I’m giving away a puppet. No strings attached.

Vladimir Putin

Linked in this paragraph is my 30 August appearance on Patriots In Tune with Jules Jones and Toots Sweet. Towards the end of the interview I appear with a puppet named Donkey Dem. Click on the Patriots In Tune link and scroll down to the August 30 show mid-interview. Jules and Toots begin the show by discussing the news. I arrive during first few minutes of the second hour. Don’t miss the puppet performance. It’s always fun to join Jules and Toots. Watch for free by registering your email: https://patriotsintune.net/archives/

As a postcript, my friend Donkey Dem was so jazzed at his appearance on Patriots in Tune, he is working on a solo performance for our next exciting episode. He will be singing the Stalin Anthem. Can you imagine?

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22 thoughts on “Patriots In Tune Interview

  1. Lots of arrrows to cliick on there, but I couldn’t get any of them to bring me to the spot where you appear, Jeff. I registered my email, too, but no luck. My goose, however, loved the crazy music. He’s very hip.

  2. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, David DuByne (Adapt2030) released a video where he mentions the Grand Solar Minimum is already having a event on the economy leading to a increase on food prices:

    1. Check out the Ice Age Farmer, he was warning of the engineered shortages way back in 2020. Everything from leaving crops to rot in south America, Government paying farmers in the US to destroy crops, China reducing cargo space by paying for empty containers on ships to the Californian government emptying Dams full of water into the Pacific under the guise of protecting a certain type of fish.
      I think he has a presence on most video platforms plus his own website.

      1. The communists, in their work of universal sabotage and destruction, were camouflaging themselves with environmentalism only to enlarge our western deserts and bankrupt our fathers. We stand here afraid to contradict the environmentalists. Yet it is treason. It is communism — preparing the way for the PLA.

  3. That donkey seems like having great potential! Looking forward to seeing him again!

  4. This is just my opinion, but there was one element in abundance in Afghanistan that was missed off the list.
    CCP and India are the only two countries I know of actively investing in Thorium reactor research.
    If they get this technology into service, Australia can kiss goodbye to her coal exports, which would most likely bankrupt the country overnight…

  5. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, a YouTube Channel called Pinball Preparedness, he made a video around February explaining what will happen with the agriculture zones in the Norther Hemisphere due to the Grand Solar Minimum, he also speaks of the same things from David DuByne (Adapt2030):

      1. If Milley spoke to the Chinese and undermined the president’s authority, he should be arrested and tried. I fear this will take a very different turn, however.

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