…we’ll never use the damn germs, so what good is biological warfare as a deterrent? If somebody uses germs on us, we’ll nuke ’em.

Richard Nixon


Professor Yanzhong Huang is a political scientist and “expert” in pandemics. He is an exemplar of the mainstream media’s approach to the COVID-19 bio-weapon question. It might be more appropriate to list him as an expert in “polemics.” Professor Huang clearly dislikes the idea the virus was weaponized in a Chinese lab. One might even say he is sensitive on the question.

He has written an article in Foreign Affairs, titled “U.S.-Chinese Distrust Is Inviting Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories, And Undermining Efforts to Contain the Epidemic.” The very title of Professor Huang’s article reads like an indictment of anyone who says the virus is an engineered bioweapon. He alludes to the Zero Hedge article which quoted my Epoch Times piece on the subject. Professor Huang says, in essence, that such views (as mine) endanger world peace and “Sino-American cooperation.”

But today’s “Sino-American cooperation” has never signified real peace. It has always been a form of low-intensity warfare, practiced by China, while America sleeps — unaware that its position is gradually eroding away.

To obfuscate the question of the virus’s weaponization, the best defense is (evidently) a strong offense. Huang denies the virus came out of a bio-weapon program. He smears anyone who says otherwise as a “dangerous … conspiracy theorist.” He blames Zero Hedge for quoting me. He says they are contributing to the severity of the pandemic. To say that Professor Huang’s article is honest, in this regard, is to miss the underlying political purpose behind his statements.

What is more important: Professor Huang is not alone in what he says. Marxist academics and media leftists have tilted favorably toward communist regimes in the past, and will continue to do so. This kind of thing is not entirely unexpected from the magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), where Professor Huang is a fellow. Some of us suspect the CFR is a hub for communist infiltrators, piggy-backing on the naive internationalism of the capitalist elite. In effect, Professor Huang uses the CFR as a platform for attacking anti-communists as “dangerous conspiracy theorists.” Those of us who write about the communist threat are, at best, ignored by the mainstream media. In this instance, we are singled out for ostracism; — that is to say, Establishment ostracism. We have no voice. But the Chinese Communist professor, promoting Chinese Communist disinformation, has a voice. The Establishment gives him a platform to attack those who warn the West about Beijing’s intentions.

Professor Huang and his kind are readily published in all the mainstream newspapers and magazines. From his privileged position, this foreigner from mainland China guides American opinion. Who is he? What does he represent?

It was interesting to read the many positive student reviews he received as a professor at Seton Hall University. But among these are some negative evaluations: “I don’t like him. Bad attitude toward some students….” — and even more specific: “This man is ignorant, stubborn, disrespectful, and very difficult to comprehend. A hidden Chinese communist.” [Italics added.]

There seems to have been animosity between this professor from Red China and a subset of his American students. Was this animosity ideological? Is Professor Huang beholden to the government in Beijing? Why did Foreign Affairs magazine invite him to write a propaganda piece?

Or is it propaganda?

Professor Huang argues for good relations between communist China and the United States. Naturally, none of us want a war; but the Chinese communists are not trustworthy friends. They have committed many crimes, they have damaged America’s economy using trade as a weapon — stealing technology, corrupting our political system with cash, making us dependent on supply chains that are now used as weapons of economic and medical coercion.

We see, in this prestigious magazine, the magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations, a readiness to blacken the name of anyone who suspects the People’s Republic of China of a serious treaty violation in connection with the COVID-19 virus. The article is a clear warning to every writer in America. Get in line behind China’s power. Praise China’s good intentions. Berate those who warn of a Chinese communist threat.

If you want to know what a biological war looks like, consider our empty town squares and the overloaded morgues of New York City. If you want to know what psychological warfare looks like, read Professor Huang’s article in Foreign Affairs.


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34 thoughts on “Psychological Warfare in the Midst of a Biological Attack

  1. I assume the best likelihood here is an accidental lab leak, not sinister bioterror, on a pure odds basis. We all benefit by playing together nicely, of course. At the same time, we would have to be stupid to ignore this possibility. Apparently the Chinese don’t understand the point of free speech. Or how NOT to take popular speculation which is inevitable, about possible scenarios, too seriously. At the same time, the seriousness of the damage inflicted on the world is undeniable.

  2. This outbreak is just a mere smidgen of bio-warfare, and a full blown example of bio-terrorism; a tactical weapon in asymmetrical warfare. As the bully who smiles while standing on your foot while shaking your hand too, tight, China softens US up.

  3. [Excerpt]:

    We are seeing this agenda play out now, and it’s leading towards Virtual Dictatorship. Let’s not call it Communism, let’s call it Virtual Dictatorship – because it’s managed online, everyone is in their home, and decisions are made by a group of non-elected Czars (Oligarchs) including foreigners.

    In a rare and frank interview with JR Nyquist, which is a MUST WATCH for those who want an intellectual background of what’s unfolding, he makes an interesting comparison to the fall of the Roman Empire and what’s unfolding.



    JR Nyquist interviewed by Mike Adams – coronavirus, China and World War III
    Health Ranger Report
    Published a month ago
    For the latest from Mike Adams, visit Pandemic.news


  4. A classy, connected, Rusky dame once told me more than ten years ago in saying goodbye: “I hope that nothing happens, but we are a wild people.”

  5. “Dangerous conspiracy theories…” – Dangerous for whom???

    Just found on my Facebook page a post of mine blocked by Facebook on grounds of “false information”, where I simply shared the Epoch Times’ documentary film on the origin of the Coronavirus.

      1. It is shocking that a medium created for openness and freedom has so readily succumbed to woodenheaded groupthink, and the stupidity of the small-minded censor.

      2. And Epoch Times just became mainstream (in a sense). Fox News reporting that sources tell them the US government believes the Wuhan flu originates from a ChiCom lab, albeit the sources are setting a narrative of an “accidental release.”

        Making these same claims was getting people banned from Twitter not so long ago. Now it’s becoming official.

      3. Here is The Epoch Times’ response to Facebook’s blocking of links to this documentary. It turns out that the “independent fact checker” responsible for the ban is a virologist at the National University of Singapore, who has also worked at the Wuhan Institute of Virology!: https://www.theepochtimes.com/amid-pandemic-facebook-stifles-information-showing-chinas-cover-up_3315164.html?fbclid=IwAR3mCOa-mXh2kMgAVWPSBSzrLXb5aZY-PgEhn4xzbo52NkDLNl09YQic5hY

  6. Jeff, I apologise about the call to the John Moore Radio show today as I had a congested chest and also in regards to the article, I am not sure if it is related to the article but from what I was told by an American Expat who lives in New Zealand that there are Congressman and Senators within the US Government who are now realising that the Hong Kong Protests last year seems to be a provocation. I was told that there are Congressman and Senators who are now questioning whether the Hong Kong Democratic Party and Civic Party and Joshua Wong, Martin Lee, Sunny Cheung, Joey Siu and etc can be trusted. There is also a policy shift and I was told that Hong Kong has been seen that it cannot be relied on to counter the Chinese Communist Party in the region and instead the US will rely on Taiwan, South Korea and Japan instead. There are congressman and senators within the US Government who are now calling for the end or repeal of the special trade status which Hong Kong has with the US which is stipulated in the Hong Kong Policy Act of 1922 enacted by George H W Bush Senior. The general consensus from the congressman and senators is that Hong Kong is another Mainland Chinese city and it cannot be relied on anymore, Jeff, may I have your opinion on this?

  7. Jeff, thank you for your answer to my question about Russell Kirk. You put into words a sentiment which I have often felt about the Raegan era triumphalism which Kirk professes in some of his writings. I have always been shocked by Kirk’s proclamation in his autobiography, written in 1995, that conservatives had “won”. This statement seems ridiculous in a moment when the forces of consumerism, materialism and unbridled technological advance were rapidly destroying everything Kirk held dear. In your reply however, you seemed to suggest that you had mostly read Kirk’s political writings. I am much more familiar with his fiction, (which nearly always has a cultural or political message), which I think takes a much different tone. In several places, he shows an understanding of the necessity of the renewal through destruction that you describe. As an example, I include an excerpt from Kirk’s short story, “Skyberia”, one of my favorites among his fictional pieces. The story describes two urban, wholly modern hunters who, after loosing themselves in the Michigan backwoods, meet a farmer, the last left in the region, who lives a 19th century life. In his conversation with the hunters the farmer gives a scathing indictment of modernity. The farmer says “Yet, in the past three or four years, I’ve begun to understand why God is terrible. You and everyone else know, deep down, that our world is going to smash. And I’m thinking that God wants it to smash. He wants it to smash because he’s terrible. And He’s terrible because He loves us. …Five years ago—Yes, two or three years ago—I wouldn’t have given a plugged nickel for our chances of holding out. …The Government, the unions, the chain stores, the consolidated schools, the factories, the Army, the movies, radio, television, and Old Man Arithmetic had our number. But now I think I was wrong: because God is terrible, and He loves men, and He’s going to make them keep their human nature. He’s not going to let us copy ants. He’s not going to turn us over to the social workers and the planners and the generals and the organizers. He’s going to burn us, and He’s going to starve us, but He’ll keep us men. No, Tom and I will be here when nearly everything else has flamed to blue blazes.” Imagine something like this coming from the pen of a Bill Kristol or Dick Cheney. I think, though of course I am not sure, that it capture’s Kirk’s true point of view better than his political writings.

    Link to the story: https://stormfields.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/skyberia-1952.pdf

    1. I had not read Kirk’s fiction — and those quotes you give are very sophisticated sentiments, superior to Reagan era triumphalism. I am not surprised Kirk had thoughts of that kind on occasion, because all thoughtful people from his generation could say such things — in pessimistic moments. But they never seriously insisted on those thoughts when it came down to real political discourse in the present. They accepted the changes of the day, with reservations. It was difficult not to, And they embraced the market optimism. They declared victory in the Cold War. I was around then, and when I would express my reservations — as I did — they were always polite to a fault. But they had no doubt of their victory. Reagan had won.

      1. Reagan won the ideological/propaganda war, which led to the second greatest Trojan Horse, since Odysseus pulled off the first one 3200 years ago.
        The second Trojan Horse was the Bolsheviks putting lipstick on a pig (the Soviet Union) and then claiming it had collapsed economically, and it was the end of communism.
        How can a country that never really had an economy, even under the Czars, collapse economically?
        The end of Communism? That doesn’t explain Putin’s control over Russia for 20 years, that is very akin to Stalin’s reign.

  8. A fair reply. Kirk’s true and noble sentiments should be honored while acknowledging the failure of his whole generation to put them into practice. I will leave it at that.

  9. Jeff, what do you think of Fox News reporting that government officials increasingly believe the coronavirus originated at the Wuhan institute if virology? Do you think that this could be a turning point in US. China relations?

    1. I believe the government knows more than it is saying, but if they share it with the public there will be a public outcry leading to a total break in relations with China. This might lead to war. This country is not able to handle a war right now.

    2. More and more scientists are speaking up about the virus being a weapon. As you might expect, the government knows the truth, and as this truth leaks out, the media gradually turns to accept it as the scientists begin to talk.

  10. Just mentioning in your opening sentences that Huang was published in Foreign Affairs is enough to know that he is providing disinformation and misinformation via “the human power elite” as John Carpenter called them in his movie “They Live”.
    That Foreign Affairs has been the hallmark publication of the “human power elite” since its inception; to present information in a context that promotes ideas and new methods for those who cannot see beyond the end of their nose, a means to enter into the utopian global plantation where they are assigned their role to be played out as directed to do so.
    It is those who are behind Foreign Affairs, and other such means of communication, that manipulate the daily world to their likes and dislikes.
    Whether by design, or by accident, the Wuhan flu was intended to be used in a means to see how the world would respond, and how destructive its effects would be on humans.
    So, Huang is being used as the first “apologist” to start an official cover-up, something “the human power elite” need to have, which allows them to continue to manipulate daily life.
    I wonder if they are trying to promote the “zero population” growth concept whereby they create a situation that brings the earth’s population down to 500,000,000, something that has been an acknowledged goal of theirs for a very long time.

    What has always been the saving grace for us “little people” is that either the hand of God intervenes, or it is just the brazen hubris of “the human power elite” that they always miscalculate and turn their glorious plans into total disaster.
    I choose the hand of God…

  11. The @stanford antibody testing is out – it estimates ~3% of people in Santa Clara County (CA) have been infected and recovered, 50-plus times the estimate of confirmed active cases. More evidence #SARSCoV2 is far more widespread and thus less dangerous than expected. pic.twitter.com/wWw7M6RXfM
    — Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) April 17, 2020


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