Many people today are completely convinced that a new hero of Russian history, as yet unknown, is changing its course … and we cannot comprehend his intentions, since the protagonist himself merges with other characters. Some call him by the foreign term mafia. Others express themselves more plainly in Russian and label him an ugolovnik, a criminal, struggling for power. Still others are disposed to speak of the traits and methods of today’s criminal mafia as bearing the unique stamp of yesterday’s apparatchiks, KGB agents, and influential ‘commanders of the socialist economy,’ especially the chiefs of the military-industrial complex who now occupy key political and economic posts.

Lev Timofeyev, Russia’s Secret Rulers [1992][1]

Introduction: Deceptive Liberalization

At the end of the Cold War, the Russian people demanded an investigation of “secret power structures” controlling politics and the economy.  There was the suspicion, by some, that the old Soviet system was somehow perpetuating itself in an underhanded way. How odd this situation was, may be judged by some of the advocates of Soviet liberalization. These advocates included KGB or MVD generals who suddenly cross-dressed as liberals – like MVD Gen. Edward Shevardnadze, KGB Gen. Oleg Kalugin, and then there was the Deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg, KGB Lt. Col. Vladimir Putin. Was the West suddenly willing to put its faith in such “actors”? At the time, of course, everyone thought Russia was all about reform “and the security services were on board.” But as journalist Yevgenia Albats reported in 1994, the “grand proclamation of reform was followed almost immediately by a much less publicized retreat.”[2] What really happened? The Communist Party Soviet Union went underground from whence it continued to control the state and economy through its many “actors” and front-men, including the conveniently Jewish oligarchs like Boris Berezovsky, Mikhail Khordorkovsky, and Vladimir Gusinsky. Here was an inside joke perpetrated by the Cheka – effective because antisemitism is the uneducated-man’s Marxism.

In a 2013 interview, former KGB officer Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy explained that oligarch Boris Berezovsky was “a KGB agent who got his wealth from the Communist Party Soviet Union.” Preobrazhenskiy added that all the Russian oligarchs had been created in the same manner. [3] In the interview, he told me, “Russia’s seeming turn away from communism was nothing but a cosmetic operation. The communists have now repainted themselves as democrats….”[4] And so, the promised KGB reforms in Russia never happened. As Albats noted, “some [KGB] directorates changed their names, others merged, and still others separated. On the whole, everything returned to the [Soviet] status quo of the fall and winter of 1991.”[5]

The West, wanting to believe the Soviet system had been changed overnight into a democracy, ignored the evidence. According to Albats, “the KGB has lost virtually none of its former functions.”[6] Its officers and agents continue to keep a “close watch on joint ventures with the West, still monitors every area that affects state interests. It still bugs whatever government lines it chooses.”[7]

And why does this matter today? Because Moscow is mobilizing and making demands. It wants to roll back the Soviet defeat of 1991. It wants an excuse to take Ukraine. President Lukashenko of Belarus gave a speech last month in which he alleged that the West was trying “to drown the Russian-Ukrainian brotherhood, our Slavic brotherhood, in blood. But we will return Ukraine to the bosom of the Slavs. We will definitely do it.”[8] In this venture, Belarus is not Russia’s only strategic partner. Putin’s recent meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping showcased Chinese support for Russia’s mobilization against NATO.    

Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy worked for the KGB in the Far East recruiting Chinese and Japanese agents. Nine years ago, I asked him about the possibility of a military alliance between Russia and China. To this he immediately replied, “This alliance already exists.” I asked on what basis it exists. He replied, “China is an ideological enemy of America. Chinese communists understand that the Russians have to put on a mask of democracy before the naïve West; but before China they don’t need this mask and unmask themselves. Both countries do not publicly declare their anti-American alliance. It is part of their joint activity of deceiving America. You see, ideological integrity is a sufficient frame for such an alliance. As it is not public, it mostly concerns cooperation in some secret spheres.”[9]

Two years after the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, Russia threatens Europe even as China threatens the Far East. What lies behind all this? Has it been coordinated all along?

Chinese Biological Warfare and SARS-CoV-2

The former Commanding General of the U.S. Army Chemical Corps Research and Development Command, Brigadier General J.H. Rothschild, wrote a book published in 1964 titled Tomorrow’s Weapons. The book described what Rothschild called “toxic weapons,” used in chemical and biological warfare. His most farsighted chapter was on “Special operations with toxic weapons.” Rothschild explained that toxic weapons were “very powerful … particularly when used against an open society, such as ours, in times of supposed peace.”[10] Touching on the use of toxic weapons in sabotage operations, General Rothschild noted that toxic weapons could be used “over a period of time to break down the confidence of … people in their country….”[11]

More specifically, Rothschild warned that sabotage committed by way of toxic agents – biological and chemical – could be used to “destroy our confidence in the ability of our government to insure the protection of our food, medicines, and the like.” Rothschild noted that even during the Cold War, “little control is exercised over the movements or actions of our people” and this “simplifies the saboteur’s job. If the enemy’s use of sabotage forces us to institute restrictive measures on our freedom to move about, that in itself is a victory for the enemy.”[12] Rothschild’s warnings have been vindicated, especially since the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak erupted out of China in January 2020. Today, with advances in biological technology, a sabotage attack is likely to rely on unfamiliar organisms with unfamiliar effects on the human body. With respect to countermeasures, Rothschild even offered a noteworthy remark about vaccines when he wrote, “Dependence upon artificial immunization as a protective measure [against a weapon] must be carefully evaluated because the efficacy of most artificial immunity is relative.”[13]

Rothschild explained that our “food, drug, and cosmetic industries are all likely sabotage victims. The production processes of all are vulnerable to the introduction of chemical and biological agents, and the resultant contaminated products could be widely distributed.”[14] Rothschild further explained that the contamination of widely used food additives could have a devastating effect, especially because safeguards have never been put into place. Rothschild suggested that the mass contamination of medicines and vaccines was not likely to occur under normal Cold War conditions. “Rather,” noted Rothschild, “this [contamination] would be used to break down public confidence immediately preceding the outbreak of hostilities, or otherwise tied into an overall design. A sustained campaign of sabotage … irregularly dispersed with regard to time and area of occurrence, can produce a constant buildup of public fear and a complete loss of confidence in authority. If such a campaign were conducted in peace time with no particular climax in view, effects would be inconclusive and it would give time to establish a defense.”[15] In other words, biological sabotage is best used prior to the outbreak of a major war.

There are several reasons to suspect that such an operation, launched in the pre-war climate of today, might already be underway against the West. Intelligence sources in Southeast Asia and China indicate that a bio-war operation was approved by the CCP Politburo in 2019. To place the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in its proper context, the following points deserve consideration:

(1) Both China and Russia, now working as “strategic partners,” have raised their military readiness with increased drills and mobilizations beginning after the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.[16] Eerily consistent with Rothschild’s thesis about a biological sabotage attack “preceding the outbreak of hostilities,” Chinese deployments against Taiwan and Russian deployments against Ukraine have followed on the heels of SARS-CoV-2 as if a larger plan is about to unfold.        

(2) China and Russia claim to share the same global vision for humanity’s future. A joint statement of the Chinese and Russian foreign ministries, issued in March of 2021, describes the Russia-Chinese partnership in terms of “sustainable development,” which envisions a socialist future and a new global system based on radical environmentalism and a global war on poverty.[17]

(3) According to intelligence sources, the CCP developed a plan to collapse the U.S. health system through “strong dominance in global medical supplies and APIs [Active Pharmaceutical ingredients].”[18] At some future date the Chinese strategists plan to exploit U.S. dependence on Chinese APIs. Chinese economist and strategist “David” Li Daokui, outlined the strategy as follows: “Once export [of APIs] is reduced, the medical systems of some developed countries will not work.”[19]

(4) With the “core strategy” of withholding or reducing pharmaceutical supplies, Chinese strategists under Yongtu Long,[20] a key advisor of China investment banker Zhu Yunlai,[21] were tasked by the CCP Politburo with coordinating Chinese economic strategy with bio-warfare trials undertaken by the Wuhan Institute of Virology.[22]

(5) The CCP Politburo decided to “fast forward” the testing of SARS-CoV-2, removing “all bureaucracy to act swiftly and secretly on the agenda.”[23]

(6) The CCP Politburo has been exploiting SARS-CoV-2 to “overwhelm the western social system” and “severely disrupt American and European infrastructure” in advance of a war.[24]

(7) A speech of Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian, presented to the Communist Party elite roughly twenty years ago, outlined plans for a surprise biological attack on the United States (discussed in the last section of this paper). In the speech Chi stated, “Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves.”[25]

Information Sabotage and API Attack Vectors

A biological sabotage attack against a country – especially a soft target like the United States – could be amplified by information warfare directed against appropriate medical countermeasures. Agents of influence and corrupt officials could be employed in such an effort during a pandemic. For example, the population could be urged to use masks that do not work, or lockdowns could be mandated to damage the target country’s economy, or a decision to mass vaccinate in the midst of the pandemic could propagate more virulent disease strains. Last, but not least, authorities could compel mass vaccination with dangerous experimental vaccine technologies. It may be no accident that all of these misguided policies have been adopted by the United States and other Western countries during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

It may also be no accident that Chinese nationals permeate America’s university research labs, the CDC, and more. According to a New York Times story of 31 December 2019, federal officials were then “investigating hundreds of cases” of espionage by visiting scientists, “nearly all of them Chinese nationals.”[26] The Times went on to say, “Researchers of Chinese descent make up nearly half the work force in American research laboratories, in part because American scientists are drawn to the private sector and [are] less interested in academic careers….”[27]

Brigadier General Rothschild lamented that effective measures for protecting the country’s drug and food supply were not adopted in the 1960s, despite urgent recommendations from the military in 1955. Now the problem is much worse. Large numbers of Chinese nationals are enrolled at Emory University in Atlanta,[28] which collaborates closely with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), also in Atlanta, Georgia.[29] In essence, the CDC has opened itself to massive infiltration by agents of a hostile foreign power. If Brig. Gen. Rothschild was worried about the adulteration of foods and medicines in the 1960s, we must now contend with the adulteration of science itself – and the adulteration of policies based on scientific research.

On top of advocating harmful scientific solutions, Chinese agents could do what Rothschild feared most; that is, Chinese agents could contaminate drugs or vaccines by adulterating Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and/or vaccine precursors. Chinese executives could even apply financial pressure to U.S. pharmaceutical companies to allow Chinese access to U.S. vaccine production. Robert Kennedy, Jr. attributes official malfeasance during the pandemic to corporate greed, yet 500,000 unnecessary deaths might well be the result of China turning corrupt or vulnerable U.S. institutions to account.[30] Greed and corruption can always be leveraged by intelligence networks; and China’s intelligence operations in the United States involve many thousands of people. According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, the scale of Chinese spying in the United States is “like nothing we’ve ever seen from any country.”[31] According to Wray, there are over 2,000 cases of Chinese espionage currently under investigation by the FBI.[32]

Economic engagement has facilitated Chinese infiltration of U.S. research labs and sabotage of U.S. pharmaceutical companies. Scientific exchanges facilitate espionage as well. The potential for serious mischief, including extensive sabotage and active measures, stems from the ease with which Chinese nationals can infiltrate American institutions. This infiltration has given Beijing an ideal position from which to initiate successful toxic sabotage operations against America. In the book China RX, the authors detail China’s dominance over the global drug business. According to the authors, “China’s biggest footprint … is making the key ingredients in prescription drugs and over-the-counter products. It is the dominant world supplier of the essential ingredients needed to make thousands of medicines found in American homes and used in hospital intensive care units and operating rooms.”[33]

The potential for Chinese mischief is now undeniable. For two decades the Chinese communists have diligently worked to perfect their toxic sabotage capabilities. If anyone doubts the ruthlessness of Chinese officials, one only has to consider China’s global trade in forcibly harvested hearts, kidneys, lungs, etc., taken from more than one million political prisoners “jailed in torture camps.”[34] If China’s leaders do this to their own people, what are Americans to expect? As the authors of China RX explain, the United States is no longer self-sufficient in medicines or over-the-counter products. America’s private market has “handed control over America’s drug supply to China.”[35] Using trade as a weapon, China has become our largest supplier of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). One question stands out: Could Beijing add dangerous toxins to the APIs they sell to America? Who is watching the incoming supply? According to Rosemary Gibson and Janardan Prasad Singh, there is no inspection regime worthy of the name.[36]

When we examine the relationships that exist between U.S. drug labs and China,[37] the CDC and China,[38] Anthony Fauci and China, social media companies and China,[39] a disturbing pattern of collusion emerges. The CDC, by its own admission, has been closely collaborating with the Chinese communists for many years. Last but not least, Anthony Fauci’s agency has admitted to funding gain-of-function work in the same Wuhan Institute of Virology that “leaked” SARS-CoV-2.[40] Meanwhile, Fauci actively tried to “quash” the COVID lab leak theory – “protecting Chinese interests over American lives.”[41] Worse yet, China’s dominance in API production and China’s infiltration of America is almost certainly part of a wider Chinese strategy – calculated, intentional, and planned.

Gen. Rothschild’s scenario of a “special operation with toxic weapons” peeks out from today’s headlines. Yet the U.S. defense establishment seems disinterested. Politicians have not launched an investigation. A retired U.S. military official, consulted on condition of anonymity, explained the situation as follows: “The problem with the U.S. strategic leadership, at the highest levels, is that they are focused on action instead of results. And they are certainly not focused on strategic results. They will talk about Plan Colombia. Yet all the bad guys are still coming up into Colombia. They will talk about operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. But we have nothing to show for all those places we’ve put boots on the ground. That includes Granada and Panama. We do not think in terms of exploiting strategic impacts. China is always thinking of strategic impacts and gains. We are enamored of our technology, our shock and awe. It is a strategic culture of foolishness. And this is not just about military culture. It’s about a political culture, too.”

The Secret Speech of Chi Haotian

Many observers suppose that China has no motive for attacking the United States with biological weapons. Yet China’s ruling Communist Party has very strong motives. These are ideological, demographical, and military. Most observers are unaware of defector testimony about a long-range Chinese plan involving secret intelligence and military agreements between China and Russia. According to Col. Stanislav Lunev, a GRU defector who worked in China and spoke fluent Mandarin, the Russians and Chinese formed a secret alliance at the end of the Cold War for the purpose of defeating and occupying the United States and Canada. Lunev was informed of this plan at a meeting of the Russian General Staff after the fall of the Soviet Union. He was told that “the nuclear war plan against America is still on. Russia will invade Alaska and parts of Canada. China will occupy the lower 48 states, with other countries invited in for ‘looting rights.’”[42]

One might be inclined to dismiss Lunev’s claim, yet evidence of Chinese preparations in Mexico have been percolating up from the borderlands for many years. In Scott Gulbransen’s book, The Silent Invasion, we read about Chinese, Russian and Cuban commandos in the Mexican desert. We read about secret arms shipments through the port of Ensenada and coordination between Mexican criminals and the People’s Liberation Army. In fact, some of Gulbransen’s witnesses were threatened and even murdered. In the course of his investigation, Gulbransen was warned against writing about Chinese activity in Mexico by an emotionally unstable Mexican communist, who nevertheless told Gulbransen, “You tell the fat Americans about the real Mexico. You tell them their day to pay is coming fast. Coming very fast.”[43]

Yet the most consequential data point on Chinese plans for North America comes from a secret speech given by Defense Minister Chi Haotian roughly twenty years ago. This speech was delivered before an elite group of CCP cadres. In it, Gen. Chi outlined China’s overpopulation and pollution problems. “China’s great economic expansion,” noted Chi, “will inevitably lead to the shrinkage of per-capita living space for Chinese people, and this will encourage China to turn outward in search for new living space.” Even worse for China, said Chi, “economic development in the last twenty-plus years had a negative impact…. Our resources are in short supply. The environment is severely polluted, especially that of soil, water, and air. Not only our ability to sustain and develop our race, but even its survival is gravely threatened….”

To solve these problems, said Chi, the Chinese people must be taught to “go out.” China’s goal, he said, was the colonization of the lower 48 states of the U.S. after a surprise biological attack.[44] The authenticity of Chi Haotian’s speech has been confirmed by a U.S. military officer who was part of a Pentagon team that studied the speech. Specialists verified that the speech was consistent with Chi’s idiosyncratic way of talking.[45] A senior editor at Epoch Times said that he also believed in the speech’s authenticity. (In 2005 The Epoch Times translated and published the speech on their website.)[46]

Everyone ought to know, by now, that China is not ruled by normal people. As Chinese dissident Harry Wu stated in an interview I did with him 24 years ago, the Chinese leaders are “murderers.” They do not share Western values. Power is what they are after, and they will use every criminal means to enlarge their power. The Chinese economy, noted Chi, was not being built up to raise the living standard of the Chinese people. The Chinese economy was being built for the purpose of waging a future war against America. Once the American people are reduced by a third to two-thirds, the continent will be ripe for a Chinese invasion. Once America is defeated in a biological attack, said Chi, “the western countries of Europe would bow to us, not to mention Taiwan, Japan and other small countries.” 

Defense Minister Chi told his elite CCP audience that discretion in these matters was needed. For example, Chinese need for “living space” could not be publicly mentioned because it was “too closely related to Nazi Germany.” Chi added, “The reason we don’t want to discuss this too openly is to avoid the West’s association of us with Nazi Germany, which could in turn reinforce the view that China is a threat.” Of course, said Chi, “right now it is not time to openly break up with [America]…. Our reform and opening to the outside world still rely on their capital and technology, we still need America. Therefore, we must do everything to promote our relationship with America, learn from America in all aspects and use America as an example to reconstruct our country.”

America’s political and business leaders are quite stupid in their dealings with China. They should never have partnered up with Mao’s mass-murdering henchmen. To be so ignorant about communism, given all that is known, is unforgivable. Yes, the Chinese have been deceptive. But our leaders should have been savvy enough to recognize the lies when they first heard them. Chi quotes Deng Xiaoping’s admonition: “Refrain from revealing ambitions and put others off the track.” Chi explained, “we must put up with America; we must conceal our ultimate goals, hide our capabilities, and await the opportunity.” General Chi then described China’s push for Taiwan as a diversion. “[You should] understand why we constantly talk loudly about the ‘Taiwan issue’ but not the “American issue.’ We all know the principle of ‘doing one thing under the cover of another.’ If ordinary people can see the island of Taiwan in their eyes, then you as the elite of our country should be able to see the whole picture of our cause.”

Look at how our analysts all imagine Taiwan will be China’s target of attack. Unfortunately, the main target of attack will be America. The war that General Chi envisions is a biological war. In his speech he said, “If our biological weapons succeed in the surprise attack, the Chinese people will be able to keep their losses at a minimum in the fight against the United States. If, however, the attack fails and triggers a nuclear retaliation from the United States, China would perhaps suffer a catastrophe in which more than half its population would perish. That is why we need to be ready with air defense systems for our big and medium-sized cities.”

According to Chi, the ruling Chinese Communist Party considers biological weapons to be the most important for accomplishing their goal of “cleaning up America.” It is curious that Chi credits Deng Xiaoping with developing this strategy. “When Comrade Xiaoping was still with us,” said Chi, “the Party Central Committee had the perspicacity to make the right decision not to develop aircraft carrier groups and focus instead on developing lethal weapons that can eliminate mass populations of the enemy country.”

It may seem difficult to believe, but Gen. Chi considers himself to be a “humanitarian” communist, and therefore admitted to mixed personal feelings about genocide against America: “I sometimes think how cruel it is for China and the United States to be enemies….” After all, he noted, America helped China in World War II. But none of that matters now, said Chi. “In the long run, the relationship of China and the United States is one of a life-and-death struggle.” This tragic situation must be accepted. According to Chi, “We must not forget that the history of our civilization repeatedly has taught us that one mountain does not allow two tigers to live together.”

In his speech, Gen. Chi provided the key to understanding China’s economic development strategy. According to Chi, “Our economic development is all about preparing for the needs of war!” It is not about improving the life of Chinese people in the short run. It is not about building a consumer-oriented capitalist society. “Publicly,” said Gen, Chi, “we still emphasize economic development as our center, but in reality, economic development has war as its center!”

Now that Russia is mobilizing against Ukraine and Europe, we can expect similar moves from China. Perhaps Iran and North Korea will also be mobilized. The old communist bloc is now revived. The West is taken by surprise. On every side, like children, the pundits and analysts talk about winning the Russians over to our side. They talk as if the situation were not so bad. However, we have not understood the full measure of the disaster. It is a disaster our leaders made love to. And they made love to it for over thirty years. This is what their famous “peace dividend” at the end of the Cold War amounts to. We did not understand the true political orientation of Russia, and we have not understood the true political orientation of China. Now we must learn the hard way.

Appendix 1

Memorandum for the CIA [redacted]
Subject: Information of COVID 19 Background from a Source in SE Asia

The Director’s comments on Xi Jing Ping’s Intentions with COVID 19, 14 March 2020 are as follows:

1. From beginning the PRC and Communist Party of China’s has intended to produce this kind of virus in total secrecy reinforced by President Xi Jinping’s eagerness to be perceived as a central strongman, backed by a Politburo, CPC.

This weaponized virus was supposed to be for testing in certain areas of Wuhan’s wild animal markets to camouflage its political safety intentions. But unfortunately for China, it was far beyond PRC’s calculations when Wuhan-linked COVID-19 cases were detected in Thailand and South Korea. China then had little choice but to acknowledge the epidemic. There was no accident in a government bio-chem lab, but that the virus was being tested in the wild animal markets in WuhanThe test had chosen the Wuhan wild animal market to camouflage its sensitive political intentions in case of a leak.

2. As we know that China has strong dominance in global medical supplies and APIs (Pharma Ingredient Supplies), according to my Indian security sources, since mid- 2019, Li Daokui, Chinese economist, proposed to delay Chinese API exports to the US as a countermeasure in the US-China trade war. “Once the export is reduced,” Li noted, “the medical systems of some developed countries will not work.” This is hinted to mean America. This statement from Li indicated the following scenario will be his next step.

3. With this core strategic purpose of withholding or reducing pharmaceutical supplies , a MANAGING TEAM including Daoku Li who has implied this strategy, also serving as the head of Center for China in world economy research, Yongtu Long, personal economic advisor of PRC’s President Xing Jing Ping, and Zhu Yunlai, liason coordinator for the team, was established under the direction of CCP Politburo.  The Politburo decided to allow the potential of Wuhan virology institute proceeding with the bio warfare trial virus.

Now with the aggressive blessing of Politburo CCP, the core managing team volunteer their effort to cut short their red tape procedure to fast forward on testing, they had to devote time, energy and removed all bureaucracy to act swiftly and secretly on the agenda.

Here is a brief precise report combined from trilateral regional cooperation on intel on Covid-19 which has been described as mainly aimed at and utilized by PRC for testing American- European political systematic reaction.

Crucial points for the trial are as described below:

a. The Wuhan Virus as designed for its primary purpose is an attempt to overwhelm the western social system to severely disrupt the American and European infrastructure.

b. The Chinese PRC would not want to be caught red handed in doing this to the US., because they recognized they are not yet strong enough to face an all out war with the US. So, they need to be very subtle and cautious in their mode of the attack- trial.

c. The Wuhan virus was not allowed to be produced lethal enough to be classified as a bioweapon, but its objective remains the same, namely, to test the validity of its bio warfare impacts on a large scale. This was for the purpose, if possible, to incapacitate China’s adversaries’ infrastructure (US and Europe) in this pseudo / para-military trial.

This test has been running at one of Wuhan’s bio labs, which had also published a study in 2007 on combining SARS + HIV to create Coronavirus. “In this study, we investigated the receptor usage of the SL-CoVS by combining a human immunodeficiency virus-based pseudo virus system with cell lines expressing the ACE2 molecules of human”.
ELI 5:SL-CoVS (= SARs) + human immunodeficiency virus

(= HIV) {See sequencing in figure 1 on page 1901}; SARs + HIV = Coronavirus. Is “SARS + HIV = Coronavirus” [redacted all]

The original name of the research report is unknown, as it would have been carefully modified, revised or even intentionally deleted by certain unseen intel agencies.

10 years later, the same exact virus that the Wuhan manufactured in a lab years ago is infecting thousands of people today with monitoring by the secret managing team members. This is the key tactic applied by China traditional war game, to showcase its victimized people in order avoid its arch-enemy, particularly America pointing finger at them.

The Bottom Line: China and its accomplices (Russia, Cambodia, Iran and Hezbolla) don’t want a bio-weapon that can potentially kill many people quickly. China wants a virus that keeps massive populations with different peoples from various nations in a state of sickness and panic for a long time to overwhelm critical systems and shut down social networks.

At a minimum, this approach should make the majority of global leaders only just “suspecting” without being able to find evidence that fits the typical, standard profile of any other previously known bioweapons.

China and its accomplice don’t want its adversaries and opponents to simply figure out immediately that they have been attacked with a bio weapon, so that their adversaries’ responses are delayed for as long as possible until the virus has damaged a large population of the country to trigger panic en mass.

Only at that real time, China central intel apparatus and its alliance can really evaluate how effective, how smooth, and how united American and European reactions are on an ongoing real bio warfare effort, which may still not be blamed or point finger by any one at China, because its population is also being the victims too. This is a nearly perfect cover up.

General Director                                                                                                                                                                                        SE Asia Team
March 14 2020

Additional note

The above-mentioned virus management team, with innermost leading members are:

1.Daoku Li: A visiting scholar at the Center for International Development of the Harvard Kennedy School, Assistant professor at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, research fellow at Hoover Institute of the Stanford University. He concurrently serves as head of the Center for China in the World Economy research center.

2. Zhu Yunlai. A Chinese businessman, eldest son of Zhu Rongji, a powerful former Premier of the People’s Republic of China. In 1994, he graduated from the University of Wisconsin, studying atmospheric science serving now as lcoordinator for team to central power house of PRC in this project.

3. Long Yongtu. An influential consultant for PRC president X J P. on the economic decision including PRC ‘s recent Trade deal with America.   Long Yongtu was Chief Negotiator for China’s resumption of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) contracting party status and its accession to the World Trade Organization.

The core team members are considered defunct to maintain their secret portfolio.

Question for clarification:   Do you mean that the core team members operate under the cover of their current jobs in order to conceal their true job running the viral team management effort?

Source Reply:  Yes.

Appendix 2

Why Trading with Russia and China Is Stupid

By J.R. Nyquist

Last week I wrote about Boris Berezovsky, the Russian billionaire whose death was being investigated by British authorities. In order to understand Berezovsky’s career as the godfather of Russian capitalism, I asked former KGB officer Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy about Berezovsky’s background. Without the slightest hesitation, he said that Berezovsky was a KGB agent who got his wealth from the Communist Party Soviet Union. He added that all the Russian oligarchs had been created in the same manner. To fully grasp the significance of this revelation, readers should imagine what it would signify if every single American billionaire had been set up in business by the FBI, using money taken from the Democratic Party. What kind of capitalism would be established on this basis? And a further question: what kind of trade system is so established?

Continuing my interview of last week, I put these and other questions to Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy, who once worked as a top advisor to the Soviet KGB’s Directorate “T”. According to Preobrazhenskiy, “Russia is not a country of trade. Imperial Russia before 1917 was such a country. The current Russia and USSR, to which she is an inheritor, is a country of espionage.”

I asked Preobrazhenskiy whether he has shared these insights with U.S. policy-makers. “Oh no,” he said with a laugh. “They run from my opinions.” And why does a former KGB officer (who knows the truth of these things firsthand) get the cold shoulder from those he is trying to warn? The West, says Preobrazhenskiy, is the prisoner of its own wishful thinking. “The Myth that the Cold War has ended is the greatest delusion of the West,” he explained. “Let us ask a simple question: When did the Cold War finish – what date? When the armistice agreement was signed? And who admitted defeat?” he asked with a hint of sarcasm.

“Many believe that the Soviet Union was defeated,” the former KGB officer continued. “But maybe it has only gotten smaller. In fact, I do not see a large difference between the current Russia and the Soviet Union. Especially because some of its former republics – independent on paper – are still governed by the Kremlin; and if you try to approach any passerby on the Russian street and ask him if the Cold War is finished, he will tell you that it is not so, and that the U.S. is running the Cold War against Russia. He knows it from Russian state propaganda.”

Considering researcher Kevin E. Freeman’s theory that America’s economy has been intentionally sabotaged by “rogue elements in Communist China and Russia,” I asked about Russian and Chinese efforts to undermine the U.S. economy through trade. “It is impossible to undermine such a great country as the USA through trade,” said Preobrazhenskiy. “But it is possible to be done through espionage, sabotage and other kinds of secret activities. Both Russia and China know America’s vulnerabilities, and they are exploiting them as much as they can.”

But why would Russia and China do this?

“The same question is asked by the counterintelligence heads of Britain and Germany,” replied the former KGB officer. “In their interviews I feel a sincere misunderstanding: ‘Why are Russian spies distracting us from more important work against Chinese spies and Muslim terrorists? Don’t the Russians know that the Cold War has ended?’ I only grin hearing all this because Russia has very good relations both with the Muslims and the Chinese. There is no wonder that the new President of China, Xi Jinping, made his first visit not to the United States, but to Russia; and Putin has rejected the invitation to come to the United States and made his first visit to Belarus, thus demonstrating the idea of reconstructing the USSR. You are also wondering on what ideological basis Russia is spying against American now. It is done on the basis of anti-Americanism. They now see their goal as depriving the U.S. of its global power status. The basis of this anti-Americanism is the ideology of Eurasianism, invented by the NKVD in the 1920s. Now it has become the official ideology of Russia. It proclaims opposition against America on the basis of friendship with Iran and China.”

I asked the former KGB officer about Russia’s commitment to communism. Is communism really dead? And has capitalism really triumphed?

“Russia has never renounced communism!” Preobrazhenskiy exclaimed. “There is no official document where the Russian authorities would have said, ‘We renounce communism and condemn it.’ There was, of course, an attempt to force the renunciation of communism in 1992, when the court case against the Soviet Communist Party began. But very soon a powerful communist lobby crushed it. And this is not all, as I have learned from Vladimir Bukovsky. The trial of communism was terminated at the request of the West, since the West was so deeply involved in flirting with Soviet communism that if it became publicly known it would have caused a scandal. “

I asked if the continuance of communist power in Russia explained Moscow’s willingness to bury the last Tsar while refusing to bury Lenin.

“Russia’s seeming turn away from communism was nothing but a cosmetic operation,” noted Preobrazhenskiy. “The communists have now repainted themselves as democrats; and besides, now many tourists from communist China are arriving at Moscow – and first of all they rush to see Lenin’s body. Some of them say it is the main point of their coming to Moscow. I have seen huge crowds near Lenin’s tomb. How is it possible to bury Lenin after all this? Oh, how naïve the West is!”

Since Preobrazhenskiy worked for the KGB in the Far East recruiting Chinese and Japanese agents, I couldn’t help asking about a possible military alliance between Russia and China. To this he immediately replied, “This alliance already exists.” I asked on what basis this alliance was formed, given the idea that Russia and China were natural rivals.

“China is an ideological enemy of America,” he said. “It can’t be anything except an adversary. On the other hand, both Russia and China enjoy ideological integrity: devotion to communism and hatred of America. Chinese communists understand that the Russians have to put on a mask of democracy before the naïve West; but before China they don’t need this mask and unmask themselves. Both countries do not publicly declare their anti-American alliance. It is a part of their joint activity of deceiving America. You see, ideological integrity is a sufficient frame for such an alliance. As it is not public, it mostly concerns cooperation in some secret spheres. It is intelligence, first of all, in which they cooperate. I am sure there is some agreement between the intelligence services of both Russia and China for undermining America, but it is kept secret.”

There are some readers who will become angry at reading Preobrazhenskiy’s testimony. But Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy is not alone in making these statements. Others from his world have defected and risked their lives to warn Americans. Yet the story is always the same. Americans don’t want to listen to warning messages. It is our determination, as a people, to believe what is convenient and to accept enemy-generated propaganda about ourselves. We want to invest in Russia and China. We want to believe that capitalism has triumphed. But capitalism is dying right here, right now, on American soil. How do we explain this? Have we properly accounted for what is happening? Our long prosperity has spoiled us. Our wealth has inoculated us from the truth. We have now become a people who prefer pleasant lies to unpleasant truths. We had better wake up. There isn’t much time left.

[Author’s note: After writing this piece and another piece about Venezuela’s socialist economy slipping toward collapse, my editor at Financial Sense slapped me on the wrist, denied there was trouble brewing with the Venezuelan economy and forbade me to write anything about Russia for the publication. I was unceremoniously fired from Financial Sense Online at the end of 2013 and no apology was forthcoming when the rapid collapse of the Venezuelan economy became common knowledge.]

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121 thoughts on “Four Strategic Puzzle Pieces

  1. Everything written above is true, especially for the communists and how they became only for a night a businessmen and democrats. Mr. Nyquist, if you remember I have told you several months ago about my friend in Varna, Bulgaria who personally knew one of the bosses of the Bulgarian mafia group TIM, called Marin Mitev, and that my friend told me that TIM is a product of the GRU. This is not the only thing I know. For your information, my grandfather told me that he knows a man whose son graduated the school in Simeonovo, Bulgaria in order to become a member of the Bulgarian KGB. Immediately after the collapse of the communism in Bulgaria his son had 8 business enterprises. How is it possible? Because of the red suitcases which the Bulgarian KGB gave to their own numerous members in Bulgaria. The same happened with a gangster “Batsata” in Varna, Bulgaria who had “Mars-92” and “Mars-93” security companies. Batsata’s friend, named Anatoly, got killed in front of his home in Vladislavovo (western neighborhood in Varna) and Anatoly was the son of the cousin of my grandfather. Now Bulgarian KGB and GRU agents have infiltrated all political parties and the “former” communists still run Bulgaria. But the contemporary communists around the globe run the global terrorism, the global organized crime and the global drug trafficking, they have 5G and 6G technologies, infiltrate, manipulate and take over institutiones in the West, colonize the globe and all of them still take their orders from KGB/FSB, SVR and GRU!

    1. Thank you for writing here in this small space. Americans have no idea of the volumes of suppressed testimony out there. What is unforgivable are the volumes published that have censored these facts, or twisted them into a story of “mafia” takeover.

    2. Thanks for writing.

      Many years ago, I read an account of one who claimed to be a convert to Christianity and then escaped Russia. I found that his account didn’t pass the smell test. However, I found that his account of the underground sounded plausible, that there were really two undergrounds—the political underground which included Christians, and the criminal underground. In spite of the very strict gun control efforts by the government, the criminal underground had guns. I have seen comments after the “fall of communism” that have backed up that claim.

      I have heard from sources in China that the triads (criminal gangs) have guns. But the government turns a blind eye to their petty crimes in return for their aid in special projects.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to research, write and post this Jeff. It is as exceptional a piece as it is terrifying. The only thing I can hope is that our Western leaders (whom scarcely deserve the vestige) wake up collectively and immediately take action on these present and imminent escalating threats. Unless of course they are too deeply penetrated by our enemies and adversaries?
    In which case as an Australian living on a sparsely populated yet huge continent/island which lacks defences and a formidable military the future looks very dark indeed.

      1. The US has an Area 51 in Pine Gap, Northern Australia, and just sold Australia nuclear armed submarines. France recalled ambassadors from the US over this. News reported France jealous because it killed their own sale of conventional subs, but actually the deal violates an Oceania treaty for a nuclear free zone.

      2. The prayers are much appreciated Jeff, I recently heard the analogy that if the CCP were so inclined to take Australia it would be like a grown man picking up a feral kitten.

        Disarmed, coerced into experimental injections with hideous and debilitating side effects and ruled by tyrant State Premiers (equivalent to a US Governor) who stand at their podiums each day, citing virus case numbers to justify changing/mandating the law with nothing but their tongues, we stand little chance against any external threat as we can not even overcome the one from within.

      3. An sad state of affairs for Australia. To think of the military achievements of the Australians. Let us take note: Australian troops fought in the Battle of Crete, in the hardest-fought infantry battle of the European war (against elite German paratroops and mountain infantry). In North Africa against Rommel the 9th Australian Division and the 18th brigade of the Australian 7th division thwarted the Germans during the eight month siege of Tobruk. The city only fell after the Australian troops were were replaced in December 41 by Brits and South Africans. (Oops.) In the war against Japan, Australian troops made up the majority of Allied land strength in the South West Pacific Theater in 1942 and 43. And now, these disgraceful Australian politicians are leading the nation to destruction, so that resistance will not be possible. How does one account for this?

  3. “…they have 5G and 6G technologies, infiltrate, manipulate and take over institutiones in the West,…”

    I know a gal from Siberia who lost her mother last year. She’s says it’s not Covid, but due to 5G.

  4. Jeff, I know you’re not a great fan of Hal Lindsey. However, in his 1994 book ‘planet earth 2000 ad’ he mentioned a secret deal Germany had struck with the Soviets. He literally said:the Germans promised “not to get involved with Ukraine or the Baltics”.

    After Schroder and Merkel, then the pipeline, now British aircraft having to circumnavigate German airspace; would you concede he might have been on to something?

    1. Yet Germany has been involved with the Baltic countries and Ukraine for many years. Perhaps you are unclear on Lindsay’s exact wording. Nobody would make a secret treaty with such vague terminology as “not to get involved.” What is “involved”? No diplomatic relations? No trade? The Germans openly agreed to have a tiny army. And Gorbachev attempted unsuccessfully to break Germany away from NATO in 1990. The Germans accepted troop limits as I recall. And rather than compromise their sovereignty in other areas paid $2 trillion for unification, mostly buying off communist stakeholders in East Germany. The German money sent to the USSR allegedly disappeared within hours into the bowels of the Soviet state; probably laundered back out to the West by Austrian bankers and George Soros (to finance communist takeovers in various places, like the USA). Who needs agreements when they had the Clintons, Obama, and then Biden.

      1. That just seems to prove Hal LIndsey right. 27 years ago. I mean, how did they end up witth a communist-apologist leader now? This was all planned…agreed upon.

      2. Jeff, presuming that you are aware of Brendon O’Connell I would be interested to know your take on O’Connell’s perspective concerning geopolitics.

  5. J.R.-

    I can confirm one idea in your essay from personal experience and lend highly reliable second hand information for another.
    1. When I was 14, I spent my savings from doing odd jobs for my neighbors in Ipswich, Ma, on a school sponsored trip to Russia. I spent 12 days in country, and oddly, was allowed during scheduled free time to roam Moscow and Leningrad at will. You could eat off the subway floor in Moscow. Interestingly, every thing I had been told about life in the Soviet Union, I could confirm through that experience. Nothing I thought I knew was exaggerated. And I can confirm, that Lenin was the “spiritual center” of the Nation. It was very eery, and yes, I stood right next to him, for a few minutes, after waiting hours in line to do so. That experience is only equaled in my life, though exactly opposite, when I stood next to David in Florence when I was seventeen and toured Italy with the New England Conservatory Youth Symphony.
    2. I am good friends with a man, and currently work for him, who ran the supply side of Yukos Oil for Mikhail Khordorkovsky from approximately 2000-2005. That date range is close, but my memory is suspect. I met him during that time and I felt very fortunate to have access to his perspective. He took Yukos, which was “captured” by Mikhail during the late 90’s, from a backwater to the single highest per day oil pumping behemoth on earth. He observed many things. The biggest challenge he had was convincing his Russian employees that he wanted them to admit when mistakes were made. He observed that the Russian mindset was totally programmed to avoid culpability. It was perfectly ok to construct and deliver the most elaborate lies to your superiors, so long as you did not shoulder any of blame. The culture singularly encouraged deceit and theft. He often told me that Russia is the land of pirates. He also observed as he travelled the world in high rolling circles, that while the rest of the world was building and modernizing at a rapid pace, every time he landed in Moscow, it was like going back in time. Dark, grey and backwards. I remember when he started to tell me that trouble was brewing. That he warned Mikhail to stick to the oil business and stay OUT of the political realm. Mikhail didn’t listen. Then Putin tossed him out east into a gulag of sorts for nine years. Then my friend carefully retreated from Yukos Oil. Since, he has been in and out of the Russian oil business in many capacities, and continues to observe. I would say he does not share your perspective on the threat they pose, but most highly intelligent and reasonably informed people don’t. He does, however, regularly confirm that there is no liberalization, or movement towards the western political philosophies of individualism and free markets. He suggests that Putin and his gang are potentially the richest men on earth, all through theft of state resources. A land of Pirates.

    1. Thank you, Jeremy. Very interesting comments. Yes, the Russian economic system is dysfunctional in many ways. The problem of balking responsibility was so severe in the Soviet Army during World War II, Soviet officers and men would rather die attacking an impossible position than argue an order. The Germans were dumbfounded at the way Russians allowed themselves to be slaughtered in futile attacks. Although it has been criticized, General F.W. von Mellenthin’s account in “Panzer Battles: A Study of Employment of Armor in the Second World War” is particularly vivid in describing this. The Russian economy, however, does have first-rate sectors within the larger inefficient structures. Andrei Navrozov has written about this in his biographical and other writings, alluding to it in his most memorable “Gingerbread Race,” a book that grows in stature over time. The slogan of the Soviet workforce was, of course, “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us.” Shirking was an art. Soon enough, the communist elite found that illegal private enterprises, serving the elite party cadre, were indispensable. Of course, such enterprises were technically “criminal” under Soviet law. But who could dispense with them? An excellent account of how this underground (officially sanctioned) economy operated appears here and there in Soviet journalistic accounts. For example, Arkady Vaksberg gives a remarkably clear account of this in his book, “The Soviet Mafia: A Shocking Expose of Organized Crime in the USSR.” This subject is very complicated and deserves careful study, for the KGB and administrative organs were perfectly aware of this situation. Soviet think tanks undoubtedly conducted detailed studies with recommendations we should like to have seen. All kinds of theories, sociological and political, were doubtless floated; for the real question was how to permit a market economy without losing political control. That was always uppermost in the mind of the Marxist-Leninists, especially while planning their “controlled liberalization” strategy. Some accounts of Stalin’s command economy are very shrewd, like Navrozov’s, showing that underneath the so-called command economy which dominated light industry, the Ministry of General Machine Building and other important sectors of the Soviet economy relied on a more elite work force, better pay, and a market economy within the Soviet state — with the ruling party as its main customer. This form of economy has some notable achievements to its credit. Yet a system of competition, within a mercantilist economy — wrapped in Lenin’s “state capitalism” — shows us a system that is not actually socialist, since real socialism would take you straight to the stone age, as Ludwig von Mises argued in his brilliant volume titled “Socialism.” The fact is, economic knowledge is always diffused throughout an economy, and is only acquired through free market pricing. Once you fix prices, or attempt to control them, you introduce chaos. Why? Because without a real market, nobody knows what is needed, what is profitable and what would be wasteful to invest in. The Stalin command economy was something of a myth under which the managers had to fool their Kremlin bosses with workarounds that amounted to a very convoluted market system, best characterized as mercantilist. It was inefficient, of course, and it was technically contrary to the socialist ideal. But that is actually how the system worked, or half-worked. When a manager got caught he could be fired, arrested, or even executed. Stalin murdered a lot of his own managers because of the hysteria that the Soviet official line created, and the system of informing on people that was encouraged. God help a manager under Stalin who was accused of malfeasance by informers. A crazy lady in Kiev once famously accused hundreds of people who were then arrested. Khrushchev complained to Stalin that she was crazy. Stalin, in his paranoia, asked “Why should she be crazy?” The woman then made the mistake of accusing Khrushchev. Here is a feature of these totalitarian systems and the mass hypnosis, the insanity, they create. We see elements of it here, in America, playing out during this pandemic. In terms of the Soviet system’s real collapse, you would be surprised to know when it actually happened. We will learn more when Kotkin’s third volume on Stalin comes out; but from one of Kotkin’s lectures, we learn some new truths that have been hidden. With the German invasion of 1941, Stalin and his managers apparently decided to run things strictly by the command economy, as sanguinary discipline was instituted as a result of the war. That war economy, Kotkin said in his lecture, collapsed almost immediately. The German invasion, of course, had an impact. But I suspect what really happened was due to an attempt to implement a communist war economy. Here is my theory as to why the collapse was so massive and sudden. Only massive aid from the United States saved the USSR. This same lesson of collapse has repeated been taught by history: first, in 1918 as told in Chamberlain’s history of the “Russian Civil War.” Here is a difficult lesson for doctrinaire communists to learn. Even now. Putin and his colleagues think that their “mafia” economy has solved some of these old problems. They imagine that they will not repeat Stalin’s mistake. But I think they have nonetheless made serious economic mistakes already. I am sure Russia has the best weapons, and a fine army. After all, Russians make excellent soldiers. Yet everything boils down to the quality of the commanders and the system of command, the military doctrine, etc. The Soviet generals managed a fine performance in the summer of 1944. Truly. They can overcome the weaknesses inherent in their system. At present, however, we simply do not know how effective the Russian generals are, though I suspect we are about to learn. Whatever happens, Russia has to make it a short war, and Russia will only survive the war by postwar pillage. If they do not win quickly — as with China — they will face scarcity and economic dislocations severe enough to seriously downgrade their military efficiency. As for Mikhail Khordorkovsky, I was told the story of how he ended up running Yukos by a Russian historian who knew the officials involved. Some Western investment bankers were looking at the Russian businesses and said, “It would be nice if you could find a nice Jewish boy to run this.” Behind the scenes, I am told, a conversation took place during which one Russian official suggested a second secretary in the Komsomol [communist youth organization]. That second secretary was Khordorkovsky.

      1. Mr. Nyquist, how short do you think Russia’s and China’s wars would need to be? (I am assuming a Russian war against Ukraine and however much of Europe they might include, and a Chinese war against America.)

      2. War is about violence, and violence is about contingencies. NATO is pretending to NOT understand the danger. Putin is getting a little frustrated, I think. China is watching, fascinated to see how things play out. Surely, Xi’s big entry comes during ACT II, Scene I.

      3. Yes, but I was referring to your statement that Russia, as well as China, will need to win quickly or else will suffer very serious economic effects, which in turn would downgrade their militaries.

        I know it depends on different factors, such as what they have stockpiled, and what kind of gains they initially make, and how well they manage what they have, etc. But about how quickly would you figure they would need to win before they start suffering serious economic setbacks?

        I’m thinking they’ll have to pretty much throw their full weight into war when they start, and if for some myriad of reasons they cant attain victory within a few months, that the economic strain on them would begin.

        I just think that because of how corrupt their societies and governments are, and the fact that they have always depended on the West to keep their economies propped up in one way or another.

        Does that sound reasonable? That they would need to win in months or start suffering serious setbacks in their ability to maintain their war machines? Or do you think they may could sustain for a year or two without significant gains?

      4. It depends on the hardships their peoples are ready to endure. The world market being destroyed at the outset of war, I believe China and Russia would begin to experience debilitating dislocations in about nine months, when the stockpiling strategy begins to break down (as shortages develop in key supply areas). If China is able to create an alternative free market pricing system to the world market they could go for years; but they may not be successful for administrative reasons. Nobody knows how this would play out. This is my theory, based on reading studies like “On Thermonuclear War.”

      5. J.R.
        It will take me a moment to digest the entirety of your reply, but basically, that is exactly what Don said.
        The White American Man who ran Yukos Oil for Mikhail. The dots are connecting. 🙏

      6. The Russians would not have defeated Hitler without our help. And so, we saved the Russian people, since Hitler was determined to enslave and kill them by the tens of millions.

      7. Greynight: I don’t think that the economy really becomes an issue.

        The Chinese need to win quickly, or else the people will see the CCP as weak and ripe for being overthrown. The common people already hate it.

        The Russians will throw everything that they have into a Blitzkrieg that will not have time for resupply with newly manufactured war materials.

        I expect the war to be over in two to three months, if even that long,

  6. Jeff, are you familiar with the work of Brendon O’Connell ? If so, what is your take on O’Connell’s perspective on geo-politics ?

    1. O’Connell has his own interpretation of modern history which integrates theories about a Rothschild conspiracy, an unusual reading of World War II, pulling in UFOs and various occult influences. From what I gather, he believes in a shadowy master conspiracy. O’Connell seems to be a maverick who is putting things together in his own way. There are similarities to Robert Welch’s thinking. He talks about a German-led United Europe to be established by European banking elites in cahoots with China. He says things like, “Elements of the German elites were involved in 9/11.” Everything he says involves interpretations which completely miss the role of communism and the deeper reasons for its emergence. He seems to view Hitler, Stalin, and Lenin as creatures of high finance. He thinks capitalism is the source of the conspiracy, or masonry, etc. This is a typical conspiracy view. But anyone who studies the great dictators must disagree. He is certainly mistaken about Russia and Putin and even Kissinger. And whatever he thinks of 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta, he has not looked closely enough at Atta’s many trips to the Czech Republic. My sources in central Europe told me, twenty years ago, that Atta was trained at a communist terrorist training camp in 1987, in communist Czechoslovakia. What kind of research, what kind of sources, inform O’Connell’s theories? Conspiracy books? I do not ascribe to these sources or the theories based on them. They never entirely add up. In the end they are vague and fantastical. What we need is a conscientious examination of facts, combined with a deeper understanding of the societies and elites involved. Conspiracy theory offers a simple set of answers that can be recycled for every crisis. I find this kind of narrative a waste of time. Off track, however intelligently done.

      1. Jeff, many thanks for your take on Brendon O’Connell. Recently O’Connell has been highlighting the threats posed by Russia, China, Iran & Israel to the West, particularly to the USA. Possibly his perspectives have matured in some ways since your last exposure to his views.
        I have quite recently discovered your work & have been binging on your articles, interviews & blog. I bought copies of two of your books; ‘The Fool & His Enemy’ & ‘The New Tactics of Global War’. I have only had time to skim through both books. What you say resonates with my thinking, particularly the last two chapters of ‘The Fool & His Enemy’. Your work has been a wake-up call concerning Russia & China.

  7. Jeff, I do believe your above lengthy post to Jeremy is even more consequential and interesting than your main entre! It’s amazing how much information you carry around in your head that you are able to download instantly.

      1. Coffee, yes! If only I had discovered coffee earlier in life, I might have actually amounted to something by now.

  8. Can anybody say for sure, whether or not if it’s part of Russian strategy, for them to order compromised political leaders of US Federal, State, County, and City governments, to issue and follow dictatorial mandates and restrictions, in order for Putin to come across as the only man in the World who makes any sense these days?

  9. Very well organized and informative essay. The section where you quote from J. H. Rothschild is interesting, and his comments highly relevant to the current situation. It’s also interesting to look at the many destabilizing influences that are at work in Latin America and countries like Mexico. Mexico was long controlled by essentially a single political party, the PRI, until very recently, starting with the election of Vicente Fox. Although Americans aren’t paying much attention to the outrageous levels of violence in Mexico caused by the warring drug cartels, the people there are fed up with the violence, and the situation is ripe for some authoritarian autocrat to take control of the country and institute a communist-style government as an alternative to continued violence. My understanding is that only 5% of the homicides in that country are solved and the situation has become desperate in many regions. Excellent points in your essay.

  10. Jeff, thank you for the autographed copy. Much appreciated. I’m looking forward to reading it this weekend.

  11. I agree. It’s alarming that an increasing number of Russians have been encountered illegally crossing over from Mexico. If memory serves I believe Fox News reported 4,000 such encounters occurred in 2021 compared to 400 the previous year.

  12. Again, it’s one of those situations where the blind men examine an elephant. Except they also are predisposed to look for snakes. These men in those structures mentioned are true believers in the Capitalism that has made them fabulously rich, and it shows by their failure to indoctrinate future generations of Russian people into Socialism. In fact, they really try to indoctrinate them in the crassest form of consumerism and materialism possible, and make zero provisions for any future hypothesized ” return to Communism “. These elites may be a lot of things, but a real Communist doesn’t appear to be one of those things. What has fooled so many is the means of their banditry, as they used the CPSU and other organs of the Soviet state to enrich themselves and loot the people while dissolving those very organs they used in their thievery. They may be pirates to be sure, they’re just better pirates than the Western variety ever were. I say these things in the knowledge that we just celebrated the feast day of the New Martyrs, those sacrificed in their holy millions murdered by the Red Beast. I have no love for the bastards, they and their descendants, but knowing what I see every day I would be astonished were it ever to come to pass as anything like Mr Nyquist says. As I said, we celebrate the memories of the New Martyrs, I see it as almost impossible for that reason alone for the Communists to have a revival. Muslim takeover? Maybe, but not the old and rotting Lenin and Leninism.

      1. I did, and I was struck particularly by critiques like the ” crisis of over production “, but Marx is a peculiarly Bourgeois product of the very 19th century Capitalist era he rails against: godless and besotted with German philosophy. There is no antidote for Capitalism in this fallen world: it is entirely suited to man’s sinful inclinations and so ensnares mankind more fearfully than anything Marxism could ever pretend to offer. So even the Totalitarianism now reaches for the Golden Calf in worship.

      2. A free market economy with private ownership of the means of production (I prefer not to use Marx’s term) does not “ensnare mankind more fearfully than anything Marxism could ever pretend to offer.”

        Marx and his offspring are terribly good at ensnaring human beings.

      3. Strannik, the best that can be said for you, is that you are willfully obtuse. Anyone seriously thinking capitalism ensnares a person worse than Marxism does is an idiot. There is no more charitable response to your nonsense.

    1. The fact that communism is alive and well can be seen in the choice of words (and tactics) that many of its adherents employ to try to undermine other systems and ideologies, such as the use of the word “fascist” to label anyone that disagrees with their point-of-view. Communism is as much about strategy (Cultural Marxism, Gramsci, etc.) as it is about ideology and communists can easily take off their communist shirt and put on a “capitalist” shirt to achieve long-term objectives. Capitalism isn’t perfect. The fact that corporations are considered as “persons” as a sort of legal fiction so that their shareholders are shielded from liability and from assuming personal responsibility runs counter to the notion of rugged individualism and personal responsibility that is also a part of the cultural makeup of American society. That said, it is still infinitely preferable to communism with its centralized economic planning and arbitrary restrictions on personal liberty. Their aims are the same that they have always been, only the tactics change to accommodate the existing social and cultural conditions in a given society. The PC movement in the US is ultimately a Marxist strategy designed to change the language in order to facilitate more ideal conditions for a more overt takeover of society.

      1. Interesting. People do not generally have honor as they used to. This is one among several things that are breaking down society. Honor = Responsibility.

  13. Hi Jeff just something I have been thinking about lately is that all this might be a way of flattening the curve in a Greek tyrant kind of way. I am sure you are familiar with the tale of the Greek tyrant who chopped the heads of wheat stalks growing higher than others so that everyone was equal. Anyway keep up the good work, you make me think and more importantly pray. I would love to see a good debate one day between you and Peter Hitchens on this subject.

    1. Oh yes, Thrasybulus of Miletus, who offered advice to Periander of Corinth. Famous story from Herodotus. Very memorable. Peter Hitchens is an interesting fellow!

      1. And that story reminds me of the last King of Rome Tarquin the Proud and his son Sextus. The King wanted to seize an enemy city but balked at the cost of a direct attack. So he sent his son to the town, covered in bleeding welts and pretense of needing refuge from his father. The town let him in. Sextus later sent his servant back to the King in Rome for instructions. Tarquin saw the servant in his garden, silently cutting poppies, and told the man to return to Sextus in the enemy town. Hearing the story of the poppies, Sextus knew what to do, which was to silently kill the leading men of the city, forcing it to surrender.

      2. I love to read Hitchens’ books and blog but he’s always ready to defend Putin’s Russia.

    1. Mr Nyquist: I do not blame ” the Moon”, but my perspective still says that there are flaws and failings because of the primordial catastrophe. And thus, not everything is ” natural ” and right. I cannot say with de Mandeville that Capitalism of itself turns private evil and selfishness into social good and prosperity, but I do think grace can influence a society to practice a more ethical and just free enterprise system which would help Righteous and Unrighteous alike. Certainly honesty, thrift, hard work, and fair dealing can make any mere human system bearable.

      1. In the United States, originally there was no such thing as a corporation. Trusts have an expiration date, but a corporation violates the principal of perpetuity. This has led to laws against monopolies, insider trading, and the like. Bare knuckled capitalism, is arguably as destructive to civil liberties as Communism. Now, under the veneer of the Covid Live Exercise, pursuant to the USA Freedom Act which replaced the PatRIOT Act, Biden now creates a new Federal agency to prosecute Americans who criticize the President. Local school boards around the country of late, fashion laws giving them the same such unlawful shield from parents who speak out at board meetings. Fascists, Communists, a tyrant by any other name, is looking to be given a fair trial, and when found guilty, to be hanged.

      2. Mr Nyquist, the story of Tarquin Superbus and his son can be found in Livy, as I recall.

      3. Reuben, Capitalism ensnares mankind more terribly than Socialism precisely because it is more congenial to fallen human nature and its desires. Both ensnare, both make promises and both corrode the human soul. But wealth corrupts the human soul far more fearfully than poverty.

      4. As we are called upon to eat rather than starve, and build necessary things in the maintenance of human dignity, the market system is inescapable — unless we want to be forced into cannibalism or piracy. All kinds of evils are laid to the door of the free market system (maligned under the name “capitalism”). I am sorry, but this is plainly stupid. One might as well say that eating is evil because some people eat candy and chips. Or that drinking is evil, because people drink alcohol to excess. Let us do away with eating and drinking altogether then. In this matter, communism has always proposed the smashing of the free market, of the global market. In effect, this would put an end to that division of human labor which has lifted us from the grinding poverty of our ancestors. Is that what you want? Well, that is what you will get. “Man does not live by bread alone,” Christ said. But then, we cannot survive on words only. You have to east something, and put a roof over your head, etc. Since God created us to live and prosper. Suffering cannot be the whole of it. Therefore, it cannot be wrong to produce things, buy and sell things, and take direction from the market. Right? So, is capitalism really all that evil? Or has Karl Marx merely found a justification for violence that some folks resonate with? Human nature can pervert anything. Proclaiming economic activity to be wicked, on account of people who use unfair business practices, is like blaming a firearm for gun violence. Yeah. The gun just jumps up and starts firing. Or rather, the market mechanism just turns businessmen into Satanic conspirators. But no. The tool is not responsible. It is only a tool. The market, I say, is ONLY a tool — and a necessary one. Capitalism, understood as the free market. is necessary; for the alternative is government control of all economic activity. Here is the ultimate tyranny. Who are you, Strannik, to tell someone he cannot buy low and sell high, as the market allows? This is the basis for all our prosperity. I do not think you live in a cave. You also rely on the market for everything you have. Sitting at your keyboard, purchased at market prices, you are not being fed by ravens in the desert; eating nuts and wild honey. You are tapping out your anti-market ravings because the market empowered you to doso. Give the economy over the government control and what do you get? Thieving, plundering and murder. Sounds a bit like Bolshevik history, Russian history, to me. Capitalism ensnares the soul? Unchecked government power IS THE DEVIL. You Russians, in your worship of the state, STILL have not learned this great lesson of history. The English-speaking world knows something, in its bones that you absolutely deny. And you deny it at great cost to yourselves.

      5. Strannik: have you ever lived in poverty? I mean without a roof over your head and you didn’t know from where would come your next meal? I don’t think you really know the debilitating effects of poverty.

        Or worse, when all your food has been taken away and you are starving to death? How you would then hate those who took away your food leaving you with nothing, not even your life? Do you understand why the Chinese peasants hate the CCP after the Great Leap Forward killed 30 million of them, not counting millions more from other actions? Or why the Ukrainians hate the Russians after the Russians forced the Holodomor on them?

        In our country we see people who call themselves “capitalists” but in practice are no different from the oligarchs of Russia and China who are socialist. They are trying to destroy what capitalism we have left in this country—the local restaurants, service stations, and many other local businesses that are the very heart of capitalism—without which this country would fall apart. Capitalism, starting at the local level, is the greatest enemy of socialism. Capitalism, starting at the local level, gives pride of workmanship, food on the table and a roof over one’s head, and best of all, gives opportunities to help others.

        I don’t think you know what is capitalism. And I’m almost certain that you, like many liberals in this country, don’t know poverty.

      6. I’m talking about being ensnared in the most literal sense, like an animal trapped in a snare. Marx’s followers are better than their free market enemies at imprisoning people. Even the people living outside of prison were locked up! The nations behind the iron curtain were open air prisons.

        Don’t attempt to read any deeper into what I’m writing, it’s simple.

  14. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, the other day I was at a book store and found a book which was written in Russia about the Russian Communist Party’s relationship with the Tibet Buddhist Monks and Dalai Lama, do you know anything about the Tibet Buddhist Monks and Dalai Lama relationship with the Russian Communist Party?

  15. Interesting post. It makes sense how the covid could be part of a larger impending attack. That “grey terror” or “pink terror” or whatever it was that Suvorov warned about I’ve never forgotten. Covid is interesting as an attack vector because it simultaneously hurts us (confusion, dead economy, distrust in leaders, demoralizes) while helps China (demoralizes their citizens, further enables CCP control, can purge opposition). Kind of brilliant in its evil way.

    Russia always seems so cagey and sneaky to me while China by comparison is clumsy. Any particular reason you would see Russia striking first blow opening up war?

    What do you think of Americans chances in the Zombie Apocalypse scenario? It’s hard to conquer people and we have lots of guns, lots of people, huge amounts of land.

  16. You know speaking of Nazis and demographics and the Secret Speech I see another connection which supports your point. The Nazis began racial selection right away w sterilization in 1933 then moved on to euthanasia of their own citizens, the physically and mentally sick, so that they wouldn’t take up govt resources. Covid seems to target the old and sick in a particular way. So covid could be the CCP either consciously mimicking the nazis killing their own population, or incidentally doing it because that is just how modern evil totalitarian states act

  17. Yes, honor is a concept that has fallen by the wayside in the US, like so many others. After all, in communist parlance, such concepts have to be eliminated since they, once internalized by the “proletariat,” operate to perpetuate the evil system of oppression by reinforcing the values of the ruling class so that the workers no longer realize that they are members of an “exploited” class. Never mind the fact, that as a whole, everyone has benefited under our system, including the “proletariat,” and for this reason they have no desire to revolt. Or, in the words the neo-Marxist, Marcuse, the working class “has become a conservative, even counterrevolutionary force. Objectively, “in-itself,” labor still is the potentially revolutionary class; subjectively, “for-itself,” it is not.” This, of course, is a terrible, dreadful thing for the communists, who would rather destroy the whole society and force everyone to live in misery than to allow this intolerable state of affairs to continue. For this reason, the language of the oppressors must be attack and subverted to straighten out the thinking of the working class, that has become fat and happy and prospered, and therefore is in no mood to revolt. In this sense, the communists have been remarkably successful in reinventing language (the cancel culture, PC movement, etc.). In other words, America becomes vulnerable to subversion from without as it falls to subversion from within.

  18. My first thought when reading this essay is that Russia and China wouldn’t have accomplished what they have so far without the aid of traitors within our country, traitors whose main allegiance is to China and/or Russia. In other words, communists. Or worse.

    Examples of traitors include anyone who pushed/pushes the Covid-19 jabs, long after the evidence has come out that they are deadly. Then we find out that almost all those behind the jabs have been outed as having ties to the CCP. The scientific evidence is accumulating that the jabs are the real pandemic, that the virus is a bit player. That’s just one example.

    I was sceptical about the fall of communism in Russia when I first heard about it. But when I saw the maintenance of communist structures after the so-called fall of communism, particularly the kolchoz communal farms, I didn’t believe it. Still don’t. Thank you Jeff for bringing out defectors’ messages which are more certain than what I already saw.

    1. All of the kholkoz are now cooperative businesses, and independent family farms are a majority.

    2. Yet somehow your “anti-communist” posturing is in conflict and suspicious with your love of Chinese people and demeaning of non-communist people. OHENGINEER is correct, you are “left.” But maybe you don’t realize your support for communist expansionism and the demise of the West or maybe this is an example of so-called anti-communist interloping like the so-called fall of communism. You can’t have it both ways. Can you?

  19. Mr Niquist. What’s your opinion about the great reset ? And how is it related with your theory about about Russia and China working toghether ? Thanks for your atention.

  20. Jeff,

    In the sentence at footnote 35, you refer to APIs as ACIs. You can delete this comment, just wanted to help out.

  21. Barth, I don’t answer such kinds of questions. What I will say is that almost everything you say is either wrong entirely, and even if somewhat true, still calculated to smear everything with foulness. Take your comment in the previous essay, about Rasputin. Everything you said about him was wrong, even as you claimed to admire him. I do not know what game you are playing, but where I am from, it would not end well if playing out side the cyberspace.

    1. Dear STRANNIK,

      You haven’t read the most recent book about Gregory New, based upon more recently discovered files from the old Soviet Union. Reviews of that book were as you said, a smear campaign which mischaracterized the book and the man, completely.

      The other comment is from a joke book they gave us in grade school. That particular joke must have escaped their notice.

      Furthermore, Krav Maga is inferior to Jeet Kune Do. You need to lighten up.

      1. Barth, I can only say that many books have been written about Rasputin, and most are absolute rubbish, written by people who are neither Russian nor Orthodox Christian, and/or are genuinely hostile to either. And your comments on martial arts are irrelevant to the essay: besides there are better martial arts than any you have mentioned, such as the art of winning without fighting at all.

      2. Gandhi was dandy, but how do we keep the moderates alive? Meet me in the graveyard at midnight. Bring a shovel, a gunny sack, and a flashlight. The vodka is in the flower pot at Ulyanov’s grave.

    2. Capitalism does not ensure humankind more than socialism. They both appeal to human greed. Socialism appeals to humans’ greed through creating a sense of envy and entitlement on the part of those who perceive that there are people above them on the socioeconomic scale who aren’t deserving of such wealth as they may possess, thereby affording them with an excuse to wreck society in the name of levelling the playing field. How does that not also appeal the basest aspects of greed? Moreover, it encourages people to take by force what they cannot attain through other means and calls any belief in a higher power an “opiate” designed to perpetuate the existing class structure and oppress the masses, etc.

  22. I am a retired medical doctor (MD). I breed dogs. I’ve noticed a drastic reduction in litter size and viability, for about four years now. Of course my dams are not all the same dams now, and the identities of my sires have changed some too, and my breeding dogs now are somewhat older on average, but the reduction still is obviously significant.

    I’ve also noticed fewer and smaller litters among my barncats. My ponies seem unaffected.

    The ponies’ diet is about 90% hay and pasture that is from this farm, about 2% US-grown oats, and about 8% processed feeds.

    The dogs and cats are fed about 90% commercial feeds. The cats do catch some mice, juvenile rabbits and the like, and the dogs do get some eggs and poultry produced on this farm.

    Some of the dogs have been tested for brucellosis (everything negative).

    There was a dog or cat food in the big box store that advertised, all US ingredients, but it was expensive, I only bought a little of it, and in recent years I see no dog or cat food advertising this. Many say, “Made in US from worldwide sourced ingredients.”

    Another thing I have noticed is that the tax-exempt humane societies, which also, by law as “charities”, are eligible to get free TV and radio advertising, have become much like Red Guards in the way they go after dog breeders. I’ve encountered them multiple times and so have multiple breeders I know. Iowa used to be a major dog breeding state because there are many habitable farmsteads which make good places for dog breeders with barking dogs, now that the farms are consolidated and there are no farmers wanting to live on most of the farmsteads. Now pretty much everyone has been scared away from breeding dogs, especially on the now heavily regulated large or medium scale (four or more nonsterilized adult dogs is the regulatory threshold in Iowa now) because they see these heavily publicized, heavily armed, massive raids against these little old ladies who breed a few dogs. In most cases it is just a little old lady who is in a little over her head and needs some nice young man to come and help her clean up the place. In some cases it is truly model breeders with excellent facilities who are targeted anyway with picketing in which the local police are complicit.

    Most readers of this site will know that dogs are a crucial resource in war. Sentry dogs, sled dogs, sniffer dogs.

    If the Reds have any brains at all, and I’m sure they do, they will be going after our dog breeding industry.

      1. Mr Nyquist, I can reply here as anywhere in response to the comments about my criticism of Capitalism. As the Apostle said: ” the love of money is the root of all evil “. I am not making a Socialist critique of Capitalism, but rather my criticism is on the ethical and spiritual basis. As you say: ” bad business practices “. But some are so afraid of critique of the system, that they lump all criticism in with the Bolsheviks. That’s very useful to them, by the way. Some aver that I must be naive and well to do, that I must not know poverty or work for a living, because I criticize the system. I am almost 53 years old, and have worked since childhood. I have known poverty, and abundance, and blessed is God for all things! The amusing thing is that the real leftists I know are convinced that I am some sort of Fascist. I am categorically opposed to that as well. I do not worship the State, nor really have I known any Russian who does. That is a real mistake, because we are almost Anarchistic in reality with regards to government and being governed. We treasure stories of revolt like those of Stenka Razin and Emelyan Pugachev and countless others. The stereotype of the Russian as some servile peasantry, is not only wrong but also an ignorant stereotype. Anyway, I have nothing against free enterprise, but no doubt debate can be had as to the best way within that framework.

      2. You seem confused, Starnnik. You’ve contradicted yourself. That capitalism is dangerous in the manner you state, is a socialist talking point. Over the last 100 years, or so, we’ve seen the serious damage socialism does to a country. I lived in Germany while Adenauer was Chancellor and saw how quickly Germany was recovering from the second world war. It was far faster than anything in the Soviet zone.

        Anyone that seriously thinks Putin is not still a communist, is gullible in the extreme. He will go light a candle at Church, but he is an inveterate liar. In addition Putinist Russia is no more a Christian country than the Soviet Union or any country in the West. The Russian Orthodox Church is deeply corrupt and was thoroughly infiltrated by the KGB during soviet times. The current Patriarch is most like KGB as is Putin.

        The primary result of Putin’s activities is to impoverish Russia. Ukraine, OTOH, has been growing, in spite of what Putin has tried do to Ukraine.

      3. ohengineer, you’re just being antagonistic. Capitalism is as vague as Communism, nowadays. Are the pharmaceutical companies which have been given a free reign to manufacture mRNA gene editing therapies which the inventor of the platform says were so toxic that they had to abandon their use, for the betterment of society because they’ve been making billions of dollars off of murdering people?

        You must have shares of stock in your retirement fund. Go look if you don’t believe it.

      4. Barth, that doesn’t make capitalism, or free market economy evil. That’s akin to saying a religious denomination is evil because some of the clergy have been perverts; or as Mr. Nyquist stated above, like saying guns are evil because some people use them to murder.

        In no way us ohengineer being antagonistic. Strannik, of all people, has erred. Because he says that he is a devout Russian Orthodox. But the Bible is very clear that the *love* of money is the root of all evil. It us also clear from the Good Book, that there is nothing inherently wrong with having wealth, or engaging in profitable trade.

        An “orthodox” Christian of any stripe, who is faithful in studying the Scriptures can clearly understand that.

        Also, a socialist economy is inherently dishonest and degrading. At best, those who desire one are willfully ignorant in their assumptions about human nature.

  23. Your editor at Financial Sense didn’t have much on the ball. It’s such a shame that people like him, who should know better, refuse to open their minds and actually look at what is happening in the world.

      1. Ohngineer, there’s no ” confusion ” with me, I’m just not like one of the ” terrible simplifiers” as Jacob Burckhardt called them. Capitalism more and more being a bad negative thing with increasingly few positive qualities, is not the same thing as favoring Socialism, either. You have certain ideas on Russians: being from Germany, I can see why you might think the way you do. You constantly make assumptions easily dismissed by an objective reader, as the assumption that somehow I or even most Russian people like the Post Communist elites, or that you feel free to attack Orthodox Christian faith by saying the official clergy are compromised in some way, after months of seeing my posts on non official church and on the Old Believers. But no, I get it.

  24. Mr Nyquist, you must take up your criticism of what St Paul said with him,perhaps. He said ” love”. After all, what is Money? It is the embodiment of something intangible, very mysterious, a symbol of a sort. I think that the love that is the root of all evil was engendered before money came into being, but we must ask: why did the Apostle say this about love of Money? No doubt, from what money can provide fallen human nature, and what money can do to insulate ourselves from each other, our feelings and sufferings. But all this touches on the Mystery of Iniquity itself. A man can criticize Socialism all day long, but should the same man criticize Capitalism, blasphemy against the Golden Idol shocks and provokes. I do not judge anyone individually of course, but its something I notice as a universal trend.

    1. There are plenty of things wrong with capitalism as it exists in its modern form. For instance, the creation of corporations as “legal persons,” thereby shielding the actual human-beings behind them from assuming responsibility for their actions and protecting them from being personally liable in the courts for their actions on behalf of the corporation. Additionally, big corporations are gradually intruding into more and more areas that were originally the purview of small businesses. Most recently, they are jumping into the housing market, driving prices up. Free markets and capitalism are not necessarily synonymous. That all being admitted, capitalism is still infinitely preferable to a materialistic, atheistic system that arbitrarily oppresses its citizens as embodied in communism. Communism, being above all else, a strategy to overthrow all civil society is a satanically-inspired system that denies any higher authorities and appeals to the basest human passions, such as envy to achieve its objectives.

      1. One question that needs to be answered, what is capitalism?

        From what I have read, much of what is called modern capitalism bears little resemblance to the teachings of Adam Smith. Adam Smith never said that greed is a good in dealing in business. Nor did he assent to the exploitation of workers, rather as far as I can tell, he agreed with James 5:1–5.

        From what I’ve read, Adam Smith taught that morality before God trumped acquisition of wealth. If a business dealing was immoral, it was not to be done. Rather business is best done when it is done to serve others at an honest price.

        In contrast, many of the large corporations act more like the corrupt oligarchs in Russia and China. They say that greed is good. They will literally kill to expand their profits, as exemplified by Tony Fauci and big pharma. When I was young, it puzzled me how the big corporations supported leftist, socialist causes which seemed to be counter-indicated for capitalist corporations, only to learn later that many of them are led by communists or at least communist ideals. Is that why they happily deal with the CCP?

        The contrast I see is clear between a system based on a desire to serve others with an honest product, and a system based on greed and envy. Communism is based on greed and envy, just as emilkc said.

    2. Strannik: I have never read your criticism of socialism, or the Soviets. You come here and lay all the blame for the world’s ills on the West and its institutions. You do not go into the deeper considerations of why communism is a very special case of evil, or how Russia has become the world capital of this dangerous thing that now advances under a false flag. It was the moral weakness of the West that so many in the West collaborated with the communists, to be sure. But the evil thing they guiltily collaborated with was the Russian communist state. And you never discuss the Gulag Archipelago, or Putin’s special guilt, or the Russian people’s supineness. But you nonetheless pile blame on the West. Your country was the first to succumb to Marxism. And now, in disguised form, this tyranny contemplates the overturning of peace throughout the world, even as it blames America — a country whose present leader began his career under KGB tutelage, advanced to the Senate by communist fronts, mentored by communists aligned with Moscow. See The Council for a Livable World, Armand Hammer, and now George Soros. Your country long nurtured communism in America. Your leaders have access to all the real files on our subverted politicians going back decades. Do you really think Russia is not guiding the whole process that now unfolds?

  25. Mr Nyquist, the funny thing is that this ” impossible ” thing is due to this being your blog, not mine. I comment and say what I say, but I am not about to lay out all my thinking and expect a full and exhaustive back and forth on it all. I’m not a Communist or Materialist, nor am I fond of any other modern sect or belief or socio economic
    system which offers worldly solutions. I am against a lot of things. But I am for a few which still linger in this day and age. I am closest in thinking to a pre modern Cossack or Old Believer, closest modern perhaps Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Gogol. Of Westerners I read Tolkien’s work, John Milton. I am fond of philosophy and pre modern history. I just don’t fit much. And I’m too stubborn to start trying perhaps.
    Maybe it’s my delusion, but I don’t think any of this is sustainable. I think that the pre modern world is returning.

    1. I wish the pre-modern world were returning sometimes, but, unfortunately, that is virtually impossible because we speak a completely different language than those societies to which you refer. We have made idols of “-isms,” and we’ve more or less boxed ourselves into a set of narratives which, similar to virtual reality technology, leads to the creation of its own reality. The older societies valued thrift, initiative, and hard work, but capitalism reformulates these ideas as a sort of religion unto itself. The same can be said of socialism/communism. While the older societies understood that some people may need a lift or boost despite their hard work, they didn’t turn these ideas into a society-wrecking religion as the communists and socialists have. In other words, they lived more balanced lives, subjecting themselves to a higher power and trusting in tradition and custom rather than ideology. Still, given the modern state of affairs, capitalism with all its imperfections, is better on the whole than socialism, because it does not quash human initiative nor does it foster the type of oppression that almost always occurs in those nations where the government has a complete monopoly on the use of force and violence.

    2. Being fond of old philosophies and beliefs does not make you free of the present. Talking yourself into a traditionalist pose only makes you a poseur. You cannot recover what is lost by claiming you are a representative of the thing itself. Great changes are coming, and the cycle is ending. That being said, there is no returning to the 19th century; unless, by that, you mean the return of horse-drawn wagons and oil lamps. And judging by the barbarism of the present, and the thoughtlessness of the present, and our readiness to lie to ourselves, another false sun is about to appear in the sky. But it will not provide any warmth, I think. The eternal present is never quite what the myth-makers say it is. Neither was the past as romantic as you imagine. No world populated with mortals is sustainable. How curious that you should write such a thing. The modern man, who craves something not-so-modern, is a funny sort of man. Every season has its place.

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