As you know, the moral underpinnings of our military have been destroyed. [First] there came the removal of the policy of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ then the forced integration of transgendered people, and now they want women brought to the tip of the spear.

Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, March 2017

In 1948 Richard M. Weaver wrote that “modern man’s descent into chaos” began with “yielding to materialism.” What followed from that, he said, was a crazy train of consequences: the triumph of egotism, social anarchy, the welfare state, and demoralization. The damage has been cumulative. Now we arrive at a very dangerous moment – with slogans like “build back better” and “the Great Reset.” These are codewords for socialist revolution. In fact, these are communist codewords. An internal enemy is now inside our government (inside many governments). Communists have been masquerading as moderates, and sometimes as Christian Democrats or even Republicans. They have armed themselves with state power and the power of the mob – a mob that has already torn down statues of our Founding Fathers; a mob that has torched buildings and looted stores. In the midst of a “pandemic” unleashed from communist China, an election was stolen while agent provocateurs with false narratives piled misdirection onto disinformation. Meanwhile our external enemies – Russia and China – have initiated an unprecedented military buildup, arming themselves with missiles and submarines, nuclear EMP bombs and terrifying superweapons. All the while America’s armament has been weakened. America’s spear has been blunted if not broken by years of neglect, obstruction and sabotage.

Americans are intellectually disoriented. They do not have a clear idea of who their enemy is. One hears references to “bankers, Masonic lodges, occultists and secret societies.” To rationally prove there is a clear and present danger from this confusing (and eternally shifting) array of backstage villains, is impossible. Any scholarly examination of existing conspiracy literature runs into an unending assortment of apocrypha. Secret societies do exist. Occultists do exist. But as they are secret, we have no objective way of measuring their real power. Objective analysis cannot provide any grounded understanding of how secret societies operate (or with whom). Real history and rational political analysis must focus on visible phenomena: religious movements, like Christianity and Islam; or political movements like Nazism and communism; or large countries, like China and Russia. Here something can be known and intelligently said.

There is, of course, another kind of conspiracy theory focused on yet another class of villains. There is a vast literature, for example, blaming modernity’s evils on the CIA, the Military-Industrial-Complex, the Catholic Church, the Gypsies and/or the Jews, etc., etc. Insofar as these are human institutions or groups, the usual human wickedness can always be found, magnified and turned into an obsession. It is pathological, however, to insist on the unique wickedness of military agencies, churches or tribes. We are all human, and in that sense we all tend to behave badly when given power. Yet anti-American, anti-clerical, or anti-Semitic bigotry has always presented an unbalanced picture of reality. Sadly, there is a ready market for such “literature,” which adds to our country’s fragmentation into hate groups and self-hate groups – a phenomenon which has been steadily overtaking American popular culture.

About this tendency to fragmentation, Richard Weaver commented: “I have endeavored to make plain in every way that I regard all the evils in our now extensive catalogue as flowing from a falsified picture of the world which, for our immediate concern, results in an inability to interpret current happenings.” [P. 129, Italics added.] We are afflicted with an intellectual muddle which has the larger public in its grip. According to Weaver, it is on account of our inferior ideas, our militant ignorance, and our dishonesty, that we have succumbed to a general disorientation.

What is the orientation we ought to adopt? If the CIA, the Pentagon, the bankers, Jews or Illuminati are not the real threat – then who is? Nearly everyone will squirm to hear it. Nearly everyone will try and wriggle out. But the honest answer is: the COMMUNISTS are the real threat. The COMMUNISTS in China and Russia, who have colored themselves for three decades as capitalists and nationalists. Also, we must not forget the communists who prowl the streets of Portland, Oregon; who burned buildings in Minneapolis; who looted stores in Chicago; who want to defund the police as they prepare for future revolutionary agitation.

But how can this be? We were told that the COMMUNISTS lost the Cold War. Is it possible that we were tricked? Is it possible that we believed a lie? The proof will not be far to find. But first, let us be clear. The destructive nature of the communist enterprise has always been spelled out, from The Communist Manifesto of 1848 to the current feminist/transgendered/race-centered Program of the Communist Party USA (which has clearly been adopted by the Democratic Party, and has not been seriously challenged by the Republican Party). Through ideological misdirection and subterfuge, the communists are attempting to gain the upper hand in America even as the “former” communist powers of Russia and China arm themselves for all-out war. Nobody is clearly annunciating this larger picture, though we shall see that the combined Russia/China threat is now – for the first time – being spelled out by our military leaders.

In terms of our internal politics, the public is disoriented. What we have today is an ideological bifurcation: The American left wants to say, Russia bad, China good; while the American right wants to say, China bad, Russia good. The danger represented by this unique formulation of the “scissors strategy” has frightening implications. Of course, our conservative and liberal elites have not fallen into line entirely; but even so, they have largely followed a pattern of discourse designed by our enemy. In respect of this, we need not exaggerate the murderous nature of communism, especially when it wins through a game of divide-and-conquer. Already, scholars have shown that roughly a hundred million people were murdered by communist regimes in the twentieth century. (See the Death by Government, The Black Book of Communism and The Gulag Archipelago.) The idea that the twenty-first century promises a “kinder and gentler” pattern of communist conquest is grossly naïve.

Think of it this way: Men are bad, power is evil, but the communists (who rule China and the Soviet successor state in Russia) represent something more profoundly sinister and more deeply pathological than the usual human wickedness. With great intellectual sophistication, Marx’s followers have made tyranny and mass murder into a science. Communism (or whatever we care to call its present iteration) is a uniquely evil phenomenon. If unchecked, it could swallow the entire world. In fact, a shift in the balance of power is already underway. Our common danger is clear and present.

get ready for war

Last week the head of U.S. Strategic Command, Admiral Charles Richard, told the House Armed Services Committee that the expansion of Russian and Chinese truck-mounted nuclear missiles was “breathtaking.” He said the United States does not have survivable missiles of this type. He added, “We are seeing a very rapid expansion of Chinese [nuclear] capabilities.”

The day before yesterday, Andrew Bolt of Sky News in Australia said, “It seems like history is in fast forward … and something sinister is in the air…. In fact, the head of our Home Affairs Department, Mike Pezzullo, has issued an alarming … warning to his staff. He told them to ‘get ready for war.’”

This is what Australia’s Home Affairs chief said: “Today, as free nations again hear the beating drums and watch worryingly the militarization of issues that we had, until recent years, thought unlikely to be catalysts for war, let us continue to search unceasingly for the chance for peace while bracing again, yet again, for the curse of war.”

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, whose government has approved increased defense spending in response to Chinese belligerence, was asked if he “agreed with Mike Pezzullo that the drums of war are beating?” Morrison would not contradict Pezzullo’s statement. “My goal as Prime Minister,” said Morrison, “… [is] for a free and open Indo-Pacific. But it is also, at the same time, to ensure that Australia’s national interests are always advanced.” (Please note: Australian Defense Minister Chris Pyne has also sounded an alarm, recently saying that a war with Beijing may now be “inevitable.”)

Australia has another reason to be nervous. Her South Pacific neighbor, New Zealand, recently backed out of the “Five Eyes” intelligence network’s “China-watch” over fears of Chinese economic retaliation. After all, China is New Zealand’s biggest trading partner and Chinese President Xi Jinping says Five Eyes is “ganging up” on China. Why participate in an intelligence alliance that seriously irritates the communist dictator in Beijing?

Meanwhile, the Chinese reaction to increased Australian defense spending follows a familiar communist script. General Jin Yinan of the People’s Liberation Army characterized Australia as weak. “We don’t need to take [Australia] seriously,” said General Jin. As for any intervention by Australia against China, “it would only cause greater damage [to Australia].” He called Australia’s feeble rearmament “racist [and] self-destructive.” As reported by the Daily Mail, General Jin said, “They always feel that Anglo-Saxon whites and Christian whites should be the leaders of the world. So, on the surface, these people seem to love peace very much and want to stop a war. In fact, it can be seen from their hypocritical words that their goal is that the white-dominated world should not be disturbed. The white man is the master of the world, and the others are nothing more than [the property] of the world. This group of people in Australia are entrenched white supremacists.”

China’s hostility to the European race and the Christian faith was laid out by General Jin with undisguised contempt. Clearly, the Australians ought to be alarmed. The threat from communist China is not some Pentagon invention. Unlike New Zealand, Australia has been willing to take a very real economic hit by opposing China’s ambition to dominate the Pacific. Why would Prime Minister Morrison and his government do this if the Chinese threat is not real? Read, once more, the chilling words of General Jin, as he demotes the nation of Australia to a “group” of “white supremacists.” 

If you think Australia is the only country endangered by Chinese belligerence, consider Dr. Peter Vincent Pry’s opinion piece from 7 December 2020, in which he asked if there is “A Nuclear ‘Pearl Harbor’ in Our Future?” According to Pry, “A nuclear ‘Pearl Harbor’ may begin, and end, World War III.” The fact is, “most U.S. nuclear forces today are ‘sitting ducks.’ Bombers are not nuclear-armed or maintained on strip alert, and most missile submarines (SSBNs) typically are in port.”

In other words, our nuclear posture is an invitation to surprise attack. Pry further explained, “A surprise attack on just three bomber bases and two submarine ports could destroy about two-thirds of the U.S. nuclear deterrent – now within the capability of North Korea.” Yet the situation is much worse, says Pry, who points to the vulnerability of our silo-based nuclear deterrent. Russian and Chinese hypersonic warheads, moving at tremendous speeds, could evade radar to “surprise and destroy America’s intercontinental ballistic missiles.”

Not only can our adversaries wipe out all our bombers and most of our submarines in a surprise attack, they can wipe out our land-based deterrent as well. That would leave us with two to four ballistic missile submarines (on undersea patrol) for retaliation. A counter-strike from such a small contingent might well be negated by Russian and Chinese ABM systems, which rely on the S-300, the S-400, and the new S-500 “Prometheus” anti-ballistic missile systems. (All three classes of Russia’s dual-purpose SAM/ABMs can be armed with x-ray radiation warheads for exo-atmospheric interception and neutron warheads for atmospheric interception. For details on the S-400 and S-300 systems, see William T. Lee’s book, The ABM Treaty Charade: A Study in Elite Illusion and Delusion). In effect, Chinese and Russian interceptor rockets (ABMs) could, conceivably, absorb what remains of the U.S. deterrent on submerged ballistic missile submarines. What is even more disturbing is our submarines’ reliance on Permissive Action Link codes for launch. The system that sends the launch codes to the submarines could, in fact, be targeted for destruction in a surprise attack, effectively neutering the subs’ strike capabilities.

The vulnerability of our weapon systems, however, is only one aspect of a larger problem. America’s deeper vulnerability, according to Pry, is “psychological.” The politicians in Washington, D.C. are blind to the danger. As Pry explained: “We may hope that Washington will be more suspicious of large-scale nuclear exercises by Russia, China or North Korea, but the record is frightening. Because U.S. strategic culture is conditioned to regard nuclear war as ‘unthinkable’ … U.S. elites and intelligence officers almost certainly will not believe even clear indicators of a possible impending surprise attack.”

In light of this, consider a POLITICO piece from the other day, “Spy chiefs look to declassify intel after rare plea from 4-star commanders.” The article starts with the following sentence: “America’s top spies say they are looking for ways to declassify and release more intelligence about adversaries’ bad behavior, after a group of four-star military commanders sent a rare and urgent plea asking for help in the information war against Russia and China.”

Among the malign actions of Russia and China, there have been attempts to damage “America’s relations with allies” and attempts to violate “other countries’ sovereignty.” American generals want the public to see what Russia and China are actively doing to hurt us, so that America and America’s allies will be properly oriented toward two enemy countries that are collaborating to bring about America’s downfall and the downfall of the free world.

According to POLITICO, a memo from nine regional U.S. military commanders last year “implored spy agencies to give them more evidence they can make public” to alert the world to Russia and China’s “pernicious conduct.” The memo stated: “We request help to better enable U.S., and by extension its allies and partners, to win without fighting, to fight now in so-called gray zones, and to supply ammunition in the ongoing war of narratives….” The memo continued, “Unfortunately, we continue to miss opportunities to clarify truth, counter distortions, puncture false narratives, and influence events in time to make a difference.” Further on the four-star commanders stated, “China and Russia are employing all instruments of comprehensive national power to execute political warfare, manipulate the information environment, violate the sovereignty of nations, co-opt international bodies, weaken the integrity of multilateral institutions, and splinter our alliances and partnerships. Their effort to reshape the world in their image, proliferate authoritarianism, and advance their ambitions are provocative, dangerous, and destabilizing.”

This memo signifies an unprecedented level of alarm from America’s military leaders, who now recognize that Russia and China have “weaponized information.” According to the outgoing undersecretary of defense for intelligence and security, Kari Bingen, our generals and admirals are seriously alarmed by Russian and Chinese behavior. At the same time, the U.S. State Department says that Russia and China have “used the coronavirus pandemic to push anti-American conspiracy theories, including that the virus was an American-made bioweapon and that U.S. troops were responsible for its rapid spread.”

How many American “useful idiots,” active on social media, have been repeating this propaganda lie? The reader must ask himself: Why have Russia and China suddenly become so openly, so undisguisedly, hostile to the United States and its allies? What does the timing of this coordinated anti-American propaganda signify? It signifies, quite clearly, the culmination of a long-range strategic plan. It signifies the advent of what KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn called the “one clenched fist” – a moment during the plan’s “final phase” in which China and Russia suddenly acquire an overwhelming strategic superiority.

In terms of the larger “balance of power,” we should also consider the strategic manufacturing side of the equation. Manufacturing power can be translated directly into military power, as the Chinese have demonstrated. (We will discuss this in a future essay.) As history confirms, one of America’s strategic advantages enjoyed during WWII was its broad and robust manufacturing base. Sadly, that base no longer exists. Due to capitalism’s unyielding pursuit of efficiency and profits, stemming from a desire to exploit cheap Chinese labor, America’s manufacturing base has been moved overseas, with much of it now in China. This is no accident from the standpoint of China’s grand strategy. It should be clear to everyone, at this juncture, that America’s industrialists were tricked into weakening our manufacturing base. One might say they were naïve, since it never occurred to them that they were endangering their own existence and their country’s national survival by maximizing their profits. In terms of Richard Weaver’s insight that ours is “a falsified picture of the world” which “results in an inability to interpret events”: we must now admit that America’s financial and industrial elites have shown themselves just as incapable of seeing reality as anti-elite conspiracy theorists who imagine the elites have done all this on purpose. The truth is, a hundred years ago Vladimir Lenin – the founder of the Soviet Communist Party – foresaw the economic strategy that would destroy capitalism. It is worthwhile to quote from I.U. Annenkov’s manuscript, which attributes the following remarks to Lenin:

They [the capitalists] will furnish credits which will serve us for the support of the Communist Party in their countries and, by supplying us materials and technical equipment which we lack, will restore our military industry necessary for our future attacks against our suppliers. To put it in other words, they will work on the preparation of their own suicide.

Now that the capitalists have provided the communists with the necessary “materials and technical equipment,” the only thing they lack is a casus belli to justify a nuclear surprise attack. In his speech before the Russian Parliament last week, President Vladimir Putin accused America (without directly naming America) of plotting the assassination of his pal, Belarussian dictator Alexander Lukashenko. This is the kind of narrative that justifies Russia’s ongoing military buildup. Many Americans will believe this Russian propaganda because Americans are, in a larger sense, politically disoriented. At long last, at the eleventh hour, our leading military commanders recognize this disorientation and are begging our intelligence chiefs to remedy it. But will this happen in time?

As white Anglo-Saxons, as Europeans, as Brazilians, as Japanese and Indians – as people living in the non-totalitarian world – we need to know the truth. Our freedom is threatened. Our very existence may be at stake. Every government in the free world has been undermined by communists to one degree or another. Our schools and universities have been overrun with Marxists and socialist radicals for many years. Our culture has been manipulated by a sophisticated campaign of deception and disinformation. Both liberals and conservatives have been disoriented by this campaign. We have been deceived by false narratives, lazy journalists, corrupt politicians and treacherous agents of influence. And now, in the end game, the knives come out. Or rather, the missiles.

So very many missiles, and we are so unready.

This is Part III of THE CRISIS

Special thanks to Barrett Moore for his assistance in the writing of this article.

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Quote from Lenin was taken from Novyi Zhurnal (New Review), September 1961.

91 thoughts on “Death Knell of the Anglo-Saxons?

  1. It is a bit alarming to see the Chinese adopt anti “Christian White Supremacy” information warfare weaponization. And who else have we heard this from? Domestic Communists.
    This Russia/China “one clenched first” recognition by Allied military leaders absolutely does “validate” thirty years of Jeff Nyquist’s writings.

    A good time to place a link to Dr. Peter Pry’s NEWSMAX archives.
    This is very sobering information, and must reads.

    Peter Pry Archives

  2. Jeff,

    Kudos on your lucid explanation of our current situation relative to Russia and China. We are clearly asleep, while theyare clearly awake. But what is your concise plan, your adequate answer to this mortal threat? You in reality do not have one. You explain and re-explain our situation, but to date formulate no clear plan to change it and to save our republic. I call on you and all conservative intellectuals to angulate your intellects into the service of civil war here in America, and the renewal of our great country through kinetic force. There is no other option now available, no matter how you struggle intellectually to avoid this reality. You have relegated yourself to being a problem describer, but not a solution finder. Please move on the next chapter; we need your intellectual skills to pull this counter-revolution off. Or will you instead report my leanings to the F.B.I. as you have previously suggested you might need to? Choose your
    side my brother, and stand strong. We must defeat this enemy, and it cannot and will not be done by political analysis, but by the intelligent planning of an actual action plan.


    The Coventry Principle and Civil War

    During World War II, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill received intelligence that the English city of Coventry, an industrial center important to the production of British war materiel, was quite soon to be bombed by the Germans. Since the intelligence had been derived from German communications via secret code, and the British had recently gained the secret ability to decipher the German code, Churchill did not want to alert the Germans that their code had been broken, and chose instead to leave Coventry uninformed and lightly defended against attack. 176 British citizens were killed in the bombing. Churchill was prepared to accept this short term loss of life in order to maintain the secret British ability to decipher German communications, thus to win the war, avoiding much greater future bloodshed and loss of life. This utilitarian view of the death of his own countrymen begs the question; is it justified to sacrifice life in the short term in order to save many more lives in the long term?

    My English father was MI5 during WWII. Embedded with standard troops while positioned in the English Channel on a troop transport ship, an identical transport ship close by was torpedoed by the Germans. As the ship sank, dumping hundreds of soldiers into the frigid waters, they cried out for the captain of my father’s ship to save them. The captain, knowing his ship was a live target for the u-boat, and knowing they were already overloaded and could not take more passengers on without risking the capsizing of his own ship and the death of his own men also, turned and motored away from the men and towards the original destination. All the hundreds of men in the water died that day. It traumatized my father for the rest of his life, remembering the cries for help of his countrymen. Was the captain justified in his decision to secure the lives under his command, while neglecting the lives of the men from the other boat that he could not effectively save? If he had responded to the men’s cries and attempted a rescue, and had lost his men as well as those from the other ship that day, would he have been a better man in the sight of the families of the dead men, or in the hindsight of history?

    In life and in human conflict, rational decisions that men do not want to make, must be made. The greatest human benefit must be the strongest guiding factor, and correct yet tortuous decisions must be made under pressure, as the lesser of two evils must be chosen with courage, during careful pre-planning and also quickly under pressure, in order to arrive at the most benevolent result. Though these decisions may haunt their makers, the memory of doing right under enormous pressure endures. If allowed to take hold, a sense of personal forgiveness can take hold and grow in the person burdened with the responsibility of such decisions, replete ultimately with a sense of pride at the exercise of courage, while mixed with great sadness.

    In today’s America, her conservatives, who adhere to our traditional moral and ethical tenets, must consider our similar and extremely difficult decisions carefully. As the hard left continues to align themselves with historic and current day regimes that have and do today enslave their citizens, stripping their God given rights, murdering and oppressing them; what is to be done? How must we prevent this calamity from befalling us? What is the difficult but morally correct decision to be made in response? How will we ensure that the hard left in America will not follow their philosophical brethren in their murderous ends, as has every truly socialist regime in history? How also will we prevent them from not only oppressing and murdering us, but from also continuing to slaughter 800,000 of our most vulnerable emerging citizens every single year?

    It has become quite clear that a political solution is now closed to us, as the left has perfected techniques to alter the national vote to their liking, rendering us unable to affect the American situation through political participation, though many conservatives refuse to recognize it. It is also quite clear that the Supreme Court has been bullied into submission by the left, and will not stand in defense of our constitutional rights. Therefore I ask, how will we prevent our subjugation and oppression, and the continued slaughter of our precious and innocent unborn children? Are we to assume that the left will break with their long history of violence against traditionalists? Or do we simply adopt the normalcy bias, hiding our heads and assuming that things will continue on as always, that there is no need to worry, and that no defensive action will be required? All this is folly, and will lead to our certain subjugation and great loss of life at the hands of the left.

    It will bode much better to abandon our defensive position, from where we can never break out of our current danger. We are in the midst of losing the greatest country in the history of man, letting it go on our historical watch, to our great shame. We continue to follow false prophets and false hopes that mire us in inaction. If we continue as is, our names will go down in history as those indecisive American cowards, who were given by God the greatest nation in the history of man, yet who could not raise enough righteous concern to save this gift from destruction.

    Should a civil war ensue, hundreds of thousands of Americans may die on both sides of the conflict. Yet if we ultimately save through our efforts hundreds of millions of Americans from being subjugated under tyranny, with millions of them being imprisoned or killed because of their traditional political beliefs, while at the same time saving 800,000 yet unborn Americans from being slaughtered in the womb each and every year, can we not assume a civil war initiated to accomplish these righteous aims would be the lesser of two evils, and would in the end be seen as a benevolent action? Churchill made the right choice at Coventry. My father’s captain made the right choice in the English Channel. Do we have the insight, courage, and resolve to make the right choice in our beloved America?

  3. Re: “Real history and rational political analysis must focus on visible phenomena: religious movements, like Christianity and Islam; or political movements like Nazism and communism; or large countries, like China and Russia. Here something can be known and intelligently said.”

    Kudos to Nyquist for a well-done column, but he isn’t a professionally-trained historian (as I am), or else he would know how utterly wrong he is in making the statement above. History degenerates into a rote memorization of names and dates if we cannot probe its inner workings, in particular the motives, drives, behaviors and thoughts of those who make it. Yes, of course it is a given that conspiracy theories and nonsense ideas can spiral out of control, but the fevered ravings of a few fringe nut-jobs isn’t a reason to stop trying to do real and rigorous historical analysis.

    Focusing only on the concrete alone is a recipe for “history” which explains and illuminates nothing. I will grant the author’s point that many less-than-rigorous so-called scholars go too far in that direction as the expense of using real and verifiable data, facts and evidence. But do not make the mistake of believing that only those things constitute history; they do not. To use a simple example, one cannot begin to understand the life and work of Winston Churchill simply by looking at what he did or did not do; one must endeavor to understand his inner world and his motives, his drives, his background,and so forth – or else one will fall considerably short of a complete job.

    Regarding those who blame the CIA, the Masons, Jews, etc. for the world’s problems, it needs to be said that the so-called “information age” and the networked world in which we now live have done precisely the opposite of what the futurists predicted. Back in the 1980s, remember when all of those extravagant promises about personal computing and the power of the integrated circuit were being made, how the work week would be have to be shortened because of the productivity increases, and a good thing, too, since our standards-of-living would rise so quickly, and so on? How paper was going to disappear and how clean and efficient everything would be? Didn’t work out that way, did it?

    Computers have absolutely been a boon to mankind in certain ways, but the blunt fact of the matter is that they are – oftentimes at any rate – a nightmare for those seeking the truth. Why? Because of the ease with which propagandists, social engineers, charlatans, and flim-flam men can spread their lies, scams,disinformation and the like. Mark Twain once said, “”A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Thanks to the information age and the internet, that lie has now gone to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, before the truth has a chance to get dressed.

    What’s amazing is not that a large number of people in our country (USA) are confused, disoriented, numbed into shock, and demoralized…. it is how many still have managed to retain their sanity and intellectual edge in this age of lies, falsehoods and propaganda.

  4. And who funded the Communists, then and now? The Capitalists. The Bankers first (not conspiracy, simple fact) and now the Corporations too (the big ones support BLM). Capitalism/Communism is One system, heads and tails. Weaver’s first statement was correct – it’s our fall in materialism and careerism. And for us that meant Capitalism. You should have stopped there instead of falling back into the old “We’re the good guys and the Commies are the bad guys”.

    We’re not the good guys since Capitalism in its mature, corporate form, every bit as anti-nation, authoritarian, and Globalist as Communism is. Instead of going back to Reagan, try the John Birch society literature. They refused to talk about race (google the etymology of nation) but they had most of the politics right.

    1. You just now attributed a quote to me that I never wrote. When you put quotes around something it should be something actually said, not something you invented. Such attribution is a familiar troll trick, and you are not the first to use it. And you also use the word “commie,” which is a word I do not use. It is a word put into the mouths of people to caricature them. Also, you parade the usual misleading generalities about capitalism in its historical relation to communism. Read Joseph Finders book “Red Carpet.” Also read “The Sealed Train.” Read Max Weber or Joseph Schumpeter — or Ludwig von Mises. But these, I believe, will never be on your reading list. And never have been. As for real history, Lenin was indeed supported by bankers from Germany — but this was on the ORDERS of Kaiser Wilhelm II. Putting Lenin into power was a strategy of Imperial Germany to collapse the Eastern Front during World War I. It worked beautifully, at first, but backfired when General Ludendorff failed to break the Western Front. Then Imperial Germany collapsed because of the Allied blockade. Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated and Lenin renounced the limitations imposed on Moscow by the Brest Litovsk Treaty, opening Central Europe to Bolshevik mischief. Later came Lenin’s NEP in which Soviet Russia pretended to turn toward capitalism — and fooled many capitalists. But you do not know any of this history. And you do not care to know it. Your conspiracy hobby horse is the thing. And so you want to discredit this blog — to discredit anti-communism and the free market even as you apparently support some kind of national socialism. Or have I misread your subtext? I see your reference to race. Are you a communist provocateur or a National Socialist? Which is it? Perhaps you are alt-Right. I would warn you against adopting ideas from a failed and corrupt system of thought, a system of thought that has always been susceptible to communist manipulation. But then, nearly all modern forms of thought are. Did you know that the Nazi diaspora fell under KGB control during the Cold War? But you wouldn’t know anything about that — would you? People like you do not read enough, know enough, or think things through enough. You are vulnerable to tricky rhetoric, and you are now reciting such rhetoric here. In terms of economics, we must rely on the some kind of market system. Even the communists realize this. Their system is state capitalism and I’d guess your favored system is the same. What then distinguishes you from them? That’s my problem with people who think like you. It does not take us to a better place. Naturally, we should not have allowed our political system and culture to descend into plutocracy and materialism. But that is water under the bridge. What, then, do you propose? — putting capitalists against the wall? So, you are just another kind of Bolshevik — whether you know it or not. For many decades “banker” has been a code word for “Jew.” Are you too sneaky to say what you really mean, or are you repeating a mantra whose provenance you don’t really understand? No way for me to know what you are. If you post here again, you’d better be smarter about it. And don’t make up fake quotes of things I never said.

      1. Absolute Monarchies are the only hope for western/christian societies. Republics are too corrupt, divided and weak to resist marxism. Its not by accident God is a Monarch Himself and a Monarchist. Thats why every cell of societ, family, enterprises, and even in the Nature, we see Monarchies everywhere. Republics are a human dumb idea, however a dogmatic nonetheless. Its biblical, you cant go against the Republicanism/Democracy” Dogma without been target. But, as catholic prophecies says, it will become the rule of the new era after WW3

  5. Predicting the future is rarely easy, but I certainly would not be betting money on the U.S. and the West to wake up from nearly 100 years of deep sleep as to the nature and tactics of our enemies both foreign and domestic. The situation seems to move closer to a shocking and horrific cataclysm with each passing day. It feels as if the timetable has been switched to ‘warp speed’ towards our destruction over the past few months.

  6. All we need is enough people with enough charisma, read death-defying charisma.

  7. “We have no equivalent missile system” with regard to the truck mounted missiles. The plans were there, until Bush, and Clinton took the Peacekeeper system off line. The generals petspective is two sided. Not only do we not have an offensive capability, which we would never use until it was too late, but we have no defensive missile capability that works more than once in a while. At current anti missile intercept capability rates, we need 1000 anti missile missiles for each fleet. We need 1000 anti missile missiles for each of the 4 borders. We need 1000 anti missile missiles for each non continental U.S. territory, and protectorate. And we need a chasem down to shootem down, rear aspect intercept anti missile capability to address close in sub vs U.S. launches, and container launches. Time to start holding the military industrial complex accountable! Time to buy some Russian S-300/400/500 systems, and copy them. Time to get the clowns in action out of the anti U.S. espionage, and drug business, and get them in the PRO U.S. spy business.

  8. I hope no one is so reckless as to trust Biden and swamp-creatures to protect the grid.


  9. Anyone can see how NUTTY it is, what they want. It’s absolutely dangerous and I have called these people that have brought this up to be named and possible executed if they pursue this treason.

  10. The past few days i’ve been reading the book ‘Amabuhlu’ by the -ertswhile?- liberal Afrikaner Harry Booyens.He didnt like Apartheid much and for instance dared to question the Afrikaner bona fides of the Dutch-born premier Hendrik Verwoerd (for those who dont know:the family of this great white-christian hero immigrated out of a feeling of Boer/Diets (Dutch) kinship).Meanwhile he does provide us with an honest family insight.On the day of Verwoerds murder he was sitting at his grandfathers feet,listening to the radio.Suddenly the regular broadcast was interrupted by a morse-code signal -SOS.And then,before any announcer had said anything,the grandfather exclaimed:”They have killed him!”.Right that instance he already knew.The author then tells how a single tear trickeld down an old and battered face.

    Wasnt this the beginning of the end of everything?The moment we betrayed our faith and blood?

  11. Jeff, your title regarding anglo-saxons would imply a large agenda a foot. And indeed, thats what it seems like is happening all over the world. caucasion people are being attacked, marginalized, demeaned and worse. In South Africa, its been open season on the white Boar Christian farmer/settlers who tamed the region and brought fertile farming to once desolate areas—we know for certain that this is marxism at work as Peter Hammond of Frontline ministries has talked about. Here in the US and many western, former Christian countries are under open season by the left who unceasingly birate, undermine and undercut the entire anglo-saxon protestant civilizational experiment that spread out from Euro/Christendom. This daily full frontal assault was initiated long ago before Donald Trump came on the scene—he just brought it into clear focus for everyone to see. Its interesting that globalism and the global abortion killing fields sprang up from the Eugenics movement which was initiated by caucasian progressives and had many of its deep roots within mainstream western protestantism.

  12. I had a very vivid dream last night, that we were all being rounded up, to be put into concentration camps. This was done on a massive scale. Many were unprepared, as it was conducted under a guise. There was some sort of an emergency. People were lined up, thinking they were receiving help. The soldiers, although they weren’t dressed like soldiers yet I knew they were, asked the people some questions, then took them away. Somehow, I saw that some people were shoved to the ground and killed right away. This was done away from others, so as not to cause panic and allow people to see what was really happening. As I moved down the line, I realised I had to escape before they noticed me.
    Something told me that many had already been taken away and I could feel their horror and hear their screams, when they realised where they were and I could see what awaited them.
    Woke up feeling very troubled and the images have stayed with me all day.

    1. SaintClare: A warning dream that can and should be prayed about. God alone knows the future and hold it in His had. Only those who know the Lord Jesus will be safe.

    2. thats a vision, not a dream! The invasion will happen after the bombardment on the cities. Stay far away from them.The Nukes will hit the center of cities, but many people will survive. Probably RU/China and other countries will imvade just after to execute the survivores. Some pastors prophecied some survivors will be enslaved. I hope Im wrong, but I dont think Im am. I also dreamed, I saw from above all US cities Nuked without warning, after I prayed about REV18. . I believe this will happen around 2023 tops, not sure exactly when. Do not think it was just a dream! I believe Alaska and North Canada will be safer bc Russia will taken these lands, and North Europe and North Pole, all North of the planet 360 wil belong to Russia and you know why??? bc Russia under Putin is a Orthodox Christian Nation, and NATO is PAGAN/Anth-Christian! Thats the hard truth. Thats why God sided with Russia and granted victory to them

      1. As H.L. Mencken once said, “Never make predictions, especially about the future.” Also, bad pizza can cause real heart burn and bad nuclear war dreams. As for your other statements, Putin is a fraudulent Christian. Murderers who smuggle drugs and work with KGB-tied mafias, and kill political opponents, are not to be confused with serious religious persons. And you are getting ahead of yourself by claiming God has granted Russia a victory. Nobody has won anything yet. But let’s take a moment to reflect honestly: very evil people have defeated and killed good people throughout history. But you evidently haven’t studied any history. Do you really imagine people get what they deserve in this life? I just have nothing to say to you if that is your theory of history. Reality is not what you imagine. Bad things happen to good people every day. So, you must forgive me; but pronouncements by historical illiterates who pretend to know God’s will and pronounce blanket judgments on large alliances like NATO should not be taken seriously. We ought to be good, but it doesn’t guarantee success. Please do not post nonsense like this.

  13. “Americans are intellectually disoriented. They do not have a clear idea of who their enemy is. One hears references to “bankers, Masonic lodges, occultists and secret societies.” Maybe some percentage does…But many also understand that the real enemy is America’s corrupt ruling class, the entire democrat party, and many Republicans. They are playing for the other team Jeff. How can we fight a foreign enemy when the greater enemy lies within our own borders?

    “The reader must ask himself: Why have Russia and China suddenly become so openly, so undisguisedly, hostile to the United States and its allies?” Te answer is simple…Hunter Biden’s laptop. The Chinese own Joe Biden and most of his cabinet. Dianne Feinstein had a ChiCom agent employed for over a decade. Eric Swalwell had a tryst with a ChiCom spy. Both of these scumbags hold security clearances and sit on powerful Senate and House committees. This is all on the public record, why is it allowed? How many other traitors are there that remain undiscovered? The ChiComs control a majority of our politicians, our 3 letter ‘Intelligence and law enforcement agencies, our so called ‘elite’ academic institutions, the news media, Hollywood, and a large swath of Wall Street. We have looked for the enemy and the enemy was hiding in plan sight. The communists in China and Russia are the least of our worries when compared to the enemy within.

    1. Our external and internal enemy is the same enemy. Why do you not see this? Furthermore, you must learn to distinguish weak people and useful idiots and actual enemies. Don’t demoralize yourself by imagining most of our leaders are traitors.

  14. Not Anglo-Saxon, but I am wondering what you think of the recent open letter warning of looming civil war in France released by both active and retired generals. I read one thousand currently active soldiers also signed the letter.

    1. The same thing that is happening in France is happening in Germany and Spain, according to people who know those countries well. The economic/ political crisis set on by the Covid lockdowns is creating conditions leading to revolution across the West. I suspect this is by design.

      1. I have said this before and been early, but it doesn’t feel so early now. It may even be late.

  15. I have to say, your title is misleading. It’s not the Anglo-Saxons who face death, rather Reformation Christians. It was the Reformation that invented modern science. It was the Reformation that encouraged constitutional governments. It was the Reformation that championed universal education. And the Reformation that most closely follows the teachings of the Bible.

    We can see this historically—in 1500 Chinese technology was well ahead of Europe’s, but by 1850 Europe’s technology was well ahead of China’s. Even within Europe, there was the divide between where the Reformation took hold, vs. the rest of Europe.

    It isn’t that the Europeans suddenly got smarter, or the Chinese got dumber. It wasn’t even that about that time China retreated from the external world. It’s that when the Reformation released Biblical thinking to the public, that fostered scientific discoveries which in turn fostered technological development.

    Unfortunately new generations came up after the Reformation that abandoned the Reformation. Some of the worst offenders were wannabe intellectuals in the state churches. Those who still champion the Reformation ideals are a vanishing small minority in Europe. Even in the U.S., if the surveys by the Barna Group are accurate, those percentages are in the single digits. It can be shown that Charles Darwin, also Albert Einstein, didn’t follow the scientific method developed by Reformation influenced scientists.

    The communists import technology, because with rare exceptions, they can’t develop it themselves. Most of them don’t have the thinking needed for scientific discoveries. But engineers can plug in formulae and numbers that others have developed. Scientists who don’t understand the philosophic basis for science yet carefully follow the scientific method developed by the Reformation, can still make discoveries but they are hampered by their personal belief systems that don’t mesh with the scientific method.

    Modern western philosophers call Biblical thinking “Hebrew Thought” and is described in the comment found on

    While it’s true that people of white European background built much of the West, it must be remembered that that was an accident of history, not of race. An example that shows that it was not race was the humble Christian George Washington Carver. Therefore, both the defenders and detractors of white Anglo Saxons aim at the wrong target.

    1. I was simply playing off the Chinese general’s quote about Anglo-Saxons. That is HIS terminology, not mine. In using it he also refers to Christian whites.

      1. Fair enough. Just the say you included it in your title made me think it was your idea. Sorry for misunderstanding you.

  16. Evil has infinite faces, slavery is a sure way to test the faithful. The purpose of the world is to yield a crop of faithful human beings. That’s it, that’s all. Patience is perfected in seriously bad circumstances, see Jesus for an example.

  17. Jeff,

    I do believe you that Communism is enemy #1. It has infected our institutions and we are destroying ourselves from within, which is what happened to the Romans and the Athenians. Just read book 6 of Polybius. He outlines the whole concept of the rise and fall of nations.

    Where I want to play devil’s advocate with you is on the seriousness of Russia and even China’s military. Russia’s whole economy, and yes it is a vast country encompassing 13 time zones, is the same size as Texas. A quick google search confirms this: $1.9 Trillion. One of your recent essays was about how advanced Putin’s military was based on your analysis of his 2018 speech. Here is a website called Global Fire Power that backs up your claim. It ranks Russia #2 in the world. But if it’s economy is so small, it can’t endure any fight for long.

    We are still number 1 and the US economy is $22 Trillion.

    There are articles by prominent Chinese about the corruption of the Chinese military and lack of combat experience.

    Check out these two articles in the Epoch Times.

    Finally, in this interview, Li Schoolland, a survivor of the Mao Cultural Revolution, says China is still a paper tiger. They have tremendous problems internally. Li Schoolland’s cure is to stand for our founding principles. This link may be behind a paywall, but try it.

    My point is that while we need to pay attention to China and Russia, the immediate problem is right here. Russia and China may dream of attacking us, but the enemy is HERE and it is the faulty Communist thinking of which you so brilliantly write.

  18. The only military the U.S. HAS is what would left over after a first strike, the only economy the U.S. HAS is what be left over after a first strike.

    Please wake up.


  19. Hi Jeff, great essay! I have a few questions, if you don’t mind: If I remember correctly, some of your Chinese sources stated that China would be making a move in the coming months. My question is: How is this beneficial? As mentioned here (, why go into war if your military is only getting stronger? The video also seems to contradict your sources, because Dr. Li Yi mentions 2027. Perhaps they were referring to war with Taiwan? Why would the Chinese go to war if they have at least a few more bio-engineered pathogens at their disposal, their military is expanding at an incredible rate, and they have numerous ways of making their enemy drive themselves to the ground, such as the collateral effects of the vaccine (especially if it is really a binary weapon), revolutions, riots, economic instability? After the protests in D.C., China offered to send some 200,000 troops as humanitarian support to quell the riots. Does this sound like a likely way they would allow themselves in? Perhaps we are still in the fog of war to have a clear picture of what is the most likely scenario. Thank you in advance.

    1. Dr. Li is not their top strategist and is speaking from a general sense — a sense from which any Chinese analyst can speculate. China’s original strategy was to close the trap in 2035. It has been said that 2027 is the year China will surpass the USA militarily and economically in a decisive sense. But this does not factor in Russia, which allows them to act sooner. And, as Dr. Li said, they are “ahead of schedule.” Why act aggressively now? There could be a number of factors: (1) Trump’s trade policies vs. China took hold and the Democrats see the upside if these and are keeping Trump’s policies; (2) China took damage from these policies and cannot continue to play the peaceful trading game, as some Western elites have been alarmed by the pandemic and by China’s ruthlessness; (3) China cannot feed itself and the grand solar minimum is here — with potentially dire consequences for the CCP; (4) the political situation inside Russia is changing and they need to act before Putin is forced to give way to a second round of glasnost ( in the event his regime loses its popularity). — Any of these factors could be coming into play.

  20. The collection of sources on this first page of results explains in depth, with great clarity, why mRNA vaccines are safe and being used for Covid. Do you consider this misinformation? What sources do you have that provide similar clarity to why mRNA vaccines are not to be trusted? Or is it simply THIS vaccine that isn’t trustworthy all because the virus originated in China, and Chinese scientists were the first to provide details about the DNA of the virus? Do you believe there is any chance the virus originated organically, or was released accidentally, and this is a safe and natural human response to a modern pandemic? Is there a 5% chance? 15%? Zero percent? Can you admit the possibility that there is no sinister plot behind the pandemic?

    1. All of this is unclear. From the context of Trump’s trade war, the pandemic seems to have been a strategic response from China. That is a sensible way to see this, but not something we can prove. It is part of a larger contextual analysis. The Russians and Chinese are not deploying an mRNA vaccine. Why? This raises the question of significant divergence in terms of response. Of course, Moscow and Beijing are not explaining the reasons for this. Also, this mRNA vaccine technology has not been properly tested on humans. Strictly speaking, prudence would dictate a decision against vaccinating millions with this untested tech. I think our officials are acting irresponsibly if not out of desperation. Let us hope our authorities have not blundered. We shall see.

      1. Jeff, I think the Grand Solar Minimum is a much bigger factor than we have previously credited it at.
        It is entirely possible that the China/Russian alliance has realized it is running out of time, precious time the American people wasted with the popular election of Donald J Trump in 2016.
        It may be they simply must be in a hurry now. June is less than a month away, and we need an update of their force disposition which seems in flux right now.
        This is very concerning since their withdrawal of forces from the Ukraine border and Crimea but not that far away (160 kilometers) is exactly the moves I would expect before an actual attack,

      2. Testing of mRNA vaccines on people has been done for decades, it just hasn’t been done formally. You think no human had been injected with foreign mRNA before 2021? You think no human has been monitored after receiving foreign mRNA until now? It has been tested, just not comprehensively. The comprehensive testing is on the horizon, but the experts agree it’s not necessary to know the exact and complete risk that goes with foreign mRNA in the human body right now. The threat is so minimal that knowing it fully is not required for people en masse to benefit from it. For people to choose to be vaccinated and not be seen as weak or stupid. The fear of vast conspiracy is not a virtue. Phobia of Evil does not keep it at bay.

      3. You can tell me if I am mistaken, but there has not been a safe mRNA vaccine for humans or animals in relation to a SARS-type virus until this latest set of vaccines (which did not go through the usual decade of testing once thought necessary). Perhaps these new vaccines are safe. But we really do not have all the answers — as you seem to claim. In fact, mRNA has never been given to the general public before, making the present program of inoculation one of the biggest medical experiments in history. Or did I miss something? Here is a new kind of program, involving its own set of potential problems. As for conspiracy, I have not asserted the existence of a conspiracy. For that matter, I do not attribute to conspiracy what is better explained by stupidity. And there is a growing trend toward stupidity in our society. Perhaps you did not notice. Furthermore, corruption in large systems tends to the suicide of those same system. In respect of this, the corruption of today’s Big Science is a fact, whether we are talking about the ridiculous claims of Global Warming “science” or “nuclear winter” science, or the vast train of abuses by scientists over the last forty years; for example, consider the outrageous behavior of Fauci and his colleagues regarding AIDS research (as recounted by Charles Ortleb or found in the honest questions put by Dr. Peter Duesberg). Science itself is a difficult subject, since political power and money have distorting effects on research and public perceptions regarding what is actually scientific. As for the threat of an experimental treatment that no company will insure and that the FDA will not approve — I leave it to the individual reader to decide for himself.

      4. You’re right, we all get to make our own assessment of the situation and act accordingly. And no, we don’t have all the answers and likely never will. But here is what I do know:

        I very much do not want Covid infection because of what we know it does to the body. Researching the specific details of how foreign mRNA works in the body, and makes the body work, has alleviated concern that there will be unforeseen negative consequences from this vaccine. It’s very clear that there are no immediate negative consequences, barring the usual candidates for concern (J&J blood clots, notably) whose benefits still greatly outweigh the risk—J&J vaccinations have since resumed—and vaccination is the fastest way to get the societal engine running again. All of this and I haven’t even mentioned the most important reason to vaccinate: it reduces the life threatening risk to vulnerable people. The least I can do is find out the real risks and ask myself what I’m really afraid of.

        Now, you claim to “have not asserted the existence of a conspiracy”. This is not an honest assessment of yourself, Jeff. The necessary colors needed to paint the world as you see it, from global collaboration among millions of sinister climate scientists; to claims of “unclear” science regarding mRNA testing, treatments, and how the body uses them; to vast election fraud perpetrated by countless trained or unwitting agents; to Russia and China planning joint (or individual) attacks on America due to either a century-long process of committed Communist subversion, or an opportunistic preemptive way to avoid their own demise from potential solar phenomena. You’re covered in so many conspiracies you can’t see any one of them for what they are. I can’t help but think you’re smarter than to make that claim.

      5. The Political sociology of late capitalism and the emergence of violent revolutionary groups (Antifa/BLM) backed by Russian and Chinese special services — the decay of our intellectual culture — is explanation enough for me. At least I can prove all this is real. If there are “conspiracies” involving the communist infiltration of the US Government I would not be surprised. In fact, this probably explains many mysteries about the Clintons and Obama, et. al. So I am ready to entertain good investigative journalism. Are you? To a great extent socialism/communism is pretty much, nowadays, an open movement to transform society. Joseph McCarthy called it a conspiracy because the communists were deceptive and secretive in the 1940s and 50s. People denied they were inside the government when they WERE. In the 60s the Marxists were openly burning the American flag and cheering for the Vietcong. Is it a conspiracy at that point or is it merely a political movement to the left — pushing the whole political spectrum left? You can call it a conspiracy insofar as secret networks of spies and terrorists do continue to exist and support the “revolution.” Am I supposed to deny these realities to accommodate your attempt to smear me? Certainly not. And yes, there are laws being broken by people on the right and left. There are probably secret plans on both sides. Such are “conspiracies.” Little, tiny, would-be cabals that usually amount to nothing. Idiot activists, really. So what? The mafia is a conspiratorial criminal organization whose existence was denied for decades as a myth. Are you going to tell me, now, that the mafia does not exist? Or that the communist movement, or the Comintern, never existed? Or that the Chinese intelligence service isn’t crawling all over our business sector, scientific establishment and government? What are the Chinese up to? Are they sabotaging our government? — Passing bogus ideas to our scientists? You deny all this and put words in my mouth about “sinister scientists.” No. I’m talking about a country full of “useful idiots.” I am talking about the weakness of our science establishment. If I do not agree with you on the vaccine then I must be a conspiracy theorist. And if I tell you my concerns about Big Pharma and Government-managed science, you then say I am lying. Oh? Really? You know my thoughts better than I do? Psychic, are you? Call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but don’t come here and lie about my position on the vaccine. I honestly do not know if the vaccine is the right solution to the pandemic. I look at what Dr. Bossche wrote and am worried about a possible fiasco. He is a leading virologist and says the vaccine is a dangerous mistake. I hope he is wrong, but I’d personally prefer to know more — through longer human trials. I am not arguing a conspiracy with the vaccine by citing Bossche. You are confusing my thoughts on one subject with another. Of course, I am ready to cite communist infiltrators and Chinese spies as conspirators (in a broad strategic sense). And if you say such people don’t exist, then you are the person who is deluded — not me. It’s okay to smear me with a good old-fashioned English word (as if real conspiracies never happen). But don’t say I am pushing a conspiracy theory about the vaccine. If I don’t trust institutions that have failed in the past — don’t blame me. Idiots scare me. As for that larger battle between left and right, involving foreign spies that manipulate both ends of our political spectrum: — This is my unique claim. Is this a conspiracy theory? I don’t think it is a theory. I think it is already history. It is also sociology. But I cannot cite all that is apparent in one post.

  21. Jeff, when you said, “watch the economic markers,” can you be more specific?

    1. When the market turns down, in the next few weeks or months, it may be a more decisive indicator of the system’s death throes.

      1. Watching the markets increase over the past several months has shown me that the artificial growth is all about distraction, and keeping people focused on how much money they are making. The reality is that it probably will all come tumbling down, leaving the economy in really bad shape, as it was under BOBS administration.

      2. What about when the market stabilizes? When businesses cut costs and adapt to a remote world? When supply chains resume? What will you say then?

      3. As an aside, may I ask your opinion. I have been researching both sides of the vaccine debate, especially from Cliff Kincaid saying that the vaccines are a miracle and we should all take them. Then I listen to Mike Yeadon here in the UK and also Sucharit Bhakdi. I have watched the interview with Geert Vanden Bossche. The UK Column has been publicising the many adverse reactions.
        Here is one of Cliff Kincaid’s essays.
        I have been following him for years, as I have you. I respect the work you both do. So I pondered whether my worry about the vaccines was an overreaction. My family has received theirs and I’m now trying to protect my children, as there is a push to vaccinate the children next. Here in the UK, they can vaccinate your children without your consent using the excuse that the child can decide for him/herself. I personally know many people who have had reactions to the vaccines. Yet they consider it normal and think it’s the vaccine working. My dad had problems with his eyes after receiving his. I tried to caution my family but unfortunately, they just say they’re not interested in conspiracy theories.
        Then there is the question of the push for vaccine passports here in the UK. We are still in lockdown with many restrictions, even though millions have had the vaccine. There is definitely a war of information going on and it is difficult to sift through everything, which is why I was wanting to ask your opinion. My thinking is always, what would the CCP do and knowing how evil they are.

        This interview with Mike Yeadon really struck me.
        “And if you wanted to introduce a characteristic which could be harmful and could even be lethal, and you can even tune it to say ‘let’s put it in some gene that will cause liver injury over a nine-month period,’ or, cause your kidneys to fail but not until you encounter this kind of organism [that would be quite possible]. Biotechnology provides you with limitless ways, frankly, to injure or kill billions of people. “And since I can’t think of a benign explanation for any of the steps: variants, top-up vaccines, no regulatory studies… it’s not only that I cannot think of a benign explanation, the steps described, and the scenario described, and the necessary sort of resolution to this false problem is going to allow what I just described: unknown, and unnecessary gene sequences injected into the arms of potentially billions of people for no reason.
        I’m very worried … that pathway will be used for mass depopulation, because I can’t think of any benign explanation.”
        Full interview can be found here.

        Sorry if I am rambling. I feel I am an intelligent person, I always research everything and understand the dangers we face from Russia and China. Yet sometimes I am at a loss to understand some things, the vaccine has been one of those things. I think reading Cliff Kincaid’s essay, made me pause.

      4. Thank you for writing. I had a long discussion on this topic with Cliff Kincaid on Sunday. It was a friendly and passionately argued debate on both sides. As you probably know, he and I disagree about the vaccine. And here is my question: Why take such an enormous risk with an untested technology? Millions of people, using this vaccine, are changing the way their immune systems perform. This is unwise on principle. Government is backing this experiment. What if it fails? What if millions are harmed? You are now putting millions of lives at risk and the political system as well. In fact, the willingness to do so, on such a weak understanding of how science works, is, in my opinion, disqualifying. Any political leader who favors injecting millions of people with an mRNA vaccine that changes the natural immune response is an egregious jackass who should be permanently barred from public office. This vaccine needs 8-10 years of testing and is still the kind of thing human beings should resist using. Our weak science does not understand the larger implications of this technology. Anyone who says otherwise simply does not grasp the complexities of human biology. The vaccine is potentially unsafe — on its face. It is not unsafe because we know it will harm a specific person. It is unsafe because we have no way of knowing that it won’t harm someone. I hope this distinction is appreciated. On principle, nobody should intentionally change the way their immune system functions on the expectation of being protected from a bad flu. This should be axiomatic. I believe in the body’s power of healing, not in scientists who artificially change complex bodily processes that nobody fully understands. If a doctor is not facilitating the body’s natural process to effect a cure, then he had better not be damaging the natural immune function. Even if the vaccine works and hurts nobody, it is nonetheless a dangerous precedent to apply such an artificial solution through injecting millions of people. It violates basic principles of sound medical practice, social policy and sound administration. If such an approach is not fatal in the present instance, it is bound to prove fatal in some future instance. I have studied history and political science for many years, and this way of proceeding — on the part of our government — is marked by the same sort of hubris that called the Titanic “unsinkable” and the First World War “the war to end all wars.” It’s the wrong solution for society and the individual.

  22. A slight attitude adjustment might be useful at this point; the goal while throwing together a fall-out shelter is to fall over dead from cancer 3 years from now; instead of falling over dead from radiation poisoning 4 days after the bombs hit.

      1. R.O. I was not referring to Jeff, I was responding to T.U.’s comment saying it was better to die of radiation in 4 days rather than having cancer after 3 years. That is absolute nonsense. I have been working in radiation fields for over 40 years. I even designed the NukAlert ER wide range Geiger counter. Jeff and I spoke years ago trying to convince people that radiation defense and preparedness was essential. Jeff is absolutely right – T.U.’s post is cowardly and defeatist.

    1. You know nothing about radiation. Don’t post nonsense!

      1. For information about radiation protection check out The free information there can save your life, and it can prevent ration injury. The enemy would prefer for you to die or be sickened through ignorance.

      2. Philip Smith: Don’t assume Jeff’s ignorance—he may know more than you think.

        I have read up some concerning radiation, and what I have found that radiation in and of itself is not as dangerous as the scare mongers have made it out to be. The problem with nuclear bombs is that both the unexploded uranium or plutonium as well as many of the products of fission are highly toxic. Often less than a gram is enough to kill a man. These highly toxic elements are spread throughout the blast zone and carried downwind. After a blast, these elements are as a fine dust in the air to be breathed in or swallowed. But many of those who get the radiation only without any of the toxic elements live long and healthy lives.

        Many places are not worth nuking. People living in those areas will be unharmed by the nukes. Many in blast zones will survive. Millions of people will survive the war who didn’t expect to survive. They will be unprepared for living. In fact, the fallout from the Covid-19 “vaccines” may kill more people than a nuclear war.

        Don’t call what Jeff has posted “nonsense”.

      3. We face many toxic hazards in modern life. A nuclear war would add to those hazards. My point is, such hazards can be navigated. We can survive. And there are useful books on the subject. Everybody should have such books in the event of an emergency.

      4. I used to live in Japan and once knew a man who survived the Hiroshima blast. He was very close to the epicenter, he said, but his wife and children were further away. They all died, but he lived! What I am about to say is important and interesting. I knew him in 1973. He told us that the U. S. Government had flown him to the United States for check ups every year since the war ended. He never developed cancer that I know of.

      5. Jeff, can you suggest some of these books about survival? I read a short civil defense manual from the 60s that taught how to improvise a fallout shelter, had the specs on the absorption capacity of different materials, etc. Very interesting stuff. Before reading it, I assumed fallout just killed everyone and everyone within 30 miles of the epicenter died. That’s pretty much what the movies say. Fallout becomes inert within about a week according to this manual, the main issue is having a safe place to shelter for a week with food and drink for everyone within.

  23. Philip

    My actual thought was not expressed clearly, it is too easy for me to forget that the people on this forum don.t know me personally.

    My apologies to everyone for a post that promoted the idea of defeatism.


    1. These chat platforms are difficult. You think you said one thing and everyone read it differently than intended. I receive such harsh criticism sometimes, if something is worded as if it might be an attack — the assumption follows. As my niece used to say: Oopsie! I do that more than I’d like to admit.

    2. As I was expecting somebody to defend the mainstream thesis that nobody survives a nuclear war, it seemed you were doing that. Sorry if you weren’t.

  24. Good Morning Jeff!

    And people think wars won’t begin by the usual routes!

    Have a stellar day!


    1. T.U.

      In assessing the enemy’s actions, we need to think like the enemy. So what are their core expectations?

      • They don’t believe in MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)
      • They consider the U.S. their strongest enemy
      • They expect the U.S. to come to the aid of Europe and Japan, Taiwan, Philippines
      • They can’t allow the U.S. to mobilize


      • They will act to neutralize the U.S. first
      • Their opening salvo will be “shock and awe” with their most powerful and terrifying weapons
      • Their troops to finish the invasion will come in ASAP
      • They will bypass the targets we expect them to attack, to make sure we are neutralized first

      Therefore our response

      • We need to put aside our belief in MAD because they won’t act according to it
      • Expect nukes as their opening salvo
      • Expect much if not most of our military to be wiped out in that opening salvo
      • Expect traitors in our government to aid the enemy

      Our “unorganized militia” can still defeat them, but it will be costly.

      I believe this war is God’s judgment on a wicked nation whose government is pushing injustice and evil. I believe this judgment is overdue. Hopefully we as a people will respond in a right way.

      1. Your beliefs are based in the idea that you are exceptional, and God has chosen you to witness his work first hand. How many generations have also believed this? How many generations before you have been worthy of God’s judgment but did not receive it? How many generations have hoped to be that “unorganized militia” that fights off the forces of Evil? Let’s assume that every generation has been fueled by this belief. Let’s assume every generation has witnessed controversial and uncomfortable changes to society, to social norms, to morality. These changes were always feared and always warned against. Did any of these changes lead to God’s judgment? If so, then God’s judgment is only temporary. And if he judged something as worthy of punishment 1000 years ago, it may not be punished today. So has God changed his definition of morality? Or does his unchanging morality reign down upon humanity every so often in the form of his judgment? And if so, what is this teaching humanity about God?

        Answering these questions honestly leaves one at a single conclusion: that God has no stake in our morality. Judgment, suffering and punishment come to any and all of us indifferently. The sins of a grandfather can go completely unpunished, while the consequences for that grandfather’s actions could in fact cause immeasurable suffering to millions of God’s other children. Obviously you can believe that the sinful grandfather faces judgment beyond the grave. That choice is yours. Just know that choice depends entirely on the belief that God judges us all equally, so suffering and punishment imposed on the innocent is technically a way for the innocent to experience Hell on Earth, as God’s will. The Evil get to live in comfort on Earth, but suffer in Hell. Conversely, the innocent must suffer on Earth in order to gain eternity in Heaven. This is the type of God one believes in when they feel they are exceptional. This is not a God of love.

      2. R.O. and others

        Just an option to consider – junkyards that have the cheapest metal,
        to use in blocking radiation that would otherwise hit your bone marrow.

        On the issue of fighting back if Russia and China start WW3 with a nuclear
        first strike ….. Think! …. Don’t people, even people guilty of sins, have the
        right to kill rather than be killed? And what if you decide wrongly?
        Are you that much of an accurate thinker of morality, or metaphysics, or an
        afterlife, or God, that you would risk helping evil leaders of other countries
        conquer more territory?

        R.O. What if the wicked nations that God is getting ready to punish,
        are Russia and China?

        Jeff, maybe you can make a post that has just links to some your essays
        on Chinese and Russian, political ideology?

      3. In war you never seek to place God’s justice on the side of your enemy. Neither do you imagine yourself to be an instrument of God’s wrath. Besides this, there is no collective guilt in which we all must be punished together. Guilt is individual.

      4. Anonymous:

        No, I’m not exceptional. But I live outside the nearby city, and between that city and where I live is a bluff that will deflect any blast up away from where I live should the city be nuked also the house is situated in a hollow. If I were a PLA commander, I would recommend that the nearby city not be nuked because it has lightly guarded military supplies stored there that can be used almost immediately by the invader. It is for these reasons I think I have a good chance to survive, and not because I’m exceptional.

        As for the “unorganized militia”, the legal definition that I’ve seen is every able-bodied man who can pick up a rifle from the ages of 16–45. Some commentaries on the definition include 16–60.

        My concepts concerning God, morality, and God’s judgment are based on the Bible, a book you obviously don’t know. Your questions reveal only out of context snippets. This is not the forum to argue theology, so I won’t say more.

        One thing you reveal in your questions is moral relativism. In order to say that anything is evil, you need to acknowledge moral absolutes that transcend individuals, communities, nations. Without absolutes, you cannot claim that Hitler, Stalin, Mao et al were evil. All you can say is that you don’t like what they did. That it’s a personal opinion.

        Jeff Nyquist, I and many others acknowledge moral absolutes. That’s why we can oppose communism. Communism and its practitioners violate the moral absolutes that we recognize.


        When we talk about a nation deserving God’s judgment, this doesn’t refer to each individual, but the collective population of the nation. When God judges a nation, the good suffer along with the wicked. That doesn’t seem fair, but that’s the way it is.

        I mentioned only one side that deserves punishment for violating moral absolutes. In particular I refer to rogue agencies like the CIA that if normal people knew all that they do, normal people would demand they be disbanded. But many in the general public are also not moral. Even if we win in the end, the war will have been a good spanking and a wake-up call to return to our roots that were based on the Bible.

        I agree that Russia and China also deserve God’s judgment. If China’s invasion of the U.S. fails, it would likely cause revolution in China that could kill up to a billion people. Talk about judgment. It could also mean the end of Russia as a major country. Likewise I look at the other allies they have collected, they can very quickly fall to fighting among themselves. The whole situation is a big mess. It looks like it’s shaping up to be the war mentioned in Ezekiel 38–39.

        Several of the European countries are morally bankrupt as well.

        We don’t have a Jeremiah telling us not to resist the invader because we’re getting what we deserve. Rather we have our enemies’ actions already recognized as evil. I for one will do what I can to fight against the evil that is communism and a communist invasion.



    Xi claims ultimate authority, adopts Mao’s title ‘helmsman’:

    ON THE BRINK ‘High likelihood’ of war with China, top Australian general warns in leaked briefing to troops:

    G7 mulls a message to China: the West ain’t over just yet:

    China Tensions Spill Over as Europe Moves Toward Biden’s Side:

  26. ‘High likelihood’ of war with China, top Australian general warned in leaked briefing to troops
    May 4 2021
    China’s embassy in Australia voiced its “strong displeasure and resolute opposition” to the cancellations late on Wednesday.

    “This is another unreasonable and provocative move taken by the Australian side against China,” the embassy said in a statement. “It further shows that the Australian government has no sincerity in improving China-Australia relations.”

    Bilateral ties were strained in 2018 when Australia became the first country to publicly ban Chinese tech giant Huawei from its 5G network. Relations worsened last year when Canberra called for an independent probe into the origins of the coronavirus outbreak.

    Australia’s latest move “is bound to bring further damage to bilateral relations, and will only end up hurting itself,” the Chinese embassy said.

  27. Thank you for your prescient warnings over the years. I was reading your writings about 20 years ago and felt they may indicate our future given what several high level defectors were saying about the strategies coming from the communists. After seeing the trends lately I thought I need to find Mr. Nyquist again and see what he is saying. Personally I am ready for Jesus to take me out of here. 1 Thess 4:17

  28. The New York Times

    U.S. births declined for the sixth straight year in 2020, as the pandemic accelerated a trend that has been building for the last decade.
    Wednesday, May 5, 2021 12:04 AM EST
    Over all, the birthrate declined by 4 percent in 2020. Births were down most sharply in December, when babies conceived at the start of the health crisis would have been born.

    The birthrate in the United States has fallen by about 19 percent since its recent peak in 2007.

  29. Bank of America describing our economic situation as experiencing “transient hyperinflation” after calling it “transient inflation” just a day or two ago. It is expected to last possibly as much as 6 months (so they claim). The ChiComs are currently doing their best to slow international trade, and people are so flushed with government money in the USA–such as from the Stimulus, PPP Covid Loans that are forgivable, and perpetual unemployment that pays so good that businesses across the country can’t find workers–that people are buying everything up and driving costs to the moon.

    Are we on the verge of having an economic collapse within the next few months? Starting to feel like it.

      1. “These days nothing is a coincidence when it comes to education. It’s simply too useful a tool and the changes are mostly hard to observe, unless you know who to quote as they proclaim their intentions and methods of choice.” – Robin Eubanks

  30. I think this is one of the more useful quotations to print and post in the public square. from MyQuotes

    Although America is a country with all the faults that attend a varied humanity, it is nonetheless a symbol of freedom. It is, more precisely, an experiment in freedom where an average person can live a decent life; where the voice of the political fanatic is muted, and the ideologue is distrusted; where even the demagogue must check himself, and make the customary bucolic sounds. The totalitarian misfit, seeking a more glorious existence, can find no sustenance in this kind of politics. If he runs for office, if he is elected, he is demeaned by critics and compelled by bribery. At best he can corrupt the constitutional mechanism in some small way, or he can promote some harmful legislation. But he cannot become dictator without exposing himself to arrest and prosecution. Power is not there to be had. Glory is not there. For the glory-seeking politician there is only final humiliation. Even the most promising presidential career, with high approval ratings, is finally blighted by a negative press. Clinton, Bush, Obama – all two-term presidents – ended their terms as lame ducks, finding themselves encircled by an ever tightening ring of criticism and scandal. Such a political system must appear a kind of prison to the totalitarian.

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