In history, the Western powers used warships and opium to colonize China. Now the opposite has happened. We will use our open policy, seize the economic crisis in the West as a historical moment, and use effective measures to turn them into Socialist China’s economic and cultural colonies…. Our colonization of these countries is the historical process of communism’s triumph over rotten capitalism. We Chinese communists must shoulder the great historical mission, and use socialism to defeat capitalism, eventually liberating the entire humanity with Communism.

Hu Jintao, 2008 [i]

…as long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved. Therefore, our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan but in fact is aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites.

General Chi Haotian, secret speech [ii]

And now comes a strange report out of China. Someone has leaked 56 minutes from a May 14 Provincial CCP meeting in Guangdong. Senior officials from local military and government structures gathered to discuss the Central Committee’s “normal to war transition instructions.” They say that a decision for war has been made. They are calling it “the final war.”[iii] They even speak of a battle for the Taiwan Straits and for the unification of the “motherland.”

But that is not all. Provincial officials are tasked with retrofitting sixty-four 10,000-ton ro-ro ships for carrying military vehicles. We also learn of 953 “ships of various types” being massed in the province’s ports, supported by 588 railroad cars tasked to forward military equipment. Yet, a simple paper and pencil calculation suggests that these transport assets can carry more vehicles and men than would be needed to attack Taiwan. And Guangdong is only one province, not even in under the military theater command that would be tasked with invading Taiwan.

And then there is another curiosity. Participants are concerned for the defense of “targets” within Guangdong province. One general refers to sabotage attacks from “lurking spies.” But his concerns are brushed aside by others who fear social chaos and rioting in the cities. There is a slight dust-up in which the provincial governor refuses to commit himself.  Yet, one commander – perhaps the district commander – finally talks about nuclear rescue teams. The target list they speak of reads like a list of nuclear targets; that is, the Southern Theater Military Commander Center, the province’s largest cities, the power grid, the province’s four nuclear power plants, etc. Furtively, Political Commissar Wang Shou-Xin suggested they should focus popular rage on the expected U.S. counter-attacks.

One cannot help wondering what kind of American counter-attacks would break down social order in the province. Are these Chinese officials furtively discussing a nuclear war?

There is another curiosity, as well. New recruits for the army are not only being medically examined. They are to be politically examined. Wherever they are being sent, it seems, their political reliability must be assured. Commissar Wang is especially interested in this. No shortcuts, comrades. We must assure the reliability of our soldiers!

Meanwhile, the official responsible for retrofitting the ro-ro ships offers a timid complaint, “The task given by the war zone [Southern Theater Command] is to complete the retrofitting of 365 ro-ro ships, etc., all kinds of ships, within 45 days. In addition, we are responsible for 64 national resource ships in our jurisdiction and 8 other ships.” But then he indicates he does not have access to the province’s “high-quality shipbuilding and retrofitting resources … concentrated in Guangzhou, Yangjiang, Dongguan….” He admits that his resources are “weak.”

There is something beneath the surface here. The participants are not being told everything. The generals and political leaders of the province proclaim their loyalty and agreement with the Central Committee’s “normal to war transition,” and none suggests that victory is unlikely. After all, this is being called “the final war.” But even though Taiwan is named as the target, everyone is afraid that America is going to hit them.

It is imperative, says the leader of the meeting, “to maintain the stability of the rear, pull together the overall strength of the party, government, military, police and civilians as a whole, to help guard 61 important military objectives and 276 civilian targets, maintain social order, cohesion and morale of the people, and continue to push the war forward.”

Push the war forward to where?

China is such a vast country, with 1.4 billion people. We cannot imagine the complexity of transitioning such a country “from normal to war.” We are told that China’s lockdowns are related to COVID. The ongoing port closures and work stoppages, however, may not have anything to do with COVID at all. From the way these Chinese officials are talking, they are not preparing for a small war. There is even reference to China being cut off from certain resources during the war. This raises a rather disturbing question: How could China win decisively if it merely invades Taiwan? Surely, the world will embargo China indefinitely once this has happened. How does China get access to overseas markets if it fails to take full control of the Pacific Ocean?

It seems rather obvious that China is mobilizing for a war against the United States. Several Chinese sources have, during the past two years, told me that China is preparing for a war against America. The evidence is now more than sufficient to conclude that war is coming in the short term. I am told it will start before November 1, 2022.


Reflecting on Party General Secretary Hu Jintao’s comments (quoted above), we need to admit that China has been working to colonize Africa, North America, South America, and Australia. So far, nobody has effectively blocked China’s moves. It is well known that China operates ports around the world, including the ports of entry on either side of the Panama Canal.[iv] We ought to ask why communist China has been so successful at solidifying its hold on so many ports and countries. One answer has to do with American businessmen wanting to exploit cheap Chinese labor. This has led to the industrialization of China. It has also led to extensive trade with China. Many “experts” thought this would serve the cause of peace. “Surely,” they said, “the Chinese communists want to make money. In that case, if we make them rich, they will not start a war with America or their neighbors.”

Such ideas may sound correct, but now it appears that this way of thinking is wrong. First, we misunderstood the nature of the Chinese communist regime; second, we have sinned against our own values by going into business with people who forcibly harvest organs from political prisoners; third, our own business class – our ruling class – is subject to financial blackmail by their Chinese partners. Furthermore, since business is connected to politics, and politics controls defense policy, we have seriously compromised our own national defense, and our economic independence.

How did we get in this position?

The history of America’s misguided China policy is a long one. Back in the 1940s, after World War II, the Chinese communist leader Mao Zedong fooled U.S. Army General George C. Marshall at the outset of the Chinese Civil War. Mao lied to Marshall about everything under the sun, and Marshall believed him. Through General Marshall’s mission to China, the United States effectively empowered the communists while tying the hands of General Chiang Kai-shek. Through Marshall we made it possible for the communists to take over China while General Chiang retreated to Taiwan. Because of Marshall, President Truman trusted Mao. He also trusted Stalin in the agreement that followed. In the end, Stalin and Mao violated all their solemn promises. It was said, at the time, that President Truman and General Marshall lost China.

Did we learn from these blunders? No. What followed, in time, was the blundering of Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger who opened relations with the mass murderers in Beijing. When Nixon shook hands with Chairman Mao, he was shaking hands with someone who killed more innocent people than Adolf Hitler. Imagine, then, if Nixon had made an “opening” with Nazi Germany after the Holocaust. Nobody would have congratulated Nixon in that event. At the time, however, nearly everyone was ecstatic about Nixon’s “China policy.”

As egregious as Nixon’s misstep was, America’s blundering had only just begun. Seven successive presidents facilitated massive Western investments that made China into an industrial and military superpower. There is nothing in history to compare with this enabling of a mortal enemy. How did all these geniuses of foreign policy talk themselves into it? First, they believed that China would join us against the Soviet Union. They called this, “Playing the China card.” Even worse, they flattered themselves that this strategy actually worked after the Soviet Union “collapsed.” Compounding one error with another, they mistakenly believed they had won the Cold War and that China would become a capitalist country. Deceived by the leaders of Russia and China, America’s business community formed a partnership with the Chinese Communist Party. And now these Chinese communists are preparing a “final waragainst America.

How can we explain this American blundering? I believe we will need a whole new political philosophy to understand it; for a failure on this scale signifies the collapse of our political premises. Because we have valued the wrong things, and because we have no real interest in the truth, we have sacrificed our future to make money off cheap Chinese labor. For this to have happened, it also seems that we have no real leaders. In fact, our political system attracts and promotes the wrong kind of people. Therefore, our strategic incapacity is foreordained. None of our leaders possess the qualities of a Duke of Wellington or a George Washington. We have, instead, the inarticulate Joe Biden, the bumptious Boris Johnson, and the superficial Justin Trudeau. These are the Anglosphere leaders of today (with a tip of the hat to French Canada).

Is the East, then, destined to win the wars that are now being planned? Does Moscow or Beijing have formidable leaders? Undoubtedly these leaders have succeeded in swindling their Western counterparts. But how does that translate into something positive for the Russians or Chinese? A formidable liar makes for a defective regime. For example, Russia suffers under the furtive Bolshevism of Vladimir Putin and his fellow gangsters. They have poisoned many defectors, dissidents and journalists. At the same time, they are so busy stealing from the Russian people they have shortchanged their own soldiers. Meanwhile, China labors under the sanguinary discipline of the Communist Party. Here is a regime of forced organ donations, labor re-education camps, summary executions for “political crimes,” and social credit scores. Under the Communist Party the Chinese are not a people. They are chattel. They are treated as chattel. And they will fight as chattel.  

Creative Destruction?

Aside from their moral nihilism, the thing that ultimately damns all communists is their aversion to the free market. It is ironic that self-declared materialists should be so opposed to a true reckoning of material values. When they say “property is theft,” they are confessing. When they finally bomb and invade their suppliers, investors and customers, they are killing the Golden Goose. Thieving and killing is a dead end. Once the process begins, their unraveling will only be a matter of time. Furthermore, totalitarian socialists have this lust for destruction that normal people just cannot relate to. One might call it “destruction for the sake of destruction.” All their compromises with the market have been for the sake of organizing an even greater orgy of destruction at some future date. Therefore, their final war of mass destruction will be self-attenuating. In the sense that it really is final, they will not be able to walk it back for another go-round.

It is very difficult to generalize what this means for mankind. The cultural historian Jacob Burckhardt wrote that war establishes new conditions of life “which may be very durable.”[v] Wars not only establish nations, noted Burckhardt. Wars teach us to admire real heroes.[vi] Burckhardt added, “A people actually feels its full strength as a people only in war….”[vii] He suggested that nations only exist, as such, during wars. In recent years we have heard the lament that America is no longer a country. Watch, then, what would happen if the country came under attack. Remember what happened in the wake of 9/11. Heraclitus said, “War is the father of all things.” Please note: America’s founding occurred through the war of 1775-1783 (The American Revolutionary War). America’s re-founding occurred during the war of 1861-1865 (The American Civil War). “Not without cause do the Indians worship Shiva, the god of destruction” noted Burckhardt. “The warrior … is filled with the joy of destruction, wars clear the air like a thunderstorm, they steel the nerves and restore the heroic virtues, upon which states were originally founded, in place of indolence, double-dealing and cowardice.”[viii] Clarifying his position further, Burckhardt wrote:

Lasting peace not only leads to enervation; it permits the rise of a mass of precarious, fear-ridden, distressful lives which would not have survived without it and which nevertheless clamor for their ‘rights,’ cling somehow to existence, bar the way to genuine ability, thicken the air and as a whole degrade the nation’s blood. War restores real ability to honor. As for these wretched lives, war may at least reduce them to silence. [ix]

Burckhardt added a qualifier. To impart these benefits, a war must be “a just and honorable war – perhaps a war of defense such as the Persian War, which developed the powers of the Hellenes gloriously in all ways….”[x] But modern war, noted Burckhardt, has been degenerating into something purely destructive. He wrote that “the wars of today are certainly aspects of a great general crisis….”[xi] Civilian life, he said, was in a rut. Our political formulas and ideologies were inwardly deadening. Violence undertaken for a “higher world plan” was “cold comfort” and wars waged under such slogans were “a scandal.” To use violence in the name of false ideals, or false creeds was nihilistic. “And so,” he wrote, “peoples may be destroyed, and not even survive as component elements of other races.”[xii]

In one of his last mad books Friedrich Nietzsche predicted the approach of “a crisis without equal on earth, the most profound collision of conscience, a decision that was conjured up against everything that had been believed.”[xiii] Nietzsche further predicted that this “crisis” would cause “upheavals, a convulsion of earthquakes, a moving of mountains and valleys, the like of which has never been dreamed of.” He said, “The concept of politics will have merged entirely with a war of spirits; all power structures of the old society will have been exploded – all of them are based on lies: there will be wars the like of which have never yet been seen on earth.”[xiv] Elsewhere he warned,  

Socialism – as the logical conclusion of the tyranny of the least and the dumbest, i.e., those who are superficial, envious, and three-quarters actors – is indeed entailed by ‘modern ideas’ and their latent anarchism; but in the tepid air of democratic well-being the capacity to reach conclusions … weakens. One follows – but one no longer sees what follows. [xv]

In other words, the whole world has gradually been succumbing to socialism. And why not? Modern ideas do indeed entail socialism. Our intellectuals have been turning more and more to socialism for the last hundred years. What does this portend? The revolutionary Paris commune of 1871, wrote Nietzsche, “was perhaps no more than a minor indigestion compared to what is coming. But there will always be too many … who are of one mind on one article of faith: ‘One must possess something to be something.’”[xvi] Life is appropriation, after all. But consider, in the year 2022, who the ultimate appropriators will be. Harking back to Party General Secretary Hu Jintao’s statement about China’s campaign of world socialist colonization (quoted above), we are talking about a world owned and dominated by China.  

Ask yourself what a chinafied world would look like? The Merriam-Webster dictionary gives the following definition to the word chinafy: “to reduce (a country) to a state of passivity and helplessness.”[xvii] This not only fits China, but also socialism. Here is what China’s “final war” against America signifies. “In the doctrine of socialism,” wrote Nietzsche, “there is hidden … a ‘will to negate life’; the human beings or races that think up such a doctrine must be bungled. Indeed, I should wish that a few great experiments might prove that in a socialist society life negates itself, cuts off its own roots.”[xviii]

Socialism, noted Nietzsche, might end up serving as a demonstratio ad adsurdum. Even as “a restless mole under the soil of a society that wallows in stupidity, socialism will … be something useful and therapeutic: it delays ‘peace on earth’ … it forces the Europeans to retain spirit, namely cunning and cautious care, not to abjure manly and warlike virtues altogether….” This, Nietzsche speculates, might preserve Europe from the advent of a withering feminism.[xix]

It is too late, of course, to forestall the effects of “withering feminism” on Europe. We have become, as Julius Evola predicted, “beings who, in the deepest recesses of their souls, are neither men nor women, or who are masculine women and feminine men, and who claim to have reached full sexual emancipation while truly having regressed….”[xx] The disgusting liberal paradise celebrated by Francis Fukuyama in his book, The End of History and the Last Man, was meant to be a rebuttal of Nietzsche. In the end, it was merely an affirmation of decadence. The liberal democratic paradise of Fukuyama, like the socialist paradise, was always an illusion. About this, Juan Donoso Cortés wrote,

Those who made people believe that the earth can be a paradise, have made them more easily believe it can be a paradise without blood. The evil is not in the illusion; it is in the fact that, precisely on the moment and hour the illusion would be believed by all, blood would flow even from the hard rocks, and earth would be transformed into hell. In this obscure and lowly valley man cannot aspire to an impossible happiness without incurring the misfortune of losing the little he has. [xxi]

The West still believes it won the Cold War and achieved “the end of history.” This is why Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been such a shock. History was supposed to be over. War was supposed to be a thing of the past. The result is exactly as Juan Donoso Cortés has stated. They believed the liberal paradise had arrived. But now blood flows “even from the hard rocks,” and the earth will be transformed into hell.

The Chinese, of course, have yet to make their move. Imagining Russia has been defeated in Ukraine, the West has assumed its preponderance by virtue of cash power. But now we see that cash itself is at the end of its tether. The West, deluded by false values and false sense of history as progress, has smugly said to itself that nobody would be crazy enough to start a nuclear world war. There is no money in such a war.

Can you hear the communists laughing? If China wins “the final war,” the criminals in Beijing are going to own the world. It does not matter if a few million square miles are turned to desert or irradiated. It does not matter if a billion people disappear. China and Russia will own the world and everything can be made right in that world by cracking a whip over the surviving slaves.  


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254 thoughts on “Russian [or Chinese] Nihilism and the Coming Order, Part II

  1. “China is preparing for a war against America. The evidence is now more than sufficient to conclude that war is coming in the short term. I am told it will start before November 1, 2022.”

    So where do we go from here? Plans for the future will collapse. I am thankful for the preparations I have made but I am sure it is too little too late. I rode the submarines in the 80’s, we practiced spinning up all missiles but I prayed we would never fire them. Who knows if they are even capable of being fired now.

    I will trust the Lord with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding. In all my ways I will acknowledge him and he will direct my path.

    1. We do not really know what the Chinese are going to do in exact terms. But it is best to plan and prepare for the worst — if you are able.

      1. How do you react to Joel Skousen’s analysis? (Skousen is the author of Strategic Relocation and publisher of

        If Nyquist and Adams had any military experience at all, they would see that this entire scenario is bogus. As a former Marine officer, schooled in the art of amphibious landings, I can tell you that you can’t do a coastal invasion efficiently from container ships, if at all. Here are the major flaws:

        1. There’s no way to hide a convoy of 900 container ships coming across the ocean and anchoring off the California coast. They would be interdicted well before they got here. US satellites monitor container ship traffic in sea lanes and this huge cluster of ships, even if spread out a bit, would be obvious.

        2. Even if Chinese troops descended by rope nets as they did in WWII, you still have to have over a thousand landing craft capable of coming alongside to get these troops into shallow water. How are you going to hide those large boats on container ships? And, it would take days, sitting out their like ducks in a row, unloading them.

        3. And what about all the armored vehicles and artillery necessary for an invasion? How do you hide that on container ships and get it to shore? The transcript claims that after they secure the port of Long Beach, other long distance ships will come in and offload armor. Well, how do they get across the ocean without being discovered, and if they wait until the “beaches are secure” it is still going to take a couple of weeks to arrive. That’s no way to run an invasion—as if the US is going to sit there paralyzed until the Chicom’s ships arrive.

        4. Hiding missiles inside 40′ shipping containers is feasible, but the length limitation would mean they would only be short range missiles targeting only California bases. This would not stop the US from mobilizing counter invasion troops from other parts of the country.

        5. The cover story about Shanghai is bogus too. It’s public knowledge that hundreds of container ships are anchored offshore and NOT moving into port, because everything is shut down. No container ships have been loaded for over a month.

        6. As for stockpiles of invasion supplies hidden away in the US, county by county, that’s bogus on its face. There isn’t enough empty warehouse space in the US to accommodate the thousands of tons of military equipment necessary to invade and occupy the nation, let alone keep it secret.

        7. And why would they wait to carry out domestic sabotage on the grid and other infrastructure when they have EMP capabilities via ICBM’s? And why use short range missiles from container ships when you have ICBMs (that combined with Russia) can decapitate every military base in the USA?

      2. I do not react to Skousen. He is basically ignorant concerning military operations like those carried out in Norway during 1940. That operation was not fiction. It was history. That is the kind of operation an invasion of America will be. I did not make this up, either. A man with far more military experience than Skousen told it to me. The defector, Col. Stanislav Lunev, said a future invasion of North America would follow the same concepts used by the Germans in Norway. Skousen sets up a straw man, puts my name on it, and attacks that straw man for no other reason that he has nothing sensible to say. He does not even bother to read my extensive comments and writings which refer to Operation Weserubung.

      3. It seems like aside from the obvious (food, water, shelter, community) there is very little we actually can do to prepare. At least materially. Steady ones nerves, focus on prayer.

      4. You carefully and predictably omit ISRAEL’s role in the build up of China and Russia. It was jewish leaders like Rabbi Weiss and Baruch and their jewish global bankster like Schiff, Kuhn Loeb, and ROTHSCHILD who created the JEWISH BOLSHEVIK Revolution that killed 60M+ Christians. Jewish Rosenvelt was among the first countries to have US recognize Soviet Union. Armand Hammer and dont forget the ROSENBERGs who, like Jonathan Pollard later w/ China- built USSR nuclear program up. Yes China too, was mainly peasants in rice paddies before Rockefeller brought in the National City Bank to set up their cnetral bank and control China. It goes on and on, to Kissinger and BNAI BRITH formally “Opening to China”. You wont hear any of this REAL history from the like of Alex Jones, Nobody Nyquist etc. these weazels will protect their handlers with endless bs. Cowards posing as patriots. When America is finished? Thanks to these cover up artists? Americans will never even know who or what really hit them.

      5. To the Antisemite Kol Nidre: By saying that I have “carefully and predictably” omitted Israel’s role, you are insinuating that I am some kind of Jewish agent. No, I have nothing to do with Israel at all. This is your obsession, not mine. And your historical sources are bogus. Jacob Schiff did not finance the Bolshevik Revolution. He financed the White Army and Admiral Kolchak. Reality is the opposite of what you alleged. But these old anti-Semitic blood libels never seem to die. Your point of view is frankly crazy. You live in a fantasy that is eating you up from the inside-out. Furthermore, I do not have “handlers.” And yes, I am a “nobody.” Yes! Thank you for making this point. So then, why are you wasting your time on the website of a “nobody”? Please crawl back into Hitler’s bunker and leave me alone.

    2. That Nietzsche quote seemed to be evoking the language of Revelation 16’s description of the final of the 7 last plagues to be brought upon ungodly humanity…. the greatest earthquake in history, islands and mountains moved, and the “great city” (i.e. the Western nations) split into 3 parts, which some historicists of old interpreted as a terrible conflagration and war to come and the total and final end of modern civilisation.

      Of course, in my understanding, that final plague occurs late 2028 / early 2029, but the interim looming conflict with China and Russia is being designed – at a Satanic level at least – to steamroller the West into a neo-Marxist tagged, chipped, tracked, social-credit-and-carbon-footprint-shackled hellscape. A nuclear war would be psyop gold in foisting that nightmare on the beleaguered, weary, stunned survivors, because anything can be sold as a “never again” remedy to the traumatised. The Covid vaccine has already validated that point.

      There is no natural defence against communism because it is supernaturally directed and energised by Satan himself. There is only one way out of this coming horror and that’s when the Lord intervenes and removes the ungodly from power on this earth, improbable and unfeasible though that may seem to the natural mind. But it will happen, but only once we pass through the most inhumane and morally evil time in human history: the coming apotheosis of scarlet coloured political monstrosity that was, is not and yet is.

      1. As much as I try to take religious beliefs out of geopolitical analysis, I have actually come close to your similar viewpoint.

        Communism is essentially a prison system of government, with a tiny elite of sadists ruling over a broad multitude of slaves. The communists themselves say they wish to impose this system on the entire world – a global dictatorship of world fascism.

        If China and Russia wins, they will slowly turn the entire world into a mass prison system, implementing their system everywhere. No nation will ever be allowed to organize to the point of opposing them. I personally don’t see how this new system of world dictatorship would ever be overthrown by individual citizens or nations.

        Which means the Earth would fall under indefinite global dictatorship. Forever.

        If you are religious, it almost makes sense that the deity must return. If he didn’t, the prison planet would continue into eternity. He almost has to come back to free the slaves.

      2. The Lord’s return and the beginning of the millennial reign occurred by 1,335 days after Titus erected the standard to Jupiter in the temple in 70 A.D. Christ has equipped His Ecclesia with all that we need to crush evil and remove it from the earth. It is up to us to do so.

    3. Based on your comment, you’ll be fine. Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?

    4. You’re clearly on good footing.

      Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? 26 Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

  2. “No shortcuts, comrades. We must assure the reliability of our soldiers!”

    They don’t want to repeat what just happened to Russia.

    “Because we have valued the wrong things, and because we have no real interest in the truth, we have sacrificed our future to make money off cheap Chinese labor.”

    That is exactly right! And as you said at the end, many are blinded thinking there will be no war because there is “no money in it”.

    Thank you, Jeff, that was a great blog!!!

  3. Dozens of law enforcement officers and agents on the scene in Ulvade and they couldn’t take a gun away from one scrawny teenager. The tragic event has resulted in yet one more panic buying of guns by US citizens, apprehensive of the potential threat of terrorist attacks as well as a big gun grab by government.
    When Joe Biden invites Chinese nationals in UN blue helmets to go door to door in order to confiscate firearms from Americans, it won’t go nearly so smoothly as their lockdowns in Shanghai.

  4. This is odd because it underscores something that might be attacked and neutralized soon (that is, the US nuclear umbrella).

    1. On the outside chance that Biden hasn’t ordered nuke defense to stand down, wouldn’t the US launch retaliatory ICBMs before they could be destroyed in their silos by a first strike?

      1. Jeff can confirm this, but I believe the protocol has changed to where our military forces need an affirmative command in order to launch retaliation.

        With the people behind Biden in charge, how confident are you that that order will come?

      2. I think Biden is going to be the first guy to say we should run up the white flag. Of course, the approach could be more subtle, more insidious.

  5. It seems Viktor Orbán’s LENINIST – not nationalist! – Hungary (according to Putin, “Russia’s best friend in Europe” anyway) is now switching to war mode as well, despite being (maybe for not much longer) a member of the European Union and of NATO. The three other Visegrád states, Poland, Czechia and Slovakia, in fact all “formerly” communist countries down to Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and of course the post-Yugoslav states, might soon follow, whatever the current appearances may be. Which was to be expected.

    Here is a brief report from the website of Austrian Broadcasting of Wednesday, May 25, 2022, titled “Hungary Issues Special Taxation for Large Corporations”. Mind that this might be intended, on top of the recently announced Hungarian state of emergency, to get the Western economic presence out of Hungary, from supermarket chains to petrol stations to large stores to banks to insurance companies, and the list goes on – to be more precise: it might lead to total confiscation of all Western assets in Hungary. Eastern Europe’s economic infrastructure has actually been for the most part provided by the West, particularly German and Austrian corporations. This is comparable to McDonald’s, Starbucks and all the rest now leaving the “former” Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic! Same pattern: They’ve been successfully feeding off the wealth and know-how of the West for thirty years and can now enter the final phase’s final phase, if you will: War against the West.

    The process reminds of Czech dissident Petr Cibulka’s warning of several years ago that (also) Czechia might find itself fighting in the coming world war alongside Russia against the West, despite being a member of NATO! The strategy of gradual East-West convergence along the lines of a “Common European Home from the Atlantic to Vladivostok” now seems to be giving way to open warfare instead – but read for yourself (translation mine):

    “Following the imposition of a state of emergency because of the Ukraine war, Hungary’s government has yesterday [i.e., Tuesday, May 24] announced first measures. As Prime Minister Viktor Orbán informed in a video on Facebook, the government has decided on the introduction of special taxes on capital gains of large corporations in numerous fields.

    “By that, a major portion of the profits of fiscal years 2022 and 2023 of banks, insurance companies, big retail chains, energy corporations, telecommunication firms and airlines is meant to be redirected to two newly established funds. These monies shall then be used to finance national defence and to keep energy consumer prices low by way of state intervention.

    “The Orbán government has already since 2013 been stabilising energy costs for end-consumers; in recent months, authorities began capping prices for fuel and certain staple foods as well.


    “Orbán said yesterday that the war in Ukraine is dragging on and that ‘Brussels’ sanctions policy hasn’t improved’, which altogether would be leading to ‘drastic price increases’. Therefore, it would get increasingly difficult and costly ‘to protect families’. In addition, the Hungarian army needs to be strengthened, said the Prime Minister in his video message. Further details are supposed to be announced at a regular press conference later today.

    “Hungary obstructs the EU’s sixth sanctions package against Russia particularly because of a planned embargo on Russian oil imports. Budapest demands, as a counterbalance, billions of subsidies. However, observers view the resistance against the oil embargo also as politically motivated, after all Orbán is known to be on friendly terms with Russia. He had won the April parliamentary election primarily with the assurance that he was willing to keep his country out of the Ukraine war.”


    In this context, here is another short report of May 26, on Hungary’s Western neighbour Austria, taken likewise from the Austrian Broadcasting website. The article is quite significant, especially in light of the recent decisions of Finland and Sweden to join NATO. Austria joined the then-newly erected European Union in 1995, together with the Swedes and the Finns. In the present situation, however, an honest political debate on perhaps Austria joining NATO as well, is not only not in sight, but is being expressedly excluded by all of Austria’s political parties, without exception (which brutally illustrates how firmly the country is arrested in its Soviet-imposed condition of 1955 of an “ever-lasting neutrality”). Nonetheless, there are also a few sane voices such as that of a former commander of the Austrian armed forces by name of Günter Höfler (translation again mine):

    “Former commander of the [Austrian] armed forces Günter Höfler demands an honest and serious debate on Austria’s security policy. By Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, the security environment for Europe has completely changed. This would necessitate an analysis and examination of the future positioning of the Austrian armed forces and of the country’s security policy orientation, said Höfler in an interview by the Austrian Press Agency.

    “One can’t just hide away from this debate and do nothing. ‘This discussion is necessary. The population must be informed about the advantages and disadvantages of Austrian neutrality as well as the advantages and disadvantages of entering NATO. The outcome of the debate needs to be open; there can be either a continuation of neutrality or a joining of NATO or a non-aligned status.’


    “One thing is clear to Höfler: By Finland and Sweden’s applications to join NATO, Austria would henceforth be excluded from the major security policy decisions in Europe. 23 out of 27 EU member states will now be NATO member states. ‘Of course we are widely isolated. The core of European security policy is being formulated in NATO. Austria must ask herself whether she wants to sit at the table and be part of the decision-making process, or watch from the outside.’

    “A European army, which is frequently being discussed, is no issue at all on the European Union level. ‘I’ve been lately the head of the Austrian military representation in Brussels, and I can say: Nobody there talks about this.’ This would solely be discussed in Austria. There will not be built any parallel structures on the EU level, this would be an illusion.


    “Austrian politicians would have to honestly and seriously inform the population and not leave them in the dark. ‘One has to also explain to people what NATO really is, what the advantages and disadvantages of a NATO membership would be. Only then one can arrive at a decision,’ says Höfler.

    “The Finns and the Swedes had done exactly that. ‘They thoroughly thought things through and analysed the situation. And they decided for themselves that they would be best protected if they were part of NATO. Austrians don’t like to hear that, but the great advantage of NATO is its nuclear umbrella. That’s what the Americans can provide. Only the Americans are able to stand up against Russia in terms of nuclear weapons. Without this umbrella of the United States, we in Europe are subject to nuclear blackmail and without protection,’ Höfler insists.”


  6. Fascinating article. I was not aware of some of the developments in Europe.
    I have a couple comments & questions.

    1. How do you see the relationship between the Deep State/World Economic Forum & the communists China & Russia?

    2. Russia has good equipment, experience and nukes. Despite their recent gains from our misguided (or misrepresented) sanctions, I don’t believe their economy is healthy enough to make any strong moves in what is coming. I see Putin trying to survive by avoiding this while keeping China happy & at arms length. Brutes are always on the lookout for their next adversary, even from within their own ranks. If the “final war” is a success, Russia will eventually rise to the top of the target list for China. Am I wrong?

    3. I also believe that Putin is doing what he needs to do in Ukraine, mainly knocking out the (treaty breaking) US bio-weapons labs and war instigators there. China may also want them to stabilize the country after what happened in Kazakhstan. Am I on the right track?

    4. If China just wants our land and infrastructure, wouldn’t they simply lead with X-bomb attacks? They could EMP them to knock out coms and air burst them to kill off all living matter. That would leave the buildings and infrastructure intact while removing the citizens. The radiation would dissipate much faster also. They could simply move in at their leisure. They have been ramping up a lot of nukes recently. Thoughts?

    1. There is no “deep state”. The WEF and almost all international organizations are influenced or controlled in some way by the Communist alliance.

      The “deep state”, “globalists”, and “NWO” were created as a diversionary concept in order to explain what the communists were doing and then divert the Right’s attention towards some fictitious entity.

      And it has worked fantastically. If we could only do one thing, succeeding in eliminating this concept of “globalists” from the consciousness of the Right would be a massive step in the right direction. There is no deep state. There are only Communists.

      1. I like the simplicity of your theory. The fact that Klaus Schwab keeps a bust of Lenin in his office and that he looks like and talks like a scary bad dude from a James Bond movie makes me agree with you. Obviously, my judgment is very superficial, but I think it’s very important to name the enemy and identifying the enemy as Communism gives us a starting point to fight back.

      2. PERSEUS,

    2. Answers: (1) Analyzing the relationships between various “elite” organizations and the Chinese/Russian alliance is not easy. You have all these conspiracy theories that deploy flawed historical interpretations and unproven notions about secret societies, etc. “Secret” is a very convenient cheat. We cannot comment on what we do not know, What is needed is a knowledge of history, sociology, politics, and even philosophy. The broader your understanding and knowledge, the less likely you are to embrace one of the favored “conspiracy theories.” That is not to say there are no conspiracies. In general, the processes of history involve factors that no conspiratorial group could control, though the communist movement has been trying to do this for 100 years. My sense is that the Deep State is best understood as an operational section of the Communist Movement that has burrowed into the U.S. Government. In terms of what the Deep State has done, and who is fronting for it, all roads lead to Moscow, Beijing, Havana, etc. The World Economic Forum is the same thing, only in Europe, plugged into the global elite as a whole. Strategically, these groups are the cat’s paws of the Communist Bloc, which I say still exists and is attempting a major advance on all fronts, especially since the pandemic. (2) As for Russia rising to the top of China’s target list; that may or may not occur. It would only happen, in practical terms, when America no longer exists as a world power. So I would not be relying on that as a deus ex machina. (3) I absolutely do not think that labs in Ukraine had anything to do with Russia’s invasion. Please be careful about accessing Russian sources of disinformation. There is a lot of this nonsense out there. (4) By X-bomb you are referring to neutron bombs? These are best used in ABM systems, and besides that are tactical battlefield weapons. You could not exterminate a continent-sized country with them. Their effects are too limited. Even full scale nuclear strikes are not sufficient to defeat a country if you do not follow up with an invasion. At least according to Soviet military theory.

    3. Good points. Sorry I’m not one to answer your questions, but a comment came to mind about #4. Maybe China is planning exactly what you suggest. These ships and troops would be to occupy the land (so no one else could move in – central or South America?). They would also sweep through the country eliminating any survivors.

  7. Mr. Nyquist, I would like to ask one thing.

    They are trying to make this look like invading Taiwan. But surely U.S. military can realize what the preparations are really about? I mean it is possible to make small surprise, like Russia did when it seized Crimea. But as we saw with the invasion of Ukraine this year, it is hard to prepare a major operation with it going unnoticed. U.S. officials were saying that Russia is going to attack, while Russian officials lied that they are not going to attack. So could they surprise U.S. like this? Or is there some other factors they on their side here?

    What are your thoughts on this?

    1. Our strategists here in the U.S. do not take nuclear weapon use into account in their thinking. So they look at all this through a purely conventional warfare lens. Basically, if it is only conventional I would agree that the U.S. Navy and our Allies in the Pacific would defeat China in a major war. China would not get past the first island chain. And that is correct as long as no nuclear weapons are used. But this analysis is strategically mistaken in my view. My position has always followed the theory of V.D. Sokolovsky. Russian and Chinese strategy is largely based on his thought, which is grounded in Clausewitz and in Marxist-Leninist theory. They are right about certain things. Nuclear missiles are the decisive weapons of today. This is military science, despite what we would prefer to believe. The Chinese and Russians are nuclear war fighters. And you can see this in the way their forces and societies are organized. So I would say, NO. They do not see what is being prepared. Their preconceptions blind them. Our best military experts do not think China would bypass Taiwan to attack American forces with missiles. They do not think there will be a nuclear Pearl Harbor. I happen to believe that is exactly how world war works. In some sense I stand outside the received wisdom in this.

  8. The people behind Biden are now sending advanced long-range rocket systems out of the US military, away from the US homeland, and out of US military stockpiles.

    “Another major concern inside the Biden administration had been whether the US could afford to give away so many high-end weapons drawn from the military’s stockpiles, the sources said.”

    The people inside the military know this is a bad idea. They’re being overruled by Biden’s people, which are essentially Obama’s people:

    “Every drawdown from existing inventories involves a review of its potential effect on US military readiness. With the previous drawdowns, the risk has been “relatively low,” said Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley on Monday. The military is watching “very, very carefully” to make sure the stockpiles don’t drop below levels that create a greater risk, he added.

    The concern grows significantly with more capable, more expensive systems of which the US does not have as large a supply, the sources said.”

    In other words, now they’re depleting the military of the less numerous, more high-end systems. And there were “major concerns” inside the government about doing it.

    This is treason. Whether witting or unwitting, this is treason. This is honestly starting to get alarming. Unlike Jeff, I do not believe that there is no nefarious intent within some individuals in the executive branch. I do not believe Biden is a knowing traitor, but he doesn’t have to be. You simply have to surround him with people with questionable loyalties in positions of power. I think Biden is barely making decisions right now anyways. I always believed that people in Obama’s inner circle had connections to Russia and there are Obama holdovers all over this current administration.

    The US government must stop depleting our military supplies IMMEDIATELY. This is very dangerous to the security of the US homeland. Every American citizen must publicly call on the US to stop sending these advanced weapons that we will need to defend the homeland from a potential Chinese / Russian strike.

    1. Please do not speak for me. I never said there is “no nefarious intent” within the Executive Branch. I have repeatedly written and spoken about this. Read this blog more carefully. Biden has been a tool of the communists for decades. He was put into the U.S. Senate by the likes of Armand Hammer, a KGB agent. Whether Biden is a “knowing traitor,” let’s be perfectly clear: I think he understands what he is doing enough to know that he is overturning the U.S. system. What he does not know is what his partners in China actually have in mind for this country. The whole American left is terribly naive, and so is the American right (only in a different way). Obviously, putting long range missiles into Ukraine is crazy. Russia would then be justified in launching a preemptive nuclear strike on the U.S. In the context, if you have read my books and followed my arguments carefully, that is exactly what I believe Russia and China have been trying to set up for the last thirty years. They merely need their attack to appear justified to their own people. As for begging the U.S. Government to do or not to do this or that, we are way past stopping these folks. I went to graduate school with this crowd. They hate America. They hate capitalism They hate the U.S. Constitution. We have been subverted from within by tolerating communism in our universities and schools. They have peopled the major corporations and government with their spawn. How does this get corrected? Only when the American people understand what has happened. But people will not understand. They believe in all sorts of nonsense that diverts them from the actual process that is underway. If the traitors in Washington are not sorted out, the country is lost. Who sorts them out? Our institutions have to cleans themselves. The implications are not pleasant here, but this is where we have arrived. Simply put, our people have believed the Russian and Chinese lies and they have also lied to themselves because we prefer to think pleasant thoughts. We refuse to see how bad things have gotten. And, by the way, none of this happened only yesterday. This has been coming for half a century or more.

      1. Sure, I suppose I worded that inartfully. My apologies. There was a distinction I was trying to make between fully aware intentional actors and deceived ones but it is probably not that important in the grand scheme of things.

      2. Russia already has excuses to nuke the USA. The bioweapons nonsense, the Ukraine secretly building Nukes nonsense, the USA helping sink the Moskal, the sanctions, the weapons deliveries, etc.

        Ukraine has also already hit targets within Russia with missiles.

        Giving the Ukrainians long range rockets won’t trigger their nuke attack. More than likely they will nuke us when China is ready to launch their attack, and they will use whatever excuse they have handy which their slave populations will believe uncritically as they already do.

  9. Jeff, with the urgency of these recent developments, are you trying to get on Steve Bannon’s show, Tim Pool’s, Joe Rogan’s, or Tucker Carlson’s? Any one of those I believe would skyrocket these concerns in the public mind.

    Are you trying to do that, and if so, is there anything we the public can do to help make it happen?

    1. I am going to be on Steve Bannon’s special show tomorrow. We just taped it this afternoon. He ribbed me about all the crazy people who have interviewed me lately — talking about beach landings in California.

      1. I am making my way through your recent interviews, and saw Mike Adams said he interviewed while guest hosting Alex Jones. If you’re getting air on Bannon and Jones, you’re hitting the “globalist” crowd – that is GREAT. Can only help.


        This is a British neuroscience researcher (P4 lab, Japan, last of the live monkey scientists) who was on top of the contrived ‘zoonotic’ Covid damage control theory from the start, beginning with picking the virus up at a conference in Daegu, South Korea October 2019 and following research and cases of persons like Harvard’s Charles Lieber & his two PLA students. The interview is with Dr. Richard M. Fleming, author of the recent “Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon? A Scientific and Forensic Investigation.” published in tandem with Robert Kennedy Jr.’s “The Real Anthony Fauci”.

        Couching the legacy Soviet issue in the frame of “Yes, we were attacked and are being attacked.” with the hard points of Covid bioweapon evidence, and research/conflict of interests could help sell it to Bannon’s type of audiences, and those that hand wave the issue away as “cold warrior” talk. People just don’t understand the extra-moral ideological motivation on the opponent’s side and can’t conceive of something this monstrous (like MAD) being possible. You’re in a unique position to make it tangible outside of the World Economic Forum & Davos et. al. private network conspiratorial thinking that limits the average conservative, even Bannon himself.

      3. I was basically unable to make my core points on Bannon’s show. There is a basic failure to admit certain realities. As for COVID, the deeper questions of biological warfare have been handled so poorly from every quarter, we are hardly able to offer convincing analysis as yet. We have to get people to answer certain questions and stick by those answers. Then we can drive the discussion in the direction of whether we are in World War III, and whether a larger biological attack is in progress. The infiltration of our institutions by enemy operatives must be central to this discussion and almost all these people cannot go there. They just won’t. They do not even have a cogent sense of who the enemy is. If you use the word “communist” too much, they get uncomfortable.

    2. Finally someone else has said it. I think that would be a game changer.

    3. Rogan and his audience, in my estimation, can’t process Nyquist.

      1. Apparently Bannon and his audience can’t even. What hope would Rogan have.

        “Just so we’re clear, Jeff, you’re not saying China would invade the West Coast, right,” Bannon says sneeringly, with the sole intention of discrediting the idea.

        I like Bannon in general, but it reminds me of why I do not consider myself a conservative. They have this smug confidence that is utterly mystifying and is grounded in nothing.

      2. These people do not want to consider what happens you have a total all-put war and all options are on the table. If you use nuclear weapons, if Americans are sleeping at the switch, if you have traitors in the White House, an invasion scenario can fall into place. He was acting like — oh — they just sail up and land. No. They nuke you first.

  10. I believe the Russian nihilistic ethos in its drive to destroy Ukraine is immersed in gnostic eschatological thinking. Here below, Dugin (who some consider to be “Putin’s brain”, also possibly connected to OTO – Ordo Templi Orientis) wondering, in his philosophical musings, about how to bring about “the end of the world, We need to think about how to make it happen”… Is the Russian invasion of Ukraine the last (“Z”) effort (the “final solution??) to bring about the gnostic “immanentization of the eschaton” (Eric Voegelin) that will usher in the equally gnostic Joachimite millenarian age of utopian peace and humanistic love?

    1. You are well-informed about Dugin’s esoteric background. He was recruited by the KGB in the late 1980s on account of his occult interests. You will not that Eurasianism — the theory of Geopolitics — was a feature of the Thule society out of which came Hess and Haushofer, who were Hitler’s mentors. As Voegelin would point out, the millennium of peace and humanistic love will be an unprecedented calamity involving mass slaughter, along the lines of Crowley’s formula for ritual mass murder on a global scale.

      1. It is an irony and a revelation that for all they claim to be atheists who do not believe in a higher power, all of their rhetoric is infused with messianic concepts, destiny, good and evil, and an inevitable triumph of their particular cult over the “evil ones”. It is essentially Christianity or other major religious concepts, overlaid onto their party.

        I have often noted how much Communist rhetoric presupposes the existence of a pre-existing religious impulse in humans. All of their ideological programs (communism, socialism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-etc..) assume the existence of this impulse in order to hijack it and weaponize the minds of men.

        In the mechanisms of the devious psychological programs devised by brilliant Communists, they expose something that their arch-enemy Christians have always said: that humans have some innate impulse to oppose evil, fight for good, hope for a utopia, and worship some higher power/cause.

      2. Ontological inversion is a messy thing to attempt. Karl Marx was the master. But when you read his letters to Engels it is clear that he was an atheist.

      3. When one engages in self-worship (as most nihilistic leftists do), can they truly claim to be atheist?

      4. Then you can call all scientific theories a cult or a religion. Do you believe in Newtonian mechanics?

      5. I was under the impression that Hess was Hitler’s lackey, not his mentor.

      6. Hitler did not start his career as “the Fuhrer.” He required guidance to begin that career. Hess was a self-effacing guide. Better educated than Hitler, Hess probably wrote or reworked large sections of Mein Kampf. Hess also had connections that helped Hitler. Their relationship was probably one of the closest personal relationships Hitler ever had. Hess came out of the Thule Society along with Dietrich Ekart and Karl Haushofer. Hitler always referred to Ekart as a mentor who he owed much too, though Ekart died early on. Hess became Deputy Fuhrer, and Haushofer ended up rubbing Hitler the wrong way. Some historians believe that Hess’s flight to Scotland in 1941 was done with Hitler’s secret connivance, though Hitler denounced the flight and declared Hess “insane” after the fact. Two of the people who were closest to Hitler at the time, his secretary Christa Schreoder and his SS bodyguard Heinz Linge, both suspected that Hitler had somehow colluded with Hess — or there was a deeper backstory. There is an interesting bit of testimony from a woman who was friends with both Hess and Hitler, who later testified that Hitler had admitted that Hess’s friendship and advice was sorely missed by Hitler in the years that followed. I do not think Hess was merely a “lackey.”

      7. Golitsyn writes this in “New Lies for Old”:

        “While the Trust was thriving the OGPU took control, wholly or partially, of two other movements calculated to influence the political climate in support of the NEP. They were the “Change of Signposts” movement and the “Eurasian” movement.”

      8. Good quote. A former KGB officer (not Golitsyn) also mentioned this to me about ten years ago. He said the Chekists were very interested in Eurasianism as far back as the 1920s.

      9. Interesting, Hess seems to have been a more complex character than I understood.

      10. There was a bizarre allegation from a doctor treating Hess in the 1960s that the man was a double — not the real Hess. Just do not know what to make of that one either.

  11. My first post won’t post; and I can’t get a follow option.

  12. Great interview: Man In America with JR Nyquist
    “LEAKED: China’s Plan to Attack USA by November & Reason for Shanghai Lockdown (JR Nyquist Interview)”

    1. Jeff, in your interview you said Russia may be holding back their best troops for the Pacific theatre. So then they really expected to beat Ukraine in a few weeks with their 2nd tier troops? This overconfidence seems at odds with their meticulous decades-long planning. Also odd that they didn’t take into account the changes in the Ukrainian military in the last decade.

      On the other hand, if this is accurate even the elite (2nd tier?) Spetznaz troops are not that good. If the US/Canada armies and populations can mobilize a resistance the Russians/Chinese may be beatable at least on the ground.

      Huge Loss for SPETSNAZ: Large Elite Forces of 17.000 man ELIMINATED in Ukraine! May 28, 2022

      1. Spetsnaz are very good troops, but they are light troops. And paratroop operations carry high risk as well as high rewards. If some knucklehead general drops his elite paratroops in the open, without cover, and heavier troops come along, their elite status will not save them.

  13. Posting Jeff’s other interviews here in order to keep signal boosting them.

    I usually find Nevin’s interviews meandering, but I thought this was his most sober-minded and focused yet on how exactly such an attack might play out:

    Here is also the one Jeff did with Mike Adams:

    And finally, the excellent one with Jeff and Dr. Li Meng-Yan.

    In it, she details what is really a sobering fact: Chinese patriots died releasing this video in order to warn the world of what is coming. Incredible courage and we shall never forget their brave sacrifice.

      1. Do you believe there is finally an awakening?
        Or is this a further set up to failure, criticism, disenfranchisement, & ridicule?
        Even arrest, censure, and imprisonment. Or even worse.
        You are in our prayers, Jeff, stay safe and be careful.
        Trust no one!

      2. I know better than to expect an awakening. A very small number of observers are beginning to pay attention. Much here is difficult for Americans to absorb. I have insisted, for example, that Russia and China are military Allies. This has proven to be true, yet many continue to resist this basic understanding. It is the same with all the other points. One by one folks will see the truth. But it will not be a timely.

    1. Video? I thought there is was only audio leaked. Do you have a link to either? I would like to have a copy. So far I can’t find anything but commentary on the meeting.

      1. Thank you. The restaurant I work at is next door to a Chinese restaurant. I will be trying to get some feedback.

  14. Good insight here: ” All their [chinese communists’] compromises with the market have been for the sake of organizing an even greater orgy of destruction at some future date.”

    1. The story of our elite is that when everyone’s making money, no one asks questions. Especially when (as Nyquist said) they all believe in “history as progress.” That’s the philosophical cover for shirking personal responsibility, because it all moves forward as it should regardless. In fact, it’s practically tantamount to, “if I can do it, it must be good.” Elite circles truly believe this.

  15. The Communist Bloc has taken over the world and has its focus set on the US, the UK, Israel, and Japan. They will act before November 1st because they can’t count on the US election being rigged again. Too many are sick of this administration and theft may not even be possible…therefore November 1, imho.

    A big problem they may face is that this COVID virus, Omnicron, that has become so contagious, is being forecast by Dr. Geert vanden Bossche to explode suddenly into a virulent mutation sometime this summer. It could very well hit Russia and China as well and put their plans askew or FUBAR. I don’t look forward to a deadly wave to hit this world but if it stops the Communist Bloc, so be it.

    There are interviews out there with Dr. vanden Bossche about all of this. Check it out on his twitter feed.

    1. Thanks for flagging vanden Bossche

      I doubt the timing has anything to do with the US election. It’s only a mid-term, and a change of party in Congress isn’t really gonna do diddly-squat. Republicans won’t save us. Gotta fix things through the grassroots, and there may not be time.

    2. I don’t think it matters what happens in the US mid terms now, even my most liberal minded friends are starting to predict a civil collapse of US society and a potential civil war. They are not happy for roe-v-wade to be overturned and I am tending to agree with them even though I hold to the pro-life position. The key thing to think of is the word “trojan horse” and what other civil liberties can be taken by this.

      1. Several cards are left to be played in this game — all of them held by Moscow and Beijing. Each will be turned up in due time. We must endure them if we have any chance at all.

      2. Leftists are spoiled brats who say it’s the end of the world whenever something doesn’t go their way, such as the recent Roe v Wade kerfuffle.

      3. I support the pro-life position. But the timing of Roe vs Wade being overturned now, with all that’s going on, seems suspicious. It’s almost as if designed to distract conservatives and validate weak Republicans who argue that people should vote R no matter how bad they are on the issues so they can appoint better judges. Trump-appointed SC judges have been weak on cases involving crime, illegal immigration and Covid mandates so this seems like a belated sop to the conservative base.

        Either way, ironic that the US national abortion law should be overturned just as the Communist powers are on the verge of unleashing nuclear mass murder.

    1. I’m glad you told people to start at the 45 minute mark. I had watched the first 30 minutes previously and never got that far. I missed the good stuff! LOL

      He reminds me of Jeff… trying to warn people when it seems like very few are listening.

      1. You got that right. No one is listening to the expert on the virus, no one is listening to Jeff, and the greater tragedy is that no one is listening to Jesus.

  16. Look at the ports in marine traffic maps in southern China. Ships jammed all the way up rivers in Guangdong province and further north along the coast there are even more cargo ships in ports and up rivers. Quite interesting and no idea if this is normal.

    1. Not normal

      A few podcasters who study these transport maps have been flagging it for at least a month

      1. Who are those podcasters? I am deeply curious to hear what they are saying about this.

    1. I found the timing of this article extremely bizarre. Even though they are ostensibly referencing a directive from the Bush years, the only scenario they mention is a nuclear attack.

      And the action they reference in response is the seizure of all communications networks.

      This implies, of course, that the Executive Branch will seize all communications networks (television, internet) in the event of a strike.

      The timing of this story is extremely strange. A suspicious person might think they were priming the public ahead of time for when the Feds seize the networks.

      1. “A suspicious person might think they were priming the public ahead of time for when the Feds seize the networks.”

        And with good reason!

    2. Highly suspicious timing and source. Not blaming you for posting this, it s good item to be aware of. I think the US will try anything to provoke its own destruction.

  17. Did China just signal it’s going to war?
    ‘This should be a warning to the United States’
    WND News Services By WND News Services
    Published May 4, 2022 at 1:13pm

    By Philip Lenczycki
    Daily Caller News Foundation

    China held an emergency meeting to examine how it could protect itself from potential future sanctions, the Financial Times reported on Monday.
    “I’m surprised that it took them so long to figure out they needed to develop anti-sanction strategies,” Ambassador John Bolton told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Tuesday.
    “Beijing is planning to go to war,” Gordon G. Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China,” told the DCNF.
    China is exploring how to avoid economic sanctions in preparation for war, several experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation on Tuesday.

  18. Nuclear deterrence at risk from aging strategic forces and warheads:
    U.S. strategic missiles, bombers and submarines are old and operating beyond their technical life expectancies, and replacements and upgraded warheads are needed urgently to deter growing nuclear threats from China, Russia and North Korea, according to military and defense officials. Published May 24, 2022

  19. China steps up subversion of global order in power grab, U.S. Pacific admiral warns:
    China’s ruling Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army are subverting the rules-based international order and increasing global efforts to expand power, the U.S. admiral in charge of Pacific forces told a House hearing Tuesday.
    Published May 17, 2022

    Blinken: Biden administration policy on China does not seek end of communist system:
    The Biden administration’s policy toward China calls for diplomatic and economic competition but will not seek to replace an increasingly aggressive Chinese Communist Party system, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said
    Thursday. Published May 26, 2022

  20. China steps up subversion of global order in power grab, U.S. Pacific admiral warns:
    China’s ruling Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army are subverting the rules-based international order and increasing global efforts to expand power, the U.S. admiral in charge of Pacific forces told a House hearing Tuesday.
    Published May 17, 2022

    Blinken: Biden administration policy on China does not seek end of communist system:
    The Biden administration’s policy toward China calls for diplomatic and economic competition but will not seek to replace an increasingly aggressive Chinese Communist Party system, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Thursday.
    Published May 26, 2022

  21. DIA: Intel suggests COVID virus was lab-engineered:
    Army Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, revealed in prepared Senate testimony this week that some U.S. intelligence agencies — not identified by name — believe the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic may have been genetically modified in a laboratory and not transmitted naturally from an animal host in China, where it was first identified. Published May 11, 2022

  22. DIA: Intel suggests COVID virus was lab-engineered:
    Army Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, revealed in prepared Senate testimony this week that some U.S. intelligence agencies — not identified by name — believe the virus behind the COVID-19 pandemic may have been genetically modified in a laboratory and not transmitted naturally from an animal host in China, where it was first identified.
    Published May 11, 2022

    1. Yes it was indeed. So is the Monkey Pox virus, in both cases Bill Gates people and US military run simulation few months in advance, just before the virus release.

      1. SARS-CoV-2 is obviously a synthetic virus. Trusted sources have failed to find any signs of modification in the monkeypox virus sequences. It is unlikely to be a modified virus. However, it is still possible that it was released intentionally – I have no opinion in that regard.

    1. We are on the verge of world war and you return with a childish taunt? What is psychologically wrong with you? Do you not understand how serious this is?

    2. Ukraine has won battles. I have never said they would win the war in the end. Fending off attacks is the avoidance of defeat. Winning is another thing altogether. How can Ukraine win? Nobody knows exactly how that is possible outside changes in Russia. Right now the promised weapons are not coming to Ukraine as promised. If this continues to be the pattern Ukraine will lose when the ground dries provided Russia can deploy more troops. If not, expect a long war.

    3. Russia is at its peak now throwing everything in can in the Donbass with overwhelming force in small areas and still will only succeed, if at all, on taking one or two more small cities, and not even the entirety of the Donbass.

      Ukraine will have a reserve army of 700,000 people by late June or July while Russia has failed to mobilize and train its own reserves. The ending of the conflict is clear, as even Russia’s own “patriots” have admitted, such as Igor Girkin.

      1. Girkin is not an insider. He knows nothing about selected strategy and goals. The goal is to inflict military losses so Ukrainian military refuses to be used as cannon fodder. Russia did not mobilize, because not needed, they can if the special operation should turn into war. They just started using heavy weapons recently. They don’t conquer cities because fascists use civilians as human shields.

        The economic war against Russia also failed

      2. “He knows nothing about selected strategy and goals. “— Neither do the Russians running the war, as they still can’t make up their mind about the goals of this war!

        Russian forces are apparently already losing steam just from this little push of activity over these past few days. Can they keep it up to stop the Ukrainian counteroffensive in the summer?

        It is as likely as you having an IQ over 75!

  23. Jeff, by the way, I just wanted to thank you for the work you’ve done. I have known about your work for over 15 years. I was reading you back when you were on Financial Sense. I used to browse the posts at the Final Phase Forum. You were where I heard about Anatoliy Golitsyn and Stanislav Lunev. You were the reason I bought We Will Bury You, or Spetznaz, or Blowing Up Russia, or New Lies For Old. You were the first one to make me realize that the greatest threat to humanity was the threat of nuclear war from the communist nations.

    I would waver back and forth on whether you were true or not, anesthetized to sleep sometimes by the delusion of the modern US world. I would forget sometimes about your writings and return to the comforting delusion of modernism, only to return later. I am ashamed for that. But you never wavered. Whether you were writing to 5 or 500, speaking on interviews with thousands or hundreds, you kept warning us. You are the only person I know of, at least in the US, that has been warning this specific message for this long. Possibly in the world. Thank you for at least ringing the bell, even if what you saw coming cannot now be stopped. You are a true patriot.

    1. It was a perspective everyone abandoned. It should have been in everyone’s mind the whole time. But it was not, so I felt obligated.

  24. It is a mistake to conflate the launch of a land invasion of the US (supposedly by Nov 1st) with a Nuclear Pearl Harbor. Our entire military and especially our nuclear retaliatory capability must be eliminated before even loading troops onto an invasion fleet. The fleet would need a week or two to reach our coasts. A massive surprise launch of nuclear weapons to eliminate our military in an hour of so is our enemies only logical path. This strike could come at any time. probably long before November. All that is needed is some manufactured pretext.

    1. I was actually going to ask Jeff to speak to how he perceives the order of events: do the ships first arrive, wait in port, and then the surprise missile strike? Then after the strike, the ships unload? The sequence is rather confusing.

      As for your other statement, I would be surprised if they change our retaliation doctrine, and our fate is already most likely sealed regardless of what we do. The only question is whether we somehow (the US) survive and prevent a thousand years of darkness.

      1. It is very difficult to know the order in which attacks might be done. This would be highly technical. We would need access to classified information to make an educated guess.

    2. I think the most significant parts of our military and nuclear response force would be eliminated minutes, hours, and days after the nuclear Pearl Harbor. Having a steady stream of dual use merchant marine type vessals armed with a variety weapons, S-xxx class, Sunburns, tactical nuke armed ABMS etc, queue all along the Pacific Ocean might be what their plan is.

  25. The first hint that we are changing our nuclear posture toward retaliatory configuration likely seals our fate.

      1. Dr. Pry was adamant about deploying 2000 nukes to our Naval Forces!
        A similar (larger) deployment to both strategic and tactical air is equally important.

      2. I think Peter is right. Unfortunately, I do not think the Biden administration will allow the Navy to arm for nuclear war.

  26. ‘Theories are not a matter of belief. One does not “believe” in math or history. Science is about knowledge.’

    Scientific theories have to be verified experimentaly. Use the theory to make a prediction of an outcome, then observe the reality, compare with the prediction.

    Marxism-Leninism was able to predict contemporary crisis of imperialism.

    Bourgeoise economic theories are failing big time again and again.

    The elites of global capitalism don’t believe themselves those theories. They knew long in advance the system is not sustainable.

    1. Commit, there you go again running off on tangents and taking democracy totally out of context. Most theories are taken to extremes to prove validity. So far Marxism-Leninism has proven extreme more so than any other form of government so what is your point? Capitalism is not failing, communism is. People want to be free whether under capitalism or communism.

    2. Imagine being so simple-minded as to actually think Marxism-Leninism is a real theory instead of a carefully constructed psychological operation, designed to incite fools into launching psychopaths into power.

      You do realize Communists are the most imperialist force on planet Earth? That China and Russia literally want to rule the world? You do realize that the United States had the power to rule the entire globe? That they could have nuked Russia before they had them? That they could have destroyed China when it was weak?

      If the US was actually “imperialist”, they would rule the world right now. But they don’t, because they are a democracy, ruled by mostly good people, who have zero interest in subjugating the world.

      China and Russia are ruled by power-fiending psychopaths whose every waking second is filled with thoughts of ruling the planet. China is not planning an invasion of the US because it is under threat – it is doing so because communists are inherently “imperialist” and are CONSTANTLY subverting, destabilizing, and invading other nations – starting civil wars, funding insurrectionists in other nations, and overthrowing them. You really haven’t thought this through, eh?

    3. Written like a Marxist-Leninist true believer. But you do know it’s cheating if you push capitalism over yourself. To be fair you need to try the experiment without building nuclear weapons in Russia and China and North Korea.

    4. That Mr. Nyquist even tolerates your inanity speaks to his character.

  27. China’s Pacific plan seen as regional strategic game-changer:

    Beijing targeting American farms to steal seeds, croplands?
    Chinese interest in US ag assets could pose security risks, federal report says:

    China’s push to achieve self-sufficiency, which has incentivized the nation to purchase, and even steal, agricultural assets in other countries, could present risks to the economic and national security of the United States, warns a report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

  28. China’s Interests in U.S. Agriculture: Augmenting Food Security through Investment Abroad:

    The report reviews China’s food security challenges and how these vulnerabilities drive interests in U.S.-China agricultural relations. Specifically, it evaluates the motivations behind China’s agricultural investments, including challenges to food production and relevant CCP efforts to reduce import reliance, conserve farmland, and modernize agricultural technologies. It then examines the main areas of Chinese investment in the United States, including land, livestock, grains, and relevant infrastructure, like agricultural equipment and technology. Finally, the report presents considerations for lawmakers regarding further Chinese integration in the U.S. agriculture sector.

    1. Remember when China bought a major U.S. Smithfield hog processing plant under Obama? There was political pressure NOT to classify US ag and food supply as a matter of “national security,” driven of course by the Chamber of Commerce et al. (Any foreign deals deemed to have national security implications get more scrutiny, might require at least partial domestic ownership, and might get blocked altogether.)

      So why the pressure from U.S. business interests? They argued if the U.S. adopted that policy, other governments might too, which might harm their investment opportunities. If everyone’s making money, no one asks any questions.

      (by the way, google Smithfield foods and check what news items come up over the last couple years…..)

      1. And I forgot to mention (stating the obvious), China has ALWAYS treated business as national security …. which one would think might prompt some self-reflection. But instead, U.S. business just got MORE bullish: “we have to set an example!”

  29. China criticizes US as tensions rise in South Pacific

    BEIJING (AP) — China on Friday criticized a speech by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken focused on relations between the world’s top two economic powers, saying the U.S. was seeking to smear Beijing’s reputation.

    Japan, US fly fighters after China drill, N. Korean missiles
    May 26, 2022

    TOKYO (AP) — Japanese and U.S. forces have conducted a joint fighter jet flight over the Sea of Japan, Japan’s military said Thursday, in an apparent response to a Russia-China joint bomber flight while U.S. President Joe Biden was in Tokyo.

    The Japan-U.S. joint flight on Wednesday involved eight warplanes based in Japan, including four U.S. F-16 fighters and four Japanese F-15s, the Joint Staff of the Japan Self-Defense Forces said.

    The joint flight was meant to confirm the combined capabilities of the two militaries and further strengthen the Japan-U.S. alliance, it said in a statement.

    The flight occurred hours after North Korea fired three missiles, including an intercontinental ballistic missile, toward the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan, amid concerns about another nuclear test by the North. The missiles fell in waters outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

    Chinese and Russian strategic bombers conducted joint flights near Japan on Tuesday, Japan’s Defense Ministry said. Biden was meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and their counterparts from India and Australia for the Quad, an Indo-Pacific security and economic coalition meant as a counterweight to China’s growing influence in the region.

    Chinese H-6 bombers joined Russian TU-95s over the Sea of Japan and flew to areas over the East China Sea, but did not violate Japanese airspace, Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said. Separately, a Russian IL-20 reconnaissance plane was spotted flying off the northern Japanese coast.

    The Chinese-Russian joint flight represented an “increased level of provocation” and a threat to the Quad, Kishi said.

    China said the flights were over the the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea and the western Pacific. Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian said it was a “routine joint strategic air patrol” that has been carried out four times since 2019.

    “This operation is not aimed at a third party and has nothing to do with the current international and regional situation,” he said in a video statement posted Wednesday on the Defense Ministry website.

  30. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I spoke with Albert the other day and he has mentioned to me that China is using Hong Kong to colonize the world and because Hong Kong is a good brand, China is using the brand of Hong Kong Protest/Democracy to continue to colonize the world as their last resort

  31. Another interview discussing the leaked CCP war plans.

    China’s War Plans Revealed in Exclusive Top Military Audio – America Out Loud
    The guests are Dr Li Meng-YAN and Naval Officer Steven W Mosher

    They note that the number of ships involved would be too much to be intended only for the invasion of Taiwan. Mosher suggests that China would attack U.S. assets in the first and second island chains (eg Guam) but would not go as far as Hawaii because that would risk all-out nuclear war (min 18). They don’t seem to anticipate an attack against the continental U.S. China’s blow against U.S. assets in the Pacific would be devastating enough to make America withdraw from that region and cede territory and influence to the CCP.
    Now that China knows the U.S. has the plans they may wait and see whether any concrete action is taken by the US government. The leak may delay or slightly alter the CCP’s plans but will not deter them. If the US does not visibly react in the Pacific (and continues to focus on Europe) China will think the US ignored the warning and this may embolden the CCP.

    Dr Li says that Jinping gave a master guarantee to the operation centre of the PLA in Beijing that he will win the “people’s war” (min 49). This is very significant and proves the war plans are real.

    Points to the host and Mosher seeing that Taiwan is not the only target. However, they don’t really understand the Russia-China alliance and therefore the end goal of their combined aggression. They think that the U.S. should push for a quick settlement to end the Ukraine war (wrong war, at wrong time, in the wrong place) and say the US pushed Russia into the arms of China. (Once again, the most devastating war in Europe since WWII is America’s fault for being so mean to Russia! Conservatives just will not get their heads unstuck from this toilet bowl.) Mosher anticipates a tactical nuclear strike against Ukraine but not against the U.S. – even though the host points out that undetectable hypersonic technology almost wipes out the idea of MAD/nuclear deterrence.
    Hopefully some leaders in the current military are more far-sighted and they can sound the public the alarm. Getting the people’s undivided attention on this issue may be the only way to change what’s coming.

    1. Interesting. Thanks for the summary so I didn’t have to watch that and become irritated with how far conservatives have sunk in their thinking. I’ve noticed people even in my own neighborhood who are “conservative” with a pro-russia attitude. It baffles me as I grew up reading books and coming to understand as a young conservative in the late 90’s and early 2000’s how evil and devious the Kremlin is. The sudden pro Russia shift is mind boggling.

      1. I probably didn’t read as many books about Russia as other people here but I still saw through the Kremlin lies.
        I remember first seeing a lot of praise for Russia’s new nationalism around 10 years ago, on paleo-con and traditionalist sites. Of course, being who they are, they couldn’t help hinting that Russia was strong because Putin knew how to keep the ‘Jews’ in check. I didn’t have to do too much research into this new ‘nationalism’ to figure out that it was more a mixture of Stalinist nostalgia with a good dose of chauvinism and anti-Western revanchism. And while Russia’s cities filled with Asian migrant labourers, the people who protested this were arrested. I concluded that not only was Russia virulently anti-Western but also deceptively Leftist. How could patriotic American conservatives praise this? The only difference from the Soviet Union days seemed that they dropped the overt totalitarianism and economic Communism and started branching out to appeal to conservative circles. I remained wary of Russia ever since, and that was before even reading Jeff’s work!

        Without knowing much about the modern Russia of the past 22 years or the Russo-Chinese long-range strategy, it is easy for conservatives to fall prey to simplistic thinking. Ie, the idea that in the last 30 years Russia and the West switched places, while Russia learned from the mistakes of Communism and reformed itself the West continued to become more Marxist and decadent. This feeds into the natural Western tendency to hate ourselves, which of course is at odds with the conservative instincts of national defense and survival. The problem is that conservatives refuse to deal with the facts even when they are overwhelmingly evident. Maybe watching more clips of Russian media from the last 2 months will shock them into reality?

        I didn’t follow Russia as much over the years so I was shocked to see that what once seemed a fringe paleo-con opinion has now become firmly entrenched in mainstream conservatism. Jeff and Trevor Loudon need to do a whole seminar to dismantle the WEF/globalist distraction and Russia-conservative deception!

      2. Laura: You have written an excellent post. And yes, you are exactly right, and very well-read on the issue of Russian nationalism. Real nationalists in Russia have been subject to arrest by the police. Putin has been importing Central Asian Mulsims into his work force. Meanwhile, the psychological warfare being employed by Moscow has undermined the conservatives in America and Europe who otherwise would be the first champions of national defense. You can see that many of our people have turned against their own country. It is painful to admit that some of my conservative friends no longer speak to me. I got a hostile text only yesterday from a former friend who sent me a slew of Russian propaganda videos and asked, “Do you still hate Russia?” I wrote back to say that I have never been about hating Russia. In the same thread she simultaneously posted allegations that Ukraine was ruled by Nazis while referring to Ukraine as Jewkraine. Please note the contradiction here. How can Ukraine be part of a Nazi and a Jewish conspiracy at the same time? And yet, across the internet we see conservatives thoughtlessly referring to Ukraine as a corrupt Nazi country ruled by Jewish oligarchs. Here is the comedy of two Russian disinformation lines colliding and being thoughtlessly absorbed by our anti-American right. This muddied thinking does not speak well of a large segment of conservative opinion — especially Paleo-conservatives, who I once had regard for. A Russian friend recently told me not to be so hard on these paleocons. They are cowards, he said, but they are not bad people. From my point of view, there is a degree of guilt here that I will never forgive. People who pretend to know things, and to be philosophers and experts on political matters, cannot be forgiven for defrauding themselves and others — especially when millions of lives are forfiet as a result. I believe that human beings have a capacity for clarity, if only they struggle for it. If you do not struggle for this, you are a deserter. A special kind of condemnation must be reserved for deserters. This is a war of ideas for the future of our country and the world.

      3. Agreed, but you have to remember that Russia worked diligently on causing that shift to happen over this timeframe.

    2. Bannon made a similar suggestion during my discussion with him. “We need to draw down in Ukraine,” he said. He is failing to see that China and Russia are firmly allied and have been coordinating for many years. The invasion of Ukraine was not done in a vacuum. It was done after consulting with China when Putin went to Beijing on February 4. Their strategy is a joint strategy. All discussions that do not acknowledge this are a waste of time.

      1. True, but I have a problem with the fact that suddenly all communists in the FRG government, as well as those in the EU are against Russia and at the same time destroy our economy with the sanctions! They are massively damaging our country, and less Russia.

      2. European and American “communists” are more fascist than communist, in my opinion. Technocrats that want to create new socialist-technocracy. They’re not your traditional old school, hardcore communists. It competition between which communist system will win.

      3. Communists are communists. They follow what Gorbachev called a “zig-zag” course. Never take their outward poses at face value.

      4. We must remember Stalin’s sudden alliance with Hitler as the Second World War was about to break out. If the communists openly supported Russia, the European right would wake up. This must not be permitted. As they are disciplined, even to the point of obeying an order to help Hitler, the communists can also obey an order to denounce Putin. Yet as we see, Putin’s bombers were flying in formation with communist China’s bombers a few days ago.

      5. Mr. Nyquist,

        Are the American (western) technocrats also in league with the Russian and Chinese communists? Seeing how Google was willing to use their AI for the Chinese military, but not the US suggests so, I just have a difficult time reconciling the players. Reading you helps with that challenge, but sometimes it’s just too hard to accept.

  32. Once again, China and Russia are working together:

    “Japan’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced on May 24 that six Chinese and Russian strategic bombers flew near the Japanese archipelago ‒ an apparent bid to warn against the Quad summit, held the same day, of the leaders of Australia, India, Japan, and the United States.

    The two Xian H-6 bombers were spotted flying over the East China Sea and the Sea of Japan (also known as the East Sea), along with two Russian Tu-95 bombers, from the morning until afternoon of May 24, the MoD said. Later on, two difference H-6 bombers and the same two Russian Tu-95 bombers flew through the Miyako Strait between the Japanese islands of Okinawa and Miyakojima to enter the Pacific Ocean from the East China Sea, the ministry said.

    In addition, one Russian Il-20 electronic intelligence aircraft was spotted flying over the Sea of Japan on the same day.”

    1. Moscow and Beijing will try to use economic pressure and military threats to break up our alliances. Germany and Japan are particularly vulnerable on energy. Then add military threats to make Tokyo and Berlin buckle.

      1. Question is, in any major attack on the U.S. itself, *will Washington, DC., particularly the Pentagon complex, be the first to go* ?? I would think that destroying even only Washington would knock the U.S. off kilter enough to force *whomever* might be left otherwise then ‘be in charge’ to immediately and desperately sue for peace, if only to prevent, among other things, mass-panic exit attempts from other U.S. cities that would surely otherwise follow. Seems like destruction of the national Capital alone would be all the Russians and/or Chinese would require for a more-or-less complete capitulation.

      2. No.Let Biden leave DC for a time.. Let Biden be on vacation during the summer months at his house in Rehoboth Beach DE. Let him attend Mass at St. Edmonds. When the nuke attack comes, decapitating the president would be easy. Then Harris can run the show.

      3. I’m inclined to dispel that idea, H.R. There are a lot of folks waiting in the wings for the right opportunity to act in defense of our country. And they truly are willing to fight to the last man standing.

      4. I am inclined to agree with Eddie. Nineteen years ago I had a conversation on this subject with Col. Stanislav Lunev, the GRU defector. I was rereading Col. Skirdo’s book, “The People, The Commander and the Army.” It was a Soviet military text written for officers, and it indirectly gave credit to America’s powers of resistance after a nuclear bombardment. The book, of course, does not name America as an enemy. It was a matter of reading between the lines. There is a section in the book that discusses partisan warfare, stating that during World War II partisans killed one million German soldiers, destroyed a thousand German tanks, and 1,200 aircraft. (I am writing this from memory.) Skirdo then dropped a hint regarding similar or worse casualties during an invasion of a large country. Of course, there were no genuinely large countries in Europe at the time, aside from the USSR itself. I believed he was referring to the U.S., so I sought clarification from Lunev. One afternoon I got him on the phone and asked about Skirdo. He knew the book well and was ready to offer comments. I asked if I had understood the text correctly. Was Skirdo furtively alluding to the problem of partisans during a Soviet invasion of the U.S.? Lunev said that Skirdo was indeed touching on this question. Then I asked Lunev if he really believed American partisans (civilians with rifles) could put up the kind of resistance Skirdo warned about in the book. Lunev answered that he had initially been skeptical of Skirdo’s thesis. Going from memory, Lunev replied, “I was trained to work in Laos and China. I studied Mandarin. I did not know the American character so I was skeptical about American civilian resistance; but when I came to work in America, and met Americans, I realized Skirdo was right. Americans are not Asians.” Seeking greater clarity on this, I asked, “If the Soviet Union had won a nuclear exchange, and the U.S. military were neutralized, how could poorly-armed civilians stop ten to twenty Soviet paratroop and landing divisions from holding a victory parade in conquered territory?” I reminded Lunev of the levels of destruction visited on the country. Lunev said that the Soviet generals had studied this question. They had wargamed it. Their conclusion was that within two weeks the first echelon of paratroop and landing divisions would be reduced to total ineffectiveness. “They would not be entirely wiped out, of course,” Lunev added. “They would simply be used up in terms of their combat effectiveness.” I asked how entire divisions could be neutralized in such a short time after the major U.S. Army bases and weapon stores were destroyed by nuclear strikes. Lunev replied, “The landing forces would be outnumbered by the surrounding civilian population and suffer heavy casualites.” Americans who are accustomed to freedom, he suggested, who have nothing to lose, will fight to the last. He expressed no doubts about this. He then said that the post-Cold War Russian military could not manage an invasion of the lower 48 states after 1991. The whole project was handed over to the Chinese. Only China had the necessary manpower for such a task.

      5. (reply to ) “Would you kill a senile surrender monkey?”

        Mr. Nyquist, I haven’t a clue on how to interpret that. I simply wanted your opinion on what happens to D.C. if an attack occurs. Take out the central controlling authorities of our military system, and at least for a while the rest of the military is likely paralyzed, which is my hypothesis. What actually is yours on the status of the national Capital, whose occupants-in-power would regardless immediately assume the critical and central role in such a situation—for however long they might last—in the scenario you anticipate? Full-out nuclear takedown, or perhaps something like an all-out mass attack against the ‘top dogs’ (civilian and military) with commando-style agents in place? (And that would take a whole lot of them.)

        (reply to) “I’m inclined to dispel that idea, H.R. There are a lot of folks waiting in the wings for the right opportunity to act in defense of our country. And they truly are willing to fight to the last man standing.”

        A lot of folks waiting *where*, exactly? At NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain? At Pacific Command in Hawaii? At what remains of USEUCOM in Europe? And I am not aware of any other possible specific Pentagon ‘backup’ locations, particularly one hardened and secure against any attack. The U.S. has a strict ‘top down’ military command starting with the President, that has always rigidly been maintained. No President/V.P./House Speaker/Senate president-pro-tem/Joint Chiefs of Staff, then no nuclear launches, period. And the top military staff throughout the armed forces are so politically ‘woke-ified’, as it were, now for the most part that anyone left ‘waiting in the wings’ and patriotic enough will be virtually powerless to try and take command, which would be tantamount to mutiny, anyway. No one in U.S. history has even tried a coup against the highest military authorities, and that is certainly not about to change now.

      6. You’re forgetting the 2A folks that have been holding back for various reasons. Government would like very much to nullify them. But they are the only force capable enough to stop the onslaught. Would take considerable time and a lot of deaths and may not succeed; but they are waiting in the wings ready to act. They will not comply with government intrusion and do not need its permission. I would hope the actions of those brave men and women will be a catalyst to galvanize others to participate. Under such circumstances what is there to lose but one’s life?

      7. Generally agree, however I read there is a underground rail to a secure location in the West Virginia foothills made during Cold War for continuity of government in the event of Armeggedom scerianos. Regardless of back up government sites, at that point we already lost.

  33. Jeff: Brilliant and extremely compelling presentation on Bannon. Thank you for sounding the alarm, over and over, until people noticed. You are a treasure and may well be instrumental in your contribution to saving our nation. Well done.

    1. I don’t even know that people have noticed yet. All the fools on Bannon’s show were smugly thinking that they were safe and that it was all about Taiwan.

  34. Greetings and blessings to all.

    With no intention of scaring you, but based on sensitive information resulting from the visions of inspired and honest people; if I were an american military strategist, I would strengthen the position in Alaska and in the Northwest of the country.

    Here in Argentina we have a saying: prevention is cure

    God and the Virgin bless you

  35. Excuse the sloppiness of posting two messages in a row, but I think you should know this.

    With regard to Chinese colonization in South America, I am going to speak for my own country, Argentina: they have sold us industrial products at very low prices, to the detriment of the North Americans; especially in the field of electronics, where they have allowed us to access goods that would have been impossible for us to acquire.

    I’ll give you an example: when I was a child, I watched many American movies, beyond entertainment and emotions, those films functioned as windows to the First World, we could see what those children were enjoying.

    Well, those products reached us between 3, 5 or 10 years later… and we felt at a profound disadvantage… that, for better or for worse, China changed it.

    Therefore, that colonization was not accepted but tolerated…

  36. What I don’t get is how the Chinese would deal with Japan, South Korea and India. I doubt these three nations would do nothing in case the US is nuked. Attacking the US first is a very dangerous move, if they loose some battles and are somehow weakened, they would have a flanck on the Indian frontier or on the Japanese side. Maybe they intend to nuke the USA while they deal with neighboring nations. Anyway, seems China and Russia would basically need to nuke the whole world in order to succeed.

    1. If the U.S. nuclear deterrent were eliminated in a first strike, how could Japan or India possibly survive? Japan has no nuclear arsenal and India’s nuclear weapons would be wiped out in less than an hour. Japan already surrendered in one world war because they had no nuclear weapons to respond with. Countries with large nuclear arsenals possess war-winning advantages that non-nuclear or low-yield nuclear countries do not have.

      1. I think I understand your point, but both Japan and India are now able to increase their stock of nuclear weapons in a relatively short time. I believe Japan can produce many warheads in six months, considering they have stored plutonium to do so. I don´t see how China can really nuke and invade the USA and at the same time not deal with these two neighbors.
        But I agree with you that once China eliminates american nuclear deterrance, they will be in a good position to conquer Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, just for the start. If America manages somehow to defent itself, it will not be able to liberate those countries for any foreseable time.

      2. Japan has no nuclear weapons and can be forced out of any war by threat of blockade. India’s nuclear arsenal can be eliminated in minutes by an attacker.

      3. 6 minutes or 6 months? A nation needs nukes beforehand. And ABMs. Japan is toast already and they know it.

    2. I think you overestimate the willingness of those nations to interfere if they are not the ones getting directly attacked.

      1. Japan cannot feed itself or fuel itself. Nuclear rocket warfare makes Japan a highly dense fly pile.

  37. Bannon seems to think we will be able to see the war coming, that it will slowly unfold with Taiwan, that it will be this back and forth. Why would they do that?

    Their best chance is one surprise, overwhelming, missile strike on all of our strategic centers. All at once and as many as they can send. Jeff has said our policy is to absorb the first strike. They know this. So their best chance is to send literally everything all at once. One killer blow.

    Bannon seems way too overconfident, even the way he smirkingly asked Jeff about the Chinese “landing in California”. He then still thought it was all for Taiwan by saying it was for transporting half the island back to China. He also talked about how they can’t do “complex amphibious operations”. Maybe so, but it doesn’t matter if they have missile superiority. The naval aspect would be the cleanup part. Slightly disappointing, but thank you for raising the alarm Jeff.

    1. If China cannot do complex amphibious operations then they cannot possibly invade Taiwan. So why are they gathering so many ships that are non-landing ships, with the plan of loading them with military supplies? Merchants ships cannot be used for “beach landings.” They are made to dock in ports. We should ask ourselves which ports are undefended, which are operated by Chinese companies, and where are Chinese ships continually offloading material right now? Any guesses? Pick any continent you like. And for all that, a ro-ro-ship cannot land on a beach in Taiwan. Even if you captured one port you could not possiblly
      accomodate that many loaded ships at once. You’d use fewer ships with more return trips. After all, the distance between Taiwan and China is not far. If the Chinese do invade Taiwan they will be strategic mistake — stupid on so many levels. Are the Chinese leaders stupid? Forgive my skepticism. I see a lot of stupidity in Washington. Decades of stupidity.

      1. Where does the obsession with Taiwan come from? Even among “China hawks,” you’ll hear them rattle off all sorts of scary red flags re China, all pointing toward serious risk and vulnerability, and then they hit their conclusion: “so the fear is they will invade Taiwan.” It’s such a disconnect!

        Seems to betray the ubiquity of a Wall Street-capitalist lens. Even as these “China Hawk” analysts describe war-like aggression, and even call it that, they only compute things, really, in macro economic terms. E.g., Bannon pivoted to how attacking Taiwan would cripple the US economically – totally blowing past what you just laid out about the REALITY that their military mobilizations make no sense re attacking Taiwan! Later on, I did see flickers of understanding, when he first mentioned the Guns of August re mobilization.

        Fanell seemed like he was reasoning backward – starting with the premise that Tawain is the target, and reading data points through that premise. Its’ frustrating, because he’s clearing trying to sound an alarm but unwilling to question the core assumption. When he said what we should do now – all about Taiwan and conflict at sea. No civil defense, nothing about hardening our own targets.

        Bannon’s a former Wall Street guy. Wall Street analytical mode is his default. I think he’s smart and trains up quick. I also think he deliberately hangs back from more “out there” positions and w/o guessing why he does that – one “tell” that he’s catching on is he brings on smart guests to make the case, often with ribbing but also serious engagement. Bannon let you talk more, w/o interruption, than he does most guests. I listened to him a lot in the first year of Covid. On the whole, I think he sees who are serious people. He also respects people with real military knowledge. I think it’s a very good development that invited you and gave you so much time (by his standards).

        Last thing – as a practical matter, I think Bannon’s right it would be hard to get the typical American on board for a big mobilization to protect Taiwan. Most people don’t see why we should inject ourselves in regional disputes. But getting the American people mobilized to protect our own country – THAT you could do, but people have to understand we NEED to. In that regard, how convenient that the right is split between Russia hawks and China hawks but each frame the threat as essentially regional – focused on Ukraine/Europe and Taiwan/East Asia – and none articulate more than an attenuated national interest (let alone an actual physical national security threat). In that way, the US China Hawks obsessed with Taiwan play the same role – as far as obscuring the threat to our homeland – as the America-firsters who think Putin’s aggression toward Ukraine is justified nationalism that need not concern us.

        Mr. Nyquist – everything you lay out is crystal clear. FWIW I think the further you get from the beltway and pop culture, the more it lands, when people actually listen. Even my uber-liberal sister is now dialed in. We all owe a debt to your tenacity.

      2. Very astute comments (from visitor) on Bannon. My fear is that the USA will send too many weapons to Taiwan and the weapons will be lost when the island is blockaded and surrenders. It is a good idea to defend, but it should be a balanced defense. Not all the eggs in a forward basket.

      3. And also, what resources does Taiwan have that China does not already control?

    2. Bannon is fixated on economic warfare. He thinks that is primary CCP weapon, aided by other forms of unconventional warfare (e.g. biowarfare). He’s been fixated on Taiwan for several years.

      I think it’s actually a big deal he invited Nyquist on the show, and let him speak (usually he talks over new guests).

      1. Jeff pointed out that he doesn’t think China will DIRECTLY attack Taiwan in the interview with Steve Bannon. But Bannon keeps pressing and asking the other guest about a “potential” attack. Bannon misses the communist goal is for domination of America, and not Taiwan.

        Taiwan is already Chinese.

        Having lived in Taiwan, I do not think the Chinese will attack Taiwan. There is a strong cultural, ethnic, and a lot of business ties between the “mainland” and Taiwan. Taiwan was invaded by the Chinese starting with Chiang Kai-shek and he native population were killed off. The natives are not Chinese origin. It’s the West that sees them as China and Taiwan as TWO.

        I was invited to dinner in some of their homes in Taiwan and in public, they say they are independent from China, but privately they have ethnic loyalty, a strong bond, and brotherly fidelity with China.

        I think the Taiwan “invasion” narrative is being used as a bait and distraction for a surprise attack on America. Maybe to cause fear in the likes of Steve Bannon, Mike Adams, and ignorant Americans after all Americans have a very upside down and romanticized view of Chinese people and culture. Another communist subversion at play?

        The DOD has been compromised and infiltrated by communists whether they be Vietnamese, Koreans, or Chinese from the soldiers level to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

        Why else would DOD mandated the “vaccination” whilst Chinese and Russian military were not mandated when the fact was publicly available that the genetic sequencing of all the “vaccines” came from China?

        Why put something in your body that was made in China, a communist country with the probability it could be a bioweapon unless you trust or have a friendship with China and don’t see communists as an enemy?

      2. If they can put agents into the office of the presidency, surely all branches of the mil and Int are throughly infiltrated. Robert Hansen, Walker family, Aldrich Ames, Bill, Hillary, Obama, Biden, Sir Roger Hollis (head of MI5).

      3. Winifred’s comment on how Taiwan’s ethnic loyalties to mainland China may trump any concern over being conquered by the CCP is interesting. I believe Jeff mentioned how many institutions in Taiwan are infiltrated by the CCP already. (Of course, many people made the same arguments about Ukraine essentially being ‘Little Russia’ and look how that turned out.)

        On the flipside of Bannon and Co’s focus on China and the Pacific theatre, there is the almost complete dismissal of Europe and NATO. Reading between the lines, because NATO doesn’t pay enough for defense it’s almost a blessing in disguise if Europe capitulates to Russia. Somehow America’s security will not be impacted if that happens. Bannon made some comments about how Hong Kong and Taiwan are America’s hill to die on (because they’re capitalist and HK is Christian) but not a European country like Ukraine. Because if the CCP controls the whole South China Sea that’s bad for America and its allies, but not so if Russia controls the Black Sea and can possess more oil/gas and threaten tens of millions of people around the world with starvation.

        Given America’s current state it may be impossible to fight a 2 or 3 front war if the NA continent is invaded, but it’s still jarring how experts blithely dismiss the possible loss of half the Western world. That attitude comes from 1) not realizing that Russia and China are working together to destroy the West, and 2) the logical outcome of nearly two decades of contempt on the part of American conservatives for Western Europe, because Europe’s leaders and people are seen as too woke and Leftist. The contempt is understandable, but right now it’s part of what is blinding many conservatives from realizing the magnitude of the threat we are up against.

      4. Laura: Very interesting comment. Yes. We cannot tell how effective CCP subversion is on Taiwan when it comes to war. Ukraine was an excellent test case showing how things can backfire. Subversion has its limits when the majority will fight to keep their independence. The problem with Taiwan is its proximity to China and being an island. Defending it under present circumstances is militarily difficult. We can do it, provided we do not suffer a surprise missile attack. China would be stupid to start a war without using nuclear weapons in a surprise attack against the U.S. homeland and fleet. American analysts simply cannot see this.

      5. I forgot to mentioned the native population of Taiwan look Polynesian, not Chinese. Their pictures are seen in the museums in Taiwan, which reminds me when I lived in Hawaii where Japanese and Koreans have taken over the politics and local economy from Polynesians…

        I am not sure why Americans are willfully blind and I am told by many Americans that Americans distrust intelligent people and this is why they follow crass Rogan and Trump…This doesn’t make any sense to me at all because it’s as though Americans WANT to be killed off by Chinese and have communist leaders.

        Why do they prefer stupidity and hedonism, but apparently many Whites in America are mixed with Hispanics (a hyper-sexualized culture). Brits don’t believe in PDA. Does today’s demographic effect the decline of America?

        Many members of my church are enamored with the Chinese. They claim to be anti-communist and Republicans. Such contradictions.

        The Khmer people who survived the genocide from Chinese funded Pol Pot has spoken and written about Chinese deception and brainwashing of youths. The Chinese communists targets of the intellectual class as the first one to kill off.

        What intellectual class has America left when the average American is “anti-intellectual” and “anti-moral” or it could mean that the ENTIRE “intellectual class” has been infiltrated/compromised by the Chinese as Jeff pointed about the commies in America’s higher education schools?

      6. There is a definite anti-intellectual tendency in America. Obviously, the intellectuals as a class have not used their intelligence wisely. Distrust is therefore understandable. But why the lack of curiosity, the unwillingness to study? Hedonism may be the answer. Whichever ideas flatter or tickle the individual seem to succeed. And that is what we find. Meanwhile, the pathologically motivated student gravitates to variants on the themes of Marx. Oh well.

      7. Actually there seems to be an anti-intellectual mood that fills all of “intelligentsia” world-wide. In many fields, people want immediate fame and fortune, and deep study often requires slogging study out of the limelight for years, even decades, before one gets any recognition. So people go for shortcuts, reading what other “experts” say instead of doing the original study that can give deeper insights.

        One area of which I’m familiar enough to give examples is theology and Biblical Hebrew language. How many professors of Biblical Hebrew language have read the Old Testament in Hebrew, cover to cover, even once? Five times? Ten times? Over twenty times until one can read and understand the text without translating and has a feel for the language that’s hard to explain? That sort of effort takes decades. I don’t know of a single professor who has done that. Instead, they can quote theories made by other professors. Worse are those philosophers who make pronouncements on the Hebrew Biblical text without being Hebrew language scholars themselves.

        I avoid getting into theological discussions on this blog because so much of what is said is based on what people have read from “experts” instead of the intellectual deep study of the Bible itself. That is anti-intellectual.

        Jeff Nyquist has done the deep study of communism that few, if any, of us can match. So when the question of communism comes up, instead of boasting of my knowledge, I point people to this blog.

        While living in Germany I learned enough about fascism to realize that the fascists were also followers of Karl Marx, in competition with the Leninists and Stalinists for leadership in the socialist movement. They could claim to reject Marxism, because they disagreed with Marx on some points. But I am not an expert on fascism. I learned enough to know why they so hated Christians and Christianity.

        Real intellectual study often takes decades. It’s very rare today.

      8. There is another problem besides knowing something well. It is intellectual integrity. This is connected to structures of knowledge in the human heart; that we know we exist, and that we have choices, and that we can play false with ourselves.

    3. Jeff Nyquist is clearly a much brighter intelectual than any of those who were on Bannon’s show. Bannon himself seems to be very wise, but I do not believe he has studied half of what Jeff knows.

      1. The mistake he makes is the same mistake many make when confronted with Communist rhetoric and actions: they take them at face value. Whereas anyone who really, intently reads and studies Communist history and tactics learns quite quickly to NEVER take a single thing at face value, to ALWAYS assume an ulterior motive, to ALWAYS assume the Communist’s first statement is a lie.

        If you truly study Communists, you learn that deception is not an ancillary or augmenting strategy; it is their primary one.

  38. Your leaders are stewpid people. Just look at the videos of the recent two leaders who are even illegal to be up there and, therefore, 535 Congressmen are betraying this nation. There needs to be mass hangings up here or billions may die because of their treason and betrayal.

    I don’t care if they proclaim ignorance they need to be HANGED!

  39. Just listened to your interview with Mike Adams and Dr. Yan Li-Meng. What do you make of it that Dr. Yan Li-Meng interprets the audio as consistent with a military focus on Taiwan, at least first, and unconventional warfare (economic, biological) toward the U.S.? (If you have time – I know you’re swamped!)

    1. Where do we get the the audio clip? I trust Nyquist, but where is the leaked clip?

      1. I don’t trust Jennifer Zeng Blog. It’s posted on Youtube. Youtube deletes any thinking and speech contradicting its narrative. What do the communists WANT from releasing this video as to make it appear that it was “leaked”? They wouldn’t release/leaked anything on Youtube intentionally unless they want it to be use as part of their plan.

        Youtube is owned by the communists be it Vietnamese, Thai, Koreans, Taiwanese, Chinese, et Mongolian extracts.

        Why does the American stock market exchange allow communists to invest in American companies? So the Chinese can have economic power and the ability to economically crash and financially infiltrate or destroy America? (Greed over principle, reason, and self preservation.)

        I am trying to understand how the communists will make their next move and the timing involve. Will the communists attack when people start dying off from the clot shots, the market collapse, gun restrictions, and another bioweapon “virus” unleashed?

        It appears they will attack America when Americans will be weakened the most, so there’s little to no resistance and/or the DOD has completely been compromised.

    2. Dr. Li-Meng is going by the overt statements handed down from CCP leadership. I am applying a bit of strategic analysis and bringing in other facts that everybody ought to know about defector testimony on this issue, plus the Chi Haotian speech and more.

  40. I wonder if Mr. Trump had been reelected, what he might have done vis-a-vis the China and Taiwan situation. I would not have put it past him to deploy at least a brigade of U.S. ground forces to the island, along with supporting naval elements and nuclear-armed USAF aircraft. But what he critically would have lacked are the erstwhile Pershing II missiles that so irked the Soviets back in the 1980s. Cruise missiles might have been also deployed as a substitute, but I am not quite sure how many of the land-based ones are still available, And the Chinese would very possibly have an easier time of dealing with those, anyway, vs. the Pershings. I think they were also dismantled by the INF treaty. Actually the most critical item the U.S. lacks now is a medium-range medium fast bomber, a sort of vastly updated version of the old B-58, dual-capable and able to go in high or very low, but with great speed, and whatever stealth capability that could be included, without outlandish costs. Well-dispersed and ready to go virtually on a moment’s notice. And packed with ECM. Deployed accordingly in Europe and Asia, they would have given the Russians and Chinese conniption fits. But they would have had to be produced and deployed in sufficient numbers. And they likely would have required re-activation of new U.S. nuclear warhead production to boot.

    1. Trump had no strategic military vision. He appointed 3 Supreme Court Justices that decided against him in the illegal election process. He’s picked to many wrong people. Wrong man for the time.

  41. After listening to Jeff’s interview with Mike Adam’s and Dr. Yan Li-Meng, I had two thoughts. One we should monitor on a frequent basis as it displays the ships’ location in live time. It’s a free app that tells quite a bit. Red ships are oil tankers, green are cargo ships, etc. If you pay for the app, it provides a lot more information. We can see if the ships move, if they become more or less bottle-necked.

    My second thought is a question. Couldn’t our military use satellite photography to see what activities the Chinese are doing in the ship yards? Wouldn’t we be able to confirm that they are converting commercial vessels to a military purpose? That would be another way to confirm this transcript is authentic. Loading tanks on a ro ro should be obvious.

    1. I have full confidence that our military would be aware. I wonder if this was not already signaled, when Biden, for the third time, announced that the US would defend Taiwan in the event of an attack, shortly after this audio was released.

  42. They see. But the military is just as blind and corrupted as the rest of the institutions of the West Don’t do, can’t do. I think there might be hope for

  43. “Furtively, Political Commissar Wang Shou-Xin suggested they should focus popular rage on the expected U.S. counter-attacks.

    One cannot help wondering what kind of American counter-attacks would break down social order in the province. Are these Chinese officials furtively discussing a nuclear war?”

    Is this anti-American rage caused by the U.S. counter-attacks? Or is this attempts to steer any rage so that it is anti-American and not anti-CCP?

    After all, the CCP is hated by the majority of Chinese people, but who have largely resigned themselves to CCP rule because the people lack the wherewithal to revolt. But if the invasion force in the U.S. suffers major defeats, will the Chinese people see this as an opportunity to throw off the CCP yoke? In other words, in spite of CCP attempts to steer the rage to being anti-American, that more than they can contain will be anti-CCP?

    “He (Lunev) then said that the post-Cold War Russian military could not manage an invasion of the lower 48 states after 1991. The whole project was handed over to the Chinese. Only China had the necessary manpower for such a task.”

    Take this in context of the following.

    “There is another curiosity, as well. New recruits for the army are not only being medically examined. They are to be politically examined. Wherever they are being sent, it seems, their political reliability must be assured. Commissar Wang is especially interested in this. No shortcuts, comrades. We must assure the reliability of our soldiers!”

    From what I hear, the PLA is more of a political organization than a fighting force. One of the first requirements to join the PLA is to be a member of the CCP. So given the requirements—political purity as well as physical fitness—how many people within China meet both requirements? Add to that the requirement that a certain percentage of the PLA will need to stay behind in China to pacify the civilian population and sufficient forces to face off against India, how many troops will they be free to land in the U.S.? Will that be enough? Even if the CCP slackens off a bit on their two requirements, will they be able to land enough troops to face off against the surviving tens of millions of veterans and hunters, not counting others who merely own and shoot guns?

  44. JEFF. We have spoken about this potential issue before and you still regarded as such but I will bring up on here again for the rest of analyze what you say that you have stated you believe the first shot by Russia against the US and NATO will be to attack and the sinking or U.S. aircraft carrier, as you have Russia has been wanting to do this for a long while.

    Right now apparently the Pentagon is keeping the USS Harry S.Truman in the western part of the Mediterranean in the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is between Italy, Sicily, and Corsica and Sardinia; when it was much closer before at the start of the Ukraine war The Pentagon is stating that the aircraft carrier is involved drills with our allies and also training exercises that are unilateral, but that at start of the war in Ukraine it was in the eastern Mediterranean, as far as the northern Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece.

    I believe they’ve become afraid here recently that Russia may be prepared in the near future to do something due to this is fact that Russia has four MIG 31s, each armed with 1 Kinzhal hypersonic missile,
    which has a warhead with 500 kilogram (1100 pounds) of explosives, but due to their maximum speed of Mach 12 (9,120 Miles Per Hour); the kinetic force of the missile when it hits its target, would be the equivalent of 4100 kilograms (9,038 pounds) of explosives.

    Because they’re being on the MIG 31, the range is reduced to 1200 nautical miles because it cannot be fully fueled because MIG 31 would not be able to takeoff due to being too heavy; however one Russian Tupolev 223 bomber can carry four Kinzhal missiles, and launch all four each that are fully fueled to its maximum load, increases the range of missiles to 1990 nautical miles (around 2000 miles).

    The length of the entire Mediterranean from the eastern coast line to the Rock of Gibraltar exit is 2200 miles, so basically 95% of the Mediterranean Sea is in striking range, and would not need to have to leave the Syrian airspace and would most likely the bomber flying low enough over Western Syria and not get detected on radar; whiles as the Kinzhal missiles Mach 12 speed, would heat up and ionize the air surrounding the missiles, creating a ‘plasma shielding’ around each missile, making them ultimately undetectable to any radar. Flying over Western Syria and still have nearly all of Mediterranean Sea room in range to hit the carrier, and let’s say the USS HARRY S. TRUMAN is 1800 miles away from the bomber, at the maximum speed of the Kinzhals, it would take just a flight time of 15 minutes to reach the aircraft carrier positions

    JEFF, my question is if the Russians do this in the coming days and take out the USS Harry S. Truman, which carries up to 2000 tons of weapons ordinance, up to 3,000,000 gallons of jet fuel, and two nuclear reactors, and has a crew around 6000 personnel, if a strike sinks the carrier and all of the crew is lost of life, due to would likely probably be lost in the cascade of explosions in the ship, possibly be destroyed in less than a minute; JEFF what do you think your response would be by the US and NATO? What would you think would be the actual response of what you would likely actually how Biden would respond? And last but not least if you were President of the United States, or at a minimum a national security adviser to the president, what would you do if you were president, or what would you recommend if you were adviser to the president?

  45. Protocols for China haters. Tapes like this can be easily faked with modern technology.

  46. A disarmed population, especially on the left coast is very beneficial to China’s eventual invasion. In fact the left coast will welcome them with open arms as saviours of the left from the insane anti abortion lgbtqwerty homo hating
    fundamentalist christian gun loving right.

    And Stevens doesn’t seem to understand that a natural right can’t be taken away. Speaking to repeal something that is not up for repeal is stupid.
    However I suspect every effort will be made by the left to get whatever gun grabbing traction they can.

    Repeal of the second amendment invites revolution, is that the plan all along?
    Civil war or revolution begins, becomes horrific, then enter the dragon.

    So dangerous these times are for America, I fear for her survival

    Bill Freeman

    1. Only proves the lgbtqwerty degenerates are self hating idiots. They would be the first ones to be sent into mental hospitals or labour camps to be reeducated. Filth like this has no place in socialist society. The America they hate is the only promoter of this filth, together with some vassals, waving rainbow flags on embassies world wide, ambassadors participating “prides”.

      1. In a socialist society, the “leadership” is filth. So, choose your filth. To be a socialist means being a self hating idiot as it requires you to hate everyone that has anything you want, but don’t have.

      2. Yep, the left is being idioticly useful only to find out how disposable they are once the aims of their owners are reached.

        Nevertheless, they’ve gained a lot of ground in the last few years, too much ground. The more they gain the bolder they become.

        Pushing us peaceful people into civil war is very much biting off your nose to spite your face.

        The left is deluded if they think the Chinese will allow them to turn this place into a lefty pedo playground of degeneracy , which is what the left really wants.
        They abhorr Christian, or well, any morals foisted on them. They define their morals and their morals are as fluid as their gender. Circumstantial morality to the extreme

        Nothing good will come of this course. Degeneracy has no future, only a pitiful and agonizing existence.

        I hope people see this and the left implodes before any Chinese incursions.

        Wishful thinking while watching your country just skippity do dah day off the cliff and into the abyss.

        What a tragic shame, sincerely.

      3. The official CPUSA embraces LBGTQ+ “rights” for two reasons: 1) they are moral degenerates themselves, having, like their bosses in Moscow and Beijing, rejected moral absolutes based on a higher authority, and 2) wrecking the morals of an enemy is one way to destroying their enemy, namely us.

    2. The left wing, no matter how delusional, will not welcome soldiers with guns from another country. There are limits even to Communist brainwashing.

      1. I think that depends on how compromised the country is in totality.
        No, I don’t expect Pelosi to be standing on a dock with champagne and flowers.

        What I do see is clandestine aiding and abetting. See the lefty foot soldiers have a grudge against the christian right, they feel they hold them back from discovering their full degeneracy, so that will be cause enough.

        Vancouver canada is a spynest with Chinese clandestine command and control already in place. Seattle is the twin Almost all of silicon valley is under their influence.

        Mexico down to central america is awash with Chinese.

        It’s a big problem. And solving their people problem by making more people isn’t helping.

        But if the country suffers a major catastrophic civil war, then yes I can see it happening. Like the Russians were welcomed into Syria.

      2. The Chinese are playing a hard economic game against us. The mobilization is happening in tandem. Our institutions will be tested.

      3. I think there are some among the left who *would* welcome Chinese invaders, if it came to that. There are those among the left – the usual suspects among the communist movements, who idolize Mao.

      4. I agree that for most people who identify with the left, instinct will kick in if/when an attack is recognized.

        The leadership level of the left (and a lot of the right) is lost however. Think about Biden literally abandoning Americans in Afghanistan, exposing lists of our local assets/agents, and handing our airbase to China and Russia. All while delirious and belligerent. Who knows what his mindset is.

        The Governors of CA, OR, and WA have kept emergency powers for more than 2 years, with no intention to give them back. This power extends through administrative agencies. They can bypass normal constraints and procedures. They can do whatever the hell they want. Forget state laws – these agencies govern by “best practices” and protocols and directives from on high, and just imagine where that comes from. We know these states, and their universities, agencies, and investment programs, are particularly intertwined with the Chinese government. These governors are idiot functionaries looking to enrich themselves. Even if they don’t literally “welcome the ships,” no doubt the ground could be laid within the governing apparatuses for workable conditions and reactions to be in place. We’ve seen some of this dynamic with how quickly hospitals, schools, and local government fell in step with nonsensical Covid polices. Tip of the ice burg. Sadly, I live on the Western side of one of these states.

  47. I missed the last discussion so please forgive this, but the interview with David was interesting. I’m curious in all this, why solar nova didn’t come up.
    After all that”s what Suspicious Observers and Diehold Foundation”s end game.

    A second coming ? Possibly,? Ben Davidson and Doug Vogt are both Jewish and I only bring this up because 2000+- years ago in Jerusalem there were many Apocalyptic Jews espousing the end of the world was near

    Does history rhyme?

    Also a more relevant Plato quote comes from the Statesman I believe.
    It speaks how the universe is held in balance by God and that he lets go
    and this reverse action is extremely harmful to the biosphere It also tells that it’s cyclical and new species will be created

    Solar nova would also jibe with Revelation.

    sun black yep ultraviolet without dust shell

    moon melted red

    stars, well parts of our star fall from the sky.

    volcanoes earthquakes. Thunderous noise in the heavens…Om maybe.
    Is that the reverberation in. the atmosphere when the shell arrives

    These ancient stories are world wide. intense heat and fire, flooding, meteors falling, the sun not rising or not setting for a day, The sun rising from the opposite direction, etc

    Well whatever happens, happens.
    Sorry to plop this here.

    bill freeman

  48. Hello, m-r Nyquist. Today I talked with my father who is captain of a cargo ship. Once he met Chinese sailors who told him that while traveling with a river ship in China they saw only military ships for 6 hours! Only military ships! It is more than clear that the Chinese navy is that large for a future invasions throughout the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. And as a matter of fact, it is coordinated with Russia and Iran. Russia, China and Iran want to take over all maritime routes around the world in order to choke off the Western economies, to manipulate the global shipping and Russia is interested in manipulating the oil prices too which is done by its puppet ISIS, Al Qaeda and other smaller jihadist groups. Manipulating the whole global shipping and the oil prices is an old Soviet tactic used by the KGB/FSB and now China and Iran serve Russia’s interest to dominate the all maritime routes around the globe. The Chekists in Russia with the help of the communists in China and the Islamists try to manipulate the world economy!

  49. The left right division is meaningless outside the framework of bourgeoise parties. American far left is not communist, even CPUSA are radical liberals. There is nothing progressive on the so called “progressives” who embrace globalism, while some on the so called far right, who are isolationists, can be considered a progressive force, they oppose imperialism even if indirectly.

    The hippie new left is a CIA psy-op

    1. Sure left right is an illusion. The people who make up the left on the streets are people who can’t make it in society and want the rules changed to accommodate their warped ego, their hurt feelings, their inability to take any responsibility. They’re the adult toddlers of society. Unfortunately when they throw tantrums, the dysfunctional government gives them what they want to maintain control and stuff their pockets The down side is that they want to eliminate everyone in their way and truly believe their own vomit.

      And what’s been bred recently is a generation of self absorbed narcissists that could probably care less about anything outside their own protective bubble.

      The division we actually have isn’t left and right. It’s very basically moral and immoral . Our early laws and constitution only work for a moral people
      A people who truly believe that this world is only a place to test ones character
      and that you will be held accountable for all immoral actions.
      So as America was founded by mostly Christians there was a level of morality
      That’s practically gone now.

      People have a do what you want attitude and zero responsibility, it’s always someone else’s fault
      A far far cry from the the days of the revolution and a further cry from the survival spirit of the pioneering days. We are a different people, a very different people. A divided people. And soon to be a suffering people if we don’t get our act together.

      Where do we go from here?

      bill freeman

    2. Ah yes, the left-right division is meaningless. Instead we should ascribe great meaning to the two concepts you mentioned, “globalism” and “imperialism”. Yes, we shall do so immediately, Comrade.

      1. To my understanding, in the USA “left vs right” used to mean “big government” vs “small government”.
        In Europe it means “internationalist” vs “nationalist” and that`s how it was used inside the Comintern.
        Communists themselves kept calling themselves “rightist” and “leftist”. I once read a book by Margarete Buber-Neumann about the history of the Comintern (she was there in person) and it was very confusing to keep track of who of the Commies was “left” and “right”, because it also kept changing.

      2. And in the end we read the condemned Bukharin’s letters to Stalin saying that Stalin had been right all along. These modern “thinkers” have been nothing like Socrates waiting for his hemlock.

  50. Civilian RoRo Ship Turned into Amphibious Giant Ship and Has Strategic Significance
    Inconvenient Truths with Jennifer Zeng

  51. Anyone follow Spengler at AsiaTimes? He frames himself as hyper concerned over China then says the solution is peace, trade, and scientific development. This article he says Russia is basically right and smart to destroy Ukraine. His reasoning is that we provoked Russia, we want to put nukes in Ukraine to hurt Russia, but simultaneously that we won’t put up significant resistance in Ukraine to beat Russia because we don’t really care and lose all the time. Then he puts it all in the words of Richelu. It especially bothers me when an editor of such learning writes like this.

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