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What follows is my interview with Brazilian journalist Allan dos Santos, a leading anticommunist and supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro. Some years ago I did a regular podcast with Allan called Update Brazil. In our first episode we interviewed Diana West and Olavo de Carvalho (the Brazilian conservative philosopher). Allan is a famous voice for freedom in Brazil, breaking stories about communist and Chinese infiltration of that country.

Interview with Allan dos Santos Part I
And Below the continuation after lost connection

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236 thoughts on “Brazil’s Presidential Election: The Fate of Bolsonaro

  1. Lula is tied with the Chinese. Bolsonaro and the Army are very close to Russia. I am not sure if Bolsonaro´s proximity to Putin is mere pragmatism or if he really believes in Putin´s nationalism. What is unquestionable is that in both scenarios, Lula or Bolsonaro, the US will not be supported by Brazil.

      1. Brazil depends on Russia for fertilizers and diesel. Bolsonaro met Putin last February. The official agenda was about the supplying of these goods. However, there is an internet rumour that Russian hackers are helping the Brazilian Army to oversee the electronic ballots in the current elections. And that this partnership was secretly established in the meeting. I cannot tell if this is true or not. But I wouldn´t discard it as a possibility.

      2. Re:
        [ diogofontana says:
        October 18, 2022 at 2:33 pm

        …Russian hackers are helping the Brazilian Army to oversee the electronic ballots. ]

        Wouldn’t it be ironic, if they both were to get way too, many more votes, than there are voters?

      1. Many in the Brazilian Armed Forces are completely lost, Jeff. There was an officer of the army running for Congress, he has a Youtube channel, the guy is so much of a Duginist he even uses terms such as “Atlanticists” in his twitter posts, and there’s this branch of folk in the armed forces who fight for a peculiar type of nationalism that claims Brazil should ally with Venezuela, China and Russia to fight NATO that wants to invade the Amazon forest. They openly defended Aldo Rebelo for president, a guy who’s in the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) because you see, he’s a nationalist. The Communists are replicating that “right-wing Marxism” schtick that has been done before.

      2. America is like every other revolutionary society: it most definitely does not support itself. I have to admit Mr. Nyquist, that Evola was on to something when he wrote about the metaphysical aspects of war. There may not be any other way for a society steeped in Modernity to survive, then for the ” last men” to be weeded out by natural (or supernatural!) selection during what is bound to be an extended period of transition.

      3. Vladimir: As Hannah Arendt pointed out in her book on Revolution, and many others have shown, America was not a “revolutionary society.” There was no social Revolution in 1775. There was a war of independence to preserve existing institutions that King George was trying to overturn. As Edmund Burke said to his countrymen, you control America’s trade and now you propose to tax them in addition. Either tax them or control their trade. Do both snd you are strangling them — and they will revolt.

      4. The population of Oahu today, is about the same as it was when Havvai’i was still recognized as a kingdom. Havvai’i used to be self sufficient. When Covid hit, there was an initial panic shopping spree, which cleared store shelves. They never got restocked more that about thirty percent. There’s only two shipping companies allowed to service Havvai’i, by act of State Legislature. Pursuant to Covid, Young’s Containers, told the governor, that if they weren’t to receive a $25M bailout, the boats are stop com’n, yeah? Since for some time well before that, the US Navy calls Oahu, ‘Suicide Island,’ in expectation of that very occurrence. The United States is perfectly capable of feeding itself, but Putin’s Globalist Cabal, has compartmentalized, every country in the World in order to make them dependent upon the whims of the puppet masters.

    1. So why Biden administration supports Lula? It’s very strange that they support the comunists but I believe it’s because Bolsonaro is a real nationalist, he will not sell the country. With Lula they have a chance.

    2. I belive you are mistaken and confusing Biden with the USA. Should Bolsonaro support Biden? The answer is no. Does he like the american freedom and constitution? Of course he does. Should he, on an election year, let the gas and food prices rise so much that the left wing candidate could benefit?
      Bolsonaro is not an idiot and is surrounded by many of Olavo´s best students. I believe he is being pragmatic with Russia and Putin. It is not an easy game to play…

  2. Jair Bolsonaro represents national bourgeoise, he is a progressive force among the south American compradors.

    1. Also not void for US of America if he wins. One less country to exploit. They are getting dangerously close to the point where they will have to start feeding themselves.

      1. Interesting you focused on exploit. Commit, have you ever been to Brazil, Argentina, or any of the countries in South America lately? Have you seen the type of control they have over the people, where they put cameras in your apartment kitchen and watch you? All for individual safety; in case you slice your finger on the dull butter knife. All under communist control, indeed the people are exploited. Have you ever seen the bathrooms, how the toilet bowl is integrated into the shower? Think about what you said, and you’ll see how the lack of freedom exploits the people.

      2. Horrific and curious. Curious that we haven’t heard of this before now. At least I haven’t. Interesting that people tolerate that. Are there any reports of people pulling the cameras out, and if so, what are the repercussions if any?

  3. Would be nice to get him to finish the interview… what does he think will happen in Brazil? What should Brazilians do to save their country?

    1. I think I can give you a first hand account: the leftists does not even bother anymore with that slow cook, with that facade of democratic, they gone overdrive:
      *going after digital influencers, silencing media outlets that portray them what they really are, under the guise of “fake news” or “informational disorder”, whatever that means;
      *They are showing their allegiances to organized crime, which days later intimidated a governor candidate starting a gunfight with the police escort.
      *They started vandalizing churches, wrecking saints images, and an incident involving shooting upon a church hours just before a service;
      *they even persecuted an elect senator that denounced child trafficking.
      The leftists are showing their true colors, and yet there is people who still supports PT for their past administrations in the mid 2000s, and people who “don’t want neither candidate”.

      So the fight for Brazil is not only political/electoral, its political, legal, even spiritual.

      *I know that talking about religion may startle a wasp nest, but prayers for Brazil to be spared from communism is welcome at this point. Brazil was envisioned by the portuguese to be a “beacon of christianity, which would re-christianize the world”, thus making an atheistic marxist takeover the magnum opus of that satanic ideology.

  4. Fantastic interview. So glad to see Allan.
    Jeff, your passion is as impressive as your knowledge.
    Like said before, we are in extreme danger.
    The stock market passing over the rapids before the falls is a big indicator.

  5. Lula Losing Brazil’s Biggest State Forces Urgent Campaign Rejig
    Simone Preissler Iglesias – 11h ago

    “This is the street where we traditionally carry out our demonstrations, ever since the founding of the Workers’ Party,” the two-times former president told supporters on Oct. 6. “We’re at home here in Sao Bernardo do Campo.”

    Lula won the city of some 900,000 in the first round of voting. But he unexpectedly lost the overall state of Sao Paulo to Jair Bolsonaro by almost seven percentage points, a defeat that has Lula’s team scrambling to shore up support before the Oct. 30 showdown.

  6. What’s with this ad for Tulsi Gabbard, endorsing, Kari Lake, for governor of Arizona? It looks like they are running mates. Kari Lake, is another Democrat switched to Republican. I suspect that Arizona, is being targeted. Arizona, is an open carry state. Just try to grab somebody’s gun in Arizona. Citizens have tyrants outflanked at the outset.

  7. Thank you J.R. for your passion for people to wake up and see what is really happening in America. Thank you for your insight and valuable information in your Utube videos. God bless you and keep you safe. Know that He walks beside you. Stay close to Him in prayer. His light will shine through you offering hope and courage to others. Blessings. Pam

    1. I’ve seen her several times on the Stew Peter’s Show, and have liked her very, much, but I don’t trust her. Unfortunately, Arizona has no other viable alternative.

  8. The situation is rather complicated, Bolsonaro filled his government with people from the military, many high ranking men, generals colonels and whatnot, and those were not loyal to the promises he made back in his 2018 presidential campaign. Professor Olavo de Carvalho has denounced that our armed forces were under the influence of Positivism and they still are to this day, some of those folk think denouncing Communism is a bad thing, and prof. Olavo said on video they were fighting so only Communism and “anti-anti-Communism” are allowed to exist, so they were collaborators to Communists. The vice president general Hamilton Mourão has said countless things that went against the presidential campaign promises of Bolsonaro. He and later his wife in an interview have spoken that abortion should be a choice, and Bolsonaro spoke against abortion in his presidential run. General Mourão also has said in here https://youtu.be/4r_UXksqVko that it’s good that the Venezuelans are unarmed or else there would be a civil war in Venezuela. Bolsonaro also has always spoken against gun control in his entire political career.

    Bolsonaro’s government started well but it seems to me he has surrendered to the left along the way, his most conservative ministers have been kicked out one by one, and today whenever he speaks against the left I can’t help but feel this is a phony discourse without a basis on actions promoted by his government. The inflection point to me was when Bolsonaro wanted to put his security chief Alexandre Ramagem to be the chief of the Federal Police. Ramagem was in charge when Bolsonaro suffered that stabbing assassination attempt right before the election, and the Communist rose against this choice, citing he was “interfering with the Federal Police”, however the Brazilian Constitution of 1988 explicitly says that the president is the person who chooses who’s going to be the chief of the Federal Police. Bolsonaro had the Constitution behind him but he acquiesced when the people crying foul were in the wrong, including the Supreme Court. It feels that from that point and on, Bolsonaro would always give up and let the left win, and sometimes it’s almost as if he’s part of a scissors strategy with the left since he says one thing, his minister does the opposite and life goes on.

    Bolsonaro said that only his dog would be obliged to get vaccinated. So in 2020 he signed law number 13,979/20 that gives mayors and local authorities the green card for them to do all sorts of authoritarian measures to get people jabbed. So if he’s all for freedom why are you signing that type of dictatorial law? Very recently at the UN Bolsonaro said that the vaccination effort was voluntary, that felt like a slap to the face, that was just a total lie. People could not defend their thesis at Federal Universities if they didn’t get jabbed, Countless people were threatened with the loss of their job if they didn’t get jabbed, what Bolsonaro said at the UN was just a disgusting lie. While Bolsonaro spoke against the draconian measures to “fight” the CCP’s bioweapon, he put 4 Ministers of Health who were all for the vaccination, pro-lockdowns, pro-mandates, pro-masks. He says 1 but does -1. Bolsonaro also liked to cite that passage about how truth shall set you free, well I don’t see genuine truth in him anymore, haven’t seen it for 2-3 years.

    The Minister of Human Rights Damares Alves also worked to promote certain Communist agendas, such as a law to fight “psychological violence against women”, a very subjective law that is pure feminism and pure insanity. By the way Damares just got elected for the Senate, and she just said that protecting the LGBT folk will be a priority in her mandate, I didn’t expect anything better from her. Also General Hamilton Mourão who loves to parrot the party talking points like a good little dog to the mainstream media was also elected to the Senate. What’s going on in Brazil is that not only there’s no right wing party, many people have usurped the right to push Communist agendas such as feminism and whatnot. Some would even say Bolsonaro has lied about being a conservative to get votes while he did little or pretty much nothing to advance his campaign talking points of fighting against gun control, fighting for harsher penalties for criminals, fighting against gun control, and so on. I can understand a politician saying he tried but couldn’t do something, but it’s something else when you say you fight for freedom, while your actions are pulling the rug from under folk, that’s treacherous.

    1. Gun control in Brazil
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      The Bill Of Rights, part and parcel of, The Constitution For The United States Of America, are a gift from God to all people of all nations. The Second Article of the Bill Of Rights, is how those Rights are to be defended by the People.

      It is estimated that there are around 17 million firearms in Brazil, 9 million of which are unregistered. Brazil has the second largest arms industry in the Western Hemisphere.
      Approximately 80% of the weapons manufactured in Brazil are exported, mostly to neighboring countries; many of these weapons are then smuggled back into Brazil. Some firearms in Brazil come from police and military arsenals, having either been “stolen or sold by corrupt soldiers and officers.”

      There is hope. –PM

      1. It seems Bolsonaro is either surrounded by people who either are just along the ride or they’re saboteurs themselves. Bolsonaro wanted to create a party of his own, you need half a million signatures to form one in Brazil, Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo got two million votes in São Paulo when he ran to be a Congressman representing SP, it seemed to me creating a party wouldn’t be a tough task for an undeniably popular politician like he is, but this never materialized. In Brazil you need to be part of a party to run for anything, it’s a political mafia of sorts.

        Professor Olavo de Carvalho has always said that Bolsonaro should sue all journalists who slander him, many called him a nazi, a fascist, said that he wanted to kill all the gays, said that he’s a racist who wants to kill blacks, and in the pandemic times many have openly accused him of doing a genocide. But he has never sued a single journalist, some have said he was counseled to let it go and not fight back, and the end result is that the media and his enemies have only grown bolder, and the accusations only escalated, I think this passive behavior makes folk think there must be some truth to all the terrible things he’s accused of doing or being, because it’s not normal to just accept endless slander all day every day.

        Another example of people around him with strange inclinations to put it gently, his Minister of Infrastructure, Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas (who’s also a reservist of the army) was asked about how he wants to be buddies with China, Jeff you talk about the moral aspect of doing business, and Tarcísio replied that there’s no stamp in money bills. Tarcísio is running to be governor of São Paulo against Worker’s Party candidate Fernando Haddad. Many people in the military here are oddly in favor of China to the point some wonder if they have sold out to the CCP. General Hamilton Mourão has said that there should be a “marriage” between China and Brazil. During Semptember 7, Brazil’s Independence day, General Mourão showed up with a pin on his suit containing the flags of Brazil and China together, quite telling. Bolsonaro’s son Eduardo said something negative about China, and the Chinese ambassador lambasted him publicly on social media, and people accepted his message that was something to the effect that Eduardo should pipe down, Eduardo was a Congressman when this happened, sadly Eduardo ended up deleting his posts questioning some of China’s dealings, and quite some politicians said and acted as if China should never be questioned because business. Quite some of the Ministers who are military men tend to favor China for whatever reason, such as lobbying for their 5G. There is a very sad picture of Jair Bolsonaro with Tucker Carlson in his office, the latter is wearing an indian head dress with feathers and all, and above them there is a Huawei router, it’s quite a symbolic picture. Paulo Guedes, his Minister of Economics is not from the military, but he has also said many times that doing business with China is all fine and dandy.

        Many people in Brazil argue that we should do whatever China demands because they buy our food, but the relationship is completely inverted, China depends on Brazilian goods to not starve, Brazil should not be submissive to them but rather the contrary, if they don’t think we are deserving of any respect we should take our business elsewhere.

      2. It is a great disappointment to me, because when I met Bolsonaro in New York in 2017 he spoke against Chinese influence which very much impressed me. Now I see the terrible outcome.

      3. Sometimes, Bolsonaro lacks virtue in the classic sense: the strenght to resist, to say no and stand. He stumbles and pulls back all the time, unfortunately. It is quite disappointing to see that Brazilian military looks favorably to China and Russia and are incapable of establishing a genuine defense docrtine: they need to import eurasianist trash, because they are incapable of restoring the true Brazilian tradition and culture, of rescuing what we have of holy and sacred. And that’s because they, the military – specially the army – were responsible for the coup d’état of 1889 that established the Republic and sent our royal family to exile; they destroyed old symbols and created new ones, they performed a revolution that created an atheistic republic. They have no contact with our most ancient roots, which are not in Russian or in China, but in Portugal, in Spain, in Europe. We have nothing to do with Russia and China: they are distant from us in language, religion, culture, political traditions. We are more closely related to Africa and Western Europe than to those eurasianist powers. We are closer from those who fought the Huns in Campus Mauriacus (451), when the West was born.

      4. What I said — however garbled in the video — was that Bolsonaro impressed me with his speech in New York in 2017. He spoke out boldly against the Chinese communists. How could he then remain in BRICS? How could he welcome Chinese businesses to Brazil? You must not have commerce with these murderers. They will own you. They will make you beholden to them. I thought he understood. Better resign the presidency than shake the criminal’s hand.

      5. You are right, Jeff. To bring China to ou country ia the same of calling a gangster to be your partner business, on the pretext that he will invest in the business, that he’ll bring money in.

      6. Bolsonaro used to say prior to being elected that there’s the danger of China buying out Brazil, and not just merely buying things in Brazil. But the actions of his government are puzzling, China managed to get the port of Santos for 25 years, they won the 5G contracts, their ambassador can say whatever he wants and get away with it, it’s truly a disgrace. Seeing the weakness of the government and lacking a full picture, people start coming up with theories, is Bolsonaro being blackmailed or something? Who knows. Ernesto Araújo, former Minister of Foreign Affairs says he was dismissed because of the Chinese lobby according to his own words, he was one of the voices in the government that we should not be submissive to China at all, and he was under big pressure to concede. Professor Olavo de Carvalho used to say electing a conservative president without having taken back certain institutions, the universities and schools, the media, unions, etc would be suicidal because the president would be alone fighting against all odds, he still supported Bolsonaro because he’s a honest man, but Brazil has certain issues that are quite evident. We have over 30+ left wing parties and not a single conservative party. There was a party that was supposedly about classic liberalism that in recent years renamed itself to Democrats, trying to be like the American left I suppose, but it’s bizarre. Most people in Brazil are conservative, against abortion, for harsher punishment for criminals, against gun control and so on but there’s no party to represent their wishes, so we don’t have real democracy because you gotta pick one out of 30+ flavors of leftism. Often the elections feel like you gotta pick the winner out of a selection of Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and Ho Chi Minn, it’s a lot of choice out there. There’s a lot of work to be done outside of the scope of elections, doing politics in society, fighting back against the Communists in all those institutions but it seems many in the right just want to be part of the political system instead. Professor Olavo also said that politics is not only about being elected, one of the brains of the Workers’ Party, José Dirceu has said, during the presidential campaign of 2018, something to the effect of “we are going to take power, which is different from winning an election”.

  9. Russian bombers keep learning to fly over Alaska, at least we know they aren’t trying to study crab disappearance.

    1. Funny statement, but just to be clear, Russian planes have recently been flying over international waters, close to Alaska; the Neutral Zone.

      1. Thanks Petunia, I was careful regarding the maritime/airspace laws, that’s why I called it learning. There are also rules of engagement that must be followed too, I’m not going to point fingers yet, but let us see if they are adhered to.

      2. That’s scary. The missiles those heavy bombers can carry can be nuclear, powerful enough to take out a city, and fast enough that even when fired from international waters will give mere seconds of flight time to their targets.

      3. Putin stated prior to liberating the Donbas, that NATO being in Eastern Europe is untenable. The hypocrisy of course, are the nuclear armed submarines he has off the coast of the United States. The Monroe Doctrine, is perhaps a bit, too, demanding, but the United States and Russia once used to respect each other’s spheres of influence, the Cuban Missile Crisis, notwithstanding.

      4. Cuba has been a communist satellite country 90 miles from our shores. We have not invaded it after sixty three years of putting up with it. So Russia’s complaints about Ukraine are bogus. Besides this, Ukraine was never admitted into NATO. Only Trump, the “friend of Putin” began giving them weapons. What can one say?

      5. One might well say that Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same double tailed wooden nickel, that Trump and Biden are like rival pro wrestlers. Trump still insists that mRNA lethal injections are good for you, too. With all these RINOs on the ballot, one more fraudulent election, and we are done for.

  10. Okay …

    “I out-law communism.”

    Not – “I want De S. Florida or the Republican Party to outlaw communism.”

    Now ask De S. or any Republican to do the same, no promises, just say it.


  11. Bolsonaro sounds like Trump and previous conservative American presidents who promise many things and then when they are in office get easily intimidated by the Left and abandon or compromise away most of their agenda. It’s an endemic problem in the West and so far, it seems like no conservative coalition has found a solution on how to reverse the trend of this slow political surrender even when the public is on its side, much less devised a way to culturally/ideologically take back the various hostile Leftist government agencies. The Leftist/Communists are a small but well-organized group, and 50-60 years later conservatives are still not even close to matching that level of organization and public relations skills. To make things even worse, the Communists are no longer just on the Left, but they have been making great strides on the Right and political center as well. See for example Elon Musk, much idolized on Breitbart, whose been saying some worrying things of late.

    Elon Musk: If Russia is faced with the choice of losing Crimea or using battlefield nukes, they will choose the latter. We’ve already sanctioned/cut-off Russia in every possible way so what more do they have to lose?

    In other words, if Russia uses tactical nukes on Ukraine it’s the West’s fault. They’ve put Russia in a position where they have else nothing to lose and therefore have no choice but to use nukes…?? The logic of this is so absurd. The population/resources/territory of Russia is much greater than Crimea, Russia would have everything to lose if they choose go that way. There’s reason to be suspicious of celebrated political mavericks like Musk and Tulsi Gabbard, people who straddle the Democrat/Republican divide and win over a lot of folks along the way, but who ultimately land on the side of Russia or China.

    According to Tucker, it is very likely that Musk will own Twitter in 2 weeks.

    1. Laura: You have summarized the situation we see time and time again. An additional note related to Allan’s comments: The communists use “framing” in their active measures, and through repetition within various target groups, impose their language and ideas on those groups. They frame all issues and arguments for everyone. The politicians often seem incapable of breaking with the imposed language and communist-given definitions (what George Orwell termed “The Newspeak Dictionary”). This is what Olavo kept harping on. Do not rely on the language of politics given by the communists. There is no real debate or discussion possible within the given framework. They are not going to argue in good faith. So you expose them. You show that they are lying, that they are attempting to trick all their listeners and should not be listened to at all.

    2. I was surprised to hear Musk say recently that he wasn’t sure if he would have any influence on the censorship at Twitter. As the owner?

      Robert Barnes, the defense attorney, thinks Gabbard is real and will moderate her views on guns and abortion. He said she denies any involvement with the WEF, which just posted her picture on their website without her permission.

      1. Speaking of guns, I watched a video which made the claim that everyone should own an AR-15 (which has been perfected).

        Historically, civilians always owned a weapon that was at least equal to the military’s basic weapon. But otherwise, civilians owned a superior weapon compared to the military. For example, when the repeating rifle became commonly available, some governments delayed acquisition, fearing that it would encourage wasting ammunition.

  12. Excellent interview, thank you for sharing this. I found the response at 29:05 mark to be quite interesting:

    “Communism is a movement of intellect, and it is a movement that goes after education… to create ideas that will dominate people’s minds. And unless you know how to fight those ideas, unless you know how to fight them on these other levels, they will outflank your control of political institutions; they will capture those institutions, and you will find yourself helpless and inarticulate. You will not even be able to explain what is happening to you.”

    1. I find it helps to think of it as a method, rather than a doctrine.

      It reminds me of postmodern “deconstruction” and in fact deconstruction is in the same lineage as Marxism and the new left. The point of deconstruction is to “destabilize” (or subvert) hierarchies and power structures from within, by exposing foundational contradictions or limitations. In that sense, and like communism, it’s chameleon-esque; it doesn’t have its own unique colors, but imitates to blend in because that is part of its method. It takes on the values and concepts of what it’s attacking but not with sincere or honest purpose – to destroy it. Maybe a better metaphor is a parasite that eventually kills the host.

      Of course communism’s prescriptive utopia is itself easily “deconstructed” philosophically, but it doesn’t matter. The utopian goal is always really empty and shape-shifting. And if we’re taking aim at communism as a philosophy (or “economic system” which it really isn’t), we’re missing the essence of it, the method. So, in the 1990s the USSR could entirely “lose” the philosophical/political battle of the age …. while the method never abated. And losing was even part of the method! It’s probably why trying understand the methods of communism feels like being schooled in the diabolical.

      1. Excellent, impactful interview on many levels. Thank you both! As I continue to learn about communism’s mindsets/thinking/strategies/agendas/ways, it is strikingly similar to those of an ongoing, severe abuser. It all boils down to evil.

        I’ve had some VERY small, elementary training in how to help people caught in worse case scenario, abusive entrapments/relationships. So, I’m NO EXPERT! With that said, the above interview highlighted some common elements there are when dealing with an abuser vs a communist: There is absolutely no debating, arguing or reasoning with them. There is no way to entreat them to see thru eyes of any morsel of empathy for the one they abuse. They have none. It is all in their mindset, how they think– it’s about control, power, anger. The only way to deal with an abuser is for more than one person calmly, clearly, strongly, armed with facts, to confront them together– but not using the abuser’s tactics of manipulation, dehumanization, etc, against them. They too were deeply harmed at one point. Yet, that is NO EXCUSE for their current behavior. Their lies need to be quickly addressed and told — not asked– to stop. But even then, most abusers, statistically, by research, do not change in a permanent way, despite having the most trained therapists in abuser recovery involved– which is essentially needed, mind you. At this point, anyways, only a small percentage of abusers truly have a change of heart. When exposed, they can put on a great act that they have changed. They quickly learn how to “work the system” and the vernacular of the social work and therapy worlds to fool people around them. They do so to the point victims, and even counselors, think they have had a sincere heart change and are mending their ways– for while– til it starts all over. They are cunning, narcissistic, lie, cheat, steal, manipulate, gaslight, and use every mind game possible to leave their victim helpless, powerless, deluded and confused, not knowing up from down– so they end up blaming themselves and unable to make decisions. They further dehumanize them with continual hissing accusations and belittlements. The deconstruction of the soul. Such severe abuse is evil’s outworking on an individual level. Communism is one of evil’s choice outworkings on the national and international level.

        As someone said above, and I believe Mr Nyquist has also said in the past, this is a deeply spiritual problem, at the root, and will require spiritual answers, along with taking real action steps in the physical. What that that needs to look like is not a point I will initiate here. Not looking to ignite any spiritual debate. Just stating a fact.

        (Referenced Lundy Bancroft’s work as the counselor, trainer/educator, researcher, specialist in abuser treatement. His work is considered, by many, the gold standard in his field. He states, despite knowing relatively few abusers truly ever deeply, permanently change, he continues on in his work to have contact with victims so they can hear truth and have the opportunity and hope of getting set free one day. Many parallels here.)

      2. It’s been mentioned more than once on this blog that exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger has done an analysis of the similarities in the psychology of Communists and demons.

      3. Fr. Chad Ripperger is not in residence at OSMM, although we have been blessed in the past to host him periodically in presenting retreats. Unfortunately, there are no retreats scheduled with him at this time.

        Fr. Ripperger is serving in the Archdiocese of Denver. Please see Fr. Ripperger’s website, https://dolorans.org for contact information for him.



      4. The Catholic Monitor
        Exorcist Fr. Ripperger: “The Psychology of Communists and Demons is Practically Identical”
        November 14, 2020

        Spiritual Warfare and Communism

        “The psychology of communists and demons is practically identical..”, Exorcist, Fr. Ripperger, explains in his new video series titled “Spiritual Warfare and Communism”. Here he discusses the similarities between the psychology, behaviors, attitudes, and tactics used commonly among demons, marxists and communists, all ultimately aimed to demoralize, weaken and control of others.

        His series is broken into four parts, and each part is subdivided into multiple short video segments that range between 2-8 minutes in length. A full list of the topics Father Ripperger covers in his videos series are as follows:


  13. Dear Visitor,


    “You should keep in mind no names, nor numbers, nor isolated incidents, not even results, but only methods. The method produces numerous results”
    ― Emanuel Lasker

    World Chess Champion for 27 years, 1894 to 1924, in other words when he speaks
    you should listen, especially if you’re a Russian planner who wants to win the

    “Wanting power is different than wanting money.”

  14. Two pieces of information from Germany which might interest you:

    Angel Merkel moved into the office of Margot Honecker

    Germany’s most prominent “climate activist” Luisa Neubauer (she’s invited to the big tv shows almost every day) said that their agenda isn’t just about “climate change” and that the world needs a cultural revolution

  15. Mr. Nyquist, I recall you found interesting in the past my thesis that America is characteristically Muslim-like in its exoterism and esoterism emphatic quality. I remembered, in this regard, an interesting further example that illustrates it: during a CPAC Brazil conference American conservatives were invited to the event, I believe one of them was a Trump White House assistant/advisor [a woman], she attempted to break down to Brazilians and suggest to Brazilians the American outlook and way of doing things. She explained people should be concerned with having an utility mindset, stick to what works (technology-wise but in a broader sense) in order to allow it to make life easier, namely, in order for people to be able to rest and [it was implied] fall back to a heightened sense of dignity [in the context of life made easier]. These were not her exact words, but that was sort of the tenor. This utility mindset perfectly illustrates the exoterism-esoterism duality, because utility is of necessity naturally a term relative to its opposite (good in itself), and one cannot be endowed with the useful in a non-pejorative way without being endowed with good in itself, the separation or emphatic distinction between the two only making sense if utility stands for a sort of shadow or outward expression of good in itself (exoterism in relation to esoterism).

    You said in your reply that you don’t believe “dogmas” are “inner” as opposed to an outward civic ethics. I dispute a few things in this regard: 1) following René Guénon’s take on the matter (despite his Muslim exoteric-esoteric outlook), dogma is, when understood pejoratively, precisely reducible to a civic ethics (meaning that is the default function it assumes), to the detriment of an inner understanding; whilst if dogma be understood as a foolishness that unveils an inner inteligibility, it cannot be understood as strictly pejorative [1 Corinthians 1:21: “For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.”] 2) the exoteric-esoteric duality is a de fact open flank communism has explored in American society, as seen in the fact wokeism is based on exploring outward civic ethics to the detriment of an inner inteligibility; 3) it stood out to me in the political science studies of Fritz Springmeier, a somewhat well-known Protestant American author, the premise according to which the Roman Church dogmas are empty formulas (dogma in a pejorative sense) which by that very fact cannot be discussed rationally. The apparent reason why making this Springmeier thesis explicit seems to Mr. Springmeier unthinkable is precisely that it [the explicitness] would unravel the secular advantage it gives his position, and it would do so particularly while compromising the exoteric approach he gives to religious dispute to the detriment of an esoteric approach. This very thesis seems to be espoused by commentators such as Ann Coulter, which would indicate to me it is an American common place. Onother example of how this “political” technique works is Darwinism (which is precisely an exoteric way to subliminally enforce atheism while not discussing this is the thesis behind it). Thus, America strikes me as a deeply divided society, that uses its Muslim-like dual outlook to hide and simultaneously exacerbate its inner division; like a vigorous bull that strikes hard at a bullfighter impressively while knowing he/it is just gonna get hit one more time by a skillful foe. This is a rather frightening spectacle to watch. Communism seems to be the one enemy/bullfighter America cannot face as long as it maintains its Muslim-like outlook, because communism thrives in exploring this duality.

    1. You are going to have to remind me what you mean by “dual outlook,” and what you mean by comparing Islam to Protestantism. Such comparisons, by the way, are metaphorical. Protestantism is not Islam. Such a comparison, to be sure, is inherently insulting to Protestants.

      1. I never thought Protestantism as such is Muslim-like (in this duality sense) [at least I don’t remeber distinctly saying it, albeit I said certain very distinct cultural influences in America are Muslim-like under the specific aspect of the duality at hand; I was referring to America (Mr. Springmeier is an American author); and the easiest thing in the world is to find self-described American Catholics who have a similar outlook on things [for example the very White House advisor who took part in CPAC Brazil, whose suggestions I detailed previously, said she was a Catholic]. You yourself in the past said I “might have a point” in portraying America like that.

        What I said before was:

        “Mr. Nyquist, it occurred to me the following consideration regarding your apparent thesis [that one should not bring out a dogmatic postulation for politics sake because of the audience’s unwillingness to accept it with consensus, on the American soil at large for instance]: I have noticed and even have written about it, that American culture is very similar to Muslim culture under the aspect of there existing an emphatic, if relative, separation between exoterism [what the public at large is fed and addressed with] and esoterism [what is too subtle and “highbrow” to even be noticed underneath apprearances]. This is clearly seen in the popularity of a franchise like Star Wars, which is really popular and at the same time its meaning is all about something most people ignore or dismiss as absurd (the thesis that secularism is tyranny, and has to do with the clergy [the class of people dedicated to contemplation and study] being wiped out from the center of the public arena; as well as the thesis the clergy are ultimately responsible for their own degeneration/downfall because of the unduly or excessive involvement in direct secular matters). The fact this separation between exoterism and esoterism is typically American, and a very Muslim-like quality; this seems to give credit to the thesis Olavo de Carvalho proposed one time, that occultism (which influenced quite directly an important and culture-shaping American author like Albert Pike) in the West was heavily influenced by Eastern and Muslim discreet agents. He cites as an example Gurdjieff.

        “When I see an attempt to use the life of Joan of Arc as a means to an end [as it were] (encourage people in a time of trials), as something useful for practical purposes in detriment of being unifying in way of doctrinal/dogmatic unity; I see an exoterism emphatically distinct from an potential inner knowledge [esoterism] being proposed. This is a problem that has universal, even biblical thematic discussion. Jesus’ riding a donkey during the Triumphal entry into Jerusalem [a donkey “found in the meeting of two separate ways] is an allusion to the Prophet Balaam riding a donkey in the Old Testament, and after being dismissed of his meeting with Balac each one of the two going into his own way; these stories are talking about the inconciliation between exoterism (outwardness and civic precept) and esoterism (inwardness and dogmatic learning), and Balaam was a Madianite/Arab in a way suggestive of the Muslim outlook. Jesus riding on the donkey occurs in the context of a secular prestige that challenges the need for the calvary sacrifice, for only martyrdom begets real conciliation between the two ways.”

        You responded as follows: “Pedro: Interesting post. My only comment might be, that I do not think inwardness is dogmatic. Inwardness is experiential and profoundly spiritual. It is the outward expression of faith that necessarily relies on dogma, which guides the soul in the right direction and looks to an institutional setting. This is where the misunderstanding takes place. The deeper spiritual meanings that underlie the whole remain inaccessible to those who approach spiritual things in an unspiritual way. There are levels of understanding here. But the vulgar always find a way to misunderstand and abuse the mechanism of conveyance. Who will deny it? As for American religiosity resembling Islam in its inability to unify exotericism with esoterism, you may have a point.”

        It is very clear to me Mr. Springmeier views Catholicism as a facade “venue” and a host putting out outward misleading pretexts that in themselves don’t mean anything and aren’t supposed to, but underneath there’s an inner parasite lobby and project (this according to him has not to do with what accidentally happened with the Vatican II Council Revolution, but is a property of Catholicism). He basically more or less views Catholicism as Muslim-like (even in a worse sense, as just described), and kind of to a degree project his own outlook on the Roman Church, which is a very intriguing thing. By the way, to me having a Muslim quality does not have an unequivocal negative connotation, just as Balaam’s prophecy does not despite his being deemed perverse (to this day Jews recite Balaam’s praise over the “tents of Jacob”). Islam was given by Providence, just like Balaam, to simultaneously threaten and support his people, both secularly and academically. That is the domain within reality where its duty or function fell upon.

      2. I understood what I meant in my previous answer. I am not sure I fully understand what you are saying. My only comment is: Wherever you have gradations of understanding and spirituality you are going to find exoteric and esoteric teachings. Milk for babes, meat for strong men.

      3. Far be it from me to deny that in every subject, including in a spiritual subject, there is of necessity a certain exoterism and esoterism side. However, to give an example, René Guénon, who was a Muslim, explained Islam, its specific difference in relation to other religions, as its emphatic (if relative) separation between exoterism and esoterism. If he thus defined this religion and set it apart from others, he implied there is a specific difference between it and how other religions work, however from another point of view they may have displayed the exact same quality under discussion. Another example would be that in both Christianity and in Judaism there is a distinct admition of the reality of one’s own individuality, nonetheless it is simply a fact Christianity (for example as purported by late Olavo de Carvalho) stood out as concerned with one’s individual salvation, while Judaism has been comparatively more associable with the destiny and state of a colectivity (the Jewish people). Thus, when one states Islam is relative to an emphatic distinction between exoterism and esoterism, it is not a matter (for example, according to a Muslim sheikh) of picking on Islam, or pick and choosing on how a certain modality of religious belief is seen.

        You yourself admitted I might have a point.

        You said: “As for American religiosity resembling Islam in its inability to unify exotericism with esoterism, you may have a point.”

        Taking that as a premise, it looks like communism reveled in exploring this quality of America. As long as this quality be present, they are going to take advantage of it. This is serious.

        I don’t find very convincing the hypothesis this duality in America isn’t comparably emphatic as it would analogously be in Islam; precisely because of the kinds of evidences I have come upon; for example the CPAC discourse. It is too clear a sign of an emphatic (if relative) separation between essence and accident (in the form of an emphatic separation between goodness and utility), which naturally corresponds to and effects exoterism and esoterism (to one who’s thought it through).

    1. It is not permitted under the Constitution to change the date of an election. If they did it, we would be looking at a departure from Constitutional government.

      1. Unfortunately, that seems to be a goal of the Democrats’ these days— “departure from constitutional government.”

    2. I had been thinking we may face an EMP/cyber attack in the days before the election. This would marry up with the timing of the end of the CCP national congress (ending this Saturday), and Putin’s suggestion of an imminent escalation in the attack on Ukraine. The cover would be retaliation for the US/NATO role in the “terrorist attacks” on the pipeline and bridge.

      Why a surprise EMP/cyber attack vs. nuclear/invasion? Well, we know a subtheme of the attack on the U.S. is to push us toward civil war and destroy all trust on our government and major institutions. A cyberattack days before the election would destroy the credibility of the results – no fix possible. The election wouldn’t need to be cancelled, it could go forward, and the current regime could either purport to embrace its stellar result (which no one would trust) or contest any bad results (stoking rage among the right over the hypocrisy). Let’s say a few states are deemed “the problem.” The dems would push with new vigor a constitutional amendment to nationalize elections.

      I doubt the administration would retaliate violently in response. For one thing, they’d probably welcome the interference because it serves their agenda (as noted above). So, the enemy’s opening salvo against us would be pulled off with no meaningful response, and the U.S. would further devolve into a total meltdown politically, then add to that the widespread chaos of the grid-down event itself. We would be utterly vulnerable and not well-positioned to deal with a physical attack. Bombing and invasion might follow soon.

      China hawks continue to focus on Taiwan. It’s like night blindness or something. Gaffney’s theory just doesn’t seem to capture the moment. An invasion against Taiwan provides no legal basis to postpone an election, or even a political one. If anything, it’ll emphasize a current weakness of this administration – it’s chaotic and expensive ratcheting of conflicts that most Americans don’t think concern them.

      So many data points indicate some sort of escalated action in the coming weeks. It would be high yield for any enemy to make a move directly against the U.S. before our election, rather than after, for many reasons, chief one being to push us closer to the bring in terms of civil unrest and institutional breakdown. How at this point can the best mind in our country still think the immediate stakes are Taiwan.

      1. Corrections to post (should have proof read!): I mean the *perceived* chaotic and expensive ratcheting – that’s how many Americans see it. And last sentence I meant “best minds” plural – not saying Gaffney himself is the best mind!

  16. I remember the Update Podcast you guys did. The first one was epic. What a crew. This was many years ago, but at the time if I remember right, I knew your work, but that was how I got introduced to the work of Olavo Allan and Diana. You and Allan did many amazing shows. Looks like YouTube destroyed them all sad to see.

      1. I don’t know if he is an anti-communist, but the journalist Alex Berenson, who has helped to expose all of the COVID-19 corruption in our government, has been banned from Twitter for months for that reason.

  17. Mr Nyquist, here in Brazil we have anti-US propaganda from the left since at least the sixties (which flavor is well known), and now from the right, in a nutshell: US is a globalist agent, wants to take our territory (Amazon) versus Russia stands for our sovereignty, BRICS solidarity…and some other tropes who are common to both

  18. Of the many negative comments about Bolsonaro, it has to be said that he has much more experience in the national congress than Trump. So he had to back down because of the left-controlled legislature, and that will change in 2023-2026 by the new congress elected by the right-wing majority, this was an achievement of Bolsonaro’s political empowerment. It is not true that right-wing Brazilians are against the US, we know well how to differentiate Trump from Biden. This whole labeling mess is a work of Russian disinformation. Leave it to judge Bolsonaro if he loses or after 2026.

  19. Communism is satanism in disguise. It is used of the Devil to kill, steal, destroy people’s lives, families, jobs, businesses, properties and enslave the human race. It is the vehicle by which the Antichrist will come into power. Communism contradicts everything the word of God stands for, it is a movement of lies and deception, that exchanges Gods truth for lies to take peoples minds captive. They must control people’s minds to control them. The end goal is a world of man without God. They have persecuted, killed and silenced Christians since the beginning of time, because Gods truth exposes their lies.

    Those are unfit and unworthy to rule over men who are not willing that God should rule over them.
    Stubborn Rebelliousness to Gods word and truth is like witchcraft and the worship of demons. (1 Sam 15:3).
    Facts don’t lie.
    God uses their evil deceptions and all the wicked ways they deceive us to fool those being led to destruction because we refuse to love and accept the truth that would save us from these powerful delusions and lies. (2 Thes 2:10).

    They couldn’t fill our minds with lies if God and His word filled it.
    We wouldn’t believe their foolish lies and ideas if we believed God and His word.
    They couldn’t control us if God and His word controlled us.

    This is a spiritual problem requiring spiritual answers because our fight is not against flesh and blood communists but spiritual forces of evil rulers and powers in the unseen realm (Eph 6:12)…demons masquerading in a leaders mask, uniform and position.

    We aren’t helpless and unable to explain what is happening, we know how this enemy works, God allows it because we allow it. God has given us the power to bind the enemy and render him powerless, but where are the brave men? Have they not turned them all into women?
    It is so sad for our children we have allowed this to happen. Who is willing to take the risk needed to turn these lies around?

    Jeff it was refreshing seeing someone yell at us Americans to wake up to see what is happening.
    We need this passion multiplied on all platforms.

    God is always with us and carries us through all the trials and storms.

    Thank you!!

  20. Jeff :

    I think Fr. Ripperger’s main website is sensustraditionis.org .

    I am somewhat of a fan of his talks and teachings. So I may be able to steer you to information about him. Are you looking for a sample of his talks and teachings ? Or to contact him ?

    He is a Thomist. But also gets into topics related to his exorcism work and even views regarding Communism and Freemasonry

  21. A heads up that I just sent links for Fr. Ripperger. I know links sometimes get stuck in the cracks so I wanted to send you a “clean” alert to look for it.

    1. Thank you Deborah. I am going around unsticking the postings with multiple links. It is amazing how the button flips back and you have to hit it several times till it sticks (lol).

  22. Mr. Nyquist what is the Strategic Significance of President Biden’s new trade restrictions as applied to Americans, American nationals, and American permanent residents who are employed by Red Chinese companies in the computer chip manufacturing business?

    Please see the items below.



    Chip gear-maker ASML asks U.S. staff to refrain from China customers
    Oct. 17, 2022 at 6:00 am

    Semper Fi!!

    Filed Oct. 19, 2022, 4 p.m. GMT

    Businessman Robert Beadles claimed he had found evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election. Then he went on the attack, targeting a 48-year-old woman who runs elections in Nevada’s Washoe County.

    “Now, let’s talk about treason. That’s right, treason,” Beadles told a Feb. 22 county commissioners’ meeting in Washoe, the second-largest county in this election battleground state. The Republican activist falsely accused the registrar of voters, Deanna Spikula, of counting fraudulent votes and told commissioners to “either fire her or lock her up.”

    After the meeting, Spikula’s office was flooded with hostile and harassing calls from people convinced she was part of a conspiracy to rig the election against former U.S. President Donald Trump. On March 2, a caller threatened to bring 100 people to the county building to “put this to bed today.” Spikula, under severe stress, stopped coming into the office. A post on Beadles’ website said she was “rumored to be in rehab.” That was false, she said; she was at home, working on a state elections manual.

    By late June, fearing for her family’s safety, she’d had enough and submitted her resignation.

    Beadles’ campaign in Washoe is part of a wave of efforts by pro-Trump activists to gain control of voting administration by replacing county government leaders with election conspiracy theorists. Some are spending big money. In Nevada, Beadles has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into campaigns targeting opponents of Trump’s false rigged-election claims and backing Republicans who believe them.

    The goal: to profoundly change how U.S. elections are run. Right-wing activists want to eliminate voting machines and return to hand-counting of paper ballots, which experts say would make elections more prone to fraud, not less. Trump allies have also targeted the ballot drop boxes and mail-in voting that Democrats embraced in the 2020 election.


    reuters dot c o m /investigates/special-report/usa-election-nevada-washoe/

    1. Treason
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


      Treason is the crime of attacking a state authority to which one owes allegiance.[1] This typically includes acts such as participating in a war against one’s native country, attempting to overthrow its government, spying on its military, its diplomats, or its secret services for a hostile and foreign power, or attempting to kill its head of state. A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor.


      In English law, high treason was punishable by being hanged, drawn and quartered (men) or burnt at the stake (women), although beheading could be substituted by royal command (usually for royalty and nobility). Those penalties were abolished in 1814, 1790 and 1973 respectively. The penalty was used by later monarchs against people who could reasonably be called traitors. Many of them would now just be considered dissidents.

      The words “treason” and “traitor” are derived from the Latin tradere, “to deliver or hand over”.[5] Specifically, it is derived from the term “traditors”, which refers to bishops and other Christians who turned over sacred scriptures or betrayed their fellow Christians to the Roman authorities under threat of persecution during the Diocletianic Persecution between AD 303 and 305.

      1. Do those who obfuscate election fraud commit treason, and if given a fair trial and found guilty, do they deserve to be hanged, drawn and quartered, or burned at the stake? Common Law has fallen largely into disuse, but it remains the Constitutional, Law of the Land.

      2. There needs to be a process akin to South Africa’s, Truth and Reconciliation, hearings. Everyone complicit to election fraud, either before, during, or after the fact, need to be charged with treason and face trial. If found guilty, then they need to make a public confession, repent, and make restitution by naming the superiors who directed them to act. Failing to do so should be to suffer capitol punishment. How much more fair could it be than that? The same holds for those involved in issuing or advocating Covid mRNA lethal injections.

      3. There are false election fraud narratives, like Lindell’s, and so we have to be careful to have the facts. We do not want to provoke a civil war.

      4. I don’t know how you would specifically describe Lindell’s narrative, but there was a publicly televised results of a forensic audit of, Arizona’s Maricopa County election, which clearly illustrates flagrant extensive election fraud.

        EchoMail Audit of Ballot Images from 2020 Race in Maricopa County.
        Why NOW?
        Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD
        Streamed live on Feb 16, 2022

      5. I don’t find specifically, what Dennis Montgomery’s narrative was, but the evidence presented by Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai, most certainly does prove election fraud in Maricopa, County, Arizona. Can you say if and/or how, Montgomery’s narrative differs from Shiva’s forensic audit?

      6. Perhaps a more visceral description of the punishment. They hang you so you are still alive barely able to breath. Drawn, you are sliced open, they may even stir your insides so you can see them. Then (quartered), four horses are very strong on each limb. Some of the punishments during the Spanish Inquisition were brutal too, but I’ll digress here. We need to realize how brutal and barbaric these punishments are.

      7. Re:
        [ GreyKnight says:
        October 20, 2022 at 2:28 pm

        Absolute Sabotage: The Rise and Coming Fall of a False Narrative – J.R. Nyquist Blog ]

        Much obliged, GreyKnight. Fascinating essay, Jeff. Seems to me that Montgomery’s narrative was a poison pill to kill the truth that election fraud in Arizona is a fact. Just because Montgomery made a factual allegation supported by bogus evidence, doesn’t not disprove the objective forensic audit which does in fact prove election fraud. It’s like trying to get people to toss the baby out with the bath water.

      8. At the time I wrote that piece there was a great deal of criticism, since Lindell was publicly hiding the fact that his PCAP data came from Montgomery. Now he openly admits it and champions Montgomery openly. This is shocking news.

      9. Re:
        [ ralphee10 says:
        October 20, 2022 at 3:56 pm

        …We need to realize how brutal and barbaric these punishments are. ]

        Deterrence. Of course what we prefer is, confession, repentance, and restitution, but that’s up to the convict.

    2. Petunia

      I disagree with the premise of your post. There is more than enough evidence to say that there was cheating in the 2020 election. Check out True The Vote or other election integrity organizations and their information. So for Trump to talk about it or to suggest possible corrective measures is totally appropriate.

      The Reuters story may be true and unbiased or not. But the only threats I have heard of lately are much more on the other side. ( For example there is talk of the DOJ going after Catherine Englebrecht or the Attorney General of Michigan has been going after Matthew DePerno. )

      And it is not exactly news that the voting system has been a problem in many cities for years ( Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, NYC ). ( And ,yes, they are Democrat party hotbeds. )

      So chalk me up as disagreeing with you.

      1. Who said there was no cheating in the election? Think clearly. There is a world of difference between a false election fraud narrative and a true one. The false one is used to discredit the truth. Who wants to discredit the truth? The communists. Think harder: The right is infiltrated. How do we know? It is larded with false narratives. Few have the discernment to see which is true and which is false. Men naturally gravitate to the false. It is always easier to accept the false. It is more alluring.

      2. Re:
        [ TOM DOYLE says:
        OCTOBER 20, 2022 AT 8:35 PM

        I disagree with the premise of your post. ]

        So do I.

        The post of the cancel culture lamentation, is because I find the progress being made by citizens directly lobbying county clerks to repeal all the latest election manipulation measures that have relatively recently been put in place, to be encouraging. Turns out the flaky subversives are snowflakes. Or just plain ‘fake’, sans the letter ‘L,’ as the term Jeff might prefer.

  24. I listened to the Oct 18 radio show. Very scary if Russia is planning to launch hypersonic thermobaric bombs on Kiev from Belarus. If the West folds on supporting Ukraine then Russia and China will know what they have to do to subjugate the West.


    It’s odd that Jeff is paired up with Steven Ben-Nun (hour 2 and then Steve alone in hour 3). Aside from repeating Russian propaganda, the other things he says are just downright bizarre. Is this a new (or old) Russian tactic, if they can’t hook people with anti-Semitic or anti-government conspiracy theories, then they add a good dose of sci-fi and reel people in that way?

    (Here is Steve’s blog on VKontakt, the Russian Facebook. It is full-tilt Russian propaganda.) https://vk.com/israelinewslive

    Is anyone worried this kind of juxtaposition of completely opposing viewpoints might confuse Jeff’s message about Russia/China? Steven speaks authoritatively and often cites unnamed high-placed sources in Washington. I hope his sci-fi talk is not an indication of coming trends in semi-mainstream conservative thought. This is just a general impression, but some of the anti-Covid conservatives have gone way beyond exposing dangerous experimental vaccines and have veered into full X-files territory. They are going beyond what’s provable and true and heading towards fantastical conspiracy theory. Dr. Jane Ruby, for example, is saying Covid-vaccinated people are a different human species now! This kind of divisive –and demeaning– talk risks undoing all the good work done to expose Pfizer and the Covid shots; and whether intentional or not, if taken seriously can lead conservatives in a very dangerous direction.

    Notes from the Oct 18 show:
    – Steven claims NATO has plans (confirmed by his sources in Washington) to invade Belarus to stop it being used as a hub by Russia; this fear of being invaded by NATO is why Belarus is reluctant to commit troops to the Ukraine invasion. [Nothing to do with political unrest or the fact that many Belarussians are sympathetic to Ukraine. Given that Steve’s blog and online interviews consist of mostly Russian propaganda, I wonder who his sources in Washington are. Probably Russian or Chinese agents.]
    – The Ukrainian army has suffered so many losses (dead, wounded) that half of the military has been brought down, there is a great need for contract fighters and they are being brought in. [Hard to square this with Ukraine retaking significant amount of territory last month while Russia is resorting to kidnapping random men off the streets to serve on the frontlines.]
    – Steve cites top people in Washington who say that all wars are scripted, they are made for public consumption. [Ukrainians will be relieved to know that all their suffering is “scripted”!] The goal of the Ukraine war is to set up the One World Order. [The last point is true in the sense that that’s Russia and China’s goal, but it’s debatable how much things are going according to plan. But the larger point implies that almost everything that is commonly known about all wars and history is fake, the true purpose of most wars is hidden and shadowy forces are manipulating everything behind the scenes.]

    After that Steve heads into weird sci-fi territory:
    – There was secret agreement signed bt JFK and Khrushchev for US-Russia space cooperation; joint bases have been set up on many moons and on Mars; they are also looking at Pluto, which has oceans and can sustain life, people have been lied to that it’s just an icy hunk or rock
    – Russia and the US are also cooperating to dig holes that go all the way to the center of the earth, the core of the earth is not molten lava but is actually hollow [The people were lied to again!]; they are finding dinosaurs living in middle earth (?) beneath the hollow crust (?)
    – A US submarine attacked by a massive sea creature
    – Dinosaurs on the earth’s surface were killed by a nuclear war 12,000 years ago, not by an asteroid [More lies!]
    – There have already been 7 civilizations more technologically advanced than ours going back thousands of years, but the evidence is kept hidden from the public by the government; ET’s or fallen angels don’t wants humans using nukes because it would bring an end to their own kingdom
    – John Moore also seems to believe the moon landing was fake

    On the previous week’s show Steve Ben-Nun was more explicit about which side he’s on.

    – he cites Pat Lancaster and Tucker Carlson
    – on his VK page he refers to Ukrainians as ‘Ukronazis’ because the Azov battalion either controls or has great influence on the whole Ukrainian army
    – In hour 2 of the show he said something (confirmed by more sources!) to the effect that a secretive group of Ukrainian Orthodox Jewish rabbis purposely manipulated the brotherly Slavs of Russia and Ukraine into fighting each other, and this is the true reason for the war.
    – Steve also claimed he was at a meeting where it was confirmed by Washington that the US was behind the Nordstream pipeline blast. Apparently Tucker also proved it on his show.

    1. Laura: Yes. Steve B is advancing Russian propaganda. Once I got into a heated argument with him. I listen and wait for the right moment to say something telling. Steve makes such bizarre claims that nothing need be said other than to have him repeat it. And people believe him! There are genuine mysteries in the world, to be sure, but serious researchers do not make unprovable pronouncements of this kind — with such sureness. He has offered no proofs or evidence, and there is no logic to the bargain. I have often thought of just hanging up and never going on the show again. But then, who would benefit from that?

      1. I’ll be honest, when I look up the John Moore show I just look for when is your piece and ignore the rest of it. There’s a fascinating aspect to those folk who want a quick solution to everything right, the anti-semites want an infinite-uses stamp that they can apply to everything, and it’s “the Jews”. That makes the world very simplistic to see, why does Mexico have problem with drug cartels? Jews. Why does Europe have the mass immigration problem? Jews. Why is America having the troubles with Marxists in the education system? Why are the drag queen shows for kids happening? You guessed it, Jews for both. There is a certain comfort in the lies that offer a one-size-fits-all solution.

      2. “I have often thought of just hanging up and never going on the show again. But then, who would benefit from that?”

        That would be a terrible loss for people who want to stay up to date with the ongoing Communist conspiracy. There are some callers like Thomas from Germany who ask really good questions, and we get really good answers as a result.
        I too only listen to Jeff’s part on the John Moore Show and don’t listen to the other programming on the station. I only listened to Steve BN was because he was on Jeff’s hour and, yes, he seemed authoritative always citing high-placed ‘sources’ in Washington. What he said threw me in for a loop. Even stranger is that yesterday, John Moore cut off a caller who was praising the virtues of Communist China while trashing America. But giving a full hour to a pro-Russia propagandist is fine. Just odd.

    2. “I hope his sci-fi talk is not an indication of coming trends in semi-mainstream conservative thought. This is just a general impression, but some of the anti-Covid conservatives have gone way beyond exposing dangerous experimental vaccines and have veered into full X-files territory. They are going beyond what’s provable and true and heading towards fantastical conspiracy theory. Dr. Jane Ruby, for example, is saying Covid-vaccinated people are a different human species now! This kind of divisive –and demeaning– talk risks undoing all the good work done to expose Pfizer and the Covid shots; and whether intentional or not, if taken seriously can lead conservatives in a very dangerous direction.”

      I totally agree. As an additional example, there is now a small contingent that believe viruses do not actually exist – that they are a fabrication by the scientific community and pharmaceutical companies. Paranoia and alienation lead them to ridiculous positions like this. Steve Kirsch, the Silicon Valley inventor who raised early warnings regarding SARS-CoV-2 vaccine safety, attempted to have a discussion with someone from the ‘virus-skeptic’ community. It went about as well as you’d imagine. He failed to make any headway in this endeavor – on some topics, some people are simply not vulnerable to logic, reason, and evidence.

      1. I have seen this, too, and am surprised at the scientific illiteracy, the failure to know the history of scientific discovery. Even podcasters with large followings have been denying viruses exist. Here the conspiracy mentality goes darkly awry.

      2. Very good points. Toward the end of 2021, early 2022 I started checking out of the whole anti-Covid (conservative) scene. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but the message was becoming too pat and simplistic, it was all how about Covid and other pandemics/viruses/drugs were part of a long scheme by Big Pharma to make people sick and dependent on their billion-dollar patented medicines. At first the arguments that viruses don’t exist seems intriguing (scientists looking through a microscope can’t differentiate between bits of human DNA and foreign viruses, they can’t easily observe cause and effect of what a virus does). But then you think, so what have scientists been studying for the last 70 years if viruses don’t exist? Have all the brightest scientific minds of the last few decades been brainwashed? Or maybe it’s not as simple as that and the reality of viruses and disease is quite complex. Same as with the reality of the ongoing Communist conspiracy to control the world. Simple explanations can lead astray in some cases.

        Between Covid, the 2020 election fraud, and the understandable desire to protect America with war breaking out in Europe, it seems like every well-meaning conservative reaction ends up being hijacked by either a dark conspiracy theory or a false narrative. This is not a good trend. And the strongest point in common of all 3 narratives is that the US government is beyond wrong and must be brought down.

      3. The action of viruses have never been “directly” observed. It is deduced from effects. It is one part of what Louis Pasteur discovered in his amazing work. He discovered the vaccine principle by accident while experimenting with chickens.

    3. Re:
      [ LAURA 1986 says:
      OCTOBER 19, 2022 AT 9:25 PM
      I listened to the Oct 18 radio show. Very scary if Russia is planning to launch hypersonic thermobaric bombs on Kiev from Belarus. If the West folds on supporting Ukraine then Russia and China will know what they have to do to subjugate the West. ]

      Your circular reasoning sounds like from a progressive. Ukraine is not in the national interest of the United States. Russia’s official position is not to use nuclear weapons unless Russia is under direct threat.
      Putin would appear to be ready to use nuclear weapons if Zelensky continues to attack Russia.

      Ukraine made two more attacks with the new US HIMARS missiles on the weapons depot and power plant inside Russia, and Putin again retaliated with more degradation of Ukraine energy infrastructure. I don’t see Ukraine dissuading Russia from defending it’s territory. The West needs to step back, and be ready to defend it’s own territory, and stop provoking Russia.

      The Balance of Power and Mutually Assured Destruction, kept the peace throughout the Cold War, without the United States having become subjugated by Russia and China. Biden with his Covid mRNA mandates and crooked dealings in Ukraine, tries to get Putin to nuke the US, so that Americans won’t deal with him like Romanians handled Ceaușescu.

      Those who let their hatred of Putin and Russia, blind them to common sense. It’s as if everyone can’t stand the suspense anymore and just wants to get it all over with now.

      1. Petunia, here you reveal your orientation. The same tired, pro-Russia narrative that now afflicts us.

        “Your circular reasoning sounds like from a progressive. Ukraine is not in the national interest of the United States. Russia’s official position is not to use nuclear weapons unless Russia is under direct threat.”
        Deterring an expansionist regime, especially one that has worked so assiduously to sabotage our country for nearly a century through active measures, is arguably in our national interest.

        “I don’t see Ukraine dissuading Russia from defending it’s territory. The West needs to step back, and be ready to defend it’s own territory, and stop provoking Russia.”
        Ah yes – Russia is defending itself, not invading a sovereign nation. The West is provoking Russia.

        “The Balance of Power and Mutually Assured Destruction, kept the peace throughout the Cold War, without the United States having become subjugated by Russia and China.”
        This is entirely irrelevant now – are you suggesting we return to the same strategy we used then? The communist bloc now possesses nuclear superiority over our aged arsenal. China has been built into a (near-)superpower with the world’s greatest industrial capacity.

        “Biden with his Covid mRNA mandates and crooked dealings in Ukraine, tries to get Putin to nuke the US”
        Ah yes – the West is trying to provoke Putin into nuking us.

        “Those who let their hatred of Putin and Russia, blind them to common sense.”
        Unfortunately, the pro-Russia narrative requires one to be wholly ignorant of the wider historical and political perspective that Mr. Nyquist has worked so hard to show us – I wonder if you have even taken the time to examine this? Because here, you merely provide a smokescreen in excusing the atrocities of a criminal regime. It is cowardly; ignorant; and I daresay contemptible.

      2. It appears to be another Russian (or Russian allied) shill, putting out their made-for-the-Right propaganda.

        SSDD -“Same crap, different day.

    4. I was just listening to John Moore’s Hour 2… Steve Ben-Nun, who I am entirely unfamiliar with, began making claims of such quantity, with such rapidity, and of such scope that I am at a loss for words. If even a small fraction of his claims were true, we would be forced to reconsider our understanding of every branch of natural science. Here is a champion of the undiscerning and gullible.

  25. Is Russia preparing to use a WMD in Kherson? | Times Radio Oct 19, 2022 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afyzi8NNfQA
    “The use of unconventional means is undoubtedly on the agenda.” The use of a tactical nuclear weapon is unlikely at this stage, but Russia may be preparing to use a chemical weapon, says military logistics expert, Major General Tim Cross.

    It is concerning that Russia ordered the evacuation of civilians from Kherson. Very odd that they are suddenly concerned about civilian casualties, whereas up to now they have killed and tortured people indiscriminately. My guess is they are using the imminent Ukrainian takeover of Kherson as an excuse to deport more Ukrainian civilians and force them to become Russian. These people will be forced to sing praises to Russia’s newfound humanitarian concerns on Kremlin propaganda TV.
    The impression from the interview is that Russia may be more likely to use gas or other chemical weapons in Ukraine, as this will not provoke the type of –devastating from Putin’s view– response from the West that using nuclear weapons would. As we know, the new commander of the Russian forces, the “Butcher of Syria”, has a reputation for using such weapons on civilians.

    General Cross also cites new American polls showing that support for Ukraine is not as strong as it was a few months ago. He doesn’t go into details, but I wonder if these polls are more broken down by state and geared to the upcoming elections rather than popular opinion polls that show support for Ukraine in the 70’s. House minority leader Kevin McCarthy has just said the if the GOP wins in November they promise to cut down on aid to Ukraine. Cross says more Americans are saying the war must end, the US cannot keep giving billions to Ukraine, and Zelensky must negotiate with Russia.

    If that were to happen, then this line sums it up: “The reality is that Russia can’t be allowed to win, because if they do it sets a precedent that I doubt we are going to be able to live with.”

    1. Certainly seems handy to evacuate ciIvilians prior to WMD attack. Save some face.

    1. The little man isn’t gutsy at all, is he? As other French leaders referred to in the article said, he should have been ambiguous about it, not straight up said what he did.

    1. China routinely falsifies their domestic economic and population numbers. Their economy is now in serious trouble. They are probably finding it difficult to doctor the numbers. There also may be disagreement about public presentation. Best not to present anything at this time. Wait and see.

      1. I’ve been told they hide how much steel is processed, but we know their production has increased considerably, especially during the last 10 years when most products contain more plastic than steel. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where all that steel is going.

  26. Mr. Nyquist, this news item is exceptional for Germany. The scope it’s given is not, unfortunately.


    “A session in the Bundestag on Monday has been pretty much lost in the news so far. It was an intelligence hearing on the subject of Russia and the People’s Republic of China. The experts’ findings are worrying!” […]

    “Constitutional Protection President Thomas Haldenwang put it in a nutshell: “Russia is the storm, China is climate change.” Putin is therefore only the short-term, current challenge. In the long term, however, China will shake everything up. In this context, Haldenwang also emphasized the need to better protect critical infrastructure.” […]

    “BND-Chef Bruno Kahl sagte im Bundestag, dass man zusammen mit dem Verfassungsschutz sich darum bemühe, in Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft ein Bewusstsein für die Risiken zu schaffen, die von der asiatischen Supermacht ausgehen. Insbesondere im wissenschaftlichen Bereich gebe es aber immer noch „Naivität“.

    Business, society and politics in Germany had been too trusting and had become “painfully dependent” on China, Kahl’s criticism is quoted on bundestag.de. Now, however, the emerging superpower suddenly appears “no longer well-disposed.”

  27. Mr. Dos Santos, please do try to re-upload your past conversations with Mr. Nyquist to https://www.brighteon.com/ or try to reach out to Eugen Richter https://www.youtube.com/c/EugenRichter2022. He will be totally thrilled to host them.

    Please, do try to make them available somewhere again. This conversation was so grounded and practical and it holds immeasurable insights in how difficult it is. There’s so much to learn from them.

    In almost three years of Telegram I could not make any sense of what’s happening in Brazil until your recent conversation. Thank you, Mr. Dos Santos.

  28. Selling out Germany: Kanzler Scholz wants to allow (ROT)-China to buy into the port of Hamburg

    Scholz’s Economics Minister Robert Habeck (53, Greens) is against it, wants to stop the deal. So do FDP ministers.

    But Scholz apparently wants to push through the port deal with China! That’s what NDR and WDR report. And this despite the fact that all six ministries technically involved in the investment review would have rejected the deal. These include: Economy, Interior, Defense, Transport and Finance Ministries, as well as the Foreign Office. The EU Commission has also reportedly spoken out against the deal.

    Background: The Chinese shipping company Cosco wants to take over shares in the port operator HHLA and acquire a stake of more than one third in the Hamburg container terminal Tollerort. Because this involves critical infrastructure, the Ministry of Economics, which is in charge of the project, had launched an investment review procedure and, according to the research, had already registered the issue for final rejection in the Federal Cabinet.

    However, the Chancellor’s Office had then not put the review procedure on the agenda, so that a cabinet decision, which is necessary for a ban, could thus not be made. Instead, according to NDR and WDR, the Chancellor’s Office is said to have ordered the search for a compromise so that the deal could be approved after all.


    1. If you let the Chinese through the door, they will leverage your political institutions by locking up your financial institutions. Then they will slowly digest you.

      1. “If you let the Chinese through the door, they will leverage your political institutions by locking up your financial institutions. Then they will slowly digest you.”

        That is a very quotable comment Mr. Nyquist.

        But your authority stops
        … at the concrete in their ears.

  29. “Democracy AND quotation.”

    They have their “Pee-Cee” to malform people’s actions.

    I have my “Da-Q” to get people
    walking Glory Road length-wise, with Actions.

    “Life is very short, and it ought not to be spent
    crawling at the feet of miserable scoundrels.”

  30. I doubt if the so-called right has a very large paper
    library in one place; not accessible to the public and
    I can only become emotional about their many failures.
    Mr. Walker

  31. Maybe I done just barely enough as a
    moving average // to have permission to
    heap a small amount of scorn upon
    some American; so-called followers
    of Christ.

    you would
    tell me the heart of a man,
    tell me not what he reads, but what he rereads.”
    Francois Mauriac

    May I say that when they quote the Bible to
    themselves and others, they reread most often
    quotes which imply somehow, that no risk or
    loss by “Christians” are really necessary.

    But the silver lining is that
    they are labeling themselves when they do so.

    Which is a good thing.

  32. It is that you must realize …
    that it is not the quotation alone you must
    learn, but the very first, agreed upon derived
    comment about that specific quotation.

    To wit, and speaking to a deceased friend,

    Politics is about three things: Power, power, and power.
    – James Burnham

    “Politics is about three things:
    Mistakes, mistakes, and more mistakes.”

  33. Mr Nyquist, in response to your reply about America and Revolution, I’d say that lacking the physical presence of the Monarchy and Aristocracy they were overthrowing, the American Revolution settled into a slow burning fuse which blew up in 1860-1865, and gradually became worse and worse over time subsequently as the American Republic became an Imperial power to reckon with around the world. Burke perhaps would agree with you, perhaps, but I know from de Maistre’s ” considerations on the Revolution in France” that he would not. I am thinking that just as with France, there have been several successively worse incarnations of republics in America.

    1. It is a misunderstanding that America is a imperial power. Only briefly did this hold true, when we held the Philippines. There are fifty states, Puerto Rico and some other islands, here and there. And Puerto Rico is free to go. But they always vote to stay. An empire is where rule is imposed over conquered peoples, leading to various nations under one nation. As George Washington said in his Farewell Address, it is a great gift that the American people are ONE people. One people is not an empire. As for 1861-65, The Civil War was primarily about the preservation of slavery in those states that formed the Confederacy. If there had been no slavery there would have been no Civil War. The 1861 rebellion was, in the words of Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens, a denial of the principles of the Founding Fathers. It was an attempt to divide the American people into two peoples on the basis of new ideas antithetical to those agreed upon after our independence from Britain. The Confederacy, Stephens said, was based on white supremacy and African slavery. Thus, the Confederacy was a revolutionary state based on novel ideas that no previous state had ever been built on. The war was stirred up by the ideologists of slavery. Their rhetoric attempted to frighten white people with the idea that free blacks would prove to be dangerous. George Washington set the example for our nation by emancipating his slaves on his death. After the war, many Southerners have attempted to rewrite history. It was not about slavery, they said. Decide for yourself if they are right. Go back and read the words of the Confederate leaders. The war was all about slavery and those leaders freely said so. The Founding Fathers, many of them slave holders, had committed to a different path — to Union and the eventual freeing of the slaves. As Robert E. Lee wrote in a letter shortly after the first state seceded, The Union is indivisible. How can they divide it? Of course, he changed his mind when Virginia left the Union.

      1. “You may after the sacrifice of countless millions of treasure and hundreds of thousands of lives, as a bare possibility, win Southern independence…but I doubt it. I tell you that, while I believe with you in the doctrine of state rights, the North is determined to preserve this Union. They are not a fiery, impulsive people as you are, for they live in colder climates. But when they begin to move in a given direction…they move with the steady momentum and perseverance of a mighty avalanche; and what I fear is, they will overwhelm the South.”

      2. Strange to say: If the South had not fired on Fort Summter, the North was going to let them go. Public opinion was anti-war in the north. But once the South opened fire on the Fort, unexpectedly, the North rose up in anger. Some of the Confederate leaders who advised to leave the forts alone, shook their head. A big oopse. Nobody really knew this would be the reaction, because an earlier act of war had been totally ignored and made little or no impression.

  34. Constitution of the Confederate States; March 11, 1861

    (18) To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the Confederate States, or in any department or officer thereof.

    Sec. 9. (I) The importation of negroes of the African race from any foreign country other than the slaveholding States or Territories of the United States of America, is hereby forbidden; and Congress is required to pass such laws as shall effectually prevent the same.

    (2) Congress shall also have power to prohibit the introduction of slaves from any State not a member of, or Territory not belonging to, this Confederacy.


    1. The slave trade was ended by the U.S. Constitution in 1808 but slavery continued without fresh importation. The Confederacy wanted to revive the importation of slaves.

      1. Maybe a certain element of the Confederacy. I’ve read that only ten percent of Southerners actually owned slaves, and if that number, only three percent were the large plantation owners.

        Though sime may have thought as Alexander Stephens, I disagree that the average Southerner was trying to build a confederacy on “white supremacy and African slavery.”.

        There were also other important issues besides just slavery.

        I used to have a little book that said Lincoln instigated the Fort Sumter incident, but sending reinforcements and supplies after the Confederates had ordered the garrison to leave.

        I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he instigated it, but both sides were in a precarious position regarding the fort.

        I will say this. I have researched my family tree through all four of my grandparents, and discovered quite a few Confederate veterans in my ancestry, including several direct ancestors. And I haven’t yet discovered that any of them owned slaves. Common sense tells me that most people aren’t going to risk life, limb, and property to defend someone else owning a slave.

        I can also say, that there is a certain attachment felt by Southerners to the land and the way of life, and a resentment to outsiders imposing anything on them at the barrel of a gun.

        I know, because I feel this attachment. I actually saw that attachment first put into terms in a Sir Walter Scott novel, in which he was describing the attachment the Scotch Highlanders felt for their native land.

        You know I respect you and your work, but I heartily disagree with your conclusions on my heritage here.

        If there is a physical war on these shores, you will see Southerners fighting as hard as, or harder than anyone else.

      2. That was just my two cents, Mr. Nyquist. I am a proud Southerner, with a lot of Southern heritage on all sides of my family. No hard feelings.

      3. Of course. No hard feelings. I have great regard for the South excepting the slavery. I have a picture of myself with a statue of Gen. Thomas Jackson before they took his statue down. He was a great military commander. Think of this, however: The president and vice president of the confederacy could have won the war by freeing the slaves. But this was not possible. The ruling class of the South would never do that. The suggestion of doing this was made by a Confederate general. He was warned that such a suggestion was treasonous. I do not bring this up to cast aspersions on the South. I favor many things about the South. It had chivalry. It had idealism. But you have to be honest about the elephant in the room.

      4. Jeff, if the Confederacy wanted to revive the importation of slaves, as you say, then why does the Constitution of the Confederate States; March 11, 1861, one month before Lincoln declared war for nefarious reasons, abolish the importation of slaves, from anywhere but the North, where slaves were still forced labor?

        On what do you base your assertion?

      5. The Confederacy was then trying to get Virginia to secede; and because the Virginia economy benefitted from the interstate slave trade, banning foreign importation would keep the domestic price high. There was also concern for support from England and France if the trade was resumed. Meanwhile, the idea of lowering the price of slaves so everyone might be able to afford one was being talked up.

        Here is what Civil War historian Brooks Simpson wrote on the issue: “There had been a battle over reopening the international slave trade in the 1850s, with South Carolina’s Lawrence Keitt at the forefront. The argument was that reopening the trade would lower prices, so more (white) southerners could own slaves. In opposition was Virginia, which had the largest enslaved population in the US at the time. Slaves were one of Virginia’s most profitable exports, and the Virginians wanted to close the international market so southern whites would buy slaves from Virginia slaveholders.

        “Fast forward to 1861. Note how the new clause courts Virginia. If it stays in the Union, it can still sell slaves to Confederate slaveowners. Join the Confederacy, and Virginia’s export commodity in human beings is protected from foreign competition.”

        It was all about slavery. Sorry.

  35. If Bolsanaro misses out on the presidency this will be the second time in two years that an unpopular candidate has found a large amount of votes at the last minute to win an election.

    1. The communists have found tricks for cheating in elections. This is a real challenge for people who automatically assume elections are honest. There has always been cheating at the margins. But wholesale cheating essentially cancels the democratic element in Constitutional Government. Now there is no check on the Government from voters. The communists can take over using the administrative staff in place, and politicians as their chosen puppets.

  36. I’m pretty dam- certain that states
    of America or elsewhere don’t have the moral
    right to legally enslave any human of any kind,
    within “their” territory.

    1. The Russians have been committing sabotage in Germany, too. This is going to escalate. They want to disrupt our communications as much as possible. We must had them Ukraine on a silver plate — OR ELSE.

      1. Won’t India begin to have second thoughts
        about being friendly with Russia when
        Russia uses a nuke, however small?

        A moralistic society ?!

      2. What’s with this “We,” nonsense? Ukarine is not ours, and we are not Germany.

  37. What further thoughts, updates or reevaluation can you share in regards to the timing of possible open attacks on our soil from Russia/China? And, do you think there would be any dependable warning signs something is imminent if one is on the road so as to get back home or get out of high risk targets?

    1. Before the more knowledgeable one replies, …..
      I would think you best bet would be to survey
      you daily lifestyle and look for those times you
      are not nearby electronic devices.

      Just a quick idea.

      Other than that, memorize safe walking routes
      to home from various points in your daily
      car routines, and also scout them out.
      ( – store a bike on the walk route?)

      … and ask the men if they would do anything
      to defend you, and how much, better
      a discomfort now than surprise later.

    2. The warnings of attack are all there now. What more do you want? China and Russia are in the late stages of their mobilization. If they do not reverse course there will be war within a year. If the West adopts appeasement the process could be dragged out.

      1. Do you think appeasement is a better option for the West in the short-term, if that delays the start of the war? Would it give the West a better chance of being prepared once it starts?

      2. I had this discussion with the late Peter Pry last year. He said if war is coming we need to have the war now before the balance turned more against us. I do not know the right answer, but I have long suspected the West cannot grasp its danger and is not able to form such judgments. In fact, the West has already reacted in a manner that suggests events will spin out of control. We will resist out of reflexive revulsion. Human nature does not give in to threats which are outside of the imagination’s power to conceive.

      3. Ok then. Having it said plain and outloud is helpful. It’s no longer a probable 2 months preparatory window from the start of Russian conscription, but literally any time something life altering could pop off. Denial is a potent force. Otherwise you expect a world war within a year. I’m a bit surprised it could be put off that long. Necessary travel is truly a serious matter now, requiring prayerful discernment – whether to go or stay, and on what end. Go-bags would only last so long if detained away from home. Thank you.

      4. Prayer is the best “test” for me. I’m still traveling and right now I’m in Myrtle Beach. I will admit that I brought some ThyroSafe with me for the first time ever. LOL!

      5. @PrayinginOK: Yes, can not allow fear to control life and decisions, but also need to be watchful and wise, and listen to Him. Hope u have a sweet, refreshing time on the coast.

    3. I’ve been thinking the same thing. Should I abandon the idea of an annual 500 mile (one-way) recreational trip for fear of getting trapped far away from my home after a nuclear attack, although in a remote area in the desert. Even a full tank of gas wouldn’t get me all the way home, and all of the desperate traffic, if it didn’t quickly become blocked, might be opposite to my direction of travel–occupying the entire roadway–even both sides of any freeways. My home would probably be in a heavy fallout area due to prevailing winds, but I would have family responsibilities there.

    1. Hopefully, Biden will wake up too!.. Exit stage left Mr. President, no your other left. It’s painful to read and watch for me. Thank you for sharing this link.

  38. There are indications that Russia is planning a big false flag operation involving the destruction of a major dam in Kherson. This would cause extensive flooding, cause more problems for Ukraine’s electricity grid, and create an insurmountable natural barrier for the Russian-occupied East bank of the Dnipro River.

    The Russian-appointed governor of Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, accused Ukrainian forces, without citing evidence, of planning to destroy a major dam at the Nova Kakhovka hydroelectric power station.

    According to the ISW, Russia is likely preparing for a false flag attack on the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP). Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Russian forces mined the dam of the Kakhovka HPP … Russian sources, however, continued to accuse Ukrainian forces of shelling the power plant. They are doing this an attempt to cover their retreat further into eastern Kherson Oblast. Continued Russian preparation for a false-flag attack on the Kakhovka HPP is also likely meant to distract from reports of Russian losses in Kherson Oblast. Reports indicate that Russian troops are likely deliberately removing large amounts of military (and some civilian) personnel and equipment from the west bank of the Dnipro River. They don’t want a repeat of the rout in Kharkiv.

    For what it’s worth, Ukrainian officials have likened the Kherson evacuations to forced deportations as in Soviet times (article in the Moscow Times). It’s likely the civilians serve the purpose of being human shields for the military equipment that is also being evacuated deeper into Russian-held territory.

    Also from the ISW:
    The White House confirmed on October 20 that Iranian military personnel are in Russian-occupied Crimea, Ukraine, to assist Russian forces in conducting drone attacks on Ukrainian civilians and civilian infrastructure.
    In a funny hot mic moment on Russian TV, even a Defense Ministry official admitted they are using Iranian drones.

      1. It is all so sad for the Ukrainian people. To have all this be forced upon them because evil people cant leave well enough alone. I pray for them.

      2. There were reports posted here in a previous blog, about Ukraine bursting three dams below Chernobyl. Everyone who made comments supported the action, despite he fact that Zelensky failed to evacuate or even warn farmers that their land would be submerged by rushing flood waters. Stalin did the same thing.

      3. Big difference between Ukraine bursting their own dam to slow or halt the Russian advance, and Russia doing it to help cover their retreat and cause more destruction.


      4. I try to read everything posted here. I do not recall anyone praising the breaking of dams in Ukraine. The Russian’s forced evacuation of Kherson is Stalinist in the sense of kidnapping thousands of Ukrainians — as was done on occupied territories under Stalin, who forcibly relocated hundreds of thousands from eastern Poland and the Baltic States. These Russian lies you like to spread need to be disentangled. Why would Zelensky harm his own side? His people are eager to fight. They have more volunteers than weapons to put in their hands. Russian conscripts are eager to escape from service. And the Russians are the ones who have wrought destruction on the country of Ukraine. But you hold Moscow blameless. Where is your judgment? Why don’t you examine evidence with an intelligent and more questioning eye? And your first name begins with G, not P.

      5. Genocide is genocide. Zelensky should have evacuated instead of massacring his own people. This lends credence to the Globalist depopulation agenda. The end does not justify the means. Why did Zelensky fail to evacuate or at least warn Ukrainians that he was going to bust the dams and flood the valley? At least Putin is evacuating.

        Name calling demonstrates frustration due to inability to engage in reasonable debate.

      6. Nope. What I said was reasonable. What I called you is what you are. I probably actually owe all jackasses an apology for using their name to label you.

        You do a lot worse than name calling, by slandering and undermining a country trying to fight off an unprovoked invasion.

        You are basically a slanderer, a whisperer, a back biter, a liar, a reprobate.

      7. Petunia: You believe in many things that cannot or (at least) have not been proven. You believe in narratives that help your country’s foreign enemies. Why? You obviously do not like my analysis. But you never offer any solid evidence. Russian propaganda is not evidence. Conspiracy theory is circular in that it always interprets every fact as proof of its thesis. Why should anyone believe such a thesis when real facts, real details, show contradictions at every turn? A vague theory, about vaguely postulated conspirators, can fit many facts. You ought to get all the facts together and consider wider history.

      8. No, I am not Greg. Stop suspecting you brother; even if he might be a practical joker.

      9. Re:
        [ JEFF NYQUIST says:
        OCTOBER 21, 2022 AT 12:53 PM
        Petunia: You believe in many things that cannot or (at least) have not been proven. ]

        Such as? Again, you fail to specify what you accuse me of. Just this vague general allusion to some nebulous insinuation instead of citing even one example. That’s a progressive tactic.

      10. Petunia: You believe in a conspiracy to depopulate the world. This you have stated. And that conspiracy, in your view, is not a Marxist conspiracy. It is for you a capitalist conspiracy. Right? Here is my take: If the vaccinations were an attack vector I do not believe it is an attack on the whole world’s population. I believe it is primarily an attack on the NATO countries and Israel. The free world took the mRNA. Not Russia. Not China. Not North Korea. Not Cuba. Here is where we differ. Name your enemy. I have named mine: the communist bloc and its fifth column in the West. Now show your cards.

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