The people who brought Vladimir Putin from St. Petersburg to Moscow never cared about his credentials as a specialist in developing business. For them he was an expert in controlling business. All the time Putin worked in St. Petersburg, he played an official role as deputy mayor and chairman of the Committee [for Foreign Liaison], but, behind the scenes Mr. Putin operated in his most important identity — the Case Officer. In St. Petersburg, Vladimir Putin was an ‘operative.’ Businessmen were not partners but targets.

Fiona Hill and Clifford Gaddy
Mr. Putin: Operative
in the Kremlin, p. 166


Most people, including journalists and political leaders have the wrong idea about the “fall of the Soviet Union” and the changes in Russia. They also have the wrong idea about China.

Between outright nonsense repeated on television, and the subtle misreading of experts, the threat from Russia, and from China, has largely escaped notice. These two countries have cultivated a deceptive image of themselves. They have masked their hostile intentions; and despite Moscow and Beijing’s bad behavior during the viral pandemic, we are still not learning.

In the quote above, Fiona Hill and Clifford Gaddy accurately describe Putin’s function and usefulness to Russia’s “post-Soviet” structures. They point to Putin’s ongoing secret police activities, suggesting that economic liberalization in Russia was under control of state security. Putin, as an officer of State Security, was one of the controllers.

Russia’s heralded transition to democracy and capitalism was fraudulent. It simply did not happen. We were misled by the false front of deputy mayors like Putin, and Russian big-shot “liberals” like Anatoliy Sobchak and Boris Yeltsin. The economy of the Soviet Union, which was largely a black market economy, was managed by the communists the same as before. Only the appearances changed.

In Karen Dawisha’s excellent book, Putin’s Kleptocracy, she quotes from a Spanish prosecutor’s report on Russian involvement in narcotics trafficking and money laundering during the Yeltsin years. Dawisha quotes the prosecutor as follows: “[In Russia] one cannot differentiate between the activities of the government and OC [organized crime] groups.” Furthermore, the KGB/FSB “control organized crime in Russia…. The FSB is ‘absorbing’ the Russia mafia” and — Dawisha adds, “using them for black operations on Russian territory.” (Loc 263-269, Kindle Ed.)

It would not be safe to assume that organized crime took over Russia after 1991. It would be more accurate to say that the KGB and the old party structures took over (or activated) the various Russian mafias — turning them into instruments of state. As Arkady Vaksberg pointed out in his 1991 book on the Russian mafia, the regional factions of the Communist Party Soviet Union generated indigenous mafia clans. These were useful to the communists for a variety of reasons.

By way of explanation, Vaksberg received a letter as the Soviet Union was “collapsing.” It was from a “devoted reader … in close proximity to the organs of power,” pseudonymously signing himself, V.N. Voloshin. According to Voloshin the liberalization of the Russian economy was set up to fail.

Our leaders are deliberately destabilizing the country…. everything is being done to provoke the people into crying, as one: ‘Let us have strong government back.’

The Soviet Mafia, p. 266.

Voloshin further explained how criminals were recruited by the politicians: “We ‘hook’ these people by letting them off petty crimes … after which they conscientiously carry out our bidding.”

We [communists] operate as we always have, except that we have adopted a lower profile and changed our tactics. We have stopped taking protective measures … but just gather information … which will enable us … when the right moment comes. Everybody here curses the reforms and expects the fall of democracy, and it will happen sooner than you think. And the army is behind us too.

Ibid, p. 266-67.

Voloshin added, “The only thing which might save us is a complete disbanding if the KGB….” Of course, getting rid of the KGB was never part of the plan. In fact, the KGB became more powerful than ever, being critical to the capitalist facade of Russia’s false liberalization. Here was a reform process that Polish scholar Wisla Suraska characterized as a “police-sponsored civil society” working toward “a police-sponsored revolution.” (How the Soviet Union Disappeared, p. 49.)

Without subjecting the reader to an avalanche of books and analysis, here is but a flavoring of intelligent writings on the process we idiotically heralded as “the collapse of communism,” or the “end of the Cold War.” As noted by one Soviet official, Georgi Arbatov, in December 1988, Gorbachev’s plan was to “take away the image of your enemy.” The substance of that enemy would remain, preparing for war as the West relaxed its vigilance.

It is shameful that we have been fooled by the Russians and their Chinese allies. Conservative pundits like Sean Hannity and Patrick Buchanan, who would not deign to read Hill and Gaddy, would squirm to hear of Putin’s deceptive gamesmanship. The truth would not only confuse such pundits, but draw them afield from their favorite narrative — namely, how Ronald Reagan won the Cold War.

To begin with an error at the beginning of your analysis, is to build an edifice of error, until the truth disappears from sight. And how do our lost conservatives go back? How do they retrace their steps? Who has the humility to walk back the last thirty years?

If you take all the specialized writings on the subject of China, on the subject of Russia, on the subject of nuclear war, you will find an undiscovered country. Today’s ruling opinions, built on foundations of error and misunderstanding, are larded with untruth. The first and greatest of these untruths? —

The Collapse of Communism

Conservatives have congratulated themselves, over and over, for defeating communism. But they have done no such thing. It is a classic case of conceit. To show how deluded this conceit is, recall the cancellation of the Rose Parade in Portland Oregon during 2017. It was cancelled because communists threatened violence against Republicans slated to participate. (

Communists have always been a small group. But they have always exercised power and influence beyond what their actual numbers would suggest. Why? Because they possess a missionary zeal. Because they are ruthless. Because they are better organized, better at strategy, better at infiltrating, sabotaging, and taking control.

Stopping a rose parade in Oregon, the communists flexed their muscles in an important city. But elsewhere in North America, the communists have become masters of an entire country. Consider Evan McGuire’s 2018 piece in the American Spectator: “A Cold War Communist is Still Killing People in Nicaragua.” Oh yes. Reagan won the Cold War, but the Sandinistas are ruling Nicaragua as before. (

Consider what happened in Venezuela. According to Luis Henrique Ball, writing in the Pan American Post of 17 December 2017, the oil-rich prize of Latin America was converted into a communist stronghold through a strategy of socialist incrementalism. What made this possible? Our conservatives made it possible, because they were no longer concerned with the spread of Marxism-Leninism. Why? Because they were swindled to believe that communism collapsed.

It is a disastrous situation. The “domino theory” has been overtaken by “domino history,” where one country after another succumbs to communism. Sadly, the so-called “fall of the Soviet Union” did not herald the end of communist expansion, but opened a new phase — in which communism advanced from victory to victory, unrecognized and unhindered.

South Africa was the first great prize to be taken by the “defunct” communists after 1991. While the West celebrated an unearned victory over Leninism, the Leninists had a great laugh. The progress of communism in South Africa is a long story. In the 1950s the South African Communist Party ordered its members to join the African National Congress (ANC). As Richard Monroe pointed out in his Lessons of the 1950s, “Whatever the Communists did was done through the Congress movement…. Apart from one or two minor instances, nothing was done by the CP [Communist Party] which was in conflict with Congress policy.” (

As history records, the National Party surrendered its monopoly of power to the African National Congress (ANC) in 1994. For the past 26 years South Africa has been a one-party state ruled by ANC communists who have followed the same gradualist strategy used by Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Once again, a strategic country was conquered.

How strategic?

South Africa sits astride the Cape sea route used by Europe’s oil tankers returning from the Persian Gulf. South Africa is also the “mineral storehouse” of Africa. Control of this country by the communist bloc, during the Cold War, would have frightened Western strategists. In military/economic terms, the bloc now enjoys a metals monopoly — with crippling implications for American aerospace. But no alarm has been raised. The conservatives do not care who governs South Africa — as long as the flow of precious metals continues. The West will soon discover its error when the communist bloc’s economic offensive accelerates. Essentially, South Africa is now a communist bloc country ruled by the African Nation Congress — a false front behind which lurks the Russians and Chinese.

Like Zimbabwe and Namibia, Angola and Congo, South Africa has gone communist. In each country we are deceived about the rulers, who pretend to be democrats. But they are not Democrats. Once again, our own conceit gets the better of us. These countries are on China’s side. They are on Russia’s side. And this is no minor matter.

The myth of “the collapse of communism” could be turned into a very fat book. But who would buy such a book? The preference of the market is clear. People crave lies. They want myths. The communists have fostered these myths. As Lenin said at the advent of his New Economic Policy in 1921, “Tell the capitalists what they want to hear.”

Nuclear war cannot happen

People love nonsense, especially about war and peace. It’s very soothing to imagine nobody will launch a nuclear war. It’s also naive. There are people in this world who enjoy killing, who enjoy wrecking things, and find a self-affirming joy in annihilation for the sake of annihilation.

The normal world — the civilized world — never really explored the abyss of communism (as a psychological phenomenon). They did not see that a spirit of destruction for destruction’s sake had appeared alongside Marxism. They failed to understand the fate in store when this spirit got hold of nuclear and biological weapons. They failed to understand that these weapons would be used — with reasonable explanations deployed in favor of usage. Here, the task of reason, deep down, would operate in accordance with a spirit of destruction.

Once the totalitarian powers got the bomb, a catastrophic war would only be a matter of time. It is only the optical illusion of the moment, when normal people project their own thinking onto totalitarian rulers, that we imagine a successful and perpetual regime of global restraint.

The illusion of perpetual peace is plutocratically endorsed, in theory and practice, by market hedonism. Here self-indulgence carries over to national policy — to the ever-poorer maintenance of our nuclear deterrent. We simply do not believe in nuclear war. We do not believe in bomb shelters or ballistic missile defense. There is something inherently mad, or dangerous, in thinking about it. But if we cannot think about it, how are we to defend against it? And that’s the point. We long ago stopped taking it seriously. But Russia and China continue to make bombs and missiles. Meanwhile, ours rot in their silos.

And so we tell ourselves that a nuclear war cannot be won. We believe that these weapons can “destroy the planet” many times over. We imagine there is a “balance of terror.” But these are stories you tell to children. The reality is very different. Readers are directed to consult Peter Vincent Pry’s book, Nuclear Wars: Exchanges and Outcomes — which is Volume II of his larger work, The Nuclear Balance. Readers should also consult William Lee’s The ABM Treat Charade, Sokolovskiy’s classic Soviet Military Strategy and Sidorenko’s The Offensive.

Or read up on Ted Bundy, the serial killer. He is a good model for this subject. He presents himself as a benign, friendly and rational human being. But he is actually murderous, malicious, and irrational. Put this type of person together with weapons of mass destruction and you have the perfect marriage. In this case, of course, the bridegroom has already found his bride.

It is, once again, the West’s conceit — and the conceit of all “normal” people — that such a marriage can never happen. And so, year by year, our vigilance attenuates. We have bought into the deceptive talk of the totalitarians. We want to believe them. In time they will nuke us. What will stop them?

America is invincible

A flattering myth is always believed — to the ruin of the believer. Life is full of hard lessons, hard knocks, and hard heads. Many people born after World War II act as though America were indestructible. This goes a long way to explaining their readiness for destructive policies, destructive behaviors, and destructive thinking.

When the survival of a society or country is taken for granted, and every kind of social experimentation is indulged on the back of this conceit, you can be sure that a massive pile of rubble is going to be the legacy.

Look at the “baby boomer” generation: they grew up in a country that beat the Nazis and Imperial Japan. It was so rich, so powerful, that nothing could harm it. So a great deal of harm was done. The fabric of the society was not treated with gentleness or respect. Everything was subjected to ruthless criticism. Motherhood, patriotism, spanking, honesty, sobriety, chastity, common sense, anti-communism. It became fashionable to mock or discount these items. The more they were associated with the past, the more they were mocked.

In the 1980s Ronald Reagan’s “morning in America” came to the fore, as if the Republic was not already staggering from internal wounds. The true situation was papered over, and insincerity was given wider latitude. This was the context in which we embraced Gorbachev and built China into a colossus. We did it with a Reagan Happy Face.

Invincible? No. Stupid and self-deceiving? Yes. Nothing here is intrinsic to invincibility. Everything conspires to strip the whole, preparing the way for a destructive nihilism. What we have, in America, is a series of illnesses — and COVID-19 is the least of them.

Aside from these points, there are no invincible countriesespecially in an age like ours. Biological and nuclear weapons can destroy any country at any time. Especially, they can destroy a country that refuses to deal realistically with them; a country that wants to live as if such weapons do not require more from us.

Concluding Remarks

Everything written here is inadequate. But there is nonetheless value in what is written, if only as a point of departure. We cannot go forward at all unless we dispense with the corrupting myths listed above. But how do we overcome these myths?

A mountain of misunderstanding is not removed by a single sentence, a paragraph or an essay. No words suffice to remove such a mountain. But the words must be pronounced, nonetheless. And they must be pronounced in the face of those who violently disagree.

Perhaps the most disconcerting thing about writing these essays is the poor quality of the critics. It’s tiresome to be criticized for things never said — for things that other people imagined; for example, that I advocate war with China or Iran or Russia; or that I want America to occupy the Middle East — or dominate the world.

I was treated, this week, to several emails from a libertarian writer who bragged that he reads this site — despite holding opinions “the opposite” of mine. He congratulated himself on his open-mindedness, reminding me that ”patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” He pointed to the Pentagon’s wasteful spending, taking me to task for being a “warmonger” who seeks to convert others to “warmongering.” He said, in essence, that I should not be concerned with the crimes of communist China when America has murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East.

Forsooth, he implied I was a propagandist for baby-killers. He asked how I could say America is good while China is evil? China didn’t bomb Iraq, he noted. China didn’t invade Afghanistan. If I were a moral person I would be concerned with the immorality of Americans, not the immorality of Chinese communists. He said that China was no threat at all because our nuclear arsenal protects us. My concerns, he said, were therefore “silly.”

He complained that my subsequent reply was “condescending.” But how else should I answer a Jackass? A respectful reply would have sounded sarcastic. Accused of being a scoundrel and a warmonger, a friendly reply would have sounded obsequious, unmanly, perhaps even sniveling.

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel? Defending the country against China or Russia is “warmongering”?

My critic misunderstands the meaning of the word “patriotism” The word refers to fatherly love and concern for one’s country. It does not signify inordinate praise for one’s country, or bragging about the flag. It has nothing to do with making America “great again.” What I express, in my writings, is real concern for the survival of my country. It is the only genuine expression of patriotism I know. Now let us consider what it signifies to list this genuine expression as “the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Who lives without concern for his country? Who takes his country for granted? Who glibly runs down his country on account of his ideology? Who mocks expressions of genuine patriotic concern as “silly”? Is that a patriot? No. What does such a writer love? The truth? His country? Or the sound of his own, empty words?

If I am wrong, it is NOT because I am a scoundrel. If war erupts it will NOT be on account of my “warmongering.” It seems that there are two approaches to this subject. Only one is motivated by genuine concern for the country. The other is completely unserious.

36 thoughts on “The Lies We Believe

    1. To do a proper job would take about five years and cost $250,000 for minimal research. You’d need a group of researchers, people with connections in several countries. It would be quite challenging. But who would fund such a project? (Here you are supposed to tell me not to give up my day job.)

  1. I’m grateful for your work…ever since “Origins”.

    I’ve basically concluded that it is unlikely that US strategists (unless they are running their own counter deception strategy…we can hope) will see it coming before we suffer a WMD Pearl Harbor. (or are suffering?)

    So I have put effort into making American civilians better gunfighters…partly as a Project Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship Instructor and more so an advocating for being ambidextrous with firearms (for optimal use of cover). If you ever have an opportunity, perhaps you can share my ambi advocacy with your readers.

    Si vis pacem, para bellum.

    1. BOBS let so many terrorists into the country, that if they have or obtain a CBRN weapon, they will definitely use it on NYC or LA. It is just a matter of time.

    2. “No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the Invisible Hand which conducts the affairs of men, more than the people of the United States. Every step by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation seems to have been distinguished by some token of Providential Agency…The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained” ~ George Washington ~

  2. Do NOT bother with this morons! Here in Brazil the conservatives are listening to you and your job is making a HUGE difference!!!

    Keep the intel flowing, let’s turn the table!!!

    1. Stay strong and continue to fight for your Rights in Brazil. Bolsonaro is making a big difference and he has Trump’s support!

  3. Do NOT bother with this morons! Here in Brazil the conservatives are listening to you and your job is making a HUGE difference!!

    Keep the intel flowing, let’s turn the table!!!

  4. Jeff, just wanting to ask your opinion, does this article also apply to the Hong Kong Protests of last year as the Western Media are still claiming broadcasting that it is ‘leaderless and decentralised’?

    1. The press is always the first to point us in the wrong direction, and we may guess why. The whole idea of a “leaderless and decentralized” resistance is suspect. Who actually originated this idea, and for what purpose? Who can seriously imagine a successful movement without leaders, without rank order, without organization? The idea is absurd. Nothing in politics succeeds without leadership. Look around you. Just because you cannot identify the leaders of a fifth column doesn’t mean they aren’t there. No leaders, no movement.

  5. One might feel and believe that many of the problems the US now faces can be resolved over time. However, there exists challenges that are extremely time critical for national survival and all the money in the world cannot buy more time. Several trends are occurring simultaneously, if they continue unabated the outcome means certain, “Disaster”.

    1. The Financial Trend: The seemingly endless supply of money from the govt. cannot continue forever mathematical exponential growth says otherwise. The interest on the great national debt will very soon consume the majority of the govt. annual budget. Higher interest rates could cause it to happen at a more alarming rate. So, how will they then fund vital necessities like national security and national survival?
    2. The Military Industrial Complex Trend: The United States has lost the ability to produce cost effective, reliable, resilient, and capable military defense systems on time and on budget.
    3. The Space Dependence Trend: The US military made a colossal blunder by creating a nearly total dependence on vulnerable and defenseless high technology space satellites which the military requires to defend the nation.
    4. Failure in Leadership Trend: Loss of trust, prestige and leadership around the world may result in loss of allies and reserve currency status, vital to the US economy and the ability to project power around the globe.
    5. The Education Trend: A Corrupt education system that indoctrinates instead of teaches creates a dumbed down public. Thus, the US depends on foreign H1B workers to provide the necessary Scientific, Technology, Engineering and Medical (STEM) type jobs vital to keep the system running.
    6. The Greed Factor Trend: Export of America’s industrial base overseas because of countless regulations, high labor costs and greed. So, Americans can import more cheap, inexpensive stuff they don’t need and make the greedy wealthy even richer.
    7. The Decaying Nuclear Deterrent Trend: The US national survival deterrent has reached a super-critical juncture now all 3 legs of the aged nuclear triad (bombers, missiles and submarines) plus nuclear command control and communications (the brains of the system) plus the nuclear infra-structure which maintains and certifies nuclear weapons portions of which date back to the Manhattan project all of which must be updated simultaneously and all must happen on time with no room for error or delay. “Failure means unilateral nuclear disarmament” Admiral Richards – Head of US Strategic Command 02/27/2020 House Armed Services Committee Hearing.

    The United States defense has projected till 2030 to mitigate the challenges described in items 2. 3 and 7 with no margin for error or delay. With items 1, 4, 5 and 6 as strong headwinds that will make the task much more difficult. I did not mention the advance weapon systems that America’s adversaries are now developing and deploying which will directly challenge US global supremacy. Nor the countless articles I have amassed describing in detail the hollowed-out US military. The scary truth of the matter is, the United States of America is in grave danger. And even though these trends seem insurmountable they are not impossible to correct. However, it is very questionable whether all the required changes will happen in time.

  6. Posting again, as it did not look as if it went through the first time.

    The Russians in 1991 pulled off the second greatest Trojan Horse in recorded history. I am sure that Odysseus was howling with laughter in the Elysium fields that it took over 3,000 years for someone to do to the West what he did to Troy. Part of that Trojan Horse, both by Odysseus and the Soviets, was to take advantage of a people that was war weary from years of war or threatened wars, and to play on their desires for peace, that would do them in.
    What really helped the Soviets convince everyone of their collapse was to put their version of Joe Biden, the poor old sot Boris Yeltsin, in what appeared to be a position of national leadership. Poor old Boris was just a socket puppet for the KGB, but he played the role well and convinced the West that Communism was gone. Except, there are those of us that knew it was a hoax all along. I met a Soviet dissident in 1998, and I asked him if the collapse of the Soviet Union was just lipstick on a pig, and his response was “yes, nothing has changed, the same people that have always been in power, are still in power.”

    On the Libertarian who contacted you Jeff, all you had to say was Libertarian, and that in itself is enough to discredit him. Libertarians are caricatures of themselves that only a complete fool or a 3 year old could ever take seriously. Libertarians are the party of “do whatever you want to do, so long as it doesn’t bother me”. Their party platform is “anything goes”. Libertarians are a bad joke with no punch line, thinking they are the best thing to ever come along. Libertarians are the “Seinfeld” party, the party about nothing. They are just too self-absorbed to realize that they are the party of “nothing.” Your only response to that person should have been a page full of “ROTFLMAO”s.

  7. Haven’t you ever seen Plan Nine From Outer Space? There are at least eight other plans. Everyone has scenarios; even US. Maybe we ought to make China and Russia’s worst fears become reality?

    And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

    And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

  8. The Antichrist has a bow, but no arrow, yet is able to conquer; the threat of force, without having to use force. What technology is this? The pending World War, can’t occur before the Great Tribulation, or else there would be no one left to war then. Never the less, there are two countries conspicuous by there absence during the Great Tribulation; Syria and The United States.

    There are two Prophecies yet to be fulfilled before the Great Tribulation begins with the signing of a peace treaty for the protection of Israel, by and between the dictator of the revived Roman Empire, and the leader of the one World religion: The Rapture, and the Burden of Damascus.

    Damascus is the oldest, longest continuing existing city in the World. It has been invaded many times, but never destroyed.

    1… Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
    12 Woe to the multitude of many people, which make a noise like the noise of the seas; and to the rushing of nations, that make a rushing like the rushing of mighty waters!
    13 The nations shall rush like the rushing of many waters: but God shall rebuke them, and they shall flee far off, and shall be chased as the chaff of the mountains before the wind, and like a rolling thing before the whirlwind.
    14 And behold at eveningtide* trouble; and before the morning he is not…

  9. I live in South Africa. My country was handed to the Communists by the West and what was once the economic powerhouse of Africa has now been reduced to the begging bowl. My people, the Afrikaners, Christians who always considered themselves to be part of Western Civilization, now find themselves governed by ex-terrorists standing on the side of those wishing to destroy the West.. We have been betrayed by the West, we are being slaughtered by savages who hate our skin colour, our religion and our culture. Everything we have built up on this southern tip of Africa is being destroyed through the arrogance, inc ompetence and greed of the Communist rulers. But what happened to us is going to happen to all the European peoples – their liberalism, ignorance and willful stupidity will see to that.

    1. South Africa’s horrible fate should be one more good reason to get this traitor against America and the free world by name of William Jefferson Clinton locked up behind prison bars for the remainder of his days. The global media campaign at the time pretended that there was no other alternative to Apartheid but Mandela. It was a well-concerted plot.

      Sadly, I personally never made it to South Africa. My only trip to Africa was a journey to Tanzania in 2004. I shortened my stay by almost half, from six weeks down to just over three weeks, as I couldn’t bear the omnipresent Marxist-inspired envy coming from so many people there (a legacy of the days under Nyerere). It made me furious. I had seen much greater poverty in India, but no such envy to be felt there.

      In my city here in Europe, I once happened to bump into a black American celebrity, with whom I had a short conversation. It was Magnum photographer Eli Reed ( He was a very likeable man – charming, witty – but as he laid out his political views, I thought I was talking to Barack Obama! Back home, I googled him and realised that Eli Reed is certainly a genius of a photographer, but in the final analysis not so much a photographer really, but a community organiser with a camera!

      When I said to him, with a smile, that being black doesn’t necessarily mean one has to be RED, he was rather speechless. All his wonderful eloquence was suddenly – GONE!

  10. Russia has to be dragged by God against his people, as if a jackass with a hook in it’s jaw.

    And thou shalt come up against my people of Israel, as a cloud to cover the land; it shall be in the latter days, and I will bring thee against my land, that the heathen may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes.

    Because thy rage against me, and thy tumult, is come up into mine ears, therefore will I put my hook in thy nose, and my bridle in thy lips, and I will turn thee back by the way by which thou camest.

    China is last to invade.

  11. “The illusion of perpetual peace is plutocratically endorsed, in theory and practice, by market hedonism.”

    When I was young, I remember looking at the political support given by the biggest corporations and their foundations, and noticed that that support was almost universally left wing, if not openly socialist. I remember being confused, “Why would capitalist companies support socialism?” But upon further learning and maturity, I discovered the truth—those corporations are run by people who are not capitalists, but socialists, specifically Marxist socialists. Marxist socialism is a marriage between big government and big corporations. The leaders of those corporations have adopted the form of Marxist socialism where the corporations remain in private hands, but corporations and big government work together for mutual benefit. Even though they work together with the U.S. government, those running the corporations see themselves more as internationalists than nationalists. How many of those billionaires running those corporations would sell out the U.S. in a heartbeat? Are these not the same industry moguls who own most of the public media putting us to sleep with the soothing message “China would never attack us, because they couldn’t afford to lose the export market that is the U.S.”?

    1. Most large corporations are run by school boys taught in our business schools. What are they taught? Thinly disguised versions of Marxism. After the genius of the entrepreneurial spirit comes the mediocrity of the managers. They run into the ground what they were incapable of creating on their own.

  12. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, the first sample poll for the Hong Kong Legislative Council Elections are out. The poll is at the following:

    Pro-Democracy Camp which is known as the Hong Kong Democracy Movement which includes Political Parties like the Hong Kong Democratic Party, Civic Party, Labour Party, People Power, Professional Commons, Neighbourhood and Workers Service Centre is at 58% in the poll

    Pro-Beijing Camp which includes the DAB is at 22%

    I would like to say, it does not matter if the Pro-Beijing Camp or Pro-Democracy Camp in Hong Kong wins the Legislative Council Elections as both of them are under the control of the Chinese Communist Party

  13. Hong Kong’s former democratic system has been insidiously replaced by communist-controlled DEMOCRATISM. What a tragedy!

  14. There is a celebrated Austrian journalist (now 90 years old) I once came across, by name of Paul Lendvai. Curiously, Mr. Lendvai’s sole professional qualification is a journalism degree from 1950s’ Stalinist Hungary! What is also telling is that he did not come over to the West immediately after the Soviets had crushed the 1956 Hungarian uprising, but had stayed till early 1957 in communist Czechoslovakia. Once he arrived in Austria, he had a warm welcome from the Socialists there. Mr. Lendvai’s great time came after the “changes” of 1989. He soon had a television show of his own titled “Osteuropa Studio”, where “politicos”, journalists, artists and so-called “intellectuals” from “no-longer communist” Eastern Europe were sitting with him and discussing things in the most fraternal, if not to say: conspiratorial manner. Never once did Austrian television viewers hear a word of doubt from his mouth about the veracity of the alleged changes in the communist sphere. There is even a book (among so many others) written by him, himself a former Hungarian, titled “Orbans Ungarn” (Orban’s Hungary). In it, Lendvai perpetuates the illusion that Viktor Orban is a nationalist. There wasn’t much opportunity to get into a conversation with this “star” of Austrian journalism (and possible Soviet agent of influence), but at least I flung in his face: “There’s no way Viktor Orban is a nationalist! He is a creature of the old socialist apparat!” Paul Lendvai’s reaction was deafening silence – and of course utter despise and indignation. – As I looked at him, I thought he would have perfectly fitted in with the Soviet Politbureau people standing, say: in the 1970s, on top of the Lenin Mausoleum…

    1. This is an excellent observation you make about Orban. I have studied one of his speeches, watched it carefully with translation. He was clearly educated in the most advanced Marxist-Leninist dialectics. It is oozing out of his pours. A normal person doesn’t talk in this way. And every other Marxist-Leninist in Europe knows exactly what he is saying. They can see into his Aesopian language. It is important for our European friends to wake up. Orban is a friend of Putin — not because Putin is a nationalist. They are both apparatchiks of the secret “Soviet” structures.

  15. And all-too-tellingly, Putin publicly calls Orbán “our biggest friend in Europe.”

    In this regard, I would like to point out that Diana West should correct her ill-advised admiration of Viktor Orbán. By spreading such misconceptions, she is indeed doing, unwittingly, a lot of harm!

    I recently had a talk with a Hungarian lady in her late thirties, I believe. A very kind and sensitive person. She wanted to start a business here in Austria, which sadly collapsed. Now, with the pandemic forcing so many people back to their home countries, she too has gone back home, to look after her parents in Budapest, quite depressed that her plans didn’t work out over here. She wasn’t exactly happy about the prospect of returning to the country she had courageously left last year in order to begin a new life in Austria, and it seemed she KNEW that it was all still communist and that was why she had left, in the first place. She pointed to the dullness of it all. – WHICH SAYS IT ALL!

    1. Another fairly personal observation of mine: If one just crosses the Austrian-Hungarian border (open as it was for many years, prior to the current emergency), one can SEE, SENSE, SMELL the unchanged frozenness over there. And that change in atmosphere comes the moment one enters Hungarian territory. Within the very first mile of going into Hungarian space, it’s a different world altogether. A depressing world, and – if one is perceptive enough – still a dangerous, a threatening world.

      I remember the 1970s, when my parents and I travelled through these countries on our way to Greece or Turkey. We crossed Kádár’s Hungary, Tito’s Yugoslavia, and even (twice) Shivkov’s Bulgaria. I was ten, twelve, fourteen at the time. And it left a strong impression on me. Watching with the eyes of a child, I saw all the misery, greyness, and hopelessness of “real-existing socialism” (a deceptive term, as there is no other). I saw populations deprived of their God-given desire to prosper and succeed. No success under communism, except for those shameful enough to join the “cause”.

  16. Thank you Jeff.  This was great!  And I appreciate the extra hyper links and support you put in. Kind regards, David Hughes

  17. Jeff, not sure if you can comment and would find this surprising. I was doing some research on the Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Camp which is alternative called the Hong Kong Democracy Movement, on the Wikipedia entry, it states that the ideology of the Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Camp is Anti Communist but listed in one of the factions, they have Radical Socialism/Marxist and this presents a red flag as many Hong Kong people who I have made inquiries to while researching the Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Camp/Hong Kong Democracy Movement have said that the Radical Socialism/Marxist are in fact considered as allies in the Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Camp/Hong Kong Democracy Movement and they are also now saying that the arrest of Martin Lee on the 15th of April was staged as the rivalry of the Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Camp between the Chinese Communist Party is also staged.

  18. As people are bluffed into committing voluntary economic suicide by staying home instead of going to work and tending to business, they become less likely to be able to make their mortgage payments in time to avoid foreclosure. The question then becomes, how are they all so many to be evicted?

    Most of these folks each have hundreds of thousands of dollars of equity in their homes. They aren’t going to appreciate being forced out, and they all have guns. If gun confiscation were a viable option, our Draconian overlords would have done that already. Who’s going to go door to door in attempt to evict everyone?

    Part of the reason for the mellow bio-warfare agent in the first place, is to keep everyone from rioting in the streets over the financial markets meltdown, out of fear of the virus. People are terrorized out of their minds. They will be most reluctant to leave their homes, and they are armed to the teeth.

    The bio-warfare lab in China was funded by the O’bama Administration. President Trump pretends to not have been previously aware of that fact. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. During the presidential campaign, he criticized Hilarity for her connections with Goldman-Sachs. Then he turned around and loaded his cabinet with those crooks, who just crashed the stock market, and put the profits in Swiss banks, at the expense of the National Debt.

    Expect the Trump Administration to make a deal with China, for Chinese troops who outnumber Americans ten to one, to come in and go door to door to take away your guns.

  19. Prior example of US Government terrorism against Americans.
    Instead of getting this kid help, the FBI groomed him to become a terrorist.

    As people become aware of the hoax and exercise liberty, the Draconian overlords push back with increased repression. Social distancing and oxygen depriving face masks, are to inhibit congregating and talking face to face. Only conversation which can be monitored over cell phones and Internet are to be unfettered.

    Clubs, schools, and churches are thereby disrupted, and fake news becomes the predominate information.

    It’s just like all the copper tops, living in the Matrix.

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