…I think the communists have been ahead of us in psychological realism…. They have not held back from the idea of sternness and self-subordination for the promotion of an end. In doing so, they have drawn upon a motive power that we have largely disregarded.

Richard M. Weaver

Given all that is happening, I have been reading Richard M. Weaver’s short masterpieces lately. The quote above seemed appropriate under the circumstances.

Press the listen button for my interview with Frank Gaffney: December 14, 2020.

3 thoughts on “Interview on Secure Freedom Radio

  1. Glad you are getting some air time, as many more are able to receive the information you have, and can understand better the evil we are dealing with in the USA.

  2. Great interview, Jeff. Like many I often miss these audio presentations, reminders are great.
    Also, any word from Allan Dos Santos in Brazil?

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