You in the West, you think you are playing chess with us, but you are never going to win because we are not following any rules.

Russian mobster to his lawyer
Catherine Belton, Putin’s People


Forty years ago, a serious long-term problem confronting Moscow was the USSR’s fast-growing Muslim population. It was then speculated that the Soviet Union’s high Muslim birthrate would turn the USSR into a majority Muslim country by the middle of the twenty-first century. It is a strange joke, and more than a curious twist of fate, that NATO faces this same prospect today. 

The Russian armed forces officially moved into Syria on 30 September 2015. Already a massive Muslim “refugee” invasion of Europe was underway, stretching through the spring and summer of that year. This migrant flood occurred without a dramatic change in the Syrian crisis. According to a report by investigative journalist Witold Gadowski, published in mid-September 2015, the people then pouring into the heart of Europe included more than refugees, and possibly included ISIS terrorist infiltrators.[i]

Gadowski was a well-known war reporter, documentary film director, and winner of several journalism prizes in Poland and abroad. He went to Syria in 2015 and discovered that in the territory controlled by the Islamic State (ISIS), there was no chance for anyone to leave ISIS-controlled territory without permission. As he explained, the punishment for attempting to escape was crucifixion.[ii]

In Gadowski’s opinion, the flood of refugees had been triggered by decisions made in Moscow, and perhaps in Tehran. In fact, the mass killing of Syrian civilians was an ongoing project of the Russian-backed Syrian dictator, Bashar al-Assad – whose troops were killing seven times more civilians than ISIS.[iii] Once the Russian bombers arrived, even more civilians were targeted.[iv]

Of special interest, and contrary to public declarations, Russian and Chinese technicians were busy helping ISIS to maintain its captured oil rigs and refineries, while Russian trained Iraqi military officers (formerly in Saddam Hussein’s army), were leading ISIS forces against the Baghdad government (which set up a joint intelligence headquarters in league with Iran and Russia).[v] From this and other evidence it appears that Russia has been playing a double game in the Middle East.

Using the Iraqi oil infrastructure, relying on clandestine Russian technical support, ISIS earned $800 million in annual revenues by “selling more than 60,000 barrels of oil per day.” But this was not the Islamic State’s only source of income. According to Gadowski:

…the Islamic State trades artworks and archeological artifacts. It is not true that the monuments of antique culture are destroyed. They are sold and bring a large income. In 90 percent of the cases, this is happening through the Russian mafia. The Islamic State and the wave of refugees bring profits to the Russian, Turkish and Albanian mafias.[vi]

In this matter the Russian mafia is not simply the Russian mafia, and the same can be said of mafia organizations which have appeared throughout the “former” communist world. As noted by Brian Whitmore of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, “Organized crime is now a major element of Russian statecraft.”[vii] According to Gadowski, Russia’s game is to “checkmate Europe, and to a lesser extent the United States.” Outwardly Russia pretends to fight ISIS. In reality, Russia helps ISIS. Essential to the plan, the Syrians were generating refugees by terrorizing civilians in Syria. As stated above, Gadowski believed that a secret Islamic State Terrorist Unit (AMNI) was placing fanatical killers among the refugees. In this way a vast network of suicide bombers and murderers entered Europe.[viii]

After arriving in Syria, Russian air units launched bombing raids against Syrian civilians, adding to the refugee flow in late summer. Of course, the refugee crisis was well under way before the Russians arrived. It had peaked earlier. What the bombing showed, however, was Russia’s strategic intention. The Syrians and the Russians were following a pre-defined path. The bombers were the icing on a cake already baked. Long before the Russian bombers arrived other means of pressure had been employed by Syria – including the use of chemical weapons. Refugees (and terrorists) had long since flooded into neighboring Turkey. Through the spring and summer of 2015, the numbers were getting larger and larger. A significant proportion of these masses moved into Europe. This paper will present evidence and arguments that Russia and her allies (Syria and Iran) set this process in motion as part of a larger strategic design. The authors believe that Moscow does not act haphazardly. Rather, its moves are carefully thought-out in advance. The strategy being applied is complex, its objectives masked by disinformation and subterfuge, extortion and blackmail, organized crime and false flag terrorist operations.

The Arab spring

When rebellions began to break out in the Middle East several years ago, the former chief of Romanian intelligence, Ion Mihai Pacepa, wondered why the first rebellions in the series took place “only in Islamic countries that are pro-American.” He asked why the rebels were burning American flags. He thought it suspicious that the United States had no advanced warning of the mass demonstrations that swept the Arab world from Morocco to the Persian Gulf. Pacepa noted that “on the first day of the Cairo uprising” the demonstrators “were carrying flags displaying the hammer and sickle.” He called this “a mistake caused by overzealousness….”[ix]

The rebellion that began on 17 December 2010 in Tunisia, and spread across the Arab world, was an attempt to sweep away “moderate” Arab regimes. It was not a revolution for freedom or democracy. As Richard Miniter wrote in a 2011 Forbes article, “Virtually every element of the media narrative [on the Arab Spring] … is wrong or misleading.” The rebellion was not a spontaneous reaction to local dictatorships. According to Miniter, Egypt’s chief of intelligence warned Gen. David Petraeus in 2010 that Iran – a close ally and client state of Moscow – was preparing to “bring down [Egypt’s] Mubarak regime.”[x]

Miniter was told by intelligence officials that “Iran’s agents are behind the street demonstrations and violent attacks on government buildings.”[xi] Iran’s revolutionary activity throughout the region, however, was not merely Iranian. This activity was connected to Russia, and to Russia’s past support for the communist cause. According to an Iranian specialist, the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, was educated in Moscow and may be a Russian intelligence asset. Worse yet, other top leaders in Iran were also educated in Russia, with ongoing ties to Moscow.[xii]

In a recently published article by the Katehon Institute[xiii] in Russia, B. Ozerov explained that the Soviet government in 1918 “was guided by understanding Islam as a close ideology to the communist doctrine.” After all, Islam favored ideals of equality, social justice, and the redistribution of wealth. According to Ozerov, Moscow’s initial plan in the region was “to transform Islam into an Eastern edition of Communism….”[xiv]

In a 4 July 1925 interview with the Tokyo Nichi Nichi Shimbun, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was asked if he believed revolutionary turmoil in China, India, Persia and Egypt was bound to sweep away the Western powers. “Yes, I do,” said the communist leader, who added that the West would be “attacked on two sides – in the rear as well as in front.”

Related insights of V. Kalashnikov and A. Illarionov

In June 2013 J.R. Nyquist interviewed a disaffected KGB officer in Russia named Viktor Kalashnikov. In reference to Syria, the former KGB lieutenant colonel said, “It’s all about struggle against the United States. All allies are measured in terms of their anti-Americanism. If they are anti-American, they are our friends.” Kalashnikov then referred to the deployment of “terrorist armies.” Armies composed of terrorists, said Kalashnikov, were better than old-fashioned Soviet tank armies. They were more flexible, and cheaper than tanks. “The head of the Russian state has publicly warned the West that … arms deliveries to the opposition in Syria might result in terrorist attacks against Europe. That’s a clear causus belli – a real terrorist threat,” said Kalashnikov.[xv]

When Nyquist advanced the idea that the Cold War was over, Kalashnikov scoffed. This is yet another topic, he said. “But we have to ask what happened to the Soviet Union in 1991. It was dismantled for the sake of reorganization and for the sake of Russian power.” The Soviet generals were not happy with the strategic situation. The large tank armies of the Soviet Union were, in Kalashnikov’s words, “a wasting asset, especially after 1983.”[xvi]

The core strategy, he explained, “was splitting Europe from America.” In the 1980s this was attempted with the threat of war. But now, under present circumstances, a different method would have to be devised. “What happened on 9/11 was just an omen of things to come,” he explained.  

In Part 1 of the interview, headlined “Russia’s Islamist Alliance, Plans to Destroy NATO,” the former KGB lieutenant colonel, who had been trained as a strategist, attempted to draw the interviewer’s attention to Russia’s support for the anti-immigrant parties in Europe. Here Kalashnikov referred to Islam as a Russian weapon in the destruction of NATO. Realizing the interviewer was perplexed, Kalashnikov said, “Let me talk about [the neo-fascists] in Hungary. They are pro-Putin. They are nationalists, and of course, they are absolutely anti-Semitic and anti-American.”[xvii]

What did the anti-immigrant parties have to do with “terrorist armies” in the Middle East? What did any of it have to do with splitting America off of Europe? Here was a question requiring careful consideration. To answer this question, one might well imagine how NATO would have prospered if Hillary Clinton and Marine Le Pen had won their respective elections. What if Europe followed France’s lead? Would the politically correct Americans remain allies with the new Europe? “What I would suggest,” said Kalashnikov, “is that your anti-terror experts read Vladimir Lenin who provided the textbook for terrorists. How they should set up combat units; who is to be killed first and second; what strategy and tactics to adopt. Lenin developed a complete theory for using terrorism to take power and govern a huge state. That was the beginning of Soviet strategy, statehood and government, as well as international policy.”[xviii]

More than one year after Kalashnikov’s curious pronouncements, a former Kremlin economic advisor named Andrei Illarionov, made an even more curious statement. In a December 2014 television interview, Illarionov noted that Europe had reached its lowest level of defense readiness. He also noted that Russia was openly threatening the West with nuclear war. Illarionov then made an astonishing prediction, adding that “the European nations will not be very much surprised, let’s say, if in the spring of next year, 2015, there will be some kind of massive political movement – let’s say a kind of ‘Islamic spring.’”[xix]

Being Russian himself, having worked in the Kremlin, it seems obvious that Illarionov had access to high-level sources. The coming “Islamic spring,” he said, would not occur in the Middle East, “but in Europe.” He mentioned destabilizing effects on “certain European countries” where the crisis would “consume the energy and attention of European leaders at a time when Mr. Putin would try and fulfill his neo-imperial project….”[xx]

Illarionov was quite specific when he said the coming “Islamic spring” in Europe would involve “movements and activities … in European countries themselves.” When asked if this could be triggered by Russia, Illarionov said, “I am just warning … when it should happen … European societies should not be [too] much shocked and surprised.”

Illarionov’s prediction carries forward the suggestion that Moscow instigated the migrant crisis. For how else could Illarionov have known about an “Islamic spring” involving “movements and activities … in Europe”? His prediction was an unlikely direct hit. To know something in advance is to know something is being planned. Illarionov clearly predicted the most significant event of the following year. He also implied this event was planned to distract the West from Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. And this prediction fits perfectly with the analysis of Lt. Col. Viktor Kalashnikov, a resident of Moscow, who warned of Russia deploying “terrorist armies” in 2013. The fact is, people in Moscow knew what was coming. And why wouldn’t they? It takes enormous resources and real planning to move millions of people from the Middle East to the heart of Europe. A lot of people had to know in advance, if only to set up the needed transport system.

Insights of a Romanian general

Those who have lived under communist regimes, who were educated as strategists, are in a better position to properly evaluate recent events than their West European counterparts. During an August 2015 Adevarul Live television discussion, retired Army General Constantin Degeratu referred to the European refugee crisis as a “hybrid war” of aggression, conjured out of the Middle East by Russia. Superficially, the refugee crisis “completely covered the problem of the Russian aggression against Ukraine,” Degeratu noted. He then stated that the whole refugee operation was “well organized.” The general added, “Look at the people who are coming. They are better dressed and better fed than 10 to 15 percent of Romania’s population. This is a planned invasion, it doesn’t have a direct cause in the Middle East….” He then pointed out the logistical difficulties involved in moving millions of people hundreds or thousands of miles. “If somebody is to come from Afghanistan with a trolley to the border of Macedonia, this requires logistics.”[xxi]

As if to clarify Kalashnikov’s earlier point about Hungary, Degeratu pointed to a curious anomaly. “It is said that this threefold increase in the number of refugees compared to the numbers of last summer is taking everyone by surprise. But [this] occurred a week after Hungary completed the building of [a large border] fence. Doesn’t it seem interesting to you that first the fence was built and afterwards this migration started, in that particular area?”[xxii]

Retired Army General Alexandru Grumaz was also on the program. He agreed that the migration was “well supported.” He added that Turkey also had an interest in pushing the refugees along, toward Europe. It was, said Grumaz, a crisis of European institutions. Degeratu said the problem of the refugee invasion could not be solved. Why? “Because it is managed by Russia and thus it is meant not to be solved, but to be maintained.” The general then said, “Russia’s interest is to maintain this crisis.”

“It is clear,” said Degeratu, “that if the European Union doesn’t want to live the nightmare … which says that in the years 2030 to 2040 more than 60 percent of the active EU population will be Muslim … then the European countries should decide if they want to survive as a civilization or not.” According to Degeratu’s strategic assessment, “We have to understand that we are the target of a war, and we may call it hybrid, or an asymmetrical war, but this migrant wave is a consequence of it.” He then summarized the perilous cost of the migrants for Europe, noting, “the cost for each one of these people is three times the minimum retirement pension in Romania!”[xxiii]

Surely, said Degeratu, “The political attitude [in Europe] with regard to this situation needs to change. So far, it’s been peace-time politics. Now we are the target of an aggression. Border control is absolutely mandatory.”

According to Prof. Przemysław Żurawski vel Grajewski, who was asked by Dr. Cernea to comment on Gen. Degeratu’s assessments, “The opinions of Gen. Degeratu are fully justified and I would subscribe [to] each of his statements….” Prof. Żurawski is one of Poland’s best political analysts. He teaches social science at the University of Łódz and the National School of Public Administration, serving in the National Council for Development, an advisory board to President Andrzej Duda. He is also a counselor to the current Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jacek Czaputowicz. According to Prof. Żurawski, the Russians are not responsible for all the refugees who have flooded into Europe, but it is certain “they did their best to make [the problem] larger … to confuse the political scene in European countries … as much as they can. Russia is the main ally of Assad and Iran….” These allies of Russia, he said, have maximized “the scale of the refugees.” Prof. Żurawski also pointed to “the semi-criminal FSB/local mafias and hybrid structures in Bosnia and Herzegovina.” These also played a role in moving refugees through the Balkans into the heart of Europe. “The conclusion is,” he said, “that Russia had instruments to maximize the troubles” despite Europe’s inability to find “a smoking gun.”[xxiv]

Prof. Żurawski also noted that, “Anti-immigrant parties in the West are usually pro-Russian (Front National, AfD); so deepening the crisis helps Russia’s followers in the West.” This point should not be overlooked. (Kalashnikov hinted at this factor with reference to Hungary more than a year before the refugee crisis began.) Here the manipulation of the European right takes center stage. Moscow has every reason to believe the European anti-immigrant parties will gain political traction as the refugee crisis intensifies. Moscow, therefore, has reason to invest in the European right. Simultaneously, Moscow also uses its agents on the European left. These agents intensify the crisis through “politically correct” policies. As the left drives the crisis forward, the right opposition grows and seeks ready allies – and is driven into Moscow’s open arms.

This process may already be underway in Hungary where Prime Minister Viktor Orban has shifted toward Moscow.[xxv] The Chief of the Hungarian General Staff, Gen. Tibor Benkő, says that Hungary does not have to buy equipment exclusively from NATO countries. Russia is currently modernizing Hungarian Mi-24 and Mi-17 helicopters for $64 million.[xxvi] Perhaps even more alarming is Prime Minister Orban’s tolerance with regard to Russian infiltration of the Hungarian right. Former Hungarian anti-communists are now celebrating Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, linking arms with Russian officials. According to authors Péter Krekó and Lóránt Győri, Russia has invested political capital in “hate groups in Central Europe,” with financial ties “to violent organizations in Central and Eastern Europe as well….”[xxvii] This is a conscious strategy:

In Moscow’s toolkit of active measures and hybrid warfare, the boundaries between violent and nonviolent tools are increasingly blurry. And this process is two-directional: not only can information be weaponized; violent organizations can be used as soft-power tools. The Kremlin is highly effective at infiltrating fringe parties and paramilitary organizations in Central Europe. They are easy to purchase or control, as these extremist groups tend to be small and easily manipulated.[xxviii]

What is the ultimate strategic value of the infiltration and manipulation of fringe parties and paramilitary groups? Keeping this question in mind, when we look at the present-day chaos in the Middle East, Russia’s past support for terrorist organizations of every kind becomes less and less of a riddle.  

The former Romanian Minister for Communications and Information,[xxix] Marius Bostan, was asked by Dr. Cernea if he agreed with Gen. Degeratu’s remarks. Bostan replied, “From the perspective of my own experience in public service and politics, I do agree with Gen. Degeratu’s opinion that Russia is likely to have been involved in the migrant crisis and … it should be regarded as a hybrid war operation against the West.” Bostan emphasized that “a very important component of the hybrid war is the cultural dimension.” Here the Internet plays a key role. The Russian long-term investment in “propaganda, disinformation, opinion and behavior-shaping” cannot be underestimated. A short-term view would be a mistake. Bostan explained,

There is something about the Russian strategy that is difficult to explain to our Western allies. It’s the fact that Russia usually acts on both sides of a (real or manufactured) conflict. For instance, on [the] Internet we notice that Russian propaganda, disinformation or trolling activity on forums and social networks typically carry messages meant to create/amplify conflicts between different ethnic or religious groups – Romanians versus Hungarians, Poles versus Ukrainians, Christians versus Jews, etc. And they encourage at the same time groups with opposed views – far left anti-market tendencies [versus] libertarian ones, LGBT-rights [versus] conservative Christian activism, open-border multiculturalism [versus] anti-immigration movements, etc. Thus, Russia is able to provoke conflicts and crises, and to influence the public agenda of the countries it targets for subversion.

This ambivalence may seem paradoxical to Western minds, used to a binary logic according to which something cannot be black and white at the same time. Well, Russians are not Westerners. In the East, black and white may be defined in many different ways. Moreover, the Russian leaders still function according to a mentality shaped by Marxist dialectics, which says that progress results from the constant struggle between contrary elements.

It looks like the West is only now discovering that, for instance, Russian internet trolls simultaneously support a certain cause and its contrary.[xxx]

Bostan has laid out one of Russia’s key strategies. He says this kind of strategy is “difficult” for the West to understand. As Rudyard Kipling expressed it, “East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet.” At some point in the future, however, the West must learn to appreciate Russia’s “scissors strategy” – “that Russia usually acts on both sides of a … conflict.” If there is one central lesson to be drawn from this study, Bostan has underscored it.

In their Atlantic Council article, “From Russia with Hate,” Péter Krekó and Lóránt Győri explain how Polish counterintelligence “is currently investigating Mateusz Piskorski, the leader of the Polish leftist party … as well as former activists of the far-right Polish Congress of the New Right (KNP) on charges of espionage on behalf of Russia.”[xxxi] Here is the classic Russian “scissors strategy” at work.

If the refugee crisis is part of a Russian scissors strategy, how does Russia benefit? First, political tensions are intensified between the European right and left; second, the right can be pushed toward Moscow by a variety of mechanisms; third, a general weakening of NATO develops under a scenario of “divide and conquer”; fourth, a general demoralization and loss of belief in existing institutions naturally follows.

In his interview with Epoch Times in November 2015, General Degeratu showed the depth of this understanding when he said we “should see who takes profit” from the refugee crisis. “Well,” he explained, the Russians profited, and many cracks appeared in NATO. “We see how ‘united’ Europe has been,” Degeratu added. “Full unity! There have been 50 voices in our European ‘unity.’”[xxxii]

Those who have set up the exercise have understood all our weaknesses and have exploited them properly. What else have they obtained … does anyone still speak about the Ukrainian crisis? Not anymore. There are also 1 million – in fact, 800,000 – refugees, from Eastern Ukraine and Crimea, most of them from Donbass. Eight hundred thousand. There are 8,000 dead. Around 2,000 children and pregnant women have died in this crisis. We almost haven’t seen them on the (TV) screen, there have been no gatherings, there was no session of the Romanian Parliament….[xxxiii]

Degeratu is extraordinarily perceptive, and other experts agree with his assessment that Russia is waging a hybrid war against Europe. “Maybe some of us are too militarily-minded and ask questions that shouldn’t be asked,” said Degeratu.

Direct testimony from a Syrian general on Russia’s double game

There is a stunning revelation in the fragment of a September 2015 interview given to Witold Gadowski by Syrian Brigadier General Ahmad Aljjdeaa, a soldier with thirty years of experience in the Syrian Army who is also the deputy minister of defense in the Syrian government-in-exile. According to Gen. Aljjdeaa, “Russian officers are constantly present in the branches of the Syrian army supporting the regime of Bashar Assad….” Then he added, “Russia is interested in confusion in Syria. There are also four military training centers in Russia, in which fanatics are trained, who then fill the ranks of the Islamic State troops (ISIS). Among the trained are also Chechens.”[xxxiv]

Related to this, another curious headline reads: “In retreating from Iraq, ISIS terrorists lost their Russian passports.”[xxxv] The facts are reported as follows: “The Iraqi military, who at the end of last week occupied the university building previously held by ISIS in the city of Mosul, displayed what was found in evidence as the identification papers of Islamic State terrorists, which mostly turned out to be Russian.”[xxxvi]

Again, it is a case of the “scissors strategy.” Moscow has perfected the fine art of stage-managing fake wars and phony splits with false fronts made up of “useful idiots.”[xxxvii] Russia’s deployment of terrorist and counter-terrorist forces in Syria and Iraq should surprise no one. This procedure was used during the Soviet-Afghan War in the 1980s and again during the recent wars in Chechnya.[xxxviii]

At this juncture it may be useful to recite a bit of history. In July 2005 the Russian KGB/FSB defector Alexander Litvinenko told the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita that Ayman al-Zawahiri (then Al-Qaeda’s second in command) was trained by the FSB in Dagestan in 1997. According to the former KGB foreign intelligence officer Konstantin Preobrazhensky, Litvinenko “was responsible for securing the secrecy of al-Zawahiri’s arrival in Russia … in 1996-1997.”[xxxix]

The Romanian intelligence defector, Lt. Gen. Ion Mahai Pacepa, has described Moscow’s use of Arab terrorist organizations throughout the Cold War in his books.[xl] We know that Russia stands firmly behind the Islamic terror regime in Tehran. Researcher Antero Leitzinger explained, “Modern terrorism was born within a year, 1967-68. International socialists (communists) started the fashion all over the world simultaneously, which should make us suspicious about the common roots. National socialists followed suit, turning Marxists of Muslim origin into Islamists of Marxist origin.”[xli]

Among the closest associates of Khomeini, there were many Communists who had conveniently grown beards. Mustafa Ali Chamran had studied in California and Egypt before he founded a Red Shi’ite secret society. His pupils included later foreign minister Ibrahim Yazdi, oil minister Mohammed Gharazi, and Lebanese fellow student in Berkeley University, Hussein Shaikh al-Islam, who led the occupation of the US Embassy in Tehran. This occupation, shortly before the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, focused Iranian radicalism into anti-Americanism…. Mohammed Beheshti, whose death at a bombing on June 28th, 1981, remained a mystery, had resided in East Germany. Khomeini’s early companion and foreign minister, Sadegh Ghotbzadeh had successfully accommodated with the new regime. Both Ghotbzadeh and Chamran had received Palestinian terrorist training. As a student in the USA, Ghotbzadeh had been recruited by the [Soviet] GRU.[xlii]

With regard to the Soviet-Afghan War, Leitzinger explained that Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU) had developed special capabilities by the late 1980s, especially “how to manipulate Islamists and to make Communists (of the Khalq faction) to grow beards and join their declared enemies.” According to Leitzinger, “This ‘Khalq strategy” provided a successful alternative to the more orthodox “Parcham strategy” that relied on ideologically less unholy alliances.”[xliii]

Leitzinger argued that the Russian secret services “gained a tight hold on international terrorism, and [especially] on Islamism” in the 1990s. The terrorist is, in essence, a special kind of agent provocateur. A Western analyst finds it difficult to see the Afghan-Soviet War or the first and second Chechen Wars as utilizing provocation techniques on a broad scale. Former CIA official T.H. Bagley and KGB defector Peter Deriabin noted, “Soviet provocation … remains little understood in the West. People safe in a democratic system may find it difficult to conceive that rulers would systematically use such hostile techniques against their own subjects.”[xliv]

If Moscow’s wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya were built around terrorist provocations, and the objective was to radicalize and infiltrate Islam, and reorient Islam against the West, then the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya appear in a more intelligible light. The Soviet Union did not invade Afghanistan for conventional reasons, or to attain classical military control.

With the advent of the refugee crisis in Europe, with the likelihood of thousands of terrorists settled within a mass of protected Muslim refugees, the least sign of Russian involvement – or the involvement of Russia’s Islamist surrogates – ought to inspire a shockwave of alarm through Europe’s security establishment. Given the history of Moscow’s infiltration of Islam, and the mounting evidence of Russia’s double game, the Kremlin would be the most natural suspect in any close study of the refugee crisis. Arguably, any other focus would be irresponsible.

As reported by the BBC, U.S. Gen. Philip Breedlove, the senior NATO commander in Europe, said that Russia and Syria were “deliberately weaponizing migration in an attempt to overwhelm European structures and break European resolve.” He cited Russia’s use of barrel bombs against Syrian civilians. What was the purpose of such indiscriminate attacks? The purpose was, he said, to “get them [masses of people] on the road” to Europe.[xlv]

Masses of homeless people, adhering to an alien religion, is one problem for Europe. Terrorism is yet another. Since the refugee crisis began Europe has been hit with an unprecedented wave of terrorist attacks (not to mention rapes and robberies). First came the Paris killings of November 2015, then the Brussels bombings of March 2016, then the Nice truck attack and the Normandy church attack of July 2016. Then there was the string of Islamic stabbings across Europe.[xlvi]

Some of our sources (quoted above) have claimed that modern terrorism was introduced to the Muslims by the communist bloc half a century ago. This point must not be forgotten when evaluating the left’s strange love affair with Islam. “From the very beginning,” said former KGB Lt. Col. Konstantin Preobrazhensky, “the so-called Bolsheviks, or communists, were considering Muslims as the reserve [army], as the human resource for the world revolution. Not all … people know that the second appeal by Lenin, after the Great October Socialist Revolution in 1917, was addressed to Muslim toilers….” Preobrazhensky continued:

At that time Islam was the religion of the oppressed … of the people colonized by the West. As Lenin said by the time of the … Communist International, ‘The West is existing at the expense of the East.’ Even now we can hear such conclusions, such ideas. And as soon as the Russian Revolution took place, Russian Muslims immediately supported it, so that the communist Muslim military organizations were formed. The Muslim communists were dethroning the local bourgeois Muslim governments which appeared in the Russian Empire[xlvii].

Muslim refugees to Europe: a Russian policy

According to Antoni Rybczynski, “The migratory crisis in Europe is largely a work of Russian policy….” He further stated, “Already … when nobody expected Russian raids in Syria, Vladimir Putin warned that Europe would face the great problems associated with the influx of immigrants.” In this way Moscow supported Assad while undermining Europe.[xlviii]

Another headline underscores this same idea: “Putin’s diabolical game, Exporting Muslim immigrants to Europe.” The article begins, “The Norwegian authorities believe that the refugees’ invasion of their country is a Russian provocation.”[xlix]

In October 2015 the Czech Minister of Defense, Martin Stropnicky, suggested that Russia was possibly financing the transportation of refugees to Europe. “Although I do not have 100 percent proof of this information,” he said, “I cannot discount it either.”[l] Given all we know, his surmise is logical. It is sensible. Why wouldn’t Russia – which has armed Islamic terrorists throughout Asia – arm Islamic terrorists in Germany, Britain, France or Sweden?

According to a member of the Estonian National Defense League, Ants Laaneots, “Putin’s aim is the disintegration of the European Union and NATO, if possible.” Russia, he added, is promoting “Euroscepticism.”[li] More likely, Russia’s strategy includes many subtle and indirect objectives. As with the work of the late Mohammad Fahim in Afghanistan, Russia can take over a NATO-defended country through the work of an enterprising criminal. Russia can thereby paralyze the heart of Afghanistan or the heart of Europe in a way that mocks European compassion. 

The Chairman of the Supreme Council of Lithuania, Vytautas Landsbergis, made an observation on 15 September 2015 about the refugee crisis almost identical to others we have seen:

I was thinking who had to profit, and I know now. In the current crisis, the whole attention is focused on Europe. Nobody is speaking of Ukraine any more, although there are almost 2 million refugees there as well. Putin has chased them away, and nobody is proposing them to go where life is better….[lii]

According to Landsbergis, the current migration crisis is a threat to European civilization.

Europe has met a big danger for its own system, even for its own civilization. The Germans earlier had illusions, that they would manage to integrate a million Turks, that the Turks would become Germans and there would be no problem. It didn’t work. Ghettos were created, a state within the state, and these are big problems….[liii]

The Ukrainian MP, Anton Gerashchenko, speaking on TV Channel News One, stated:

The crisis of migrants in Europe arose because of Putin. The war in Syria began in 2011, but migrants flooded [Europe] like a large river in the spring of 2015. Russia made a decision after Europe imposed economic sanctions on Russia: ‘Let’s create problems for them.” They created a problem: $1,000 was allocated for the head of [each] refugee who will be taken from Syria to Europe. A million refugees are a billion dollars. This is nothing to Putin….[liv]

The cost to Europe, however, is much more than a $1 billion. Gerashchenko added that an atmosphere of xenophobia has been created in Europe along with the growing influence of various nationalist parties, which are known for their favorable position toward Putin’s Russia.


Whatever the causes of the Refugee crisis, Moscow’s strategists have taken full advantage of the situation. Those who know Russian policy best, who are geographically further east, know that Russia has something to gain. If a “smoking gun” is absent, in a strict sense, there is yet a loaded gun. One might say this gun is pointed at the heart of Europe.

With regard to proof, the strategist does not wear a white lab coat or follow some academic procedure to understand the world. He is not a prosecuting attorney who has to prove his case in a court of law. He is engaged in “a duel on an extensive scale” – which was Carl von Clausewitz’s famous definition of war. If military and political leaders only acted on the basis of scientific proof – or relied only on proofs that would be used to convince a jury – they would not be able to act at all. The soldier and the stateman exercise judgment on a more commonsense level.

Consider the following analogy: If it is 2 December 1941 and an American plane spots six Japanese aircraft carriers moving east between Alaska and Midway Island, a sensible strategist would assume that the Japanese were intending to attack the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor. The sensible strategist would be quite foolish to declare that “there was no proof” of a Japanese intention to attack. It would be pedantic, under the circumstances, to say there was “no smoking gun.” Strategy dictates an entirely different epistemology. The reported movement of the Japanese aircraft carriers would constitute a loaded gun, aimed at the U.S. Pacific Fleet. A responsible military leader does not wait for that gun to be fired. An American admiral, drawing the proper inferences, would know exactly what to do. He would alert the fleet at Pearl Harbor and take countermeasures. He would know, as one who directs fleets, that every enemy move speaks to intention. That must be the foundation of his certitude, of his practical knowledge.

In terms of the Muslim refugee crisis in Europe: reports of ISIS training camps in Russia, reports of GRU/SVR and Russian Mafia assistance to a massive influx of refugees, reports of Russian infiltration of terrorist organizations throughout the Muslim world, etc., constitute a loaded gun. We must judge these reports as strategists – not as social scientists. This must be the foundation of a new strategic methodology for the Muslim Refugee problem. Clearly, this is not simply about Islam. Russian involvement is indicated. Russian strategy must be understood as part of a greater strategic whole in order to properly assess the larger situation.   

This research paper was written and researched by J.R. Nyquist and Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea. It was first published on May 29, 2018 at the website of the Center for Security Policy – Microsoft Word – Russia_Refugee_05-28-18.docx (

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308 thoughts on “Russian Strategy and Europe’s Refugee Crisis

  1. Mr. Nyquist,

    You replied to my comment regarding Russia and China and ”control”;

    ”Great nations are not controlled by other great nations. Not really. Ideas, however, can possess a nation.”

    ”Possess” is an apt word to use, I think. An Great Nation can also be at a stage where it no longer has ideas, and has lost it’s concept of what it is, collectively speaking. It loses one ideational system which is at the very forefront of Modernity and Progress in action,and seeks to either not think and simply make money, or reach back and find again what It once was.

      1. Another instance where the Stagirite was quite correct, at least applied to politics.

  2. Is this any indication that this may be an exercise in preparation for an US invasion? (reminds me of Red Dawn)

    The concept of the Russian-Chinese operational-strategic exercises “West / Interaction – 2021” is not yet clear, but nevertheless, it is possible to predict a significant coincidence with the scenario of the “West-2021” maneuvers, during which control systems and all types of support are expected to be checked, covert deployment groupings of troops, training by battalion tactical groups (BTG) of non-standard methods of engaging low-flying air targets (attack unmanned aerial vehicles) and combating high-speed armored vehicles. In the course of exclusively defensive Russian-Belarusian exercises, combat aircraft and tanks will be massively used. Similar scenarios of maneuvers are determined by common threats.

    NOTE: I am a new reader of this blog. Very interesting. I have enjoyed reading the essays and comments.

    Anyway, I came across this blog by accident while glancing prepping forums for current news (besides the TV propaganda machine). There are many indicators or signs that Jeff Nyquist and others are right that war is on the very near horizon with China and Russia. The vast majority in the US are divided and unaware, plus we have a very weak President and far left administration. Why waste an opportunity! A side note, I heard on the radio that large invasions have happened after the Olympics. As a result, Germany and Russia gained world notoriety. Perhaps, after the Beijing Olympics in Feb 2022? I don’t think we have a chance in hell with Sleepy Joe as commander in chief. God help us all.

    1. It is very hard to say what their exact timing is. But Russia and China are definitely working together, and they are preparing together. Probably there is a biological attack vector in the works. Hope it is not the mRNA vaccines.

  3. @JRNyquist: Your responses from earlier in the day to “Anonymous” are incredible. At the risk of sounding like a sycophant, your arguments are constructed so skillfully, and the words used are so elegant. I mean this sincerely, however.

      1. Yes. Amazing response, Mr. Nyquist. You hit all the nails on the head. Where I only saw two or three nails, you showed that there were actually many. You drive them all the way in, lol. Awesome job.

      2. Yes, pedaling palatable hate speech is a science Mr. Nyquist has honed to a piercing edge.

      3. You are. You put the existence of humanity into a box that you can understand, which makes you hate millions of those not like you. The hate you have for homo/transsexuals, for “leftists”, for the millions you see as useful idiots, it seethes through your words. When statements like this are made you step back and act like you don’t hate these people, making some convoluted claim to temperance based on your supreme intellect, then continue the hate mongering. Day after day it is like this, it’s amazing you deny it. Until the “country you love” is willing to fit in your little box, you will be preaching our downfall to your pandering audience. This is your modus operandi. This is your formula. You are a hate monger, plain and simple.

      4. Mr. Someone: (Or is it Mr. Nobody?) Is that all you got for me? Just name-calling? If you were a proper troll, you’d have been given a better script. But since you dropped in, I have a question for you. What is the meaning of life?

    1. I agree Janelle. When i read this blog, I spend a lot of time copying segments, comments and re-comments–much wisdom here. I am developing another list-version of “WWIV” key points while they are still available. Kudos Jeff!

    1. Definitely not normal weather. Grand solar minimum produces more clouds and rain overall, though some areas will have drought due to jet stream changes.

      1. Do you think that the rain China is experiencing is enough to stop an attack, or will it expedite it? Can the CCP withstand more natural disasters without collapsing?

      2. The real problem is when whole provinces lose their food production. We do not know what China’s food reserves are, or how much food they can acquire from food exporting countries. It might be a bad idea to attack America — the country that supplies your food. China’s leadership may be weighing this now.

    2. China responded to tariffs by ceasing to buy US soybeans. They need those soybeans, but they cut off their nose to spite their face. Now, they fish in ecological protected US Territory of the Northern Mariana Islands

  4. To Anonymous, who wrote:

    “You’re afraid of Communism. You’re afraid of non-binary sexuality. You’re afraid of an objectively educated population that has outgrown the stranglehold of religious dogma. So you warn people.”

    Here is the forerunner of your folly:

    Genesis 3:1

    [1] Now the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field that the LORD God had made.He said to the woman, Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?

    [2] And the woman said to the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden,

    [4] But the serpent said to the woman, You will not surely die.

    [5] For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

    There is no “progress” without God.

  5. ANONYMOUS says:
    “I just want to tell you “bravo” for your thinking that China is subordinate to Moscow.”

    Thanks…Although… ha, ha, ha…because I think you want to discredit my words, through your other posts. I know the tactics of Russian trolls.

    ANONYMOUS says:
    “I think the same. Actually, GRU and KGB of the USSR built the Chinese intelligence, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese PLA during the 50s and trained many (or all) Chinese intelligence officers, politicians and military officers. The same people trained by Russia were running China during the fake Sino-Soviet split and later, until the beginning of the century.”

    Not only until the beginning of the century but also today.

    ANONYMOUS says:
    “You’re afraid of Communism. You’re afraid of non-binary sexuality.”

    Are you not afraid of Communism? Soviet and Chinese Communists killed more than 120 million people in the 20th century. Today, the United States and the world are ruled by unpunished criminals from Russia and their descendants.
    Non-binary sexualities and other nonsense were invented in Moscow to demoralize, “soften”, and humiliate the West and the Western civilization.

    Russian troll, “bravo”! You just confused the already confused…

    ARTEMIS says:
    “I disagree. The subordination is a deception…”

    You can disagree, you can protest, you can deny it … but that’s all you can do about it…

    JEFF NYQUIST says:
    “The Western left is simply that part of the West that was intellectually sabotaged by Soviet active measures in past decades — and then metastasized. We have your old government to thank for it.”

    We must also thank his current government in the Kremlin because the West left is still controlled by Moscow.

  6. ANONYMOUS says:
    “I just want to tell you “bravo” for your thinking that China is subordinate to Moscow.”

    Thanks…Although… ha, ha, ha…because I think you want to discredit my words, through your other posts. I know the tactics of Russian trolls.

    ANONYMOUS says:
    “I think the same. Actually, GRU and KGB of the USSR built the Chinese intelligence, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Chinese PLA during the 50s and trained many (or all) Chinese intelligence officers, politicians and military officers. The same people trained by Russia were running China during the fake Sino-Soviet split and later, until the beginning of the century.”

    Not only until the beginning of the century but also today.

    ANONYMOUS says:
    “You’re afraid of Communism. You’re afraid of non-binary sexuality.”

    Are you not afraid of Communism? Soviet and Chinese Communists killed more than 100 million people in the 20th century. Today, the United States and the world are ruled by unpunished criminals from Russia and their descendants.
    Non-binary sexualities and other nonsense were invented in Moscow to demoralize, “soften”, and humiliate the West and the Western civilization.

    Russian troll, “bravo”! You just confused the already confused…

    ARTEMIS says:
    “I disagree. The subordination is a deception…”

    You can disagree, you can protest, you can deny it … but that’s all you can do about it…

    JEFF NYQUIST says:
    “The Western left is simply that part of the West that was intellectually sabotaged by Soviet active measures in past decades — and then metastasized. We have your old government to thank for it.”

    We must also thank his current government in the Kremlin because the West left is still controlled by Moscow.

  7. Oliver P., I am not a Russian troll, but a Bulgarian and we the Bulgarians frequently say “bravo”. I simply wanted to greet you for your thinking, that’s it. I agree that Russia is the center of the global destabilization.

    1. Please let everyone know how close the Bulgarian government is to The Kremlin. I think people will be surprised at what you have to say.

    2. Another ANONYMOUS writes absolute nonsense here, I thought it was you. If it’s a different account, I’m sorry. Surely you know the Russian trolls and their tactics to confuse the Americans. Russian Internet agents create duplicate accounts to divert attention from the root of the problem.

      I consider Bulgarians to be very wise Europeans who know how evil and insidious the Russians are.
      If the Americans do not will watch events in Europe (most of the ancestors of today’s Americans come from Europe), then they will never understand the intentions of their greatest enemies – the Russians.
      Europe is at the center of the political struggle and has the most Anti-Communists in the world.

      Americans should visit Google-maps and see what cities in Russia look like. For example, try entering a name in Google-maps: “Vorkuta, Russia”. You will see what the future will look like if Russia dominates the United States.

      1. Oliver P, you are nothing but a monomaniacal Russian hating lunatic,frothing at the mouth with xenophobic hatreds for Russia simply because it exists,and likely have a hatred for Slavs in general. What,are you some Islamic militant? or some kind of Neo Fascist from further West? ”Oliver P” sounds like you honor Revilo P. Oliver, who as Mr. Nyquist knows was a militant atheist, vicious racist and vile anti-semite, for all his education and literary skill. You may fool some here, you do not fool me; you are trying to piggy back on Mr. Nyquist’s work in order to hijack it for your own sick ideology.

      2. Russian Agent VLADIMIR says:
        “Oliver P, you are nothing but a monomaniacal Russian ”

        Russian Agent Vladimir, what are you blabbing about?! I’m not Russian!!! If I was born a Russian, I would shoot myself voluntarily, because there is nothing worse.

        “”Oliver P” sounds like you honor Revilo P. Oliver…”

        Who is Revila P. Oliver? Another KGB agent of the many thousands in the West?

        “…you are trying to piggy back on Mr. Nyquist’s work in order to hijack it for your own sick ideology.”

        I have promoted this blog of Mr. Nyquist a lot on many social networks…But then you began to write lies and manipulations here…

        LOL, you are just an intrusive and lying Russian agent VLADIMIR, who has been upset by my true posts because the more accurate the truth, the more the Russian gets angry and slandered…

      3. Oliver: what you write appears to be ethnic hatred directed toward Russians. You say there is nothing worse than being born Russian. If you were born Russian, you say you would shoot yourself. This is irrational. You are confirming everything Vladimír is saying about you. There are good Russians just as there are good people in America. By writing in this way, you are making an ethnic slur against Russians. I have Russian friends who are fighting against Putin and the communists every day. I have interviewed Russians, and learned from them. If you think this site is about hating Russians. Then you have misunderstood my message.

      4. Jeff, the Russians have been subverting the world for decades. The world finds itself in a swamp of communist lies. The Russians are a really bad nation – Masters of lying and deception. If we want to defend freedom and truth against Communist despotism, we must build on the deeds of real anti-communists, such as Ernest Bevin and his British IRD (Information Research Department), who were destroyed by the Soviets. Only truth will save the world from communistic evil. The Russians and Chinese are controlling the world’s mass media and social networks. And now they wanted to control and infiltrate the last remnants of freedom publishing. That’s why they came to this blog to infiltrate and control it here.

        Jeff, why have so many Russians and Russian trolls write here lately? Why aren’t Americans and Western Europeans here?°

        See what anti-American videos they make in Russia:

        They broadcast it on their televisions every day. I don’t speak Russian, but the translator translated it for me. Incredible how hateful and lying they are.

        What if saving the West consists (“just!”) of understanding Russian evil and rejecting their daily lying?

  8. I am Bulgarian and I know that the Bulgarian government is ENTIRELY controlled by KGB/FSB. I hate the communist system and I spoke with many people whose relatives were arrested, assassinated or starved to death by the Bulgarian KGB. It’s disgusting to see someone crying while telling a heart-breaking story about his grandfathers. I come from Varna and this city is controlled by a mafia group called TIM. I have a 64 year-old friend who personally knew one of the bosses of TIM called Marin Mitev. He told me that TIM is a product of the Russian GRU. My friend reads the books of Viktor Suvorov – retired GRU officer. I hate the Russian intelligence! And I have a serious reasons to hate it. There aren’t a bigger threats for the world than FSB, SVR and GRU!

    1. You are offering information that is rarely told in the media. Other East European countries are also infiltrated by Russian agents, but Bulgaria is the most thoroughly Russian-controlled country of them all. How, then, could Bulgaria be inside NATO? Is the Western alliance stupid? (Do we dare give an honest answer?)

  9. Oliver P., I just wanted to greet you for your opinion. Nothing else! What are you talking about? I repeat, I am a Bulgarian, not a Russian troll! Bulgaria is tightly controlled by Kremlin and I know that!

    1. Stefan, Oliver P. is a Russian hating lunatic,this goes way beyond politics with him,pay attention to what he says… And to what you said earlier; Brat mi, koito navsyakude kharesva mafiyata?This is all the same kind of propaganda that had Russians and the Bulgarians killing one another in the Great Patriotic War.

  10. Jeff, not sure if you can comment, Adapt2030 (David DuByne) a few hours ago released this video to discuss the 1000 year weather event and the crops that have been lost due to the 1000 year weather event in China:

    1. Interesting. A nod to a basis for Astrology; ”made for signs and for seasons”.

  11. Mr. Nyquist, you said with regards to the degenerate western left;

    ”The Western left is simply that part of the West that was intellectually sabotaged by Soviet active measures in past decades — and then metastasized. We have your old government to thank for it. ”

    Come on Mr. Nyquist, as if to say that there was not a Left in the West concurrently with the Bolshevik episode in 1917 onwards, possessed of a will of it’s own and one or two active brain cells? What about that wonderful human being and darling of the New Left, OSS and CIA Agent Herbert Marcuse? He practically invented the ”New Left”, him and the rest of the ”Frankfort School”, (also heavily involved with the OSS and other Western services) What of the research of Francis Stoner Saunders which showed how the CIA totally infiltrated the intellectual and artistic classes, in order to divert the Western Left in the Arts, producing the steaming piles of crap that passes for ”Art” today? Recall that other darling of the Left, Michel Foucault, was he being run from the East? Alexander Kojeve, sure,for his own reasons.

    I am not defending the Soviet Elites, I have my own problems with them. I am not really defending the modern Russian Elites either; although they are not a woman that I should love them or hate them. What I am concerned with are the Russia-hating Right-Wing freaks that gravitate to you and your theories, seeking to use them as a trojan horse for their own lunatic agendas;

    1. Western Fascists who are Axis fanboys who want to finish up Hitler’s work.

    2. The Evangelical ”Russia is Magog so Russia is God’s enemy crowd”

    3. The Papist ”Russia is God’s enemy because Russia refuses to convert to Papism as per the Fatima prophesy crowd.

    4. Muslim radicals who see Russia as an obstacle in the path of world conquest, same as India, China,and the United States,actually.

    Russia is not where Satan has his throne,not the epicenter of evil, ”Mordor”. We lost over 100 million lives during the 20th century alone, we do not want more loss. We are also climbing out of the experience of the Soviet period, and the mistakes and tragedies of that period will not be repeated. We do not want war again.

    But woe to those who might bring it to our lands.This is why we ceaselessly prepare for it, because of historical experience.

    1. Herbert Marcuse was a communist. Right? And the CIA hired him. Why? Because the CIA was trying to spread communism to Russia in the 1960s — is that your point? So we are a threat, and Russia is always minding its own business. The United States is completely incapable of invading Russia. We have ten active duty divisions. NATO is also incapable. There is not going to be an invasion of Russia. You know that. Our nuclear arsenal is nearing the end of its shelf life. There is no reason for you to be alarmed by the occasional oddball Nazi, since there are no Nazis anywhere near power in the USA or NATO. As for Biblical prophecies: the ignorance here of scriptural history, scholarship, ancient languages, etc., is exasperating. I admit. I will zap any posts on this. I don’t want to know about people’s religious opinions anymore. I’ve read enough religious bigotry and intolerance here on this chat to realize that I should never have started a website at all. But you, Vladimír, seem to be poking and prodding the readers — even mocking them a little. For you, Russia is pure and good. The West is evil. But shouldn’t your discourse be a little more even-handed? The leftist movement in the West, which Moscow used as a reserve of useful idiots under communist influence, was long serviceable to Lenin and Stalin from 1919 to 1954 and beyond. This is a fact. Stalin handpicked the communist leaders here for decades. Later, when Khrushchev apologized for this, the American communist leaders obsequiously fell over themselves to say how Soviet guidance and cash had been all-important to them. Gus Hall said that Russia was not merely the motherland of the Revolution, but that Moscow housed the General Staff of the world communist movement. The leaders of the Communist Party USA were saying this right up until the fall of the Soviet Union. Our left was entirely shaped — and was the longtime creature — of Soviet Russia’s special services. Your country carried that plague — advanced that poison— decade after decade after decade. So I am not putting up with you writing, “come on” to me. I do not know who you are or what your agenda is. I tell you Putin is a communist. If you do not think he is, why are you hanging out here? I really do not understand? I have readers who suspect you are here to make trouble for me. You make all these pro-Russian statements. You do not really comment on my articles. What is this? Are you trying to compromise me? Your country is aligned with China, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Angola…. All my country’s enemies, if you have not noticed. And communist countries to the bargain. And you are an Orthodox Christian? I am afraid you will have to forgive my countrymen for being a little uncomfortable about your country’s wicked commitments to the most evil and oppressive regimes in the world; but here you are, owning up to none of it, blaming the CIA for Herbert Marcuse!? Why such a large presence here? — because if your leader, Mr. Putin, is working to destroy my country, that might make us enemies whether or not I like you, or I like Russians. And why will you never say anything critical of Russia? I write things critical of my country all the time; but you see, it is MY country and my civilization. When you speak against my country, it may be seen as enemy propaganda. When I do it, it is out of patriotism. But who is clever enough to make a proper distinction? I have freedom to criticize my country and you don’t have freedom to criticize yours. Does everyone see that? You may be an enemy, by a simple order from above; for you have shown yourself an obedient subject of Tsar Vladimír. You come here and make it appear that Marcuse’s Marxist scholarship and theories are a CIA plot. How clever you must be. But it isn’t honest given the larger context. Don’t come here and confuse my readers with this kind of nonsense. This is a game I won’t play. Oh yes, I open a door by having this comment section. I have no idea who or what is going to pop through on me. Are you a sophisticated game-player? Is that what this is? If your country goes to war with mine, which is more and more likely, whose country is going to be invaded? I can tell you. My country will be invaded, not yours. That moron in the White House was put into the U.S. Senate by Armand Hammer — a KGB agent. The people who are taking my country down are working with Moscow. They are not working against Moscow. You think I have no eyes? You think I don’t know what this is? And here you are, turning everything on its head. You know, of course, that Americans are pathetic. That is exactly what you think. Have you come here to play ping-pong with our little brains? — by warning us against attacking your country, as if anyone here could attack it. You brag that your country ceaselessly prepares for war. Why? Because the evil American Nazis are coming for you? You mock me, sir. We are already half disarmed here — and entirely disarmed intellectually. I tell you, truly. Your country is a threat to peace. Not mine. You know this. In our feeble way, we stupidly tired to stop your comrades in Vietnam and Afghanistan and Nicaragua. Now all the dominoes have fallen. There is no need to gloat.

      1. Mr Nyquist, (and by the way, I say ”Mr. Nyquist” because it is thought disrespectful to someone to use too familiar one’s name used by family and friends),you made your reply and I would like to respond to it.

        Firstly, one might note that I do in fact criticize Russia and the Russian Elites; when I mention the over 100 million souls that perished in the 20th century from Russia, and the attendant civilizational disaster, who do you think I lay the responsibility on, ultimately?

        Second, I am not a Communist, that I should ”gloat” or ”mock” or any of these other things. I have went out of my way to insist in fact that I am a creationist and a monarchist, entirely without a link to the atheistic and materialistic ideologies of the modern age.I am so Non-Modern actually, that I can in a sense hardly be thought political at all.

        Third, considering the over 1000 year history of Russia, I do not think in terms of how ”pathetic” those are who in essence seek the destruction of me and mine. Adolf Hitler was once ”pathetic”, until his ideas gained traction at a particular time. And his time has a great relevance to us collectively,still, to this very day. And it informs the political and geopolitical decisions, those who lead have something to think about with a memory that has become institutionalized. I grew up with the memory of the war all around me, I cannot forget even if I wanted to. I also directly remember the nightmare of the Cold War, don’t want to return to that either.

        I do not see the political situation regarding Russia the same as you do, I think that ”the jury is still out” about China though-a Khitai which you and others however fail to see the profound antipathy and unease with which others have dealings with her, her neighbors particularly you can be sure. But China buffers with Japan, so there’s that, should Japan ever become Imperial again. In the West, the problem is even more complex.

        I’m not suggesting moral equivalence, which is a loathsome game to play all around, but I have a hard time with the remnants of those who would relish slitting ”Moskal” throats either remnants which easily found a home in their exile. I of course do not blame even them in a way, but the diabolical clash of arms which was followed by even more diabolical revolution. Even so, I find it difficult to accept that the Left of the Western world, the Left of Marcuse and Adorno and Foucault, has anything to do with the plain working fellow down the street who thinks Socialism wasn’t so bad compared to his troubles today, with utilities and medical bills, or maybe the Great Patriotic War Veteran who finds everything he fought and defended, covered with a layer of excrement and spittle. Are they a Stalin? Or a degenerate like Marcuse?

        I have tried my best to present some truths, maybe too stupid or banal at first glance to people of a different set of ways. Of course I expect misunderstandings. But to visualize some Russian conquest of the Western world, I close my eyes and picture some member of the Oligarchy out there and can only picture some absurd and dark joke. America won’t be invaded in the next few decades, in the coming years, Russia will. It’s almost a historical law. Indeed, I think that you and I shall live to see it ourselves.

      2. Perhaps we are talking past each other. I have never suggested an attack on Russia or China; but only defense. Maintaining the balance of power is the best way. When the balance of power fails, all nations will suffer. In recent decades the United States went to war in response to attacks and out of stupidity, not malice. I believe Russia and China are capable of bolder moves. Evidently, this truth is one you cannot see (or are told to avoid). If the West had been wicked and imperialist, as you were raised to believe, then we would have wiped out the communist bloc when the chance presented itself between 1945 and 1955. We simply do not have the desire or the disposition. And now we are about to see what Russia and China will do when America staggers under future blows.

      3. Jeff Nyquist: you have much more patience than I—I would have kicked Vladimir off this list long ago. I wonder if “Vladimir” is a handle for a team of disinformation specialists who attempt to infiltrate groups like this and spread disinformation.

        Vladimir’s list of present enemies of Russia are laughable.

        1. “Western Fascists who are Axis fanboys who want to finish up Hitler’s work.”

        I know you disagree with me on this, but I’ve seen evidence that Hitler and his people were followers of Karl Marx. They lied to the public. Privately, according to an interview I read in the 1970s from someone who had worked in Hitler’s headquarters, they thought they had achieved Marx’ “dictatorship of the proletariat” without the destructive civil war as predicted by Marx. They inherited a Germany who thought that their people were the highest evolved race and therefore had already practiced genocide against “lesser evolved people” in their colony in Namibia. Hitler and his people used that racism. Basically, Hitler was in competition with Stalin for leadership in the Socialist International. When Hitler realized that Stalin had double-crossed him, he then launched Operation Barbarossa to try to end the threat from the east. His troops found and destroyed more Russian tanks that Stalin had amassed for his conquest of Germany and western Europe than possessed by the rest of the world combined, including Germany.

        Today the country that is most like Fascist Germany and Italy is CCP China. Even Russia has adopted some Fascist practices.

        Today, like in Stalin’s day, Russia has amassed thousands of tanks stationed near western Europe. Western Europe has largely and unilaterally disarmed, therefore poses no existential threat to Russia..

        2. “The Evangelical ”Russia is Magog so Russia is God’s enemy crowd” ”

        What a joke! How many armies do they command?

        3. “The Papist ”Russia is God’s enemy because Russia refuses to convert to Papism as per the Fatima prophesy crowd.”

        The only prophecy I’ve seen from Fatima concerning Russia is that Russia will attack suddenly from the east and cause widespread death and destruction.

        4. “Muslim radicals who see Russia as an obstacle in the path of world conquest, same as India, China,and the United States,actually.”

        Now there is a religion that competes with the religion of Marxist communism, and like communism seeks world wide domination. But right now all they can do militarily is guerrilla warfare therefore are not an existentialist threat to Russia.

        These “threats to Russia” are clearly bogus. These are the types of arguments advanced by dictators as a way to stir up war fever among their populations in preparation for offensive war. That war will be against me and my people. Seeing that “Vladimir” advances these arguments makes me think that he is part of a KGB/FSB disinformation campaign, and why I now refuse to respond to him directly.

        The Russians are partners with those who released a bio-weapon against the West, that they advance arguments like these, that they have banned all foreigners from being in Russia, and that they have amassed thousands of tanks at their western border—they are preparing for war.

  12. Someone named Anon was quoting Churchill a dozen or so comments back and it got me riled up because he makes Churchill sound like a wuss. Churchill hated war but he was not afraid to fight.

    Here is what Churchill said that I think matters now.

    He wrote, “If you will not fight for freedom when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    The Spartans at Thermopylae knew this. The fighting Jews of Masada knew this, when every man, woman and child died rather than submit to tyranny. The Texans who died at the Alamo knew this. The frozen patriots (suffering under small pox) of Valley Forge knew this. Freedom isn’t free. Freedom comes from God. It is HIS blessing for living in obedience to his laws.

    I hope this quote from Churchill inspires you to stand against the totalitarians whoever and wherever they are.

  13. Greyknight, you said to Mr. Nyquist about his handling of our ”Anonymous” Sunflower;

    ”Yes. Amazing response, Mr. Nyquist. You hit all the nails on the head. Where I only saw two or three nails, you showed that there were actually many. You drive them all the way in, lol. Awesome job.”

    It was a good response, what needed to be said. I would have offered a tour of the woods while others maybe a free helicopter ride, but Mr, Nyquist did good.

      1. There is a word I think for such people as Mr. Nyquist answered, a word that isn’t easily translatable into English; ”Bespredel”. It means I guess the kind of people that recognize no laws or limits to anything, even their own identity, recognize no laws. Some are more extreme than others, but I think that they all encourage each other to outdo themselves and each other, to see how far they can go, like a game. Except that not only are they pushing their fellow freakish minded, but also pushing regular people into forced acceptance of their disorders.

  14. Mr Nyquist, I also would like to expand on what I said earlier somewhat. As part of my general worldview, I am not against business arrangements with any and all nations which would trade with mine, even as on a personal and individual level. Live and let live, with no alliances which necessitate hostile actions against another third party or country. But on native lands,this is another story, in my opinion. If economic Autarky is possible, it should be policy. But I don’t express every opinion, no matter where I lived or who I was, I imagine. Do I have an opinion on Biden? I try not to express it. Same with XI or Putin or the King of Saudi Arabia. It isn’t out of fear or of being doxxed or anything negative, it is because I am not a political leader. Much as you will not conform to Mr. Robert Malins wishes for you, I will not lead as much as you will not revolt, and not leading, I will not fully criticize any leader who does. I find many of them interesting in different ways, but I imagine most are quite banal in real life. Maybe ideology is there, but I do not see or feel it, nor do I feel like i’m not feeling it in the same way a fish doesn’t see or feel water. I in fact think we are in an even scarier predicament, that of a post-ideological modern world, where Mammon has all but triumphed everywhere, except in isolated pockets of fanatics-usually Islamic militants. I believe that this is leading to a turn of a cycle, back to pre-modernity. But the degradation of Oligarchy is entered into first.

    I do however believe most firmly in your concepts regarding ”Strategic Deception”; I find it more specifically in an Asiatic and/or Islamic worldview, persons arising out of those civilizational groupings-and they are even combining, in my opinion!

    Oh, have some nations including my own civilization and culture contributed to this monstrous situation? Sure, they probably have. But again it’s more about money,although money and power are connected. Wasn’t the Medici family motto;

    ”Money to make Power. Power to make Money”, or something like that?

    1. Plutocracy is not a very inspiring system. Socialist dictatorship is even less inspiring. All that righteous anger directed against the rich merely ends up degrading the social state. You need ideas and spirituality to make the world more tolerable. You have to bring back the four cardinal virtues. Plutocracy and socialism cannot do this.

      1. I agree that Plutocracy and Socialist Dictatorships are not desirable. An ethical Capitalism is the best as a Socio-Economic System, informed by the traditional Orthodox Christian teachings of the Fathers. I am also of the belief that Monarchy-despite the flaws of individual Monarchs, for they are human-is the best as well, modified by regular legislative representation of the People. You should see Father Dimitri Smirnov on live Russian Television speaking about the fraud of Democracy and the truth of Monarchy;

        Father Smirnov also campaigns against the LGBT, against Abortion, tells families they need to have many children, tells the country that otherwise they’ll be overrun with Muslims. And he is not alone in this.

  15. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Vladimir is posting full-time on this blog, like it’s his career. And it’s all designed to deflect heat from Russia. If h’es not a remunerated propagandist, he’ll do until one arrives.

    1. Don’t be so thoughtless. I post on here because I find Mr. Nyquist’s work important, even if I do not always agree with him. And as far as ”deflecting heat from Russia”? No, what I am doing is presenting another side of things, so that people understand who didn’t understand before provide some context from a slightly different context. Did you watch the video I just recently posted? How come you did not speak to that? Was it because it did not fit your expectations and prejudices? There is no ”propaganda”, you are welcome to remain willfully ignorant of the reality all you want, just do not be surprised when you are out of touch with what’s happening.

      1. The government in Moscow has made use of Orthodoxy and nationalism to support itself. But this is not proof of sincerity. This is a device to manipulate the Russian people. The very top figures in Russian Orthodoxy are known creatures of the communist secret police. The Russian government has pretended to be capitalist in the past. It has pretended all kinds of things. Do we now view this as sincere? Putin is leading a regime of serial falsification. It would be tragic if the Russian people accepted it as authentic. Surely, they will wake up one day.

  16. Courage, Moderation, Prudence, and Justice are the four classical Aristotelian virtues. I am not speaking for Jeff, just offering this.

    1. The information from here and other sources is very disturbing. But is it true? The Corona panel in Berlin has gathered a growing body of facts pointing to corruption within the CDC, NIH, NIAIH, etc., with an experimental virus being sent to China for further modification some years ago. Any linkages here to the Chinese communist apparatus should alarm us. And there are plenty of linkages. It also appears that Chinese companies have a role in making these experimental vaccines. Referring back to General Chi Haotian’s secret speech about killing 200 million Americans, I begin to see the logic behind what is happening. The justifications used for vaccinating children and people with naturally acquired immunity does not appear. This is not science. This is irrational. How do we explain it? Furthermore, China and Russia are not interested in using any of our “wonderful” vaccines. If the vaccines were not part of an attack they would be stealing them. But they are not interested in our vaccines. These and other facts are suggestive of a vaccine vector biological operation in which psychological operations, subversion and corruption, have opened a path for a mass casualty attack on the West. As I examine the evidence, I find irrational decisions, lies and obfuscation from Western officials who have been compromised by our enemies. I fear that an attack is underway and the vaccine is the weapon. Tell me where I am missing something here.

      1. “Mirror, Mirror…can you explain my error?”

        It is the Chinese High Command that is missing something, in plain view,
        so to speak.

        The Chinese facial appearance is easily recognized as “not of my race”
        by 6 billion people (numbers may vary – during the never ending war.)

        “Shoot on sight any Chinese person, for the next 2,000 years.”

        Such an easily explained social policy.

        They can’t see this because, because … what’s that word again?


      2. “As I examine the evidence, I find irrational decisions, lies and obfuscation from Western officials who have been compromised by our enemies. I fear that an attack is underway and the vaccine is the weapon.”

        Expression of the spike protein (without any other viral proteins) triggers syncytia formation.

        All the currently available Covid vaccines rely on expression of the spike protein to induce an immune response.

        Therefore all the currently available Covid vaccines are potentially dangerous.

        I would be very wary of all Covid vaccines, especially those where the spike protein retains the multibasic cleavage site, and does not have the 2P changes. All vaccines that use the wild-type spike protein should look at incorporating the 2P changes (K986P and V987P). Removal, or mutation, of the multibasic S1/S2 cleavage site is a must. [21][25] We have:

        mutation of the multibasic site completely prevents syncytia formation. [22]

        Moreover, deletion of the multibasic motif resulted in a spike protein that was no longer able to induce syncytium formation even in the presence of trypsin or TMPRSS2. [23]

        Novavax has such a vaccine candidate. [24]

        At this point I would decline the vaccine. I would take a “wait and see” approach. Experimental evidence suggests the vaccines will kill a large number (billions) of your cells. Clinical evidence shows that most will recover from this without much difficulty. However, we also know that the number of adverse events is much, much greater than for the flu-vaccines. Since Covid is not that dangerous to most people, those not at risk should not be vaccinated until a truly safe vaccine is developed.

        A number of medical experts say that the current crop of covid vaccines should not be on the market, at all.

        This is just my two pennies worth. Make of it what you will.

  17. There were two interviews in my last post. Be sure to watch the second one.

  18. Mr. Nyquist, you replied to me that;

    ”The government in Moscow has made use of Orthodoxy and nationalism to support itself. But this is not proof of sincerity.”

    Telling people that they should do something good, like have children, may or may not be sincere, but it is wise advice in any case.

    ”This is a device to manipulate the Russian people.”

    If we were not the way we have always been to a significant degree, there would be no reason to be manipulative for a manipulator, one would have a population like clay in the potter’s hands otherwise. It’s not like Russian Nationalism and Orthodoxy are evil things, quite the contrary. If the Elites are manipulative (and with few exceptions, they have almost always been!) this time, then it speaks more to their fears and weaknesses than to those of the Russian people.

    ”The very top figures in Russian Orthodoxy are known creatures of the communist secret police.”

    This is true, at least of ”official” Russian Orthodoxy. Today in the social sphere they fight against drinking and drugs, encourage large families, fight the perversion agenda. If they have a Non-Orthodox agenda (which some obviously do, with ecumenism and so forth) they are quite careful and try not to anger the laity. The biggest former creatures of the Soviet now are criticized (if they are criticized) for a certain worldliness, like the nice watches underneath liturgical vestments, nice cars, etc…. It’s a particular annoyance of mine in fact, paying for candles, ATMs in the churches, etc…

    ”The Russian government has pretended to be capitalist in the past. It has pretended all kinds of things. Do we now view this as sincere? Putin is leading a regime of serial falsification. It would be tragic if the Russian people accepted it as authentic. Surely, they will wake up one day. ”

    The Russian people are awake, as i’ve said we ALWAYS know the bandits and the fools. The best thing a single person can do under any legitimate or illegitimate government is to pray for the rulers and the people, do good in one’s own life, and yield not to any evil, any command to sin. There is a particularly Russian mindset in fact that grinds down any tyranny, renders any would be ”Masters” stupid and senseless, unable to understand or function, to order or be ordered about. Counter-revolution is the opposite of Revolution in every way, it just takes patience. It wore down Sovietism, it is wearing down Post-Sovietism. It is inexorable, it cannot be stopped, and everyone knows it.

      1. Mr. Nyquist, in this case it is not ”going along with deception”, but rather those Elites who are alienated from the good of the people wind up deceiving themselves and fall into their own trap. Pride goes before a fall. There is a very subtle yet simple and profound folk wisdom in action which a foreigner might not see and might likely misinterpret, and this is fine too, as then the people know that it’s working well on the half-foreigner in spirit ”Russians” out there.

        Marx hated Russia because he could suss this wisdom out for himself,sensed it’s power and threat to Marxist style ”Progress” worldwide, most of his acolytes however were quite blind to It. Read an example of what Marx had to say about Russia;

        ”Karl Marx, New York Daily Tribune, August 8, 1853 “Russia is a name usurped by the Muscovites. They are not Slavs, do not belong at all to the Indo-German race, but are des intrus [intruders], who must again he hurled back beyond the Dnieper, etc.” Karl Marx, letter to Friedrich Engels, June 24, 1865.”

        Sound familiar in this day and age?

        I’m sure that this post will not satisfy, what I’m talking about goes beyond the Greco-Roman and Western Philosophers and their ”Phronesis.”, I understand that. But It is action, not talk.

    1. Vladimir, when I first started reading your comments, I thought you were probably a Russian who truly loved your people, and the good parts of your history, even to a fault. And I can sympathize with that. I thought you were probably like a friend of mine whose father used to tell him all kinds of outrageous lies about himself, when we were growing up. He loved and respected his dad so much, that he not only focused on his dad’s good qualities, but also believed his lies and told them to me and other buddies as truth. We smiled and never said anything to this friend when he would repeat his dad’s lies, because we knew he loved and respected his dad, and was blind to his faults.

      But, I see on these last few comments between you and Nyquist, and your responses to this article, that you really do undermine the majority of what he says.

      His articles are well documented, citing many sources, and you rebut him a lot of times with just your opinions, or a link or two to something, or referring to a variety of philosophers or your take on their philosophies. But no deeply researched, and well thought ought leads and facts; and definitely nothing thoroughly cited.

      That does come across as arrogant, though when you are not contradicting what he says about Russian communists you seem humble.

      I regret that it took me awhile to see this, but I must say, that I dont trust you to be the upright person I hoped/thought you were.

      Truly, I think you do this site a disservice.

      As Nyquist said, he tells you Putin is a Communist. You dont believe it, so why hang around?

  19. Jeff. thanks for writing the article. What I find interesting about this is the similar type of connectivity between the Hitler regime and thru the auspices of the Islamic Mufti in Jerusalem. Indeed, Islam was a formidable and potent weapon steered against the European Jewish people. In fact some of the worst anti-jewish barbarism and murders occured in Eastern Euro enclaves by eager radical Muslim populations drafted into the Nazi cause (Red Arrow?). Even after Germany lost, the Islamic fascist movement birthed and primed by the Nazis continued on in their acts against the fledgling Jewish state in Palestine. And now the Russians are waging war against Christian Euro nations today. Islamics seem to be both really useful and expendable.

  20. I stopped reading Vladimir’s posts weeks ago. In fact, I have almost stopped reading this blog, because it has been taken over by Vladimir. He steers the direction of all discussion now, and rarely is anything talked about anymore that I am interested in. Reading the comment section here used to be a treat for me every day. Now I only stop by once a week, and then only to skim through Jeff’s own comments and leave.

    I’m a former schoolteacher. When one student starts to dominate the class discussion, the teacher intervenes and puts a quash on it. But nothing stops Vladimir, who just takes over the blog. I didn’t come here to read Vladimir’s ideas. I came here to read Jeff’s, and those of a variety of other intelligent people. But the blog is slowly being destroyed by one man whose goal seems to be hear himself talk, if not something more subversive.

      1. If you want an echo chamber, then you are more than welcome to it. It is your blog after all. I offered another perspective, but that is not welcome. Oh well, goodbye.

      2. Yes, farewell.
        In their own way, his comments have been “illuminating.”
        Thanks, Jeff, for giving us just enough of this to be thankful for its absence.

      3. Re Vladimir’s final “contribution”:

        Long live the “imperialist echo chamber”! Long live anti-communism! Long live the counter-revolutionary spirit of Joseph McCarthy, James Angleton, Anatoliy Golitsyn, Christopher Story, Joseph D. Douglass, Jr., J. R, Nyquist, Trevor Loudon, Diana West and all the rest of those rare and precious heroes fighting for the survival of freedom and dignity in the world!

        Solidarity, properly so called, with the unfortunate billions living in the “former” Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China. and anywhere else in the never-abolished communist world bloc, whom an international organisation of political criminals have been robbing of their livelihoods, prospects, beauty of life, and cultural and religious traditions ever since that infamous year of 1917!

        May the human race return to its old ways of faith and piety and cast those communist demons out, around the world. They have nearly killed any civilisation whatsoever, and they will complete their dirty, genocidal work – if we let them.

        So help us God!

  21. Mr. Nyquist Please tell me what you think of this Joe Leimkuhler presentation July 31, 2021 at the

    Doctors for Disaster Preparedness meeting.

    The title of his Presentation is:

    “Oil, Gas, AND Renewables 2022 and Beyond.”

    The Presentation begins at the 2 Minute and 31 Second Mark.


    Semper Fidelis!

  22. OOPS!! Sorry ABOUT THAT, CHIEF!!!

    Mr. Nyquist Please tell me what you think of this Joe Leimkuhler presentation July 31, 2021 at the

    Doctors for Disaster Preparedness meeting.

    The title of his Presentation is:

    “Oil, Gas, AND Renewables 2022 and Beyond.”

    The Presentation begins at the 2 Minute and 31 Second Mark.

    Mr. Nyquist Please tell me what you think of this Joe Leimkuhler presentation July 31, 2021 at the

    Doctors for Disaster Preparedness meeting.

    The title of his Presentation is:

    “Oil, Gas, AND Renewables 2022 and Beyond.”

    The Presentation begins at the 2 Minute and 31 Second Mark.–bXSg


    Semper Fidelis!


    Semper Fidelis!

  23. J.L.

    On the eve of a very large war one may attempt to
    communicate to and influence a foreign leader, or
    one may not. It’s that simple.



  24. Anonymous, (the “non-binary” affirming anonymous), actually a reality which doesn’t exist, cant be comprehended.

  25. My Error.

    To View this Energy Forecast Presentation Please FAST FORWARD to the 2 Hours AND 31 Minute Mark.

    The Presentation begins at the 2 Hours and 31 Minute and Mark.

    Mr. Nyquist Please tell me what you think of this Joe Leimkuhler presentation July 31, 2021 at the

    Doctors for Disaster Preparedness meeting.

    The title of his Presentation is:

    “Oil, Gas, AND Renewables 2022 and Beyond.”

    The Presentation begins at the 2 Hours and 31 Minute and Mark.–bXSg

    I apologize for my error.


    Semper Fi!

    1. This guy is describing the consequences of the Paris accords. This is all common sense. I see nothing wrong with his presentation. There is nothing new in this presentation. Trying to limit our use of fossil fuels is economic sabotage. We will be destroyed if this continues very long. But everybody knows this, right? Oh, that is, except for our poor brainwashed country.

  26. Very informative article of the Chinese Virus origin:


    Is this another indication that China is prepping for an attack?


    The Chinese in disguise (something Mr. Nyquist has brought up in several comments):

    “China has set technical standards for shipbuilding, including design, so that [commercial] merchant vessels can be used by the military.”

    1. Very interesting links. The very long report on the virus and vaccines suggests an ongoing Chinese biological attack insofar as several mutations look like newly deployed strains. The method behind the vaccines is questioned as unsafe, with details on why.

  27. Mr. Nyquist, in my area a few years ago, a copper tubing manufacturing mill was built. It is Chinese owned. It is called Golden Dragon Copper. I remember how local politicians courted them. I always felt uneasy about it coming here.

    The really weird thing about it to me, is they have fenced in living quarters on the property where a good number of Chinese workers live. They did hire locals, but have a core group of Chinese.

    I have often wondered just who these Chinese workers are. I’ve had a couple of friends work at the mill, who said the Chinese workers work way more hours than the local people. At least that’s what I heard the first year or so the mill was running.

    I wonder if they could be political prisoners, or even soldiers or saboteurs in waiting.

      1. It appears to be so. Unless they are some kind of political prisoner having to work at the mill. But that doesn’t seem to make sense, because you see them around town sometimes, in shopping center.

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