…. everything I have said today is not a bluff – it is not a bluff, believe me – and … those who live in the past … unable to look into the future … [should] stop rocking the boat we are all in which is called the Earth.”

Vladimir Putin, 1 March 2018

Nearly two years ago The Washington Post published a piece on “Putin’s dangerous campaign to rehabilitate Stalin.” It pointed out that Stalin and Putin both murdered political opponents. Of course, Putin’s political killings have not been as numerous as Stalin’s; but why would Putin rehabilitate a communist mass murderer like Stalin? Perhaps because Stalin was Russia’s “great” leader during World War II. Perhaps Putin aspires to be such a leader himself. Essayist Simona Pipko, who met Stalin many years ago, once observed that Putin imitates Stalin’s mannerisms. And now, having studied Putin’s State of the Nation Address (which was delivered three years ago last month), it seems that Putin has Stalin’s flare for instilling fear (and perhaps his taste for killing on a grander scale; please see “How Many People Did Joseph Stalin Kill?”)

In his State of the Nation Address, Vladimir Putin said, “Russia ranks among the world’s leading nations with a powerful … defense potential,” Putin added, “The next few years will prove decisive.” Then the Russian leader adopted the tone of that kinder guy whose soul George W. Bush claimed to have glimpsed. Putin admonished his countrymen that Russia must not fall behind technologically. Cities must be expanded and other “large-scale” projects must be embraced. Putin spoke of “family farms” and shrinking the state’s share of the economy by state sponsorship of “start-up entrepreneurs.” With these and other deceptive flourishes, the Russian President plodded toward a stunning presentation. The speech turned from boring promises of a shiny socialist future (without using the “s” word), to Stalin’s trick of making his victims soil themselves.   

“The operation in Syria has proved the increased capabilities of the Russian armed forces,” Putin stated. Then he spoke of improvements to various weapon systems: “The strategic missile troops received 80 new intercontinental ballistic missiles, 102 submarine-launched ballistic missiles and three Borei nuclear ballistic missile submarines. Twelve missile regiments have received the new Yars intercontinental ballistic missile. The number of long-range high-precision weapons carriers has increased by 12 times, while the number of guided cruise missiles increased by over 30 times.”

This opening was not much of an attention-grabber, especially for your average Westerner (who is asleep at the switch). However, when you consider the terrible state of America’s strategic deterrent, a feeling of uneasiness might begin – however slight. After all, America is still sporting ancient Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). Even the thirty-year-old Trident II (D-5) is nothing to write home about. In fact, there has been no real augmentation of America’s nuclear deterrent – despite growing nuclear arsenals in North Korea and China. Even more dangerous, America’s nuclear warheads are approaching the end of their shelf-life in 2023, with no relief in sight until 2029. On Tuesday Senator Elizabeth Warren called for a reduction in America’s nuclear arsenal. In response, Admiral Charles Richard, who heads the U.S. Strategic Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that America was “at risk of losing credibility in the eyes of our adversaries.” Admiral Richard then explained that the country was woefully behind Russia, which is “aggressively engaged” in modernizing its nuclear forces.

Returning to Putin’s speech, the world could not have guessed what was coming next. With mocking irony Putin pointed to America’s “withdrawal from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.” He said, almost with a wink, “We did our best to dissuade the Americans from withdrawing from the treaty. All in vain. The U.S. pulled out of the treaty in 2002.”

The Russian President was relishing the moment, underscoring the blind stupidity of American policy, and mocking America’s growing helplessness. Putin then spoke of the fall of the Soviet Union. Moscow had lost 23.8 percent of her national territory, he said, and 48.5 percent of her population, 41 percent of her GDP, 39.4 percent of her industrial potential, and 44.6 percent of her military capability. Putin then explained: “A civil war was raging in the Caucasus, and U.S. inspectors oversaw the operation of our leading uranium enrichment plants.” (But then, he forgot to say that America paid for those plants, as Russia claimed to be flat broke at the time.)

Like a stage magician, Putin was preparing a trick – or a series of tricks – for his audience: “Apparently,” he said, “our [Western] partners got the impression that it was impossible … for our country to revive its economy, industry, defense industry and Armed Forces to levels supporting the necessary strategic potential.”

Putin then unveiled his first trick: “During all these years … we have been working intensively on advanced equipment and arms, which allowed us to make a breakthrough in developing new models of strategic weapons.” And oh, what models! “In addition,” continued Putin, “we have embarked on the development of the next generation of missiles.” He called it the “Sarmat missile,” which “weighs over 200 tons.” (It will replace the old SS-18 “Satan” missiles next year.)

Putin then explained that Russia has been developing strategic arms “that do not use ballistic trajectories at all when moving toward a target.” Defensive systems, he said, “are useless against them, absolutely pointless.” Russian scientists, Putin said with pride, are “on the cutting edge.” He then outlined three new missiles: (1) a small-scale but heavy-duty “nuclear energy unit that can be installed in a missile,” giving it unlimited range; (2) a low-flying stealth missile that can carry nuclear warheads, with an “unpredictable trajectory”; (3) a nuclear-powered missile with unlimited range and unprecedented maneuverability. Putin calmly noted, “No other country has developed anything like this.”

The magician vaguely smiled and turned to his next trick: – Russia’s new submersible vehicles that can move at unprecedented depths [3,000 plus feet] – and, said Putin, “at a speed multiple times higher than the speed of submarines….” [That is, up to 185 kilometers per hour.] “It is really fantastic,” Putin remarked. “They are quiet, highly maneuverable and have hardly any vulnerabilities for the enemy to exploit. There is simply nothing in the world capable of withstanding them.”

It was magic, indeed. Putin began to talk about the speed of sound. Mach 1 is very fast, he said. It is 1,062 kilometers per hour. Imagine the trick of going Mach 5! “Military experts,” said Putin, “believe that it would be extremely powerful, and that its speed makes it invulnerable to current missile and air defense systems….” Yet, Putin’s trick was much bigger than this. “Friends,” Putin warmed to his audience, “Russia already has such a weapon.” Russia, in fact, has a “high-precision hypersonic aircraft missile system … the only one of its kind in the world. Its tests have been successfully completed, and, moreover, on December 1 of last year, these systems began their trial service at the airfields of the Southern Military District.” This new weapon is not merely five times faster than the speed of sound. It can travel at Mach 10! Russia has named this new missile system “the Dagger.” American aircraft carriers are defenseless against it.

Developing his theme further, Putin described Russia’s next strategic missile system with a gliding wing unit – also successfully tested. Then he addressed Russia’s “American and European partners who are NATO members.” With this new weapon, the Russian military will “neutralize” any threats posed by the deployment of U.S. global missile defense systems. The United States will not be able to defend itself or its allies. Furthermore, said Putin, “I am pleased to inform you that successfully completed experiments … enable us to confirm that in the near future … the Strategic Missile Forces will receive new hypersonic-speed, high-precision new weapons systems that can hit targets at intercontinental distance and can adjust their altitude and course as they travel.” Again, “no country in the world has such arms in their military arsenal.”

Putin presented one peerless weapon system after another. How can we account for it? Russia has almost no GNP. It is nothing but an overgrown Bulgaria. Surely, America cannot be so outclassed. Or did we miss something along the way? Did we delude ourselves? 

“Nobody really wanted to talk to us about the core of the problem,” said Putin, “and nobody wanted to listen to us. So listen now.” If you thought a missile that goes Mach 10 was unprecedented, Russia has a missile that can go “in excess of Mach 20.” An animation of the new superweapon was then presented, with Putin apologizing that, “for obvious reasons we cannot show the outer appearance of this system here. This is still very important. I hope everyone understands this.” As if to summon the Devil himself, Putin spoke of something called Avangard. If other countries are developing new superweapons, he explained mysteriously, “We have every reason to believe that we are one step ahead there as well….”

For sheer effect, Putin nonchalantly announced, “We have achieved significant progress in laser weapons. It is not just a concept or a plan any more. It is not even in the early production stages.” A pregnant pause, as it were: “Since last year, our troops have been armed with laser weapons.”

Alas, our magician refused to offer more details. “It is not time yet,” he explained. Then, concluding this unprecedented display of military prowess, Putin said there are far more weapons “in development than I have mentioned today. But this is enough for now.” (In fact, Putin did not touch on Russia’s new anti-ballistic missile system, the S-500 Promethius. But then, this might have spoiled his pretense of innocence while accusing America of attempting to deploy its own rather ineffective anti-ballistic missiles.)

 “Thousands,” said Putin, “literally thousands of our experts, outstanding scientists, designers, engineers, passionate and talented workers have been laboring for years, quietly, humbly, selflessly, with total dedication. There are many young professionals among them. They are our true heroes, along with our military.” He then thanked these heroes on behalf of the Russian people.

Then, engaging in ironic understatement, Putin said, “I hope that everything … said today would make any potential aggressor think twice….” With equal irony he said it was his duty to inform “our partners” of these new weapons. Russia has not violated any arms control agreements, he lied. Russia has no intention of using these weapons for “aggressive goals,” he promised. In fact, he continued, “We are not threatening anyone.”

Does Putin’s speech have a non-threatening feel?

Continuing in this ironic vein, Putin accused the United States – though not by name – of “seeking unilateral advantage against Russia.” And he said this with a straight face! Then, he turned from being a magician and a comedian to a lawyer. He warned that “restrictions and sanctions” introduced against Russia are “illegal from the standpoint of international law….” And then, with obvious satisfaction, Putin said: “Everything you have tried to prevent through such a policy has already happened. No one has managed to restrain Russia.”

His domestic audience was pleased. Occasional smiles and knowing looks were exchanged here and there. The old apparatchiks – the ones who knew all this was coming years ago – looked very bored. But then Putin turned his full attention on America. “We are greatly concerned by certain provisions of the revised [American] Nuclear Posture Review [of February 2018],” said Putin, menacingly. “Behind closed doors, one may say anything to calm down anyone, but we read what is written. And what is written is that this strategy can be put into action in response to conventional arms attacks and even to a cyber-threat. I should note that our military doctrine says Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons solely in response to a nuclear attack, or an attack with other weapons of mass destruction against [our] country or its allies, or an act of aggression against us with the use of conventional weapons that threaten the very existence of the state. This is all very clear and specific. As such, I see it as my duty to announce the following. Any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies … will be considered as a nuclear attack on this country. Retaliation will be immediate, with all the attendant consequences. There should be no doubt about this whatsoever.”

Committing himself to “sustainable development for human civilization,” Putin then launched into an attack on the United States. “Our policies will never be based on claims to exceptionalism. We protect our interests…. We observe international law and believe in the inviolable central role of the UN.”

How internationalist. How noble. How disingenuous. Our effeminate and loose principled politicians say he stole the 2016 election for Trump when he only stole the strategic high-ground.

Then Putin pointed to Russia’s “comprehensive strategic partnership with the People’s Republic of China.” Of course, he opined, Russia’s relations with “many other countries in the world are entering a new dynamic stage.” He then spoke of Russia’s international reach. “Colleagues,” he said, looking to his elite Russian audience. “this is a turning point for the entire world and those who are willing and able to change….” Oh yes, “change is necessary,” he said. The next decade and the entire twenty-first century will “undoubtedly be an age of outstanding triumphs for Russia…. I believe it will be so. Thank you.”

And so, Putin himself has provided us with an answer to the question posed in last week’s essay, “Are Russia and China Igniting a Third World War?” To prepare such an astonishing array of weapons – which are clearly aimed at America – cannot be explained as a mere attempt at self-defense. Putin’s entire performance was a perfectly choreographed threat.

A few days ago, the U.S. Strategic Command sent an unprecedented tweet in the form of a “Posture Statement Preview” from their website:

The spectrum of conflict today is neither linear nor predictable. We must account for the possibility of conflict leading to considerations which could very rapidly drive an adversary to consider nuclear use as their least bad option.

The U.S. Strategic Command is admitting, without offering details, what was outlined in our essay of last week. Indeed, a nuclear war could begin at any time. What events would “drive an adversary to consider nuclear use as their least bad option”? The answer may be found in the “classics” of Soviet military literature, which support in every respect the choices made by Putin’s new weapon scientists.

To put Russia’s new weapons in perspective, a brief commentary on America’s new weapon systems is also in order. Let us start with the U.S. Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), or, as one report put it, “How to Put Lipstick on a Pig.” It is a $34 billion dollar warship program that does not work as intended. It costs almost as much to operate as a guided missile destroyer, but without any real combat value. Or how about the “Too Expensive to Use” F-35 single-seat, single-engine, all-weather stealth multirole boondoggle? Over its lifespan, this piece of junk will cost taxpayers $1.7 trillion. It was supposed to replace the F-16, but it “is slow, maneuvers sluggishly and cannot fire its new lightweight gatling gun without destroying the housing and the airplane.” In fact, this fighter has 12 “class one” life-threatening defects and 871 “flaws” which must be fixed before this jet-powered nightmare can be deployed as intended (if ever). Even more depressing, check out the new Ford class CVN (nuclear powered aircraft carrier). The ship’s “innovative” Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) does not work. There are also problems with the ship’s nuclear propulsion system, the elevator design, and much, much more. When will the Ford CVN be fixed? Well, it has been almost four years and the ship still has not successfully completed its post-delivery test and trial period. For those curious to read about more failed or outrageously expensive weapons systems, please read, “The Sobering Truth About the Pentagon’s Acquisition Failures.”

As a final comment, the United States is rapidly losing its strategic capability. In fact, the Russians and Chinese may be so superior that we cannot credibly deter them from using nuclear weapons on us. Russian military strategists have long held that strategic rocket (missile) weapons are the decisive weapons of the next war. Why? Because they are the fastest weapons on Earth and they hit the hardest. Senator Elizabeth Warren, of course, does not really think we need them. She wants us to rely on something else. Perhaps she has an Indian tomahawk in mind. But can the Pentagon procure one that works?

This is Part II of THE CRISIS

Special thanks to Barrett Moore for his assistance in the writing of this article.

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  1. Thank you for unpacking this important Putin speech for us.

    Mortifying. And to think we have demented Biden and his cast of clowns in charge.

    But not to worry. Diversity is our strength.

  2. The situation grows more dire each day both foreign and domestic. As Diana West and others have said “we have no idea who is actually running the United States right now” — not a good position for any nation, but especially not one that is falling apart within and threatened daily by heavily armed enemies without.

      1. June is the month military forces can move effectively because the ground becomes (as a rule) dry. It is the month in which street activists can become more comfortable in the streets and crowds become larger. It is the month in which young students (and radicals) are free from class. It is the month in which Microsoft is changing its terms of service agreement with all of us, and it is the month by which foreign unregistered workers are being asked to leave Russia.

      2. Alignment of the materialist’ stars, full moon is out for the whole month of June. Someone phone Nixon about his “brilliant” Kissingerian strategy of splitting off China. What utter clowns. What were they thinking? The Bushes included.

    1. I think we have become a random cleptocracy going on schizophrenic feel. Say one thing, the disoriented schizo will do the opposite in reaction against control and insecurity, like a febrile dog. Instead of a balancing constitutional budget where tax breaks are consistent with the taxing of free money, they pick and choose for their clepto programs or maybe because they want an option for a police they still cannot figure if they can keep or control etc. The doing the opposite of everything Trump did, good or bad, is a testimony to their insanity and disorder of disorientedness, wherever a spectacle wearing inexperienced schizophrenic soy boy behind journalistic curtains tell them to go by feel. It truly is pathetic.

  3. It really seems that no matter what improvements the U.S. military makes to it’s arsenal, it could be too little too late. What chance is there of deterring the enemy – never mind winning – if the time has already run out?

    1. Many unknowns here. We need courageous, informed leadership. Right now we have a president who is not all there and a Vice President who thinks she can arrest people for being anti-socialist.

  4. Jeff,

    Perhaps that rude conservative would be so kind and generous of soul, as to post his
    reply to Putin’s speech here on your home turf?

    So we may inter-mix his, yours, and our, germane comments?

    Or am I being un-reasonable?

    Yours Truly,

    1. Because they have changed the balance of power and they are openly allied with China, and they want to see if we’ve understood that before they wring our necks.

      1. Might that be “wring” ? You’re entitled to one mistake a day!

      2. Foreign leaders considered as being a type of serial killer. The baron Vladmir “..he must know I encompass his doom..iirc

      1. My question was unclear. I meant, “Why are the Russians withdrawing troops from the border today?” Also, why have they provided medical care to Navalny? Are they trying to confuse us? One scenario that occurred to me was that they could move their troops to Belarus and attack western Ukraine from the north, cutting off the defenders of the Eastern border from behind and potentially taking Kiev. I also heard it suggested that they are only removing actual soldiers, not vehicles and equipment, and thus could very quickly re-man their positions on the border.

      2. These are technical questions you ask. They are tactical. In a few days or weeks we will probably have the answers. Trying to examine things at this level leads to wasteful speculation. For example, suppose the weather in Eastern Ukraine is wetter than normal and the ground will be wet through the first half of June. Why have men sitting out there for almost two months in the rain? If they are reservists send them home to their jobs for six weeks. Cut your costs. An army cannot effectively attack when the ground is muddy. There could be any number of reasons for tactical shifts. There could be secret negotiations going on. We will know soon enough. As for Navalny, if they wanted him dead he would be dead already. They are keeping him alive because they do not want a martyr. They want to break him and discredit him. For that they need him alive.

      3. Luke: do you remember our second Iraq war? It took only days to bring our troops to the battle theater, but a few months to bring all the equipment there.

        Even though the Russians have a shorter distance and trains to bring all their equipment to the front, it will still take some time to bring all their weaponry to the front. The soldiers to man the equipment can arrive in just a few days. Plus, by keeping the troops away from the border allows them to take some time to relax and train for the upcoming battle away from the tension of the border.

        Similarly, there are indications that China has smuggled in and prepositioned weapons here in the States for their troops.

      4. To R.O., it sound like that may be what’s happening. I remember that it took time for us to bring everything into position around Iraq. Especially if the Russians are planning a large incursion into Europe they would probably need months rather than weeks to bring everything into position. It would be interesting to see how long it took Hitler to position his assets for Operation Barbarossa, the opposite of what the Russians may be planning,

  5. Mach 10 is very fast. We won’t have time to do much if one of those comes at us.

  6. Yes, Mach 10 is incredibly fast. Too fast even for our missile commander to ask for the personal pronouns of our launch team before he can issue a command.

    1. Do you remember that Obama fired several air force high ups shortly before he left office? Don’t remember ranks. One was fired because he was caught illegaly betting

    2. The hypersonic missiles that fly more that mach 5 are traveling through the atmosphere, where there are plenty of gases to cause friction and then fire, whereas ballistic missiles travel at their high speeds through space with no friction until the descent to target.

  7. Jeff, what do you think are these American secret weapons Putin was hinting at? I would hope it’s those so-called UFOs, but I sincerely doubt we have anything going on in secret that would be of any help. It does feel that our side is rotten and incompetent at every level.

    1. I do not know what technology Putin was hinting at. It is something exotic, I think; but a technical whiz might have a better guess than me.

      1. Jeff, regarding US secret weapons, have you ever read “The Hunt for Zero Point” by Nick Cook? A very interesting book which explains to some extent what the “foo fighters” may have been (advanced German aircraft). Although it seemed to imply that Russia and perhaps China had acquired similar technologies after WWII.

        Regarding your comment above, why June?

      2. The West cant keep a secret . Rosenberg. Cant prevent commusists from

  8. Several mystical weapons which alot conspiricies seem to imply exist are the DEW and the Rods of Gos

  9. Issue of UFO tech changing warfare. After all evidence of West being unable to secure it’s secrets. .Rosenburgs Walker ring Hansen Sir Roger Hollis Aldrich Ames Robert Hansen etc You really think we have some back pocket weapon to defeat the Reds? After all the looses on all fronts institutional? We ‘ve. Got some secret branch reverse engineering alien tech that will last minute nuetraulize then REDS? No. As far as UFOS go the most reliable testimony says that it’s non Russian or US. God please buy youtube or other wise view testimony of people with way higher CLEARANCES than us telling us that these craft are Extra demensioal .


  10. Regarding Elizabeth Warren’s comments on letting our nuclear deterrent rot, well this is what happens when a Republic (ostensibly,) lets so many women into government, and with a preponderance of them in a Marxist organization like the Democratic Party to boot. Women just can’t be trusted to support a military guardianship under a present political framework such as we now have. Not to mention adding them to the armed forces themselves in such increasing numbers, and into combat roles now to an almost unlimited degree. With the first woman one step away from Commander in Chief, the march to matriarchy will virtually insure our doom, if not by military defeat, then by any other number of ways.

      1. Wrong. Mostly just people on this forum, really. Get outside a little.

    1. Esp. times ten American women that have been trained to be such as they are, a small chance there is one clerking in a hardware store. But even then, unbalanced under pressure.

    2. The mother is fearless to the point of soullessness as nature is a powerful force she benefits from to protect its little ones, its opposite, the prostitute is fearful and intellectually lazy – always running from issues, never liking to be in touch with the difficult realities (from the one of changing a light bulb to thinking about hard subjects). Contrary to popular opinions, matriarchies are much more violent and prone to conflict, by either petty nationalist-blood jealousies or by inviting them through weakness. In the case of the horizontal Kalamary Harris, this octopus of strange personalities, we definitely have the Putin pimpable fearful and maybe even self hating hysterical prostitute. Even the shrew types like Hilary Clinton are eventually fearful. Feminism is mostly a gay man controlled movement that is scared witless of mothers and hates them. Hillary plagiarized all her stuff from gay men, and I will precisely say Modern Schizo immature regressive gay men. The homosexuals of ancient Greece were precisely NOT gay but quite stern men so as to maintain the Greek Ethos of maturity in men away from the dribble or comforts of women. Do not get me wrong, modern gay men are the problem, and I would trust an ancient greek homosexual before I would trust any modern straight schizo American who is even disoriented about sexuality now.

      1. you know, I think I’m going to pay closer attention to your posts “micmada” sorry for the delayed awareness.

        Providence teaches those who practice listening.

  11. U.S. Nuclear Weapons That Were Intended To Last A Decade Have Been Operational For 50 Years. With Few Spare Parts, How Long Can They Last?

    McClatchy News: U.S. nuclear weapons are aging quickly. With few spare parts, how long can they last?

    When hundreds of land-based nuclear armed ballistic missiles were first lowered into underground cement silos spread across the vast cornfields here in 1970, the weapons were only intended to last a decade before a newer system came in.

    Fifty years later, these missiles — called the Minuteman III — are still on alert, manned by members of the U.S. Air Force in teams of two who spend 24 hours straight below ground in front of analog terminals from the 1980s, decoding messages and running tests on the missiles’ systems to check if they could still launch if needed.

    But it’s not the age of weapons or the decades-old technology that troubles their operators. It’s that the original manufacturers who supplied the gears, tubes and other materials to fix those systems are long gone.


      1. Thewarzone has a couple articles on how there is musings about removing even the Minutemen and keeping bombers on alert instead. What a joke. Another article is about the string suspicion that our boats have been followed by sub launched drones and the Pentagon is too embarrassed to admit it ans baited out democrat congress members about spreading rumors of fast UFOs. Apparently they are not fast at all, it is bogus. These objects seem to have some stealth capability because only recent AESA powerfully focusing radars can detect them and they were indetectable before. Also they are shaped in strange UfO movie like shapes to puzzle pilots. Note that Russia has drones shaped as real birds. So, who knows, a flight of “seaguls” is probably trying to crack our cryptos at this time.

    1. Take what you have and use it differently, to affect the decisions of the opposition. Nothing less will do.

  12. The Case For Why The U.S. Should Not Modernize Its Land-Based Nuclear Missile Force:

    Defense One: $264B for ICBMs That Would Be Destroyed in the Ground? No, Thanks

    Creating a spiffy new “nuclear sponge” makes neither fiscal nor strategic sense.

    The Biden administration is spending trillions of dollars to address the most pressing challenges we face, such as the pandemic, aging infrastructure and climate change.

    And the more the administration spends, the more the public has a right to ask where this money will come from.

    So far, President Biden is planning to pay for new spending by increasing the national debt and new taxes on corporations.

    We humbly suggest that the administration consider an additional approach: cancelling new nuclear weapons that we do not need.

    The Pentagon is planning to spend $264 billion on a new fleet of 600 land-based nuclear missiles, known as ICBMs.

    This is just part of a trillion-dollar program to rebuild the entire U.S. nuclear arsenal, including new submarines, bombers, and warheads.


    Lawmakers, defense officials joust over next-gen ICBM plans (Defense News):

    1. The cost of super-hardening those missile silos –

      China’s answer _______, Russia’s answer _________ Sweet Dear God these people are corrupt, and infiltrated, the answer of their “elites” ________. Get your kids out of government schools, or you’re a clown yourself.

  13. Biden has always been against strengthening our military. I’m a Delaware resident. We always known he’s a commy
    https://www.ourcampaigns.com/CandidateDetail.html?CandidateID=29. He nearly lost his last senate race. Biden’s always been a bane on Delaware. Believe it or not Biden is a Catholic. And he vacations in my home town. He attends ” mass” at St. Edmons Church. Rehobeth Beach Delaware. He was refused Communion by Father Forester 10 years ago. In that only Catholic Church near his house in Rehobeth Beach DE. Father Forester refused to give Biden Communion because of Biden’s stance on abortion. Father Forester has been relocated to the Ocean City branch of the diocese. This is no bs.

    1. I received first Communion at this Church. St Edmonds Rehobeth Beach DE. My sister Colleen Murphy Married her husband Michael Mock at St. Edmonds. My best friend James Fracis Davis married his wife Juile Spurlock at this Church. St. Edmonds .
      .409 King Charles Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

      1. Hey Bard : I live in Lewes since 1987. We belong to St Jude’s but we frequently go to St Edmond’s. Im surprised that anyone in this part of Sussex Co. has views similar to mine and follows Nyquist for that matter.I’ll bet we might know some of the same people ; however, most people around here are libs. Anyhow , shoot me an Email. BTW, consider myself an independent thinker and J.R. affirms my views although he is much more well versed on geopolitical issues.

    2. Biden is a creature of the communist apparatus in America. That is who put him in the White House. That is how powerful this gang has become.

  14. America has been sold out by it’s elected officials, men and women so focused on enriching themselves with money, power and privlege that they forgot to protect their own nation from the Globalist/Communist threat. Ironically, the failure of Capitalism is represented by the very fiat U.S. dollars that all these fools will be sitting on when the music stops. Russian and China don’t have to attack America…we are in the process of destroying ourselves, they only need to wait.

    1. So Capitalism has failed, but it’s also the form of government we need to protect us here in America? Or else we fall to “The Commies”, right? I don’t get it. Capitalism is good up to a point? Then the “Elites” who have enriched themselves through Capitalism are responsible for its downfall? So how is Capitalism good? According to you it has brought about its own end, and the innocent American patriot is left on his own in a future of chaos. But simultaneously, somehow, this is “The Communists'” fault! The grand scheme of the uniquely brilliant and powerful “Communist”. Do you not see the absurdity of this?

      The reasonable conclusion to come to is that both Capitalism and Communism have their valuable components. And only by allowing the two to mix into something new will we ever find peace as a species. Trying to demonize one and deify the other is a worthless game played by the panicked fool.

      1. Capitalism isn’t a form of government. It is a system of economy. Its protective strata was, two centuries ago, a warrior aristocracy. Democracy and the market system slowly eroded this protective strata. Now we have Antifa, Lloyd Austin III and Joe Biden.

      2. I would add that communism and modern capitalism are both corrupt systems, (though communism is ultimately more destructive), with roots in the corrupt spiritual state of modern man. You can have neither good government or a good economy without virtue, and virtue, if it is to last, must have its root in true religion.

  15. Lets get back on the subject at hand. What is Jeff’s opinion of the English sending their fleet into the Black Sea, in a few weeks, to be supported by the aircraft carrier QE? They go where angels (and feckless Biden) fear to tread. Sevastopol is the only genuine year round warm water port of the Russian Navy. Its even more vital to the Russians than Serbia was prior to WWI. Serbia was significant only to Russian pride and the Panslavic movement. In The Crimea, we have Russian strategic interests at stake as well as Russian pride. Is this a tripwire tied to a powder keg?

    1. The British are a nuclear power, and such a positioning by them is more meaningful than positioning ships there from other European navies. The Btiyidj have the best part of Europe’s nuclear deterrent on their submarines, notwithstanding the more vulnerable and dubious French deterrent. The latest Russian maneuver of pulling personnel back is interesting. Their “exercise” showed everyone that this deployment on Ukraine’s could be quickly re-enacted and NATO has no adequate response. The no-fly and no-sail zone around Crimea must still be in effect, unless they rescind it. Of course, Moscow scared Europe badly, Putin winked, showed his capabilities, and mysteriously stepped back. Why? Strictly speaking, I do not think Sevastopol is important as a military harbor in the sense you imply. The Black Sea is actually a terrible place for a large fleet, and the Russian Black Sea Fleet is not Russia’s largest or most powerful naval contingent. The Kola Peninsular’s Murmansk base and related submarine facilities is Russia’s most important. Crimea is regionally significant as a kind of island, with Sevastopol as a fortress on that island. The land bridge connecting Crimea to Ukraine is very narrow. So the position is regionally significant; but globally — it is an island in a sea that can easily be cut off at the Bosporus — Sevastopol is of questionable importance. If Turkey joined Russia, or was conquered by Russia, then the Black Sea Fleet could reach the Mediterranean in time of war. Even do, the Atlantic is not affected by this possibility because a hostile fleet in the Med still cannot reach the Atlantic or Indian Ocean without Gibraltar or Suez.

      1. Jeff, didn’t know if you were familiar with St. Columbkille or his prognostications. One was that the Anglo power would wane once the English fleet was defeated in “The Battle of the Circumscribed Sea”. The Anglo power has been on serious decline since WWII. The English Navy has never had a serious defeat that I’m aware of. That’s why they are so arrogant and think of themselves to be immortal. This might be quite a setup for a serious incident and maybe some payback for the Crimean War.

  16. I guess feigning strength when at your weakest is not a war strategy this military mastermind uses? He is so awesome and special that he can claim outright strength when actually strong and still be a strategic genius. The US on the other hand is always weak, whether we spew the details of our military might in public speeches or not. We are impotent and doomed all because we don’t hate gays and abortions. How ridiculously dumb this is! Have you ever felt pride in your country? Or only spite? There is no consistency to your sensationalist dogma. You are simply thirsty for war, and demand America follow suit. Just pitiful.

      1. Right, that’s what happens when it’s convenient for your narrative. What also happens is the direct opposite which, conveniently enough, also supports your narrative. What this actually means is that this narrative of yours is fairy tale. It’s bluster. It’s social media influenced politics. If America’s destructive capabilities were flaunted publicly every year for the world to see, would that be seen as strength or weakness? You have such perfect senses for what “The Communists” are doing to bring about the end of the world, based on ancient philosophies and tactics, but all you see from non-communists is capitulation to “The Communists”. You display obsession and you call it insight, thinking everyone else around you has blinders on. We all wear blinders, sir. Admit yours keep your attention focused on the “tactful genius of Communists” and unable to see the daily competence of non-communists, and you’d finally be speaking the truth.

      2. YOU like the Minuteman III? Keeping you safe, so far? Please tell me all about this wonderful new weapon system that was first put into service 50 years ago. Those missiles are older than you are, coordinated by computers developed in the 1980s that still use floppy drives. Oh, and I almost forgot. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III must be clever. Look at the genius who appointed him! And one more question: What country are you trolling me from and do you have a bomb shelter?

  17. Maybe no countries have anything like it, but then what about the top secret weapons of the Illuminati, they have anti-Gravity crafts since the 1980s.

      1. Jeff, I got love for you, but you need to manage your Pavlovian response. This is first and foremost a war of spirits. The Illuminati is real, and the hidden hand that moves the communist black pawns across the board.

      2. You are right. I do have a very strong reaction against some conspiracy theories; but not for the reasons you may think. If we talk about things we cannot prove, we can fall into a trap. And I believe that trap has already been set. I see it, and perhaps I should write more about it; but abstract principles of clandestine warfare are not generally understood — and people’s eyes glaze over with boredom. Furthermore, discussions of occult subjects — of bizarre metaphysical implications — are not suited to a general audience. If I could get to the end of my WW2 series you would see part of what I am driving at. But I wonder. Would anyone have patience for it?

  18. The speech you describe here was given, not on April 21, 2021, but on March 1, 2018. I analysed it on my blog three years ago:


    Here is the full video of it:

    While this was the speech of this week, April 21, 2021:

    Sorry about the correction, but I felt somebody had to point out the error.

    1. Oops! LOL. I kept thinking the speech was familiar. Oh well. Humiliation is good for the soul. Now that the date has been corrected, nothing need be changed. An easy thing to fix, and not a mistake that will cost us dear — like saying Putin is a Christian.

      1. I’d still be very interested in reading an analysis of the 2021 speech. Also, do you think the Chinese and Russians could get away with vaccinating their populations against a bioweapon with a much higher fatality rate, under the guise of vaccinating their populations against covid? I.e., one shot, two vaccinations against two different diseases?

      2. The Chinese and Russian vaccine is not an M-RNA type. So it is probably not very effective. But at least it is not dangerous. As for Putin’s speech last week, the pulling back of the troops made it almost too curious to comment on. Drawing a red line and effectively saying Ukraine is in Moscow’s sphere of influence suggests a future move based on what we just saw. As one Ukrainian friend said yesterday, “It’s an old game.” The Ukrainian government, he said, is still effectively Soviet at its bureaucratic core. Some larger diplomatic play — for Europe itself — is being prepared. It probably involves a sudden Ukraine/Russia reconciliation. Moscow’s real focus is on the USA. Collapse America and Europe must capitulate.

      3. Let’s all hope you can afford a truly fanatical editor someday, hopefully in the year 2042.

      4. Let me rephrase my question. What are the chances that Russia and China are using covid as cover to covertly vaccinate their populations against a much worse bioweapon (ie, two vaccines in one shot), that they could then release on the rest of the world and blame on the US— something perhaps that we’ve never heard of, such as a GMO bird flu that is 50% fatal? Do you think this would be possible to do undetected, and/or likely?

      5. I don’t think that’s their plan. I am concerned about the binary effects of our M-RNA vaccines. They change our immune reaction with a shot. What if this sets up a second path of attack? Biological weapons are problematic, but if you’ve corrupted your enemy’s science you could piggy-back an attack on a M-RNA vaccine. It worries me.

  19. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, with Valentina Zharkova saying from 2020 until the 2050’s which would be the Grand Solar Minimum, do you think both China and Russia would invade land in order to feed it’s starving population. Also the other day I ordered John Casey’s Upheaval, he also warns the same thing as Valentina Zharkova but there is one thing that his research which is still not accepted in the Western Scientific community but is accepted within the Chinese and Russian Scientific community. John Casey mentions that during Grand Solar Minimums there are increased volcanic eruptions between VEI 5 to VEI 6 which has consequences on the global climate

    1. Mr Alex, as usual always a pleasure to read you here.
      As far as invading land in order to attempt to feed their populations, what choice do they have?
      And there will still be millions (billions) of deaths, that will not trouble them at all. Vlad isn’t going to have to cut his meat consumption 90% like the rest of us, according to the “Elites.” And yes, invading to “not save” his people from starvation is exactly the “crisis” they won’t let go to waste.
      If it goes down like some of the smarter people think, farmland will be at a premium.
      I hate to say this, and I’ve said it before, but, “This will not end well.”

      1. We won’t. Especially since we are not “smarter.”
        If anything, these old civilizations like the Mayans and such seemed to almost vanish.
        So shall it be with us. The Elites in their massively stocked bunkers won’t last much longer, and probably won’t even live out their natural lives.

  20. What is the significance of Microsoft changing it’s terms of service? Haven’t they sent out those emails before, or am I not remembering things correctly?

  21. Putin’s statement that the fall of the USSR was a geopolitical disaster marked him as a Soviet Revanchist. when he started rehabilitating Stalin a few years back, that nailed what he is.

    The problem with Putin’s Neo-USSR is that it is economically quite weak and Putin, as a consequence, does not have the money to buy his “crown jewels” weapon systems. Not long ago I went to church with a former Intel staff officer from StratCom and the only system he thought Putin had was the nuke drone torpedo. Turns out they are just starting tests on the system. Putin’s economy is declining and he is reaching a point where he will have to move on his dreams, or have no ability to do anything at all.

    I don’t buy the alliance between China and Russia. Putin may think he has something there, but I’m also getting an impression, based a number of sources, that he is deeply concerned about what Xi is going to do in the Russian Far East. China is his real enemy, yet he is allowing himself to get diverted by things that won’t affect Russia in the long term, like Ukraine. He seems to be the standard tin pot that can’t get past his dreams and face reality.

  22. The real bombshell in Putin’s speech of last Wednesday was a strong hint indeed to a planned surprise preemptive strike, starting at the 1:26:18 mark (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWFhDcrzUas) where he says (transcript from a quite lousy Russian-English simultaneous interpretation as well as capital emphasis by myself):

    “And it’s not for nothing our Western counterparts are refusing or denying to hear to the Russian suggestions to have a dialogue in the cybersecurity. We have suggested it a number of times, but they avoid even discussing the matter. And what would happen if the attempt of the state coup d’etat really happened in Belarus [sic!], because everything was going this way. How many people would have suffered then! What would have been destiny of Belarus [sic!]? No one is thinking about that, like no one was thinking of the fate of Ukraine when coup d’etat happened in that country [sic!]. And unfriendly activities towards Russia are not stopping either. Some countries has made it happy, with every reason, and most of them without any reason, to talk about Russia [sic!], It’s like a sporting condition for them, and you kind of sport for them who is going to be the loudest [sic!] speaking against Russia. And we are trying to be reserved in this regard. I am not even trying to be sarcastic, we are really modest in this regard. Usually, we don’t even respond to these unfriendly efforts, but we don’t even respond to the rudeness, blatant rudeness. We want to keep good neighbourly relations with all the participants of the international efforts, but we see what’s happening in the real world: “We are picking on Russia here and there without any reason.” And it’s like around a large tiger, you can see all the smaller hyenas [triumphant applause], it’s like from the Rudyard Kipling’s novels. They are just being [incomprehensible] to their leader, Kipling was truly a great writer. We want to keep good relations with all the participants on the foreign policies, including those that we are not really having good relations with in the recent past. We don’t want to burn bridges, BUT if someone sees our good intentions as indifference or weakness and they want to burn the bridges or blow up the bridges from their side, they should remember this: RUSSIA’S ANSWER WILL BE ASYMMETRICAL. IT WILL BE QUICK AND IT WILL BE TOUGH [massive applause] …”

  23. Jeff, thanks for you analysis. Right before checking your site I was reading something similar by Caitlin Johnstone over at Medium and thinking to myself this sounds like communist claptrap. And then came the award winning analysis of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and “5 teragrams of black soot blocking the sun for years, killing all life on the planet.” Haven’t these idiots heard of EMP stratospheric bursts? Sorry, but I trust your judgement far more than what the MSM is putting out. Keep them coming.

    1. It is communist claptrap. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and similar organizations are mainly worried about American nuclear weapons. Why so particular?

  24. I just stumbled upon your blog- after pulling your book off the shelf in my home- a book that I’ve had in my collection since 2000 “Origins of the Fourth World War”. I began re-reading all the passages that I had highlighted way back then, and it’s all ringing true today. So interesting. I will continue to follow your blog. Really glad to have stumbled upon it. -John

    1. Thank you, John. One never knows exactly what will happen next, but there are ways of seeing the big picture. The answers are always there, if we only dare to look.


    IT IS VERY MUCH WORTH THE WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tN6wNpsPEso

    1. Wow! I had just watched this guy last night on his Instagram feed saying the same thing- but BBC, this is great! Finally someone telling it like it is!

  26. I am a bit late to this discussion, but find it all, beginning with the main article and continuing through the many enlightened (and enlightening) comments to be quite interesting. However, I must ask what the Russians or Chinese think they will gain by engaging the USA in actual combat, whether conventional or (especially) nuclear. At present, they need do NOTHING but wait for the inevitable rot to set in the corpse of what was formerly a great nation, and gorge off the remaining bits of the carcass until no consumable victuals are left. Although there continues to be a great deal of ruin (pace Adam Smith) left in the American economy, its eventual demise is on our horizon and will occur within the living memory of every adult alive to day. The history of the Russian and Chinese people spans millennia, whereas America has barely seen two centuries of national existence, and we have no sense of ethnic solidarity to fall back on. Our so-called melting pot has failed to produce a united country, but merely patched over the grievances of competing ethnic and religious groups. Any unity previously produced by engaging against a common enemy has long since dissipated. We are now seeing the results of three or four decades of work by the counter-culture to become the dominant culture, meaning no culture at all. The ascendancy of feminism, Marxism and atheism over the Biblical virtues upon which America was founded assures that chaos and violence will be the inevitable result. Whereas the triumphant rebels see themselves as heroes in their own movie, they will be left standing, if at all, on top of a heap of smoldering wasteland, while the Chinese and Russians laugh at them from afar, enjoying the last act of the grand guignol.

    1. I agree with everything you set down about the disintegration of the West. But there are two points which crave your attention: (1) Russia and China are not the West; and (2) disintegration always entails war. Just read Vilfredo Pareto’s “Mind and Society.” The Lions get shoved aside by the foxes and what happens? The foxes take over and everything dissolves into a swamp of lies. Men cannot navigate reality for want of truth, for want of good faith. War becomes the inevitable solution. What then follows is a period of plunder, of universal spoliation. How much spoliation? Pareto asked what would happen if you put a Roman penny into an investment fund at 4 percent interest at the time of Christ’s birth. How much money would you have by the time of his writing, in 1911? He calculated it would be several times the Earth’s weight in gold. How come this didn’t happen? Because periods of prosperity and growth — of civilization and cultural advancement — cyclically alternate with periods of destruction and plunder. I underscore the term “destruction” here. What do you imagine happens when people begin to “break the rules” of civilized society? Do you suppose the result is a rational process? No. It is a process that spins out of control. It descends toward cannibalism very quickly, especially when there are 7.7 billion people in a world that soon will not be capable of supporting 5 billion people. Once a world war starts, the economic consequences will result in a world economy that can only feed 3 billion people, or less. Can you imagine what that process will look like? In the fifth century, when the Roman Empire fell, Rome went from a city of 800,000-900,000 people to a city of 30,000 people, with sheep grazing in the forum. By the end of that century, all the major cities of the Western Roman Empire were reduced to small towns or they ceased to exist altogether. All commerce stopped. Subsistence farming was all that remained. And that DESTRUCTION was done with swords, spears, and arrows. It all happened within the span of one lifetime. So when you ask the question, “What do the Russians and Chinese get out of it?” you are asking what Alaric or Attila the Hun, or the other leaders of that era were getting out of their spoliations. Do you think people always see reality? Look around you? Which one of these clowns — whether it is Biden or Harris or Putin or Xi — is seeing reality? The rational actor model and its theory of economic motivation is only half true. It does not explain all of history. It explains our present prosperity. But it does not explain dark ages or terrible wars. It does not even explain the last two world wars and will not explain the next one. In World War II the Allies dropped on Germany, in conventional ordinance, the equivalent of 600 atomic bombs. Even so, the Germans did not surrender until after Hitler shot himself in his bunker. What was rational about taking 600 atomic bomb hit equivalents for a guy with a funny mustache? Do you think people are rational? I don’t — because I’m watching all this going down and I don’t see rationality at all. It’s deeply irrational; or as a famous military analyst once said to me, it’s “differently-rational.” So when you ask what’s in it for Russia and China, you’re assuming that the leaders of those countries are like you — that they are something out of Adam Smith’s world of economic calculation. But they are not. They are out of Julius Caesar’s world of self-aggrandizement, in which a victorious general makes himself into God. Just because YOU don’t aspire to universal empire doesn’t mean Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc., did not aspire to universal empire. Why would you think that the Chinese communists are all about exporting consumer goods to make your life more comfortable? Do you think the Kremlin sees itself as an energy adjunct to Europe? Is that what those people really aspire to? Of course they don’t. Use a little psychology and take a closer look at them. Those people are not Americans. They do not belong to the species HOMO ECONOMICUS. I once asked a GRU defector if there were any good people in the Kremlin. He looked at me like I was stupid and said, “These are not normal people. These are crazy persons.” And he worked directly for those persons, and spoke from experience.

      1. Your kind and very thoughtful reply to my query has left me asking if you are Casandra or Diogenes, or an admixture of both. It does not, however, leave me with any hope for our Earthly future. It does, nevertheless, reinforce my belief that our hope lies not with men, but only with God, and by “God,” I mean only He who has revealed Himself through the Bible. I have made it a point to study Scripture more diligently of late and have come to the conclusion that we are, in fact living in or near the end of days. It seems that Herb Stein was more correct than he knew when he told us what can’t go on, won’t. It was true when applied to economic theory and equally true about life in general.

      2. Of course, everything in this world is temporary. Everything here is passing away. The spiritual perspective is that of eternity, and sees the world with greater clarity.

      3. Stephen: I agree with all that you say, and also what Jeff answers.

        Those people may be crazy, but they’re not stupid.

        The Russian bear has long wanted to swallow western Europe. Even back in the Tsarist days. Now Putin is ruling over a crumbling empire. How long can he wait? Western Europe is starting to wake up to the danger that Russia presents, would they close the door and arm up? How long can Russia maintain its armies before their falling population can no longer man the weapons?

        China is in even worse state. They had disastrous shortfalls in their agricultural output last year. Very likely that they could have a shortfall this year too, thanks to global cooling. With a restive population held in check only by the army. Already we find friction between the relatively prosperous cities and the poor villages in the countryside. In the cities even the street sweepers can afford to go to restaurants, in the villages other women do the heavy physical labor to hand-make the brooms used by the street sweepers. The urban areas and the military are the base of support for the CCP, but if they too go hungry……? Already the military is starting to feel the pinch, having been ordered not to leave leftovers on plates. Civilians are seeing increases in the prices of foods. Times of global cooling have led to regime changes in the past, and now we are entering one such time of global cooling. Tiananmen terrified the CCP because even their urban base joined the students.

        For both the Russians and Chinese, how long can they wait? Yes, the U.S. counter culture and the abandonment of our Christian culture will lead to civil war and the destruction of the U.S., but do Russia and China have the time to wait for the U.S. to implode? Or is this year possibly their best chance? Have they run out of time?

        I think their attack will happen this year.

      4. There are people with contacts in China who say that war is only months away. I have talked to two such people. It’s sobering to mark their testimony.

  27. Jeff, Do you think actual attack on CONUS in the next few months ? or just an attack on Taiwan or parts of Europe ( as an opening act ) ?
    And to people I’ve read on some alternative websites : Russia will do what it will do and not because we are forcing them to do so. Unfortunately we have no ability to frighten them or to physically defeat them, especially near their home turf.
    If Russia or China ever invaded the U.S. I think it would actually go very badly for them. I think Yuri Bezmenov made a comment that his father and other military people were not enthusiastic about invading the U.S.. I believe he said that they thought they would not make it half way down the country and they would all be wiped out. I believe that is true. The 2nd amendment is kryptonite for communist takeover. It is one thing to blow up big cities and special targets. It is another to take over a nation : city by city, house to house.
    If you had to bet ( I know it is a guess ) how soon until “showtime” ? Either World War or attack on U.S. ?

    1. I think the main battle is focused here, in the USA. What happens here, in our politics, will determine whether the Russians and Chinese get an opening to take us by force. Everything depends on the next several months. Can they bring down our economy? Can they strip America of its strategic missiles? Can they reduce the US Navy. Watch them try. If they can’t, watch how they attempt to accomplish their goals by other means — by splitting NATO, by creating a civil war in America, etc.

  28. The twit thinks Chauvin killed Floyd. He did not. He is right that the trial was not fair and any appellate court that adheres to the rule of law will throw out the convictions.

    By the by, Floyd killed himself. He admitted he swallowed a rather large amount of fentanyl.

  29. Today, our military’s biggest concern is transgender rights, and providing as many male to female and female to male transitions as time will allow. There is no budget for improving our missile defense, as we need to spend more time and money on diversity,training and critical race theory classes. All of his will provide cohesion among the troops, and allow social justice to prevail. That’s more important than just killing people, isn’t it Jeff? You have to admit, at this point, if the Ruskies do decide to strike, let us hope their first target is Washington DC. We would be much better off without them.

    1. Sure we would. A bomb in DC would certainly bring a bright future for America. 🤡

  30. Jeff,i watched the patriots in tune-show yesterday but havent seen it mentioned.Many readers would probably be interested; https://rumble.com/vfu94h-patriots-in-tune-show-348-j.r.-nyquistjrnyquist.blog-4192021.html

    One of the topics was the Arizona-audit.Something the news-media here in Holland havent covered at all.What are your thoughts?Do you think the Democrats are angling for war as a means of distracting attention away from their election-fraud? -as one of the patriotsintune-hosts suggested.Or might the leftists be inclined to let it all play out a bit further.Maximizing division and chaos.

    If the audit finally and undeniably proves anything (and other audits perhaps follow),then what?Will Biden simply remain in office?

    1. The Democrats are certainly working hard to create chaos. This is the real (ironic) meaning of “build back better.” The Revolution they seek requires more chaos, which is packaged as something good. The lockdown is definitively breaking down our economy, opening the way to government intervention. Russia and China are ready for war because military intervention will probably be necessary if the left itself unravels in failure. But Russia and China could also suffer damage by the economic implosion — especially China.

      1. The lockdowns no doubt have created a huge opening for massive government intervention, but I can’t bring myself to believe that the virus’s release was the result of a worldwide, calculated plan like many people think. So that means it must be a knee jerk reaction by world governments to do what they do best: overreact, overregulate, and smother.

        I don’t expect you to have an answer for this, of course. I’m just voicing something that’s always vexed me about this pandemic: is this a huge cabal to start the “great reset,” or is China the lone actor with the other governments playing a supporting role by doing what comes naturally as they were expected to do?

      2. I can’t understand how the economy is still standing. I expected it to implode when the pre Covid bubble burst, but it still goes up and up.

  31. The, Covid Live Exercise Virus Hoax, is cover for the banking collapse that didn’t make the news. Deutsche Bank borrowed all the available money in the World, from all the other gimongous banks, middle sized banks, and even from credit unions. While the Federal Reserve pumps money like no tomorrow, banks lend to a foreign bank. Those funds were ostensibly for American citizens and US business.

    Is it credible to believe that the US Government was unaware of the misappropriation?

    Deutsche Bank lent the money to one client; probably Saudi Arabia, who likely used it to buy oil futures. They needed $90 per barrel oil, to assure the success of the World’s first trillion dollar IPO; an oil company which owns no oil. They bought the market up to $80, but then another player, most likely, Goldman-Sachs, sold oil and shorted the market, taking big profits, while leaving Saudi Arabia, holding the bag.

    Saudi Arabia can’t even make the margin call, let alone begin to repay Deutsche Bank, who in turn, fails to repay all the other banks.

    ‘Your money wasn’t stolen, the virus did it.’

    Now that the World has obtained the holy grail of energy, nuclear fusion, we are about to take a giant leap into the realm of Star Trek technology. The challenge is how to maintain control limits so that nefarious individuals don’t become, James Bond, type villains. Solution: restrict liberty and freedom for all.

    The virus is no threat. The economy is deliberately being allowed to bleed out, so that business owners will soon be out of cash reserves from trying to keep their operations afloat. Then, everyone will be on the verge of homelessness, and therefore, cooperative and compliant for the proposal to be announced, shortly.

    A new federation of Pacific trade partners, including Russia.

      1. Blaming the capitalists again, are we? The virus came from a Chinese biological weapons lab, financed by “useful idiots” in the West. Please don’t think this is ultimately about hiding somebody’s balance sheet. Please.

    1. The line between Communist and Capitalist, is blurred. Expediency is the method. Goldman-Sachs, is not fairly Capitalist; they’re inside trading gangsters.

      China invented the virus hoax, to further restrict Chinese, and the US grasped the faux crisis as a fig leaf. The US, China and Russia, are invoking nationalism in defense from the recession, in order to shore up domestic support. Ironically, the solution is globalism. Nationalism becomes the expendable bargaining chip.

      Those who got burned by Robber Barons of the Great Depression, never bought shares of stock again. Now that most of that generation has passed away, the descendants are born suckers anew.

      1. Why are we still wearing the mask? There was never a legitimate reason for it to begin with. With all the physicians on staff in every state government, why haven’t they spoken out? Shutting down the entire US and World economy is Capitalist, and so therefore not to be disputed? The US has become as capitalist as Ukraine.

  32. Mr. Nyquist, What is your take on Alexei Navalny? My gut says he is a CIA deepstate plant considering the attention given him by the OBiden admin and Mockingbird MSM. What is is his role in all of this?

    1. Given what Navalny has suffered, and the courage he has shown, the suggestion that he is a CIA plant is insulting — not only to him.

      1. i apologize if you felt insulted, not my intention. Given the levels of lying and manipulation in this world, its an honest question to ask.

      2. I did not feel insulted. Your remark was insulting to Mr. Navalny, a dissident who was poisoned by the Russian government with a military-grade nerve agent. Navalny was treated for this poisoning in Germany and then returned to Russia, where he was promptly arrested on trumped-up charges — and then embarked on a hunger strike (which he, being near death, has ended). To malign such a person as an agent of the CIA is offensive. Whatever we think of Navalny’s political ideas, his courage is not that of a stooge. Russian dissidents who are poisoned, like Anna Politkovskaya and Alexander Litvinenko, in 2006, do not generally survive long. Anyone who has the courage to stand up against this regime — in the face of assassination and torture — deserves better.

      3. Madonna showed great courage in supporting the musical group, Pussy Riot, when they were imprisoned for political artistic expression. After establishing a chain of fitness centers, ‘Hard Candy,’ in Russia, she risked all that capital, to stand up for Free Speech.

        Madonna is joined on stage by Pussy Riot at Amnesty International Concerthttps://youtu.be/3Vm9k5sWxWA


        After nearly two years in prison for singing a song about Vladimir Putin in Moscow’s main cathedral, the women of Pussy Riot are no less defiant. Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova have walked free from prison , and pledged to devote their energies to changing the political system in Russia and improving conditions inside its prisons.

        Make America Great Again

      4. Who needs “courage” when you have the resources of the US State Department?
        Navalny is just another agent of the Obama Admin’s policy of regime change.

      5. Trump is CIA and so is O’bama. The Covid Live Exercise, began on Trump’s watch, and butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. He criticized Hilarity for her connections with, Goldman-Sachs, then the first thing he did once elected was to stuff his cabinet full of those crooks.

      6. The World is confused because we all have been hoodwinked by a phony two party system, which is controlled by the one same totalitarian globalist entity. Trump talks the talk that Conservatives want to hear, but he let states’ governors all shut down the US economy. Instead of standing up for The Bill Of Rights, all Trump could do is cry about the election fraud. John Kerry complained back in 2004, that Republicans defeated him with rigged, Smartmatic voting machines, but neither Democrats nor Republicans dare to discuss that today. Nobody will lock up Hilarity, because if she talks, she takes everyone down with her.

      1. All an American KGB agent serving in the CIA has to do to cast suspicion on a Russian dissident, is praise him. Why, then, does Brennan praise Navalny. One may betray with a kiss, or crush with an embrace.

  33. Nyquist, it’s crazy how much hate you are getting on twitter and your blog posts! It’s because you are hitting the nail right on the head and you are now being trolled by lefties and probably Russians lol. It just makes the articles you write more appealing to read. I hope you do the interview regarding the prophecies. That stuff is fascinating.

  34. Communism is the belief (slight pause) that your government officials are wise, intelligent, and good.

    See footnote “h”.

    For use as a stand alone political comment when you’re about to turn and walk away – or end a podcast?

  35. “When former Defense Secretary Ashton Carter ordered all combat roles open to women in December 2015, the Marine Corps was alone among the services in requesting exceptions in areas such as infantry, machine gunner, fire support and reconnaissance, according to a Congressional Research Service report. The exceptions were denied.”


  36. “It is probably no accident that Russia leads all other nations in the production of vacuum tubes, Svetlana Tubes in St. Petersburg being the largest manufacturer of vacuum tubes in the world. Vacuum tube electronics are over ten million times less vulnerable to HEMP than the advanced semiconductors and microchips that are the sinews of economic and military power in the United States.”


      1. Even in the late 80’s the Soviets planned a multi-altitude level & multiple stage EMP “lay-down” attack on North America but didn’t give it the odds of complete success one might have expected.
        We would be fools to not consider the improvements they would have made over the intervening 30+ years not just in delivery systems (hypersonic, fractional orbital, subsurface ocean) but nuclear technology (pumped x-ray, neutron, exotic materials) and non-nuclear (NNEMP, CHAMP).

        In regard to the Russian Poseidon Status 6 “Multipurpose” System, such a system or one a heck of a lot smaller and more stealthy one (or one deployed by the other) could be an anti-boomer “Super-EMP” weapon system, laying quietly on the floor of the ocean for the fateful day/night. The affordability and potential rapid deployment of such a weapon system could all by itself be a game changer.
        Strangely, I have never even heard of speculation of such a anti-submarine “EMP system” although the old VA-111 Shkval supercavitating torpedo would be the ideal weapon for delivery of such a device near the intended target.

  37. To glance at Walmart’s array of items for sale, was to understand America’s future.

    How hidden from fools is the cause of events.

  38. Navalny, is a brave, dedicated, agent provocateur. There is no genuine, populist Russian contender to leadership. Yale, Skull & Bones, has yet to repatriate, Geronimo’s skull, too.

    1. Attending a seminar at Yale is proof of your thesis? Do you have any idea how to analyze evidence? And now you have made him a member of Skull & Bones! — Simply because he visited Yale.

      1. Fair enough. I didn’t even know about that until reading the above post.

        I had a professor at Portland State University, who has a doctorate from Yale. He is the best professor that I ever had. PSU has many professors from Yale. One Friday night in the Campus student center, I overheard a group of them huddled together, discussing plans for something akin to a New World Order.

        I proved two professors there, of fraud, which resulted in my being academically dismissed, assaulted by Campus police, and ending up homeless. One of the teachers who I proved a fraud, got fired. I feel vindicated since the PSU Death Squad, wandered several blocks off Campus to a drinking establishment, and emptied their clips in a good Samaritan who had just broken up a fight.

        Russia and China are not the problem. The two party system, controlled by Yaleies is the problem.

        I’ll reserve judgement on Navalny, but don’t expect me to trust him.

  39. Jeff, here’s one part of the problem I have with your thesis regarding Russia (there are others but this one stands out for me particularly); can it ever be proven false, or can bias always find ”proof”?

    You see, most of the people who have ever stuck to these ideas, are people primed to them to begin with; a number of partisans of Russophobia, often either Islamist fanatics, evangelical protestants who hate and fear Russia because they think Russia is fated to invade Israel during the End Times with a coalition of Muslim allies, Uniates of various sorts who hate Russia for ethno-tribal and religious reasons, and (connected somewhat to the previous) traditional roman catholics who hate and fear Russia because they believe in the Fatima apparition and think Russia’s refusal to convert to the Papal church will bring on judgement upon the nations at Russia’s hands, Russia in their eyes holding back a period of spiritual and temporal glory for the world/and the Roman church. In other words, believers in theological theories they’re personally emotionally invested in. Believers who latch on to the ”Golitsyn Thesis” and related ideas who automatically fit these ideas into already established worldviews antithetical to the very existence of a Russian state and people. And I haven’t even mentioned much the fascists and other followers of the Hitlerite religion….

    Therefore, is it possible to examine the information you have provided, and interpret it in a framework that a Great Russian Nationalist, A patriotic Russian nationalist who is Anti-Communist (but maybe even Socialist in a Non-Marxian Leninist manner!) an Orthodox Christian perhaps who desires a revival of the Tsarist Regime and Empire, or some such other type that exists today, would accept it? Or have the people who regularly endorse these ideas of yours and others made that impossible even if they were true?

    And I make these comments and ask these questions out of the deepest respect, for you are one of the few who understand quite well at least the sickness of the Western world. I am not critical for criticism’s sake, or out of a lack of understanding of history, particularly Russian history.

    1. Vladimir: Thank you for writing such a thoughtful set of paragraphs. My thesis is not really about Russia. It is about Russia’s peculiar government — that halfway house of the post-Soviet machine, with its communist throwbacks animated by the psychopathology of the modern state (which we see in Europe and America — destroying everything). And yes! If bias always finds proof then bias is father to the lie. One should not seek to prove a theory, in science. One should seek, rather, to disprove a theory. That is the only correct way to proceed. As for demonizing Russia, I have never consciously done that. Russia is the prisoner of its state, as America is becoming the prisoner of its state. The right-minded see the good and bad in everything, and seek to advance the good. Certainly, Russia is special because it passed through the fires of communist nihilism first. This passage, as grim hangover, may continue for some time to come, or it may be nearing its end. Perhaps Russia is our only real hope; for if Russia finds a way out of the trap, then the world may also find a way out. Like other great countries, Russia has a toxic modernizing element and a deeply spiritual redeeming element. Russia probably must follow a monarchist path, and an Orthodox path, which is strictly necessary to the challenges of its geographical position and profound historical experiences. I have never believed that democracy is the right form of government for Eurasia, or Russia, nor is it necessary for the freedom of the Russian people. Monarchies have checks and balances just as Republics can have them. All that being said, Russia requires a more autocratic form of government because of its vulnerability — its proximity to Islam, the Turks, the Mongols, etc. To be a Republic it helps to have oceans around you, or the English Channel. Democracy is not a panacea. As the history of Athens shows, it is the worst form of government imaginable. I am not Russophobic. I admire Dostoyevski and Solzhenitsyn. I have read Father Georges Florovsky with profit. It will anger some of my readers, but I have never pronounced an opinion regarding Bible prophecy, except to excuse myself from having an opinion. People who are interested in such things have always been interested in my work, to plunder what I have written in support their own views. I listen to such views patiently. Sometimes I listen with impatience. As for Fatima, it was a real event. I know what my Catholic friends say about it. I know what my Orthodox friends say about it. I cannot intelligently unravel the theological arguments of each side. My training was in political science and theory, not theology. Naturally, I do not wish to stray too far from my subject area. I do not know how to square political theory with supernatural visitations — except to say, with Machiavelli, that supernatural events do occur in history, and provide men with warning messages. Noting your further comments: Of course, there is the religion of the Hitlerites and the anti-Semites, who represent a political religion, akin to communism — permeated with a negative spirituality. Hitler was a mystery in the sense of his many intrigues; yet he was monstrously selfish — a maniac who wanted to exterminate Russia and who murdered millions of Jewish hostages he collected from Europe. This is insane, and the insanity destroyed Germany. Hitler was not a nationalist. Hitler’s country was himself. Authentic nationalism is not evil, though nationalism can be perverted to evil ends. Genuine nationalism takes on the spirit of a people. It is not about chauvinism. It is not about hating other people. In the case of Russia, her people suffered martyrdom at the hands of Bolshevism, at the hands of Nazism. And the world looked coldly on. It was a world exhausted by the folly of the First World War, yet I have always believed there is some kind of obligation, as Edmund Burke said during the French Revolution, for peoples to rescue other peoples when the situation is truly dire; when an evil contagion threatens humanity as a whole. I cannot understand why the French and British did not more actively support the White Army. And as you mention the Golitsyn thesis, we must always remember that all such theses, however successful their predictions have been, are always problematic on the next go-round. Great care must be taken to observe the real situation. In fact, there are signs of underlying hope in Russia, with the decline in Putin’s popularity and the protests in support of Navalny. The rotten regime cannot last forever. At least we hope it cannot. Those who think Russian nationalism is inherently evil do not realize that Russia saved Europe in 1813-1814. The Russian Army entered Paris and put an end to Bonaparte. The authentic Russia, the good Russia (as one should hope to see a good America), left a century of peace in her wake (minus those relatively small affairs, like the Crimean War and the Franco-Prussian War, etc.). One should not simplify, of course. Forgive me for doing so. As for people who “regularly endorse” my ideas: Are there really such people? Doesn’t everyone have their own ideas? But I see what you mean. Writing can be frustrating; for the ideas you set forth often come back to you in distorted form; and you blush with shame, and ask yourself, “Am I really so inept that this is what they got from my work?”

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