An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile – hoping it will eat him last.

Winston Churchill


The President of the United States must publicly change his position on China. In the past, President Trump has described China’s President, Xi Jinping, as his “friend.” It is necessary, at this pivotal moment, for President Trump to say that President Xi is not his friend. He must admit, instead, that Xi is America’s enemy. To do otherwise is to paper over President Xi’s many hostile actions, his preparations for war, and his policy of blaming America for the pandemic.

It is time for the President of the United States to face the truth — and tell the truth — about Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party. It is time to return enmity for enmity, to reciprocate communist China’s hostility, and prepare to repel their aggression. For they have used our openness and generosity against us. They have taken our kindness for weakness. They have practiced treachery on our good faith, and they have made war on our economy. We can no longer refer to communists as “friends.” They are enemies,

We must hear the truth from our president about communist China’s fifth column in the United States. This truth must not be softened, or watered down with the usual stupidities about free trade and peace; domestic concord or racial tolerance. We are in a life-or-death situation now. Enemy propaganda and enemy propagandists should be identified and ostracized. We cannot allow communist agents of influence to turn the tables, blame America, condemn patriotism, and open the country to enemy attack.

Regarding those who wish to return the country to economic dependence on China: Communist regimes will always use trade as weapon. They will corrupt everyone and everything they touch — businessmen and politicians, sports stars and Hollywood producers. To negotiate with communist China is a fool’s errand. A treaty, for them, is like a pie crust — meant to be broken. The history of communism is long, and the criminal nature of all communist regimes cannot be denied. There is no excuse for having relations with them. To make partners of them is to become their partner in crime.

President Xi made a conscious decision to allow the CCP virus to incubate in Wuhan until the Chinese New Year — the biggest calendar day of outgoing travel from China. Reports about the outbreak in China are not ambiguous in this regard.

What happened in Wuhan was directed — every step of the way — from the office of President Xi. Party officials were forced to allow crowds to congregate during the New Year holiday in Wuhan. They were compelled by Beijing to host 40,000 people at the city potluck, even though an infectious form of viral pneumonia was spreading through the city. Xi’s intentions can be read through dozens of news reports and official edicts. Xi only allowed Wuhan to fight the pandemic after the city’s holiday visitors had returned abroad — carrying the infection to Europe, Australia and North America.

The decisions made by the Chines leaders, in this regard, were not improvised. Chinese strategic decisions are carefully thought out in advance. Years of study had already gone into bat viruses at the Wuhan BSL-4 virology lab. In fact, the placement of the BSL-4 facility in Wuhan defies logic — unless we recognize Beijing’s remarkable foresight.

In order to launch a biological attack, China would need an alibi to avoid retaliation. The alibi would have two sides: one alibi would focus blame on America, the other would mask Xi’s malevolent intentions.

The two-sided alibi would, by necessity, have the following features: (1) To forestall retaliation against China, evidence would be planted regarding safety issues and a leak at a Chinese virology lab; (2) to silence criticism from the Chinese public, Communist Party officials would claim the CIA or U.S. military planted the virus as part of an attack on the Chinese people.

To make these parallel alibis deployable at the same time, Chinese planners would first have considered which Chinese city an enemy would target in a biological war. As the central hub of China’s rail and waterway communications, Wuhan would be the logical choice. Therefore the Chinese planners would have built their strategy around a Wuhan infection scenario. To make this scenario compatible with the “leaky lab” alibi, China’s strategist would also have to place their BSL-4 facility in Wuhan, instead of a more remote location in the Gobi Desert.

It is impractical to carry on a biological war without giving the first iteration of the virus to your own people. Because an alibi is paramount, Wuhan had to become the center of the pandemic. Chinese people would be the first to suffer. Therefore, the initial iteration of the weapon would be designed according to the principles of asymmetric warfare, with the following stipulation: First, the weapon would strategically benefit China; second, it would harm the West.

Consider the virus’s effects. It typically kills the elderly and infirm. From a Darwinian standpoint, the virus favors survival of the fittest. For An overpopulated country like China, such a viral outbreak is useful for thinning the herd. Given a half century under China’s “one child policy,” that herd is not only too large, but too old. Meanwhile, America and the West are irrevocably committed to protecting the weakest and least fit members of society. The West could be counted on to expend untold trillions to stop the virus. China would suffer a brief shock, of course, and economic losses, but these losses would be made up in the end. China would be ordered back to work — with countless elderly citizens sealed alive in body bags for cremation.

Do you think such a plan is too monstrous for someone like Xi Jinping?

Xi Jinping is a Communist. His heroes are Mao, Hitler and Stalin — the three greatest mass murderers in history. Do you see a connecting theme here? Come now! Such a person is easily capable of euthanizing the elderly! Why would he hesitate under the circumstances?

Xi Jinping is not a normal person. He belongs to the ancient Machiavellian traditions of Chinese philosophy. He is steeped in the writings of Sun Tzu and Han Fei-Tzu. These thinkers believed in the ruthless use of force and fraud. They opposed the idea that rulers could be friends. Such an idea, in the Chinese legalist tradition, is criticized as dangerous. Therefore, Xi is not President Trump’s friend.

In 1999 I interviewed a famous Chinese dissident, Harry Wu. He spent 19 years in the Lao Gai camp system. When I asked Wu to describe China’s leaders, he said, “They are murderers.”

How can President Trump be friends with a murderer? Xi Jinping imprisons and executes honest Chinese citizens for telling the truth. And like all murderers, Xi Jinping lies — if only to hide his many crimes.

Xi Jinping’s intelligence services have been using international commerce and corporate deals to infiltrate our political system, steal our technology and undermine our economy. His agents have used money as a carrot and a stick. They have bought politicians. They have corrupted our media. They have entered our research institutes.

President Xi’s agents infest Washington. Some of us think these agents should be driven out. Give us one good reason they should be permitted to stay in our capital? — and give us a reason that is not tainted with cowardice or greed.

Think, now, what is coming. Ask yourself where our relationship with communist China is taking us. Xi Jinping is a follower of Mao Zedong. In 1958 Mao gave his generals a strategic directive. He said: Prepare the People’s Liberation Army for the day when Chinese troops will land in Manila and San Francisco.

This directive is still in effect. How do we know? Because China has built an amphibious fleet with a six thousand mile range. This is exactly the range needed to land Chinese troops on the U.S. West coast — in San Francisco. Two divisions have been prepared for an immediate landing (to secure port facilities). Does anyone think Xi needed amphibious transports with a six thousand mile range to invade Taiwan? Defeating Taiwan gets him nowhere. Taiwan is not his primary objective. He must defeat the United States. If America loses a war, Taiwan will surrender without a fight. What, then, is the point of invading Taiwan?

Bypass it!

When a country develops military capabilities, like an amphibious fleet with a six thousand mile range, you have to sit up and take notice if you are six thousand miles away. Strategic thought guides China’s force development. The attack range of these troops was not haphazardly assigned.

Consider the grand strategy behind Xi’s war preparations: Biological weapons soften, then cripple the target country. Nuclear weapons and cruise missiles, launched from hidden locations, can destroy America’s naval, air and strategic assets. China’s amphibious fleet then lands on the West coast and secures port facilities for follow-up merchant ships loaded with men, tanks and artillery.

Is the invasion of the United States by China possible? Yes — it is more than possible. The Chinese have been preparing to invade us for decades. They have been secretly stockpiling supplies in Mexico, as Journalist Scott Gulbransen learned many years ago. He published his findings in a book, The Silent Invasion

There is an old Chinese saying attributed to Lao Tzu: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Years ago Gen. Chi Haotian, China’s defense minister, made a speech to high-level party officials. He spoke of a future biological attack “to clean up America.” He said that Beijing’s threat to Taiwan was diversionary. The real plan, he said, was to invade and occupy the United States.

Eighteen years ago a British journalist contacted me. She had been with a documentary film crew, interviewing Chinese sailors during amphibious exercises off the coast of China. She asked how they felt about practicing an invasion of Taiwan. The sailors were baffled. “We’re not practicing to invade Taiwan,” they told her. “We’re practicing to invade America.”

When Chinese military officials realized what the British crew had uncovered, they confiscated the cameras and the recordings. She told her experiences to colleagues in the UK — but she was ostracized for being “anti-Chinese.” She heard of my work through a reader and contacted me. “Listen,” she said. “I damaged my career. But I have to tell someone in America. You must promise not to use my name in telling this story. I have to make a living. I have to get my career back.”

Xi Jinping is not President Trump’s friend. He is America’s enemy. The Chinese have been preparing for war. Their Russian, Iranian, Cuban, and North Korean allies have also been preparing.

I represent a growing number of Americans who don’t want to hear President Trump refer to Xi Jinping as his “friend.” Xi is a murderous dictator, and he is our enemy. We need President Trump to acknowledge this.

There isn’t a moment to lose.

Notes and Links

Note: the range of the type 071 transport is “several thousand nautical miles” for a transport that can carry 1,000 troops, plus armored vehicles and (in later versions) helicopters. Ten were built according to one source. There may be 15 presently, but some of the articles appear confused. Add to this existing assault carriers with similar range and China can deliver two divisions of 18 battalions to the U.S. West Coast. the actual lift capacity may be higher, given other ships and conversions not listed.

104 thoughts on “What President Trump Must Do to Stop China’s Invasion

  1. Xi and the Communists also learned well from how the USA does business. Our nation isn’t some righteous place with a righteous people. The USA is guilty as hell of being a murderous corporation and is just as ruthless when it wants to be.

    If Trump calls out Xi and China. Xi will call out Trump and USA.

    Looks like the prophecies of Dumitru Duduman are going to happen.

    The communist Americans that sold us out are going to get a sudden cold sweat shock when they find out that they were the useful idiots all along, then BANG! They are murdered.

    1. It is unseemly to accuse your own country, making it as guilty of “murder” as a communist dictator who is plotting to kill millions of Americans. You think he is justified? You can go to Hell. In fact, your comment is obscene, and if I were in a foxhole with you, I would have to fight an urge to strike you. Don’t post here again.

      1. This “it’s always America’s fault” refrain seems to be universal with the Left and their allies. How contemptible to accuse and despise the most generous, decent nation on the face of the Earth. A nation to which the oppressed of the world have fled for generations and have been welcomed and nurtured. Does this fellow have any concept of the blood shed and lives sacrificed to keep us all free?

        To constantly indict America, particularly by one of its own citizens, is a depravity.

      2. JEFF,you had better hope your neighborhood isn’t one of the ones the US MILITARY plan to throw out CYANIDE CANISTERS at three o’clock in the morning in,THEY do plan you kill all of you and your to blind to know it….BUT you’ll learn…WAR IS COMING,and there won’t be many survivors….

      3. Off your meds, Arizona? If the military of my own country wants to kill me there is nothing I can do about it. Can you? Thanks for the paranoid, out-of-left field crazy-thought, though. I’m sure the US Army is full of America-hating genocidal killers who want to exterminate their own friends and relatives. Put me down as successfully duped. About your clinical paranoia; please, feel free to seek help. (I have friends who are US Army officers, and besides the insult you offer them, you should know they are trained to arrest any superior officer who ordered an attack on American civilians with poison gas. But then, for me to doubt your claim and ridicule it, I am — in your mind — probably an active member of the conspiracy. (I never would have suspected myself, but there you are.)

      4. Correct, US soldiers, mercenaries and police will not hesitate to kill US citizens.
        Mercenaries killed thousands in NOLA after Katrina.
        They will do it again.

      5. Is America not guilty of murder as well? Murder of the most innocent? Is she not guilty of all kinds of perversion? Is it right to paint her as kind, generous, faithful, innocent compared to evil Communist China?

      6. I did not make the argument you seem to represent as mine. I have never written that America is kind, generous and faithful. America is a country, not a person. It is a nation, not a philanthropist, and it has a bloody history. All countries have histories of variable bloodiness. Communism, however, is uniquely destructive. Communism is not a country to which anyone belongs. It is an ideology — a secular religion — a violent cult. Wherever it takes power the wickedness of the State increases manifold. I sense, from your note above, that you do not understand this. Please try to understand, if you can.

      7. I misunderstood your second paragraph. It sounded like you were contrasting evil China to kind, generous, faithful USA. But now I see you were just talking about our relations with China. And I understand Communism is bad. That wasn’t the issue which I (wrongly) took issue with.. It was what I thought you were saying about America in total contrast to China.

      8. It is also important to not that a country, or the people of a country, are not the same as its government. And even a government can be large, involving diverse departments and factions. In a totalitarian state, the ruling gang within the party is akin to a mafia. It is an extended crime family.

  2. And people wonder why the Marxists in our government don’t want our troops brought home?
    Has anyone done a history of the falsely implicated “wet market” in China?
    BLS-4 Wuhan Virology Lab or Wet Market first? And you are right, Jeff, the facility should have been in the Gobi desert.

      1. Dear Jeff ,
        I do understand how you feel ! And truth is better from a friend or countrymen than a lie . You want to believe ,people in power in America adorn to uphold and defend the Land and the Constitution their of ,did not know about oklahoma , 911 or countless other acts against the American people ! Guess you are one of the lucky ones ! Or a liar too ! But in a foxhole things get real simple ,that American just might save your life !

  3. Communism is soulless, ruthless, conscienceless. It is all mind, perfected to the extreme of robotic precision, and all naked sadistic power that stops at nothing. And the West has been courting and enabling these political criminals, these MONSTERS, ever since communism took over Russia in 1917. The situation facing us now is so absurd it dwarfs the wildest and most brutal episodes of ancient times. The late British analyst Christopher Story (1938 – 2010) used to describe the communist mindset by speaking of the “Mongol mind” versus the developed, civilised mind of the West. And right he was. If the communists succeed, they will literally eclipse not only two thousand years of Christian civilisation, but any civilisation whatsoever.

      1. Can they win, Jeff? I’ve seen reports our asset numbers are not good against theirs, and that’s just land/sea based. Not to mention anything they might have satellite.

        Now with the compromise of our carriers with c19, we seen even weaker.

        Tactically speaking, is there a real concern?

      2. The balance of power is seriously against us if our allies hang back, if the USN is singled out, and if submarines/ballistic missiles prove to be the decisive weapon. Carriers are very large and may be vulnerable. If so, we could be in for a series of shocks. We rely on carriers and have the largest number. The Russians, Chinese and North Koreans have our submarine fleet three-to-one. Not a nice margin. Japan and Australia could help even the score in the Pacific. But are we able to repel a surprise attack? Is our strategic posture right? I am doubtful.

  4. Two weeks ago, I commented on an article by Trevor Loudon titled “Can We Use ‘Social Distancing’ to Defeat the Chinese Communist Party?” I wrote:

    I’ve been waiting for three years now to see a grand public announcement by Pres. Trump with respect to both Russia and China. A real historic speech. A game changer. No shy allusions here or there. The real thing. An official step towards a fundamentally new policy vis-à-vis these two criminal regimes, followed by a massive programme to completely disconnect the United States from both of them. It didn’t happen. But the pandemic is changing this, hopefully. The problem being that under normal circumstances, changing course would have been way easier. But: Better late than never…

      1. What has been found out over the past 2 to 3 months about the Red Chinese and their dirty dealings, may provide Trump with much more leverage in dealing with them, then what the re-negotiated trade deal would ever have done.

  5. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, on Saturday, Martin Lee the leader of the Hong Kong Democracy Movement and the founder of the Hong Kong Democratic Party was arrested along with other activists in the Hong Kong Democracy Movement, the article itself is concerning in a way as it claims the Hong Kong Democracy Movement is against the Chinese Communist Party when Christine Loh the author of Underground Front: The Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong have written in her book that both the Pro-Beijing Movement and Pro-Democracy Movement which includes the Hong Kong Democratic Party is controlled by the Hong Kong Underground Communist Party, also it seems the Hong Kong Free Press is not talking anything about the Hong Kong Underground Communist Party being in control:

    1. It may be that the Red Chinese are playing the game of making it look like they are taking out dissenters, when all they are doing is removing them from the scene, debriefing them, and then moving on the true dissenters to eliminate them, thus ending dissension in Hong Kong.

      1. Nmoldsourdough, I have heard of first hand accounts from Hong Kong people in regards to the arrest of Martin Lee, Jimmy Lai and other Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Movement Politicians are in fact spies or collaborators with the Chinese Communist Party and they consider the arrest of Jimmy Lai, Martin Lee and other Hong Kong Democracy Movement activists as staged. Martin Lee by far is the most obvious one, Martin Lee is actually considered as the father of Democracy of Hong Kong but in the early 1960’s he already had connections with the Chinese Communist Party. Many young people in Hong Kong who I have spoken to consider the Hong Kong Democracy Movement which includes the likes of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, Civic Party and other political parties considered as the Hong Kong Democracy Movement are in fact under the control of the Chinese Communist Party

      2. The best way for State Security to communicate privately with one of its agent provocateurs is to arrest the agent “for questioning.”

      3. When Trump said he was now “a war president,” a few weeks ago, maybe he really meant it? He looked visibly upset with China and kept calling it the “China virus.” Is a large part of our Strategic Command still in an underground bunker? Hope I can sleep tonite 🙈

  6. Jeff, I watched your video interview posted on the last thread. The part about the psychopathic nature of the communist leaders was so interesting and spot-on I had to watch it twice. This explains so much. These people are simply Luciferian.

    1. Long ago I heard a Russian defector, Col. Stanislav Lunev, refer to his former superiors in Moscow as psychologically abnormal. He said the system would not promote you above a certain level of rank unless you were a psychopath or otherwise abnormal in a way acceptable to psychopaths. Later I discovered a book by a Polish defector, reconstructed from studies of a team of Polish psychologists who studied the communist regime’s leaders. Their secret work was to explore the psychopathology of totalitarian functionaries. The book is titled “Political Ponerology.” It advances several discoveries, including the realization that psychopaths recognize each other and can work with each other while masking their true nature from “normal” people. Quite literally, psychopaths fear discovery by normal people because normal people would want them jailed or dead if they understood how they were. Thus, a false political philosophy of love and compassion (socialism) is the best camouflage for victimizing large numbers of people. Psychopaths are drawn to it.

    2. Lawrence or Jeff, can you please post this video link mentioned about? i could not find it in the last article. thanks

  7. Jeff, what are your thoughts on the UK media article that revealed that the US gave China $3.7 million in scientific funding for the Wuhan Viral Lab to do Sars-Cov research? We are betrayed by our own stupidity and are selling them the rope that they will hang us with!!! Nothing has changed.

  8. Trump is still allowing thousands of Chinese to enter the US every day.
    Do not be fooled by Trump’s misleading rhetoric, he is working with China.

  9. A few basic questions, Mr. Nyquist, if you would elaborate:
    1. What ports/shipyards are the transports assembled at? Wouldn’t our recon satellites or other intelligence assets detect their positioning?
    2. How many days before the Chinese initiate hostilities would they need to set sail? Wouldn’t our recon satellites and other intelligence assets detect their movement out of port into the Pacific in due time? There has to be some lead time if these ships would want to make it most of the way before joining the battle at S.F. bay. Even if the Chinese try to cover by slipping the transports one by one into the cargo shipping lane streams?
    3. Wouldn’t they need more than two divisions to make a secure beachhead? After all, they probably have been figuring on at least 10 all this time on trying to simply take Taiwan.
    4. Are you or anyone you know of trying to bring your case before the proper political and/or military authorities, or have you been?
    And of over a billion people in China, won’t at least a few endeavor to tip us off,

    I have a another somewhat related question but will save that for a future post. In the meantime, more elaboration on *each* of the above queries would be appreciated.
    More detailed proof is really in order for such a profound prospect to be seriously considered.

  10. Secretary of State Pompeo is getting all Americans abroad back home as quickly as possible. Your article makes perfect sense. We need all hands on deck here in the US – no hostages abroad.

  11. Jeff, Thanks for your research and work. I want to ask you for your help, please, and I hope you’ll be able to work this help into your posts.  I’m hoping (maybe) that you can expand the purpose and scope of your blog posts to include this help. Here is the crux: Would you be willing as much as physically possible to hyperlink supports for your factual statements?  In other words, would you be willing to prove, as much as possible, what you are saying in your posts? …proofs that a discriminating mind or even a skeptic would be able to more easily consider. Here are the reasons for my request: Because people are what they read and what their mentors have taught them…Because I know a good number of people who, because of their training and foundations and while patriotic in the extreme, are nonetheless very suspicious of any intelligence that does not seem to be completely vetted and supported with proper and methodical research…  Because these people are very influential, especially in times of a fight, and are constantly active in preparing for such a fight…Because I have forwarded some of your material to some of these folks and have gotten a tepid response because of a lack of supporting material and proofs…        Here is a response to me when I sent your post “China and Russia vs. America” highlighting what I’m saying: “Very interesting article and im curious to hear his sources for his high accusations and deductions.    Although his words and thoughts would weave a well thought out, long term strategic game communist parties have orchestrated for several decades, I personally and professionally don’t see any significant citations nor facts that would confidently allow me to make the same educated assessment.  That said, I’m not one to shy away from contrary opinions; what made you compelled to share?” (my highlights) I cannot be more specific about what my friends do or who they are.   I really am on board with you and your thoughts.  I want to reach my friends somehow because first of all they are my friends, and secondly because of who they are.  Thus, my request.  I hope that something can be worked out so that I can offer them something that is more at their level.  I know that I cannot offer that, but hope you’ll be able to do so. Kind regards, David Hughes

    1. Undoubtedly your friends’ level is above mine. I’m not sure if you are familiar with my footnoted forays. It is nice to have editors and big publishing houses to help with the polish. I have not been so blessed. Truly, I am not ON your friends’ level. Of course, I have written scholarly papers, monographs and books — full of citations. I do name sources, books, articles. Don’t I? This seems like something I’ve done. Am I wrong? Does every statement now require a citation? It might take months, or years, to write — with a citation for every thought. Even so, many of my articles have citations, links, notes. I suppose those don’t count. Insufficiency? But you see, I’m pressed for time. We are all up against a clock, a timetable; and I’m hoping my readers will check things for themselves. If you want scholarly papers, it takes about two weeks to write a small one — and a blog loses its readers fast if you cannot keep a steady stream. That’s how things are. One of my articles — the one on Obama and the Russians — took all summer to research, and it is heavily footnoted. But I did not publish anything during most of the summer. I was studying and thinking. I had to read several very dull books. I would love to accommodate you in dotting every “I” and crossing every “T”, but I have to play the poet now. The war is on. I either know what I know, or I don’t. You either think I’m a kook or you do some reading on your own — and thereby learn the subject for yourself. If I took greater pains to make everything into a doctoral thesis, I could present it in about two years. Do you want to wait that long? Do we have that long? I would have no readers for the site then. Perhaps I am tired of making the same citations over and over — of citing the same defectors, over and over — when so few are interested. Did you want exact page numbers? The truth is prosaic and dull, but full of deep consequence. You have to pay up front. It is complicated. Do you want the complications? Do you want to inhibit what appears? The famous Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky told me why few in the West understood communism. “It’s complicated,” he said. “And people don’t want to learn about something so tedious.” He was right! People don’t seem to read important or difficult books anymore. If I made these posts more professorial, would your friends take them seriously? Or would the citations simply bore them? — or annoy them? Forgive my skepticism, but here is what YOU must do. Have your friends read Golitsyn’s “New Lies For Old.” Have them study it carefully, then have them get back to you. Will that work? They can check the publication date on the book to see if Golitsyn accurately predicted later Russian/Chinese events in a way that is not readily explicable. If they aren’t willing to invest the time, they won’t credit my footnotes. Did you know that almost all “experts” in these subjects will not pick up Golitsyn’s text and read it? How embarrassing for them. But are they embarrassed? No. I am supposed to be embarrassed for quoting Golitsyn. Did you know that he was supposedly diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. That’s what Thomas Mangold alleged in his book on James Angleton, titled “Cold Warrior.” He also said Angleton was mentally ill. That is supposed to be the last word on Golitsyn and on Angleton. If you don’t agree, then you can also be diagnosed. Angleton was the head of the CIA’s counterintelligence staff from 1954-1974. He and his staff supported Golitsyn’s analysis. It was afterwards condemned as “sick think.” However, Golitsyn predicted nearly everything that happened at the end of the Cold War. Read Mark Riebling’s book “Wedge,” I beg you. Tell your friends to read it. Riebling went through Golitsyn’s predictions. Out of 140 falsifiable predictions, if memory serves, Golitsyn got just under 94 percent right by 1994. For example, Golitsyn predicted the rise of a “liberal” Soviet leader, the possible taking down of the Berlin Wall, the unification of Germany, the CPSU giving up power in Russia, the end of the Cold War, a relaxation of tensions, the collapse of anti-communism as a force in the West, further arms control treaties, Western disarmament to low levels of readiness, a future military alliance between Russia and China which he characterized as “one clenched fist” and a shift in the balance of power favoring a renewed communist bloc. He predicted it all — in a book published in 1984. How did a KGB defector do that? He knew some details about Soviet deception strategy and the reorganization of the KGB to carry out this plan. He said the changes in Russia would be deceptive and not spontaneous. The changes would be organized “from above.” You tell your friends that. You cite Golitsyn and see what they say. I tell you, your friends will dismiss it out of hand without checking the facts, without reading the book. It’s too much trouble for them, and too out of the way! How do I know? I have been citing chapter and verse from that book for 33 years — even before the predictions came true. You see, I figured the predictions were going to come true because another defector made similar predictions. His name was Jan Sejna. And I was trying to get a Ph.D in political science in the late 1980s, and I knew the academics in this area would all buy into the deception. I knew they’d lap it up; as did Francis Fukuyama — the famous Sovietologist — without noticing the confluence between the warnings of the two defectors, Golitsyn and Sejna. Would anyone else figure it out? No. Not if they wanted a career. Denial is a funny thing. I have tried to persuade people in various ways, using different approaches; but nothing has worked. Now, China’s actions are doing it for me. Russia is doing it for me. Oh yes. That’s right! It’s “one clenched fist” time! A bit late for citations. Shall I now go back and find a citation for everything, after 33 years of doing this? I’m sorry. Citations don’t work. Watch China. Watch Russia. That’s why I have readers now. Your friends will either grasp the truth of what I am saying directly, or their ideas are not subject to factual amendment. The facts? You can google them. They can google them. You can read the books I cite. Cover to cover. Those who want to believe the communist lies will invent arguments rationalizing their denial. How do I know? I have been trying to get my countrymen to read the defector literature for 33 years. Which authority is going to change its thinking without losing its credibility? Which pundit? Which expert? Who has that kind of integrity? It’s impossible. How could they, even now, admit what they’ve missed these many years? It’s too shameful. The Congo went communist in 1997. South Africa fell a few years before that. Nepal fell more recently. Venezuela everybody knows about. Nicaragua? Yes, the Sandinistas took it by the throat. Do I have to make citations for these? Oh! And we elected Obama president in 2008. Do we really understand this man’s ideological background? His many Marxist friends? His communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis? Our progress toward destruction has required, from your friends, a special kind of obliviousness. If people want to be obtuse, shall I salt my sentences with footnotes? FOR THEM? What else can I say? Those who haven’t read the defector literature don’t know their strategic ABCs. They will never understand. They will see everything that has happened for the last thirty years in the wrong context. So what do I cite for them? The Chinese 071 amphibious transport can carry 1,000 troops and has a range of several thousand nautical miles. Why? Please ask THEM to explain the why if it. I added a link to the bottom of the article, showing this fact. I often do this, sometimes belatedly. If people will not read Golitsyn or Sejna, will they tell me what a long range Chinese amphibious transport is for? But, perhaps, since I am not on their level, they have the right to think there is something wrong with ME. And if I cite all this literature, will they think differently? A mental stigmatism is not easy to overcome (mine or theirs). But please, look at the notes at the bottom of my articles. Many have links where the facts are mentioned. Should I number the paragraphs quoted therefrom? You add to my drudgery, sir. Will you hire a staff, an office, a whole organization to assist in the endeavor? Sources are cited, here and there. Russia and China have troop contingents in Venezuela. I read it in the newspapers. I cannot cite it chapter and verse. Should I? It’s widely acknowledged, right? Everyone reading newspapers should know it. Hitler was born in Austria, Stalin in Georgia, Napoleon in Corsica. Must I, like a pedant, make a citation because the ignorant many believe that Hitler was German, not Austrian; that Stalin was Russian, not Georgian; that Napoleon was French, not born with Italian as his mother tongue? What people think they know, and what should be common knowledge, are not the same. And idiots reading these words — I promise you! — will think me daft for claiming Napoleon was not born an ethnic Frenchman, or Hitler a German national; because people don’t know what they don’t know. History is in the details, and who cares about details, right? Russia is still supporting communist countries around the globe. It’s a fact. I’ve been watching them carefully since 1991. You can look for yourself. You can google it. Do I have to bring in a pile of books? Russia is helping Nicaragua and Cuba and Venezuela. This is no secret. I have no idea what facts I should be citing because I am shocked at what people do not know and are incapable of comprehending. Yes, I’m shocked. There is so little time left. And here I am, losing sleep, feeling guilty. Oh no. I didn’t prove my case to someone. They peered down and sniffed. “Where is Nyquist’s proof?” And it never seems to matter how carefully footnoted my arguments sometimes are. I cannot say it’s raining without quoting a weatherman. But I do quote them! Sorry it’s not always a master’s thesis. Sorry. I am really struggling here. I will try to accommodate you. But David, I AM struggling. It has never been easy to rise to your friends’ level.

      1. I’ve experienced this widespread negligence, too. People listen, you try to give good summaries, not too long (not to bore them), but also not too short (so they really get the picture). At some point, when you refer them to Golitsyn’s two books, they immediately evade, as intellectually lazy and self-complacent people (which is almost everybody nowadays) can SMELL from a distance what could be hard work. And so they never open these books, even though you give them the weblinks for the free PDFs online. Still, at best, they have a brief look over the shoulder, AND THAT IS IT. They only would have to open those files and read. Doesn’t cost them a penny! And yet they wouldn’t do it. I know people whom I have been working on for years (which is ridiculous), and they haven’t had a look. And although they haven’t read Golitsyn, or Story, or Nyquist, or any of it, they come up with some funny excuses to the effect that, well, it’s all rather speculative. They are in DEEP SLEEP and talk about speculation? And that’s why we stand where we stand. People in the top positions are simply blind leading the blind. And yet, nobody wants to listen. Anti-authoritarian education has played a massive part in this, too: Everyone’s has his own self-assured opinions, but nobody listens!

      2. Jeff Nyquist, you’ve done your job. Some of us have woken up. It’s not your fault that most are still asleep. Don’t kill yourself.

        Remember Jeremiah the prophet—he warned for over 20 years about the judgment that was coming, and almost nobody listened. It was not his fault that people didn’t listen.

        There are other clues that I haven’t seen you mention, that indicate that the communists never let go of the Soviet Union. There are clues that the Chinese are preparing an invasion that I haven’t seen you mention. Someone who’s awake has more than enough clues.

        I have experienced the lack of depth in research. What I thought was falling-off-the-log of course research in my hobby (I had all of one two semester college course in the field) I find that “world class experts” haven’t done that research. I have done that research. But who listens to someone who’s not a recognized expert in the field? So keep up with your work, it’s not done in vain.

    2. Sounds like they are too busy with other things to do their own research, as many of us do when reading any articles on any given site. It is usually referred to as “doing ones homework”. The internet allows for a lot of homework to be done, so no reason not to do homework. Also, doing homework tends to lead to other information that is found as a byproduct of searching for the information you were originally seeking. Some refer to it as serendipity.

    3. “…proofs that a discriminating mind or even a skeptic would be able to more easily consider.”

      The Subversion Factor/1983/Western Goals Productions

      The chairman and president of the Western Goals was congressman Larry McDonald.
      „Lawrence Patton McDonald (April 1, 1935 – September 1, 1983) was an American politician and a member of the United States House of Representatives, representing Georgia’s 7th congressional district as a Democrat from 1975 until he was killed while a passenger on board Korean Air Lines Flight 007 when it was shot down by Soviet interceptors.”

      1. Senator and anti-communist Democrat Henry M. Jackson (May 31, 1912 – September 1, 1983) also died that day, shortly after giving a news conference condemning the Soviet attack on Korean Air Lines Flight 007. He reportedly mentioned that it was an intentional crime against Larry McDonald.

        Yuri Bezmenov also had no doubt that it was an assassination.

  12. This article is smack on.

    I have always thought that they would use shipping container ships as well; you can load up shipping containers with troops discreetly, and who will look sideways as container ships?

    1. Dave Hodges did a great article on Russian rockets being hidden in what appear to be shipping containers (and can launch right out of them) that are all over the U.S.

      1. Club K; the Russians sell them. Missiles in shipping containers. You could even ship them into a country and attack it from it’s center. Talk about confusing!! Who to retaliate against??

    1. Not seeing the text of the post…it was that way when I first saw it Sunday.

  13. Although I do not doubt that the CCP intends to, and will, make a ground invasion eventually (and the DOD is certainly behaving as though they realize the same) I fear that the communist subversives within our own country are already succeeding in doing most of the work for them through their long established infiltration of all of our institutions and organs of government. Although we average citizens of course cannot identify and neutralize them, we need to be part of the solution by pushing back against the things that are softening up our nation and undermining our Constitution and liberties. A free people with a healthy and sound society and economy is an important part of a good figurative immune system against an invasion by the CCP virus. When I say, “pushing back”, I mean letting our elected officials know that we aren’t going to be prisoners in our homes held hostage by fear of a virus, and that we intend to protect our inalienable rights and republican form of government. (Sorry, but Trump’s plan to reopen the country isn’t going to cut it if they intend to put us back under lockdown every time a flu-like virus flares up.) Unfortunately, I think we are passed the point now where they will feel pressured to listen to us. Honestly, I can’t think of any scenario where this all ends well until Christ returns.
    I appreciate your work J.R. Thank you for your vigilance.

    1. We must demand competent leadership. That being said, what do you think? Citizens can do as they please during a war? If the actions of the leaders are wrong, it is worse than you describe. It is defeat. Is the President doing the wrong things? What solutions would you employ?

      1. Do whatever we want if our shores are invaded? I really think that circumstances on the ground would inform us very quickly what is possible to do or not do. I’m not certain that I am understanding your statement correctly. But are our public servants in leadership doing the wrong things? Absolutely. There are traitors in the government running a coup d’etat against the American people. And this coup is precisely what is making our nation vulnerable to attack, as it was intended to. Is the president one of them? I really don’t know. I have wondered since his election if he is a trojan horse, and I have to tell you, his keenness to pass the “tremendous” stimulus, his deplorable treatment of the patriot, Thomas Massie, and now his plan to “reopen” the economy, which has no back-to-normal phase, and includes holding us in house arrest if any flu-like virus is on the rise… it doesn’t look good. I really hope he will prove to be a great leader in the end, and we will learn that he was always between a rock and a hard place trying to serve our country, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

        Meanwhile, whether an invasion happens or not, we still have to deal with the fact that we are essentially being converted into cattle on farm FEMA. And just wait until the vaccine is announced: the public will demand that it be mandatory for all… anything to try to get back to how things used to be.

        So what shall we say, is it somehow better if we end up with American Communism than Chinese Communism? God forbid such a decision. Like it or not, at home or abroad, the whole world is coming out against patriots because the world is moving on. This is the Age of Aquarius we are entering into: The scales of judgement. The collectivists erroneously believe that this shall be their shining hour wherein utopian equity will be created. And here we are, selfish little patriots trying to stand in the way of their progress. But the scales belong to the Lord, and they will be weighed and tried.

        I only wonder if the prophecy of George Washington will prove true, and whether that will long forestall the global designs of the technocrats. Otherwise, I don’t see any escape from the dogs that surround us.

        You ask what solution I would employ? I see a few options available to us, but none of them end the way that we would wish. It is a terrible time to contemplate resisting the tyranny of this de facto American government, with a threat from China looming over us. And yet, if we do not save our country first, what will there be to fight for? Should I allow myself to be conscripted into the army of my oppressor to give my life fighting another oppressor? Let me tell you then what I would wish, given our manifold limitations: I would wish for every man and woman who cherishes our God-given, unalienable rights to peacefully refuse to cooperate with the dictates of this U.S. government with one accord. For each of us to take the decision to reopen our economy and resume our normal lives for ourselves instead of waiting for permission (our founding document, The Declaration of Independence, which recognizes our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, would seem to agree that this decision belongs to us). And if the government refuses to recognize that this is our prerogative and begins to make arrests? I would say that only collaborators would be the ones making these arrests, and they will clearly be drawing the battle lines if they do. If that begins to happen, we would need patriots protesting for the release of these martyrs in every city where they are arrested. Furthermore, I would wish that our patriots in the military would use this time to identify and arrest traitors in the government. That the CIA, the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the NSA, FEMA, the FDA, and NASA, (to name a few criminal organizations) would be disbanded and their leaders prosecuted. I could wish until I am blue in the face. But if wishes were fishes, we’d all build boats. As for what I will do, all I can tell you is, when these wishes of mine do not come to pass, I will resist a tyrant no matter what colors he flies; and I will die alone, pursued by my enemies, a vagabond weeping over memories of better days.

  14. Trump did not stop the Chinese from flying into the US.
    Thousands are arriving every day.
    Do not be fooled by the rhetoric and bad acting.

  15. Gosh, I thought Trump knew that about the Chinese? One of the cheapest races in the world.
    They are a different breed of Asians. People that have NO honor. The best way I can describe them is if they could sell their mother’s blood to make a buck they would.

  16. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, over the weekend when the Hong Kong Democracy Movement leaders who were known to be under the control of the Hong Kong Underground Communist Party, at the same time, there was an announcement that the Basic Law of Hong Kong no longer applies and there is an attempt to urgently implement article 23, also I have been told that there are signs that the Chinese Communist Party is trying to have Hong Kong become part of the Mainland early and also I have been told there are now reports that Hong Kong people who opposed the CCP have ended up missing, is it possible the purge of Hong Kong people who oppose the CCP is ongoing? :

    1. It is tragic to think that a great city has been crushed by communist tyranny. The timing of this action — in advance of the pandemic — is suggestive of a larger plan, and dangers yet to come.

  17. Jeff, I am not sure if this will help with the research on the ties between the Hong Kong Democracy Movement with the Chinese Communist Party, when I was doing some research on the Hong Kong Underground Communist Party, I have come across at least 2 articles confirming Szeto Wah who is considered a Democracy Activist and the second founder of the Hong Kong Democratic Party in Hong Kong is actually a member of the Hong Kong Underground Communist Party:

    Link 1:

    ” It was later revealed that Szeto Wah was an underground member of the chinese communist party.”

    Link 2:

    “Szeto’s character is perhaps best reflected in an unlikely source that dates from this period of his life. Because he had always been strongly patriotic, sympathized with the new post-1949 communist-ruled China, and had joined a leftist youth group in the 1950s, rumors continued to circulate in the 1970s that he was actually an underground communist agent.”

    By the way, I have found another University Professor in Hong Kong who has been exposing the United Front and the Hong Kong Underground Communist Party in Hong Kong, his name is Sonny Lo:

    Sonny Lo has also written a book called China’s new United Front Work in Hong Kong:

    Jeff, can I have your opinion in regards to Szeto Wah and the video from Sonny Lo?

  18. Jeff, I have come across at least another 2 articles saying Szeto Wah who is a heavily respected Democracy Activist and the 2nd founder of the Hong Kong Democratic Party is a member of the Hong Kong Underground Communist Party:

    Link 1:

    ” It was later revealed that Szeto Wah was an underground member of the chinese communist party.”

    Link 2:

    “Szeto’s character is perhaps best reflected in an unlikely source that dates from this period of his life. Because he had always been strongly patriotic, sympathized with the new post-1949 communist-ruled China, and had joined a leftist youth group in the 1950s, rumors continued to circulate in the 1970s that he was actually an underground communist agent.”

    Also, a Hong Kong Professor by the name of Sonny Lo has also written a book called China’s New United Front Work in Hong Kong:

    In 2018, he gave a lecture at the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondent’s club discussing the United Front at work in Hong Kong:

    Jeff, can I have your opinion regarding Szeto Wah and Sonny Lo’s work on the United Front in Hong Kong

  19. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, an Hong Kong person on Twitter has sent me an article link on Martin Lee, the founder of the Hong Kong Democratic Party. From what I read, the British Government wanted nothing to do with Martin Lee and were suspicious of him during the 1990’s:

    At least one former Legislative Council member during the British Era in Hong Kong wrote this about Martin Lee:

    ““Baroness Dunn said that Martin Lee’s strategy was based on the assumption that change would happen in China. He might even be tempted to think that independence for Hong Kong was an option,” a Downing Street record of the meeting said.”

    Then the response from Martin Lee:

    “On Dunn’s comments, Lee said that he had always been supporting “One Country, Two Systems” and not independence. He said Dunn’s action amounted to making complaints behind his back.”

    1. Martin Lee was arrested two days ago. Stephan Molyneux interviewed him about a year ago and just republished his video interview. 1 hour.

      1. Jeff, I agree that Martin Lee will never go against Beijing, if he did, he would be disappeared just like what happens to people who oppose the CCP

  20. Has anyone even bothered to ask President Trump, why the US hasn’t nuked China, yet?

    Still, how can China invade without being seen and stopped? Can their ships and aircraft arrive faster than our ICBMs?

    1. Do you really think, given our political culture, we could win a nuclear war? I don’t think so. Rather, we are expertly positioned to lose a war. With our navy destroyed, our satellites blinded, and our nukes gone, why wouldn’t they land in San Francisco? Or do you think this country a patriotic, vigilant, defense-minded place? — especially during the eight years of Barack Obama? Since we haven’t tested a nuclear weapon in almost thirty years, do we have any nuclear weapons that actually work? And how many traitors inside the Pentagon and intelligence establishment would the enemy need to sabotage our readiness and blind us to a surprise attack? Surely, the markers for such activity have been everywhere. I threw up my hands many years ago! One military analyst I know personally said he was surprised to wake up alive every morning. He couldn’t figure out why they hadn’t simply blasted us outright.

      1. This is my biggest question: what is taking them so long? I literally ponder this question almost every day. Our nukes are outdated/outnumbered, our military stretched thin. We’re as soft, dis-unified, and overall lacking in the stimulating fount of patriotism as we’ve ever been. Maybe they’re waiting on a premise to claim the moral high ground?

      2. Jeff, perhaps God is granting us a window of mercy to repent? Perhaps no different than Hitler delaying his expected land attack of Britain with his marines.

    2. The US government is an ally of China just like they are an ally of Russia.
      Don’t be fooled by their rhetoric and bad acting.

      Planes and ships from China have never stopped coming to the US since the beginning of this latest season of their Reality TV Show.

      1. The US Government is an ally if China? So the Chinese and Russians have been engaged in a massive military buildup to challenge some OTHER superpower out there?

  21. The United States is partners with China’s Wunan pathogenetic research. Goldman Sachs runs the Federal Reserve and their computers receive all the buy and sell orders on the stock exchange before the floor trades get them. Their corporation took all the profits out of the market with an instantaneous program trade. The money is in Swiss banks. It’s not in the US economy.

    Soft power is being used to convince Americans to voluntarily commit economic suicide by staying inside their homes and not going to work. Goldman Sachs will buy out struggling corporations at bargain prices after an 80% correction, along with all the foreclosed real estate at eight cents on the dollar.

    If Covid-19 were actually an attack from China, the US would have nuked them. I’ll believe the virus is a real threat, when we actually do nuke both China and Russia.

    Donald Trump is Fred Trump’s son. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

  22. Convid-19 is not as bad as made out to be, but it does attack red blood cells, thereby diminishing oxygen to internal organs, while face masks reduce oxygen intake. ‘They’ don’t want US dead, but weakened; bio-terror to keep people inside instead rioting in the streets,
    and to deprive them of their livelihood, in order to foreclose on their realty.

    Goldman Sachs will own everything, and everyone will work for and rent from, them.

    It’s the rise of, The New World Order, paving way for the Antichrist.

    6 And the LORD said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language;
    and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which
    they have imagined to do.

  23. You provide a credible explanation, Jeff. Russia and China’s proxies, North Korea and Iran, have been trying real hard to provoke a military response from US. Trump has managed to ignore them. Now, it’s almost as if China invites direct attack on Peking. Curious. Does China now feel that Peking is expendable in exchange for depleting US nuclear arsenal in advance of a more effective counter attack?

  24. Perhaps China and Russia, aren’t so confident of their military superiority enough to launch a first strike, preferring to have US waste our weapons on decoys? Before the virus came to public attention, President Trump verbally stated that he had rebuilt the US military, and that the Space Force coming.

  25. Speaking of San Francisco. A couple of years ago I was speaking with a homeless black man in the Tenderloin, who told me that, “All the white people have left the City, except for Eastern Europeans.” While I’m sure that there must be a few left in Pacific Heights, I did notice a lot of attractive Russian ladies around town.

    What do you make of that trend, Jeff? Didn’t former Russian President, Gorbachev, move to San Francisco, and start a NGO on an US Navy island in the Bay?

  26. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, here is a new video of Martin Lee on Al-Jazeera, he still believes that the arrangement of One Country, Two Systems still work, in reality it’s dead as many Hong Kong people who I have spoken to are now believing that the Chinese Communist Party are making Hong Kong go through an early reunification. Also over the weekend I was informed that the Hong Kong Judiciary which is seen as independent and which was built up by the British is not only under attack, over the weekend, lawyers and solicitors in Hong Kong who opposed the Chinese Communist Party were rounded up and have now been reported as missing. The judges that serve in the Hong Kong court system are also fearing they could very well be rounded up as well.

    The Al-Jazeera Video with Martin Lee:

  27. What to make of N Korea’s “Lil Kim” supposedly in dire straits? Is he dying or is it a ploy to get our guard down?

  28. Could this be a merger of China with the United States; a new, mercantile totalitarian union, with American standard of living for the wealthy, and the Chinese standard for the vast, majority? As the US Army Corp of Engineers, remodels sports and concert arenas around the country for the homeless, home buyers become evicted, while Chinese elite take possession of the vacated houses. This all for the sake of international peace.

  29. Hello Jeff, Thank you very much for the recent post, “The Lies We Believe.”  I remember talk about Gorbachev’s dismantling of Soviet communism when Reagan was POTUS.  I also remember that the idea of it being a ruse was weeded out of the narrative so that it is rarely heard today.  But you are a rare voice. Thanks also for giving more sources and links. I am sorry that the libertarian “Jackass” of whom you wrote felt a need to engage you in such a personal and deleterious way.  Email and texting seem to empower people to be a little less human, a little less sensitive to the fact that we must engage one another with respect, at all times, even if/when we do not agree. But I am afraid that the love of many is waxing cold, and this has become normal fare in many and different engagements.  Nonetheless, I am sorry and I know it hurts. I am taking the liberty of forwarding your essay to my friends along with a question.  That is, “Does the support found in this essay better deal with your concerns?”   Please keep up the great work and remember that no prophet ever had a lot of support from the public, until they passed away.  Then the “public” built their tombs and worshipped at their shrines, but still never grasped the truths of their prophecies! Sadly, most will never “get it.” Kind regards, David Hughes

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