The nominalism of a dogma that has separated from experience … has become the dominant form of the West because it was, beginning with the eighteenth century, adopted as the intellectual form of ideologizing.

Eric Voegelin [i]

The practical result of nominalist philosophy is to banish the reality which is perceived by the intellect and to posit as reality that which is perceived by the senses. With this change in the affirmation of what is real, the whole orientation of culture takes a turn….

Richard Weaver [ii]

Psychopathic individuals generally stay away from social organizations characterized by reason and ethical discipline.”

Andrew M. Lobaczewski

To paraphrase Richard Weaver, this is another essay about the dissolution of the West. It is an account of dissolution not based on analogy but on psychiatry and philosophy. It argues that we have given in to the defective thinking of defective people in an Age of Ideology; that is, an age of political lying. The result is an ochlocracy[iii] cut into two warring halves.[iv] 

Consumers do not like to hear about the dissolution of the West. They would rather read about “the end of history” by someone like Francis Fukuyama, or the victory of their favored candidate at the polls. Anyone who writes about “the dissolution of the West” is taken for a pessimist – and what good is a pessimist? Nothing is possible for pessimists. What is always desired, in “democratic” politics, is an optimistic point of view. Unfortunately, this anesthetic signifies blindness to reality. Of course, optimism is useful. It greases the wheels of a doomed machine. It keeps the money flowing through a system of investment and return.

But those who draw hope from the continued functioning of the economic system are mistaken. The economic system depends on spiritual and cultural structures that are now dysfunctional. Because of this, the system is headed for collapse. Because of this, America is less and less the land of the free and the home of the brave. Consider some of the more striking developments of recent years: (1) According to our Supreme Court, marriage is no longer the union of male and female; (2) the life of a newborn baby is no longer sacred; (3) nobody is serious about thwarting our country’s enemies, foreign or domestic.

We could make a longer list of bad signs and dire symptoms. Yet, the three listed items are enough to show that our institutions are collapsing into a kind of collective madness. Optimism, under these conditions, is simply an affirmation of madness. Being gaslit by the upbeat bombast of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, made this madness (for many years) into entertainment. We should have realized that political optimism as entertainment is dangerous. A healthier form of entertainment, in line with reality, would have been a sweaty sock jammed into Sean Hannity’s mouth, stopping it mid-sentence. Yes, Sean. Reagan won the Cold War. Now suck on this sweaty sock.

An opinion leader should not be so vulgar as to congratulate himself on his own decadence, shallowness, and gullibility. Yet this is what our “conservative” opinion-leaders have done, again and again, for the past thirty years. And what has this optimism wrought? The incapable John Fetterman of Pennsylvania is headed for the United States Senate. Joseph Biden is in the White House. Russia has invaded its neighbor and there is war in Europe. Where is all that bouncy optimism now? – what has this foul self-deception brought forth? – what cure has this anesthetic wrought?

Consider the following: Climate fanatics intend to shut down our oil refineries. Even now they are shutting down our coal production. In effect, the U.S. Government is itching to implement a “sustainable” climate agenda where we all sit in the dark and freeze (e.g., see Germany). Meanwhile, our military men and woman are compelled to take an injection that neither prevents nor stops the spread of a disease – an injection that was not properly tested for safety. Yet the U.S. Government maintains that the vaccines are safe. In this matter, if you question the government, you are de-platformed on social media. Powerful forces oppose any official investigation of the vaccines. If you are a medical professional, you can lose your medical license for calling the vaccines into question – like Dr. Peter McCullough, who lost his. If you are in the U.S. military, and you refuse the vaccine, your career may come to an end. The United States Government, the Pentagon, and our highest medical authorities, supposedly had an ethical obligation to follow the Nuremberg Code on human experimentation. But now they believe in no such obligation. The first point of the Nuremberg code says that the “voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential” and that patients “should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior forms of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge … to make an … enlightened decision.” As everyone in the world knows, the experimental COVID vaccines were pushed on the citizenry with all the above: “fraud, deceit, duress, and overreaching….” There is no question that this has been ongoing, and that this is totalitarianism. So then, what happened to “morning in America”? What was the significance of all that optimism about “winning” the Cold War?

A free society, with the rule of law, encourages debate and discussion. But our system no longer encourages debate and discussion. And now there are three questions we are forbidden to ask: (1) Is Climate Change real or is it economic sabotage? (2) If the vaccines are safe and effective, why are people reporting deaths and injuries? And (3) If we want fair and free elections, why do we refuse to require in-person voting with voter I.D.?

Not long ago we were free to question anything and everything. But suddenly, somehow, the rules were changed. We are now obliged to blacklist people, to ruin their careers – to demonize as we demonetize them. After all, anyone who disagrees with the official narrative is a public menace if not a public enemy. People who raise these questions are made voiceless and invisible. We are told to denigrate them. And this is done in the name of science, public health, and democracy.

You would think this totalitarian turn would have already resulted in civil war or a general uprising of the people. But no. Resistance has been spotty, especially in the U.S. military. Our institutions and the people in them are marked by materialism and careerism, voyeurism and sense of detachment. But more than that, modern society has been taken over by “pathocracy,” defined by psychiatrist Andrew M. Lobaczewski as a mode of government arising out of a period of spiritual crisis, characterized by an “intensification of hysteria,” a degeneration of reason along with the disintegration of social structures. Lobaczewski wrote, “Every society worldwide contains individuals whose dreams of power arise very early…. They are generally discriminated against in some way by society….” These dreams of power “represent overcompensation for the feeling of humiliation….” Those who take the lead in originating pathocracy are generally schizoids; that is, persons characterized by emotional aloofness and solitary habits.[v] A rising tide of schizoid thought, according to Lobaczewski, owes much to a historical epoch dominated by fixed religious and political doctrines. “Such a historical period is always characterized by an impoverished psychological world view, so that a schizoidally impoverished psychological world view does not stand out as odd during such times and is accepted as legal tender.”[vi]

This helps to explain, in part, what has been happening to us. We have given in to defective thinking by defective people. And those defective people are running our institutions. Lobaczewski described schizoids as “doctrinaire individuals” who “manifest a certain contempt with regard to moralists … preaching the need to rediscover lost human values….” Fanatical schizoid spellbinders, propounding new ideologies out of their own defective thought patterns, typically attract characteropathic personalities as followers. These transform the abnormal ideas of the schizoid into political action. Lobaczewski explained that “this process tends to intensify with time….” Eventually, paranoid individuals become active in the new “movement.” And, toward the end of the process, “an individual with frontal [lobe] characteropathy[vii] and the highest degree of pathological egotism can easily take over the leadership.”[viii]

Schizoidal doctrines advanced by spellbinders gain traction because of their novelty. They also gain traction because the new doctrines are constructed for neurotics and hysterics and psychopaths (who are becoming more and more numerous). By pretending to alleviate the prevailing societal alienation through the promise of political empowerment, the ideology of the schizoid draws a political mob into its orbit. Abnormal and alienated people, wrote Lobaczewski, will imbed themselves “in some human organization, wherein they become zealots for some ideology, religious bigots, materialists, or adherents of an ideology with satanic features.”[ix]

Of course, schizoid “thinkers” are typically dismissed as cranks or eccentrics. Nevertheless, their ideas readily infect people who suffer from a personality disorder. The schizoid thinker charts a path to success when he is persistent, fanatical, and egotistic. According to Lobaczewski, “Karl Marx is the best-known figure of that kind. Frostig, a psychiatrist of the old school, included Engels and others into a category he called ‘bearded schizoidal fanatics.’” Such people, he added, were very active during the second half of the nineteenth century. Lobaczewski remarked that those who gravitate toward a Marxist pattern of thought exemplify “a schizoidal apprehension of reality.” The same can be said of the leading anti-Semitic writers and “thinkers” who inspired Hitler and the Nazi movement. Relying on an “oversimplified pattern of ideas, devoid of psychological color and based on easily available data,” the schizoid’s writings “are particularly attractive” to neurotics and psychopaths.  

Of course, Schizodia is not the only factor responsible for today’s political evils. It is merely one of the originating factors. Furthermore, we need not use the language of psychiatry to describe the people who originated totalitarian ideologies. There are other ways of characterizing them (that do not entail the use of psychologizing epithets). Eric Voegelin, for example, described such people (including Karl Marx), in terms of spiritual sickness (as opposed to psychiatric disease). Voegelin preferred to see Lobaczewski’s “schizoids” as morally responsible persons engaged in dishonest and self-aggrandizing behavior. He therefore described Marx as a “swindler” and his followers as criminals who “kill people for fun,” rather than as patients in need of treatment or compassion. In practice, all Marxist regimes have engaged in killing. As Voegelin explained, “[their] faith and willingness to sacrifice the people … can only end with the horrors of physical destruction – that we know from the Hitler case.”[x]

Why do ideological movements sacrifice people for power? Because ideology is about power. Consequently, ideology has nothing to do with the truth (as truth and power are often at cross-purposes). Ideology, said Voegelin, “is a phenomenon of intellectual dishonesty….” Even those who adopt ideologies are not honest because, noted Voegelin, “anybody who is willing to read the literature [of ideologies] knows that they are not tenable, and why.”[xi]

While Lobaczewski discusses political evil in terms of the physiological abnormalities of the psychopath, Voegelin begins by asking why so many normal people embrace ideology and its attending evils. Intellectual dishonesty in political matters is not merely the result of partisanship, he explained. Rather, ideology goes much deeper than partisanship. This is because modern society is soaked in ideology and overrun by ideologists who are constantly fighting each other. Therefore, modern society is loaded with political lies. Just one example should suffice. The very word “democracy” is a lie in the mouth of most people; for they do not know what democracy is, or what it signifies morally; and they have never lived under one. Consequently, the word democracy, on their lips, is a sinister significator. Because of this kind of usage, much of our political talk today is gibberish. We talk in words that purport to mean something when they mean nothing. Voegelin wrote, “I summarized the problem in the formula that there are intellectual situations where everybody is so wrong that it is enough to maintain the opposite in order to be at least partially right.”[xii]

Since all ideologies are inherently dishonest, and nearly everyone is corrupted by this dishonesty, society has largely lost touch with political reality. Everything having been reduced to a false narrative of one kind or another, and everyone being hypnotized to accept these false narratives, we arrive at a situation in which intellectual dishonesty has been normalized. Once dishonesty is normalized, the psychopaths that Lobaczewski warned about come to the fore. Politics becomes their playground. And this is where the situation turns bloody. According to Voegelin:

What the fun is [in killing people], I did not quite understand at the time, but in the intervening years the ample exploration of revolutionary consciousness has cast some light on this matter. The fun consists in gaining a pseudo-identity through asserting one’s power, optimally by killing somebody – a pseudo-identity that serves as a substitute for the human self that has been lost.” [xiii]

Voegelin then cited the work of Albert Camus, who explored “the murderous equanimity of the intellectuals who have lost their self and try to regain it by becoming pimps for this or that murderous totalitarian power….” According to Voegelin, “If anything is characteristic of ideologies and ideological thinkers, it is the destruction of language, sometimes on the level of intellectual jargon of a high level of complication, sometimes on the vulgarian level.” In discussing this problem in connection with Karl Marx and Friedrich Hegel, Voegelin stated that Marx was a criminal who lusted for human blood: “In my uncivilized manner as a man who does not like to murder people for the purpose of supplying intellectuals with fun, I flatly state that Marx was consciously an intellectual swindler for the purpose of maintaining an ideology that would permit him to support violent action against human beings with a show of moral indignation.”[xiv]

Here is where Voegelin’s philosophical discourse comes together with Lobaczewski’s psychiatric diagnoses. Voegelin explicitly stated that a “mental disturbance lies behind” Marx’s revolutionary writings and activities; but more than that, noted Voegelin, this mental disturbance has a spiritual component insofar as Marx’s swindle flatly refuses “to enter into the etiological argument of Aristotle – that is, on the problem that man does not exist out of himself but out of the divine ground of all reality.” Marx knew that “the central problem of a philosophy of man” was man’s relation to divinity. By denying the existence of God, Marx sought “to destroy man’s humanity by making him a ‘socialist man’….”[xv]

In other words, Marx sought to dehumanize humanity. His formula was to justify murder in the name of revolution – because some people think murder is fun. His justification, from first to last, is brilliant nonsense. It does not matter if Marx’s followers do not understand this. According to Voegelin, Marx’s followers today are not intelligent or educated enough to understand Marx’s method or his underlying objective. Voegelin noted, “When we advance beyond Marx to the ideological epigones of the late nineteenth and of the twentieth century, we are already far below the intellectual level that formed the background even of Marx.” Such are creatures of ochlocracy (i.e., mob rule). They hate people who have actual knowledge, or people who care about the truth. They are not interested in debate. Their social environment, noted Voegelin, “is dominated by persons who cannot even be called intellectual crooks because their level of consciousness is much too low to be aware of their objective crookedness, but who must rather be characterized as functional illiterates with a strong desire for personal aggrandizement.”[xvi]

It appears that Lobaczewski and Voegelin accurately described the makers of our modern political world. The crisis of modernity, for both the psychiatrist and the political philosopher, stems from people who are morally and/or intellectually defective. To reconcile the psychiatric with the philosophical, let me suggest that madness is a kind of evil while evil is a kind of madness. “Pathological acceptance of schizoidal writings or declarations by other deviants often brutalizes the author’s concepts and promotes ideas of force and revolutionary means,” wrote Lobaczewski, “The passage of time and bitter experience has unfortunately not prevented this characteristic misunderstanding born of schizoid nineteenth-century creativity, with Marx’s works at the fore, from affecting people and depriving them of their common sense.”[xvii]

What begins with the schizoid’s ideology ends with the police state of the psychopath – who kills because killing is fun. By way of example, Voegelin wrote, “The phenomenon of Hitler is not exhausted by his person. His success must be understood in the context of an intellectually and morally ruined society in which personalities who otherwise would be grotesque, marginal figures can come to public power because they superbly represent the people who admire them.” [xviii]

And this is how we must understand John Fetterman as senator, and so many of our other politicians. As a rule, these are the grotesque representatives of an intellectually and morally ruined society. According to Voegelin, the elevation of grotesque figures into high office is a symptom of “internal destruction.” Regarding Hitler and the Germans, Voegelin explained: “This internal destruction of a society was not finished with the Allied victory over the German armies in World War II but still goes on. I should say that the contemporary destruction of German intellectual life, and especially the destruction of the universities, is the aftermath of the destruction that brought Hitler to power and of the destruction worked under his regime.” Voegelin added, “There is yet no end in sight so far as the disintegration of society is concerned, and consequences that may surprise are possible.”

Undoubtedly, a process of internal destruction continues (not only in Germany). And those who trace their ideological lineage to Karl Marx are not the only offenders. Every ideology offends insofar as you cannot fight one lie with another; for lies are interchangeable, and may be substituted one for the other, advancing the process of internal destruction. Truth is what we need. But then, the truth requires honest people, non-ideological people, whose language has not been corrupted by feel-good slogans and nominalist dogmas.

Part of the answer is found in opposing the prevailing lies, half-truths, and corrupt language. To oppose evil policies, you have to use clear language. Clarity is the key. Clarity is the enemy of the obfuscating psychopath who wants to transform politics into a game of “killing for fun.” The psychopath in politics, like the psychopath in daily life, can be recognized by the following: (1) behaviors that conflict with social norms; (2) disregarding or violating the rights of others; (3) inability to distinguish right from wrong; (4) difficulty with showing [authentic] remorse or empathy; (5) tendency to lie often; (6) manipulating and hurting others; (7) recurring problems with the law; (8) general disregard toward safety and responsibility; (9) regular displays of anger and arrogance.[xix] The reader is left to connect the dots that link, for example, LGBTQ advocacy to abortion; that link abortion to the mandating of unsafe vaccines; that link unsafe vaccines to global warming “science”; that link global warming “science” to socialist revolution; that link socialist revolution to the end of America.

There are reasons that our society is in decline, that our government is dishonest, that our institutions are failing. Whatever psychiatric or philosophical forces are at work behind this decline, no countervailing domestic forces have appeared that can stop our ideologists What we have today is what Voegelin called “a massive social force of aggressive, intellectual dishonesty that penetrates the academic world, as well as other sectors of society….”[xx] Yet there is more to it than that. What is now developing out of the ruin of the Republic – as with all ruined Republics – is an ochlocracy (i.e., mob rule). Only in our case, two antagonistic ochlocracies are emerging simultaneously. The first of these is animated by a grotesque and functionally illiterate pseudo-Marxism, while the other originates from people whose “thinking” has been formed by television, and who seek political salvation from a reality TV character. Which of these ochlocracies will take the prize? Both are incapable of taking anything but a booby prize.

Anyone who studies the present situation is bound to conclude that we are no longer living under a Republic; for republican history is full of brilliant orators, brave champions, and men of steadfast principle; men like Marcus Furius Camillus, Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, Quintus Fabius Maximus, etc. When America was a republic, we had the likeness of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and John Quincy Adams. Even in the Civil War, when America had devolved into two republics, we had such figures as Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant. What comparable figures do we have today? By all appearances, we live in a political wasteland of mediocrities and clowns.

Heroes cannot emerge under ochlocracy because the mob follows the logic of its characteropathic leaders. As Lobaczewski observed, these leaders mimic sincerity. “[I]t is second nature for them to play a role and hide behind the mask of normal people.”[xxi] They gravitate toward movements that preach “revolution and war against that unfair world so foreign to them.” Even a counterrevolutionary movement can serve the psychopath’s inward craving to “kill for fun.” The resulting descent into darkness, noted Lobaczewski, is due to a “mysterious disease” that rages inside the political system. Government of the psychopaths, by the psychopaths, and for the psychopaths, advances “by revolutionary means in the name of freedom, the welfare of people, and social justice….” What happens in the end, however, is that “the common man is blamed for not having been born a psychopath, and is considered good for nothing except hard work, fighting and dying to protect a system of government he can neither sufficiently comprehend nor ever consider to be his own.”[xxii]

Psychopaths can readily hijack ochlocratic formations. Their ruthless egotism empowers them to sweep away the hero, the problem-solver, and the statesman. Solutions are not needed under ochlocratic pathocracy, since the collapse of society and civil war is desired by the leaders for its own sake. It is war that gives the psychopath free reign. A brilliant leader with real solutions has no chance under ochlocratic pathocracy. The representative of truth is rejected under conditions of ideological war because ochlocratic formations only respond to ideologic cues (i.e., lies). Constructive thoughts that give rise to heroic action are not wanted by structures that favor and reward psychological deviants. The logic of such formations is the logic of destruction, of murder, and the fanatical maintenance of false narratives. 

Inevitably, ochlocracy will burn itself out. Somebody will emerge from the rubble to rebuild the country. With bitter lessons learned and a renewed appetite for wisdom, normal life can begin again. This is what we should be working for. In the meanwhile, be careful out there.   

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144 thoughts on “Our Schizoid Ochlocracy

  1. Unfortunately you are absolutely right about the decay of our country. That combined with th globalist agenda of the World Economic Forum, our way of life will be shortlived. We must pray for our safety and for men to step forward to start th rebuilding before it is too late. Thank you for all of your insightful articles. Always on point.

  2. “What we have today is what Voegelin called “a massive social force of aggressive, intellectual dishonesty that penetrates the academic world, as well as other sectors of society”

    We’ve talked before about how kids coming out of our colleges in the US are heavily Marxist/Socialist leaning. It explains some of what happened in the mid-terms. They turned out in high numbers and almost 2/3rds of their votes went to Democrats.

    One example: “In a closely watched Pennsylvania race, 70 percent of voters between the ages 18 and 29 cast their ballots for Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman”

    It boggles my mind! After the election, I couldn’t help but wonder how bad things have to get before we see true change? “In the meanwhile, be careful out there.” No kidding! Thanks Jeff!

  3. “Inevitably, ochlocracy will burn itself out. Somebody will emerge from the rubble to rebuild the country. With bitter lessons learned and a renewed appetite for wisdom, normal life can begin again. This is what we should be working for. In the meanwhile, be careful out there.”

    This is where I see a problem. In order for that someone to emerge, it will be necessary for him (old school writing) to be backed by a revolutionary force as per our founders. This is itself backed by an idealogy that necessitates killing; for it is impossible to turn the minds of of humanity through reason at this point. Everyone is looking for that one who will lead the charge. Any revolution at this point will devolve into civil war culminating in death and destruction on a par with the worst. This falls in the category you have just described. I see no good outcome. Talk, truth, reason – fall on deaf ears. And it is true that our leaders wish to see the bloodshed as it will accomplish what abortion, the vax and criminality have not.

    It is certain that chaos will prevail. How soon is the question.

      1. And you are correct. I know there are many ready to lift up the torch if only they can assemble without interference in a monitored, surveilled community.

  4. Happytalk and goodthink can only happen when the populace is shielded from the consequences of delusional thinking.
    That horse has left the barn with the cost of living, inflation, supply chain, divided and conquered down to the last tribe.
    Even well off conservative friends who moved out to Pineland are predicting cost of living riots in 2023 as they plan for a move to South America.


    The manufacturer’s of COVID-19 “Vaccines” now admit on TV that a “tiny segment of HIV” was used in the making of COVID-19 “vaccines.” As most people know, HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Below is video proof with the direct admission, from BBC television.

    As more and more people around the world got snookered into taking the COVID “Vaccine” we all got to see how more and more people started dying from strange ailments. Young people started dying from Myocarditis and Pericarditis. Middle aged people starting dropping dead from blood clots in the brain, in the lungs, or in their hearts. Other people started dropping dead from “unknown causes” to such a large extent, they made-up a phony name to describe it: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS).

    Now, we finally have an idea as to why: Manufacturers of the COVID-19 “vaccine” used segments of the HIV virus in the COVID “vaccine.” For a lot of the people who got the COVID vax, it now appears to many that they actually gave you a tiny version of . . . AIDS

    This is what has been getting said since the very beginning. Indian scientists tried to publish a paper that stated they found HIV-like gain of function in Cov19 and were quickly silenced. Turns out, the whole time, that has been the truth.

    They knew. They silenced anyone who found out. They kept it as secret as they could until they jabbed as many as they could. The depravity of these people knows no limit!

    All the politicians and “public health” officials, pushed this on you. They pushed it on TV, on radio, in newspapers.

    How about all the news media, both local and national? They pushed this on you too.

    How about the big-name Hollywood stars all telling their fans to “Get the Vax?” They too, pushed this on you.

    How about the Corporate Executives and Boards of Directors, who coerced you into taking this crap, by threatening to fire you from you job if you refused? They forced this crap on you.

    And now, a whole slew of people have died, and more are dying every day.

    They killed you.

    I wonder how many people are going to decide to return the favor?

    1. Wade Queen: “I wonder how many people are going to decide to return the favor?”

      If I were one of those dying because of the jab, I would be awfully tempted. But since I have refused the jab, I would prefer it done legally, in court, followed by legal executions.

    2. AIDS kills, but HIV does NOT cause AIDS. HIV is a retrovirus.

      “There are no slow retroviruses. There are only slow retrovirologists.”
      –Dr Peter Duseburg

      In the mRNA Covid lethal injections, there are also fragments of Ebola. The pike proteins are from synthetic snake venom peptides. Graphene Oxide is another toxic substance which is also present. Clot formations due to the shots, are tubes which internally develop poisonous snail venom glands. These are a few of the toxic ingredients.

      virusmyth dot com /aids/data/kmforeword.htm


  7. Should you not define “ideology”? One definition I found on line states, “A set of doctrines or beliefs that are shared by the members of a social group or that form the basis of a political, economic, or other system.” Using that definition, the Bible is an ideology. Where does the Bible lie? Where is the blood lust in the New Testament? The Bible is designed to be read over and over again in order to internalize its teachings—how many “Christians” have read the complete Bible even once? Instead they have taken a caricature of easily remembered slogans and called that “Christianity”. Then they act on it. Theologians are supposed to read the Bible in its original languages. I have yet to meet one who has both read the Old Testament in Hebrew and Aramaic five times, and the New Testament in Greek ten times. Where is the scholarship?

    Ochlocracy thrives in a milieu of shallow thinking and following the crowd. Even in academia I’m criticized for not following the crowd. People are supposed to follow the experts, not think for themselves. Students are shallow in that they have read almost nothing. We see that also in the shallowness coming out of the universities. The cancel culture because people can’t think for themselves. The slogans that take the place of deep thinking. The unwillingness to hear the other side of an argument.

    Bread and circuses. Bread and circuses. You tube is the modern circuses. I prefer to read an article (in spite of dyslexia) because it gives me time to think about what is said.

    1. Such a shame you in particular have demonstrated that you don’t actually understand what you are reading when you read the Bible and then level calumnies against those who do.

      Now, that said, it is right that people should look to the original languages in the process of exegetics, but is it essential to a man coming to a saving knowledge of Christ that he must be familiar with ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek? Certainly not, despite the infamous insistence by the archetype behemoth of apostate Christianity that the profane masses should not be allowed to handle the Scriptures in their native, vulgar tongues. For that, it was claimed, was the sole preserve of the priest caste. A scandalous assertion, and an indelible print of the cloven hoof all over that abominable apostacy.

      But apostate Christianity will have to wait to be dealt with, because the clearer and more present danger right now is the atheist spirit running rampant in society today, which is at the root of the neo-Marxist hellscape emerging before our eyes. God will not just send a fire on the Land of Magog (Russia), but at the same time on “them that dwell carelessly in the isles” (i.e. those with no concern for their souls in the world beyond Russia) and they shall, at last, be divested of their atheism and shall know that He is the LORD (Ez 39:6). It is at that point that both atheism and its monstrous offspring of communism shall be wiped from the face of this earth, never to return. We should all hope to be spared to see this happen.

    2. You make an interesting point, R.O. Christianity can be reduced to an ideology by those who don’t study and comprehend, which can be challenging to do.

      If your request for an scholar, if not rhetorical, Dr Hal Lindsey, taught himself Greek and Hebrew, before enrolling at Dallas Theological Seminary, and being required to study those languages there formally. He’s Evangelical and has written many books in addition to his news program where he examines current events in relation to Eschatology.

      Personally, I prefer to read online because that’s faster than sitting through an audio/visual presentation by meat puppets with dyed hair and dry clean only. Otherwise, Youtube is great, because I can fast forward or speed up the playback and still understand speech.

      1. When I wrote the above, I thought specifically of Hal Lindsey and his followers. If he has not read the whole Old Testament in Hebrew and Aramaic a minimum of five times, the bare minimum to get a feel for the language, preferably 10–15 times, then he is not a real scholar. In fact, some of his claims show that he based them on English translations, not the original Hebrew. That’s all I want to say about him here. I plan not to answer you should you try to defend him.

        But he is not the only one, which is why I left my statement general instead of naming names.

        The specific reason I brought up theological issues is because that is an area with which I am very familiar, and the patterns they show are the same patterns seen in the rest of society. The shallowness of thought, the deference to “experts”, the reduction of complex teachings to slogans, the legalisms, etc. are very destructive to society as a whole, not just theology. We see it playing out in the “secular” universities. It’s affecting our politics. The lies endlessly repeated by the national “news media” and others are poisoning the atmosphere against our ability to have a rational discussion.

        The unthinking mob is easy for a psychopath to sway. That’s why they are so dangerous.

  8. “What happens in the end, however, is that “the common man is blamed for not having been born a psychopath, and is considered good for nothing except hard work, fighting and dying to protect a system of government he can neither sufficiently comprehend nor ever consider to be his own.”

    Pure genius. It seems very much like we are repeating the cycle of the last century, except it’s not just in Germany and Russia; it’s global. So there won’t be a US and a Great Britain to bail out Europe; are we headed towards global psychopathic governance, or will it stay fragmented under many psychopaths?

    When my mother was a little girl she remembered her German parents wondering if Hitler was the antichrist. Now I wonder if those times are ripe again, only globally.

  9. Good article and a great reality check. I also try to tell people that the system is not “going to fail”, it already has failed. It just has not completely finished crumbling into pieces.

    Most people do not have the spiritual stamina to face this horrible reality. Denial is everywhere, as is clinging to hopes that the past system will continue by submitting to deadly shots and all else. People without an extremely strong spiritual foundation have no tools to withstand the destruction that is underway.

    Most irritating to me are people like Pepe Escobar who sings praises of Xi and criminals like Lula, even when nearly the whole of Brazil can see Lula for who he is. There are still mass demonstrations going on there. Yet the communist ideologues like Escobar only talk about what the people clearly want when it serves their own purposes.

    Here is a fitting quote:

    ” The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” Marcus Aurelius

      1. Indeed, but it seems to be misattributed (I was looking for the latin original).

        “The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

        The first citation appears in a 1946 translation of Leo Tolstoy’s Recollections and Essays [1] by Oxford University Press. The claim made that it is from Marcus Aurelius. Nothing closely resembling it appears in Meditations, nor does it appear in a 1904 translation of Bethink Yourselves. The other surrounding quotations from Kant also appear to be attributed or do not exist.”



    UNLOCKED — COVERT INTEL – “Nuclear” Cruise Missile Shot Down Over Kiev This Morning:
    17 NOVEMBER 2022


    NUKE FEARS Russia fired ‘dummy NUKE missile’ at Kyiv in ‘sinister warning Putin could launch the real thing’, experts warn:
    Katie Davis
    Published: 17:18, 18 Nov 2022

    1. A “dummy” nuke missile is not a nuke missile. And they did shoot it down. This is raw intimidation, of course. Meant to create hysteria.

  11. I feel a need
    to change a word,
    the spelling, the humor before disaster,
    “burro – cracy”.

    Just the idea
    that some pivotal words
    should have the most discrete and humorous pronunciations.

    That have said,
    Re: New York State
    snow levels, is 2023 the
    year runaway glaciation begins worldwide?

  12. Before Donald Trump became president I read some of his writings, and it was clear from the material he had all kinds of interesting, often colorful experiences and side-involvements in politics previous to his election. The tv show is a (late) detail in the mix, and therefore is not what made him who he is and what he shows to the public. For instance, if I am not mistaken, a considerable part of Trump’s relative early wealth was gained due to a renting building project whose tenants were not rarely dangerous, and whose administrator in charge was a cunning rough man who stole from Trump a bit. So, Trump had experience dealing with difficult situations that require a sharp subtle response.

    If you put yourself in the Russians/Chinese shoes, it is easy to realize to them it is an obvious priority (number one item in their to-do list) to get rid of Trump. Which means the clear wide-spread campaign among Republican commentators to diminish the current importance of Trump and the feasibility of his 2024 nomination for the presidency is such as it is an effect of the Russians and the Chinese pulling their strings behind the curtains. The country is probably in such an advanced state of infiltration within the “right-wing” halve of its public arena that this seems to be the case.

    The reason why the communists feel this way about Trump can be summarized is simple terms: a lot of the upper hand they have has to do with their conceiling from the Western public their thirst for blood and the already upcoming exerting their design in this regard; thus, the one thing they don’t want is to face a Western leader who (before the upcoming schock) will not be paralyzed by it, and who certainly will not back down form a fight even when faced with the spectacle they have prepared. And this person/leader (also this person insofar as even his adversaries [Bill Maher etc.] recognize and admit to have this quality) is Trump.

    According to Rabbi Michael Skobac, in the Old Testament Cyrus the Emperor of Persia was called by God a Messiah, even though he seemingly didn’t profess the Covenant religion. This means he was given a Providence office to carry out, and the grace to do it, despite whatever other state he was in. This seems to be the case with Trump, because when one looks closely, there is no ordinary explanation as to why Trump has such an unweary heart and such an inclination to fight for leadership.

    1. Trump became a celebrity before he ran for president. Celebrities win elections in the USA. Name recognition is much greater if you are a TV personality. That was essential for him in the 2016 election.

      1. I grant his TV celebrity status is perhaps at least a formal cause to who he is. I mostly intended to indicate this is a detail in a number of life experiences that gave him a quality an ordinary tv celebrity wouldn’t likely have.

      2. When you referred in the article to people ” who seek political salvation from a reality TV character”, I thought you were referring to Donald Trump (or including him [in light, among others, of the fact his show “The Apprentice” was a reality TV show) especially in the context of a twit of yours I read recently, in which you suggested Ann Coulter had heralded Trump as “our political savior” whilst he was a “TV personality”. You added “It was never going to work”. I concluded from it you meant to indicate being a TV personality stands out as a genus connected to Donald Trump, the having become a TV personality in that sense making him the person he is. In Aristotle’s Topics the genus is connected to the essence of an object, for example because it is connected to an object’s definition.

      3. Agree with everything in your blog EXCEPT the slam on Trump and Trump supporters.

        Do you really think people follow Trump because he was a “TV personality”?? NO!! We follow him because he at least does what he says and genuinely loves this country and traditional AMERICAN VALUES. No one has endured more to try to save and serve this country as Donald Trump. You cannot say that for the other side. Look at the attacks he and his family and associates have been under 24/7 since he first announced he was going to run back in 2016.

        But does Donald Trump have an ego? Sure he does. No question. But he and his movement cannot be compared to the other side in any way, shape or form. If you see anger on the side of MAGA — it’s a reaction to the blatant law-breaking, lies and corruption we see on the left.

        But to equate Trumpism to the America-destroyers (real psychopaths) in Washington now is grossly incorrect.

        And we’d all better hope and pray he can make a comeback in 2024. Unlikely due to the corruption on the left, admittedly!!

        No one should put complete faith in any man…only God Himself! But we have to have government of some kind and who aligns with traditional America and traditional American values more?

        That would be Trump!

      4. I voted for Trump myself. But what I wrote about his leadership and its effectiveness — and the ideological tendencies of all people in all parties today — was true. Populism has ochlocratic tendencies, and the MAGA movement is a massive ochlocratic mix of good and bad tendencies — from genuine patriots to ideological conspiracists under Russian influence. But any mix of food and poison results in a product that is poisoned. Now we have Trump junior pushing to cut off military supplies for Ukraine in the midst of the Russian invasion. I am sorry about this, but MAGA is a slogan. What insight lies within a slogan? Both sides in our political divide hold beliefs that could be fatal to our country. Pick your poison if you please, as I have; but know that you are taking poison poison.

      5. Toby, Trump did not start the “MAGA movement”. True Patriots were already sick and tired of being betrayed by both sides of the political coin, i.e. Democrats and Republicans -and especially of 8 years under Marxist Obama -and he tapped into that. He put his face on it. I read a comment Ann Coulter wrote that I think hit the nail squarely on the head. She said, Trump is the kind of person who would jump in front of a parade and say he is leading it.

        I think he loves America, but I think he loves himself more…much more.

        He has needlesly, and maliciously attacked good men who love this country and have done a great job serving it in their respective roles. Three come immediately to my mind. Jeff Sessions, Ben Carson, Ron Desantis.

        It is clear, Trump wants to be glorified.

        Has Trump really suffered for this country more than anyone?? Has he had his livelihood burned down? Has he suffered more than the people imprisoned for being at the protests Jan 6? And he bears a lot of responsibility for getting people fired up to be there.

        Has he suffered more than Kyle Rittenhouse did for standing up against the lawlessness Trump should have put a swift end to?

        Has he suffered the beatings some people took who attended his rallies?

        Has he suffered more humiliation than Brian Kolfage, who actually tried to get some border wall built?

        How about Paul Manafort and the time he spent in prison while invalid, or somewhat so?

        How about the 13 Marines in Afghanistan, or any number of good soldiers who have given life and limb for this country?

        No. Trump hasn’t suffered more than many patriots. And how much of the abuse he took while in office was unnecessarily self-inflicted?

        And it’s true that there is a mob mentality in a lot of Trump supporters. Proof? Go look at Gateway Pundit or Breitbart News comments on articles about Trump since he said he is running again. If anyone brings up the least legitimate negative point about Trump, it’s like they are chum in shark infested waters.

        This is dangerous to put such vehement faith in a mere man, and nowhere near as high a caliber man as Washington, Lee, Jackson, Lincoln.

        These men who led this country in dark times were humbly dependent on God. They were serious. They did not seek self glory. They did not stoop to jesting and insulting. They were strong on action, not so long on talk.

        Trump proved to be, that he really doesn’t understand the nature of the beast we are up against in this nation. He sees the part of the iceberg that is above water, but not the massive part of it below the surface.

        Otherwise, he would not have come up with his new slogan : “Make America Great and Glorious Again”

        Really? Trump make America glorious again? By virtue of being elected to the presidency? Or does he think it can be done in a mere four years?

        He doesn’t understand, and he cannot, and will not save this country.

      6. I don’t feel like writing a novel to rebut all your crazy claims. I stand by what I originally posted. You know damn well Trump has been the most persecuted PRESIDENT in US history!

        Those others you mention are go with the flow RINOs. Establishment Republicans!

        Establishment RINOs won’t save this country for sure — they had their chance and they blew it!

        Funny, I don’t recall a MAGA movement until Donald Trump. And if there was, why the hell didn’t they seize the moment to drain the swamp??

        You never Trumpers make me sick — and are part of the PROBLEM.

        Lastly, nobody mentioned George Washington, etc. Times have changed. Trump is the man for the job NOW.

        You seem to have a lot of vitriol for Trump — if only you directed that at the worst President in US history, Joe Biden and his handlers! :-/

      7. Toby, if someone fools you once, shame on them. If they fool you twice, shame on you.
        Looks like you are part of the mob of blind followers. I voted for the man both times, because in the end, he was the only choice. I was cautiously hopeful, and voting against Clinton the first time. I was merely trying to keep Biden out of office the second time.

        Good luck pinning all your hopes on the man. I will not be part of a mob.

        You don’t recall MAGA before Trump?

        I’ve been wanting to MAGA my whole adult life.

        And now it’s MAGGA. Glorious and great. You can’t lead someone where you haven’t been.

      8. Toby, the reason I brought up Washington, Lee, etc, is because they were men of very high caliber, and struggled mightily in leading during times not near as spiritually dark as these by a longshot. How can a man of far lesser quality lead correctly during the unprecedented darkness we are in?

        Also, maybe a person can lead to a place they haven’t been, *if they know the way*. Trump doesn’t know the way to *true* glory and greatness.

        I’m not saying don’t vote for the man. Maybe we could gain a pause in events under another Trump term. But I seriously doubt it. I think we are past the point of no return. Only Christ will fix things now, whenever the time is right.

      9. Leadership is the key, as history teaches, and the problem we have now (as some of us have painfully discovered) is the bad characters who always push their way into every level of leadership. They clog the political landscape with vain words and empty gestures. The present dynamic dissuades the thoughtful, the circumspect, and the morally sound from getting involved; for who wants to rub shoulders with the unthoughtful, fanatical, and morally suspect? And what truly intelligent or creative person can patiently endure the mediocrity who plows his rut deeper as time goes on. Such fools collect their pay and congratulate themselves for winning battles; but they do not understand the burden it would be if they took the least of it seriously. Even if politics can be regarded as a game, they are not good at playing that game because they never mastered the one needful thing: the reason for playing.

      10. Mr. Nyquist, the bible implies that God sometimes uses precisely the kind of person whose inadvert outlook can get this person to places where “the thoughtful, the circumspect, and the morally sound” won’t go; and once this person is placed in the heart of the ungodly or relatively ungodly domain, God effects a “political peripeteia “.

        This is the case, for instance, of Saint John the Evangelist. According to Episcopalian clergyman Doyt L. Conn Junior, there are only three individuals whom the Gospels describe as having been loved by Christ. 1) The rich young man, 2) Lazarus, 3) “the disciple Jesus loved” (commonly taken to be Saint John the Evangelist). Conn proposes Lazarus and Saint John are contextually intended to be presented as the same person; this is the same position of an atheist scholar named Richard Carrier, Ph.D. It is probable that by continuity or implication the rich young man is also Saint John. The point is there is a potentially allegorical and complementary aspect/layer of meaning to Lazarus’ death, namely, the allegorical exhaustion of a modality of religious intervention whose externality or “wealth” impedes a perfect spiritual performance and is a kind of death or at least “sleepness not to death”; in other words, a decadent religious or secular intervention whose relative value gathers the corrupt masses, masses analogous to the case of an ochlocracy, in order to [in the eyes of Providence] better instill terror in the hearts of the masses when the one “sleeping” is awake. This is precisely what the death of the two witnesses in Revelation 11 is all about. This is why the ressurection of Lazarus was a decisive episode in John’s Gospel, the one miracle past which the elders of the Jews had to make their ultimate decision.

    2. Pedro: Interesting referencre to Rabbi Skobac and Cyrus. It is unclear to me whether Donald Trump is fighting for leadership (of what?) or for something else. Donald Trump struggles with his own inarticulateness. Moses had the same problem. Donald Trump says he is fighting to “Make America Great Again,” but, there’s a problem. The problem is the word “again.” In today’s America, the majority of people were not alive when America was “great,” and don’t have any reference point for what “again” means.

      For Donald Trump to succeed, he needs to define a new meaning for greatness that resonates with the majority.

      1. “Again” means it isn’t NOW. And as long as it’s run into the ground by corrupt lying leftists it ISN’T. MAGA is a perfect slogan. You would say this country is “great” now? Not me.

        Look at how a wrecking ball has been taken to the country in every way — morally, economically, spirtually, militarily!! And all because of leftist policies and agenda!!

      2. @JR — I’ve noticed it’s the mainstream Republicans talking about cutting off military funding for Ukraine. I am 100% against that since it’s ONLY been our support that has enabled them to hold Russia off this long.

        There is a faction in the party that doesn’t seem to want to stand up to Russia and they are using domestic problems as the excuse to walk away from Ukraine.

        I have not heard President Trump say he is for cutting off funding, but I would be against that policy if he adopted it.

        I am for (short of direct confrontation) anything that will prevent the USSR from being reassembled.

        As for Trump, it’s his policies that I support. Thats what MAGA is about. It all comes down to policies.

        If there was a pro-America Democrat who was a conservative, I could consider supporting them, but the Democrat party is really the communist party now.

    3. It was once said of Richard Nixon, “He is a man of many vices, but he is hated for his virtues.”

    4. I just finished reading through Michael L Browns book on Jezebel. Some interesting points were made by Dr Brown including comparing Trump to Jehu.

      But something I also wondered about Jehu. When Jezebel or Isabel as we would have named her caused her neighbour to be accused of false crimes and then stoned so Ahab could take his property. What was Jehu doing? Jehu was the equivalent of a Colonel or a General during the reign of Ahab. He admitted he was there when the crime occurred, why didn’t he intervene or say anything then?

    5. Trump through Cohn was well acquainted with figures like Governor Connally, JFK Jr., Nixon (who wrote to him “someday you will make a great president.”); and there’s his close relationship with uncle John Trump, whom was asked by Vannevar Bush to study the contents seized from Nikola Tesla’s apartment. Doubtless Cohn’s mentorship with McCarthy and his own direct knowledge of sexual blackmail would have made him aware of figures like Ghislaine & Jeffrey … point being, Trump is a nexus of insider reach going down both sides of the political aisle.

  13. Pedro
    I’ll think more
    about your post,
    but for now, Trump loves
    being on stage, in only small
    and irrelevant ways is it a cost to him.

    Re: New York Snow
    By the way, for those who have not heard
    this idea; from Robert Felix late of IceAgeNow
    …. Ice ages happen this way, snow falls and
    then because of cycles, there comes a year
    where here and there the snow doesn’t not
    melt down to the ground, in atypical locations,
    then, I suppose, cycles combined with the
    addition to the Earth’s total reflectivity,
    causes a runaway cycle.

    Probably the first location for effect,
    would be plateaus that also have a
    lake effect nearby??

  14. Uh oh, If Robert is right,

    Google where
    the last Ice Age southern
    edge was, the idea is that
    the snow “grows up” from the
    ground from that edge up, so
    it might happen that all of that
    area will be abandoned soon.

    One other comment
    from Robert, the snow
    level increases at the
    rate of 80 feet per day.

    1. Mr. Nyquist, this is why I can somewhat agree with Evola’s conclusions as a critic of the West, without agreement with him on the thoughts that brought him to those conclusions. Now, see Marxism and it’s intellectual heirs as part of the same Western spiritual sickness, including Evola himself, and we’ll be getting somewhere.

      1. The intellectual sickness of Marxism is not confined to the west. Russians, Chinese and other bought into it and made it their own. The simple reason this happened boils down to one word, sin. The world is sin-sick and the depravity is growing rapidly.

  15. Judge blocks DeSantis law on barring ‘woke’ education
    November 17, 2022

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A federal judge in Florida on Thursday blocked a law pushed by Gov. Ron DeSantis that restricts certain race-based conversations and analysis in colleges.

    Tallahassee U.S. District Judge Mark Walker issued a temporary injunction against the so-called “Stop Woke” act in a ruling that called the legislation “positively dystopian.”

    The law prohibits teaching or business practices that contend members of one ethnic group are inherently racist and should feel guilt for past actions committed by others. It also bars the notion that a person’s status as privileged or oppressed is necessarily determined by their race or gender, or that discrimination is acceptable to achieve diversity.

    “Our professors are critical to a healthy democracy, and the State of Florida’s decision to choose which viewpoints are worthy of illumination and which must remain in the shadows has implications for us all,” Walker wrote. “If our ‘priests of democracy’ are not allowed to shed light on challenging ideas, then democracy will die in darkness.

    The ruling is at least a temporary setback to the powerful Republican governor’s agenda to combat what he describes as the “woke ideology” of liberals and critical race theory, a way of thinking about America’s history through the lens of racism. DeSantis won a landslide reelection to a second term this month after a campaign that focused heavily on cultural issues.

    The governor has often said rulings that halt his legislative priorities are likely to be reversed by appeals courts in Florida that are generally more conservative. A spokesman for DeSantis said they would appeal the ruling.

    “The Stop W.O.K.E. Act protects the open exchange of ideas by prohibiting teachers or employers who hold agency over others from forcing discriminatory concepts on students as part of classroom instruction or on employees as a condition of maintaining employment,” said Bryan Griffin, DeSantis’ press secretary.

    In his lengthy ruling, Walker quoted from George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984,” writing “‘It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen,’ and the powers in charge of Florida’s public university system have declared the State has unfettered authority to muzzle its professors in the name of ‘freedom.’”

    Judge Walker in August issued a similar ruling on the law that blocked it from taking effect in businesses. The law is also subject to another legal challenge from a group of K-12 teachers and a student.

    The governor began pushing for the law late last year and the Republican-controlled Legislature passed it during the 2022 legislative session.

    “What you see now with the rise of this woke ideology is an attempt to really delegitimize our history and to delegitimize our institutions and I view the wokeness as a form of cultural Marxism,” DeSantis said when first floating the legislation. “They really want to tear at the fabric of our society.”

    Critical race theory was developed during the 1970s and 1980s in response to what scholars viewed as a lack of racial progress following the civil rights legislation of the 1960s. It centers on the idea that racism is systemic in the nation’s institutions and that they function to maintain the dominance of white people in society.

    Conservatives have rejected critical race theory, arguing the philosophy racially divides American society and aims to rewrite history to make white people believe they are inherently racist.

    1. Are you sure communists are behind current woke agenda and critical race theory? Communists supported geniue black nationalism and hard separatism. Not the integrationist version of it where everyone, including whites, is winning about being oppressed in an integrated society. Most of black leaders got killed by the same people who are pushing the woke agenda. Listen recent interviews of Kanye West. He has some clue of who is destroying his nation with woke agenda.

      1. Yes I am sure. I was there 35 years ago in academia when they rolled these things out. Read the program if the CPUSA. It is all there. Good grief!

      2. The CPUSA are irrelevant and they are not communists, despite name. The woke agenda is being pushed by monopolist capital.

  16. Mr. Nyquist, the root of the Western sickness, it is spiritual and is a Christian critique but can be put thusly: it is the Promethean or even Luciferian exaltation of the Individual (not the Person, there is a distinction!) above all things, including other human beings. It’s present in all men who draw breath as a tendency but has reached it’s apotheosis in the West over a period of about 500 years, and covered the whole world from there. Quite aside from fears of the ” mass man” real and cogent fears, the former is more dire a problem than the later in my opinion. Evola saw the exaltation of the Individual in terms of which he was bound to understand that most preaching and living out this doctrine are not naturally superior themselves: a close reading of Raskolnikov’s ideology in Dostoyevsky’s ” Crime and Punishment” show that he understood the dilemma better than Evola. Again, reading great works esoterically as can and should be done.

      1. Discretion, yes. Because it is easy to be misinterpreted, and one has a responsibility to others in this as with other matters

      2. I wanted to add that my earlier comment wasn’t something written to shut down conversation, Mr. Nyquist. But what I am suggesting about the decay of the West is that because of spiritual blindness, the best of men in the natural sense cannot act correctly under those circumstances, and will largely be fooled by the prevailing intellectual currents of their mellieu. And many of the worst sort, the fools too, will think of themselves above their station in life, and aspire to greatness, creating only ruin. Evola seems to believe that the ” blood will out” and I suppose that is true to a point, but except for a few, those burdened by being within a wicked generation lacking in sense really are significantly hindered. Evola blamed the Jews and Christianity for overturning the natural order, but this is not so, quite the contrary. We moderns did it to ourselves, are doing it to ourselves. We must undo modernity and regain the numinous sense of the sacred to break this spell

      3. Vladimir: I am not sure why you bring up Evola in the context of the present essay. Of course, the narratives of both Evola and Voegelin have points in common. Both believed that true authority (like everything else that is real) arises from the “divine ground” and its mysteries. Both are aware of Aristotle’s etiology. Both believed that the sage depends for insight on the mysterious source of all (i.e., God). Thus, the true philosopher and the true prophet are cut from the same cloth. Evola hated Western materialism so much, and believed so passionately in opposing it, that he was ready to align with anyone against it (even if that alignment put him on Hitler’s side in World War II). Evola thought materialism and positivism were great evils attending what he called “the end of the cycle” (the Kali Yuga). Despite his paganism, Evola was even desperate enough to say that the revival of Catholic authority was desirable (though he doubted its likelihood). Neither Evola nor Voegelin gave much thought to Eastern Orthodoxy as a solution. Perhaps they dismissed it as an adjunct of imperial despotism from Justinian to Nicholas II. Insofar as Orthodoxy still lionizes Justinian and Theodora, Western scholars are ready to cite Procopius’s secret history, or the influence of Rasputin in the court of Nichaolas II. The Western Christian (Protestant and Catholic) readily dismisses Eastern claims to moral authority or theological correctness just as Orthodox scholarship might point to the crimes of Pope Alexander VI, or the failings of Western Christendom. There is a long and troubled history here, in the East and the West. Saying corruption is the unique inheretance of one or the other is hardly creditable. Historically, corruption occurs in all institutions. In terms of the larger question of spiritual truth, Voegelin does indeed see that Western Christianity has dangerously decayed into dogma, having fallen away from true understanding. In seeking an answer to this problem, Voegelin became interested in Jean Bodin’s political philosophy. Bodin was a Christsian mystic who wanted to reconcile Protestants and Catholics during the religious wars in France. He thought that a king should be a Christian mystic, or have a Christian mystic as an advisor. Evola went further, insisting that the shaman was actually above the King. Thus, the annointing of kings could only be performed by those who were, indeed, receiving messages from above. Curiously, a number of observers have pointed to Hitler’s shamanistic persona and behaviors. Here the shaman and the monarch coexisted in one person who was entirely destructive in his course (and therefore considered to have been demonically inspired). Yet there are those who would make Hitler into a Second Christ, as we see in Miguel Serrano’s “Esoteric Hitlerism.” Voegelin would naturally count this as another dangerous Gnostic ideology, promising further mischief to the future. In modernity we never seem to escape from a kind of madness. On every side we see attempts to form new movements, to invent new dogmas linked to new political programs. What Voegelin illucidates is the structural similarity of these movements, signifying deformity. These structures, he says, are dangerous. How has all this come about? There is a dilemma, said Voegelin, in using dogma in supporting Truth. He admits that you have to have dogma to preserve the language used to convey Truth, yet people who see only the words and not the Truth will misuse those words by literalizing, gnosticizing, or falling into historiogenic speculations. Soon enough, this process of dogmatizing leads away from God and theology into political ideology and the pursuit of raw power. It is the spiritually ignorant who, for example, take up spiritual language and misunderstand it, literalize it, then politicize it. How do we get past this problem? We are so caught up in the ideologizing of everything, that every attempt to escape the error is just another instance of error. Everyone has their favored solution. Everyone is ready to draw the sword against everyone else. Here is the psychopth’s preferred outcome.

      4. Re:
        [ Jeff Nyquist says:
        November 20, 2022 at 12:53 pm

        Vladimir: I am not sure why you bring up Evola in the context of the present essay….

        …Rasputin… ]

        Tsar, Nicholas II, out of gratitude, rewarded Gregory, the surname of, ‘New’.
        Rasputin, was a derogatory term used to call those too, poor to even have a surname.
        Gregory The New, was considered to be a heretic, even by the, Russian Orthodox Church.

  17. Mr. Nyquist, to go briefly but further, most readers are making assumptions about where Dostoyevsky stood in relation to what Raskolnikov did in his novel.

    1. I mentioned Evola, Mr. Nyquist, precisely in contradistinction to Voegelin (whose white whale is Gnosticism, and justifiably so for the most part), because I think we have a mutual if muted disregard for Demotic political solutions (which is an oxymoron). What I am suggesting then is that there is no escape from the collapse of Modernity. One must ” merely” do what is right in accordance with their station in life, however messy that may appear. Warriors together will do as what a Druzhina always does, merchants will trade and do business, and working people will work. And those of us who are priests must re affirm the Truth, the presence of the Sacred, the meaning of it all whole or in it’s particulars. Now, the warriors might be mainly in jail during this end of the Modern age, priests might be betraying their calling one way or another, merchants and workers might be in charge or there might be a whole confusion of roles, but it’ll work out eventually. Enough people die and/or face dislocation of their lives, and it always works out. War, being Divine, always tends eventually towards preservation of the natural order

      1. And the Christianized real ” Shaman” , the Orthodox ” Fool for Christ”, indicates that the indicator of Heavenly favor towards Earthly authority is a Charismatic one

    2. Lanyard must be pulling his, because he manages to be both ignorant and insulting at the same time. Rasputin would not be called ” Gregory the New” unless he were acknowledged a Saint, first of all. Second, he was never declared a heretic by any canonical body of any jurisdiction. Third, ” Rasputin” does not mean anyone without a surname as you allege. Fourth, this is just one more instance of filth and lies heaped upon a good and simple man, perhaps a Saint, who was attacked from the moment he came into the lives of the martyred and betrayed Tsar and his family. God forgive you, and myself a sinner among the greatest

  18. Sorry for always bringing this up, but what are your thoughts on what’s going on in Brazil? It seems like the Brazilian military is strengthening the country’s borders. Could it be a way of preventing an invasion during civil unrest? Do you think Bolsonaro will allow Lula to assume the presidency? Why is he not conceding?

    1. The people of Brazil have called for the Military to support Bolsonaro, against the coup by Lula. The Military is supposedly, investigating for election fraud.

    2. If the Brazilian military chooses to act against Lula, a land invasion from neighboring countries still seems unlikely. I’ll sketch out the reasons:

      The two countries with frontiers on terrain that would best allow for invasion are Paraguay and Uruguay, but unusually for today’s Latin America, both have conservative governments (Benítez of Paraguay has been particularly friendly with Bolsonaro). So no invasion can come from these countries.

      Argentina has a relatively small inland frontier to the south of Brazil, but although the current president, Fernández, is a leftist (Peronist), the country would tear itself apart over any amassing of foreign invasion forces, and it is most unlikely that Fernández, in spite of bad relations with Bolsonaro, would have the stomach for any such plans. In any case, the land that leads to the Brazilian frontier is sandwiched between Paraguay and Uruguay, which could easily (with Brazilian assistance) squash invasion forces on their way through.

      Bolivia’s leader Arce was a protegé of the ousted Morales, but he has tried to cultivate a more moderate leftist profile. The country is currently still very far from the socialism of Nicaragua or Venezuela, although Arce has good relations with those countries and also with Russia (he supported the invasion of Ukraine). The frontier, however, would pose difficulties for a land invasion because troops would have to cross the width of southern Brazil in order to reach the main centers of population on the Atlantic coast; doing this without achieving air superiority would seem suicidal. In any case, Arce might well refuse proposals to provide his country as an invasion base for (Venezuelan, Cuban, Russian, Chinese?) troops because of the risk of destabilizing his own country and losing power.

      Perú also has a leftist leader, Castillo, but is in an even worse position for invasion than Bolivia, with jungle on much of the frontier, and still longer distances for soldiers to traverse before reaching the coast. Due to impeachment attempts and working-class protest, Castillo has even more reason than Arce to fear that the use of his country as an invasion base would destabilize the country and lead to his removal from power.

      Colombia has a jungle frontier to the north-west of Brazil, which would be abysmal for invasion unless a Vietnam-type war was envisaged (!). Although Petro is an ambitious leftist, he places himself mainly with the “globalist” left rather than the hard left aligned with Venezuela, Cuba and Russia. Yes – in Latin America, alignment with Russia is hard left, since Putin’s “conservative nationalist” deception is for Anglosphere and European consumption only. Petro, for example, criticizes Venezuela for reliance on its oil industry (Maduro may be a communist, but he isn’t an idiot).

      Lastly, Maduro in Venezuela would have the will and political ability to mount an invasion from his territory (with Cuba/Russian etc. troops joining his own), but again, the problem is logistical: the terrain at and beyond the frontier is jungle and there is an enormous swathe of Brazil to cross before troops could reach the coastal cities.

      In the light of this, a seaborne invasion would make more sense. Let’s say that a civil war broke out, with the bulk of the army against Lula. The latter would have coastal strongholds such as Porto Alegre whose harbors would be open to troop ships from friendly countries. Even then, Putin might not be eager to underwrite such an ambitious operation due to the continuing failure of his forces in Ukraine. Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba might need a substantial portion of the Brazilian army on their side before they could make any significant advance. Xi, at present, is stepping back from immediate conflict, so it would seem unlikely that he would risk Chinese troops for such an operation (although his pacific gestures are at most pragmatic temporary, and may be deceptive).

  19. Psychiatry and philosophy are pseudo science.

    It’s not ideology that has us in this pickle which we find ourselves today. Rather it’s the fact that people have traded Rights for privileges out of convenience, as government in unison with monopolies, have abdicated the rule of law for expediency.

    1. Before the slave patrols were established as precursor to public police, people used to form posses and try horse thieves at Common Law. Justice was swift. Hangings were quite popular back then.

    2. “Psychiatry and philosophy are pseudo science.”
      Philosophy does not try to masquerade as science, so denigrating it as ‘pseudoscience’ is irrelevant. Perhaps you should qualify such a bold statement in the following manner: “i believe philosophy is a pseudoscience”. You are eager to make such suggestions for Mr. Nyquist. But this is clearly a case of ‘rules for thee, not for me’.

      1. Universities designate Psychology and Philosophy, as social sciences; that’s a fact. Science is not a pseudo science. How about you idealogues argue against the greater point, that Americans are not ideologicly motivated, rather that they are motivated by more by convieniences and subtrafuged coercion.

  20. Putin ‘will announce massive new mobilisation and martial law’ in desperate move that could hasten coup to dump ailing leader as first Ukraine trains arrive in liberated Kherson:

    Vladimir Putin is set to boost mobilisation with more troops set to enter Ukraine
    Putin has already drafted 360,000 on top of his one million strong regular army
    The scheme comes as Putin’s men were forced to retreat from Kherson last week
    This comes as the first train arrived in the liberated city since the initial invasion

    PUBLISHED: 06:40 EST, 19 November 2022 | UPDATED: 10:15 EST, 19 November 2022

  21. In the city that I live in in Australia we have had threats and now actual action of violence being carried out against Christians simply for being Christians. This has been supressed by the authorities because they are gutless cowards. Note what I said at the start of the paragraph, in Australia. This is not happening in a third world country, this is happening in the wealthiest most progressive nation on earth.

    I wish I didn’t have to type the above paragraph but based on my personal experiences and observations this is what is happening down under.

    The reason I am commenting on this is because Marxist ideology is everywhere in Australia now and students are being raised to hate and murder just in a polite sanitized way. I don’t have a big opinion either way on gay marriage except that I don’t want it forced on me due to my religious beliefs. My personal opinion is that for an individual following Socrates (to your own self be true) is a step towards following Christ. But during the gay marriage debate in 2017 I was reading through Brother Andrew’s biography where he describes Warsaw during the communist days. He describes massive crowds of youths marching and cheering communism. I then turn on my T.V. to see a massive crowd of youth marching and cheering gay marriage. I then knew that we are entering a brave new world and public Christianity’s days are numbered in Australia and we are heading towards becoming a Marxist state.

    Thank you for writing what you have, I find it difficult to follow sometimes but it helps me sum up my thoughts. It is also good to know I am not the only “weirdo” not sold on the current snake oil given by the reds or the blues.

    I want to be part of the solution so that is my next goal. I think the words of St. Peter help:

    For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; 6 and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; 7 and to godliness, mutual affection; and to mutual affection, love. 8 For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. 9 But whoever does not have them is nearsighted and blind, forgetting that they have been cleansed from their past sins.
    (2 Peter 1:5-9)

    1. Thank you, AussieP, but could you give a few details about the attacks on Christians. Are the attacks being carried out by state personnel, or by individuals or by groups of an AntiFa type? (presumably the latter, but I’d like to be sure).

      1. It is not AntiFa or state sponsored violence. It is a zietgeist or spirit of the age that manifests itself in violence carried out by damaged individuals.

      2. How do you determine that it is a grass roots phenomenon, as opposed to agent provocateurs?

      1. Another bold proclamation, sir. Of course you use a metaphor for an unspecified conflict, but wouldn’t it be more credible to say something to the effect: ‘It seems to me as if a storm is coming.”?

        My observation is that the Covid tyrants/climate tyrants/tranytyrants/transhumanist tyrants/religious bigots, are not willing to cross the line from coercion to force, any more than most people take to the streets.

      2. The recent election fraud, has again placed minority elected tyrants in office in most places; such as Los Angeles, for instance. With the election of a new progressive mayor, already the city is announcing plans to reintroduce mask mandates. Considering that the majority of Angelinos voted for a billionaire businessman who spent a reported $100M to campaign for a job that only pays a couple hundred grand, I think most people wont be going along with mandates of any sort.

        It was fear of a virus which turned out to be bogus, that got people to give the benefit of the doubt to tyrants. That being said, I doubt if mask mandates will lead to wide spread violence, if that’s what you mean by a storm. People will simply deny themselves the privilege being offered in exchange for compliance.

        One town just voted to defund their library over transexual indoctrination rags. Local officials are rather quick to concede in the face of free speaking citizens. Now that people are aware of the virus hoax, they have been inoculated from such propaganda, including climate nonsense.

        If a storm is brewing, it will be due to supply chain sabotage, crop destruction, and the price of energy. Politics can’t quickly fix that damage, but those politicians will be gone out of their own disgrace from intense criticism, rather than violence. People might hold special elections bypassing the local clerk.

    2. Wow! Thank you AussieP for sharing your observations. Even knowing that it’s coming, it’s still disturbing to read about it.

      1. Thank you Mntgal! I look forward to watching it! Did you see his episode (162) with Whitney Webb? WOW! He said it was the most important interview he had ever done and that’s saying a LOT. Worth watching for sure!

      2. Australia and New Zealand are test grounds for what is to come as Christianity leaves the public imagination. They give you an idea of what the future will look like if you are in a country with a high but declining number of believers.

        We can know for certain that there is an enemy of humanity as the bible tells us there is. I believe his tactic is to murder some of the elderly so the money set aside for health care can be spent on education. And by education, I believe this means Adult education rather than child education. Conservatives make a big deal about drag queen story hour even though it is obvious that it is a bloke in a dress, but say little about the intense indoctrination of Adults with this plandemic, or BLM, or climate change something that is far more damaging to society and is replacing Christianity.

        All that said, there is hope. God will send revival to the churches and I am seeing flickers of revival where I live with people returning to faith. The best hope for my country is a return to Christianity.

        It is horrible what is happening between Russia and Ukraine and I wonder what will happen next. I understand Ukraine will become ground-zero for the de-carbonizing (read de-Christianity) project following the inevitable peace talks.

      3. With God there is always hope! I pray every day for God’s will to be done, and for Jesus to come quickly as it says in Revelation 22. Neat that you are seeing flickers of revival. I hope they burst into flames! 🙂

      4. @PrayinginOK: Since I’m not in WordPress proper, I’m never sure if and where a post will finally pop up. Hopefully will make sense wherever it does. 🙂 I’m not a Glenn Beck regular, but I will definitely look up #162. Thank u!

        This is a precious report from the ground from an Ukrainian citizen who is a believer. In spite of the terrible hardships, the Church is standing, serving and growing in and around Ukraine. Many coming to the Lord. In times of crisis, people start searching for and asking different questions regarding eternity.

        In another interview I saw a month ago, a Kiev pastor said all divisions between denominations were gone. It was everyone serving, helping and loving people and one another, side by side, as they hand out food, provide shelter, health care, etc. All of those dividing issues– gone. One in Christ. 🙏❤️. And, again, he reported many coming to the Lord.

      5. Yes, people tend to search and look for God when a crisis hits. Remember what happened after 9/11? It also happened after the pandemic started. Those are beautiful reports out of Ukraine. I pray the changes last. They didn’t in our country. 🙁

      6. Oh, and I’m not a Glenn Beck regular either. LOL! A friend sent the link and I learned a lot. Whitney Webb has done a lot of research.

      7. Actually another Ukrainian pastor was visiting at my home church 2 weekends ago. Although Ukrainian, he and his family live and minister in a former Russian block country, bordering Russia. I see they have wiped the internet from all three sessions of his sharing what life is now like there. Wise, since he’s back home already. He went into much detail of realities. The country he live in supports Ukraine, but gets all its energy from Russia. So they are looking at the probability of getting their national energy cut off this winter, too. But they do not want to go back under Russia’s boot either.

        He had many stories of the realities of war and nitty gritty challenges of receiving and providing for all the needs of refugees in their church buildings. Its not all glory, by any means. But, they serve with a grace and steady endurance. It’s largely mothers and their children. His office is now in his car, as 80 people live in the building. Women don’t always get along, nor the children, shall we say. Let the reader understand… And cats, dogs and even 2 rescued RATS that had become family “pets” are under the church’s care. 😳 🐀🐀 It was helpful and good to hear some of the non-sugarcoated realities of serving and loving people well, who’ve been displaced by war. A little reality orientation of what may be ahead for us here.

      8. “A little reality orientation of what may be ahead for us here.”

        I’m afraid you may be right.


    North Korea’s Kim boasts new ICBM as US flies bombers:

    SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un boasted that a recently tested intercontinental ballistic missile is another “reliable and maximum-capacity” weapon to contain U.S. military threats, state media reported Saturday. The United States responded to the North’s weapons launch by flying supersonic bombers in a show of force.

    The North’s Korean Central News Agency said Kim oversaw the launch of the Hwasong-17 missile, a day after its neighbors said they had detected the launch of an ICBM that showed a potential to reach anywhere in the United States.

    KCNA said Kim observed the launch with his wife Ri Sol Ju and their “beloved daughter” as well as senior officials. State media photos showed Kim walking hand-in-hand with his daughter, who was clad in a white coat, together watching a huge missile loaded on a launch truck. It’s the first time for North Korea to publish the photo of Kim’s daughter. Observers say Kim observing a weapons launch with his family suggests that he is emboldened by his advancing nuclear program.

    Friday’s launch was part of the North’s ongoing barrage of missile tests that are seen as an attempt to expand its arsenal and boost its leverage in future diplomacy. Some foreign experts said the Hwasong-17 missile is still under development but is the North’s longest-range ballistic weapon designed to carry multiple nuclear warheads to defeat U.S. missile defense systems.

    KCNA said the missile fired from Pyongyang International Airport traveled up to a maximum altitude of about 6,040 kilometers (3,750 miles) and flew a distance of about 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) before it landed on the preset area in international waters off the country’s east coast.

    “The test-fire clearly proved the reliability of the new major strategic weapon system to be representative of (North Korea’s) strategic forces and its powerful combat performance as the strongest strategic weapon in the world,” KCNA said.

    “Kim Jong Un solemnly declared that if the enemies continue to pose threats to (North Korea), frequently introducing nuclear strike means, our party and government will resolutely react to nukes with nuclear weapons and to total confrontation with all-out confrontation,” KCNA said.

    Kim’s statement suggests North Korea will continue its testing activities as the United States is pushing to bolster its security commitment to its allies South Korea and Japan. There are concerns that North Korea could soon conduct its first nuclear test in five years.

    U.S. B-1B bombers took part in separate joint exercises Saturday with South Korean and Japanese warplanes in response to the North Korean ICBM launch. South Korean and Japanese officials said their respective drills with the U.S. bombers reaffirmed their combined defense postures.

    North Korea is sensitive to the deployment of U.S. B-1B bombers because they’re capable of carrying a huge payload of conventional weapons. Earlier this month, the U.S. sent B-1B bombers streaking over South Korea as part of exercises, in the bombers’ first such flyover in five years.

    On Friday, the U.S. military held separate aerial drills with South Korean and Japanese forces. South Korea’s military said it also staged its own exercises Friday simulating aerial strikes on North Korean mobile missile launchers.

    The U.N. Security Council scheduled an emergency meeting for Monday morning on North Korea’s latest ballistic missile launch at Japan’s request. But it’s unclear if it can slap fresh sanctions on North Korea because China and Russia, two of the council’s veto-wielding members, opposed the United States and allies’ moves to toughen sanctions on the North over its banned tests of ballistic missiles earlier this year.

    U.S. National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson condemned Friday’s launch and said the United States will take “all necessary measures” to guarantee the safety of its territory and South Korea and Japan. Vice President Kamala Harris separately met with the leaders of those countries and of Australia, Canada and New Zealand who were attending a regional forum in Bangkok to discuss a joint response to North Korea.

    Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada said Friday that depending on the weight of a potential warhead, the missile had a range exceeding 15,000 kilometers (9,320 miles), “in which case it could cover the entire mainland United States.”

    The North’s nuclear and missile arsenals are shrouded in secrecy. Some experts say North Korea is still years away from possessing a functioning nuclear missile, saying it has yet to prove technologies to ensure that warheads survive the harsh conditions of atmospheric reentry. But others say North Korea has likely already acquired such capacities given the number of years spent on its nuclear program.

    In recent months, North Korea has performed dozens of shorter-range missile tests that it called simulations of nuclear attacks on South Korean and U.S. targets. North Korea said its tests were aimed at issuing a warning to the United States and South Korea over their military training that the North views as an invasion rehearsal. Seoul and Washington have said their regular exercises are defensive in nature.

    North Korea halted weapons launches for about a week before it fired a short-range ballistic missile on Thursday. Before that launch, North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui threatened to launch “fiercer” military responses to steps by the U.S. to bolster its security commitment to South Korea and Japan.

    U.S. President Joe Biden met with his South Korean and Japanese counterparts Nov. 13 on the sidelines of a regional gathering in Cambodia, issuing a joint statement that strongly condemned North Korea’s recent missile tests and agreed to work together to strengthen deterrence. Biden reaffirmed the U.S. commitment to defend South Korea and Japan with a full range of capabilities, including nuclear weapons.


    Associated Press writer Mari Yamaguchi in Tokyo contributed to this report.

    1. Just the News reported that Citizen Free Press, a popular news aggregator, was suspended from Twitter after sharing Obama’s statement.

      He first suggests that Democrats “controlled” certain voting machines at the time of his first presidential run.

      His statement came at a 2008 rally at Kent State University, and was in response to a request for assurance that the election was not being rigged or stolen.

      “Well, I tell you what, it helps in Ohio that we’ve got Democrats in charge of the machines,” Obama said, to the applause of his audience.

      He foreshadowed, “whenever people are in power, they have this tendency to try to, you know, tilt things in their direction.”

  23. A rather broad-based philosophical column here, but I am curious why Mr. Nyquist did not make an even initial reference to this developing situation with the collapse of the FTX crypto currency exchange, now exposed as a ponzi scheme run by the con man Sam Bankman, i.e. the International Crypto Bag-man, and its connections to the Democratic Party and their pet causes such as ‘pandemic preparedness’ and climate change. This slightly pudgy, shakey-leg millennial pajama/dough boy freely admitted to NBC’s Chuck Todd and others that his main goal in handing out multi-millions was to literally buy public policy, and he was second or third in line as the big-money individual contributor to the Democratic Party for the recent election cycles, behind only George Soros and/or the Bloomberg bunch. ($11 million to the Biden campaign alone.) This gave him big-time celebrity status in the establishment and media, as exemplified by the photo of him on a forum stage with Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Plus I guess when one looks like a whimsical cross between John Belushi and a younger Mickey Dolenz, it can only burnish one’s image with the lefty social media mob even further. (No offense to Mssrs. Belushi and Dolenz.) Then there is the photo with his arm literally around no less than Maxine Waters, the literal firebomb of Congress and chair of the House finance commmittee. Seems he became pals-ies with her as an avenue to literally helping to write any forthcoming cryptocurrency regulation. He also reputedly used his Democratic party contributions as a means of establishing some awfuly suspicious connections with the Ukranian National Bank and a direct FTX partnership with something known as the “Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine”, whatever that might be. Anyway, this is a big story whose ramifications have yet to fully play out, and they so far are not very good. Albeit very much muted by the mainstream media, which will not do anything to embarrass or expose the corruption of the Democratic Party and hence ruling class. (Although imagine the media firestorm if ‘Bagman the Bilker’ had been a MAGA/Republican supporter.) But it is also important in that it is so symptomatic of the corruption which aids the Marxist-globalist aim of total world subjugation and the end of national sovereignty, first and foremost that of the United States.

  24. “Only a happy man can bring about a new social order; but he is not happy is identified with an ideology or a belief, or who is lost in any social or individual activity. Happiness is not an end in itself. It comes with the understanding of what ‘is’. Only when the mind is free from its own projections can there be happiness. Happiness that is bought is merely gratification; happiness through action, through power, is only sensation; and as sensation soon withers, there is craving for more and more. As long as the more is a means to happiness, the end is always dissatisfaction, conflict and misery. Happiness is not a remembrance; it is that state which comes into being with truth, ever new, never continuous.” J D Krishnamurti 2nd ‘Commentaries on Living’ The Pursuit of Power ‘But godliness with contentment is great gain.’ 1Timothy 6:6

  25. (3) nobody is serious about thwarting our country’s enemies, foreign or domestic…..Somebody will rebuild. In a word, “gramschiism” and blinding opulent blasphemy has decimated. “Somebody”, imoh, is the the collective mystical body of Christ…& Charity. The former weak and diminiscule…maybe 3%. Satan is the current king of earth. Even so, the weak “Spirit of Jesus” is stronger & wiser than all the $mounted corpses and false dreams of temporal pleasure or immortality. I reckon Yahweh let the Israelites have a king (Saul, David, etc.) The present proximate King of the Universe (Jesus) lives and beckons us I believe to bind together “e pluribus unum” the spirits Charity & Christ…not all are annointed, & few choose the narrow path of welcoming hatred, persecution, martyrdom and “come follow me to the Cross. ” Charity in the rational and Zacheus spirit is anti- killing for fun, (or profit), opposed to oppresion, propitiates modern miracles and fond of “the peace that surpasses all understanding”. Hopefully, a lot of Big guns will adopt the Zacheus spirit and that will mitigate the effects of the present wars and fortify a base of temporal Charity to welcome the True King of the Universe. Still hopin for no “hot dogs”. Or emps.

      1. It does seem like an egalitarian and leveling weapon to me, but it is on the other hand, a kind of battlefield high explosive after all. Appears that it’s real use has been psychological for the most part.

      2. Tricky question. At this point, even trilateral nuclear disarmament may not prevent a nuclear exchange. You outrank me 100 to one in military strategy, history and philosophy. Jesus took the cross to “draw all men” to heaven and made it clear that universal salvation is not an option. The closest Jesus came to advocating violence was his advice to apostles to sell cloaks and buy a sword. “that’s enough” was a light reprimand to Peter for attacking and maiming the Roman guard. Modern warfare is egregious and the “possessed idiots” or schizoid ochlocrats IMHO take pleasure in killing and torturing folk, or believe they will get something out of it.

        I can still flinch when I see tanks being annihilated by drones. They would make such lovely tractors. I tremble a bit when I recall the opening salvo of the great short war…WWIII will be nuclear, spec op to denazify and liquidate drug addicts. We both know that the largest % of “nazis” and dope addicts are not in Ukraine, but USA. I reckon the slow cruel pace of the Ukrainian invasion and allowed media coverage was purposeful propaganda to warn other nations and accustom the entire world to eternal warfare and subjugation. The Russky mob only now are turning on the gas infrastructure. Not in 48 hours, but they could easily have used strategic missiles, mini emps or “the big one”, dashed Starlink satellites etc. It seems that satan himself is in charge showing off the cruelty of the Russian boot. Perhaps Mr. Putin or the Russian ochlocrats will wake up from their well-planned clenched-fist dostoyevksyian hangover and realize they are “possessed idiots” and have committed a “moral and strategic error”.

        Unilateral nuclear disarmament? Aside from the folly of national warfare, there are 3 advantages to dumping nukes. 1) Unethical and dangerous to the “Universal” as well as the earthy environment. Certainly, there could be “other” creatures sensitive to radiation and further use could bring down the wrath of Khan or the wrath of God. 2) USSR & PRC surpassed the US many years ago in nuke/emp superiority and could effectively annihilate the states. (although unilateral disarmament, public and announced may seem quisling it is not the same as surrender, and could) a) trigger earthy nuclear disarmament or semblance thereof b) save “the states” from nuclear devastation and allow for a rebirth of the republic c) it could reignite the true Spirit of 1776 to oppose oppresion and bring down a blessing from God…He is the one who has rightly judged us as worthy of death and appoints the manner and hour. d) it’s a talking point or bargaining chip. Though a difficult task, it’s not impossible to reason w/ ochlocrats…”nobody” gains nuttin w/ burning radiation.

      3. Nukes served their purpose as a WWII bottle stopper & “mad” deterrent. You are the best candidate for “peacemaker” considering your knowledge, patience, personality and contacts. The “mystical body of Charity, and Christ for those called and chosen is the only practicle bottle-stopper for the current “spec-op” and hegelian (fiscal) conflict. Satan was the “bad seed” of Marxism, communism, dictators and wmds. Satan sowed the same seed of wmds “stateside” knowing it would lead to a sort of “occult pride” Bretton-Woods opulent and blasphemic atmosphere. The seed grew bigger in the dark secular regions USSR & Red China. The gramschi component watered and soiled US opulence and the subsequent degeneration: blasphemy…abortion, open door policy, greed and adultery as national sport, failed and unjust foreign wars, failed drug war. The Zacheus spirit refers to each person. Ok briefly he was the “short guy” Hebrew Roman quisling tax collector so curious to see Jesus that he climbed a tree, invited Jesus to come home and visit, quit his job and gave up 1/2 his fortune, subsequently receiving salvation: personal and for his family. Quite likely, Zacheus was later “dispatched with or by” Roman authorities. So the Zacheus spirit refers directly to “the suits” on an intl. level as well as the “mob rulers” on national, regional and community or “city-state” levels.

      4. God save the US and the world! God, lead and guide us to qualm the flames of violence and oppression w/ Irish luck & Hebrew wisdom as you did for the judges of your guided chosen people until they demanded a King. David failed miserably, though favored by Thee, and his triumphs and downfalls are reflected in the books favored by 70 elders in Babylonian exile. The war and exile were drawn upon Israel due to blasphemy and child-sacrifice. The kingdom of David was doomed from the beginning, as thou foretold: rulers shall force thee into labor as chariots and cattle. They shall garnish your wages. etc and so forth. Too much human effort, thought, senseless words, anxiety, labor, and blood is spent on warfare. Our species is underdeveloped due to our penchant for “just war” or “just killing for fun” or profit as JR describes. Due to circumstances beyond our control, billions have been born, lived, and died without belief or opportunity to do so in a generous, merciful, and loving God and Saviour. It’s time for we the people to target the ochlocrats w/ sincere prayer, words, and deeds. The Soviet as well as Sino & Islam leaders likely have no real notion of Christian Charity, the Spirit of Jesus, mercy, forgiveness, or even “secular humanism” which is a nauseating topic.

      5. Hopefully you are pals with Sean Hannity and convinced him concerning the Soviet downfall deception. He could be a staunch ally. I thought “Jimmy from Brooklyn” explained that to you. If not, you might consider an editor in case he pulls a “Laugh in” and “socks it to you.

      6. Sean Hannity is not my pal. I do not want him to be my pal. Those who have had privileged media positions bear a special responsibility. If they have failed in their responsibility what should we say? Good job!?

  26. Your new book arrived in my mail today. Nice to have your articles in one collection. Third one of yours I have along with countless others referenced in your articles that I have bought along this path you tread; including the two mentioned in this article and that Professor Dugin, sort of a Rasputin character. I like source context in front of my eyes. Thanks.

  27. Cartoon characters
    for the zero to 70 crowd,
    that change their appearance,
    that morph, that have unreal powers.
    That have any non real appearance.

  28. Jeff, this was absolutely brilliantly written. Thank you for being a voice for clarity. I am glad you shined your light on the lies concerning the covid19 vaccines. More and more truth is coming out about the damage they have caused and will continue to cause. I highly recommend listening to the Daniel Horowitz (Conservative Review) podcast from this past Friday, 11/18/22: “The Math Behind the Covid Jab Mass Genocide”. Daniel uses the CDC’s own data from VAERS and V-SAFE. It is another example of exactly what you are saying in this article.

  29. “So then, what happened to “morning in America”? What was the significance of all that optimism about “winning” the Cold War?”

    It’s Morning in America: Red Dawn.

    Dr. Lee Merrit, Army Doctor) outlined relatively early the impact of the ‘prophylactics’ on mortality and cardiac/cancer incidence in the armed forces. Dr. Zelenko’s hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and zinc sulfate used by then POTUS no less actively suppressed in favor of ‘standard of care’ nephrotoxic drugs, ventilation, and gene transfection ‘technology’/’operating systems’ patented as early as December 2019 (with Reasearch and Investment boards infested with Chinese nationals) pioneered by Epstein coevals like Harvard Nano-Biotech Quislings like Charles Lieber.

    Insurance Companies have been reporting anomalous increase in excess mortality, exceeding Vietnam’s 70k fatalities for the under-50 age bracket, together with chronic and acute illness. Car crashes increased, despite distance work & learning over the lockdowns. If researchers like Kevin McCairn are right about the virus targeting motor control (labored breathing) and impulse control (convenient for the mostly peaceful Floyd reprise of Fergusen), Covid Zombies will continue to drop dead or out of the work force (and out of the sky, judging by the Veterans Day kamikaze run of a Soviet Lend Lease P63 on a B17 strategic bomber … altitude compounds the clotting effects).

    “Resistance has been spotty, especially in the U.S. military.”

    If I had to guess, this thing is killing multiple birds with one dual-phased bioweapon stone. Champagne Pinkos cannot be remoralized without being personally affected themselves, and the spike proteins’ affinity for the gonads will streamline their spiteful mutant epigenetics senescence, otherwise taken care of by infant and child mortality in prior stages of civilization and incomplete industrialization. They will be disproportionately effected, tending not to produce replacement births themselves already. That, and Fortress America can economically weather a ‘crises of capitalism’ — its enemies, both propped up from near death last century, will not. It’s down to not having any more breakaway technology transfers by Manhattan Project equivalent spies, or their allies in the political apparatus.

    In the figure of The Kenosha Kid, supreme discipline and patience demonstrated the resolve and common sense of the patriotic right. 2A friendly Legacy Americans know the game by now, “Kick the dog until it bites you (then shoot it).” The lamented inaction of the right with its Quisling beautiful loser RINOs is more disturbing to the adversary than it might appear. Their florid Helter Skelter rhetorical hysterics certainly put the cart before the horse, so much protest over “sedition” and “insurrection” doth protests too much … Rittenhouse has recently intimated that they have information he had a tail from the Bureau that fateful night … “theater kid occupied government” as latter day Okrana.

    “These dreams of power ‘represent overcompensation for the feeling of humiliation….’”

    Last Man “Mouse Utopia Experiment” mode of social organization, ressentiment writ large by way of Deleuzed-Guatarri’s Capitalism & Schizophrenia, ‘Oedipal production’ as apparatchik central committee making tchotchkes & widgets with slave labor half a world away for service economy helots, increasingly dispossessed themselves.

    “and they have never lived under one. Consequently, the word democracy, on their lips, is a sinister significator.”

    One man one vote might be viable with the enforced transparency of blockchain ledgers, except that’s beside the point. Athenians would never have franchised migrant labor, much less social striver midwit bourgeois, merchants and money lenders. The locus of political power and feedback is so diffuse as to be nonexistent beyond ‘market forces’. Japan’s hydrogen power generation – started late 90s and interrupted by Fukushima – are live and proven; British liquid oxygen likewise … together with low maintenance, low waste, low heat nuclear reactors teased for future US military FOB power plants, we have the means to sustain space colonization and mining. ‘Green’ need not be a watermelon green, deep red on the inside, or have anything to do with Kissinger acolytes like Schwab’s Resets (Kissinger, Soviet Agent, by Frank Capell).

    “Politics becomes their playground.”

    … of laundered virtue. “Every man a king!” in their own mind. Therefore every sloven man and barren woman can be heroic apropos of nothing. “My trauma! My truth!”

    “They hate people who have actual knowledge, or people who care about the truth. They are not interested in debate.”

    Following Dutton-Turley, Europe achieved its highest rate of innovation and geniuses in the 1800s specifically because of generations of harsh punishment of criminals (and their removal from the gene pool). The abyss staring back from the void is physically present, and constituted by beings in human form that would otherwise be winnowed as a matter of natural selective course, Doestoyetsky’s Demons, our New Socialist Man, whose ‘oversocialized’ ecology is the frotteur frontier of the anthropo-herd’s flesh mob.

    “the destruction of [German] universities, is the aftermath of the destruction that brought Hitler to power and of the destruction worked under his regime.”

    The martial mobilization of western society against the specter of international socialism was indeed ‘anti-intellectual’, and any such appropriate counter-active measures undertaken are perforce “fascism” after the inauguration of the Nuremberg Regime. What’s hitherto been called Neoliberalism is a political autoimmune condition. The toxically naive, quixotically Faustian pact to uproot European colonial squabbles once and for all rebirthed the wounded Beast Antichrist with the Sino-Soviet Gog & Magog. It will only have been worth it if the ‘Collective West’ passes this test against the enemy within and without.

  30. Jeff, you said the quiet parts out-loud 🤣.

    I had the opportunity once of watching Sean Hannity “debate” the very liberal Rocky Anderson many years ago. I wholeheartedly disagreed with Rocky about pretty much every subject however, I had to say that Rocky won that “debate”. I recall him calmly and politely stating his positions while all Sean Hannity could do was muster emotion and pointing fingers and resort to ad hominem attacks. It has escaped me ever since how in the world Hannity managed to go on to become even more successful and prominent. Clearly, a large base of the populace will listen to and accept anyone they think sounds smarter than they are on their side of the aisle- all they need is to present with confidence. That is when I realized that we were truly on a sinking ship.

    Can America still be turned around? Yes it is still possible, but would require a massive about-face, or repentance if you will, of the nation at-large similar to Nineveh. I very much doubt that will happen. Very soon we will reach a tipping point where the problems will begin to compound one another in a cascading effect that will continue on until it has wreaked utter destruction.

    While I have not stopped speaking and working for the truth, I have shifted my focus more towards shoring up myself and those I love to be able to stand through what is coming and remain moral. Mankind’s ability to be moral generally correlates with needs being met per Maslow’s Hierarchy unless a stronger motivation drives them. And that motivation usually is spiritually based. Therefore, it behooves us all to make provisions now for both the physical and spiritual while we still are able.

    Personally, and I know this will sound strange to most, I have for many years had dreams of days to come. It is unsettling to see them begin to play out in reality….because I know at least a part of what comes next. For myself, I am preparing to and know I must and have chosen already to help as many as I possibly can along the way. I know miracles will happen for those who retain their humanity and continue to look to God.

    Thank you Jeff for being a voice for truth and goodness. You don’t stand alone and your work is very much appreciated.

    1. Jennifer, I’ve had dreams like what you are describing. Some have already come to pass, others haven’t yet, but I fear they will. A dream I had about 8 years ago has just now started playing out: people were being robbed of the groceries in their carts before they could get them into their cars. It was very upsetting to see it happening (in the dream) and I was shocked. Now it’s actually happening in many places. 🙁

  31. this is my last comment and visit to this site. last week none of my comments were posted. Jeff do you not like someone posting that communists are morally corrupt pieces of crap? seems you let commit say whatever he wants. i believe the days intellectual discussions are over. We now must resort to name calling and fighting like the communists have been doing for the last 100 years. welcome to the jungle

      1. I will not allow the US to passively slide into communism. I used to believe we could win hearts and minds through intellectual debate. Until I was verbally and physically Attacked by a Communist Coworker over a debate on Russia. I won the debate and was attacked. Am I disgruntled about it yes. Last week I called out Commit for Being a morally corrupt atheist. Which Commit and my coworker share as a virtue. I no longer have patience for communists. Communists atheistic beliefs harbor genocidal tendencies…..

      2. Leeek, you must not give into hate and anger or you will lose. The time will come for a physical fight, and if we are able to fight, we must still not give in to base emotions. I have felt as you do now. It is a bitterness that will destroy only you, and probably innocent people to boot. This kind of hatred leads to so many atrocities. You don’t have to try to win the fools like commit over. It’s clear what he is. But remember, Communists are deeply deceived people. We may eventually fight them, but only a change of hearts and minds to Christ will truly eradicate it. Just point any that you know to Nyquist’s work, or the Contemplative Observer’s blog, and let them read for themselves if they are inclined. Trying to reason with someone such as Commit in person would be useless, and would probably only end in a brawl.

      3. Leeek:

        I heard the first public speech, given in a church, by Richard Wurmbrand after he left Romania. Some parts of it sounded strange. Wurmbrand called out in love for those who were involved in torture and murder to reconsider their ways. This was in the West, none of those in the audience were involved in communist crimes. Why did he speak that way?

        Afterwards I learned from someone who was in the back of the church that shortly before the speech, black limousines with fur-clad chauffeurs (it was winter) pulled up to the church then disgorged a group of fur-clad men who lined up at the back of the church. Wurmbrand preached to those men. He knew that with that speech, he signed his death warrant, for the communists had warned him that if he spoke about what happened, they would kidnap him, bring him back to Romania, then torture him to death. Yet he did so anyways. He tried with that speech to win them over.

        (One of the people in the audience was an official with the U.S. embassy who expedited the paperwork to bring him to the States before the communists could carry out their plans.)

        Leeek, when you engage communists, what is your purpose? Is it to win an argument? If so, then patience is not needed. Or is it, like Wurmbrand, in love to win them over? Impatience can lose the person even when you win the argument.

  32. Every physical problem has a spiritual root…Christ must sit on the throne of ones life. If we maintain a proper relationship with the Lord we are victorious and nothing can overcome us, when problems exist in our relationship to Christ we can be taken into captivity. As long as the children of Israel maintained the proper relationship with the tabernacle, they were victorious, and no other nation could overcome them. But when problems existed with this relationship, they were taken into captivity. Even though at times they had powerful Kings with great wisdom, all that mattered was whether or not they had offended the ark of the tabernacle. Unless we give Christ the highest place in our lives, like He deserves, we will not be able to overcome.

    Today our church leaders have led us down this path to destruction. We have leaders that do not deny themselves, the world, or Satan and their congregations do not know how to overcome self, the world and Satan either.

    Satan would love for us to believe we are weak and defeated, with no power or authority over his wicked schemes but we are not!
    Gods power is strongest when we are the weakest, He wants us to experience we can do all things through Him who gives us are strength. He that is in us is greater than anything in the world. If anything and everything is possible for those who believe, than we need to activate our faith and believe if we step up and stand up, He will show up! Moses had to step up, Joshua had to step up, Paul had to step up-before God showed up. Let’s get together and show up for our country, bold, fearless and courageous. You can’t fear death, Christ delivered us from the fear of death and gave us life and life abundant so we can turn and pull our brothers out of the pit. Faith is action, if we don’t move, God doesn’t move. God can’t drive parked cars.

    Jeff your amazing, we are all behind you, may God give you spiritual eyes to see beyond the circumstances to the millions of chariots of angels that stand guard over us, waiting for us to activate, for the saving of many lives. If God is for us who can be against us?

    Thank you for your patient endurance and light to help us see where we are going. May God open more doors and give you more platforms to help save us from captivity.

  33. It looks like the missile that hit Poland was a malfunctioning S-300 air defence missile launched by Ukraine to intercept Russian bombardment of civilian areas. Have you heard anything else about this? It led to NATO briefly considering its response if a member was attacked, something the West will have to do sooner or later anyway. Do you think the US/NATO is at least up to the task of admitting/recognizing when it’s attacked, even if it may not be capable of prosecuting a war with Russia right now?

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