The protests in Hong Kong began as an anti-extradition protest. Initially the anti-communist Chinese supported the protest. But the protests have turned violent, with more than 24 policeman injured. Hong Kong government buildings have been assailed with petrol bombs. Shopping malls have also come under attack, and it is difficult to see why — unless the protests are under Chinese Communist direction.

Many Hong Kong expatriate forums are suggesting that the violence is due to Chinese Ministry of State Security infiltrators who have initiated the protests as a classic provocation. Their mission is to justify intervention on the part of the People’s Armed Police (PAP). From that point on, the Chinese Communist Party will be in full control of Hong Kong, and they will have a ready justification for their intervention to the world.

Joshua Wong, one of the Hong Kong Independence Movement leaders, is currently in the U.S. trying to get support from the Democratic Party leadership in Congress. According to Chinese expatriate sources, Joshua Wong allegedly has been working with the Chinese Ministry of State Security. It is alleged that his parents or other relatives are held hostage by the Communist government in Beijing. We have no idea if these are rumors calculated to discredit Mr. Wong or not.

On numerous occasions Joshua Wong has been seen meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (a Democrat from San Francisco). Many in the Chinese expatriate community believe that San Francisco is a Chinese Communist enclave within the United States. The politicians from this enclave may be regarded as representatives of China rather than representatives of San Francisco.

It is said that Wong is seeking sanctions on Hong Kong — not on China. The strategy here is to appear sympathetic to the people of Hong Kong while driving the Hong Kong business community into the arms of the Communist Party of China. (See ).

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act may be calculated to help Communist China by cutting Hong Kong business ties with U.S. companies. If passed it could damage U.S. companies trading with Hong Kong. It is presented as helping the cause of freedom. The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act was introduced by Congressman Chris Smith and Senator Marco Rubio.

5 thoughts on “Is the Violence in Hong Kong a Communist Provocation?

  1. Joshua Wong is a shame on the Chinese expatriates living overseas. What he is doing will hurt Hong Kong and local and foreign business will suffer if the Hong Kong Freedom and Democracy Act from Nancy Pelosi is passed

  2. Jeff

    This is a video of a debriefing session from the Hong Kong Police, they have confirmed on September 29 when the Hong Kong Police and Hong Kong Fire Service were attending to incidents in Wan Chai, Admiralty and Causeway Bay, the Hong Kong Police and Hong Kong Fire Service were attacked with Petrol Bombs from the Protesters from the Hong Kong Independence Movement:

  3. Jeff

    Not sure if you can comment. On October 1 around 3:00 pm Hong Kong Time, Protests took place in the Kowloon area including Wong Tai Sin, Shum Shui Po. Hong Kong Island including Sai Wan, Admiralty, Central and Wan Chai. New Territories including Sha Tin and Tuen Mun. The Hong Kong Indpendence Movement are now attacking the Hong Kong Police and Fire Service with Petrol Bombs, bricks and corrosive acid.

    The opinion from the Overseas Chinese Expatriates and forums is that this is being orchestrated by the Ministry of State Security and there is information in the Overseas Chinese Expatriates forum that the Hong Kong Independence Movement throwing petrol bombs, bricks and corrosive acid at the Hong Kong Police and Fire Service is being condoned by the Hong Kong Independence Movement Leaders who are Joshua Wong, Anson Chan, Jimmy Lai and Martin Lee who have been suspected by the Overseas Chinese Expatriates and Forums to be working for the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of State Security.

    Just wanting to ask will one of the Hong Kong Independence Movement leader Joshua Wong who has been seen meeting with Democrat Nancy Pelosi and is also trying to gather support for the passing of the Hong Kong Democracy and Human Rights Bill which was written by Republican Chris Smith and Marco Rubio which if it passes the Senate and finally the president will allow sanctions to be enforced on Hong Kong be covered on John Moore’s radio show?

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