Centrist n., A person who stays too close to the double yellow line and gets run over by traffic going both ways.

Communist n., A hominid species consisting of two subspecies: (1) Homo stultus utilis and (2) Homo politicus homicidam. The latter lives parasitically off the gullibility of the former, producing detrimental effects on the society of Homo sapiens sapiens. The life cycle of Homo politicus homicidam has three phases: (1) the pre-revolutionary subversive phase, in which it pretends to be democratic and concerned with poverty and injustice; and (2) the revolutionary phase in which total political control is consolidated through mass murder, mass brainwashing and universal impoverishment; (3) the phase of controlled liberalization in which the ruling Communist Party hides its political supremacy behind a mask of liberal reforms and international friendliness calculated to deceive the rest of the world into disarmament.

Conservative n., A person of right wing sensibilities with nothing left to conserve.

Democratic Party n., A party led by communist stooges whose schemes are focused on governing in perpetuity by granting U.S. citizenship and welfare subsidies to motley denizens of the poorest countries.

Feminist n., A woman trapped in a woman’s body; as opposed to a woman who likes being in a woman’s body.

Illegal alien n., A former victim of U.S. imperialism who seeks the enjoyment of extended victimhood by immigrating Illegally to the imperialist motherland.

Impeachment n., The attempted removal of a reality TV star from the Office of President on the grounds he colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. The impeachment will succeed if the number of Republican senators blackmailed by the Russian special services is sufficient for conviction.

Liberal n., A person of left wing sensibilities who favors policies guaranteed to undermine freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and capitalism. Formerly, a right wing person who believed in freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and capitalism.

National Socialist n., An antisemite who does not bend his arm when he waves.

Neoconservative n., A warmonger who neglects his nuclear arsenal, ignores communist subversion at home, and wants to force democracy on Beduins and Islamists.

Nuclear weapon, n., The most powerful change agent in the arsenals of Russia, China and North Korea; not to be confused with the untested, deteriorated, unusable, defunct and dialed-down atomic bombs of the United States.

Political correctness n., A mental state produced by a noninvasive lobotomy. No part of the brain is removed during the procedure. Instead, the frontal cortex is damaged after being subjected to intense doses of nonsense.

Republican Party n., An apologetic party of the American alternative left, sometimes confused with the German National Socialist Party.

Russia n., A province of the Soviet Union despotically governed by Soviet apparatchiks who claim to be democrats.

Ukraine n., A province of the Soviet Union governed by a comedian who is trying to get the ruling Soviet apparatchiks to actually behave like democrats.

United States n. A province of the Soviet Union governed by a reality TV star who is accused of being a Russian agent by apparatchiks and provocateurs who are Russian agents.

15 thoughts on “The New Patriot’s [Devil’s] Dictionary

  1. really good and funny!
    but one thing: russian weapons don`t exist: there are no s300 , no s400, no s500 and NEVER WERE. Only s200 from 1967. This is it. And some new metallic paint of course. Not a joke, this is the truth supported by extensive research of all combat deployments of fake s300 or fake s400

  2. Good stuff, Jeff! It really does an old political science major a lot of good to know what the modern definitions are. Things have really evolved!

    1. Evolve v., A process whereby a simpler life-form gradual changes into a more complex life form. Example: When the entire U.S. political elite simultaneous lost its spinal column, its forebrain, and its limbs when dealing with China trade policy. As a result, a very complex series of adaptations took place from President Reagan to President Obama involving the spontaneous development of a new sucking organ — with disastrous consequences for U.S. manufacturing. Many U.S. leaders learned to crawl with such efficiency, they were known to crawl all the way to Beijing. Although many of the new creatures engendered by these changes appear to walk upright, this is an illusion produced by newly spawned organs of deception. An animal with no spine cannot have an erect posture.

  3. Jeff

    Just wanting to let you know, the New York Times Newspaper and other media has gone on the attempt to demonize the Hong Kong Police for shooting a 18 year old who was part of the Ministry of State Security controlled Hong Kong Independence Movement that attempted to hurt Hong Kong Police Officers with Petrol Bombs, Corrosive Acid and Iron sticks. The results by then were very predictable as the Police Officers had to self defend themselves. The New York Times Reporter asked the leadership of the Hong Kong Police why they did not use rubber bullets on the rioters trying to hurt Hong Kong Police.

    The Ministry of State Security controlled Hong Kong Independence Movement have also begun labelling the Hong Kong Police as murderers. barbarians and killers with the support of the newspaper/media organizations New York Times. During the evening that went by, the Ministry of State Security controlled Hong Kong Independence Movement attempted to storm a Police Station in the New Territories and hurt and injure Police Officers and by then the results were very predictable, the Hong Kong Police were not going to stand by and allow this to happen and the media like the New York Times have begun condemning the Hong Kong Police for defending themselves

    In regards to your appearance on the John Moore Radio show today around 47 minutes in the second hour of the John Moore Radio show, I would say the caller attempted to paint you in a negative way. The caller in fact could not debate and had to resort to name calling which is pretty hilarious as it is the same with the Hong Kong Independence Movement, they do not like it when they are told that their leaders are controlled, its just like the caller trying to brush it off. It’s like Ostrich head in the soil syndrome.

    Jeff can I have your opinion or input on the issue?

    Situation in New Territories where Ministry of State Security controlled Hong Kong Independence Movement people attempted to storm a Police Station and hurt Police Officers:


    Hong Kong Police media briefing, towards the end, an New York Times Reporter tries to paint the Hong Kong Police in a negative way:

    1. We cannot see inside the security organs of the Communist regime, but we do know their methods from historical experience. Provocation is their favored strategy, and the events in Hong Kong are perfectly in keeping with such a policy. The violence is artfully arranged to discredit the independence movement in the eyes of Chinese people everywhere. Such violence cuts off the possibility of a legitimate independence movement. The Chinese Ministry of State Security has created conditions whereby only Beijing can provide security. After these riots, Beijing has the appearance of being forced to act. Who can speak against it without sounding like a supporter of thugs?

      It is difficult to oppose communist tactics of this kind. One might ask why there are not better independence leaders? Any legitimate independence movement — in Hong Kong or elsewhere — would become a prime target. In most cases it would be brought under control by infiltrators and extortion. How does it work? (1) By kidnapping or killing the leaders; (2) By kidnapping and taking hostage the leaders’ relatives. (3) By using agents in the United States Congress to pass laws against the government ofHong Kong, driving it into Beijing’s arms.

      By these and other measures, Hong Kong will beg for Chinese security forces to save them, and for the mainland to reopen their trade with the USA. The isolation of Chinese anticommunists will begin a new chapter at this juncture. Anticommunism will thereafter be associated with the violent hooliganism of the Hong Kong protestors. Such people are working for the supremacy of Beijing — whether they know it or not. Of course, the chief instigators and agent provocateurs know exactly who they are working for.

  4. Jeff

    Just wanting to ask, what do you make of the Trump impeachment hearings initiated by Nancy Pelosi?

    1. A few years ago a political scientist, Tim Groseclose, studied the voting records of all the members of Congress. Groseclose found that Nancy Pelosi had a perfect leftist voting record. She scored 100 percent. (Michelle Bachman scored 4 percent). In other words, Pelosi’s ideology is at the communist end of the spectrum — unfailingly. The idea that AOC is further left than Pelosi is completely false. By objective measurement Pelosi is at the far left end of the spectrum. It is a trick of disinformation to make Pelosi appear as a centrist in relation to others. Furthermore, she is from San Francisco, where Chinese Communist influence is a political factor that should not be underestimated. Therefore, in terms of the impeachment, we may regard Trump’s impeachment as ordered by the communists. The “squad” are merely junior functionaries who decide nothing. The communist apparatus is disciplined and knows what it is doing. As part of the global communist movement they are acting in concert with Beijing, Havana and Moscow. The special services of these countries continue to coordinate with communists in all countries. The communists are a power to be reckoned with inside the Federal Government.

  5. Far Right adj. – a term used by communists to describe anyone who does not fully endorse and advocate for state control of every aspect of life. Draws an association to nazis for those who have completed there education in a government run indoctrination center.

  6. Jeff

    Just wanting to ask, in terms of Communists being in control of the Democrat Party, when it comes to the Federal Government, how far have the communists infiltrated?

    1. It’s difficult to say with any precision, but the problems Trump has been having with the intelligence services and the Justice Department are indicative. Communists in the USA were openly talking about infiltrating the Democratic Party through its left wing 37 years ago. I heard them discussing it in person while at the university. I think they accomplished a great deal.

  7. Jeff

    The Hong Kong Government has decided to enact the Emergency Regulation Ordnance which was last used in 1967. The Hong Kong Government has banned the wearing of the V for Vendetta Mask. The Hong Kong Independence Movement is now playing itself off as innocent and they are accusing the Hong Kong Police of being violent when Police Officers are defending themselves when the Protesters are using Petrol Bombs, Corrosive Acid and metal bars/iron sticks to hurt Police Officers. A lot of people are now starting to believe that the Hong Kong Protest is too good not to be orchestrated at all with the level of violence that has taken place.


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