No, I don’t think it should be mandatory. I wouldn’t demand it be mandatory.

Joe Biden, January 2021[i]

Primarily coal industry and oil and gas industry, a lot of smaller players in that industry are going to probably go bankrupt in short order – at least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change.”

Saule Omarova, Biden’s Treasury pick

There are two major totalitarian agendas at work today. One is vaccine mandates (and passports), while the other is climate change. These two agendas are connected, but not as you might imagine. They are connected because the planet is about to experience cooling instead of warming. This cooling will be caused by the Grand Solar Minimum that began last year. Food production will be seriously disrupted by weather, and already has been affected in some regions. In other words, we are headed for a global famine. Humanity is going to suffer a massive die-off. I strongly suspect the pandemic, the vaccine mandates, and the vaccine passports are related to this impending situation.

I quoted Saule Omarova above because she is a walking, talking signpost. She has a thick Russian accent because she was born and raised in the Soviet Union. President Biden has nominated her to be the comptroller of the currency. She has said that she wants to bankrupt the gas and oil industries in order to “tackle climate change.” She wants to nationalize the banking system and impose Soviet-style wage and price controls. Omarova has a degree from Moscow State University where her thesis paper was titled “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in Das Kapital.”

During Senate Banking Committee hearings last Thursday, Senator Pat Toomey characterized Omarova’s ideas as “consistent with the socialist view of a command and control economy…. The idea that we would put a person with these views as the chief regulator of America’s national banks is deeply disturbing and chilling.”[ii] But Senator Toomey is a little late to the game. Our system has long been infiltrated by agents from Russia and China. These two countries are determined to survive the impending crisis. To do so, they must assure that America and Europe fail. They must make sure that we are not going to buy up and eat the food they intend to take control of.

Meanwhile, to advance this agenda, another agenda is unfolding. Vaccine mandates. Our leaders promised us they would not force anyone to take the jab. But they lied. And if Americans want to see what their future holds, they have only to look at Austria. Indeed, the Austrian leaders promised there would be no vaccine mandates. But, of course, they lied. It is all about deception and distraction, until the straight jacket has been securely fastened, and the exits blocked, and the Gestapo put into place. At the end of the process, Omarova will have taken your bank account. You will be given a food ration card, which is also a vaccine card. No vaccine, no food. Of course, some experts think the vaccine may kill you in three years. Or you can starve at home until you break down and take the jab. Are the vaccines really that bad? Well, we know they don’t work. So why force everyone to take them? What is really going on?

Imagine waking up one day to the announcement that you are under a kind of house arrest. The government has decided that everyone must take an unsafe experimental vaccine that does not work. Of course, it is against medical science to vaccinate in the middle of a pandemic, but who cares about science? You are being ordered to take this treatment whether you want it or not, whether it is effective or not, whether it is safe or not. Could this really happen? Yes. It has already happened in Austria. What follows, below, is a translation from the August 11, 2021 press conference of the Chairman of the Austrian Freedom Party, Herbert Kickl. He actually predicted what was going to happen last August; and his remarks apply to every Western country.

Herbert Kickl, Chairman of the Austrian Freedom Party:|
(Horrifyingly Prescient) Press Conference of August 11, 2021.
Video source (German):
Complete transcript and subsequent English translation by a concerned citizen:

Well, good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Nice to be able to welcome you once again at a press conference. I’m thanking you so much for the great interest. As you may have noticed, I’ve made myself a bit scarce in recent weeks, as far as appearances like this one are concerned. Yet, I haven’t been idle, but have been around, I might say, throughout Austria, and have sought the contact with the population. I did this in an unorganised and spontaneous manner by simply approaching people directly, somewhat randomly, and I am happy to have succeeded in getting into conversations with many, many people of all age groups and from all walks of life, without blowing this up propagandistically, without showing up at places with a whole entourage of party functionaries, but merely seeking honest conversations and especially doing that which, I think, politics oftentimes falls short of doing: to listen. And I heard quite a lot, which to me is very interesting and which I intend to take as a mandate and legacy for my political work into the late summer and upcoming autumn.

There are many, many worries and concerns in the population. There are a great many straits. There are a whole lot of fears, and also there is desperation. There are many crushed hopes and there is a whole lot of anger, not only, but especially with regard to the Corona measures put in place by the Federal Government. You’ve all seen the veritable announcement orgies that occurred. You’ve seen the strategy of fear mongering imposed on us by the Government over many months. And all that has led to this current situation. And this is also the reason why I would like to discuss this particular topic in this first press conference.      

I hope you can see I’m refreshed. I hope you can see I’m healthy – thank God, I want to add. And you might also be able to see, and hear from what I’m saying, that I’m top motivated, after all these conversations that I had, simply because they conveyed a message coming from many, many people with whom I spoke and who very much realise that the Freedom Party is the only political party which they identify as a herald of hope in this extreme stalemate situation and which they understand to be the only ones who are willing to stand up against this across-the-board madness. And that is a good thing. But I’m not just highly motivated as well as healthy, but I also remain being – with a clean conscience, I want to emphasise – unvaccinated against Covid-19; I’m saying this because there have been rumours swirling around that suggested otherwise. No, I’m unvaccinated, which I also intend to continue to be, especially as – or especially because – the vaccine pressure that’s headed towards vaccine mandates is being ever more increased by the authorities.            

And this is a fact well known to all of us. Don’t get me wrong: I have no problem with people getting vaccinated. In no way. But what causes me concern and what really is an irresponsible approach on the part of those in charge is when people tell me that they are getting vaccinated, not because they believe it is doing their health any good and will protect them against whatever virus, but when they get vaccinated because they fear facing problems at their work place; because they fear their children might experience mobbing in school as long as they won’t switch the lights to green; because they fear disadvantages in their friendship circle, or because they simply fear to be made into second-class citizens. And therefore I say that I’m unvaccinated with a clean conscience, because I won’t allow anybody, including the Federal Government and its henchmen, to instill such bad conscience in me, and be it remotely. After all, this is part of the strategy that’s now being followed. There is an attempt to make people feel guilty if they decide not to take part in this clinical field experiment, a.k.a. “vaccination”. And so, this is now the renewed version of the “life-threatening and dangerous person”, who so to speak befalls the public, as had been the narrative during the early stages of the Federal Government’s Corona propaganda. I refuse to be made feel guilty in such a way.

And when I speak of vaccine mandates and when I speak of vaccine pressure, this applies then also for the debate around the costs of testing and for those irresponsible initiatives that we can now see, demanding that people should be charged for those tests. There are already such considerations underway in Germany, and also in Austria, federal and regional representatives as well as representatives of so-called opposition parties are headed in that same direction. I consider this to be irresponsible, just as I find it irresponsible and view it as a measure to increasing the vaccine pressure, when there is talk about future lockdowns solely for the unvaccinated. We are living through a situation – which brings me back to the issue of vaccine pressure – where de-facto employment bans are being imposed on people who won’t get vaccinated, and this by far exceeds the boundaries of healthcare, if one listens to the ideas for instance of representatives of the Bioethics Commission, and of course we are also confronted with a situation in the schools, where vaccination pressure is being massively increased, simply because the unvaccinated, according to the suggestions by the Minister of Education, will become second-class students.

All this is happening in Austria, and all this is being promoted from the highest levels of government, and other parties have jumped this band wagon, and I may just refer to the fact that with these developments we can see exactly the result the Freedom Party had been warning against from the outset. We said: By the end of the day, there will only remain the one G [out of the initial 3 Gs as a requirement for across-the-board participation, which stood for (1) Geimpft, meaning vaccinated, (2) Getestet, meaning tested, and (3) Genesen, meaning recovered], and this one G stands for “vaccinated”, and that’s where we have arrived at. “Vaccinated” as the entrance ticket into participating in social life; as the entrance ticket into the labour market; as the entrance ticket into the welfare system; as the entrance ticket, so to speak, into recreational and entertainment activities. And this one G doesn’t mean to be vaccinated once, and that was it, but this one G then means to receive one jab, at first, then to receive a second jab, followed by a third jab, as we know from Mr. Mückstein [Austria’s Minister for Health] beginning with Oct. 17th, and then a fourth and a fifth, because speculations are already going that far. And I recently read in an article that the WHO’s Technical Director, with regard to Covid, is already busy thinking about how all the future variants of the Corona virus should be named once the Greek alphabet runs out of letters, and she took recourse to star constellations! Just so everybody knows where this is headed. This is going to be a never-ending story that we are in, and the vaccination isn’t a one-time act of liberation, but this is leading to a permanent situation, a never-ending story which won’t be broken, unless we break it. And I’m telling you loud and clear that it is the Freedom Party’s goal, in alliance with the Austrian population, to break this never-ending story, to help give the principle of free choice the recognition it deserves  and to put an end to this policy of one-dimensional Corona measures. This is the declared goal.                     

Ladies and gentlemen, what is, after all, the purpose of a vaccination? What is the purpose of a vaccination? And how come the vaccinations of the past – which we are all familiar with – have been relatively well received and widely accepted by the population, and it certainly isn’t the case that I’m not vaccinated against this or that. But that is so because essentially three things are connected with a vaccination. The first thing is a protection against infection and thus against illness for the person who is vaccinated. That’s number one. The second thing is a protection against infecting others. That is the second decisive point. And the third point is: If one receives a vaccination, one can usually be sure that one won’t be harmed by other vaccines, with all probability. And that’s a good thing. The interesting thing, however, is: With this present clinical experiment, that’s based on new vaccination technologies which are being used on a large scale for the first time, none of the above applies any longer. All these three requirements are not being met. And this means nothing else than that Kurz and Mückstein [Austria’s then-Chancellor and Austria’s Minister of Health] and all the rest of them who are administering this on their behalf, in reality have lied to the population: There’s no way that the pandemic is over for the vaccinated; that the vaccinations are a “game-changer”; or that this present summer has turned out to be a summer like in the old days. One only needs to look over to places where vaccination rates are high in order to understand from what direction the wind blows. I’m speaking here of Israel – Israel having been also our Chancellor’s foremost example as for how to deal with the pandemic. Well, what is happening there right now is the empirical refutation of the Austrian government’s propaganda: More than half of the infected are people who are fully vaccinated. Let that sink in! The greater part of those who are hospitalised are people who are vaccinated. And also among the severely ill, we can see a very high percentage of those who are vaccinated. I specifically looked it up in the Israeli press, i.e., in the Jerusalem Post, a couple of days ago, and there was mentioning of 250 severe Covid cases. Out of these 250 severe Covid cases in Israel, 210 were over the age of 60, which corresponds with what is generally referred to as the “high-risk age group”. And of these 210 severely ill over the age of 60, 153 are fully vaccinated and 7 are so to speak in the process of immunisation, albeit not yet fully immunised, as it’s paradoxically called – it’s a paradox because obviously there is no effective immunisation, anyway. This means that the overwhelming part of those who experience severe symptoms are people who are fully vaccinated, and this is no malevolent propaganda by whatever “skeptics” against the Austrian government’s Corona measures, but these are the Israeli hospital statistics, and I really ask myself, as we’ve been told all the while that, ’Well, the groups most in need of protection, the elderly, should be vaccinated first, as there we have the greatest risk,’ and then we see such an outcome, I really wonder: What conclusions does one draw from such an empirical report? The next example is Iceland; again, a country with a high vaccination rate. And the Icelanders got through the pandemic, for the most part, fairly well, and are in the lucky situation that they had, in the course of these past one and a half years, only 30 deaths stemming from or accompanied with Covid-19. But in recent weeks, there’ve been interesting developments there: In the early summer, for weeks, incidence numbers were at zero. And now, all of a sudden, during the last two weeks, from mid July till the beginning of August, we can see incidences gone up to 238, which means an almost twentyfold increase, and we’re now having a situation where during five days in a row, there occurred 100 new infections per day. No wonder that the local epidemiologist, head epidemiologist, the counterpart to his Swedish colleague, explains in no uncertain terms that the last weeks have shown that vaccinated people can easily catch the virus and can easily transmit it, as well. In other words, a clear empirical refutation of everything that has been promised to us with regard to the vaccinations as a “game changer”.                

And here one needn’t wonder that in Iceland, half of those hospitalised as Corona patients are vaccinated. And we are not speaking of mild symptoms here as somebody with mild symptoms doesn’t go to the hospital, right? So much about that argument that comes up again and again. I spare you now a view on Britain, which would also be highly enlightening, if one analyses the distribution among those tested positive; because you would find out that everywhere where the Delta variant has been sequenced, you find among the infected 50% who are vaccinated; so, that’s interesting too. And the CDC in America also reaches at similar results; there, they looked at the amount of viral material in the noses and throats of vaccinated infected and couldn’t find a difference to those who are not vaccinated. And now one asks onself: If that is so that the vaccination doesn’t keep the promise made by the politicians, what is the conclusion? What is then the conclusion? And I think the conclusion would have to be a change of strategy, where one would have to realise, at some point, and admit: Possibly we’ve been here on the wrong track. Possibly it is a wrong approach to only want to fight the virus. Perhaps we would be better off if we undertook attempts to strengthen the host. Perhaps this would be a more sensible path. I’m speaking here of preventive measures, I’m speaking here also, of course, about an increased application of drugs and of course about a corresponding support for the research in that direction. The interesting thing is that the reaction is exactly opposite: The vaccination doesn’t deliver what it promises, and the reaction on the part of the system is: Now we must vaccinate all the more! And this, from my point of view, is a paradox; meaning: It can’t get more contradictory than that! But that’s the reaction. The vaccination doesn’t show the results one wanted. And so it is said: Let’s vaccinate all the more and all the more intensively! To me, this is a kick, as it were, in the face of common sense, the way things are being done. And I’m honestly telling you: The whole thing has nothing to do with health policies any more, but we’re dealing here with something completely different; this is about brutal business interests on the part of the pharmaceutical industry, that are being pushed through, and it is about a considerable amount of irresponsibility on the part of those who are at work here politically. Otherwise, we wouldn’t reach at the idea, in line with this broader vaccination approach, to go especially after the children and youth as well. I may in this context point to a study, because it is recent, a joint study by the University Clinics of Freiburg, Heidelberg, Tübingen and Ulm. They looked at hundreds of families, also with children from six to fourteen years old, and analysed the infectious trends over the last couple of months, and they reached at unbelievably encouraging results: They say that the children got infected much, much less frequently than the adults, when there was a family member infected; the children mostly had unsymptomatic histories, meaning they don’t even realise anything, and the children show, and this is the next great advantage, even when they have such asymptomatic histories, a higher count of antibodies than those adults who, in part, were symptomatically ill. This is all unbelievably encouraging news that we have here, and how one can reach at the idea, against this backdrop, to force the children into the needle by all possible means, well, this shall be explained by those who will one day have to answer for this, possibly in court.

Ladies and gentlemen, this takes me to the point I want to make: I intend to nail the Chancellor [Sebastian Kurz, at the time] down on this. He said there will be no forced vaccinations in Austria. Well, what we are experiencing every day, in the most diverse fields, are de-facto forced vaccinations, if only executed indirectly. And I know that the Chancellor [Sebastian Kurz], you know that the Chancellor, public prosecutors know that the Chancellor has a problem with the truth [hinting at ongoing corruption investigations because of which Sebastian Kurz then stepped down in October]. And so, let’s put it to the test: Already a few weeks ago, we sent to the Chancellor a catalogue of demands, a five-point demand, that essentially says that there must not be any vaccination mandate in Austria and that there must not be any repressive measures against the unvaccinated. He simply ignored it. I now go one step further and will, following this press conference, send the Chancellor a document via express courier, courier is already waiting, and it’s a very, very short text, an affidavit, and the text we’re going to send him goes as follows:       

I, Sebastian Kurz, declare and affirm as Chancellor of the Republic of Austria in lieu of oath that I guarantee that there will be in Austria neither a direct nor an indirect Covid-vaccination mandate and that unvaccinated persons, no matter which age, must not be subjected to repressions or restrictions of any kind.

That’s the first sentence. And the second sentence is:

Should I break this promise, I will immediately step down.

Very simple indeed. The Chancellor doesn’t need much time for this. These few minutes he will be able to spare from his preparations for the questionings in front of a judge in connection with his false statements. This amount of time he will be able to spare in order to read this declaration through and to sign it. I believe that the Austrian population has a right to get a clear commitment in this regard. We know that one cannot trust his media statements. What’s the problem in signing such a document, and I give him a week’s time to do this and to make it public accordingly on the website of the Chancellory.

Ladies and gentlemen, we will do something else in addition, and this is important to me as well. There was a few days ago a, I want to say, scandalous appearance on a late-night news show on Austrian Broadcasting by a Commissioner on Cults of the Austrian Federal Government. This appearance was scandalous in more than one regard. The discussion was about the number of children deregistered [by their parents] from school, and I believe that the word “scandalous” already applies for the introduction of this segment, this was scripted by Austrian Broadcasting, for this was introduced in such a way that the moderator there said, “Thousands of conspiracy theorists and Covid deniers are taking their children out of the education system at the same time.” This means that a group of responsible parents, who won’t be taken in by the government’s propaganda, is being slandered here collectively; on a public-law television channel that has been obligated to impartiality and objectivity, not by anyone else primarily, but first and foremost by itself. There is, after all, a thing called Content Guidelines [German: ‘Programmrichtlinien’] which the ORF [Austrian Broadcasting], I assume, has given itself, and in these ORF Content Guidelines one can read that the ORF’s presentations and services adress “the diverseness of interests of the entire audience” and that the ORF by its reporting contributes to “the cohesion of the community”. Well, I can see in what was said here the exact opposite. For this reason, we will also, so to speak, contact KommAustria, which is the communication agency in question, because of the breach of the objectivity requirement by the ORF, and file an according complaint. But I also do not want to let the lady who spoke there off the hook. This is the Commissioner on Cults of the Federal Government; and in charge is right now – as Minister Raab, I think, is still on maternity leave – Mrs. Edtstadler, who is, as it were, the supervisory official for this Commissioner on Cults. We will review very conscientiously what exactly this lady was saying on that programme, and we are going to measure this against the backdrop of § 283, which is nothing else than the offence of sedition. And should our law experts come to the conclusion that the lady there stood on the edge of sedition or crossed that line, there will be also an according complaint to the prosecution authorities.

Ladies and gentlemen, finally one more point that is important to me: I would want to address, towards the end of this press conference, also the medical community in Austria. I know from the many conversations that I had, that there, for the great majority – and I’m talking about those medical doctors for whom their occupation isn’t just a profession, but a call – that for all those medical doctors, for this majority, it is completely clear that, despite the pressure that’s being exerted on them, they stand with their patients and with the population, who still have a great deal of confidence in the doctors, a confidence that, as for the politicians in charge, they have lost a long time ago. And these doctors know, also by a great majority, that what the Government and the Medical Association demand from them, and expect of them, namely this uncritical mass processing, which with regard to the vaccinations is supposed to be executed, that this doesn’t go together with their professional ethos and that they are supposed to be used and instrumentalised for things which have not really anything to do with questions of health, but which have much, much more to do with profiteering and with political force. And I think that many of these are also here offering according resistance, and exactly in such a way that they follow their professional ethos and not tar all people and all patients with the same brush. And I want to simply thank them for having stood strong, for being there for the patients, for giving orientation, for providing sensible evaluation and advice, always against the backdrop of the individual patient’s history, and for  giving priority to the principle of free choice. And I’m saying this because the medical doctors are the pivotal element in every vaccination campaign. When there are no doctors who vaccinate, the Federal Government can stand on its head in trying to even come after the children. And therefore my plea goes out to these doctors to also exert influence on their colleagues and to accept this inidividual responsibility and not to believe one is a particularly good doctor when one complacently executes that which some out-of-touch, government-paid functionaries of the Medical Association demand from one. And this is, from my perspective, an important plea, which at this point I wanted to get across once again.   

Q & A

Christian Maier (?), Servus TV: Three questions. In your statement you mentioned that the tests, or that the discussion is that the tests will cost something or will cost something, beginning with autumn. The fact is also that the vaccination, the progress of the vaccination programme, isn’t really getting ahead, that it is somewhat stagnating. In your view, how can one forestall disadvantages for the unvaccinated, meaning more expensive tests, perhaps again a mask mandate etc., first question. Second question: With regard to East Tyrol, incidences have gone up, there is again an FFP-2 mask mandate, emigration controls; for events for more than 100 persons, people, there are restrictions, meaning prohibitions. In your view, to what extent does the Government react the same way as before, although many experts are saying that incidences should no longer be the guide numbers, it’s rather about what’s happening in the hospitals, and in connection with that: Today, there are 900 cases, 900 infections, how do you see the possibility that there could again come restrictions across Austria like for East Tyrol right now?

Herbert Kickl: Yes, first, how can one prevent disadvantages for those people who have by their own free choice decided that they do not want to get vaccinated? Yes, how can one prevent that? Well, in my view the best way to prevent [such disadvantages] would be to establish a legal framework, a kind of prohibition of discrimination, as it exists in other countries, by simply making it a punishable offence to discriminate against somebody for this reason. As, we have the whole sphere, for example, I’m saying, the public sphere on the federal level, then we have the public sphere on a regional level [“Länderebene”], everything which belongs in that wider field, the public sphere on the communal level, and then we have the whole private sector, where all the labour market difficulties are involved, and beyond that so to speak the participation in the social life. In my view, the ideal solution would be an anti-discrimination law that makes it punishable to put these people at a disadvantage. The second point is, and it’s connected, the question of costs. That’s really going too far when I hear such strange talk, right? ‘Yes please, why should the vaccinated now pay for the tests of the unvaccinated?’ First, I believe, both are, normally, taxpayers, vaccinated and unvaccinated, let’s assume that, to begin with, that this is the case. And also the unvaccinated are paying for the vaccines of those who get vaccinated, or does anybody believe that this was for free what has been purchased so far, and does anybody believe that the 42 million doses that were ordered for the years ’22 and ’23, are a gift from the pharmaceutical industry? I believe one should, with regard to the cost argument, ask a completely different question. The question that arises is: Why should all tax payers, namely vaccinated as well as unvaccinated, provide the pharmaceutical companies with billions in profits by buying from them a product where, as we now know, that which was promised doesn’t really work? This is normally a case for a claim! Such a thing goes back. When I buy something and it isn’t that which was promised to me when I ordered and purchased it, but instead comes something completely different, that this is reason for a claim. Yet, we don’t file a complaint; we order even more, right? Why should the tax payers take part in this whole idiocy, and on top of it: Why should the tax payers – let’s not forget that! – carry the whole liability risks for damages deriving from all this vaccinating, whereby we don’t even know yet what’s lying ahead? Because the pharmaceutical companies have reimbursed themselves here, which amazes me if they are so convinced of the harmlessness of their vaccines! This responsibility, they have passed on to the tax payer. Those are the questions where we are talking about real cost dimensions! With regard to East Tyrol: I can only say: Groundhog Day! It all starts all over again! It all starts all over again, and I expect for the autumn a repetition, maybe with the one or the other new aspect, of everything which we already saw before. The division of society will continue, of course there will again be restrictions, limitations in numbers, possibly mask mandates etc. etc., and it only shows how exchangeable all these things are that are used to introduce it. You are perfectly right: First, it was the incidences, then they changed that and it was the ICU beds, now they’ve returned to the start again and they begin again with incidences. Soon it’ll be again the numbers of hospitalised, and we will again arrive at the beds, and I only say: Still, not one additional intensive care bed has been created in the meantime. And so, we will see the same thing again, we see the Government caught and arrested on that track which they’ve been on ever since they placed themselves there. They don’t get away from this track any more and will lead the country into a disastrous situation of social division which has two winners in all of this: The pharmaceutical industry, which cashes in, which generates billions in profits, Pfizer has basically hit the jackpot, among others; and the other profiteers, that is those in government, because by this division of society they of course have the chance to exert governing control and exert power. Those are the two profiteers. Those on the losing end are the population, that’s the people who believe that by taking part in this whole spectacle, they do something good to their health or can lead a normal life. Both has been a fraud!        

Q: You have earlier said that, on the one hand, one should first support the development of medical drugs, that’s a given, and on the other hand, strengthen prevention. Do you have any concrete ideas in this respect, or can you somehow explain what you mean by this?

Herbert Kickl: Well, I think it’s a well-known fact, or has been until the time Corona in the form of Covid-19 made its appearance, that a strengthened immune system basically represents a good protective mechanism against all kinds of viruses. And I don’t know why this knowledge has been brushed aside, so to speak, and one doesn’t take that course where one says: Where can we make adjustments in order to de-facto strengthen the host? And there are many possibilities to this end. There are, you know these things, vitamin compounds, you know the recommendation to work, so to speak, with quite simple things such as bitter compounds; you know the recommendation to go out of the house and move in fresh air; you know the recommendation – and this is a very, very good thing for the immune system, all psychologists will tell you that – to have a regular social contact that is not determined by fear, right? When people experience joy and when people are having a normal exchange with each other, stress levels come down, and this is good for the immune system. All this I mean by the term “prevention”, and probably there are many more things, such as that one shouldn’t again take recourse to such absurd ideas – could come back any time – to prohibit people from moving out in fresh air, that one tries to again lock people up. This is what I mean. And as far as medical drugs are concerned, I know well that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t like it, but it is cheaper in some areas, where it is applied, and obviously not without success, and then there is another component here, also in Austria, and that’s the research into so-called vaccines of the conventional kind, these inactivated vaccines that exist; this is also something that is, in my opinion, being completely underconsidered, and I believe that one should open things up here and not one-dimensionally bet everything on this new technology and destroy billions, when one now sees that the results are not what has always been promised. As “More of the Same” can hardly be the answer.  

[i] Biden won’t mandate getting COVID-19 vaccine, wearing masks (

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  1. J. R. Nyquist:
    “There are two major totalitarian agendas at work today. One is vaccine mandates (and passports), while the other is climate change. These two agendas are connected, but not as you might imagine. They are connected because the planet is about to experience cooling instead of warming. This cooling will be caused by the Grand Solar Minimum that began last year. Food production will be seriously disrupted by weather, and already has been affected in some regions. In other words, we are headed for a global famine. Humanity is going to suffer a massive die-off. I strongly suspect the pandemic, the vaccine mandates, and the vaccine passports are related to this impending situation.”

    This is the big picture of my friends let it sink into all of our heads as the reason why Geo-politics is the way it is today.

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  4. I dismissed the theory of poisonous vaccines, it would be better (for the perpetrators) to wait for another pandemic, but if there is a catastrophe near (global famine), than it makes sense again

      1. What you’re saying is true, about the spike protein. And he didn’t “miss it”: there’s only so much Jeff can put into one blog. It’s okay, Janelle. And forget what your doctor is saying: DO NOT take the “jab”…ever!

      2. What you heard about the spike protein is true; very toxic, and to be avoided at all costs. And he didn’t “miss it”: there is only so much Jeff can put into one blog; big enough as it is! There’s always time for more knowledge, more input. And as far as your doctor is concerned, DO NOT take the “jab”! It is lethal. Say “NO”, loud and clear. Tell your friends and family to turn down this killer agenda. The Enemy wants you…and me….DEAD. It’s that simple. Pretend you’re back in the 60’s, and “Just Say NO”. You may live.

      3. Whatever that “vaccine” is for, it offers little or no protection and is therefore suspect. Why do the usual suspects push it like their lives depend on it?

      4. The “usual suspects” are pawns of the bigger picture: you are a human, made in the image of Jehovah God. This is a spiritual battle, as well as physical (the spike protein, the “jabs”, etc.). The ruler of this world (Satan) has always hated God and all His Creation, which includes you and me! He will do whatever it takes to thwart God’s perfect plan, which includes eternal salvation for those who believe in and accept His Son, Jesus Christ. Sounds a bit on the heavy side, right? Almost too much to take in on a blog such as this one. But the ugly fact remains that the god of this world (the devil, Satan) wants you DEAD. That is why there seems to be no end in sight for these countless “booster shots”….what a crock! ALL the big players in this game (Soros, Gates, Fauci, ad nauseam…) are Satan’s go-fers, with a lust for power and corruption which ultimately comes from Satan himself. They are doomed to Hell, whereas YOU have another shot at life, no pun intended. Take it; just DO NOT TAKE the “jab”: it is lethal. Just Say “NO”! Thx.

  5. Postscript by the “Concerned Citizen”:

    On Friday, Nov. 19, 2021, Austria’s Federal Government, together will all 9 regional governors, decided upon a several-week lockdown for all (unvaccinated AND vaccinated), that will then further continue solely for the unvaccinated, and a universal Covid-vaccine mandate for every Austrian citizen (or resident?), no matter which age, beginning with February 1, 2022.

    The following day, Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021, an already scheduled demonstration against the government’s draconian Covid measures took place in Austria’s capital Vienna. The organisers estimate that up to 350,000 people (!!!) came to that manifestation, and they came from across the country (in some cases, also from the neighbouring countries), in private vehicles, buses and trains. Only a tiny handful of possible provocateurs (or maybe simply idiots) had to be stopped, and were stopped, by the police; otherwise the entire event was totally peaceful!

    On the political level, this is a fluid situation. As of now, roughly one third of the Austrian population is still unvaccinated. Certainly, the Austrian Constitutional Court will have to deal with the intended vaccine mandate (which will take a while). In addition, two political parties, the nationalist Freedom Party of Austria and a newly formed, more bourgeois party named “MFG” (‘Menschen. Freiheit. Grundrechte,’ meaning, ‘People. Freedom. Constitutional Rights.’) are working towards breaking the political stalemate and bringing about snap elections, foreseeably (and hopefully) by spring 2022.

    Watch a 4-hour video footage of the demonstration made by a citizen journalist from Bavaria here:

    YouTube video

    And here is the weblink (use Google Translate, as this is in German) to a magnificent article published on the website of the “People. Freedom. Constitutional Rights.” Party. The title is,

    “Vaccination Mandate for All – Abuse of Power by an Inferior Government”:

    Do read it, everybody. It’s first-class, and also very important for us all, no matter which country!

    1. Again, here is that 4-hour video footage of what happened last Saturday:

    2. Here is the translation, as the website wouldn’t properly convert and I got a reasonably good one from the text translator.

      Last Friday, a federal government that was no longer to be taken seriously, with two top representatives named Schallenberg and Mückstein, who were not elected by the people, announced on the one hand the immediate lockdown for everyone and on the other hand a general vaccination requirement from February 2022. Of course, they remained a conclusive reason for this globally almost unique power excess Guilty, as neither one nor the other measure can be objectively justified with the available evidence.
      With the introduction of the lockdown for unvaccinated people, Austria took on a totalitarian pioneering role worldwide. This is proven not least by the many devastating media reports and protests abroad, which show in a particularly striking way what unbelievable attacks and fundamental rights violations this chaotic federal government with the shameful support of the SPÖ has implemented in recent weeks. With daily horror reports and obviously limping comparisons of numbers, one tries to keep the consciously disinformed people hostage.
      A clear look at the two core arguments used in political propaganda, such as that of the constantly skyrocketing absolute numbers of new infections every day, shows that we are all deliberately lied to. Although more than 10 times more tests have been taking place this autumn for many weeks than last year at the same time, the data disclosed to us every day are sold as horror figures and directly compared with those from 2020 without meaning. People should continue to be really afraid – despite the lowest mortality rates, especially in the age group up to 65 years of age!
      Furthermore, there are constant propaganda horror reports about the intensive care units via the leading media, which were never in line with the actual figures from AGES. Here, too, the fact that intensive care beds have been dismantled over and over again since the Corona outbreak is being kept silent, instead of finally ensuring an expansion of capacities after 22 months, which has been proven culpably not to happen. It is also withheld from the manipulated and uninformed population that this reduction in intensive care beds has been carried out successively for 10 years because the health system has been cut down, which the present-day ÖVP and SPÖ parties have brought on us. Nevertheless, this completely non-transparent situation caused by politics should now be the decisive parameter for the justification of an emergency in order to imprison the entire population.
      The peak of these ongoing illegal attacks by our chaos government is the mandatory vaccination announced for February 2022. As is well known, this has already been publicly demanded repeatedly by the physician’s chamber president, who is free of empathy and who appears to be conspicuously authoritarian. His choice of words and diction (eg “You just have to tie people up to give them the injection”) reminds us of particularly dark times and probably makes every democrat in the country shudder. It is a significant perversion of the health protection currently advocated by the government if such demagogues are now in charge of our society, which they consciously share in order to incite people against one another. All of this, of course, only for our “good”.
      It is clear that the announced legal obligation for this COVID-19 injection, which cannot be the promised “game changer” due to the lack of sterile immunity and the high number of current vaccination breakthroughs, would violate all elementary principles of the protection of fundamental rights. All the more so since those age groups vaccinated against Sars-Cov-2 are currently in the intensive care units with higher percentages who should actually be protected primarily as members of the risk groups. Another particular chutzpah is the fact that all people should also be forcibly vaccinated with antibodies, although it is scientifically undisputed that these have around 17 to 20 times more protection against reinfection than a vaccinated person. The Constitutional Court, but also international fundamental rights instances, would have to immediately declare this arbitrary interference with the physical integrity, should it actually become law, as unconstitutional, since there is neither a medical nor a legal basis for such a procedure – even with an experimental substance.
      Austria becomes the land of the disenfranchised. We have succeeded in lowering the socio-political standard of our country in just one and a half years, both in terms of the rule of law and socio-psychologically, to a level that corresponds to that of a below-average developing country. The perpetrators of this cultural decline know whether they are responsible and will certainly still be called to account for it. Of which sind we are convinced and we will advocate for it with all means of the democratic constitutional state. In any case, the large demonstration on November 20, 2021 with well over 350,000 participants showed that the people are ready to take to the streets again to resolutely oppose this barbaric hustle and bustle of a government that has gotten completely out of hand.
      When the vicarious agent of the ÖVP party chairman, Schallenberg, who is currently in the Federal Chancellery, who was removed on suspicion of corruption, said in an interview that he “wanted to point a finger at the FPÖ and MFG” because they support the opponents of the vaccination and would therefore be responsible for the lockdown, it will soon be exposed by the facts, which can no longer be concealed, about a long-failed corona policy. The moment will then come when the Austrian people and their deceived voters will point the finger at their ex-Federal Chancellor, who as a placeholder in his short term in office has achieved nothing more than the long-suffering people without any empathy To recite the phrases of his twilight client. In any case, a mere, downright mocking “apology” like the last one will no longer suffice.

      Current Posts
      MFG to Mückstein: Almost 9,000 employees in the health sector are threatened with strike
      MFG to Mückstein: Almost 9,000 employees in the health sector are threatened with strike
      November 23, 2021 | Bless you
      Vaccination appointment by post
      Vaccination appointment by post
      November 22, 2021 | Generally
      This pandemic can be voted out! – MFG rally in Vienna on November 20th
      This pandemic can be voted out! – MFG rally in Vienna on November 20th
      November 19, 2021 | Domestic politics
      “Every disinfectant dispenser is a place of charity”: Are we now Pope too?
      “Every disinfectant dispenser is a place of charity”: Are we now Pope too?
      November 12, 2021 | Domestic politics

  6. A little known fact, in the EU after lobbying from representatives of Bayer, the sale of vitamin C in bulk was outlawed. It can only now be bought in small medically insignificant doses in the form of pills adulterated with Aspartame from pharmacies. Preventative treatments and supplements are being banned by adding them to the Codex Alimentarius. My daily 5g of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in warm water as advised by Nobel award winning biochemist Linus Pauling is effectively illegal in the same vain as hard drugs in Europe.

    Saule Omarova represents Globalist banking interests, she/he is a product of decades of planning and marketing by these interests to control ALL the worlds resources. The Covid pandemic is largely misdirection aimed at taking away the focus from the real steal. The globalist banking cartel have been financing the NGO’s on both left and right sides of the faux political spectrum, to groom, indoctrinate and finance a whole generation of political pawns.

    China and Russia are just as controlled by these malignant forces as their western (democratic?) equivalents. Under the guise of green finance, the globalist banking cartels aim to monopolize the world’s natural resources, impoverish all people and enslave them in a technocratic control system aka the path to the Great Reset, Agenda 2030 and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

    James Corbett has produced a very insightful video detailing the scam below.

    1. The idea that the communist bloc is controlled by banking interests is a serious misunderstanding that originated with the claim that Jewish bankers were behind the Bolshevik Revolution. It was an lie then, and is a lie today. The gangsters who rule Russia and China have tricked Western financial interests into trading with them. The result is that the bankers themselves are subverted, demonized, and now everything the communists do to destroy capitalism is blamed on the capitalists; and the communist’s propaganda is so successful it is repeated right here, on this bog, by readers who have no idea they are repeating communist formulas. You are basically saying: If we only get rid of the bankers and capitalists, all will be well. Omarova is a communist trained infiltrator who wants to eliminate all the banks. She wants the state to control all the money, getting rid of your ability to save wealth for yourself in a private bank. She is not promoting banking interests, because if there are no banks there can be no such interest. She wants to eliminate those interests, as Karl Marx proposed. You have identified the wrong enemy and you will suffer accordingly when that enemy comes to take everything from you.

      1. You are right. Currently, the blame is being placed on the Western elites – example, Bill Gates. Gates certainly doesn’t have a clean slate, but I hardly think he wants to rule the world. This is typical KGB propaganda. I have often wondered from which laboratory the virus could come. In Alexander Kouzminomv’s (ex-intelligence operative of the Soviet-Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)) book “Biological espionage”, reference is made to department 12 of the KGB secret laboratory. This was not closed after the fall of the Iron Curtain, but continued to operate. The “useful idiots” in the West point to China and Wuhan, but in reality the virus may come from Russia (scissors strategy).

        Which goals could be pursued with it? I have there possibly 2 answers (speculatively).

        1. Imagine that in future a (could also be fake) study will be published claiming that vaccination does more harm than good. And state-sponsored PR people with great influence in social media spread this study with great fear. What will happen? Destabilization of our society, revolution?

        2. what would be, if the western population was largely vaccinated with mRNA and the KGB now threatens with the release of a wild type of the virus, …, keyword ADE (antibody dependent enhancement). Then many people would die in the West under certain circumstances. The West would be helplessly at the mercy of the Communists through blackmail.

        And finally an interesting paragraph from Kouzminov’s book:
        “Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Western democracies have not taken the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service as a serious threat. But the mechanism of deep penetration into Western societies has continued, with new opportunities opened by perestroika, its consequences and ‘new global thinking’. Let’s not forget that in 1992 the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service was making major…investments for espionage on biological warfare issues.”

      2. There is a group of people who pull the strings, they are of the demonic family line. They know this, they talk about it in code publicly, such as here:

        These people are behind all the machinations against Christendom throughout the ages. Their descendants were behind all rebellion against God.

        Their work has included setting up and running the commies (Putin admits publicly the world is run from behind the scenes). They set up the zionists, they set up the first central banks, and have set up the BIS, and the IMF, the WHO, and they were behind the writing of the US constitution, which ejected God and His laws, and replaced it with Satan’s feedumb and liberty (to sin).

        They think they will win the battle against God, and cause humanity’s destruction, and the destruction of all the light, good and beautiful things that God created here on earth. They think they will win the war, as they have won so many battles to date.

        They won’t win, God wins, humanity wins, these dark creatures lose.

        But my point was communism is just a tool of theirs, much as nazism was, much as Islam is, judaism, anything and everything that leads men away from faith and righteousness into the tall grass, they are ultimately behind it, and behind them, ultimately, is an evil angel called Mastema, who is God’s satan, or adversary. Created by God too. God needed a challenge. For a while.

        Tick tock Satan and the demons and their descendants and the pols who sold out to them. Vegeance is mine, says Yehovah God. Sooner than they might think, it is coming, they will be cowering wretches soon, all of them.

      3. i’m not a virology expert but do have a background in medical labs. If i recall correctly, the Delta variant had 5-15 mutations compared to the original strain. Before Delta was detected mutations were largely harmless and in the range of 1-5 points of difference. The Nu variant apparently has over 100 mutations. 1-5 is what’s expected under natural circumstances. 5-15 mutations is plausible but implies strong selection pressures. 100 sudden mutations smacks of design or possibly laboratory error.

        i also find it ironic that the Sino and Soviet vaxxes are adeno vector or attenuated, unlike the popular US vaccines given to the US military. i sat in on the committee for one of the first DNA based vaccines (before i was even aware of mRNA vaccines). we were all so fixated on the good we could do and the efficacy of the normal 10-15 year research process that if any of us questioned “should we do this”, we kept it to ourselves. years after that vaccine proposal was approved we found out our dengue vaccine caused ADE and dengue itself in children. the animal models provided few, if any, warnings of this.

        JR, did you see this story yet? China’s merchant fleet going off grid. The whole text of the CNN report is nonsensical. you might as well posit they either anticipate an imminent attack or intend to ship large quantities of things covertly:

  7. Frankly, and sadly, no protest will have the least effect on the criminals in government office. Only a full, and successful insurrection will have any effect. Government officials won’t have any sort of epiphany until they are looking into the muzzles of several rifles.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Jeff and all the denizens of this blog.

    1. Resistance is growing. And there will be another, possibly even bigger demonstration in Vienna on Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021 (from what I’ve understood).

  8. Excellent article! I am sending this out to many of my friends and family. The Truth will get out, even if it is just one blog, one email at a time. Spread the truth, and do our part in this war against humanity: God’s Creation! We have been the target for centuries! It’s only going to get worse. Time to educate! Thanks.

  9. I’m still naively holding out hope that those of us who live in “red” states might be spared the brunt of this totalitarian onslaught. Again, I admit I’m probably very naïve.

    Also, I’ve heard from a couple different sources that about 80% of COVID inpatients had a serious Vitamin D deficiency. Stock up and take a lot. I take about 8,000 IU’s a day. Happy Thanksgiving and God bless, all.

    1. I normally take 20,000 IU daily. One physician I’ve talked with said that was on the low side. 10,000 is simply a maintenance dose. I take D3 as your body will destroy that form if you reach a point where there is too much in your body. I also take B complex and C supplements. As a preventive I also take colloidal silver. I use a nano silver generator so I will not end with argyria with reasonable doses. See

      for more info. I don’t make a dime, but any other generator will tend to make much larger particles which tends to cause a blue cast to your skin that results from the silver getting into subcutaneous fat and oxidizing. The condition is not reversible.

      The supplements I use are readily available at Walmart.

    1. We actually have to explain to people why it’s wrong to hate your own country. They are just too stupid to know how very lucky they are. Of course, atheists have nobody to thank.

      1. I love Christmas as it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus who came to die that those who accept him as Lord and Savior can live eternally with Him.

  10. I believe that in the past you’ve said that European right wing parties are being drawn into the Russian desinformation/subversion/compromise orbit.But how are we now supposed to square this with our own opposition to vaccine tyranny?btw I live in Holland and the 2 most anti-vaccine parties -pvv and fvd- both coulld be construed as Russsia-sympthasizers.

    1. RT is also publishing anti-jab articles. The idea of deception is key. Their strategy is part of a scissors, or a divide and conquer followed by a convergence (unite and rule). How could Russia hope to work with these European parties if Moscow did not feign sympathy for their ideas? Remember The Big Bad Wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood story would not have had a chance if he did not dress up as the girl’s grandmother.

      1. The service is formally called “Russia Today.” I like watching the “victory day” parades. I need to learn Russian so I can follow Putin’s propaganda speech.

      2. i used to tell people to avoid RT until i recently saw MSM coverage of a NGA whistleblower being charged with revealing sensitive information. i couldn’t find anywhere what he was being charged for releasing, except RT. it scares me to think the only place you can find certain information of significant public interest is on anti-US propaganda sites. Hale, the whistleblower, revealed the Obama administration’s acceptable “collateral damage” ratios for drone strikes. years ago i recall reading that the Obama admin considered 50 civilians acceptable collateral for one HVT, Hale put the figure at 25:1 if i remember correctly.

  11. We must not allow these Red jackals to destroy our entire civilisation, that has taken, say, 15 or more centuries to build and has, sadly, already been in decline for quite a while. Nobody needs, and nobody wants, their nihilistic programme of misery and enslavement for all!

    1. Every single one of these superb musicians (and this is a DUTCH ensemble) represents a veritable ocean of cultural and spiritual heritage! They breathe it, they dance and smile and sing the beauties of centuries! In contrast, the Bolsheviks – despite their myriads of impressive virtuosos: instrumentalists, conductors, singers – merely mimic what isn’t theirs any more. Don’t fall for their virtuosity! It’s a virtuosity that merely conceals their horrifying spiritual emptiness and hatred of any and every true Divine spark from the Heavens!

    2. A little further education, to whom it may concern, on this Bach Cantata BWV 100, given by conductor and artistic director Jos van Veldhoven:

    1. The “science” of global warming involves so many falsifications, both of history and of science, that only the ignorant could fail to see through it. When men are compelled to agree with a theory, or lose their livelihoods, they gladly produce data that confirms the mandated theory. Not only was global warming theory first proposed by the editor of Pravda in the early eighties, but the theory presently maintains itself in scientific journals by bullying, by threats, and by outright lies. No science is scientific that commands “consensus” by threats and lies, or that refuses to recognize that global co2 is at relatively low historical levels, or that denies rising co2 levels are caused by solar warming of the planet instead of co2 being the cause of warming. It is a fact even you cannot deny that global warming advocates knowingly falsified the historical record by erasing the Medieval warming period in order to misrepresent the present period as warmer than the twelfth century — which it is not. The sun drives climate, and is presently closer to the earth than in other ages, yet the sun is now at the beginning of a grand minimum that is being felt already through erratic weather. The coldest temperature ever recorded on earth was recorded recently in Antarctica. This is merely a foretaste, since the first effect of a grand minimum is weather instability, changes in the jet stream, and greater global cloud cover. We may have one or two more tolerable winters. Then the cold will be increasingly felt. As you may not know, Russian and Chinese scientists believe in global cooling. Publicly they have been careful to pay lip service to global warming, so as the leave the deluded West to its policy of blunder, but they are hardly concerned to slow their own country’s carbon emissions. Only the West is required to make sacrifices, though China is the greatest polluter of all. For these and other reasons, the false data of climate change dogmatists does not impress me. To disallow debate, to intimidate a scientist like Svensmark, so that he is forced to downplay the significance of his own discoveries and findings, is truly sad. My judgment here is not based on my own scientific understanding of weather. It is based on my knowledge of politics. Global warming “science” is clearly a false dogma imposed on the West by socialistic elites and the manipulation of those elites by Russian active measures. Russia directly profits from this propaganda. Science cannot be something imposed by political dictate and bullying. When “science” merely obeys the political bosses who wish to cripple the West’s economy and suppress its military capabilities, it is rather politics and even grand strategy. Strangling our energy supply means no money for advanced weapons or weapon research. It forces all industries into China and India where no restrictions on energy use are applied. It de-industrializes the NATO countries. Therefore, global warming theory is a political weapon targeting a specific set of countries, employed by the enemies of those countries. The West is now dying, and this is one of the poisons killing it. Unless we escape the straight jacket of these and other imposed narratives, we are doomed. If you cannot see this, then it is your own want of learning and insight. The real question is: When will you wake up to what is going on?

      1. Ok, great sources you’ve provided. If the last 10 years have been any indicator of a trend, we’re headed for continuing heat. Less snow. Less ice. Here again we see a vague conspiracy take spotlight instead of our lived reality. Is it more likely that in 5 years I will be reminding you summers and winters are hotter than a decade prior? Or despite vast agreement among climate scientists whose job it is to measure this type of thing, the world has frozen over and China and Russia have claimed its riches for themselves? Have you read so many embellished stories, seen so many dramatized movies, that you honestly think this is going to happen? That you’re so uniquely special as to have this divine insight? You’re so high on yourself yet think you’re humble. It’s just bonkers how someone can be your age and still believe in fairy tales.

      2. It snowed in Beijing last month, in October, and it is not warmer than usual. And it will not be hotter in five years. You believe what you believe because it is a package deal — part of your political ideology. Al Gore predicted rising sea levels which have not happened. Don’t you remember? There are many scientists who dispute this false narrative. Try having an open mind.

      3. Who are the scientists and where is their data? You refer to the non-existence of data to support your claims. Your conspiracy has manipulated the data so it is useless, according to you. We can only trust the discredited and silenced, because everyone else is corrupted. Do you not see the exceptionalism in your world? You’ve made yourself the only herald of truth, and limit the sources you share. Or maybe you share the only sources you have? Either way most of your words are bluster that mostly just sound pleasant and antagonize imagination. You’re out of touch with people, with your country. It’s no surprise you feel alienated and ignored. You don’t allow yourself to grow.

        (cue the claims that “i just want my country safe!”. post your deep sources. post your verified claims. most of your sources are old books and fringe web clock fodder)

      4. I have written about this before and have posted many sources. It’s a holiday so I am not busy scrambling for you. You always dismiss my sources anyway — all the more fool you. If you had any curiosity you would know that videos of scientific skeptics are easy to find. Valentina Zharkova is one scientist I have corresponded with. The leading climate scientist of Canada has denounced climate change science as a political intrusion into science. Zharkova has successfully predicted the weather trends for several years. Go check out her papers and lectures. Do a Google search, if they have not scrubbed her out already. But I know you won’t. I read Al Gore’s book and watched his movie. Unlike you, I studied both sides. Better to show a little more skepticism than to believe a failing narrative.

      5. “Video on the internet” are not news sources. Just because someone blathers endlessly on youtube doesn’t make them an expert. Credible news agencies like AP, Reuters and BBC do not agree with your sources. If there existed a plausible narrative that questioned the direction of climate change, these agencies would carry it. But again, you’ve discounted these sources as corrupted, so the fact that they don’t spread these narratives is fuel to your fire. How convenient for you! You can continue to cite the endless drone of youtubers (and who owns youtube? your dreaded google!), or you can ask yourself what reliable news sources would have to gain from purposely hiding the pending imminent destruction of our society. It’s up to you my friend.

      6. I named two scientists and you replied as if I had made no references. You are dishonest and not worth debating. You are just an enemy of your own country, whether you know if it not — and an enemy to yourself.

      7. “Why do temperature ADJUSTMENTS correlate with CO2? The probability that this happens by chance is shockingly close to zero.”
        “It is proof of “man-made” climate change – created by ADUSTING the temperature data to fit a premise – that man-made CO2 released into the atmosphere is driving temperature.”

      8. Wow, you named two scientists. Congratulations! Does that make them right? Does that make them supported by data? They give a speech and record it and post it online and that’s supposed to prove your point? Anybody can do this. You deny the reality right in front of your face (ice caps are melting, vaccines are protecting people, the usa would crush any country handily in a military conflict) then continue to stitch together new conspiracies as old ones fade. I wish I had the motivation to go back into your archives and present the many false predictions you’ve made back to you, but I don’t. You’ve been doing this sort of thing for decades so nothing is gonna stop you now. It’s just sad how such a bright and talented person allowed himself to stop growing, because your writing has suffered for it.

        Honestly for one minute, look objectively at your vaccine as bio-weapon theory. America’s supposed savior Donald Trump fumbled the early days of a global pandemic. He then fast-tracked vaccine production in order to mitigate his fumbling, which actually DID help in fighting the pandemic. He gets the virus, takes the vaccine, incites a violent insurrection on the American Capitol, and sits back and watches. So you claim Communists have orchestrated all of this as a way to destroy Trump and America. You imply the plot is brilliant (wouldn’t it have to be?) and is right on track as planned. Just wait and see, America will soon be no more! Never mind the fact that we could have avoided a lot of the pandemic with some sanity and precaution in the early days, which would have made it pretty hard to argue that America is weak and vulnerable. So you co-opt Trump’s fumbling for your own end: to prove a Communist plot.

        Why is this? Why won’t you acknowledge the faults of Mr. Trump? Why after all this time, while we tumble forward as a country, are you unwilling to even mention the most obvious failing of Mr. Trump: that downplaying and ignoring the pandemic in the early days has put us in the weakened and precarious position we are now in. You’ve completely ignored this fact and moved on with your conspiracy, despite this glaring reality which makes your conspiracy picture look a little less compelling. So you, who likes to claim intellectual and philosophical superiority over so many, purposely avoid this fact and write and write about how right you will be proven in the coming calamity. Don’t you see what you’re doing? You’re not shining light on some dark conspiracy. You’re actually just sitting in the dark alongside your sycophants with a box of matches, wowing them with every one you strike. I keep poking my head in and trying to coax you out into the light but you bark at me calling me names. It’s just pathetic.

      9. Radiofort: don’t expect Jeff to do your research for you.

        Go to where you’ll find published climate scientists who predict global cooling. While you’re at it, look up “Adapt 2030” where the vlogger lost money due to climate change, i.e. his crops were lost thanks to cooling. He’s also a historian, who can point to other historical periods and their conditions which indicate we’re in for at least a decade of cooling, maybe drastic cooling.

        As for the SARS-CoV-2 shots being bio-weapons, go to and some of the sites on (a news aggregator site, I don’t endorse all of the sites he aggregates) where you’ll find scientists, even Nobel laureates, making that claim.

        As for Trump, I think he’s playing the game of “good cop, bad cop” with the American people. He the “good cop”, Biden the “bad cop”. He was a real disappointment. I hope he doesn’t run in 2024.

        As for the “violent insurrection” at the Capitol on Jan. 6, the videos and pictures I saw shortly after the event showed the capitol police inviting peaceful demonstrators through unlocked and open doors into the Capitol. Those videos and pictures probably have been removed from the web by now. Almost all of the violence was perpetrated by recognized Antifa activists who were bussed to the site.

        Telling the truth is not an interest to big tech, Democrats, MSM and other left-wing activists. Broaden your horizons. Don’t just ape left-wing lies. That shows a lack of intelligence on your part.

        Finally, your sneering attitude comes through your typed words. That’s not good.

    2. Guardian is often referred to facetiously as the Grauniad. Guardian long ago bought the warming hoax, and pooh-pooh cooling, which is a fact and has already started affecting agricultural yields. It’s a left wing rag whose staff is far worse the misinformed. They are aggressively misinformed and want everyone else to be just as badly misinformed.

  12. Here is an additional – highly differentiated – inside view of the Austrian situation, given as of last weekend by an Austrian psychotherapist:

    1. As everybody can see, this video, posted last Sunday, Nov. 21, has been viewed more than 204,000 times, which shows that a LOT is going on right now – thank God!

  13. And here is a 6-minute clip with this same Austrian psychiatrist, psychotherapist and university lecturer, DDr. Raphael Bonelli, of Sept 1, 2021, in which he announces a high-profile interdisciplinary online congress that was held soon after (and made accessible to the wider public) under the title, “The Needle Calls: Game Changer Corona Vaccination?”, and in which participated a true academic crème de la crème (almost all Austrian) of psychiatrists, including experts on narcissism, social psychologists, virologists, researchers/developers in the field of inactivated vaccine alternatives, legal experts, philosophers, and even the famous traditionally-minded Catholic Bishop Athanasius Schneider! Use YouTube’s translation function:

    1. Which shows us that there has already for quite some time been going on a great deal of organising and mobilisation in Austria’s academic and medical community! The whole country is now getting ready to ward off this totalitarian attack against its very foundations, an attack which is, for the most part driven – surprise, surprise! – by the so-called “Greens”, who are nothing but radical communists, and who now hold the positions of Minister of Health, Minister of the Environment, Mobility, Infrastructure, whatever, Minister for Justice, and even the position of State President, meaning Austria’s head of state (which is, if one thinks about it, an absolute disaster). Sadly, this critical aspect has not been properly understood (or at least not discussed in public)!

      1. But the so-called conservative People’s Party (to which the present Chancellor belongs) acts just as totalitarian, as the whole world can clearly see. And, like in other countries, nobody knows for sure who it is who is exerting that brutal pressure on these politicians (other than on the Greens, who are already Marxist totalitarians anyway) – although we can assume that the pressure is coming from Moscow & Beijing. It’s all part of the wider picture of communist World October that we’re all in right now..,.,

  14. Sorry to post this here but am on phone. In Trujillo Perú at the moment. Roads are locked to Lima. Pheasant uprising. Dangerous for gringos.

    I wAs on a bus to Lima leaving Trujillo had to stop and return to the bus terminal.

    Took pictures of long lines of people and traffic

    From news

    Communists want controll of the mines

    Dont know how long this will last or escalate.

    – Bill Freeman

    1. Hope you are able to get out of there. A close friend of my family lost her father during unrest at a Peruvian mine more than sixty years ago. He was an American engineer. Stay safe.

      1. Thanks.. I’m trying to get out. Mixed reports same say more joining protest others saying the highway is open again.
        This was allowed to happen as the police stood around and did nothing but pop off a few tear gas cannisters. They are also making vaccine mandatory for all interprovincial travel.
        Have to Escape From Trujillo today and see from there

        – Bill Freeman

      2. I spoke to the former Peruvian Vice President a few weeks ago. He explained how Marxist the country’s new leader is. Peru is no longer friendly territory. Very little of that left now anywhere — with vaccine Marxism on the march.

      1. Perhaps they were just testing the waters to see how far they could take it and who the dissenters are locally to them. I say they as Biden is just a mascot and is as close to running the pantomime as you or I.

  15. @ elemmele
    Bill gates doesn’t even count as part of the “elite”, he is several tiers down from the true elite but is a functional part of their cabal.
    Bill gates is merely repeating his successful formula for software in the medical field.
    Namely licensing and marketing. He has found a product that is easy to replicate, manipulated a market for it and is reaping the rewards for other peoples work. Microsoft 2.0.

      1. I only know what I know about Venezuela by interviewing politicians from that country and Chavez’s chief of air staff. I know of no books. Perhaps someone else knows.

    1. Jeff, Thanks for writing.

      Do not trust people with a hyphenated name. This Atlantic guest author actually might be very happy in her “mission” of political and civil destabilization. It might give her a reason to exist. Molly Jong-Fast appears to be acting as communist hiding in benign progressive elite intellectual clothing. These kind hide themselves in the garb of the intellectual snob and have years of perfecting the art of controlling the levers of power and the narrative. Maybe she is a useful idiot. One way or another, she speaks like a communist therefore the challenge is to review her fruit to verify the charge. Here is brief snippet of an email I just received from her and the Atlantic:

      “Trumpism is the biggest danger to democracy since the Civil War. MAGA media (One America News Network, Fox, Newsmax, Breitbart News) are winning the messaging wars. Just because Trump is on Elba (or Palm Beach) right now doesn’t mean he won’t come roaring back in 2024. I also worry about all of Trump’s mini-Trumps, his acolytes, from Ted Cruz to Marjorie Taylor Greene to Madison Cawthorn to Lauren Boebert. The lesson most of them have taken from Trumpism is that there is nothing to gain from honor, decency, or truth.

      But Trump isn’t the only thing I worry about. I do think that the conservative Supreme Court will operate as “a dangerous cabal” even though Justice Alito is very offended by the accusation. The highest court in America has three justices who were installed by Donald Trump. It’s hard to see how a 6–3 Supreme Court doesn’t jeopardize everything.

      And then there’s the stark contrast between the parties. How do you write about two parties when one of those parties has become antidemocratic? The difference between the two parties is beyond parody—one party is arguing with itself about free college and electric cars, and the other party is trying to consolidate power and make it harder for people to vote.” —Molly Jong Fast

      The amount of overt lies in 3 graphs is quite astonishing. The good thing is her type is very afraid and make every effort to instill more and more fear in order to keep the meta narrative humming. She needs to be laughed at to scorn publically while we need to take advantage of every opportunities to resist and wake people up.

  16. Anybody still remembering this brutal “Green” campaign of 2010 over in the U.K.? It wasn’t some accidental gaffe. It showed exactly where they were going.

  17. Someone here has Robert Felix’s book, in pdf to make available, I can’t find it anywhere, in amzon do Brasil it is not available. Thanks.. “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps”

  18. John Moore Radio Show, Nov. 24. 2021. Third Hour (time mark: 24:16 – 29:33):

    J.R. Moore: “Jeff, what direction do you want to go next, Sir?”

    J.R. Nyquist: “Well, what’s the latest on the vaccines that you heard?”

    J. R. Moore: “Well, we talked yesterday about this. We’re looking for follow-up, and we got some indication, second-hand [incomprehensible], for my doctor this morning sent me a text message, and apparently, that was in this country, observations that the vials had different colours and the person that was getting the clot-shot was asked what their zip code was in order to get the proper Covid vaccine for that zip code, which we all find rather interesting and we’re hoping that we will get more details, more of a first-hand source; I reached out to medical doctors this morning, Jeff, asking them to look into this, and since they’re all medical doctors, they have a better chance of getting first-hand knowledge to take a report back. So, it’s work-in-progress, Sir,”

    J. R. Nyquist: “Yeah, I don’t know if you caught the news in Austria. This is what my article that came up this morning is about. You know, they’re having a lockdown. They’re announcing that everyone is going to be vaccinated, no exceptions, you know, medical or otherwise. everybody, every age, must be vaccinated, They’re having a lockdown for everybody, and then they’re going to basically, the unvaccinated, they’re going to be under effective house arrest. They’re going to receive a letter giving them, as I understand it, the date on which they’re going to be vaccinated. I think the objective is to vaccinate everyone by some time in February.”

    J.R. Moore: “I’m so disappointed to see a country like Austria, which has a very low rate of illiteracy, a very high rate of literacy [IS HE KIDDING: AMERICA VOTED FOR OBAMA IN 2008!!!], a well-educated population, in general, of bright, educated, productive people, This is not some third-world country [thank you for noticing, Mr. Moore!!!]; this is a modern, first-world country – in Europe – doing it to themselves! I’m really disappointed, aren’t you, Jeff?” [Guess how “disappointed” Austrians are, Mr. Moore!!!]

    J.R. Nyquist: “Yeah, I received a call from a friend in Vienna on Saturday. The people there that are against being vaccinated, that know that the vaccines, you know, contain the toxic spike protein that can harm people, they don’t want to take it. You know, why would you want to take something in your body that, first of all, it doesn’t protect you against Covid. If it did really protect you against it, and as far as proof: There is no proof – no scientific proof – it protects anybody! It might, you know, there’s some statistics that suggest that it has a very, very small protective effect on maybe some people, shortly after you’re vaccinated, but the damage that it does to the body, and they don’t fully understand it, we know from many cases of injuries, which are being hidden by the medical authorities. More is known, the British are more open about it. But it’s shocking that a country, a civilised country, would take the step of forcing its entire population to take an experimental drug, in effect, that is not effective, first of all, in what it’s supposed to do, and it’s potentially harmful. I do not understand this, especially giving it to children, babies – I mean, they didn’t say that babies would be exempt. It’s really quite monstrous.”

    J.R. Moore: “Well, you and I haven’t discussed this, but Anthony Fauci has announced, just in the last 24 to 48 hours. that he’s going to make sure that toddlers and infants under the age of 5, I’m not sure how young, get the Covid clot-shot also. This is so tragic. The spike proteins accumulate in the ovaries of little girls and women and in the testes of little boys and men, effectively making them sterile.,, Now, during the Cold War, what was the status of Austria? They were never behind the Iron Curtain, were they, Sir?”

    J.R. Nyquist: “Well, kind of, partly. The Soviets had occupied a portion of Austria, so it was kind of divided up into zones [only from 1945 until 1955, after which Austria was given a spurious “freedom” on the condition of not joining NATO and staying “neutral”, which meant in effect becoming “finlandised”, as the term goes, by the Soviet Union] because Austria was part of the Third Reich during the war. So, you had sort of a Soviet zone, and you had the Western power zones…”

    J.R. Moore: “So it was similar to Germany being split, then! That’s fascinating! And they had two governments, obviously.”

    J.R. Nyquist: “No, they didn’t have two governments.”

    J.R. Moore: “Really? Really? [REALLY!] – Well, I never really looked into that.” .[WHY SHOULD YOU, MR. MOORE…]
    . , . . :

    1. Australia is a huge continent, with vast outback, yet unexplored; at least by Western man, but the government is sending soldiers to hunt down Aboriginals in the Outback, to forcibly inject them.

    2. I can think of another German-speaking, highly literate country in Europe that went off the rails pushing ninety years ago…

  19. This is directed at ” Radiofort”. I am thinking that while I have my disagreement with mr. Nyquist, and while you may be in this instance somewhat more factually correct in my view, your type seems to be dangerous, not so much Mr. Trump. And it was precisely your Leftist type that most ” anti-vaxx” when they first came out, fearful of a political advantage going Trump’s way because of these vaccines success. I cannot account for the antipathy of the American Right to the vaccines now, it appears to be a mass social hysteria and pathological, but the fear of the State is quite rational and justified nonetheless on their part. Your type would use and augment the power of the State as a cudgel against your ideological opponents, and so anything that your allies say is untrustworthy to them. It is a shame: had President Trump won in 2020, I have no doubt that vaccination rates would have been far higher, and things in America far better. But I’m thinking too that Jacobins on the Right and Left are stuck in the belief that ” the worse the better ” and “crisis, reaction, solution ” is the way to go. But careful: the end for original revolutionary figures is not often a good one. Incindiaries always wind up on fire


    1. Strannik: There may be an element of political hysteria in opposition to the vaccine by some people on the right, yet there are highly rational vaccine skeptics on the left, like Brett Weinstein and Steve Kirsch. So you are completely misreading the facts of the situation. There are serious questions about any experimental medical treatment. I do not say that everyone vaccinated will die. How could I know that? There are doctors who have worried about that kind of scenario, with the potential for organ damage from mRNA side effects to severe auto-immune and neurological effects. There are Nobel Laureates who are saying millions will die, and we should pay attention to them. Let the debates begin. But governments are not allowing debates. They are sanctioning doctors who question mandates. Why? If people want to take an experimental drug that is one thing; for governments to mandate such treatments to entire countries or continents, is frankly irresponsible. I do not think there is a rational argument against what I have just written. If there is, please explain it. When the danger is unknown, and you are forcing people to embrace that danger, you are committing two stupidities: first, you have no way of knowing the harm you are exposing people to; second, you are violating the person’s right to decide for themselves. In what world is this okay? To claim that you know what is safe is completely ridiculous. Top scientists are worried, so who the hell are you to say there is nothing to worry about? The proper studies have not been conducted and nobody knows. In fact, not enough time has elapsed to know the long term effects of these vaccines. To claim otherwise is fatuous. So I really do not appreciate my position being characterized as counter-factual. There are no facts showing these vaccines are completely safe. Sufficient testing has not taken place. Here is not merely fear of the state, but due caution where the medical science is unclear.

    2. Strannik: don’t try to psychoanalyse us. Your comment indicates that you neither know nor understand those outside of your leftist echo-chamber.

      The reasons we oppose the SARS-CoV-2 jabs:

      1) The science. When I first heard that the jabs contained mRNA, my science background kicked in and said that these are dangerous. That was when Trump was still president. Since then I’ve seen reports by scientists who know far more than I who expanded on what I already knew. The science says that those who have natural immunity don’t need the shots. The science says that natural immunity is acquired by coming down with, then recovering from, SARS-CoV-2, which I have done. Science says that natural immunity is as much as 27 times as effective as the jabs at preventing illness and death. Science says that it is the spike protein itself that causes the injuries and deaths, yet the mRNA is designed to make the cells of our bodies into spike protein factories. Science says that the jabs not only fail to prevent people from coming down with SARS-CoV-2, but that they cause many other problems, such as strokes, heart attacks, nerve damage, multiple organ damage and/or failure, pericarditis, myocarditis (the last two I never heard of before the jabs), cancers and, of course, death.

      2) Information. We learned that the MSM are merely propaganda outlets that cannot be trusted on important issues. So we searched out other sources of information that we can trust. Finding trustworthy sources of information is hard, because some of those who claim to be on our side are false, others are flaky, but some are solid. Limiting our searches to those sites that are solid, we find scientists, researchers, doctors, even nurses who check the vaccine status of their patients, who show us what science says. Trustworthy sources introduced us to the VAERS site, along with the report that fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries and deaths are being reported. Expanding on the VAERS numbers assuming that fewer than 1% reporting rate, that means that so far 2,000,000 and counting have been killed by the jabs, and the injured are probably close to 10,000,000. So far.

      Given the science and information about the science, who in his right mind would willingly take a jab? Doesn’t logic itself argue against them? How is it mass hysteria and pathological logically to evaluate the information at hand, and make decisions based on that information? Yes we hear what’s coming out of the leftist echo-chamber, it’s all around us, but we don’t limit our knowledge to that echo-chamber, do you say it is wrong to search out all sources of information in order to make informed decisions?

      As for the poor people of Austria, I’m afraid that only open revolt and bloodshed, the Solzhenitsyn option, will stop the forced jabs. I personally prefer a peaceful option, but will their government give them that option?

  20. Jeff have you seen the reports of Russian subs leaving their port and heading into the Pacific? On the other hand, this is Pravda, so…..

    This seemed to be the source of this news. Per their M.O., it’s because of us:

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