I’ve stuck by my beliefs, I’m not going to change.

Mike Lindell

Since last November the country has been divided about the election. Roughly a third of the population believes the election was stolen from President Donald Trump. About 59 percent disagree with this assertion, with 9 percent saying they do not know. This division of the country is no ordinary one. If this question is not settled by rational inquiry, America could break into two countries – or revert to a one-party dictatorship – a regime of threats and punishments.

An inquiry of such importance requires great diligence. It should be about evidence. We do not need, on the one side, federal officials decrying state election audits as bogus. We also do not need a well-meaning pillow salesman, like Mike Lindell, pushing a false narrative like Absolute Proof – supported by an echo chamber of true-believers, grifters and yes-men. It is my belief that Lindell’s documentary Absolute Proof is an “absolute swindle.” And Lindell is the victim of this swindle. His intentions are good, but he does not understand what proof is. Consequently, Lindell has been tricked into supporting a narrative that could derail the election audit process.

An election fraud narrative emerges

After the election, from November to January, I was interviewed by Brannon Howse on several occasions. Brannon was then very excited by information he had picked up from Mary Fanning, a “journalist” whose site is called The American Report. According to Fanning, a computer technician named Dennis Montgomery had acquired “proof” of a massive cyber-hack against computers used to tabulate the November elections. Brannon wanted me to climb aboard, and join the campaign to “stop the steal.” He advised me to buy and read a book titled The Hammer is the Key to the Coup, “The Political Crime of the Century”: How Obama, Brennan, Clapper, and the CIA spied on President Trump, General Flynn … and everyone else, by Mary Fanning and Alan Jones.

I downloaded the book and began to read. It was like one of those bad advertisements in which you are told, again and again, how great a product is; but you never get to see the product. Every conceivable side-issue is rehashed and regurgitated in that book. It was, in the end, a bootless series of assertions. Okay, there is a lot of illegal surveillance and computer skullduggery out there. Who doubts it?

I called Brannon to learn more. Okay, I said, this Dennis Montgomery guy is supposed to be a heroic whistleblower. What has he got? “Montgomery knows how the election was stolen,” Brannon replied, “and everything has been confirmed by other sources.” What other sources? Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney (retired) was one source. A shadowy (former?) intelligence official was alluded to. Well, I said, if it’s true then what are they waiting for? All was to be revealed in short order, Brannon promised.

Montgomery either had proof, or he didn’t. The election was then almost two months in the past. What was the point in holding onto vital evidence? The whole thing made no sense. Release it immediately. Let the whole country see it; but that was not to happen. Instead of anyone heroically proving election fraud, the events of January 6 brought images of citizens breaking into the Capitol. President Trump was de-platformed and discredited, the election fraud narrative was declared a threat to democracy. A chill ran through the conservative right as dissenters were kicked off Twitter, Facebook and Youtube).

If he had proof, why didn’t Montgomery come forward earlier? What had he been waiting for? I did a google search on Montgomery. There was a great deal of derogatory information about him. Why hadn’t Brannon mentioned this? I found several well-researched articles by a writer named Sharon Rondeau of The Post & Email. I found her phone number and put in a call, but did not get an immediate response. Oh well, I thought.

In the days that followed, I appeared one last time on Brannon’s evening show. Mary Fanning, Alan Jones, Lt. Gen. McInerny and Kirk Wiebe were also guests. They were promoting Dennis Montgomery’s alleged evidence of an election hack from overseas computers, published online for the first time. At last, we would see the proof that Brannon had been promising for two months. But all I saw was a chart filled with numbers. When you see something like this, you have to scratch your head. There was no way of knowing what you were looking at. Later, a computer expert told me those numbers were bogus.

After the show of that evening, there followed a group telephone conversation that lasted more than three hours. Mary Fanning and Alan Jones seemed amiable enough. Mary was flattering me, saying how much she liked my work. Should I be holding fast to my wallet? I mentioned Sharon Rondeau’s articles. Mary said Sharon’s work was a pack of lies that came from Mike Zullo, who had famously investigated Barack Obama’s birth certificate. “He is an agent of the deep state,” said Fanning. “He works for Jim Woolsey, the former CIA director.” This statement by Fanning was an outlandish claim on its face. Was Mary a crazed conspiracy theorist? I then mentioned two friends with intelligence background who had told me Montgomery was untrustworthy. “They are both deep state operatives,” said Fanning. “Bad actors.” What?! She was talking about two of my friends. What was I to make of this woman? The entire thing was baffling. These folks – Fanning, Jones, Wiebe, Howse and General McInerney – acted as if definitive proof had been presented that evening. Yet the proof was entirely invisible to the discerning eye. It was like a scene out of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” by Hans Christian Andersen:

One day, two fellows calling themselves weavers came to town. They said that they knew how to weave cloth of the most beautiful colors and patterns. The clothes made from this wonderful cloth would be invisible to everyone who was unfit for the job he held, or who was very simple in character.

A couple days later Sharon Rondeau returned my call. She was very down-to-earth. I felt her genuineness immediately. Sharon said that if I wanted to see documentation on Montgomery’s background, I needed to connect with a detective who had spent 15 months investigating Montgomery. That detective was Mike Zullo, a former investigator for Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sharon gave me Mike’s phone number. I called him and he put me through a crash course on Montgomery’s shady past. My first conversation with Mike lasted five hours. As a mere taste of what I learned, the reader is encouraged to peruse these FBI 302s:

FBI information on Dennis Montgomery

Zullo, who had been tasked by Sheriff Arpaio to investigate Obama’s birth certificate more than a decade ago, was no agent of the “deep state” (as Fanning alleged). In 2012 his investigation of Obama concluded with expert testimony that the president’s electronic long form birth certificate was a photoshopped forgery. That is not something an agent of the “deep state” would have on his resume. As I plowed through the evidence, which included videotapes of Montgomery contradicting himself about his background, I began to worry. Why was this con artist inserting himself into the election narrative?

According to the testimony of lawyers, judges and cyber-experts, Dennis Montgomery had committed numerous frauds and perjuries. Even more curious, Montgomery had a felony fraud indictment hanging over him for the past 13 years. It had not been adjudicated in all that time. How was that possible? Had he made some kind of backroom deal with a law enforcement agency? Was he an FBI asset? Anything was now possible. In fact, Montgomery had already been outed as a fraudster in a 2010 Playboy article as “The man who conned the Pentagon.” Software he had been contracted to develop had reportedly proved to be “an elaborate hoax.” Montgomery’s former lawyer even described him as a “habitual liar engaged in fraud.” And that is merely for starters. I was dumbfounded. Brannon Howse was being hoaxed by a notorious grifter. This explained why the promised proof of an election cyber-hack was nowhere to be seen.

A few days later Mary Fanning called me to see how I was doing. “We ought to put our heads together,” she suggested. “Imagine what we could figure out.” Figuring things out was my favorite pastime.  She’d done her homework on me. But I’d also done mine. I told her about my conversations with Zullo. She then told me a story. “Mike and I used to talk on the phone,” she said. “And one time he was very drunk, and he admitted to me that he worked for Jim Woolsey.” It was immediately apparent to me that Mary Fanning was not some ditzy conspiracy theorist. She was not telling me something that came from Dennis Montgomery. She was lying out of her own mouth. She was clearly attempting to discredit the one person who had investigated – and who had proof – that Dennis Montgomery was as phony as a three-dollar bill. 

“Listen,” I said, “I’ve read this law suit from Montgomery’s former lawyer. He says in writing that Montgomery is a “con artist” and “habitual liar engaged in fraud.” Mary did not miss a beat. “The lawyer has retracted that statement,” she lied. “But Mary,” I said, “Nobody is backing up Montgomery’s story.” Mary did not miss a beat. “Tim Blixseth, Montgomery’s business partner, backs him up,” she lied again. (I later made an inquiry into this claim, and found that Fanning had tried to get Blixseth to back Montgomery’s claims, but Blixseth didn’t want anything to do with it.) Why was Mary Fanning lying to me? Not only had she whitewashed Montgomery’s background in her book, but she was ready to trash anyone who questioned Montgomery’s bona fides. Why was she covering up the truth? Why was she gaslighting me? What was her game?

I left the line realizing that Brannon Howse had gotten mixed up in something dangerous. Who was Mary Fanning? Why was she lying about Montgomery? – about Mike Zullo? Why did she slander two of my friends? It was now clear who the bad actor was.  I needed to warn Brannon. Something bad had crawled into his life, and he was being set up. I brought my concerns directly to him, but he blew me off, asking if I had “done my homework on Zullo?” Yes, I have. Brannon then leveled the following accuasation against Zullo: “Montgomery has … documentation showing multiple contracts from multiple agencies [for Zullo]. Call Mary. She can tell you who is lying.” In a way, Mary had already told me who was lying. Her conversation a few days earlier had convinced me that she was the liar. She had slandered my friends. She had covered up Montgomery’s well-documented misdeeds. It was crazy. He was asking me to disbelieve my friends and believe instead in a woman who had lied to me. Brannon then mentioned the documentary he was working on with Mike Lindell – Absolute Proof. He said, “Our documentary does not mention Montgomery.”

What?! Were they now going to advance Montgomery’s narrative without using Montgomery’s name? But why?

The answer, of course, was painfully obvious. The cancer had just metastasized. Mary Fanning and Brannon Howse had approached Mike Lindell; – the wealthy, generous, patriotic Mike Lindell. How they did it, I have no idea; but these two had sold Lindell on the truthfulness of Dennis Montgomery. Worse yet, they were phasing Montgomery’s name from the public side of the narrative. Very dodgy, I thought. Henceforth, Montgomery’s name would not be front and center. As future “executive producers” of Lindell’s documentaries, they would refer to “the source,” or to “white hat hackers.” But as I had heard the story in its original form, and had more than one long conversation on Montgomery with Fanning and Howse, the situation was perfectly clear. They had sold Montgomery’s scam to Lindell. And Lindell, in his patriotic zeal, believed this would be the “absolute proof” that could return Trump to office.

The danger was now clear. What might the legal charges be if Mike Lindell publicized Montgomery’s fraudulent data about the election with the intention of overturning the presidency of Joseph Biden? Could the Justice Department prosecute this sort of thing as a crime? And who would they arrest? Could Donald Trump be named as a co-conspirator? Or was this merely a scheme to discredit the election audits and everything associated with them?

In the months that followed, I warned my friends to distrust the Montgomery narrative. I warned that the Absolute Proof documentary was a disguised form of that narrative. But these warnings went nowhere. They had no effect. I even worked with a handful of others to reach Lindell’s inner circle. But he would not believe our warning.

People in high places wanted Montgomery’s false election fraud narrative to gain traction. One respectable conservative scholar tried to set me straight. It was wrong to make a fuss about this, he said. I was being “academic,” he said. The truth did not matter because this was “politics.” If the American people were “saved by a deceptive narrative,” then it was a good thing. But I could not see, from the standpoint of Machiavelli himself, how this could end well.  

Truth by algorithm?

As the year advanced, I began to hear about math wizards who were validating Montgomery’s narrative with “algorithms.” My background is in social science, and I know that using numbers to analyze social phenomena is an extremely tricky business. Since Montgomery is a fraud, and since I do not trust the woman who so ably promoted him, my skepticism necessarily extends to anyone who claims to validate this narrative; and that goes double for someone who is being paid.

For these and other reasons, the seconding of Montgomery’s claims by Dr. Douglas Frank drew my attention. This star performer, who appeared in Lindell’s documentary Absolute Interference, is alternately described on various websites as a chemist or as a physicist. He seems like a nice man, and perhaps he is competent in his field. Curiously, NBC in Columbus Ohio described him as a teacher at the Schilling Gifted School. Whatever his background and accomplishments, he is not an election expert or an epidemiologist.

To show how wrong Dr. Frank can be, last August Frank said the coronavirus had run its course in his home state of Ohio. But the number of COVID deaths in Ohio would accelerate three months later. In fact, the number of daily cases peaked in early winter – long after Frank authoritatively claimed the epidemic was winding down. (See Ohio cases.) In truth, Dr. Frank was seriously mistaken in his analysis of the COVID epidemic. Could he be mistaken in his support of Montgomery’s election fraud narrative (wholeheartedly adopted by Lindell)?

According to Dr. Frank, a foreign cyberattack on the election was accomplished through the deployment of an algorithm (i.e., some kind of a six-level polynomial which relies on a state-wide “data key”) which Dr. Frank has “discovered.” How does the algorithm prove Montgomery’s version of election fraud? This algorithm supposedly produces a detectable, artificial, pattern in the voting outcomes in thousands of U.S. counties – indicating that vote tallies across the board have been falsified by computer manipulation (i.e., by an algorithm inserted in a cyberattack against thousands of U.S. computers from abroad). Professor David Clements, a believer in Frank’s math, has assured me that “Dozens of expert mathematicians have verified” Frank’s work. “It’s not even in dispute,” adds Clements. But it is in dispute.

On the more wary side, Benjamin Engen of the Constellation Political website says that Dr. Frank’s underlying data points for Colorado are flat wrong. As someone who knows the Colorado numbers, Engen says that Dr. Frank is “using incorrect ballots cast figures as the basis for his entire analysis.” It is a case, says Engen, of “garbage in, garbage out.” Engen then links to Dr. Frank’s website where the erroneous data was posted, but the page has been taken down. “Sorry,” writes Engen parenthetically, “the host removed the link after this blog was published.” Whatever anyone says, taking down your own data without explanation is dodgy. If Dr. Frank made an honest mistake, why not admit it? What has not been taken down, of course, are links to various videos in which Frank can be seen referring to erroneous numbers. “Even more bizarre,” says Engen, “is the fact that even the raw data Frank supposedly used for his analysis doesn’t produce the figures he has been presenting.”

Engen says that Frank is “careful never to show the actual equation that he uses to produce his turnout estimates.” Engen shows screenshots of Frank’s presentation for Park County and Eagle County Colorado. Look closely, says Engen, Dr. Frank is not using the same equations. Well, yes, that does seem to be true. Frank, says Engen, “doesn’t show a single consistent ratio of … anything to anything.” Here Engen levels a direct accusation against Dr. Frank, saying, “He’s lying about how his forecast is derived.” As a Colorado Republican, Engen is not amused. “The most troubling piece of all this is that it seems clear that Dr. Frank arrived in Colorado knowing that his data was bad and intending to present it anyway.”

Defenders of Dr. Frank, like David Clements, point out that the Colorado Secretary of State has been “manipulating the data on her site.” – And that might be true; but is this the explanation for Dr. Frank’s errors regarding counties in Colorado? And if the Colorado data was wrong, or has been shifting, then how did Frank’s algorithm prove correct for Colorado in the first place? If different numbers are entered in the future, will the algorithm work yet again? And if plugging in any number suffices to “prove” the algorithm’s validity, can I plug in my bank statements and grocery store receipts to get a correlation? The whole thing is baffling, to be sure. And why did Dr. Frank take down the offending page on his site after Mr. Engen found data errors on it? And how on Earth can anyone explain the claim that other mathematicians have independently “replicated” Dr. Frank’s work? Is it a case of X(6) – X(6) + 1 always equaling 1? Does Frank’s polynomial equation homogenize numbers whatever they might be? In an interview with Clements, Frank says “It would take a week to share my source code.” Really? If that is true, then how has anyone managed to check Frank’s numbers? “It is my own instinctual stuff,” added Frank. “It is not transportable.”

Perhaps the most disturbing interaction attested to by Dr. Frank, is one more familiar to myself. During a broadcast session Dr. Frank was left in the studio while Mike Lindell went on a break. Suddenly, a woman’s voice broke out of nowhere: “Dr. Frank, are you really a physicist?” Dr. Frank was momentarily confused: “And I’m like what is that? And I didn’t realize that Mary Fanning was facetiming with the whole [show] – because she was producing it, she was watching it happen, and I didn’t realize she was there. And I said, ‘Hi Mary, nice to meet you.’ I still hadn’t met her at that point. ‘Why are you asking if I’m a physicist?’ And she says, ‘Well, early on, back in December, we had a physicist looking at our data; and he said it’s obvious that there are algorithms at work here; but it’s going to take a physicist to figure them out.’ – And I knew exactly what that meant, because that is exactly the way a physicist thinks. That is who I am. That’s the way I think. Absolutely, I’m the logical guy to figure it out. I have the experience. I think in that way. That’s exactly right. That’s a good story.”

A story, indeed! And, as a final crazy admission, Dr. Frank expressed confidence in his data because Lindell had “hired Mission Impossible secret agent type people” who “broke into those computers … and took digital images of the [offending] computers, proving that there were actually people executing the commands when those were taking place.” According to Frank, Lindell “spent a lot of money on this.”

What I wonder is: How much money did Lindell spend on Dr. Frank? And did he get his money’s worth?  


I am very hard on Dr. Frank because – sincere or not – he is advancing what I consider to be a false narrative dangerous to the country. He is advancing the narrative of Dennis Montgomery. So here is my challenge to Dr. Frank: If Montgomery is not a fraud, why has his role in this narrative been hidden since January? If Fanning is honest, why doesn’t anyone know what she looks like? Why has her image been scrubbed from the Internet? Why was I the only person in the United States, who was approached by Fanning, to check into Montgomery’s bona fides by reaching out to Mike Zullo? If Mike Lindell says he vetted Montgomery’s information, why didn’t his investigators talk to Zullo? And why, after all this time, has this narrative continued to get so much attention – especially from Steve Bannon’s War Room? Mike Lindell is now sponsoring a Cyber Symposium from August 10th – 12th in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

I make the following appeal to Mike Lindell: I beg you, Mike, do not hold this Symposium in August. It could be a trap, or worse than a trap.

notes and links

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THE HAMMER is the Key to the Coup “The Political Crime of the Century”: How Obama, Brennan, Clapper, and the CIA spied on President Trump, General Flynn … and everyone else – Kindle edition by Fanning, Mary, Jones, Alan. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

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222 thoughts on “Absolute Sabotage: The Rise and Coming Fall of a False Narrative

  1. If this is a trap then one has to wonder what kind of trap is it and who are the “big players, i.e. Countries,” involved in the game?

      1. It really makes the most sense to assume that the hard left, colluding from all of their power centers as they tend to do, found technological and ground game methods to steal a second term from Trump, and then devised false propaganda points and narratives to invalidate the nearly identical analysis of the methodology of that which they actually used to pull off the con. Hence the huckster Lindell, the perfect patsy. But rest assured that what they seek to target and invalidate is very close to what the truth is, but sufficiently different to pull off the ruse. That’s the nature of high level propaganda, of those who spend countless hours not to unearth the truth, but to obscure it.

      2. I suspect the narrative Lindell has been selling is substantially different from what actually happened. I do not think it likely that thousands of voting machines were hacked by China, or that the whole thing was managed from overseas. The Chinese are not obligated to provide election-switching services in addition to fortune cookies. Oh yes, you order the Kung Pao Chicken and they throw in a free election flip — no extra charge. No. I think corrupt party machines in key places like Detroit, Philadelphia, etc., did it for their own reasons.

  2. John Kerry accused Republicans of using Smartmatic in defeating him. Now, neither Republicans nor Democrats want to talk about that.

    Some call for a Constitutional Convention, to amend the document to change election laws. My apprehension to that is that once they start amending the Constitution, they’ll form a new North American Union to include China.

    The secret ballot was established to protect voters from bullies. That’s not what America is all about. People need to stand up and be counted. Vote with a mark on the wall of the candidate of your choice for all to see.

  3. I am glad that you have published your information on this story. I did not believe the Montgomery/Lindell narrative to begin with but since you had spoken several times in interviews disparaging it I found this article quite helpful. You have backed up your views with evidence. Those ‘true believers’ in the Montgomery shell game need to put up or shut up. They have (intentionally or unintentionally) done tremendous damage to the cause of freedom. You have demonstrated that they are unable to ‘put up’ because they have no proof.

    Does truth even matter anymore? To most people of all political stripes truth seems to be completely irrelevant. While we all have the freedom to think that truth doesn’t matter, we will not escape the consequences of that belief.

    God help us. We are in a deep, deep mess.

      1. Even so, the lies quite often win regardless of how much truth is published.

      2. Pope Urban ll didn’t simply express the truth. Instead he elaborated on the cultural and physical conflict between Christianity and Islam, and then went the extra crucial step and raised a Christian army backed by the truth. Thus Europe was eventually saved from continued slaughter. Jeff speaks the truth very clearly and accurately, but he stops there, which in the latter stages of a communist revolution is relatively useless. If we continue to simply talk and do not act, I think it’s really obvious to everybody in their hearts that we have lost our civilization here in America, and they are simply engaging in a mop up operation.

      3. Robert Malins: there’s a time to act, and a time to wait. Act too soon, or wait too long, both result in disaster.

        The American Revolutionary War started before the Boston Massacre of 1770, but it didn’t become kinetic until 1775. The people were not ready for full on action before 1775. There needed to be time for setting forth the case for revolution to have its effect.

        Right now is not the time to act. We don’t have the people behind us. Now is the time to set our case before the people (propaganda in the good sense), wake them up to their danger, and get them ready to act. Against us is a massive propaganda array including the MSM, social media and three letter agencies. When will be the time to act? When enough people have awoken to their danger. But right now most are still asleep, their noses in their smart phones and social media, watching the “news” on TV and believing the lies (propaganda) presented in those sources. Now we need to tell the truth. And the typical result I’m getting is disbelief “That’s not what I hear from …” They’re not ready to act until they know the truth about what’s going on.

        Now is the time to wait, but use this time of waiting alerting our fellow citizens of the danger we face.

        Are you an agent provocateur from a three letter agency trying to get us to act too soon?

      4. Now RO, if I were an alphabet agent, would I tell you so? You will have to come to your own conclusions on that question. You all are assuming that I am promoting acting now, which I am not necessarily. I am saying that action must be taken at some point, and trying to get people used to the fact that it is inevitable and that they need to prepare for it.
        I think it’s a little bit risky to assume that we have to have the entire population behind us in order to prevail, which we don’t. There are millions of conservatives who understand what’s at play here, and could be convinced of the need for kinetic action.
        The problem I have with this thread and with Jeff’s writing is that there is never a mention of the potential need, even if it is considered as being necessary only at some future date. It must be spoken of, and we must develop the expectation in the mind of the American conservative that he must arm himself and prepare to stand for liberty at some point. A simple perusal of the Brandenburg Supreme Court decision makes it clear that when one speaks of kinetic action against the government, but does not suggest imminent action, nor are there words likely to result in imminent action by others, that it is protected speech. The rebuttal can be made that the government has already stepped outside of constitutional protections in their actions and court decisions, and might persecute those who would speak in this manner regardless. And if so, that simply buttresses the contention that kinetic action is needed. I find that most people that are nervous to speak of what they know to be necessary to reclaim our republic are simply being silenced by fear. Now is not the time for fear. No time is the time for fear.

      5. Actually Mr. Nyquist, it’s you,Trevor Loudon, And many other conservative luminaries that are completely hamstrung by our enemies. They have you backed into a corner so completely, and that’s why Trevor stated to me that he feels like there is only a 2% chance of saving our country. No why would any group of people adopt a strategy of certain loss?
        One only has to look at the over the top reaction of the left to the capital riot to know what they fear. At some point if an organized uprising en masse takes place, it will unseat this illegitimate government. It is far too little too late to attempt to save our country through a hearts and minds campaign. It is noble for you to attempt it, but it is doomed to fail. Trevor knows that, and I assume you do in your heart also.

      6. You cannot win a war without hearts and minds. Who can win with leaders whose cupidity is only matched by their stupidity? So we have work to do. What you are saying is that America has lost, which is probable — but none of us really knows the future. When the real violence starts all bets will be off. Those who appear victorious might fail in the end. All may depend on seeds that are planted now. I am planting those seeds. You think this a waste of time. I cannot, so far, congratulate you on analysis.

      7. Fair enough. But via your analysis to date the left has not been turned back, nor via the efforts of the collective conservative mind that you represent. Again, you say that is is probable that we have lost. Trevor Loudon says that we have a 2% chance of saving our country. I would respectfully say that your analysis is the one that is flawed. Creative thinkers, the ones who change history, commit to an end and then devise ways to make that change happen, and those means do not come to the mind of someone who thinks they can’t win. You are so far in no way inspiring as great leaders are. In fact, if one arises on todays scene, you will probably oppose him, and revert to your probable loss scenario. All I am asking is that you at least make an attempt to inspire some confidence, some courage, in your articles. And for God’s sake inform your readers that the only solution will eventually be arms and not simply the dissemination of political philosophy. Just leave it as a general theme, and hopefully a correct interpretation of Brandenburg will keep you a free man! Though I see your interpretation of what is best to do as flawed, I do appreciate the education I constantly receive from your articles, in that the analysis is always very good. I just object that you do not fully run the bases and never quite make it to home. But maybe it’s your job to hit a double, and then to get advanced by singles by the next two hitters, or a home run by the next guy. So maybe I need to get used to that scenario. Just don’t get called out at second because you’re convinced that we can’t win!

      8. You are like a man who is angry with a mechanic diagnosing a problem with your car. You do not like his diagnosis and berate the mechanic because your motor is shot and your car will be in the shop awhile. You had better listen carefully; for if you do not listen, you will never fix the car. We are presently encumbered by the accumulated errors of the past 232 years — the most problematic 232 years in all human history. I have a very small readership and am by no means a prime minister, party leader or even a minor member of Congress. I cannot even make a proper living doing this. Yet, Malins thinks I could make a sock puppet that could form a political movement and, using Monopoly money borrowed from a game, raise an army of sock puppets with which to seize the mass media and broadcast magic words that will make the country’s power brokers subservient to my design. And then, inspiring all the chicken dumplings throughout the land, I will march on Frostbite Falls Minnesota and ask Bullwinkle Moose to become General Field-marshal, Emperor for life of the Americas — from Pole to Pole. And Rocky Squirrel can be his Secretary of State. At that point I will have: (1) an army of aroused chicken dumplings; (2) a flying squirrel with a very efficient diplomatic staff; (3) a moose with attitude; and (4) a final solution for every half-baked hack, every corrupt machine politician, every misguided pillow salesman, every foreign spy, every back room dealer, and every revolutionary with his right toe shot off — to help me fix the universe. Correctly armed with this invincible combination of moose and squirrel, I will proceed with the utmost optimism, instilling hope that I can devise a way to solve “the crisis of modernity,” the rise of the idiocracy, and assure every uninspired dumpling that no brains are required; that only a rifle and a bayonet will suffice — for stabbing wholeheartedly the first baseman, the shortstop, the second basemen, the third baseman and the catcher! I have no doubt we will win with this plan and can be counted on to inspire everyone with blind confidence because Mr. Malins thinks we have to win a civil war on the baseball diamond of America. There is nothing I despise so much as those who are convinced of my unstated convictions — which I have never stated because I do not know. Ask Bullwinkle.

      9. It makes me sad to see you use your significant literary skills in the service of negativity and defeatism. If you can’t think of a way forward with a little more creativity and ingenuity, then just get to second base and somebody else will hit you in for the win. Just please try not to say anything demeaning to the cause as you occupy second base, and don’t forget to run when the coast is clear for us to score! If you can do that, your place in baseball and national lore will be secure. But if you trip all over yourself because you think we can’t win, you will be remembered somewhat differently.

      10. I have told you not to insult me with your backhanded taunts. I am neither negative nor defeatist. It is all the coinage of your brain. Yet there is nary a living soul in this world who has the magic pill you are looking for; though Hitler claimed to have it, until he shot himself in the bunker. But you are even unworthy of a Fuhrer, as you are incapable of taking instruction and possess no common sense of your own. Had you been a Jew in ancient Egypt, Moses would have left you at the Red Sea; for as the Jews complained in the desert, you would have set up an unbearable howling; and as they worshipped the Golden Calf, you would have set up a Golden Jackass; for that is your god.

      11. Robert Malins: I don’t see Jeff Nyquist as being defeatist or negative—he gives us accurate information that we can use for action.

        But ultimately, it’s not the bullet or bayonet that will save us. As a Christian, I see the victory as being a moral one. An immoral people will fall. Our victory may come from an unexpected source, as Mordechai told Queen Esther. It may even come from a Chinese invasion that targets mainly those who work to destroy this country. Or the “vaccine” may have the unexpected result of eliminating the majority of our enemies. In either of those cases, there’s no need for a civil war. But right now there’s still hope that things will work out short of civil war. Hence calls for kinetic action right now are premature.

        If the Chinese invade, I see that as God’s punishing a wicked nation. People have forgotten that God is a just God who punishes wicked nations. Read Judges, Kings and Chronicles to see how God dealt with Israel when they turned away from God, that culminated in the Babylonian Exile and the Roman conquest. And we as a nation have “legally” murdered over 70 million innocent lives since Roe v. Wade—if God merely requites life for life, then 70–100 million U.S. people will die in God’s judgment. Hopefully people will see that as God’s judgment and reform their ways. That would be the best salvation for this country.

      12. RO In reality you are simply guessing and you have no idea what God’s will is. And to suggest that the Chinese invasion will be God’s judgment on America for our increasing immorality Is indeed a possibility, but you don’t know it for sure and you are acting like it’s a certainty. And that keeps you from doing what’s right in front of you which is defending the unborn and defending our society society. You are hamstrung because you believe that you would be acting against God’s will! It is a Christian’s duty to do what is right, to defend the innocent and powerless, and defending our nation and our unborn is the right thing to do. What would have happened in World War II if American Christians had considered the Nazi invasion of Europe as God’s judgment on Europe? Or if Pope Urban II had considered the Muslim invasion and slaughter of Europe as simply God’s judgment on Europe, and had sat by and done nothing? There would have been no Christian Europe! I cannot support greatest thinking, and I find it haughty that you think you have the right to sit by and do nothing, all the while inferring that you know God’s will when you don’t know anything about what he has planned in the situation at this time. It is our job to stand full strength for what is right, and nothing less.

      13. Do you believe it is your duty to defend unborn babies from mothers who want to harm them? If so, are you obligated to stop one woman from aborting her baby or 100, or thousands? Then again, the simple solution would be regime change. Is this not your responsibility as well? If this is your responsibility, how could you possibly fail? Pray tell, what would your excuse be? And do not give me some pessimistic assessment of your capabilities. We all know you are Superman-like. It’s just so shameful that you aren’t trying hard enough, pawning off your vast responsibilities on me. After all, your Superman cape is much bigger than mine.

      14. Yes I do think it is our responsibility as Christians to prevent any mother from murdering her child in her womb. This should be self evident. And to the superman cape, time will tell what the contribution of any of us will be in this struggle.

      15. How could it be our duty to prevent “any mother from murdering her child in her womb” any more than it is our duty to prevent every murder, or every theft, or every crime? We haven’t the power to prevent all crime. To have a duty without the power to fulfill that duty is an absurdity. Your duty, your responsibility, only extends to what YOU have control over; that is, yourself and your minor children. In this matter, you are placing responsibility on the wrong persons. The responsibility for the child belongs to the parent — before and after birth. The moral responsibility for a crime is on those who commit the crime.

      16. It is a given that the moral responsibility lies with the perpetrator, but if a society did not sanction murder, and hence its rate exploded, is there not some guilt inherent in the inaction of the society? If you were passing by a woman being raped, the responsibility lies with the rapist, and secondarily with you if you do nothing in your power to prevent it. This is self evident.
        Since abortions happen in easily identifiable clinics, of course the process of enforcing legal sanctions would be a relatively simply process of raiding and closing down said clinics. This would cut the incidence of abortion by 90% almost immediately. In other words, we would directly save the lives of 810,000 emerging American citizens yearly. Now that is a goal worth fighting a civil war over just on its own merit. That’s 4.4 million human souls saved over five short years, and the eventual end of the great sucking sound heard at the Mexican border.

      17. Robert Malins: Now you insult me. Right now, my most important thing I can do is to inform people about what is going on and what I expect to happen. My circle of influence is far smaller than Jeff Nyquist’s, but I do what I can.

        Stop trying to provoke me and others to violence!!!

        A Chinese invasion is almost a certainty. Possibly later this summer. The question is not if, but when?

        You expect me to make a violent attack on an American death camp? Hopefully kill a “doctor” before he murders another innocent infant? What if I succeed, what will happen to my message? Will that violence not nullify my message? How many people will I win for my cause?

        If on the other hand, I follow what Jesus commands, namely to announce God’s judgment on wickedness, and mercy on those who repent, is that not a better way? God doesn’t command us to be the prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. We are commanded to be the messenger.

        In closing, you don’t know what I do when not on line. You don’t know what I’m capable of. You don’t know how I’ll react when the Chinese invade. While it’s God’s judgment on the U.S. when the Chinese invade, if I fight against them, will that not be part of a judgment on the Chinese? As well as a chance to bring the Gospel to some?

        Don’t spout foolishness based on ignorance.

      18. I’m not sure why you consider it an insult when I claim that you don’t know God’s will for sure in the current situation. Are you saying that you exactly do? That you know that God has decided America is sufficiently more wicked than China and Russia, and that therefore their invasion plans are backed by God almighty? And that therefore you should sit back and watch God’s judgement unfold on yourself, your family, your friends, and your countrymen? This to me is religious haughtiness, a strange form of self-righteousness that bears no real fruit. I would suggest that it is far more easily and definable righteous to stand up in the current day against actual oppression; of the unborn, of innocent patriotic American seeking solely their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, of the Jews targeted by the left and the Alt Right, etc. We can be certain that these ugly acts are evil; of this there is no doubt. But as to the fulfillment of biblical prophecy? We know the generalities but have no idea as to the time.
        As far as a projected Chinese invasion being God’s will, and your fighting back a judgement on the Chinese; this is not a rational thought process to me. And as to your ruminating about the meaning behind my contentions and my haste, that I must be weak. Nobody knows how they will respond under the pressure of being shot at; I certainly don’t. I hope that my courage would be forced forward by my will, in spite of my fear. But who knows until one faces it? As to my nervousness and sense of urgency, I readily admit to that. In ten minutes Mr. Nyquist’s site might be deplatformed and this conversation might end. That’s why philosophical discussions are less practical to me than tactical ones. Philosophy has to provide the political motivation and justification for any action. But without the action, it ends up ultimately as retroactive rumination as to what might have been done to prevent subjugation.

      19. Action for the sake of action is worse than doing nothing. Anyone with an informed and reflective mind now finds himself hemmed in, if not oppressed, from all sides — not just from the left. Most people use words that pretend to be concepts, yet they are not analyzed, not understood even as they are used.

  4. I propose that President Trump won the 2020 election, in that sufficient people cast enough votes in critical states in reality for President Trump to win. But that something mysterious happened to change everything.

    I also propose that his enemies did not cheat him out of winning, however, they did not ”steal” the election, they were not party the sabotage which resulted in Trump’s official loss. They were as surprised at the apparent outcome as Trump’s voters were, and expected to lose, running as they did with such an obvious ”designated loser” slate of candidates.

    But neither was it some kind of error or mistake, it was deliberate action which deprived Trump of a second term.

    As insane as this may seem at first glance, is it possible that the same force or forces in the world that wished for Trump to win in 2016, also wished him to lose in 2020?

    What I am proposing with this hypothesis is a kind of miracle, of divine intervention, an act of divine providence. I propose that everything that follows comes from an absolute critical failure to see that this happened, or a cover-up of this act of celestial intervention.

    Still working on the ”why?” of this hypothesis of mine…

    1. Alongside this, as something to ponder, was the drive by Trump’s enemies from the very start to impeach him, which was constant, and yet if successful would have only resulted in a Pence Presidency. Why the drive to get Pence in as President, and not just have Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush in 2016 earlier?

      1. I wouldn’t have accepted a Mike Pence presidency. He was a fairly effective vice president, but, as president, I think that he would be rather weak. Not as weak as Biden, but also not the strength we need right now in this country.

        That said, I believe that a Republican nomination for him in 2024 is quite a long shot.

    2. So… certain right leaning forces wanted Trump to win, then certain divine forces wanted Trump to lose next cycle; and to what specific end exactly, we are not sure? It sounds like way too much imaginary stimulation to me.

      1. From the Book of St. Daniel the Prophet;

        ”He changes the times and seasons; He removes kings and establishes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.”

        Is that imaginary?

      2. If that biblical verse at all applied to the current situation directly as an overlay, it would make sense. But it doesn’t.

  5. Thanks for digging into this.

    Notwithstanding the apparent fraudulence of the “Absolute Proof” narrative, the election results just don’t add up in my mind, and never will. Here are the facts that convince me of massive election fraud:

    1. Biden supposedly received more electoral votes than ANYONE EVER in U.S. history — 13 million more than the very popular Obama and Hillary Clinton. Yet, he won only 477 counties versus Obama’s 689 — 200+ fewer. How is that possible? That’s just not how landslides work.

    2. Of 19 bellweather counties — which “got it right” every election for the past half century — Trump carried 18. This just doesn’t happen. Source: BBC.com: “In fact, of the 19 pivot counties across America to correctly pick the president every time over the past 10 election cycles, only one – Clallam County in Washington state – saw a majority back Joe Biden for president.”

    3. Trump drew massive enthusiastic rallies around the country. Biden couldn’t draw flies — with or without COVID.

    4. Do you know ANYONE who is enthusiastic Biden supporter, perhaps his picture on their living room wall? Obama, Hillary DO have (or had) plenty of those.

    So, something weird happened. I have YET to see any explanation for Facts 1, 2, or 3 above.

    Was Dominion involved in a nefarious way? I don’t know. But I have seen evidence that its leading software guy (Eric Coomer) was an enthusiastic supporter of ANTIFA online and made some cryptic statement that he had “made f**king sure” that President Donald Trump wouldn’t win the presidential race,

    I confess I don’t understand how algorithms can be inserted into election software to skew results. But I have seen how they are used to skew Google searches to the detriment of conservative websites and companies.

    And one thing that doesn’t need much more proof: Big city Democratic machines in places like Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Philly, and Houston stuff ballot boxes, and it’s been going on for a long time (think JFK 1960).

    My gut instinct: Biden didn’t win this. And if he had won it honestly, the Dems would happily allow election audits to prove the honesty of the results and discredit the conspiracy theorists. But they’re not, are they?

    1. The Biden win has problems when you start to analyze the numbers. Yes. I suspect the real fraud took place in certain big cities and corrupt counties in battleground states. So we need the audits to see what really happened.

      1. Except Jeff, that because of the hard left leanings of these audit areas the actual results of the election will never be made public. If the left has enough power to pull off election fraud in these areas, do you think they’re going to cede that power and allow their fraud to be made known? Election fraud has been committed to and succeeded in, and will most likely never be reversed now short of civil conflict. There, the buffoon said it again,m; there is no hope for us now without civil strife. Sorry to the two per centers out there like Jeff Nyquist and Trevor Loudon, but it’s an obvious fact. We have lost in every aspect of this cold Civil War, and the only one we can win now is hot.

      2. The state legislatures in the key states are Republican — in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan and Georgia. They have the authority to force an audit. A corrupt municipality cannot prevent them from ordering an audit, and any interference from below would invite more intensive scrutiny. But there are no guarantees. All legal battles are fraught with problems.

  6. Here’s another fact I forgot to cite: Despite Biden’s apparently huge vote, the GOP gained about a dozen seats in the U.S. House. When’s the last time that happened?

    Jeff, the fact that you allude to “a 3 letter agency” potentially attempting to discredit the stolen election allegations ought likewise to suggest the possibility of sophisticated involvement in thwarting the election results.

  7. First must address Vladimir. Not doubting God is over all, but I think the “celestial” you refer to is China and their friends. Mr. Nyquist, thank you for alerting us. If this Is a trap, it will be devastating. Some very well-meaning people are going to be destroyed and it will damage the country. I think you are right about Montgomery, and thank you for alerting about the mathematician. I think some people are too wedded to this narrative to be able to realize and look at it objectively. If it Is a trap, it was very well set. I do wonder, though, if Mary Fanning’s picture has been scrubbed from the internet because there have been death threats, which would not surprise me. Whatever the truth turns out to be, the American people deserve to learn the whole story about the 2020 election, whatever it is. I will be praying for you and Brannon Howse and Mike Lindell and our country.

    1. It remains a fact that President Trump is not in power as the President of the United States in a second term. That is either-looking at it from a larger perspective- a good thing or a bad thing, but either way something that was meant to be in the greater scheme of things. Trump was meant to be US President in 2016-2020, but was not meant to be US President in 2020-2024. The ”why?” for me is linked to three odd details that bother me;

      1. The drive during Trump’s term to in effect, replace him with Vice-President Pence…. Even after the election!

      2. The 2020 election results which truly seem to contradict reality but cannot be proven to do so definitively.

      3. Every election Hillary Clinton ran in, her opponents (Obama and Trump) win. Anybody-but-Hillary-Clinton… Is that deliberate?

    2. Vladimir,
      Your “meant to be” theory of celestial involvement seems so fatalistic and, frankly, disempowering.

      In my interaction with Muslims and Hindus, I have encountered a good deal of this fatalism. (Perhaps it is prevalent in Russia as well?). In my opinion, that worldview — as opposed to “our destiny is in our hands” approach — is why there is so much inertia in the countries where that philosophy predominates.

      I say this not as a great student of philosophy (you and Jeff are far better read than I in that realm) but merely as an observer of various cultures.

      1. The world is the world… That being said, sometimes the power designated to rule by God’s will is a dramatically different one than we might wish or expect. In any case, Scripture tells us to obey our earthly rulers in all things but sin. We do not partake of the Asiatic fatalism, but we fight it with every fibre of our beings, every way we can.

        Is there a place then however for overthrowing rulers? Perhaps, because I find in my Bible also the Holy and Canonical Books of the Maccabees. And plenty of historical examples from Russian history. I trust the wisdom of my people, the Russian people, either way.

    3. ”China and her friends”… I do not know if China could help rig even their own elections, much less any others, but they may not have to given the rule of the Red Emperor Dynasty there. They could have waited out Trump and him winning in 2020 in any case if they did not want him around, so I do not understand their role as explained in the common election conspiracy narrative

    4. Amen to that. There is an army of people praying for truth in this mess. Great insights.

  8. I think the mailed out ballots may be a huge part of the fraudulent results. The Dems fought tooth and nail for this — even having the PA Sup Ct overrule its legislature to accomplish this. Unbidden ballots showing up in every mailbox is an invitation to fraud. I think the Dems realize the utility of doing this, which is why they are forcefully attempting to incorporate NATIONAL vote-by-mail into their Congressional voting rights bill.

  9. Mr. Nyquist on Hillary Clinton;

    ”She won her Senate race in New York.”

    That’s true,but her greater ambitions are thwarted. Or, is she playing a part, her role being to propel others?

  10. Mr. Nyquist: I have been following you for awhile now. Thanks soo much for your investigation into Mary Fanning etc. Was wondering about her. You have clarified things very clear. Yes we are in big trouble and I do think that Mike Lindell has been hoodwinked by her. Dear God I hope he can be stopped. I do think this is a trap for sure. Here’s a question: Why is the federal government doing a federal alert then on August 11? Is that date just a coincidence? I do want to point out that the audits will be much more effective because it will have the proof. Just look at the opposition to the audits and how much they are trying to stop them. Hey if no fraud what’s the problem? I do believe that Brannon House and Mike Lindell are being played and in so doing everyone that goes along with Mary Fanning. This effort by Mike Lindell could derail the audits completely? God I hope not. We are in very dangerous times.

    1. August 11 would be right in the middle of Lindell’s Symposium. If this whole thing is a setup of Lindell by agents or assets of a three-letter agency, then it is a very dirty game. And we definitely need people to know the facts.

      1. Precisely! We need just the facts and only the facts! I saw the FOXS news Q13 (WA state) announcement of the Cyber alert to be tested on August 11th involving FCC/FEMA. So I wondered why that date? And then your information came out.

  11. This is absolutely fascinating, Mr. Nyquist. Among other things, you show how easily people can be duped by a charismatic individual(s), and how easily a “narrative” can get mixed up, or be manipulated. IMO, so many current political issues, including last year’s general election, are confusing, and it’s hard to know who or what to believe.

    1. Hilarity made a deal with the Devil to win the election.

      After Trump took office, she demanded a refund.

      The Devil told her, “You did win – the popular vote.”

  12. All I can say is “wow”. Thank you, Mr. Nyquist, for all the hard work.

  13. Mr. Nyquist, on the fear of Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 election in America, you said;

    ”Try and imagine it. ”

    Yes, nobody inside America I think or outside for that matter wanted her in as US President. That’s one reason I think she was a ”Ringer”, twice. Either that or a significant minority portion of the US population is insane.

      1. I for one was shocked, although I saw some things I believed were serious flaws in his campaign, I did not believe that they would have been enough for him to lose in critical areas.

      2. Why would he win Florida by such a wide margin and lose Georgia and Pennsylvania? There is something statistically improbable going on….

  14. Robert Malins, you said;

    ”If that biblical verse at all applied to the current situation directly as an overlay, it would make sense. But it doesn’t.”

    Ah, but it does most surely. I know enough American history to know that there have been several contested Presidential Elections, and a few others which probably should have been. But the cheater went into office, and all accepted it even if they didn’t like it. And it’s going to be the same way with Biden, has been so far. Trump was not meant to be in office,otherwise he would be, and Biden is, at least for now.

    What is your remedy for the problem, Mr. Malins? Civil War? Impeachment? Or waiting until the next election to get someone in that you like more?

    But right now,even President Trump has accepted Biden as the President of the United States. Civil War and Revolution are great evils not lightly accepted even for the best of reasons. God Himself has ordained this present day as being what it is, that no matter what happens next, the results of the election of 2020, fair or stolen, were accepted by both the people and the government of the United States. It has been legitimated just as 1876 was and a few other rotten elections.

    1. Vladimir, when one is so certain they think that God ordains something they naturally give up and acquiesce to it happening. Imagine American Christians saying that the Nazi Holocaust and their invasion of Europe was God’s will, a part of Biblical prophecy, that it was written before all time, and therefore committed to not acting. The same can be said for passing by on the street and seeing a woman being raped in an alley. Would you turn away calling it God‘s will, feeling it to be an event foreordained, part of the evil foretold for the last days? Yet you turn away from the destruction of our country because you think it’s part of prophecy, but you actually have no idea when all these fulfillments of prophecy will take place, whether it’s right now, or in 1000 years. But one thing is for certain, your attitude is the basis for your acquiescence, and your commitment to inactivity, along with the same commitment from millions of other Christians, is what just might finally doom this nation.

  15. On your post in response to me Jeff, there was no reply button so I am forced to go to the end of the thread and post here, looking like I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Maybe that’s part of word press, or maybe a setting you’ve relegated me to? Either way you may be right, but clearly the propaganda attempt is to frame anything near to the truth is so false and outlandishly provably false, to thwart any similar attempt with the actual truth to verify the election fraud. It’s all propaganda, to deflect the truth from where it actually resides.

      1. Riveting to read what you went through to find what they actually HAD.

        I was horrified when Sydney Powell rose to the mic in a presidential press conference and actually talked about unleashing the “kraken.” Palm to forehead. I knew at that moment this wouldn’t end well.

        Meanwhile, Matt Braynard rolled up his sleeves immediately to start compiling the evidence the old-fashioned way, district by district, pouring through receipts, making calls to match absentee ballots, etc; very little help or attention. Last I saw, his efforts are bearing fruit.

        To build a solid election case takes time, a lot of unglamorous work and boring legal theories. The post-election campaign to call Biden the winner and move on was a blitz. If the audits finally reveal a different result, I fear we’ll just be gaslighted yet again.

  16. A simple phone call with me could have cleared up the errors in your narrative. That suggests that perhaps you are not really interested in the truth about me. Nevertheless, I will do you the favor of setting a couple of facts straight.

    For example, the simple reason my articles were taken down is because they were on Facebook, and Facebook deplatformed me in October, right before the election. Then, Facebook deplatformed me again in the Spring.

    The Colorado analysis was corrected by the time I was presenting it in Colorado, and I showed everyone the earlier mistake when I presented the new analysis. And the error did not materially change the conclusions of the analysis, and there are sound statistical reasons why.

    The reason my election work (which began in December, completely independent of Fanning and Lindell) was held in confidence until the Spring is because I was working with members of the Pennsylvania legislature at the time, and they asked me to. When I showed them my work, one said,”Dr Frank, you’ve solved the crime of the century.” Except for a small reimbursement at the beginning of my Pennsylvania work, all my subsequent work on Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and Colorado was volunteer. I am a patriot.

    Until “Absolute Proof,” I had never heard of Fanning or Howse. This article is my first introduction to Montgomery.

    Before he produced the movie “Scientific Proof,” I only knew Mr Lindell as the ever-ebullient pillow guy in late night commercials.

    But now that I’ve met these people, and spent hours with them in conversation and in person, and seen much of the evidence with my own eyes, and spoken face to face with some amazing computer hackers, I know them much better.

    I am a scientist, and my motto is, “Follow the Data.”

    The DATA led me to my conclusions about the “election,” no person or outside influence. As a scientific control to my studies, I’ve been on a media blackout since February, 2020. I only read this article because I was asked to by members of my team.

    It is sad to me that the American public is so gullible, and has lost the ability to examine raw data critically. Because there are literally mountains of incontrovertible evidence… not just mathematical and statistical… that confirm that the 2020 election was exceptionally fraudulent.

    Just wait until the PCAPs are released in August… the real-time recordings of the internet traffic with our election systems *during* the November 2020 delection. All 37 terabytes of them.

    We have the mathematical algorithms, the registration databases, the phantom voters, and the electronic communications. Game, set, match. All that is lacking is the widespread knowledge of it, because the media is suppressing it.

    But we are addressing this. 20,000+ heard me explain it in Wellington before Trump’s speech. Mr Lindell is holding massive rally after massive rally to tens of thousands of patriots across the country.

    And Mr Lindell is sponsoring a massive cyber symposium to release the 37 terabytesdrd to the public. He has offered five million dollars to anyone at the cyber symposium who can prove that the PCAPs are other than what he claims them to be.

    That’s a lot of confidence if you ask me.

    Follow the data.

    Dr Frank

  17. Mr. Nyquist, you stated about 2020 US election irregularities;

    ”Why would he win Florida by such a wide margin and lose Georgia and Pennsylvania? There is something statistically improbable going on….”

    Are Atlanta in Georgia and Pittsburg and Philadelphia very large cities quite different than the rest of the States around them? There’s anomaly right there,maybe explained ethnically? I do not know then how Florida would be different

    1. The fraudsters in Florida have not gotten as strong a foothold as they have in Atlanta and Philly. The corruption in Atlanta is immeasurable.

      1. Must have a base population that votes almost in a bloc of voters to begin with.

  18. An aside, of interest is that several of the players mentioned in Mr. Nyquist’s commentary, along with General Michael Flynn were pushing the idea that the military was going to intervene to correct the situation, with arrests, setting up tribunals, etc. This possibly put any reaction by those who believed the election was stolen in abeyance and dissipated their anger. All the while allowing the regime to consolidate their power.

  19. It’s pure psychological warfare at play on every front today. The battle today is not with guns in the hand but the guns of deception, dark strategy and subtle manipulation of facts. If there was ever a time we need to have discernment it is today.

  20. I have been following the allegations made by Montgomery and Fanning etc. since shortly after the election. I deeply wished the allegations could be proven because it was apparent to me that the election was won decisively by President Trump. Watching the results live, I’ll never forget what happened at 3am est, when the counting stopped for no apparent reason and suddenly in the morning the fortunes of the candidates were magically reversed.

    Like Mr. Norquist, I read the articles written by Sharon Rondeau (whoever she is, though she seems earnest and credible) on her website. I’ve also read an article or two on The Gateway Pundit regarding the characters behind the allegations. It is hard to know who is being truthful. Each side of the debate makes allegations that the other is deep state, working for the CIA, and looking to sabotage the truth. Through all this, one thing seems certain – Dennis Montgomery should not be trusted. On this point, nearly everybody agrees except those pushing these allegations, ie the people on his ‘team.’

    Another question asked persistently in these exposes is “Who is Mary Fanning?” I don’t believe this a mystery any longer because the question was addressed in a court filing in February, which is publicly available for anyone to read.

    You can view the filing online if you search “Mary Fanning Mike Lindell” on google, and find the PDF on CourthouseNews website.

    According to the filing linked above, Fanning is an alias for someone named Mary Kirchhoefer. Why doesn’t someone skeptical interview her directly, on camera or live over the phone? Why is she allowed to disseminate these allegations through retired military personnel without any puhsback from journalists?

    I feel that Mike Lindell will emerge from this with egg on his face. I don’t think this can be avoided any longer. But perhaps by exposing the sources of the fraud another, future debacle may be avoided.

    Note: I tried to post this earlier with a direct link but it didn’t post in the comments. Sorry if there’s a dupe comment.

    1. A very good comment. Yes, I have read the Dominion lawsuit which Names Mary Kirchoefer as Mary Fanning. A journalist attempted to call her (in Chicago) to ask questions and “Mary” hung up on him. There are no pictures of Mary Kirchoefer online, except we found a false picture of her on Hive.com, but it presented someone else’s picture as hers. It is a picture of Mary Fanning Penny — a different person entirely. We located a video of Mary Fanning Penny and the voice does not match the “Mary Fanning” I spoke with and whose voice we hear on “Absolute Proof.” So there is some confusion, and a mystery; for if the Mary Fanning at Hive.com, who is purported to be Mary Kirchoefer, is not the person on “Absolute Proof,” then who put that misleading background profile online? Very little is known about Mary Fanning Kirchoefer in terms of background. We have not found anyone who is prepared to publicly confirm that the voice we know as Mary Fanning is Mary Fanning Kirchoefer. I tend to assume they are the same person, but nobody as yet has driven out to Wisconsin or Chicago to verify this. In fact, naming her in the lawsuit is not proof of her identity. Since the only source online identifying Fanning as Kirchoefer is bogus, I wait for confirmation.

      1. I think she is real — real shadowy. Why did she promote Montgomery as a heroic figure to Brannon Howse and Mike Lindell — and to me? Was it out of concern for the country? And why whitewash Montgomery’s criminal propensities? Why slander people who point to Montgomery’s checkered past? There is only one conclusion to be drawn. Mary Fanning is not our friend.

      2. The lawsuit document states that the website ‘The American Report’ was formerly, and publicly, registered to Mary Kirchoefer. Now it is the purview of the so-called ‘Mary Fanning.’ That’s not proof? It’s quite a coincidence.

        OK though let’s discount the coincidence. You need more proof.

        Let’s play internet sleuth for the sake of Mr. Lindell – a patriot who deserves the truth. I don’t like doxxing people because it goes against deep-seated respect for privacy. In this instance though I can make an exception because of the tremendous damage that this hoax has caused. This is a surface level dox anyway.

        I have great personal interest in geneology. I have a thorough history of my family tree going back 350 years that I compiled for my own family. One day it will be passed on to my grandchildren. Therefore I’m more than familiar with geneology websites that access public databases of births, deaths, and marriages. You can learn a lot about relationship with these websites, and unless you require a copy of the original document the service is available for free to anyone who logs onto the website. Don’t even need an account.

        What happens if we search for a “Kirchoefer” on Ancestry.com in Illinois or Wisconsin? (The two states you reference in your post above.)

        What do you know? We learn that one Gregg G. Kirchoefer’s spouse’s name is Fanning and they married in 1973.

        Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

        About the fake profile that goes to a Mary Fanning Penny – no idea. If, as you say, the voice doesn’t that, then that poor woman got dragged into something that has nothing to do with her.

        With this nonsense behind us once and for all, we can focus on the audits.

      3. Another interesting though spooky tidbit. An LLC called “Absolute Proof” was registered to Mary Kirchoefer in February of 2013. Very odd. It was dissolved earlier this year. Why? And yes, the American Report was registered to Kirchoefer according to the lawsuit, but that has changed if you look now — at ICANN

        Handle: CR188712523
        Name: Registration Private
        Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC
        Email: THEAMERICANREPORT.ORG@domainsbyproxy.com
        Kind: individual
        Mailing Address: DomainsByProxy.com 2155 E Warner Rd, Tempe, Arizona, 85284, United States

    2. Why is Mary so sensitive about her identity? About her last name? What’s she hiding? Is she as shady as Dennis Montgomery?
      In my opinion, the next logical step is to find out who her husband “Gregg G. Kirchoefer” is. Does this guy have an agenda, whoever he may be? She went to great lengths to conceal her relationships.
      Somehow she has ensnared Lindell and Flynn in her web of lies and wrapped the albatross of Montgomery around their necks. In my book, that’s nearly criminal, and so damaging for MAGA.
      Regarding your find of the LLC, we now know where they got the name for the film. Keep digging…. signing off.

  21. Mr. Nyquist, I’m in the process of reading your articles from over the last few weeks, but I just finished “Political Insanity: A Diagnosis” and I need to say that it’s one of the greatest pieces of analysis I’ve ever read. Your mind is enormous, your learning vast. Thank you.

  22. COVID deaths in no-lockdown Sweden hit ZERO
    Other nations imposing new restrictions
    Art Moore
    July 22, 2021

    Last year, London’s Guardian newspaper called Sweden’s laissez-faire approach to the coronavirus pandemic – generally allowing the coronavirus to run its course while the population reaches herd immunity – a “catastrophe” in the making, while CBS News said the Scandinavian nation had become “an example of how not to handle COVID-19.”

    But unlike its European neighbors, Sweden is welcoming visitors while businesses and schools are open with virtually no restrictions and there are no mask mandates, points out the Foundation for Economic Education.

    And data show the seven-day rolling average for COVID deaths on Wednesday was zero, which is where it has been for about a week.

    Sweden’s overall mortality rate in 2020 was lower than most of Europe, FEE added, and its economy suffered far less.

    “Meanwhile, today Sweden is freer and healthier than virtually any other country in Europe.”

    Last September, Sweden already had one of the lowest coronavirus infection rates in the world.

    “Sweden has gone from being the country with the most infections in Europe to the safest one,” said the country’s senior epidemiologist, Dr. Anders Tegnell, in an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the Gateway Pundit reported.

    “What we see now is that the sustainable policy might be slower in getting results, but it will get results eventually,” Tegnell said. “And then we also hope that the result will be more stable.”

    In August 2020, Tegnell explained to Fortune why Sweden didn’t have a mask mandate.

    “With numbers diminishing very quickly in Sweden, we see no point in wearing a face mask in Sweden, not even on public transport,” Tegnell said.

    He told reporters in Stockholm that the “curves” of infections, hospitalizations and deaths are “going down and the curves for the seriously ill are beginning to approach zero.”


    1. Yes, with a significant reduction in their elderly population-not that they cared much about them, with their Euthanasia and all.

      1. The powers that be needed a test case contra lock downs and masking, to see what worked or what didn’t.

  23. Report: Undercover FBI played significant role in alleged plot to kidnap governor
    ‘Did it not also infiltrate the groups that planned to go to the Capitol on Jan. 6?’
    Bob Unruh
    Published July 21, 2021

    A new investigative report by Buzzfeed on an alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over her radical COVID lockdown orders shows that undercover FBI informants who infiltrated the group purportedly played a significant role in developing the plan.

    In fact, the report claims the FBI-linked activists, “acting under the direction of the FBI, played a far larger role than has previously been reported.”

    The report explained, “Working in secret, they did more than just passively observe and report on the actions of the suspects. Instead, they had a hand in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot, starting with its inception. The extent of their involvement raises questions as to whether there would have even been a conspiracy without them.”

    Byron York, in a commentary in the Washington Examiner, explained about a dozen men were arrested last October, individuals reportedly linked to Michigan militia organizations, and charged with “planning to grab Whitmer and put her on some sort of ‘trial,’ in part out of anger at her lockdown orders…”

    “But the news in the Buzzfeed story is not really about the suspects. It’s about the FBI,” York said, “As it turned out, the bureau had deeply infiltrated the group, with perhaps more FBI informants and undercover agents working the case than there were alleged conspirators. But the FBI did not limit themselves to just watching and listening as the suspects allegedly plotted.”

    He noted the report confirms that a “longtime government informant” not only helped organize meetings where militia members discussed possible reactions but even “paid for some hotel rooms and food as an incentive to get people to come.”

    “It was all ultimately paid for by the FBI,” he reported.

    “Anyone reading the Buzzfeed article comes away with the question: If the FBI had so deeply infiltrated the Michigan militia plot, did it not also infiltrate the groups that planned to go to the Capitol on January 6?” York wrote.

    “In a larger sense, the FBI has long been proud of the work it did infiltrating and bringing down the Ku Klux Klan. And in recent years, bureau officials have warned repeatedly that right-wing militias, or white supremacists, or whatever you want to call them, present the single greatest threat to the domestic security of the United States. So wouldn’t it be surprising if the FBI had not infiltrated the Three Percenters, the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, and others? If so, what did the bureau know about whatever planning was involved in those groups’ actions on January 6?”

    He noted that the events of January 6 were not “an FBI operation.”

    “But just as in the Michigan matter, where the defendants will argue in court that they were entrapped by law enforcement, the public should know what U.S. law enforcement knew and did in the lead-up to January 6.”

    The Buzzfeed report confirmed that the government has documented at least 12 “confidential informants” were helping in the investigation of the alleged Michigan strategy.

    When 12 men were arrested for allegedly plotting against the liberal Democrat governor, seven ended up in jail and the case made international headlines,” the report said.

    “The defendants … say they were set up,” the report said.

    It was one informant, an “Iraq War vet,” who joined the group, rose to become its second-in-command, and then encouraged members to take part and “prodded” the alleged mastermind to advance his plan.

    The report describes how the defendants “claim their talk never rose beyond the level of fantasy and they never intended to harm anyone. Although they have not denied participating in training events, attending meetings, and communicating with other defendants, they claim that no actual conspiracy to kidnap the governor ever existed.”

    Buzzfeed found: “Instead, they say, they were targeted because of their political views. Some describe the case as a premeditated campaign by the government to undermine the Patriot movement, an ideology based on fealty to the Second Amendment and the conviction that the government has violated the Constitution and is therefore illegitimate. They argue that the recordings and text messages that the government calls proof of a criminal conspiracy are in fact constitutionally protected speech — expressions of frustration at what they see as the government’s betrayal of its citizens.”

    Already, one of the defendants has formally accused the government agents of entrapment, explaining how the FBI assembled “the key plotters,” then encouraged “anti-government feelings” and even provided “military-style training.”

    The government is moving forward with its prosecutions, but not without complications. The report noted one of the lead prosecutors was reassigned pending an audit into whether he withheld evidence in other cases, and an FBI agent in the case was accused in state court of assault with intent to do great bodily harm.

    The report pointed out that only a few years ago, “an apocalyptic Christian group in Michigan was prosecuted for allegedly plotting to murder police officers. Among other things, the defendants claimed that the entire conspiracy was instigated by deeply embedded FBI informants, and the defendants were ultimately acquitted by the judge.”

    The report also reveals how at least one of the informants was given “$24,000 and a new car” for his service.

    The Buzzfeed report details, extensively, the involvement of various informants.

    It describes how one informant, a convict, later even was charged for using a firearm, and has argued in his own defense that what he did was with the “authorization from the FBI.”

    The episode is part of what prompted famed conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza recently to warn the FBI “has become a grave threat to our national security.”

    “In fact, I would say the FBI now poses a greater threat to our national security than any white supremacist group,” he continued, “Thugs with badges are always more dangerous than thugs on the street.”

    His comments came on a podcast after a report from Revolver, and which also got the attention of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

    That report charged essentially that some of those key individuals who planned the riot at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 likely were federal agents, or informers. The report documents multiple “unindicted co-conspirators” who are being cited in federal charges against some of the defendants stemming from the violent episode.

    Yet the “unindicted co-conspirators,” who allegedly committed many of the same acts as those who now are facing serious charges, are not being charged. Actually, not even being identified.

    D’Souza pointed out that leftists are insisting the government attack the “command and control element” of the Capitol events, and they even have claimed it could be sitting members of Congress.

    That’s just a smear, D’Souza said. But he pointed out that the FBI has been known to be infiltrating its target groups for years.

    “Why should anyone assume they haven’t done it?” he wondered, citing those organizations that the government is accusing of playing a role in the violence and vandalism.


  24. Gee it makes sense that The American Report is registered in Iceland!!!!!!!! AHHHH

      1. If one is an agent of one or more governmental and/or private intelligence and security agencies

  25. My concern is; what is to be done?

    What is the desired result?

    What do people realistically expect that they wish to happen should everything be proven a gigantic lie?

    I do not think that anyone wants Biden/Harris, even the people who voted for them. What they wanted was Trump out. And he is a damned scoundrel too, mind you.

    Say President Trump gets back into office,”best” case scenario for his most hardcore followers. What then? More of the last several years? And there is no US constitutional provision for any of this anyway. That is why previous elections that were stolen were simply expected.

    It is rank idiocy to live in some fantasy where Trump can legally return-he cannot. If all of this is to help secure future elections, well and good. If you want Biden and Harris removed, impeach them. And then you’ll have Pelosi-unless she’s removed.

    Think long term,you must.

  26. Bizarre. This makes me wonder about Sidney Powell, as well. Any thoughts on whether she may have been part of a controlled opposition? People were saying she was filing court documents late, misspelling names, making rookie mistakes. The whole thing came to nothing, she apparently made some money, and “release the Kraken” became a widespread joke at conservatives’ expense.

  27. Mr. Nyquist, what is your take on General Flynn? I understand if you’d rather not comment.

  28. ”Kelaino Hawkshawe”, you said about Mike Pence that;

    ”I wouldn’t have accepted a Mike Pence presidency. He was a fairly effective vice president, but, as president, I think that he would be rather weak. Not as weak as Biden, but also not the strength we need right now in this country.”

    Mike Pence showed he has the strength to reject a stupid and probably Unconstitutional action that people were asking him to do. It would have meant civil war in the US I think. It was unpopular for Pence to reject that action among many Trump supporters, but it was the action of a true US Patriot, he saved the American Republic for now anyway.

    ”That said, I believe that a Republican nomination for him in 2024 is quite a long shot.”

    American Right Wingers keep doing and saying stupid things, but it may not matter when President Trump runs, given the stupidity and fecklessness of Trump’s enemies. No amount of cheating would prevent Trump’s return to office then, if they go down the road they are going and alienate the vast majority of Americans.

    What that will do to Pence, I don’t know. What I do know is that the options of Trump’s enemies are increasingly limited, especially now that he isn’t in office..

    1. Vladimir

      I have to totally disagree. The only thing stupid and unconstitutional was to accept , without a thorough review of the irregularities ( which was all Ted Cruz and others were asking for ) the fraudulent results of the electors. If Pence and others can be frightened by the barking of the far left they are weak tea indeed. The thing the American people dislike is senseless violence. A review of the votes would not be senseless violence and would actually be welcomed by an awful lot of Americans.
      The current political climate is much more likely to lead to civil strife. I think the average conservative has wised up. They will be very effective at defending themselves, but will not start anything. If a civil war starts it will be started by the far left.
      Saved the American republic ? Is it better to face the revolution of the far left when they are in power or when they are not in power ? And it would not be his fault anyway if the far left had a temper tantrum.

      1. Let’s put it this way; Pence was urging a declaration by the President of the Insurrection Act of 1807 to get the fools off the streets last year in America, Trump failed to do so. I am certain that both sides are organized, but a more long term strategy is best in this situation. I know that trips to the woods and helicopter rides sound good to some people right now, but I think leaders are out there who are more realistic about all this.

  29. Harry Windsor has been fired from his duty of Captain General of the Royal Marines, where he was second in command of the entire British military. Now that he’s married to a commoner, Americans will take Ophra’s recommendation to elect his wife, Meghan Markle, as President, rest assured that the Monarchy won’t take over the United States. Just because Harry is Space happy, and they moved near Vandenberg is no reason to suspect that he’s still liaison. Would you rather have Kamala?






  30. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/07/time-start-blaming-unvaccinated-folks-not-regular-folks-alabama-governor-dehumanizes-unvaccinated-people-video/

    I think the pressure has got to our governor. What weakness. The majority of your constituents have made a decision which is probably unpopular in her circles, and so she is going to insult us.

    What is the old saying? “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt”? Methinks it could apply to this instance.

    Man, this really disgusts me.

  31. Excellent post and discussion, Jeff. I am going to forward this piece to a friend working on election legislation here in the great state of Texas.

    I have first hand knowledge of election crimes in Houston. Rob Iseczen voluntarily resigned as Judge of Signature Verification and Early Ballot Board because he illegally barred a poll Watcher and got caught. No SIGNATURE VERIFICATION happened in Houston because of him!! There were massive numbers of mail in absentee ballots in Houston because of ballot harvesters. Iseczen was brought before a grand jury this month and no-billed. He eeked out of an indictment by claiming that the law was unclear. Now Texas Senator Bettencourt has introduced legislation to make sure his excuse never can be used again. I believe that Houston was made a lot bluer because of him and the election crimes and massive ballot harvesting that occurred here have been going on for years. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is a beneficiary of this corruption.

    Our lack of morals and willingness to abandon the truth is going to destroy us from within. Maybe you could write about Polybius, Book vi. I am sure you know the passage.

    Question for you. Have you read Patrick Byrne’s book, The Deep Rig? If so, any insights? I recommend it, although the typos are annoying. He talks a lot about the big city machines and the bluing effect.

      1. Just when I thought that this story could not get more strange, I read about Patrick Byrne.

      2. What about the data Byrne has to show the election was rigged? He and Sydney Powell actually met with Trump to show them their information. Very exciting moment in the book. Byrne claims Giuliani was surrounded by some deep state guy who pretended to be helping him but was obstructing the process of investigation. For that reason, Powell worked independently but supported Giuliani s efforts. Byrne also claims Giuliani ‘s age and love of alcohol were impediments to him understanding the voting machine irregularities.

  32. Just in case anyone needs cheering up … Trevor Loudon has a video out
    for two weeks and its view count is 65,000

  33. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, David Dubyne who goes by the name of Adapt2030 on youtube released this video today, he mentions in Brazil they got freezing temperatures which resulted in the loss of coffee crops:

      1. So the 1970s/1980s “global cooling” scare is more accurate?

  34. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, I was looking into the Maunder Minimum and the fall of the Ming Dynasty in China in 1644, apparently Climate Scientists are saying it played a part in the fall of the Ming Dynasty:

    ‘If we turn to China, we encounter a similar story. Much of China was actually bitterly cold in the 1630s and early 1640s, before the onset of the Maunder Minimum elsewhere. This, too, had important consequences for Chinese history. Cold weather and precipitation extremes ruined crops on a vast scale, contributing to crushing famines that caused particular distress in overpopulated regions. The ruling Ming Dynasty seemed to have lost the “mandate of heaven,” the divine sanction that, according to Confucian doctrine, kept the weather in check. Deeply corrupt, riven by factional politics, undermined by an obsolete examination system for aspiring bureaucrats, and scornful of martial culture, the regime could adequately address neither widespread starvation, nor the banditry it encouraged.

    Climatic cooling caused even more severe deprivations in neighboring, militaristic Manchuria. There, the solution was clear: to invade China and plunder its wealth. The first Manchurian raid broke through the Great Wall in 1629, a warm year in other parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Ultimately, the Manchus capitalized on the struggle between Ming and bandit armies by seizing China and founding the Qing (or “Pure”) Dynasty in 1644.

    This entire history of cooling and crisis predates the accepted starting date of the Maunder Minimum. Yet, the fall of the Ming Dynasty unfolded in one relatively small part of present-day China. Average temperatures in that region reached their lowest point in the 1640s. By contrast, average temperatures in the Northeast warmed by the middle of the seventeenth century. Average temperatures in the Northwest also warmed slightly during the mid-seventeenth century, and then cooled during the late Maunder Minimum.’


    1. There is evidence that we have entered a grand solar minimum. If that is true, then we shall see a gradual lowering of temperatures through the next two decades with a shortened growing season — especially in the large grain producing regions of Canada, Russia, Ukraine and the European Union. That would be catastrophic. The politicization of global climate science may hinder our understanding of what is actually headed our way. We shall know soon enough what the truth is. Do not count on the climate change people being right.

      1. They have done the same thing on the concept of ”Peak Oil”, which I find to be correct in my analysis of the information available to me. I am of the opinion that a great deal of what the elites do is in reaction to the knowledge that the entire foundation of the Modern Age rests on a sea of the easily recoverable oil; and that the energy costs of extraction are outweighing the profits. People would panic and react savagely if they came to know that everything they believe about as the basis for a ”progressive society” are simply impossible lies.

      2. I would also add that I think the possibility of the petrochemical and natural gas concerns subsidizing the environmentalist global warming pressure groups, so as to help keep prices up, is a realistic one.

      3. @JRNyquist: I’m thinking of a particular example here–Medieval Europe, at the beginning of the 1300s–that was the start of the “Little Ice Age,” when the weather became abruptly colder and wetter.

        There was the “Great Famine” of 1315-1317. That was when there were three or so years of unusually wet weather, and so crops were ruined, and very many starved–a terrible, tragic time.

      4. @JRNyquist: I think that climate history and the way that it affects human history and human society is fascinating. Have you read any of Brian Fagan’s books, like “Floods, Famines, and Emperors,” or “The Great Warming?” Actually, he also wrote a book called “The Little Ice Age,” which is how I first became aware of this period in climate history.

      5. I have not read “Floods, Famines, and Emperors,” or “The Great Warming” yet (they are on my Kindle waiting to be read), but IMO, “The Little Ice Age,” was really interesting.

      6. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, this video is from Valentina Zharkova earlier this year where she explains her research on the coming Grand Solar Minimum, she mentions that we will get a temperature drop of 1 degree and her research says that we will see the effects of the Grand Solar Minimum in the fall or winter this year or 2022:

  35. Public Health Scotland Covid-19 Deaths Within 28 Days of Vaccination…


    COVID-19 statistical report 23 June 2021

    LINK: https://publichealthscotland.scot/publications/covid-19-statistical-report/covid-19-statistical-report-23-june-2021/

    This can be easily found through a web search. At the link click on Data Files Deaths Within 28 Days of Vaccination (about halfway down the page). Scotland keeps a running total of the deaths in the first four weeks after vaccination. That number is 5522, keeping in mind there are only 5.5 million people in Scotland. The United States population is 330 million or 60 times that of Scotland. Cypher that math, and is there any doubt that the United States doesn’t keep such records?

    Scotland United States

    Population 5.5 million 330 million

    Deaths 5522 331,320 (5522 X 330)/5.5

    Excel Spreadsheet Formulas to add columns
    =Sum(B2:B178) Phizer 1877 Deaths
    =Sum(C2:C178). Astra Zeneca 3643 Deaths
    =Sum(D2:D178). Moderna. 2 Deaths

  36. The gatewaypundit already outed Montgomery in February and last week (in reference to Mike Lindell’s documentary) lamented:”The movie contained explosive information but unfortunately, the segment with Fanning was lacking”.Nonetheless they are sticking by Lindell and still promoting his symposium.

    Thanks Jeff for this fascinating read and the behind the scenes insights.Keeping in mind the gatewaypundit’s continued support i was just wondering if ‘absolute proof’ might not be entirely devoid of some redemptive qualities.

  37. Sorry, I’m not buying what your selling. Not that we shouldn’t be cautious and get to the truth but that you have an exclusive on it.

    1. What am I selling, Michael? Just my own experience and research, and the research of Mike Zullo and others. I am not claiming exclusive anything. If you don’t like it, go read someone else.

    2. Man, if he was selling his knowledge, understanding, and information, we couldn’t afford to pay him. Why even make such a comment? By revealing this information he so doggedly pursued and thought through, Mr. Nyquist has possibly angered some powerful people, and all to help our country, which seems Hell bent on destruction. How could you just blow him off like that?

      1. Easy to do my friend,on the internet, for some people. Where I come from and have been, most fools up front and physical can be easily identified and their words given the due credence they should be given by serious people, no more or less…. After that, They’ll say; ”Ah,the f**king fool is coming” and do or say what must be said or done if anything, perhaps rudely. On television seeing well known fools; ”that clown is an obvious mental patient”, ”where did they find this a**hole?”, and so forth. And the regular people are always right in this, always. Fools are easy to pick out, God be with them.

        In the West, nobody want to put a fool in their place or even name them, and thus actually the West loves your fools less because you elevate them more.

    3. Look, facts have a bad habit of destroying illusions, I know. I do not agree with Mr. Nyquist in everything,nor am I ”required” to. I do however agree with him on basic epistemology, on how we know what we know and why. I also have a personal modified version of his basic thesis, because the points he raises are important and should be answered. Do he and I always have the same answers? Surely not, because I know what I know and why, and why I disagree with him in important ways. But dismiss the man and his thought altogether? Hardly. He is intellectually trained and educated in the proper way a way which the West is altogether lacking. He knows ”where the dog is buried”, so to speak. Even his mistakes you and many others would not understand as to why he would be wrong anyway. I have said too much already, usually do, but pull it out and think again; your ”heroes” aren’t very heroic. And your villains? Most in the West neither know their real friends or their real enemies,at all.

      1. You are right, Vladamir. And even though we dont all agree on everything, we still recognize the value in each other and that we must stand together against our common enemies, as Mr. Nyquist has emphasized again and again. For a person to say they “are not buying what he is selling”, and then in the next sentence, say “we must be cautious a d get to the truth”, either this person has not perused the wealth deeply thought out information shared by Mr. Nyquist, or he is one of the fools of which you speak.

        This site to me, is a treasure grove of information and things to think on, shared by Mr. Nyquist, and many of the commentors such as yourself.

        Where I live, I think we have things in common to your part of the world too. There is still the ability among many, to see a fool for what he is, and to treat him accordingly. The strong delusion has not infected many of the people in my circles, though it has infected some. I thank God that I live in the Deep South, where many of us still revere our true heroes, and despise the scoundrels.at least in my little area.

        I pray everyone has a blessed Lord’s Day, and we worship Him in spirit and in truth, with reverence.

  38. I’ve heard that if the public had been aware of Hunter Biden before the election, Joe Biden would have received 7% fewer votes. I don’t know how solid that figure is (e.g., the sampling size, etc), but a swing of at least 2-3% in Donald Trump’s favor strikes me as very plausible. So in a very real sense, the election was stolen by the suppression of pertinent information concerning the Biden family’s corruption.

    In the old days, many cities had at least two competing newspapers with opposite points of view. Even if both newspapers exercised their 1st Amendment right to be biased in their reporting, the public could glean a good approximation of the truth by reading both versions. Moreover, a rival paper would call out its political foes on obvious falsehoods or outrageous omissions, limiting the noise in the signal.

    Then one by one, the newspapers gave way to a handful of media conglomerates. That development was bad enough.

    But now, it seems that the media has effectively become the regime’s Ministry of Information. We have government censorship disguised as the prerogatives of a private business. This is a new development, and I don’t know if the Supremes are willing to make a stand against it.

  39. Mr. Nyquist, with regards to the theory of the ”Peak Oil”, you said;

    ”Peak oil was a myth. Talk to a geophysicist.”

    Interesting that you should say that, because the debate between the theory of Abiogenetic Oil versus Fossil Fuel and thus Peak Oil is particularly furious in the former Soviet Union. What I predicate my opinion on ”Peak Oil” is not so much that it is a finite resource, but on my phrase; ”the easily recoverable oil”. When a Petrochemical company spends the energy equivalent of a barrel of oil to extract a barrel of oil, it is not worth doing without government stepping in and subsidizing the petrochemical company-or basically owning it outright.

  40. https://www.oann.com/mike-lindell-offering-5m-to-disprove-his-2020-election-fraud-evidence/

    “MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell announced he’s offering a multi-million dollar reward to anyone attending his cyber symposium if they can disprove data showing President Trump won the 2020 presidential election. Lindell recently announced the contest, saying he’ll give $5 million to the person who can dispute his evidence.”

    I fear this could turn out disastrous and hamper the ongoing efforts to bring forward legitimate election fraud evidence.

  41. Mr. Nyquist, you said;

    ”I do not have great confidence in Byrne. I would not go by him.”

    So far, none of these people I have read about would I trust guarding an empty warehouse, the roof itself might cave in and the floor collapse. The world would be paradise if there were no fools.

      1. Some people can wait centuries, pass on a hope (even an false hope) that maybe their grandchildren will see,at the earliest. In the modern world, a four year electoral term seems ”ages ago” to us.

  42. Mr. Nyquist, on errors;

    ”All perspectives bring error. Just work to avoid conscious self-deception and clarity will gradual improve.”

    It is true,very true, like the story of the blind men and the elephant,yes?


  43. “That which becomes sick falls prey.”

    “24 times in one day and one night, we all
    line up in the starting gate; to contribute our
    fair share to the slow-motion stampede;
    froth supreme, never-ending swamp,
    – tell me Sir, why do you sigh?”

    “That which becomes sick falls prey.”

  44. Hi Jeff, interesting post, I wouldn’t have thought Mary was dishonest. I know her from Facebook. I just saw on German TV that there are warnings of cyber attacks in the Bundestag elections in September.

  45. If you listen to this doctor in the video below, what he describes sounds just like a bioweapon— an injection that leads to heart failure in a fixed percentage of people, after three years of extreme fatigue. Evidence of clotting and damage to the cardiovascular system in 62% of vaccine recipients! And Biden, who is clearly being influenced by CCP agents, is getting ready to mandate this for the entire US military after the FDA approves it in September. Talk about a Trojan horse!


  46. Mr. Nyquist, you replied to my comment on fools and the different cultural attitudes towards them,that they can even reach;

    ”To the presidency!”

    The modern republics promote nothing but fools by their very structure and basic assumptions.

  47. Most people are not aware that “indications and suggestions” are not proof. The data we had before Arizona started their forensic audit of the election fell under the head of “indications and suggestions.”

    In the area I live in, leftists often sport a bumper sticker, “Critical thinking – the other national deficit.” It’s ironic the left is unable to think critically, yet accuses everyone else of being unable to think critically. These days I laugh at the bumper sticker.

  48. Greyknight, you said;

    ”You are right, Vladamir. And even though we dont all agree on everything, we still recognize the value in each other and that we must stand together against our common enemies, as Mr. Nyquist has emphasized again and again. For a person to say they “are not buying what he is selling”, and then in the next sentence, say “we must be cautious a d get to the truth”, either this person has not perused the wealth deeply thought out information shared by Mr. Nyquist, or he is one of the fools of which you speak.”

    In this life much strife and contradictions arise,but a fool seems to embody them personally, without any notice.

    ”This site to me, is a treasure grove of information and things to think on, shared by Mr. Nyquist, and many of the commentors such as yourself.”

    Thank you,I do my best. I am a bit of a crusader; I don’t want good honest folk swamped by pagans. By the way,when I say ”good honest folk”,I’m reminded of the Peasant ancestors,the word for ”Peasant” in Russian is ”Khrestany”, ”Christians”.

    ”Where I live, I think we have things in common to your part of the world too. There is still the ability among many, to see a fool for what he is, and to treat him accordingly. The strong delusion has not infected many of the people in my circles, though it has infected some. I thank God that I live in the Deep South, where many of us still revere our true heroes, and despise the scoundrels.at least in my little area.”

    We all have our ”Carpetbaggers” and ”Scalawags”,don’t we? lol….

    ”I pray everyone has a blessed Lord’s Day, and we worship Him in spirit and in truth, with reverence.”

    And you as well, ”Slava Bogu!” (”Glory to God!”)

  49. What ever happened to the “kraken” that Sydney Powell mentioned?

    Reports at the time said that it included a military raid on a server farm run by a three letter agency in
    Germany, backed up by unusual flights by military assets and included a battle resulting in deaths among both the military and three letter agency. It was that server farm in Germany that was the “foreign” interference in the election.

    Now nothing is heard about that. Was that fake news? Did Trump face a mutiny in the military? Does not the present general staff in the Pentagon lend credence to that possibility? Or is Trump himself part of the swamp doing a scissors strategy against the American people, promoting false hopes of a political or military salvation that will not come, hence leading to inaction?

      1. Why do so many people in America talk and talk? Even when allegedly having a ”secret” plan for saving the country, stories abound of what is or was happening, and conservative pundits breathlessly recount tales of recounts magically leading to events like Trump’s restoration to the Presidency… It reminds me of the proverb;

        “that which the sensible man has in his head, the fool has on the tip of his tongue.”

        Better to say little as possible, nothing, even.

  50. This is the only way or place I see where I can respond to your last comments Mr. Nyquist. When I say that you are a fatalist and a defeatist, I am referring to your positioning relative to our potential survival, so I will ask you the exact same question that I asked Trevor Loudon: what percentage chance do you give for the survival and continuance of the American republic?

    1. I do not know how to give a percentage answer. With the low level of political understanding I see today, and the corruption, I do not understand how we have managed to survive to the present. But here we are. We are alive. Go figure.

    2. Robert Malins, maybe he is just a realist. All good men will fight if they can, when it is upon them. There is literally nothing we can do at this point. We are not the same America we were in 1776.

      1. I am of the same opinion and character as the founders were, you are, Mr. Nyquist is, and virtually all of the people posting on Mr. Nyquist’s site are. Are there not a million more like us? A valiant contingent of colonialists were absolute drunkards and brawlers; worthless in the eyes of many Americans. I say we are indeed of the character needed; all we need do is realize it and organize. And then I concede, we wait for an opportune time to—at some future date, nothing imminent, no immediate plans—hat tip F.BI.-overthrow this damned mess. As for now, a working rifle and 1,000 rounds are the bare minimum for any future participants. Do you have this at the ready?

      2. No money. No numbers. No organization. No Revolution. You have nothing on your side at present. You need a catalyst — which is a gift from your enemy. It is a gift he may never give you.

  51. Robert Malins, I’m just curious. How are you going to equip and maintain your 100,000 man army?

    1. Grey Knight, it’s interesting that you use the term knight in your name. If you were an actual knight, you would know that you and your commanding officer are on the same page, with the same goals, and you would probably willingly participate in making the necessary logistics happen. But in the present situation, instead of offering suggestions, you are asking me in doubt how I would pull that off.l, while you sit back in derision. I would suggest that there’s no need for me to answer you because of the nature and the doubtful basis of your question. But if I were to answer, I might refer to the hit-and-run nature of what I am suggesting, and the nature of that as virtually self funding.

      1. Modern war is not waged in the manner you imagine. You would need a governing apparatus, territory, a congress to raise funds. You would need a whole country to support 100,000 troops. And you would not last long equipped indifferently. Do you remember the Iraqi “highway of death.” You cannot wage a “hit and run” war against a country that has a modern air force. Where exactly did you study military science? What military training have you had? Go fight those windmills over there. Someone told me they are actually giants. Stick to windmills, man.

      2. Awe mockery; the domain of the sedentary!
        You are thinking in conventional terms, in the desert somewhere in a foreign land like Iraq during Desert Storm. Do you actually think the US Air Force is going to bomb us in Montana, in Wyoming, in Arizona, or where the hell ever? Do you think that they will send drones to raize residential buildings that house “domestic terrorists“ and at the same time standard citizens? You say that we have to win hearts and minds, but do you think the unjust government does not have to do the same thing? It is so clear that we would have the tactical advantage and the support of the citizens in time, but it’s amazing to me that you guys cannot see it, but choose instead to rest in doubt and in action. You do not embody in any way the American spirit! You choose instead to philosophize and speak of the intricacies of history, and yet you impact the current day in no perceivable way. Please, become part of the actual solution, or get out of the damn way!

      3. Robert Malins: there you go, trying to goad us into a civil war. You act just like an agent from a three letter agency trying to entrap us. I’m not going there, and I know Jeff won’t go there either. No amount of name calling by you is going to make us fly off the handle like the French knights at the Battle of Agincourt.

        If there’s a civil war, it needs to be started by the other side. As Robert Toombs, first secretary of state for the Confederacy said in 1861 that the side that shoots first loses the moral advantage. He opposed the South firing on Fort Sumter for that reason. In fact, had the Confederacy waited, they may have been able to negotiate a peaceful secession. But by firing first, that changed their actions from a legal question to an armed rebellion. An armed rebellion that Lincoln had the responsibility to crush.

        If you want to be productive, describe the scenarios in which we can recognize that the other side has fired first. Describe how that shows that they have fired first. Describe how we should respond to their shooting first. How is that appropriate action? Be realistic.

        No amount of insults and name calling by you is going to get us to act rashly.

    2. By the way, I am willing to commit $100,000 to this endeavor, and more as I am able in the future. 1,000 more equally contributing patriots will put us in the ball park. And there are a number of very wealthy patriots that can dwarf my contribution. $100 million will more than finance what is necessary should it become necessary in the future (hat tip Brandenburg)

      1. By the way, the left is highly intelligent as they position the rope around our necks. They will never fire the first shot. Have you never studied Democratic Socialism? They will simply propagandize the populace until they vote in the preponderance to enslave us. Then all the agencies come at once with the support of the electorate. And we will be forced to shoot to keep ourselves from being taken away. There is no “proper way” to keep from becoming Solzhenitsyn in a camp, wondering what might have happened if they would have fired first upon the secret police coming to imprison them. You wait; you are imprisoned, and you probably will die there. We will at some coming day have to fire first to stop our subjugation. The whole notion of “they must fire first in order for us to have the moral high ground” only applies if you want to resist without arms when they come and they simply shoot you. Then the only high ground you will occupy will be heaven. Let’s listen to Solzhenitsyn, who along with his prison mates rued the day when they did not resist with arms their attempted subjugation.

      2. You had better throw that money into political organizing; for that is the first thing you need. Yet I see no proper political leaders. Instead I see many who would take your money. We are too confused in our ideas to properly organize a movement let alone a war.

  52. It is with genuine irritation that I read Robert Malins posts, I’m sorry to say. No doubt everybody loves a good scrap, but everybody sane should also know that modern warfare is just refined butchery; no heroes, no cowards, just survivors and the dead. There’s no honor in it, so there’s no honor left that isn’t sullied by some unhinged soul’s cry for a modern war to happen. If it happens, I think maybe the parties involved in the struggle will have mutually stumbled into it by some terrible spiritual confusion on all sides.

    1. Vladimir, do you then, under the premise of your comments, consider the Civil War, WWII, and The War for Independence, to have been misguided ventures? If it is butchery that you object to, would the killing of one million Americans on both sides of an American civil war be of lesser or greater import than the 10,000,000 human souls butchered in the womb in the last decade that could have been prevented by the lesser loss of life? Or the millions of conservative Americans who will undoubtedly be marginalized, imprisoned, and ultimately killed as the left consolidates power? History tells us that in great conflicts killing happens. Wisdom is choosing where and how it occurs, making sure that it supports the cause of right, and then minimizing it when possible. But to think that winning is possible against a committed communist movement without force is ludicrous. Those who shy from the potential of it will actually ensure more continued killing—as is happening silently in the womb everyday—and new killing, of you and me, as the left solidifies their power.

      1. Robert Malins, you asked me, in response to my displayed irritation at your recent posts;

        ”Vladimir, do you then, under the premise of your comments, consider the Civil War, WWII, and The War for Independence, to have been misguided ventures?”

        I will answer you in this way; all modern war is becoming a misguided venture.Take the example I know well, Tsarist Russia entering WWI in 1914, a war which resulted in the Bolshevik Revolution, and beginning with WWI, the loss of at least 100 million Russian lives in the 20th century.

        ” If it is butchery that you object to, would the killing of one million Americans on both sides of an American civil war be of lesser or greater import than the 10,000,000 human souls butchered in the womb in the last decade that could have been prevented by the lesser loss of life?”

        I object to butchery of any kind, but the answer is not more butchery. Counter Revolution is the exact opposite of Revolution, White Terror does not replace Red Terror.

        ”Or the millions of conservative Americans who will undoubtedly be marginalized, imprisoned, and ultimately killed as the left consolidates power?”

        Who says that it will be the ”Left” in America that ”consolidates power”?

        ”History tells us that in great conflicts killing happens. Wisdom is choosing where and how it occurs, making sure that it supports the cause of right, and then minimizing it when possible.”

        History shows us that nobody is ever capable of being able to choose those factors or control all the variables.

        ”But to think that winning is possible against a committed communist movement without force is ludicrous.”

        Then call me ”ludicrous”, because that’s what we have actually done, more or less. Again, Counter Revolution is the opposite of Revolution in every way. You do not understand yourself, because you are a Jacobin on the ”Right”, differing very little from those of the ”Left”.

        ”Those who shy from the potential of it will actually ensure more continued killing—as is happening silently in the womb everyday—and new killing, of you and me, as the left solidifies their power.”

        There is no ”Left”,and there is no ”Right”, only ideologues and extremists versus realists and humanists.

  53. Robert Malins, your words are those of a fool. And I’ll tell you something, Mr. Nyquist is a true patriot.

    You think that drones wouldnt be used against people fighting the US govt? You think the airforce wouldnt bomb areas where there were insurgents? You think 100,000 men can just live off the land in this day when there is not near as much farming as there was in the Cvil War ir the War for Independence? What are they going to do, raid grocery stores?

    Usually, those who clamor the loudest for a fight, are the first ones to tuck tail and run when a fight starts. Didnt you learn anything among the boys on the playground in gradeschool?

    1. Robert Malins, GreyKnight is just my handle. It has some meaning to me, but doesn’t mean I think I’m an actual knight, lol

  54. Vladimir, I think so many talk, because they dont know what else to do. Talking confidently or strongly makes them feel in control in some measure, or makes them feel like things are going to work out the way they want them to.

    Some talk because they are trying to spread confusion.

    1. I suspect that you are right to a great degree Greynight. We would consider this a kind of weakness, akin to a person nervously whistling past a graveyard. There is much talk, but it must be intelligent talk, therefore less of it, and therefore sensible action.

  55. Vladimir, I only think that because I have been guilty of doing the same. I think it is human nature to a greater or lesser degree in people, and sometimes it takes an effort to refrain from boastful talking, or bravado.

    If Robert Malins is truly what he presents himself to be, then I indeed can sympathize with him, in that I too have felt desperation grab ahold of me, and an urgency that “we must do something before it’s too late!” However, I have grown out of giving into that sense urgency, that rashness. As many times as Nyquist has tried to get some sensible thoughts into his head, the man never seems to consider.

    1. Richard Weaver wrote: “After securing a place in the world from which to fight, we should turn our attention first to the matter of language.” Nothing can be done without the right words.

      1. I can understand and concur with this Mr. Nyquist. What would the correct words be as we head into a future fight? I have my own ideas, but what are yours? Elocution in the service of the correct moral and political philosophy was the main strength of the colonialist leaders, culminated in their fighting with the right moral force on their side. We ultimately need the same.

      2. Isn’t there a saying, “define your terms, or your enemy will define them for you”?

    2. I think part of it comes from the anxiety generated by the modern world we live in. Many people talk or write out of trying a diversion to express their anxiety. People also tend to like simple solutions and absolutes (”just shoot them all,jail them all!”), presented to and spoon fed to them, and regurgitated back to them, all very soothing but not necessarily productive.

    3. Grey Knight, if Mr. Nyquist’s words, brilliant as they are, had had any history of turning back the onslaught of the hard left, I would gladly acquiesce. But they haven’t as of yet, and I see no sign that this fortune is turning. So I stumble on looking for other answers. What “sensible thoughts” of his have had any measurable success to date? This post is sure to cause him offense, and spawn all manner of ad hominem in response, though I have utilized both his and Trevor’s fine work to develop my understanding and political context. I have even financially contributed to Mr.Loudon’s work for a couple of years in the past, and have called him and his wonderful wife my friends. But I ask it sincerely. Why would I follow Mr. Nyquist’s or Trevor Loudon’s advice, who has told me that his prediction is that there is a 2% chance of our national survival, and yet admonishes me not to ruin our “chances” with a potentially violent response? It is all lunacy. We need a new philosophical paradigm. That is why I needle such a fine intellectual as Mr. Nyquist to develop it. Yet he derides me in response, and probably now will ban me from his site in exasperation because I will not yield to that which has no demonstrable chance of success, and that relies upon uncertain and uncontrollable potential future occurrences for success. I am an entrepreneur, accustomed to setting goals, evaluating what can and cannot work, and forging a thought out path to success. I am seeking to do the same here. I have no personal history of violence; I have always been a lover and not a fighter. But I think the wind is blowing differently now…

  56. Mr. Nyquist, you asked me if the words are really ”soothing”,as opposed to them being actually true I suppose. I tend to believe that ”Right is Might”, rather than the reverse, and that Truth has a power that cannot be contained.

    But some men don’t want the truth

  57. Robert Malins, I sympathize with your desire to try to physically save our country. I used to feel exasperated thinking how time and events seem to be hurtling toward the doom of our country, and we are just sitting like the proverbial frog in hot water, until it is too late to jump out of the pot.

    I used to be a member of the League of the South, a group that desires for Southern states to secede again. I went to meetings, even at the capitol building in Montgomery where local tv news people were present, videoing us as we pledged allegiance to the Confederate flag, lol.

    But one day, it was like God told me, “You are advancing the wrong kingdom.” I realized the corruption and apathy all around me, and that even if by some miracle, the South could leave the US again, that it wouldnt work. Society is too corrupt, too morally bankrupt, no fear of God. I have realized the depths of that even more thanks to Mr. Nyquists hard, extremely hard, work.

    Just like the children of Israel in the Bible constantly turned away from God. He dealt directly with them, and they still would turn their backs on Him and go into national decline.

    So it will be in America if we cant wake the people up. Mr. Nyquist is right. People are not ready. On any level. At all.

    And I tend to agree with Vladimir’s and R.O.s line of thinking. If God’s hand of judgement is on this nation, we cant stop it.

    Not saying I wouldnt fight if it comes upon me. I will fight to defend myself and my loved ones. And to protect my area with surrounding neighbors. But I may not even get the chance.

    Also, society is so corrupt, and infiltrated by Communists that I would be leery of entrusting myself to some self proclaimed leader that I dont have a clue who he is. And that is another thing, if a war like you want to carry out begins, you are going to have a lot of petty infighting among various petty men to be the leaders. That’s why I think only very local defense among people who have lived and worked together for years is probably the biggest effort I would be a part of.

    I also wish you could see, that what Mr. Nyquist is doing here on this site, *is*fighting the enemy. In my opinion, it is the most effective form of fighting that can be done now. I really wish you would have the respect to quit badgering him all the time. If you want to organize a group to go “kinetic” as you say, then why not rest content with doing g that, and allowing Mr. Nyquist to fight in his way?

    1. Greynight wrote, “Also, society is so corrupt, and infiltrated by Communists that I would be leery of entrusting myself to some self proclaimed leader that I dont have a clue who he is.” Double that for me. When Trump ran in 2016, I voted against him in the primary. I was ready to do the same in 2020. I didn’t trust him, and still don’t.

      In relation to the subject of this thread, this article raises the possibility that Trump deliberately “lost” the 2020 election. That he had sabotaged the challenges to the election fraud. https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-07-26-got-played-124-million-democrats-have-taken-trump-vaccines-what-happens-if-they-start-dying.html#

      For anyone who thinks that Trump is against the Swamp:


      Or for a slightly edited article but includes pictures, https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/is-all-hope-lost-for-those-who-still-believe-in-trump/

      If there’s a civil war and the sides are clear, then’s when it would make sense to join in. But more likely is the scenario as described by Selco Begovic in his articles at http://www.theorganicprepper.com

      Likewise, if an enemy invades, it is my duty to do what I can to oppose the invasion.

      Alexandr Solzhenitsyn described the regret of fellow prisoners about their lack of action, but was their proposed action realistic? Would that butcher in Moscow have hesitated to deploy the army to level any apartment complex that had taken such an action? Further, his description was specific to the Russian experience living in apartment complexes, how would the same idea work here in the States where most people live in detached houses where the three letter agencies can swoop in in their body armor and armored cars in the middle of the night, and be off with their victims before neighbors wake up?

      Finally, as a Christian, i take the long view—I’m but a soldier in God’s army. Soldiers are ordered into battle where they sometimes are captured and/or killed. If it is God’s plan that I be captured and sent to the gulag or lau gai, my job then will have changed from trying to warn people about the coming judgment yet God’s mercy, to teaching fellow prisoners God’s message. This is a battle dealing with eternity, where words are our main weapon. Nations come, become corrupt, and go, but the eternal battle remains the same.

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