Many will not believe the truth. But here it is: The ruling clique in Russia is not nationalist. Real nationalist groups are persecuted in Russia. The leading political parties of the country are led by apparatchiks; that is to say, by “Soviet” persons.

A famous KGB defector once suggested that Russia’s political parties are mere branches of the Communist Party, separated into sub-units to give the appearance of a democracy. If a truly independent party appeared in Russia the communists and their friends (who still control state security) would quickly infiltrate and take possession of it.

What we see today in Russia is a classic Soviet-style deception. The proof of this deception may be found in Putin’s pro-Communist speech at the World Festival of Youth and Students in 2017, held in Sochi. Putin plainly stated his support for the young communists, saying they represent the future and he is behind them.

Russian support for communism today is more than mere lip service. The Russian government supports communist regimes around the world. Moscow is assisting the Marxist-Leninist regime in Nicaragua. Moscow has sent troops to defend communist Venezuela. Moscow has assisted North Korea with military technology, and they have also facilitated China’s military buildup.

In what sense are these actions nationalist? Real nationalists do not support global communism. If we break this down carefully, going case by case, we will find that Russia is still part of the Communist Bloc and the Bloc is preparing for war.

In terms of pretending to be nationalist, Russia exploits our naïveté. Russian policy often predicates itself on a “scissors strategy” in which the Kremlin supports both sides of a local conflict. In this strategy one side is supported openly (and deceptively), as Putin appears to support Trump. Meanwhile, the opposite side receives clandestine guidance in hijacking the enemy’s security process.

The Afghan wars (1979 – present) are an example of the scissors strategy as played by Moscow over four decades. Another example is the fight against Muslim extremism more generally. But the boldest example is Russia’s supposed support for nationalism even as Moscow’s leftist agents of influence call nationalists “Nazis” and “traitors.”

When the totalitarian left openly takes power in the United States, they might arrest all “class enemies” on the grounds that they are traitors colluding with Russia. And Putin will laugh — because Russia has always pinned its hopes on the American left, not the right. But almost nobody in the media understands the game.

Few pundits have a real understanding of Russia’s sophisticated store of strategic tricks. Military historians do not understand many of the battles of the last century because they do not see the larger playing field on which battles are only a single aspect of something that involves seemingly unrelated areas of activity — from the corruption of language and culture to the eradication of God, family and country.

The problem is not entirely due to a failure of understanding, however. Much of recent history has been deceptively related by people who know they are lying, or don’t care what the truth is. As Diana West wrote in her book, American Betrayal, “our true heroes were branded with the twentieth century’s scarlet letter — A for anti-communist.” Anyone who threatens the narrative of the new religion suffers what Eugene Lyons called “a species of intellectual ostracism.”

Communism concealed itself after 1991, but it was more active than ever before — in the schools, in the media, in science and the arts. After 1991 the Communist Party Soviet Union went underground. This was not a new maneuver. The communists performed a similar disappearing act with the Comintern in May 1943. Those who thought Stalin had given up the idea of World Revolution were as wrong then as those who believe in the fall of communism today.

All these points should be perfectly obvious, yet people are unable to see past so many lies. These lies are now entrenched in the popular mind. We count ourselves clever for knowing all about Soviet “active measures” during the Cold War. Yet the alleged disappearance of these measures hides the greatest ongoing active measure of all.

Well-informed communists know that the Soviet Union still exists, behind the facade of the Russian Federation. The USSR is still the Soviet motherland and “The General Staff” of the worldwide communist movement. Right now, the communist party is republishing the works of Lenin with help from Moscow’s Progress Publishers. Yes, it is the same state-owned publishing house that was printing Soviet propaganda in the 1960s. Here we catch them out. Here the left is not lamenting the wicked nationalism of Putin. The American communists are working with the Russian state — right now, today, in promoting Marx and Lenin. How is this possible if Putin is a nationalist?

Of course, Putin is not a nationalist. And that is why he is building missiles and nuclear weapons as fast as he can. His goal is to smash capitalism, not to support nationalism. The United States may be very close to defeat as the moment of “one clenched fist” has arrived. Everyone missed the game, and now it is probably too late.

Good luck with supposing our domestic left have got where they are without Russian guidance. Our domestic communists are supporting the same active measures the Soviet Academy of Sciences procured for them in their sabotage and subversion operations of decades passed. Nothing has really changed since the 1930s, except that we have no anticommunist organizations such as the FBI or the Catholic Church. The anti-communist is an endangered species. And given what we see on every side, from the celebrity of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to belief in global warming, Western civilization is losing on every front.

Russia is still the motherland of socialism. Putin is not a nationalist, but a communist. The Kremlin did not want Trump to be president. They wanted Clinton, and they are building up AOC for the future. The Kremlin, in fact, lies about everything, even when there is no apparent reason to lie. In time, of course, the reasons will come into focus.

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  1. “In time, of course, the reasons will come into focus.”

    And, of course, by then it will be way too late.
    It will be the West negotiating with Communism just like General Krebs “negotiating” with General Chuikov.
    To quote you, Jeff, from your excellent article “Strategic Bungling” from 6-16-2015, “But negotiations will not take place. Only surrender will take place.”

  2. “The Kremlin, in fact, lies about everything, even when there is no apparent reason to lie.”

    See Anatoliy Golytzen’s “New Lies for Old”.

    The American left lies, but they have a reason for it. The left wants to invert reality and demoralize the populace. The instigators of the lies are Americans who won elections while pretending to be patriotic Americans. They falsely believe that they will have a seat at the table of power, when, in reality, they will be the first of which to be disposed.

    1. I read the site you linked to. The author believes that the West won the Cold War. He thinks there was a victory over Communism. These are commonplaces. Everyone says this. Everyone mindlessly repeats this nonsense. Why do we need one more person saying it? Honestly, I am offended every time this idea is suggested. I am offended by the fact that people mindlessly repeat things that are so dangerous to repeat. I am offended that our intellectual discourse is so shallow and misinformed, that even intelligent people feel obligated to repeat, repeat and repeat again the lies of their enemy. How can we be so unmindful of where these lies originated? How can we have been so inattentive that we accepted them? And the writer is Brazilian! Has he not read Olavo de Carvalho? It seems he has missed the most important writer in the Portuguese language! In his own native tongue!

      As far as Nietzsche is concerned: why should a person who believes in the collapse of the Soviet Union quote Nietzsche? Better he should quote Nietzsche’s real nemisis — Francis Fukuyama — who was the epitome of Nietzsche’s “Last Man”; in fact, the defender of the Last Man, “who blinks thereby.” Fukuyama’s book, contra Nietzsche, was a brazen confession of intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy. Fukuyama did not properly defend the Last Man so much as he admitted to being one, saying it was okay to be weak and stupid and hedonistic. Let’s drop this Nietzschean stoicism, says Fukuyama. It’s too painful. We want to feel good! Oh yes, that’s what Fukuyama says. No hard questions in the end. No real analysis. Liberalism won, history is over. Communism is gone forever. What can I say? Here is a person who wants to be duped, who wants to feel good — and that is their epistemology. Fukuyama believed that Communism lost the Cold War because it made him feel better to think so. That is the basis for believing in the so-called “end of history.” It was an amazing confession. Incredibly wicked. Fukuyama thereby tattled on everyone who accepts his premise. When such people are deceived, they cannot later claim ignorance. And they are not innocent. Wherever his soul goes after this mortal life, it will subsist in a stew of regret.

      I love books and purchased a very fine hardback copy of Fukuyama’s “End of History,” but I tossed it in the trash. A very expensive edition. Yes, I tossed it, with a twinge of regret for the paper and the beautiful black book jacket. But I did not turn around and fetch it out. I left it, in disgust with the author. It was a painful disappointment. The same must be said for the ill-considered “Christian” version of the same which you lured me to read.

  3. Jeff

    I am not sure if you can provide commentary on the Hong Kong Protests. The Protesters have now turned violent which is a serious sign that the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security is manipulating both sides. Yesterday a protest in Wan Chai turned seriously violent where protesters were screaming in Chinese saying killing Police Officers:

    Recently Joshua Wong, one of the Hong Kong Independence Movement leaders and according to the Overseas Chinese Expatriate Forum community is working for the Ministry of State Securitywas interviewed by Sky News and he admitted in the interview with the reporter that he is ordering the protest to go on:

    Also new information from the Overseas Chinese Expatriate Forums have come out mentioning that the leaders of the Hong Kong Independence Movement who are Joshua Wong, Martin Lee, Jimmy Lai and Anton Chan who have been suspected to be working for or are under orders of the Chinese Ministry of State Security has ties with the Democrat Party as well:

  4. Thank you for this report. If the Communist Chinese special services have infiltrated the protests, they naturally would want to increase the violence from the side of the independence movement. This would then justify the intervention of the People’s Armed Police. They could then crush Hong Kong Independence and wipe out all traces of freedom from the people of this great city.

  5. Jeff, thanks for the reply on the Globalism article.
    I felt as you do that the “assumption” that Communism was defeated invalidated the author’s ability to correctly surmise anything. And he is in their government(!), and yes, he has probably never read Olavo de Carvalho.
    After reading you for what, 20+ years, I think I’m starting to “get it.”
    Thanks again.

  6. Russia is only secretly Communist for those who have been asleep since 1989, or who have just not been paying any attention to what is really going on.
    This quote pretty much sums it up:
    “Gentlemen, comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about Glasnost and Perestroika and democracy in the coming years. They are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal changes in the Soviet Union, other than for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep.” -Mikhail Gorbachev, speech to the Soviet Politburo, November 1987

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