The Russian is clever, but always too late.

Russian Proverb

The Russian will never be able to dispense with the German.”

Otto von Bismarck

In the Russian-occupied oblasts of Ukraine, the voting is over. According to Russian officials, 95 percent of the voters want to be Russian. It seems that the people of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk and Donetsk loved being invaded by Russia so much, they want to be annexed as well. It hardly matters that most of these people are non-Russian. The benefits of Russian citizenship are so appealing and so chocolate-filled, they could not resist. Everyone in Southwest Ukraine just loved how the Russians flattened the city of Mariupol. They admired so much the Russian artillerymen who attacked hospitals and apartment buildings. And the biggest bonus of all: A real KGB-man is now their president, instead of that Jewish comedian in Kiev. 

Of course, the evil G7 has condemned this Russian exercise in democracy. “We will never recognize these referenda which appear to be a step toward Russian annexation….” On Friday Russia annexed Southwest Ukraine, which President Putin put into context as follows: “In 1991, at Belovezh Forest, without asking the will of the common citizens, representatives of the then-party elites decided to destroy the USSR, and people suddenly found themselves cut off from their motherland. This tore apart and dismembered our nation….”

In this strange post-Soviet game of peek-a-boo, Putin told his audience that the leaders of the USSR “did not fully realize what they were doing [in 1991], and what consequences this would inevitably lead to in the end.”

Yes. They did not realize that Ukraine would break free of Moscow’s control and attempt to chart its own course. Seeing the emergence of real Ukrainian democracy in 2014, the Kremlin annexed Crimea and invaded Donbas. But that was not enough because Ukraine was growing stronger, more confident, more independent by the day. So a larger invasion became necessary. But that invasion miscarried. And now, after further battles, Ukraine’s forces are advancing and retaking conquered territory. How could this be stopped? The answer was fake referenda and annexation. Make the conquered territory Russian territory and threaten anyone who would liberate it. In keeping with this plan, Putin said, “I want the Kiev authorities and their real masters in the West to hear me, so they remember this. People living in Luhansk and Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia are becoming our citizens. Forever!”

How grandiose, how absurd, how brutal. You invade a country, you kill its people by the tens of thousands, you knock down large cities, you hold a fake referenda, and you declare the victims of this aggression to be yours “forever”! “We will never abandon them,” Putin said. And in his next breath, he added, “We call on the Kiev regime to immediately end hostilities, end the war they have unleashed back in 2014 and return to the negotiating table.”

To justify his cause, Putin cleverly referred to an apparent attack on Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline. The pipeline has not delivered gas to Germany since 31 August; yet “multiple ruptures” in the NS1 and NS2 pipelines were reported on 26 September as likely acts of sabotage. All of this was made to order for the annexation of Southwest Ukraine. Putin framed the incident as follows: “Sanctions were not enough for the Anglo-Saxons. They moved on to sabotage. It is hard to believe but it is a fact that they organized the blasts on the Nord Stream international gas pipelines, which run along the bottom of the Baltic Sea…. It is clear to everyone who benefits from this.”

Having accused the British and Americans of attacking the pipeline, Putin then mocked a rules-backed international order. “Has anyone seen these rules? Who agreed to them?”

Putin claims he is fighting a larger war. It is a war against NATO. It is a war against America. Therefore, he must raise more troops. Last week Putin ordered a “partial” mobilization of 300,000 reservists. The actual mobilization, however, is said to be much larger than this. Some experts are saying that 1.2 million men are being mobilized in Russia, including one million first-time conscripts. This was not supposed to be necessary for a Russian victory in Ukraine. This leads to some uncomfortable questions: what if Russia is using the Ukraine War to prepare for world war? What if the real target of these mobilizations is the United States? Taking a larger strategic view, what do we make of China’s mobilization, referred to by officials in Guangdong Province as “the transition from normal to war”?

It is a neat trick that Russia and China are mobilizing and threatening war at the same time. It is another neat trick that Russia is engaged in a massive mobilization while NATO does not mobilize at all. Since mobilization is war, what could NATO be thinking? There appears to be a larger plan at work, but nobody seems to see it. What if Russia mobilizes another 1.2 million in December? What if the process is repeated in March of 2023?

I fear that a psychological pattern is being established. Russia appears to focus its aggression on Ukraine as China focuses its aggression on Taiwan. Yet the military resources now being mobilized are growing out of proportion if we are talking only of regional objectives. What if global dominance is the goal? In fact, Putin talked about this as recently as last July 20 when he said that the current world order is finished. “Revolutionary transformations are increasingly gaining momentum and strength,” he explained, echoing one of Lenin’s mantras. “These tremendous changes are certainly irreversible. And both at the national and global levels, the foundations and principles of a harmonious, more equitable, socially oriented and secure world order are being developed….”[i]

Speaking at a Russian business forum, Putin said that a new historical epoch is approaching. It is the West that is totalitarian, he added, not Russia. It is the West that is racist and neo-colonial, not Russia. And then, last week, announcing Russia’s mobilization, Putin offered the following threat: “I am not bluffing.” He says he will use every and any means at his disposal to defend Russia. But why would anyone attack Russia? He is the one who launched an invasion! And we might ask ourselves what kind person says they are not bluffing? Is it a person who is actually threatening nuclear war?

And why do Russian officials keep threatening nuclear war? Why is Ukraine so important? UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson offered an explanation back in March when he said that Putin does not believe Ukraine is joining NATO anytime soon. According to Johnson, “He knew perfectly well there was no plan to put missiles on Ukrainian soil. He didn’t really believe the semi-mystical guff he wrote about the origins of the Russian people – that he read in Nostradamus Meets Russian Wikipedia.” None of the reasons for the war, given by the Russian side, are credible. According to Johnson, Putin was “frightened of Ukraine because in Ukraine they have a free press. And in Ukraine they have free elections. And with every year that Ukraine progressed – not always easily – towards freedom and democracy and open markets, he feared the Ukrainian example and he feared the implicit reproach to himself, because in Russia you get jailed for fifteen years just for calling an invasion an invasion. And if you stand against Putin in an election, you get poisoned or shot.”[ii]

Putin’s supporters in the West object when Russia is compared with Nazi Germany. But then, why don’t these same people object when Putin and his lackeys call Ukraine a “neo-Nazi regime,” or accuse the West of following in Hitler’s footsteps?[iii] Who is the real Nazi here? Isn’t it the country that invades other countries, intending to keep their territory “forever”? And yet, incredibly, some people in America believe that Ukraine is the country run by Nazis. Oh yes, a neo-Nazi regime led by a Jewish comedian! What kind of demented halfwit formulated Russia’s propaganda line in this regard? The big bad Russian wolf is threatening to blow down the little piggy’s house because it is a Nazi house. All the huffing and puffing is laughable. Yet the Russian people are subjected to this huffing and puffing, day and night – a constant drumbeat of nonsense.

But there is more to this. Ukraine is not the only free country that frightens Putin. America frightens Putin, and NATO frightens Putin. A fight against America, at the very least, would be a nuclear fight. It would involve massive mobilizations. Russian expert Fiona Hill, in a recent interview, said that Russia may be raising a million men. Why so many? Add to this another oddity: China is also mobilizing for war.

Mobilization Madness

When Ukraine was first invaded the Kremlin predicted victory, promising that mobilizations would not be necessary. But now we see that Russia’s victory is in doubt, and mobilizations are needed after all. In the aftermath of Ukraine’s recent victory in the north, Russian authorities are so desperate for warm bodies they are mobilizing elderly and disabled persons. There are even reports of youth under 18 being conscripted and fathers with dependent children taken for service. Such mobilizations/conscriptions are supposedly against the rules; but Russia is a country where the government routinely breaks the rules. Moscow will not even honor its contracts with Wagner Group mercenaries. If the initial contract has expired, too bad. Mercenaries are required to stay at the front without a contract. In fact, the wives and children of mercenaries are not allowed to discuss the death of a loved one. If they do, they could lose their benefits.

In terms of equipment, we are told that new Russian recruits are being given old and rusty weapons. Those being mobilized are asked to supply their own sleeping bags, bandages, and medicines. Conscript training centers do not have sufficient housing and bedding for the incoming conscripts. If the soldiers at the front are inadequately supplied, conscripts and reservists can expect even less support. In the last analysis, nobody wants to serve in an army that does not take care of its soldiers.

The Soviet system seems to be alive and well in Russia. We see the whole mechanism lurching forward, one fiasco after another. And now we see resistance beginning, here and there. Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has welcomed Russians fleeing mobilization/conscription. “Most of them are forced to leave because of the hopeless situation,” said Tokayev. “We must take care of them.” This turnabout is unexpected insofar as Tokayev is one of Putin’s chief allies in Central Asia. In fact, last January Russian troops were used to suppress domestic unrest in Kazakhstan. Tokayev had asked for the help. So, what happened to his gratitude? Is the Kazakh president’s sympathy for Russians evading military service sincere? Or has he made this statement to placate the people of his country, who might begin an uprising against him when Russia is no longer able to sustain him?[iv]   

Even more remarkable, according to Roman Petrenko, some Russian military personnel deployed to Kazakhstan in January have refused redeployment to Ukraine.[v] The excuse is given that they lack air transport. Is this a charade, or can we give it credit? Surely the Russian government would send transports to take them back. How could they possibly refuse an order? In a story from Tallinn, Estonia we read, “About 98,000 Russians have crossed into Kazakhstan in the week since President Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization of reservists to fight in Ukraine, Kazak officials said Tuesday, as men seeking to avoid the call-up continued to flee by land and air into neighboring countries.”[vi]

One may not trust one’s own eyes, seeing the disloyalty of Putin’s manpower reserve and the apparent treachery of his Central Asian friends. We scratch our heads. Can this be happening? A war of deception, by Russia, has been waged against the West for many years. We were told, indeed, that Russia had become a democracy. We were told that Russia had become a capitalist country. We were even told that Putin is a Christian and a nationalist; but now everything is turned on its head. Putin and his Soviet rump regime appear incapable, weak. Perhaps the regime is doomed. And yet, only a few weeks ago Putin was bragging about the Revolution that is coming.

Putin’s mobilization order has caused many Russian men to book airline flights abroad. Border crossings into Finland and other countries have been jammed with men trying to escape. In response, Russian border security has been tightened, flights have been canceled, and Russian men have been threatened with long prison sentences. How long will the Russian public tolerate the lies and the brutality of their government? Can the secret police, and the riot police, keep the population from rising up?

Meanwhile, protests broke out in Russia’s cities with hundreds taken into custody. A revolt has been reported in Dagestan involving 300 deaths. Muslim men feel unfairly targeted for conscription. At the same time there are indications that the whole Caucasus region has lost all respect for Russian power. Chechnya is withholding troops from the front, Georgia may be preparing to retake territory lost to Russia in the 2008 war, and Armenia no longer sees Russia as a reliable protector against the Turks and Azeris.    

For Putin, the situation now goes from bad to worse. There are now anarchist partisans at work in Russia, damaging rail lines and throwing Molotov cocktails at government buildings. Sky News is reporting the shooting of a Russian conscription officer in Irkutsk.[vii] In addition, Molotov cocktails were thrown at a conscription center in Uryupinsk.

With Russian morale falling, there are reports of conscripts being sent to front line units without training. We are being offered a peculiar picture of Russian incapacity. Is that picture to be trusted? Where are all the weapons Russia has been building under Putin’s administration? We are told they aren’t there. But is this really true? An American traveler in Russia recently said that Russia is a giant armed camp. Russia’s arsenal is massive, he added. “I have seen it myself.”

Friday night discussion with Nevin Gussack

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240 thoughts on “Mobilizations, Annexations and Pipelines

  1. “Where are all the weapons Russia has been building under Putin’s administration? We are told they aren’t there. But is this really true? An American traveler in Russia recently said that Russia is a giant armed camp. Russia’s arsenal is massive, he added. ‘I have seen it myself.’”

    There are huge storage facilities in Russia for old and obsolete equipment. It has been reported that military manufacturing has collapsed and the Russians have been reactivating T-62s for service. To give something of an idea at the level of equipment that represents, the main battle tank of the US at the time was the original M-60. The US National Guard and Reserve was using those to train with in the mid 80s. I was in the 30 Armored Brigade (TN Army National Guard), and we even had a couple M-48s in our training pool. The 100th Division (Army Reserve) also had a tank pool at Fort Campbell. To my knowledge their pool was all M-60s.

    The Active service was in transition from the M-60 A3 to the Abrams at the time.

    You can see in aerial photos many of the Russian storage facilities are full of tanks that will never see service again. They are everything from T-62s to later iterations of the T-72. Most are junk and the money needed to maintain them has been stolen with parts sold nalyevo and officers on the take getting the money.

    I would say that Russia only appears to be an armed camp.

    Putin is trying to give the appearance he is some sort of reformer, but he is anything but. Russia is owned by the intelligence apparatus. If Putin is pushed out the door, the next man will be a product of the KGB/FSB as will the guy after that.

    I am convinced that Russia is on its last legs and is fighting its last war. Russia does not have the population to fight the kind of war it knows and is trying to fight in Ukraine. The best outcome for everyone, including the Russian people, is the break up of the Russian Empire with the nationalities set at liberty to pursue their own path.

    1. How are they on their last legs if they have hypersonic nuclear missiles? If the gangsters in Moscow were to go down, why would they not go down emptying the clip, so to speak? Draining the entire arsenal?

      That’s even assuming that they are “on their last leg”, something I doubt. I do not think it is a coincidence that this is happening 1 month before US elections or that Bill Gates recently said it will be a “hung election”, whatever that means. The best time for Russia and China to attack the US homeland would be in the wake of another controversial, contentious election, of course with them fanning the flames of civil discontent inside America. This of course, is very close to the scenario Dimitru Duduman saw when he was given a vision of Russia nuking the United States.

      1. Domestic Russian headlines “Russian Chip Manufacturing 15 years behind.” It’s the same for the Chinese after multi-billion initiatives to jump start their own production. TSMC will be scuttled (along with the personnel) before it’s captured in situ. Russia never had the funds to convert their nukes to hypersonic platforms (patents dating back to the 60s …) and at this rate never will. If there’s an issue, it’s 5th column(s) and infrastructure integrity (as in high tech). America cannot leave Central Asia or Europe, or else you will live to see full blown Communism on the Pan-Eurasian Superstate.

      2. Their hypersonic missiles are simply air launcher ballistic missiles. There is nothing revolutionary about that as the US experimented with them and didn’t think there was a real future for them. The warheads from an ICBM are all hypersonic, so it isn’t anything new.

        I think the US will be nuked. We see the use of nukes prefigured in the Ezekiel 38 and 39 prophecy. The US will not be alone. I would not be surprised if Putin is still dictator of Russia when it happens.

    2. There is lots of merit in your comment, dear OHENGINEER. In Poland there are quite a few excellent analysts, both military and civilian following very closely (for obvious reason) the events in Ukraine. One of them is Marcin Strzyzewski (unfortunately, no English sub tittles on his vlog).
      A few weeks ago, Marcin Strzyzewski had a very good presentation concerning non appearance of Russian wonder weapons in the Ukrainian war theatre: tank Armata-14 and a Terminator tank supporting vehicle based on Armata-14 chassis.
      According to Marcin it was the Russian pathetic excuse for Minister of Defense Shoigu who cancelled the production of both vehicles for lack of funds and the fact that both platforms were simply not working as expected.
      Terminator tank supporting vehicle based on tank T-90 chassis has allegedly appeared briefly in Ukraine but it failed miserably and was pulled out.
      Failure of both systems are obviously symptomatic to the horrendous technical state od Russian military machine, however, it is also a proof of equally abysmal failure of Putin himself as a Commander in Chief of Russian forces and as an executive of the entire Russian enterprise. Shoigu’s got absolutely no experience as a military man and was chosen by Putin himself to manage the Russian forces only because of their close association as partners in graft.
      Armata-14 and Terminator are just only two, albeit prominent ones, examples of the abysmal state of Russian armed forces and the major factor in that is an almost incomprehensible corruption the devours the entire Russia.
      In the light of this it is difficult to believe that because of that corruption the Russian forces in Ukraine perform that badly and yet for some, almost miraculous reason the forces stationed in the far east of Russia are corruption free, have the best equipment to their disposal, are being led by the best and uncorrupt commanders.
      That is simply impossible.
      In Poland, we use to say that the fish is stinking from its head. However, the reek is also spreading evenly.
      In case of Russia, Putin is the most corrupt of them all and the fetor that he emits is spreading down to every level of the Russian so called “society”.
      That gives us some reason for a very cautious hope that not everything is lost.
      The Chinese commies are obviously watching the breathtaking failure of their Russian ally in Ukraine with disappointment and, perhaps, even with trepidation and are having the second thought whether they can rely on Putin as a partner and Russia as an ally knowing too well that the corruption in their own army is even bigger and the technical state of it is even wors that Russian.
      So, perhaps, as out friend jeff stated in his conversation with Nevin, they will not dare to launch this ultimate was they are babbling about,
      Regards – Bogdan the Aussie

    3. Also (I forgot to mention that), Marcin Strzyzewski spoke extensively about abysmal working conditions in Uralsk Avto Zavod where Armata-14 and Terminator were supposed to be produced; about safety regulations nobody adheres to, low salaries of the workers and outdated machinery park.

    4. No, Russia is not on its last legs and is not fighting its last war. Prophetically, it has to come out of this in a position of strength to lead its fellow barbarian nations in the resource-grab attack on Israel later this decade, once the “Great River Euphrates” (Anglo military + political influence in the Middle East) dries up, leaving the Anglos only able / willing to offer words of protest when Russia leads that doomed assault.

      1. Quietman: you put dates where the Bible gives no dates. While I agree that it appears that Putin’s war against the West is the same war mentioned in Ezekiel 38–39, just that two different fronts of the war are mentioned, the preparations that Putin and Chi are making make this war a make or break event—either victorious or the Soviet Union will cease to exist. The same is true for the CCP.

        The date you posit is that this war won’t happen soon, therefore we can take comfort that we have some time. But the preparations we see in both Russia and China is that the war can start any time. Shall we follow the evidence before our eyes and prepare accordingly, or follow someone’s idiosyncratically formulated dates that give us a false hope? Do you really think you have credibility here?

      2. R.O., make of this what you will, but I take the view that the Gog-Magog War of Ezekiel 38-39 is the same as the Armageddon war of Rev 16, which is described under the 6th of the 7 last plagues. So far, my view aligns with late-era Puritans such as John Gill, and further alignment comes when I say those plagues will not be unleashed until the Lord’s public witness is “slain” in the West.

        That slaying is the gagging, by law, of the Lord’s people from witnessing against the beast from the bottomless pit of Rev 11 which, as Alexander Hislop was the first to point out, way back in 1848 in The Red Republic, is one and the same as the scarlet coloured beast that was, is not and yet is of Rev 17, which he further identified as western Europe under communist domination. I take that a step further and say it is the West’s governments as a whole under communist domination, specifically neo-Marxist or Chinese-style communism, if I can call it that.

        Like Hislop, I agree that the gagging will be done in the name of fairness and “egality”, and go further and say it will be in the name of “hate speech”, “national security” (Putin’s excuse for doing the same in 2016), “anti-terror laws”, “child protection”, etc. And such laws, in a prototype form, are already being formulated here in the UK under the new online hate speech bill that the WEF’s Liz Truss is expected to rubber stamp very soon.

        I argue that, since Rev 11 provides a clue as to the date of the silencing, it means it must be knowable, otherwise what’s the point of God providing such numerology? Just to be endlessly vague and unfathomable so as to render the prophecy meaningless? The Lord’s public witness is to be slain after 1,260 years of its mission, a mission that began at the same point in history when “the Gentiles” [apostate Christians] began to “trample underfoot” [politically dominate] “the holy city” [nominal Christendom], and that goes back to AD 765, the year when the Lombards were finally defeated by Pepin and no longer able to thwart the Donation of Pepin in AD 754-756. That Donation saw 3 kingdoms plucked up and delivered into the Papacy’s direct control (as foretold in Daniel 7’s prophecy of the Little Horn), but it did not come into meaningful effect until the Lombards were put down in AD 765, marking the year in which western European territory began to be politically dominated by apostate Christian rulers.

        Fast forward 1,260 years from AD 765 and we will have the year 2025, with the western governments all “building back better” in lockstep, with one voice and one policy on every major issue, all taking their cues without true sovereignty of their own from the same neo-Marxist, rainbow flag-waving, environmentalist tyrannical spirit. In fact, they are already operating under direction from the neo-Marxist beast, but its full zenith is yet to be reached.

        Rev 11 further says that the Lord’s public witness shall lie dead (silent) in the street of the Great City that spiritually is called Sodom [for obvious reasons] and Egypt [for its hedonism], wherein also our Lord was crucified. That is, the West, the prophetic and historical successor to the Roman Empire that put the Lord to death, as opposed to the barbarian nations, of which Russia is head. But after 3.5 years, God shall raise the witness up again and elevate it to “heaven” [political supremacy] in “one tenth part of the great city” [one major western nation, 10 being the number representing the West’s governments] during an “earthquake” [political earthquake] and thus begins the “fifth monarchy” of Daniel 7 that the Puritans looked for, but failed to grasp was not scheduled for their era.

        The old writers mostly believed the recovery locale would be Britain and some thought France, but I believe it can only be where the majority of God’s public witness in the West still abides: the USA.

        This event is further tied to the 6th of the 7 last plagues of Revelation 16, which leads to the same event described in Ezekiel 38-39, which describes an isolated, friendless Israel being assaulted by Russia and the barbarian nations in a resource-grab and calling to Christ as its true Messiah for deliverance. Romans 11:15 describes the coming Jewish epiphany as “life from the dead” to the Lord’s people elsewhere, so that adds further support to the view that the great war will not come until circa the end of the 3.5 years of the Lord’s cause lying silent in the West, which would be late 2028 / early 2029.

        That is not to say there can’t be a Chinese campaign in the Pacific in the meantime or Russian success in Ukraine, or even some kind of major war short of a full blown nuke exchange before then. In fact, I would be surprised if there is no escalation, as it seems like a probably effective way of expediting the West’s total transition into a neo-Marxist dystopia due to the impact it would have on quality of life, food supply, etc. But I am saying I don’t think the full engagement comes until late 2028 / early 2029, when the Lord shall deliver Israel and shall “send a fire on Magog [Russia], and among them that dwell carelessly in the isles: and they shall know that I am the Lord” – I suspect “them that dwell carelessly in the isles” refers to the liberal hotbeds of the West, i.e,, the major cities, since isles can also be rendered coastlands, which is where most people in the West live. Whether that fire is nuclear or whether it is some natural event, only the Lord knows, but there is a late-era Puritan interpretation of Micah 5 that sees it as the military intervention of godly rulers in helping Israel.

        In any case, we have approx 2.5 years to see if my interpretation is right. If you see the last of the faithful few churches formally gagged in the USA by 2025 from speaking against any of the red political monstrosity’s sacred cows of LGBT, CRT, feminism, enviro-cult, pharma-vaxx-cult, etc., then you’ll know I’m onto something.

      3. Russia does not have to be strong to fulfill Ezekiel 38 and 39. Russia will not want to go, thus the statement that God will put a “hook in his jaw.”

      4. Ohengineer, how can a weak nation lead the barbarian hordes and be a “guard unto them”? That looks like the work of a confident, resurgent powerhouse nation, not an emaciated, cowed and broken one. The barbarians respect strength, not weakness since ruthlessness, genocide, plunder and mercilessness define them.

        The hook-in-the-jaw metaphor can be interpreted whichever way we like to fit our own understanding of the prophecy, but I would go no further than saying all we know for sure is that the urge for Russia’s leadership to make that expedition south in what it now has added to its list of “near aboard” territories will prove as irresistible as its present urge to subdue Ukraine is.

        The really weak-looking nations at that time will be the Anglos, i.e., “the merchants of Tarshish and the young lions thereof”, who only offer protest at best, which tallies with the “Great River Euphrates” [that which restrains the M.E. from being overrun by the barbarian nations] being dried up to make way for the kings of the east. One might argue that the process has already been primed with American and British withdrawal from Afghanistan, but that’s really just a “pre-pre” step to a further diminished Anglo influence in the eastern Med.

      5. Quietman:

        First of all, you add to Scripture, which is a no-no, a big no-no. Do you follow some guy named Hislop, whoever he is, I don’t care, in that adding to Scripture? You make claims that are not found in Scripture. For example, Revelations 11 gives no clue to a date.

        Part of that adding to Scripture is taking parts of prophecy out of context, then mixing those parts with parts of other prophecies, ending up with a confused mess. That can be seen in your numerology. That practice is called “collapsing contexts” another no-no.

        Secondly, you don’t understand ancient Hebrew prophecy, or often even narrative. Events are not always described in historical order. Rather one event will be described in its entirety, before another event is mentioned that could happen at the same time, or even before. The book of Revelation is a Hebrew document, despite the fact that it was written in Greek language. The events narrated are not in historical order.

        These two practices are why your prophecies (they’re yours, not Biblical) have no credibility.

      6. R.O., from your querying of Hislop, I can see you didn’t really read my reply, so I’m hesitant to engage further with you if you won’t actually read what I’m writing.

        However, for the sake of others who might be interested, I’ll proceed for now.

        If what you say is correct, then the numerology in Revelation 11 is meaningless and so is the rest of the book, and the whole of prophetic Scripture for that matter. It’s an impenetrable mystery that God gave just to confuse and confound us, rather than to edify and prepare us.

        Your pseudo-intellectual babble about collapsing contexts is almost as shameful as your unqualified statement about events in Revelation not being in some kind of chronological order… I never said they were presented chronologically, so you’re presenting an statement (with no sign of a rational argument to support it) against something I never said, which means it’s a point I don’t have to argue with you or try to defend.

        Now, watch as the Lord’s public witness is silenced by laws emanating from the neo-Marxist system in the West by the first half of 2025. That’s your marker and my interpretation stands or falls by that. And by the fact that there will ne no all-out nuclear war devastating the nations before late 2028, even though there very well may be lesser conflict including nuclear military events that will shock and distress the world. Satan’s focus now is subjugating the West, especially the Anglo West because that is where the Kingdom of Daniel 7 that the Puritans looked for will begin.

      7. Quietman: I second Jeff’s request that you take your discussion off line. It has nothing to do with what we presently observe going on in Russia and China.

      8. Off-topic? We’re discussing WWIII, Russia and the resurgence of communism from an eschatological standpoint. I struggle to see how that is off-topic. The spiritual and the political are intrinsically connected.

    5. You take comfort in the fact that Putin has tried to keep the war, conventional?

      1. There is no comfort in war. Soldiers find no comfort even when not engaged in war, I can assure you of this. In the end, it’s never good for one to be too comfortable anyway. This war affects everyone, it’s sad to think anyone would find comfort in war. I’m struck that you have suggested this.

  2. The speech Putin gave and the demonstration in Red Square were the clearest sign yet of an open declaration of war.

    Putin barely talked about Ukraine. Instead, he seamlessly switched to “the West” and in a public struggle session, listed their alleged sins in a common Communist technique of criticizing before murdering.

    He attempted to fuse both the American Right and Left together by offering a condemnation of “American racism and colonialism” for the left and “Satanic moral degeneracy” for the right. This is working frighteningly well on abused and demoralized conservatives.

    But the speech itself was the biggest shock. It was making the moral case for the nuclear destruction of the West. He said European countries are “occupied” – and what does one do with occupied countries but liberate them? He said the satanic elites oppressed their own peoples, implying he was the liberator. Everything he described was what Russia was – stealing sovereignty, gaining control over elites through bribery or some other mechanism, extracting resources. What’s crazy is we in the West have no Putin to make the counter-case. All our leaders are servile neutered servants of world Communism.

    In Red Square, they declared a Holy War against the west. A Holy War! The nation that tortured priests to death in the most demonic and satanic of ways – whose pedigree the Cheka Putin hails from and pays respects to – blasphemes that it now stands for God! After having spent decades pumping all manner of moral filth into America and Europe through their KGB agents, they now use that success as proof of the West’s moral sins. How grotesque! How devious! What dark magic!

    Stunning turn of events. Aside from the dark and evil nature of this, one must wonder at the sophistication and long-term nature of this strategy. A man speaking dark sentences. Truly, Lucifer was most talented at great evil before being thrust from Heaven. And heaven it is that must save us now, because the armies of Hell have declared a Holy War, and they are now coming for us, and all the demons with them. God save us.

    1. It’s no secret that freemasons who dominate American establishment since the time of founding fathers worship Satan.

      The other parts of the speech were also spot on, the one about treacherous compromised European politicians in particular.

      Brilliant historical speech.

      1. There was almost nothing “spot on.” The entire speech was liberally larded with lies, making the entire thing a lie. The speech was brilliant only in its evil.

      2. Rev Rick Wiles said it best when he said when he was a kid, it was the God-fearing United States versus the Godless Soviet Union. Today it’s the Luciferian United States versus the God-fearing Russians. Both Putin and Medvedev quote from the Bible in public speeches while Biden talks about the virtues of LBGTQ.

      3. Oh puh-leeze, Chris: Satan can outquote Scripture, better than the best theologian. But will we see him in heaven? Or will he be burning in hell?

        Should we not try to emulate God when analyzing people and situations? “… for a man sees what’s before his eyes, but the Lord sees into the heart” 1 Samuel 16:7. “A young man makes himself recognized by his repeated actions…” Proverbs 20:11 is just as true for an old man like Putin as for a young man. “By their fruits shall you know them.” Matthew 7:20. Look at Putin’s actions and the results (fruit) thereof, how can anyone say that they are of a Christian? Likewise, when we see Putin and his men quoting Scripture, how is that not blasphemous? What about the Russian people? Can you defend them based on their actions?

        This is no defense of our political class, who have come into power through chicanery and stolen elections. They have sold out to Putin and the CCP, so they are the same enemy.

        But there are many people in this country who are confused by the mixed messages, how do we reach them without a clear message of our own?

      4. It was a speech filled with lies given by a murderer, so it’s no surprise you liked it.

      5. “Rev Rick Wiles said it best when he said when he was a kid, it was the God-fearing United States versus the Godless Soviet Union. Today it’s the Luciferian United States versus the God-fearing Russians. Both Putin and Medvedev quote from the Bible in public speeches while Biden talks about the virtues of LBGTQ.”

        Oh boy…

      6. Rick Wiles was talking about Putin’s speech and what he said about our values being unacceptable for Russia. Here is what Rick said verbatim: “How much things have changed in my lifetime. When I was a kid, a teenager, American politicians talked about Godless Russia. They called Russia Godless. And America was a God-fearing nation. Now, Russia says it’s God-fearing and America is Godless. This has all happened in my lifetime. It’s hard to process that we’re living inside a country that has rejected Jesus Christ and has embraced Satanism. I cannot condemn him (Putin) for saying this because he’s accurate. Much of the American leadership is Satanic. They are Luciferian.”

        Go to the 19 minute mark:

      7. Interestingly, they’re talking about a Newsweek article that says this:

        “Details about what “decisively” means have not been publicly revealed. The military sources tell Newsweek that there are subtle moves being made with regard to nuclear threats, including moving submarines and aircraft and drilling B-52 bombers. But they stress that non-nuclear military options—the use of conventional weapons and special operations, as well as cyber and space attack—are front and center, to include a decapitation strike to kill Putin in the heart of the Kremlin.”


      8. Many seem to have no problem with it, but I’m thinking the “military sources” were mostly just trying to get a message to Putin. What do you think the “space attack” idea entails?

      9. I was glad Rick Wiles wasn’t saying Russia was God-fearing. He said THEY said that. Unfortunately, there are many in leadership today who are advancing Satan’s ideals, but in my opinion, there are still many God-fearing people in America as well. That said, if you’re someone like Putin, you’re seeing only what the “mainstream media” is projecting and that’s pretty ugly. So… I would say Rev. Wiles’ comment was a bit extreme, but I understand his shock. The changes in this country over the past few years have been astounding!

      10. Yes. We have changed. Russia went through even more profound changes 100 years ago. Christianity was outlawed completely, all churches were closed and made into museums or armories, only opened again by Stalin in WW2 — under secret police control.

      11. Wow! People really need to understand where Communism will take us. We can’t let that happen! Thanks for all you do to educate people!

      12. Commit, where is your evidence? What you say is patently false. The membership criteria for masons in the Founders Era were required them to be Christians. In the 1800s, membership qualifications were changed so non Christians could join and thus the beliefs and rituals were modified. So, your comment shows you need to do more research.

      13. Re Rev Rick Wiles’ speech:

        Wow! Although the quote doesn’t explicitly say, it exhibits a favorite conceit of many American conservatives –that Russia magically cured itself of Godless Communism but once God-fearing America is beyond hope. This narrative never ceases to amaze me. Notice how he minimizes and subtly casts doubt on the decades-long rule of atheist Communists in Russia as merely “American politicians talk[ing] about Godless Russia”. Meanwhile America now is not merely Godless but absolutely and certainly Satanist. Even if Russia is not perfect from a Christian perspective, it is superior to America and Putin is right to throw stones. America’s elites are one united Luciferian bloc, unlike the ruling Communist elite of the Soviet Union and modern Russia? In this statement one can sense the “sin of despair”, uncompromising hatred for an anti-conservative America, the error of apocalypticism, hints as to an over-simplified conspiratorial view of history, a good dose of magical thinking and probably some other psychological disturbances as well. It may require several more blog posts from Jeff to completely decipher this mentality.

    2. There is no doubt that Putin is one of the more evil “leaders” the world has seen. Declaring “holy war” is silly. He doesn’t have the combat power to take Ukraine without destroying his own country completely. He is trying to mobilize the seed corn of his country, and is reaching into older age groups which simply shows the level at which his country is now operating. Were he to release nukes on the west, they would no go unanswered. It would be suicidal to release nukes as his own country would be destroyed as well.

      The Soviets thought they could win a nuclear war, and I’m sure that idea has passed onto Putinist Russia. The fact remains, there would be no winner, including Russia. But, like Hitler, he doesn’t care.

      1. @Chris: Putin is a Christian whose opponents end up machine-gunned to death, poisoned, imprisoned or dead by mysterious falls from windows. And a conservative leader who hosts global communist youth conferences and bemoans the fall of the USSR as a disaster.

      2. Prayinginok, This was on the Friday version of Trunews. Just google Trunews. He was reviewing Putin’s speech and when Putin talked about Jesus, he was really amazed by that. He compared that with what our leaders talk about which is all about woke Satanism.

      3. Chris, I put the entire quote and link above. Rick Wiles didn’t say Russia was God-fearing.

      4. Russia is not God fearing. Less than 10% of the country is Churched at all. Putin uses the ROC as Stalin did. Even after killing thousands of Priests and adherents, Stalin found the ROC useful during the war with Germany. Putin knows the noises to make, but the man is an inveterate liar.

  3. The Russians might not have the most modern equipment but they still have thousands of ICBMs that can reach anywhere in the world. The overly complicated electronic devices that the decadent western plutocracies (my using the term plutocracy does not mean I support the Russians, just that I see mankind as the s—show that it is) rely on will be destroyed in an instant. The latest & greatest doesn’t always carry the day anyhow as the Afghan goatherders proved. The way this is going, as Mr. Nyquist points out, enables extensive mobilization to be carried out without unduly alarming the dull complacent western bureaucrats & politicians. Even the flight from conscription fits; the Russian government could easily stop this if they wanted to, after all did people leave the Soviet Union whenever they wished? Of course not.

    They could very well permit this so that they can use it as a screen to infiltrate their own operatives into various countries where they will wait until they receive orders to commence operations. Mr. Nyquist has written of how impressed the Soviet & Chinese military academies were of the way in which the Fuehrer took over Norway in 1940 which was by infiltration. It fits well enough. At any rate I doubt they’ll just pack it in & go home, something is coming. The condign Chastisement of the Almighty on a world of filthy disgusting apostate, heretic & infidel pigs is coming.

    “How long, O Lord, shall I cry, and thou wilt not hear? shall I cry out to thee suffering violence, and thou wilt not save? [3] Why hast thou shewn me iniquity and grievance, to see rapine and injustice before me? and there is a judgment, but opposition is more powerful. [4] Therefore the law is torn in pieces, and judgment cometh not to the end: because the wicked prevaileth against the just, therefore wrong judgment goeth forth.” This is from the book of Habacuc. It won’t be much longer now I think.

    1. I agree with basically all of this. Underestimating these psychopaths is utter foolishness.

      1. The problem is that many do not seem to understand that when you choose the lesser of two evils, you’re still choosing evil.

        It’s time for us all gird our faith.

  4. The PSA warning, given to those in New York City about what to do after a nuclear attack, is always in the back of my mind. What do they know? What have they heard? When I add to that David Wilkerson’s vision of 1,000 fires all burning at the same time (also in New York City), it definitely causes a bit of angst.

    1. Thinking also of his book ‘set the trumpet to thy mouth’. He said ‘fear and what seemed like a supernatural impulse would make the enemy strike first’ . I wonder if the pipeline-rupture could have been caused by an underwater earthquake.

      1. It definitely registered on the Richter scale, but after reading a report that ohengineer posted below, it sounds like lack of maintenance might have been the culprit:

        Putin can use any excuse he chooses to use nuclear weapons, but he certainly wants the Russian people to believe it was us.

      2. The lack of maintenance theory boils down to “no spec ops team would arrange for two detonations 17 hours apart”. Which, in my view, is precisely why any spec ops team worth its salt would do exactly that. That’s what they do: the unexpected, the high risk op, the ridiculous.

    1. Those articles are troubling. We find a sinister series of arguments across our political spectrum. Left and right Gail to see the whole picture. So many lies, so many misunderstandings, not many shopping days till Christmas.

  5. October 2, 2022 3:10 AM EDT Last Updated 9 min ago
    Ukraine celebrates recapturing key town, Putin ally raises nuclear jitters
    By Tom Balmforth and Pavel Polityuk

    Ukraine’s recapture of Lyman deals Moscow major setback
    Chechen leader suggests use of low-yield nuclear weapon
    Lyman is key logistics hub in eastern Donetsk region
    Donetsk is one of four regions Putin says are now Russian

    KYIV, Oct 2 (Reuters) – Ukrainian troops said they had retaken the key bastion of Lyman in occupied eastern Ukraine, a stinging defeat that prompted a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin to call for the possible use of low-grade nuclear weapons.

    The capture on Saturday came just a day after Putin proclaimed the annexation of nearly a fifth of Ukraine – including Donetsk, where Lyman is located – and placed the regions under Russia’s nuclear umbrella. Kyiv and the West condemned the ornate ceremony as an illegitimate farce.

    Ukrainian soldiers announced the capture in a video recorded outside the town council building in the centre of Lyman and posted on social media.

    “Dear Ukrainians – today the armed forces of Ukraine … liberated and took control of the settlement of Lyman, Donetsk region,” one of the soldiers says. At the end of the video, a group of soldiers cheer and throw Russian flags down from the building’s roof and raise a Ukrainian flag in their place.

    Hours earlier, Russia’s defence ministry had announced it was pulling troops out of the area “in connection with the creation of a threat of encirclement”.

    Lyman had fallen in May to Russian forces, which had used it as a logistics and transport hub for its operations in the north of the Donetsk region. Its capture is Ukraine’s biggest battlefield gain since the lightning counteroffensive in the northeastern Kharkiv region last month.

    President Volodymyr Zelenskiy promised more quick successes in the Donbas, which covers the Donetsk and Luhansk regions that are largely under Russian control.

    “Over the past week, the number of Ukrainian flags in Donbas has increased. There will be even more a week’s time,” he said in an evening video address.

    Ukraine’s armed forces said in a statement on Sunday morning that its jets had carried out 29 strikes in the past 24 hours, destroying weapons and anti-aircraft missile systems, while ground troops had hit command posts, warehouses containing ammunition and anti-aircraft missile complexes.

    Russian forces launched four missiles and 16 air strikes and used Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones to attack infrastructure, Ukraine’s statement said, adding more than 30 settlements were damaged, chiefly in the south and southeast.

    Reuters could not verify either side’s battlefield assertions

    U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Lyman’s capture would create new problems for Russia’s military. “We’re very encouraged by what we’re seeing right now,” Austin told a news conference on Saturday.

    Austin noted that Lyman was positioned across supply lines that Russia has used to push its troops and materiel down to the south and to the west, as the Kremlin presses its more than seven-month-long invasion of Ukraine.

    “Without those routes, it will be more difficult. So it presents a sort of a dilemma for the Russians going forward.”

    Austin did not say whether he thought Ukraine’s capture of Lyman might prompt Russian escalation, although U.S. officials have widely denounced Russia’s nuclear rhetoric in recent days and President Joe Biden has publicly urged Putin not to use nuclear weapons.

    Ukraine’s successes have infuriated Putin’s allies such as Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Russia’s southern Chechnya region.

    “In my personal opinion, more drastic measures should be taken, right up to the declaration of martial law in the border areas and the use of low-yield nuclear weapons,” Kadyrov wrote on Telegram before Zelenskiy spoke.

    Other top officials, including former President Dmitry Medvedev, have suggested Russia may need to resort to nuclear weapons, but Kadyrov’s call was the most urgent and explicit.

    Putin said last week that he was not bluffing when he said he was prepared to defend Russia’s “territorial integrity” with all available means, and on Friday made clear this extended to the new regions claimed by Moscow.

    Washington says it would respond decisively to any use of nuclear weapons.

    Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), a Washington-based think tank, said the Russian military in its current state is almost certainly unable to operate on a nuclear battlefield even though it has historically trained to do so.

    “The chaotic agglomeration of exhausted contract soldiers, hastily mobilized reservists, conscripts, and mercenaries that currently comprise the Russian ground forces could not function in a nuclear environment. Any areas affected by Russian tactical nuclear weapons would thus be impassable for the Russians, likely precluding Russian advances,” ISW said.

    Serhii Cherevatyi, spokesperson for Ukraine’s eastern forces, said before the capture that Russia had 5,000 to 5,500 troops at Lyman but the number encircled could be lower.

    Serhiy Gaidai, the governor of Luhansk region, said that the retaking of Lyman is one of the key factors for reclaiming lost territory in neighbouring Luhansk, whose full capture Moscow announced in early July after weeks of grinding advances.

    “The liberation of this city in the Donetsk region is one of the key factors for the further de-occupation of the Luhansk region,” Gaidai wrote on the Telegram messaging app on Sunday.

    The Donbas has been a major focus for Russia since soon it launched the invasion on Feb. 24 that Putin calls a “special military operation” to demilitarise and “denazify” its smaller neighbour.

    The areas Putin claimed as Russian – the Donbas regions of Donetsk and Luhansk and the southern regions of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia – form a swath of territory equal to about 18% of Ukraine’s total surface land area.

    Germany said it will deliver the first of four advanced IRIS-T air defence systems to Ukraine in coming days to help ward off drone attacks.

    1. Some excerpts from above article. Ms. Zeng claims to be in contact with a source close to the CCP. She offers some thoughts (either her own or that of her source) regarding the alliance between Putin and Xi, the Ukraine conflict, and an alleged change in strategy for the coming Taiwan conflict.

      Of note, Ms. Zeng (or her source) claims:

      1. Putin’s difficulties in Ukraine have not dissuaded Xi from kinetic conflict.
      2. China intends to begin the Taiwan conflict around the November 2024 election, when significant domestic unrest may paralyze America’s response.
      3. China’s original plan to blockade Taiwan has been rejected, in favor of a surprise assault and decapitation strike, followed by invasion and imposition of no-fly zones.
      4. If the Taiwan conflict presents too much difficulty, Xi has ordered that plans be made to stage a false-flag attack against a Chinese nuclear power plant, in order to justify using nuclear weapons.

      Excerpts follow:

      “A few days ago, a person with conscience within the Chinese Communist Party system, who was born in a family of the founding generals of the Chinese Communist Party, sent me an audio message in a safe way that we agreed upon. In this audio message, this conscientious member within the Chinese Communist Party system warned sadly that there is no one in the Communist Party system who can stop Xi Jinping from pushing the fate of China to war.

      Of course, Putin is not seeking a final war with NATO or the United States right now. He wants to wait for the outbreak of the Taiwan Strait War, when the United States is unable to take care of Europe, and then start the war of annihilation against the four Baltic states in order to regain Russia’s dominance over the Baltic Sea.

      Not long ago, during the SCO summit in Central Asia, Putin, in a secret meeting with Xi Jinping, said directly that the common basis of the strategic alliance between our two countries is to challenge the U.S.-dominated unipolar world. Now that Russia has struck back at the U.S. and NATO in Ukraine, it’s time for China to strike at the U.S. in the Taiwan Strait.

      Putin’s direct “invitation” to Xi Jinping in person is threatening, and this is already now an open secret in Beijing’s official circles. During a meeting with Yang Jiechi, Patrushev, the secretary of the Russian Federal Security Council, who visited China on September 18, reiterated his demand that the Chinese Communist Party step up its military actions in the Taiwan Strait…

      Western military scholars and political commentators have misjudged that Russia’s military defeat in Ukraine will make Xi Jinping hesitate to launch a war in the Taiwan Strait. This conclusion is clearly based on ignorance of Xi’s personality and psychology. According to informed sources, Xi Jinping asked senior generals in the Communist Party’s military to have Putin’s guts and to be bold enough to challenge the U.S. hegemony.

      The basic reason why Xi Jinping’s military authorities basically confirmed that the war in the Taiwan Strait would be launched around the November 2024 U.S. election is based on a political judgment that the U.S. is bound to experience massive political and social unrest around the 2024 election, thus making the U.S. powerless to pay attention to the situation in the Taiwan Strait.

      As for the modalities of warfare in the Taiwan Strait, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the CCP’s Central Military Commission did once formulate a plan to impose a total air, sea, and cyber information blockade on Taiwan, which called for turning Taiwan into a large prison isolated from the world.

      This plan was rejected on the grounds that a total blockade would take at least several months to force Taiwan into submission, leaving too much room for the U.S., Britain, Japan, Australia, and Europe to intervene with China, with unpredictable and uncontrollable consequences.

      The general principle of the current war plan of the Joint Staff Headquarters of the CCP’s Central Military Commission in the Taiwan Strait is to launch a surprise attack with supersaturated firepower within a short period of time to destroy Taiwan’s military strategic targets; at the same time, to carry out a full-scale assassination special warfare operation against Taiwan’s political and military leaders and opinion leaders, followed by a three-dimensional landing to capture all six major cities and strategic military and economic locations in Taiwan within seven days.

      After the war is started, the navy, air force, and rocket forces will establish no-fly zones and no-aircraft zones in all directions around Taiwan to prevent possible support to Taiwan.

      What is particularly egregious is that Xi Jinping has instructed his crony in the military, now the head of the Central Military Commission Office, Zhong Shaojun(鍾紹軍), to lead a top-secret plan that, after the war starts, if the offensive is significantly thwarted or if there is a strong counter-attack from the U.S. and other military operations, the Chinese Communist Party will send submarines to launch submarine missiles from under the high seas to attack a nuclear power station off China’s own coast. This would then be used as a pretext for Xi Jinping to use nuclear weapons by blaming the United States, Japan, or Taiwan.”

      1. I do not buy this. There is a possibility a CCP agent is feeding her disinfo.

        By 2024, Europe will have recovered from their energy problems somewhat. All signs point to something this winter.

      2. As I have said many times, a direct Chinese invasion of Taiwan seems terribly risky for a country that has no military experience of the complexities of opposed landings.

      3. I agree with Nyquist and Perseus comments that this doesn’t make sense.

        Late 2024 is a lifetime away. Too much ratcheting now if that is the timeframe. US and Europe might start to catch on and plan. Americans may now be fat and happy, but one thing I think we STILL do is react; when the chaos/suffering reaches a peak, we’ll rally and set about fixing it – I truly believe that. Also I don’t buy that they think they have to wait until next U.S. presidential season. They have the ideal U.S. President to launch an attack against right now.

        Also, this leak is fixated on Taiwan, and posits China’s worst-case scenario as launching a missile against itself to justify using Nukes against Taiwan. That is small potatoes relative to the mobilizations we’re seeing, anti-West economic alliances being forged, and the rhetoric being unleashed.

        Last, a surprise attack on Taiwan doesn’t fit the victim/savior narrative China/Russia are cultivating. It’s hard to spin that you’re not the aggressor if you surprise attack an island. For Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Russia tried to use the cover of “NATO encroaching its borders” plus a pre-invasion PR campaign of seeking “negotiations re its legitimate concern for its national security.” That had some success (just listen to U.S. conservatives and the anti-war left), but even that was a thin reed. It seems more likely that China would do something like blockade Taiwan (w/ a PR campaign about how it’s nevertheless taking care to observe “human rights”) in order to lure the U.S. into some action, which Biden/Pelosi, et al, will belligerently oblige, by doing something foolish that doesn’t help our strategic interests. Or if they don’t, China will spin or stage something, so that any-which-way it gets its victim-savior narrative as cover for expanding the war.

        All that could happen quickly. China/Russia can then go big. But from current posture, I think they’ll try to craft at least some basis for casting the U.S./West as aggressors. You can spin a justification for a surprise attack on “the biggest existential threat to global security” by claiming it’s the aggressor. But even if they don’t get their narrative properly set up – 2024 seems too far away based on where things stand now.

      4. Appreciate the comments and skepticism. Will file this away as ‘noise’.

      5. “3. China’s original plan to blockade Taiwan has been rejected, in favor of a surprise assault and decapitation strike, followed by invasion and imposition of no-fly zones.”

        Sub-launched missiles out of the blue, and occupying an island of glass is the only economical option. And it builds threat credibility against the only other country that has used them offensively (no point in a Draft in the USA with nothing to fight over and no one to ‘liberate’; and even if there was, it could be blamed on Republicans). If they can’t prevail with the satellites still up, then they may as well write off the Semiconductor Plant. Pearl harbor was 30% less devastating because of manufacturing flaws in the dive bombers’ payloads — if they chose this route, a cynical divided America isn’t risking any skin overseas for any island other than Japan’s Home Islands.

    2. Hmm, was late at night and I when I read ‘November 2024’ election, I had in my mind the coming 2022 midterm elections. Yes, 2024 seems too far off to be realistic, given the pace that events are currently unfolding.

  6. “Commit: George Washington was a Mason. Do you think he was a Satan worshipper?”

    They never mention Satan or Lucifer or whoever they worship directly but use terms like “Almighty Being” in places where Christians are supposed to use God. As Washington always did. Here is his inauguration speech for example.

    “It would be peculiarly improper to omit in this first official Act my fervent supplications to that
    Almighty Being who rules over the Universe, who presides in the Councils of Nations, and whose Providential aids can supply every human defect… In tendering this homage to the Great Author of every public and private good I assure myself that it expresses your sentiments not less than my own; nor those of my fellow-citizens at large, less than either.”

    They thank Providence where Christians are supposed to thank God. As Washington always did. This distinguishes them from atheists who don’t believe in supernatural forces.

    From Washington’s biography by Ron Chernow “Washington: A Life”

    “He was quite intensely religious… he constantly sees Providence as an active force in life, particularly in American life. I mean, every single victory in war he credits to Providence. The miracle of the Constitutional Convention he credits to Providence. The creation of the federal government and the prosperity of the early republic, he credits to Providence… I was struck at how frequently in his letters he’s referring to Providence, and it’s Providence where there’s a sense of design and purpose, which sounds to me very much like religion.”

    1. Correction. The Chernow quote is not from the biography book directly, it is from a speech of the author.

    2. Commit: As you are an atheist, why do you say that Satan worshippers rule America? That is new for communist polemics. Communists talk of capitalist economic exploitation and pauperization of the workers. But Satan? Very odd coming from you.

      1. > “why do you say that Satan worshippers rule America?”

        because they do.

        > “As you are an atheist”

        I don’t oppose Masons solely on theological basis. Still find their worship of Satan revealing.

        > “Communists talk of capitalist economic exploitation and pauperization of the workers. But Satan?”

        those things appear to be interconnected

    3. I think if you look at Freemasonry at the time of Washington, it was Deist and not under the control of the Luciferians as it is now.

    4. You literally admit they never mention Satan directly, yet when you answer Jeff below, you say explicitly and confidently that they are Satan worshippers. You’re a liar, not to mention Communists don’t even believe Satan exists. Communists are atheists. Lenin was an atheist. But Russia tells you to now believe in the Orthodox Church and Satan, so you salute and stand at attention. It must be embarrassing to have to twist your mind constantly into a pretzel to fit whatever new concoction the Politburo has come up with. But such indignities are the price of slavish worship, I suppose.

  7. Were you also whining about thermostatic bombs when America used them in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Do you now equate German greens to Germany when you say Germany has decided to suffer this winter? You called them communist anti-american traitors not so long ago.

    How would Anglo-saxons benefit from blowing the pipes? American monopolies are very open on their intentions of bankrupting and buying up European industries and other assets like farms and houses.

    You yourself have been advocating Europe to switch to American LNG. Do you propose selling it for a price that does not liquidate Europe’s industry?

    I have recommended professor Michael Hudson many times on your blog. Can anyone here counter his description of American economic war against Europe?

    For example

    1. I never called German Greens anti-American traitors. You cannot be a traitor to America unless you are an American. I do not know what a thermostatic bomb is. Would that be an exploding thermometer? Professor Hudson is a boring Marxist who arranges facts into lies for the purpose of demonizing America and the free market. His belief in Russia and China is touching, but quite crazy.

      1. Ohengineer, thanks for these links. Very interesting. I like blogs. I miss the good old days when the internet was dominated by blogs and people who knew something and cared, instead of farsantes on Twitter with hot takes who don’t know shit. Google search is gradually becoming unusable to find pertinent information.

      2. Excellent explanation (and enjoyed his irreverent style). Author describes several possible scenarios where attempting to clear these ‘hydrate plugs’ may have caused the damage we now observe. What has been attributed to malice may be the result of incompetence.

        “Under certain circumstances of pressure, temperature, and water presence natural gas/methane will form solid hydrates… The presence of solid hydrates in a pipeline can cause flow issues (causing cracks), destabilize the pipe itself (more cracks), and cause fires …, but the big issue … is when you form enough hydrates that it blocks the pipe entirely. …

        There are three things required for methane hydrate to form: pressure, temperature, and H2O. Since methane hydrate is quite common under the Baltic seafloor, we can assume that the pressure and temperature of a pipeline running across that seafloor is conducive to hydrate formation. …

        Gas companies go to great lengths the remove water from natural gas, but it’s all predicated on the gas moving along. The sending side runs the gas through a media that removes water, and probably injects glycol or methanol into the stream just in case … but everything is predicated on the gas getting to the destination and out of the pipe. …

        Near as I can tell … Russia charged Nord 2 with 300 million cubic metres of natural gas in July of 2021 … and it never moved. It just sat there. Under 300 to 360 feet of salt water. …
        Nord 1 got shut down after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the gas hasn’t moved since. Just … hanging around. At the bottom of a sea.

        Am I saying that there is no way that these incidents could possibly be the result of deliberate direct action? No. That area is too full of idiots — HOWEVER:

        It’s hundreds of millions of cubic metres of extremely flammable — nay, explosive — gaseous hydrocarbons being transported by Russians, and subject to Russian maintenance. And I’m here to tell you — Russian maintenance under the current oligarchy system isn’t any better than it was under the Soviet system. …

        It’s methane hydrate. Trust me, if there’s a hydrate plug, there’s more than one. With both pipes having no movement for months, if not a year, there were a metric butt-ton of hydrate plugs, slurry, and rime in both pipelines.”

      3. All 4 pipes destroyed by an accident at the same time? Do you think people are that stupid to believe this bullshit?

      4. Interesting. The only things that seem to go against the accident scenario is the timing of the blasts (in the same week as the fake referendums and just in time to make it into Putin’s speech) and the timeliness with which pre-packaged clips and pieces that blame the US for the Nord Stream explosions appeared on the internet. On the other hand, the Kremlin’s propaganda machine probably has a database of ready-to-use incriminating statements by American officials, just waiting for the right moment to be deployed and flood the internet with. Or could the Russians have just correctly anticipated the time when the ‘hydrate plugs’ would explode, after the flow of gas was stopped?

      5. Commit, your credulity is word famous. Yet, when something commonsense gets posted, you fall all over yourself to call it BS. What you post is pretty much lies and BS.

  8. There really is a tragicomedy factor in the Russian lies. The whole conspiracy of the Jewish-funded Nazis in Ukraine against the poor Russians sitting on top of their mountain-sized pile of nukes is just truly laughable, Stalin accused the Finnish of being fascists before invading them too, the Kremlin today didn’t even put an effort into more believable lies, just regurgitate the same script that is more than half a century old. The Kremlin cries about Nazis abroad while their ideas guy Dugin tries to recruit Neonazis to the Russian banner with his National Bolshevik party that he founded once, that has all the Nazi imagery just with a hammer and sickle instead of the swastika, the accusation of Ukrainians doing bioweaponry research while being closely associated with the Chinese Communists who unleashed a bioweapon on the world, accusing others of committing war crimes and so on. If one would swap Ukraine and Russia in many of the Kremlin’s accusations, the truth would appear.

  9. Interesting post Mr. Nyquist! The way Putin uses the term “Anglo-Saxon” reminds me of Hitler, pretty sure Hitler used it too.

    1. Putin is using a World War 2 expression as the war was a three-way contest. The Anglo-Allies were the Anglo-Saxon power — UK and America. Then there was Europe under the Axis, and then the Soviet Union. The idea here is that these same blocs exist beneath the surface. Russia would like an alliance with Germany again.

      1. When I hear Putin basically refer to the entire population of the U.S. as ‘Anglo-Saxons’, I am offended, because, for example, I am of mixed Mediterranean and Slavic blood; not ‘Anglo-Saxon’ by any definition. Also, the United States’ demographics are so diverse, even among so-called ‘white people’ (I also hate that term), that the U.S. hasn’t had an ‘Anglo-Saxon/WASP’ majority in many decades. It is so reductive of him to use such jargon; in addition, he’s really dating himself, when he talks like that.

        Also, doesn’t Russia’s ‘alliance with Germany’ go back to the Romanov days, long before there was ever Communist leadership in Russia?

      2. @JRNyquist: You can delete my post at the bottom of the page, if you don’t mind. I don’t know what happened; when I clicked the ‘post comment’ button, instead of posting it in reply to your above comment, the website shoved it to the end.

        Thank you. Also, sorry for the double post here.

      3. They need German semiconductors or Taiwanese semiconductors. The latter will never be taken intact, and the former will never be allowed to rule continental Europe much less defect to the Eurasian Neo-ComBlock. If Trump gets in in 2024 and the “Why are we in NATO?” rhetoric comes up again, you will know he was the skorpion in that children’s fable he told at so many rallies.

    2. Speaking of Hitler, some people have noted ominous parallels in Putin’s speech on Friday.

      Gerashchenko is advisor to Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
      Significant that Putin signs annexation agreement on Sep 30; on the same day in 1938 the Munich agreement was signed between Germany, Britain, France and Italy giving part of Czechoslovakia to Germany
      On Sep 30 speech and rally in Moscow, the crowd does not look very enthusiastic; there’s a very odd moment during the rally where Putin tried to get them to shout ‘Hurrah!’ in unison so soldiers on the frontline can hear them. I’ve heard speculation that Putin was trying to recreate the highly inspirational speeches that Hitler made to the German people. Only Putin’s attempt failed miserably. See the video clip linked in the post.
      “These are the buses that brought the “enthusiastic crowds” to Moscow for Putin’s war rally. As usual, most were state workers obliged by their bosses to attend. In other words, it was a staged farce”

      The Kremlin closed off the city center and police prevented unauthorized people from attending.
      “Real attitude of Russian citizens toward their country. Everything is fake there – their army, their weapons, their patriotism.”
      *Picture of Russian flags thrown in the trash after the rally

      1. Regarding timing and symbolism, I found an interesting excerpt from Ion Pacepa’s book “Disinformation”:
        Was it mere coincidence that the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York’s World Trade Towers and the Pentagon took place on the very day that the KGB was celebrating the birthday of its founder, Feliks Dzerzhinsky?

        Let us try to unravel the skein tangled around September 11. During the years I was at the top of the Soviet bloc intelligence community, I knew that symbolism constituted a very important secret message for the “initiated.” The Kremlin had a penchant for symbolism, another weapon of the emotions successfully wielded by all Russian tsars and their communist successors.

  10. Firstly-
    There are no good guys and there are no bad guys. There are just guys that do stuff. Most of you commenting, as well as JR himself, have invested yourself in a moral equation. You will never be able to see what is actually occurring so long as you stand in judgment of others. God did not give you authority to judge who is evil, and certainly not to judge who is the more evil in any arena. This is a slippery slope to permanent mis-comprehension. Your commentaries reek of negative emotions, namely fear, anger, disgust, and unfortunately, hate. In other words, you sound unhinged. Anyone can play the blame game and call on reason after reason why they are the good guy and someone else is the bad guy. See nearly all commentary sections across the entire internet. It only requires force to judge, while it requires strength to understand.

    Jeff, I am heartened by the final paragraphs of this missive. No, what appears to be happening as described by you in this essay, can’t be trusted. As we have discussed, communism is a very serious problem for the “leave me the hell alone-ers” of the earth. It always leads to privation, starvation, murder, torture, and unquantifiable suffering for oh so many. But it is not stupid. It does not blunder. It is highly sophisticated, and while it lacks many of the assets of western ingenuity, it most definitely has it’s own advanced efficacy. One of the important details of the coming world war that is not measurable beforehand, is raw toughness. Let’s call it low-range. When the mud gets deep, who has positraction and 4w-lo? Who has tall narrow tires with deep lugs? And most importantly, who has the know-how to fix whats broken and keep moving?
    “Appear weak where you are strong”. The populations of Western Europe and most of America are ACTUALLY weak beyond calculating at this point in time, and this cannot be hidden. The dog that has been starving for years, but is still here, won’t struggle in a fight against fluffy who is without purpose, fat, and skill-less.

    Please stoping talking about the evil Putin. It is tiring. So he kills his opposition. Who cares. He is a ruthless dictator. Like so many of our buddies. Much ado about nothing. All this moral relativity is incredibly boring. All moral arguments are entirety subjective, and thus worse than useless. There has been no more concentrated exercise of raw cruelty that we know of on this planet than that which was carried put from 1935-1945 by the imperial Japanese, and it isn’t close. And they have been our BFF ever since. Please stop the proselytizing. What is interesting about your academic efforts, Jeff, is cold hard analysis, not your moral judgements. And so long as you dabble at playing God, your analysis suffers. We are permitted dominion to protect the weak, the innocent, and ourselves from slaughter, enslavement and doom. We are clearly not permitted to stand in judgment of the rest of God’s creation. And that is decisive.

    1. What is this Keller, a teach-in?

      Also, “Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.” -the most important Someone of all.

      Good and evil isn’t determined by whether or not someone has become our BFF.

      Finally, the commentaries here “reek of negative emotions, namely fear, anger, disgust, and unfortunately, hate.”??

      Funny…I don’t smell anything. Might be your upper lip.

    2. “There are no good guys and there are no bad guys.

      Please stoping talking about the evil Putin. It is tiring. So he kills his opposition. Who cares. He is a ruthless dictator. Like so many of our buddies. Much ado about nothing. All this moral relativity is incredibly boring. All moral arguments are entirety subjective, and thus worse than useless. There has been no more concentrated exercise of raw cruelty that we know of on this planet than that which was carried put from 1935-1945 by the imperial Japanese, and it isn’t close. And they have been our BFF ever since.”

      Incredibly disingenuous and, frankly, vacuous. You claim that all moral arguments are useless (which is absurd on its face), then you immediately make a moral judgement against us by claiming that we have been closely aligned with the ‘imperial Japanese’ ever since WW2. You cannot claim the Japanese committed atrocities if you are unable to make moral judgements in the first place. Nor can you imply that communism’s inevitable products of “privation, starvation, murder, torture, and unquantifiable suffering” are aversive.

      You have skill with words, I grant you that. But you peddle confusion.

      1. The West can have a cartel of outright demon worshipping baby eaters at the center of power and it still would be the case: “Better the Devil you know.” They have to maintain appearances, communists don’t; and Reds have the latitude to operate openly with both domestic and foreign patronage in the West. Calling spades “spades” is no bourgeois moralizing.

      2. Again, your(meaning you all) choice of language is disappointing. I grew up in civil society, where respecting your adversary in intellectual exchange was a pre-requisite to engagement. Perhaps I should not have said that you sound un-hinged, as many may have taken that as meaning that they ARE unhinged, which would have been uncivil.
        My apologies if anyone reacted to that.

        The fact that you don’t comprehend what I am saying does not mean I peddle confusion.
        And, of course, your statement was meant as an insult, which is out of bounds for honest discourse.

        Atrocities are clearly defined happenings. One can easily know events to be such, without condemning those who commit them. This is pretty much the foundation of Christianity, so I am unclear as to why this confusing.

        Incredibly disingenuous? And vacuous?

        You will have to explain this. But I stick to my original comment. Reeks of negative emotion and sounds unhinged.

    3. “There has been no more concentrated exercise of raw cruelty that we know of on this planet than that which was carried put from 1935-1945 by the imperial Japanese, and it isn’t close. And they have been our BFF ever since.”

      I meant to add:
      1) We have not been BFF’s with the Imperial Japanese who committed those atrocities. Surely you can distinguish one group of Japanese from another?

      2) “You will never be able to see what is actually occurring so long as you stand in judgment of others. … We are clearly not permitted to stand in judgment of the rest of God’s creation.”
      Perhaps you could take your own advice, and refrain from standing in judgement over Mr. Nyquist and the regulars of this comments section.

      1. Wow.
        Don’t worry, I won’t participate for much longer if I don’t find someone here that has the integrity and appetite for rational discourse. I have never responded to anyone but Jeff before, as it was with him that I had desired to tussle intellectually.

    4. Apologies for the multiple posts.

      “One of the important details of the coming world war that is not measurable beforehand, is raw toughness. Let’s call it low-range. When the mud gets deep, who has positraction and 4w-lo? Who has tall narrow tires with deep lugs? And most importantly, who has the know-how to fix whats broken and keep moving?”

      I would contend that another important detail – also difficult to measure – is that of moral clarity: the understanding that there *are* moral truths (though we may struggle mightily in discerning them), and that some courses of action and ways of being are preferable to others. On this point, you exhibit (and seek to justify) a clear deficit.

      1. Anthony, you are correct, moral clarity is more important than raw toughness. Moral clarity gives a measure of toughness that is impossible to measure. A person with moral clarity can often surprise with a stick-to-it-ness that belies his apparent flabbiness.

        We still have many people with moral clarity here in the States.

    5. Putin is evil. The KGB is evil. It may be the most evil organization on the entire planet.

      Never tone or speech police anybody again.

      1. Huh?
        Perseus, you sound like you are giving an order. I struggle to come up with a response that holds to my code of conduct, so I guess I will leave it lie.
        Oh, I know! You have justified my use of the word Hate. You see, Perseus, hate begins as dogma, unquestioned belief, and crescendos if left unchecked, to the commission of all the atrocities that mankind is fond of committing.
        You have laid down the Gospel for us. Don’t you all see that when you invoke the word evil, you are laying down an absolute? The Received Wisdom? There is no wiggle room for any error on your part. And then you followed it up with a direct order. Cease and desist, or…? You stopped before adding the ultimatum, but I would guess it was on your mind.

    6. Mr. Keller admonishes me: “Please stop talking about Evil Putin. So he kills his opposition. Who cares. He is a ruthless dictator. Like so many of our buddies.” But Mr. Keller, I care. And it is sorry news that conservatives are defending Mr. Putin as a Christian, saying he is our ally against “The New World Order.” In a sense, by writing this curious passage, Putin has now become YOUR evil little buddy. You have taken on the argument of folks like Patrick Buchanan, Tucker Carlson, and the millions who believe Putin is evil only in the sense that all leaders are evil. “Cut him a break. He’s not so bad.” The real bad guy is Joe Biden, right? But Biden is one of those people who partnered with Mr. Putin’s predecessors, and with Mr. Xi. It is no wonder, then, that I also count Biden as ONE OF THEM (as a bad guy). And now the right is being fooled to the bargain. Must I count you, and Mr. Carlson, as ONE OF THEM? Since the left is done with Moscow, the right is ready to pick up the slack. Have you forgotten your history. Once upon a time we trusted Putin and the Chinese leaders. We went into partnerships with them. This was a bad idea not only because they were enemies. It was a bad idea because these men were criminals, and doing business with them would compromise us, and corrupt our side. And this is exactly what has happened. So there is, indeed, a moral relationship to all of this. As I have noted previously: Try to run a business without judging people’s character. What kind of mistake would it be to hire a thief or marry a serial murderer? Are you going into business with a mafia gangster? Your choice, of course; but do not say that my warnings are “subjective” nonsense. If someone is a murderer, a liar, etc., it is not a subjective thing. And it should not be a matter for indifference, as you seem to think. Someone who is indifferent to good and evil is a moral idiot. I think you will have to agree with me on that. The whole reason I began down this road of examining the defector literature was MORAL. I realized there was real evil in the world. Totalitarian governments are evil, by nature. And somebody has to stand up to them (though most prefer to collaborate). If you missed this part of my motivation, go back and read from the beginning. You say there are no good guys or bad guys. But there are good guys, and good gals. Take Anna Politkovskaya and the defector Alexander Litvinenko, for example. These were brave people, and they put themselves at risk to tell the world about Putin. In fact, they were murdered by Putin. Am I not allowed to say they were good people? Am I not allowed to point out who murdered them? And then we have the poisoning of the Skripals and Navalny. But you want me to ignore all this — even though all of this provides the context for Putin’s the invasion of Ukraine! And what is this nonsense you are writing, “God did not give you the authority to judge who is evil”? Do I need permission from God to make moral judgments? Did you get permission from God before judging me? Oh! But then you must be special.

      1. Indeed Mr. Nyquist, this idea that Jesus Christ taught that men are to be, as you well put it moral idiots, is as blasphemous as it is stupid. To the contrary, He teaches that we are to judge: ” By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? [17] Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, and the evil tree bringeth forth evil fruit. [18] A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit. [19] Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be cut down, and shall be cast into the fire. [20] Wherefore by their fruits you shall know them. ” Gospel of S. Matthew 7:16-20. What is forbidden is to judge unjustly. One day S. Polycarp the Martyr happened to meet the heretic Marcion. Marcion asked the Saint “dost thou know me?, S. Polycarp answered, “I do know thee, the first born of Satan.” Not very oecumenical of him, none of this I’m o.k., you’re o.k., we’re all the same nonsense that prevails in this accursed age.

      2. Ah!
        So I hit a nerve with many of you. I am not surprised by the responses. You all did what I expected, especially you, Jeff, as you are more and more prone to the use of ad hominem techniques. I am always careful not to directly insult he whom I am discoursing with. As an example, I chose to say that all moral arguments are entirely subjective, and therefore worse than useless. I, however, did not state that making moral, and thus subjective arguments, was “nonsense”. That is what you called (some of) what I wrote. I did not say that they are nonsense, specifically because they are not nonsense. And nothing I write is nonsense either, as I am sure you instinctively comprehend. What they are, however, is not objective. You and I cannot argue to any positive purpose about whether are not you love your mother. We can, however, effectively argue about whether she was black or not, or the date of her death.
        As near as I can figure from your words, you judge Putin to be evil based on what you believe his actions to be, no? So who ordered the fire bombing of Dresden, which left many thousands of “innocents” burnt to a crisp? I could site countless examples from that one conflict, including all the subordinates who participated in these horrible events.
        By their actions, and their effect on others, they are evil, no?
        You seem to believe that horrible things done by the “good team” are allowed, perhaps even righteous, when directed at the “bad team”. There is nothing wrong with this viewpoint. But, of course, it cannot be defended objectively. It proceeds from a pre-determination of who is good and who is bad. What you seem to miss, is the difference between morality and conscience. The former is a politically motivated code of conduct put onto someone, and the latter is the knowing of right and wrong, the rule book from the creator.

        “Mr Keller admonishes me….” Perhaps that is the right word, but I prefer to think I was pleading with you to cease with the Putin is Evil refrain. Like I said, it is tiring. It matters not if he or any other individual is “evil”. War and a serious global shake up is nigh and what matters is not getting consumed by it, while carefully not succumbing to it and becoming this “evil” you are fond of accusing others of. What is disappointing, Jeff, is you are so far away from understanding what I am saying, that you lump me in with the low IQ talking heads that you note in your response, as well as with conservative inc. That is intellectually inexcusable. I’ve tried to encourage you to self reflect on what you might be missing. Do you remember? Where are you kennel blind? At the very least you are blind to what I am trying to elucidate, and the fact that I think entirely for myself should be patently clear in my use of language. I take you as an individual, and engage with you as someone who is proceeding honestly from the merits of their own intellect, yet you casually lump me in with America haters.

        Very strange that you write geo-political books and essays, and run a comment section weekly, but when someone professionally disputes some of your message and challenges you to honest debate, you feel as though you are being judged. “Did you get permission from God before judging me?” You are playing with semantics and casting yourself in the role of a victim. I seem to have misunderstood. I thought you genuinely wanted to have conversations with other bright and honest minds.

        I consciously, and continuously endeavor to judge no one. Putin or you or anyone. That should be obvious. But intellectual tussle is how we move the needle, no?

        Of course I concur with you on the general subject of business, and whom to do business with. The most important element in business, however, is trust. I think we can agree that their is probably very little virtue bustling within the ranks of the cartels, big pharma or all those south of the border, but they sure run effective businesses. Why? Because they have loyalty, i.e. trust, with their partners.

        One last point, and I pray this sheds some light on what I have attempted to convey. I am a football fan, a Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Once upon a time, a colleague became aghast when learning this. He said…Well if you’re ok with their quarterback (Big Ben) being a rapist…
        I said that I could care less what he is, outside of being a quarterback. Why is this so? A number of reasons. Firstly, I can’t possibly know who he is. Secondly, just because somebody or some media outlet, says he is a rapist doesn’t make it so. And, thirdly, if I were to condemn him as “bad” for what I am told he is(but can’t verify), then go about supporting another quarterback who isn’t accused of being “bad”, I set myself up for potential disaster. What if Big Ben isn’t “bad”, he is just human, and whatever mistakes he has made, he has atoned for and has proceeded to live an honest virtuous life, but is forever tainted by an accusation from his past, all the while, the quarterback who it was safe to support, is secretly very not nice habitually, to many, but hides it well? One has to only look to the vast number of innocent people jailed or executed because their accusers got it wrong, to comprehend this point.
        So when you keep trotting out the defectors and the political opposition that Putin allegedly has murdered, I am yawning. I know nothing about these people, and neither do you, REALLY. They are simply stick figures in a rich tapestry of largely unknowable complexity. What if you were to find out that Litvinenko was a wife beater, and a child rapist? Or pick your “evil”….would that alter your calculus? Of course it would, As you are passing judgment based on the details you believe to be true. What I am telling you, is that this is guaranteed to lead to inaccurate conclusions. Some of your data points will be inaccurate, and most of the necessary data you require to reach an accurate and useful conclusion is unknowable to you.
        The funny part!! The advanced strategic mind of the upper level communist dictator understands all this to the letter, and they EASILY make everyone who doesn’t understand this, dance to their tune.
        You recently replied to me with the following (paraphrased)….do you know the danger inherent in opposing and exposing the world wide communist agenda?
        I took it that you were saying that you put your safety on the line by you life’s work. This may be so, yet you are still here. Curious, no? Me thinks you don’t rise to the level of threat, in their eyes.

      3. Mr. Keller. I expect that you disapprove of my position on Putin and the Ukraine War. Why not say so instead of calling me or my readers “unhinged” haters? You accuse me of attacking you personally. I did no such thing. In fact, I credited you with understanding my argument (which I should not have done). And do you really think I was showing some kind of sensitivity about being judged by you? I was trying to point out that your argument is self-contradictory; that is, you are somehow allowed to judge me but I am not allowed to judge Putin. We both make judgments, Mr. Keller. Your judgments are against making judgments (which blows you up). It has always been my position that the art of war is pregnant with moral imperatives. I have touched on this subject many times in the past. You cannot rationally separate political and military actions from morality, and your own argument proves my case. Your idea that somebody has to get permission from God to make moral judgments is where you expose yourself to ridicule. By bringing God into it, you were basically pulling out a moral argument of your own. So please do not misunderstand. I did not make this point because I was feeling judged. I made this point to gently show how you had contradicted yourself. And now I am not-so-gently pointing it out. And this is not a personal attack because I am attacking your argument AND NOT YOU. It is regrettable, indeed, that I have to write this. After all, everyone can see what you wrote. On your side, you have made many rude judgments about me and my readers. I must ask you: Are my readers really haters? Or was that just an ad hominem attack on everyone here? In your last missive you say I am blind and my statements are intellectually inexcusable. You say I write about the good team versus the bad team, suggesting that I am a shallow moralist who sees his own country as lilly white. You also accuse me of playing semantic games. None of these personal attacks on my character as a thinker and writer are objectively true. I have never seen my country as lilly white; but it is MY country, and I am loyal to it. Anyone who has read my books knows this. I answered your attack on my writing and my readership seriously, honestly, and with real arguments. On your side, you have been insulting and snide. Do you really think I am unhinged? I cannot imagine why. What I suspect is that my opinions offend you because you are a moral and epistemological nihilist. You think there is no objective morality. You think that political reality is “a rich tapestry of lragely unknowable complexity.” But some things are knowable, like the wickedness of Mr. Putin. And if there is no right or wrong, Mr. Keller, then why are you admonishing others? It is really crazy when you write, on the one hand, “I consciously, and continuously endeavor to judge no one,” when you have written something so larded with uncharitable judgments of others. Did you even bother to read your own words?

      4. Jeremy:

        “Atrocities are clearly defined happenings. One can easily know events to be such, without condemning those who commit them. This is pretty much the foundation of Christianity, so I am unclear as to why this confusing.” Eh? What sort of Christianity is that? Where does it say that in the Bible?

        “You see, Perseus, hate begins as dogma, unquestioned belief,… Don’t you all see that when you invoke the word evil, you are laying down an absolute? The Received Wisdom? There is no wiggle room for any error on your part.” So the Bible isn’t received wisdom? What sort of wiggle room is there in the Bible? Without the Bible, there is no Christianity.

        “I chose to say that all moral arguments are entirely subjective, and therefore worse than useless.” And in this, you contradict the Bible. While you might discount our individual arguments, what’s wrong with applying God’s objective moral standards?

        “As near as I can figure from your words, you judge Putin to be evil based on what you believe his actions to be, no? So who ordered the fire bombing of Dresden, which left many thousands of “innocents” burnt to a crisp?” What sort of argument is this? What does the fire bombing of Dresden have to do with Putin’s evil actions? What sort of logic is that?

        “You seem to believe that horrible things done by the “good team” are allowed, perhaps even righteous, when directed at the “bad team”.” From where do you get that idea? Which one of us has supported that idea?

        “…but when someone professionally disputes some of your message and challenges you to honest debate,…” Professionally? Don’t your inaccuracies and illogic belie your “professionalism”? Or are accuracy and logic also subjective?

        “I consciously, and continuously endeavor to judge no one.” But how do you not judge us by your accusations?

        My questions above are rhetorical questions, not for you to answer, rather to show your hypocrisy. You erroneously say that we are not to make moral statements concerning evil people, you then condemn us based on your subjective moral standards when we apply God’s objective moral standards.

        Bottom line, Putin is a liar and a murderer, the very definition of an evil man.

    7. Well, if there was a suitcase pseudo-intellectual Dugin comment of the year: “ Like so many of our buddies. Much ado about nothing. All this moral relativity is incredibly boring. All moral arguments are entirety subjective, and thus worse than useless.”

      Calls out about moral relativism yet cannot see it when employing it while in own schizophrenic technico breakdown.

  11. Here you’re posting a fact-free accusation, like a hack political comedian, and that junks the article. To the point:

    “To justify his cause, Putin cleverly referred to an apparent attack on Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline… ‘multiple ruptures’ in the NS1 and NS2 pipelines were reported on 26 September as likely acts of sabotage. All of this was made to order for the annexation of Southwest Ukraine.”

    Quite the accusation. But who actually threatened Nord Stream?

    State Dept.: Victoria Nuland:

    “If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.”

    President Joe Biden:

    “If Russia invades… there will be no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it.”

    Did some other nation threaten? Not that I can see. So anyone is justified in taking the U.S. threat at face value: prime suspect identified. Easy detective work there.

    Whatever the U.S. motive(s), the threat was out there, and that’s enough. There’s nothing especially “clever” or “made to order” for Putin in this. Not unless you imagine Putin somehow tricked senior, experienced U.S. leaders into making the very public threat now actualized on the seabed. And that would be absurd.

    You went to J-School; you mastered the art over 40 years ago. Yet here, days after the U.S. threat videos were publicized widely, you ignored them and wrote a fact-free accusation instead.

    What makes the journalist’s reputation, Jeff?

    1. Hello, FSB operative: in those speeches, they’re clearly threatening to use leverage over Germany and/or sanctions to stop the pipeline.

      But of course you know that, because the pipeline had not been damaged for a short while until I saw all these clips of Biden and Nuland all over the Internet, fresh, packaged, and ready to go. The lawmaker tweeting “Thanks USA”. Who is he? Who told him to do that? Who had the clips prepared? Who had done that research?

      The US was not talking about bombing them like some primitive troglodyte; they were talking about sanctions.

      1. Re Biden and Nuland, not only were they talking about sanctions, these statements were made before the invasion, which makes a difference. Leaders are more apt to bluster that they can accomplish something when they think it can have deterrent effect. Remember Trump bragging he’d blow North Korea to smithereens if “little rocket man” did this or that?

        I don’t trust Biden or Nuland but fair is fair, and all political speech should be taken in context. Think of how this is used against conservatives.

    2. ‘ Here you’re posting a fact-free accusation, like a hack political comedian, and that junks the article. To the point:

      “To justify his cause, Putin cleverly referred to an apparent attack on Russia’s Nord Stream pipeline… ‘multiple ruptures’ in the NS1 and NS2 pipelines were reported on 26 September as likely acts of sabotage. All of this was made to order for the annexation of Southwest Ukraine.” ‘

      I do not presume to speak for Mr. Nyquist, so I hope he will correct me if I am in error.

      To my knowledge, Mr. Nyquist has not accused Russia of sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines. He has said that *it is possible* that Russia sabotaged the pipelines. He has also conceded (in his interview with Mr. Gussack) *it is possible* that America sabotaged the pipelines. But without conclusive evidence, he did not take a firm position on this.

      In the above-quoted passage, he observes that the (in-)opportune timing of this damage has been used to justify Russia’s annexation. This is not an accusation – one has only to read Putin’s speech.

      You are injecting your own bias into this. It is bad enough that we must contend with a fifth column of leftist extremists in this country, but it seems we must also (proverbially) fight a rear-guard action against self-flagellating conservatives at the same time.

    3. What Biden said before the war is not proof that we attacked those pipelines. Biden’s statements have not been credible, and he is not a credible person. The White House is always issuing retractions. He does not function well cognitively. We all know this. More to the point, he was helped into the US Senate decades ago by a KGB agent named Armand Hammer. That is a fact. Context here is everything. We do not know what happened to the pipeline — sabotage or accident; but so many are eager to blame America. And Biden — as an agent of the communist side — could have ordered it, or Putin could have ordered it (it is the same difference, strategically, if Biden is still obligated to the Russian special services). And yes, the alleged pipeline attack was made to order so that someone like you could make the statement you made (no proper context needed). Whoever did it, it hurts America. We take the blame, and … you just love blaming your own country. Putin just loves blaming America. I do not wish to blame my country without proof. If my country did it, then it was done by shameful idiots who do not know what damage they have done. But let’s wait for some facts. Shall we?

      1. The public statements back in January by Nuland and Biden offer a motive. Baltops 22 exercises off the coast of Bornholm, Denmark in the Baltic Sea provide the opportunity. While we cannot know for certain, and one could argue that Russia also had motive and opportunity, based on the publicly-available evidence American sabotage appears to be a far more likely answer than either Russia sabatoge of Russian maintenance incompetence on their own multi-billion dollar pipelines…

      2. Nothing is proven by this kind of analysis, Craig. We have to be careful. I talked to someone today who is in a position to know whether the U.S. did it. He says he does not see how. It might have been the Brits, but not the US. But we still cannot rule out a pipeline accident. If it was done by us it cannot be kept secret long.

    4. “If Russia invades… there will be no longer be a Nord Stream 2. We will bring an end to it [the invasion].”

      As the conflict has born out: Russia is a 5th rate power, with nukes. America – and Bidenenko’s – statements are directed toward a politically shifty Germany with joint ambitions with France for geopolitical relevancy (EU army reforms, quick reaction forces, ect.) independent of American led NATO. There was never a scenario where Russia makes a land grab putting Western Europe into a land blockade of energy & food, and gets to eat its gas pipeline cake too, as if nothing happened.

    5. Please read following article by Rebekah Koffler (russian-born and fluent russian-speaking former DIA analyst, who studied Putin and russian dotrines for years). Koffler is a conservative (pro Trump, anti Biden – keyword: SLCM-N). She has also criticized Tucker Carlson for his stance on Putin. Her book “Putin’s Playbook” is highly recommended.
      She is sometimes interviewed on FOX News:

      Five reasons why Russia is likely behind the Nord Stream industrial sabotage

  12. It is interesting that you spoke about the vacuum weapons which in my opinion should be banned by international convention and considered a war crime if used. There are two books you can read on Amazon which provides details of the German perspective behind D-Day. In one of the books, it appears that the Germans in WW2 had built a fuel-air bomb and were planning to use it against the US formations in Europe. If it was used it would have functioned as a mini-nuke and may have been enough to stop the US advance. Luckily the weather wasn’t in the German’s favour but it is still scary to think how far conventional weapons can go and how close they function to a WMD.

    1. Per Joseph Farrell, thermobarics were used extensively on the Eastern Front to great effect in rocket launchers. More recent Russian WW2 archives paint an even more devastating casualty picture than before. Farrell relates an incident in which Stalin threatened to use chemical weapons if the use of something (unspecified) wasn’t ceased. With eye witness reports of at least two test detonations in Poland at SS facilities later in the war describing nuke-scale blinding flashes, perhaps the thermobarics included dirty versions, or outright miniaturized nukes.

  13. > “Commit, where is your evidence? What you say is patently false. The membership criteria for masons in the Founders Era were required them to be Christians.”

    Makes some sense, one can’t worship Satan unless believing in God first.

  14. Containment of Russia is a good idea. Encroaching upon Russia’s former sphere of influence, obviously would have to make Russia, uncomfortable. Ukraine is not a free country. How could they possibly have had a fair election? Did Jimmy Carter go there to observe? Did the United States have a fair election a couple years ago? How is it that Ukraine could possibly have a fair election, but the United States could not? For Western Europe to feel entitled to Ukrainian and Russian gas and oil, is no different than Marxism. There is plenty of gas and oil in the World. Current supplies are manipulated. Where is the cost effectiveness of the United States creating billions or trillions of dollars, for the benefit of Ukraine? How about we save our money and let Europe pay market for gas and oil, instead?

    If the United States is afraid to nuke Russia, then arming Ukraine is more than foolish. Brinkmanship on both sides, is cowardice.

    1. The Ukrainian 2019 election was free and fair. Please site any source that says otherwise. The incumbent in that election lost, by the way.

  15. As the elections are being stolen in Brazil, I just wanted to give a friendly reminder that Lula has virtually no public support and that he can only win by cheating (which is not so hard in a country with a voting system that’s 100% electronic).

  16. When I hear Putin basically refer to the entire population of the U.S. as ‘Anglo-Saxons’, I am offended, because, for example, I am of mixed Mediterranean and Slavic blood; not ‘Anglo-Saxon’ by any definition. Also, the United States’ demographics are so diverse, even among so-called ‘white people’ (I also hate that term), that the U.S. hasn’t had an ‘Anglo-Saxon/WASP’ majority in many decades. It is so reductive of him to use such jargon; in addition, he’s really dating himself, when he talks like that.

    Also, doesn’t Russia’s ‘alliance with Germany’ go back to the Romanov days, long before there was ever Communist leadership in Russia?

    1. Putin understands your point, but he’s not talking so much about the general population, as he’s talking about the NAZI leadership.

    2. I saw it differently. Communists choose their enemy terms carefully; I saw it as him attempting to fit his ideology into the larger “anti-white supremacy” ideology. Keep in mind this was the same speech that parroted the same claims about racism and colonialism.

      His screed against the Anglo-Saxons could align neatly with those in the US who say “white people” are to blame for all the ills. It was an appeal to racial demagoguery, something I haven’t seen much from Putin before. To me, it seems they are trying to fit all the varying pieces of their invented ideologies together, like a puzzle. Cobbling together their coalitions.

      1. The “Anglo-Saxons” slots into the Latino hind brain space reserved for “gringos” and “colonizers”. He’ll have moral cover from leftist apologist tankies no doubt, if only to counter signal their SUPREMEly WASP government, as if the “stolen land’ narrative had any validity.

  17. Shame on you, retractable Lanyard. Your comments are solely designed to provoke and to insult people, and these do nothing to advance the overall discussion in a civil manner.

    You have the rank arrogance to believe that ‘I’ desired to find out YOUR opinion about this, or any other subject. You are SO incorrect on that point.

    1. Oh, you mean that you approve of defacto prez Biden. He earned all those profits from deals with Ukraine?

    1. Unfortunately, they will steal this election, and will unleash their revenge on the populace, unless we see the divine providence, latin america may experience the red terror very soon.

      1. Red terror of perception. The left will kill but the right will be blamed for the killings. The left in South America has an ax to grind against the Frankists and Pinochet types. It could get very bloody knowing how little care the Republicans in Spain had for any perceived bourgeois.

  18. Jeff, one thing. I’m new here and am surprised that you provide citations from the main-stream media. I’ve been led to believe that there are no MSM *reporters*, only government/or otherwise controlled propagandists/narrators.

    But, I’m certainly enjoying the site!

    1. Even people I generally disagree with have some truth. And I try to listen to all sides. The mainstream press does some good work, and some bad. It’s their interpretations I part company with on many instances. But not always.

  19. “When I hear Putin basically refer to the entire population of the U.S. as ‘Anglo-Saxons’, I am offended”

    It is term used for English speaking people in general. And he is not talking about you but about the people who run world imperilism. Largely based in London and US eastern coast.

  20. By this point it should be clear to any western military leader that nuclear weapons do make a huge difference. I believe NATO will soon decide to increase its nuclear capabilities. Considering this late aweakening and the nulclear gap between Russia and NATO, wouldn´t be wiser to accept the new ukrainian map in order to gain time?

    1. No.

      • Too many in the West, including its leaders, still believe in MAD therefore think that the communists would never start a nuclear war.
      • The communists don’t keep their word. Just as Hitler after taking Sudetenland only a short time later took all of Czechoslovakia, so we can expect Putin to up the ante with each concession on our part.
      • It will take years to restart the production lines to upgrade our nuclear deterrence. Will Putin give us years before he breaks his word? Or will he attack within a shorter time span? I expect a shorter time, therefore we will have to fight with the weapons we have.

      1. It wont’t take years if America uses the enriched plutonium that Japan has in storage.

      2. Donatti: Yes years, because updating and upgrading is more than just the warheads. It will also include the delivery vehicles (rockets, planes) and other support services. Those will all need to be designed before production can start.

    2. The intermediate missile gap vs. Russia is significant, and there is a general over reliance on SSBN submarine platforms doctrinally hamstrung to retaliation strikes. It’s past time to treat this Sino-Soviet zombie as a single entity, and punish both accordingly. Where are the damn sanctions on Red China? Half-measures allowed this beast to stumble into the 21st century, and it’ll survive to the next at this rate.

  21. This invasion has shown that some of the Russian equipment was not in top notch condition, you have the stories of artillery shells exploding and killing Russian soldiers, what are the odds that the Russian nuclear arsenal is also not in the best shape? Perhaps that’s why the Kremlin is not sure of using it if a nuclear counter attack could prove more damaging than their own initial strikes. It really sounds as the Kremlin boasting about military might come across as bluffing. When you have the Wagner group folk trying to recruit prisoners, some men who are no spring chicken being drafted, doesn’t that paint a picture of desperation in the Russian front that they’re woefully lacking in manpower as well?

      1. @JRNyquist: Not under the current terms, anyway. 21st century Russia seems to operate their military the way that 18th/19th century Great Britain did, at least in regards to recruitment methods.

      2. Nice find, CMA!

        They could be vaccinating for the next bio-weapon, while disguising it as a covid shot…

    1. The call up of certain reserve troops speaks of great desperation. That many have no uniforms, are being issued obsolete small arms, poorly stored and maintained, and in some cases not even being given barracks (which have no beds or bedding), then there is pungent scent of desperation in the air. Morale is collapsing among the troops as it is, it is truly great when your country doesn’t even have enough respect for you not to train or equip you properly, or give you decent food. The troops that got dog food may have been better off.

  22. Europe cannot survive for long with sky high energy prices, that is the long and short of it. Putin knows this also.

    We are in a proxy war. The Ukrainians are expected to pay with lives and the rest of us are expected to pay with money (hyperinflation). We are not willing to realise that we are in a war that demands deep sacrifices; we think we can be at war whilst also going on vacation three times a year but as Macron said last month, the era of abundance is over.

    How soon will the proxy war become a direct war? A question we really don’t want answering.

    1. Russia could use North Korea to launch an EMP strike. America would be destroyed. Few understand how vulnerable we have made ourselves.,

      1. In addition to an EMP, a more “conventional” nuclear strike, overt or clandestine, on just a handful of Western cities, perhaps even just one or two, would lead to such widespread fear and panic as to collapse Western financial markets, economic activity, and civil society in a matter of days to weeks. And being of a limited nature, MAD retaliation by the West could not be justified, while a tit-for-tat strike against a handful of Russian or Chinese cities would not have the civilization-ending consequences for their societies as for ours, all while accomplishing their military objective of destroying the West, and enabling the rise of a multi-polar world system. We are effectively playing with matches in a dynamite factory.

      2. Speaking of NK and their launch today: “North Korea’s missile launch prompted Japan to issue an alert to residents in northeastern regions to evacuate buildings nearby in what was the first such alert in five years”

  23. Logically, your statement made no sense whatsoever. But if you want to know how I reached this conclusion, then here are my reasons:

    1. Because I’m in Brazil and I talk to people.

    2. Because September 7th went from being Independence day to Bolsonaro day – main streets were full and people were praying (high energy).

    3. Bolsonaro gets packed events, motorcades, and applauds, while Lula can’t even fill a 5,000 person event (3,000 turnout) and go outside without getting booed. This is similar to Joe Biden, where he would only get about 10 people in his rallies, while Trump would get 10k.

    4. Lula himself also admitted to being tired of getting verbally assaulted.

    5. The communist-supporting supreme court said that contesting votes is illegal (you only do this if you know there is going to be fraud).

    4. Electronic voting controlled by Smartmatic without any paper record (apart from the generic ‘I voted’ receipt which has no valuable info).

    5. Bolsonaro’s endorsements got more than their respective opposition (yesterday’s election was more than just for the presidency – it included 4 other govt positions), but somehow the guy himself gets less than Lula. How can that be?

    6. You clearly haven’t watched the video I posted.

    7. There was a video I saw of voting machines being tampered before the elections in a room with PT workers.

    8. A long time ago, Klaus Shwab went on record and said they are “preparing” a candidate for the Brazilian elections. Very suspicious.

    9. Many cars on the streets are fitted with the Brazilian flag, yet only a few show any support for Lula

    10. Many yellow t-shirts during polling

    11. Emphasis on point #3: Bolsonaro is treated like a celebrity, people flock around him and cheer him on. Lula is treated like a criminal, an rightly so.

    12. Lula is a communist – enough said.

    1. I honestly don’t get conservatives. Bolsonaro has been in power for like 4-5 years; literally the one thing he had to do was make sure the election process was tamper proof. He was literally the president.

      I don’t understand the naivete of these people.

  24. There are many reports of trains load of equipment headed to Ukraine from Russia. More equipment than they had at the beginning of the invasion.

    1. Is it still true that Russia uses a different train gauge than the rest of Europe? Isn’t that a very inefficient system if still true? How much of that equipment on that train do you think actually works?

      1. “Is it still true that Russia uses a different train gauge than the rest of Europe?”

        There has never been an international agreement on a standard gauge for railroads. As a result, there has been a confusing plethora of different train gauges throughout the world. As long as trains didn’t connect, that wasn’t a problem. Spain and Portugal have a different gauge than France. England was the first country to build steam locomotives and countries (including the U.S.) that imported English steam locomotives built their railroads to accommodate English locomotives. These now make up about 60% of railroads worldwide.

        It is still true that Russian trains run on a different gauge than much of Europe, and that has been true since the Tsarist days.

        “Isn’t that a very inefficient system if still true?” Only where one crosses borders. Russian gauge is found throughout formerly Tsarist controlled areas. That means that Russian trains can follow Russian troops in their invasion westwards until they cross from formerly Tsarist controlled areas.

        “How much of that equipment on that train do you think actually works?” Train tech is pretty simple and has been around for a couple of hundred years, fairly easy to maintain and can be in pretty bad shape before not working. We can count on that the Russian trains are workable.

      2. Yes, slightly wider, enough to make them incompatible. 4 feet 11.8 inches vs. 4 feet 8.5 inches here, western Europe and much of the rest of the world.

  25. Why is this being allowed?

    “China has opened police stations in US and Canada to monitor Chinese citizens”

    China has opened dozens of “overseas police service stations” around the globe to monitor its citizens living abroad, including one location in New York City and three in Toronto.

  26. I will post what Martin Armstrong posted today on his subscribed site so no link. FYI

    World War III Has Been Initiated​

    Monday, October 3, 2022 By: Martin Armstrong

    Germany is telling everyone that they have reserves and intend to bring liquid gas from the United States. The pitch is no big deal. We have this! I have seen memos that state clearly that the goal was to break the link between Germany and Russia. That has now been achieved.

    That appears to have been coordinated. The United States took out this pipeline because this is a deliberate act of war against Russia. That has been the objective all along. Russia must fall for the Great Reset and then they intend to turn on China.

    Energy is 50% of Russia’s GDP. The sanctions to date have not worked, but in fact, they have even backfired on the United States causing inflation with economic decline = STAGFLATION.

    This was also timed with Poland and Norway announcing a new Baltic Pipeline just a few days after the sabotage!

    In addition, the EU has cut a deal with Israel going forward so they will no longer rely on Russia for gas and oil. This has been seen as the death blow to Russia. They have intended to cut off all its exports and starve them out like a good old fashion siege.

    At the United Nations Security Council on the 29th, the Russian representative laid out the facts and directly asked the United States representative: “Did the United States take out the NordStream 2 Pipeline?” The US representative neither confirmed nor denied anything which in itself was telling.

    I have been warning that ALL my sources are pointing the finger in the same direction.

    This is a declaration of war against Russia and they know it. Nevertheless, they will deny any involvement, force Russia to respond, and then once again claim they are the aggressor. That may be nice for the mindless who are still wearing masks from COVID, but when history is written, this is the start of World War III and all the BS will not hide the truth.

    This Great Reset requires the overthrow and subjugation of both China and Russia to push for this one-world government at the United Nations.

    1. Is it possible that Communists that run the EU are running a different agenda than the Russia/China agenda? Or is there a scissors agenda where the EU/NATO/US communists are clandestinely working with the Russians/Chinese communists to manufacture the reason for a First Strike. Armstrong sees two completely different powers at work. He believes “The Great Reset” requires Russian and Chinese subjugation. That requires a war which is what we’re witnessing right now. RIGHT NOW the U.S. is seen as the one destroying the pipe lines in the intelligence departments of the nations. Obama/Biden has used Biden to set up the U.S. for a surprise attack imho. Understanding the Final Phase helps us to see that the Communists are working to take dominion of the world…NOW.

      I agree with Armstrong that World War III has been initiated.

      Please pray. Only God can stop the Communists.

      1. NO war is required as both are facing economic collapse. China because of its overheated real estate market, and Russia because of the sanctions, which are biting in spite of the people yelling they aren’t.

        The idea that sanctions have caused the inflation we in the US are seeing is BS. Inflation was well under way before Putin decided he wanted to take all of Ukraine. It’s much the same with gas prices. They were already through the roof before Putin invaded Ukraine.

      1. Russia has the most to gain by stating we destroyed the pipeline. Look at what they are doing. They are mobilizing troops, sending in more equipment, and threatening a nuclear attack. Personally, I think the possibility that no one bombed the pipeline and it blew up due to lack of maintenance must be considered. Look how poorly the Russians maintained their own military arsenal. Why would the pipeline be any different?

      2. One more thought. The colonel has it wrong because Russia hasn’t been making money on that pipeline for months. One of the pipelines never worked so it was never a source of income for the country, and the other one failed to work properly multiple times and then Putin shut it off. So, Colonel MacGregor is obviously misguided or misleading. Why is our country so full of morons or worse, traitors?

      3. As you know, I wrote a long piece recently about Douglas McGregor’s lack of credibility. If McGregor says we blew the pipeline then it is almost certain we did not. He has been wrong so many times you can probably conclude he is wrong again.

    2. There is no evidence pointing to anyone. That doesn’t mean the KGB product running Russia won’t point a finger, and he already has. It makes little difference that he has no idea who did it, unless they did it themselves, which I doubt. Pointing to things said by Biden is a fool’s errand as nothing the man says can be trusted. And much of what he says is simple bloviation.

    3. This is literally KGB propaganda, painting the “globalist one world order” as the villains, and Russia as the poor aggrieved party. We have to be more careful, guys. And I am not convinced Russia did not do it themselves – just look at the TWO benefits they get here!: claiming that the US did it AND that it’s an act of war against Russia. This article is essentially blaming America for when Russia nukes it.

    4. The great reset requires the subjugation of China and Russia? I think this is a misreading of the situation. Russia invaded Ukraine and China is threatening Taiwan. Nobody is making them do this.

      1. I see this thinking among conservatives and the anti-war/anti-establishment left. Somehow those that see the gathering threat of the Great Reset don’t even stop to question whether China/Russia have their own thing to say about how they’ll fit into this New World Order. One can even accept the thesis that the “world’s elite” are in consensus about where they’re pushing humanity (e.g., depopulation, technological enslavement, digital everything, medical tyranny) AND still consider that China and Russia have allied to assert and elevate their own power over it all. The better question is why WOULD they go along with Western leadership ala Schwab and his stable of midwit assets (Biden, Macron, Trudeau). Seems to me the likes of Xi and Putin are insulted by the very thought that they’d be “managed” by a global bureaucracy, relegated to taking their dictates from this latest iteration of “Western imperialism.” What a gaping blindspot to think all the world’s nations are lining up to submit to this ostensibly Western-dominated bureaucracy. Far more likely the WEF already is under the umbrella of Chinese/Russian communism, or if it’s not, it’s a target. Either way, it is blinded thinking to believe China and Russia “need to be subjugated” by the forces of the Great Reset without considering those nations will not go quietly into that good night,

      2. Re my comment – just to head-off any misunderstanding, I’m not suggesting China/Russia are any genuine “resistance” to the Great Reset. I’m saying they’ll demand to be in charge of it, if they’re not already. It’s clearly a communist model. I’m trying to say even the anti-establishment factions of both left and right, who each see the threat of a Great Reset and associate it with “Western Imperialism” – by their own logic and assumptions should perceive the genuine threat of actual world war launched by communist nations led by China/Russia. Instead, they view those nations as underdogs struggling for national sovereignty. Successful propaganda.

  27. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, over in the Southern Hemisphere, in New Zealand we have been getting winter temperatures in October when it is meant to start warming up, I have spoken with people like David DuByne (Adapt2030) and David Mauriello (Diamond) on whether summer will happen in the Southern Hemisphere this year and I was told that due to the Tonga volcanic eruption, there could be a year without a summer this year for the Southern Hemisphere.

    1. It’s a combination of things. The sun’s output is down and we have been cooling as a result. The Tonga volcano adds to that in the southern hemisphere. We have seen strange temps even in the northern half. Very strange summer snows have been seen in numerous places, and cooler than normal temps in widely scattered places that should not have had them. I think we in the north are going to see a wild winter as well. It has certainly been cooler this summer in the mountains of western NC. We didn’t have one 90 degree day, with highs in rural areas no higher than the mid 80s. I live in town and the warmest we saw was 88. Mid 90s in August are normal.

      Global warming was always a hoax and cold times are coming back.

    1. Not impressed. Too many things to go wrong and the weapon supposedly used is problematic as far as using it on something like a pipeline. It looks too much like a conspiracy theory.

      Understand, I’m not saying it was not sabotage, and from the looks of things it may well not have been sabotage, but just another instance of Russian incompetence. If it is shown it was sabotage, my feelings will not be hurt, but so far, no one has anything to to show it was sabotage. That is not going to stop Putin, however, as he desperately needs something to show he’s large and in charge, when he really isn’t events are driving him now, and his desperation is quite plain.

      1. I see your points, but I am having trouble simply dismissing the Navy P8 being there at the same time the leaks occurred; and the fact that it flew all the way from the states to do that, air-refueled, then all the way back to the states. If we were simply looking at what was going on in the area, why not use one stationed in Europe? Seems suspicious at best.

      2. Doubtful (good point)…
        Perhaps there could be more than one factor involved. Maintenance issue, “helped along” by other means to weaken to the point of failing. Could explain the duration between the leaks being observed. I don’t know. The P8 flight timing is just a piece to the puzzle, hopefully in time other details will come to the surface to “connect the dots”…after all, as the saying goes, “truth and time go hand in hand”.

    1. From the Fox News article it came from:

      “The drone can be deployed from the submarine at any time and detonated at a depth of 1 kilometer near a coastal city. Russian state media has claimed the device can create a 1,600-ft. wave that smashes into the coast and irradiates it.”

      Oh my! And now the submarine is on the move. Add that to all the other Russian military equipment on the move and it’s rather scary!!!

      1. Putin would have to be an utter fool to do anything of the sort. I have serious doubts that his super weapon has the capability to produce a 1600 foot wave, or anything close to it. A former StratCom intel officer used to go to Church with me and he thought Putin had a torpedo that could swim into a naval base and set off a nuke. The rest of his super weapons were easily explainable, like his hypersonic missile, and were not of the sort that were at all super.

        Putin is, in many ways, like Biden. He’s something of a blowhard and bloviates when it would be best if he simply kept his mouth shut. His actions, like Biden’s, are quite evil because the heart that produces them is full of sin.

      2. That doesn’t seem possible to me either, but even if it’s just 40′ can you imagine the devastation? Let’s pray we don’t ever find out!

      3. I just think the idea that we know anything at all about what weapons a Russian submarine is carrying is absolutely ridiculous. The Soviets have an entire Directorate whose only purpose is to fabricate false information. They consider it of great important that the enemy ALWAYS have a false impression of reality. And were supposed to know from Twitter or a Daily Mail article what it’s carrying?

        It may have left port, that’s for sure. But more likely it’s carrying a ton of nuclear missiles.

  28. Putin fails but the Soviet gangster Apparatus is one to never fail alone. The gas pipeline explosion is obviously a scorched Earth policy threat in light of the economic war. Burning bridges has never been done to actually burn bridges with them, but to actually tie in the worldwide communism in death. Putin still hopes that, say, the right with the left, will deploy a revolution out west as our own economies falter. The gas pipeline explosion is another political high profile much ado to capture public opinion 911 style and then force an association in crime.

    After 911 Bush let Putin associate the war on terror of the US against “Bin Laden” with a Putin war of consolidation in Chechnya and a Chinese war and theft against the Uyghur. They never do things alone. There is something weird about the sudden apparent self-isolation of Russia of late. Is it real? Is it like a tarantula spider cornered and now coiling back before jumping on its prey? Or is the military incompetence of Russia a side show to a bigger show of capturing and implicating even the like of Trump to do “deals” and become partners in furthering Russian influence the way Bush let it happen after the 911 Trauma?

    Again, watch them when they take backward steps, because it hides huge forays in other domains. A Russian catastrophe might very well be engineered to create a world catastrophe and communism in death and despair in the the world, with them at the helm of dictating what the exact terms of the grievances are – much the way the left patronize minorities to accept gulag conditions in Warsaw type ghettos they manufacture with their own “communism” demoralist consent in death and despair.

  29. One thing is for sure, in terms of preparations, Putin does not have to fund a cushy privileged red army of costly young brats in nice uniforms. His army is real cheap now and paid for what it realistically is worth. There needs to be more numerator and denominator analysis in this.

    Another aspect of it is that wanting revolution and war consciously seldom works well according to George Devereux in his essays on Ethnopsychiatry. I think so far until 2022 there was a good conscious peace-will world communism amongst Russians who however unconsciously had a hatred developed against the West and a love of their military. This plaid well for Putin and was in fact extremely effective. However, note that once that movement is conscious, the magic is gone, and the Russians run to the border to avoid conscription! A bit late! The infamous marriage is sealed!

    This is the very same magic that Michel Leiris experienced in Ethiopia, these strange trance dances of possession by women which strangely actually processed themselves into making him getting possessed and falling in love with one of the witches who had Siphillis, however. However, the minute he showed his falling for her, the witch could not resist making a another dance, a real one of possession this time, which was a danse of triumph that she had earned herself a western naive husband of an Anthropologist. Upon discovering that, Leiris became cold and de-erotized. His infinite love for her in that spell stopped.

    One thing strange is happening is that this fascination for Russia has grown a bit cold of late, except ironically in the unconscious of the despairing right. Ukrainian trolling has been expert at captivating and fascinating instead, albeit with some caution still. As for nuclear war, that too is mythical just as Putin believes in creating the myth of his manifest invincibility and hypnotic like legal precedence of referendum in the Donbas. This is a trait of lawyers and government careerist that Putin belongs to. Remains to be seen if this magic trick is going to stick.

    Suffice to say that right now we are being such sheeps in that witchcraft domain for shrewed youth, it can only be in God’s hands. While we have a cursorial kinetic resistance to Russia in Ukraine and now a partial collapse of their mobilization efforts, we still have no witchcraft of our own deployed to counter that. We just are like Leiris, fascinated by the barbarian, depressed from urban life and not finding happiness in Africa, and we are vulnerable to capture moves without ourselves waging a counter capture war on that Soviet maneuvering. This is a definite domain of worry, ie the lack of response in that domain from us and the complete initiative of Putin in it. He has no effective political witchcraft opposition that I can see so far, and for all our so called “multi domain” battle preparedness, the spiritual domain is not our forte as we mock it to our peril.

      1. It is possible, but merely speculation, that more flights like this could have been involved. I am told that only a small fraction of military flights even show up on flight trackers (which would make sense). The fact that this one did show up, leaves a person wandering why it would have been made visible in this way if it were involved in a mission that had the potential of triggering WWIII. Nonetheless, if it was there at the time of the first explosion, it begs the question why. Was something expected to happen? Who knows…It would be interesting to hear from someone who works in the industry on the potential of one rupture or explosion causing the others to occur from fatigue or weakening due to pressure changes or something.

      2. It does seem odd to me that if it were solely a maintenance issue, or lack thereof, that lines A and B, in Nordstream 1 and 2 would all be compromised in one day (if I understand the timeline correctly); but I am in no way highly informed on undersea gas pipelines and how they operate, and what all could cause explosions on that magnitude without outside intervention (picked up on seismographs).

  30. More Ukrainian victories. I noticed this article this afternoon. I sort of doubt these areas are just going to be “given back”. I am very concerned about the ominous tones of nuclear war being discussed at so many levels. I hope the retreat is not just preparation for using more devastating weapons, followed by more ground troops.

    I don’t think that article has been posted yet. I apologize if it has been.

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