What the world really wants is flattery, and it does not matter how much of it is a lie; but the world at the same time also wants the right to disguise [the flattering lie], so that the fact of being lied to can easily be ignored. As I enjoy being affirmed in my whims and praised for my foibles, I also expect credibility to make it easy for me to believe … everything I hear, read, absorb, and watch….

Josef Pieper

Here are four requirements for selling a narrative to Americans: (1) It must be easy to grasp; (2) it should require no independent checking; (3) it must flatter existing preconceptions; and (4) it must be forwarded by celebrities.

In his little pamphlet, Abuse of Language – Abuse of Power, Josef Pieper described what happens to language when it aims at something other than the truth. According to Pieper, whoever chooses his words without being explicitly committed to the truth is not regarding other people as equal partners. “In fact,” says Pieper, “he no longer respects the other as a human person.” Communication then becomes manipulation. All conversation ceases. All dialogue comes to an end.

And behold! Where once a country existed, a madhouse appears. The people become deranged by the lies they believe in. An optimist might suppose our leaders have retained some portion of truth for their own navigation. But no, it is a case of insanity all the way around. Policy then miscarries. Consider recent events in Afghanistan where lying and bungling went hand-in-hand. Look at the COVID-19 pandemic with its useless vaccines. Again, we find that lying and bungling are the correlates of policy. Consider, as well, conservative efforts to find the truth about last year’s election.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, like a mad Jack-in-the-Box, has popped back into the picture. Recovered from the shock of his failed cyber symposium, he continues to say Dennis Montgomery’s packet captures are 100 percent reliable. He cites Dr. Shiva’s analysis and Dr. Douglas Frank’s math; yet the analysis and the math do not appear relevant to Montgomery’s alleged PCAP data. Nevertheless, Lindell presses forward because his message – (1) is easy to grasp; (2) requires no independent checking; (3) flatters preconceptions; (4) and is forwarded by a celebrity (i.e., himself).

Has Lindell been wounded by his inability to produce, as promised, his “absolute proof”? In court Lindell’s lawyers say he has suffered losses. On Lindell TV, however, the MyPillow CEO says business is good. “I’m not selling off anything,” Lindell bragged. Evidently he has hired almost 200 new workers for his company; so the media have it wrong. If this is true, then Lindell’s lawyers also have it wrong when alleging he suffered losses.

On his TV channel yesterday Lindell said he was not swindled by software designer Dennis Montgomery, that he did not buy Montgomery a $1.5 million house in Naples, Florida (as suggested by Zachary Petrizzo at Salon.com). Yet there must have been a financial arrangement between Lindell and Montgomery; especially since Montgomery is said to be unemployed and recently registered his business at the address of a newly purchased $1.5 million dollar house. Where did Montgomery get the cash for such a residence?

Given all this, how can Lindell claim that Montgomery did not swindle him? Was there no exchange of information for money? Montgomery was, after all, the primary source for Lindell’s nonexistent “absolute proof”? As everyone can see, no proofs have been forwarded despite Lindell’s high-flying promises. No authentic packet captures (PCAPs) were presented at the symposium (not even behind closed doors, according to my sources). Yet Lindell maintains that Montgomery’s data is “100 percent.” He has said that Montgomery is “golden.” He has said that Mary Fanning and Brannon Howse are also “heroes.” What kind of heroism, ten months after an election, proves so bootless? Not one shred of proof has appeared. What remains is dodgy math and a dodgy software developer. Even more curious, two weeks ago I spoke with an associate of Dennis Montgomery who alleged that Montgomery had never promised PCAP data to Lindell. All this is doubly confusing when juxtaposed to Lindell’s latest commentary, where he says: “I don’t know why they keep hammering on [Montgomery]. You know why? Because he has probably got the most … accurate captures – and stuff – ever!”

Most accurate “captures” ever? From a guy who gave the Maricopa Sheriff’s office fake data – as attested to by Thomas Drake and Kirk Wiebe, who found “evidence of an outright fraudulent con”? Since the ill-fated cyber symposium, I have spoken with specialists who were backstage during the event. They told me no authentic PCAP data were presented. To save face, Lindell’s “absolute proof” was allegedly handed over to government-connected experts for examination. In a recent speaking appearance, “Election Investigator” Douglas Frank said that FBI undercover agents were at the cyber symposium ready to arrest Lindell & Company as soon as they released the PCAPs. So, the PCAPs were never presented.

But were there really any PCAPs? My sources say there were none.

If Josef Pieper is right, false narratives and false heroes are morally and politically dangerous. Such narratives detach public discourse from reality. A nice man who sells pillows or a likeable high school chemistry teacher, can do a lot of damage when people erroneously regard them as heroes of truth. Recent events have shown, quite clearly, that Lindell and Frank misled the public about the election fraud evidence. Even if this was done out of ignorance, or from foolishness, the time is long past for contrition. When do we get an apology? When can we get away from this never-ending campaign of misdirection and gaslighting? “There is real election fraud taking place,” said Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai to Steve Bannon during the cyber symposium. “There is likely a set of people who want to blur that. The folks in power… put out something like this [i.e., Lindell’s data] … to hide the real issues….” Referring to Lindell’s “true” vote totals for the election, Shiva’s suspicions were aroused: “I’m saying that this is evidence of a potential disinformation campaign.”

Yet Mike Lindell continues as before; and Douglas Frank continues his road show, telling audiences that the promised PCAP data was withheld because it contained proprietary information (i.e., passwords). But we should not worry because, as Frank told one audience, “It doesn’t matter if you have the evidence…. In any court of law, you could prove fraud over and over…. Do you see that it’s not about the evidence anymore? It’s not about our laws anymore. So, the legislatures aren’t going to save us. The legal system [is not] going to save us. It’s back to you. It’s ‘we the people,’ the real government.” [Applause.]

What does this mean in practice? – when the left controls the culture, the courts, the schools, the government, the media, etc.? Who, exactly, are “the people”? And how are “the people” to rescue themselves when they cannot win in court, when they cannot win an election, and they cannot produce the PCAP data? “I think honestly,” says Dr. Frank, presenting himself as a truthteller. Yet honest thinking requires consistency, and Dr. Frank’s discourse is anything but consistent. He always begins by presenting important evidence; then he says the evidence does not matter. Even laws do not matter, since he believes little can be done through state legislatures. Everything is then laid at the door of “the people” – that nameless amalgam of disempowered nobodies. They must organize the solution themselves. But if no legal remedy is possible, if evidence and legislative control is irrelevant, what is this aforesaid people’s movement for?

Not surprisingly, Dr. Frank has been called to account by Jovan Hutton Pulitzer for “misdirection regarding the audits.” With rhetorical flourish, Pulitzer says, “The person I am calling out is Dr. Frank.” To his credit, Pulitzer wants full forensic audits. “But then some Bozo in a bow tie [i.e., Frank] with no technical background … sweet-talks everyone into a canvass [without the full forensic audit].” If you push canvassing without the audit, lawmakers will take a wait-and-see approach (which they prefer). Legislators have readily latched on to Dr. Frank’s advice, especially when he suggests “the legislatures aren’t going to save us,” because lawmakers can then breathe a sigh of relief.

Politicians may pose as messiahs from time to time, but they prefer to avoid the inevitable crucifixion. Frank’s idea is for “the people” to organize canvassing on their own, to build a movement. And while this movement is building, the clock will run out on the audits and the ballots will be destroyed. The next election will then resemble the last election. Of course, every sitting politician may not feel threatened if the status quo holds. It is not hard to see why Republican legislators in battleground states prefer to keep a low profile. After all, the people are responsible for everything. The politicians are responsible for nothing. According to Pulitzer, Dr. Frank has been called to testify and give advice to legislators. This is “idiocracy,” says Pulitzer, because Dr. Frank is not qualified to give advice on elections or audits. Of further interest, Pulitzer suggested that Dr. Frank’s mathematical “discoveries” were “borrowed” from Bobby Piton, a portfolio manager who is running for the U.S. Senate in Illinois. “You know why I am calling out Dr. Frank?” asked Pulitzer. “Incredible people in Washington State … got completely undermined because of Dr. Frank…. I am upset, sick to my stomach that … others in Wisconsin … [were] completely undone by Dr. Frank.”

Is Jovan Pulitzer correct in his criticism? Many people have said that Dr. Frank is a hero, that Mike Lindell is a hero – even as Lindell has lionized Dennis Montgomery and others. In times of distress, we want to believe in heroes; but do we know what a hero is? Thomas Carlyle famously wrote that the foremost trait of a great man is sincerity; that is, genuineness, freedom from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy. “For if we think of it,” wrote Carlyle, “no Time need have gone to ruin, could it have found a great man, a man wise and good enough: wisdom to discern what the Time wanted, valor to lead it on the right road hither; these are the salvation of any Time.”

It recurs throughout Carlyle’s works that the hero’s second trait, after sincerity, is an ability to see the truth. Carlyle wrote: “of a Great Man especially … I will venture to assert that it is incredible he should have been other than true. It seems to me the primary foundation of him ….” The truth is not easy for mankind, noted Carlyle: “Poor human nature! Is not a man’s walking, in truth, always … ‘a succession of falls’?”

America is now experiencing “a succession of falls.” What is wanted is vision. What is needed is the truth. Pieper explained that one “may be entirely knowledgeable about a thousand details and nevertheless, because of ignorance regarding the core of the matter, remain without basic insight.” Because of ignorance regarding the core of the matter, Pieper tells us that “authentic reality is taken over by a fictitious reality … a pseudoreality, deceptively appearing as being real, so much so that it becomes almost impossible any more to discern the truth.”

Indeed, discerning the truth does seem almost impossible today. We have the pseudoreality of political correctness, climate change and Critical Race Theory. We have the pseudoreality of defeating COVID with vaccines that do not work. And we have the pseudoreality of self-defeating patriots.

Notes and Links

Thomas Carlyle, On Heroes and Hero Worship and the Heroic in History, Kindle Edition.

At the Symposium we were told that the PCAP data could not be revealed as promised, but would be shared with the global directors and officers of the Information and Sharing Analysis Organization “who are authorized to receive this information to process … threat information on behalf of the U.S. Government,” in accordance with the Cyber Security Act of 2015. https://rumble.com/vl20ir-breaking-news-cyber-symposium.html

Bobby Piton’s interview with Stew Peters – https://rumble.com/vk8bjo-arizona-audit-estimated-311000-phantom-voters-state-officials-move-to-decer.html

“Truth is very nuanced,” said Dr. Shiva. https://rumble.com/vl3hyx-symposium-data-disinformation-campaign-dr.-shiva-explains-findings.html


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120 thoughts on “False Narratives, False Heroes: The Pillow Fight, Part III

  1. “Road show”–yes, where he is selling that new and improved snake oil that we spoke about in a previous thread 😉 I guess that they’re a bunch of market hucksters, and little more than that.

    I’m glad I never paid much attention to Mike Lindell, apart from his ever-present and irritating bedclothes commercials on the Fox News Channel.

    It’s another great, in-depth article that you’ve written here; the part about Montgomery and his new “residence” is especially intriguing.

  2. Mr. Nyquist, I’d like to ask you what do you think about the theory that COVID-19 was released from the Institute “Vector” in Russia and that it was brought by representatives of FSB and GRU in Wuhan, China during the military games there in 2019. It was confirmed by former KGB agent Yuri Shvets. I know that Institute Vector is engaged in creating viruses. We mustn’t forget that Biopreparat program was run by Kremlin in creating dozens of viruses during the Cold war. So I personally believe in the theory that actually Russia was behind the creation of COVID-19. What do you think about all I just wrote?

    1. From past observation it seems that Russia and China are working together and every major move has been agreed to in advance. I do not believe Russia would risk releasing a virus in China without Chinese approval. Shvets may have been fed true or false information. Strategic intention is not so easy to interpret without taking a larger view.

  3. The quote in the beginning is good – humans wants flattery yet don’t want the lies to be too obvious. Yet there are major differences. Postmodern Western societies have evolved to the level where they primarily want to evade responsibility, and when the liar conceals his lie decently enough, they can claim they aren’t responsible if it turned out to be untrue. They believe their intentions are what matters – not the outcome.

    In other parts of the world, however, the outcome must matter more than the intentions, because one’s life still depends on the outcome, not on how others see their intentions. That is why they desire control and power more than absolution, and where the Westerner desires peace and stability, the non-Westerner desires victory. There lies a great asymmetry of the conflict your blog seems to deal with.

    1. Yes, like “Sorry that our jabs didn’t work very well but we tried really hard to make them right. Here, take this new and improved booster. It will do the trick”.

  4. Mr. Nyquist, speaking of potential shills, what is your opinion of J.D. Vance (a lawyer and the writer of the book “Hillbilly Elegy”)? I find it hard to read him; in other words, I can’t tell if he is genuine or not, as I read an article once which said that “Hillbilly Elegy” may be more fiction than fact.

    Tucker Carlson, on the other hand, seems to think he is quite credible, as Vance is a frequent guest on his show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” When Vance comes on, however, I tend to tune him out.

  5. Your second paragraph, “Here are four requirements for selling a narrative to Americans: (1) It must be easy to grasp; (2) it should require no independent checking; (3) it must flatter existing preconceptions; and (4) it must be forwarded by celebrities.” shows a really low opinion of the American public. Unfortunately, it seems to be accurate.

    Trump came on the political scene promising “to clean out the Swamp”. But he failed to take out even low hanging fruit of the criminality. I am now convinced that the reason for his failure is because he is part of the swamp, just the wrong person to clean it out.

    He chose as his VP a man who, based on his actions as governor of Indiana, had shown himself to be spineless, not a man true to his stated convictions. After Trump had won the primaries, I was willing to give him the benefit of doubt that maybe he really meant what he said, but that choice of VP was a real blow to his credibility.

    Now Trump, the celebrity, is hawking his snake oil that he is the one who can “make America great again” without the people doing much themselves. But there are economic trends that unless they are reversed, they will lead inevitably to an economic crash that will make the 1930s Great Depression seem like a walk in the park. That is, if world war 3 doesn’t intervene. The people need to reform, delay gratification of luxuries, get out of debt, vote against expansion of government giveaways, in short, practice frugality and responsibility and demand the same from their “elected representatives”. Do you see that happening? I don’t. Do you see Trump urging people to reform? I don’t. Or does he merely tickle the ears of his audiences to flatter them according to their existing preconceptions?

    So now I come to Mike Lindell. Because I don’t watch TV, I never heard of him before. He’s selling the same snake oil that Trump is selling—that he’s the savior who will right the wrong of the stolen election. (There’s no question that the election was stolen, the fraudsters were so brazen that it looks to me that they wanted to get caught.) All the people need to do is to sit back and watch his victories. Is he, like Trump, part of the Swamp? Is he honest? Do not his actions contradict that public persona that he wants to project?

    Thank you for your investigative reporting that helps us identify and recognize what is going on, so that we are not fooled. Many of us don’t have the resources nor connections that would give us the opportunity to do the honest reporting that we need. Thank you.

    1. I will disagree here that “Trump is part of” the D.C. muck. I think that he would have been able to scrub it out, or much of it anyway, if he had been able to secure the second term that he had truly deserved. I believe that he just wasn’t given enough time to do it.

      1. People have a tendency to give their leaders a lot of time to fix what is broken, after a while though one might have to change one’s opinion about that leader if they take too much time.

    2. I respectfully offer another view of Trump. Trump did his level best to clear out people, but it’s very difficult because of the civil service laws that make it nigh near impossible to fire employees in the federal government. I believe that Congress could fix the “swamp” in either one of two ways. First, change the civil service laws so that all of the review processes and protections are reduced or removed. Everyone could serve “at the pleasure of the President.” Period. Or, Congress could stop appropriating funds to these departments. No money, no employees, right?

      As far as the political employees, yes, Trump did his level best to clear out people. If you have any doubt, take a look at this link on Wikipedia on Trump’s appointments,dismissals, and resignations.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Trump_administration_dismissals_and_resignations. It’s exhaustive and must have been exhausting to Trump. Also, remember, Trump filled more judges seats than nearly all of his predecessors at a record pace. He just did not have enough time to finish the job.

      Who said that we have the government that we deserve? I am sad for Lindell and sad for us. Recent events make it clear that we’re paying the consequences for our apathy, our greed, and our pride. Mike Lindell’s story of a man rising beyond his flaws to stellar success is the American story. Now, It looks like the traits that propelled his success also propelled this failure, an all too human story.

  6. The article you link above, from “The Post and Email,” is a short article and an important read about Montgomery. A cloud has followed the man for many years and he is not credible.

    1. According to detective Mike Zullo, and journalists who have written extensively on Montgomery, plus testimony from his own lawyer on Montgomery’s Wiki page, he is a classic con artist.

  7. Hi Jeff. I’ve got a question. in the article you refer twice to the “vaccines that don’t work.” Are you then now convinced that that is the case — that the vaccine for certain is not preventing serious cases of Covid? I have refused the vaccine, but I have three older friends who were vaccinated, got Covid afterwards, and did much better than one would expect. Two of these people are 83 and were hospitalized, but they both recovered. My other friend is 60, has the illness right now, but if only sick with it at home in bed. She has the delta variant symptoms: headache, runny nose, sore throat, and fever. (With delta, there is apparently no loss of taste or smell, no nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting). Mostly my friend just feels exhausted and is sleeping all day, but she’s not much sicker than she would normally be from a cold.

    Personally, I”m not about to get the vaccine because of all the reasons there are to distrust it. But are we actually CERTAIN that the thing is NOT reducing serious cases of Covid? We SUSPECT the vaccine could be a Chinese Trojan horse that will take out a lot of people after it’s been in their system a while, but we don’t know that. That possibility is a big reason I and many others didn’t get vaccinated. But if two or three years go by and that doesn’t happen, a lot of us would reconsider the decision not to take the vaccine.

    You do such thorough research on everything, so I’m curious why you say hands-down that the vaccines don’t work. It seems to me they may be helping. Am I missing something?

    1. Gretchen, with all due respect, please be aware that IT IS NOT A VACCINE, it is a gene therapy and by continually referring to it as such loses half the battle out of the gate.
      The fact that the CDC just changed the definition of “Vaccine” and Vaccination” is Illustrative here.

      Ivermectin is certainly of help in treatment of “Covid-19” and results are not yet in on it’s beneficial effect of protecting vaccinated individuals from some percentage of Spike Protein damage.

      1. Dear 9071E, below is the link to a conversation between the Australian Senator Craig Kelly who is also a leader of the United Australia party and Dr Vladimir Zelenko from new Yourk who has successfully treated 7000 patients with Hydroxychloroquine.


        And here is a link to Craig Kelly’s conversation with Dr Brian Tyson from California who has successfully treated 6000 patients with Ivermecin.


        Regards – Bogdan

    2. In three years when it turns out the vaccine is not a diabolical bioweapon, there will be something else that paranoiacs latch onto that “proves without a doubt the Evil intentions of America’s Communist enemies”. The vaccines will have proven to save countless people from extreme cases and death (as you are currently witnessing), so the militant anti-vaxxers will avoid discussing it, or else they’ll simply keep their blinders on, holding out for some vaccine-induced tragedy to befall America (and the world over) so they can be right.

      Reason and truth have become politicized, with each party claiming to hold their keys of access. This polarized thinking is what drives us to war and needs to stop. We have to trust that we are all seeking the same truth, so even if we don’t exactly find it, we’re not on such opposite ends of the spectrum that it divides us. Absolute truth is a unicorn that we should never expect to find.

      1. I agree with you most definitely about the vaccines, disagree with you about absolute truth, although much that we know is ”as through a glass darkly” and in this fallen world there are nuanced and contingent realities to many situations in life, which is complex enough. But not so complex that one’s conscience can’t speak to them. I also have quite a caveat with your statement on Communism. The Soviet Union failed not so much because it was Socialist, but because it alienated good and honest people with it’s lunatic and savage bloody Anti-theism.

      2. We DO NOT KNOW yet, dear Radiofort. The son of my close friend who is a world class paediatrist in Melbourne Royal Children Hospital has told me that they haven’t got even a single case of post “Covid” complications, however, they are receiving an increasing number of post “vaccine” complications among “vaccinated” children. FORCIBLY vaccinated, for that matter.
        Regards from Melbourne – Bogdan

      3. And again, dear Radiofort; Following a really DIABOLICAL narrative pushed by the regimes enforcing vaccinations on reluctant population, the narrative that includes ignoring and even a criminalization of workable solutions like Ivermecin, Hydroxychloroquine, Oleandrin (mentioned by Jeff in one of his post), suppression and censorship of alternative opinions expressed by world class specialists, unworkable and BARBARIC mask mandates and lock dawns, we have an ABSOLUTE right to be deeply suspicious of their motives.

      4. If the mRNA jibby jab is so safe, I wonder why the NIH just announced they are granting $1.6 million dollars to several institutions to study the effects of the vaccine on women’s menstrual cycles. Seems that vaccinated women are reporting problems with that.

      5. This is a very rigid and extreme way to look at things. If a truth can’t be proven then it technically doesn’t exist. Which is why people are able to live in such different realities from each other. Claiming one knows “the truth” over others is ignorant and inflammatory, especially if that “truth” can’t be proven. Most religions have to convince their followers that they have “the truth”. This relieves the follower from having to do any real thinking, or take responsibility for what they do in enacting their “truth”. This is why we have extremists. This is why we fight. You have illustrated it perfectly, thank you.

      6. And you have just illustrated perfectly that you yourself believe in absolute truth. You believe it is true that, “if a truth can’t be proven then it technically doesn’t exist.” Ok then, can you prove that statement which you seem to rigidly embrace?

      7. “Truth technically doesn’t exist without proof” means in the eyes of the law, it doesn’t exist. We are trying to live under a common set of laws here, yet you act like truth is something that each person can hold independent of what we see, and what others believe. This simply is not true, and causes the problems in the world that we face. We all have to abandon some “truths” that we think are absolute in order to get along with each other. We build our laws to uphold the “truths” that we agree on as a nation. Over time our “truths” change and so must our laws. This is a simple concept and should not be controversial.

      8. VAERS data to date says 13K have died within days or weeks of injection. 600K listed adverse reactions. Most of hospital cases of “covid breakthroughs” are vaccine failures. And you call this safe and effective?

    3. Gretchen please tell me your thoughts on the following material.







      This video presents D Dimer Test Results indicating permanent damage of blood vessels leading to high lung blood pressure as well as cerebral thrombosis at the capillary level for 62% of patients tested after having taken the Covid vaccine.


      This is an interesting video

      Nursing Home Whistle Blower.


      Here are 2 more worthwhile videos.





      Must See video:



    4. I say the vaccines do not work because they do not prevent the disease in vaccinated people, and those people can spread the infection. Normally, when vaccines are said to work, they basically eradicate the disease (period!) — as with smallpox or polio or German measles. As far as some level of protection, please show me a scientific study I can trust. Right now, we are blanketed with so much disinformation I do not trust what the government says. These idiots believe in anthropogenic global warming. Science is no longer scientific. This should be the warning label on every scientific claim today.

      1. I agree with what you say about how “disinformation” on the vaccines (and masks also, for that matter) is rampant. It is very confusing, and it’s hard to know what to believe, regarding any of it. Fox News calls this tactic, “shifting [the] goalposts.”

      2. Right. If it’s not medicine, it’s environmental. Right now, the threat (to you) is a vaccine. When that threat is gone, climate change legislation becomes the threat. And if that were ever proven useful and not Evil, then abortion becomes the Alamo. You act like you see everything more clearly than most people so your fears are more relevant. They’re not. You could go to your grave never seeing the fruition of all the Communist strategy you fear. This is very possible, if not likely. At some point, doesn’t that make you wrong?

      3. The problem with these vaccines is they only make the body target one thing, the spike protein, and do so by making your own body make it. Older normal vaccines used dead virus particles so the body would detect many proteins and build a more robust response. Then the virus can’t simply mutate one gene and evade your immune response.

        The same thing happens if you actually get sick with the virus. Your body learns to attack many of the proteins. If you live and build up an immune response, it will be an order of 10 or better at dealing with any mutations in the virus. The key is living.

        There are things that can help you fight an infection, but they appear to be off the list of things officially recommended. When hospitals get big $$$ to stuff a tube down into your lungs so you can breath, do you think they all would try to stop it? Some do try, but there is no incentive to try very hard.

      4. “vaccines do not work because they do not prevent infection” is completely incorrect. They purpose of a vaccine is to neutralize a biological threat in whatever way possible. Just because the vaccines of 2021 aren’t the same vaccines we’ve used for decades doesn’t mean they’re not vaccines. Acknowledge the facts and move forward.

      5. He said “*the* vaccines do not work *because* they do not prevent the disease in vaccinated people, *and* those people can spread the infection.”

        Anyone can see that, Radiofort, unless maybe they are a solitary monk living on a mountaintop in the Himalayas. Seems to me all your realizors aren’t working.

      6. So the vaccines don’t work because they’re not perfect? Because they’re not eradicating the virus the way you want them to? The reality is, vaccination protects one from extreme damage by the virus. Why is this a bad thing? Hundreds of millions of people have been vaccinated and are fine, and will be fine. The highly vaccinated populations are not suffering nearly as much from the infection as the unvaccinated. Why is this bad? Mistrust in our medical institutions is detrimental to the individual and society at large. Paranoia about government control is crippling America’s ability to protect itself, and dividing us where we need not be divided. Many people are afraid of effective protection from the virus instead of the virus itself. This is absolutely bonkers.

      7. The “vaccines” dont work because they dont do what a vaccine is supposed to do, and the situation on the ground is that they have caused a substantial amount of problems and deaths. I personally know of three people who, since receiving one of the shots, have been having pretty serious health problems.

        As far as trusting our medical institutions, these institutions are telling us men can become women, and women can become men. They tell us abortion is a legitimate thing. They are denying, and ridiculing proven, life-saving, inexpensive drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, and pushing treatments that are not effective against the virus. My friend, you are exactly right that I dont trust our medical institutions, though I do trust some of the people in said institutions.

        You say we must unite, but what you really mean is those of us who believe in absolutes, and who are mistrustful of our government and other institutions, must submit to whatever those institutions tell us.

        There is a verse in the Bible that says “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” Even if you choose not to believe the Bible, (and I believe every word of it), cant you see the truth revealed in that rhetorical question? You admit it yourself when you say that us on the “right” must move more to the center so we can be united, as I recall you stating in your comments from a few weeks back.

        If you have faith in the shots, then just take one and get on with your life.

        Also, no matter what, we are all going to die from something. I’m not doing questionable things in order to survive something I have a very high chance of surviving anyway.

      8. A vaccine either stops disease, like the smallpox vaccines, or it does not. It has nothing to do with what I want. I just watched Dr. McCullough who says the vaccinated appear to be just as vulnerable to infection as the vaccinated. 60 percent of new cases in the UK are from vaccinated people.

      9. I’ve been fully vaccinated for 4 months. Most everyone I know is vaccinated. We’re all fine.

      10. RADIOFORT:They purpose of a vaccine is to neutralize a biological threat in whatever way possible.

        No, that’s what antibiotics are called. Idiot!

      11. And I will add, a coworker took the jab a few months ago and has suffered serious joint pains ever since. There are reasons people don’t want anything to do with these experimental jabs.

      12. Vaccines are not antibiotics. And your buddy’s joint pain being attributed to his vaccination would require evidence to determine causation. It’s unwise to just assume one causes the other and go forward believing that just because you want to.

      13. “…please show me a scientific study I can trust. … Science is no longer scientific. This should be the warning label on every scientific claim today.”

        Back when I studied science at the university, all science texts and professors agreed on one definition of what makes one study scientific, and another not scientific. That was a definition that had been in use for centuries.

        Already then there were “scientists” who taught their students that one definition, but did not follow it themselves. Then in the 1970s–1980s, creationists took note of that hypocrisy, that of teaching one thing but not following it themselves. The reaction to that was not a mea culpa, rather a changing of the definition of science all the while claiming that the definition was not being changed. So today the term “science” is an emotionally laden term that means nothing.

        So today, if one says “follow the science”, the first question should be “what do you mean by ‘science’?”.

  8. Jeff what are your thoughts on the magnetic substance that the Japanese found in the vaccines? It seems to fit perfectly with the idea of a “kill-switch”. Magnetic substances can easily be manipulated with low energy transmissions at great distances. Time to put on the tin-foil hats for all vaccinated perhaps?

      1. It seems the more insights I get the more confused and paranoid I get. A friend told me about this study done on mice several years ago. They injected the mice with a magnetic protein and were then able to mind-control the mice. The very idea of magnetic compounds in the vaccines open up endless possibilities. The zombie-apocalypse (as silly as it may seem) becomes a real possibility with a mind-altering magnetic substance being injected into a majority of the population.

      2. Mind control experiments are very real. How successful they are at controlling anyone is speculative. Generally, you paralyze the critical faculty so the person believes everything he is told. The Russians perfected such a drug more than half a century ago. It has been widely used on us.

      3. Any evidence of this claim? Or is this one of those things we should just “know” is happening and therefore be afraid of nonetheless?

  9. Slightly off-topic, but what is your take on India – a country currently experiencing border issues with bellicose China – participating in Russia’s “Zapad 21” wargames? I had hoped India would provide some kind of counterweight in southern Asia but this move just baffles me, to be honest.

      1. Sam Faddis suggests that what happened in Afghanistan was not a failure but a deliberate move to strengthen China’s designs for Asian hegemony, putting pressure on India, leaving a jackpot of military supplies to be used against her, “turning Afghanistan over to China.” Faddis says that the Chinese embassy is open, that Chinese technicians are working with the Taliban, talking about taking over the Bagram airbase. Faddis talks about lithium deposits and other interesting details. Frankly, it is a plausible explanation that makes sense of what happened. Mad King Joe may be demented, but he knows who bought and paid for him.


  10. If the FBI said the cleartext passwords were the reason the packets could not be released, that is BS. Almost all network traffic, either inside a home, building or on fiber on the Internet, is encrypted and impossible to read. If you had a network of voting machines and central control systems, they should normally be encrypted very well, unless someone’s brother in law is selling to the local polling place or the certified vendor is not very good at security (as we see in many companies today).

    The only thing one might be able to see is connections being attempted by hackers, and then you would need to know what you were looking for to find any fraud. If a hacker broke into a system and pulled out some cleartext data, yes, that might include names and results, but would it be considered private enough to make the FBI both ignore the break in and ban reporting on it?

    1. James G.: I just used the phrase “crack into voting machines change results” on the Brave search engine, and came up with several articles reporting that the voting machines have weak security such that crackers can get into them, see clear text, change the results, copy the clear text, etc.

      That’s not counting the possibility that dishonest poll workers were given the passwords to crack into the machines in order to change the results.

      However, this is not the same as the PCAP data Mike Lindell claims to have, which makes this information moot as far as Mike Lindell’s claims.

  11. In commemoration of the atrocities of twenty years ago:

    Joseph Haydn (1732 – 1809): Symphony No. 26 in D minor, Hoboken 1/26, “Lamentatione” (1768), 2nd movement: Adagio. – La Petite Bande; Sigiswald Kuijken:

  12. I had a very good conversation with a fellow friend of Hungarian descent. He was very worried about the current situation here in Canada and said this gradual vaccination apartheid will result in something far worse than what the Nazis did in Germany. His reasoning was that unlike the Jews, non-vaccinated people can be considered as murderers because they are perceived to spread a deadly virus and are the reason which prevents others from going back to normal. Entire groups of people are being chastised for a single non-vaccinated individual – an example of this is in the workplace, where employees are unable to return to their offices unless vaccination rates among their peers are at 100%. I sense skepticism towards the propaganda narrative and government distrust among small town folk. PPC lawn signs almost rival Conservative ones and Liberal signs are far and few between. But Torontonians are very liberal and many take media propaganda as gospel.

    Looking from the outside, do you see the COVID-19 situation escalating towards Nazi-level persecution? Just like with the Nazis, our governments are currently committing crimes against humanity, this time by coercing a deadly and unnecessary injection, if this further escalates to concentration camps and murder, we could see the Red Army being portrayed as liberators.

    History sure does rhyme, doesn’t it?

  13. “On August 14, Blankenbiller responded to a comment asking her why she was in the hospital if she got the vaccine by saying, “The vaccine is a layer of protection. It’s like a boot camp for your body to go up against COVID.”

    “Now, unfortunately, I did not get vaccinated,” she added. “And it’s not because I’m anti-vax. I waited too long. I was scared. There’s nothing wrong with that…it’s too harsh sometimes, it’s OK to be scared, it’s OK to be unsure.” She added that the vaccines hadn’t been FDA approved; while three vaccines were authorized by emergency use at the time of her hospitalization, the FDA granted the Pfizer vaccine full approval on August 23, one day before Blankenbiller’s death.”


      1. Your point is that we all die? Very profound, bravo. Try to wrap your mind around what this woman was saying. She could have likely saved her own life by vaccinating, and she wanted the world to know. She wanted people like you to know, you’re running a big risk. She was 31 years old and could have lived longer if she hadn’t been so afraid. Take from that whatever you want to.

      2. That would save so many lives if people would just quit driving cars.

        Here’s another interesting story. My cousin is a software developer. He works from home. He and his wife have four young children, and homeschool them. He is also in great health, into competition jujitsu. When the coronavirus hype started, he quit all possible activities he could outside the house. He kept his kids from going to church, visiting grandparents, everything. He developed some sort of computer program projecting how many people you would potentially cause to die if you got out in public and were an “asymptomatic” carrier. He updated these projections regularly on Facebook, with stern warnings to folks to stay home.

        He’s had his family locked down for around a year and a half now. I had to quit communicating with him around June of last year, but I’m pretty sure he and his wife got injected.

        Guess what? They all have Covid now.

    1. The real problem is how people respond to the spike protein. It regulates many body functions and in some people the Fauci Virus (honoring him since he funded engineering it) causes the body to react excessively to it and thus the immune system melts down and attacks self. That is why the Fauci Virus and vaccines have so many different effects on different people.

      The standard treatment of sending people home after a positive test is the worst thing a doctor could possibly do. Thankfully, there are states (Florida, etc.) that have set up clinics where those who catch it can actually get antibodies that will fight the Fauci Virus before it reaches the cytokine meltdown point. Something as simple as taking extra vitamin D and other supplements before you get it can help. People need to educate themselves, but that is very hard with all the misinformation out there.

      Specific cases say nothing about the nature of the Fauci Virus. I run the numbers a month ago from the UK public health service on their case numbers. Of those who got it (Fauci Delta mostly), more died that were vaccinated than unvaccinated, possibly because of high rates of vaccination in the UK. About 5% of the unvaccinated died while about 1% of those with 1 jab died and 1.5% with 2 jabs died. The numbers were very small and thus statistically poor, but I find it odd that those with 2 jabs died more often. This makes me wonder if the upcoming booster jabs are going to make things better or worse?

      1. And looking at the very latest UK Fauci Delta deaths on page 22 of the latest report 22 we find those with the jab are dying at about twice the rate of the unvaccinated!

    2. Look at her size, she could have saved her own life by maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, eating properly. She should have known that her biggest risk was being obese. She was 31 and could have lived longer if she had healthier habits.

      My brother is 29 years old, never had any major health problems and was vaccinated with the 1st shot of the Astrazeneca vaccine. About 2 weeks later he had a heart attack, but survived. I know several people who died or developed some sort of disease, like cancer, or disability within weeks after getting vaccinated against CV19.

      1. There are two vector threats for the injected. 1. Immediate adverse reaction to blood clotting, heart enlargement, brain deterioration–neuro issues such as paralysis or convulsions, heart attacks, death. 2 The long term affect potential are profound: sterility, heart attacks, immune failure, cytokine storm where exposure to the same virus or derivative and produce and affect where your own immune system begins to rapidly attack your organs–this is referred to as ADE and was common when tested on animals with this mRNA vaccine in the early 2000s. Anyone who by God’s grace escapes vector #1 effects should be very thankful and immediately begin to follow the Dr Zelenko medical protocols (NY doctor) for keeping the spike protein now residing in every organ in your body at bay and under control. We will find out within several flu seasons if ADE is a real scenerio with these injections. If you take the vax, it is like playing russian roulette with your body.

    3. Radiofort, here is something to think about. How do you reconcile the following information? https://www.deconstructingconventional.com/post/18-reason-i-won-t-be-getting-a-covid-vaccine Greyknight, you are correct, and I agree we need to wrap our heads around that fact. I would add that as Christians we are taught that we are pilgrims on earth. Our true home is with God and Jesus. Our work is to make earth better for those here now and those who come after us.

      1. Radiofort, here is another essay that includes a 13 minute video montage of journalists, news anchors, and personal testimonies exposing vaccine injuries and deaths. People are extremely skeptical because of these annoying little facts. We have never required people to have vaccines to maintain employment. The issue boils down to a lack of trust between people and our leaders and experts. People don’t know who to trust or what to believe. Until we have unbiased and full disclosure of acts, using government force is a very bad idea.

  14. Today is September 11th, 2021 AD, in the Year of the World 7529 from the Creation, on the Feast day of St. John the Baptist, Forerunner of the Lord and his martyrdom by beheading, and the day of commemoration of all the Orthodox Christian soldiers around the world who have fallen in battle serving Christ and His Commonwealth, usually against the forces of Muhammad. So appropriately enough, the Soldiers of the Forerunner of Antichrist on this day 20 years ago, decided to draw America into battle with their Islamic hosts of Jihad by carrying out the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and probably another attack which was foiled by the brave heroes on one of the hijacked planes.

    Many here might disagree with me as to who and what is the primary enemy on Earth of mankind, some will say Communism and I’ll say militant Islam, looking back at history, on Afghanistan and Chechnya and Syria. So be it, this disagreement. But today I’ll say what I said back then, all those years ago; all good men stood on that day and condemned this evil, this terrorism and barbarism.

  15. Wait a minute. In the context of what you were saying to Ladyfromlibertygarage, you were talking about truth as an entity, as reality. You said “If a truth cant be proven then it technically doesn’t exist. Which is why people are able to live in such different realities from each other.” Now you are shifting to talking about truth as evidence in a court of law, it seems.
    For now you say, ” truth technically doesn’t exist without proof’ means in the eyes of the law, it doesn’t exist.”

    But then you transition again, and say “Over time our ‘truths’ change and so must our laws.”

    Poor fellow, I think you are confused.

    But now, I am curious about a few things: What are your current set of “truths”, and when do you suppose they will expire, and how will you know when they are no longer true?

      1. It’s not a problem, friend. And you happen to be right, so I hope the young man listens. A person does wrong, these days, and is tempted to disbelieve even though their conscience is bothering them, or rather precisely because their conscience is bothering them. No Judge, no Judgement, no absolute truths, nothing to keep you from telling the truth even to yourself, right? It’s a very convenient ideology to have, is it not, the ideology of no absolute truths. One can lie and do or say whatever they will. But in their hearts they know better.

  16. I’ve been reading and discussing the subject of the vaccines with several people and what is striking is the near-total belief in the theory of the “elites” wanting to kill off a large portion of the population. This conspiracy-theory has been around for some time and has been widely spread in all “alternative” circles. To me this is starting to smell very much like an idea planted by the ccp.

    When people die from the vaccines the’re coming after the elites. What would be more perfect? The outrage in the west will make our countries eat themselves up as the ccp-criminals laugh at us at a safe distance.

  17. Jeff, what do you make of all these crackdowns in China? My friend teaches students in China online and says her school is afraid they’ll be shut down at any moment. (Apparently the Chinese government is lying to them, telling the school one story and the parents in China another.) Now China has gone so far as to ban all new video games. Do you think this is a short-term strategy or long-term?

  18. Mr. Nyquist, you said;

    ”No. Russia is with China and only pretends to be India’s friend.”

    I do not believe that Russia and China are as lovers, caught in a warm-and very exclusive-embrace, that they should make some permanent alliance.

    Some fears are very real, after all;


    This will not happen, but if it is ever attempted, from a desire to take Siberia, it would mean the terrible end of Chinese civilization. On the other hand, it is not wrong to want peace between neighbors and mutual trade between them.

    It is impossible not to lead and not to exercise eternal vigilance, impossible to not have a realistic view of the world, with the weight and example of 1000 years of history bearing down on you.

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