It’s no use lying to ourselves. The state of California is no longer safe. Its government has assumed the likeness of something inimical. It is “progressive,” having turned to the “left.” It has put out the welcome mat for La Raza (UnidosUS), Antifa, and the People’s Liberation Army. The state appears to be run by Marxists. Should that surprise us? California’s business and political elites are tied to Beijing. San Francisco, with its many homeless encampments, is part Chinese colony and part liberal zoo. Meanwhile, Los Angeles is becoming a foreign city.

As these words are written, California burns. Outside my window ash is falling. The sky has a pinkish-orange glow because wildfires are raging across the state. Yesterday the fires knocked out our connection to the internet. The state’s leading politicians blame the fires on Trump’s failure to combat “global warming.” But the wildfires are not due to global climate change. The fires, wrote Chuck Devore of Forbes Magazine, are the result of “decades of environmental mismanagement that has created a tinderbox of unharvested timber, dead trees, and thick underbrush.”

The radical leftists, who dominate California, are slowly destroying it. Their totalitarian urges have always been in evidence. If you have any doubts on the matter, consider what happened to California GOP state Senator Janet Nguyen on 23 February 2017. Following the death of Senator Tom Hayden, a pro-communist radical, Nguyen prepared a commentary on Hayden’s treasonous activities during the Vietnam War. She first read her statement in Vietnamese, but as soon as she began to pronounce it in English, presiding Senator Ricardo Lara called her out-of-order, cut off her microphone and brought in the sergeant-at-arms to escort her out of the room.

Even before Nguyen attempted to criticize Hayden, a Democratic staffer named Dan Reeves, working for Senate President Kevin de Leon, had emailed Nguyen’s staff, warning them that any statement against Senator Hayden would be a violation of Hayden’s rights and “will be ruled out of order and rebuked by the [Senate] body.”

Senate President Kevin de Leon took full responsibility for the action against Nguyen, finally agreeing to let her speak. Yet the true feelings of de Leon are best reflected by the further statements of his staffer, Dan Reeves, who maintained that Nguyen had no right to criticize Hayden because Hayden had not criticized her. We can see, by this, the true north of the ruling Democrat’s moral compass.  

That sorry affair happened more than three years ago. Today the situation continues to worsen. The state government, being opposed to electricity for the sake of “the planet,” didn’t allow enough power plants to be built; so last month’s heat wave resulted in rolling blackouts, business shut-downs and lost working hours. Last fall there were preemptive power shut-downs. Get this: The odd chance that wind might knock a tree onto a power line resulted in whole cities being deprived of power. And yet the forests and the underbrush burn anyway.

Environmentalism of the communist kind, bent on sabotaging private property, is an important aspect of California politics. Remember the spotted owl? They stopped timber falling to save the spotted owl. Now the spotted owl is burned out of his habitat because the loggers aren’t clearing the dead trees and brush.

It would be wishful thinking to expect California’s ruling party to change. They are not going to rebuke their radical policies. Consequently, businesses and people are leaving the state. They are voting with their feet. As a friend in San Francisco told me this morning, “People are fleeing, rents are dropping; but even with rents dropping, people don’t want to live here because it has become a cesspool.”

The writing is on the wall. It is time to get out of California. I am preparing to leave, too. Whatever happens, it’s going to get worse in California before it gets better. The United States has tolerated treason and sedition for decades. Our collective unwillingness to identify domestic and external enemies has brought the country to a crisis. Even now, we are not facing the facts. California, like New York City, is being abandoned by those who work and produce. Why? Because in the end, the Marxists are destroyers. They will destroy private property. They will end free speech. As they are emboldened, their tyranny will grow.

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      1. Jeff, please look into buying your next home in a blind trust. That will keep your personal name off the public record making it MUCH harder to be doxxed. Also, some states like WA have very good confidentiality programs such as this You have to take advantage of this BEFORE you appear on public record.

        These precautions will come in handy sooner or later.

  1. Califormia sounds like South Africa! The leftist just mess up everywhere they take control and once they are in control they will lie, cheat, obfuscate and use force to stay in control.

  2. In Wyoming (which for the most part has been spared the turmoil) we’re seeing a lot of RV people. Kind of like the Vietnam Boat People.

    RV Nomads (the movie)

  3. But the weather is so great!

    I live in Idaho. The diaspora of Californians is absolutely real. I can’t tell you how many California ex-pats I’ve met. To a person they all say a variant of the same thing: got fed up with the politics, the taxes, it was impossible to survive as a small businessman, etc. A lot of locals here get upset by all of them coming here. I say let them come. Anyone who’s into liberty, hard work, and common sense only adds to our community.

    I’m glad you’re getting out. Godspeed wherever your exodus takes you.

  4. THat is a very good question these days, as the Kalifornians are spreading like Mongols. i’M IN NEW MEXICO WHICH IS Ok as the ild time Hispanics are very much like the old Time Democrats but there are enough New Dhimmicrats to make sure everything is a mess.
    I am also a Kalifornian ex-pa7 from 1980, as it was a;ready getting bad enough out there for me to take off back then.

  5. We left NY (the state not NYC) 10 years ago having been there 12 generations. It’s a sad day when one realizes that political idiocy has destroyed “home.” Be safe.

  6. Houston Tx will be selecting random households to knock on the door, covid test, and take blood samples for an antibody study/ govt pandemic experiment. Big cities seem to be trending to tyrannical.
    Hard to believe the quarantine camps in New Zealand are real, and the new testing in Great Britain is over the top too.

  7. Hello Jeff!
    My only reflection is: “What took you and many others so long?” You must have seen the devastating development in California for decades?
    I am a Swede and you have Swedish ancestors. I left Sweden in 2012 for never ever to return. Since then, many thousands of cars and many hundreds of schools and museums have burnt. And many thousands of women; girls, boys, and even men, have been raped.
    California is burning – both physically and mentally. Get away, Jeff ,as fast as you can ! /Marten

  8. I lived in San Francisco for several years. Yes, it’s true that it’s largely Chinese, but their connections to China for a large degree are Hong Kong and in the South Bay, Taiwan, not mainland. These are not the elites of the big tech companies, other than that some work as programmers, rather those who own small companies or are professionals such as doctors, pharmacists and such. The Chinese government still considers these “overseas Chinese” as Chinese citizens and expects them to support a Chinese invasion, but, as one of my friends put it (he was from the mainland) they will be in for a rude surprise. He himself fully intends to oppose a Chinese invasion, what he can do as a non-combatant.

    Most of the radical, leftist “Chinese” that I saw were third to fourth generation Americans who speak only English or a little bit school Mandarin Chinese.

    Of course, what I just wrote are generalities, which means that there are exceptions.

    What holds them in the Bay Area are family ties. Whole clans came together and want to stay together. I don’t blame them.

    The political and business elites that are joined to Beijing are for the most part not Chinese. They’re traitors.

    I too have moved out a few years ago, so I don’t know the latest from this year.

    I hope your move out of the state goes well.

  9. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, reading this article reminded me of Hong Kong in the 1990’s when people were leaving as they knew when 1997 came, Hong Kong would be a different place. Those that stayed were eventually transformed into people similar from Mainland China, in 2017 when me and my parents visited Hong Kong, we noticed the Hong Kong people are now very similar to the Mainland Chinese and I have heard of stories of Overseas Chinese who try to move to Hong Kong, they are either treated by the people in Hong Kong as outsiders. I have also heard in some cases Chinese who have lived in the US or New Zealand and etc for decades and when they work in Hong Kong, their colleagues would ostracize or want nothing to do with them. It seems this article relates to Hong Kong during the 1990’s.

    Also during the week, a Hong Kong contact who regularly talks to me on Twitter and is in the Anti Communist community in Hong Kong has reported that there is a person within the Hong Kong Anti Communist community has ended up missing. The person happens to assist bloggers and local writers in Hong Kong interpreting/translating articles from cantonese into english exposing the likes of the Hong Kong Democracy Movement and the Hong Kong Independence Movement as under the control of the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security along with people like Martin Lee, Joshua Wong, Nathan Law, Jimmy Lai. The person also tried to contact Western Media outlets like the New York times by giving them a article mentioning that the Hong Kong Protest last year was planned by the Chinese Communist Party’s Intelligence Agency and Secret Police, the Ministry of State Security and the leaders of the Hong Kong Democracy Movement and the Hong Kong Independence Movement are working for the Chinese Communist Party, but instead the Western Media Outlets ignored him.

    Also there has been talk that War could break out in the South China Sea around October, it seems that the Chinese Communist Party taking back Hong Kong early was a sign that war could happen as well.

  10. I was reading about the history of Port Royal, Jamaica a while ago. A den of debauchery and lawlessness, it sank into the sea during an earthquake in 1692. I am glad you are leaving California. My prayers go with you.


    OREGON SCORCHED: ‘Evacuate Now:’ Oregon wildfires grow as 500K told to flee – SEPT. 11

    10% OF OREGON FORCED TO FLEE: Latest: 500,000 people in Oregon forced to flee wildfires – 09/10

    Officials squash rumors of far right, far left setting fires – SEPT. 10

    Skies turn blood-red above Oregon: Skies turn blood-red above Oregon in apocalyptic scenes from wildfire-ravaged state
    The fires were started by felled trees that knocked down power lines in the Santiam Canyon areas in Oregon and have so far scorched an estimated 200,000 acres of land

    Thousands evacuated as fires burn through Oregon: Thousands evacuated as ‘once in a generation’ fires burn through Oregon – SEPT. 9

    Chasm Grows Between City and Rest of Oregon: 100 Days of Protest: A Chasm Grows Between Portland and the Rest of Oregon – SEPT. 5


    The New York Times


    More than 150 powerful New York business leaders urged the mayor to address quality-of-life issues that they said were jeopardizing the city’s future.

    Thursday, September 10, 2020 6:19 PM EST

    Chief executives of companies like Goldman Sachs, Vornado Realty Trust and JetBlue sent a letter to the mayor portraying a bleak assessment of life in New York City during the pandemic, and suggesting a vote of no confidence in the mayor’s ability to correct it.

    150 Big Businesses Warn Mayor of ‘Widespread Anxiety’ Over N.Y.C.’s Future

    Leaders of companies like Goldman Sachs and JetBlue implored Mayor Bill de Blasio to take more decisive action to halt the city’s decline.

  13. Jeff :

    Good luck with the move. Pick somewhere safe and pleasant.

    With regard to the wildfires, it sounds like a “perfect storm” of bad factors. Record high temperature in L.A. : 121 degrees, some amount of arson ( 4 people arrested so far ), some Santa Ana winds coming. And most definitely mismanagement of the forests. I still don’t understand why the environmentalists are against removing dead trees and underbrush.

    I’m stuck in a Democrat state ( but perhaps turning more conservative ). Maybe you could pick a conservative state and city and at least avoid some of the usual political nonsense.

    All the best. I suppose you can still blog from wherever you end up.

    1. I agree with Edward Feser. He has correctly seen through the communist use of the pandemic to take power. The only thing missing is what Beijing and Moscow are preparing to do.

  14. Jeff,
    You surely have a place picked out. If not, my suggestion is to find a nice, small town, somewhere in the mountains (not too high up as growing your own food becomes a challenge) in a conservative state with good internet service. Mirror your blog on a .onion site THAT YOU CONTROL ON YOUR OWN SERVER, so if ever crashed by the techopoly, you will still be visible to your readers.

    In other words, some place like where we moved to. Not enough money in the world to make me go back to the city.

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