We cannot do without the Russians on our side….

Jordan Peterson [i]

The feigned disunity of the communist world promotes real disunity in the noncommunist world.

Anatoliy Golitsyn [ii]

In his recent video on “Russia vs. Ukraine,” Jordan Peterson said that the West must join with Russia in order to counterbalance China; but, like most influential celebrities, Peterson has yet to realize that China and Russia have been secretly working together for a long time. He has not awakened to the fact that President Richard Nixon’s opening to China was a strategic blunder, and partnering with Russia at the end of the Cold War was also a blunder. Russia is now the world’s leading nuclear power, bar none. China is now the greatest industrial power in the world, bar none. Power of this kind is not attained by accident, but by policy. And the West, led by the United States, facilitated the strengthening of these hostile regimes.

Listening to Peterson’s video on the Ukraine War, I see that he does not know about a KGB strategy known as the “fake split.” In 1958 KGB Chairman Alexander Shelepin gave a lecture on how the KGB’s deception “machinery” could be used to engineer “fake splits” between countries of the communist bloc. The idea was to trick America into helping one communist country against another on the assumption that the two countries really had become enemies.[iii] Not all splits within the communist world have been faked, of course; but in his 1958 lecture Shelepin let slip that communist China was the ideal country for Moscow to have a “fake split” with. If this sort of scheme is thought to be too grandiose to be real, think again. The history of the Soviet Union is littered with grandiose schemes and outlandish deceptions; from Operation Trust in the 1920s, [iv] to the denial of the Ukraine terror famine in the 1930s, the WiN deception of the 1940s, and the perestroika deception of the 1980s. Russian power has continuously engaged in “active measures” to distort and confuse Western thought. The West’s media and intelligence services have been swindled by the communists, again and again.[v] In the short span of 32 years, Lenin’s followers got control of the world’s largest country (Russia) and the world’s most populous country (China). This suggests that communist leaders are gifted deception strategists. Given this history, should the West have taken the Sino-Soviet split at face value? The answer is “no.”

Because Peterson does not have a background in Soviet strategy, and because he is unfamiliar with the deception practices of the Russian special services, he blames the emerging alliance between Beijing and Moscow on the West’s “self-aggrandizing” behavior in Ukraine. He thinks we have driven Russia into China’s arms. He suggests that we are treating Vladimir Putin “like a cornered rat.” It is better, says Peterson, to make Putin into our partner. Of course, this was our policy twenty years ago; and it failed.

Many countries are now succumbing to communism because we made Moscow and Beijing our partners more than thirty years ago; and this cannot be a coincidence. Look at Peterson’s own country, Canada, and its slide toward communism under Justin Trudeau. In fact, communists are coming to power all over the Western Hemisphere – in Peru, Chile, and Colombia. Communists are entrenched in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Rather than marking the end of communism, the fall of the Soviet Union marked the stealthy acceleration of communist subversion around the world.

If we look at things from a strategic standpoint, Soviet-dominated Eastern Europe was the proverbial “poison pawn” in a Russian gambit that almost failed. In blaming the West for taking that “poison pawn,” Peterson has forgotten the ABCs of totalitarianism: NATO’s provocation against Russia was not its eastward expansion. NATO has provoked Moscow by being weak and stupid. In fact, nothing exemplifies our weakness and stupidity more than our readiness to form combinations with Moscow and Beijing by turns. For us, the “China card” was a crutch. And now Peterson wants us to play the “Russia card.” As KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn wrote nearly four decades ago, “False alignments, formed with third parties by each side against the other, make it easier to achieve specific communist goals, such as the acquisition of advanced technology or the negotiation of arms control agreements or communist penetration of the Arab and African states.”[vi]

Contrary to Peterson’s narrative, America and the West took Moscow at its word in December 1991 when the hammer and sickle flag was taken down from the Kremlin. And since NATO was no longer Russia’s enemy, why would Moscow mind NATO expansion? Some observers thought Russia was going to join NATO. After all, the West gave Russia credits, technology, and billions in investments and payoffs. At the same time America acted as if the Cold War was over, neglecting or destroying its nuclear weaponry. Yet Russia did the opposite. In fact, Russian pundits have openly bragged that Moscow outwitted the West. For example, a mocking Pravda article from November 2014 completely contradicts Peterson’s narrative of NATO driving Russia into China’s arms:

…Russia overcame the inertia of collapse and started reviving its power, while the West, being lulled by sweet day-dreams of the liberal ‘end of history,’ castrated its armed forces to the point, when they could be good [only] for leading colonial wars with weak and technically backward enemies. The balance of forces in Europe has thus changed in Russia’s favor.”[vii]

Dmitry Sudakov, the writer of this article, is not bemoaning Russia’s fate at the hands of an aggressive NATO alliance. He is laughing at the West’s idiocy. “The illusion of world supremacy played a cruel joke on Washington,” added Sudakov. “The West, having discarded Russia, had been cutting its tanks and destroying its tactical nuclear weapons. Russia, feeling its own weakness, kept all tanks and tactical nuclear weapons.” Thus: “When the Americans realized that [they had fallen behind], it was too late. In December 2010, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, Rose Gottemoeller, sounded the alarm. The Russians had more tactical nuclear systems that the USA, she said.”[viii]

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was not an act of desperation. It was an act of exploitation. Russia and China are now attempting to shift – or have already shifted – the balance of power in their favor. Some countries have already understood the nature of this shift. Consequently, Russia’s BRICS[ix] alliance is about to expand. It is whispered abroad that Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia are preparing to join BRICS. If Saudi Arabia turns away from America and joins with Russia and China, an oil embargo might be used to break up NATO or force the realignment of Japan.   

Of course, Jordan Peterson may not care because he thinks that America and the West are less deserving of survival than “Christian” Russia. At the same time, our fool of a president “fist bumped” Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman instead of shaking his hands during a recent Middle East visit. Biden also suggested, however indelicately, that the Crown Prince had murdered journalist Adnan Khashoggi.

While Peterson would make enemies into friends, Biden would make friends into enemies. Here are two sides of the same coin. Russian active measures have successfully disoriented Western leaders and opinion-makers. This disorientation gives significant advantages to Moscow and Beijing. The first rule in politics is to know who your friends are, and know who your enemies are. While Biden is a lost cause in this regard, Peterson may be open to changing his mind. Contrary to what Henry Kissinger built his career on, we cannot safely make friends with anyone we please. A cunning enemy will respond to an offer of friendship with false friendship. And what is more dangerous than a false friend? Fifteen years ago, SVR/KGB defector Sergei Tretyakov told journalist Pete Earley,

I want to warn Americans. As a people, you are very naïve about Russia and its intentions. You believe because the Soviet Union no longer exists, Russia is now your friend. It isn’t, and I can show you how the SVR is trying to destroy the U.S. even today and even more than the KGB did during the Cold War.[x]

A False Moral Tone

Jordan Peterson became a celebrity because he refused to go along with laws enforcing non-binary gender pronouns. He risked his career for the sake of free speech and many of us admired his outspoken and courageous stand. But now, in terms of the moral tone of Peterson’s discourse, his condemnation of Russian military aggression rings hollow. In fact, his analysis of the Ukraine War is riddled with equivocal statements.

According to Peterson, Putin is “a thug,” yet a “practicing Christian.” Peterson says the Ukraine invasion is “unconscionable,” yet Russia is a “bulwark against the moral decadence of the West.” Peterson says Putin collaborates with “a genuine philosopher, Alexander Dugin,” yet Peterson does not tell us that Dugin’s philosophy calls for the destruction of America and the smashing of liberal civilization. Out of this, a question rises up: What happened to Peterson’s moral discernment?

Here is Peterson’s thesis about the Ukraine War. He begins with the following question: “Are we [the West] degenerate in a profoundly threatening manner?” Peterson thinks the answer to the question “may well be yes.” Pointing to the culture war, he asks: “How serious is that war? Is it serious enough to increase the probability that Russia … would be motivated to invade and potentially incapacitate Ukraine – merely to keep the pathological West out of that country?”

To test Peterson’s thesis let us assume America is the prototype of Western degeneracy. Let us then compare America’s per capita drug overdose and abortion rates with Russia’s. After all, who would argue that the less degenerate country would have a higher number of drug overdoses and abortions? By this measure, of course, Russia is more degenerate than the United States. For example, a 2014 RT report states that 100,000 people die from drug overdoses every year in Russia.[xi] The same statistic for Americans in 2014 was 47,055.[xii] But then, America has more than twice as many people as Russia has. In per capita terms, this means Russia has roughly four and a half times the overdose rate as America. If we look at abortion, we find an even more interesting statistic. Despite a large drop in abortions over the past decade, Russia still has the highest per capita abortion rate in the world. The 2022 abortion rate in Russia was 53.7 compared to 20.8 for the United States.[xiii]

Question: Did Peterson give any real thought to his bizarre hypothesis of comparative Western degeneracy before promoting the idea? Quite obviously, it is inconceivable that he took any trouble with it at all. Furthermore, as he is an intellectual superstar, some people will take his malign anti-Western hypothesis as a profound insight. So, the question arises: Why is Peterson doing this? Why is he being so irresponsible with such a serious subject? Why forward pro-Russian/anti-Western bigotry to over 1.4 million online followers?

In his book, Hitler and the Germans, the political philosopher Eric Voegelin explained that our “first reality” is moral. It is Truth. And those who want to evade the Truth end up adopting a false reality which “permits killing” and other horrors. This is the essence of moral degeneracy, according to Voegelin. In the case of Jordon Peterson, we have a professor who once stood against moral degeneracy; but now he inexplicably offers an apologia for killing and other horrors perpetrated by Russia against Ukraine. Voegelin wrote, “this kind of cooperation is participation in crime, which falls under the notion of accessory.”[xiv]

One becomes an accessory after the fact by providing rhetorical cover for malefactors engaged in mass slaughter. For what else do we call it when a man suggests that the West is “degenerate in a profoundly threatening manner” thereby compelling Russia “to invade and potentially incapacitate Ukraine – merely to keep the pathological West out of that country?” This becomes more egregious when accompanied by Peterson’s grotesquely cynical comment that nobody “gives a damn about Ukraine.” And then Peterson conjures up the Holodomor – Stalin’s terror famine against Ukraine, suggesting that Western observers who oppose the invasion of Ukraine are hypocrites because they do not know what the Holodomor is. This insult to Ukraine’s supporters is compounded by the obscenity of a discourse that nowhere admits the validity of the Ukrainian cause or the courage with which Ukrainians are defending their country.  

It would have been far more respectable if Peterson had only said, “I believe we should abandon Ukraine because a nuclear war with Russia is not worth the risk.” We could then discuss the merits of appeasement versus confrontation. But Peterson says the West does not have the moral high ground. We have no right to oppose Russian atrocities. He suggests that the West has morally contaminated Ukraine so that Russia has been forced to stem the pestilence. There is only one faux pa in Peterson’s presentation: He failed to describe Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as “a special military operation.” As noted earlier, Peterson says the West is “self-aggrandizing” – a crime far worse than invading a neighboring country after declaring that it is no country at all; then knocking down its cities, killing and kidnapping tens of thousands of its citizens, and blocking grain shipments to starving countries in Africa.

Anna Politkovskaya was a Russian journalist. She was brutally assassinated in 2006. Here is what she said about Putin before her death: “I Dislike him for a matter-of-factness worse than felony, for his cynicism … for his lies, for the gas he used in the Nord-Ost siege, for the massacre of the innocents that went on through his first term as president.”[xv] Politkovskaya saw where Putin was taking Russia. She wrote, “In Russia we have had leaders with this outlook before. It led to tragedy, to bloodshed on a vast scale, to civil wars. Because I want no more of that, I dislike this typical Soviet Chekist as he struts down the red carpet in the Kremlin on his way to the throne of Russia.”[xvi]

These men of power, these bloody dictators, these serial liars and mass murderers have plagued us throughout history. They always sound reasonable on the surface. But deep down, underneath, they are the same. They want power and glory, wealth and immortality. As a schizophrenic once shouted after assaulting a passerby, “They shall know my name!”

At the outset of his invasion of Poland, Hitler said: “I have tried to solve the problem of Danzig, the Corridor, etc., by proposing peaceful discussion…. In my talks with Polish statesmen I discussed the ideas … from my last speech…. There is nothing more modest or loyal than these proposals … [which] have been refused. Not only were they answered first with mobilization, but with increased terror and pressure against our German compatriots….”[xvii]

Fast forward 82 years….

At the outset of his invasion of Ukraine, Putin said: “It is a fact that over the past 30 years we have been patiently trying to come to an agreement with the leading NATO countries regarding the principles of equal and indivisible security in Europe. In response to our proposals, we invariably faced either cynical deception and lies or attempts to pressure and blackmail, while the North Atlantic Alliance continued to expand despite our protests and concerns.”[xviii]

Is there no similitude here?

Given his previous denunciations of totalitarian dictatorship, Peterson should have been the first to denounce Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In addition, he should have recognized this invasion as an attempt to resurrect the Soviet Empire; for that is what is being attempted, even as statues of Lenin are being set up in the newly conquered Ukrainian oblasts.[xix] Is Putin evil? Peterson says “no.” He says Putin “is far less terrible than any leader that has preceded him for about a century.” But here, as elsewhere, Peterson sheds his credibility. Is Putin less terrible than Yeltsin, than Gorbachev, than Chernenko? Whatever happened to Peterson’s rules for life? Rule 8 says, “Tell the truth – or, at least, don’t lie.” Why lay down cover for Putin’s crimes? And what about Rule 37 from Peterson’s original 40 rules? – “Don’t let bullies get away with it.”[xx]

Peterson suggests the West should offer Putin the minimum terms Russia will accept for peace. In other words, let us sell out Ukraine the way Chamberlain sold out Czechoslovakia in 1938. Why? Because, says Peterson, a single Russian missile would be sufficient to “destroy Britain once and for all.”

How is Putin not a bully?

Here is what I cannot understand about Jordon Peterson. Nobody in the West is threatening Russia with nuclear war. The situation is entirely the other way around. Only Russia is making nuclear threats. Does Peterson realize that he is blaming the side being threatened? Does he realize that he is rhetorically supporting a nuclear bully? Peterson nowhere blames Russia for bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war. Only the West – only the prospective victim – is blamed.

When a war is being fought, and nuclear war is being threatened, we ought to be more circumspect. Let us avoid rhetoric calculated to demoralize our own side. Demoralization, under present circumstances, opens the door to the slippery slope of appeasement. Suppose we could stop a nuclear war by feeding Ukraine to Russia. What countries will be fed to Russia next? How far out will Russia’s “sphere of influence” then extend? Will it stop at Poland or France? Spain or Portugal? Peterson hopes, like Chamberlain at Munich, that the dictator will be satisfied with one bite. Yet Russian officials are already suggesting the conquest of Alaska next.[xxi] Where exactly is Russia’s sphere of influence marked on the world Atlas? Does it include Peterson’s country of origin, Canada? How many nations must be sacrificed to the Russian Moloch? Furthermore, scorn should be poured on the idea that NATO has backed Russia into a corner. Consider, if you will, how large Russia’s corner happens to be. Russia has eleven time zones. How many time zones does Ukraine have? Does the largest country in the world really need further enlargement?

Russia promised to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty in the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, when Ukraine agreed to give up her nuclear arsenal. If Ukraine had kept that nuclear arsenal instead of trusting to Russian promises, there would be no war in Ukraine. Peterson thinks the West should negotiate with Russia. But Russia does not keep her treaty commitments. What is the point of negotiating when every negotiation is an exercise in self-deception? We ought to hold the Russians to their past promises before believing in further promises.

It is unfortunate that someone of Peterson stature has given rhetorical cover to Russian military aggression in Eastern Europe. In terms of strategy and morality, Peterson has hit a false note. Contrary to what he supposes, Ukraine is not some puppet state created by a CIA coup. President Yanukovych was not deposed. Yanukovych abdicated. He fled his country out of shame and guilt, knowing that innocent blood was on his hands.  

In closing I should say that the truth matters, especially when naked aggression has been carried out against an otherwise peaceful country. Jordan Peterson says, “All protestations to the contrary, none of us give a damn about Ukraine.” But that is untrue, Dr. Peterson. It is obviously and unequivocally untrue.   

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  1. Jeff, thank you for the article.
    I keep hearing that Luda has more info on the recent Chinese leaked audio. Do you have any information on what more there is?
    I see you have a Rumble channel. I suggest you move all your interviews there.

    1. Lude Media sources said a couple weeks ago that something is expected to happen on August first. Probably the beginning of the blockade of Taiwan.

  2. The very best that can be hoped for, if the trend continues, is the second coming of Lucius Cornelius Sulla or Augusto Pinochet, the man who defended capitalism against the inroads of socialism in Chile between 1973 and 1990. His methods were brutal, but they ultimately preserved Chile’s bourgeoisie. The other countries of Latin America can now look with green-eyed envy on the relative happiness of the Chileans.


    1. Pinochet is the logical progression of nations that turn Marxist. Since most people, even anti-communists, do not notice their country being taken over, and are usually too incompetent to stop it even if they did notice, they usually only intervene at the last minute to stop it from becoming a dictatorship. At that point, the rot is usually so far gone only an army has the power to prevent that dictatorship.

      That’s all Pinochet was. Not some genius. Not some “fascist”, whatever that means. Not even some grand strategist. He was the last gasp of a democratic Chilean society that realized far too late they had just lost to a dictator. This is the logical progression of a slow internal Marxist strategy. Most simply allow it to happen, like Venezuela.

      The story of Pinochet is a story about Communism, not anything else. He was merely the face of a society desperately trying to stop the coming brutality and murder of a Communist dictatorship. And as we can see now, he merely delayed the inevitable. Their current Marxist President may put the final nail in the coffin. People generally never fully appreciate anti-Communists until they are fully locked in to living under a permanent Communist hell.

    1. Pinochet was one of the best things that happened to Chile. One of the worst was the last presidential election. The current fool will undo everything that was done for Chile. Communists, like yourself, are cool with enslaving countries.

      1. I believe you. Imperialism was much stronger at Pinochet’s time, could afford to throw some bones. Those who side with imperialists nowadays are on the sinking ship, straight up traitors.

      2. I do not defend some things Pinochet did or led be done, I myself wrote about the case in the German Blaue Narzisse in 2010 “Tragic figure in World Civil war”, but at the end You are right. And the derailing here to bash Pinochet and with him Jeff seems to obvious, especially, when the same person Gibbons seek for abolition of Amandment 14. Why does he accuse Ukrainia of being Nazi then?

        We should not feed the trolls, Jeff should ban them.

      3. Pinochet, that “dictator” who… gave up power after they voted him out. How authoritarian.

        Surely the Communist worms crawling here can list many such Communist examples just like him, if leaders who voluntarily left power.

    2. Imagine using the term “imperialist” un-ironically and not thinking you look like an utter fool.

      1. maybe they would mention Gorbachev who resigned for Yeltsin, and this one who resigned for Putin 😀


    People could travel back without much restrictions, if they emigrated legally. She did. Illegal emigrants were different story.

    I am not saying she was not an agent, but the evidence you present proves nothing.

      1. How would the suggested sympathy for Trump fit to the formerly suggested help for Trump by Selensky?

    1. The question was about her death and the timing of it…and the conflicting reports about it, which initially stated that she had a cardiac arrest and on that account had fallen down the stairs, but the other from the medical examination report says that she has fallen down the stairs and that is what killed her…and it said that it was ruled as an accident…

      But the point you claim – no, even legal emigrants were carefully watched by the communists and if they so much as made a point about anything in the communist bloc which the commies didn’t like, they would be stopped at the border and never allowed in, or worse, they would be allowed in but not out again…if they remained citizens.

      There was a case reported of someone who emigrated and then wanted to join the French Foreign Legion, and did in fact do that, and then the person went back to visit his family in the communist bloc, as a French citizen and was arrested and sentenced to several years as a traitor…this was quite a scandal.

      Her case is even more remarkable because of that 1987 visit to USSR, again she had to have a visa, regardless what passport she used, as Russians didn’t allow anybody they didn’t approve into the country…even from their own communist bloc.

      During her college years says another report, as she studied at a prominent communist University in Prague, she had to pass exams in Marxism-Leninism…that was required for all college students, otherwise you didn’t graduate nor remain there…this is what the defectors were saying.

      You are trying to discredit legitimate questions, but they are just that – legitimate. Seems like the damage control is not working. This would mean bullseye right on the target.

      1. But during the Communist period in the Eastern Bloc, all colleges and universities were Communist and would not be teaching anything that contradicted Marxist-Leninism. Anyone who wanted to get a degree had to toe the party line and pay lip-service to the state ideology. That does not mean they were all ideological Communists. By this line of reasoning anyone alive today who graduated university before 1989 in the Eastern Bloc must be a secret Communist agent. This is painting with too broad a brush.

        As for Trump’s trip to the USSR in 1987, well it was during Perestroika when the Communists were trying to present a friendly face to the world. Wooing prominent Americans to visit the USSR could just have been part of the charm offensive. And President Trump’s energy and foreign policy was not exactly serving Moscow and Beijing’s interests. Trump lost his way when it came to Covid but so did a lot of conservatives initially. How many were questioning Warp Speed in late 2020, if anything it was seen as a great achievement that would assure Trump’s electoral victory.

    1. Wow! I never thought I’d see things like this in my lifetime. *shudder*

      1. The moderator of the Technocracy.news website has a phrase: “Technocrats build because they can, not because there is any good moral or ethical reason to do so”.

  4. To me personally, perhaps the most troubling statement from among those cited by Jeff is the very disturbing and manifestly false, “All protestations to the contrary, none of us give a damn about Ukraine.” Perhaps a crypto-communist like Peterson doesn’t give a damn about the suffering Ukrainian people, but many people of good will around the world most certainly don’t share such a heart-less attitude, whatever one may think of the current government in the country (and I personally have very strong misgivings in that regard). To me this smacks of nothing less than utter indifference towards our fellow human being, a recipe for genocide and whole scale destruction on the scale that the Russians are slowly perpetrating in Ukraine (and if one is to believe St Vladimir “the pious Christian” Putin, things are only getting started…). I remember some time ago hearing Ezra Levant (the man running the Canadian “Rebel News” channel) say that the opposite of love is not hatred, but indifference. How true I thought then! Those words have always stuck in my head. How many atrocities have been committed throughout the ages due to the utter indifference shown by vile amoral men devoid of that natural human empathy granted by God to all men?

    Yes, because there is nothing more normal than your local psychology professor chilling out on his sofa with a HUGE painting depicting the glorious Vladimir Lenin calling on the masses towards the construction of the communist utopia, right…? I’m sure that’s just the most soothing way to sip your cup of tea while one takes the time to read Alistair Crowley, one of Hitler’s speeches, or the Communist Manifesto…


    1. James, it’s interesting that he said this, “All protestations to the contrary, none of us give a damn about Ukraine.” He is the same guy who claims to be a huge fan boy of Solzenhitsyn and I think even wrote a foreword for his book. How can he care about Solzenhitsyn for his struggles against the Kremlin and now he says no one cares about Ukraine? And he is a Canadian who is obsessed with talking about what is going on in America, but yet he says Americans can’t care what is going on in Ukraine. A little bit of hypocrisy eh? But I don’t take anything he says at face value. It seems to me this is a carefully scripted and calculated message.

      Man I am looking at his video here. He looks to me like a drugged up mafiosa.

      1. Solzhenitsyn’s best years were not his last. He bought into Putin, which showed a disappointing want of discernment. His idea was to forgive the old KGB guys. But you cannot forgive when they are not sincerely asking for forgiveness.

      2. Deborah Cole, interesting. I don’t know much about Solzenhitsyn, but it’s amazing to me that he could think Russia has some moral right to geopolitical control over Ukraine after what the Kremlin did in the Holodomor. Or his position that Ukraine shouldn’t promote the Ukrainian language after how Stalin specifically tried to exterminate Ukrainian heritage. Or his defense of Putin being in the intelligence services. I really am not sure where he is coming from on this stuff.

      3. Dan A & Deborah Cole: If even a brilliant mind like Solzhenitsyn could be duped by a devil like Putin, then I think that speaks to the Biblical-scale of deception being played out here (in all humility, I will confess that I too was once duped by Putin, but diligent research proved me wrong). I once listened to an interview with the grandson of an officer of the White (anti-Bolshevik) army. Asked about the positive attitude of Solzhenitsyn in his later years with regards to Putin, he answered that in his last years he had been heavily influenced by his wife (pure speculation here, but I can’t help wondering whether she may have been a KGB/FSB asset). And with regards to Putin’s infamous photo-ops during the liturgical services of the Orthodox Church, as an Orthodox himself, he said it was embarrassing for him to watch such events being acted out (literally) by Putin, because the man clearly was clueless with regards to the various actions taken by the faithful at the various points of the service.

      4. The more I watched and re-watched Peterson, the more his arguments seemed to be a pig’s breakfast. He was strategically wrong. He was morally wrong. And many of his facts were wrong or confused. Was this the same Jordan Peterson we watched and admired a few years ago? I am worried for him.

      5. Communism is a conspiracy so vast and long-lived that decades later its fiercest opponents end up serving its interests. So you have the works of Solzenhitsyn, a symbol of anti-Communist resistance, now being appropriated by a possible crypto-Communist like Peterson. But even more disturbing is that Solzenhitsyn was duped by Putin. I’m just speculating, but could it be because he was away from Russia for a long time so he may have missed the details of the Perestroika deception? Or maybe it’s because he was a philosopher and as such he was not familiar with the ins and outs of strategy and KGB deception? As for his views on Ukraine, the problem is that even if you remove Communism from Russia there’s always Tsarist imperialism to fall back on. Putin has so far successfully fused Communism with Nazism and Russian imperialism. Maybe Solzenhitsyn saw the nascent neo-imperialism in Putin’s early years and that’s why he was so favourably disposed toward him.

        On a different note, here is a very interesting site with a lot of information on the 2010 plane crash that killed most of the Polish leadership at the time. There is a lot of evidence that Russia manipulated the crash investigation and media coverage, so much that one can’t help concluding that the Kremlin had a hand in causing the crash. Given what Russia is doing now this is more than likely.


  5. There is a video of the KGB criminal Putin making the Orthodox sign of the cross and then kissing the icon of Our Lady, and it is a RT video (a short one) BUT the set up and photo-up is so clear in it, then the camera turns onto the people and then there is another view of Putin, without a tie, and he is waiting to make the sign of the cross and his face looks like he couldn’t care less what he is doing, it is all for to be seen doing it, that type of look on his face – absolutely insincere. The people who are in that video are also waiting for a cue from somebody to make that same sign of the cross, and their faces show it is all staged, it is so visible and they cannot hide it.

    So the conclusion is this – if Putin or anybody else in that Kremlin Communist MAFIA had received any Divine grace of genuine conversion, them as unrepentant communists, which is firstly highly improbable (but God can do all things, so the word impossible must not be used), then he would NOT have anything to do with Bergoglio, and the Novus Ordo Sect, he would not have anything to do with Kirril (KGB agent according to Mr. Pacepa), and Putin would have come clean and renounced all that he has done, in fact if his was a genuine conversion, he would know that for him to obtain true absolution from sins, he would have to find a true Priest, he would have to leave the Russian Orthodox Schismatics (and in Russia they are all KGB anyway) and he would know that he has to take back all communist evils and face genuine justice before he can obtain genuine and true absolution from sins, as it results from Divine grace, it has 3 essential parts – confession (truthful and sincere) of all sins, contrition for sins committed and satisfaction for them to the Divine Justice, including firm purpose of amendment not to offend God this way again.

    He would have to publicly give up communism…

    THERE IS SIMPLY no way Putin has ever done so…and so whomsoever dares to call him a “Christian” is deceiving those who may hear it – it is an evident lie and nothing else.

  6. Marcelo – thanks for the links. Always keeping my eyes open for his interviews but know I probably miss quite a few. Looks like another late nighter here for me ! (so that’s where Jeff was when he wasn’t being kidnapped by the Russians or Chinese !) 🙂

    1. The lockdowns and most other measures were discussed on Event21 in september 2019. They talked more on how to manage the propaganda, enforce vaccines, and redistribute central bank’s money than the health aspects there.

      Six months later, when the pandemic, after months in China spread to other countries, they pretended to be surprised, using the same phrase “Failure of imagination” as during 9/11 (when exactly the same scenario was being simulated at the very day).

  7. Jeff, I recently started following your work. I want to thank you for challenging people like me to question more and be more skeptical of the Russian narrative. There’s a guy on youtube that has been converting your written essays to audio as well New Lies For Old which has been helpful to understanding the Soviet long term strategy. Eugen Richter is the youtube channel.

    Also, I came across a twitter post from Jennifer Zeng today on twitter that perhaps your sources or connections could verify. She said the source said that over a dozen kilometers long procession of CCP military vehicles were seen on the Shenhai highway coming from the north heading south and communications command vehicles were also seen in Yangjiang, Guangdong. If this is true, this lines up with what was in the mobilization audio that was acquired does it not? That is moving the vehicles to the coast for loading on ro-ro ships. I’m curious what you think.

    1. I may be mistaken, but the last time the Russians put their entire sub fleet to sea was 1983. I am going by memory. Maybe someone can find another time this happened. I do not believe this kind of deployment has occurred since the end of the Cold War. There is a small chance they did it during the Kosovo War.

  8. This was big news this week – 651 charges of treason and collaboration brought against Ukrainian law enforcement agencies’ employees. More than 60 staff members of the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Security Service remained on Russian-occupied territories and collaborated with the Russians. Zelensky fired the Prosecutor General and head of the Security Service, who was his childhood friend. It seems the 2 top officials, who were appointed by Zelensky and had a reputation for tanking anti-corruption cases, were fired for incompetence rather than treason on their part. Earlier in the thread, CONCERNED speculated on whether the Ukrainian leadership could be a den of stealth Communists prosecuting the war to Moscow’s advantage and against the interests of their own people. If that were the case, I think they wouldn’t be calling attention to the problem of widespread KGB infiltration.

    Russian infiltration has been a problem in Ukraine for decades so this is nothing new, but at least it is being addressed (unlike in Western countries). Although this news can feel demoralizing, if the KGB infiltration was as deep and effective as Russia hoped then Ukraine really would have fallen within a few days.


    SSU exposes agent network of Russian GRU which included Ukrainian MP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7V0Z5Shx-4
    The agent network of the GRU included a MP who oversaw the creation of a number of private security companies that were to be used to quickly conquer Ukraine. But since corruption cuts both ways, the MP pocketed a large chunk of money for himself rather than using the funds to implement the GRU’s plan.

    Finally, here is some news from an independent Russian news site. It seems Russia is having trouble with recruitment. People are finding ways to oppose the war even at the risk of severe penalties. Let’s hope the opposition continues to grow.

    Media: Soldiers from Buryatia face threats for refusing to fight in Russia’s war. https://zona.media/news/2022/07/17/otkaz

    1. Note; The Ukrainian President directs diplomacy and the military/intelligence, not the domestic ministries controlled by the prime minister. The president’s is the sphere that seems to have broken with Russia — where Ukrainian counterintelligence succeeded in outwitting Russia’s agents. But the Ukrainian system has been penetrated by numberless KGB agents for decades. But in such a game who deceives whom? Only if Ukrainian counterintelligence penetrates Moscow does this kind of victory become possible. Could Moscow penetrate Ukrainian counterintelligence and get back control? Yes. How would we know? Ukraine would no longer catch any Russian agents.

  9. https://washingtonmonthly.com/2017/02/20/trumps-soho-project-the-mob-and-russian-intelligence/

    No idea who the author is, but it looks like enough facts and RED FLAGS of KGB involvement is present – and the video of Mr. Trump’s debate with the pro-communist asset Clinton is of interest, as at one point Mr. Trump says: (min. 1 or even before, it is a short excerpt)

    “…they are saying Russian hacking – maybe there is no Russian hacking (election hacking he means) – and then he says – I have no loans from Russia …”

    So the author goes into detail analysis that in facts how these “formerly USSR citizens”, one of them used to work for Soviet Ministry of Trade and Commerce for 17 years:

    QUOTE: Tevfik Arif is originally from the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Kazakhstan. During the Soviet Era, he worked for seventeen years in Moscow for the Ministry of Commerce and Trade. He quit that job in 1991 as the USSR was dissolving and caught quite a break. Somehow he was able to parlay his experience (which focused mainly on hotel management) at the Commerce and Trade Ministry into ownership of the Speciality Chemicals Trading Company, “an export-import business trading in rare metals, chrome, and raw materials.” Shortly thereafter, once Kazakhstan gained it’s independence from Russia, he took over ACCP, a chromium plant in Aktobe.

    From there, he took his riches and built a hotel in Antalya, Turkey which was completed in 1999. This was obviously more in line with his career experience than handling rare metals. Then, in 2001, he came to America and created the Bayrock Group, a real-estate development company based in Brooklyn. UNQUOTE

    So then it continues:

    It was then that he hired Felix Sater and made him a part-owner and partner, and these two then got involved with Donald Trump.

    Mr. Sater, a Russian immigrant, had recently joined Bayrock at the behest of its founder, Tevfik Arif, a former Soviet-era commerce official originally from Kazakhstan. Bayrock, which was developing commercial properties in Brooklyn, proposed that Mr. Trump license his name to hotel projects in Florida, Arizona and New York, including Trump SoHo.

    If you know anything about the Yeltsin Era of the 1990s or the rise of Vladimir Putin, you know that that the Russian state was sold off to KGB-connected or approved businessmen and intelligence officers who quickly formed into a ruling oligarchy. Mr. Arif’s rise from a hotel management functionary in the Commerce and Trade Ministry into a rare metals trader is highly, highly suspicious and ought to be looked at very carefully.


    It continues (and DO NOT FORGET Soros and his connections to Mr. Trump !!!)

    The second person I want to focus on is Tamir Sapir (nee Temur Sepiashvili), who died in 2014. An Ashkenazi Jew who was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in the former Soviet Union, he emigrated to Israel just prior to the outbreak of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. From there, he quickly re-emigrated to Kentucky where he worked as a laborer.

    There was a war between Arabs and Israeli in 1973, so Temur decided to leave Israel and head to a small town in Kentucky. “I was ready to accept any job, so I ended up caring for elderly women. Every day I took them to a special facility where they entertained themselves by knitting, singing and other things. They were the ones who taught me English. Right next to me lived a rich man who owned several shops. He had a business selling tools and offered me to work for him.” – remembers the billionaire. He worked as a driver, janitor and a loader, while dedicating his free time to studying English and saving up money.

    Before long, he relocated to New York City, becoming a cabbie.

    In 10 months, his family came to live in New York and Temur Sepiashvili became a cabbie. “I worked day and night, because I wanted to buy out the car. I slept at the airport, waiting for the first flight to arrive. In six months, the taxi became mine. I made 300-400$ per day and had time to go with my family to the park, to the movies, to the restaurant”, – says Sapir.

    What happened next was either the work of Russian intelligence or one of the most surprising and unlikely success stories in history. According to the legend, Mr. Sapir and a fellow USSR emigrant named Sam Kislin pooled their savings and bought an electronics store on Broadway in Manhattan. They hoped to attract business from the Russian emigre community, but they had a different kind of luck.

    Former President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze played an important role in his success. “Once USSR’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eduard Shevardnadze, visited my shop. One of his bodyguards, Murad Kazishvili, turned out to be my childhood friend. Back in the day, an organization existed called “Council for American-Soviet Trade”, in which over a hundred large American companies participated, among them “Occidental Petroleum Hammer” and “Pepsi-Cola”, which also had business ties with the USSR. With Murad’s help, I also joined this organization and went to Moscow with Vice-President Bush, who headed the Council,” Tamir says. According to him, during his stay in Moscow, one of his friends advised him to start exporting carbamide to America. This substance is necessary for oil production and during Soviet times it cost 5 times less than in the US. The Carbamide trade gave Tamir his first million and as he says, whet his appetite.

    He exported American clothing, footwear and tech to USSR while importing oil and oil products from there, investing profits into real estate in New York. Prices on real estate were low in 1995-1996: for example, a skyscraper that is now estimated to be worth approximately 1.5 billion dollars cost just 17 million back then. Sapir got incredibly lucky; according to his own words, it was nothing less than divine intervention. In 1997, real estate prices grew and property that Sapir bought for miniscule prices was sold for colossal amounts of money. This is how Sapir got his first billion.

    So, supposedly this guy went from sleeping in his cab to being a billionaire because he quickly made enough money selling VCR’s and Walkmans to make major investments in Russian carbamide which he then used to buy a skyscraper for 17 million dollars. In the process, he was invited to join the Council for American-Soviet Trade and meet with then-Vice President George H.W. Bush.

    You won’t find it in his official biography, but I found the following in write-up on Sapir in a local Georgia news outfit that was profiling native Georgians who had emigrated and made a fortune (emphasis mine):

    In order for Tamir Sapir’s biography to be complete, recollections of his classmate, Sergo Davlianidze, must be also mentioned. “We managed to be friends and also fight in the 60’s. My classmate from Tbilisi State School #45 was a boxing enthusiast, just like me. Who could imagine that he would become a businessman? He lived in a communal apartment near an Ashkenazi synagogue in Old Tbilisi, where all neighbors had to use the same water closet. Last time I saw Temur was in 1984 in Moscow, when he studied at Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs’ academy. He already had his own business then and offered to provide me with foreign electronics and tech if I wanted to.

    The article goes on to laconically state that “It is noteworthy that the fact of [the] émigré billionaire’s study at Soviet Ministry of Internal Affairs isn’t featured in any of his biographies and neither does Sapir himself talk about this in his recollections.”

    Now, here is where I tie all these individuals together with Donald Trump. They all were business partners on the Trump SoHo project. The project was a collaboration between the Trump Organization, the Bayrock Group (of Arif and Sater), and the (Tamir) Sapir Organization.

    The potential Russian intelligence connections of Arif and Sapir should be obvious considering their unlikely rises to great wealth. Sater is already known for his well-established connections to the Russian mafia, and he was also turned back against the Russian mob and probably Russian intelligence, too, by our FBI. UNQUOTE

    It is long read, but so will be the flight into Siberia, and out of charity for our fellow human beings, that is on our part UNCONSCIONABLE…

    If anything looks RED, then it should be regarded as RED and it most likely is RED after all…the term controlled opposition is NOT a meaningless term at all !

  10. While doing some reading on religious matters, I came across this article. Regarding an interview with Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin concerning homosexual marriage and related topics. I am thinking that Peterson was perhaps never particularly traditional in his moral / philosophical beliefs. ( And perhaps never claimed to be. ) ( Mr. Horvat clarifies this in his article ). And also I have noticed that he often seems to over-intellectualize things.

    Religious and traditional people have to make sure we do not see prominent people as “dream catchers”. Just because they have an opinion or two that are correct, we should not assume they are a new conservative champion ( J.K Rowlings, Naomi Wolf, etc. ). We should be wary. And not get our hopes up only to be disappointed.

    Something is going on with Peterson ( psychological or brain problems ? coercion, threats ? simply revealing who he has always been ? ) I feel bad for him. Let’s pray he stays safe and moves in the right direction.

    My 2 cents. See link below.


    1. Thank you for the link to the article. What else could be expected of a man that can’t even describe clearly whether he believes in God or not? “But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.” Matthew 5:37


      Of course, Peterson is dead wrong here: one does not even remotely have to be good in order to know that God exists, and hence to “believe” in Him. The Adversary sure as heck knows there’s a higher power up in Heaven ready to crush him at a moment’s notice. Notice also the gnostic language introduced ever so subtly (and I would argue, slyly, because I would think the overwhelming majority of his audience has no clear sense of the full sense and implications of these terms): “spark of divinity that’s within you”, “Logos that’s within you”…

      1. My criticism of Peterson is regarding his dangerous political ideas. Let’s stick to politics. People’s religious views are hopelessly complicated by theological differences and interpretations. We have a big war coming. Let’s not start making lists of who to burn at the stake for heresy.

  11. The NBA will never get another penny from me! This is only 5 minutes long and well worth watching to see what is happening:

    The NBA allows zero criticism of China

      1. Sorry, it must have been somewhere else. I live near pensacola (targeted due to NAS) was wanting to show my wife/follow the link.
        Do you have a link to the Chinese man in the white suit telling an overwrought woman to trust the CCP and that they were going to war with America? This was from the Glazov interview.

  12. God rules the kings of the earth despite what they believe (Revelation 1:5).
    Men speak abusively about whatever they do not understand; and what things they do understand by instinct, like unreasoning animals-these are the very things that destroy them (Jude 1:10).
    They think they see but they are blind (John 9:39).
    The heart is deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9).
    Satan traps humans by having them see things from a human point of view and not Gods (Matt 16:23).
    My thoughts are not like your thoughts, says the LORD. And my ways are far beyond anything you can imagine (Isa 55:8).
    You have to KNOW the truth for the truth to set you free (John 8:32).

    God hates “religion” it is man made rules, regulations and traditions, full of impure motives, polluted by the world, causing division ect. God is all about a “personal relationship” living and abiding in Him alone and led by His Spirt not man. “You don’t need anyone to teach you, His anointing teaches you about all things-by remaining in Him (1 John 2:27).
    Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2).
    “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God (Matt 5:8).
    The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the spirit is life and peace (Romans 8:6).

    We are living in times where the heart of most will grow cold because of the increase of wickedness (Matt 24). God calls us to patiently endure in suffering continuing to do good (Revelation 1).

    God said we would be persecuted, hated by the world, put in prison, put to death.
    “Woe to those who the world speaks well of.”

    God designed us to live in community and encourage and rely on each other in these times of great need.

    Have a blessed week seeking God with your whole mind, heart and soul daily and you will find Him.

    Happy is the nation whose God is the LORD (psalm 33:12).

    Thanks Jeff! God bless you!

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