The usurpation, which, in order to subvert ancient institutions, has destroyed ancient principles, will hold power by arts similar to those by which it has acquired [power].

Edmund Burke

On 4 July 1776 America declared Independence from Britain. General George Washington, whose Continental Army was then defending New York City against the approach of a mighty British Armada, had the Declaration read to the troops. In the excitement of the moment, Washington’s soldiers pulled down an equestrian statue of King George III at the south end of Broadway, in Bowling Green Park. The soldiers broke off King George’s head and paraded it around the city. The statue, made of 4,000 pounds of gilded lead, was melted down into 42,088 musket bullets.

General Washington was disturbed by this act of spontaneous vandalism. He told the soldiers that he appreciated their “high spirits,” but he did not approve the pulling down of King George’s statue. This act had the appearance, he said, of riot and want of order. He urged that, in future, such actions be left to “the proper authorities.”

To some of my readers, General Washington’s attitude might seem priggish. But it was nothing of the kind. Washington was a man of principle. How you acted while carrying out a revolution indicated what your regime would look like coming out the other side.

Fast foreword to the present-day. An insurrection is underway in America. Angry mobs have pulled down statues, including statues of George Washington. Last month the press asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi what she thought of this. Pelosi said, “I don’t care that much about statues.” A reporter then asked if it would be advisable for a commission to take the statues down instead of letting mobs decide. Pelosi replied, “People will do what they do.”

Pelosi was then asked, as an Italian American, what she thought of the pulling down of Christopher Columbus’s statue. Pelosi said, “I don’t even have my grandmother’s earrings.” As if her answer remotely made sense, she rambled incoherently about heroes “we respect,” like Washington and Lincoln. “They would want us to be talking about the future,” she explained. It’s not about the past, she added. It’s about “our children.”

Had Edmund Burke been present, he would have reminded this egregious Harridan, that “People will not look foreword to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.” Of course, her heartless disregard of our national heroes reflects her equally heartless attitude toward America’s children. If she will not honor the father of our country, why would she cherish its children? She sees nothing wrong with riotous mobs, the looting of stores, the firing of buildings and a rising death toll. She doesn’t care.

To underscore Pelosi’s villainy, a few days ago she said the Republican administration and the Republicans in Congress were “domestic enemies.” With cool hypocrisy, she pointed to her oath of office. It is an oath she has faithlessly sworn and cynically disregarded throughout her career. She is perfectly cognizant that her behavior, her very words, are inimical to that Constitution. She doesn’t care about the country.

What she cares about, of course, is power. So she continues to maintain — without a shred of evidence — that President Trump is a Russian puppet; that the Republicans are working to facilitate Russian interference in the November election. This accusation of treason against the president, coming from the third highest-ranking official of the United States government, is calculated to divide the country. With this dread slander on her lips, she winks at the prospect of a bloody civil war.

Her refusal to defend George Washington, to defend Lincoln, to defend U.S. Grant (whose statue was pulled down in her native San Francisco) damns her as a Marxist sympathizer, a tool of Chinese interests, and a figure of unparalleled divisiveness. Her ignominious pronouncements, her evident hatred of the country, her stupid self-justifications, make her a fit object for censure. She should be stripped of office, prosecuted for misprision of treason, convicted and given the maximum sentence.

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  1. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I have some news regarding the Hong Kong Protest from last year, things have become critical in Hong Kong to the point where the Chinese Communist Party has deployed the Chinese coast guard and elements of the People’s Liberation Army Navy blocking any protesters who took part in the Hong Kong Protest last year from escaping to Taiwan. One thread that appeared on a reddit site has a video of the Chinese coast guard intercepting a ship bound for Taiwan where at least 12 people who took part in the Hong Kong protest last year have been arrested by the People’s Liberation Army Navy and the Chinese Coast Guard, chances are they will be disappeared and never heard from again. There are organizations in Hong Kong which are known to be trying to help the protesters escape Hong Kong but from what I have from places like twitter and reddit, some of these organizations who are trying to help the protesters escape have been infiltrated by agents from the Chinese Communist Party’s Intelligence Agency and Secret Police, the Ministry of State Security.


    Video footage of Chinese coast guard arresting the 12 men fleeing Hong Kong by boat, including Andy Li who was charged for violating NSL

    Three maritime escape routes connecting Hong Kong and Taiwan, plied by protesters since July, have been effectively “plugged up” since China’s coastguard strengthened its presence in the waters around HK in order to intercept fleeing dissidents.

  2. Exactly and thank you! Dr Alan Keyes, former US Ambassador and former US President candidate has been discussing similar things on his daily TV show. He continues to ponder why our leaders who are philosophically in agreement with the founders, refuse to bring out the big stick of laws relating to sedition, insurrection and treason. I can understand “its too close to the election” as a good excuse to justify inaction. Its really time to get rid of the excuses and do what is required of office holders who have sworn an oath to serve the nation and its people and the rule of law and order and not the rule of status quo or graft or greed. Its time for bravery as opposed to cowardliness–to act and trust God and not be afraid of the consequences. I understand our President continues to have dissidents in his own administration and Justice and US military making some actions hard to execute. If the President and Congress wins in November, its time for action to occur, otherwise the Constitution really is just a piece of paper with pretty words.

  3. And now that I’ve read the article, it boggles the mind how different the two are. They don’t make them like George Washington anymore. He is by far my greatest hero. I believe King George III said if Washington did indeed surrender control of the army back to Congress after the war Washington would be the greatest man in history. He truly was, for that act and so many more.

  4. George Washington to Nancy Pelosi. From the sublime to the ridiculous.

    What you said is so true that she seems not to care about the mayhem. Accusations against Marie Antoinette being mostly untrue. But when confronted with the violence and anarchy in the streets, she basically says “let them eat cake” or “let them defend themselves”. Or is it more like Pontius Pilate ? When she sees current and impending murders, she goes to her basin and washes her hands of the whole thing, or tries to. I have a feeling that in the very long run, if God is merciful, she will be saying “out damned spot !” as in Shakespeare.

    Sounds dramatic, but when someone with that much influence has character that poor the ramifications could be staggering – and it is ugly to behold. Let’s hope the body politic overcomes the woke virus. So that the drama doesn’t become a tragedy.

    There’s a lot of hopeful things going on, but Nancy Pelosi is not one of them.

  5. Nancy Pelosi is not “ridiculous,” as Tom Doyle says. She is a traitor. She should be arrested, tried, convicted and executed for treason.

  6. Jeff, I don’t understand well american politics, but is not strange that Joe Biden was chosen to be the candidate? He just appears too weak compared to Trump. He don’t have the same charisma like Obama and he does not even transmit the idea of diversity by his profile. Futhermore, he appears to be too tired due his advanced age. So I ask you: in a such important election, why would the Deep State choose Joe Biden?

    1. Biden was the best of a sorry bunch and is probably more easily controlled. The thing about the Communists is that, yes, they are cunning, and get away with a lot due to their strategic use of deception, but they seem to be equal parts incompetent too.

  7. All the evidence points to community organizer Obama being the tool of Mother Russia, to wit, the ongoing counterinsurgency of the Democratic Party shock troops of BLM and Antifa.

  8. Jeff, the tension between China and India seems to have escalated seriously. Do you think anything will come of it?

  9. My, she looks great with that new hairdo! Didn’t need to sit outside or wear a mask. Looking just like a queen.

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