In the technique of subliminal contradiction, two mutually incompatible bits of information are simultaneously projected into the perception of the victim without the contradiction being either pointed out or explained. In the technique of deferred closure, inexplicable data are continually fed to the victim … over a period of time, data that always suggest the possibility of a rational explanation but never quite allow it.

Charles Upton

In Charles Upton’s remarkable little volume, titled The Alien Disclosure Deception: The Metaphysics of Social Engineering, the author discusses sophisticated techniques of psychological warfare used by governments. These include the technique of subliminal contradiction and the technique of deferred closure. Each is designed to attack the human mind’s need for rational closure. A mind that cannot achieve closure, he warned, “will react to the continued frustration of one of its most basic needs either by sinking into stunned exhaustion, or by producing a paranoid, delusional form of closure.”[i]

We see this playing out today, on every side. People either despair of the right answers, or they settle for wrong answers. Those few who have attempted to read widely, and who have grasped the essentials of the Great Game, can readily see that the technique of deferred closure is being used on us. According to Upton, “Schizophrenia presents the mind with a flood of data that overwhelms the normal processes of emotional, rational, and perceptual closure; paranoid schizophrenia represents a more or less successful attempt to teach relative closure by abnormal means.” Upton thus concludes that deferred closure “might be defined as an experimental method for producing paranoid schizophrenia.”[ii]

As a student of philosophy, Upton tells us that elements of so-called postmodern “philosophy” effectively negate “any ‘overarching paradigm.’” In fact, the term “postmodern” is gibberish; for there can be no such thing as postmodernity. Everything that occurs after the present age (i.e., postmodern) belongs to a future age, and the future does not as yet exist. To philosophize about the present as if it is already the future, is an exercise in applied schizophrenia. Thus, postmodernism is inherently disorienting. “Postmodernism,” says Upton, “both as a philosophy and as a name for our contemporary culture, employs subliminal contradiction and deferred closure simply because it can’t imagine anything else; it no longer believes in the existence of objective truth.”[iii]

The people who gave us postmodern philosophy, therefore, were not benefactors of humanity but malefactors; and subliminal contradiction is not only intrinsic to these reigning academic concepts, but presently animates our elite institutions of government and science. For example, we were told that the so-called vaccines used against COVID-19 are safe and effective. If so, then how could they be “experimental”? We are also told that the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated. How is that possible if the vaccines are effective? These contradictions are followed by the fact that the definition of the word “vaccine” had to be changed because the so-called vaccines are not vaccines. Furthermore, we are told that the vaccines will be strictly voluntary, only to learn that they are mandatory for tens of millions of people. Government policy supposedly exists to enable the healthcare system, yet government policy is wrecking that very system as doctors and nurses quit their jobs to avoid becoming test subjects. At the outset, we were promised that a couple weeks of lockdowns would “flatten the curve of the pandemic.” But the lockdowns continued for months as the curve went up. We were told the vaccines would end the pandemic, but the pandemic has only worsened as the vaccines were deployed – with more deaths since vaccination than before vaccination.

Here is a campaign of subliminal contradiction and deferred closure at work. Nobody is allowed to consciously acknowledge all these contradictions. We simply move through them, with no closure. The media and government do not draw the proper conclusions. The crisis continues as people die in ever larger numbers, as the healthcare system nears collapse, as economic exhaustion sets in. The government’s reaction to the pandemic has been, from first to last, a singular instance of psychological warfare directed against the citizen body. The only thing we do not understand, as yet, is why.  

Another series of subliminal contradictions is operating on the political right, where many analysts tell us we must cultivate an alliance with Russia in order to prevent Russia from aligning with China. According to defector testimony, however, Russia and China have been secret (or not-so-secret) allies for at least thirty years. In terms of factual evidence, Russia and China are both sending military aid to Cuba and Venezuela, North Korea and Iran. If Russia and China were not allies, then why are they both militarily supporting every country presently opposed to the United States? The evidence is overwhelming. Russia and China are allies of each other and enemies of America. Consequently, the idea of making Russia our ally against China fails to recognize that Russia has already chosen its ally. Clearly, the correct psychological conclusion to draw is that American policymakers were spoiled as children, imagining as all spoiled children that they can get what they want by asking. All they have to do is ask Putin for an alliance – as if our past Russia “resets” were not childish enough. Even so, American policymakers believe in a magical “Russia Card,” which can be played when convenient. This card would somehow force Putin to wear rabbit ears and deliver chocolate Easter eggs to the White House. After this fashion, Putin is transformed into a kind of Easter Bunny. Russia, after all, is in the East even as Putin is a bunny. Here subliminal contradiction turns comical. But this is nothing compared to the contradictions which underpin present day conservatism.  

During the past thirty years, as country after country has fallen to communism, even as America moves closer to adopting a communist system for itself, conservatives have boasted of “winning the Cold War.” Subliminal contradiction has always been – and continues to be – a special feature at Fox News, with Sean Hannity declaring that Reagan defeated Soviet socialism even as he laments the rise of American socialism. Topping it off, Tucker Carlson sees Russia as a friend, even as Russia pours military resources into North Korea, China, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. These famous media pundits and highly paid “conservatives” have always been apostles of subliminal contradiction. There is, in this, proof that American conservatism has become thoroughly self-defeating. We might ask how this happened. In brief, because we have succumbed to corrupt ideas; that is to say, we have tolerated satanic inversions of reality, of language, of thought itself.

As Richard Weaver observed in 1948, we stopped believing in transcendentals like truth, beauty and goodness. We also stopped believing in objective reality. Subliminal contradiction, noted Upton, brings us to a “truly inverted and satanic metaphysics.”[iv] To explain what this means, he added, “Subliminal contradiction is a satanic counterfeit of the metaphysical principle that the Absolute is beyond the ‘symplegades,’ the pairs of opposites. Deferred closure is a satanic counterfeit of the metaphysical principle that the Infinite cannot, by definition, be contained within any system of thought or perception. Absoluteness and Infinity, according to the metaphysics of Frithjof Schuon, are properly descriptive of the Divine Essence of God, and nothing else. To apply them to anything relative and contingent … is the highest form of idolatry….”[v] And that has been our idolatry for many years.

The agenda of destruction to which we are being subjected, from day to day, naturally seeks to pervert reason and science as a preliminary to worldwide physical destruction. Upton quotes from C.S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters, an explanation of this agenda presented in a fictional demonic correspondence: “To us a human is primarily food; our aim is the absorption of its will into ours, the increase of our own areas of selfhood at its expense. But the obedience which the Enemy demands of men is quite a different thing…. His service [is] perfect freedom…. We want cattle who can finally become food; He wants servants who can finally become sons.”[vi]

Here is the logic of the whole game: The path to using humans as food is opened, says Upton, by satanic inversion – with subliminal contradiction as a ready undercurrent. By way of illustration, Upton discusses a science fiction movie released in 1952, titled Red Planet Mars.[vii] The movie itself is an example of satanic inversion wrapped in subliminal contradiction. Here is the story of American scientists attempting to contact an extraterrestrial civilization on Mars as a Nazi scientist, under Soviet control, is trying to do the same thing. The story evolves into an ideological battle between capitalism and communism over the implications of alien contact. At first, capitalism is threatened. Then communism is threatened. The ultimate question – that of God – comes into the picture. The scientists themselves end up advocating murder (on the one hand) and suicide (on the other). The result of the plot is described by Upton as “God’s salvation of the world identified with murder and suicide, perhaps in a Luciferian inversion of the Crucifixion and the suicide of Judas; we see the ‘good’ American scientist … and the ‘evil’ Nazi, united in choosing to commit a capital crime and mortal sin; we see telling the truth to the world associated with Nazi evil, and deceiving the world identified with upstanding American Christian … good….”[viii]

This motion picture, says Upton, is an example of social engineering. It denies the existence of God while retaining religious sentiments – “while diverting them to an inappropriate, material object (i.e., an idol) – and to represent deception and crime as the only way to world peace and global unity: if the people would only forget God, make a god out of science, happily let themselves to be deceived, and call evil good, all would be well on planet earth.”[ix]

Upton suggests that the “precise” social engineering goals of “some in the power elite” are reflected in this Horner and Veiller film. Much of Upton’s book, of course, is concerned with the exploitation of the idea of extraterrestrial contact for political ends – by way of satanic inversion. Yet the same process of inversion is clearly at work in today’s pandemic. Upton touches on this when he suggests our social engineers “may” be applying subliminal contradiction and deferred closure in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic, he adds, might be the “ideal time to officially disclose the reality of UFOs.”[x] If COVID can create “the shock of terror, we must be vigilant against the shock of relief that could be generated by COVID’s end. This second shock might provide the perfect opportunity for a staged event….”[xi]

The concepts we should keep in mind through the present crisis are: deception, inversion, contradiction, deferred closure, paranoia and destruction. All of these concepts are at work, strategically deployed by the enemies of civilization and tradition. I recommend Charles Upton’s book for mature readers of a philosophical bent. He is a Sufi Muslim who quotes C.S. Lewis and Fr. Seraphim Rose. As unexpected as this might be, Upton’s perspective is not as Muslim as it is perennial and metaphysical; that is, opposed to materialism, positivism, and the satanic nihilism of our would-be social engineers.

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101 thoughts on “The Metaphysics of Social Engineering

  1. What great pleasure to see one great thinker of our time, J.R. Nyquist, quoting and discussing another great mind, Charles Upton! Even though their backgrounds are fairly different and the two were born a full decade apart (Charles Upton was born in 1948 and started out as being part of the San Francisco “counter culture” of the late sixties), there nevertheless appears to be a great closeness, at times resemblance, in their thinking..Charles Upton did it all: beat poetry; I think even “revolutionary activism”; New Age, in any case; and finally his spiritual and philosophical journey into elevated Sufi Islam and Perennialism. J.R. Nyquist, less part of the sixties’ generation than an academic sufferer under their Marxist dictates, has never left the foundations of Christendom and is positively immune against the myriads of temptations and deceptive overtures coming from communism. I myself had once been in contact with Charles Upton (I love the man), but I would also LOVE to see him maybe sit down, personally or via some other means of communication, with J. R. Nyquist in order to realise the remaining blind spots with regard to communism that he unfortunately still has kept to this very day. Still, read Nyquist, and read Upton; they are BOTH highly worth reading!

    1. Here is a 26-minute YouTube presentation by Charles Upton on this same topic of Nov. 10, 2021, where he also introduces his book, “The Alien Disclosure Deception”. Watch it, everybody:

    2. If I ever saw any good in Communism, my wife, Barak Obama (who supported ISIS) and Joe Biden talked me out of it. And certainly the idea behind Liberation Theology, that Communism could “concretize” Christian charity even as Christianity moderated the evil of Communism, is false from beginning to end. On the other hand, I have nothing against taxing Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos to rebuild our gaslines, roads and bridges; if this be Communism, make the most of it. I went to the Contemplative Observer website but found no name for the person who runs it. Who art thou O Contemplative Observer who was once in contact with me?

      1. I sent you an e-mail almost 5 hours before you posted your comment here, informing you of this article by Jeff Nyquist and encouraging you to perhaps come here and write some response! So far, I haven’t received a response e-mail from your side, and I probably never will (I first contacted you around the time of your 60th birthday back in late 2008 and we had quite some exchange at the time; Naqshbandi Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani? No memory?). Instead you cry out here in this comment section, ” Who art thou O Contemplative Observer who was once in contact with me?”, even though you just received an e-mail from me four and a half hours earlier! Are you kidding me? Very disappointing! It was a mistake contacting you.

        As for my critique (as this seems to be your only concern in writing anything at all here on Jeff Nyquist’s page), let me quote what you said on Sept. 22, 2008 (which was the time of Barack Obama’s through-and-through communist election campaign, right?) in an interview about the UFO phenomenon on BoA Audio Season Four, which was hosted by one Tim Binnall:

        (5:38 – 6:20) “So, I say that one of the genres of books that I write I call Metaphysics and Social Criticism, using the metaphysical paradigm to do essentially social criticism. for all the other paradigms are sort of worn out. MARXISM IS GONE [sic!], and, you know, liberal ideology is gone. The neo-cons don’t have an ideology, they just have an agenda. And so it got very hard to have an overview of what’s going on in the world [not for people like Jeff Nyquist!], because the theories we used to look at it with are all called into question. So I decided to go back to metaphysics, which deals with eternal principles, and see what kind of social criticism can be done on that basis.”

  2. I am going to get another cup of coffee and try to read this again… my head hurts…

    ( That is a compliment, not a slam )

    Nice to know there is still a decent writer around, very refreshing after reading the inane “stories” that pop up on my “news” feeds every day…

  3. “This is Satanism; this is satanic.”

    “When there is an attack on truth, it’s an attack on God. It’s an attack on Jesus. The truth is what sets us free. The truth is what Jesus, God, and faith are about. There is a massive attack on truth in this country, and that is an attack on God.”

    “Voltaire said it a long time ago. If you can convince a man of absurdities, you can then get him to commit to atrocities… but we are being convinced of absurdities and their packaging and masking their hatred of God in this.”

    “Again, it’s more we’re being convinced of absurdities, and we’re witnessing the beginning of atrocities that will not stop with just how they’re treating the people on Jan. six. There are far worse atrocities that are being planned for all of us who profess a belief in Jesus Christ as our savior who profess a belief in God and the truth. There are atrocities they are planning for all of us.”

    Jason Whitlock

    1. Jason Whitlock is standing strong in the black community and in the public square for truth justice and faith in God and Jesus Christ. It’s amazing the abuse he has taken in the black community but he is a warrior and I thank you for posting what he said.

  4. Nobody will be allowed out of their houses, until everyone gets the Frankenshot, but since you were all declared nonessential and failed to go to work, you’ll now be evicted. The double bind is what makes people nuts. Too, many parents do this to their kids, all the time.

    Anxiety is a hyper-suggestable state, in which fear, apprehension, depression and dread become predominate. Anxiety can be created simply by calling alarm to an impending doom, with no apparent plausible prevention.

      1. Stew Peters sits down in a 1-on-1 explosive, hard-hitting interview with President Trump’s former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows. During the interview, Peters poses the tough questions that “media” hosts are afraid or unwilling to ask about the China virus, the bioweapon shots, Operation Warp Speed, the 2020 election, and Meadows’ ties to Communist China.

        Dr. Jane Ruby brings the UNREDACTED CONTRACTS between Pfizer and world governments – It’s HORRIFIC!

        Stew Peters Show Investigative Reporter, Edward Szall, sat down with a retired Atlanta Police Sergeant, who spilled the beans about Vernon Jones and his alleged gay sex relationship with a married man, which ultimately lead to the destruction of that marriage.

        For the first time, La Quinta Collumna scientists are speaking out about graphene oxide in the shots, and The Stew Peters Show has that exclusive with Dr. Pablo Campra!

      2. DLin-MC3-DMA is an ionizable lipid used in combination with other lipids for encapsulation of RNA and DNA into lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). Administration of DLin-MC3-DMA based LNPs have delivered siRNA and reduced Factor VII levels in mice. Delivery of BCR-ABL siRNA reduced leukemic burden in a mouse model of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML).

        This product is for research use only and not for human use.

      3. ALC-0315 is an ionizable lipid which has been used to form lipid nanoparticles for delivery of RNA. ALC-0315 is one of the components in the BNT162b2 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 in addition to ALC-0159, DSPC, and cholesterol.

        This product is for research use only and not for human use.

      4. Lipid Nanoparticles for RNA Delivery
        By Colin Ferguson

        RNA-based therapeutics have been under development for over 30 years and the first medication (ONPATTROTM) was approved in 2018 for treatment of patients suffering from transthyretin-mediated amyloidosis. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed them into the limelight with the rapid development of mRNA-based vaccines against the SARS-Cov2 virus by Moderna and BioNTech/Pfizer.

        Ionizable Lipid. This is the key component of the LNP (35-50%) and has two main roles: bind the RNA and allow release of the RNA in the cell. The pKa of the lipid is an important factor as the lipid needs to be positively charged at low pH in the LNP to bind RNA but uncharged at neutral pH so the LNP does not cause toxicity. Hundreds of lipids were synthesized and screened by many research groups to identify those with the desired properties and effects. Some successful candidates include ALC-0315, cKK-E12, SM-102, and Dlin-MC3-DMA.

  5. Transnational US corporations have partnered with Chinese companies, run by military generals. Has this reformed China into a free capitalist country? Or have the US partners become accustomed to slave labor, organ harvesting, domestic visas, EPA standards, infringement of free speech, Right to bear arms, freedom of religion, freedom to travel, freedom of the press, right to privacy of papers, and all the rest of Man’s God given Rights. Americans most certainly have become dependent upon cheap Chinese products.

    Bill Gates is being sued for murder, in India.

    Francis A. Boyle, wrote, The Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, which imposes fines and prison sentences on anyone who “knowingly develops, produces, stockpiles, transfers, acquires, retains or possesses any biological agent, toxin or delivery system for use as a weapon”. He cites 15 researchers listed on a key paper who can be indicted, plus those who funded the research. Those to be indicted in relation to the COVID shots include the chief executive officers, chief operating officers and chief scientific officers of Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

      1. Mister Boyle calls for hanging doctors, like they did at Nuremberg. That’s where the principal of, Command Responsibility, was established, whereby superiors and minions are equally culpable. Unelected bureaucrats aren’t excused for just following orders, and elected officials can’t solely blame their underlings.

    1. Roadmap for Prosecuting COVID Crimes- Interview with Francis A. Boyle
      Nov 29, 2021
      Dr Mercola

      Francis Boyle is a repeat guest; I’ve interviewed him twice in 2020 about the likelihood of SARS-CoV-2 having been engineered in a lab. Boyle’s background includes an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago, a juris doctor (lawyer) degree from Harvard and a Ph.D. in political science. He’s a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law, and wrote the book, “Biowarfare and Terrorism.”

  6. The title fits. “Metaphysics” refers to that which is not physical. Rather it refers to ideology, religion, philosophy, Weltanschauung (which are synonyms). These are what make sense of the world, mental constructs that tie disparate events and observations of the physical world, into a comprehensive whole. Hence “meta” (with) ”physics”.

    The “modern” age had its start with the Reformation. Those who hate the Reformation tie the beginning of the modern age to Copernicus, ignoring that Copernicus himself was influenced by the Reformation through his Lutheran collaborators and publisher.

    The heart of the Reformation is that the Bible is literally true, not symbolic. That includes that it is literally true when it describes physical reality and history. It is still literally true when it describes certain stories as symbolic (visions and parables) and uses events in history in a symbolic way. Its view of physical nature is based on the six day creation of a universe that is not god (pantheism), rather has its own physical and logical existence because it was made by a logical God. Hence the physical universe can be studied expecting to find logic and order. That extends also to human society where we are to strive for justice, not only for ourselves, but for society as a whole.

    The above is a description of “modernism”. So what do you call the age that follows and rejects modernism? If you call it by the same term, “modernism”, that makes “modernism” into a nonsense term, referring to both one metaphysics and its opposite. That’s where the nonsense term “post-modernism” fits, referring to the nonsense metaphysics connected with a rejection of modernism.

    The history of post-modernism that I know started in the first decade of the 1800s, before Charles Darwin was born. It started in the theological departments of Germany. By 1820 it was taught in theology schools throughout Europe. Its central teaching is that the Bible is not literally true, rather it is a collection of folk legends cobbled together in the last centuries BC. That teaching is not science, because it’s based on zero observations. Charles Darwin, a former theology student, resurrected an ancient Greek religious belief, called “evolution”, and his followers have been trying to prove it ever since, without success. Like Darwin, Einstein turned science on its head, instead of basing theory upon previous observation, start with theory, then try to find observations that support theory.

    Truth in order to be recognized, demands the recognition of absolutes. Along with truth and absolutes comes the recognition of falsehood. The denial of truth that started with the denial of the Bible being true, has now metastasized throughout society to where there are no absolutes, no truth and no falsehood. All that’s left are emotions. Emotions require no logic, no deep thinking, often contradict critical thinking. And they can be played like a violin.

    Everything I’ve seen about UFOs is that they are demonic. Demons can and do manipulate matter, so they can make the “space craft” that have been observed and crashed. But that’s not the only demonic activity. I expect to see more demonic activity in the future.

    Now I come to SARS-CoV-2. Constant fear mongering. People are emotionally worn down. The news out of South Africa is that this new Omicron variety is mild, not serious. Yet I’ve seen some liken it to the next Ebola. With no truth, no absolutes to hang on to, people’s emotions run around like chickens with their heads cut off. They don’t recognize the truth when it is told them. They don’t want to acknowledge truth when it goes against their emotional state. They can’t bear the cognitive dissonance. They retreat to their “news sources” that tell them lies, soothing lies that go along with their emotion chosen beliefs. We, who tell the truth, have become the enemy.

    Another thought provoking essay from Jeff Nyquist. Thank you.

    1. The BIble stories are really there to provide a sort of closure that modernity has replaced with myths of its own. How can the man and woman heterogenous produce a homogeneous man or woman? The BIble answers this by the creation of homogeneous culture that include roles of an and woman under the guidance of a “patriarch” (or matriarch in other places, but usually including both aspects) .

      Medical myth has solved the problem by reducing us to gamets, to chromosomes. There is no man nor woman, our ancestry is the ape, or the amoebia. There, this is our new modern patriarch. Good grief.

      Science, as a psychologist once mentioned, should not be in the business of managing relationships but in the business of creating thought. Science thus has become schizophrenically used, trying to fix myths with statistics where there is nothing that science can say about that. It is like confusing the magical political effects of a plant and its chemotherapeutics. The two are completely different. Cultures make the difference between the two types of plants, but not modernity.

      The result is that science has created a garbage byproduct which is this soulless ideology piloting people like robots, people whose lack of appropriate cultural closure made them slaves to an ideological machine.

  7. Ah yes indeed, the double binding of an individual, as well as gaslighting, all part of when the paranoid schizophrenic ends up control, abusing and exploiting the schizophrenic and then some he induces into that state.

    “Each is designed to attack the human mind’s need for rational closure”

    Yes, basically, a culture is a way to obtain closure. When someone says he is French or Yoruba, it is not meant to be used as a way to exclude others but simply express the particulars of his cultural asset developed as an “adult” mature culture. However enters the communist who will tempt one to reject or doubt one’s closure and rip it apart, often through shock and how, fright, a pandemic, a war or rumor of it… Or then to the usual concerted gaslighting attacks of being a Nazi rejecting others by fact of having an identity… Simply because you are Yoruba.

    Upton chose Sufi wisdom as a mean of closure, avoiding the robot making ideological recuperation by communists – a lifeless substitute to culture after such culture is destroyed within and the person has no enclosed membrane culture which orients and defines. Drug addiction is also another soulless alternative to culture, however ideology is the worst, because it creates murderers.

    Apparently when Bismarck enacted the German Volksgeist and destroyed the local regional German culture, he created the very gap in which Nazism would flow in, and later communism. What is crazy is that our leaders are destroying culture but not providing a reasonable cultural mean of closure, and instead the communists recuperate, but in Russia and China! That idea Russia and China would not delve into some kind of pan-fascism, mocking our ideological adoption of leftism as dupes, does not dawn on this manipulated elite.

    Bush Jr was also dialectically manipulated by Putin, making the dumbest associations between Putin’s “faith” and an actual solid and transparent contractual basis. This was a dialectical induction of Bush Jr “thinking” he was the one doing the thinking, when it is Putin who prefabricated an associative structure for Bush Jr to figure out himself without being told.

    What is amazing is I am sure there are doctors and psychologists who know about that but say absolutely nothing, perhaps because they themselves have lost soul and see no value in culture.

    1. It’s time for Christians to invoke the power of the Holy Spirit in Christ’s name, to exorcise demons of those who demand for them to wear a mask and produce a vaccine passport. One might be amazed at the results.

      1. On the other end of the age spectrum, my 18 year old son just sent me this “based” video by young John Doyle.

        “The Very Real link Between Liberalism and Satanism.”

        There is generational hope if you look for it. But do they have time to find each other and fight the good fight?

      2. Youtube requires one to sign into a Google account, in order to view the video. Isn’t that interesting? Children younger than of age of mature reasoning, which can vary among individuals, will be Raptured, along with those who have made a conscious decision to accept Christ’s free pardon.

      3. A funny poke in the eye from stinky troll Pew W. The non sequitur, as presented, may be an instance of subliminal contradiction. You start out with Google and end with the Rapture. It is like starting with Bugs Bunny and ending with the Apostle Paul. Absurdity is a fine psychological weapon. Congrats.

      4. Backyarder alludes that a child a child posted an old video, citing that as an indicator of promise for that young generation, yet Google blocks the Youtube video for adults only.

        That’s not my doing. I state the precondition for the Rapture, because children will soon be taken along with Christian adults.

        Laugh it up; you might be left behind.

      5. Please do not quote Hal Lindsay to me. His commercial enterprise, ever successful with the vulgar, was ever full of plausible nonsense and shallow conception. Sorry to offend, but pretenders to understanding are the real offenders.

      6. 2 Thessalonians 2:3
        King James Version

        Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

        2 Timothy 3:1-5
        King James Version

        1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

        2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

        3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

        4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

        5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

      7. To Pew Warmer: I read Hal Lindsey and those like him, but then I checked what they claim against the Bible, and I could not find their claims. I can read the Bible in its original languages, koiné Greek for the New Testament, Hebrew for the Old Testament. Among the teachings I cannot find in the Bible in its original languages include the Rapture and seven year tribulation. Now don’t try to quote Hal Lindsey to me, I’ve already read his claims. Rather be prepared to suffer persecution, for hard times are coming. Will you stand strong despite tribulation?

      8. I’ve read The Bible as well as Hal Lindsey, who cites Scripture every step of the way. The term Rapture for instance was coined by the Catholic Church to describe what is elaborated on in several books. The Greek word Harpazo means to snatch away, like a pickpocket lifts a wallet. The point of the Rapture is not to spare believers tribulation. Rather it’s to remove the Holy Spirit from the planet, in order for the Antichrist to be able to take his best shot, without restraint, to therefore, It occurs before the Great Tribulation.

      9. Pew Warmer: I’m not going to discuss all of Hal Lindsey’s crazy talk, I’ll mention Daniel’s 70 sevens, then stop.

        Reading the text according to Hebrew grammar but Hal Lindsey’s numbers, has messiah being cut off during what you call the seventieth week. During what Hal Lindsey calls the seven year tribulation.

        Grammatically, the first word in verse 27 of Daniel 9 refers back to the “people of the coming leader” mentioned in verse 26. Secondly it’s falsely translated. That verb means “cause to overpower”. Seven years the people of the coming leader caused their covenant to overpower for many, half-way though the temple was destroyed causing sacrifices to cease, an action connected with the wings of idols. The Roman battle standards at that time were idols in the shape of eagles. That’s an accurate description of the Roman suppression of the Jewish revolt from 66–73 AD.

        So where is Hal Lindsey’s seven year tribulation? Where is the Scriptural justification to split off the final seven from the previous 69?

        When Hal Lindsey is so far wrong on this passage, where is he accurate? I don’t think I need to say more.

  8. What we are experiencing is managed and engineered decline.
    I do not fear Muslims, they have never robbed me or tried to extort me.
    The man in the suit who lacks both morals and integrity, however, is my enemy. The man in the suit subverts my culture and hijacks my country’s laws to further his own agenda at my expense.

    1. Lots of Muslims wear suits. Not all of them are terrorists, but most all terrorists are Muslim or JTTF agent provocateurs, such as far left Antifa, which now poses as if right, and Proud Boys, formerly, Log Cabin Republicans, who weren’t Christian, either.

  9. Interesting, and thoughtful, although I am thinking that some of these inverted principles are an ox that goes each and every one of us.

    I am of the opinion that the UFO/Alien/Extraterrestrial deception is the very aim and apex of Modernity, to which all Modern thought (defenestrated by Nominalism) has culminated in as its final and ultimate expression. Wedded to this is the related cargo cult of transhumanism: we will be forced to become our “benevolent space brothers “, while Monotheists will be regarded as agents and/or dupes of ” the bad aliens” in the establishment narrative.

    If I am correct, I cannot imagine this scenario not rapidly unfolding in the near future.

    1. I witnessed aerial phenomenon demonstrate bi-location, as if operating on principals of Quantum Mechanics. If that’s a ruse, then Earthlings have some ultra high advanced technology. Nevertheless, I concur, Strannik, that we will probably all be seeing a lot more of this in the near future.

  10. Wow, thanks for introducing this author and these concepts!

    I studied a decent amount of “postmodern” philosophy back in the day and admit the constant gnaw of relativism and contingency will continue to mess with your head – even once you recognize the contradictions and limitations of it. I actually was uncomfortable with a lot of my peers when studying po-mo; I saw it as an inherently destructive (or “deconstructive”) critical tool, which only could take you so far (which is why I opted out of making a profession of it), while many around me went down SJW road. Years later I’ve come to sense that there may be something intrinsically warping or perverse about the “postmodern” critical mode. Honestly it was my turn to God that forced the issue. You can’t be postmodernist and Christian; you can’t be a relativist and have a relationship with Christ.

    But my old mental scaffolding is still there, and I work on reconciling it just about every day. Upton seems to go at this by weaving metaphysics/psychology/sociology – which ironically is just the sort of bent that would appeal to us (recovering) postmodernists! I’m gonna get the book.

    1. I think you will love Upton’s writing. He does do many interesting things with his subject. God is about order, truth, beauty, etc. while perversity is taking you in the opposite direction.

      1. Thanks. I’ve been thinking about this since reading your essay.

        One thing I think many conservatives don’t consider, is WHY communism/postmodernism gets a foothold. Because part of the allure of postmodernism (which I construe as a re-styled version of communism) is, I believe, its functional intellectual rigor in exposing hypocrisy. The demonic trick is taking an honest intellectual impulse (i.e., a natural aversion to hypocrisy) and twisting it into something ugly and destructive, a reactive ideological path.

        A culture unwilling to tolerate honest critique can become a breeding ground for communist critique. More specifically: once a society’s ruling class becomes corrupt, and uses its power to try to obfuscate that fact and persecute detractors, the intellectually honest will sniff out the hypocrisy and abuse of power; that’s when you really need rigorous, *honest* and constructive critique. Otherwise, communist subversion can become the only game in town.

        I’m simplifying here. But take the 80s and 90s: Reagan denialism gave way to Clintonian neoliberalism, both built in their own way on suppressed contradictions and hypocrisies. In the 80s we were to believe that Reagan won the cold war and rapacious greed somehow embodied both capitalism perfected and Christian values. In the 90s we were to believe that Clinton solved the economy with “public private partnerships” (ie, Crony Capitalism) and infinite debt was actually “permanent growth” (thanks Greenspan).

        In short, I think we’ve suffered versions of subliminal contradiction for a long time, and those with an instinctive aversion to the gaslighting seek out systemic critiques. Enter communism/postmodernism, which provide tools for systemic critique. Thus, a vicious circle, wherein the hypocrisies and gaslighting of the age create conditions that draw critical minds to subversive critiques. What’s lacking are redemptive critiques that don’t paper over or gaslight around the subliminal contradictions driving minds toward critique in the first place.

        I’m speaking from the perspective of my own intellectual trajectory. Take your typical college econ, sociology, or poli-sci course, and you’re pedaled basically the party line with some milquetoast “critique” or debate basically coughed up by the guardians of the status quo. Gaslighting. Then you go to your critical theory class, and learn about “hegemony” and semiotics and you get a whole vocabulary and framework for analyzing dynamics of power and control. The gaslighting is disguised, at least at first, as “sacred cows” (subliminal contradictions) are here fair game.

        The danger is in whether you can feel (and resist) the undertow of ideology behind concepts ostensibly all about destabilizing power structures. I’m grateful for my BS detector. I went back and read all the classics (which po-mo calls the “old white men”) because I wanted first to understand what I would be “systematically dismantling.” The dirty secret is that the foundational thinkers for a lot of po-mo (Nietzsche, Heidegger) are both “old white men” and heavy hitters who took seriously the traditions from which they arose. Most contemporaries in “critical theory” are hacks who never did the prerequisite deep dive in Western philosophy. Thankfully, I rebuffed the BS and gaslighting in po-mo/lit-crit. But those majors were all to happy producing students equipped with a “revolution” mindset, never having learned the history of ideas they were now hellbent on destroying.

        Anyway, this comment became a bit biographical again, but I do think it’s interesting to consider the conditions in which communism/postmodernism flourishes. A lot of conservatives tend to quickly condemn anyone interested in communism/postmodernism. But my takeaway is that many minds drawn toward communism can be won over, at least the ones drawn to exposing hypocrisies (as opposed to the ones drawn to subversion for its own sake).

      2. Marxism wouldn’t have been a problem if there weren’t already weaknesses in the bourgeois order ripe for exploitation. The bourgeoisie as a class is not always “honest” in the classical sense. The warrior aristocrat, given that grace necessary to command, has more honesty and also violence; though all human honesty must be graded on a curve. In all this, Neitzsche stole the show with his more or less demented honesty. Yet there was an honesty there. He beat many others (except Kierkegaard) to the understanding that latter day Christians were not serious (i.e. “Bishop Martensen is not a Christian”). In political terms, we turn to Marx, who was neither Christian nor pagan, so horribly his soul was composed; himself a tendentious and dishonest genius of mayhem (mainly concerned with personal self-aggrandizement). Das Kapital has some brilliant criticisms of capitalism, to be sure. But a monstrous lie overshadows the whole. Whatever can we do with this sorry legacy? Such a waste of time, thought and paper. But there, as you can see, sits the “happy” bourgeois; Nietzsche’s Last Man. The bourgeois system wants to treat truth as a consumer item. Therefore, everyone buys the truth that pleases them. That has been very corrupting. Marx saw that the basic premise of the post-aristocratic bourgeois order was unsustainable, that Christianity was gradually decaying (as Nietzsche famously suggested), and Marx figured a plunder party would eventually occur when things fell apart. Whatever theories or social science window-dressing he and his epigones put on it, the whole revolutionary catechism is but a mighty display of neurotic resentment and power lust. Order has been breaking down, after all, especially since the ordering class was dispensed with. The balance between culture, state and religion has collapsed. As for hypocrisy, it has always been universal, just like water. Was it Thales who said water was the primary element? I forget. How much of the human body is made out of water? Remove the hypocrisy and what do you have left? A fine dust of virtue, perhaps. How can we draw more of that to the surface? Can communists be won over? Yes, I think so. But they will have to leave their dismal materialism behind.

  11. We are in an age where deception is the rule, not the exception. Nothing the mainstream media says can be trusted, and the UFO phenomenon is ramping up. I’ve seen numerous such things in traveling and at home.

    I’ve encountered the Russian thing many times. Comments on Russia Today (AKA “RT”) are rife with the idea that the US needs to ally with Russia. Russia wants the US dead as it has been the one thing standing in the way of Putin’s, and his communist forebears, ambitions.

    Things that are happening now are in line with prophecy. God is allowing evil to consolidate and stand up. He will then destroy it. The upcoming time is not going to be fun.

  12. The Phenomenon Of Mass Formation

    Published on December 1, 2021
    Written by Dr Joseph Mercola


    Key Difference Between Dictatorship And Totalitarianism

    “So, it’s important to realize that classical dictatorships and totalitarianism arise from different causes. As a general rule, in a classic dictatorship, the dictator becomes milder and less aggressive once dissident voices, his opposition, are silenced. Once he has seized complete power, he doesn’t need to be aggressive anymore and can resort to other means to maintain control.”

    “In a totalitarian state, the exact opposite occurs. This is crucial for us to understand, because in a totalitarian society, once the opposition is silenced, that’s when the state commits its greatest and cruelest atrocities.”

    “An example of this is Stalin’s purification scheme in the 1930s, which led to the death of about 80 million people in a single decade. The mid-30s is also when the Nazi regime began its insane cleansing, which resulted in the Holocaust. Both occurred after the vocal opposition had been quenched.”

    “We’re now at another watershed moment in history, where the opposition to the pandemic madness is being silenced. If we want humanity to survive and not succumb to global totalitarianism, we must keep speaking against it, because when we stop, THAT’S when the real atrocities will begin. In other words, we ain’t seen nothing yet. The worst is still to come — if we fall silent.”

    “Here’s another important point. Totalitarians don’t stop committing atrocities once the opposition is vanquished. It merely expands to new groups. Desmet recounts how Stalin switched from one scapegoat to the next, as he kept running out of groups to blame and had them killed off. Eventually, he ended up murdering half of his Communist Party members, even though most had done nothing wrong and were loyal to him.”


    1. “Eventually, he ended up murdering half of his Communist Party members, even though most had done nothing wrong and were loyal to him.”

      And this is where the firebrands in America have miscalculated. Should a takeover of our country become a reality, those who are now the brown shirts will become expendable. They will be deemed unessential rabble.

      1. @JRNyquist: “Liquidate”, from what I know of Nazi parlance, means basically “genocide”, right?

        Good god. I don’t think there’s anything more frightening than that.

      2. I’ve lived among the American ethnic Chinese—the vast majority that I met, and that includes recent immigrants, have no love for China and the CCP. It makes sense that the CCP would kill them all off.

    2. Totalitarianism springs from demonic anti human intelligences, whose possessed human hosts mirror the demonic hatred of both man and God in their actions.

  13. Luv your work nyquist, even if it sometimes makes my eyes cross and my brain go ???? For then i have to look further to uncross me eyes lol…
    We are definitely in some sort of mind game for sure, I just wondering if enough of us are aware/awake to survive/fight for the overall win.
    May God bless us with strength and wisdom to do his work and spread the truth amen.

  14. Stew Peters Show is tracking the Aussie Aboriginal abomination, and we are dedicated to exposing what’s happening to FREE CITIZENS in Australia. Stew Peters shows a video of a tribe begging for help, and challenged “influencers”, professional athletes, celebrities and lawmakers to act, IMMEDIATELY to save Aboriginals from tyranny.

  15. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, the Chinese Communist Party last night through the National People’s Congress announced that the speaking and writing language of Hong Kong which is Cantonese will be effectively replaced by mandarin, also the Hong Kong Democracy Movement including Nathan Law, Hong Kong Democracy Council and etc has remained silent on it.

    1. Cantonese will not die in our lifetime. People in Hong Kong will continue to speak Cantonese in their homes, when they go shopping, when they listen to the radio and watch TV. Mandarin has been the official language ever since Hong Kong was handed over to the CCP. The radio stations are still in Cantonese, I just checked, just as there are still Cantonese stations in Canton province.

      In southern China, Canton province, Cantonese was still the major language when I visited, especially in the smaller cities, towns and villages. The CCP wants to stamp it out, but when people leave school and start work, everything is still in Cantonese.

      To give an example of how sticky are dialects, decades ago when I dwelt in Germany, I went to visit a village just south of Heidelberg. One of the locals recognized me and asked “Wie hasch kuma?” This was over 400 years after there was a recognized official German language that every educated person was supposedly taught. Yet that dialect survived. The high German translation of that question: “Wie bist du gekommen?” Likewise Cantonese will still be around for a long time.

      1. The Voters pamphlet in Multnomah, County, Orygun, is written in about a dozen different languages. I think there’s still a requirement for US Naturalization to read and write in English. So, what’s the idea; to make it more convenient for illegal aliens to vote?

      1. At what diminished level of National Guard troops, does a State become unable to resist invasion by non military, but armed Federal agencies?

      2. Arizona has more than five thousand troops. One thousand if taken all from one state would be significant. It’s not clear where Biden took troops from; whether all from one state, or some from a number of various states.

      3. Stew Peters interviewed the elder Aboriginal spokesman today, who mentioned that foreign military forces, were supporting Australian police and military, in rounding up and forcibly injecting Aborigines and their children. Fifty -fifty, that’s what US National Guard troops are doing in South Africa. Then when they return to the US, they’ll train others in what they’ve learned. I’ll bet there will be plenty of mutinies over that.

    1. A scenario where any state- or local- controlled force will organize and stand against federal agencies is pretty close to nil. I don’t care what state we’re talking about. A state or locality will assert its jurisdiction to rebuff a federal order, and fight it through the courts. But that’s as far as that goes.

      1. Armed EPA raid in Alaska sheds light on 70 fed agencies with armed divisions
        By | Fox News
        Published September 14, 2013
        Last Update December 20, 2015

        The recent uproar over armed EPA agents descending on a tiny Alaska mining town is shedding light on the fact that 40 federal agencies – including nearly a dozen typically not associated with law enforcement — have armed divisions.

        The agencies employ about 120,000 full-time officers authorized to carry guns and make arrests, according to a June 2012 Justice Department report.

        Though most Americans know agents within the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Federal Bureau of Prisons carry guns, agencies such as the Library of Congress and Federal Reserve Board employing armed officers might come as a surprise.

        The incident that sparked the renewed interest and concern occurred in late August when a team of armed federal and state officials descended on the tiny Alaska gold mining town of Chicken, Alaska.

        The Environmental Protection Agency, whose armed agents in full body armor participated, acknowledged taking part in the Alaska Environmental Crimes Task Force investigation, which it said was conducted to look for possible violations of the Clean Water Act.

        However, EPA officials denied the operation was a “raid” and didn’t address speculation about whether it was connected to possible human and drug trafficking.

        “Imagine coming up to your diggings, only to see agents swarming over it like ants, wearing full body armor, with jackets that say “POLICE” emblazoned on them, and all packing side arms,” gold miner C.R. Hammond told the Alaska Dispatch.

        The other federal agencies participating in the operation were the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Coast Guard, the National Oceanic and the Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Park Service.

        The Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management and Park Service are among 24 federal agencies employing more than 250 full-time armed officers with arrest authority, according the federal report, which is based on the 2008 Census of Federal Law Enforcement Officers.

        The other 16 agencies have less than 250 officers and include NOAA as well as the Library of Congress, the Federal Reserve Board and the National Institutes of Health.

        The number of federal department with armed personnel climbs to 73 when adding in the 33 offices of inspector general, the government watchdogs for agencies as large as the Postal Service to the Government Printing Office, whose IG has only five full-time officers.

        The EPA defended its use of armed officers, after the Alaska incident.

        “Environmental law enforcement, like other forms of law enforcement, always involves the potential for physical, even armed, confrontation,” the agency said.

        But Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell has already ordered an investigation, saying “This level of intrusion and intimidation of Alaskans is absolutely unacceptable.”

        In addition, Alaska Sens. Lisa Murkowski, Republican, and Mark Begich, Democrat, have inquired about the incident.

        Murkowski said purported concerns about rampant drug and human trafficking in the area sounded “wholly concocted” to her.

        “This seems to have been a heavy-handed and heavy-armor approach. Why was it so confrontational? The EPA really didn’t have any good answers for this,” she told the newspaper.

        This is not the first time armed EPA guards have been accused of intimidating behavior.

        In May 2012, North Carolina resident Larry Keller was visited by armed EPA agents after sending an email to Al Armendariz, the regional administrator who was video-taped saying his enforcement strategy was to “crucify” executives from big oil and gas companies.

        “The charter of the EPA is to protect the environment and public, not to act as a quasi federal police department,” Keller said after the brief but tense exchange with agents about whether the missive might seem suspicious.

        The Department of Homeland Security employs nearly half of all federal officers, through Customs and Border Protection and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, the most recent statistics show. The statistics also show the number of CBP officers increased by 33 percent from 2004 to 2008. The number for ICE was 20 percent over the same period.

        Meanwhile, the four largest Interior Department agencies employed fewer officers during that time, including the Park Police, which employed 547 officers in 2008, 11 percent less than four years earlier, according to the 2012 report.


        Why Is The Post Office Stockpiling Ammo?
        Written by: Tara Dodrill Current Events May 30, 2014

        The US Post Office is now counted among the federal agencies posting advertisements to buy copious amounts of bullets, and some Second Amendment advocates are concerned about the large amounts of ammunition being purchased.

        The USPS posted a notice on its website requesting bids for various types of bullets, according to a NewsMax report. The notice on the government website said, “The United States Postal Service intends to solicit proposals for assorted small arms ammunition. If your organization wishes to participate, you must pre-register. This message is only a notification of our intent to solicit proposals.”

        The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is questioning the need for arming US Post Office staffers.

        “We’re seeing a highly unusual amount of ammunition being bought by the federal agencies over a fairly short period of time,” said Committee Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “To be honest, I don’t understand why the federal government is buying so much at this time.”

        Jake McGuigan of the National Shooting Sports Foundation also is puzzled by the massive ammo purchases by federal agencies. McGuigan told Newsmax that the unusually large ammunition bid requests by the USPS and others have prompted “conspiracy-type fears” among many gun owners. According to McGuigan, some firearms owners are concerned that the federal government is attempting to impact the Second Amendment rights of Americans via a backdoor effort to limit the availability of ammunition on the open market.

        Bombshell Book Reveals… How To Survive The Coming Martial Law In America

        After the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting, ammunition and guns flew off the shelves when firearms owners grew concerned about the enactment of gun control laws limiting weapons and ammo. Many popular types of bullet calibers are still in short supply today.

        The requests to fill ammunition orders by a host of federal agencies that are not regularly viewed as needing law enforcement functions continue to ignite questions and angst.

        In late 2012, the Social Security Administration posted a purchasing request for 174,000 rounds of .357 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point bullets. The Department of Agriculture (USDA) began seeking 320,000 rounds of ammo around the same time. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also posted a notice seeking 46,000 rounds of ammunition.

        Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, asked Newsmax the question many Americans were asking: Why does the weather service need bullets?

        “NOAA — really? They have a need?” Van Cleave asked. “One just doesn’t know why they’re doing this. The problem is, all these agencies have their own SWAT teams, their own police departments, which is crazy. In theory, it was supposed to be the U.S. marshals that was the armed branch for the federal government.”

        The fact that multiple agencies have police forces is “something our Founding Fathers did not like and we should all be concerned about,” he added.

        At least 70 federal agencies are now equipped with their own “armed divisions” to serve in either a protective or law enforcement capacity. Even staffers at the Government Printing Office, the Library of Congress and the Federal Reserve Board are now counted among the thousands of federal employees who are trained and licensed in weapons use.

        A Fox News report from last year focused on the armed EPA officers converging upon Chicken, Alaska, a small mining community. The EPA agents arrived in the town clad in full body armor to take part in a task force investigation searching for possible violators of the Clean Water Act. Miners were understandably shocked to see armed men maneuvering around. Armed officers from the BLM, Coast Guard, NOAA, and US Fish and Wildlife Service were also on-site to lend the armed EPA agent a hand.

        When questioned about the use of armed agents to seek Clean Water Act violation issues, an EPA representative said, “Environmental law enforcement, like other forms of law enforcement, always involves the potential for physical, even armed, confrontation.”

        Alaska Governor Sean Parnell ordered an investigation into the armed EPA raid. “This level of intrusion and intimidation on Alaskans is absolutely unacceptable,” Parnell said. Republican Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski and Democratic peer Mark Begich deemed the EPA intrusion in their state a “heavy handed and heavy armor” approach.


        Why Is the Post Office Buying Bullets?
        April 21, 2014

        As if the U.S. Postal Service didn’t already have enough to worry about, it has now become the target of gun enthusiasts, who are accusing the agency of stockpiling ammunition as part of a broader government plot to deprive Americans of their liberties.

        On April 14, reported that the USPS was seeking to buy a large amount of ammunition on the heels of similar purchases by the Social Security Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This alarmed some people whom Newsmax described as “second amendment advocates.”

        One was Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. “The problem is, all these agencies have their own SWAT teams, their own police departments, which is crazy,” he told the website. “Do we really need this? That was something our Founding Fathers did not like and we should all be concerned about.”

        If this sounds vaguely familiar, it might be because last February, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security posted a solicitation to federal suppliers for a potential purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. The agency said that agents in training fire a lot of bullets, and DHS gets a better price if it buys in bulk. That answer did not satisfy antigovernment conspiracy theorists., a right-wing website, gave voice to speculation by talk radio hosts and others that the agency was preparing employees in case of an armed insurrection against the federal government. The charge circulated so widely that Republicans in the House of Representatives called for the U.S. Government Accountability Office to study the matter. The GAO found that the DHS wasn’t girding for battle; its ammo purchases had declined since 2009.

        The USPS’s bullet purchase is playing out in similar fashion. On April 17, agency spokesman Dave Partenheimer said the postal service had a good reason for buying ammunition: Its postal inspectors carry weapons and need bullets for firearms training. Here’s his whole statement:

        “The U.S. Postal Service is not hoarding ammunition. The Postal Service Inspection Service is a law enforcement agency and its Inspectors carry firearms which require ammunition. Periodically, the Inspection Service must purchase ammunition for activities like firearms training, required annual firing range qualifications and for duty. As the Postal Service’s primary law enforcement arm, the Inspection Service is a highly specialized, professional organization which performs investigative and security functions essential to a stable and sound postal system and the security of the U.S. Mail. The Postal Inspection Service has a proud and successful record of fighting criminals who misuse postal services and products to defraud, endanger or otherwise threaten the American public.”

        Such mundane explanations won’t persuade people who believe—or claim to believe—the government is secretly amassing a vast arsenal for a coming war against them. But there’s not much the postal service can do about that.

      2. The USPS mostly hires green card holders. Veterans used to have preference. So, either veterans who became mail carriers or foreigners, are packing heat. Will Pakistani mailmen hesitate to shoot Americans?


    Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency Documents
    Pfizer’s Documents

    File Name Date Produced File Size Link
    BATES-92_adc19ef-ve-cov-7pd2-wo-eval-sas.txt November 17, 2021 9 KB
    BATES-93_tv.xpt November 17, 2021 16 KB
    5.3.6 postmarketing experience.pdf November 17, 2021 984 KB
    5.2 tabular listing.pdf November 17, 2021 2 MB
    5.2 listing of clinical sites and cvs pages 1-41.pdf November 17, 2021 8 MB
    per page
    5 documents

    Judge Orders Pfizer, FDA to Release Documents – First Doc Dump Says Thousands Killed by Shot in First Month

    Dec 1, 2021

    As ordered by the courts the FDA must release the data it based it’s EUA for the Pfizer shot.

    The FDA requested the courts to keep this information confidential for no oess than 55 YEARS!!

    The court returned with an order to release 500 documents a month.

    — Gal Shalev 🎧 (@iGNORANTCHiMP) December 1, 2021

    November 19, 2021

    When in August an international group of medical professionals, scientists, and journalists called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT) submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for a “vaccine biological product file” on the Pfizer COVID shot, which the FDA used to license the vaccine, the agency ignored the inquiry.

    In September, the group filed a lawsuit (pdf) demanding the FDA release “all data and information for the Pfizer vaccine,” including:

    (1) All safety and effectiveness data and information;

    (2) Protocol for a test or study;

    (3) Adverse reaction reports, product experience reports, consumer complaints, and other similar data and information;

    (4) A list of all active ingredients and any inactive ingredients;

    (5) An assay method or other analytical method;

    (6) All correspondence and written summaries of oral discussions relating to the biological product file;

    (7) All records showing the manufacturer’s testing of a particular lot;

    (8) All records showing the testing of and action on a particular lot by the [FDA].”

    PHMPT made a request for expedited processing of its FOIA submission, insisting there is a “compelling need” for the FDA to make Pfizer vaccine data public because “a lack of transparency erodes the confidence the medical and scientific community and the public have in the conclusions reached by the FDA,” and also since “this product is being mandated to individuals across the country.”

    The group asked the FDA to fully release the documents in four months, the same time it took the regulators to review them to fully approve the shot.

    While not a single page of the documents was made public, the FDA asked a federal judge to give the agency until 2076 to fully produce this information, per the lawsuit (pdf) filed by PHMPT this week.


    –The New American dot com

    1. Jack Shirt I wasn’t able to reply directly on your posts re Post Office and EPA above so reacting here – wow. Clearly my imagination of circumstances has been limited.

  17. I wasn’t able to reply again above, but final replies:

    “Can communists be won over? Yes, I think so. But they will have to leave their dismal materialism behind.”

    Absolutely true. We’re both probably talking about libs hoodwinked by communism, and not operatives.

    Kierkegaard was a major influence for me (Fear and Trembling) and I had an ongoing debate with a friend that we boiled down to Kierkegaard v. Nietzsche on the meaning of faith. Funny, I’m now a Christian and she’s part of the extinction rebellion.

    1. There are two kinds of communists: those followers who naively believe in the communist promise and those who cynically exploit that belief for power. The latter are not likely to be won over, the former can be if they awaken from the false dream. Interesting what you say about the two nineteenth century thinkers, Nietzsche and Kierkegaard. The latter got short shrift from Nietzsche translator, Walter Kaufmann of Princeton. Kaufmann never understood Nietzsche or Kierkegaard. Only a Protestant of Germanic background can fully understand. One must share certain biographical experiences to understand such writers. Kierkegaard, on his side, saw so many things that were wrong with Protestants — and now we see how it has played out. We are going extinct and few are rebelling.

      1. To your two kinds of Communist I add a third: ” Communists” of a Soviet ww2 era sort, who are simply nationalists who subscribe to a Socialistic economic program in that sphere of life, and are not exactly atheists either.

      2. How modern you are, Strannik, since inconsistency and self-contradiction is a modern trait. Nationalists are also communists?! Such cunning mockery! Such Machiavellian sleight of hand — to have your cake and eat it too!

  18. About 15 years ago I made a suggestion to one of the leading purveyors of the fear that extraterrestrial aliens are here to do scary genetic engineering on us. I suggested that he try to work with racist/nationalist groups. This could divert whatever dangerous anger they might have, away from other racial and religious human groups, and redirect their energies to something that helps everyone, namely investigating and resisting the ET threat.

    I never got a response from him, even though I told him about my unique qualifications to assist with an introduction to these groups. This doesn’t add up. Someone with his credentials, if he really were terrified that ET is turning us into “Borg”, would be eager to augment human resistance to this, by turning the energies of high-voltage xenophobes, away from their fellow humans, and against a real enemy, the sinister ETs.

    Another contradiction in the standard ET abduction scenario, is that these ETs supposedly have mastered interstellar and/or “interdimensional” travel, can walk through walls, erase memories, and communicate telepathically, but they need to harvest sperm and eggs with 20th, almost 19th century reproductive and genetic technology. One would think they could get our genetic code from a few skin cells or a drop of spit and then synthesize whatever they wanted, on their home planet, without abducting anyone. And they don’t seem to know how to anesthetize their victims very reliably either.

    1. Oh yes, Jacques Vallee has pointed to all the absurd elements found in the alien abduction scenarios. Charles Upton also shows additional philosophic implications. Evil always includes absurdity which lends itself to satanic inversion. Some commentators here, failing to grasp the breadth of these writings, do not realize that intelligence services and governments have been piggy-backing off the phenomenon. It is not that governments originated UFOs; rather, they manipulate the secular dream of alien contact for political ends.

      1. In reference to your earlier reply to me, mr Nyquist: I said that these people exist, not that they were consistent or lack in self contradiction, nor that I agreed with them. And they are harmless anyway for the most part. But then, how many of us are truly logically consistent or have no self contradictory traits? If only it were so! I do know that few are God fighting Bolsheviks.

        But again, you know-im pretty sure-that language has been corrupted in this modern age by Nominalism and our disordered passions, such that I loathe having to even use these words. Words have to have absolute meanings, partake of the rational Logos of God, to be real words. The rest is Orc talk. Let is refer back to Realism instead, back to Platonism and further.

        Modernity has rendered the search for Truth difficult for many: they fall for the UFO religion for the same reason that Pascal once wrote: ” they disbelieve in the miracles of Christ and Moses, to believe in the miracles of Vespasian”. That is, because they want to be fooled on some level.

    2. Hi, Joe. Seems Dr. Foo Chi also doesn’t know how to anesthetize patients either. He just cuts out their tongues so he doesn’t have to hear them scream.

  19. Thanks Jeff. Another great analysis of political brainwashing by our overlords.

    The UFO thing captured my interest at first. The 2017 Navy GIMBAL video excited me greatly, but it looked a bit odd and overplayed. One needs to be an expert on military weapon targeting systems to understand what you are actually seeing. After watching some of the videos at this source, I came back to my senses.

    The whole government UFO release thing is quite deceptive and the real question is who is behind it. Not that I don’t believe there may be intelligence out there in the universe somewhere, I’m just not sure we have seen real proof yet.

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