Believe no tales from an enemy’s tongue.

James Howell, “Proverbs,” 1659

The United States is a divided country. We have two sides now. One side says there was no fraud in the election. The other side says there was massive fraud. Both sides cannot be right. Only one has the truth while the other is lying.

The dominant side today is the left. How did they become dominant? About a century ago, under communist leadership, the left began a “culture war” against the “bourgeoisie.” The left succeeded in capturing the universities and the journalism schools. Of course, they also took over the media. But it was not enough for them. So they took over social media as well. And now they are censoring the non-left on Youtube and Twitter.

Ask yourself: Is censorship the tool of truth-tellers or liars? Look around the world and you will find that regimes predicated on lies are regimes of censorship. We call these regimes “totalitarian.” And that is where we’re headed if present trends continue. The Ministry of Truth — as George Orwell called it — is converging on us. It has us by the throat.

Where is the Ministry of Truth centered today? The New York Times is the left’s “paper of record.” The New York Times showcases the biggest of the left’s big lies. The most ridiculous leftwing nonsense is published in its pages: global warming “science,” the lionization of gender confusion, radical feminism, critical race theory. The Times is the epitome of leftist confabulation — a pink rag dressed up as a newspaper. And so today, during the present crisis, we read, in the pages of the New York Times, sentences like the following: “The president and his allies have baselessly claimed that rampant voter fraud stole victory from him.”

Even the old the pretense of objectivity is gone. The Times aggressively impugns an American president’s credibility because he is not a socialist. And why, dear “paper of record,” are President Trump’s claims of election fraud baseless? According to the Times, “Election officials in dozens of states representing both political parties said that there was no evidence that fraud or other irregularities played a role in the outcome of the presidential race….”

No evidence of fraud? Not a jot? Not a scintilla?

At we find a “primer on fraud” which relates testimony from seven key battleground states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin. Perhaps the most stunning testimony of election fraud was presented at a November 25 hearing sponsored by Pennsylvania’s Senate Majority Policy Committee. As covered in an article by The American Spectator, Col. Phil Waldren presented evidence of “spike anomalies” in the vote count. When asked what “spike anomalies” were, Waldren pointed to “events where a numerical amount of votes are processed in a time period that is not feasible or mechanically possible under normal circumstances.” He then offered the following example: One batch of 570,000 ballots came in to be counted all at once in Pennsylvania, and all were for Joe Biden except 3,200 of them. This is clearly “anomalous” because there is no county in Pennsylvannia where Donald Trump gets only 0.6 percent of the vote. The only possible explanation is that Biden was receiving an “injection” of votes to flip the election fraudulently. Even more telling, similar “anomalous spikes” occurred in Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin.

Did the New York Times cover any of this? No, because the Times is not a newspaper, but a propaganda sheet. Likewise, CNN is not a cable news network. It resembles a Soviet news organization where the Party line determines content. After this fashion, the entire mainstream media serves up radical leftist propaganda, disinformation and lies. In fact, the mainstream media has been taken over by agents of a hostile anti-American ideology. As such, the mainstream media promotes narratives designed to gradually overturn the Constitution in favor of a Soviet-type system. Even though they would deny any such intention, we only have to look at what the media lies about day after day.

All these famous “news” organizations insinuated that President Trump was a tool of Russia, a charge that was baseless from first to last. And now these same media organizations side with Joe Biden, a shill of Red China. They said that Trump stole the 2016 election. But now an election is being stolen for real. Yet nothing is printed about voting machines used in a U.S. election linked to Venezuela. The charge is baseless, they say. Biden won fairly. The media says all this without being ashamed. And they get away with it because we let them. And we got, as our reward, the burning of buildings and pillaging of stores, riots in major cities and the pulling down of national statues. It was a violent outbreak intimiately bound up with the media’s lies.

Please mark what Alexander Solzhenitsyn famously said in his Nobel prize acceptance speech: “[Violence] is invariably intertwined with the lie. They are linked in the most intimate, most organic and profound fashion. Violence cannot conceal itself behind anything except lies, and lies have nothing to maintain them save violence.”

When people lie to you about your country, they are your enemy. When their lies are calculated to weaken you, again, they are your enemy. If this enmity is not reciprocated, the liars will destroy you. They will break your country’s spirit. It is dangerous to sit quietly and allow liars to prevail; for the lie will entangle you directly, and you will not escape.

And look at the liars our lying media supports: Hillary Clinton infamously said that Trump’s voters were “deplorables.” Think about it. Here was a woman whose crimes are too numerous to count, whose treasons were tied to Chinagate, whose sinister behavior gave us The Strange Death of Vince Foster and the stranger Death of Ron Brown. (See, also, the testimony of Chief Petty Officer Kathleen Janoski.) Consider also the death of Jeffrey Epstein (lest we forget his connection with the Clintons). The press never uncovered the real scandal, did they? Epstein is dead and these dirty politicians continue to prosper.

Painting of Bill Clinton in blue dress hanging in Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC mansion

Violence is always tied to a lie. It follows the liar whichever way he or she turns. If we accept the lie that Biden won the election, we will have the violence that follows usurpation. We will have a leader who sold himself to China. We will have a ruling party with communist principles. We will have a frightened opposition party, waiting for the inevitable blood purge. We will have lies and more lies, followed by threats and silent obedience. Beijing will dictate to us and the mainstream media will call it a good thing.

Yes, the mainstream media is lying to you on every channel, every day. They sold you on all those corrupt politicians. They sold you on being passive, on being entertained and obedient. They also sold you to your enemies; that is, if you allow the transaction to go forward. The world holds its breath. The ball is in your court.

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115 thoughts on “Is the Mainstream Media Lying?

  1. Day 26 of the election war currently raging in America, says based on current actual results, and accounting for States currently not called, still counting, recounting, under investigation or audit, or States with election issues now in the courts, President Donald Trump is winning and has 13 paths to win 2020 election, while socialist Democrat Party leader Joe Biden has only 10 paths to win.

    With one example of a disputed State whose corrupted election is winding its way through the courts being in Pennsylvania—where yesterday Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough upheld the election certification injunction in the State after Pennsylvania’s government appealed the earlier decision, with her saying the election is likely unconstitutional (read full opinion HERE)—though at the same time, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit rejected the election case filed by the Trump Campaign—a rejection not seeming to make any sense, as the evidence in both cases are the same—but whose strategy becomes clearer when noticing that the rejection of this case was ordered by President Trump appointed US Federal Judge Stephanos Bibas—which now propels this case towards the United States Supreme Court, that Trump Campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani explained is part of their strategy—after which then saw Pennsylvania Republican State Senator Doug Mastriano dropping a bomb into this election by saying his State’s lawmakers are preparing to take it over—and sees this election bomb being what is called “A RESOLUTION” about to filed in Pennsylvania by its Republican Party controlled legislature that: “Declares the results of statewide electoral contests in the 2020 General Election to be in dispute and urges the United States Congress to declare the selection of presidential electors in this Commonwealth to be in dispute”.

    All of which while being viewed by President Trump caused him to post the message: “The 1,126,940 votes were created out of thin air…I won Pennsylvania by a lot, perhaps more than anyone will ever know…The Pennsylvania votes were RIGGED…All other swing states also…The world is watching!”, that he quickly followed by posting another message saying: “Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous “80,000,000 votes” were not fraudulently or illegally obtained…When you see what happened in Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia & Milwaukee, massive voter fraud, he’s got a big unsolvable problem!”.

    Acts of defiance by President Trump immediately responded by the leftist media writing such screeds like “When He Leaves Office, Can ex-President Trump Be Trusted With America’s National Security Secrets?”—that President Trump then countered by authorizing his Department of Justice to amend federal execution rules to allow death by hanging, electric chair, gas chamber and FIRING SQUAD—an amending of execution rules allowing for firing squads instantly taken notice of by Security Council Members, some of whom suggest this may be the reason supposed Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has gone into hiding since election day rarely to be seen and never spoken to.

    A disappearance by Harris important to notice, as with her being the former top prosecutor in California, she knows well her nation’s federal laws about fraudulent elections and treason—and likewise knows the grave significance of Super Lawyer Sidney Powell having just revealed her shocking evidence proving 10-million votes were stolen for Biden—as well as her knowing the grave significance of Super Lawyer L. Lin Wood being the latest to acknowledge the US military raid in Germany to seize election servers, with his exactly stating: “Yeah, those machines were seized”.

    And equally critical to be noticed occurring yesterday, was President Trump re-tweeting a video sent to him by his top aide Dan Scavino depicting an enraged lion attacking jackals and hyenas, and Trump adding the words “So much truth!”—after which President Trump and his entire family were taken to the most protected military compound in America known as Camp David.

    Which brings to the forefront of attention at this moment retired US Army Major Jeffrey Prather, the founder of the Warriorschool, that since 1995, has trained the US Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard special forces, as well as most US federal law enforcement agencies such the FBI, DHS, US Marshals and Border Patrol—and who yesterday, gave a remarkable interview where he laid out how President Trump, the Department of Defense and acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller were going to defeat Deep State traitors and save America—and among whose stunning revelations include: “Confirms that multiple raids on the servers of vote rigging systems were conducted, in three countries…Confirms that the NSA has hard evidence on treasonous actors, and that this evidence is likely being leveraged by Trump’s people…Confirms that Trump can use the NDAA, combined with the Sep. 12, 2018 Executive Order, to declare domestic treasonous actors as “enemy combatants”…Says that the DoD and patriots inside the DIA have everything they need to defeat the deep state…Says Trump will be President on January 21st…Warns that the transition from information warfare to conventional (kinetic) warfare may happen very soon…Warns that the left-wing backlash against Trump’s victory will result in bloodshed that cannot be avoided”.

    According to this report, with President Trump preparing for a likely outbreak of civil war in America because of this election, his acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller has spent this past week secretly traveling around the Middle East preparing for the withdrawal of US military forces from this region—an operation now joined by the USS Nimitz and its strike group, who were ordered back to the Persian Gulf region to provide “defensive capabilities” during this drawdown of US troops from Iraq and Afghanistan—by yesterday then saw unknown forces assassinating top Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh—and though the intent of this assassination is still unclear, its most important to note the truth that “Killing Fakhrizadeh would certainly remove one of Iran’s most seasoned nuclear experts from any ongoing nuclear weapons work, though the country’s nuclear program is much bigger at this point than any one person”—but while Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has blamed “mercenaries of the usurping Zionist regime” (Israel) for this assassination, American socialist forces backing their leader Biden have lost their minds—best exampled by top Obama aide Ben Rhodes screaming: “This is an outrageous action aimed at undermining diplomacy between an incoming US administration and Iran…It’s time for this ceaseless escalation to stop”—while Obama’s disgraced former CIA Director John Brennan committed an open act of treason by his directly telling the Iranian regime: “This was a criminal act & highly reckless. It risks lethal retaliation & a new round of regional conflict…Iranian leaders would be wise to wait for the return of responsible American leadership on the global stage & to resist the urge to respond against perceived culprits”—thus making it no wonder why President Trump is now authorizing firing squads.

    With the vile leftist media still pushing their deluded fantasy that socialist leader Biden won this election, this report concludes, they’ve still been unable to explain to the American people how exactly did President Trump lose while “Democrats lost a dozen House seats, shrinking their majority and putting it at grave risk in 2022, lost key Senate races that would have secured control of the upper chamber, and failed to capture any state legislatures, diluting their influence over redistricting for the next decade”—and of the 8 US House races that have yet be called. Republicans lead in all 8 races—with the only logical explanation as to how President Trump lost an election that his fellow Republicans used to destroy Democrats all over America being given by world renowned cyber security intelligence expert Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia—whom the leftist New York Times described as “Always The Smartest Person In The Room”, and in his under oath affidavit has just declared under penalty of law: “I conclude with high confidence that the election 2020 data were altered in all battleground states resulting in a hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump to be transferred to Vice President Biden”—which is why bookies around the world are still taking bets on President Trump winning—sees it further being observed among the world’s top gamblers that “despite mainstream media and big tech censorship, the world knows that the steal is on for Joe Biden”—and is why the world’s betting houses have yet to pay out on the beyond staggering over $1.2-billion in bets made on this election.
    Top aide Dan Scavino sends out photo of President Donald Trump (center) surrounded by his family at Camp David military compound during late evening of 27 November 2020.

  2. The Lie
    By Sir Walter Ralegh

    Go, soul, the body’s guest,
    Upon a thankless errand;
    Fear not to touch the best;
    The truth shall be thy warrant.
    Go, since I needs must die,
    And give the world the lie.

    Say to the court, it glows
    And shines like rotten wood;
    Say to the church, it shows
    What’s good, and doth no good.
    If church and court reply,
    Then give them both the lie.

    Tell potentates, they live
    Acting by others’ action;
    Not loved unless they give,
    Not strong but by a faction.
    If potentates reply,
    Give potentates the lie.

    Tell men of high condition,
    That manage the estate,
    Their purpose is ambition,
    Their practice only hate.
    And if they once reply,
    Then give them all the lie.

    Tell them that brave it most,
    They beg for more by spending,
    Who, in their greatest cost,
    Seek nothing but commending.
    And if they make reply,
    Then give them all the lie.

    Tell zeal it wants devotion;
    Tell love it is but lust;
    Tell time it is but motion;
    Tell flesh it is but dust.
    And wish them not reply,
    For thou must give the lie.

    Tell age it daily wasteth;
    Tell honor how it alters;
    Tell beauty how she blasteth;
    Tell favor how it falters.
    And as they shall reply,
    Give every one the lie.

    Tell wit how much it wrangles
    In tickle points of niceness;
    Tell wisdom she entangles
    Herself in overwiseness.
    And when they do reply,
    Straight give them both the lie.

    Tell physic of her boldness;
    Tell skill it is pretension;
    Tell charity of coldness;
    Tell law it is contention.
    And as they do reply,
    So give them still the lie.

    Tell fortune of her blindness;
    Tell nature of decay;
    Tell friendship of unkindness;
    Tell justice of delay.
    And if they will reply,
    Then give them all the lie.

    Tell arts they have no soundness,
    But vary by esteeming;
    Tell schools they want profoundness,
    And stand too much on seeming.
    If arts and schools reply,
    Give arts and schools the lie.

    Tell faith it’s fled the city;
    Tell how the country erreth;
    Tell manhood shakes off pity;
    Tell virtue least preferreth.
    And if they do reply,
    Spare not to give the lie.

    So when thou hast, as I
    Commanded thee, done blabbing—
    Although to give the lie
    Deserves no less than stabbing—
    Stab at thee he that will,
    No stab the soul can kill.

  3. Jeff, the first I heard of Smartmatic was from an article you wrote years ago. The first week of the Trump Administration, the President urged witnesses to voter fraud to notify VP Pence. Why do they wait until the eleventh hour to lament Venezuelan voting machines, such as Smartmatic and Dominion? This whole Virus Hoax is a lie to cover the financial collapse, and the election debacle is engineered to make both Democrats and Republican voters demand a police state. The Golden Age of Professional Journalism has been over since the invention of the Web browser. Which Russian president was it who deflected from Soviet propaganda, by saying: “You can’t have a capital free press, if you don’t own a printing press”

  4. The following information is from the county clerk of Phelps County, Missouri, Pam Grow, whom I know well and trust implicitly. Pam has been very careful about election security, but said she accidentally found about, 2000, I think it was, blank ballots in an unsecured area where they could not legally be put. Apparently they were one step away from being smuggled out the door of the courthouse. Pam is the only county clerk I know in the US, and she has this story to tell. So from my own personal viewpoint, I can see that ballot theft in the thousands, most likely was a pervasive phenomenon. Missouri was not even a battleground state. So imagine how pervasive it must be in the battleground states.

    1. Ours has become a culture of cheating. And we can see a matchup with one of the leading political philosophies. The cheaters belong to the same party, share the same philosophy, and deserve the same prison term.

      1. so true. Cheating is pervasive in schools becuase it rarely gets punished because they see lawlessness happening above them usually without consequence. Lying in our government became the way of life under Bill Clinton. A generation grows up seeing adults in power cheating and stealing and creates a perfect disasterous role model for the nation to follow. God says that He sends his judgment onto the house of liars as He states in the book of Zechariah 5:1-5–it says the testimony against them will consume the house and thats what we need to pray that this brings us to repentance before we are destroyed by our lies and corruptions.

      2. There is a decline is honesty, and we need to stress the importance of honesty, as a basic precondition of Republican government and a society that works.

  5. And it is legal for the media to lie to us all. Not just in politics, but in every other medium too. Fake news has been legal to create for some time now:

    And in 2012, The New York Times basically admitted that it, and every other major media outlet, allows government officials to censor their work:

  6. Jeff, do you will think that the enemy intends to draw US. carriers to the Middle East with an Iranian attack before launching war in the pacific? What effect will the election have on communist war plans?

    1. If Biden is inaugurated, our allies will be exposed to grave danger and these allies know it. Iran would be enabled, above all. China would be empowered to threaten its Asian and Pacific opponents — like India, Japan and Australia. China is already applying economic coercion. One hears, in the tone of their warnings, the sound of tanks and soldiers. With Biden, we are on the brink of a terrible new era.

    2. If Biden is inaugurated, our allies will be exposed to grave danger and our allies know it. Iran would be enabled, above all. China would be empowered to threaten its Asian and Pacific opponents — like India

  7. Three Ways America’s Mainstream Media Resemble Communist Media

    “The communist media is not meant to inform. It is a machine the communists created to lie. It is made to hide the truth and to use lies to control the people. It is not meant for small lies. It is a lie machine that systematically leads the entire society to believe in its lies.

    By pushing a theory, a narrative, an ideology that is against human nature, against human tradition, and against our cultural heritage, it can brainwash the entire country to such an extent that there is no standard of right and wrong. It actually sets up the opposite standard: evil is right, and good is wrong.

    The communist media are not meant to foster mutual understanding. They sow division and create hatred. The communists destroy human society by driving people into opposite groups, creating hatred and leading people to fight.”


      1. I don’t think there is any ‘maybe’ to it. The author of the article grew up in China and has a lot of personal experience. A little more:

        “Here in the United States we can see our media acting like the media in communist countries.

        CNN and the New York Times dress themselves in good intentions by telling us we have a serious problem with racism, just as the communist media claim to be serving the people. In fact, by pushing this narrative of racism, the media are fomenting division. It is no accident that this summer we saw young people rioting and burning in our big cities. They have been trained to hate, just as in China, the communists trained people to hate.

        But in China the tool used was class struggle. “Racism” in the United States is for our mainstream media what class struggle was in China.

        In reporting on America in the world, the mainstream media portray the United States as evil and say it should feel guilty for its power and prosperity. This is similar to how the media in communist countries call on the rich to confess their sins.

        The mainstream media have told us America is in decline, which is exactly what the propaganda of the Soviet Union said and what the CCP media have been saying. Those communist media have never stopped calling on America, the free world’s leader, to concede.”


    The New York Times


    William Barr said that the Justice Department hasn’t uncovered voting fraud at a scale that could have changed the results of the 2020 election.
    Tuesday, December 1, 2020 2:47 PM EST

    Mr. Barr’s comments, in an interview with The Associated Press, were a prominent repudiation of President Trump’s baseless assertions and came days after the president implied that the Justice Department and the F.B.I. may have played a role in an election fraud.

    Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the majority leader, who has refused to recognize Mr. Trump’s election loss, on Tuesday also moved closer to overtly accepting the reality that Joe Biden would be in the White House next year, while discussing the prospects for more pandemic stimulus in 2021.

      1. And Barr has just said they are not done and the media put words in his mouth. Another case of us being told lies?

  9. Why The US Presidential Election Numbers Are Troubling

    Patrick Basham, Spectator: Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling

    If only cranks find the tabulations strange, put me down as a crank.

    To say out-loud that you find the results of the 2020 presidential election odd is to invite derision. You must be a crank or a conspiracy theorist. Mark me down as a crank, then. I am a pollster and I find this election to be deeply puzzling. I also think that the Trump campaign is still well within its rights to contest the tabulations. Something very strange happened in America’s democracy in the early hours of Wednesday November 4 and the days that followed. It’s reasonable for a lot of Americans to want to find out exactly what.

    First, consider some facts. President Trump received more votes than any previous incumbent seeking reelection. He got 11 million more votes than in 2016, the third largest rise in support ever for an incumbent. By way of comparison, President Obama was comfortably reelected in 2012 with 3.5 million fewer votes than he received in 2008.

    Read more:

    WNU Editor: The above post by Patrick Basham is a must read.

    Here is another good take on why the US Presidential election numbers are troubling …. Here Are Some More Troubling Questions About the Election Numbers (Red State)

    As to what is bothering me. Here is a small collection of some of my concerns:

    1) Nevada’s third Congressional District that covers the southern third of the state and much of Clark County. I wonder if these people really exist …. ‘Historically strange’ spike in incomplete Nevada voter files, casinos as ‘home’ (Washington Examiner)

    2) Maricopa county, Arizona has always voted Republican and it voted overwhelmingly for President Trump in 2016 (plus 44,000 votes).
    Not this year. Biden won Maricopa county by 45,000 votes. The other counties performed as expected. Maricopa was the only exception.

    3) Georgia and missing mail-in ballots and signature matching …. Postal ballots in Georgia: PO boxes, Republican ballots gone astray, and signature matching (NEO).

    4) The expulsion of Republican observers from counties that eventually showed a huge swing to Biden …. Reports Of Election Fraud Keep Piling Up In Michigan. What’s Going On? (Federalist).

    5) The suspension of the count after midnight in cities like Philadelphia and Atlanta. This is how Russia runs some of its local elections. I know because I have seen it first hand. When a preferred candidate is losing there is a suspension in the count. Observers are told to go home. The count resumes a few hours later and presto the preferred candidate catches up and win. Works all the time.

    6) I watched the count tally in Pennsylvania and Georgia using Reuters live coverage of the election (link here).
    This what caught my eye. On November 5th for every vote Trump got in Pennsylvania, Biden got 12. In Georgia it was one vote for Trump, 8 for Biden.

    Some are saying that this discrepancy is because Democrats pushed their supporters to vote by mail and Republicans pushed their supporters to vote on election day, and in the end the mail-in ballots were overwhelmingly for Biden. However the data does not support this position. In most states the mail-in ballots count closely mirrored what people voted on election day. And in the case of New York State. Mail-in ballots actually helped Republican candidates. So why did the five critical and swing states states of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Georgia break the trend? And in only certain counties. You tell me.

    I know Joe Biden will be made President on January 20. But this debate on his legitimacy is going to hang over him for the rest of his term.

  10. USA File: Trump campaign lawyer Lin Wood takes to Twitter amid Republican-led state-level public hearings into Deep State-orchestrated vote fraud, urges POTUS to declare “limited” martial law, hold new elections, alleges Red Chinese ownership of voting machines: “Communist China purchased Dominion Voting in Oct. 8 for $400M. Efforts underway to verify. If true, this confirms other evidence that Communists intend to overthrow our government to get our precious land”; Nov. 20 interview: “This is an illegal election. The President won 410 electoral votes, 80 million votes . . . a landslide. It was all set up to be stolen. Now we know why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris never bothered to really campaign”; Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem urges GOP colleagues to withhold Electoral College votes from Biden, military IT specialist testifies: “Are you willing to say under oath, that you’ve seen the connection to the internet, that you’ve seen it [voting data] gone offshore to Frankfurt, Germany?”; Col. Phil Waldron: “Yes, our “White” hat hackers, they have that traffic and the packets”; confirms murky reports of US special forces raid on CIA nest in Germany, seizure of Dominion servers; meanwhile, possibly in anticipation of rounding up numerous traitors and seditionists, DOJ authorizes use of electrocution, lethal gas and firing squad for federal capital crimes

    December 1, 2020

    source 1:

    source 2:

    source 3:

    source 4:

    source 5:

    source 6:

    source 7:

    source 8:

    source 9:

    Mr. President, DRAIN. THE. SWAMP. Beijing-inspired COVID-19 lockdowns aside, patriots should look forward to a very Merry Christmas . . .

    1. A filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) shows that UBS Securities LLC arranged a private placement of $400 million with Staple Street Capital III, L.P. on October 8, 2020.

      Staple Street Capital, a private equity firm located in New York, purchased Dominion Voting systems on July 17, 2018, for an undisclosed amount.

      The securities firm that arranged the transaction, UBS Securities LLC, is a division of UBS Americas Inc, which ultimately falls under UBS Group AG, a company listed on the SIX Swiss stock exchange.

      Three of four board members of UBS Securities LLC are Chinese according to Bloomberg, at least one of whom appears to reside in Hong Kong.

  11. CNN Host Explains How President Trump Could Win Re-Election By Pulling Off A ‘Legal And Constitutional’ Win Via Congress

    BPR: CNN host lays out how Trump could pull off ‘legal and constitutional’ win via Congress

    A resurfaced video in which CNN’s Fareed Zakaria explained the “legal and constitutional” way President Trump may be re-elected even after a seeming loss has raised some eyebrows.

    The video, released before the election, showed the columnist for The Washington Post and host of CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” laying out the case on how Trump can remain the president “without actually winning the vote.”

    Democrats and supporters of Democrat nominee Joe Biden, who still has not been certified as the official winner of the 2020 presidential election, expressed concern on social media as the video got fresh attention this week.

    Read more:

    WNU Editor: This has “somewhat” happened before in a US Presidential election. I refer to US President Hayes’ disputed election of 1876 (link here).

    But will something like this happen in 2020? My answer is no. Most Republican legislators do not have the will or spine to dispute this election.

  12. As much as we would like to think that there was a “golden age” of journalism where objective truth was what was the most important thing, it has never really been the case.
    Whether it has been the printed word (newspapers), TV, Radio, or for that matter town-criers, for the most part what has been presented has always been fairly subjective. It might be just the opinions and perspectives of the owner of the newspaper, regardless of how big or small it was, or it could be the opinions and perspectives of the well to do in a particular area that influenced the local newspaper, TV/Radio, etc…
    There are good sources of information that have been able to always be there, it was always a matter of whether or not you had any access to it.
    The Internet made that much easier, although at the same time, because of the enormous volume of sites to wade through, it was also somewhat more difficult to find what you wanted to find out.

  13. The Golden Age Of Journalism, was no more perfect than were all of the films of the Golden Age Of Film, but at least there was the financing of serious investigative reporting, which adhered to professional standards, such as finding three independent fist hand witnesses who gave corroboration to the same story.

    Novak: The last real journalist?
    Joseph Farah
    August 21, 2009

      1. I believe McInerney said what hadn’t been verified is whether or not soldiers were killed in the operation. He said the servers had been seized (as have others.)

        “Special operations forces seized that facility, so they have those servers,” said McInerney, who is known for his high leadership positions under the secretary of defense and the vice president of the United States. “And they know all this data they are provided.”

        “Did that go down without incident, by the way? Did that seizure go down without incident?” the WVW interviewer asked.

        McInerney replied that “I’ve heard it didn’t go down without incident…. It’s just coming out, but I understand, my initial report is there were U.S. soldiers killed in that operation.”

        Here is the part I’m wondering about:

        “Asked by the interviewer for confirmation that the facility raided by Special Forces was a CIA facility, McInerney said: “That’s correct.””

        A CIA facility? Why would we need to raid/seize from our own CIA? Unless….

        I’m wondering just how deep this all goes? 🙁

      2. If they have servers — what does it mean? Why isn’t any evidence being presented? I do not understand this story after so many days have elapsed. If they really have something, then why is nothing happening?

      3. A good question and I’ve wondered the same thing. Patience is not my strongest virtue. LOL! Last night as I was watching the Veritas video about CNN and the hatred for Trump, I was thinking how once this is overturned (and I still believe it WILL be), the liberals are going to go berserk. They’ve believed all the lies spouted by the mainstream media about Biden winning and there being no fraud.

      4. if it occurred, it will eventually come out. we need to pray for the truth to be released. reminds me of the scene in the movie All the President Men where Deep Throat the “garage freak” says: “…the list is longer than anyone can imagine… it involves the entire U.S. Intelligence Community. FBI… CIA… Justice… it’s incredible. Cover-up had little to do with Watergate, it was mainly to protect the covert operations. It leads everywhere. Get out your notebook, there’s more. Your lives are in danger.” Somehow i think Deep Throat was rooting for the actual bad guys but thats off topic.

  14. Look for, shortly after a Biden inauguration, if it comes to that, for the US to decommission the 400 Minuteman missiles and silos placing all our strategic defense in the SLBM missiles on the Ohio class subs. This will be the “Red Flag.”

  15. One side is offering evidence. The otherside is gaslighting that evidence. It’s obvious.

  16. During The Great Tribulation, there are two countries conspicuous by their absence; Syria and The United States. Damascus is the oldest, longest continuing existing city in the World. It has been conquered many times, but never destroyed. Isaiah 17 describes it’s pending demise. With all the Christians hiding out at home, when the Rapture occurs, who will notice?

  17. Anyone? It’s picking up a bit of traction

    US Special Forces Killed in Germany Raid of the CIA Facility in Frankfurt (any search engine)
    If there was a battle was it US specop vs cia, or US spec ops vs. fsb and chinese?

    Probably just more white noise.psyop to add doubt and confusion to an already deepening fog.


      1. Why would Rep Louie Gohmert, Flynn, Sidney Powell, McInerney and many others say servers were seized? It makes no sense to me unless it’s disinformation to accomplish something else. I guess we keep waiting. 🙂

      2. We must always be careful when it comes to unverified information, rumors, and “stories” of a fantastic kind. The enemy wants us to sound like kooks. We must be guarded.

    1. From USA Today:

      Chris Krebs, the director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, also debunked the claims on Twitter on Saturday.

      “Election-related servers WERE NOT recently seized in Europe by the US Army contrary to #disinfo rapidly spreading across social media,” he wrote on Saturday.

      OK, so “election-related servers” weren’t seized, but the raid was in a CIA facility. Maybe they were after different information?

  18. Let me ask you, at this point in the communist effort to overtake Western Capitalists, what good will nuclear bombs do? How will they be used on the strategy to conquer the West? Your whole career rests on the fulcrum of the “nuclear threat” from communist Russia and Red China. You once told me over the phone that “grey terror” was happening right now. I have read almost every essay you have ever written and there is one undeniable theme – that the West will be destroyed by a barrage of nuclear warheads launched by America’s enemies. I read all your WorldnetDaily columns. I read all your Sierra Times columns. I read all your Financial Sense columns. Just about every one of them referred to the nuking of the United States, with maybe 150 milion people left over after the bombs from Russia and China are employed. How does that all play in to the current state of affairs? You once wrote an essay addressing the fear of confronting the enemy, which ended with the words, “We ought to be more manly”. Do you remember that? I do. And yet you have fled California for some inland location.

    1. To answer your first question: Yes, nuclear weapons matter. Very much. As for “fleeing” California, yes. I was trembling with fear and disguised as an old woman as I drove, panic-stricken, in a cold sweat, screaming all the way like a girl.

      Seriously, I had several reasons for leaving California. One was the prospect of a better job in another state. The other was my belief that California real estate was going to plummet (so it made sense to sell my house). Another was California’s chummy relationship with Beijing, which was beginning to make my skin crawl. Another was personal, having to do with the situation of family members. Another was the discomfort of living in a blue state where the Marxists hold power, with no chance for any positive change. Last, but not least, it appears we are very near the point at which the country may soon be disarmed. Where should one live in a disarmed country? Near the frontier? I think not. It might be unmanly to leave the country. But I moved deeper into the country. Why? Because my knowledge might be more useful to people there. That knowledge, I suspect, would have no relevance in coastal California. I believe a big fight is coming, and it seems best to choose more suitable ground, to live in a community of more likeminded people — not in a futile place populated by leftists. Was it unmanly to move out of Humboldt County? It was very difficult and uncomfortable to move, and it involved real risks, especially related to steady employment — and financial costs. Am I desperate to live? No. Death doesn’t seem like a bad thing right now. Terrible events may unfold in the near term. The only reason to survive is to try and do something helpful. Also, an intelligent person ought to avoid the embarrassment of being stuck in a hostile country — if California should secede and become openly Marxist. What good is knowledge of communism if you cannot use that knowledge to make decisions? At any rate, nobody absolutely knows the future. I made calculations about the future that may be right or wrong. I hope I am wrong. Since COVID came along, it looks as if I’ve been right. Look at the riots last summer. Who gave the order on that? The things I wrote about thirty years ago are beginning to look more probable. The Chinese and Russians are primed to hit us, as my book predicted. The USA has followed the expected path of weakening. I thought it all would have happened a little faster. But here we are. Once we cross that line into Biden’s America you’ll know whether my warnings were justified. Not too much longer to wait. And, for the record, do you think a coward would have written the things I’ve written? Do you think it was unmanly when I told my Marxist boss at UC Irvine that his beliefs were those of a mass murderer? — thereby giving up a teaching career? Do you think it unmanly to write a book denying we won the Cold War when nearly every conservative was celebrating victory?

      I’ve been plenty foolish out here on a limb, writing what nobody else would dare to write. Unmanly? As if that matters. It’s about the country. That’s what we need to focus on. Are we being disarmed? Are the communists coming for us?


      1. Nyquist did not buy into a victory over communism. He did not buy into it at UC Irvine and gave up a
        good future there for instead to warning of the future that arrived.
        I unable to sort out all the disinfo etc. Trump either is a genius at the very end or he is controlled opposition.

      2. Is your rage directed at your own words or one who reminded you of them? You should calm down and resolve your inner turmoil. For you have been correct in assessing the threat of communism, however incomplete, subjective, and naive your observations are. It is clear there has been a long term effort to overthrow the West, but I think you are part of that deception.

        Why do you interweave Nietzsche into your writings so often? Why not Christ, the natural counter to totalitarianism? Why have you never revealed where you are really coming from? After reading your columns for nearly 30 years, I still don’t know what motivates you from inside. I don’t really know what you believe in your heart, other than Nietzsche and his monsters, which is about as personal as you’ve ever gotten. And maybe the children at Fatima, too. You can spout off all day long on communism and psychiatry but, these are the days when we are peeling layers off the onion and deep diving into the rabbit holes that have become apparent. Who are you, really?

      3. Gotta love someone using a fake name asking another who they really are. LOL!

      4. My Rage? You think I’m angry? But then, reading your witless indictment might make anyone angry, if it wasn’t such a baffling non sequitur. You suggest I’ve been warning about communist deception all these years while being secretly in league with the communists. And so you just lay it out there, as an anonymous smear.

        Can you really be that dumb? Why would I write about a communist deception if I was part of it?

        As these words are written the Communists are taking over, gradually stripping away our defenses while Russia and China are rapidly building new weapons. So what I’ve been warning about has come true. In other words, I’ve been writing the truth. But apparently I’ve been telling the truth this whole time in order to trick you. And then you say I am “incomplete, subjective and naive” in my observations.

        And you are annoyed because I sometimes quote from Friedrich Nietzsche. You cannot imagine why anyone would quote a famous philosopher who predicted the decline of Christianity and the total destruction of Western Civilization 134 years ago — saying it would be over within 200 years. You probably don’t know this, but Nietzsche foresaw that socialism would replace Christianity as the next belief system (which appears to be happening, sorry to say). And you will forgive me, I think, for being more than a little curious HOW Nietzsche knew socialism would advance so far. Please note, in this regard, Nietzsche is not the only thinker I quote from. I also quote from Gustave Le Bon, who said socialism would eventually bring about a universal catastrophe. So did Joseph Schumpeter, who I am fond of quoting. And then there is my fondness for Eric Voegelin and Richard Weaver. They also offered prophetic reflections along these lines. And that’s why I quote them. People who see things in advance deserve to be studied. Foreknowledge is proof of insight. And I want every insight I can get. But you apparently know everything already, and don’t care for insights.

        As for motivations, shall we discuss yours? Are you an antisemite? I mean, after all: — What kind of a blockhead reads my writings over a period of decades and concludes I’m part of the very deception I’ve been warning about? Do you even try to make sense?

        Apparently you disagree with my writings. You harbor theories of your own. Why not write about those theories? — on your own site! Why slander me? I’m not important.

        If you have some brilliant insight, fine. But if you’re here to hurt my reputation — sorry to disappoint: the communists got there first.

    2. Nathan, consider reviewing the prophetic words of romanian pastor Domitri Dudumun who escaped communism’s grip after being imprisoned numerous times. in the 80s he had a vision of the communsts launching missiles into the US during a period of time when there would be a communist like insurrection occuring in America. So we appear to be here at this juncture—but again sometimes visions and dreams are given solely as warning that this event does not need to occur if there is sufficient repentance and prayer. Also, there was the George Washington vision at Valley Forge where an angel showed him 3 future wars on American soil and the last one indicated great spiritual darkness and fires that would cover the entire nation but America was delivered from her enemies at this point in time with something that was akin to a great light dispelling the overwhelming darkness. Keep praying.

      1. There are some very sobering reports from deeply religious people — noted above. Many details in these visions are coming out in the news today.

  19. n. hale ….. I wouldn’t smear Jeff’s comment section with the kind
    of words your post deserves.

  20. This is being relatively ignored on mainstream media when it should be seen by every American.

    This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made….

  21. This is being relatively ignored on mainstream media when it should be seen by every American.

    This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made….

      1. Thank you! I read a book with a similar story line (although in the book it was college students), so that crossed my mind as well.

      2. In “The Chinese Invasion Threat” by Ian Easton, he believed they would invade Taiwan by 2020. Bill Gertz wrote an article about it years ago. The timing of 1,000 “military-linked researchers” leaving the country is concerning.

  22. The Safety of the Republic is at RISK.thereby Freedom of Worship is Threatened

    Jeff, Please tell me your views on the wisdom of applying Lt. General McInerney’s advice regarding What Must Be Done to Rescue the Republic which he is giving to President Trump and Fellow Patriots at this point in time.

    Lt. General McInerney recommends that President Trump take the following steps to end the current assault on the Republic : 1. Declaring a National Emergency 2. Implementing the Insurrection Act 3. Declaring Martial Law 4. Suspending Habeas Corpus 4. Instituting Military Tribunals 5. Suspending the Electoral College Meeting on December 14th,  2020 6. Suspending the Inauguration on January 20th, 2021.

    Lt. General McInerney suggests that Patriots contact President Trump to Urge him to take the above 6 Steps.
    Jeff I greatly respect your understanding of the methods of the Enemies of the Republic. I am concerned that our enemies have placed the Republic in a trap where we are faced with either Hell, or High Water and there are No Good Options. By that I mean that we appear to be faced with the death of the Republic under a Biden Presidency or the loss of Constitutional freedoms via suspension of Constitutional requirements under a possible benevolent tyranny if President Trump declares an emergency and implements Martial Law to root out the Traitors to the Republic and put and end to the Crisis.

    Jeff I am extremely interested in what your take is on the effect on the Republic in general And the effect on Freedom of Worship in the U.S. IF Lt. General McInerney’s recommendations ARE Not Implemented AND the effect on Freedom of Worship in the U.S. IF the recommendations ARE implemented.

    Are there OTHER viable options at this time to preserve and protect Freedom of Worship in the U.S.?

    Time is of the Essence! Please tell me your thoughts on the wisdom of urging the President to take those 6 steps at this time. Please respond as Soon As Possible.
    Iron Sharpens Iron.

    The Bible says In an Abundance of counselors There Is Safety.
    Paul the Tent maker

    1. I like the general’s idea of taking the internal threat seriously. But I very much doubt the other leaders of the country would go along with it. In fact, widespread disapproval of such a move by Congress and the media, the bureaucracy and Army, could lead to a serious backlash. The country is psychologically disarmed and poorly informed about the ongoing subversion. It is probably necessary to take such action — if enough people understood why and supported it. But I don’t think they possess the necessary awareness of the danger we face. Unless there is a consensus, or a majority willing to support such moves, how could they succeed? Using emergency powers without public or Congressional support would probably be denounced as unconstitutional and seen as an attempt to seize power illegally. And technically, it might well be so.

      1. But Jeff, it isn’t illegal, because The Insurrection Act gives the president that right. And there are a LOT of patriots out there who are fired up to the max and determined NOT to let the communist Left destroy our Republic, as we believe will happen if Biden is installed.

        Desperate times call for desperate measures. People no longer CARE if the media and corrupt Congressmen are not on the side of freedom. I think, under the circumstances, that millions would support the arrest of the treasonous actors and temporary martial law, although this could indeed bring on lots of bloodshed.

        I never thought I’d say this, because I’m a peace-loving person, but if the choice is between destruction of the Republic with no hope of regaining our freedom, or arrest and prosecution of the traitors, I fully support their arrest and prosecution, however bloody the consequences. Destroying the republic is where they cross the line. That is the last straw, the final act that peace-loving patriots cannot allow. Even if it meant dying to preserve the Republic, I would do it at this point (and I’m by nature a coward — I had no idea, until now, how deeply my feelings about our freedom go, and how deep my patriotic instincts run, until all these current threats to our country unfolded).

        My concern is not that it wouldn’t be good for Trump to do this, but that he’s apparently not inclined to do this. Instead he drops statements about running in 2024 if he loses the fight, and he lets Biden’s crew start moving into the White House. I don’t think he’d be doing that if he planned to instigate martial law. But if he dreams of running again in 2024, when the country is already owned by the communists, isn’t he deluded? If we lose this fight now, aren’t we done for? Or is there some other hope I do not see?

        Jeff, do you agree that this is our last stand? Or do you think there’s some chance the Republic could actually survive a Biden presidency? If so, how would that work? Could the Republic actually survive if Biden reigned and the Senate was owned by the Left? What do you think? What is our path going forward, if the election is not overturned and we fail in the Georgia runoff? Other than martial law, what choice would there be, except a total Communist government?

        Your wisdom is a beacon to all of us here. I hope I’m wrong and that you can provide some hope of options I don’t see.

      2. The insurrection act would not apply to election fraud, which is supposed to be handled by the states (in their jurisdictions). Trump has no legal standing to arrest corrupt state officials unless the FBI finds something (and they are not inclined to do so on the requisite scale). So the President does not have emergency powers to intervene against state election officials. What he needs is for the Supreme Court to make a ruling to invalidate state certification in Pennsylvania and Michigan, etc. What Gen. McInerney suggests would be appropriate only if the American people and our institutions agreed with such an action. If not, the action would be self-negating. In politics actions can be judged in two ways: (1) Are they morally right? (2) Will the action produce the desired end (that is, will it succeed)? In your scenario of arresting the bad guys (whoever they might be), one needs to have law enforcement that is willing to carry out arrests of persons belonging to a conspiratorial revolutionary party. But there is a problem. Most people in this country do not think there is a revolutionary conspiracy. They think our references to such are a fantasy stemming from right wing paranoia — from abnormal psychology. In other words, most people listening to Lt. Gen. McInerney would say he was “nuts.” If this were not so, then saving the Republic would be easy. To take legal action against a conspiracy one has to have prosecutors and evidence to prosecute — and that is presently impossible. Why? You have to prove participation in a treasonous conspiracy so that all twelve jurors will convict. But the communist agents will lie and make accusations of their own. One must find a jury to convict, a jury without liberals or leftists. No way that can happen. Left partisan sentiments would make jury selection problematic. Our legal system cannot cope with this. The country is divided on philosophical and metaphysical principles. No way around it. I submit, people also lack the contextual knowledge to understand the facts related to treason of this kind; that is, a knowledge of communist revolutionary tactics snd history. Therefore, sufficient support from the people does not as yet exist for the president to suppress the country’s enemies. To prove that Biden is corrupt, for example, in the court of public opinion, has not been possible so far. The FBI will not arrest Biden’s son, even now, even with the laptop. Biden bragged publicly of threatening to withhold foreign aid from Ukraine to stop a prosecutor from investigating his son’s company. What happened? The Russian Ukrainian prosecutor was fired. And Biden convicted himself out of his own mouth. Yet Trump was impeached. Now Biden becomes president. The basic mechanisms of justice are turned on their head. The Constitution is not working because too many players are now determined to undermine it, because of their philosophy. The whole system interprets everything as follows: Biden is innocent, Trump is guilty. For Trump to oppose, by emergency action outside the Constitution, he would be starting a civil war with minority support. The side that starts a civil war by taking illegal actions would automatically lose majority support as it is, as most would be incensed at the disruption of life caused by the conflict. Meanwhile, the Justice Department is made up of people who do not think like you and me. They would charge the President as acting outside the Constitution. He would be arrested and jailed as soon as his term of office expired. Most people in the middle — even many Trump supporters — would turn against him. Thus, Trump’s action to save the country might be morally right as a last desperate attempt to save us, yet the action could not save us. It would fail for lack of support from the country’s institutions (which are corrupt, of course). In that event the left would become even more powerful — as the center would be driven into the left’s arms by Trump’s misunderstood actions. So, in politics, one cannot act successfully without the right kind of support. One cannot initiate a civil war without putting oneself in the wrong. This is exactly what happened in the English Civil War. The King acted against Parliament, and Parliament replied in kind. The situation escalated out of control and the King was overthrown. Once you begin a civil war you are appealing to force. There is no appeal to law after that. And you’d better have sufficient force, or your dead. There is no way Trump has sufficient force or public support to go outside the legal framework. The left, on the other hand, does possess sufficient forces and standing as we saw last summer. The country is not yet sufficiently awakened — as it must be — for a reckoning. One day the country will wake up. The shackles may or may not be on us when that happens. In the mean time, Trump cannot successfully act outside the system. He must attempt to use the system, however compromised it proves to be.

    2. Paul, I think it will take a lot to destroy the Freedom of Worship since Americas foundation for freedom was literally built upon that DNA. that said, everything is being shaken and with the shaking, God seems to be purifying his church for being fully aware of what may come. I think we may not escape these trials unless certain states reject these dictates or chose to seceed.

      Part of the church is now prepared to resist, specifically with the Equality Act which is a direct threat over the pastors and all Christians. Removal of 501c3 benefits will occur first or arrest threatened for non-compliance is possible—but police response to not enforce radical covid laws is any indication, this will be difficult as well righteous county sherrifs intervention. A whole lot of reaction arising from biker crowds and unwashed masses rising up as they understand that the America they know is about to fall. Much will depend upon if the pastors chose to follow the 1776 Black Regiment model of reaction to tyranny which called the church leadership to resistance and revolution; the German church model of full submission to the governmental authorities; or the rise of the underground church model like in China. It seems that these issues will be lived out in real time with real human consequences and suffering. Jesus warned us about these things.

  23. Check out this excellent video of Trump’s speech today, which he called “possibly the most important speech I have ever made,” interspersed with some excellent analysis by a citizen journalist who calls himself “Black Conservative Patriot”:

  24. Sadly, we’re really hitting close to rock bottom when the media relegates a president to the lower levels of the page and mockingly parrots from communist drudge report with this line

    Donald 46-minute rant on FACEBOOK…

    The poison hate filled article that drudge links to is in Australia.

    Concerning the obvious election fraud.

    I mean I could not fathom this happening in the Reagan era.
    Imagine Reagan made a speech saying the election was a total fraud and there was ample proof.
    Then the media refuses to air it,
    And then there’s a blurb on page 2 of the National Enquirer (facebook) saying the president was just ranting. Like a nut, ya know.

    So here we are, In a bizzaro land of twilight zone proportions.
    And the worst horrors are yet to come.

    If the military isn’t behind the president we’re in deep, dark trouble.


      1. I think their published plan to invade Taiwan is a deception. They are aiming at us, not Taiwan. Defeat us an Taiwan surrenders without a fight.

      2. I’m guessing that if Biden is installed as president, the Chinese won’t need to either attack or invade. Biden will just roll out the red carpet and invite them right in.

      3. I had the same thought. I’m still praying he WON’T be installed. The video from the State Farm Arena is creating outrage. We’ll see where it goes.

  25. The Insurrection Act, might be a legitimate response if the people were to start rioting in the streets, but is totally uncalled for now, as the previous Secretary of Defense, correctly asserted. The people are armed to the teeth, and perfectly capable of defending their homes. We don’t need the military to save US from ourselves. Back off!

  26. Have you seen the footage from Georgia’s State Farm Arena that shows poll workers telling all the observers to go home, that they are done counting, then after everyone clears out, they pull CASES of ballots out from under tables and begin processing them. WOW! Just WOW!

      1. I think so too. Outrage is growing. Hopefully outlets like Fox News will be forced to talk about it soon.

      2. Pleased to see something we can believe in, but will anything be done? This is as clear an indication of what went on as it gets. Don’t underestimate our enemies ability to lie their way out of this. This goes far deeper than it seems on the surface.

  27. Beijing Poses Greatest Threat to US, Free World Since WWII: Director of National Intelligence

    “Ratcliffe, in a commentary published in the Wall Street Journal, said that his role as DNI grants him “access to more intelligence than any member of the U.S. government other than the president,” allowing him a “unique vantage point” in assessing the threat.

    “The intelligence is clear: Beijing intends to dominate the U.S. and the rest of the planet economically, militarily, and technologically,” Ratcliffe wrote.”


    China Is National Security Threat No. 1

    1. The Secretary of State is the one who has to actually order it, and he hates Trump, but hopefully that CCTV footage will force his hand.

  28. Jeff, what do you think of this Lin Wood guy? His tweets are amazing — totally calling out the Communist influence. But he seems to be trying to divide the MAGA crowd and to keep the Georgia Republicans out of office. He doesn’t sound like a leftist shill, but what is he really? I don’t know what to make of him.

    1. I think he is frustrated by the Georgia Republicans who are part of the problem. There is going to be many disagreements over what to do about all this. Wood is pushing hard for stopping this crime against our country.

  29. Could this be another preparation for war?

    From the Epoch Times:
    China requires colleges across the country to send their graduates to the west, the poor regions. This is considered a means to solve employment difficulties.

  30. Two interesting articles:

    China’s New Supercomputer “10 Billion Times Faster” Than Google’s

    China Pushing Things To “Boiling Point”: Admin Says Pentagon Alarmed Over Taiwan

    “Sooner or later they’re willing to push things to a boiling point over Taiwan as they did in Hong Kong and on border with India,” the official is cited further as saying to CNN’s Sciutto. “It’s coming.”

    1. China has made it clear that they intend to take the computational high ground of AI and autonomous robotics development and 5G—they are sharks in the water tasting blood. They sent all of their best and brightest communist engineering students to premier universities here and in Australia to bring it all back home. It seems more likely that a Terminator-like AI system would arise from the China then the west unless the Lord pulls the curtain down on mankind before this wickedness completely enslaves humanity.

      1. I keep thinking of the movie Minority Report… somebody had a pretty good grasp of where we are headed.

  31. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, last week I was planning to mention this on the John Moore radio show but somehow forgot to mention. During last week an twitter contact in Hong Kong told me something about missing protesters and I was told some of them could be sent to the Laogai but there is something much more worst. I was told China has a market which caters to people from the West and other continents where kidnapped children mostly at the age of under 18 are sold to foreign families or couples who wish to adopt a child or children from China and the chances are that some of the protesters who took part in the Hong Kong Protest last year could and have been taken up to Mainland China and be sold for adoption as well. When I learnt about this, I was pretty horrified.

      1. Jeff, from what I have been told by the Hong Kong Twitter contact, some are sold to prostitution and some are sold to foreign families who want to adopt a child from China. From what I was told by the Hong Kong Twitter contact, this is also another fate that the people who took part in the Hong Kong Protest last year who were taken up to Mainland China could very well go through

  32. 2020 Annual Report to Congress – U.S.- CHINA – ECONOMIC and SECURITY REVIEW COMMISSION:

    The 2020 Annual Report to Congress covers an array of topics, including China’s view of strategic competition with the United States; China’s strategic aims in Africa; vulnerabilities in China’s financial system; Taiwan; Hong Kong; and a review of economics, trade, security, political, and foreign affairs developments.

    Topics this year include China’s view of strategic competition with the United States; China’s promotion of alternative global norms and standards; China’s strategic aims in Africa; vulnerabilities in China’s financial system and risks for the United States; U.S.-China links in healthcare and biotechnology; China’s growing power projection and expeditionary capabilities; Taiwan; Hong Kong; and a review of economics, trade, security, political, and foreign affairs developments in 2020.
    587 pages total.

    The Shanghai Cooperation Organization – A Testbed for Chinese Power Projection – U.S.- CHINA – ECONOMIC and SECURITY REVIEW COMMISSION

    This issue brief examines China’s efforts to use the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), an organization originally founded by China, Russia, and Central Asian countries, as a platform to project power and influence beyond China’s borders. The paper analyzes the power projection capabilities and diplomatic agreements China is developing through the SCO and assesses the implications of China’s efforts for the United States.

    FULL REPORT – 30 PAGES – NOVEMBER 12, 2020:

  33. Is Rudy sick and he has symptoms? What type of test shows it positive? Who examined the results?
    In the medical annals do we see testing before a person shows symptoms? Biological Warfare goes way back. Interesting that Jenna Ellis defended MacArthur’s church and they used the constitution and seemed to win. She is on the team for Trump and she has a good history. Will Ellis have to be isolated according to protocol? Seems like a huge psyop driven by Communists.

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