge passing under the road bridge. Just as the prow section of the barge appears from under the bridge, the explosion occurs.

      The video footage shows that the truck in question had already passed over the barge before the explosion occurs. The explosion seems to be centered on the location of the barge rather than the truck (although footage from other angles would help to determine this – Jeff in the interview has already said that the truck doesn’t seem to be the source of the explosion).

      1. The damage shown in other videos show it well behind the truck. The truck was already climbing up to the ship channel portion of the bridge and the damage is well behind that. I watched the video as others purport a strange wave under the bridge which could be a bow wave of a barge. What I wonder is whose barge? The barge would approach have the bridge from the Azov side. I have to wonder how the Ukrainians got the barge and were able to motorize it without the Russians knowing it? There are no Ukrainian vessels in Azov any longer.

      2. I heard today that the fertilizer explosive was shipped by water out of Ukraine to Bulgaria and then Russia before arriving at the bridge.

  22. I liked the interview and I have been thinking something about 1914 and 1939 which is maybe most people were not expecting a full war. It seems in 1914 people expected the war to be over by Christmas and in 1939 I don’t know if either Britain or France were expecting Germany to have the military capability to invade France. I wonder if we are now sleepwalking towards a wider conflict.

      1. That’s why I’m glad that I live on a remote survivalist farm in southern British Columbia like Curtis Stone, assuming that the detonations occur well above the ground to avoid nuclear winter.

        OK, In my dreams.

      2. When The Philippines, Mount Pinatubo erupted in 1991, the particulates released into the atmosphere, resulted in the lowering of the average temperature around the world for a couple of years.

    1. Maybe sleepwalking on our side. If the information that Jeff passed on from defector literature is accurate, the other side isn’t sleepwalking, rather trying to pin the blame on our side in order to justify a decapitation strike against us.

      1. R.O., if you’re going to do a “decapitation strike,” why go to all the trouble of “justifying” it to anyone? You just destroy what you want and take what you want. If you took out most of the human race, it’s not like there’d be anyone of consequence remaining to oppose you. That’s why I have trouble believing that Moscow’s moves are calculated to “pin blame on our side” so that they can justify a nuclear strike. Seems to me if they wanted to nuke us, they would just do it. Please God they won’t.

      2. The need to keep there own people on board, they don’t care about the people they are nuking obviously.

      3. @Gretchen

        Presumably, they must still justify their actions to the remaining nations who would otherwise recoil in horror.

  23. “Russian Thermal Power Plant (Belgorod) On Fire After Reported Cross-Border Missile Attack”

    Both sides are blaming each other, of course. I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. 🙁

    1. Always keep in mind the Moscow apt. bombings the FSB preformed to justify the Chechen war. This SOP for Russia.

      1. I think the Russians try to use the nuclear plant for propaganda and to scare people. I am not convinced they are serious about allowing a meltdown. But who knows what they are capable of?

  24. What is the big rush for a nuclear war, in light of the fact that most everyone has gotten the depopulation injections anyway? On the other hand, what’s the difference?

  25. Jean Robin, the French anti-communist blogger whom Jeff recently did an interview with, held an informal poll on his Twitter page. In a war between France and Russia, 57% said they would support Russia. This is very worrying. It sounds the same as many America conservatives siding with Russia because of their hatred of Biden/Democratic Party. This is what Jean had to say about it in the podcast.
    My French understanding is rusty so these are just the parts I understood most clearly.

    He reminds voters that France is not one man, ie Macron. Yet apparently patriots have such distaste for the man they would side with Putin/Russia against their own country. They say they do not want to die for Macron or Ursula von der Leyen. (That reminds me. Imagine if Joan of Arc had said the same thing, that she did not want to die for a weak useless king like Charles VII!) Jean also reminds people that from 2017-2021 Macron happily sold advanced weapons to Russia, the same country that French patriots so love. France only exported about 2% to Ukraine. French patriots, those who support Le Pen or run in the same right-wing circles think Putin will liberate them from Macron. He also reminds the ‘identitarians’ who see themselves as being at war with the Muslims in the banlieus that in 2015 Putin said that Russia is also a Muslim country. Jean says that being Islamophilic, anti-Semitic and Marxist is a more coherent position than that of the French patriots. Algerians in Algeria and in France (1st 2nd and 3rd generations) appear to be overwhelmingly on the side of Russia/China. (This reminds me of a recent headline in the Spectator, that said less than half of Brits under 34 years support Ukraine. I wonder if this has anything to do with Indians/Pakistanis etc making up a large percentage of Britain’s younger age groups.)

    To those worried about starting WW3 he says that war already started with China’s biological attack on the world. They have been planning this for a long time, and are allied with Russia and all the other Communist and Islamist countries. Putin’s anti-colonialist, pro-third world message encompasses China and both nations support a narrative that is essentially anti-white. Macron and conservative politician Florian Philippot are both against NATO, and whenever they said this Chinese Communists happily retweeted their messages as a sign of support for the CCP.
    France may not be perfect and may be infiltrated by Communists but patriots must not fall in the trap of the enemy, and start believing that their own country is the enemy. On the contrary, they must denounce the infiltrators and collaborators like Macron. In 1940 many French people collaborated with Germany because they thought France was lost, but they did not know how WWII would end and that France would be liberated in the end. Perhaps people who collaborate with the Communists today have the same lack of hope.

    One poster in the comments charges that the patriots who voted for Russia do not really support the independence of France but just want to submit to a different entity than the EU. If De Gaulle really was a Communist agent/sympathizer like Jean alleges, then it’s not too hard to believe that this kind of thinking became part of the French Right’s subconscious given De Gaulle’s enormous influence on it.

      1. I would love to see Jeff interview Tucker Carlson and Tulsi Gabbard and see how they hash out the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Who knows what would happen? Maybe this Ukrainian-hating Putin-loving duo would wake up.

  26. Jeff, am asking for a reality check on the following: Is the Biden administration aiding Ukraine in a manner that would weaken our own ability to respond militarily; e.g., by depleting our materiel and not replacing it sufficiently? This could be one way the administration could be undermining the U.S. in spite of being politically constrained to support the Ukraine against Russia.

  27. Dear Jeff, a very good interview with the former Belorussian Ambassador to Poland Pawel Latuszka on the Polish Channel Super Express concerning the possibility of Belorussia joining Russia in the invasion of Ukraine. According to Latuszka the Belorussian “President” Lukaszenka is desperately trying to wriggle himself from such a scenario.
    he knows very well that such a move would trigger upraising not only from the Belorussians themselves but possibly also from within the Belorussian armed forces.
    However, a direct refusal to assist Russia would, most probably result in an assassination on him which wouldn’t be an especially difficult task considering that he is surrounded with military commanders hugely loyal to Russia and Putin himself.
    For that reason, Lukaszenka has issued an order to place Belorussian KGB state security office under his direct command and use them, in a desperate situation as his personal security.
    According to Ambassador Latuszka, Lukaszenka will, most probably allow some ten thousand special forces to be used in the invasion of Ukraine from the Belorussian territory
    and, of course, allow also use Belorussia herself as a launching pad for such an invasion by Russia herself.
    Lukaszenka is also intensifying his campaign of hate against Poland, accusing Poland and her NATO allies of preparing an invasion on Belorussia. He is also closing Polish schools, museums, cultural centers, destroying Polish cemeteries.
    It is possible, of course that he is doing this to please his superior and master, Putin and show his loyalty to the Russian despot as there is no natural animosity existing between the Poles and Belorussian people and until recently those relations have been excellent, much better that between the Poles and Ukrainians.
    The Poles are also recognizing that if the invasion of Ukraine intensifies, Poland will be inadvertently drawn directly into this terrible conflict or at least will be pressed by the NATO itself to join the fight.
    This scenario is really very frightening, however, we hope that the Polish government will resist such a pressure or at least will agree to such a move but only as a part of a wider NATO coalition because it would mean an end of Law and Order as a governing party and a takeover by the coalition consisting of the communist litter.
    Regards – Bogdan

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