In history, the Western powers used warships and opium to colonize China. Now the opposite has happened. We will use our open policy, seize the economic crisis in the West as a historical moment, and use effective measures to turn them into Socialist China’s economic and cultural colonies…. Our colonization of these countries is the historical process of communism’s triumph over rotten capitalism. We Chinese communists must shoulder the great historical mission, and use socialism to defeat capitalism, eventually liberating the entire humanity with Communism.

Hu Jintao, 2008 [i]

…as long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved. Therefore, our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan but in fact is aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites.

General Chi Haotian, secret speech [ii]

And now comes a strange report out of China. Someone has leaked 56 minutes from a May 14 Provincial CCP meeting in Guangdong. Senior officials from local military and government structures gathered to discuss the Central Committee’s “normal to war transition instructions.” They say that a decision for war has been made. They are calling it “the final war.”[iii] They even speak of a battle for the Taiwan Straits and for the unification of the “motherland.”

But that is not all. Provincial officials are tasked with retrofitting sixty-four 10,000-ton ro-ro ships for carrying military vehicles. We also learn of 953 “ships of various types” being massed in the province’s ports, supported by 588 railroad cars tasked to forward military equipment. Yet, a simple paper and pencil calculation suggests that these transport assets can carry more vehicles and men than would be needed to attack Taiwan. And Guangdong is only one province, not even in under the military theater command that would be tasked with invading Taiwan.

And then there is another curiosity. Participants are concerned for the defense of “targets” within Guangdong province. One general refers to sabotage attacks from “lurking spies.” But his concerns are brushed aside by others who fear social chaos and rioting in the cities. There is a slight dust-up in which the provincial governor refuses to commit himself.  Yet, one commander – perhaps the district commander – finally talks about nuclear rescue teams. The target list they speak of reads like a list of nuclear targets; that is, the Southern Theater Military Commander Center, the province’s largest cities, the power grid, the province’s four nuclear power plants, etc. Furtively, Political Commissar Wang Shou-Xin suggested they should focus popular rage on the expected U.S. counter-attacks.

One cannot help wondering what kind of American counter-attacks would break down social order in the province. Are these Chinese officials furtively discussing a nuclear war?

There is another curiosity, as well. New recruits for the army are not only being medically examined. They are to be politically examined. Wherever they are being sent, it seems, their political reliability must be assured. Commissar Wang is especially interested in this. No shortcuts, comrades. We must assure the reliability of our soldiers!

Meanwhile, the official responsible for retrofitting the ro-ro ships offers a timid complaint, “The task given by the war zone [Southern Theater Command] is to complete the retrofitting of 365 ro-ro ships, etc., all kinds of ships, within 45 days. In addition, we are responsible for 64 national resource ships in our jurisdiction and 8 other ships.” But then he indicates he does not have access to the province’s “high-quality shipbuilding and retrofitting resources … concentrated in Guangzhou, Yangjiang, Dongguan….” He admits that his resources are “weak.”

There is something beneath the surface here. The participants are not being told everything. The generals and political leaders of the province proclaim their loyalty and agreement with the Central Committee’s “normal to war transition,” and none suggests that victory is unlikely. After all, this is being called “the final war.” But even though Taiwan is named as the target, everyone is afraid that America is going to hit them.

It is imperative, says the leader of the meeting, “to maintain the stability of the rear, pull together the overall strength of the party, government, military, police and civilians as a whole, to help guard 61 important military objectives and 276 civilian targets, maintain social order, cohesion and morale of the people, and continue to push the war forward.”

Push the war forward to where?

China is such a vast country, with 1.4 billion people. We cannot imagine the complexity of transitioning such a country “from normal to war.” We are told that China’s lockdowns are related to COVID. The ongoing port closures and work stoppages, however, may not have anything to do with COVID at all. From the way these Chinese officials are talking, they are not preparing for a small war. There is even reference to China being cut off from certain resources during the war. This raises a rather disturbing question: How could China win decisively if it merely invades Taiwan? Surely, the world will embargo China indefinitely once this has happened. How does China get access to overseas markets if it fails to take full control of the Pacific Ocean?

It seems rather obvious that China is mobilizing for a war against the United States. Several Chinese sources have, during the past two years, told me that China is preparing for a war against America. The evidence is now more than sufficient to conclude that war is coming in the short term. I am told it will start before November 1, 2022.


Reflecting on Party General Secretary Hu Jintao’s comments (quoted above), we need to admit that China has been working to colonize Africa, North America, South America, and Australia. So far, nobody has effectively blocked China’s moves. It is well known that China operates ports around the world, including the ports of entry on either side of the Panama Canal.[iv] We ought to ask why communist China has been so successful at solidifying its hold on so many ports and countries. One answer has to do with American businessmen wanting to exploit cheap Chinese labor. This has led to the industrialization of China. It has also led to extensive trade with China. Many “experts” thought this would serve the cause of peace. “Surely,” they said, “the Chinese communists want to make money. In that case, if we make them rich, they will not start a war with America or their neighbors.”

Such ideas may sound correct, but now it appears that this way of thinking is wrong. First, we misunderstood the nature of the Chinese communist regime; second, we have sinned against our own values by going into business with people who forcibly harvest organs from political prisoners; third, our own business class – our ruling class – is subject to financial blackmail by their Chinese partners. Furthermore, since business is connected to politics, and politics controls defense policy, we have seriously compromised our own national defense, and our economic independence.

How did we get in this position?

The history of America’s misguided China policy is a long one. Back in the 1940s, after World War II, the Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong fooled U.S. Army General George C. Marshall at the outset of the Chinese Civil War. Mao lied to Marshall about everything under the sun, and Marshall believed him. Through General Marshall’s mission to China, the United States effectively empowered the communists while tying the hands of General Chiang Kai-shek. Through Marshall we made it possible for the communists to take over China while General Chiang retreated to Taiwan. Because of Marshall, President Truman trusted Mao. He also trusted Stalin in the agreement that followed. In the end, Stalin and Mao violated all their solemn promises. It was said, at the time, that President Truman and General Marshall lost China.

Did we learn from these blunders? No. What followed, in time, was the blundering of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger who opened relations with the mass murderers in Beijing. When Nixon shook hands with Chairman Mao, he was shaking hands with someone who killed more innocent people than Adolf Hitler. Imagine, then, if Nixon had made an “opening” with Nazi Germany after the Holocaust. Nobody would have congratulated Nixon in that event. At the time, however, nearly everyone was ecstatic about Nixon’s “China policy.”

As egregious as Nixon’s misstep was, America’s blundering had only just begun. Seven successive presidents facilitated massive Western investments that made China into an industrial and military superpower. There is nothing in history to compare with this enabling of a mortal enemy. How did all these geniuses of foreign policy talk themselves into it? First, they believed that China would join us against the Soviet Union. They called this, “Playing the China card.” Even worse, they flattered themselves that this strategy actually worked after the Soviet Union “collapsed.” Compounding one error with another, they mistakenly believed they had won the Cold War and that China would become a capitalist country. Deceived by the leaders of Russia and China, America’s business community formed a partnership with the Chinese Communist Party. And now these Chinese communists are preparing a “final waragainst America.

How can we explain this American blundering? I believe we will need a whole new political philosophy to understand it; for a failure on this scale signifies the collapse of our political premises. Because we have valued the wrong things, and because we have no real interest in the truth, we have sacrificed our future to make money off cheap Chinese labor. For this to have happened, it also seems that we have no real leaders. In fact, our political system attracts and promotes the wrong kind of people. Therefore, our strategic incapacity is foreordained. None of our leaders possess the qualities of a Duke of Wellington or a George Washington. We have, instead, the inarticulate Joe Biden, the bumptious Boris Johnson, and the superficial Justin Trudeau. These are the Anglosphere leaders of today (with a tip of the hat to French Canada).

Is the East, then, destined to win the wars that are now being planned? Does Moscow or Beijing have formidable leaders? Undoubtedly these leaders have succeeded in swindling their Western counterparts. But how does that translate into something positive for the Russians or Chinese? A formidable liar makes for a defective regime. For example, Russia suffers under the furtive Bolshevism of Vladimir Putin and his fellow gangsters. They have poisoned many defectors, dissidents and journalists. At the same time, they are so busy stealing from the Russian people they have shortchanged their own soldiers. Meanwhile, China labors under the sanguinary discipline of the Communist Party. Here is a regime of forced organ donations, labor re-education camps, summary executions for “political crimes,” and social credit scores. Under the Communist Party the Chinese are not a people. They are chattel. They are treated as chattel. And they will fight as chattel.  

Creative Destruction?

Aside from their moral nihilism, the thing that ultimately damns all communists is their aversion to the free market. It is ironic that self-declared materialists should be so opposed to a true reckoning of material values. When they say “property is theft,” they are confessing. When they finally bomb and invade their suppliers, investors and customers, they are killing the Golden Goose. Thieving and killing is a dead end. Once the process begins, their unraveling will only be a matter of time. Furthermore, totalitarian socialists have this lust for destruction that normal people just cannot relate to. One might call it “destruction for the sake of destruction.” All their compromises with the market have been for the sake of organizing an even greater orgy of destruction at some future date. Therefore, their final war of mass destruction will be self-attenuating. In the sense that it really is final, they will not be able to walk it back for another go-round.

It is very difficult to generalize what this means for mankind. The cultural historian Jacob Burckhardt wrote that war establishes new conditions of life “which may be very durable.”[v] Wars not only establish nations, noted Burckhardt. Wars teach us to admire real heroes.[vi] Burckhardt added, “A people actually feels its full strength as a people only in war….”[vii] He suggested that nations only exist, as such, during wars. In recent years we have heard the lament that America is no longer a country. Watch, then, what would happen if the country came under attack. Remember what happened in the wake of 9/11. Heraclitus said, “War is the father of all things.” Please note: America’s founding occurred through the war of 1775-1783 (The American Revolutionary War). America’s re-founding occurred during the war of 1861-1865 (The American Civil War). “Not without cause do the Indians worship Shiva, the god of destruction” noted Burckhardt. “The warrior … is filled with the joy of destruction, wars clear the air like a thunderstorm, they steel the nerves and restore the heroic virtues, upon which states were originally founded, in place of indolence, double-dealing and cowardice.”[viii] Clarifying his position further, Burckhardt wrote:

Lasting peace not only leads to enervation; it permits the rise of a mass of precarious, fear-ridden, distressful lives which would not have survived without it and which nevertheless clamor for their ‘rights,’ cling somehow to existence, bar the way to genuine ability, thicken the air and as a whole degrade the nation’s blood. War restores real ability to honor. As for these wretched lives, war may at least reduce them to silence. [ix]

Burckhardt added a qualifier. To impart these benefits, a war must be “a just and honorable war – perhaps a war of defense such as the Persian War, which developed the powers of the Hellenes gloriously in all ways….”[x] But modern war, noted Burckhardt, has been degenerating into something purely destructive. He wrote that “the wars of today are certainly aspects of a great general crisis….”[xi] Civilian life, he said, was in a rut. Our political formulas and ideologies were inwardly deadening. Violence undertaken for a “higher world plan” was “cold comfort” and wars waged under such slogans were “a scandal.” To use violence in the name of false ideals, or false creeds was nihilistic. “And so,” he wrote, “peoples may be destroyed, and not even survive as component elements of other races.”[xii]

In one of his last mad books Friedrich Nietzsche predicted the approach of “a crisis without equal on earth, the most profound collision of conscience, a decision that was conjured up against everything that had been believed.”[xiii] Nietzsche further predicted that this “crisis” would cause “upheavals, a convulsion of earthquakes, a moving of mountains and valleys, the like of which has never been dreamed of.” He said, “The concept of politics will have merged entirely with a war of spirits; all power structures of the old society will have been exploded – all of them are based on lies: there will be wars the like of which have never yet been seen on earth.”[xiv] Elsewhere he warned,  

Socialism – as the logical conclusion of the tyranny of the least and the dumbest, i.e., those who are superficial, envious, and three-quarters actors – is indeed entailed by ‘modern ideas’ and their latent anarchism; but in the tepid air of democratic well-being the capacity to reach conclusions … weakens. One follows – but one no longer sees what follows. [xv]

In other words, the whole world has gradually been succumbing to socialism. And why not? Modern ideas do indeed entail socialism. Our intellectuals have been turning more and more to socialism for the last hundred years. What does this portend? The revolutionary Paris commune of 1871, wrote Nietzsche, “was perhaps no more than a minor indigestion compared to what is coming. But there will always be too many … who are of one mind on one article of faith: ‘One must possess something to be something.’”[xvi] Life is appropriation, after all. But consider, in the year 2022, who the ultimate appropriators will be. Harking back to Party General Secretary Hu Jintao’s statement about China’s campaign of world socialist colonization (quoted above), we are talking about a world owned and dominated by China.  

Ask yourself what a chinafied world would look like? The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives the following definition to the word chinafy: “to reduce (a country) to a state of passivity and helplessness.”[xvii] This not only fits China, but also socialism. Here is what China’s “final war” against America signifies. “In the doctrine of socialism,” wrote Nietzsche, “there is hidden … a ‘will to negate life’; the human beings or races that think up such a doctrine must be bungled. Indeed, I should wish that a few great experiments might prove that in a socialist society life negates itself, cuts off its own roots.”[xviii]

Socialism, noted Nietzsche, might end up serving as a demonstratio ad adsurdum. Even as “a restless mole under the soil of a society that wallows in stupidity, socialism will … be something useful and therapeutic: it delays ‘peace on earth’ … it forces the Europeans to retain spirit, namely cunning and cautious care, not to abjure manly and warlike virtues altogether….” This, Nietzsche speculates, might preserve Europe from the advent of a withering feminism.[xix]

It is too late, of course, to forestall the effects of “withering feminism” on Europe. We have become, as Julius Evola predicted, “beings who, in the deepest recesses of their souls, are neither men nor women, or who are masculine women and feminine men, and who claim to have reached full sexual emancipation while truly having regressed….”[xx] The disgusting liberal paradise celebrated by Francis Fukuyama in his book, The End of History and the Last Man, was meant to be a rebuttal of Nietzsche. In the end, it was merely an affirmation of decadence. The liberal democratic paradise of Fukuyama, like the socialist paradise, was always an illusion. About this, Juan Donoso Cortés wrote,

Those who made people believe that the earth can be a paradise, have made them more easily believe it can be a paradise without blood. The evil is not in the illusion; it is in the fact that, precisely on the moment and hour the illusion would be believed by all, blood would flow even from the hard rocks, and earth would be transformed into hell. In this obscure and lowly valley man cannot aspire to an impossible happiness without incurring the misfortune of losing the little he has. [xxi]

The West still believes it won the Cold War and achieved “the end of history.” This is why Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been such a shock. History was supposed to be over. War was supposed to be a thing of the past. The result is exactly as Juan Donoso Cortés has stated. They believed the liberal paradise had arrived. But now blood flows “even from the hard rocks,” and the earth will be transformed into hell.

The Chinese, of course, have yet to make their move. Imagining Russia has been defeated in Ukraine, the West has assumed its preponderance by virtue of cash power. But now we see that cash itself is at the end of its tether. The West, deluded by false values and false sense of history as progress, has smugly said to itself that nobody would be crazy enough to start a nuclear world war. There is no money in such a war.

Can you hear the communists laughing? If China wins “the final war,” the criminals in Beijing are going to own the world. It does not matter if a few million square miles are turned to desert or irradiated. It does not matter if a billion people disappear. China and Russia will own the world and everything can be made right in that world by cracking a whip over the surviving slaves.  


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254 thoughts on “Russian [or Chinese] Nihilism and the Coming Order, Part II

  1. Protocols for China haters. Tapes like this can be easily faked with modern technology.

  2. A disarmed population, especially on the left coast is very beneficial to China’s eventual invasion. In fact the left coast will welcome them with open arms as saviours of the left from the insane anti abortion lgbtqwerty homo hating
    fundamentalist christian gun loving right.

    And Stevens doesn’t seem to understand that a natural right can’t be taken away. Speaking to repeal something that is not up for repeal is stupid.
    However I suspect every effort will be made by the left to get whatever gun grabbing traction they can.

    Repeal of the second amendment invites revolution, is that the plan all along?
    Civil war or revolution begins, becomes horrific, then enter the dragon.

    So dangerous these times are for America, I fear for her survival

    Bill Freeman

    1. Only proves the lgbtqwerty degenerates are self hating idiots. They would be the first ones to be sent into mental hospitals or labour camps to be reeducated. Filth like this has no place in socialist society. The America they hate is the only promoter of this filth, together with some vassals, waving rainbow flags on embassies world wide, ambassadors participating “prides”.

      1. In a socialist society, the “leadership” is filth. So, choose your filth. To be a socialist means being a self hating idiot as it requires you to hate everyone that has anything you want, but don’t have.

      2. Yep, the left is being idioticly useful only to find out how disposable they are once the aims of their owners are reached.

        Nevertheless, they’ve gained a lot of ground in the last few years, too much ground. The more they gain the bolder they become.

        Pushing us peaceful people into civil war is very much biting off your nose to spite your face.

        The left is deluded if they think the Chinese will allow them to turn this place into a lefty pedo playground of degeneracy , which is what the left really wants.
        They abhorr Christian, or well, any morals foisted on them. They define their morals and their morals are as fluid as their gender. Circumstantial morality to the extreme

        Nothing good will come of this course. Degeneracy has no future, only a pitiful and agonizing existence.

        I hope people see this and the left implodes before any Chinese incursions.

        Wishful thinking while watching your country just skippity do dah day off the cliff and into the abyss.

        What a tragic shame, sincerely.

      3. The official CPUSA embraces LBGTQ+ “rights” for two reasons: 1) they are moral degenerates themselves, having, like their bosses in Moscow and Beijing, rejected moral absolutes based on a higher authority, and 2) wrecking the morals of an enemy is one way to destroying their enemy, namely us.

    2. The left wing, no matter how delusional, will not welcome soldiers with guns from another country. There are limits even to Communist brainwashing.

      1. I think that depends on how compromised the country is in totality.
        No, I don’t expect Pelosi to be standing on a dock with champagne and flowers.

        What I do see is clandestine aiding and abetting. See the lefty foot soldiers have a grudge against the christian right, they feel they hold them back from discovering their full degeneracy, so that will be cause enough.

        Vancouver canada is a spynest with Chinese clandestine command and control already in place. Seattle is the twin Almost all of silicon valley is under their influence.

        Mexico down to central america is awash with Chinese.

        It’s a big problem. And solving their people problem by making more people isn’t helping.

        But if the country suffers a major catastrophic civil war, then yes I can see it happening. Like the Russians were welcomed into Syria.

      2. The Chinese are playing a hard economic game against us. The mobilization is happening in tandem. Our institutions will be tested.

      3. I think there are some among the left who *would* welcome Chinese invaders, if it came to that. There are those among the left – the usual suspects among the communist movements, who idolize Mao.

      4. I agree that for most people who identify with the left, instinct will kick in if/when an attack is recognized.

        The leadership level of the left (and a lot of the right) is lost however. Think about Biden literally abandoning Americans in Afghanistan, exposing lists of our local assets/agents, and handing our airbase to China and Russia. All while delirious and belligerent. Who knows what his mindset is.

        The Governors of CA, OR, and WA have kept emergency powers for more than 2 years, with no intention to give them back. This power extends through administrative agencies. They can bypass normal constraints and procedures. They can do whatever the hell they want. Forget state laws – these agencies govern by “best practices” and protocols and directives from on high, and just imagine where that comes from. We know these states, and their universities, agencies, and investment programs, are particularly intertwined with the Chinese government. These governors are idiot functionaries looking to enrich themselves. Even if they don’t literally “welcome the ships,” no doubt the ground could be laid within the governing apparatuses for workable conditions and reactions to be in place. We’ve seen some of this dynamic with how quickly hospitals, schools, and local government fell in step with nonsensical Covid polices. Tip of the ice burg. Sadly, I live on the Western side of one of these states.

  3. I missed the last discussion so please forgive this, but the interview with David was interesting. I’m curious in all this, why solar nova didn’t come up.
    After all that”s what Suspicious Observers and Diehold Foundation”s end game.

    A second coming ? Possibly,? Ben Davidson and Doug Vogt are both Jewish and I only bring this up because 2000+- years ago in Jerusalem there were many Apocalyptic Jews espousing the end of the world was near

    Does history rhyme?

    Also a more relevant Plato quote comes from the Statesman I believe.
    It speaks how the universe is held in balance by God and that he lets go
    and this reverse action is extremely harmful to the biosphere It also tells that it’s cyclical and new species will be created

    Solar nova would also jibe with Revelation.

    sun black yep ultraviolet without dust shell

    moon melted red

    stars, well parts of our star fall from the sky.

    volcanoes earthquakes. Thunderous noise in the heavens…Om maybe.
    Is that the reverberation in. the atmosphere when the shell arrives

    These ancient stories are world wide. intense heat and fire, flooding, meteors falling, the sun not rising or not setting for a day, The sun rising from the opposite direction, etc

    Well whatever happens, happens.
    Sorry to plop this here.

    bill freeman

  4. Hello, m-r Nyquist. Today I talked with my father who is captain of a cargo ship. Once he met Chinese sailors who told him that while traveling with a river ship in China they saw only military ships for 6 hours! Only military ships! It is more than clear that the Chinese navy is that large for a future invasions throughout the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. And as a matter of fact, it is coordinated with Russia and Iran. Russia, China and Iran want to take over all maritime routes around the world in order to choke off the Western economies, to manipulate the global shipping and Russia is interested in manipulating the oil prices too which is done by its puppet ISIS, Al Qaeda and other smaller jihadist groups. Manipulating the whole global shipping and the oil prices is an old Soviet tactic used by the KGB/FSB and now China and Iran serve Russia’s interest to dominate the all maritime routes around the globe. The Chekists in Russia with the help of the communists in China and the Islamists try to manipulate the world economy!

  5. The left right division is meaningless outside the framework of bourgeoise parties. American far left is not communist, even CPUSA are radical liberals. There is nothing progressive on the so called “progressives” who embrace globalism, while some on the so called far right, who are isolationists, can be considered a progressive force, they oppose imperialism even if indirectly.

    The hippie new left is a CIA psy-op

    1. Sure left right is an illusion. The people who make up the left on the streets are people who can’t make it in society and want the rules changed to accommodate their warped ego, their hurt feelings, their inability to take any responsibility. They’re the adult toddlers of society. Unfortunately when they throw tantrums, the dysfunctional government gives them what they want to maintain control and stuff their pockets The down side is that they want to eliminate everyone in their way and truly believe their own vomit.

      And what’s been bred recently is a generation of self absorbed narcissists that could probably care less about anything outside their own protective bubble.

      The division we actually have isn’t left and right. It’s very basically moral and immoral . Our early laws and constitution only work for a moral people
      A people who truly believe that this world is only a place to test ones character
      and that you will be held accountable for all immoral actions.
      So as America was founded by mostly Christians there was a level of morality
      That’s practically gone now.

      People have a do what you want attitude and zero responsibility, it’s always someone else’s fault
      A far far cry from the the days of the revolution and a further cry from the survival spirit of the pioneering days. We are a different people, a very different people. A divided people. And soon to be a suffering people if we don’t get our act together.

      Where do we go from here?

      bill freeman

    2. Ah yes, the left-right division is meaningless. Instead we should ascribe great meaning to the two concepts you mentioned, “globalism” and “imperialism”. Yes, we shall do so immediately, Comrade.

      1. To my understanding, in the USA “left vs right” used to mean “big government” vs “small government”.
        In Europe it means “internationalist” vs “nationalist” and that`s how it was used inside the Comintern.
        Communists themselves kept calling themselves “rightist” and “leftist”. I once read a book by Margarete Buber-Neumann about the history of the Comintern (she was there in person) and it was very confusing to keep track of who of the Commies was “left” and “right”, because it also kept changing.

      2. And in the end we read the condemned Bukharin’s letters to Stalin saying that Stalin had been right all along. These modern “thinkers” have been nothing like Socrates waiting for his hemlock.

  6. Civilian RoRo Ship Turned into Amphibious Giant Ship and Has Strategic Significance
    Inconvenient Truths with Jennifer Zeng

  7. Anyone follow Spengler at AsiaTimes? He frames himself as hyper concerned over China then says the solution is peace, trade, and scientific development. This article he says Russia is basically right and smart to destroy Ukraine. His reasoning is that we provoked Russia, we want to put nukes in Ukraine to hurt Russia, but simultaneously that we won’t put up significant resistance in Ukraine to beat Russia because we don’t really care and lose all the time. Then he puts it all in the words of Richelu. It especially bothers me when an editor of such learning writes like this.

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