Surprise makes it possible to inflict heavy losses upon the enemy in short periods of time, to paralyze his will, and to deprive him of the possibility of offering organized resistance. Surprise is achieved in the following ways: by using various types of methods of combat; by misleading the enemy as to one’s own intentions; by safeguarding the security of operational plans; by decisive action and skillful maneuver; by unexpected use of nuclear weapons; and by using means and methods with which the enemy is unfamiliar.

Soviet Dictionary of Basic Military Terms

On 16 October of last year, during a presentation at a forum in Shenzhen, Chinese sociologist Li Yi made the following statement: “It turns out that China is going to overtake the United States….” He explained that COVID-19 was “a test” that is “bad for Europe and America” but “beneficial for China and North Korea.” Then Li spoke of China being “ahead of schedule” in terms of overtaking the United States. “The U.S. will not survive,” he predicted. “We have gained absolute superiority over the U.S. military in the Bohai Sea, the Yellow Sea, and the Taiwan Strait, and we are expanding our military at a rate unprecedented in human history.” He added that, for several years running, China has launched a new fleet every year the size of the French Navy. This rate of naval production will continue for the next decade. Then he said, “As long as 1.4 billion Chinese people eat, sleep, defecate, and urinate every day … we will drive the U.S. to its death.”

Chinese Defense Minister Chi Haotian delivered a secret speech before an elite group of Communist Party cadres nearly twenty years ago. The speech contains references to a future Chinese biological attack on America. “It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans,” said Chi. “But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century in which the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] leads the world. We, as revolutionary humanitarians, do not want deaths. But if history confronts us with a choice between deaths of Chinese and those of Americans, we’d have to pick the latter….”

General Chi’s speech outlined China’s overpopulation problem, China’s shortage of clean water, and China’s other environmental problems. China needs unpolluted land, noted General Chi. But where can this be found? All nearby lands are insufficient. Only America has the rich land that is needed.  “We must prepare ourselves for two scenarios,” said Chi. “If our biological weapons succeed in a surprise attack, the Chinese people will be able to keep their losses to a minimum in the fight against the United States. If, however, the attack fails and triggers a nuclear retaliation from the United States, China would perhaps suffer a catastrophe in which more than half its population would perish. That is why we need to be ready with air defense systems for our big and medium-sized cities. Whatever the case may be, we can only move forward fearlessly….” [italics added]

The key concept in General Chi’s speech is that of “surprise attack.” In August 1998 a journalist asked GRU defector Stanislav Lunev what Russian strategists thought was the most decisive factor in war. Lunev unhesitatingly answered, “Surprise.” In his book On War, Carl von Clausewitz wrote that surprise was integral to the “general endeavour to attain a relative superiority….” Surprise, added Clausewitz, “lies more or less at the foundation of all undertakings, for without it the preponderance at the decisive point is not properly conceivable.” In terms of strategic undertakings, surprise consists in two things: Secrecy and rapidity. That which invalidates a surprise, said Clausewitz, is “effeminacy” and “loose principles.” It is also true that “effeminacy” and “loose principles” makes a society more vulnerable to surprise attack.   

According to Lunev, communist bloc generals believe that surprise is the decisive factor in war. The nature of the surprise that confronts us now, was predicted years ago by three communist bloc defectors. These defectors have proved to be the prophets of the post-Soviet era. Sadly, America has ignored these defector warnings. To briefly summarize: two of these defectors predicted the fall of the Warsaw Pact (Soviet alliance) before it happened, warning that the collapse would be a ruse. One of these defectors specifically warned that after this ruse had played out, Russia and China would emerge with a military preponderance of force and would begin dictating to the West. This is the scenario that now begins to unfold. [See, especially New Lies for Old pp. 345-345 and We Will Bury You, pp. 100-120, as well as Spetsnaz, in which the current “preparatory period,” prior to the outbreak world war, is described. Remarkably, this description refers to the deployment of a “rapidly spreading” viral pandemic.]

The reason all this defector testimony and its attending literature has been ignored or ridiculed during last three decades, is because communist subversion has been effective at demoralizing our society. It is no accident that we now accept our own “effeminacy” and “loose principles” as a kind of “enlightenment.” Only in this context can we correctly interpret the frightening military developments now underway. Currently, our enemies know that we are incapable of correctly reading their strategic texts. They know that we routinely exaggerate our own military prowess even as we belittle their military buildup. All this is a consequence of a corruption that elevates feminine values where masculine values ought to predominate, together with a slackness that combines indifference, self-indulgence, and moral indecision.  

The West’s reaction to russia’s military buildup

The proof that cultural decadence makes us vulnerable to a military surprise attack from abroad, may be found in the authoritative pronouncements of our mainstream media. The editorial board of the Washington Post, which embodies “effeminacy” and “loose principles,” presently suggests that Russian President Vladimir Putin is mobilizing his Army and Air Force against Ukraine because of “mounting public discontent over Russia’s stagnant economy,” and because Putin is embarrassed over President Biden calling him “a killer.” Polls show that his party’s popularity has sunk to “only 27 percent.” The mobilization of the Russian military on the border of Ukraine therefore has no military meaning; that is to say, the movement of troops, the deployment of air wings, the readying of tactical nuclear weapons, is not considered threatening at all. The editorial board of the Washington Post does not ask whether all this pressure on Ukraine is diversionary in a military sense or coordinated with ongoing Chinese war preparations in the Far East. The editorial board of the Washington Post dismisses Putin’s mobilization against Ukraine as “a familiar diversionary tactic.”

There is some dismay in Europe, however. NATO raised its alert level to “potential imminent crisis.” It is reported that U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III is attending NATO headquarters this week to discuss Russia’s ongoing war mobilization. Russia has begun a significant buildup of troops on Ukraine’s border. Military trains are said to be arriving from as far away as Siberia. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said there is little hope that war can be avoided. The only viable preventive measure, Zelenksy suggested, would be NATO membership for Ukraine. Countering this idea, the Russian News Agency TASS warned that admitting Ukraine to NATO would only exacerbate the crisis. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained that the poor oppressed people of eastern Ukraine’s breakaway republics would find NATO membership “deeply unacceptable.”

The Russian troop buildup, however, is not merely threatening to Ukraine. The buildup has been extended to NATO’s Achilles’ heel. On March 24 Daily Street News reported that “Tanks and other heavy armor” are “on-the-move in Grodno, Belarus, [heading] toward the borders of Poland and Lithuania.” Grodno is at the western-most road-hub leading to the Sawalki gap, considered to be “the most vulnerable stretch of land in Europe.” It is the ideal staging area for a Russian/Belarussian invasion of Poland and Lithuania. As reported by Time Magazine, “If Moscow gained control of the [Sawalki] corridor the Baltic States would, catastrophically, be cut off from other NATO allies.”

Contrary to the general pattern, Poland remains vigilant with its dozen-plus combat brigades. However, in the event of full-scale war, Poland’s Army could not withstand a determined Russian assault for more than a few days. With help from NATO’s rapid reaction force, Polish resistance might last a full week. But if Russia’s allies in the Far East (China and North Korea) seriously threaten Taiwan or South Korea, there would probably be no American airborne divisions for Europe. Rapid reaction units from Italy, Spain and France would then have no chance of forming a defensible line before Russian divisions reached Europe’s soft, chocolate center – i.e., Germany. Help to Poland from neighboring Germany is not likely to enter the mix, as Germany has cultivated a supine military incapacity.  

With America hard-pressed by China in the Far East, Europe’s best hope may be the French military, which is belatedly preparing for a major war on the European continent. As reported in The Economist, the French General Staff “quietly established [in January] ten working groups to examine the country’s readiness for high-intensity war.” Unfortunately, the French need years of peace to properly reorganize their military; and their first “full-scale divisional exercise” will not take place until 2023. The chance they will be surprised by a Russian attack in the interim, is more likely than not (unless Europe gives way to future Russian demands).     

Yet there are more disturbing developments, reported two days ago. According to the 12 April edition of Ukraine Today, “Regulations ‘On the organization of urgent burial of bodies in wartime’ began appearing on websites in several Russian cities, underscoring the possibility that Russia is preparing for a large-scale invasion of Ukraine.” The Russian Interior Ministry is preparing to coordinate for the storage, identification, and documentation of the dead. In Cherepovets, local municipal authorities explained that these measures were being taken “in case of war.” City councils, throughout the Russian Federation, have been instructed to “prepare burial sites for those killed during the coming military campaign.” Similar regulations were previously adopted in “Chekhov, Sakhalin and Yekaterinburg.”

Meanwhile, Washington refuses to back NATO membership for Ukraine. This belies Biden’s declared hostility to Putin, who must have smiled at Biden’s threat to launch a punitive cyberattack on Russia last month. Nobody is taking Mr. Biden’s threat seriously. After all, Biden began his career as the political creature of the famous KGB agent and billionaire, Armand Hammer. According to Trevor Loudon’s background dossier on the 46th President, Biden has long been intimately connected with the “little known but highly influential Council for a Livable World (CLW).” According to Loudon, “CLW has worked consistently to disarm the United States to the benefit of Moscow throughout its entire history.” The CLW was founded in 1962 by Hungarian socialist Leo Szilard, formerly “an enthusiastic supporter of Bela Kun’s communist regime” (which briefly took power in Hungary toward the end of the First World War). Given this background, Joe Biden’s bellicose posturing cannot be taken seriously. In fact, nothing Joe Biden says can be taken seriously on any subject. In this he shares the “effeminacy” and “loose principles” of the Washington Post editorial board.

In little more than a week President Vladimir Putin will be delivering a major speech. Putin is expected to make a statement about Russia’s intentions toward Ukraine. Of course, Putin’s strategic gameboard includes more than Eastern Europe. China is also mobilizing for war. Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, U.S. Army Ret., who currently holds the Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies at the Center for European Policy Analysis, believes that the Russian troop buildup against Ukraine is diversionary. He says that the Russian deployment coincides with “a stream of disinformation” from “Moscow Masha.” He thinks that Donbas is not the target of the Russian military buildup. But then, mistaking an operational diversion for a strategic diversion, Hodges myopically opines that “All this movement of Russian forces is most likely a diversionary maneuver to strike and capture the water canal connecting Crimea to the Dnieper River….”

Effeminacy and the bomb

Why do we not have a better sense of what is happening? Once again, everything leads back to the West’s “effeminacy” and “loose principles.” The West is caught up in trivia. Always in search of new ways to misperceive dangerous developments that are unfolding before our eyes, we cannot discern what our enemy is after. He is after Donbas, or he is after Taiwan, or he is after a “water canal.” What difference, after all, does a water canal signify in the greater scheme of things? Indeed, our unprincipled tendency to regard only what is immediate, only what grabs our attention, diverts us from the wider context (which we have lost track of altogether). Our effeminacy tends toward our anti-anxiety drug of choice; that is, false optimism via bad analysis (and even worse policy).

According to GRU defector Viktor Suvorov, Russian military theorists have long believed in “the axe theory.” It is the theory that says you use your most terrible weapon first if a major war is coming. This was an idea drilled into Russian generals educated in Soviet military schools. If we remember what Clausewitz said: surprise consists in secrecy and rapidity. Yet surprise may also be a product of self-deception, myopia, or an undiagnosed neurotic condition. You tell yourself, over-and-over again, that something is impossible. Thenceforth, you refuse to believe your own intelligence reports. That undiagnosed neurotic condition now becomes the enemy’s helpmate. He prepares an all-arms nuclear offensive in broad daylight, while you worry about a “water canal” in Ukraine. 

“The axe theory” of Russia’s generals stands opposed to the West’s theory of gradual escalation to a nuclear conflict. As a former Soviet military officer, Suvorov tells us that the West’s escalation theory is dangerous, and he explains why. According to Suvorov, “By using his most deadly weapon at the beginning of the fight, your enemy saves his strength.” A face-off between nuclear powers, said Suvorov, is like a gunfight in the Old West. Why slap a gunslinger in the face when he might just shoot you with his gun? Do you really think he would escalate by throwing a custard pie at you? What if you pulled your gun and shot him? Why should he give you that chance? “Of course,” wrote Suvorov, “he won’t wait for you when it comes to saving his own life. He will shoot first.” But the generals and politicians of the West do not believe in “the axe theory.” They do not believe the Russians and Chinese intend to use their most terrible weapons first. The generals and politicians of the West believe in a theory of gradual escalation to nuclear war. “Clearly,” wrote Suvorov, “the theory [of gradual escalation] is too fatally dangerous to serve as a basis for secret military planning.”

The only way to start a full-scale war with a nuclear adversary, and win, is to begin with nuclear strikes. It makes no sense to provoke the whole world’s hostility by invading Ukraine or Taiwan. Yet our strategists expect Russia to damage its international position for the meager prize of Ukraine. They also think China would make itself a pariah for the sake of acquiring Taiwan! Here we see small-minded strategists projecting their own lack of imagination onto their enemy. Unfortunately, this will never do. Returning to our theme, a strategy of modest aggression is not only the worst strategy Russia and China could pursue; there would be no element of surprise in doing something everyone expects. If the Russians and Chinese appear to be preparing for war, respectively, against Ukraine and Taiwan, it is axiomatic that they are preparing to attack something much more substantial. Need we repeat the words of Sun Tzu?

All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe that we are away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near. Hold out baits to entice the enemy. Feign disorder and crush him.

A little further on in the text, Sun Tzu wrote, “In all fighting, the direct method may be used for joining battle, but indirect methods will be needed in order to secure victory.” The Russians have a special word of their own: Maskirovka. As John Dziak explained, “The Russian language and Soviet operational practice provide a rich and highly developed vocabulary dating back to tsarist antecedents and up through almost seven decades of the Soviet party-state.” Strategic deception, noted Dziak, “whether military or political, has been an integral feature of the Slavic tradition.” This is famously seen in Potemkin’s notorious “villages,” and through Russian expressions such as pokazukha (bull) and ochkovtiratel’stvo (eyewash). The idea that the Russians, let alone the Chinese, are going to do something predictable – without recourse to misdirection and diversionary operations – does not belong to serious military thought. Remember what we learned at the beginning of this essay: The most decisive military factor in our time is surprise. Just because we are too effeminate and loose in our principles to effect surprise, does not mean that our enemies are equally incapable.

The purpose of strategic deception is not a harmless prank. It is not undertaken so that a naked Russian girl can pop out of a cake during a birthday party. So here is the equivalent of our naked girl: China and Russia agreed, last January, to develop a joint Ballistic Missile Early Warning system (see China Gets A BMEWS). This signals the onset of an open Sino-Russian military alliance. Yet even now, three months later, this fact is ignored. It follows, then, that the military combination of Russia and China will prove to be the most shattering strategic surprise of all. In his 1973 Memorandum to the CIA, KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn explained the ultimate military significance of end-game Sino-Russian cooperation: “The Soviet and Chinese rocket strike units and strategic bombers will make a surprise raid on Pearl Harbor lines on the main government and military headquarters of the leading Western countries and on their missile sites. The main idea will be to knock out the primary Western countries’ sources of retaliation and to paralyze, at least for a short period, their physical ability to take a decision on retaliation.” [p. 171.]

(What? You were expecting a naked girl to pop out of a cake?)

It is widely believed in the West that nuclear war is unwinnable, and that nuclear weapons will destroy the planet. This is untrue. In fact, if hydrogen bombs are used in airburst attacks there is practically no fallout at all. If such bombs are used against deep bunkers, short-term fallout will descend in a cone-shaped pattern downwind from the target. Within that cone-shaped field every plant and animal above ground will die from the short-term fallout. However, this radiation will dissipate within 13-18 days. The resulting destruction, however terrible, will be limited and temporary. As an American expert on nuclear war, Peter Vincent Pry, stated in his book, Nuclear Wars: Exchanges and Outcomes, “Delayed fallout will not, contrary to popular belief, gradually kill billions of people everywhere in the world. Indeed, the world population has already been exposed to delayed fallout such as would result from a medium nuclear war due to atmospheric testing [of dirty atomic bombs] … during the 1950s and 1960s….” [See page 194.]

War is terrible and always entails destruction; yet the concept of Mutual Assured Destruction (a.k.a. MAD) exaggerates the effect of nuclear weapons. The Russian and Chinese generals, sometimes described as “psychopaths” by defectors, know that these weapons are destructive. But they also know these weapons would not end all life on earth. In this matter they are well informed. The founder of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong, made a famous speech during a visit to Moscow in 1957. “I’m not afraid of nuclear war,” said Mao. “There are 2.7 billion people in the world; it doesn’t matter if some are killed. China has a population of 600 million; even if half of them are killed, there are still 300 million people left. I am not afraid of anyone.” Mao said it was natural that a Third World War would kill more people than all previous wars put together. He also famously said, “The atomic bomb is a paper tiger.”

This is the way in which communist leaders think. It is not a scandal when they make such pronouncements to each other in private. They know that nuclear weapons will not kill the planet or result in the extermination of the human race. They do not care if hundreds of millions die. On the other hand, the “effeminacy” and “loose principles” of American generals and politicians, who no longer have a realistic appreciation of nuclear weapons, has led the entire West to a state of psychological disarmament. Everyone believes, erroneously, that nuclear war is too terrible to contemplate. Therefore, not contemplating such a war, they are thoroughly unprepared for the kind of war their enemy is planning to fight. Our leaders have broken the first rule of warfare by consulting their fears. Here is “effeminacy” in action.  

Consider, as Exhibit A, President William J. Clinton’s NSC Presidential Decision Directive 60 of November 1997 (still in effect today), which states: “The new … policy [is] that the U.S. will not rely on ‘launch on warning’ but will maintain the capability to respond promptly to any attack, thus complicating an adversary’s calculations. However, the new guidance eliminates previous Cold War rhetoric including references to ‘winning a protracted nuclear war.’” In other words, it is the policy of the United States to lose a protracted nuclear war; namely, by absorbing a full-on first strike and then to retaliate with whatever remains – if anything remains. This strategy might make sense if America had a large nuclear arsenal, with plenty of redundancy. But that is no longer the case. This strategy might also make sense if America had developed a solid system of blast and fallout shelters, with stores of food, water and fuel for the entire population. But we never built civil defense for our country. We did not want the expense of such an elaborate preparation. Our strategy of non-defense, in fact, was a logical adjunct to a culture of denial; that is, a culture of “effeminacy” and “loose principles.” Among those loose principles was our neglect of effective intelligence, effective counterintelligence, and societal vigilance. America’s schools never taught American children about the evils of communism. Instead, we let the communists take over our public schools and dictate the curriculum. We let communists, portraying themselves as Democrats, run for public office; and we let Republicans sell us out with detrimental free trade policies. The Chinese and Russians now have a government of their choosing in Washington.

when two chinese colonels are laughing at you

The political situation of the United States is far gone, and so is the country’s military situation. To put it bluntly, we are presently vulnerable to a mass missile strike from China, North Korea, and Russia. Looking at the incapable Mr. Biden, the United States is already pre-decapitated. You can paint whatever Happy Face you want on it, but fraudulent optimism will not stop a Russian or Chinese missile when deterrence finally fails. And yes, deterrence is about to fail. The signs are visible on every side. Our nuclear missiles are overaged and rotting. We will not have new replacement missiles or warheads until 2029.

To underscore our cluelessness and our unreadiness: The Chinese hit us with a biological weapon last year and what did we do? We denied that the virus was from a Chinese weapons lab. We denied that they unleashed it on purpose. Denial, as the joke says, is not a river in Egypt. We look to Europe and see Russia mobilizing. We look to the Far East and we see China mobilizing. Our “effeminacy” and “loose principles” have given our enemies a green light for further antics. Look at the communist-led riots in the United States last year. During the summer, communist-led mobs pulled down statues of our nation’s heroes and founders, but there was no counter-reaction. When the election outcome was questioned last January, and people protested in Washington, a provocation took place. The entire focus of the FBI was not against the communist subversives who rioted all summer, who burned and looted and killed. The focus was on patriotic Americans concerned about an accurate vote count.

We no longer know who we are. We no longer know who our enemies are. As the Chinese colonels Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui have slyly stated in their book, Unrestricted Warfare, “[W]hen the Iron Curtain … suddenly collapsed, [Cold War thinking] lost its effectiveness. The times of clearly drawn sides are over. Who are our enemies? Who are our friends? These used to be paramount questions in regard to revolution and counterrevolution. Suddenly the answers have become complicated, confusing and hard to get hold of. A country that yesterday was an adversary is in the process of becoming a current partner today. While a country that once was an ally will perhaps be met on the battlefield at the next outbreak of war.”

Qiao and Wang are communists. They do not believe that the “times of clearly drawn sides are over.” As officers in the People’s Liberation Army, they are on the side of Marxist revolution. The confusion they describe is not theirs. The confusion they describe belongs entirely to the West. And knowing their book will be read in the West, they are not about to clarify the situation in plain terms. Let the West stew in confusion. Qiao and Wang therefore write of a “massive troop drawdown” in “every major nation” following the end of the Cold War. According to Qiao and Wang, “countries that formerly were pitted against each other are now anxious to enjoy the peace dividend. Little do these [Western] commentators realize that this factor is just the tip of the iceberg.”

What iceberg are they referring to? The decrease in military spending, together with the “peace dividend,” are but two consequences of the West’s “effeminacy” and “loose principles.” There are other factors, deeper and more far-reaching. As they deliver one backhanded compliment after another to the West’s technological prowess, these Chinese colonels are clearly saying that technology is a two-edged sword. Thus follows the cunning irony of Qiao and Wang when they write, “The era of ‘strong and brave soldiers who are heroic defenders of the nation’ has already passed. In a world where even ‘nuclear warfare’ will perhaps become obsolete military jargon, it is likely that a pasty-faced scholar wearing thick eyeglasses is better suited to be a modern soldier than is a strong young lowbrow with bulging biceps. The best evidence of this is perhaps the story that is circulating in Western military circles regarding a lieutenant who used a modem to bring a naval division to its knees. The contrast between today’s soldiers and the soldiers of earlier generations is as plain to see as the contrast which we have already noted between modern weapons and their precursors. This is because modern soldiers have gone through the severe test of an uninterrupted technological explosion … and perhaps the salutary influence of the worldwide pop culture; viz., rock and roll, discos, the World Cup, the NBA and Hollywood.”

This is a joke at our expense. The two Chinese colonels are laughing at us. They do not believe in the “salutary influence of … rock and roll….” To read this Chinese text properly, is to detect the mockery in it. These authors are soldiers. There can be no question that they believe in bravery and strength. Surely, they do not seriously believe that “‘nuclear warfare’ will perhaps become obsolete military jargon” that will give way to “a pasty-faced scholar wearing thick eyeglasses” … enduring the “severe test of an uninterrupted technological explosion … and the salutary [sic] influence of … pop culture … rock and roll … the NBA and Hollywood.”

Do you see their mockery?

Colonels Qiao and Wang grew up under Mao Zedong. They learned by heart The East is Red, every day, in elementary school. They romanticized the Long March and the anti-Japanese War, full of its hardships and privations. The idea that they seriously mean what they say, and are not writing ironically, is to miss the heart of their narrative. Chinese readers will understand, because Chinese literature is full of similar subtleties. These two Chinese colonels believe in “the axe theory.” It oozes from beneath their text. They do not believe in the “salutary influence of [American] pop culture,” except as something that prepares the way for a future Chinese surprise attack. In that sense, and only in that sense, is it “salutary” from a Chinese strategist’s point of view.

The Chinese and the Russians know all about the West’s “effeminacy” and “loose principles.” They know that we have forgotten about that most terrible weapon, the hydrogen bomb. The Chinese colonels are stating a deep sociological truth with their strategic irony. They are saying that technology has made Western man weaker, not stronger. It has made him more cowardly, not braver. Qiao and Wang became even more explicit when they stated: “Even though the new generation of soldiers born in the 70’s and 80’s has been trained using the ‘beast barracks’ style of training, popularized by West Point Military Academy, it is difficult for them to shed their gentle and frail natures rooted in the soil of contemporary society.”

These PLA colonels are hard men who are not about to give way to “a pasty-faced scholar wearing thick eyeglasses.” If that is who has taken over the Pentagon, however, they will not object. In fact, they are congratulating us. It really is funny, of course, as they wink at each another. Americans want comfort, convenience, and enjoyment. Okay. For how long? At what point does our increasingly silly existence result in a mass casualty event the likes of which the world has never seen?

What, in the end, does our online “culture” have to offer the military strategist? In terms of “effeminacy” and “loose principles,” is the online experience not an iteration of the same pop culture wasteland that rotted America’s brain in the 1980s? Rod Dreher, in his book The Benedict Option, made the following observation: “Online technology, in its various forms, is a phenomenon that by its very nature fragments and scatters our attention like nothing else, radically compromising our ability to make sense of the world, physiologically rewiring our brains and rendering us increasingly helpless against our impulses.”  [Ch. 10, “Man and the Machine,” page 219.]

Oh yes, I am afraid the Chinese colonels were not honestly singing the praises of American pop culture, rock and roll, the NBA and Hollywood. They know that this is a culture that will not defend itself against nuclear weapons; that it is therefore vulnerable and almost certainly doomed. I once told a Russian military defector that almost all Americans think there is no point to building defenses against nuclear weapons. I will never forget his reaction. He visibly winced at the stupidity of it.

This needs to be hammered into Americans: – “Nuclear Winter” is a myth. “Fallout kills everything” is a myth. I quote again from Peter Vincent Pry: “Nuclear winter is the most recent attempt to prove that winning a nuclear war is impossible. A new apocalyptic theory was necessary from the viewpoint of the antinuclear and disarmament activists who originated and publicized nuclear winter because other theories of apocalypse, such as the fallout theory, had been discredited by the scientific community.” [p. 198] Pry goes on to quote physicist and Nobel Laureate Freeman Dyson, who said of the science behind the Nuclear Winter: “It’s an absolutely atrocious piece of science but I quite despair of setting the public record straight. I think I’m going to chicken out on this one. Who wants to be accused of being in favor of nuclear war?”

What is the old saying? “Meat for strong men, milk for babes.” The ruling American theory that nuclear war destroys everything is a rationalization for babes. It is a childish excuse to avoid an adult responsibility. And yes, America has avoided that responsibility for sixty years. The United States has no serious civil defense program. Our elected officials will not do anything to amend their negligence. Our wealthy elites will not do anything. The ignorant masses — well; they follow and imitate celebrities, who would not dare talk about civil defense (though we can certainly rely on them to advocate the integration of transexuals into the armed forces). As it stands right now, as we have no celebrity support for the life-and-death issues facing the country, we do not even bother protecting our electrical grid from an EMP attack. Thus, America’s belief in its military supremacy is a Big Lie advanced by people who prefer immediate gratification to long-term survival. However horrible the leaders of Russia and China are, they have nonetheless built civil defense for their own people. And what do we do in the West? We wait for our enemy to blow us up. 

Is it any wonder that Russia and China are mobilizing for war? Last year, Xi Jinping warned the Chinese people that “the road ahead will not be smooth.” He spoke of reviving the spirit of the Korean War; of using “war to prevent war.” In 2021 President Xi said the Chinese military must be ready for war “at any second.” China’s Central Military Commission (CMC) has received emergency powers “to mobilize military and civilian resources in defense of [the] national interest, both at home and abroad.” Like Stalin in May of 1941, Xi is gathering state power into his own hands.

The 2020 Pentagon annual report on China, presented to Congress last year, made the following observations: (1) “The PRC [People’s Republic of China] has the largest navy in the world, with an overall battle force of approximately 350 ships and submarines including over 130 major surface combatants. In comparison the U.S. Navy’s battle force is approximately 293 ships as of early 2020.” (2) “The PRC has more than 1,250 ground launched ballistic missiles (GLBMs) and ground-launched cruise missiles (GLCMs) with ranges between 500 and 5,500 kilometers. The United States currently fields one type of conventional GLBM with a range of 70 to 300 kilometers and no GLCMs.” (3) The PRC has one of the world’s largest forces of advanced long-rang surface-to-air systems — including Russian-built S-400, S-300, and domestically produced systems — that constitute part of its robust and redundant integrated air defense system architecture.”

The report also referred to “the PLA’s staggering amounts [sic] of new military hardware….” The report underscored deficits in the Chinese force structure that will supposedly take 30 years to correct. But this report assumes that a war with China will not begin with a nuclear surprise attack in which many of America’s weapons systems are wiped out on day one. This report does not discuss the likelihood of a combined Chinese-Russian threat, which is apparently not under consideration. But this is exactly the threat we face, because China and Russia are the leading military powers of the “socialist camp.” This cannot be said too often. Yes, China and Russia are together. Why else are Myanmar anti-coup protesters burning Chinese and Russian flags? All over the world the Chinese and Russians are coordinating their strategic activity. Chinese and Russian troops have been sent to support the socialist regime in Venezuela. China and Russia are both coordinating with “socialist” Cuba and North Korea. Does anyone seriously believe the “socialist camp” is extinct?

After reading all these arguments, and seeing all this detail, the typical American response goes something like this: Why would China want to attack their number one customer? This question is a mistake. It assumes that the Chinese government is not communist, but capitalist. This assumes that the Chinese do not know how to count; for as Colonel Stanislav Lunev once explained, the Chinese and Russians will attack America once they have sucked America dry. Ask yourself: What does America now produce? What is our main export?

We export dollars.

And when the dollar collapses – what happens? Look at how much money the U.S. Government is spending right now, especially during this lockdown. Our deficit spending has ballooned to such an extent that these debts will never be paid. They will be resolved, ultimately, through the devaluation of the dollar. And when that happens, America will be like an empty piggy bank. Think strategically now, if you can: Our manufacturing base has gone to China. Our political system is one of “effeminacy” and “loose principles.” Our nuclear arsenal is on its last legs. If a war hastens the demise of the dollar, so much the better for China. America will fall. China will be the global hegemon; – so what if they lose $1.1 trillion in U.S. treasuries. They will come out ahead as their own currency appreciates. Then China can devote her industrial sector to military production and to world conquest. Why trade with people when you can exact tribute from them? And for that matter, as China is overpopulated and cannot feed itself, let us remember the “wise” words of that “great” Chinese statesman, Defense Minister Chi Haotian:

“Why have we not updated our national anthem with something peaceful? Why did we not change the anthem’s theme of war? Instead … we clearly specified ‘March of the Volunteers’ is our national anthem. Thus [you] will understand why we constantly talk loudly about the ‘Taiwan issue’ but not the ‘American issue.’ We all know the principle of ‘doing one thing under the cover of another.’ If ordinary people can only see the small island of Taiwan in their eyes, then you as the elite of our country should be able to see the whole picture of our cause. Over these years, according to Comrade [Deng] Xiaoping’s arrangement, a large piece of our territory in the North has been given up to Russia; do you really think our Party Committee is a fool? To resolve the issue of America we must transcend conventions and restrictions. In history, when a country defeated another country or occupied another country, it could not kill all the people in the conquered land because back then you could not kill people effectively with sabers or long spears, or even with rifles or machine guns. Therefore, it was impossible to gain a stretch of land without keeping the people on that land. However, if we conquer America in this fashion, we would not be able to make many people migrate there. Only by using special means to ‘clean up’ America will we be able to lead the Chinese people there. This is the only choice left for us.”

To understand the evil of the Chinese communist regime, our eye must be ready to survey that wider canvas of history, smeared with blood, smug in its inhumanity – eternally recurring through the ages. An appropriate rebuke to this comes from Britain’s imperial poet, Rudyard Kipling, who titled his indictment – A Dead Statesman:

I could not dig: I dared not rob:
Therefore I lied to please the mob.
Now all my lies are proved untrue
And I must face the men I slew.
What tale shall serve me here among
Mine angry and defrauded young?

Imagine, if you can, a whole generation of children (in every country) murdered – not mown down by machine guns in Flanders fields, but massacred by the hundred million in their own homes; massacred in biological and nuclear attacks; killed without knowing why. I therefore end this essay with two reproaches: One for the totalitarian monsters in Beijing, Pyongyang and Moscow; and another for the negligent, unprincipled, effeminate leaders in Washington and Brussels; so, I end with this second short poem of Kipling’s, titled Common Form

If any question why we died,
Tell them, because our fathers lied.

This is Part I of THE CRISIS

Special thanks to Barrett Moore for his assistance in the writing of this article. 

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130 thoughts on “Are Russia and China Igniting a Third World War?

  1. The Reason Why The U.S. Cannot Go To War Against Russia

    Brandon J Weichert, Asia Times: US cannot afford a world war with Russia

    Biden administration’s renewed encirclement policy of Russia could backfire badly in Ukraine and beyond.

    Russia’s autocratic strongman, President Vladimir Putin, finds himself in an unenviable position. He is deeply unpopular at home. An old political rival, Alexei Navalny, has returned home from abroad in an attempt to overturn Putin’s increasingly unpopular regime.

    Moreover, it appears to Putin as though US President Joe Biden is leading NATO and the European Union (EU) in a renewed encirclement strategy meant to break Russian power in Europe and ultimately push Putin himself from power.

    Whether or not the West is stoking the flames of resentment and regime change in Russia, the fact remains that Putin clearly believes the West is responsible—which further threatens regional security at a time when American power is being stretched to its breaking point all throughout Eurasia.

  2. I’m thinking this was your best and your last essay. It is a sad commentary and a political-science lamentation of genius. It is something an ancient prophet would have written in today’s language. But unlike the prophets of old there is no hope, only the despair of the inevitability of the nuclear destruction the West. The prophets also lamented the woes to come but always pointed the faithful to the faithfulness of God and gave them hope. For Christ is now at His right hand and is gathering His people until He makes His enemies His footstool.

    Psalm 110:1 “The Lord said to my Lord,
    “Sit at My right hand,
    Till I make Your enemies Your footstool.”
    The Lord shall send the rod of Your strength out of Zion.
    Rule in the midst of Your enemies!”

    This prophecy is declared over and over again in the New Testament:
    Jesus quoted Psalm 110:1 to the leaders in His day in Matthew 22:44; and 26:64.

    The Apostle Peter quotes in his Pentecost sermon in Acts 2:34,35 – “For David says: ‘The Lord said to my Lord, “Sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet.”

    And this total victory of Christ over His enemies is everywhere in the letter to the Hebrews, for example:
    “But this Man, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down at the right hand of God, from that time waiting till His enemies are made His footstool.” Hebrews 10:12,13

    The Apostle Paul wrote this in 1 Corinthians 15, using Psalm 110:1 “But now Christ is risen from the dead, and has become the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. 21 For since by man came death, by Man also came the resurrection of the dead. 22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive. 23 But each one in his own order: Christ the firstfruits, afterward those who are Christ’s at His coming. 24 Then comes the end, when He delivers the kingdom to God the Father, when He puts an end to all rule and all authority and power. 25 For He must reign till He has put all enemies under His feet. 26 The last enemy that will be destroyed is death.”

    Reading on in Psalm 110, one of the greatest prophecies in the Bible written over 1000 years before Christ by David, we read this in Psalm 110:5,6 – “The Lord is at Your right hand; He shall execute kings in the day of His wrath. He shall judge among the nations, He shall fill the places with dead bodies, He shall execute the heads of many countries.”

    Just as surely as Christ died, rose and ascended to sit at God’s right hand as Psalm 110 foretold, it also tells us that at just the point when wicked men seek to destroy the world He will return and execute these rulers and their armies! This is also prophesied in Psalm 2, that is probably the greatest prophecy in the Bible especially in light of Geo-politics.

    Psalm 2
    1 Why do the nations rage,
    And the people plot a vain thing?
    2 The kings of the earth set themselves,
    And the rulers take counsel together,
    Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,
    3 “Let us break Their bonds in pieces
    And cast away Their cords from us.”
    4 He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;
    The Lord shall hold them in derision.
    5 Then He shall speak to them in His wrath,
    And distress them in His deep displeasure:
    6 “Yet I have set My King
    On My holy hill of Zion.”
    7 “I will declare the decree:
    The Lord has said to Me,
    ‘You are My Son,
    Today I have begotten You.
    8 Ask of Me, and I will give You
    The nations for Your inheritance,
    And the ends of the earth for Your possession.
    9 You shall break them with a rod of iron;
    You shall dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.’ ”
    10 Now therefore, be wise, O kings;
    Be instructed, you rulers of the earth.
    11 Serve the Lord with fear,
    And rejoice with trembling.
    12 Kiss the Son, lest He be angry,
    And you perish in the way,
    When His wrath is kindled but a little.
    Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.

    At just the moment when all hell is to break loose, Christ returns and dashes them to pieces. In this Psalm the rulers of this world are being warned that if they don’t bow to the true King they will perish in the way when “His wrath is kindled but a little.” They can conspire all they want but they imagine a vain thing. God laughs at their strategies, like Elijah mocked and laughed at the false prophets of Ahab and Jezebel.

    The only hope for humanity to be saved from the devil and his many minions is Christ now sitting at God’s right hand. Only God can save us from Satan who has gone to all the leaders of the world to gather them together as foretold in Revelation 16:14 “For they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.”

    What we are witnessing in Russia, China AND the West including America, are leaders who are demonically possessed. Satan would love nothing more than to initiate a nuclear surprise attack and unleash holy hell on earth.

    Maybe that’s why Christ said in his prophecy of the future found in Matthew 24:21, “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.”

    Here is how history will end. It is found in the last chapters of the Bible. It will not end with in a nuclear holocaust even though these evil men think think they can remake the land they destroy.

    Revelation 19:11 “Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. 12 His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written that no one knew except Himself. 13 He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. 14 And the armies in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, followed Him on white horses. 15 Now out of His mouth goes a sharp sword, that with it He should strike the nations. And He Himself will rule them with a rod of iron. He Himself treads the wine-press of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. 16 And He has on His robe and on His thigh a name written:


    17 Then I saw an angel standing in the sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the birds that fly in the midst of heaven, “Come and gather together for the supper of the great God, 18 that you may eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of captains, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses and of those who sit on them, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, both small and great.”

    19 And I saw the beast, the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against Him who sat on the horse and against His army. 20 Then the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who worked signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image. These two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone. 21 And the rest were killed with the sword which proceeded from the mouth of Him who sat on the horse. And all the birds were filled with their flesh.”

    And then God creates a new heavens and a new earth.

    Your essay was the best you have ever written Jeff regarding the secular Geo-political situation we are now facing. I too lament the “effeminacy” and “loose principles,” plaguing our leaders and peoples. But there is hope. Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God waiting until His enemies are made His footstool. I believe the gathering of armies is signaling the soon return of Jesus as He promised. His-story is about to end and eternity is upon us.

    Joel 3:9, 10 contains a prophecy that the last sign signalling His return is the “preparing for war by all the nations”. But in 3:11ff we find the language of God’s judgments on those ready to destroy the world with their weapons.

    I’ll close with this warning from Isaiah the Prophet speaking the words of God Himself. Here is what He intends to do shortly to these nuclear arsonists.
    Isaiah 34
    1 Come near, you nations, to hear;
    And heed, you people!
    Let the earth hear, and all that is in it,
    The world and all things that come forth from it.
    2 For the Lord is enraged against all the nations,
    And His fury against all their armies;
    He has utterly destroyed them,
    He has given them over to the slaughter.
    3 Also their slain shall be thrown out;
    Their stench shall rise from their corpses,
    And the mountains shall be melted with their blood.

    Therefore God warns His people to “come out of the world” and find refuge in Christ. Psalm 46 and 91.

    1. God is not mocked. What they sow shall be reaped. Beautiful comment and well written. Thank you.

    2. Thank you so much for sharing that. After reading the above blog, I found myself a bit down (momentarily) with an intent to go and search the scriptures for a “word” from the LORD. I found it in your work. God bless. See you at His coming!

  3. So is this it then? I have been planning a relocation this year for my family but now in my overthinking and worrisome mind, I envision this surprise attack happening in the next few weeks. It’s devastatingly depressing to the soul.

    1. I wrote this to orient you toward thought and action, not to lead you to mental illness. My indictment is against our feckless leaders. We must live and do — and keep our families safe to our best ability. We still do not know when the attack will occur or whether it will miscarry. Will all the enemy weapons work? Do we possess a secret weapon that will change the outcome? Might the enemy cancel their attack as the Soviets did in 1983? At that time a full-on nuclear attack was cancelled by Andropov because he became distrustful of the Soviet generals. Furthermore, we do not yet understand the full method of China’s biological attack or whether this is playing out as planned. A war is always filled with mischance. People are alive today who have escaped murderous plots against them. It is not manly to despair. Communist plans often miscarry, which is the point of 22 June 1941 and October 1990. It is our duty to act and struggle while thinking things through as clearly as we can.

      1. Jeff makes a great point. There was even a man who was present and survived the nuclear detonations at both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There is always Christ Jesus to turn to, and there is always hope.

      2. Jeff, just came across this and wanted to see what you think. With the international intrigue being what it is and how the Soviets and the CCP constantly play off of each other, it is not always easy to connect the dots, something that you are good at doing.

        The Zhou Regime Blinks
        It was pretty clear from the beginning that the Zhou Baiden regime’s decision to use the hapless Ukraine to push Putin around and bend him to the Zhou regime’s will was going to end badly. That seems official now. After all the belligerent rhetoric emanating from the Deep State someone–probably Putin–seems to have convinced the regime that they were painting themselves into a corner. Given that all the escalation was a result of mouthing off on the part of the Zhou regime directed at Russia, this is clearly a humiliating climb down.

        Wonder if they are on to something or if this is just more distraction.

      3. This kind of analysis, which you link to, is either nonsense or intentional disinformation. There is no coherent understanding in this piece, only a confused hodgepodge of buzz words and vague terminology which pretends to understand. An analyst cannot hope to make sense out of events without a thorough understanding of the many “active measures” that have been presented to us over the last fifty years.

      4. Sorry but I am not buying the “Chinese bioweapon” theory. The full story and the Western response to it has all the hallmarks of a bioweapon attack on China that has backfired and is being used by forces in the West as a depopulation vector. The enthusiasm with which the entire western media has lept aboard the covid train is a classic false flag tell. The complete denial of space to any contrarian discussion in the public arena screams propaganda. Science is NEVER settled, for it to be otherwise would be to negate the concept of science itself. Add in BIll Gates and Fauci and the official narrative is unbelievable by anyone looking at the facts.
        The idea that you “vaccinate” an entire population with something never before tried (MRNA technology) while indeminifying the manufacturers and the entire supply chain, and prevent open and widespread discussion of the risks associated with that technology makes any charges laid against “the communists” pale into insignifigence.

        On your wider thesis I will say this. Looking back through history neither the Chinese or the Russians have demonstrated the drive to imperial domination you seem to be charging them with. The attitudes and statments you rely on to build your perpective of their actions could be seen as reasonable in the face of endless attempts at domination by the West, especially being based as they are on a very thorough understanding of the principles of martial affairs brought about by a long history of defending against agression.

        Where I do entirely agree is on the subject of the complete and utter cluelessness of Western culture and its understanding of and response to the nature of civilisational conflict. Make no mistake, that is what we are witnessing. The West has forced Russia, China, and Iran to the position where they are left with no choice but to regard Western agendas as existential civilisational threats, and they are taking relentless and apparently successful actions to address those threats.

        The West, at a wider societal level, has entirely failed to see what its leadership has been doing and is now slowly waking up to reality. As you correctly point out, the Western leadership has taken absolutely no action to protect its populations from the harms that inherently attached to the sort of conflict they are stoking, or to engage its populations in the endeviour. Down that road lies catastrophic failure, unfortunately.

        In a democracy you always get the government you deserve. A desire for a comfortable life has led us to ignore the quality of our representative leadership and it has inexorably degraded to the point where it can no longer find its arse with both hands and a flashlight. The Chinese, Russians and Iranians seem likely to hand it to us in the very near future.

        Buckle up folks. Its going to be a bumpy ride.

    1. The US policy of containment is still if full force and effect. Russia barricades itself in behind the virtual new iron curtain, from invasion. They are worried about what the United States and China, are up to.

    2. If the West backs down completely the Russians and Chinese may lose their means to a wider war. A bloodless political victory — a capitulation in Ukraine — could set back the clock months or more. World War II was delayed a year by appeasement at Munich. Is this possible in today’s situation? I do not know. Readers should be reminded that my essay raises a question. It is not a definitive answer. Mine is an indictment of our strategic leadership, who should be better prepared than they are (regardless of the exact situation). With so many unpredictable twists and turns ahead the answers are not easy to arrive at.

    3. Yeah and shortly after that Putin closed entrance to the Black Sea by any foreign military vessels. We “de escalated” and gave up a small advantage. Russia says FU no entrance allowed. Great stuff.

      1. Things are heating up, and the Black Sea is a body of water where we would not be at a positional advantage given Russia’s deployment of ships, aircraft and missiles. I would not want to expose American sailors to that level of risk. A US destroyer in the Black Sea, at the beginning of war, would not last one day.

  4. The Virus Hoax, began in China, and those who have subverted the United States Government, found it a way to further the globalist agenda, so followed suit. China and Russia, are left to participate in the, Great Tribulation, but Syria and the United States, are not. If China and Russia were responsible for the demise of the United States, they would not be around for the, Great Tribulation.

    JR Nyquist, wrote a book: Origins Of The Fourth World War, the premise being that the, Cold War, was, World War Three. Albert Einstein, once answered a question by saying, “I do not know what weapons that World War Three, will be fought with, but World War Four, will be fought with sticks and stones.”

    World War Three, will not be until the, Great Tribulation, which begins with the signing of a Covenant, by and between the dictator of Europe, and the head of the one World Religion, for the protection of Israel. Prior to that, something happens to eliminate the, United States, and Syria.

    I say that, The Rapture, is what evaporates most of the population of the United States, leaving the World without it’s largest, consumer market, and source of foreign aid.

    1. I would guard against declaring the virus as a hoax. We do not fully understand this virus, or whether it is part of a binary attack. I believe the virus was engineered.

      1. The fact that everyone is required to wear a mask, is sufficient to proof a hoax. Trying block a virus with a mask, is like trying to stop a swarm of mosquitoes with a chain link fence. US Senator, Rand Paul, says that everyone has had antibodies for quite some time, which immunize us from all strains of SARS. They’ve been trying to scare us with SARS for decades. The only test for SARS is a blood test. These tests for Covid don’t prove anything. How many people were tested for Influenza last year? Have you ever been tested for the flu? Is the flu any less lethal than ever? Fake news, disinformation, propaganda, all good old fashioned lies.

      2. It is not a hoax in a sense of the social mass it acquired. Hoax or not, everything must obtain a social mass in order to be effective. It is like nuclear war, its effects are so overblown as to be meant to be purely psychological and demoralizing. I suppose then you could call it the nuclear weapon “hoax” in the way Mao called it a Paper Tiger. No, is very real. In fact the getting on the act of ideology is the single most destructive thing. For years Germany had Nazi ideology and everyone thought them getting on the act of it would never occur, that it was just for domestic consumption. Covid19 is a trigger for the escalation of communist ideology world wide, and nuclear war will be used to that end. They just need to formulate a plan of getting on the act, a trigger. One trigger can push getting on the act of nuclear war, and nuclear war is ultimately a trigger for getting on the act on hating America and freedom for good.

  5. I did have a couple questions for you. Do you see any way that we can prevent this? So,is your thinking that Putin believes the US will not help NATO or Ukraine because we will be too preoccupied with China, Japan, and Taiwan? Sort of like Stalin convinced Hitler that the West would not interfere when he Hitler invaded Poland? Then when the West did wake up and was fighting Hitler, Stalin joined the Allies and took over the eastern European countries without Western resistance? So, is Putin manipulating the Chinese CCP leadership to provoke the US as a way to distract the US while he strategizes a way to overtake European ______. How much territory is Putin after?

    Jeff, the picture you paint with words is vivid and frightening. I take hope in what you have written before this, namely that the Communists always over play their hand. As a Christian, I hope that I have the courage to stand in my faith no matter what. I loved Mr. Brown’s comments and bible quotes.

    I have had a recurring dream of driving over a bridge so steep that one fears that the car will flip backwards or not able to see the way over the bridge. The last time I had this dream, I was driving on a maze of freeways and all the signs were blank! Yet I trusted that I knew the way to the bridge and that my car was going to be fine going over it. I think the people reading this blog are very fortunate. You are mapping the out the roadway with signs for us to learn, but I would add that we need to arm ourselves with faith. As the driver in my dream, we must know biblical principles are our road signs, too, and cross the dangerous bridge in faith that in the end, all will be well.

    1. I am posing questions and criticizing those who — holding positions of great authority — have failed to lead. Our real problem is one of disorientation, as you suggest. We have very poor leaders and this must change. I am hoping that someone in the Pentagon is reading this blog and using his expert knowledge to find a solution. I am hoping that generals and colonels are scrambling to upend the enemy’s plans. We are all able to go to the store right now and buy extra food and storable water. Our actions do matter. I do not think anything will happen before mid-May. There is still time. A great deal depends on the resourcefulness of military leaders in Europe, Japan, India and America. There are also rumors of an American secret weapon. But even this could prove useless if we do not find our way on that Great Highway — as your dream has it — where all the road signs are blank. And yes, the communists often overplay their hand. Evil is its own kind of stupid.

      1. I have emailed a link to your blog to people that know people like the ones you believe need to think and act upon these threats. I will work on storing more water. I also saw you raised voluntary recommended contribution. Good! It was past time. LOL.

      2. What do you think of arming ourselves against uncontrolled civil unrest if such an attack occurs, that is, in states where you still can have them?

      3. I’m armed. And I’ve had firearms training. I even carried a gun for a living at one time and qualified with 9mm 38 and 357. And yes, I will shoot in self defense if someone attacks me or my family. But you should not use firearms without following all the safety rules. Safety first.

  6. “People are alive today who have escaped murderous plots against them. It is not manly to despair.”

    This one line slapped me in the face, Jeff, and I needed it. Thank-you.

  7. Your studies are great! But, look, in Solzhenitsyn’s book, The Mortal Danger, there is a statement that the Cold War was (IS, actually) an unrecognized Third World War. A psywar in a worldwide scale. Do you agree with him?

    1. Nixon also made this point, that the Cold War was WW3. But that idea is an exaggeration for rhetorical effect, meant to underscore that communism is a lethal enemy of humanity. It has truth in it. But in strict terms, a world war signifies a kinetic military conflict. A big one, involving most of the world.

  8. Absolutely no one should be surprised by this essay by Jeff Nyquist.
    Most of us that have been following his efforts for decades now, knew this was coming.
    Thanks to the subversion of our institutions our efforts to inform, discuss, or even warn fell mostly on deaf ears. The politicians and bureaucracy are so overwhelmingly corrupt little was possible there, but the failure by our professional military to escape the “victory fever” which lethally infected them in the early 90s will be the thing that proves fatal to our republic.
    The fact that our enemies are contemplating a “First Strike” gives one little confidence in the leadership of the government or the military of the US, both must certainly be corrupted, possibly to the point that “launch under attack” orders are impossible to execute, and sub commanders must have no independent ability to arm Trident RVs.
    If in fact the 400 Minuteman III single warhead ICBMs and let us say 4 “boomers” with 20 Tridents each, 6 RVs, giving 480 warheads maximum, less than half W88 475 kt, are collectively neutralized, I can’t understand why the enemy RVs haven’t already arrived.
    Dr. Peter Pry has laid out multiple scenarios with weapon exchanges, in each of them the West eventually loses every time despite inflicting tremendous damage on Russia/China, damage I would consider to be unacceptable to them. Perhaps they have equipped their ABM system with advanced neutron warheads which would give them a far better chance of stopping most of a retaliatory “pre-impact” strike, but this is such a tricky question which literally cannot be tested that I would deduce that there has to be something more.
    Maybe, with the coming solar minimum, they simply can’t wait any longer, but there is a key fact not available to us to solve this question.
    They may have simply run their, and Dr. Pry’s numbers, and made a decision.
    But there must be more, and it is not “secret weapons capability” but it might be secret personnel capability, capability inserted here in America over many decades.
    Some mistakes you only make once, and I fear we have made them.

    1. Without having access to classified information, there are aspects of this we cannot fully appreciate. It is the larger picture that speaks to serious deficits in our leadership. Under a Republican system of government, these deficits need to be discussed and debated.

    2. What happens if we are launched on struck hard and Biden refuses to launch back? I think it’s entirely possible.

      1. All Biden will “retaliate” with is more mask mandates, gun grabs Hurricane Katrina style, disallowing potatium idiodine stocking before mandating it etc… The retaliation will be in the form of compliance with communism through intermediary tools of arbitrary schizophrenic mandates. The only threat to China and Russia is if America hated America more than anyone hates America and the world… an America capable of getting on the act of yet another crazy paranoiac typical 20th century tin dictator ideology. Then nuclear war would be the liberal revolution’s hero! It would be a means to put in American gulags the entire world and make Mao, Stalin and Hitler combined proud and giddy. Alternatively we would meekly retaliate in order to negotiate a surrender, fully shaken down the way a nuclear Iran shook down the Obama admin with western mea culpas. Who knows, maybe Israel needs to hate again too.

  9. “Red Storm Rising” never happened, because the POTUS phoned Moscow –
    “We know you’re planning a surprise attack.”
    So I suggest that if Jeff’s essay comes to the attention of the
    U.S. military, they don’t restrict themselves – make the phone
    Shortly: “Typical Dies”

    (907ie – Inertia has sway until it is pushed aside)

  10. Thank you very much for your work Mr. Nyquist, and Godspeed.
    If I were a communist I would strike first and fast. It makes sense to crush the enemy when he is unable or unwilling to defend himself – as I read once, “Weakness is provocative.”
    Only a miracle could save us, but miracles do not happen when people don’t pray for them.


  11. JR-
    This is definitely one of your best so far.
    We in the USA are definitely distracted and a people laid at ease with our general ideas about the world. “It won’t happen to us is the general idea.” Preppers are considered odd.
    The collapse of our nation by the collapse of the dollar or EMP ect. is something that I have tried for years to prepare for. But WAR by a major invasion is a problem. Last year in June I left Maine after my company shut down. I had planned on moving to the mountains in WV for 4 years. Partly for it’s strategic location and partly to escape the harsh winters of Maine. The winters here are not quite different enough. I am now considering another move to Texas or AZ since there really is nothing here for us. Honestly hoping for a partial dollar collapse first so that I can afford the move! But for me the winter is something that I can not continue to tolerate since I am so effected by the lack of sun.
    But, that said, it has began to deeply resonate with me that WAR is upon us. As a strategist myself I do not think that we would come out on top in a war that our military needs to fight on two fronts OR if we have a surprise major strike followed by an invasion like you are describing. Our country is done for. I have lately taken up the desire again to flee the country. But then again I can’t bring my guns and would have no idea where to go and on top of that refuse to take the vaccine. So now I feel like I am scrambling with the masses to relocate to the right spot again. Though I am not a sheeple and very prepared, I am honestly side smacked as to what to do next. If we as a nation completely collapse and are taken over by China and/or Russia then it makes little sense to stay here and wait and watch it happen.
    If you have any recommendations on a place to go I’m all ears!!!

    Oh, and also, don’t forget that concerning the “axe theory”, Russia has the Poseidon torpedo that could easily wipe out our entire coastline with just 5/6 of them.

    1. We all have to decide what is best. I would not recommend leaving the country. Besides, we’re going to need each other. And, hopefully, a new spirit will be born — one in which people discover generosity and heroism.

      1. Thanks Jeff!
        I don’t know where to go anyways! Probably will end up in Texas hill country area, possibly even soon if my cryptos do good.

  12. Jeff, despite the dark subject, this is one of the best essays you’ve written. Your quotation of Kipling at the end is haunting. It seems possible to me that our enemies could win without the use of nuclear weapons, as the goal of the US. Communist Party that we should be willing to capitulate before engaging in an atomic war has probably been reached. It seems to me that if China attacked in the Pacific, out to Guam, and Russia struck deep into Europe at the same time, the United States would not be able to win conventionally. This would be doubly true if our enemies took extreme measures to collapse our economy beforehand. This of course leaves out the possibility of the Chinese intending to commit a holocaust against our civilian population, a prospect almost too horrifying to contemplate. What are your thoughts on such a scenario? Do you think our enemies might try to use our reluctance and inability to fight a nuclear war to force us to capitulate? Also, I am curious if you have read the book “Red Metal”? How accurate do you think its depictions of a war in Europe, and Russian capabilities, are?

    1. I have not read the book. The thing about so many untried weapons is how or if they will work. And there are human factors at work that can change everything.

  13. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, the other day, I was going through Szeto Wah’s biography which is written in Cantonese only but so far has not been translated into English yet but in the book Szeto Wah openly admitted he is a Chinese Communist Party member and this places doubt on Martin Lee as well. Yesterday night I spoke with some overseas Hong Kong contacts and one of them brought up that Martin Lee and Szeto Wah are in fact seen as responsible for the mess which Hong Kong currently is in. Also I had learnt from the Hong Kong Diaspora community living in the UK that Szeto Wah and Martin Lee are in fact considered as patriotic to the Chinese Communist Party. Also many overseas Hong Kong people are very suspect of the Hong Kong Democracy Movement as well.

  14. Wow Jeff, this essay is outstanding. One of the best I have ever read. Excellent analysis and commentary!

  15. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, yesterday I was told by a Hong Kong person who lives in the UK, the LIHKG internet forums which was widely used during the Hong Kong protest in 2019, the forum is run by the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong. The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong is also known to have ties with the Chinese Communist Party and is also considered as very loyal to the Chinese Communist Party leadership

    1. This is a really tentacular deliberate method. With all the ooplah about Putin trolls on Facebook, that this kind of Chicom activity get zero social mass in the media is a scandal. No, let us worry instead about displaying the gay flag at the Us embassy in Moscow, that will scare them – notwithstanding it gives them paranoiac ammunition in their social massed construct of a colonizing soulless western society.

  16. hi Jeff, do you still consider the prophecies you collected about ww3? do you see at the present anything suggested by them? They say the US will eventually win Russia and China.

    1. There was a collection of Central European prophecies about a future war. It used predictions from seers and religious mystics in Europe over the last 500 years. The book was in German, and contained an interview with yours truly which discussed my research into Russian strategy. I later interviewed the author of the book on my old website, but it was taken down because the site had to be reconfigured. Prophecies are not really my cup of tea, so I do not actually collect them myself; but as readers are intrigued, and these old predictions bear a curious likeness to impending events, I have occasionally mentioned them here and there. I could do another interview with the author, whose English is quite good, as I am still in contact with him. These prophecies, as I recall, mention Syria and Turkey (which are presently in the news). Strangely, the prophecies indicate that the war actually begins in Ukraine. There is also mention, by one seer, of a Chinese attack on the US, and an attempted invasion of the USA that is repelled. Going from memory, the Russians inflict great damage and loss of life on eastern and Central Europe, and when their Army reaches the interior of Germany, a combination of opposing forces defeats them in a dramatic battle. This leads to a Revolution in Russia. Again, this is from memory. For those who are interested, the book’s title in German is: “Wer Plant den 3 Weltkrieg?” By Leo H. DeGard. The subtitle roughly translates: “An analysis of Prophets, Military Strategists and Secret Service specialists.” The book is a mixture of folklore/prophecies and serious analysis, asking the question as to whether such a war is in an way indicated by present-day developments. The book came out nearly twenty years ago, in 2002. It is rather eerie that some of the book’s prophetic material seems to be playing out now — almost precisely. Of course, having chatted online with the author recently, he reminded me that the prophecies also refer to some kind of revolution or civil war in Spain prior to hostilities in Europe. Of course, I am unclear on how these all this is interpreted, as the Second World War was also prefigured by a violent civil war in Spain. Let me know if you want me to interview the author. It should be doable.

      1. Agree. I would really like to see an interview with him. I think that there are some prophecies that really explain what is happening today, such as the one at Fatima, Akita, and Garabandal which warned about many of the event that we are seeing today. Fr Malachi Martin:

      2. I just saw this posted on another blog and thought I’d bring it over here for anyone that might be interested.

        Elijah of Vilna once reportedly handed down a prophecy to his son regarding the coming of the Jewish Messiah and the end of days. He said:

        “When you hear that the Russians have captured the city of Crimea, you should know that the times of the Messiah have started, that his steps are being heard. And when you hear that the Russians have reached the city of Constantinople [Istanbul], you should put on your Shabbat clothes and don’t take them off, because it means that the Messiah is about to come any minute.”

      3. This was a long time ago. But I posted it FYI since posters asked for prophecy concerning the Ukraine. I wouldn’t get hung up on the use of “city”.

      4. You might be interested in Alois Irlmaier. He was a German seer who died in 1959. His prophecies detail the three different arms of invasion the Russians take into Europe. He says the Chinese will invade through Alaska and Canada, but will not get far. The Russian advance, according to him, is stopped by the dropping of some kind of chemical weapon on the Russian troops – some sort of poison powder with a green and yellow component that turns the body black and kills everything alive in the zone where it is dropped. He describes scenes of terrible carnage and destruction, but he says the communists will be defeated in the end.

  17. JR: A most outstanding, and troubling essay. We find ourselves embedded in an battle with the communists in our own country trying to destroy us, and the communists in China, Russia and Iran intend on destroying us. Not only that, but very few people here are either aware of this, or care and willing to do anything about it. The best we can hope for is educating and waking up the American citizen, in the hopes that we may realize what is at stake, and the immense risks we face. We have reposted a link to your essay on our daily newsreel in our own effort to spread a little more awareness. Thank you again for your incredible work.

    1. Thank you for spreading the word. The country needs to know. The more we discussed this publicly, the better our chances will be as a country.

  18. I agree 100%. It is an ongoig war also planned long time ago. The outcome is very well known. “Effeminacy” and “loose principles” are important factors. But TREASON is and will be the most effective weapon used by the enemy. “Effeminacy” and “loose principles” ARE some of it’s consequences!

  19. Jeff, do you think that a strategic nuclear attack on the United States would target population centers, or only military and infrastructure targets?

    1. Probably only military targets. But some some cities may contain political/military assets, like Washington, DC. State capitals may also be targeted, or cities where nuclear or biological weapons could be developed.

  20. Avarice and luxury, those pests which have ever
    been the ruin of every great state.
    Titus Livius

    A place to begin, is a good place indeed!

    This is a practicable suggestion.

  21. Dear Jeff!

    I found something very interesting regarding Great Reset and Communism. Sorry for the bumpy translation, but I translated from Italian to English with native German :-).
    The following translation on my part was meant to indicate that apparently the Western elite, with the help of the Great Reset, plans to develop its own authoritarian system (thanks Covid) to stand against the Chinese power. Democracies are apparently seen as outdated and inefficient. Apparently, a kind of wall is to be erected again … but please read for yourself (For information, everything is speculative, possibly a conspiracy theory …):

    Unsustainable Democracies
    By Ettore Gotti Tedeschi (Banker – President of the Istituto per le Opere di Religione (IOR), Bank of the Holy See. Member of the conservative Opus Dei. He was an advisor to Pope Benedict XVI).

    In the US, someone seems to be thinking of countering the triumphant Chinese totalitarian dirigisme with a form of Western totalitarian dirigisme, with the excuse of Covid and the possibility of implementing another new GreatReset.
    But this time also with the “threat” of new pandemics if this is not achieved in a form of global cooperation.
    This new Reset project proposes to rethink finance and privilege society (i.e. stakeholders) over capitalists (shareholders) and impose a new, environmentally sustainable economic model – this time facilitated by digital technology, artificial intelligence, 5G, …
    The first reset 50 years ago caused the unnatural and unsustainable economic growth, hyperconsumption and the shift of production to China, which created the environmental problem, the giant debt and the infinite bubbles. This has created a gigantic Chinese power that scares us.
    To counter this, Reset No. 2 is now being considered. This suggests the proposal of a Western totalitarianism in place of the old, ineffective and declining democracy. The Great Reset aims at 2 points.
    1. to the dream of “naked” capitalism, i.e. “statehood” to control the market. This is possible thanks to Covid, which by creating a series of fears (of dying, of impoverishment) justifies any solution and makes people accept it and accelerate its implementation.
    2. with this reset, to conceive a new Western capitalist system to oppose the Eastern one, transforming Western liberal capitalism (a loser) into a socialist managerial capitalism capable of opposing the totalitarian (and victorious) Chinese one.
    In fact, the authoritarian Chinese capitalist model has proved victorious over the democratic one, in a period like the present one, marked by economic, financial, social, health, political, etc. crisis. Because it is authoritarian.
    A new “cold war” could now begin between West and East, but unlike the one between the U.S. and the USSR (from the postwar period until the fall of the Berlin Wall), where Soviet planned economic dirigisme (which lost) was compared to American market freedom (which won), the comparison today could be between a Chinese totalitarian economic dirigisme, which has already been experimented with, and a new experimental model, a U.S.-European economic health dirigisme.

  22. To coin George Devereux’s term of social mass (he was a cousin of “nuking” Edward Teller), we saw how global warming “hoax” is a fabricated social massed issue. It affects no one, and in fact humidifies the deserts, and 60% of the warming occurred before 1940, yet it has caused a lot of anxiety amongst liberals who are frightened by it. Of course it is an attempt to provide a trigger toward social massing the concept of communism once again, just as Black Live Matter has been a socially massed movement to provide mobilization and recruiting for world Marxism. All these are elements of creating a social mass of something which will cause massive recruiting, and then it will allow a weighing of the dice to put in act the ideology. Every ideology is ridiculous, antifa might be utterly incompetent doofuses, but this smug attitude ignores that THEY are capable of getting on the act of their belief while the rest of the majority is paralyzed. THEY also are capable of generating a social mass way bigger than the number of them, with the help of a feckless idiotic media. Meanwhile so called patriots stupidly laugh at them when they themselves are in fact at a loss in gaining social mass traction. Even Trump did not see them marketable in terms of social mass.

    This is the same kind of mentality that made people think that Stalin was on a rout as a result of Hitler’s surprise attack. Nothing could be further from the truth. Finally Hitler gave social mass and world reason for Stalin’s legitimacy in acting out his ideology or self importance, finally it gave the green light for the Gulag Archipllago, finally it gave a green light for America to get on and fight Hitler as well as a the Japanese to attack America as they were confident the Soviets would be busy on the western front.

    We are in a position of always reacting and never creating a getting on the act in favor of US or Western European ETHOS. All the US military now is talking about is about “ change” and adapting to new situation, like some kind of headless chicken Ik tribe with an Obama sociology of trial and error – where a popular asian joke by a black woman today can land you in the social media slammer tomorrow. How about instead gaining the initiative and making the enemy guess or change instead? It is like the whole rhetoric of these new jokes of generals is of welcoming the ability to adapt to a Blitzkrieg, and that is it. I am willing to bet they plagiarized these ideas because they are too Affirmative Action stupid to come up with original material. They only adapt militarily the political rhetoric of their Obama, it is absolutely hysterical leadership.

    The bottom line is if tomorrow nuclear war got positive social mass in terms of promoting the ushering of world communist dictatorship much like its Climate Change controls ideology today, it would gain traction amongst liberals. Of course the Soviets tuned it out that America would not go that far since they are paranoiac nationalists in the sense that Lacan described it when correcting Freud’s Totem and Taboo unconscious prophecy of 2 world wars.

    In every past murder of the tribal father by schizophrenic brother/sons , there resulted a group of sons who had misgivings about the murder of past empires, others who did not, and yet others who manipulated the whole thing for the conspiracy to happen. This is where we are at in Totem and Taboo, in this second stage of paranoia, misgiving, divisions,uncertainty and doubts. Yet there remain a couple brothers in the act who are no dupes in terms of ambivalence or righteousness of the act. They both have a full intent on destroying the repenting as well as the enthusiast both, because long range they had the imperial father as the obstacle and they knew the other brothers would divide themselves amongst those lines.

    And so we have repenting traditionalists in America who are getting the wrath of the French Revolution type nationalist liberals who condemn any feeling of guilt or nostalgia towards the 18th century. Meanwhile the brotherhood of Russia and China are plotting to figure a social massing of the idea of the American brother as a world capitalist disease of economic disaster, egging on the revolutionary discontented unconscious, so that it can finally pass on the ACT of world communism, ie. a whole comprehensive “shabooble” program of World Reconditioning the way of the Gulag Archipelago and West-Chinese Laogai death camps for Chinese Turkmen. A confederate movement will not do, they want a WWII style commitment that will allow them the green light the way Stalin got his green light.

    That is what is being plotted, imo. Can they repeat it? So long the evil brothers are there and we are dupes, they can try many things until we screw up the pooch so much without rudder, they will get us where they want us: empowered idiots to be destroyed easily like Humpty Dumpty.

  23. — Red Chinese demographics are Boomer Real Estate Bubble on steroids
    — One damn failing is sufficient to meet their own self-culling goals
    — The Sino-Israeli tech theft pipeline & Kissinger legacy Binational foundations are the only things keeping them peer-adjacent in kinetics
    — PLN ship tonnage is just like their 5% GNP growth mandates: confabulation & empty husks; Quad Alliance armada dwarfs them
    — There can be only 1 winner in Bio-Leninism, and Red China possession of the Americas guarantees the eventual extermination or enslavement of the rest
    The insects will simply set their eyes on East Siberia thereafter: the Sino-Soviet split was predicated on kinetics, and Chinese living up to their “inside-out-[slurs]” reputation for conniving barbarity. There’s always blue cobalt Samson Optiins to deny this prospective Lebensraum idiocy — the only threat over there near Formosa is that they take those Potemkin Village cargo cult facsimiles of 20th cent. tech to be equal to the task (imagine the freedom of action won by plausibly deniable ET tier tech, and being capable of simulating such incursions)

      1. Reminds me of 80% of posts at TPF forum before WilliamWallace shut it down. Only several pages shorter.

  24. So, a question from an outsider – can the deciders in the upcoming
    conflict be accurate and creative and “woke” all at the same time?

    Can they somehow switch off their training, these military men
    and women?

    Just Wondering

  25. Excellent analysis Jeff, I am wondering if the timing of all this a hinge upon the ability of the BRICS countries to replace the dollar as the worlds reserve currency and the IMF with the BRICS’ new currency reserve. They may be waiting for all the pieces to be in place to create a new economic hegemony to fill the void after the collapse of the dollar

    1. You could be exactly right on this. We have seen so many attempts by Russia and China to weaken the dollar, but the dollar remains. Our allies support the dollar because we defend them. What happens if we cannot defend them? This worries me, especially with Biden in the White House. He does not instill confidence.

  26. Jeff, but rather, all indications are that our leaders are enemy agents, not that they are naive and incompetent. These KGB agents of influence were silent when the Soviets killed anti-Soviet Congressman Larry McDonald in 1983. They were silent when Russia assassinated the Polish president on April 10, 2010. They were silent when Russia and Beijing expanded the biological weapon COVID-19, etc.
    Why not say plainly that the KGB won the Cold War and that the Deep State in the US = KGB Agents?
    Only the truth can liberate the world.

    Postscript: Until the American mass media will not broadcast this very important documentary (produced by Congressman Larry McDonald),then never believe them, and know that the free world will end.

    1. If you have been following my writings, you know that I have been warning about communist infiltration for decades. Meanwhile, our big name conservatives said we had defeated communism. They allowed our main enemy to get the upper hand. These same celebrity conservatives who claimed to be so honest, were never entirely honest when it came to this. Their readiness to believe Untruth betokened moral and intellectual corruption of a more subtle kind. I told a very smart, very influential conservative intellectual yesterday that it was disgraceful for him to continue to deny the threat from Russia and China. He replied by saying I was rude, and that I was a monomaniac who was obsessed with the Kremlin. So it’s important to be clear: you don’t want to say communism is powerful. For if you do, you won’t be welcomed by the Establishment Right, by the conservatives on Fox News or the Heritage Foundation. You will be labeled a kook, no matter how brilliant you are, no matter how honest you are. And you will not enjoy any credibility whatsoever; that is, until the chickens come home to roost. We are in serious trouble today because, incredibly, our most prominent anticommunists colluded with the communist powers to deprive the truth of its respectability. There is no other way to explain what happened. And anyone — defector or journalist — who tried to speak out, or have a voice, was debunked as a “Paranoid” or as a “conspiracy theorist.” The plain truth is: Communism was not defeated thirty years ago. Otherwise, how could Russia and China be uniting against us with such a preponderance now? The communists in this country could not have done what they did if not for the intellectual and moral corruption of conservatives. Never forget that.

      1. Peter Hitchens, a high profile conservative writer in the UK, is the same… “Russia is a spent force”… “why are we goading them?”…

        Disgusting. One might call it superficialism, but it’s worse than that. Wilful blindness? That’s perhaps the best we could concede; being less generous, one might consider it connivance.

      2. It is the misunderstanding of clever people who are unable to question old premises. Humiliation is not fun. The hardest thing to learn is the thing that requires UNLearning.

  27. Jeff, an idea just occurred to me. Is it possible that the photos of UFO’s recently released by the Defense Department are intended as a subtle warning or message to our enemies? Perhaps intended to show a capability we have or claim to have?

    1. This is an interesting idea especially since former DNI John Ratcliffe has announced declassifications regarding UFOs for June 1, 2021.
      “Speaking on Fox News, the former director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, said Saturday (March 20) that the sightings are “difficult to explain.” Ratcliffe, who served in the Trump administration, said he’d hoped to declassify the reports during his tenure but that they will be released by the Pentagon by June 1.”

      1. I am sure they will not release everything. The whole subject is rife with political difficulties of a kind that embarrasses people in authority.

    1. So, what is needed is a Youtube monologue by Jeff laying out the reasons
      why conservatives are corrupt. Then a quick, very quick, promotion of
      the video to “one foot in the grave” celebrities who can speak up
      on television, five words repeated 3 times.

      Never forget this message.

      Despairingly, for one minute only.

      The Ghost of R.M.Weaver

  28. Ken Alibek , Pual Williams talking about Jamad al Fuquad Camps,Tennent H. Bagley, … We need to save these interviews.

  29. Okay Jeff, I can take a hint, so this is my last post… You’re moderating my comments into the ether. You think you can woo your Jewish and Papist conservative friends into a joint effort to stop what’s coming… there is only one solution to this mess and it’s not man-centric. If you’re still around in 2025 when the lights go out on the public witness for Christ, remember I told you so. And when the Lord’s people ascend to power in late 2028, ditto. I just wish you were as passionate about the Lord’s cause as you are about exposing communism. Such a shame.

    1. Jay

      Who really knows who Jesus
      would care about if he was

      The Prince to Be

    2. Wasn’t Jesus himself Jewish, Jay?
      He loves the Jewish people. You maybe not so much.

    3. I am not wooing anybody and do not think I can stop what is coming. I don’t actually remember “moderating” your comments, but then I do not really know who you are. Too many readers to keep track of. Sorry if I have not kept up. If you attacked Catholics or Jews in a posting, I probably did keep it out. This is not a site for refighting the Reformation. Please take it elsewhere. I never claimed to be an Evangelist or an Apostle. This is not my calling, sorry to disappoint. I am not running a cooking show or a Dear Abbie column either. This is not a site for theology. It is about history and psychology, strategy and politics. I am not here to proselytize for my favored brand of Protestantism. I’m not a schismatic. Sorry.

  30. Thank you, Jeff! I have been waiting for you to wade back into current events, and you have done so in spades. While the news is bad, it is always best to be forewarned and thereby forearmed.

  31. While reading your essay, I was reminded of Nahum’s prophecy concerning Nineveh shortly before it fell: Nahum 3:13 “Behold your people in your midst are women and the gates of your land are surely open to your enemies…” That sounds a lot like what’s happening in the U.S. today.

    China released its virus, but it turned out to be more of a dud than a killer. I have to admit that the Chinese did a masterful job of propaganda making it sound worse than the Black Death when it has only about the same effect as the annual flu. Their traitors (belong to them) in the West are still trying to scaremonger us, but too many of us are waking up to the truth.

    Now their traitors among us are trying to have us all take a “vaccine” that may be a one-two punch to kill us all off, but too many of us are refusing it (including myself). This is after I came down with the Wuhan virus symptoms when we were told that we didn’t have to worry, because the disease was still “over there”. I haven’t had the flu in years. I was pretty miserable with this, but I recovered (or is this a zombie typing this response?). According to standard medicinal wisdom and practice, I’m now immune to this virus. Will the “vaccine” have its effect in time for the Chinese? Not with me.

    Looking at the present, I fully expect an invasion from China following nuclear strikes by both Russia and China. No, I don’t believe in MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Much of our population lives away from population centers or in hilly areas where nuclear weapons have lowered effectiveness. Further, that population away from the cities tends to be more involved in hiking, hunting, farming (at least gardening) and prepping. Many are veterans. Their combined numbers far exceed any invasion force that China can send. Or can afford to send, because much of China may revolt if the heavy hand of the PLA is removed.

    China needs to capture the whole country for victory. If we capture or wipe out their invading armies, they will lose. Very likely leading to open rebellion and civil war within China.

    I think the Chinese and Russians were hoping that traitors in our government would disarm our population before they invade. But they may have run out of time, and we are still armed to the teeth. Every attempt to disarm and false flag event only leads to more gun and ammo buying. After last year’s disastrous ag losses, China may just have run out of time. I would not be surprised if their attack comes this year.

    Yes, we have become women as happened in Nineveh, but does that describe all of us? Or are there enough of us to rebuild the nation? Time will tell.

  32. Jeff, I was a cold war soldier and an intel analyst. All I have to tell you is confirm for you that you are on the right track in everything you say. Russia has always been a military state back to Tzarist times. I saw Stalin as a modernist Tzar. So is Putin. The Great Game of world military hegemony is all they have ever known. China is the same way from Chin Tsi Wuang Ti to the current despot. The Great Game has never changed for them. The United States, however, are a bunch of pikers. We lost our nerve to fight back in the Vietnam War and have been on the downward slope ever since. We are a nation that is lost in every way. We turned our back to every military mind that had a grasp of what was going on, from Patton and MacArthur down to Curtis Lemay. We spit on their graves now. These were our greatest military thinkers and heroes. Now its all about virtue signaling and bringing whatever abomination to the forefront of our concerns. This rot can only lead to one place for us–total destruction and annihilation for our country. Patton sums it up very clearly: our military is a failure because we don’t look like soldiers, think like soldiers or act like soldiers in the face of an aggressive enemy. Its possible that the Sino-Russo alliance will one day fail, but when it does, I don’t expect to see ANY American soldiers there to take part in the victory.

    1. Our intellectual and moral decline runs parallel with a decline in our warrior instincts, with a decline in fatherhood, and the perversion of authority. How we recover from this is hard to imagine.

    2. Indeed, military matter is really scientific, and the Great Game is the meta-matter of military strategy. Never have we been further from science, and our arrogance in thinking we are scientific because modern and godless is even more ridiculous neurosis (notwithstanding Indians using magical plants perfectly understood also the plants they too used for chemical purposes, and thus the strange nationalist paranoia of the modern liberal can only genocide said Indians it pretends to protect in its do-goodist wars).

      I long mocked people, who tell me the Cold War ended and the West is surrounding Russia, with the fact that Russia never stopped fighting WWII and our Nato looks more like a toothless European Union wannabe alliance without the military backing of it. However, or, thus, in our current military I see very strange, if not, ridiculous, and ultimately hypocritical-correct dangerous, anthropology. Dealing with the world in being a sort of force for good, an anthropological approach, is taking a huge risk of implicating ourselves without any result. It is as if the whole thing is based on the Peace Corp approach.

      This talk of Change, with the brass enamored emotionally with this visit from this anthropological alien called Obama, is most ridiculous and unscientific. It has nothing to do, in both motivation and actuality, with sound scientific military doctrine, but a mocking adaptation of doctrine to subjective wishes. We have turned to utter prostitutive fantasy of adaptation instead of sound doctrine of gaining the initiative on the enemy and the world. To wit, they seem to want to make a godless echo the Evangelical belief of a return of Christ, whereby Christ is no more the pure anthropologist Whose observation does not disturb the true behavior and habits of man, but now becomes for some reason involved and implicated. So we had communism in passing with Marx, and now the communist god is coming to marry and be fully implicated. This is the sort of meta-sexual nonsense that is going on within the brass and the deep state nowadays, absolutely hysterical. It is all that matters with them, as if ideology and this sociologizing of their situation filled this void created by their own schizophrenic worship of schizophrenia – unfulfilled castrated adulthood into child mentality with the body of a nuclear armed adult.

      The result is that anything now can trigger a nuclear attack. We know the so called Arab Spring was not the genuine anthropological wish from arabs to do away with godless western/northern anti-culture ways, but was an ice breaker for the Soviets. It basically was a means to drag us into an involvement which would allow them to be triggered and nuke us. In effect the Arab world was being squeezed by Sovietized oppressive paranoiac Iran and a west which let itself embrace paranoiac ideology of its own – associated with globalist liberal “Madrassa” worship anti-culture terrorists. In effect arabs had two sides to choose from, both of which were to various extent controlled by Moscow manipulation ideology.


    #USSTRATCOM Posture Statement Preview: The spectrum of conflict today is neither linear nor predictable. We must account for the possibility of conflict leading to conditions which could very rapidly drive an adversary to consider nuclear use as their least bad option.

    1. I read this as a reminder… “Vlad, we’re watchin’ you.” Other than that there was no reason to word it as they did.

    2. Not linear nor predictable? Hogwash. The military should not be a Ik tribe reacting to trial and error, depending on the mood or doctrine of the enemy. But this is where we are at with “Hope and Change” political ideology. I compare the Russian posture to the rapper. There are laws against loud music in vehicles but only the rapper somehow is allowed to blast it without consequences, implementing his ideological fantasy in a surprise “attack” on a hapless neighborhood which cannot react and expects that conventions will always be followed – thus needing no force when such conventions get broken. The idea that nuclear war is a non conventional and “impolite” thing to do is not what MAD doctrine was about, but it became that.

  34. China Just Turned On Its Artificial Sun
    It’s go time for the Far East’s most formidable fusion reactor.
    DEC 4, 2020



    MAGNUM N.I. (Naval Intelligence): Like Father Like Daughter
    #10 Post by Magnum N.I. » Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:45 pm

    MAGNUM N.I. (Naval Intelligence): Like Father Like Daughter

    Captain Thomas Magnum retires from US Naval Intelligence on his 65th birthday. He doesn’t necessarily expect a gold watch from the service, but when his daughter Lily, the Navy’s only female SEAL, doesn’t show up with a cake, private detective Magnum deduces that Lieutenant Commander Magnum must be on a secret mission to North Korea. Now that he is out of the loop, Thomas must determine on his own, if Lily has become the unwilling guest of the diabolical,
    young new dictator, Kim Jong-un.

    Act I


    Fourth of July, 2006

    The Space Shuttle Discovery sits atop a booster rocket, engines
    ignited, smoke billowing.


    O’Conner, sign here.

    No way. I’m not signing off on

    As NASA Administrator, I am
    ordering you to sign.

    I can’t do that, sir, I will
    not be responsible for a
    Space Shuttle tragedy and
    therefore must respectfully

    Chief Engineer Scolese,
    I directed you to have
    Discovery shipshape for
    today. Tell this former
    astronaut that he’s being
    overly protective.

    I’m sorry boss. We did
    everything we could in
    the time allotted, but
    she’s just not ready.
    I have to concur with
    Colonel O’connor, sir.


    A Taepodong-2 ICBM lifts off the launch pad, engines’ exhaust
    flaming, smoke billowing. The roar is deafening.


    North Korea just

    Begin final countdown.
    We go in five.

    T – minus five minutes
    and counting.

    It’s not safe, sir.

    The blood of seven
    American astronauts
    will be on your
    hands, Michael.

    This is the first time
    in the entire history
    of NASA that there has
    ever been a mission to
    launch without the okay
    of the Chief Safety and
    Mission Assurance
    Officer, but If this
    mission, STS-121, fails,
    the blood of nearly one
    million Americans will
    be on all our hands.


    The dictator of North Korea confers with military officers.

    Look at that baby go.
    Now are you sure it
    is going to work?

    Yes, Mr President.
    Absolutely certain.

    This is proven reliable
    Chinese design, purchased
    directly from Pakistan.

    Yes, and it cost me a
    fortune. It had better
    work or I will take it
    out of your pay.

    About that Mr President,
    just when are we going to
    get paid?

    You do get to eat and
    you have a bed to sleep
    in do you not?

    Yes, of course,
    Mr President.

    You will be eating
    tree bark if this
    missile doesn’t
    obliterate Honolulu.
    Do you understand?

    Perfectly sir.

    Mr President, please bear in
    mind that the sponsors only
    consider this to be a test of
    US defenses. We have informed
    the United States of our
    intention to launch here
    today. It is not as if we have
    the element of a surprise

    Have the sponsors ever been
    able to intercept an ICBM?

    No sir.

    Has anyone ever been able to
    intercept an ICBM?

    Well, not as far as we know,

    Can you intercept
    an ICBM

    No, Mr President, I cannot,

    Well if you don’t obliterate
    Honolulu today, I am going
    to order you to intercept
    an ICBM. What are you
    going to do then?

    Please Mr President, I

    No excuses. Yes, look
    at that baby go. You know
    fireworks were invented
    in China. Ironically,
    Americans always celebrate
    the Fourth of July by
    shooting off fireworks
    manufactured in China.
    It is only fitting that
    now today we join in the
    festivities by firing this
    Chinese rocket at the
    United States of America
    on the Fourth of July?

    POV looking down at the approaching Korean rocket from
    above the nose cone, as it leaves Earth’s atmosphere.
    The missile continues past our view as the camera
    gradually zooms down to the surface of the planet,
    closer and closer until we see the Pacific Rim, closer
    there is the chain of Hawaiian islands, then we make
    out the outline of the island of Oahu, zooming closer
    until we see Camp Smith.


    Title Over
    Camp Smith, CINC PAC FLEET, Honolulu, Hawaii, July 1st, 2013

    [ Continues… ]

  35. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, in regards to the Grand Solar Minimum (Adapt2030) David DuByne made this video, there are signs that the volcanic eruptions are having a effect on the atmosphere:

  36. I don’t fully agree with your views on Russia, I think the views presented by Bob Moriarty just days after your post are more accurate ( The US, Nato, Ukraine are acting up and Russia are only responding from what I can see.

    I am completely convinced that the virus from China was released on purpose and I would be surprised if there’s no second act. It’s very hard to predict what that might be though, I think a new virus released in the US is probably most likely and should happen sometime when restrictions are lifted. The Chinese have a window of opportunity that might close in just a few years or even months.

      1. I can beleive that they have an alliance and that it makes perfect sense for them to launch a very destructive surprise attack if they feel that war with the West is unavoidable.

        But even if Russia could partake in such a horrific attack I still don’t view their leaders as complete inhumane monsters (at least not on par with the Chinese).

        And I assume the Russians are very much aware that they will be in a much more vulnerable position versus the Chinese with the West gone. The very long and strong friendship between India and Russia should not be forgotten either.

        Even if Russia knows war is unavoidable I still find it hard to beleive that they’ll just hand the world to China.

      2. The Russian oligarchy has no intention of handing the world to China. Strategy and questions of system survival and adaptation are complicated. The core ruling personalities in the Russian oligarchy are Soviet persons. Putin is an admirer of Stalin. And Stalin, from a certain point of view, is a very special person. These folks are not liberals. They do not share your values. Neither are they Russian nationalists. To get at what they actually are is not easy. There is a psychological type at work here. There is a kind of science at work here. It is the science of power. It is about getting control of humanity. It is an old dream; that is, of being a god. Julius Caesar had that dream. Many in history follow in this track. It is not something you will read about in an ideological tract.

      3. Yes, you make a lot of interesting points. But what I’m seeing is the people controlling the US trying to push Russia into a war that Russia doesn’t want. The Chinese both want and need a war.

        To me it almost looks like China and the US-handlers are working together. If the Russians are forced into a suprise attack in coordination with China, the only “winner” is China.

      4. The people who control the US now — however tenuously — are communists. You can say this is incredible, but I don’t have time to walk you through 100 years of painstaking subversion, active measures, and perceptions management. The KGB infiltrated organized crime and drug trafficking, and they got into our banks through money laundering. This strategy was mapped out in the 1950s. Please see Joe Douglass’s groundbreaking book, based on defector testimony, titled “Red Cocaine.” The corollary follows: The Deep State IS the communist movement supported by the agent networks of Russia and China, Cuba, etc. The agents of these countries all work together, but not openly. They are using something called a scissors strategy. That means the Russian agents in our government cover themselves by expressing hostility for Russia and friendship for China. In actuality, many of these people are longtime allies of Russia. Biden is a very good example of this. Another aspect is the scissors strategy. Here is the essential structure of the “division of labor” between the Russian and Chinese special services. The Chinese work the left side of the street. The Russians work the right side of the street — except for their older agents, the high-level provocateurs, who openly lead the sheep to embrace China. If the country divides in a civil war they can guide that process from both ends. Watch with greater attention to detail and you will see it. The useful idiots on the right are focused on China as the enemy. The useful idiots on the left are focused on Russia. Each side hates and fears the other domestically. This is by design.

      5. Dear Jeff!

        Thank you, and these are the most important sentences for me:

        “The useful idiots on the right are focused on China as the enemy. The useful idiots on the left are focused on Russia. Each side hates and fears the other domestically. This is by design.”

        That’s why I always ask myself again – US Election 2020 – “Russia Donald” vs. “China Joe”? Communists in full control?

        I asked the question before on an older article. Whether there is something to this idea …?

      6. Oh yes. You have captured the essence of it. Anything that reveals a perfectly arranged structure of this kind has a strategy behind it. And that strategy is playing out in real time.

    1. How is US and NATO acting up? Open your eyes. Russian media and intel with China have completely penetrated the West. We on the other hand are completely barred from them. Ukrainians say there is a black out, we have no idea what is happening in Russia. The only acting up we do is feebly try to erect equivalent barriers in complementarity. It is not Russia which is behaving in complementarity to our behavior, quite the opposite. NATO is vaporware compared to Russia’s 6000+ nuclear warheads. Ukraine is virtually disarmed in comparison. It is does not compare.

      The “Soviet Person” as JRN explains requires some serious characterology. That person is in essence the complete opposite of Genius, but one completely materially subjected to the secular times. The Genius’ only concern is immortality, timeless values set in stone beyond himself and the absolute morality of being conscious. The Soviet Person is the essence of the dictator, however, of the will to power as opposed to will to immortality. The dictator is compulsively obsessed with action because any thought of morality would freeze him into contemplation and impede his action. He does all he can to run away from consciousness and any thought of value, and especially when such values are national. Any national consciousness within Putin would completely freeze his ambitions – he would step down like a George Washington seeing that there are eternal values that make him petty in comparison.

      However, he also is a very particular type of dictator, one quite obsessed with manipulation of complementary behavior. Hitler was maneuvered thus and encouraged by the Soviets from the get go, with Soviet agents within his ranks from the beginning. The Nazis had no way of implementing such a thing, even when they could have with Ukraine which was a willing ally were it not for the Germans being egged on to wipe the slavs out. It is not Germany which attacked the Soviets, and the treaty was not a Germano-Soviet one, but a Nazi-Soviet school of common understanding. The Soviet Union had had at least 2 decades to penetrate a weakened Germany and to encourage it to turn against its own people. Germany was fully in complementarian position to the Soviets, not the reverse.

      Nowadays the same is happening with the West which is foolishly being maneuvered into a complementarian behavior of Soviet choosing. All that “encirclement of Russia by NATO, these fascist Ukrainian militias, is all kabuki theater, it is not real. It is what is called the “collector of injustices” manipulation mindset.

      “ Certain neurotics have an almost uncanny ability to elicit ego-dystonic reactions even in normal people. An ordinarily sane and decent person therefore experiences a great deal of anxiety when a ‘chronic victim of circumstances’ – who is in reality a ‘collector of injustices’ – maneuvers him, he does not quite know how, into being harsh and unfair. Since he lacks insight, his response to these maneuvers will seem uncanny to him, precisely because the collector of injustices does not operate in a psychic vacuum. He achieves his (unconscious) aim – which is to ‘prove’ that the world is against him – through an incredibly efficient and devious mobilization of whatever unconscious neurotic aggressivity is present even in his kindliest friends. “ Devereux.

      Thus to equate Russia/Soviet as if they are like American Indians victims of the West, or like jewish victims of Nazi Germany, or that they are not as ruthless as the Chinese, is ridiculous. It would in fact be racist proper to think that way. But it is the very uncanny way of the soulless and identityless collector of injustices to be able to maneuver true ethic victims of genocides as being their persecutor.

      We cannot be naively be maneuvered like this by what amounts to cheap rhetoric. That the West may have a consumerist ideology which is laying waste to ethnies and identities is one thing, but the destruction of the Russian identity has never been western, but quite Soviet. And to be naive about their level of paranoia while they hold thousands of nuclear weapons is absolutely reckless.

      1. You have to be careful about believing everything in these anti-American narratives. Yes. America isn’t all goodness and light. But (1) the players in America are not all playing for the American team and (2) many Ukrainians are playing for the Russian/Soviet team (with chocolate shops in Moscow, etc., etc,). And if you think the truth fits neatly into the pro-Russian narratives you are very mistaken. This is a complicated game involving socialist/communist revolutions throughout the West. It is what they are calling the Great Reset; and it is no coincidence Russia and China are mobilizing at this time. If we revolt against this reset and go into civil war, they will militarily intervene so fast it will make your head spin. If you haven’t understood this, then you have missed the whole game.

      2. Would we be acting up if all of a sudden we told Japan, Taiwan, Lebanon and Ukraine to acquire nukes in order to protect themselves from nuclear Iranian, North Korean , Chinese and Russian expansion? No, it would be perfectly legitimate complementary behavior. That flag waving by Ukraine and paper NATO expansion around Russia is a joke. Even the EU currency is not backed up by any real authority and military. It is all paper scarecrow stuff that allows Russia to play victim because we let a chihuahua barking at its door while they aim bazookas at neighbors without ability to retaliate but only hope that Biden will be the police for them.

      3. Regarding Great Reset. I think the Great Reset is the so-called revolution aimed at the implementation of UN Agenda2030, or am I wrong? The Agenda2030 with its SDGs and CO2 reduction reminds me of Andrei D. Sakharov. In his book (German version) “Wie ich mir die Zukunft vorstelle” (1968) he writes on page 35 (translated): Carbonic acid gas from coal combustion changes the heat reflecting properties of the atmosphere. Sooner or later this will assume threatening proportions.
        I think this is the origin of the whole CO2 movement (FFF, G. Thunberg …). The goal is (what the perestroikists dreamed of) the peaceful growing into socialism.
        Sakharov’s “global problems” as an argument for the establishment of a socialist world government became years later the ideological foundation of the Green and left parties

      4. Yes. Sakharov gave us some important hints. But please: — Do not confuse the window dressing of the moment for the thing itself. The Great Reset is the World October Revolution in its present iteration. Agenda 2030 was yesterday’s iteration; Global Warming is yet another iteration; preventing nuclear war has been and may be again another iteration (i.e., as disguised nuclear blackmail). The point is not the nonsense slogan of the moment. It’s all about The Revolution. A global communist takeover is underway. The problems — as Sakharov subtlety showed — are the pretext for a “peaceful” transition to socialism; that is, without nuclear war. If we resist, the war will begin. This is a step-by-step process.

  37. Hey wait, I just went to buy chocolate from a shop like this today, here in the USA. The family is from Ukraine, the husband is from a Russian family in Odessa, the wife is from western Ukraine, but with Polish background, and her family moved to Odessa. As he put it, when he was young, these things didn’t matter so much. I understand things were different when everyone was one big happy family as a union of soviet socialist republics.

    I asked him about this whole thing with the troops gathering, he said Putin is a monster, Zelensky is an idiot, and Biden is like a combination of the two. This analysis seems to be sensible. His prediction was no war this time because it doesn’t benefit anyone. I live in an area with a lot of different people and I like to get a feel for how these people think about situations in places I don’t understand as well as they do.

    Are you saying there’s something sinister going on with Russo-Ukranian chocolate shops? I am missing the reference on this one.

    1. My reference to chocolate shops is an allusion to oligarch Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian President prior to the current comedian President, Volodymyr Zelensky. Poroshenko was/is the billionaire “Chocolate King” of post-Soviet controlled capitalism. If memory serves, he has chocolate shops in Russia as well as Ukraine and owned a chocolate factory in Russia (as well as automobile factories). He is a typical apparatchik and son of an high-level Soviet apparatchik who ran several factories under Brezhnev. Like all the billionaire oligarchs in the former Soviet Union, Poroshenko received his position by signing a special contract with the Party and/or KGB. This is the device by which the economies of Russia and Ukraine, et al., are still dominated by the Leninist mafia — even under the Gorbachev/post-Soviet NEP. Poroshenko nicely pretended to be a Ukrainian patriot in 2014, got himself elected President in the wake of the anti-Soviet revolution of that year, and was supported in his fraudulent stand against Russia by a similar figure of pretense, Barack Hussein Obama — another political fraud, especially in his mock-hostility to Putin. If Putin had asked, Obama would have barked like a dog and — on command — would have carried the morning newspaper between his teeth to the Russian leader (while crawling on all fours). But that would have given too much away. At any rate, this should give you an approximate sense of what I meant by referring to “chocolate shops” in Moscow, etc.

      1. Ahhh, thank you very much. Now I get it. I read your article on the Ukrainian presidential shenanigans and it gave me a good map to understanding that aspect of the situation.

        I’m just about done with Red Horizons, and I’m amazed by how…industrious might be the word, the Romanian state was. I know how inefficient a command economy is, but the dear leader really dedicated his intelligence apparatus to stealing and developing all kinds of things.

        Am I right in understanding that the Russian mafia and seemingly non-mafia millionaires in New York, the Mediterranean coast, London, etc. are a continuation of this policy of state and intelligence owned business? All of them are in some way connected to the Soviet government and/or intelligence and are acting in much the same way that the intelligence men of the USSR worked.

      2. While I cannot comment on every business you have encompassed in your question, I believe the sensible answer — and the go-to rule of thumb — is YES. All these Russian-tied mafia structures and businesses (in the West) are beholden, to one degree or another, to Russia and her special services/mafia contractors. In David Remnick’s book, “Lenin’s Tomb,” he quotes the head of the Italian Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the mafia as saying that Russia had (by 1992) become the “international capital of organized crime” to which the Sicilian, Neapolitan and Calabrian mafias reported, and with whom they coordinated. This arrangement was a Soviet achievement and was not a sudden — out of nowhere — achievement of post-Soviet organized crime.

      3. Some of these apparatchiks are also fooled apparatchiks. Their paranoia only extends to this wish of “conformity comfort-zone” in the world, with a state apparatus not unlike Canada’s paranoiac health care system whereby anyone getting a private medical advice is getting a fine. The gaslighting vicious ones are the types who go door to door, house to house, hunting a “capitalist mindset”, threatening and proactively checking people out – with the unconscious “takfiri” motive of rape , murder and looting. The problem is that the socialist western apparatchiks do not understand the Eastern apparatchiks’ level of paranoia, ie. its genuine paranoia, in the Lacanian sense of the child freaking out even at his own shadow or mirror image (examples are on youtube).

        This is what Devereux called the neurotic adopting the “acting-out” mental illness symptoms that his society allows. A mentally deficient person is not original, as normal people are the only ones developing unique personalities when the hysteric is just like another hysteric, cookie cutter. Western socialists are neurotics who are only acting out the current level of paranoia of our society and sociology. They are plagiarizers of what is expected of them to act out. They are not real paranoiacs in the Soviet sense, they rather are neurotics who conform to increased paranoid symptoms of the day matching society’s current mood.

        Inversely, putting everyone into a cookie cutter conformist mindset promotes mental illness. Each type of society displays its own prevalent “mentaloïd” illness. In the West it is infantile schizophrenia promoted by consumerist big business. This is the worst because you cannot survive in that state and you cannot turn it around. It would equate to trying to teach a dog to be more like a cat and a wolf. It is impossible. The dog is a broken down wolf stunted at wolf pup level, and he loves his dependency and any attempt at making it less infantile will result in regressive even more infantile and aggressive rebellious behavior, even leading to assault. Thus a neurotic out west will act out in schizoïd manner, and when moving to Russia would be paranoid, but in either case has no inkling of what a real paranoiac or schizophrenic is. It is a rather naive adoption of an acting out, not the real thing.

        And thus, political correctness not only gelds us, it provides a sociological cover for the real wolves who will mold society to their paranoiac psychology whose complement will be sociological paranoïd accepted acting-out behavior. A pilot program of that is antifa. In there you often have these neurotics who found a place to act out in paranoid manner and then all of a sudden figure that some the people and leadership surrounding them are complete paranoiacs who are promoting this paranoid sociology so as to provide them cover and security. They avoid being unmasked that way, but some neurotics at one point will be confronted with a true paranoiac in the way he would be confronted with someone challenging their neurosis in the normal world.

        Suffice to say that the Soviet mafia, unlike the other mafias, are not “feeling in” things. They are professional psychiatrists and have sociologists working for them, even good people. This is something other mental mafias do not have. They are not as professional, ie. in the way they have people working for them who are not like them. A mafia often will have mafia minded people. Not so with this Soviet Empire, because their mafia has perfectly reasonable people working for them, simply because they are modern and professional, and not ethnic.

        I do not care what people say, Patton was right. We should have allied with Germany to rebuke the Soviets. A nuclear armed Germany was politically incorrect and unconsciounable, yet, there it is, ie. anyone who has cold feet not responding to the Soviet threat are completely naive. The Soviets could care less about the holocaust or the millions of dead Russians of the great war, as this is not something they would let compromise their security. As much as I am “jewish”, in the sense I would wish to see Germans on their knees and done away with in revenge, it is fantasy in the current situation, as the reality of the situation is not at all warranting this to happen if one has strategic lucidity about things. Maybe Germany should have nukes, maybe not, but certainly this Eisenhower liberal mindset that it is unthinkable is ridiculous. Patton was right, we are political neurotics.

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