If I were to rend my garments every time Dugin hatches a new blasphemy, I would have to buy myself a whole new set of clothes….

Charles Upton

Alexander Dugin wanted to ride with friends after a festival event Saturday night. His 29-year-old daughter, Darya, drove his car while he rode in the car behind. Suddenly, the car Darya was driving exploded into a fireball and Darya was burnt beyond recognition. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the attack “vicious and cruel.” Undoubtedly it was. Who carried out the attack? Was it meant for Dugin? And what effect will it have on the war?

Dugin has enemies because his words have an unmistakable militancy. His rhetoric has been violent, even bloodthirsty. He has pushed the war in Ukraine, and many Russians have died who might, on reflection, blame him. War is attended by blame games. The Russian government, taking advantage of this tragedy as a propaganda bonanza, blames Ukraine. From the standpoint of the Kremlin, of course, Alexander Dugin and his daughter are expendable. Especially as the sight of a grieving father might be used to rally a nation that is having second thoughts about a war that is going badly.

On the occult side of the equation, Dugin has allegedly written about the ritual sacrifice of children (about fathers sacrificing their daughters). This is the creepy sort of writing an old fan of Aleister Crowley might engage in. And that, of course, is who Dugin is. Seeing how unserious Dugin is in his political discourse, the way he plays games with the truth, these creepy ideas were never thought to be serious. But now it seems that someone, or some thing, has take him very seriously. Maybe it was something that goes bump in the night.

Regardless of the darker forces at work, blood will answer blood. The heartbroken father says the Ukrainians must pay. The Kremlin says the same. As if to underscore Ukrainian culpability, the FSB claims to have evidence pointing to a Ukrainian woman who entered the country and successfully escaped across the border. But this does not pass a basic smell test. The FSB typically manufactures evidence in assassination cases, or finds no real evidence at all. Take the case of Russian opposition politician Boris Nemtsov, gunned down on a street near the Kremlin in 2015. In this case the FSB extracted confessions by torture. Suspects were killed before they could give testimony. The security cameras at the scene of the crime had been conveniently “turned off for maintenance” when the shooting occurred. Hours before being gunned down, Nemtsov was organizing a march against the war in east Ukraine that began in 2014. As with so many political assassinations in Russia, the Kremlin had motive and opportunity. And now, in the present case, the FSB has allegedly, somehow, identified Darya’s assassin in a matter of hours. You have to wonder.

Of his daughter, Dugin said, “She died for Russia, for the people.” Or did she die so that Moscow might justify more killing in Ukraine – of Russians and Ukrainians? It is impossible, at this distance, to say who detonated the bomb in Dugin’s car that killed his daughter. If Russia demands retribution, the suspicion is at least aroused that the death of Darya Dugina is being exploited to justify some kind of military escalation.

The accused assassin – a Ukrainian woman with a child – allegedly rented an apartment in the same building as Darya, following Darya as she moved around Moscow, changing her vehicle license-plates numerous times as she went. If this was all known, why wasn’t this woman arrested? A supposedly independent Russian media outlet, Agentstvo, asked why an assassin would bring along a child. Ilya Ponomarev, an exiled former Russian MP, suggested the assassination was organized by a Russian resistance organization known as the National Republican Army. But hardly anyone has heard of this group.

In Kiev Ukrainian officials are worried. Will weapons of mass destruction be used against the Ukrainian people? You have to wonder. This also dovetails with Russian activity around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Is Russia planning to detonate the plant and blame the Ukrainian “Nazis” in order to justify an escalation to tactical nuclear weapons? This may be Moscow’s only way to avoid eventual defeat.

One thing is certain. The war in Ukraine is the beginning of something larger. When the COVID outbreak began, some of us sensed that life would not be returning to normal. One crisis now piggy-backs upon another. We are facing crises involving food, energy, political stability, etc. There are deeper forces at work here, and deeper reasons. We have to wonder what the Russians and Chinese are planning. Why persist in a seemingly futile attack on Ukraine?

The minute we see that Russia is giving up on the war we will all breathe a sigh of relief. Yet the death of Dugin’s daughter signifies an escalation.

Below is my Sunday night discussion with Nevin Gussack

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198 thoughts on “The Tragic Assassination of Dugin’s Daughter: Plus, a Video Interview

  1. So many questions….

    I do not mean to sidetrack, but I just finished watching “Mr. Jones” on Amazon Prime. That movie did a good job of showing how so many in the west have long supported the communist. Curious your take on the movie?

    Thank you for always challenging us to think.

    1. I have not seen that movie. I understand from a friend and writer who saw it, that it skipped some important things. Thanks for reminding me to watch it.

      1. I found it synchronicity that the previous post u made was referencing Joan of Arc and now Russia seems to have their very own Joan merely days letter – with your previous references to Dugin you would make quite the interesting suspect

  2. I don’t wonder about the FSB already finding a “culprit.” They haven’t and they want to come across as some sort of super competent investigative agency, which they are not. I saw a statement, supposedly from the NRA, claiming responsibility. I was trying to run it down for another post, but have not been able to find it again. All I can find is the former MP saying that it was probably the NRA.

    I have no doubt there are people in Russia that would not hesitate to use violent means to take out people the regime favors, or are part of the regime. Whether this is one of those situations is problematic until proven otherwise.

    I have no doubt Putin will use the killing as a pretext to up the ante in Ukraine, the question is, what resources will he draw on? So far he hasn’t declared war so he can mobilize. I think he has avoided that because he probably knows it would light off a firestorm. Russians “support” the war, but they really don’t want their people sent south as cannon fodder. They’ve gotten the casualty figures, I’m sure, and they are starting to avail themselves of other sources than those approved by the regime to get the news of what is actually going on.

    Things are not looking good for Putin and his regime, conventionally. If he tries nukes, then all bets are off as to what happens next.

    1. My gut feeling is the FSB did it in order to justify an escalation. My extra hunch is that Dugin knew about it.

      This is a FSB that bombed their own people in order to launch a war in Chechnya. They have a history of this. For Ukraine to do this would be idiotic, not to mention strategically pointless.

      1. I’ve also wondered if Dugin was aware beforehand as this would seem to further his stated agenda, although him being in hospital afterwards- presumably due to grief- would lean toward no.

      2. I do not think the FSB would have informed Dugin of the attack in advance. His genuine grief would make his television speeches more compelling. What Russian could hold back tears at this grieving father? It is a truly heartbreaking thing. In the back of his mind, however, Dugin must have suspicions. And, as someone else pointed out, there is a cautionary tale for all Russian journalists. You, too, could be a martyr if we are secretly displeased with something you did. SO DO NOT DISPLEASE US.

  3. IMO, a daughter should not have to pay for the ‘sins of the (her) father’. Yet apparently, Dugin, her father, says she “died for Russia”. Do these Communists have to make a personal tragedy into something partisan and political?

    Just as I write that, however, I am reminded of how our current Socialist leaders have attempted to milk the fairly recent shoot-out tragedies in Buffalo, NY and Uvalde, TX for political gain. Is this just a tendency that Communists and their sympathizers have in situations like this?

    Also, Jeff, I think you’re right in your observation that “the sight of a grieving father might be used to rally a nation that is having second thoughts about a war that is going badly”. I agree that it would be a strong potentiality here.

    1. She was no better than her father and just as mouthy about “Nazis” in Ukraine. Frankly, I think they were after her father, not her.

      In the OT, in the giving of the law, God said that a child was not to be executed for the sins of the father. She wasn’t executed.

      1. Is it a Biblical saying? Sorry, I hadn’t been aware of that. Well, even if Ms. Dugina was not purposefully “executed”, it seems that she may have been indirectly killed for ‘the sins of the (her) father’.

      2. As I pointed out, She is just as bad as her father. She was in Mariupol reporting on the Nazis and is a firm supporter of Putin’s regime.

  4. Dear Jeff!
    I found a very interesting and disturbing interview with Dugin from 1988 (from “rightwing” polish fronda.pl (Orthodoxy is about the salvation of the Old Testament, messianic dream, Catholicism, Freemasonry and so on) … some excerpts (with a relation to Poland):

    D (Dugin): The situation Polish is a borderline situation. It cannot unite with the Eastern world religiously and with the Western world ethnically. In geopolitics, Poland remains part of the cordon sanitaire dividing the Eurasian continent into two parts, which is very convenient for the anti-traditional Anglo-Saxon forces. Poland cannot fully realize its Eurasian-Slavic essence, because catholicism hinders it, nor its Western European identity, because it is hindered by its own Slavicness, i.e. language, customs, archetypes, climate of places, etc. As a result of this duality, this borderline situation, Poland always falls victim to the third force, just as today mondialism or Atlanticism.
    Actually, I am interested in everything that was anti-Catholic in Poland: Polish Freemasonry and occultists, Jan Potocki and Hoene-Wroński, Menzhinsky and Dzerzhinsky… They all chose the Eurasian way.

    Q: You talk about the Polish situation between East and West, that is, between Russia and Germany. Meanwhile, many scholars emphasize the greater similarity of Germany, and especially Prussia, to Russia than to England or Spain. Felix Koneczny even believed that Prussia, like Russia, belonged to the Byzantine civilization and not the Latin one.

    D: Koneczny was right. Germany is internally divided. Bavaria gravitates towards the West, Prussia towards the East. Prussia is such a small Russia inside Germany. …

    Q: We have always seen this as the greatest danger for us: a friendly alliance between Germany and Russia.
    D: This is our task. Unite with Germany and create a powerful continental bloc.

    D: We Russians and Germans reason in the concepts of expansion and we will never think otherwise. We are not interested in simply preserving our own state or nation. We are interested in absorbing, with the help of the pressure we exert, the maximum number of categories that complement us. We are not interested in colonizing like the English, …
    … Russia, in its geopolitical and sacral-geographical development, is not interested in the existence of an independent Polish state in any form. Nor is it interested in the existence of Ukraine. Not because we don’t like Poles or Ukrainians, but because these are the laws of sacred geography and geopolitics. …
    Poland must choose: either a Slavic identity or a Catholic one…. If Poland insists on maintaining its identity, it will make everyone hostile to itself and once again become a conflict zone. …

    Q: In a word, from your point of view all anti-Catholic activities in Poland are beneficial?

    D: Exactly. It is necessary to dismantle Catholicism from the inside, strengthen Polish Freemasonry, support decaying secular movements, promote heterodox and anti-papal Christianity. …
    Both they (i.e. the New World Order) and we (eurasians) want to deprive you of your Catholicism.

    Q: … you have in Orthodoxy a certain tendency towards apocatastasis, towards the idea of universal salvation…

    D: It’s true. The most important thing is that there is no individuality with us. The individual dissolves into the collective. In this way, the Russian works for salvation.

    Q: Whose salvation?

    D: Salvation of the archetype, salvation of Adam. The Russians, through the state, are pushing for the salvation not of themselves, but of Adam…

    Q: Adam Kadmon, it sounds Kabbalistic.

    D: No, this is a holistic approach. Orthodoxy is about the salvation of the Old Testament Adam through the coming of the new Adam, or Christ, nature, and nature is saved through men. The State, especially the holy State, is the instrument of this salvation.
    However, I hope that you will have a force gravitating towards Eurasianism, maybe there will be some synthesis of the far right with the extreme left. It is a pity that in Poland communism never had an esoteric trend, as in Russia…
    the New World Order are advancing against us. In this great clash of Atlantic civilization and Eurasian culture, everything that is between us – Poland, Ukraine, Central Europe, and who knows, maybe even Germany – must disappear, be absorbed. …
    Stalin was not a separate individual, but a collective person, an Elder Brother, a manifestation of Eurasianism in its communist variant.
    Our entire history, including the last struggle of communism against capitalism, is only a different attempt to realize the same messianic dream. …
    Our next stage will be Orthodox communism – Eurasian, missionary, pan-Slavic, philostatic…
    We exclude individualism, the individual, the free market, ideological neutrality, tolerance, and we include barbaric, fanatical, exalted elements. …
    Europe today has a choice: Eurasianism or Atlanticism. Either he goes with Russia or with America. If the European New Right chooses us, that is, it chooses the barbarian element, and therefore must adopt our methods of operation. You have to organize attacks, deal with sabotage, set fire to, blow up bridges. True antimondialism is destruction and terror. … You have to create a guerilla. If you are against the New World Order, then take a knife, put on a mask, go out in the evening and kill at least one yankie. … That is why I am so close to the New Left, the Red Brigades, and the Rote Armee Fraktion. Our task is not limited to culture, our task is to make a real revolution.


    1. What makes no sense is that he implies distinction between freemasons and Atalnticists, while they are the same power group. Freemasonry is the way the Atlanticist elites organize themselves. Catholics historically stood aside, JFK tried to speak against freemasons, got killed, but with current Pope with masonic backing, I don’t think they are separate groups anymore.

      1. This is untrue. Kennedy was referring to the communist conspiracy and its methods of intrigue. He was not killed because he spoke out against the Masons.

      2. JFK’s “conspiracy speech” (1961) on “secret societies …” occurred at the height of the cold war and was about freedom and the threat of world communism. Listen to the unabridged and unmanipulated version of his speech. KGB has manipulated the video on several social networks …

  5. Kamil Galeev, an analyst on twitter I admire very much (possibly the best commentary/analysis on Russian culture I’ve ever read aside from Mr. Nyquist himself), and whom I would recommend to Jeff to check out, thinks the assassination is certainly an FSB operation, and he thinks there is a strong possibility its a lead up to an escalation sometime this month. He “hopes” they’ll just lob missiles as they generally do, but thinks that is unlikely. I guess we’ll see how it plays out.

    1. Interesting. It was the first thing that occurred to me after I heard the news. It wouldn’t be the first time this regime has perpetrated a false flag to create a pretext. As Jeff said, both father and daughter were expendable, from its perspective. Possibly more than expendable, actually downright useful…

    2. Interesting, will check him out.

      “FSB version is fake. Darya Dugina assassination was almost certainly a false flag operation by Kremlin. It’s likely that Russia is planning to escalate the war later this week, probably around Thursday or Friday. It must not be allowed to do so”

      1. If it was a false flag, they would kill some normies, like during 9/11, when all important people were out of their offices in the towers, Silverstein had allegedly an appointment with doctor, his kids were also not in their office. Paul Bremer ceased to be a CEO of Marsh and McLennan and became an (anti)terrorism expert on NBC. Forgot to mention that his company just lost around 200 employees when its (and Bremer’s) offices were hit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiI31G40Lew

      2. Very interesting takes from Mr. Galeev. Among them, the mobilization and forced conscription of Ukrainian men in Donbas to be used as cannon fodder by the Russians.

  6. There is zero motive for the West or Ukraine to attempt to kill that clown or his daughter. He’s not important enough. Now he is an undead martyr. I’ve long suspected he is just a character created by Moscow. And I even wonder if he wrote all those books attributed to him. If you watch a few interviews- you will see he’s not too bright.

    He has been making his rounds with the controlled opposition Kremlin shills in the “alt-right media” for years. Droning on about “modernity” but failing to discuss how he wants to destroy the West and hates whites people. This is important- this is his platform in the US.
    The Putin ball washers on bitchute are making childlike deductions on how this hit could definitely not be Russia.

    And this “assassin”, with her daughter and cat in tow, has managed to cross 2 international borders so far? Maybe it’s an excuse for Russia to harass Estonia now.

    Maybe the hit was done by disgruntled Russian military because they’re tired of dying and losing their pensions. Dugin has been war mongering for years- but he’s a “philosopher”, not a soldier who actually needs to fight. Apparently someone in Russia has had enough of it.

    1. Probably not Ukraine, but the imperialists (CIA, Mossad or MI) killed her. Maybe Dugin is not important in Russia (I don’t think so), he definitely is a major villain in the imperialist media. I believe he is an important figure, the main ideologue of anti-imperialism nowadays, he speaks not just for Russia but for the global south.

      1. Most people do not know who he is. I have written a piece on him. If you agree with his views, please explain what you agree with and why.

      2. Israel is a forward fire base of Russia. Russia is the 2nd most spoken language over there and every Prime Minister has been from the former Soviet block or their parents were. So Mossad are not Western “imperialists”. They have been stealing our high tech for decades and handing it to the communists in the East. By the end of this-they’ll probably sacrifice Israel.
        And so what if he’s the main ideologue. Is killing him going to stop the war? What’s the motive of the west to do this?

      3. Americans do not grasp the close ties that exist between Russia and Israel. Last I heard a Russian does not need a visa to visit Israel.

      4. Re Valentina’s post – Very interesting, I did not know that. So the argument we see in the mainstream media, that Israel is just trying to stay on Russia’s good side to prevent Iran/Syria from attacking them, may not be the whole story? If that’s true about Israelis passing on military technology to Russia, that’s very worrying — it’s another way that Moscow exploits the anti-Israel security situation that it created. I’ve long heard that there is a curious left-wing/authoritarian streak in Israeli society/politics – the draconian impositions due to Covid are one example, but probably some of it is driven by legitimate security concerns. On the other hand, you have the PLO/PA and other Islamic terrorist groups in the region who were funded, trained and are still supported by Moscow. There seems to be a scissor strategy being employed here by Russia. Then there are our own anti-Semites in the West who are convinced that Russia is their ally against the Zionists, but on the public diplomatic front Russia has good relations with both sides. Such a tangled web here, and Russia is in the middle.

        Jeff, what do you think are the Kremlin’s ultimate goals with regards to Israel and the Middle East?

    2. This is logical and sounds as likely as any theory.

      The thing about the popularization/normalization of the concept of “false flags”: no one believes anything anymore, and every significant event becomes a Rorchach test.

      Seems like a perfect spy-craft ploy, actually. Similar to an intelligence entity deliberately leaking its own “methods” — from that point onward, there’s always plausible deniability about origin/perpetrator.

      Great cover for a nefarious actor: leak your own methods and seed the idea of “false flags.” (I’m not saying this incident involved a “leaked method” – just saying it’s a similar tactic).

      As Nyquist has pointed out – the perennial question is cui bono. I agree, nothing in it for the West/Ukraine. If anything, lifts the profile/stature of a fool who’s still alive, and gives Russia a propaganda hook for escalation. Though there very well may be layers and oddities none of us are aware of – it could be some bizarre act by a weirdo that Russia’s now capitalizing on for all we know.

      1. False flag is overused. For conspiracy theorists everything is a false flag. Totalitarian states really do use them. This is their special form of action. By accusing America at every turn, it cheapens the truth of who really relies on this method. Thus America becomes the totalitarian monster and her enemies are lionized.

  7. Yea I’ve toyed with the idea that it was staged too. With the amount of stagecraft going on lately- it’s possible. I doubt Dugin knowingly sacrificed his own kid. That’s for others to do you see- just like it’s other men’s jobs to fight and die for Mother Russia. Not Dugin- he’s a “philosopher”. That photo of him at the crime scene looked pretty staged- but he did seem distraught at the eulogy. My guess is she was hit by FSB or Russian military and now his platform will grow.

  8. Likely not an accident. Killing someone’s children makes the best propaganda victory story in American media for American brainwashed audience. Be it Hussein’s sons, Gaddaffi’s kids, American trash was cheering.

    1. How many people at this site here have uttered one word of sympathy for any of the so many children killed in Ukraine?

      1. I read some figures on what Ukrainian children as suffering last night. About 2,000 Ukrainian children have been killed, wounded or kidnapped by the Russians during this war. And the numbers may be worse than what is officially known. Ukraine is suffering terribly under the Russian invasion.

      2. Speaking for myself, I would assume it’s a given. I pray daily, in the Rosary, for all Ukrainians, living and dead, whose lives have been destroyed by this invasion. It’s not something I would ordinarily express, too much like facile virtue signaling, but you brought it up, so I am responding. I’m sure there are many on this blog who keep those people, children and adults, in prayer.

      3. Deborah Cole wrote:
        “I would assume it’s a given. … It’s not something I would ordinarily express, too much like facile virtue signaling”
        I agree – Ms. Cole sums it up perfectly.

      4. I did not appreciate the poster who suggested we are in favor of sacrificing anyone’s children. Those responsible for the invasion of Ukraine are in Moscow. The suggestion that the folks here are somehow guilty with regard to the invasion, or that we are “giddy” because Ukraine has survived the invasion, is worse than unfair. It is an attempt to cast blame on people who have nothing to do with the invasion.

      1. It just rubs me the wrong way about how giddy with delight everybody here all acts about Zelensky standing up to Putin, as Russia demolishes Ukraine and kills so many hapless victims.

      2. It is not Zelenskiy standing up to Russia. It is Ukraine itself — the people of Ukraine — standing up against Russia. No defense of the country would be possible otherwise. This is why Russia is having such a hard time and everyone’s expectations at the outset of the war were turned on their head. “Giddy with delight” is not anything you will meet with on this site. As a Ukrainian friend told me. “You cannot defeat Putin’s Russia. That would mean nuclear war. But we can defeat Putin’s Russia by defending our country. Putin’s lies will be exposed. The Russian people will learn the truth. Russia will change for real this time.”

      3. Give instances where posters here are “giddy with delight” about any aspect of the war. If that is the general tone of the comments, you should easily be able to produce several.

    2. This is silly. Barely anyone in America heard of the guy until this happened, so killing his kid is not the “best propaganda victory story in American media.”

    3. Commit, Daria’s death makes the best propaganda victory story in Russian media for the Russian brainwashed audience. Her father even stated her death is a Russian victory at her “memorial” service. Americans are not rejoicing. We are sad and shocked by this deplorable Russian act.

  9. Did anyone see the images of the open casket at her funeral? There’s no way she died in car bombing. If she is dead it’s not by car bomb.

      1. One cannot fly out of a car bombing and still be pristine in an open casket. The massive force needed to launch the body from the vehicle will unavoidably at the least seriously damage the face if not rip it off. Whatever happened to his daughter (if anything) was not the result of a car bomb given the pristine face in the casket.

      2. I’m thinking this is the case as Ricardo has stated. Sometimes people are ejected from vehicles and survive, and in some rare cases without a scratch. I’ve seen this on many YT videos. There was one last week showing this. However, with a bombing of this nature, they could still be ejected unscathed; although it would extremely rare, their insides would be mush from blast shockwave. That’s the same reason why you don’t dive under water near a grenade, because the shockwave is concentrated under water.

  10. Why does anyone believe she is actually dead? Because the tv says so?
    Why, Jeff, do you persist in claiming that Russia is doomed to lose this war? Do you have hard intel you haven’t shared?
    They have taken and are holding a significant portion of the former Ukraine, no? Against Europe’s largest military force, supposedly.
    If nothing else, Russia has all of Europe securely by the throat. If they shut off the spigot, RIP Europe.
    Does anyone really believe that the Russian people will rise up against the pirates and psychopaths that rule them?
    I certainly don’t.
    As regards the occult and Aleister Crowley-
    I’m glad you brought this up. Form follows function, and function begins as energy. “Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.” First the energy envelope develops, and then it fills with physical matter. This is the art of the occult; the manipulation of the energy envelopes that always precede 3D. That fact that very few people can “see” this process, is precisely why it is called Magick. It’s range of motion is wide, from thoughtful prayer on one side, all the way to the intentional activation and reception of demonic possession through the most horrible and unspeakable cruelties, especially against the generally innocent and specifically, the children.
    I have study Crowley extensively, primarily when I was young, and in the twenty plus years since I consumed his intellect through his extensive writings, I have yet to encounter a more “remarkable” human being. His life’s work is simply astounding. He was likely what we would call a “monster”, but who can say? Regardless, he, like all of us, especially the monsters among us, have plenty to offer in the pursuit to comprehend fully what the hell we are all doing here in creation, and how this most complex clock actually works.
    It has been suggested, that Winston Churchill enlisted Mr. Crowley in the defeat of the Nazis. Since I view the holocaust as a mass black magic occult ritual that very effectively caused the emergence of a particularly powerful and large energy envelop that the 3rd Reich simply filled, it is appropriate that the opposing team recognized it needed its own sorcerer to actually get into the fight.
    Perhaps this is why it is inadequate to view the going’s on by their physical markers? “Behind this mystery lies a worker greater than his works.” Or-
    “So I galloped round him in my frenzy until he became the prey of real physical fear. How I shrieked out I know not what strange words, and the poor good old man, he did all he could to calm me. He thought I was MAD! The fool….I was in the life death struggle for self. God and Satan fought for my soul those three long hours. And God conquered. And now, I have only one doubt left. Which, of the twain, was God?”
    If your intimation is correct, Jeff, and Dugin is in effect a sorcerer of sorts, a Rasputin with powers from other worlds, then this is going to get very interesting indeed. I don’t disagree.

      1. Ugh, I can’t stand that OSV syntax, please stop; it grates on the ear. This will offend a lot of “Star Wars” fans, but I don’t care; Yoda was one of the few things about the “Star Wars” films that I just didn’t like.

    1. Mr. Keller: It is not my position that Russia is doomed to lose the war. Where in this article do I say that? You are reading things into my commentary. For the sake of clarity, the initial Russian attack miscarried because the ground was soft, funneling the armored attacks, and their paratroop operations behind Kiev miscarried badly. Even then, I expected Russia would have a better chance when the ground dried. But even then I overestimated the Russians. Their tanks had failed so badly during late winter no large armored thrusts were possible in the spring and summer, so the Russians went to mass artillery strikes. But the HIMARs destroyed the Russian ammunition depots so the Russians could no longer sustain creeping barrages. The Russians lost the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, damaging the fleets anti-air protection capabilities. At present the Russians are being pushed back in the south because of bridges being knocked out along the river. Russia is compensating with barges to stabilize the position. Under conditions of conventional war, Russia does not have the morale or the means to succeed. The Russians can win, however, if they use nuclear weapons. So their case is far from hopeless. Perhaps they can also win with thermobaric weapons. There are two other possibilities for Russian victory; namely, if Biden’s CIA hands Ukraine over to Russia after a damaging intrigue to topple or compromise Zelenskiy; or the West stops providing support to Ukraine. As far as Dugina being alive, those who think she is alive should present evidence. I have seen nothing supporting such a claim. Her car blew up in front of witnesses. Her father is obviously distraught. Such a fraud, if discovered, would seriously damage the credibility of Russia’s government and media. Why would they take such a silly risk? You seem to refer to Ukraine’s army as Europe’s largest military force. Russia’s military is larger, but has serious performance issues. As I said before, Russia can get out of trouble by using its nukes. And this may ultimately be the plan. I have long believed they will have to use nuclear weapons in order to realize their goals. As for the occupied territory, much of it has been occupied since 2014. There is no victory in temporarily controlling other people’s land. The Axis occupied most of Europe during World War II, but it did not save them. As long as resistance continues, an invader cannot win. Attacking is more difficult than defending, but sustaining a force of occupation involves special difficulties as well.

      1. Mr. Nyquist, I think there may be one other possibility for Russian victory. If North Korea, China, and/or other Communist bloc countries supply major reinforcements. Even if they are poorly trained and equipped, if they provided enough, they could exhaust the Ukranians resources. Do you think that is a possibility?

        I remember one of my granddad’s friends saying how the Chinese army forced thousands of peasants to charge American positions in the Korean War. He said they were hopped up on some kind of drug, and the Americans kept mowing them down to the point the bodies were piled high, and the peasants kept coming, climbing over the bodies. I think he said the actual Chinese soldiers came after the mass of peasants. Not sure what battle or operation this was.

        He said the bodies were piled so high in front of his and his partner’s machine gun position, they actually had to angle the gun up pretty hard in order to keep hitting the approaching enemies.

        China has many bodies to send. I don’t know if the mentality of the people is the same as it was then to where they can be forced to do something so desperate.

      2. Because people ask why Duginas body was still “intact” at funeral despite the explosion. There is a video that shows that she was thrown out of the vehicle. Her body is lying on the road. Why her father is idly watching and not taking care of Dugina, I don’t know …. (video 00:53)

      3. Jeff-
        Perhaps I am reading something into your commentaries(I am referring to your body of work), but perhaps not. My primary point is that no one can know what is really going on in Ukraine, simply because establishing the credibility of the “facts” from which we deduce and reach conclusions, is very daunting. Add to this, that all war is deception, and the problem becomes much worse.
        What I am referring to about your clearly held perspective, is that your default setting is that Russia bad, Ukraine good. This article is no exception. You present your logic on why you conclude that the Russian narrative of Ukrainian blame doesn’t pass the smell test. You present clear reasoning. But the case you make and the way you make it can be, and is, made against others all the time. The endeavor known as deductive reasoning can be quite elegant and compelling, but is only ever as good as its inputs. One horribly wrong data point, and the conclusion reached will be wrong.
        What I am asking you, is why are you reflexively pro-Ukraine? Just the fact that our Clownish criminal politicians here overwhelmingly supported with cash and arms and rhetoric “The Ukraine” after the destruction they have wrought on behalf of the arms industry in the Middle East for twenty years, should tarnish any notion of Ukraine being unequivocally good. Shouldn’t it? But really, since you know that our political class has been complicit in high crimes against the global population for 2 1/2 years, ANYTHING OR ANYONE they support should be immediately suspect, shouldn’t they?
        This is why the blame game is limited. There are no good guys. Just guys that do stuff.
        And the army that travels is wrong. Which, makes us the baddest guy in this conflict, as we have traveled the furthest. In fact, that is all we’ve done for a long time. Travel long distances from our borders to commit homicidal murder in very large numbers. Context is everything, wouldn’t you agree?
        Now that doesn’t mean that your perspective on “One Clenched Fist” is wrong. You may very well be dead on. And your perspective on Russia’s military reality may be completely accurate. But you can’t know that. You have no way to reliably vet all the facts. Additionally, the suggestion that there is a significant barrier to escalating to nuclear weapons, and Russia can win if they get over that hump, is a barrier with a shelf life. And we are actively pushing it past its sell by date. That barrier is only for the first use since Nagasaki. After it is breeched one time by one actor, the barrier will vanish for the whole world. Why are we actively creating conditions for conflict when such an immense possibility as nuclear war will be the logical outcome?
        You didn’t address my most important point. Shutting off all economic exchange with the west. Unless you think they cannot do that. Here you will have to provide compelling evidence of why they can’t.
        And I haven’t heard anyone suggest that she is in fact not dead. I suggested it. And I have no evidence, other than we can be quite sure that the entire media monster globally are liars. So I am skeptical of ALL of the details. Starting with the initial report. Here you have read something into my thoughts that isn’t there. I simply asked why anyone reflexively believes it. Having worked in showbiz as an “actor” I know full well how helpless humans are when looking at images on a screen. Its why I don’t watch video. I studiously avoid them because of its immense power to deceive. It’s shooting fish in a barrel, and even the great actors and performers who KNOW how easy it is to deceive almost everyone once their eyeballs are locked on the video narrative, once they are audience members again, they forget everything they know and become the gullible again. The power of video deception can not be overstated. Which is why the fact that Zelensky is a trained actor is concerning.
        You are very measured, Jeff, generally and I love listening to your interviews. Following the workings of your mind is quite enjoyable, and educating. When I contribute, I do so as someone who has been invited to challenge your thinking. That is what this forum is for, isn’t it?
        “Mystical confused before admonition of Yoda he is”
        Is that supposed to be a good natured insult? I hope not, because that deviates from honorable discourse. I’ll assume it isn’t, and that I misunderstand your meaning. Perhaps you are addressing someone else, as mystically confused I am not. And I wish you had addressed that portion of my comment, as that was the part of your article that I enjoyed. You have read the “defector” literature and presumably study extensively all aspects of Communist ideology, and are therefore valuable to us in opening our minds to new possibilities. But I wonder if you have read Crowley. He may have written and published more words than anyone in history. Did you know that? So you bring in a new angle to the discussion. Things that go bump in the night. Do you have any details that corroborate the possibility that sorcery is involved? And if you haven’t extensively read Crowley, then you should leave him and the occult generally out of your reasoning. I am not an occultist, nor a pagan, and I am not a fan of ritualistic magic, even the white kind.
        I find the sacrifices of the innocents to be very not pretty. But that didn’t stop me from studying the subject. It is too important of a subject to ignore, if you want to understand the nature of war. The biggest reason that returning soldiers from foreign conflicts suffer so, is not because of what they saw. It is because of what they did. Otherwise “good” people being pulled in by strong occult forces to do unspeakable things. That is why rape is such an important tool in war. It’s how the beast gets let out. And if they have the beast, and you don’t, you better have overwhelming logistical superiority and resolve. In this context it is unhelpful to talk of good guys and bad guys. It is just war. It is what we do.
        The only rational conclusion to draw from all of the ideas available regarding global geo-politics today, is that we are in for a long slog. The war is not Russia vs Ukraine, or Russia and China vs The West. It is those in power vs all of us. A game for all the marbles. And none of us has the intellect required to grasp even a small portion of the moving parts.

      4. I am not “reflexively” pro-Ukrainian. Is my analysis so difficult to comprehend that you have so thoroughly misread me? I am primarily concerned with my country’s survival and its moral regeneration. Putin is an admirer of Stalin and does not represent moral regeneration of any kind. He privately toasted Stalin after his inauguration as president. All the crimes of Stalin, all that horror, has never been accounted for. And now, Putin is moving against Ukraine in his own way, even as Joseph Stalin moved against Ukraine. Shamefully, the world believed the Russian lies in the 1930s. It would be a double shame to believe them again. To see a people crushed, and to believe the totalitarian lies of the murderer, shows intellectual bankruptcy and moral turpitude. Even our wickedest politicians dare not openly side with Putin, though they would love to throttle Zelenskiy’s Ukraine and present the skinned animal to Putin as a prize. Please note: To compare Russia’s war in Ukraine with our war in Iraq is amiss. War is always bad, and evil deeds are always perpetrated in wars. While America’s war in Iraq was a waste and a blunder, it has a completely different moral significance in terms of the statesmanship behind it. Russia is reconstructing the USSR. That has an immoral significance that dwarfs any badness in America. Totalitarian evil is a mind-boggling, incomprehensible evil. The destructiveness of the thing is beyond the comprehension of most people. Read George Orwell. Read Hanna Arendt. Read Voegelin. Read Solzhenitsyn. Putin has shown his colors. He has flashed his red star to the world. People want to constantly demonize, but they do it ineptly and against the wrong set of mediocrities. There are evil people. And Putin is tremendously evil. Read Anna Politkovskaya and Sasha Litvinenko. Both murdered brutally for telling the truth about Putin. Do you think it is safe for those of us who have written the truth about the Russian regime? I do not sit here writing that the Ukrainians are angels and the Russians devils. I am telling you about a very evil successor regime. Why don’t you get it? The facts are very well documented. Furthermore, while we should be cautious about allying with a former Soviet country, the war itself removes the occasion for overarching suspicion directed at Kiev. Their enemy happens to be our enemy, so I wish them the best; not because my enemy is Russia, but because my enemy is communism and Russia’s ruling elite is supporting global communism on every front (like Biden wants to do). They are trying to put together the Soviet Union and have agreed with China to attend our country’s future extermination. Yes. I have very good reasons to sympathize with the Ukrainian cause. Today Ukraine is reduced to rubble. Tomorrow it will be my country. That is what most Americans do not understand. And they must come to grips with this. Your life is at stake here. It is not a question of anybody being unequivocally good. Do you want to keep breathing? It is a question of common interests and a shared enemy. As for Yoda, I was making a joke about Crowley. And I have read Crowley. He was a sophisticated occultist who knew how dangerous it was to dabble. Dugin is one of those people Crowley would have looked down on as a dangerous fool. That being said, the ideas Crowley related contain many dangerous things — irresistible to persons like Dugin. Crowley was not an altogether good man, and that is decisive.

      5. Elemmele, my guess would be that Dugin is not touching is doughter’s body for several reasons: he is in a state of shock and to some degree cannot think clearly, she is obviously not moving and presumed dead, as this is a crime scene he may be waiting for LE to show up and document.

  11. Maybe Darya was producing a story critical of Putin?

    Just like Halyna Hutchins, that camera operator who Alec Baldwin shot? She was reportedly Ukrainian, but in fact grew up on a Soviet military base in the Arctic. She became an investigative reporter making documentaries in Eastern Europe, before marrying an American and moving to Hollywood.

    Baldwin who performed brilliant satire on SNL impersonating President Trump, hates Ruskys. Baldwin believed the propaganda about Trump and Russian collusion. Might, Hutchins have done a story in Eastern Europe against one of Baldwin’s heroes?

    What if Darya had discovered some nefarious details about her father’s work which she felt an obligation to publicize?

      1. I’m incredulous of your innuendo that Alexander Dugin Satanically ritually sacrificed his girl for good luck, unless there might be extenuating circumstances that might have made him feel some obligation.

      2. The idea that Dugin sacrificed his child to Satan was not my insinuation. I chose my words carefully. Dugin wrote about ritual sacrifice of Children. I did not say he actually did such a thing. But when you send certain signals out into the void, they can bounce back.

      3. Jeff-
        I am replying here, as your excellent retort does not have a reply option below it.
        I basically agree with everything you said, except the intimation that I thoroughly mis-read you. I get you completely. In fact, the measure of one’s comprehension is to be found in their actions. For twenty years I have prepared mentally, spiritually and physically for these historic times. It is quite difficult and expensive to be more prepared than I am. You will recall that I shared with you once the concept of being kennel blind. Everyone is to a certain degree, and “fundamentalists” are in spades. I have a phrase about my best sources, “my favorite fundamentalist”. All my best sources are cock sure of there perspective, you being no exception. And this confidence in their worldview is come by very honestly. They have their reasons, legions of reasons. The problem is reasons aren’t enough. I understand that you have decided how things are and you are dedicated to sharing this view, in a Herculean effort to avoid a very nasty fate that you see coming at us, and quickly. And I appreciate it very much. I have read most of the authors you listed, some of them over and over. I nearly lost my mind in my twenties wrestling with the mass horror inherent in Stalinistic totalitarianism. When I was last in DC I spent all morning with the Falun Gong on the capital square, and no one else joined us. However 17,000 people yawned their way through the holocaust museum, that same day. The best part(read, worst part) of the museum was the small display, tucked away, on the Khmer Rouge. I spent an hour soaking up that horror. I get it. But if your view turns out to be the gospel, then your followers are lucky indeed, as we don’t need our brains any longer! We can just march in tune. So where are you kennel blind? The only way I have found to avoid having a blind, is to hold multiple (as many as is warranted based on honest intellectual inquiry) perspectives simultaneously, and watch their timelines unfold against the backdrop of events, hitching oneself to none of them. The value of any theory can only really be measured by its predictive ability, not how valid it “seems” to be in accurately describing observed phenomenon. It needs to predict accurately the not yet seen.
        So, I humbly request that you write an essay about the specific actions that will necessarily unfold as consequence of the “reality” you share with us. I recognize that this a daunting task, so many variables, timelines unknown. And I am not talking about when will London get nuked. Perhaps you struggle at times for new topics? I only write when inspired, which at times is months apart. I would struggle for new topics if I was pumping out an essay a week.
        In parting, I point out this. When conversing with people, you are very measured and leave plenty of room for other possibilities. When you write, you are much more dogmatic(meant favorably) or perhaps forthright. It is that tone in your writing that I was challenging. You and your truly remarkable life’s work are one of my timelines, but there are others too, with more added regularly. Very few ideas or world views are categorically out of bounds for me. As an example, one is censorship. The silencing of anyone is the beginning of the road to hell. Full stop.

      4. Jeremy Keller, if I may unterject, I specifically recall in one of Jeff’s comments several essays back, him saying that he constantly has to check and recheck events (I believe it was implied that he checks both, as new information comes to light and as events unfold) to see if his understanding is correct.

        Also, as for predictions, Mr. Nyquist based much of his sense of where we are headed on defector testimony, of which Golitsyn is prominent for having a 94% accuracy rate so far in what the Communists were/are going to do.

        Also, Mr. Nyquist writes on a broad range of topics. The nuances of Communism are legion, and he covers many, if not all of them.

        I know Mr. Nyquist can defend himself, and this isn’t my conversation, and I find some of your thoughts riveting, but it seems you are overlooking these facts I have mentioned.

        It seems it would be very maddening and exhausting to try to keep several completely different theories current in your mind, and constantly plug current events in to see how they fit.

        Especially when so very much evidence trails lead to a global Communist movement, unfolding pretty much just as Golitsyn said it would in the 80s.

        Just some thoughts that came to mind as I was reading your comments.

      5. In other words, when such a large amount of the facts and evidence points to Communism, why give other theories or lines of thought equal weight? Seems like sort of a waste of time and effort to give them equal weight with the one that the preponderance of evidence supports.

  12. Here is CNN-Russia’s coverage of Dugin’s remarks at his daughter’s funeral. The journalist translate’s Dugin’s remarks. He sounds so very vengeful. I find his remarks completely politically oriented. Is that a sign? I also find it odd that they called it a memorial service with an open casket. Her head seems intact and no signs of fire. Embalmers do amazing things I know, but honestly is that really her? I also find it odd that the service was executed so quickly. Was it even 72 hours? Almost, like it was pre-planned. Does anyone else think that way, too? It’s as if a Greek tragedy has been performed in reality. I tremble for Ukraine, Russia, and us.
    On a lighter note, Jeff, your book arrived. So glad to have a hard copy of your many finely written essays.

    1. Gosh, I tend to agree with you– questioning if that is truly her body. I’ve seen some severe, completely disfiguring burns in my day and the multitude of surgeries that never return them to baseline. And none were engulfed in a flaming car for an extended time after an explosion. Hard to believe such a traumatic death wouldn’t be a closed casket…..

  13. You mention how Colonel Lunev could not climb further in the ranks of the Communist hierarchy, how Russian soldiers were ordered to act brutally in this invasion, this really reminds me of those criminal cartels, gangs who ask the neophytes to commit acts of brutality as some sort of rite of passage, or as to make sure people who join have no conscience and are willing to do anything for the bosses, or perhaps that sort of savagery can dull the moral compass of certain folk. If memory serves me right the Marxist FARC in Colombia incite the young boys who are kidnapped to serve them to be extremely brutal towards women and girls. It’s just horrible, chilling stuff.

      1. The rape of Nanjing in 1937? Yes, I’m aware of it. https://www.britannica.com/event/Nanjing-Massacre

        Interesting fact; some may know this, some may not: British author J.G. Ballard, as a child, had lived in China with his family in the 1930s, and when the Japanese invaded, he was put in a Chinese internment camp set up by the Japanese. He elaborated on the experience by writing “Empire of the Sun”, one of his most famous books.


  14. By the way, August 24 (today) is Ukrainian Independence Day. Wikipedia states it was on this day that “the communist Supreme Soviet of Ukraine proclaimed that Ukraine would no longer follow the laws of the USSR and only the laws of the Ukrainian SSR,de facto declaring Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union.”

  15. Re: Sunday night discussion with Nevin Gussack and Sensitive Science Positions in the USA…


    Sensitive Science Positions in the USA look to be created here: the “Pentagon announces university-led hypersonic research effort” program published today August 24, 2022.


    My question :


    Setting up a “MICROSCOPIC, Two Million Dollar Budget”,


    INTENT ?


    All the Best,


      1. This program is transparently stupid at first glance.

        It has all the pieces of an “inside job”, with the goal of passing “game changing”, “final nail in the U.S.A. coffin”, cutting edge weapons technology to the enemy with plausible deniability of the actors.

        It is a “SET-UP” .

        By spreading the project over four woke universities in four different geographical non remote areas, who is to say who “lost or leaked” what and when and how.

        “It wasn’t us it was them”.

        The tiny two million dollar budget, and one year duration are telling. Not enough money to grab budget attention or provide security for the technology, just long enough to pass the technology, and wrap it up in one year.

        Like making a rabbit disappear in a magic trick with slight of hand. What program ?

        The need for the Manhattan Project in 1942, equals the dire need of winning the Hypersonic Missile Technology Race we are now in and the stakes are even higher.

        “On December 28, 1942, President Roosevelt authorized the formation of the Manhattan Project to combine these various research efforts with the goal of weaponizing nuclear energy. Facilities were set up in remote locations in New Mexico, Tennessee and Washington, as well as sites in Canada, for this research and related atomic tests to be performed. ”


        Note the description, “REMOTE LOCATIONS” .


        Anyone that reads this information, that can STOP this Program, NEEDS TO WORK WITH WHO THEY KNOW, TO STOP IT NOW !

        The side having the most reliable, most accurate, most powerful and FASTEST Hypersonic Missiles WINS.

        You take them out before the take you out.


        Time is short.



      2. The DOD and Pentagon are broken.

        The next thing you know, they will be asking the CCP to provide Hypersonic Wind Tunnle Time or builds the tunnels for us.

        The DOD and Pentagon are so busy being WOKE JACKASSES they forgot all about the need for Hypersonic Wind Tunnels.

        This Wind tunnel “Choke Point” looks to be intentional because it now provides an excuse to spread the U.S. Hypersonic Technology to Woke Universities far and wide.

        What could possibly go wrong with that.


        Did Obama plan this ? Right up his alley/tunnel.



  16. Going by the writings of defectors like Litvinenko in his book “Blowing Up Russia”, almost all the terrorist attacks in Russia for the past 30 years, including the notorious Moscow apartment bombings, have been false flag attacks committed by the FSB and blamed on the Chechens or other groups. The attacks always occurred when Russia needed a reason to invade or escalate military operations in Chechnya. The invasion of Georgia and first invasion of Ukraine were also preceded by convenient provocations and terrorist attacks on Russian or Russian-speaking civilians. Seeing this long pattern, there is no reason to think the murder of Dugin’s daughter is anything other than an FSB provocation designed to fill Russians with chauvinistic fervour and to ramp up the war fever – because after all, Ukraine killed a great Russian nationalist simply for her ‘ideas’. The pattern of blaming the U.S. or CIA for terrorist attacks in Russia is also not new. I remember a few years after the 2004 Beslan school attack being shocked to learn that most Russians and the media actually thought the U.S. was behind it, the Chechen terrorists not so much.

    Given the current situation in Russia, with the economy collapsing and many store shelves now sitting empty, low morale among the soldiers and difficulty in recruiting new volunteers (so bad the Kremlin floated the idea of bringing in North Korean reinforcements), it is plausible that the government would take extreme measures to shore up public support for the war. On the other hand, given how much Ukraine is dependent on Western aid and on being seen as the ‘good guy’ in this fight, the Ukrainian special forces being behind such an attack makes no sense. So far, the Ukrainians have been extremely savvy both in cultivating Western support and in reaching out to the Russian people to counter the propaganda they are subjected to (eg. the online interviews with Russian POWs). If the SBU was really capable of carrying out such operations deep within Russia, I doubt Dugin would be at the top of their hit list. In terms of PR, he’s more useful to Ukraine alive and spouting his vile rhetoric with abandon.


    In the video above it’s disappointing to see people like Joe (of the Amber and Joe Show which Jeff appeared on) rush to believe the allegations of the Russian media that the US/Ukraine were behind the attack. I’m sure this theory is popular on Gateway and other such sites. It is worrisome to see such unrelenting cynicism applied to a war that, unlike many other conflicts in the world, is clear-cut in terms of who the victim and aggressor are; this attitude from many conservatives cannot lead to a good outcome for us. It’s too much willful blindness. Anything bad that happens in the world, the CIA or US government must be behind it, escalating conflicts in order to feed the military-industrial complex. Joe also conflated the U.S. providing Ukraine with intelligence on Russian military targets with the CIA helping Ukraine carry out a terrorist attack on a civilian. And if Russia does anything to prolong the war, like (more) killing of civilians, which will further embitter the Ukrainian resistance, then the US must have provoked Russia into acting badly. As we all know here, it’s not like Russia really needs to be provoked into killing more people. And it’s not as if they’re not already trying to escalate things by occupying and firing from the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.

    Speaking of the nuclear power plan, another plausible theory for what the Russians are doing there is that they plan to disconnect it from the electricity grid and cause Ukraine to freeze to death in the coming winter. Former Ukrainian PM Yatsenyuk has been saying this (link below). Such a disaster on top of the self-inflicted energy shortage in the West might be enough to get countries to stop supporting Ukraine against Russia, all in the name of ‘saving’ Ukrainians.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUp8oDBdt7A Times Radio 8/14/22

    1. “It is worrisome to see such unrelenting cynicism applied to a war that, unlike many other conflicts in the world, is clear-cut in terms of who the victim and aggressor are; this attitude from many conservatives cannot lead to a good outcome for us. It’s too much willful blindness. Anything bad that happens in the world, the CIA or US government must be behind it, escalating conflicts in order to feed the military-industrial complex. … And if Russia does anything to prolong the war, like (more) killing of civilians, which will further embitter the Ukrainian resistance, then the US must have provoked Russia into acting badly. As we all know here, it’s not like Russia really needs to be provoked into killing more people.”

      I’ve encountered this demoralization among some conservatives, and I admit it is frustrating. In some circles, it is fashionable to suggest that America/NATO provoked Russia into aggression; or Putin is a Christian and a champion of conservative values. I have met one gentleman who believes that America released SARS-CoV-2 as a biological attack against China – a complete inversion of the truth. These are well-meaning people, and on other topics, I would be content to hold my tongue. But on subjects concerning our enemies – their identities, motivations and plans – confusion could spell the difference between survival and destruction.

      1. This ”Blame America” idea coincides with the notion that America is an all-powerful oppressor. One need not believe that America is blameless in all respects to see that America is usually clueless, usually duped, as its own institutions are self-defeating. The big bad American bogeyman is a communist cliche.

      2. Lies that the state-run Chinese media, for instance, trumpets almost constantly in their own publications. I’ve become aware of this because I read websites like Breitbart.com, which, often when their reporters write about China, they will include quotes from the Chinese press, which are often very nasty and very petty, to say the least.

        Thank gods that there are still plenty of American patriots left who care about the country, and where it is going, and they will likely not believe such slander.

    2. So far, Gateway has been relatively quiet about it. I imagine Larry Johnson is feverishly working on a propaganda masterpiece however.

    3. Very good summary, Laura. And yes, the report just came through that Russia is disconnecting the Zaporizhzhia plant from the Ukrainian power grid and connecting it to the Russian grid. It is extremely disturbing to see the way the American right is being manipulated by the Russians. The anti-Ukrainian propaganda is very strong, and Gateway Pundit, Larry Johnson, and the Flynn gang, have been pushing that propaganda line. When I talked to Johnson last year, we had an actual argument on the phone about Russia. He was clearly pro-Moscow. With his background in the CIA I was not entirely suprised at his attitude and his associations.

      1. I like calling them “Hateway Pundit.” Describes them quite well. Started as typo in the comments last article, but I like it a lot.

      2. So there is a hidden connection between the CIA and the Russia-Ukraine war! Just not the one many conservatives think. On that note, wasn’t Tucker Carlson’s father also in the CIA? Maybe that’s a factor in why he’s pro-Russia?

        In listening to the above Man In America interview with Trevor Loudon, he mentioned how Communist propaganda has become much more subtle and therefore dangerous. Instead of, for example, a Communist front group spouting 90% Marxist talking points and 10% Christianity, that ratio has flipped so that only 10% may be Marxist rhetoric – but that last 10% acts as a poison pill. This might explain why Russia and its Western agents have been so successful in winning over segments of ostensibly anti-communist conservatives. Russian media repeats and amplifies all their favorite talking points* and then adds a pro-Russia hook at the end which many swallow uncritically. This tactic is even more effective when conservative media figures insert the Russia hook into their analysis of events. What this all boils down to is that when people are told what they want to hear, they often don’t care where it comes from. And they don’t notice that the last 10 contradicts the 90 that came before.

        *Some of those points are themselves produced by Russia, for example the sudden rise –to me, at least– of the WEF as the #1 perceived threat to Western civilization. Speaking of the WEF:
        https://www.theepochtimes.com/world-economic-forum-deepens-relationship-with-the-ccp_4636873.html Trevor Loudon video from Aug 3/22

  17. Some interesting info

    According to this video, something like 2 to 4 battalions worth of Chechens sent to Ukraine by Kadyrov have defected and are fighting alongside the UAF. Can this be? Early in the war we heard they were supposed to serve as ‘anti-retreat’ squads so it’s possible that since they were separate from the Russian army they had more opportunities to desert. The presenter goes on to speculate that this divided loyalty to Russia could lead to a resurgence of the fight for Chechen independence, with separatists seeing the war in Ukraine as a good opportunity to strike at Moscow. I doubt this would happen, but given what Russia may be trying to do at Zaporizhzhia right now, the timing would certainly be good.

    Then there’s this one about Belarussian partisans:
    How Belarusians are fighting Putin in their country and in Ukraine | Franak Viacorka
    Times Radio 8/21/22
    “If Ukraine fails, there will not be a chance for democracy in Belarus.” Between 500 and 2000 Belarusians have joined Ukrainian battalions, says the freedom activist, adding Belarus is occupied by Russians now, like France during World War II.
    Belarussians started a partisan movement, in March more than 80 acts of sabotage targeted the railway connections to Ukraine; thousands of people sent photos of Russian troops to the Ukrainian resistance, all of this makes the Russian army very uncomfortable in Belarus.

    Now with Medvedev threatening loyal Kazakhstan with invasion, it’s starting to look like Russia is even losing its grip on countries that have been under its thumb so far. I think that the reason nothing came of the attempts to have the Belarussian army fight in Ukraine is that both Lukashenko and Putin know it could light a powder keg in Belarus. Same reason for holding off mobilization in Russia. Chinese/North Korean troops might work, but it lets the cat out of the bag too early that Russia is still Communist. And NK soldiers could be persuaded to desert if offered food. Could this be the start of something? Could Communist Russia finally collapse under the weight of its ‘prison of nations’? On the flipside, the danger is that the fear of internal collapse could make the Kremlin even more irrational and ruthless in its war against Ukraine/the West.

    1. I don’t see Chinese troops being used in Ukraine. There are serious questions as to what the internal corruption in the Chinese military will do to their forces. they also need them to prepare to go after the Republic of China.

      1. I have seen reports of Chinese special forces in Ukraine. But these would be small units, and they might actually be Russian units from Siberia mistaken for Chinese units. It is difficult to sort everything out.

    1. If true, it makes me think it is another thing our govt is doing to turn Conservative/patriotic sentiment against Ukraine. Just like Biden “supporting”, and the Left in Congress voting to send billions to Ukraine (which we know isn’t happening) is calculated to embitter us against Ukraine and cause us to feel favorable toward Russia, imo

      1. The stripping of weapons of the U.S. military is troubling. It cannot be a coincidence. If that equipment is not going to Ukraine then the most likely possibility is that, just as with the Afghanistan pullout, it will end up in the hands of China/Russia or their allies. But even that part is not as dangerous as America being disarmed. And of course, the Ukrainians will be accused of selling those weapons on the black market.

        American patriots really need to sound the alarm over this and demand a full accounting of where the $40 billion aid money and military equipment is going. They must make it clear that America is in danger from the combined military might of Russia and China, and that a ramp-up in arms production and restoration of the pre-Covid armed forces is necessary. Biden should be exposed in his double-game of sabotaging the defense of 2 nations while pretending to be pro-American. People rising up and exposing the truth might be the only thing that will derail the end-game plan of the Communist powers at this point.

        As an aside, back in March, Jordan Schachtel was one of the great conservative warriors doing his due diligence and informing duped Americans about the out-of-control Ukrainian Nazis their government was supporting. This came out of left field since in the past, he actually reported on Russia’s nuclear and conventional arms buildup. I haven’t followed him since, so I don’t know if there’s been a change in his attitude.

      2. The mystery of where weapons and money are going needs to be solved. I am encountering intriguing stories from different sources. No answers as yet.

    2. I do not know the significance. There is a rumor, unverified, that U.S. units are being stripped of weapons ostensibly to send them to Ukraine. It seems unlikely, but with the current people in charge, I do not think we can outrule anything.

  18. A very good analysis of the reason for Dugin’s daughter assassination was made by prof. Grochmalski on the Polish channel Televizja Republika (Republican Television). According to prof. Grochmalski, Dugin has viciously attacked and criticized Putin himself on two occasions: One time in 2014 and then recently accusing him of cowardice and even a treason for being too soft and indecisive towards Ukrainians and wasting the lives of Russians for nothing. Putin was allegedly furious at Dugin calling him a SOB. In that case, Putin would be personally interested in avenging the insult that Dugin diercted tat him.
    If speculations made by prof. Grochmalski are true then by assassinating Darya, Putin would achieve two objectives, to punish Dugin and use that tragedy as an opportunity to stoke anti Ukrainian hatred and further to intensify the aggression and brutality towards the Ukrainian people. The question is whether Dugin is intelligent enough to grasp such a scenario is highly possible
    Unfortunately, the channel doesn’t contain the English sub tittles as it is directed only towards the Polish viewer.
    Regards from Australia – Bogdan

      1. Stan sinks his hooks as deeply as he can. I doubt Dugin is in a position he can turn to the truth without serious personal consequences. His daughter was bad enough.

    1. Thanks Bogdan. This might actually be the best explanation for why Dugin’s daughter was targeted. If the FSB just wanted to stoke anti-Ukrainian hatred they could have attacked any Russian civilian target, but targeting a close family member of one of their own propagandists is about sending a message. The same kind of message criminal gangs send when one of their members goes against the group. I heard Igor Girkin, the separatist leader in the Donbas, was making similar noises about Putin/Shoigu being too soft on Ukraine. I’m betting he’ll shut up now.

  19. “The U.S. State Department issued an alert Tuesday to Americans who remain in Ukraine to “leave immediately” in anticipation of expanded Russian strikes on the country.”


    “The Department of State has information that Russia is stepping up efforts to launch strikes against Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure and government facilities in the coming days,” according to a bulletin from the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine.”

    Darya’s death will be exploited by Russia. No doubt in my mind. 🙁

  20. This is the 2030 plan for Ukraine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PV2MYx–ljc

    They knock ’em down, and build ’em back up. Has anyone seen Rwanda lately? Kigali is completely renovated now. They basically were rewarded for the genocide.

    The communists on both sides of the Atlantic are working together to build the Eurasian superstate. It appears the capital will be Astana, Kazakhstan. They’re plowing right through the center of Eurasia. From Vladivostok to Lisbon-isn’t that what they said?

    And now they killed 25 civilians yesterday on Ukraine’s Independence Day. That assassination sure happened at a convenient time for Moscow.

  21. Amir Tsarfati just posted on Telegram:

    “For the first time ever: the power plant in Zaporizhzhia, the largest nuclear plant in Europe, was completely shut down and disconnected from the electricity grid following the escalation of tensions between the Russian and Ukrainian armies in the region.”

    Amir is a quick, accurate source of mideast military activities– another quagmire of history in my simple mind. I love his heart and his love of truth, but I dont agree with his understanding of timing of a key biblical future event, however. (Let the reader understand.) As the years roll on, all the world’s attention will be focusing, most acutely, on this region.

  22. Wow, Maupin seems to be character assassinated the most savage way. His twitter hijacked by some trolls, his YT channel down. They even released alleged hacked private conversation with his wife. These are methods of imperialist establishment. Hope Nevin is proud for his contribution. I am going to order his books.

    1. Also CPI’s website down, the alleged statement of his alleged colleagues is anonymous without signatures. While all social media accounts of his real colleagues are also down. Those people got totally removed from the internet. There seem to be a crackdown on patriotic socialists going on in the USA.

      1. From the same gentleman (you) who justifies the crimes of Marxist-Leninist dictatorships. Several of Maupin’s colleagues like Yankee Tankie signed on to the open letter published on Medium. Truth be told, I always got the feeling that Maupin had a highly authoritarian temperament. He follows in the footsteps of Lyndon LaRouche, Bob Avakian, and Rev. Jim Jones.

      2. Folks like Maupin, Haz of Infrared, and Jackson Hinckle are not patriotic in my view. They champion the interests of America’s geopolitical enemies in Moscow and Beijing. Remember the fascist and national socialist collaborators in occupied Europe also viewed themselves as patriotic while cooperating with the Axis Powers during World War II. We have a similar phenomenon here in the US.

        The other communist parties like the CPUSA, Workers World Party, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the Party of Socialism and Liberation, Liberation Road, and others are functionally quisling organizations. They do not have America’s best interests at heart.

    2. Yet the same “imperialist establishment” supported Permanent Normal Trade Relations with the People’s Republic of China (2000) and the Russian Federation (2012), which opened the floodgates for technology transfers to strengthen their industrial and military power. Military industrial contractors like Ford, General Electric, Boeing, and Blackwater all aided Russia and China in various capacities while overcharging and strongarming the US taxpayer to fund our defense efforts (of which I’m a staunch supporter of, minus the very real corruption and waste in the defense contracting industry). The “imperialist establishment” is schizophrenic at best, as far as national security issues go.

  23. On that we agree. I’m very familiar with Lenin’s view of contradictions within the capitalist/imperialist camp. I’ve written about it very extensively.

    Therefore, your implicit portrayal of the “imperialist establishment” as being against communists is not entirely true. (In fact, Maupin was one of several American communist personalities who discussed the need to exploit fissures in the ruling class here in the US. He was an apt pupil of Lenin. This is one of the many aspects of Marxism-Leninism which makes it a formidable, dangerous adversary).

    It is the contradictions within capitalism (stemming largely from corporate greed) which led be to become disillusioned with libertarian economics. You cannot have a cohesive society and strong national security posture existing side-by-side with libertarian economics and global capitalism.

    1. “Therefore, your implicit portrayal of the “imperialist establishment” as being against communists is not entirely true. ”

      if you listened to Maupin, you would know those establishment-aligned “communists” (CPUSA, all the Trotskyist orgs etc.), who focus on upholding degeneracy and smearing existing (not only) socialist states, over fighting imperialism, are useful idiots of world imperialist establishment. Listen to some Maupin’s talks on the synthetic left.

      As someone who was born in a socialist country, I can assure you those degenerates would end up in mental hospital or jail back then here.

      1. Commit: Don’t you see that the CPSU is following the strategy of Moscow in its infiltration of the Democratic Party? They cannot do this while openly pronouncing their allegiance to Moscow and Beijing. Deception is the watchword.

  24. With the body being burned beyond recognition, one could certainly entertain the idea that that wasn’t Dugin’s daughter at all. All smoke and mirrors to have a pretext for a large escalation. To me, having Dugin as a martyr at this point is silly. He’s still very useful for the time being. He can crow revenge and stir the pot domestically for more war.

    For me, I suspect a false flag theater piece for domestic consumption to justify a large scale escalation, but I’ll never really know. I’m waiting to see the reaction to give clues.

    The blame game is turning downright nasty though.

    Pepe L’pew wrote a leftpiece with an interesting accusation.


    “But most of all, these organized crime factions blamed Dugin for a concerted Kremlin offensive against the disproportional power of Jewish oligarchs in Russia. So these actors would have the motive and the local base/intel to mount such a coup.

    If that’s the case that spells out a Mossad operation – in many aspects a more solid proposition than CIA/MI6. What’s certain is that the FSB will keep their cards very close to their chest – and retribution will be swift, precise and invisible.”

    The jews dunnit again, yawn.

    With that, I again wonder if denazify Ukraine is code for deAshkeNAZIfy Ukraine.
    Remember, people who hate jews in Russia are eating this up. So are people in the US
    and Russia that hate jews. They say to their followers, “Hey. look a lot of presidents of Ukraine have been jewish. Nuland and her husband are jews and they were involved before all this trouble began. Jew haters in the US are feeding it to the Russian channels posting jews in the US government. They both agree the jews are bad and have to go.

    Wow, I think, is this really happening like this? The new rallying call and bonding on telegram for the Russian and US jew haters is 200 Years Together. So now they say it proves the jew is the cause of us and their problems.

    A lot of Russian anti nato telegram channels I observed had to close all commenting
    because of the jew hatred all over the place. Very nasty comments, and proposed solutions.

    This situation is similar to WW2 yet very different and a lot more dangerous.
    If I were a jew I would be taking a good look at the dark cloud emanating from Mordor,
    flowing into Europe and the US, and plan accordingly.

    So, back to the murder…

    As for us reading and commenting, we will never know the real reason or perpetrator, or whether this was all theater. It’s fog to us. We can only surmise. None of us has any access to the crime scene nor the expertise to assess it. And the only evidence we have is what the Gremlin has spoon fed us.

    How reliable is the Gremlin?
    Anyone trust the Gremlin?
    Would you feed the Gremlin?, Especially after midnight?

    Now where have I heard that before?

    From a lone Crier, ringing a sole bell, warning a sleepy distracted country of the danger that’s awaiting them. The Crier took the abuse of the nay sayers trying to kick him down.
    So, he kept ringing his bell harder and louder hoping a few keen people would pay attention and realize the gravity of the situation.

    Jeff, thanks for being the Crier and relentlessly ringing that bell. I heard it loud and clear.

    I’m sure many have heard it, will hear it, understand it, and get ready for what comes.

    Please keep on ringing that bell harder and louder than ever before, Jeff. People are listening.

    Bill Freeman

    1. It is the most amazing thing to see the Russians deploying anti-Semitism and anti-Nazism simultaneously. This has created a comical situation on the American right. I have had talk radio callers, one after another, attack Ukraine for being Nazi and then slip into the wickedness of Ukraine’s Jewish oligarchs and Jewish president. This is what happens when semi-illiterates adopt ad hoc propaganda themes out of a grab-bag of pro-Russian sources.

    2. An excellent comment, Bill – thank you. The Kremlin’s antisеmitic propaganda, together with the pretense that Putin is a Christian nationalist opponent of globalism, has the potential to make conservatives as confused and open to manipulation as the leftists.

      On a very small point you raise at the beginning of your comment: the notion of a “corpse burnt beyond recognition” seems to have been journalistic carelessness and exaggeration, since the phone-videos that have been posted of the scene of the crime show a body in white clothing thrown at a distance from the car by the explosion. One of the videos shows Dugin himself present, standing near the body. There is extensive bloodstaining, but the white color of the clothing is easy to see. Since the explosion threw the murdered woman from the car, it seems unlikely that her face would be burnt beyond recognition – this would only be likely if her body remained in the burning car.

      So the open casket at the funeral is consistent with the video evidence. This isn’t to rule out the possibility of deeper deceptions, but there is no evidence for this possibility as yet.

  25. Mr. Nyquist, it occurred to me the following consideration regarding your apparent thesis [that one should not bring out a dogmatic postulation for politics sake because of the audience’s unwillingness to accept it with consensus, on the American soil at large for instance]: I have noticed and even have written about it, that American culture is very similar to Muslim culture under the aspect of there existing an emphatic, if relative, separation between exoterism [what the public at large is fed and addressed with] and esoterism [what is too subtle and “highbrow” to even be noticed underneath apprearances]. This is clearly seen in the popularity of a franchise like Star Wars, which is really popular and at the same time its meaning is all about something most people ignore or dismiss as absurd (the thesis that secularism is tyranny, and has to do with the clergy [the class of people dedicated to contemplation and study] being wiped out from the center of the public arena; as well as the thesis the clergy are ultimately responsible for their own degeneration/downfall because of the unduly or excessive involvement in direct secular matters). The fact this separation between exoterism and esoterism is typically American, and a very Muslim-like quality; this seems to give credit to the thesis Olavo de Carvalho proposed one time, that occultism (which influenced quite directly an important and culture-shaping American author like Albert Pike) in the West was heavily influenced by Eastern and Muslim discreet agents. He cites as an example Gurdjieff.

    When I see an attempt to use the life of Joan of Arc as a means to an end [as it were] (encourage people in a time of trials), as something useful for practical purposes in detriment of being unifying in way of doctrinal/dogmatic unity; I see an exoterism emphatically distinct from an potential inner knowledge [esoterism] being proposed. This is a problem that has universal, even biblical thematic discussion. Jesus’ riding a donkey during the Triumphal entry into Jerusalem [a donkey “found in the meeting of two separate ways] is an allusion to the Prophet Balaam riding a donkey in the Old Testament, and after being dismissed of his meeting with Balac each one of the two going into his own way; these stories are talking about the inconciliation between exoterism (outwardness and civic precept) and esoterism (inwardness and dogmatic learning), and Balaam was a Madianite/Arab in a way suggestive of the Muslim outlook. Jesus riding on the donkey occurs in the context of a secular prestige that challenges the need for the calvary sacrifice, for only martyrdom begets real conciliation between the two ways.

    1. Pedro: Interesting post. My only comment might be, that I do not think inwardness is dogmatic. Inwardness is experiential and profoundly spiritual. It is the outward expression of faith that necessarily relies on dogma, which guides the soul in the right direction and looks to an institutional setting. This is where the misunderstanding takes place. The deeper spiritual meanings that underlie the whole remain inaccessible to those who approach spiritual things in an unspiritual way. There are levels of understanding here. But the vulgar always find a way to misunderstand and abuse the mechanism of conveyance. Who will deny it? As for American religiosity resembling Islam in its inability to unify exotericism with esoterism, you may have a point.

      1. Zechariah 9:9:

        [9] Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Sion, shout for joy, O daughter of Jerusalem: BEHOLD THY KING will come to thee, the just and saviour: he is poor, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.

        This is the prophecy that Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem fulfills. The mysterious reference to his riding two animal is explained as his riding upon the Jews, in the first instance, and upon the gentiles in the second, the colt never having yet been ridden.

      2. P.S. I agree with Jeff that dogma should not be categorized with esotericism. Nothing could be more bald, concrete and categorical than the affirmations of the Creed. The greatest mystics of the Church would have died, as many of the martyrs did, rather than deny a single article of the Creed or of doctrine. St. Joan would have been scandalized at the thought that she was a heroic figure. She was a faithful Catholic perfectly obedient to the call of God. Saints in the Catholic Church are canonized because they are judged to have practiced “heroic virtue” throughout their lives. It’s just that the heroism that Joan was called to happens to resemble externally what the secular world recognizes as heroism.

      3. Deborah Cole: Zechariah 9:9 is an example of Hebrew poetic parallelism, i.e. saying the same thing but using different words. The colt, the son of a female donkey, is still a donkey.

  26. ….People are strange.
    Enjoy and value your views, Jeff, even if we don’t see eye to eye on all issues, I am always open to alternative perspectives and you often provide insight.
    Loved the Joan of Arc blog, sent me off on a mini voyage of discovery for a few days.
    However, I would suggest refraining from the use of conspiracy theorist where possible, I find it to be a lazy label that often belies an inability to engage in logical factual and objective debate. One of my pet hates is the use of the term or conflating something obviously false like flat earth theory with genuine points of view backed by sound objective evidence. This kind of response is best left to the gutter media, most people view your blog to escape that overt smell.
    Blessings and good will to all.

    1. Sorry for offending, but I am opposed to theories postulating a murky conspiracy of elites going back centuries. The West today is such a tangle of elites (financial, industrial, scientific, cultural), raised up through the complexity of the market system, that any such theorizing is an error crying out for correction. The fact of elite plurality is completely overlooked by conspiracists, as is the rising COMMUNIST attempt to make ONE out of MANY. There are two factors that explain what we see. One is modern degeneracy, and the other is communist subversion. The two things go together and reinforce one another. Each is a subject all its own. Conspiracy theorists think these subjects are not as important as grasping the central role of conspiracy in history. Thus, conspiracy theory becomes a substitute for reading actual history. Every grand conspiracy book is an occasion to deny history because the historians do not recognize THE CONSPIRACY. Any history that neglects the centrality of conspiracy is cast aside as bunk. If classic writings do not confirm the conspiratorial view, they are part of the conspiracy itself. Thus the conspiracy theorists sees himself as the ultimate scholar, the ultimate interpreter, of history. There are many problems with this approach. One of the key problems is the inherent materialism and philistinism of conspiracy theory. In my view, and in the view of the classic philosophers, Church Fathers, etc., history is guided by Providence, not by conspirators. Thus, conspiracy theory is unspiritual in its core propositions. Another problem with conspiracy theory is its strong confirmation bias, its refusal to learn proper method, and its disregard for wider knowledge. As a result of this, conspiracy writers commit errors of context as well as errors of fact and analytical judgment. Conspiracy “theories” depend on a false and superficial sociology, and a false theory of history. One takes the general proposition of an enormous secret conspiracy and uses it to explain all the major events of history, and every major story in the newspaper. This results in an appalling falsification of history. Worse yet, the conspiracy theorist resembles the Nazi and the communist in his readiness to falsify. Here is a red flag, telling us that we are dealing with what Eric Voegelin has called “gnosticism.” Conspiracism appears to derive from the same psychological pathologies we find in Nazism and communism/socialism. In consequence, conspiracy theory has been used by civilization’s enemies to poison us against ourselves. We see this in the false Truther narratives about 9/11. We see it in the many false JFK assassination narratives. Conspiracy theory has always been a vast muddle into which harmful poisons are injected. A blinding cynicism aligned with class resentment remains concealed in conspiracy theory, making it the perfect tool of the communists for uniting the right with the left. After first studying conspiracism, I also observed the educational deficiencies of the conspiracists. These folks do not seem to have seriously studied philosophy, history, or social science. In my experience, they treat such studies with contempt. There is an unwillingness to learn the ABCs of history or philosophy, substituting a concrete-bound conspiracy model for real learning. The first hard-core conspiracist I met, while I was in graduate school, had a vast library of conspiracy books. That is all he owned. He had no interest in reading classics. He had no familiarity with history, ancient or modern. I asked him why he never studied history, biography, philosophy or political science. He saw these subjects as products of two millennia of conspiratorial manipulation. Classic historical texts were part of the conspiracy. Everything was poison, in his view. Everything had been contaminated by a sinister cabal directing human history. Only a constant drumbeat of the conspiracy theme was intellectually tolerable. The ignorance of the man was shocking. He could not see outside of the conspiracy box; and what is worse, he did not want to look outside. Thus, he was locked into a narrow view of life and history. And he was militantly determined to hold these views without reference to a wider learning. Think of his error: To study only one kind of book, and to derive all political and historical understanding from the idea that history is one giant conspiracy, is simply a confession of pathological cycnicism or paranoid ideation. You might chastize me all you like for being “lazy” in my attitude toward conspiracy theorists, but I have read many conspiracy books. My curiosity about them could not be satisfied with a mere glance. But conspiracy theorists will not read the books I recommend. At least, they will not read them with an open mind. Already possessing the keys to the kingdom, conspiracy theorists view all classic sources as part of the larger problem. Here is a ready-made excuse for the laziness of the conspiracist. One-conspiracy-fits-all thinking — opposed to knowledge of real history — is a disease. If you say I am lazy after all this, you have a right to your opinion. Then I will ask what you thought of Macaulay’s History of England.

      1. I am resending my original comment which my “P.S.” was intended to follow, but it never appeared. I wrote:

        Zechariah 9:9

        [9] Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Sion, shout for joy, O daughter of Jerusalem: BEHOLD THY KING will come to thee, the just and saviour: he is poor, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.

        This is the prophecy which Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem fulfilled. The mysterious suggestion of his riding on two animals is interpreted to refer to the Jews, in the first instance, and then to the gentiles, the colt never before having been ridden.

      2. I was having trouble getting your quotation to post. The program keeps unposting it for some reason. These glitches are sometimes irritating.

      3. Mark Twain didn’t only write a wonderful biography of Joan of Arc. He also penned this memorable aphorism that hilariously sums up the attitude of the conspiritist: “I hate spinach. And I’m glad I hate spinach. Because if I didn’t hate spinach, I’d eat it, and I hate it.”

      4. Jeff: I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist and I don’t have a single conspiracy book on my shelf.

        On the other hand, I recognize when what can be observed just doesn’t fit the “official” narrative. What I have against the conspiracy theorists that I have seen is that they take a few facts, then build a castle of speculation on those facts. That is the wrong methodology. One needs to wait for more facts to fill in the gaps, or forever leave those questions unanswered.

        On both the JFK murder and 9/11, the official narratives don’t pass the smell test, but both have left me with more questions than answers and no way to get the answers. But Jeff, you yourself mentioned that the official narrative concerning the JFK murder purposely left out important information. As you say, we need to be very careful on what we say. And be careful that what we say is based on facts, not speculation or pre-determined answers.

        Already I see some speculation concerning the murder of Dugin’s daughter. The questions are valid, but until we get more facts, those questions are unanswered.

      5. Speculative Analysis about the events in Moscow, done in full context, is not the sane think as JFK conspiracy theories propelled by KGB active measures testified to by defectors.

  27. Re: Valentina (Aug. 25 / 10:26AM) – I wonder how many grasp the significance of this very short post and I note that no argument against these statements is offered – a pandora’s box none seem to want to open and indeed most consider blasphemous to do so. Tis puzzling to me as we always seem open (at least in our society at large) to question even God Himself, so to what exalted level is the aforementioned then elevated when it is beyond question or scrutiny ? While I do not agree with a lot of things Brendon ‘O Connell posts on his site (such as his Biblical understanding), he certainly backs up this herein referenced post’s viewpoint with overwhelming verifiable facts. And no, it was not his site that opened my eyes to this issue (I’m no “groupie”). The struggle of Jacob vs. Esau / Edom has never ended and is playing out before us … we have only failed to identify the players. A subject we will eventually have to deal with.

    1. @Jeff (VA Rebel) [not @ Jeff Nyquist]

      Jeff, you and Valentina have either fallen for, or are deliberately spreading Soviet/Russian disinformation. You refer back to Valentina’s post of Aug 25, 10:26. Here is one of her statements:

      every Prime Minister has been from the former Soviet block or their parents were

      This is utterly false. It is a very simple matter to find the place of birth of each of the lsraeIi prime ministers. The recent prime ministers, going back to Netanyahu, were born in lsraeI. Going back a little further, they were born on what is today lsraeIi territory, but was then British Mandate Palestine. The earliest prime ministers were born in pre-Soviet Poland or Ukraine (then part of the pre-Soviet Russian Empire). Where did Valentina find this disinformation, and why did neither you nor Valentina think of spending the five minutes needed to check this? If you’re capable of commenting here, then you’re capable of conducting a rudimentary web search.

      Valentina also says in the same comment:

      Russia is the 2nd most spoken language over there [in lsraeI]

      Indeed it is. Do you know the origin of “refusenik” (originally отказник)? Soviet Јеws in the 60s and 70s were discriminated against, and subjected to quotas in universities and better careers. When they requested to emigrate to IsraеI, they automatically lost their jobs, and when the refusal came (as it usually did), they were then prosecuted for being jobless parasites (which for some, led to imprisonment). So when they were finally, in the 90s, allowed to leave, lsraeI suddenly had to take all these ex-Soviet citizens who had been badly mistreated by the Soviet Union, and who were looked on with suspicion by their non-Јеwish Russian compatriots. These were people who had every reason to hаte the Soviet Union, not people who were eager to serve the Communist or KGB rump that was still in charge.

      Did the KGB send some of its agents to lsraeI? It would be hard to believe that they didn’t. lsraeI is infiltrated by Russia and China just as the US and the rest of the non-communist world is, and it has its own share of stupid or compromised leftist politicians who undermine their own country. Russia and China are allied with Iran, and support Iran’s bid to gain nuclear missiles to destroy lsraeI (as Iran has vowed to do). Russia’s and China’s politicians in the free world, like today’s Democrat leadership, are helping Iran to achieve this goal. But instead you prefer to ignore this elephant in the room, and imagine that Putin meeting with this or that rabbi, or Netanyahu meeting with Putin (to try to mitigate the dangers to lsraeI from Syria) means that there must be a nefarious conspiracy of Јеws to take over the world with Russian communism as its main vehicle.

      There is a name for this particular concoction of willful ignorance, false accusations and insinuations, and those who propagate it are ultimately serving communism (whether they understand it or not). This is why Russia has spread this poison among its MusIim clients and latterly in the Western “alt-right” that listens to Dugin and whispers about “the tribe”, “the chosenites”, “they who cannot be named” etc.

      1. (Sorry – everything in my comment above from “Indeed it is” onwards should be non-italic; I must have omitted a forward slash in an “” instruction.)

      2. Of course the Russians are supporting Iran and radical Islamists! I have pointed this out repeatedly, so you need not chastise me for ignoring the fact. At the same time the Russians have been infiltrating Israel, just as they have infiltrated the United States. Israel is not a major power and attempts to survive as an “in-between.” This is seen in its participation in China’s belt and road initiative. Israel has also been involved in technology transfers to China. The nuances of these policies are not easy to understand. My supposition is that Israel must attempt to survive in world where America could turn its back at any moment — as we have done to other allies. In fact, Israel is not technically an ally of the United States. I do not know of any formal treaty of alliance. This claim seems to be a kind of rhetoric designed for internal American consumption. The Arab oil powers have their own lobby in Washington to compete with the Israelis. We have seen a real battle there. Also, I have long worried that Israeli intelligence is penetrated by the Russians. This is a murky area. In all these comments I do not think there is Russian disinformation being advanced in my statements here. I am stating bare-bones facts. The Russians use anti-Semitism as a weapon at the same time they attack “Nazis.” They manipulate both sides of the divide. This is always their way. It is called the “scissors strategy” in which they infiltrate and manipulate both sides in a conflict — Arab and Israeli, Muslim and non-Muslim. I do not specialize in Israel, but only make general observations related to my area of study. Like all Western countries, Israel has been subject to Russian and Chinese manipulation, infiltration and — most importantly — drawn into policies detrimental to Israel (like the aggressive vaccine policy of last year). Please do not take this the wrong way. I have the exact same criticisms of my own country as Israel. The West rushed into relationships with Moscow and Beijing that were ill advised. It does not make me anti-American to say this any more than it makes me anti-Israel. I have attacked anti-Semites again and again on this site. Israel has been too close to Russia, and Moscow has used its Jewish oligarchs to advance a dangerous process of collaboration in the margins. Russia is trying to get control of the Middle East because of the oil, and Russia may be on the brink of success. How does Israel fit into this game. Always, with a scissors strategy, there is constant improvisation. The threat of war between Israel and Iran is part of this strategy. Russia would like to be in a position to play the moderator in place of the USA.

    1. Very scary! And I’m sure China is aware of it as well. All of this is being done on purpose. 🙁

  28. @Valentina: “Israel is a forward fire base of Russia.”

    While Putin publicly appears to be soft on Zionism (in Palestine), this can be temporary, remember Russia supplied Hezbollah with anti-tank missiles in 2006, which allowed its victory. Russia supports Syria against all kinds of Zionist proxies (ISIS, Al-Qaeda, so-called Rojava etc).

    If you believe Russia’s capitalist facade is temporary, the peace with the Zionism can also be temporary. How actual communists see Zionism is I think known https://archive.org/details/the-secret-and-explicit-goals-and-deeds-of-the-zionists

      1. Hello Jeff, thank you, as ever, for your enlightening article and for the new video (with Nevin).

        I’m actually answering your previous comment here, which doesn’t have a “reply” option at the end. All I want to do in this comment is clear up a misunderstanding.

        You said:

        Of course the Russians are supporting Iran and radical Islamists! I have pointed this out repeatedly, so you need not chastise me for ignoring the fact.

        But I wasn’t addressing you at all, and I’m well aware that we have no disagreement in this area. Here was the first line of my comment (that you replied to):

        @Jeff (VA Rebel) [not @ Jeff Nyquist]

        So I was aware of the potential confusion caused by the presence of this other “Jeff” (his name isn’t his fault), and I was trying to be as careful as possible to prevent such a confusion from arising.

        If I did actually disagree with you on a substantial matter (which was not the case here), I would be more circumspect and diplomatic in any case, given the great respect that I have for you, and the great debt of gratitude that I owe you. You are also one of the last people that I would ever accuse of antisеmіtism, both because you can obviously see through it as a deception adopted by the KGB, and because you wrote several excellent articles on the subject a couple of years ago.

        Because replies often appear at a distance from the comments they address, it would seem prudent to adopt the “@ [name]” convention, although I realize that even that didn’t work on this occasion (although at least it allows me to prove that I wasn’t addressing you).

  29. @Laura:

    “Jeff, what do you think are the Kremlin’s ultimate goals with regards to Israel and the Middle East?”

    Letting Arabs liberate Palestine on their own. Russian troops are going to leave Syria once America leaves.

  30. The Palestinian Liberation Organization was led by communists, like Yassir Arafat, who were trained in the Soviet Union. The Palestinian Authority is part of that same complex. Russia plays a double game in the Middle East, as it does elsewhere. Some of Iran’s leading clerics attended Moscow State University and some experts have speculated that there is a solid cadre of Russian agents leading Iran today. Colonel Stanislav Lunev once said that the Soviet General Staff understood the decision to side with the more numerous Arab countries as aligning with Marxist-Leninist theory, but they realized that the Arabs were not as efficient militarily as Israel, and that perhaps a strategic mistake had been made. Since the end of the Cold War, Israel has grown closer to Russia, and this has not been a good thing for Israel. At the same time, Russia has supported Iran’s quest to develop a nuclear arsenal while pretending otherwise. I know from Russian sources, and an official from the IAEA I spoke to in 2001, that Russia has been behind North Korea’s nuclear weapons. This is one of those open secrets we are not supposed to discuss.

    1. Soviets made a mistake when counting on pan-Arabism, which they believed become reality immediately after decolonization, but Arabs were never truly united. Palestinians alone cannot liberate themselves, as they are too few without regular army. Nowadays, the gulf Arabs who are aligned with Zionists and the USA are militarily incredibly vulnerable, few modern cities in desert, local population living like nobility, all work done by foreigners, millitaries full of foreign mercs. While the Arab countries aligned with Russia and Iran are getting stronger.

      Does Lunev believe Iran was secretly aligned with the USSR immediately after the Islamic revolution? Soviets supported Iraq during Iran-Iraq war. Maybe Soviets deliberately decided to sacrifice Iraq by not providing military aid during first Gulf war and align themselves with Iran.

      It is true that Iran is practically socialist, when you listen to Khamenei it is like listening a former eastern block leader, except the references on Marx and Lenin are replaced with references on Quran. An interesting book from an Iranian author.


  31. @ R.O.

    R.O., there’s no “reply” option at your comment above. Jeff has already given you a brief reply, but in the hope that it may put your mind at ease, I’ll tentatively add a little more.

    You said: On both the JFK murder and 9/11, the official narratives don’t pass the smell test, but both have left me with more questions than answers and no way to get the answers. But Jeff, you yourself mentioned that the official narrative concerning the JFK murder purposely left out important information.

    I would suggest that opposite pole from conspiracy-theorizing is “smugnorance”. If you don’t know this neologism, it’s a portmanteau of “smug” and “ignorant”, a label for the kind of person who congratulates himself for his superior intelligence on the grounds of blind trust in government-appointed “experts” (such as Fauci). That is, the smugnorant think that their intelligence resides precisely in their refusal to think about certain matters that are officially “settled”.

    So on the subject of 9/11, the smugnorant neither know nor want to know that a third tower collapsed, while the conspiracy theorist will not only know about it, but will also propose that the owner, Larry Silverstein, was part of a vast Јеwish conspiracy to take control of the world, as proven by the “dancing lsraeIis”, the phone calls that morning, etc. etc. [yawn]. I appreciate that you find yourself between a rock and a hard place.

    Regarding WTC 7 specifically, I think you may find that the more recent revisions and extensions to the Popular Mechanics account will answer your questions adequately: if I remember correctly, the main points are that WTC 7 contained fuel tanks that were needed to provide power to the WTC complex in the event of a grid outage, and that very substantial pieces of debris from the closer of the Twin Towers was shown in film (for all to see) falling on WTC 7.

    On the wider story of 9/11, Litvinenko placed ultimate responsibility on Putin. You may already know his whistleblower statement on receiving and protecting Zawahiri in Russia (i.e. Bin Laden’s No.2 and successor). For all the reporting on Litvinenko’s assassination by the Kremlin, his accusations were largely ignored by governments and the mainstream media, simply because the consequences would have been too grave. In the early 2000s, everyone “knew” that communism had been defeated and that Russia was our ally in the “War on Terror”. The Bush administration did not want the US public even to contemplate the possibility that Russia had masterminded 9/11. There is the further possibility that some of the chaos on the day was created or enhanced by Moscow’s agents of influence, and also that some of the false stories about 9/11 were created by Moscow for US consumption.

    Similarly, for the JFK assassination, the knowledge that Cuba was involved, and also the Soviet Union (at a further remove), was covered up by the Johnson administration and by the CIA since the consequences of admitting it were again too grave. If the US public knew that Castro had just commissioned the killing of their President, or that Khrushchev had originally sponsored the plan (but later withdrew, if Mihai Pacepa is correct), then the only options were either World War III or a humiliation so profound that there would have been little point continuing in Vietnam, and NATO might well have fragmented. So the CIA instead circulated the phrase “conspiracy theory” and ridiculed those who pointed out the inconsistencies, while the Kremlin took advantage of the situation and circulated disinformation to lead the “conspiracy theorists” to blame the hapless CIA.

    1. Very interesting. Could you (or anyone else) point me to where I can learn more about (a) Russian involvement in 9/11, and (b) Cuban/Russian involvement in JFK’s assassination?

    1. From the article:
      “Germany’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, Miguel Berger, said Russia was probably destroying excess inventory because “they don’t have other places where they can sell their gas.” …
      Industry experts noted that keeping an LNG facility running and burning off product that is not shipped elsewhere is considered cheaper and safer than shutting the facility down cold and restarting it later.”

      They may not have the storage capacity to keep the excess. And reducing production may be a slow/expensive process.

  32. Jeff, could you please elaborate on what you hinted about the KGB promoting the conspiracy theories surrounding the Kennedy assassination? Why would they want to promote those theories?

    1. The Mitrokhin Archive goes into this. The KGB planted JFK conspiracy narratives in Western publications from the outset. This inspired many people regarding these conspiracy theories in the wake of the assassination. Romanian intelligence defector Ion Pacepa has also written extensively about Moscow’s involvement in Kennedy’s death. See, especially, “Programmed to Kill” by Pacepa. See also Edward Jay Epstein’s writings.

  33. Response to R.O., above. Of course the poetic form reflects the traditional Hebrew parallelism. But that’s not all there is to the story. Consider Matthew 21:

    1And when they drew nigh to Jerusalem and were come to Bethphage, unto mount Olivet, then Jesus sent two disciples, 2Saying to them: Go ye into the village that is over against you: and immediately you shall find an ass tied and a colt with her. Loose them and bring them to me.

    The other gospels refer only to the colt, some adding that none had ever sat on it, which means the fact is significant. That is the animal that Jesus rides. New wine, a new song, a new covenant, a “new” animal.

  34. Jeff, in your recent interview with Nevin, you were posed a hypothetical question as to what you would do to control the internal communist extremists and in dealing with countries such as Russia, China and Iran.

    You state that you would put Roger Robinson in charge of an office dealing with strategic and economic warfare. Can you elaborate as to who this man is or what he has done to mention him specifically?

    1. Roger Robinson is a Wall Street banker who led President Reagan’s economic warfare unit against the USSR in the early 1980s. He has been currently working to block China from our capital markets.

  35. Another point that you’ve made in the past is that America needs to develop a “protecting class”. I believe you said that we need an “aristocratic class” that cannot be corrupted. Is there truly men of integrity today to take such a role as our Founders did? (Personally, I fear there are very few today)

    1. There does not seem to be the human material for such a class today. We have mostly salesmen and opportunists. What we need or lack, and what we are able to get, are two entirely different things. Only an organic process, like a war or general collapse, could produce something new. Warrior aristocracy has advantages because the virtues cultivated for war are close to what you need. But today’s war leaders are bureaucrats. Generally, we have a real problem. We have no process that would guarantee the emergence of a better ruling class. Anything we create under present conditions, would partake of the moral disease of the day. Everything depends on the specific circumstances of the future.

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