Able-bodied adj., A non-progressive condition lacking the privileged status of the differently-abled.

Darwinism n., The theory of evolution of species by the survival of the fittest; favored by socialists who continually lobby for political intervention on behalf of the unfit.

Democracy n., An oligarchic form of government in which elected officials screw over the people who elected them.

Cold War n., An ideological war in which the socialist bloc strove to subvert the West, ending in the victory of the West at the exact moment socialist subversion had taken over the schools, universities and media of the Western countries.

Enemy n., A term that has fallen into progressive disuse since 1945.

Friend n., All persons solicited for money in fund-raising letters.

History n., Something that didn’t happen told by someone who was not there.

Homosexuality n., A celebrated and politically privileged psychological state encouraged in grade schools; efficacious for controlling population growth and reducing humanity’s carbon footprint.

Illegal alien n., An extra-terrestrial criminal.

Polar Vortex n., A chill wind whipped up by Greta Thunberg; especially used to explain cold Arctic winters in the midst of catastrophic polar melting.

Propaganda n., A political fart.

Police Action n., A military campaign undertaken against socialist or Islamic regimes without the inconvenience of declaring war against socialism or Islam.

Science n,. The religion of Dr. Frankenstein.

Statesman n., A government official whose psychopathy is sublimated by high principals and a non-ideological regard for the common good.

Terrorist n., A violent stateless psychopath with a purported ideological or religious motive; often, one who strives to become a statesman.

War n., The obsolete and abandoned practice of organized violence against declared enemies; sometimes, the practice of organized violence against other forms of organized violence (e.g., the “war on terror”), without the inconvenient concept “enemy.”