What is the objective of the conspiracy? I think it is clear from what has occurred and is now occurring: to diminish the United States in world affairs, to weaken us militarily, to confuse our spirit with talk of surrender…. To what end? To the end that we shall … finally fall victim to Soviet intrigue from within and Russian military might from without. Is that far-fetched? There have been many examples in history of rich and powerful states which have been corrupted from within, enfeebled and deceived until they were unable to resist aggression.

Joseph McCarthy

When we read Senator McCarthy’s words, we wince a little. We have been conditioned to disbelieve in a Communist conspiracy. And here we are, in the grip of that same conspiracy, ashamed to say what it is, ashamed to say that our domestic and our foreign enemies are implicated in that conspiracy.

A famous broadcaster, who briefly took over for Art Bell more than two decades ago, told me the following story. He had begun talking about Communism on the show when a media executive called to warn him. “Stop talking about Communism.” The broadcaster had high ratings and did not take the warning seriously. Eventually he got another call from the executive. “You had a great career in broadcasting, but now it’s over.”

The Communist Movement is not imaginary or fictitious. It is a real movement with real power. Communists have infiltrated our media, our business community, our churches, our schools, our scientific establishment, and our government. Communist China is inside our economy, making vitamins and medicines and nearly everything that we buy. And now we have an election rife with irregularities in which the pro-Chinese candidate, Joe Biden, is declared to be the president-elect.

Professor Di Dongsheng, Vice Dean of the School of International Relations at Renmin University of China, recently gave a talk in which he explained how Communist China operates. “The Trump administration is in a trade war with us,” he noted. “So why can’t we fix the Trump administration?” Professor Di explained that China had no problems fixing its relationship with America from 1992 to 2016. With a wry smile he said, “I’m going to throw out something maybe a little explosive here. It’s just because we have people at the top. At the top of America’s core inner circle of power and influence.” The Chinese audience broke out in laughter.

“We have our old friends,” said Professor Di, who told his audience a “little story.” He noted that a million people were watching the broadcast, so he dared not say everything. “Let us put it this way,” he continued, “in 2015, before the last visit of General Secretary Xi to the United States … all our systems in the United States needed to work….” They needed someone to soften up the Americans for President Xi. “Who should do it?” asked Di. “They said to me, ‘Di Dongsheng, you have a way with foreigners and are better at fooling them, right?’ Because they had seen how I fooled foreigners, and they thought it was very good….” Assigned to promote President Xi’s new book, Professor Di went to a posh bookstore in Washington, D.C., but the owner would not cooperate. He had been a journalist in the Far East. “He was very unhappy with our party [the Communist Party], so he purposely chose not to cooperate.” Professor Di turned the problem over the Communist Party leaders. “Let the leadership solve it.” In a flash the problem was solved. The solution came through an elderly Jewish lady who spoke fluent Mandarin “with a Beijing dialect.” She had lived in China for thirty years. Di understood who she was immediately. She was “an old friend of us Chinese people.” The Professor was curious how she got the hostile bookstore owner to cooperate. The old lady said, “I reasoned with him.” The audience laughed. Then the professor asked, “Do you know where that sentence comes from? It’s a classic line in the famous American mafia movie The Godfather.”

“Of course,” said Professor Di, “the old lady was not in the Mafia, but who was she? Why did she live in China for thirty years? Why can she speak fluent Beijing dialect?” She was, according to Di, “the president of the Asia region of a top-level financial institution. Of course,” the professor explained, “it would be politically incorrect for me to go on. Do you understand what I mean? If you do, put your hands together.” Applause burst from the whole audience. Di continued: “So we had a channel to rely on. But the problem is that after 2008, the status of Wall Street declined; and more importantly, after 2016, Wall Street can’t fix Trump. Why? It’s very awkward. Trump had a previous soft default issue with Wall Street, so there was conflict between them, but I won’t go into details….”

According to Professor Di, Wall Street tried to help China in the trade war, “but they couldn’t do much,” he added. “But now we’re seeing Biden was elected.” The audience burst out laughing again. Professor Di continued, “The traditional elite, the political elite, the establishment are very close to Wall Street, so you see that, right? Trump has been saying that Biden’s son has some sort of global foundation. Have you noticed that? Who helped him build the foundation?” The audience then burst out into applause mixed with laughter.

Professor Di continued: “….to put it bluntly, for the past thirty years, forty years, we have been utilizing the core power of the United States. As I said before, since the 1970s, Wall Street had a very strong influence on the domestic and foreign affairs of the United States.” He then explained the Communist strategy. “The purpose of your opening up the financial markets is to hold tight on the big thigh of America….”

Professor Di then threw a curve ball at his audience. He said that American sanctions and decoupling from America is no longer a bad thing. After all, China is industrialized. China makes everything, America makes nothing. What Professor Di will not publicly say, what the Communists in Beijing know, is that America is riddled with Communists and old friends of China. It is not simply a question of Wall Street.

How did the situation become so serious? A golden opportunity opened up for China in 1992. It was the first year after the Soviet “collapse.” According to Professor Di, that is when America invested heavily in China. Money and technology began flowing to Beijing. That was the year, as well, when Bill Clinton was elected President.

There is no doubt, of course, that the U.S. was penetrated at the highest levels long before Bill Clinton came to power. With the Clinton administration, however, the penetrations became game-changing. Fundamental personnel changes in our security services and military began to occur. Major disarmament measures took effect. These accelerated after 2008, under President Obama.

The history of Communist subversion is no fantasy. It is an old story. Robert Morris, a lawyer who served as special counsel for the U.S. Senate in the 1940s and 50s, wrote a memoir titled No Wonder We Are Losing, originally published in 1958. Prior to working for the Senate, Morris had been involved in early investigations of Communist infiltration of the public schools in New York and New Jersey. After the war, the Senate investigated eighty “distressing” cases of subversion in American higher education. Morris catalogued the schools that were being infiltrated: “Harvard, Colombia, Williams, Rutgers, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute, New York University, Vermont, Queens, Hunter, Brooklyn and the City College of New York.”

These universities were gradually becoming hubs for subversive Communist activity. What could be done about it? The Senate gathered stacks of evidence, yet the Justice Department and the universities would not act. As Morris stated, “I have watched the papers in vain for any news of these universities dismissing … Communists from their staffs.” But then something happened. “The hearings on Interlocking Subversion … struck a more responsive chord,” noted Morris. The Senate Committee “began to call in witnesses whom the evidence showed to have been … directors, as it were, of the Communist underground.” (P. 165)

Elizabeth Bentley, “an official of the United States Service and Shipping [company], Inc. New York City, came into the New York Office of the Bureau [FBI] and stated that for the past eleven years she had been actively engaged in Communist activity and Soviet espionage.” Bentley worked as a courier for Jacob Golos, the head of World Tourists, Inc., which was being used as a Soviet front. She carried messages between Golos and Earl Browder, head of the American Communist Party. Bentley said the espionage groups she worked with consisted of employees of the U.S. Government “stationed in Washington, D.C.” The head of the most important spy ring was N. Gregory Silvermaster, “at one time an employee of the Department of Labor” who transferred to the Treasury Department. “Another member of this group,” said Bentley, “is William L. Ullman, a major in the United States Army Air Forces stationed at the Pentagon….” There was also “George Silvermaster, a civilian employee of the War Department; Harry Dexter White, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in charge of monetary research and foreign funds control….” There was also “Lauchlin Currie, administrative assistant to the President; and other lesser figures.”

There was also another espionage group operating in Washington, D.C., headed by Victor Perlo of the War Production Board. This group included “John Abt, general counsel for the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, CIO, in New York City. The individuals in this group include Charles Kramer, an investigator for Senator Kilgore’s committee in the United States Senate; Henry Magdoff, of the War Production Board; Edward Fitzgerald, formerly of the Treasury Department and then with the War Production Board; Donald Wheeler, of the Office of Strategic Services [forerunner of the CIA]; Mary Price, formerly employed by Walter Lippmann in Washington, D.C. and now working for the United Office and Professional Workers of America, CIO, in New York City; Maj. Duncan Lee, of William Donovan’s law firm in New York City who is also in the Office of Strategic Services.”

Bentley knew these people were Communists because she had worked directly with them. In addition, she had been told that Alger Hiss “had taken Harold Glasser, of the Treasury Department, and two or three others” to form an espionage group. Bentley’s allegations about Hiss were supported by the testimony of another famous witness, Whittaker Chambers, who was further supported by Soviet defector Igor Gouzenko, who claimed that “an assistant to the Secretary of State” was a Soviet agent.

A further list of Communist conspirators included Robert Talbot Miller, III, of the State Department; “Maurice Halperin of the Office of Strategic Services; Julius J. Joseph, of the Office of Strategic Services; Helen Tenney, of the Office of Strategic Services; Willard Park, of the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-America affairs; Michael Greenberg, of the Foreign Economic Administration; William Remington, formerly of the War Production Board and subsequently inducted into the Navy; Bernard Redmont, also with the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs.”

There is no need to list all 80 of the names Bentley provided. The picture is quite clear. There were significant penetrations of the U.S. Government in the 1940s and 50s. This leads us to a related question: How much worse are the penetrations of today? Americans were more patriot, conscientious, honest and hard-working in the 1940s and 50s. Yet the country’s government was penetrated by Communist traitors. Does anyone think we are free from penetration now? From all outward appearances, election fraud is tied to Communist subversion. It is part of an ongoing Communist takedown of America. And that is why Professor Di Dongsheng suggests America is no longer important for China. America does not really exist, according to the professor. And that is why Di’s audience laughed when Joe Biden’s “election” was mentioned.  

We are living through a Communist power-grab. This power grab has all the elements of Czechoslovakia, 1948, combined with the fall of Venezuela and the takeover of South Africa by the Communist-dominated ANC. This power-grab relies on tactics used in all three takeovers: 1) Communist street violence, 2) fraudulent elections and 3) racial tension. One hears the term “color revolution.” The color of this revolution is red – the color of “The Squad,” the color of Barack Obama’s radical friends, of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden’s Chinese “supporters.” These politicians are all red shills – pretending to be liberals or even moderates. They must be judged by their actions, by the positions they have taken and the lies they have told.

Think about it: The Communists could never come to power in this country marching under a Communist flag. The trick was, on Christmas Day 1991, to take the Communist flag down from the Kremlin. That is what kicked things off. After that happened a new kind of “conservative” appeared – of a different stripe: friendly to Russia and/or China, naïvely believing that America’s universities were “the last refuge of the Marxists.”

The new post-Cold War conservative was, as Newt Gingrich explained in 1995, a “cheap hawk.” And that is how our defense build-down began. We pulled apart our nuclear weapon industry. We stopped making warheads. Our hawks, no longer vigilant, joined the ranks of the economic optimists. At first, it was all about the “peace dividend.” Then came 9/11 and our “diversionary wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.

The Communists were clever. They disguised themselves as liberals. They pretended to like capitalism. They pretended to help us after 9/11. They denied the value of socialism. They admitted the crimes of Communism, though almost no one was punished for those crimes. We should recall an old proverb: A tiger does not change its stripes. Why, after all, would Communism disappear of its own accord and admit defeat? The whole thing was too convenient by half, yet we were ready to believe it.

After 1991 we lived through a time of unprecedented obliviousness and asininity, in which America was thought to be the “lone superpower.” For three decades smart people talked like idiots. Our leading “statesmen” proved themselves incompetent. Meanwhile, experts prattled on about the threat of climate change and the importance of letting children choose their gender. The mainstream media was clueless as it served up enemy disinformation time and time again. Our intellectuals mindlessly toadied to cultural Marxism. And now Russia and China have surpassed us militarily. Do you want to say all this was an accident? No. It was strategy – a thing our people know nothing about.  

To paraphrase a line from Senator Joseph McCarthy, the silence of the American establishment regarding the Communist conspiracy to rule the world has been deafening throughout. From 1991 to the present, we have seen nearly three decades of self-deception, self-congratulations and self-sabotage. How many years did we go without one official word about the communist threat? Did we really believe that Communism was gone?

Then came Donald Trump who occasionally used the “c” word; and Communism’s fellow travelers went nuts. They called Donald Trump every dirty name in the book. They accused him of being a Russian spy. They said he was senile, crazy, racist, homophobic – an enemy of planet Earth! As a matter of form, they impeached him on fake charges, with barrage after barrage of fake news, lies, distortions, and more lies. They mocked his common sense. They called the people who voted for him “deplorables.”

Bend the knee, they said to us last summer. We will win the election no matter what the vote count, they added in the fall. Anyone who talks about voter fraud will be banned, will be kicked out, ostracized, de-platformed, neutered, prosecuted, assaulted – disenfranchised! Threaten everyone. Silence everyone. It is how Communists behave when victory is in reach. They rely on threats, like Professor Di described. One might say the Communists are “reasoning with us.” Consider, if you will, Russia and China’s new generation nuclear weapons and missiles. Is that enough “reason” for you?

If America buys into this fraud, the country will have buyer’s regret. The cost of acting too late, in this crisis, will be terrible. Perhaps a tardy response will lead to civil war, world war, or both. We can no longer afford to hesitate. We cannot allow the Chinese Communist Party to infiltrate our economy. We cannot allow our nuclear deterrent to rot away from neglect. President Trump has showed us the way. We cannot allow the election to be stolen by traitors.

It is also time to stop saying that we won the Cold War. As of this moment, the Communists control the mineral storehouse of Africa. They have the masses of China. They have the military technology of Russia. They have Cuba, Nicaragua and the oil fields of Venezuela. Their Iranian allies can disrupt the flow of oil from the Middle East. They threaten India and Australia, Japan and South Korea. The free world is on the brink of an abyss.

Even worse than the external threat which grows from day to day, we cannot even manage honest elections here at home. Our mainstream media is disloyal. Many of our professional ball players will not stand for the National Anthem. Communist-led mobs burned buildings and looted stores last summer. They even killed people who are loyal to the country, threatened and intimidated whole communities, pulled down statues of George Washington, Jefferson and Grant. They led a campaign to defund the police in Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Seattle (among other places). And they are just getting started.

Are we going to fight the Communists before it’s too late? As a country we have been played for fools. It is time to wake up. We need to decouple from China. We need to investigate Communist subversion. We need answers and we need action.

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Prof. Di Dongsheng: “At present, the U.S. has a very much divided society, part of which is the circle of elites. We call them the Establishments, people with power and influence. It’s worth mentioning one particular group of the elites, called [the] ‘Deep State.’ Who are these people? Of course, there are slightly different understandings regarding those people. My understanding is that these people are mid and senior leaders from U.S. military, intelligence community, the State Department, Department of Treasurey, Department of Commerce, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the U.S. Judicial System. So these people mostly hold competitive service or excepted service positions. They are not executive service figures. Within the Capital Beltway, they are the big fish hidden in the swamp, who Trump disgusts the most.

“In the U.S., the political figures are elected, and they come and go. However, the group that I just mentioned are the people who remain in the power circle. I have dealt with those people. In the past 70 years, since World War II, they are the ones who have been ruling the U.S., running the entirety of capitalism in the U.S. and operating the Cold War. This small circle that actually dominates the world today. Now, how do people in this circle view Trump? In general, they despise Trump because they think they are the real masters of U.S. capitalism. They consider Trump an outsider. That’s why at the end of 2016, when U.S. democracy actually became real, it caught them completely off guard. They could not believe that someone like Trump could be elected and become their boss. Can you imagine the feelings of people from this group? It must feel like the world was falling apart, or feel like the sky is falling. That’s why, in the past two years those who have been persistently resisting and confronting Trump are actually from this circle. They took their advantages in their professions, resources and information. And they have been fooling and playing tricks on Trump.”

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  1. Excellent article. No matter how one examines our current predicament there is now no easy way out for the Republic. The work of our enemies has been ongoing for a century while America has mostly been asleep to the threat.

  2. It’s time to start organizing — clandestinely — just as the Left began to do when they laid the foundation for their infiltration. Militias, networks, spies. When the crackdown (and invasion?) come, the Right must be organized and ready to push back hard!

  3. VC: agreed, never too late. But what if we wind up being like German patriots who chose to act against Hitler and his regime only when circumstances were “perfect”, but indeed the perfect time was always delayed and then when it happened, it was still born.

  4. Communist China is the greatest totalitarian force on the planet. What makes you think that American anti-fascists wouldn’t oppose them as fervently as they do the totalitarian forces in America (such as real estate gentrification like we’re seeing in Portland)? If corporate influence is subverting American freedom, why aren’t anti-fascists considered patriots for defending the homes of citizens from elite corporate takeover?

      1. Please let me know who “runs” antifa. From what I understand, antifa is not an organization. Yes, some concepts of anti-fascism run parallel to Communism. Yes, there is spillover between different ideologies shared by broad swaths of people. Yes, protest leaders hold their own ideologies (including Marxism). Does that mean they control all people like puppets? Does it mean mass populations will erupt into violence at their will? The reasonable answer is: No, of course not. History has proven how difficult it is for any kind of socialist movement to take hold in America. Furthermore, who are these anti-fascist masterminds you mention? Where are Antifa leadership’s meetings held (and before you say universities let’s agree that many self-proclaimed fascists never step foot in a college)? And lastly, who are you to make such a claim? How many anti-fascists do you know? How steeped in American anti-fascism have you ever been? The concept of anti-fascism is a basic cornerstone that already exists in every human being, in the form of detesting unfair treatment of others, and limited opportunity for the ownership of property, and accessibility to the necessities of life (water, housing, medicine). I mean…that’s really what the nexus of the argument is about: property. Anti-fascists don’t like external forces controlling property or resources that sustain the working class and the less fortunate. Capitalists don’t like external forces losing them money (property). Real estate moguls don’t like external forces involved in their dealings (property). All of these groups finger corporate government overreach as the problem, so why are they so diametrically opposed? And why are the people who steal microwaves vilified so harshly while strategic career tax evasion makes one a smart American citizen, according to the President?

        Basically, just too easy to say “Antifa is run by Communists” because it doesn’t address any of the hypocrisies, parallels and violence that lie within the human concept of freedom. Pitting Americans against each other is literally the most precarious path towards freedom. Why are you so eager to walk it? If all anti-fascists weren’t pre-eminently seen as criminals and Communists, you might find a more tempered logic behind what they stand for. Although, finding that could ultimately end up proving you wrong, so it doesn’t seem very likely to happen. Such is life.

      2. I happen to be anti-fascist because I value freedom. But all anti-fascists are not fighters for freedom. Communists are also anti-fascists, but they are enemies of freedom. This is a distinction you may have missed.

      3. This is exactly what I mean. Somehow the word “fascism” holds different definitions in your mind depending on the group who wields it. There is no subjectivity to fascism. Believe it or not, the anti-fascists you automatically criminalize are indeed fighting for freedom! You just choose not to learn what that means to them. Instead, you use your personal definition of fascism to create an easy enemy out of people you don’t understand. Because this is easy. It’s simple. It’s neatly packaged and palatable for people who are used to embracing fear for personal protection. Rather than focus on the true enemies of America (the lifelong swindlers of Wall St., the insurance world, and the predatory real estate market), you vilify the powerless working class anti-fascists who simply try to draw attention to inequality through the occupation of public spaces, at risk to their own safety and livelihoods. But are you capable of seeing even a hint of goodness or love of country within that? Of course not. It would weaken your narrative that America is rotten and ruined to its core, and therefor needs to be disciplined harshly. The only horse you ever ride is fear.

      4. Antifa is fighting for freedom? There is several essays I could write in reply to that proposition. These Antifa activists are children, and they do not understand that ideas have consequences. They do not know history. They do not understand what they are doing? They are profoundly disoriented. It doesn’t matter what they imagine their purpose to be. They are being used by bigger players — in a strategic game they do not understand. I am a student of philosophy, and there is a lot I do not understand. My real area of expertise is strategy. What is happening with Antifa is all about strategy. Bright shiney ideals attract the youthful idealist who does not realize that, from the vantage point of strategy, politics is about three things: power, power, and power. Who wins when Antifa succeeds? Russia and China win. America loses. As an American you ought to know on what side your bread is buttered. To be Antifa is to be against yourself. And that is not smart. Besides this, Antifa misidentifies conservatives as fascists, and that is irresponsible.

      5. I can think of four other horses, and four other horsemen. As for inequality, it is always going to exist. Those who would make everyone equal are followers of the four horsemen. You apparently are ignorant of this fact.

    1. Antifa, as it was originally founded in Russia, and later in Germany, was exactly what it says, anti-fascists, meaning “Communists” since Communists always have to communicate in convoluted ways in order to try and disguise themselves.
      The Communists tried to use it in Spain in the 1930s, and in Italy when the Fascists formed under Mussolini to stop the Communists.
      “…just too easy to say “Antifa is run by Communists” because it doesn’t address any of the hypocrisies, parallels and violence that lie within the human concept of freedom.”
      Your playing word games trying to get specific names, where none are available, other than what JR provided in the article, demonstrates you are not only extremely Orwellian yourself, but are a closet Communist playing a game no one is interested in playing.

  5. Since time immemorial, hard-to-swallow truths have been disguised by the wise in the form of fiction, in hopes of getting their messages into the minds of the ignorant through the back door.

    In the same way, while our liberal friends and families refuse to hear us when we bring up current events, they can be nudged in the direction of the truth through fictional stories, such as these two great TV series “The Weissensee Saga” and “Deutschland 83.” (There’s also “Deutschland 86,” a sequel.)

    Both sagas are set behind the Iron Curtain in Communist-run East Berlin. The stories illustrate what it was really like living under the false promises of Communism. The storytelling is gripping because the scripts were written by Germans who actually lived through that time.

    Patriots especially will enjoy these series, as they emotionally authenticate what we know to be true and urge the soul in the direction of heroism:

    Amazon link for Season One of “Weissensee”:


    Amazon link for “Deutschland 83”:


  6. Reposted at ncrenegade.com. Outstanding article Jeff and very much appreciated. Time is not on our side. Our only real hope is President Trump securing another term, possibly by way of scotus, possibly by way of declaring an insurrection and martial law. If the latter is the means, then we have at least a chance of purging [some] of the higher up communists. Either way Trump must prevail, or we are at war.

    I did not serve my country as a young man. Now that I am significantly older, perhaps I am more dangerous because I have kids and hopefully soon grandkids to protect, and would gladly serve and fight for them and everyone who fought and served before for my family and our country. Sure would beat the hell out of dying on my knees, or worse, in my sleep of old age.

    I hate what the communists have done to our country and even more the traitors who enabled them here. Time seems to be short. I hope we’re not past the point of no return.

  7. On the right track, but you’re conflating the origin with the results.

    The Comintern perfected the covert influence operations that destroyed Normal America–and ran them from 1920 to 1938. But “communism” today is not the threat.

    The results of the influence operation that destroyed Normal America is the belief system best called Politically Correct Progressivism (PC-Prog). It is the belief system of the American opponents of Normal American culture.

    PC-Prog is NOT Marxism/socialism/communism. It has 6 tenets: “America is a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, capitalist, imperialist hellhole.” And the PC-Prog Action Corrolary: “And it must be changed.”

    The covert influence tactics and strategies–front groups, high-minded feel-good group-think, and seizing on specific incidents blown out of proportion as rallying points–are well-practiced and effective, when all cultural transmission belts–media, education/academia, and Hollywood–are PC-Prog.

    China and others simply take advantage of the destruction of our culture to pursue their own goals.

    Full details in the book: http://www.willingaccomplices.com

    1. Also, holding to Marcus Cato’s dictum that a cause should be called by its proper name, I do not accept that the self-admitted Marxists who founded Black Lives Matter are “progressives.” You may call Marxists “progressives,” but I call them communists.

      1. “Marcus Cato’s dictum that a cause should be called by its proper name…” Good point. Words mean things. And so do titles. That’s why calling BLM/Antifa/Democrats communist/Marxist/socialist is, generally speaking, not right.

        “Communist” and “Marxist” and “Socialist” have specific meanings–they are codified by a massive literature and their own “bibles.” Beginning with Das Kapital, through a century of theoretical “scientific Marxism.”

        A BLM leader calling herself a “Marxist” no more makes her a Marxist than me calling myself an airline pilot makes me a pilot. And you calling her a Marxist does not make her a Marxist, either. It’s an easy epithet to sling, but just sets you up for easy refutation.

        Politically Correct Progressivism (PC-Prog) is a belief system that is adhered to exactly by the mis-named “communist/Marxist/socialists” in the USA today. The adherents do not call it that, because it is the result of covert influence operations that created the belief system. They have imbibed the beliefs, and those beliefs are now the basis of an entire political movement in the USA–led by Democrats.

        That belief system of that movement is based on the 6 tenets mentioned above, and the call to “change America.”

        Only one of those tenets (racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, imperialist, capitalist) has any connection to Marxism/communism/socialism. All of them are directly connected to the “America is a hellhole” belief system.

        Happy to send you a copy of Willing Accomplices, professional counter-intelligence research and analysis laying out the who/what/why/when/where/why of the Comintern covert influence espionage operations that planted the seeds that became the PC-Prog of today.


      2. I read your book, Kent. Perhaps you forgot that I contacted you and we talked at length. Your work is very interesting to me; but I analyze these organizations differently than you do. I see a larger social and strategic pattern at work here. Socialism is what I call “The New Religion.” As for definitions, socialism and communism are not precise words, any more than democracy or liberty are precise. Socialism and communism are words that were used interchangeably by the wordsmiths of the Communist Bloc, whose literature referred to the bloc as “the socialist camp.” The interchangeability of “socialism” and “communism” is found throughout the many volumes of Marxism-Leninism (which is not an ideology, as most conservatives mistakenly assume, but purports to be a science — the science of revolution). The distinction here is important, because the Communist is a strategist whose actions are effective over time — effective because of organization, because of persistence, because of the primacy of ideas — especially the primacy strategic ideas that are animated by a metaphysic against metaphysics. If Marxism superficially contradicts the primacy of ideas in its sociology, it nonetheless embraces the primacy of ideas in action and in its profound inversion of philosophical principles. The richness of the New Religion’s ideas is not that of ancient Greece or the Church fathers. Their richness is a richness of diabolical strategem, applied to a quest for revolutionary power (which seeks to pervert order itself). Many roads lead to salvation/damnation for these strategists. What matters here are essences, and we have failed to see these essences. Socialism and Communism are wiggly terms, used variably by the dominant sect — the proactive sect — of the New Religion. The Communist Party Soviet Union was the ruling Party in — get this — the Union of the Soviet **Socialist** Republics. What you want to demonstrate is a distinction without a real difference. The New Religion has many sub-sects. It uses words like socialism and communism in different ways at different times. This is done because the New Religion doesn’t believe in transcendentals. They don’t believe in universals. They don’t believe in essences. Words are weapons, under the New Religion, for manipulating the weak. They have shown, quite clearly, that they can dispense with the word “communism” altogether. They have no intellectual integrity. Debased as they are, all socialist sect are moving in the same direction under a core metaphysic that guides them to the Four Horsemen, to a final destructive event. Perhaps it would be best if you read my book, “The Fool and His Enemy,” where this is explained in greater detail.

      3. Kent makes a number of good points, but I don’t think “America is a hellhole” isn’t completely accurate for what is at the root of these 6 tenets. “America is a hellhole right now” would be more true to form. You must remember these are people like you and me. The vast majority of activists fight for peace and freedom, whether you’re willing to admit that or not.

    2. You miss the point that the Communists stopped referring to themselves as Communists in the late 1800s, when too many, especially those in unions at the time, were seeing something very evil and dangerous about the Communists.
      The Communists, just like all evil entities, has done all it can since then to disguise itself using all kinds of names and terms to mislead the unsuspecting. Unfortunately, they have been all too successful at it, as current times should clearly indicate.

  8. The problem with China is that the military industrial generals who run Chinese corporations are too, greedy to succeed without the United States, consumer. If they were truly Communist, they would share the wealth, and pay a living wage. The genius of Henry Ford was that he manufactured automobiles that his employees could afford. China needs American consumers to buy cheap crap on credit. If every Chinaman were to own a car, the price of gasoline would be too, prohibitive for them to drive. Earth’s natural resources are limited. Not everyone can enjoy the American standard of living. We own China and their slave laborers.

    1. That being said, the Virus Hoax, has decimated the World economy. OPEC is finished. That includes, Russia, of course. China’s economy is sunk, because the US is on an eight plus month vacation, and nobody is buying Christmas presents. California has banned Christmas. This puts a major crimp in China and Russia’s military expansion. However, the US military budget is solidly in place, and we’ve got a new, Space Force. Might this all be planned?

  9. Klinton gave the chinese, and by proxy, all the communist nations the ring laser gyro missile guidance systems bringing all bad guy missiles up to, or exceeding U.S. standards. Klinton gave the chinese, the Amgen sub prop milling technology to silence their subs. Klinton gave the chinese the F-117 stealth coating (R.A.M) to apply to their subs, making them sonar invisible. Obama minimized our spending on the anti missile program. So we have a whopping 40 interceptors, against 1500 chinese warheads, and 2500 Russian warheads. And, our anti missile missiles use chinese parts to bring functionality down to about the 20% line. Our ships are made of aluminum so they burn long, and bright (bon homme richard in San Diego), and our ships now have electric motors….in sea water…so water in the engine room, or an emp kills the ships. Which is ok if you want a new, giant, artificial reef, but really really bad if you want a battle proof ship. Some moron came up with the idea for an electric aircraft catapult system. In a salt water environment. So of course it doesn’t work, and will never be battle damage proof. We are sooooo toast!

    1. Is the activity around Nellis just noise? They float news that we have ships off the east and west coast and stationing of Chinese and Soviet ships stategically in the Atlantic and Pacific.

      1. I don’t know if these troops movements are real. Reports are being published. Something may be happening. The country is in a sorry state.

      2. Apparently we have 8,000 military aircraft flying over our nation as of today. Something is definitely going on.

  10. Dear Mr. Nyquist,

    That is a cogent, mostly-accurate but inadequate analysis. We are actually living in the *best* period in over 150 years of American history. I speak as a Christian and a nationalist, not a globalist.

    First, you give the CCP far too much credit. Yes, they play the long game. Yes, they are ruthless. No, they are not a match for these united States once we are slapped out of our stupor.

    You see, not one structural fault in Communist China has been repaired since Gordon Chang wrote ‘The Coming Collapse of China’ almost 20 years ago. The dragon can do great damage to many nations, but cannot vanquish this republic if these states return to our rule of law and begin obeying the most unique Constitution in world history. The states will only do so if forced back to their duties by We The People.

    What does that phrase ‘We The People’ actually entail? A thesis put forth by atheist historian Edmund S. Morgan in his 1989 book, ‘Inventing the People’ was that it is actually a nebulous, meaningless phrase. But despite Morgan’s generally excellent work in history, an atheist can hardly be expected to come to rational conclusions.

    At TACTICAL CIVICS™, we believe that ‘We The People’ means a responsible remnant who will enforce the actual stipulations of that unique Law, the equal of which this world may never see. I believe that half of 1% of the adult population, engaged and educated, would be a surfeit.

    I also posit that you have not followed the trail of Mr. Marx’s Manifesto to its true origin in American Communism. I have written about this extensively, and our team has covered the thesis many times in our podcasts over the years. This article offers a bibliography; six books by six authors, exposing Lincoln’s true character and the difference that his administration and war made to subsequent American character and history: https://americaagain.net/lincoln-americas-hijacker/

    I spend my days teaching basic history and civics to veritable ignoramuses living in the freest civilization in history. Obviously, this is not an equilibrium state, so we are performing triage. We believe it has a great chance of success, but only over time. I was an ignoramus once, but being a lifelong homeschool student, I am filling my earlier lacunae.

    But back to American Communism. See our most recent article proposing that we are witnessing not the birth, but the death of American Communism in today’s truly comedic regnant follies of the Prog camp and their many allies including the CCP: https://americaagain.net/the-lingering-death-of-american-communism/

    If you doubt the fact that Lincoln was a committed Marxist, see this image of the 1939 National Convention of the Communist Party USA in Chicago. Dishonest Abe’s 40-foot-tall image gracing the stage, dwarfing the small images of Stalin and Lenin on either side:


    Try to convince Lincoln-worshiping organizations such as Heritage Foundation or Hillsdale College to admit that ideas do indeed have consequences and that the Lincoln lie is a linchpin to our present hijacked condition. They will not budge.

    At TACTICAL CIVICS™, 39 volunteers invested over 60,000 hours in due diligence and R&D to produce the only full-spectrum action plan to repair the ruins. Now, our 260+ county chapters (more added daily) are learning remedial history and civics, plus the tactical and strategic projects that we must execute upon, over decades.

    Since the Tower of Babel, globalists have tilted at windmills, against the nature of reality and human nature. God ordained that mankind fall naturally into peoples and nations by belief and proclivity, and as Richard Weaver’s eponymous book demonstrates, Ideas Have Consequences.

    To put it another way: no other people on earth can successfully clone the political economy inherent in the U.S. Constitution, nor the norms and nobility inherent in the original American character, about which perhaps Tocqueville was the best commentator.

    First Things do matter. Globalism is a failed idea, and Communism a failed experiment, no matter who attempts it. The American civilization is fundamentally a Christian ethic undergirding and informing our systems of law, government, economics and culture, and resulting in the oldest extant Constitution on earth, which highest Law stipulates many astounding assertions and arrangements.

    No one else can do this. And until TACTICAL CIVICS™, even Americans had not actually ‘executed’ (enforced) that unique and powerful Law. Now, set on a course to do so, the last thing we worry about is the dying dragon. Our biggest challenge and potential enemy is the ignorant, lazy American who refuses to repent.

    D.M. Zuniga

    1. I don’t understand why you think this is the “best” period in 150 years of American history. I remember a better time, when I was a boy — in 1965. We were feared, we were prosperous, we were patriotic, we were family-oriented, we went to church, etc. Today, however, we are in a serious, even desperate situation. The U.S. Constitution may be dead letter. We are heavily in debt, with no way out. Our military is deteriorating. Our nuclear deterrent is at the end of its shelf life. Our enemies are well-armed and ready to finish us off. Communist mobs burned and looted thousands of buildings last summer. We are in the middle of a pandemic. The country is ideologically divided. There is talk of civil war. So I don’t know how you can write that we’re living in the “best” time in 150 years. As for TACTICAL CIVICS, your book allegedly presents a plan to save the Constitution by removing “Congress from Washington, D.C.” Forgive me, I do not understand. The Constitution established Congress as our legislative branch of government. How can you preserve the Constitution by removing its representative element? I tremble to think what you will answer.

  11. Jeff, I am not sure if you can comment, I was talking with some Hong Kong expatriates who live in the UK and they have severe concerns about Nathan Law. From what I was told Nathan Law had a meeting with UK Home secretary Priti Patel and there has been concession made where the UK Government is willing to allow Hong Kong people to immigrate to the UK. I am not sure if this is a bad move as many people on Twitter who I have spoken to have questioned how Nathan Law one of the leaders of the Hong Kong Democracy Movement was allowed to leave:


  12. None of this could have happened without social media. Even aside from the obvious censorship, just the very reality that people are so programmable (un-programmable?), allows the people hitting the keys and pushing the buttons to get whatever result they want. Easy. The biggest weapon of mass destruction now is social media. Mass hypnosis. Thanks for another great article, Jeff.

  13. Jeff, why do you think there are suddenly two “We believe” posters on this blog, writing on behalf of organizations? I mean them no insult, and I would welcome a reply from either of them, but the way they speak in slogans and labels strikes me as ideological. It seems like this particular article has generated a slew of comments questioning you from various angles. I welcome vigorous and honest debate, but this isn’t something I have seen on this blog much before and it seems a little bit fishy.

      1. They are questioning your assertion that communism is a real and serious danger. I have no objection to this in principle, as I said, I welcome debate. I just find it strange that several posters would suddenly show up making this same assertion from several different angles. There is something about it that reminds me of the posts Terry George used to make. Why pay any attention to a writer at all if you wholly disagree with the basic premise of their work?

  14. J.R, as usual you wrote an excellent article and a very sad and sobering one. My mother was told (in the 50’s) that America would not be defeated from the outside but from within. It seems China is just putting their final touches on their World Dominance Series of America, Land of the Free…

    I don’t understand how we could have turned and looked away when they discovered our universities were being so infiltrated by communists.
    They could have saved our country and our Freedom. Now, only the mercy of God may save us.

    As I told you before, there was reports of 100 trucks a night coming into Southern Arizona from Mexico, all filled with Chinese military equipment. (Dave Hodges)
    Then a few weeks later, callers called into Marfoogle news (YouTube) They reported that approximately 100,000 Chinese Soldiers are on an Indian Reservation in Canada and there is some kind of treaty between Canada and China.

    Now today I’m hearing that The Epoch Times has confirmed there are Chinese Troops in Canada, supposedly training for winter war-fare???

    Dave Hodges who had a father in the military and gets inside information, just said Iran is shipping their oil to Venezuela, ship after ship of it. He said, “What would be the purpose of this unless it was for staging”?
    Venezuela is about to hold supervised elections.
    Russia will be supervising them with Russian poll watchers

    As someone who has done research into the long planned Invasion of America (by China and Russia), this is far too close for comfort and I’m praying that God himself will intervene.

    We are looking at the world stage being set for a communist/nwo reset, Only President Trump stands in their way (and God). The liberals are said to have asked the U.N. to come in and take him out. They are too oblivious to their part in the destruction of the U.S.A.

    Let us all Pray for God’s mercy on our Country and our people!!!


      1. Antony Sutton talked about Heglian Dialectics. It seems like the Globalists are pulling the strings everywhere. Controlled conflict. Put on your mask and obey no matter how absurd or destructive.

  15. In the back of my mind I struggle for a while now to work out how much of this destruction of the USA is due to China/Russia and how much of it is the inevitable degradation that comes because of our increased “democracy” and technological advances.

      1. Communism always uses the “tools” available to it. Years ago I said that in respect to mechanic tools the Chinese did not invent “bath tub manufacturing” but that it did appear they had “perfected” it.
        The same appears to be true in respect to the “tools” of Communism.

      1. Perhaps, a bit closer to a living in the middle of both a Twilight Zone and Outer Limits episode(s) that somehow overlapped.

  16. I would suggest this too.
    “Australia Scraps Billion Dollar Coronavirus Vaccine After Participants Test HIV Positive”

    “The University of Queensland has abruptly ended its trials for coronavirus vaccine the Australian government had ordered in a $1 billion deal for 51 million doses. The deal was terminated after participants returned false positive HIV test results over fears that vaccine mishap would damage the public’s confidence in the COVID-19 vaccination program.”

    You think?

  17. Former Special Forces Officer Warns of Color Revolution Tactics Used Against Trump

    Color revolution tactics that have been used against foreign leaders are now being used by President Donald Trump’s opponents to oust him, a former special forces officer has warned.

    “A color revolution is a tactic to affect regime change,” the officer, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Epoch Times. “What I see happening is a Marxist insurgency that’s using a color revolution to affect regime change.”

    The 2019 Transition Integrity Project, according to the officer, is an indicator that the events of this year’s presidential election were “transparently orchestrated” by “Marxist elements within the Democratic Party and their Marxist allies in foreign governments.”

    “It may not have fallen out just as they wanted, because anytime you carry out an operation like this, the enemy will get a vote. But the plan was we will not concede the election. The goal here was never the presidency,” the officer said. “The goal of the opposition was to fundamentally change the country. They are attacking the efficacy of the Constitution.”

    To achieve their goal, the anti-Trump opposition focused their main effort on affecting the election, the officer said.

    Some of the most notable color revolutions took place amid turmoil sparked by disputed elections. In 2004, mass protests in Ukraine following allegations of a fraudulent presidential election, which initially showed pro-Russia Viktor Yanukovych as the winner, led to a new vote won by Viktor Yushchenko, the candidate backed by the European Union and the United States.

    The officer said the tactics used by the anti-Trump opposition can be found in the Special Forces’ guide for overthrowing a government.

    “What you’re getting from me, this is supported in all older unconventional warfare doctrines,” the officer said. “You could go to our manuals and pull from them the information I’m telling you. This isn’t from someone who’s a rabid Trump supporter. This is what’s happening.”

    The officer then talked about how President Barack Obama used his eight years in office to “seed his political allies all through the institutions,” created an “underground” or “shadow government” supported by legacy media and rioters.

    “With the president being unable to get his own people into the administration, we effectively had a third administration of Obama,” the officer said. “So we come to what we have today: The underground are the elements within the government. We saw how they opposed the president, how they tried the impeachment.”

    “The press is the auxiliary on the outside. The only thing we’re missing is a real guerrilla force, and we would be mistaken to think that’s just Antifa or Black Lives Matter. There are professional revolutionaries within those movements.”


      1. “The officer said the tactics used by the anti-Trump opposition can be found in the Special Forces’ guide for overthrowing a government.”

        I’m blown away by everything that is going on. Things are so blatant it’s like they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.

  18. God help us because it certainly seems as though we cannot or will not help ourselves. So sad, I was a kid in the 50’s and it was so much fun. I read the Great Books in my college major and see where we are headed.

      1. Thanks for your info
        The China is breaking us down. Isolated people from even families. It brainwashed people with a hoax to create fear. It worked with the POW in Korea. All over the country the Governors bought into that BS. It is an incredible sight to see
        a free people turn give up without a fight.

    1. No he sold out, because the Dhimmicrats gave him everything that the Republicans wouldn’t give him.

    1. That was great! Like she said, the lawsuit from Texas was a last-minute thing and it sounded hopeful, but this is far from over.

  19. Looks like Gen. Flynn’s tweet has been censored. I can’t get into it. Can anyone else?

  20. Regardless of how communism has been sold by Satan to those who promote it, its true aim – from the Devil’s perspective – is the prevention of the coming Kingdom of Heaven foretold in Daniel 2 and Romans 11.

    In case nobody had noticed, there is almost no public witness any more in any country on earth for salvation in Christ alone and against the gross sins of our age (the Sodom, abortion and fornication agendas, all of which, incidentally are intrinsically connected). Contrast this to say, 20 years ago. So naturally we must conclude we are close to the end of the age in which the symbolic 2 witnesses of Revelation 11 perform their work. On the present censorship, deplatforming, self-censorship, and “hate speech” trajectories, one can only conclude we have very, very few years left before that happens.

    I sadly fear that the agency that causes their witness to end, identified in Rev 11:7 as the “beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit”, as per Hislop’s thesis in the otherwise flawed “The Red Republic”, is actually Marxism, full of names of blasphemy and abomination (such as atheism, Darwinism, gender fluidity, gender as a social construct, communism, etc.)

    The one great positive from this view is that the Lord will restore the symbolic witnesses in such a fashion as to devastate the world order that silenced them, and do so a very, very short time after Satan’s victory appears complete. In my opinion, Satan, aware of these things, is making a desperate final bid to prevent the Kingdom by locking the planet down with tech-backed control mechanisms, plus a dangerous vaccine that might alter DNA and render vast numbers of people infertile and, perhaps as a last throw of the dice, a nuclear war to bring about a cull and a burnt earth strategy.

    However, God is sovereign and in control, so Satan will only progress as far as God allows him to before being reined in via what looks like the most spectacular dawn coming for humanity. It’s the years in between then and now that look like being the bleakest in human history, but the key thing is to be in Christ, with your treasures laid up in Heaven.

    1. A few weeks ago, God led me to some very specific verses in Jeremiah. It started with a dream and progressed from there. These are the verses: “Look! The Lord’s anger bursts out like a storm, a whirlwind that swirls down on the heads of the wicked. The anger of the Lord will not diminish until it has finished all he has planned. In the days to come you will understand all this very clearly.”

      I think we’re about to see a bit of that ‘spectacular dawn’ even now. Not the final one you’re referring to, but perhaps a foretaste. 🙂

      1. Very interesting. Gerald Flurry (The Trumpet) uses the “whirlwind” metaphor in describing how Europe led by Germany will “whirlwind” through the Middle East and enter Jerusalem as “peacemakers.”

    2. As someone who has broken out of a religious cult I have to say, you’re all mad here. These are not the beliefs of rational, intelligent and aware individuals. This is toxic thinking that only leads to inevitable violence. You will kill the world fully convinced you’re trying to save it. Just plain pitiful.

      1. Here is quote from Richard M. Weaver’s chapter on impiety in his “Ideas Have Consequences,” which accords with my own thoughts: “I have tried, as far as possible, to express the thought of this essay in secular language, but there are points where it has proved impossible to dispense with appeal to religion. And I think this term must be invoked to describe the strongest sustaining power in a life which is from limited points of view ‘solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.’ It can be shown in every case that loss of belief results in some form of bitterness. Ancient cynicism, skepticism, and even stoicism, which were products of the decline of Greek religion, each concealed a bitterness. There is bitterness in the thought that there may be no hell; for — in the irrefutable syllogism of the theologians — if there is no hell, there is no justice. And bitterness is always an incentive to self-destruction. When it becomes evident that the world’s rewards are not adequate to the world’s pain, and when the possibility of other reward is denied, simple calculation demands the ending of all. The task is how to keep men from feeling desperately unwrewarded. Do they today wish to go on living, or to destroy the world? Some are unable to comprehend the depth of bitterness which may induce a desire for the second course. ”

      2. @ANONYMOUS: You’ve replaced a religious cult with an irreligious one (atheism) and seek to associate religion per se with violence.

        Yet you seem unaware that the most violent death cult this world has ever seen – communism – was and remains atheistic; without atheism and its concomitant, foundational mumbo jumbo about man’s origins, that gross democide / genocide could not have happened. When men believe they are related to, or descended from, beasts, they begin to act like them, or worse. If you want to speak of “inevitable violence”, you cannot – without irony and hypocrisy – do so from the position of an atheist.

      3. Why does a tempered and modern approach to religion invalidate the experience? Why is evolved Christianity considered the equivalent of Atheism? Why is the ancient Greek take against Agnosticism more relatable to modern times than the idea that maybe Jesus was simply human, and there is no tangible hell in which to suffer? The reason to be good exists in the act itself and its repercussions. Why is that view blasphemous? Why do religious platitudes win out every time when discussing the future? Stop looking backwards and take a real glimpse forward for once. The future is still pretty bright, even where we currently stand.

      4. @ ANONYMOUS: Because if there is no God, then there is no Moral Absolute, no datum, no baseline, no standard or definition of what it is to be “good”. Righteousness or “goodness” can only – by your logic – be defined in terms of personal, subjective criteria and thus every man does that which is right in his own sight, which leads to chaos and conflict and disorder, which are destructive phenomena anywhere they occur in the realm of reality. The very fabric of the universe is orderly, with rules and laws, and thus anything that violates those laws is essentially chaotic and destructive… such as man divesting himself of accountability to the Most High.

        The universe in which we abide has morality woven into its very entropy; every day, we are faced with moral decisions. Do we heed the speed limit on the road or is there a compelling, just reason not to? Can we do it on certain occasions or all the time? Should I take a second glance at that pretty married lady or not? With no Moral Absolute, your judgement becomes wholly subjective and tainted by what your heart truly wants. This is how wicked people now justify child abuse (“it’s a natural desire in me, just like you are attracted to grown women”). And it “frees” mankind from accountability, which is what the depraved heart desires and why Christ and the Light of the Gospel of grace are so despised.

        But look around you. The world has never been more liberal (not since the days of Noah anyway), and God has never been further from the social discourse or popular affection. Can’t you see a connection between that and the utter societal destruction unfolding before your eyes? Here’s the most blatant example of that connection: in recent years, the western nations have been plagued and vexed by mass immigration of unwanted, hostile, anger-filled, blood-thirsty, socially incompatible, unemployable and workshy hordes from the worst cesspits on earth. Now ask yourself, would a host society (and by inference, government) in obedience to the God of the Bible have tolerated that? The same God Who commends work and protection of society from violence and from sexual abuse?

      5. A “Moral Absolute” is unnecessary for people to find reason to be good. People heed the speed limits because it is the safe and smart thing to do. Obviously some do not, which can bring negative consequences upon themselves and others, so as parents we should teach our children to be respectful and caring towards each other. This is what will keep them driving at safe speeds. Not fear of the legal consequences. And not fear of the potential damage to themselves. They have to empathize with other people in order to find the reason to be good. Religion does not always teach this. In fact, religion can warp people into believing they are better and more righteous than other people, which leads them to the countless atrocities of history. We each have the choice of what we do, yes. It has been proven, over and over again, that we don’t learn how to be good to each other through mindless consumption of the Bible. The Bible is one of many references we use to build our own foundations of morality. There is no absolute moral foundation we all live on, and to try and force one is to wage theological war agains the world.

        Your fear is obviously rooted in racism – your primal phobia of the “dark hoard” – which is of the most ancient companions of mankind. Historically it has been equated with the Great Evil, Satan, even Death itself. This fear of the dark hoard has propelled mankind forward from its origin, without regard for the consequences or nature of that fear. This has manifested itself in the countless spinoffs of every religious sect that have come to be, Christianity being no exception. This racism is at the core of why you believe the universe is rigid and unchanging, and why you believe a society/government’s “allowance” of immigration is capital “E” Evil. It’s why you believe man is doomed without great repentance. It is a very common and simple burden that, sadly, many Americans are unable to put down.

        If you find yourself with 3 hours of free time and would like to expand your perspective through a brilliant cinematic take on the concept of good and evil, I suggest you watch the film Cloud Atlas.

        Additionally, the topics of child abuse, human sexuality and natural desire need to be confronted on a regular basis if we are to combat the predatory and destructive sexual world. I’m certain we would agree on both the seriousness of the problem, and mankind’s lack of will and responsibility to address it appropriately. Still, I feel confident that we are making strides in the right direction. Teaching children the concept of Sexual Consent and instilling a firm sense of self-confidence when dealing with sexual issues and conversations is our way towards a more healthy future. More studying, more discussion, more acceptance. Feeling open to talking about it. This is the healthy way forward.


      6. What do any of your comments have to do with what I wrote? My essay wasn’t about race, or about a dark horde, or the destructive sexual world. It is about communist strategy and the subversion of American institutions — and also, now that it comes up, the way your little mind was twisted by that same subversion. If I knock on your forehead is the only answer a stock leftist one, mixed with William James? You seem to have the politically correct answers, in a muddled kind of way. Moral absolutes, you suggest, are unnecessary. People will obey the rules for practical reasons. Not, you hint, for something silly like right and wrong. Teach children what? Sexual consent? — To what? Oh yes, that will solve all our problems! Did you even bother to read the article? It wasn’t about pedagogy. It wasn’t about sex education. Can you address anything directly without wandering off into the weeds? You have to “empathize with others to find a reason to be good”? So then, you are free to vent a murderous rage on people you don’t feel empathy toward? Where is your empathy for your own country. We’re losing our freedom here.

  21. Good night, reading your article, I can see why so many prefer to think of all this as a conspiracy, the truth is so harsh that many could not bear to look “into the abyss”.

      1. I’m sure the American soldiers steeped in the armed forces you’re so convinced are already defeated don’t share the same “truth” as you. You consider yourself such an expert. So unreasonably right. So sure of the future that we must strangle the present in order to “save” it. You know everyone and everything. How long must we go without a Chinese invasion for you to acknowledge your fears were unwarranted? I’ve been reading long enough to hear you regurgitate the same tired themes without accountability. If you don’t want to be seen as a Cold War dinosaur, stop being one and learn something new.

      2. I decided to let “anonymous” put out his poison because I want people to see him more clearly. If my writings are so horrible, and my “fears” so unjustifiable, why does he bother reading my essays? Why bother posting on this tiny, insignificant website? It really is an interesting question. Mr. Anonymous takes the trouble of trying to discredit me by claiming that I am a defeatist. If I am a defeatist, then why am I writing at all? It is because I hold out some hope — however small — that America can survive. Then Aninymous says that I consider myself an expert, “unreasonably right,” so sure of the future…. of course, this is mockery. Nobody knows the future. No sane person is sure he is always right. But we can discuss cause and effect, and we can estimate an enemy’s strength, and judge his intentions. We can form judgments and make warnings. Right? Strategy ought to consist of this. And if my argument is carefully reasoned through, might we have something worth considering? Come now. Let us be honest. Why not discuss the facts and show how things are otherwise? Mr. A asks rhetorically how long we must go without a Chinese invasion? I hope we go forever without such an invasion, and I hope I am an ass for thinking that an invasion is contemplated. As for accountability, we have to wonder what he is referring to. Accountable to whom? Accountable for what? Have I committed a crime? The idea of accountability implies that my opinions are criminal. Mr. A might think that, if he is a communist; but then, I hate to ask. Are you keeping track of me, Mr. A? Are you threatening me? For in this free country a man might form an opinion on state policy, on the military balance of power, without being “accountable” to anyone. It is my judgment and, as such, it will either prove to be spurious or correct. In that case my countrymen will judge me wise or foolish. There is no other accountability in a free country for an opinion. Unlike Mr. Anonymous, I put my name to my writings. And I refer to source material. You do not argue anything at all, Mr. A, neither do you offer proofs. You simply attack me as a person. Why? Again, it’s an odd thing that you are here, posting on this obscure site. If I’m a dinosaur, sell my bones to a museum.

      3. “The idea of accountability implies that my opinions are criminal.” This statement right here exposes your extremism. Accountability is only something of value when it comes to the crimes one is trying to hide. Every day accountability to the truth we live around us, to the reality that Russia and China are both light years from being capable or have reason to invade the shores of America. You claim their self-preservation will lead them to sack America and all its riches, ignoring the everyday reality that America continues to prosper, year after year, through all your drudgery and soothsaying.

        My reason for writing here, which is of utmost importance to you, apparently, is simply to debate. To introduce new ideas and perspectives that you so ardently try to keep your distance from. We both hope you go forever being wrong about your fears! What I hear in your words though, is an antiquated and detrimental stirring of man’s deepest fears and desires. It is my belief that men both abhor and exult war, in equal amounts. So, the way to avoid war is to publicly vilify it, while privately preparing for it. Why then do many of your commenters sound eager to fight their own countrymen? Why does the right publicly display how ready for war they are, while the left has historically denounced all wars for nearly a century? Do you see where I’m going with this?

        You publicly stoke the coals of war that die more every day in the modern world, because of fear. You act like being publicly against war also means that privately there is no force ready to defend oneself. You act like America is weak and ready to be toppled, because it does not look the same way as it did in your Golden Age of 1965. This is your failing. You have not aged with the country. You have not adapted to the new world, so you are relegated to the fringes of the conversation because of it.

        That is all I do here: bring the modern conversation to the fringes you live on. And look how much it upsets you! You are not prepared for or capable of the modern conversation. You prefer to keep the conversation dated in order to remain relevant in whatever circles you can. Which is why a single dissenting voice irks you so much. I am indeed sorry if I have hurt your feelings.

      4. The only thing that irks me is how you misrepresent my thinking, how you mischaracterize my ideas. You slyly make me into a caricature. And then you lie about your own ideas, about the cause YOU represent. What is the value of debating someone who promotes so many lies, who sows confusion, who changes the subject when the discussion turns in a fruitful direction? If I make good points, you ignore my points. When I answer your lies, you make new lies. How cynical you are. How shameless! The left denounces war? Oh really? The Left protested the Vietnam War because they wanted the communists to win. To burn the American flag is to make war on America. And thanks to people like you the Cambodian genocide occurred when Pol Pot exterminated millions. Oh yes, the left was responsible for that genocide. A quarter of Cambodia was murdered. Surely you know this. But you don’t care. Innocent victims don’t concern you. The truth doesn’t matter to you. The left opposes war? No! The left loves violence! The Left loved World War II. They are only against American armaments used to oppose communists. The left only opposes American war-making capacity — not Chinese or Russian. Admit it. You hate this country. Last summer the left was burning American flags. They pulled down statues of America’s Founders. Are you going to lie and deny it? Surely you know the history of the left and the cover it has given to communism’s crimes. The Marxists who took to the streets and violently attacked people and businesses last summer weren’t peaceful. What they did was an act of war against their fellow citizens. Defund the police? Really? Why? Such a hypocrite you are. You say I am not modern, not up-to-date. But I’m not the one following a discredited 19th century revolutionary. And don’t lie about your actual beliefs. Don’t lie about the left’s agenda. You don’t care about minorities or homosexuals. You just care about power. Am I an extremist? What does that even mean? Wanting my country to be defended is extreme? Wanting a force to deter Chinese aggression is extreme? Wanting law and order in our cities is extreme? You said I would be accountable for these positions. Who wants to hold me accountable? — as if wanting security for my country is a crime. You never answer any of my questions. You just call me an extremist. Yet your co-religionists are making black lists. Here is one of several examples of your co-religionists “tolerance”: https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2020/11/11/aoc-co-s-loathsome-plan-to-keep-lists-of-pro-trumpies/amp/

        After reading such things, you will forgive my concern. You say I am on the fringe. Is it because I have already been blacklisted? Again, I ask: why are you out here — on the fringe — scolding me for being a dinosaur? Is my conversation really dated? Oh, please. My writing has been ahead of the game all along. My writings long ago anticipated that Russia and China would be rapidly arming as America’s defenses weakened. I knew the left would become more powerful domestically, as they have. Yet you brag about making “this conversation” modern, as if your “modernity” was sustainable (which it is not). You are such an impostor that you apologize for hurting my feelings. Such wishful thinking! Like most leftists, you are rhetorically clueless. You don’t even know what your own words signify, or how they give you away as a fraud. You are the perfect foil. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to go round and round with your pre-programmed slogans, your up-to-date lies, and your rhetorical incompetence. You have never answered any of my points because you cannot deal with complexity, you have no history, you have no philosophy — you are empty. You say I am not prepared to have a “modern” conversation. You accuse me of promoting war. Oh really? What war have I promoted? My writing promotes deterrence in order to prevent a war. You oppose deterrence — the only policy that promises to deter war — unmasking your “modern conversation” as a trick for disarming your own country. If anyone doubts your malice, let them contemplate what you stand for. A person of good will does not come onto a site and misrepresent the views of the host. A person of good will does not use twisty, deceptive arguments. If you were honest, you’d make honest arguments. You wouldn’t have to lie.

    1. If Biden became President as a result of the cheating in those states, of course it affects Texas! I don’t understand how they could view it any differently. I liked Dinesh’s examples. We are ALL affected.

  22. Here is another video, worth everybody’s time. Considerably longer, but brilliantly reasoned, and focused on the question, “What are our options going forward?”

    SCOTUS apparently has signaled that it wants to distance itself from the matter of the election. If that’s so, it’s unlikely our other suits will yield good results. We all hope and pray that’s not the case, but we need to prepare ourselves: if the Supreme Court fails us, what do we do then? Lie down and accept a Biden presidency?

    If the Georgia run-off goes in our favor, we could perhaps survive that, in spite of the damage it would inflict on the Republic. But if SCOTUS fails us, what chance do we have, with the rigged voting machines, to win in Georgia? Probably zero. That would mean not only a Biden presidency but the House and Senate owned by the communist Democrats. At that point, they would destroy the Republic entirely. There wouldn’t even be a chance of a Trump comeback in 2024, because not only would any election be rigged, but he’d probably be imprisoned or executed by then.

    So if we don’t accept an illegitimate Biden presidency, what then? What options are there for us? We need to be contemplating this question now, as there may be actions we should be taking, that Trump should be taking, perhaps immediately. That’s what this video interview examines, and it does it very well, looking at all sides of the issue. The video is Steward Rhodes being interviewed. Check it out, patriots.:

    Jeff, you said you think the country would see us as the bad guys if Trump invoked the Insurrection Act, and that is probably true. But if he doesn’t, and Biden gets in, Biden will probably invoke the Insurrection Act against us to destroy everyone who opposed him. At least we have a chance of winning, if we strike first. Right now Trump has power. If he’s no longer in office, then all the power is in the hands of the communist Left. If a war for the Republic is unavoidable, as may well be the case, would it not be better to start it, when we have at least a hope of winning, than to wait until we have even less power and would probably just all be mown down? I’d love to hear what you think, especially after watching this video.


    1. I think there’s a lot of wishful thinking going on …the “Q” business, for example. This article you linked to, “Praying in Oklahoma,” sounds like more of that to me.

      1. Probably so, and yet, Lin Wood’s tweet was interesting. Then today Sidney Powell came out and said Trump could trigger the 2018 EO on foreign election interference. So it’s hard to know exactly WHAT will happen, but I think something major is going on behind the scenes.

      2. Something good can happen only if there is a strong and well organized contingent of patriotic defenders. Otherwise. Our slide into Sovietism will continue.

    2. Mike’s presentation with his guest is all very logical, but how does it work if the majority of our institutions refuse to follow Trump as they have done? The communists should be rooted out and arrested, yet our institutions see no communists. How will that play out? I do not know. Our “conservative” Supreme Court would not even listen to the evidence. The Republican Party is ripe for compromise. Where, then, does President Trump get the support to invoke the insurrection act when his top generals warned him that they would not obey him? He may invoke it, yet nothing will happen because our institutions will not respond accordingly. They refuse to defend the Constitution against the enemy. Certainly it would be desirable to arrest the traitors and lawbreakers. But who will carry out the arrests? Not the Justice Dept., not the FBI, not the Army. How does this happen? Please explain. I see a different path forward. The situation will get worse before it gets better. How much worse? I do not know. But worse is coming. I do not say what I wish to happen. I merely offer a realistic assessment. The people will have to act as the Institutions have failed. But do we have enough people? We will in the end. But not yet.

      1. But will the people even be allowed to act? It seems the mask is off, but only “half” of it. The Chinese half, if the Russian half is revealed, things change.
        Isn’t that what all those missiles in Russia are about?
        You said:
        “..Russia may be compelled to use its present military superiority to crush any domestic uprising in the United States; for Russia’s agents in America have conspired to make the American people “ignorant and compliant.” In fact, Russia’s nuclear missiles exist to preserve this compliance.”

      2. Is national “escape” even possible at this late of a stage, without “divine interference” that is?
        All should see why you moved from California. Some would say “What took you so long?”

      3. A confrontation has always been inevitable. It is only a question of timing. How disastrous will it be? The longer it takes for people to recognize the truth, the worse it will be. Unless people with resources step forward to organize a solution, we will be exposed to the full power of red terror.

      4. I think I am starting to see this “confrontation” as not only inevitable, but inevitably kinetic.
        It was always planned that way.
        The “Queens Gambit” the Soviets took decades ago has led to a hell of an “Endgame.”
        You called it Jeff, congratulations.

        Not all Conspiracy Theories
        are Created Equal
        08.28.01 (Notice the date)

        The Final Treaty
        FRI, MAR 26, 2010

        A Communist Conspiracy?
        FRI, NOV 5, 2010

        Strategic Bungling
        Commentary for 16 June 2015

        This last one is particularly chilling.

      5. Thanks for your thoughts on that, Jeff. You are probably right. You asked, “But who will carry out the arrests?” Mike Adams’ answer would be “Special Forces.” He seems to think there are lots of people in the military who would respond on an order from Trump. I’ve noticed while much of the time Mike reports important information, some of the time he reports rumors that he announces as fact: things he says “multiple sources” have told him, and they turn out not to be true. “Q” kind of stuff, though he never mentions “Q” specifically. So I take what he says with a grain of salt, but it’s always worth a listen. He doesn’t seem to understand that “sources” can be people intentionally feeding him disinformation.

  23. And Daily Mail yesterday reports: Leaked files expose mass infiltration of UK firms by Chinese Communist Party including AstraZeneca, Rolls Royce, HSBC and Jaguar Land Rover.

    Ho-hum. Move on, nothing to see here. And we aren’t just talking about UK. Boeing and other US firms and universities are infiltrated. Funny how these things are ignored.


  24. When everyone who lied on their mortgage application gets evicted for being in default, they won’t have a legitimate grounds to object, and if they put up a fuss, they’ll be prosecuted for the felony. Then, Chinese will occupy the realty as the US and China merge in a new union.

  25. We need to suffer more before the turnaround can begin. I have been following Ann Barnhardt for years. A few weeks ago, I had the distinct impression that I would not be able to view her site anymore in a short period – I don’t know the exact reason why. It is like the end of WWII when Evelyn Waugh came to the conclusion that evil was combatting evil. In our times, anyone alive of goodwill must be able to perceive which side is of good and which side is of evil. I do not believe this is clear enough at this time .

    1. I just re-read my post. I think it is somewhat obscure. What I meant regarding WWII is obvious to someone who has read Diana West’s American Betrayal.

      1. PS – I have also followed Ann Barnhardt’s commentaries over the years. She was a most principled, consistent and brave person. She called people out, determined to take a stand; especially in her withdrawal from the cattle futures market, followed by the sacrifice of her business, and then her tax boycott, the loss of her homes, etc. It was clear from the outset that almost no one would join her in open financial rebellion against the IRS. It was inspiring to see someone lead by example, though people do not blow up their lives to prevent a civil war that is, for almost everyone, a matter of speculation. I think Barnhardt was right about civil war. Her protest had no chance of stopping it, however. Martyrdom, in the manner of her choosing, is a spiritual act. It can only impact politics after the passage of time. Providence, which determines our political course, in a larger sense, will involve us in an ordeal — one of the most terrible in history. It would be extraordinary, indeed, if a tax strike could lead to a moral rebirth in America. Here, the cart went before the horse. There is no prospect of moral rebirth prior to civil war or foreign invasion. Very few of us are willing to lose our businesses, homes, or livelihoods. Few would risk jail or fines in a tax rebellion. For many of us it would be suicide — a thing we naturally recoil from.

    2. I am one of the few to sympathize with Evelyn Waugh’s conclusion about “evil combating evil.” Men are wicked, even as they esteem themselves good; even as they allegedly fight for things they clearly do not really believe, making compromises which are hardly forgivable. A higher view is denied to modern men, who think of themselves as “pragmatists.” This is another word for compromise, for opportunism, for that fake moral righteousness that firebombed Dresdon and Tokyo. We never were the good guys we like to imagine. We are modern, with all that implies. When we look at the moral nihilism of our time, and when we consider our vacuous democratic slogans, it’s easy to see why nothing is properly corrected. The election was stolen successfully because we are not entirely honest with ourselves. This is the dilemma of the Republican Party, a party that has avoided a principled approach and the confrontation that approach would require. I am afraid that the modern disease is in those who would oppose that same disease. All countries and cultures seem to be moving deeper and deeper into decadence. Calamity seems the only remedy.

    3. Canadian Lady, I disagree that “anyone of goodwill” can today see which side is of good and which side is of evil. I personally know dozens of goodhearted, sincere, deluded liberals who genuinely believe our side is evil and that THEY are the defenders of the good.

      The statement you made is dangerous. If people start believing it, they vilify everyone who doesn’t agree with us. And it’s a small step from deciding everyone on the other side is “evil” to deciding we have license to indiscriminately hurt and kill all those who disagree.

      THAT is evil thinking. For certain, many if not most of the leaders and perpetrators of the destruction of our Republic have intentionally and knowingly sided with evil. But even among them, some people are sincere in their belief that socialism is a good thing for humanity. Such people are reprehensible fools, and they are tools of the wicked who are orchestrating everything. But being a fool is not the same as consciously and intentionally siding with evil. It’s an important distinction to make, lest we ourselves fall into evil.

      1. Yes, Gretchen, you elaborated on what what I meant. I was trying to be brief. I agree with Jeff above that only calamity will clarify this for everyone. That is why I think we need to suffer much more.

  26. I’m curious about your thoughts on the hacking? Sounds like it’s much worse than we’re even being told. (Nothing new on that front.)

    “And FireEye, a cybersecurity firm, wrote that it found a “global intrusion campaign” described as “widespread.”

    “The actors behind this campaign gained access to numerous public and private organizations around the world,” the firm said.”

    1. “This can turn into one of the most impactful espionage campaigns on record,” said cybersecurity expert Dmitri Alperovitch.

      The campaign was first discovered when a prominent cybersecurity firm, FireEye, learned it had been breached. FireEye would not say who it suspected — many experts believe the operation is Russian given the careful tradecraft — and noted that foreign governments and major corporations were also compromised.

      1. So they’re mentioning Russia, but the CCP’s Unrestricted Warfare playbook mentions methods such as “hacking into websites, targeting financial institutions, using the media, and terrorism”. Makes me wonder…

  27. So Attorney General Barr is resigning. At the beginning, I thought he was a good guy. Boy was I fooled. 🙁

    1. Lin Wood said Barr is a Patriot. That he’s going to announce major things before 12/23 when he steps down, but he will allow others to prosecute them.

      1. So Barr’s resignation is calculated? It would make more sense. I always got the impression Barr was a “good guy,” but I’m not familiar with these guys’ backgrounds like many here. It just struck me as odd for the reason I already mentioned and for the obvious: he’d be presumably gone in a month anyway. Why now?

      2. Here is his message on Parler:

        Bill Barr is a Patriot. His letter to President Trump was excellent. I believe Barr will announce major moves before 12/23 but does not want to stay to prosecute. He came out of retirement to clean up country & enforce rule of law.

        Barr has done his job & served country very well. New AG & assistants will prosecute the massive number of cases coming.

        Barr’s legacy will be of the highest order.

  28. You owe it to your readers – what are your beliefs re: Jesus Christ? Do you confess Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, or not? Don’t intellectualize it, for true Christians recognize that it is a simple thing – do you believe, or not?

      1. “Nathan Hale,” it shouldn’t matter what religion Jeff is, or what religion any of us are, or even if we profess a religion. Christians are not the only earnest patriots. The fight for our country’s freedom includes an ardent appeal to God, but don’t try to limit who can be “in the club” by mistaking liberty for religious dogma. Our Founding Fathers made clear the importance of separating matters of church and state. Don’t let your religion start bullying other patriots, who may or may not agree on dogma with you.

      2. Nathan Hale is probably an enemy Troll —like Anonymous, like Terry George, like Count Dracula, etc. they come here to play a “divide and conquer” game: to pit Protestants against Catholics, secular against religious — to use all our differences against us. It is poison for conservatives to begin discussions about theology on which they might disagree. This site is not for religious pronouncements. It is about our domestic and foreign enemies and the threat they pose. The country has never been religiously homogeneous. I am not going to attack anyone for being secular or religious. This is about our national survival. The Marxists are now enthusiastic to add Islam to our religious mix, by way of mischief — to break us down further. They hate all religion, yet Islam is useful to them because Islam does not accept secular laws or the separation of church and state. Thus, bringing Muslims into America gives them a further tool for creating turmoil and division. The collectivist philosophy of our trolls wins victory through the breakdown of society, the breakdown of our folkways, the breakdown of the family and traditional American beliefs. Now they seek to divide the country by convincing the non-religious that Christians are dangerous. That is one theme our trained trolls want to get across. They want to show that Christians are unsophisticated, backward, intolerant, opposed to reason and logic. Of course, these leftists live out a revolutionary “dream” which is thoroughly irrational (despite their scientific pretenses). It is a dream of revolutionary destruction — a dream in which all Christians are eliminated from society. It is a dream, therefore, of mass murder and revenge in which they control the state and rule with despotic power. All their accusations against someone like me, for example, are dishonestly framed in order to clear a path to power. They don’t want anyone to resist them. By saying I am a racist or a sexist or a homophone, or a xenophobe, or a religious zealot, they are masking their own murderous intentions. They divert the reader from the evil they have done and are doing, justifying my physical elimination on the grounds that I am a threat to society, while they supposedly believe in peace and harmony. They accuse me, by the way, in several missives I would not allow them to post, of inciting World War, and of wanting to set up a theocratic despotism. This lie is calculated to frighten readers, to stop the effectiveness of my anti-communist message by spreading fear and doubt among the few readers I have. The strategy is simple. Prevent Americans from seeing the country’s real enemy: Russia, China and the communist fifth column that supports America’s disarmament. And yes, I prevented them from posting their lies because I pay for this site. It exists to advance honest discussion, not to facilitate the kind of anti-American disinformation which now prevails in our mainstream media. They are coming for the country. They imagine it is theirs already. From all outward appearances they are winning. But their principles are evil. Nothing of any value will remain if they win their final victory. Theirs is a religion of lies and destruction. I write these words of warning knowing that almost nobody is paying attention to this little site. But as a friend of mine has written, “Somebody has to say the truth.”

      3. Thank you Jeff for speaking the truth!

        I don’t even use the term religious for myself. I am a born-again believer in Jesus Christ. I recognize that He is the Son of God and He died so I could be forgiven and redeemed. I have asked Jesus to come into my heart and be the Lord of my life.

        President Trump gave a Christmas message that talked about those very same things. No wonder so many hate him! And you’re right that it’s not just him they want to destroy. It’s America and everything we stand for. This has been an incredibly eye-opening year for a lot of us. Keep speaking out! You never know what impact your words might have.

      4. You’re bonkers, man. Living in your own soap opera, convinced of the prison being built around you. No doubt it’s a lonely script. Take a look at the beliefs you’re so confident in and ask yourself if it’s really a world in which a loving god would have you live. Or is it a world you stay in to avoid the uncomfortable reality that society is changing, and it scares you? Your insistence on seeing enemies around every corner has solidified your isolation. Your self-proclaimed patriotism finds you shackled to the sinking ship of 20th century ideology.

      5. I’m not isolated. My phone rings off the hook all day. I do three radio shows a week. Isolated? Lonely script? You like to say I’m on the fringe, but there’s a whole country out here with me. It’s only a matter of time before everyone sees what is happening. You put such a high value on being with the mainstream that I feel sorry for you. One day your ideas will be defeated, and you will have to change your tune and sound like me — if you want to be up-to-date. If your ideas prevail you will be face-to-face with an unspeakable horror. And I have no idea what twentieth century ideology you think I’m shackled to. I admire thinkers from several different centuries. By your own admission you’re the one who is shackled to the thinking of a solitary century.

    1. Please define what you mean as true Christian?
      The Christian community is very fractured and very far from being on the same page with most any doctrines, so the definition of a true Christian could vary a great deal.
      Making it even worse, even though Martin Luther did not intended it, one of the consequences of the Reformation, was the creation of hundreds of millions, even billions, of Popes. Anyone that has any scripture memorized, has any of the enormous number of Bible versions that are available, can interpret those Bibles in any way they choose, because they are their own Pope, regardless of being ordained or not. What they say is the truth, and their truth is the only truth.
      A very sad situation for all Christians.
      Please don’t intellectualize your response if there is a response.

      Peace to the brethren, and love joined with faith, from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

      1. This site is NOT for debating the definition of a true Christian. A communist troll brings this up, by way of mischief, and we’re back in the wars of religion. As Americans, we agree on religious liberty. End of discussion. The question is how to secure our freedom against the totalitarians. Let us stick to that.

      2. I understand you don’t want to go off on religious tangents and for the reasons you mentioned, but if I may, I would reiterate the point that Marxism is a spiritual weapon, a Satanic device, with the ultimate aim of preventing the emergence of the promised Golden Age on earth foretold in Daniel 2 and Romans 11. All else it does is camouflage for that end, not that its leading proponents are aware of that end. Satan doubtless has promised them something else, but that is, indeed, his true aim with it; extirpation, total suppression of the Gospel of grace and a cull of what remains of ungodly humanity so that when the Kindgom inevitably comes, as few people can be alive and healthy enough to enjoy it. Communism thus poses the greatest existential threat to mankind since the Noahic Flood. This is the fight of our lives.

      3. The problem with using a specific interpretation of the Bible in discussing communism is that only people who share your theology will entirely agree with you. And there are too many theologies out there. We should discuss this subject in secular terms because this threat affects our secular institutions. We need to unite Jews and Catholics and Protestants and secular people of good will. The communist threat should be discussed in terms that will be understandable to all these people — so that everyone can unite to oppose its victory. By inserting religious messages into these discussions you are taking us off topic, introducing your own personal religious views which may or may not annoy others who do not share your interpretations. Theology is not what unites us as Americans. And it is a complicated subject all its own. I do not discuss religion in front of mixed audiences because it’s not appropriate. Furthermore, it is not right to demand that a political writer reveal his private religious beliefs. I am not a theologian. I am not a preacher. I am a political scientist by training and my interest is to analyze political problems. My area of knowledge is strategy and political science. If you were writing a book on engineering or electronics, would you insert theology in it?

      4. Marxism is many things. What will unite the most people is the threat to our political institutions. Putting everything in religious terms misrepresents the problem as something that merely concerns religious people. It should concern all Americans regardless of faith.

      5. The problem with using a specific interpretation of the Bible in discussing communism is that only people who share your theology will entirely agree with you. We should discuss this subject in secular terms because this threat affects our secular institutions. We need to unite Jews and Catholics and Protestants and secular people of good will. The communist threat should be discussed in terms that will be understandable to all these people — so that everyone can unite to oppose its victory. By inserting religious messages into these discussions you are not only taking us off topic, but you are introducing your own personal theological views which may or may not annoy other believers who do not share your interpretations.

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