Histories are as perfect as the Historian is wise … and … the grand difference between a Dryasdust and a sacred Poet, is very much even this…. When both oblivion and memory are wise, when the general soul of man is clear, melodious, true, there may come a modern Iliad as memorial of the Past: when both are foolish, and the general soul is overclouded with confusions, with unveracities and discords, there is a ‘Rushworthian chaos.’ Let Dryasdust be blamed….

Thomas Carlyle, “Anti-Dryasdust”

History is not everything that happens. History, said Carlyle, consists in the worthwhile – not the trivial. Because history is about meaningful things, it must be oriented to what things mean, what they signify, portend, and lead to. Understanding history does not involve knowing every last detail of an event. It does not require us to know what the peasant had for lunch. True history is discovered through a process of sifting. The true historian, it turns out, must possess skills similar to those of an intelligence analyst (or detective). The historian and the intelligence analyst must sift a large mass of data. In the end, both must find the underlying Truth. The historian seeks the key to a historical narrative while the intelligence analyst seeks to understand enemy strategy. Sometimes the key to the historical narrative is the enemy strategy.[ii]

In the introduction to Thomas Carlyle’s Letters and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell, titled “Anti-Dryasdust,” Carlyle tells us that some things should be consigned to oblivion while others crave remembrance. Yet, historians cannot always tell what ought to be forgotten and what ought to be remembered. Alas,” wrote Carlyle, “when sacred Priests are arguing about ‘black and white surplices’; and sacred Poets have long professedly deserted Truth, and gone a woolgathering after ‘Ideals’ and suchlike, what can you expect of poor secular Pedants? The labyrinth of History must grow ever darker, more intricate and dismal; vacant cargoes of ‘Ideals’ will arrive yearly, to be cast into the oven; and noble Heroisms of Fact, given up to Dryasdust, will be buried in a very disastrous manner! –“[i]

Adolf Hitler wrote that politics is history in the making. Vladimir Lenin wrote that journalism is politics in the making. KGB General Alexander Shelepin said that disinformation is journalism in the making. Here is the not-so-royal road to perdition that Dryasdust has traveled since Carlyle’s day. He has evolved from a chronicler of flattering trivia to a very special kind of “woolgatherer.” Today we are enveloped by disinformation. All the important narratives are being falsified. The news is fake. History has now become the launchpad for a secular religion of meaningless meanings (i.e., salvation by way of state socialism). George Orwell wrote in his novel, 1984, “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the [Socialist] Party is always right.”

We are now in a war of ideas which is also a war of shadows. History, as Orwell said, has stopped. We should not be surprised if strategists and intelligence analysts are now more relevant than historians. Perhaps there is only strategy. Everything now boils down to the latest moves of the rising totalitarian Party which has taken the world by the throat. Today, through so-called “journalism,” the agents of totalitarianism are falsifying events as they happen – by twisting facts until the Truth disappears. The makers of news, the presenters of information, the intelligence agencies, the pundits and professors – all of them – are in the role of “poor secular Pedants.” We are no longer in Carlyle’s “labyrinth of History” which grows ever darker, intricate and dismal. We now live in a world that seems to have no past or future. Our politically correct historians are no longer concerned with the past. Their task, after all, is to turn history into ideology, to recite what the peasant had for lunch. The historian is now reduced to chronicling sexism, racism and classism. All purveyors of information are being corralled into that One Great Army of falsifiers and manipulators.

To see how this works, let us turn to someone who has studied strategy and knows the game. Rebekah Koffler, a former analyst of the Defense Intelligence Agency, has gone public. She has even described how our intelligence bureaucracy has been corrupted – how intelligence has been falsified by the usual suspects. On 6 January 2017 the U.S. intelligence “community” released a document, “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent U.S. Elections.” It was “an intelligence community assessment” from the CIA, FBI, NSA. These three agencies claimed that “Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the U.S. presidential election.” They concluded that the Russian government’s objective was to “help President-elect Trump’s election chances” while harming Hillary Clinton’s “electability.”[iii]

Here was a falsification, dear to partisan hearts, put forward as “intelligence” by supposed “masters of intelligence.” Of course, there is no mastery in these masters. It was woolgathering, and wool-pulling. It was based on false information used to the detriment of true information. In response to this travesty, Rebekah Koffler wrote: “As an expert in Russian strategy and cyber doctrine, I categorically dispute the portion of the assessment concerning Russia’s intentions to help then candidate Trump.” She further stated, Russia was trying not only to hurt both candidates Clinton and Trump, but to harm ordinary Americans by destabilizing our society through deceit, disinformation, and agitation. The Russians also knew, through their in-depth ‘study’ of our society – i.e., by spying on our country and its citizens – that they could count on certain internal American help, witting or unwitting.”[iv]

According to intelligence analyst Koffler, “Instead of protecting Americans from Russia’s interference in American politics, U.S. intelligence and law enforcement became an enabler and amplifier of Russian subversion….”[v] It appears, then, that our intelligence services are controlled by intelligent imbeciles, or traitors masquerading as intelligent imbeciles. And now that we are in an undeclared biological war with China, these intelligent imbeciles, or traitors masquerading as imbeciles, have remained true to form. Koffler wrote: “As we saw in 2020, the government was blindsided by the sudden spread of the coronavirus pandemic, which originated in China at the very moment it was preoccupied with the impeachment trial of President Trump.”[vi]

Timing is everything, and Koffler’s point is a direct hit: The intelligence community was too busy prosecuting a war against Donald Trump to see China’s biological attack on the wing. Even now, our intelligent imbeciles, or traitors masquerading as intelligent imbeciles, are more concerned with the threat from patriotic citizens than they are with the threat from Russia or China. After all, what do the guilty have to fear from Russia and China (who have given them every encouragement)? Logically, they fear the good citizen, the free citizen, the outspoken citizen. From these shall come, one day, grand juries, arrests and prosecutions. An internal war has now been engaged – a war of lockdowns, toxic jabs, lethal medical treatments, illegal vaccine mandates, irrational mass layoffs, the intentional crippling of the medical system, and measures that will bankrupt every Western country.

As this internal war unfolds, it is profoundly tied to an external enemy (an enemy external to the West). Intelligence analyst Koffler was born in the Soviet Union. She believes it is “extremely difficult” for Americans to “estimate Russia’s geopolitical intentions and predict Putin’s behavior.” Furthermore, Americans are mistaken if they think Russia is a normal country, or that Russians are “just like us.” When you live under a regime of ruthless bureaucrats, when you are treated brutality, when lies prevail on every side, your circumspection and cunning will be more developed, more subtle. From the Russian point of view, Americans are stupid. There is no question, then, of America being Russia’s friend. “Friendship should be the furthest [thing] from our minds,” wrote Koffler. “We cannot afford to base our relationship with Russia on sentiments or gimmicks, like looking into Putin’s eyes and seeing his soul, as George W. Bush once said….” According to Koffler, “We need to be prepared instead to win a war with Russia.”[vii]

It is too bad Koffler was booted out of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Her little light of Truth, shining in the darkness of the Pentagon, was extinguished by what Carlyle called “Pedants and Dullards, and disastrous malefactors to the world….”[viii] Does anyone imagine that the good always win? – or that the intelligent have final say? Oh no, the world works very differently in these and other times. To underscore the sheer power of Pedants and Dullards, Carlyle quoted Schiller, “Mit der Dummheit Kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens.” – Oh so apropos in the Age of the Vaccine Mandate, with the American “superpower” led by President Dementia. Schiller’s line, rendered in English, reads, “Against stupidity the very gods fight unvictorious.” Ask yourself: What happens when you empower a vain and stupid man? What happens when you put him in charge of an intelligence agency? You get the politicization of intelligence. About this Koffler wrote: “Politicizing intelligence analysis, weaponizing government activities such as the security clearance process, and even targeting U.S. citizens with unlawful government surveillance are … proficient weapons. Once the bureaucracy identifies you as someone who is unwilling to march in lockstep with the establishment, it begins to inexorably grind you down.”[ix]

Yes, indeed. The vain and stupid men, or traitors masquerading as vain and stupid men, always grind the honest down – till the Truth disappears. But when the blood reaches to the horse bridles,[x] the tide will turn. Then these vain and stupid men, or traitors masquerading as vain and stupid men, will stand trial and hang. Of course, you might think they will be found innocent by reason of their stupidity. And yes, a soft consumer society might exonerate them; but not the society to come, a society that has been decimated if not four-fifths-eliminated. So great will be the suffering, so terrible the loss of life, there will arise a new faculty of sight. First and foremost, people will be able to see what they never saw before: namely, Treason. Countless bureaucrats will be dragged onto the gallows. Why? Because these bureaucrats of the CIA and NSA and FBI fell asleep at their posts. And from time immemorial, sleeping at one’s post has been a capital crime – and shall be again. No Republic holding out against radioactive odds will pardon these vain and stupid men. Oh yes, they will hang.

To explain the Russian threat, Koffler cites a top-secret CIA report declassified in 1993. The report says that Soviet Russia had prepared to fight and win a nuclear world war.[xi] And now, says Koffler, Moscow is again preparing to fight and win a nuclear war. According to Koffler, Vladimir Putn has a five-point master plan: “In the event that Moscow’s nonmilitary destabilization campaign against America is insufficient … the Russian General Staff, on Putin’s orders, has developed a more traditional statecraft instrument – the military option. It includes a brand new doctrine, innovative warfighting concepts, modern weaponry, command and control systems, and of course, the nuclear Armageddon scenario.”[xii] Anyone who thinks that Russia is weak, should think again. We are not living in the 1990s. The balance of power has shifted in favor of Russia and China. Russia may be backward in its economic development, but American society has become exceedingly vulnerable to attack. Satellites can be knocked down, power grids can be fried, and cyber-attacks can cripple whole industries. Worse yet, the U.S. command-and-control system is vulnerable.

In war games played by the Pentagon and associated think tanks, the Russian and Chinese regularly defeat the United States. Koffler quotes from a DEPSECDEF Work participant: “The simulated enemy forces tend to shut down [U.S.] networks so effectively that nothing works.” She quoted a RAND analyst as saying, “The [United States] doesn’t just take body blows, it takes a hard hit in the head as well…. It’s communications satellites, wireless networks, and other command-and-control systems suffer such a heavy hacking and jamming that they are suppressed, if not shattered.” The red force reliably destroys our command and control. When that happens in the game, the American side quits. They are not interested in finding solutions that would be necessary in a real war.

In terms of Russia’s nuclear doctrine, Koffler thinks that Russia is not planning a surprise nuclear strike on the United States. However, first use of nuclear weapons is envisioned. This in itself raises many technical questions, especially given the logic of nuclear warfare. Somehow the Russian strategists anticipate scenarios in which asymmetrical weapons clear the way, reducing the need for mass nuclear strikes. The missing element in all this, of course, may involve cyber-warfare or biological warfare. There may be psychological weapons we have not even anticipated involving new technologies. There is also the question of how, exactly, Russia’s strategy of subversion is linked to other strategic options; and what are the linkages to Chinese strategy?

Obviously, the Russians and Chinese are executing a strategic “sequence” in which various forms of warfare are used, one after the other, to disorient, impoverish, cripple, then defeat the United States. If U.S. intelligence has no direct knowledge of this, we can nonetheless see it unfolding with our own eyes. The intentional release of COVID-19, which has been confirmed by a source in Wuhan,[xiii] and the disastrous strategy of mass vaccination adopted by the NATO countries, bespeaks of preparations that now coincide with Russian and Chinese conventional military mobilizations. But the heads of our intelligence services seem clueless. They should be warning the American people, but they are not. Of course, these agencies have never succeeded in penetrating the main enemy centers. The CIA, for example, was never able to penetrate Russia or its satellites at the strategic level. In fact, evidence from the Cold War suggests the agents we acquired in the communist bloc were promptly killed or doubled (as they all were in Cuba and East Germany).[xiv]

Even if high-level intelligence is not obtained, a good analyst can still read between the lines. According to Koffler, “There is no question that Russia is preparing for a nuclear conflict with the United States and NATO.” In 2013, she added, “Putin initiated steps to move Russia in the direction of a wartime footing.”[xv] In 2014 the Russian government began to prepare the country for war. The Russian military, economy and state administration has now entered what is called the “special period,” which aims at maximizing the country’s military potential. “This ‘special period’ legal regime can last months or years,” noted Koffler. “There is no indication at the time of this writing that the ‘special period’ regime is over. If anything, it is possible that Putin’s Russia continues to operate in a state of constant preparation for war.”[xvi]

It is unprecedented for a country at peace to assume a wartime posture for several years at a stretch. Some of us have watched this with dismay, knowing that here is no easy turnaround. For any of this to make sense, Russia should already have gone to war or should go to war shortly. Koffler has also underscored what many of us have noticed; namely, that Putin – an admirer of Stalin – has created his own version of Stalin’s wartime headquarters (Stavka Verkhovnogo Glavnokommandovaniya). Putin’s version is called “The National Center for State defense.” All of this speaks to the Kremlin’s obsession with Stalin as a wartime leader. Of course, Stalin was the man who won the Second World War, and his example would naturally be studied and/or imitated by any Russian leader looking to wage another large conflict. Koffler is therefore not wrong when she insists that “Russia is preparing for war with America, which Moscow believes is inevitable.”[xvii]

Our mainstream media has yet to stumble onto the actual facts of our situation – being distracted by other facts, of less importance. At the present time everything and everyone True and Significant is cast aside, while lies and impostures are celebrated, funded, incorporated and invested with government power. The COVID Pandemic merely demonstrates, in the most horrific way imaginable, that our institutions have become vicious because the men who lead them are vicious. Historical experience suggests that civil upheaval and global conflict are in the cards. With each day we see, in most of the Western countries, policies that promote societal suicide. Along these same lines, our vain and stupid leaders have failed to warn us that Russia and China are preparing for war.

These are the waning days of the West. The government will not listen to intelligence analysts like Rebekah Koffler, who served until forcibly retired because the bureaucracy claimed she was mentally ill.[xviii] If Koffler is mad, then the reader may be encouraged to accept the prevailing media narrative: namely, that the country is safe, that the virus wasn’t a weapon made in a lab, that the vaccines work, that we will soon reach herd immunity, that President Dementia and his party are trustworthy public servants. In that event, they can Jab us, jail us, kill us and you won’t worry. Right? After all, history has stopped.

[i] Thomas Carlyle, Oliver Cromwell’s Letters and Speeches: With Elucidations (New York: Scribner, Welford, and Company, 1871), pp. 6-7.

[ii] Modern readers may object to the idea of finding a true narrative or underlying Truth in history. Here is my suggestion: namely, that Truth is more than fact and more than that which accords with fact. It is not subjective, as many will tell you. It is hierarchical and contextual. It looks up and sees what is higher. It looks down and sees what is lower. Men are not always able to judge of these things, but everything depends on such judgment. Truth, as such, is not easy. We ever only see a small corner of it – like Moses, who, on receiving the Law, beheld only the back of God. We only see what we are able to see. And that limits us; but what is unforgivable, here, is the black urge to deny Truth altogether. Here we come against an epistemological nihilism that afflicts the humanities and sciences. It also afflicts social policy and government. As the archetype of this nihilism, Dryasdust is lost in trivia because he has no genuine point of departure, no geography of higher or lower regions. Therefore, his point of departure is always arbitrary; and so, he assumes that all points of departure are arbitrary. Discounting the possibility of objective meaning he does not believe in objectivity at all. The fact of human error demoralizes him. So, he takes refuge in the ultimate error. He denies objective reality altogether. He becomes an Apostle of Meaningless Meanings; that is to say, of the New Religion which is sometimes called “socialism” or “communism.” These are, in fact, amorphous terms signifying the pursuit of absolute political power. The idea here is that man can create a more just world through state intervention into all aspects of life. Here is a standpoint that balks the voice from the whirlwind, which says: “Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?”[ii] But life is suffering, we cry. Life is unfair. So, the creature contends with his Creator, imagining that he could do better by making a world without suffering or unfairness. Predictably, the creature who usurps the role of Creator brings on more suffering and more unfairness than ever before. He does not realize that Suffering and Injustice are teachers. And so, mankind gets a real lesson, a real whipping – in the form of hell on earth. Imagine the madness of it: Man sets himself in God’s place – as a Lenin, or Stalin, or Mao, or Ho Chi Minh, or Pol Pot. And the world becomes a killing field.

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91 thoughts on “When History Stops

  1. I don’t agree that Russia is strong. OTOH, I don’t think she’s weak either. Because of her nuke stockpile, a fight with Russia would be an existential battle. If Russia and China cooperate, then the balance of power shifts decisively. The US military is quite weak now because of the social engineering that started back in Carter’s days.

    1. You really think Russia is not strong — having the largest and most advanced nuclear arsenal with the most advanced means of delivery? You also think Russia and China may not be working together? But all the communists are working together. Or did you fail to notice? I suppose it is hard to believe we have enemies, as our own leaders appear to be on the side of that enemy. It is not just about social engineering. Our nuclear arsenal is rotting away. We are using ICBMs from the 1960s. They are teaching our soldiers that all white people are racist. They are forcing the entire military to accept an injection with a toxic, experimental vaccine, and we have no civil defense outside of “build back better,” which is actually part of an attack by the very communists who are anticipating a worldwide famine in which only those who submit to the redistribution of all wealth will eat. Oh no, the communist bloc isn’t strong. Russia isn’t strong. They just wipe us out in every war-game we play.

      1. I pointed out the nukes. I made no statement on the comm block, other than Russia and China working together.

        To make this clear, Russia is not conventionally strong and hasn’t been for some time. They don’t even have numbers now. The effectiveness of China’s armed forces has been repeatedly called into question. Together, Russia and China would be more than a handful, regardless of how effective they are when it starts.

        Wargaming has its place and they are helpful if the weaknesses revealed are dealt with. The Japanese routinely beat us in their wargames. We know how that turned out.

    2. Exactly. In our own war games, Russia and China beat us every time. And we’re likely overestimating our strength, just as the Japanese were before WWII.

  2. Thank you for the article….

    I would be very interested in current thoughts on the Ukraine situation… Also China – Taiwan?

    Seems the Ukraine situation, Poland, Belarus, could be trending in an ominous direction?

    Best wishes to you, Mr. Nyquist, and all…

    1. IMHO, Belarus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Russia. Putin wants Ukraine back under the Russian thumb. He hasn’t invaded since 2014 because of the failure to take the land bridge to Crimea. Putin tried to do it on the cheap by raising a rebellion in the Donbas which was supposed to spread along the black sea littoral to Ismael and to the Dneper river in the north.

      Even in Tsarist times, Russia wanted Poland under their thumb. Russia still occupies Polish territory to the same line that Molotov and Ribbentrop agreed to in the treaty that bears their name. These days, however, Poland is a much different creature than it was in 1939 and Putin is trying to neutralize it and get it back under his thumb. Recall that Putin’s hero is Stalin, and Putin wants to re-establish the Soviet Union. Putin has called the fall of the Soviet Union a geopolitical disaster.

      If you realize that Putin is still a Communist at heart, then you will understand much. He also deeply misses the Soviet union. He is also not a Christian, but a congenital liar. The Russian Orthodox Church is still a tool of the Russian state and is quite subordinate in their attitudes.

      1. Commies long ago learned that you never leave the useful idiots alive. Every communist takeover is almost immediately followed by a blood bath.

      1. We can only hope they are collapsing under the weight of their own blunders. I suspect that the coming global famine, due to the onset of the grand sonar minimum, is driving the whole process. The best farmland is here in North America. They want it. Biological war is an opening phase. Yet their attacks on our economy have now backfired to some extent. But I do not think they can turn back. They are committed.

      2. With the timing of the grand solar minimum, do the Chinese have the luxury of being able to choose when they want to attack? Or must they attack either next year of the following year to prevent starvation within China, with its chaos and revolution against the CCP rule? In other words, the die has been cast and they must attack whether they are ready or not?

        According to the understanding of ancient history put forward by Velikovski and his followers, the reason the Hyksos / Amelikites were able to take over Egypt “without a battle” is because the powerful Egyptian army was no more. It has just been drowned in the Red Sea following the escape of the Israelite slaves. How many of the remaining civilians had training and weapons to fight?

        If I were a Chinese general, I’d hold out for traitors in the U.S. government to disarm the public so that they, too, could take over “without a battle”. Do they have the time to wait for that to happen? I don’t think so. They and their traitors within the U.S. released a virus that killed so few people that the excess deaths were statistically insignificant—the shots are the real bioweapon—the vast majority of those who haven’t taken the shots won’t, so they won’t be killed by the shots. The CCP’s final option is to foment a civil war. But even that, both sides are warily circling around, afraid to throw the first punch. And time is running out. If the PLA attacks now, they will run into significant civilian resistance, armed resistance guided by trained veterans from the military. And that’s not likely to change in a few months.

        The talk about Taiwan and Ukraine are just smokescreens. Any thinking person should recognize that the real targets are the U.S. mainland and western Europe.

        After the attack, I would not want to be one of the traitors. If the PLA wins, how many of the traitors would they trust to leave alive? If the PLA loses, payback time.

  3. The entire world is now being pressured, collectively, into a proverbial “dark night of the soul.” However, a dark environment sharpens the senses, and sufficient pressure, in the end, produces diamonds!

    1. Anton Bruckner (1824 – 1896): Symphony No. 5 in B-flat major, WAB 105 (1875/76). 4, Finale. Adagio – Allegro moderato.

      Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra; Bernard Haitink, conductor. (1989)

    2. Yes, CO. Great point! Great insights, Jeff, once again. I don’t know how you do it all. The reading, the research, the interviews, and then the writing, every three to five days. It’s incredible discipline.

      Each stage of civilization proceeds in a particular order. The world has been in a stage of dependence and is now moving into oppression and slavery (look at Australia today.). The good news is that the next stage is spiritual reawakening. I hope to live to that point… let’s keep this period of bondage SHORT.

      Now, you and I know that God doesn’t intervene when things are bad or even terrible. He intervenes when it is beyond hopeless and catastrophic. He does this so that people acknowledge Him. So, we should not be afraid of the Russians, the Chinese, the Globalists, or the idiots. We should love all people, and stand for justice, for truth, for liberty..

      Our first job is to learn about the reality of our world and do our best to wake up our brothers and sisters. Our next job is to have courage and faith and listen to God. Isaiah 41:30 “For those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They mount up on wings like eagles. They shall run and not grow weary; they shall walk and not faint.”

      To seek the truth, do the good, love the beautiful now requires courage.

  4. The wheat IS CURRENTLY being separated from the chaff, here on earth, and amongst the hosts of heaven.

    Unless we remember the only way to God, and what he taught, we won’t get there, not a hope. A couple of reminders:

    17Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets. I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them. 18For I tell you truly, until heaven and earth pass away, not a single jot, not a stroke of a pen, will disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished.

    19So then, whoever breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do likewise will be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever practices and teaches them will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. 20For I tell you that unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’

    Sabbath-breakers and swine flesh eaters, they will not enter God’s kingdom, obviously.

    ’48Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.’

      1. Absolutely! PORK RULES.
        Maurice Bessinger, a famous “racist,” who started “Piggie Park” in West Columbia, South Carolina, in 1953, and “Carolina Gold” BBQ sauce, the largest operation of it’s kind in 1999, was my favorite since the 60’s when my father took me there in his pickup truck.
        It is still there, and has multiple locations, and serves anyone, black or white, brown or green, and as a matter of fact, I think I saw some members of the Centauri Republic, the Narn Regime as well as some Vorlons there the other week.

      2. Matthew 15:11

        11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.


      3. You guessed right, as you flagrantly ignore the laws of God, of course you will rot in hell for a very long time, followed by a swift burning in the lake of fire, along with all the other lawless pagan fakers who call themselves christians.

        Repent, you have been warned.

      4. Jesus didn’t change the Law, he fulfilled the Law. He died on the cross so that we could eat pork, but you don’t have to.

      5. He’s a Hebrew Roots type. Those are best ignored.

        I have Seventh Day Adventist friends and I’ve had this discussion with them a few times. We have agreed to disagree.

    1. Frankh: you need to read the whole Bible. The word often mistranslated as “eternal” actually means “an indeterminate length of time”. Those laws concerning sabbath, eating of pork and shellfish, etc. were not eternal, rather for an indeterminate length of time.

      Secondly, after giving some clues to that effect, God through Jeremiah specifically said he would replace the covenant given at Mount Horeb, i.e. the “Ten Commandments” and all its codicils that included avoiding pork and shellfish, (Jeremiah 31:31–33 in English, verses 30–32 in Hebrew) replacing it with a New Covenant that Jesus gave at the Last Supper (Luke 22:20). The New Covenant no longer puts special weight on the sabbath and allows the eating of pork and shellfish.

      I know Biblical Hebrew very well, hence my statement concerning “an indeterminate length of time” and I read the New Testament in koiné Greek. I don’t need to say anything more on this subject.

      1. You can look for excuses all you like bud, but if you break the laws of God knowingly, and continue to do so after being warned, you will suffer the consequences. Your opinion on the matter is literally preaching lawlessness (which is sin), and Jesus will tell you to depart from him, as he never knew you.

        Anyone who thinks ongoing unrepentant sin is OK with God (especially after He killed His own son to give us the Holy Spirit so we could defeat Satan) is sadly very lost, likely with a powerful delusion given them by God (2 Thes 2).

        The ONLY way to save our nations is for a wholesale turning toward God, through Jesus, and obedience through faith to the laws. All will be restored before the day of wrath, but not all will make the cut.

        Every word Jeff writes on the commies and what is happening is correct, but he misses the underlying cause…we moved away from living righteous holy lives. Sabbath, new moon days, the festivals of God (not the pagan Xmas and Easter). Easy things to put right too, if you have the desire to submit to God.

      2. Please do not call people here “bud.” You sound like a communist troll trying to give religion a bad name. Christians can have very different interpretations of Biblical texts, and this site is not for arguing about such texts. Please respect the fact that some of us have different theological views than YOU. Besides this: If you were right, then America would never have won any of its wars or enjoyed any of the prosperity it has enjoyed, because we would have been punished by God in 1776 and in every crisis thereafter. But we weren’t. So I do not see any reason to credit your views, and I see no deep theological insights in them. Yours is a legalistic bigotry. I am not going to come onto your website preaching my religion; so please do not come at me, on my website, with your cultish pronouncements about pork. It is absurd and has no place here. This is not a theological discussion board. You want to say we are all going to hell, then do it on your own site. We have a common enemy in the communists, and that is what this site is trying to shine a light on. If you think you are protected from harm because you avoid pork and do not celebrate Christmas, you are going to be very disappointed. You claim to speak for God, and that is pretty arrogant for someone so ignorant and simplistic. In my view, you are not coming from a place of direct knowledge, of deep understanding, or genuine spirituality. You have mistaken dogmatic pronouncements for understanding, and you have mistaken a rigid set of rules for spiritual experience/knowledge. You have yet to make one profound statement or meaningful observation. Pork is a trivial subject, and eating pork does not cause the fall of nations you poor sad ignoramus. The Romans ate pork and ruled the world for many centuries. The British navy subsisted on salt pork and ruled the seas for a very long time. So stop pretending to be the voice of God on my site, laying down judgments and anathemas.

  5. The Dark Age really was dark for about a year and a half, due to an Icelandic volcanic eruption, which ejected particulates into the atmosphere and blocked out Sunlight, enough to lower temperatures and cause crop failures. This coincided with bacterial plagues.

    Putin says that Russia’s partners, don’t seem to take his redlines serious enough. China just launched a projectile, from a hypersonic missile which was traveling at mach 5. The Pentagon says that defies physics and that they have no idea how it works.

    I guess the idea is that Americans are supposed to give up their guns so that government can keep them panicking, and from rioting like in Europe.

      1. I’m saying that abrogating Rights of Americans is no solution to the Russia and China threat, and that Russia and China are taking defensive measures against the US, in light of the planed-emic, to drag them into a one World government where they will be junior if not fully equal partners.

      2. The fact that no Governor in the United States will eliminate voting machines, and that everybody is required to wear useless masks, that the planed-emic is instigated by forces greater than US elected officials and foreign dictators, alike.

      3. People in Europe are rioting in the streets, in protest of restrictive mandates. Americans are wiser to stay at home with their guns and protect their families and property. We need to explain to cowardly merchants that we will not patronize them if they enforce mask and vaccine mandates, and we need to hole our own elections, without voting machines or secret ballots.

      4. Some say the Russian/Chinese emphasis on “hypersonic” are a result of the fact that the Reagan era SDI system gained real capability in the years following “the end of history.”
        Others say that anybody that thinks that is crazy.

      5. See Jeff, if Russia and China have such complete control of US States’ Governors, that they won’t get rid of the voting machines, in order to maintain the puppet government of the Communist overlords, than there’s no need for them to attack the United States. They can just move in nice and peaceable like. Instead, the US, China, and Russia, harass each other’s borders.

      6. To be clear, Russia and China are NOT in the driver’s seat. It’s other forces which control US elected officials and bureaucrats. Probably Jesuits, who descend of the Bavarian ilLuminati same as, Skull & Bones. They are the same few Pharisees who confused the Jews to chose the release of Barbarus over Jesus, as the names have the same connotation. Jesus cursed them to remain until his return.

      7. Re:
        [ Jeff Nyquist says:
        November 22, 2021 at 4:39 pm

        No SDI was deployed. ]

        Then you do accede that SDI does in fact exist.

      8. Why was NASA mission STS-121 in defiance of the chief safety officer, launched precisely five minutes after the first Korean ICBM was launched at Honolulu?

        Why would North Korea launch three ICBMs and six scuds to test previously proven Chinese rockets, and all of them fell into the ocean?

        Why was US Navy Captain, Lisa Marie Nowak, a highly decorated and tech weapons expert and training officer of fighter jet pilots, assigned as a lowly crane operator?

        Why would NASA leak a story to the press, instead of backing her and defending her from dubious charges?

        I find it more likely that she was running from some stalkers, rather than chasing anyone.

        Was she starting to talk about what she accomplished on STS-121, that even she wasn’t expecting to encounter?

      9. Have you no explanations?

        By the way:

        National Aeronautics and Space Administration

        Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
        Houston, Texas 77058

        Lisa Nowak (NASA Photo JSC2005-E-20604)

        Biographical Data
        Lisa M. Nowak (CAPTAIN, USN)
        NASA Astronaut

        PERSONAL DATA: Born May 10, 1963, in Washington, D.C. Married, with three children. Lisa enjoys bicycling, running, skeet, sailing, gourmet cooking, rubber stamps, crossword puzzles, piano, and African violets. As an undergraduate she competed on the track team. Her parents, Alfredo and Jane Caputo, reside in Rockville, Maryland.

        EDUCATION: Graduated from C.W. Woodward High School, Rockville, Maryland, in 1981; received a bachelor of science degree in aerospace engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1985; a master of science degree in aeronautical engineering and a degree of aeronautical and astronautical engineer from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, both in 1992.

        ORGANIZATIONS: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association; Tau Beta Pi Engineering Society.

        AWARDS: Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal; Navy Achievement Medal; various other service awards.

        EXPERIENCE: Nowak received her commission from the U.S. Naval Academy in May 1985, and reported to flight school after six months of temporary duty at Johnson Space Center. She earned her wings as a Naval Flight Officer in June 1987, followed by Electronic Warfare School at Corry Station, Florida, and initial A-7 training at Naval Air Station Lemoore, California. She was assigned to Electronic Warfare Aggressor Squadron 34 at Point Mugu, California, where she flew EA-7L and ERA-3B aircraft, supporting the fleet in small and large-scale exercises with jamming and missile profiles. While assigned to the squadron, she qualified as Mission Commander and EW Lead. In 1992, Nowak completed two years of graduate studies at Monterey, and began working at the Systems Engineering Test Directorate at Patuxent River, Maryland. In 1993, she was selected for both Aerospace Engineering Duty and U.S. Naval Test Pilot School. After graduation in June 1994, she stayed at Patuxent River working as an aircraft systems project officer at the Air Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility and at Strike Aircraft Test Squadron, flying the F/A-18 and EA-6B. Nowak was then assigned to the Naval Air Systems Command, working on acquisition of new systems for naval aircraft, when she was selected for the astronaut program.

        Nowak has logged over 1,500 flight hours in more than 30 different aircraft.

        NASA EXPERIENCE: After receiving her commission Nowak was assigned temporary duty and from June to November 1985 she provided engineering support for the JSC’s Shuttle Training Aircraft Branch at Ellington, Texas. Selected by NASA in April 1996, Nowak reported to the Johnson Space Center in August 1996. Having completed two years of training and evaluation, she became qualified for flight assignment as a mission specialist. Initially assigned technical duties in the Astronaut Office Operations Planning Branch, she also served in the Astronaut Office Robotics Branch and in the CAPCOM Branch, working in Mission Control as prime communicator with on-orbit crews. Nowak flew as a mission specialist on STS-121 in 2006 and has logged almost 13 days in space.

        SPACE FLIGHT EXPERIENCE: STS-121 (July 4-17, 2006), was a return-to-flight test mission and assembly flight to the International Space Station. During the 13-day flight the crew of Space Shuttle Discovery tested new equipment and procedures that increase the safety of space shuttles, repaired a rail car on the International Space Station and produced never-before-seen, high-resolution images of the Shuttle during and after its July 4th launch. Nowak was responsible for operating the remote arm during scheduled EVAs. The crew also performed maintenance on the space station and delivered and transferred more than 28,000 pounds of supplies and equipment, and a new Expedition 13 crew member to the station. The mission was accomplished in 306 hours, 37 minutes and 54 seconds.

        OCTOBER 2006

      10. Why should I explain what has nothing to do with my essay? Your interrogation is like a mad outburst. Why divert our discourse with an absurd NASA soap opera? To what end? Dryasdust loves this sort of thing:

        “In February 2007, Nowak was arrested in Orlando, Florida, after she accosted and pepper-sprayed Colleen Shipman, a U.S. Air Force captain romantically involved with astronaut William Oefelein, who had been in a relationship with Nowak. She was released on bail and initially pleaded not guilty to the charges, which included attempted kidnapping, burglary with assault, and battery.”

        — to know this trivia is to be polluted by it. Why should we know more? No doubt you see some dark conspiracy here. There are so many. The world is full of dark corners and unexplored trivia; and you attach great significance to it — so as to interrupt a discourse on our country’s decline, on the war preparations of our enemies. Have you no explanation? For this is not my weed patch you have laid out — but your own.

      11. See, you just swallow the NASA propaganda. They tried her in the press, because of what she say.

        Back to the point which you try and evade. North Korea launched three proven Chinese ICBMs at Honolulu and they all fell into the drink. Then they fired half a dozen SCUDS. That’s not a missile test. That was a test of US defenses. STS-121 launched precisely five minutes after North Korea launched the first ICBM. North Korea gave the United States advance notice, and the press reported it to be a missile test. What a bunch of hooey.

        You think NASA endangered the lives of the Discovery crew for no reason? What else was so urgent that they go against the decision of the chief safety officer. What a coincidence, they just happened to be up there when North Korea attacked, and never mentioned anything about the mission, but the Space Station.

        Your going along with and going off on me as being diversionary is what’s BS.

      12. Dear Jeff!

        It seems that there are still a few people in US who have recognized the Russian threat.

        “DARK EAGLE HAS LANDED US to arm nuclear unit in Germany with 4,000mph ‘Dark Eagle’ hypersonic missiles to ‘blitz Moscow in 21 MINS’ …
        THE United States has reactivated a nuclear unit in Germany for the first time since the Cold War and is armed with “Dark Eagle” long-range hypersonic missiles.
        When fully developed and deployed the rockets will be capable of travelling 4,000mph and could blitz Russia in just 21 minutes and 30 seconds. …
        The 56th Artillery Command, based in the Western District of Mainz-Kastel, was officially recommissioned by the US Army this week during a ceremony.
        The decision to reactivate is amid the growing concerns in the Pentagon that Russia has succeeded NATO and the US in creating long-range artillery rockets.


  6. If Mr. Nyquist is right, the Russians and Chinese will opt for overt war over further corruption and softening within the US. Their economic and agricultural imperatives have handed both countries a timetable that calls for going all in sooner rather than later. They would probably prefer the slower softening of the US through traitors since that decades-long program has been going so exceedingly well, but they are dealing with other variables that demand a quickening. Their electronic warfare capabilities, esp. Russian, will floor the average American.

    1. He’s close, but no cigar. The United States is so far more advanced technologically beyond Russia and China, that the US can shut them down like turning off a light; with minimal collateral damage to civilians. Russia only wanted US to think that they deliberately folded the Soviet Union, and the United States likes to play along, in order to make inroads to so-called, “former” Soviet satellite countries.

      1. “The lie is different at every level.” –Richard C. Hoagland

        (The truest quote he’s ever made)

        Please post something from Rebekah Koffler, Jeff.

  7. Sometimes my family tells me, “well if you’re right [about constant propaganda], we’ll know in time….” They think it’s axiomatic that truth will out. In their mind, “history” is guided by a sort of invisible hand of truth. Sadly, this belief tracks well with the “Party is always right.” The Party spins its magic, and everyone’s happy, never having to endure painful cognitive dissonance or re-evaluate an assumption.

    I wince when they say this, knowing that actually, if I’m right, they’re more likely only to start viewing me with loathing and pity, as the reality-propaganda gap widens.

    Mr. Nyquist, you’re often frustrated that the “New World Order” crowd minimizes or subordinates the China/ Russia threat in favor of a theory about a transnational corporate conglomerate controlling all governments. I get the major objection to that but also observe that there seems to broad agreement on dynamics and mechanisms of totalitarian control; you don’t seem to disagree about an orchestrated, top-down imposition of information and regulation through global institutions and bureaucracies. You would point out its under communist control or design (a China/Russia partnership), while the NWO crowd doesn’t see any government as the ultimate puppet master, sees ALL governments as complicit, and thinks at the end of the day we’ll be governed by a Global Technocracy w/ satellite vassal governments under its control. Nation States, if they continue to exist, would be symbolic or ceremonial.

    Something like a technocratic NWO does seem to be what the West envisions (as defined by WEF). Of course, implicit in that idea is the continuation of Western control (NATO doesn’t want a China/Russia “world order,” which pretty much illustrates your point). I sometimes wonder if China/Russia have appeared to go along with the WEF/NWO vision favored by the West for exploitative purposes, and part of what may be coming to a head is a “de-masking” where their true intentions are emerging, and the West is still deluded by their grand technocratic vision and lurching to try to make it all still come about as planned. In which case, the logical progression is that – at some point – NATO will realize that China and Russia *don’t* want to keep playing these games that make everyone’s friends rich but only enhance Western ideas and influence. They have their own ideas. In which case, soft takeover/infiltration can’t last forever. At some point, a clash is inevitable, like when you’re walking along with a “friend” and suddenly realize he’s walked you to the edge of a cliff.

    And by the way I have no idea what Scaredy Cat is talking about.

    1. Yes, you are right that I see a larger movement toward totalitarianism yet find some of the conspiracy theories too simplistic or emphasizing the wrong malefactors as primary. What is wanted is more descriptive precision. Terms like “New World Order” are not only imprecise, but involve misunderstandings of history and ideas. Knowing the enemy is not easy here. Distinguishing corrupt self-serving persons, who are exploited by an enemy, may help us understand better what is happening. Corruption here may refer to behaviors that most readers see nothing wrong with. There is — as we can see — corrupt people in religious organizations, among conservatives and supposed patriots. Nothing here is simple. Any one of us can decide to take the cash and go along with things we should never wink at. The acolytes of the New Religion have been diligent students of society. They have seen our weaknesses, and they are exploiting them.

    2. The NWO is just an instrument for Soviets to spy and control on these fools like Bush Jr. Think of it as a glorified billionaire Alcohol Anonymous meeting or group psychology counseling. No solution, no political fixture or fruitful association, no patent and industries comes out of there without the share of this knowledge by the group members. The language message is that you are not going forward into the future, none of your deeds will be accounted for the future but as a PAST FAULT you will pay for in blackmail, unless you go through the group lawyering it up for you and themselves. The Bush Jr AA patient is completely exploited for solution and for passing money to them as a “compassionate conservative” (a euphemism for giving money to the “sweet spirit” of communist opinion making God).

      1. The real money rich grubbing communists use the NWO as a front, because communism is about money but they always hid from this well.

      2. Communists always strive to gain access to elites and shy from populist street leftist protests and riots because their goal is to spy, control, parasite and take over the decision makers and the “Opinion Making” (a euphemism by DuBois for being God).

      3. Communists will use media and language to lawyer up and promote/protect their friends or accuse of past wrong doing enemies, for the EXACT SAME suspicions. Under Obama it was “rapprochement” with Iran and Cuba, Hilary deals with Putin was “reset”/”recharge”, but with Trump it was “collusion”.

      Kafkaesque framing is also brought up in the FBI in order to corrupt LE. Mueller invited the FSB after 911, and Mueller spun then terrorism as Trump voters during the Trump mandate. QED.

  8. Putin is a lawyer and KGB. Why lawyer too? Because lawyers can frame things in a good light or a bad light. Our situation at the intel level is completely Kafkaesque. Instead of hiding like fools, Dulles et al should have taken

    from the KGB playbook, which is proper perspective and portrayal control with language.

    For example, one of the biggest criticism against modern psychology is this neo-Freudian structuralism which puts the
    patient in a straightjacket. Psychotropes are also used to that extent. Setting free the patient, in a Christian way,

    really is the goal. Note, however that the Soviets and other pagan religions have set the patient only partially free.

    Recent research in Ethnopsychiatry, for instance, use the “pagan healer” approach to treat migrant patients in order to partially free the patient in a compromise with society, into a negotiated advantage over the locals who receive no such care anymore as Christianity and churches have apparently been completely incompetent and easily attacked by communists before they could figure themselves out.

    Why does Freud tells his patients that his dream and his anxiety are related to a past event? Why do structuralists/Marxists recuperate the idea and build around it a concept of “inherent child development” structure to explain it? Structure is even more fateful of a system than the nefarious look in the past.

    New-pagan inspired psychology, however, rephrase things for the patient as a good lawyer-psychologist would do it.

    Instead of looking it as an anxiety about the past, the healer looks into dreams and interpreting those dreams into the future. It is not the patient who is crazy and stuck on the past, it is the patient who at night dreams of solutions and new methods to tackle the issue in the future.

    Now, that is a more positive portrayal that puts the patient and the community in charge of solving problems. The condition caveat, of course, is that the community and authorities know about this patient:s work by inviting them to a sort of “circle jerk” of surveillance but one portrayed as group counseling. Certain persons will also come from his own culture and act as a sort of spiritual good cop to make the patient less frightened by the psychologist he confronts.

    THis is a very powerful “parliament of the gods” collective approach to intelligence gathering and healing on condition of sharing the solutions and “patents” for the “medications” and solutions, political, what not.

    However, Dulles and the others (and we can see even poor lonely Angleton) strive in total chaos as they get trapped into covering things up and developing a deadly blind spot to reality, blind spot unconsciously exploited by enemies who know how to black mail it. Instead Dulles et al. should have been lawyer-counseled about how to portray their previous ties with nefarious “father figures” of oppression that Nazis were. And this is essentially how the Soviets and Russians by extention have gotten away with their ties to Hitler, by inheriting the legalese method of lawyered up media, politics and psychology, and all under condition of being solved when under community surveillance.

    Failure in intelligence? Indeed, and it is an absolute failure. The CIA and the right in AMerica are in an utter state of complete chaos and blindness, and ironically can only get their lawyered up “securing news and comfort sources” from the KGB secondary organs (which really are its primaries on the front), such as accademia, the media, churches etc.

    Dulles and all could have focused on the future, on solving problems, but instead they staid stuck with the past by fibbing like Bush Jr. did too (a drunk at that, who got his problems solved at Alcohol Anonymous left wing mind screwing neo-religous groups, most probably, position from which he certainly was spied and controled upon).

    Just look how this imbecile felt comforted by Putin’s fake metal cross, of feeling on the good clean side there, while he calls the Jan 6 protestors a foul spirit, not comforted by them – assumably feeling the deep corrupt-state in DC smells like roses and makes him feel like roses instead (which is absolutely ridiculous childish partisan position of a kneejerking paranoiac stuck in this mental straight jacket of controled future through a globalist “get-together” where they all are dupes and spied upon). This definitely was a psy-op coup against our elites and they drank it like baby milk given their schizophrenic based mental immaturity, incapable of abstracting beyond cheap

    “New world ORder” extrapolation of their glorified kid backyard life at the country club

  9. >Please respect the fact that some of us have different theological views than YOU.’

    There is only one truth brothers and sisters-in-Christ. Multiple truths is what has given us hundreds of different flavors of Christianity. How many of them are right? Do you want to defeat the beast system that is upon us? You can’t, without God’s help. Does God help the ‘spiritual’ or the righteous man?

    I think all who seek wisdom would enjoy a quick read of the blessings and curses of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, looking at what determines blessedness versus cursedness. See any blessed nations these days? I don’t, and in a few years, post-famine, Christians might wonder why, precisely, God has forsaken them.

    Nothing new under the sun is there.

    Re the comments in this thread on swine flesh, Isaiah 65 and Isaiah 66 are worth a read. Was Isaiah a false prophet? Nope.

      1. This will be implemented globally in the late 2020s, after the planned collapse of the present fiat debt-based currencies (dollar, yen, sterling, all of them).

        The central banks (owned by Satan’s men such as the Roths) are working flat out and speaking publicly about the CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) that they want to introduce. Remember the central banks have effectively stolen every sovereign nations’ gold reserves in the past 100 or so years.

        When CBDCs are introduced, cash will be banned, and an rfId chip will be required on the right hand. They will tout their new money as being ‘as good as gold’, and the tattoo over the chip will be of a fine gold bar, with its fineness shown as .999 (check on a web image search). As the right hand is presented to be scanned for buying and selling, the tattoo will be inverted, giving the prophesied 666.

        If you are spared until those days, it will be time to take a martyr’s death, and have a brief rest in heaven in peace and security, before the resurrection back to life just a few years later.

        The beast system draws closer day by day. Turn to God, through Jesus, and look for God’s messenger around the world.

  10. Good article, so I reread it.

    There are two things that I noticed that stand out. 1) The war games seem unrealistic or unimaginative. 2) In order to declare full victory over the U.S., the Chinese and Russians will need “boots on the ground” i.e. occupation troops.

    The U.S. side quits when command and control systems are lost? But spread spectrum radio is impossible to block, except if the enemy puts down such a thick blanket of electronic noise that it also blocks their command and control. Secondly, civilian communications companies have put up a swarm of hundreds of communication satellites, would the Russians and Chinese be able to knock them all out? Why aren’t they factored into the war games? Doesn’t the military have back up sources of electricity for communications that are EMP hardened? What about other systems, even military units, that can operate semi-autonomously? Where’s the imagination?

    The PLA is large, but is it large enough to enforce an occupation of the U.S.? How many men can they spare from occupying China and ready to fend off India, so that they can take and hold the U.S. mainland? Nukes can do only so much, and for maximum effectiveness, they need to be set off in flat areas. But in hills their coverage becomes patchy and in mountains good only for high-value, pin-point targets. They would need troops to occupy those areas where angry, armed men will try to stop them. Connected to this is how much damage to the infrastructure will the Chinese accept, when their goal is to use it for their own people?

    Rebekah Koffler’s analysis appears to be spot on. Our “intelligence agencies” are worse than useless. They are setting us up for a fall. Can we survive?

  11. There is a tone at times on this blog that goes well beyond legitimate anti communism and a critique of the Soviet and Post Soviet era governments of FSU, and veers dangerously into the territory of paranoia and a demonization of Russia/Slavs/Orthodox Christian civilization that often typifies Western writing since at least the 1500’s. From Tsar Ivan Grozny to Gregori Rasputin to today, much lies and foolish tripe has been written about the real fighters against the powerful forces arrayed against mankind.

    There is both a legitimate Ukrainian nationalism, free and Orthodox, as there also is Great Russian and Byelorussian Nationalisms that can and should operate as federated brethren, but nuances are lost on a modern liberal West that is blind to all but what reflects on itself. Such thinking is feared and hated and misunderstood, political thought that can speak of a Tsarism that is “Autocratic ” yet on a practical level is also nearly Anarchistic, Communitarian, and Ethno Nationalist, and deeply Christian and Agrarian. This is the cultural ” code”, and it’s antithetical to Marx and Lenin in a way that any Western resistance to the Red Beast and its nonsense can never be. It always comes down to the war against Oligarchy, does it not? What can Cossack and Old Beliver teach a half atheist West though, historically speaking?

    It is well and good to speak of History and Historiography and the illiteracy of moderns as they face their inevitable denouement, but is it well and good also to cut the Gordian knot and divide two sides of the same coin: Enlightenment Liberalism and Communism? Especially as the roots of both lie to a significant degree in the Scholastic Nominalism of the Western late Middle Ages? Words become hollowed out in their meanings, and so History and its purpose become a closed book.

    I can’t speak to your central thesis and your claims regarding it, but I have grown to think that modernist and revolutionary society simply cannot avoid falling into some sort of Leftist abattoir for a time. Petrine and Westernized Russia fell to Bolshevism and America will fall to something similar as a natural consequence.

    1. I am not anti-Russian. The rulers of Russia are not really pro-Russian. All this leftist garbage here in America was financed by Moscow for decades. The Kremlin still works with our subversives here, pretending they are against them. It’s very funny. You just have to see that the real enemies of America — the communists — are Russia’s secret rulers (even now). After all, they stole Russia. Did they really give it back? No.

      1. I did not say you were anti Russian, mr Nyquist. I am certain that you are quite capable of making distinctions and seeing nuances in these matters. Just as I do not myself lump in Monarchy and Aristocracy with their polar opposite which superficially resembles them: Oligarchy, for example.

    2. Is this guy “Strannik” somebody who has been kicked off this blog a couple of times and now is back under a new name? When he started out with “…Post Soviet eras governments of FSU…” how can his message tell the truth when the communists never gave up their occupation of Russia and Putin is an anti-Christian Stalinist?

      The most anti-Russian person I met was a Ukrainian, born in a German displaced persons’ camp after WWII. How does that fit with Stannik’s “There is both a legitimate Ukrainian nationalism, free and Orthodox, as there also is Great Russian and Byelorussian Nationalisms that can and should operate as federated brethren…”? Present day Ukrainians are children and grandchildren of those who survived the Holodomor, are these the people who will happily and willingly join as “federated brethren” with Russians who gave them the Holodomor?

      There are other clues that make me conclude that “Stannik” is the same guy. How much of what he wrote is true?

      1. See, here is an almost perfect example of what I’m talking about. We have Golitsyns (almost certainly a Velikorussian nationalist and orthodox Christian personally) original thesis transformed into a umbrella for ignorant and malevolent tribalists, ideologues, and religious fanatics of all stripes to gather under, united by fear, envy, and antipathy. One could theoretically be a person perfectly at home spiritually and politically with the Great Russian Idea, be 100% convinced of the essential elements of what defectors like Golitsyn wrote, and yet find no common place among such people who are utterly anti Russian and anti orthodox right down to the bone. But because of these savage and stupid hatreds, these people have no chance whatsoever of defeating the Red Beast themselves, cannot possibly defeat Communism blinded by the spiritual and cultural chains which led to the threat of Leftism in the first place. Regardless of what a Golitsyn, a Lunev, or a Nyquist writes, on the merits or lack thereof of their claims and ideas.

  12. Two suggestions, everyone. If you haven’t seen it, watch the movie called Monopoly: Who Owns the World. You can find it on StopWorldControl.com. It;’s free.
    New movie available on Thanksgiving. It’s called Capitol Punishment. It’s a documentary about 1/6. It’s available on http://www.Godspeak.com for purchase.

  13. Working with American nationals was a real eyeopener for me.
    After being exposed to European media, my thoughts were initially clouded by this propaganda that was almost unanimously anti Trump.
    What a shock to meet real flesh and blood Americans who loved him, sung his praises and slowly the red pill was administered. The deeper I looked the more angered I became as I realised that I was a victim of propaganda and media administered behavioural modification since entering school.
    We truly do exist in an upside down world.
    I am very conscious now how I absorb and relate to information, I trust no source and always look for the strings attached to the narratives being peddled…

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