We cannot do without the Russians on our side….

Jordan Peterson [i]

The feigned disunity of the communist world promotes real disunity in the noncommunist world.

Anatoliy Golitsyn [ii]

In his recent video on “Russia vs. Ukraine,” Jordan Peterson said that the West must join with Russia in order to counterbalance China; but, like most influential celebrities, Peterson has yet to realize that China and Russia have been secretly working together for a long time. He has not awakened to the fact that President Richard Nixon’s opening to China was a strategic blunder, and partnering with Russia at the end of the Cold War was also a blunder. Russia is now the world’s leading nuclear power, bar none. China is now the greatest industrial power in the world, bar none. Power of this kind is not attained by accident, but by policy. And the West, led by the United States, facilitated the strengthening of these hostile regimes.

Listening to Peterson’s video on the Ukraine War, I see that he does not know about a KGB strategy known as the “fake split.” In 1958 KGB Chairman Alexander Shelepin gave a lecture on how the KGB’s deception “machinery” could be used to engineer “fake splits” between countries of the communist bloc. The idea was to trick America into helping one communist country against another on the assumption that the two countries really had become enemies.[iii] Not all splits within the communist world have been faked, of course; but in his 1958 lecture Shelepin let slip that communist China was the ideal country for Moscow to have a “fake split” with. If this sort of scheme is thought to be too grandiose to be real, think again. The history of the Soviet Union is littered with grandiose schemes and outlandish deceptions; from Operation Trust in the 1920s, [iv] to the denial of the Ukraine terror famine in the 1930s, the WiN deception of the 1940s, and the perestroika deception of the 1980s. Russian power has continuously engaged in “active measures” to distort and confuse Western thought. The West’s media and intelligence services have been swindled by the communists, again and again.[v] In the short span of 32 years, Lenin’s followers got control of the world’s largest country (Russia) and the world’s most populous country (China). This suggests that communist leaders are gifted deception strategists. Given this history, should the West have taken the Sino-Soviet split at face value? The answer is “no.”

Because Peterson does not have a background in Soviet strategy, and because he is unfamiliar with the deception practices of the Russian special services, he blames the emerging alliance between Beijing and Moscow on the West’s “self-aggrandizing” behavior in Ukraine. He thinks we have driven Russia into China’s arms. He suggests that we are treating Vladimir Putin “like a cornered rat.” It is better, says Peterson, to make Putin into our partner. Of course, this was our policy twenty years ago; and it failed.

Many countries are now succumbing to communism because we made Moscow and Beijing our partners more than thirty years ago; and this cannot be a coincidence. Look at Peterson’s own country, Canada, and its slide toward communism under Justin Trudeau. In fact, communists are coming to power all over the Western Hemisphere – in Peru, Chile, and Colombia. Communists are entrenched in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Rather than marking the end of communism, the fall of the Soviet Union marked the stealthy acceleration of communist subversion around the world.

If we look at things from a strategic standpoint, Soviet-dominated Eastern Europe was the proverbial “poison pawn” in a Russian gambit that almost failed. In blaming the West for taking that “poison pawn,” Peterson has forgotten the ABCs of totalitarianism: NATO’s provocation against Russia was not its eastward expansion. NATO has provoked Moscow by being weak and stupid. In fact, nothing exemplifies our weakness and stupidity more than our readiness to form combinations with Moscow and Beijing by turns. For us, the “China card” was a crutch. And now Peterson wants us to play the “Russia card.” As KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn wrote nearly four decades ago, “False alignments, formed with third parties by each side against the other, make it easier to achieve specific communist goals, such as the acquisition of advanced technology or the negotiation of arms control agreements or communist penetration of the Arab and African states.”[vi]

Contrary to Peterson’s narrative, America and the West took Moscow at its word in December 1991 when the hammer and sickle flag was taken down from the Kremlin. And since NATO was no longer Russia’s enemy, why would Moscow mind NATO expansion? Some observers thought Russia was going to join NATO. After all, the West gave Russia credits, technology, and billions in investments and payoffs. At the same time America acted as if the Cold War was over, neglecting or destroying its nuclear weaponry. Yet Russia did the opposite. In fact, Russian pundits have openly bragged that Moscow outwitted the West. For example, a mocking Pravda article from November 2014 completely contradicts Peterson’s narrative of NATO driving Russia into China’s arms:

…Russia overcame the inertia of collapse and started reviving its power, while the West, being lulled by sweet day-dreams of the liberal ‘end of history,’ castrated its armed forces to the point, when they could be good [only] for leading colonial wars with weak and technically backward enemies. The balance of forces in Europe has thus changed in Russia’s favor.”[vii]

Dmitry Sudakov, the writer of this article, is not bemoaning Russia’s fate at the hands of an aggressive NATO alliance. He is laughing at the West’s idiocy. “The illusion of world supremacy played a cruel joke on Washington,” added Sudakov. “The West, having discarded Russia, had been cutting its tanks and destroying its tactical nuclear weapons. Russia, feeling its own weakness, kept all tanks and tactical nuclear weapons.” Thus: “When the Americans realized that [they had fallen behind], it was too late. In December 2010, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, Rose Gottemoeller, sounded the alarm. The Russians had more tactical nuclear systems that the USA, she said.”[viii]

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was not an act of desperation. It was an act of exploitation. Russia and China are now attempting to shift – or have already shifted – the balance of power in their favor. Some countries have already understood the nature of this shift. Consequently, Russia’s BRICS[ix] alliance is about to expand. It is whispered abroad that Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia are preparing to join BRICS. If Saudi Arabia turns away from America and joins with Russia and China, an oil embargo might be used to break up NATO or force the realignment of Japan.   

Of course, Jordan Peterson may not care because he thinks that America and the West are less deserving of survival than “Christian” Russia. At the same time, our fool of a president “fist bumped” Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman instead of shaking his hands during a recent Middle East visit. Biden also suggested, however indelicately, that the Crown Prince had murdered journalist Adnan Khashoggi.

While Peterson would make enemies into friends, Biden would make friends into enemies. Here are two sides of the same coin. Russian active measures have successfully disoriented Western leaders and opinion-makers. This disorientation gives significant advantages to Moscow and Beijing. The first rule in politics is to know who your friends are, and know who your enemies are. While Biden is a lost cause in this regard, Peterson may be open to changing his mind. Contrary to what Henry Kissinger built his career on, we cannot safely make friends with anyone we please. A cunning enemy will respond to an offer of friendship with false friendship. And what is more dangerous than a false friend? Fifteen years ago, SVR/KGB defector Sergei Tretyakov told journalist Pete Earley,

I want to warn Americans. As a people, you are very naïve about Russia and its intentions. You believe because the Soviet Union no longer exists, Russia is now your friend. It isn’t, and I can show you how the SVR is trying to destroy the U.S. even today and even more than the KGB did during the Cold War.[x]

A False Moral Tone

Jordan Peterson became a celebrity because he refused to go along with laws enforcing non-binary gender pronouns. He risked his career for the sake of free speech and many of us admired his outspoken and courageous stand. But now, in terms of the moral tone of Peterson’s discourse, his condemnation of Russian military aggression rings hollow. In fact, his analysis of the Ukraine War is riddled with equivocal statements.

According to Peterson, Putin is “a thug,” yet a “practicing Christian.” Peterson says the Ukraine invasion is “unconscionable,” yet Russia is a “bulwark against the moral decadence of the West.” Peterson says Putin collaborates with “a genuine philosopher, Alexander Dugin,” yet Peterson does not tell us that Dugin’s philosophy calls for the destruction of America and the smashing of liberal civilization. Out of this, a question rises up: What happened to Peterson’s moral discernment?

Here is Peterson’s thesis about the Ukraine War. He begins with the following question: “Are we [the West] degenerate in a profoundly threatening manner?” Peterson thinks the answer to the question “may well be yes.” Pointing to the culture war, he asks: “How serious is that war? Is it serious enough to increase the probability that Russia … would be motivated to invade and potentially incapacitate Ukraine – merely to keep the pathological West out of that country?”

To test Peterson’s thesis let us assume America is the prototype of Western degeneracy. Let us then compare America’s per capita drug overdose and abortion rates with Russia’s. After all, who would argue that the less degenerate country would have a higher number of drug overdoses and abortions? By this measure, of course, Russia is more degenerate than the United States. For example, a 2014 RT report states that 100,000 people die from drug overdoses every year in Russia.[xi] The same statistic for Americans in 2014 was 47,055.[xii] But then, America has more than twice as many people as Russia has. In per capita terms, this means Russia has roughly four and a half times the overdose rate as America. If we look at abortion, we find an even more interesting statistic. Despite a large drop in abortions over the past decade, Russia still has the highest per capita abortion rate in the world. The 2022 abortion rate in Russia was 53.7 compared to 20.8 for the United States.[xiii]

Question: Did Peterson give any real thought to his bizarre hypothesis of comparative Western degeneracy before promoting the idea? Quite obviously, it is inconceivable that he took any trouble with it at all. Furthermore, as he is an intellectual superstar, some people will take his malign anti-Western hypothesis as a profound insight. So, the question arises: Why is Peterson doing this? Why is he being so irresponsible with such a serious subject? Why forward pro-Russian/anti-Western bigotry to over 1.4 million online followers?

In his book, Hitler and the Germans, the political philosopher Eric Voegelin explained that our “first reality” is moral. It is Truth. And those who want to evade the Truth end up adopting a false reality which “permits killing” and other horrors. This is the essence of moral degeneracy, according to Voegelin. In the case of Jordon Peterson, we have a professor who once stood against moral degeneracy; but now he inexplicably offers an apologia for killing and other horrors perpetrated by Russia against Ukraine. Voegelin wrote, “this kind of cooperation is participation in crime, which falls under the notion of accessory.”[xiv]

One becomes an accessory after the fact by providing rhetorical cover for malefactors engaged in mass slaughter. For what else do we call it when a man suggests that the West is “degenerate in a profoundly threatening manner” thereby compelling Russia “to invade and potentially incapacitate Ukraine – merely to keep the pathological West out of that country?” This becomes more egregious when accompanied by Peterson’s grotesquely cynical comment that nobody “gives a damn about Ukraine.” And then Peterson conjures up the Holodomor – Stalin’s terror famine against Ukraine, suggesting that Western observers who oppose the invasion of Ukraine are hypocrites because they do not know what the Holodomor is. This insult to Ukraine’s supporters is compounded by the obscenity of a discourse that nowhere admits the validity of the Ukrainian cause or the courage with which Ukrainians are defending their country.  

It would have been far more respectable if Peterson had only said, “I believe we should abandon Ukraine because a nuclear war with Russia is not worth the risk.” We could then discuss the merits of appeasement versus confrontation. But Peterson says the West does not have the moral high ground. We have no right to oppose Russian atrocities. He suggests that the West has morally contaminated Ukraine so that Russia has been forced to stem the pestilence. There is only one faux pa in Peterson’s presentation: He failed to describe Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as “a special military operation.” As noted earlier, Peterson says the West is “self-aggrandizing” – a crime far worse than invading a neighboring country after declaring that it is no country at all; then knocking down its cities, killing and kidnapping tens of thousands of its citizens, and blocking grain shipments to starving countries in Africa.

Anna Politkovskaya was a Russian journalist. She was brutally assassinated in 2006. Here is what she said about Putin before her death: “I Dislike him for a matter-of-factness worse than felony, for his cynicism … for his lies, for the gas he used in the Nord-Ost siege, for the massacre of the innocents that went on through his first term as president.”[xv] Politkovskaya saw where Putin was taking Russia. She wrote, “In Russia we have had leaders with this outlook before. It led to tragedy, to bloodshed on a vast scale, to civil wars. Because I want no more of that, I dislike this typical Soviet Chekist as he struts down the red carpet in the Kremlin on his way to the throne of Russia.”[xvi]

These men of power, these bloody dictators, these serial liars and mass murderers have plagued us throughout history. They always sound reasonable on the surface. But deep down, underneath, they are the same. They want power and glory, wealth and immortality. As a schizophrenic once shouted after assaulting a passerby, “They shall know my name!”

At the outset of his invasion of Poland, Hitler said: “I have tried to solve the problem of Danzig, the Corridor, etc., by proposing peaceful discussion…. In my talks with Polish statesmen I discussed the ideas … from my last speech…. There is nothing more modest or loyal than these proposals … [which] have been refused. Not only were they answered first with mobilization, but with increased terror and pressure against our German compatriots….”[xvii]

Fast forward 82 years….

At the outset of his invasion of Ukraine, Putin said: “It is a fact that over the past 30 years we have been patiently trying to come to an agreement with the leading NATO countries regarding the principles of equal and indivisible security in Europe. In response to our proposals, we invariably faced either cynical deception and lies or attempts to pressure and blackmail, while the North Atlantic Alliance continued to expand despite our protests and concerns.”[xviii]

Is there no similitude here?

Given his previous denunciations of totalitarian dictatorship, Peterson should have been the first to denounce Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In addition, he should have recognized this invasion as an attempt to resurrect the Soviet Empire; for that is what is being attempted, even as statues of Lenin are being set up in the newly conquered Ukrainian oblasts.[xix] Is Putin evil? Peterson says “no.” He says Putin “is far less terrible than any leader that has preceded him for about a century.” But here, as elsewhere, Peterson sheds his credibility. Is Putin less terrible than Yeltsin, than Gorbachev, than Chernenko? Whatever happened to Peterson’s rules for life? Rule 8 says, “Tell the truth – or, at least, don’t lie.” Why lay down cover for Putin’s crimes? And what about Rule 37 from Peterson’s original 40 rules? – “Don’t let bullies get away with it.”[xx]

Peterson suggests the West should offer Putin the minimum terms Russia will accept for peace. In other words, let us sell out Ukraine the way Chamberlain sold out Czechoslovakia in 1938. Why? Because, says Peterson, a single Russian missile would be sufficient to “destroy Britain once and for all.”

How is Putin not a bully?

Here is what I cannot understand about Jordon Peterson. Nobody in the West is threatening Russia with nuclear war. The situation is entirely the other way around. Only Russia is making nuclear threats. Does Peterson realize that he is blaming the side being threatened? Does he realize that he is rhetorically supporting a nuclear bully? Peterson nowhere blames Russia for bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war. Only the West – only the prospective victim – is blamed.

When a war is being fought, and nuclear war is being threatened, we ought to be more circumspect. Let us avoid rhetoric calculated to demoralize our own side. Demoralization, under present circumstances, opens the door to the slippery slope of appeasement. Suppose we could stop a nuclear war by feeding Ukraine to Russia. What countries will be fed to Russia next? How far out will Russia’s “sphere of influence” then extend? Will it stop at Poland or France? Spain or Portugal? Peterson hopes, like Chamberlain at Munich, that the dictator will be satisfied with one bite. Yet Russian officials are already suggesting the conquest of Alaska next.[xxi] Where exactly is Russia’s sphere of influence marked on the world Atlas? Does it include Peterson’s country of origin, Canada? How many nations must be sacrificed to the Russian Moloch? Furthermore, scorn should be poured on the idea that NATO has backed Russia into a corner. Consider, if you will, how large Russia’s corner happens to be. Russia has eleven time zones. How many time zones does Ukraine have? Does the largest country in the world really need further enlargement?

Russia promised to respect Ukraine’s sovereignty in the Budapest Memorandum of 1994, when Ukraine agreed to give up her nuclear arsenal. If Ukraine had kept that nuclear arsenal instead of trusting to Russian promises, there would be no war in Ukraine. Peterson thinks the West should negotiate with Russia. But Russia does not keep her treaty commitments. What is the point of negotiating when every negotiation is an exercise in self-deception? We ought to hold the Russians to their past promises before believing in further promises.

It is unfortunate that someone of Peterson stature has given rhetorical cover to Russian military aggression in Eastern Europe. In terms of strategy and morality, Peterson has hit a false note. Contrary to what he supposes, Ukraine is not some puppet state created by a CIA coup. President Yanukovych was not deposed. Yanukovych abdicated. He fled his country out of shame and guilt, knowing that innocent blood was on his hands.  

In closing I should say that the truth matters, especially when naked aggression has been carried out against an otherwise peaceful country. Jordan Peterson says, “All protestations to the contrary, none of us give a damn about Ukraine.” But that is untrue, Dr. Peterson. It is obviously and unequivocally untrue.   

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297 thoughts on “The Inversion of Jordan Peterson

  1. Once again, Nyquist is spot on: “Russia is now the world’s leading nuclear power, bar none. China is now the greatest industrial power in the world, bar none. Power of this kind is not attained by accident, but by policy. And the West, led by the United States, facilitated the strengthening of these hostile regimes.” The collapse of the West is coming and our elected leaders have facilitated our demise.

  2. Jordan Peterson spent some time in Russia while treating his illness. The Russians must have fooled him. And he probably feels some kind of gratitude for them.

    1. Diogofontana, alternative idea. Maybe the drug overdose stuff was a cover story so Peterson could spend months w his buddies in Russia. I mean who says “wow I have a crushing emotional and psychiatric problem. I really need to go to Russia!!” In what world does that make sense?

      1. Peterson is controlled opposition and a plant. That’s been clear for some time. 99% of “alt Media” are Kremlin shills. Time for Americans to grow up.

    2. JP’s fatal flaw is that he has always wanted the mainstream to like him. He would go on Joe Rogan and describe the left and right as the same.

      For all of his valid insights, he’s demonstrated shockingly bad discernment as well, beginning with covid. What began as admiration from me slowly turned into disappointment these past years, and at this point, I am not surprised. He also had a nervous breakdown brought on. (IMO) by the relentless communist psychological abuse against him, and for that he has my sympathy. But I no longer find him a moral leader with vision or clarity.

    3. The tendency of anti-communists to assume every dupe is some nefarious communist is almost as bad as those who assume no conspiracies. If the Commies can get you to trash JP, they’ve won too.

      To see Jordan Peterson at his best, watch this: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfOc6hKvlG6/?igshid=NDBlY2NjN2I=

      He’s not some agent. Just a man with flawed discernment. He produced some beautiful and courageous advocacy for men. And he’s fallen in some other areas. Doesn’t mean he’s all good or all evil. Communists can deceive even the best of us sometimes.

  3. Russia now obtains spare weapons from Iran and China has been selling US Treasuries on the secondary market. There are no refunds on US Treasuries which pay the interest up front. The buyer has to wait until full term to recover the principle investment.

    Russia is unable to economically sustain it’s little police action in The Ukraine, and China has no significant domestic market for it’s own goods and services. Russia and China could do considerable damage by unleashing nuclear weapons against the United States and Europe, but the question becomes, how can they sustain military actions economically?

      1. They could invade after the bombing, and steal all the art work that wasn’t incinerated, but who’s going to fence it?

    1. Clearly you don’t understand the communist mentality and criminal diabolical mindset of these atheistic characters…they don’t care if their own people starve or even are forced to die in military (deceptive or real) conflicts, including the one in Ukraine, as the objective is to make believe that Russian military is “somewhat incapable” to win against smaller force of the Ukraine military.

      But this is exactly what this Russian KGB criminal Mafia wants people to swallow.
      They have never cared about the economic impact of what their brutal maintaining of their political power would cost, and why would they ? What is built by the powers of the devil has no limits in evil, they are unlimited and virtually endless in achievements, so long as the initial goal – i.e. worldwide atheistic communist tyranny – is achieved.

      Putin and his KGB gang are well aware that they have to deceive the western countries into believing that the Russian retreat is the result of their incompetence, because then when the developments of the war are changed into Russia’s favor, nuclear attack and evaporation of various countries will commence itself onto the decadent western idiocy, which will not have the moral high-ground to bear the aftermath nor force itself to respond and evaporate Moscow and Beijing instead…

      These words may be harsh, but they are reality or rather aftermath of the idiotic and strategic blunder of shaking hands with diabolically possessed pathological atheistic criminal communist MAFIA, and so no wonder the properly trained stomach to endure such necessary step of survival are missing in the decadent and misinformed and deceived western mind, no wonder the western way of thinking about how actually communists think, as they cheat and lie ALWAYS to deceive those who, blind and deaf to the truth, allow themselves onto the path of self-destructive accommodating relationships with such communist tyrants and murderous illegitimate regimes.

      After all, is it not the compromise of recognition of such revolutionary communist regimes of Russia and China etc. which led to this horrific aftermath ? You have a long-term KGB asset occupying the White House and there is no will nor means to get that criminal and his CPUSA gang out of there, and these enemies of the truth would have never started what they have began if they have had no certitude that they will maintain their criminal treasonous illegitimate power grab, as the previous communist revolutions and subversive achievements clearly demonstrates to the contrary. Communists don’t think in decadent and western liberal way, they truly mean to use any means to destroy the existing order and install instead their nihilistic atheistic tyranny instead, and those who are not ready to fight them to the death will regret being just that – decadent and idiotic.

      What is even more striking is the obvious conclusion that the years of communist bloody history has not prevented the western mind from abstaining from such deceptive invitations in the first place. Sen. McCarthy spoke about the fact, for which he was hated by the domestic assets the more – he warned not to shake hands with such criminal elements in the first place, and if people understood the biblical significance of it, they would know the truth: Do NOT bear the yoke with infidels (unbelievers) …etc.”
      Many will learn this same significant truth in the scenery of the Siberian Gulag system, when they are brought there, if they live that long, and they such unfortunates will realize that it does not pay to be friendly with such diabolically possessed communist MAFIA criminals. Will you never learn ?

    2. They can’t. So unless their goal is the outright destruction of global society, they won’t. Everyone here is right about one thing: Communist Incompetence.

  4. In a way, Ukraine is like Korea. In the Korean War, it was “only bomb half the bridge”. Now it’s “don’t give them missiles that will shoot into Russia”.

    China was in Korea, but Korea and their allies could not go into China. Now Russia is in Ukraine, but Ukraine and their allies can not go into Russia. Making us fight with one arm tied behind our back, again.

  5. And maybe another point Peterson should take note of: Russia and China, among others, signed the Shanghai Cooperation Organization agreement back in the late 90s, But he spouts off as though Russia running into China’s arms is just a late development born out of desperation.

  6. It is difficult to resolve the facts to the wishful thinking. My friend says Russia is guarding Christianity that is failing in the west, that Putin is justified in protecting against NATO. Jeff, I think you have it correct. The US president and many in top political positions are owned by China. Why else would the administration cut the Keystone Excel pipeline, prohibit drilling and fracking on federal lands, and sell the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to China? The administration is castrating the military by indoctrinating with LGBQ issues and firing anyone refusing to take the Covid jab. Further, the Ukraine – Russian war is drawing down the US stocks of war weapons. How quick can they be rebuilt? How quick can the nuclear arsenal be modernized? Further still, the WEF is pushing one world (communist) government to be adopted as countries fall to the chaos induced by food and fuel shortages. It is quite apparent that the WEF and UN are working hand in glove with Russia and China. The fifth column within the West has grown very large and seems ready to unleash BLM/Antifa if things don’t go their way. If the US has honest elections in the fall, we may be able to avert disaster. That hangs by a slim thread. The Chinese and to lesser extent, the Russians, plan on a long horizon. In the US, the plans and goals shift as power shifts to and from those who wish to tear down America.

    1. America has several-fold higher church attendance than Russia. The last Easter before the pandemic only 4.3 percent of Russians attended Easter services. Between 50 and 60 percent of Americans attended.

      1. There seem to be a whole spectrum of websites with different opinions, claiming to be patriots. Some of them hew close to RT and its line. I suspect the Russians and the Chinese both have large crews of people whose job is to create fake patriot websites and in other ways sow false information into the mainstream information flow.

      2. According to KGB defector Konstantin Preobrazhensky, the KGB picked patriarchs of Russian Orthodoxy do not so much as believe in God (I think he specifically mentioned the last two – the current and previous – to be more precise), so I suppose it is not too surprising that the ostensible Russian Orthodox would find it of so little value to attend the holiest day of the Church calendar (I would imagine that the percentage of Russians describing themselves as Orthodox would be quite a bit higher than the meagre four percent you cite)… I think for many “Orthodoxy” lies within the realm of a venerable Russian tradition, rather than a religion with a basic set of solid beliefs to be followed, with the pseudo-Orthodox Dugin being a good case in point, I believe.

        If I recall correctly, I think Preobrazhensky (maybe someone else?) also mentioned that Vladimir “the pious Orthodox” Putin worked or was closely linked with one of the departments working against religion while in St Petersburg/Leningrad (don’t recall the exact details)?

      3. A Russian Orthodox Priest here in the states told me that less than 10% of Russian people are in church regularly. I read an article last month, by a RO priest in Russia that said it was less than 5%.

        Putin wants to claim Russia is a Christian country. It is not. Comparisons with teh US don’t mean much as we see that many, if not most, who publicly claim to be Christian push things scripture call sin and an abomination. Progressive Christianity is not Christian.

      4. I believe Peterson is sincere, but gravely deceived. He condemns the West’s morality and praises Russia, when it was Russia that has led a 6 decade long covert operation to plunge America into the degeneracy Peterson condemns.

      5. I gave the source in the footnotes for the Russian numbers. The American numbers exist here and there on various websites. I could find several past years, but not the same year as I had for Russia, so you have to estimate what it is from the other sources. Try googling it. Numbers range between 40 percent to 60 percent. Covid has distorted recent American numbers. So you go back to years in the past. I could not find for 2019, but other years tell you that American Church attendance is probably ten times Russian attendance. At the very least it is six times higher. Just do a google search. You sill see what I saw.

    2. A lot of otherwise well-meaning people have fallen for the lie that Putin is some sort of modern day Christian crusader. Pastor Joe Fox (Viking Preparedness on YouTube) is one such. He recently lambasted JRN for reporting what the Chinese dissidents are saying about Chinese war preparations, as though JRN is just prognosticating from a crystal ball.

    3. The abortion statistics that Russia uses include miscarriages (medically referred to as spontaneous abortions). This includes self reported miscarriages. Most countries, including all western nations, only count elective abortions in their stats. Due to this, it is ineffective to compare their abortion stats to ours because we are measuring two entirely different things with different criteria. If the aim is to compare levels of degeneracy then it would be more reasonable to compare justifiable reasons for abortions and at what stage abortion can be executed. In Russia abortion is allowed during the first 12 weeks. In some US states it is allowed up until the moment of birth, for any reason (including no reason).

      1. There is also the complicator that so many abortions now are performed through the morning after pills. Surgical abortions are down, and who knows how many chemically induced abortions are performed.

      2. “Morning after” exists in China either, I guess, then in Russia too. Both are degenerated, and they helped degenerating the West.

    4. Following Sub Brief from youtube, a former Sonar Man, the Minute Men are sustainable through 2029, with a probable missile gap with the SSBN submarines immediately after unless building programs are upscaled and maintenance/deployment schedules are deintensified.

  7. Mr. Peterson is now over his head. His expertise lies in psychology and philosophy with related extensions into sociology and religion, not geopolitics or international political history. His elevation to featured commentator for Daily Wire has moved him into unknown territory. I wonder if he’s aware that the “bulwark” against Western degeneracy is an ethical claim made by Russian propagandists themselves? And that it appears to be part of a media campaign by Russian leaders (which should have broad appeal to conservative religious adherents outside the West)?

    If I may ask a separate question, Mr. Nyquist — in talking to friends and others about your work, I get the old “you’re just doing ’50s McCathyism” and “racist anti-China” BS responses. What do you say to these people?

    1. Tell them, “McCarthy was largely correct in his claims.” If you’re feeling generous furnish them a copy of the book Blacklisted by History. That book lays it out chapter and verse just how correct McCarthy was.

      1. That sounds like a very important book.

        Jeff, thank you for this column. The issue you have with Jordan Peterson is similar to the problem I am having with Jeff Childers. He thinks he knows stuff he doesn’t know. He is obsessed right now with the bio labs in Ukraine and believes the Russians who say any day now they will dump a boatload of incriminating information about the US involvement that prove Clinton, Biden and Obama et al were involved in the Ukrainian biowarfare labs. I don’t know how to think about this except that still doesn’t justify Russia’s Invasion.

        I printed out your overview blog from earlier this month and mailed it to him with a note hoping he will see the Russia invasion from a true perspective.

        Here is my new favorite quote. In the absence of courage, Truth becomes an orphan.

    2. Are Taiwanese racist anti-China? Are Tibetans racist anti-China? Are Burmese racist anti-China? Are Uyghurs racist anti-China? Are Falun Gong racist anti-China?

      Senator McCarthy got a bit carried away. As mentioned in the movie, Absence of Malice, ‘A good lawyer never asks a question that he doesn’t know the answer to.” Where McCarthy went wrong, was in asking to be bullshirted. He sent a couple of minions on a fishing expedition where they didn’t bring home the bacon. Then he tried to use his influence to gain special privileges for one of them. Hypocrisy.

      1. I didn’t say McCarthy was wrong in his suspicions. He just didn’t have the evidence to sufficiently prove his case, especially in context of his own over reaching ambition. Contrast that to the turtle neck sweater paced investigations of Hilarity Clinton and company, by John Durham.

  8. [Congressional Bills 117th Congress]
    [From the U.S. Government Publishing Office]
    [H.R. 4350 Placed on Calendar Senate (PCS)]

    Calendar No. 144
    117th CONGRESS
    1st Session
    H. R. 4350



    October 18, 2021

    Received; read twice and placed on the calendar


    AN ACT

    To authorize appropriations for fiscal year 2022 for military
    activities of the Department of Defense, for military construction, and
    for defense activities of the Department of Energy, to prescribe
    military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
    United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the “National Defense Authorization Act
    for Fiscal Year 2022”.


    Global Bombshell: Martial Law Plan Announced To Install Biden As Dictator, Use US Military Against Americans, Suspend Congressional Oversight
    Jul 17, 2022
    The Alex Jones Show

  9. Jordan Peterson’s area of expertise is psychology, not foreign affairs. His opinion of the Russia/Ukraine War is entitled to no more weight than that of any ordinary observer.

    Who cares what he thinks.

      1. Peterson here proves that intelligence is no defence against stupidity.

      2. Yet all of his intellect hasn’t kept him from getting lost in the weeds.

      3. He is a major propagandist of neo-liberal capitalism.

        He gets a lot of space in media for his vulgar anti-communism and anti-populist (pro-elitist) rhetoric.

        As a psychologist, he is not able to help himself, is addicted on some mental issues drugs, has to travel to Russia to get treatment.

      4. @Commit: yes, Peterson is a strong exponent of neoliberalism (market fundamentalism). This where I disagree with him most before he gave his opinions on Russia. I strenuously oppose economic libertarianism on my show and in my writings for many reasons, such as rapidly disillusioning Americans away from capitalism and political liberalism. Instead, I support the American School of Political Economy and pre-Reagan Stakeholder Capitalism.

        He’s dead wrong on Russia in part because many are not aware that the “splits” in the communist world were either contrived or vastly exaggerated by American policymakers. The “China Card” didn’t benefit the US and playing the “Russia Card” will simply clean the house, pun intended. I document this in my writings. He joins a vast stable on the American Right who support engagement with Russia under Putin ranging from an ideology based on greed (like the Club for Growth which supported PNTR for Putin’s Russia) to various paleo conservatives at best taken in by Russian disinformation. Regarding Russia and China, Jeff has read the tea leaves like few other analysts.

        The Cold War never ended. We fell asleep into a self induced coma.

      5. Nevin wrote a very comprehensively researched book on the Sino-Soviet split which shows collusion between Russia and China even when they were supposed to be enemies. This subject has received superficial, mocking treatment by the Establishment. We are largely in trouble because that same Establishment was so easy to deceive.

      6. @Nevin Gussak

        Neoliberalism is a political philosophy actually developped post WW2 opposed to Laissez Faire Capitalism, the actual “market fundamentalism”. The Neoliberals developped it because Socialism had become so popular even in the US, let alone Europe, that they thought they had to adapt Classical Liberalism and add some redistribution and welfare state. That’s the “neo” about it.
        “Stakeholder Capitalism” is as far as I know a WEF creation and it’s unclear what it actually means other than you dont really own your company, because “stakeholders” have a say too, enforced by the government.
        If I wanted other peoples money and property, I’d also oppose “market fundamentalism” as it basically just means strict property rights (and no Fiat Money).

        PS: European here, I don’t know when the term “Liberalism” became synonymous with Interventionism in the US. Imho it’s orwellian and highly confusing.

    1. We here know that, but the man has undue influence and now the truth is lost.

      1. Yes, it’s sad that so many people think (apparently) that just because a person is an expert in one field that they’re an expert in various other fields as well. It’s distressing that so many people have such poor discernment.

  10. “To test Peterson’s thesis let us assume America is the prototype of Western degeneracy.”

    He himself is a prime example of this degeneracy, a drug addict, “psychologist”, useless eater producing nothing of lasting value. Psychology is a bourgeoise pseudoscience by the way.

    Never trust drug addicts.

    He learned some lies about Stalin from proven liers like Conquest and thinks he is an expert on everything from Marxism-Leninism to history.

    1. Jerry Pournelle did not agree with you on Psychology. He also sad that Psychology whored itself out for political influence. He lamented there was no scientific sociology and held that a scientific sociology was possible.

      Under current conditions, a scientific sociology is as possible as truthful, and working, communism.

    2. Are you a communist and an apologist for crimes against humanity?

      1. Commit is a vile, evil, despicable mouthpiece for torturers and murderers. His hero’s are demons like the Cheka, who nailed innocents intestines to trees and made them run around them. His god is pure hellacious evil, and his words, as all Communists, are lies

      2. @ Nevin Gussack As I understand it, the ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’ you espouse would work in a strongly religiously/ethnically aware society; the population (ie stakeholders) wouldnt stand for the immoral and anti-national treachery that goes on today. Barring these prerequisites, the apartheid-era soliution is perhaps the next-best thing. The prominent white HNP-politician Jaap Marais in his 1980’s book ‘waarheid en werklikheid’ explained the existance of state-run corporations. This was based, he saId, not on socialism, but on nationalism; it prevented ‘folks-strangers’ gaining a stranglehold over critical industries. He was talking about eskom, sasol ect. Undeniably there were few/no power outages in those days and krygskor (national arms procurement) was internationally first-rate.

    3. On the other hand, you’re an apologist for demonic mass murderers, so I guess nobody is perfect, eh?

      1. He seems to say the same about holodomor as a neo nazi and holocaust denier would say about this.

  11. He says some obvious truths about western problems, but so do many others. Does not make him an authority in everything.

    1. @Commit: you’re a vile slime ball and enemy of our country to deny Stalin’s crimes. While I’m a staunch opponent of neoliberal capitalism a la Reagan, Thatcher, Milton Friedman et al I absolutely despise Marxist Leninist Tankies and other anti-American currents within the Left.

      1. I am not an American. I hate unpatriotic people of any country, so did Stalin.

        I don’t know who is “tankie” on American left. Anti-american Americans are more likely Trotskyists than Marxist Leninist.

        You can’t simply return to pre-Nixon capitalism, the 40 years long FIAT ponzi experiment can’t be reverted. The elites know it, so they are trying desperate agendas such is the WEF’s great reset.

        The great reset people are using the same term stakeholder capitalism as you btw. Are you connected?

  12. Peterson’s conclusions are flawed because he is following the “end of history” script that was pushed on everyone in the early 90s. “We won the Cold War.” “Communism is Dead.”
    It is amazing how many people are still following this script.
    Everyone of them ‘useful idiots’ and fools, especially if they are not getting paid off.

  13. Glad to see a post from you Jeff! I thought maybe Russia or China kidnapped you. 🙂

    Great blog once again! Did you see Gordon Chang’s tweet yesterday? “One Chinese entrepreneur tells me that local officials are demanding that he convert his factory so that it can make military hardware. China is preparing to go to war.”

    Scary even though we know it’s happening. They are furious that Nancy Pelosi is heading to Taiwan in August. China state-affiliated media says: “If she really dares to visit Taiwan, it will be a major serious incident. She will be the enemy that divides China. She will experience a risky visit. She will also bear historical responsibility for possibly triggering a military conflict in the Taiwan Strait.”

    I’m wondering where war will spread next? Israel is also preparing for war. In the meantime, we’re melting in the middle of the country. Temperature today was 109 where I live. Heat and drought are killing all crops and some livestock. Got stored food?

  14. Have you considered reaching out to Jordan Peterson as a guest on his podcast? Your historical knowledge on these topics I believe he would find invaluable and I imagine he’d be open your harsh cristisms. On another podcast you were on you mentioned the “barrier of knowledge” to these topics is too high, and I couldn’t agree more. Someone has to be the educator on this topic. Another podcast I would also reccomend offering your appearence on would Tim Pool’s podcast, Timcast. They frequnent guest of your populatity at a nearly ‘open door’ policiy. They have wide reached and inevitablly dicuss the looming threat of cival war in America, WEF, the threat of communism and the like on a near daily basis however they never have enough bakcground knowledge to properly draw a cohesive narrative. I think you could provide that.

      1. Fair point, it could definetely be a hassle and unlikely. Usually they have formal channels set up for contact in these cases. Jordan Peterson has a buiness email set up you can access on his website or youtube ‘About’ page. I believe Tim Pool has a similar link on his website. You can also direct message him on twitter. Those channels may at the least be worth a quick email.

        In a more hassle way, you appeared on Alex Jone’s show before. Any contact there may be able connect you to Tim since Tim and Alex Jones are aquainted. Given you credibility, you may have a shot.

      2. One usually needs an agent to contact their agent. You can locate agents at:


        There is a membership fee, but if you register with an depleted or expired pre paid debit card, you get to use the service for a few days or so before they remind you that your card didn’t work. Then they contact you weeks latter to have you renew your membership. They even display the same card number so all you have to do is click okay and you get to use the service again on the same worthless card. This goes on and on to infinity. Amber Heard is with the William Morris Agency, for instance. Even she won’t answer me.

    1. Jordan Peterson aside, there are some prominent conservatives who reject this pro-Russia moral equivalency. Mark Levin on Fox (also Blaze TV, Apple podcast) has taken a strong stance in favor of Ukraine. Although he is a Reaganite and believes America won the Cold War, at least he’s taking notice of the Russia-China-North Korea-Iran alliance and realizes that America is outmatched in the Pacific. Unlike Bannon and other pundits who dismiss the idea of China invading Taiwan, he noted that Taiwan can be easily blockaded and the US navy is too thinly spread to take on China and defend other allies like Japan and South Korea. Levin is probably too high profile, but he might be amenable to having Nyquist on his show to discuss the dangers of the new Communist alliance.

  15. Given the direness of our situation, do believe US military intervnetion in domesitc politics is in any way a necessary intervention? Up and to a military coup. Or would that just breen an instabliity to which China and Russia would captitalise?

    Second question. As a concerned Australian, in the potencial global conflict do you imagine nukes being used down under? I imagine the we would just be invaded in the chaos.

    1. I spoke with someone in Australia yesterday morning — a friend. The situation we are facing has so many complexities. The economic complexities are the most complicated.

    2. Biden recently sold nuclear submarines to Australia, acing out France who recalled ambassadors from Oz over that. This abrogates the Treaty of Rarotonga for a nuclear free South Pacific. Not that China necessarily would have honored it. They were not party in the first place, but China is quite riled by the deal, of course, as the whole purpose of it is to defend against China.

      1. That’s actually encouraging. Perhaps China is not so ready for a fight as they might try to appear?

    3. Jaxon, have you been in Oz anytime over the past couple years? Reports are that the country has become as Draconian as China. Same goes for New Zealand and Canada; Commonwealth countries. Could it be that the Queen controls China?

      1. I live in Australia. Lost a Job and opportunites due to the mandates and covid measures. Reports are we are heavily infiltrated by CCP. Our current Government is of particular concern as to how comprimised it may be. I spent some time in Melbourne and saw an anti CCP protest group run by ethnic Chinese appear in a popular public space during the pandemic. It took all of 10 minutes for a Communist group, complete with Hammer and Sickle flags, to spring up in opposition next to them run by mostly white men. We are a concern down here.

      2. Please elaborate on that. The authorities in Aussie land are not exactly gentle giants. And I’m of the opinion that words fall on deaf ears and are punishable to the extreme. Then too, the means to resist have since been confiscated. Curious how they should fight the good fight.

      3. We have to keep hammering away at what lies behind the left, and what has neutralized the right. There is a core organizing mechanism that distributes marching orders, talking points and strategy. When you trace it back you arrive at hard-core communists. You arrive at the communist parties’ worldwide and the think tanks in Russia and China that originate/coordinate these strategies. Show the communist core, wake key players who are not communists.

    1. The Russians would have little need to send a sub up the Potomac as discussed in the link. They could fire one of their nuclear powered torpedoes from anywhere in the Atlantic and it could run up the river undetected. The 100 MT water blast would cover the whole area with a radioactive cloud. Our Castle Bravo test in 1954 was only 15 MT and spread fallout all over the Bikini Atoll and Marshall Islands and made some Japanese fishermen quite sick.

      1. I wonder if those nuke torps have the ability to lay dormant for awhile before use? Like you pre-position it in the area where you want it to explode, but it just lays there on the bottom until it gets a command signal to detonate. It would basically be like a nuclear sea mine in that guise, if that’s possible at all.

    2. Thanks for the link. Monkeywerx posts some very interesting, and very troubling, content.

  16. Hey Jeff, where is the best place to buy your book, Origins of the Fourth World War? Can I get the book directly from you since it is about $100 on Amazon?

      1. I really miss that guy. He promised that when the big one hits that he would be here to call the play by play. It’s up to you now Jeff. Maybe you could go to a broadcast school to develop that old school, Don Pardo radio announcer type voice.

  17. “So, the question arises: Why is Peterson doing this?”

    The appearance of the ‘intellectual darkweb’ had all the organic authenticity of Hillary’s mention of “Pepe [the Frog]” and the “alt-right”, with the Ferguson riots prefiguring St. Floyd of Fentanyl in the gnostic xenophillistine eschatology in the 2016 run up,– a recapitulation of convergence at the national politics level, shifting the Overton Window quicksand back into the safe and predictable grey zone of half-measures, and being liberals from two decades ago. The man has expensive Soviet propaganda art in his home – like Herr Schwab – and averred repeatedly whenever confronted with the 200 Years Together material of his beloved Solzhenitsyn. A benzo addict (self-prescribed) to the point of fleeing to Russia for induced coma withdrawal management (and to sidestep malpractice in Canada), with a terminally ill wife and divorcee slattern daughter leveraging him for fad diet grift schemes (with a new Slavic beau in tow).

    “Is there no similitude here?”
    He would have settled for a rail corridor to Koenigsberg as there is currently, and given the Suvorov thesis in combination with the Mannerheim audio, Barbarossa was imperative regardless. Midcentury German “world domination” conspiracy pushed by the Nuremberg prosecution was a projection sleight of hand by the Soviets, as were the Katyn deflections. The only heresy in this secular hellscape is anti-communism, perforce, Putler gestures, mustache man analogies, or anything resembling them can only be immanent concessions to the enemy’s framing whereof conservatives would do better to remain silent than blaspheme themselves.

    “Nobody in the West is threatening Russia with nuclear war. The situation is entirely the other way around.”
    Yes, absolutely. And as there are “no upper limits to [their] military cooperation,” so should there be no rhetorical concession to their counterfactual claims. Let them eat yellow cake.
    Patton was right. MacArthur was right. McCarthy was right. Angleton was right. We must end this this century or never at all. Naval gazing into the abyss for fear of becoming dragons by fighting fire with fire — Lenin’s ouroboros rope, ‘capitalists’ and ‘imperialists’ choking on their own circular, ineffectual ‘false consciousness’.

    “Right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power; while the strong do as they please, and the inferior suffer of necessity.” — Thucydides

    By Moore’s Law, and the moribund ideology and economic system of the devastated Sino-Soviet block, this should be only a ‘Thucydides Trap’ for them. They received technological hand-me-downs to late along with Paperclip dross post war and are sustained by comparable efforts into the present (or else they’d have found a way to shoot down the SR-71 Blackbird). None of it papers over the fractures and Ukraine ought to only be the beginning. Childhood for mankind must end, along with these secular gnostic fantasies, if we are ever to go out into the firmament and multiply among the stars. There are things we cannot suffer upon potential ‘cousins’ out there, perhaps in the grips of their own hylic powers and principalities, God willing.

    1. I am troubled by Peterson’s ties to Russia. How did his daughter get involved with one? Was Moscow subtly reaching out to an influential anti-communist?

  18. From the perfect conversation with Seth Holehouse – JR Nyquist: “‘Who gives a damn about Ukraine’, says Jordan Peterson. Well, I’m sorry Mr. Peterson, you’re a big disappointment.

    Russia needs to be on our side? That’s not our choice. They’re on China’s side. They made their decision long ago. It’s the Communists, Stupid.

    Wake up! Get oriented! They’re coming for us! We don’t have much time left. We can’t play around in the fog saying all these false narratives. They are killing Ukrainians. They are about to blockade Taiwan. And they want to bomb us and invade us and make a second China here. Read Chi Haotian’s secret speech. Look at the testimony Colonel Lunev gave.”

  19. Jeff-
    Your best post in my timeline with you. What I have always loved about you is your fearlessness in matters in which almost all the loud voices oppose your perspective.
    Since I live in Alaska, I have been preparing for years for the Russian invasion. There are still some holes in your analysis, but they are wee. And your courage and intellectual dominance are impressive. It is difficult to find a grammatical error let alone a typo.
    The trouble with Jordan is he detoured from his bread and butter, transgender politics, which is kiddy pool stuff.
    I flushed Jordan years ago, as a light weight, but because of his influence, I get your articles focus, separate from the difficulty of sustaining quality content, which you do better than anyone. Good job.
    And the campaign is going well ….I go on the radio tomorrow morning at 7:30….

      1. Errors are hard to avoid, especially when one goes outside the realm of his expertise. Just because one is an expert in one area, does not mean that he is an expert in all areas. But the temptation is to ride one’s fame to make dogmatic pronouncements on subjects about which one has little knowledge. Even Jeff has made that mistake, so I now overlook those errors as not being worth the effort about which to argue, preferring instead to listen and learn where Jeff speaks within his area of expertise.

        It’s better not to say anything at all than to make dogmatic statements based on hearsay or what others claim.

        I personally try not to post anything if I cannot verify it on my own or have more than one sources concerning that subject. But I too am guilty of having violated my own rule.

        I cannot defend what Jordan Peterson has done, it certainly looks far more than a mere error. At the very least, he should know better. Though from reading others’ comments, it appears that Jordan Peterson is a communist himself or at least a communist sympathizer.

  20. I am extremely skeptical of Peterson and his dossier. His house is apparently full of Soviet artwork lionizing Lenin. I did a little research and found Peterson tried to explain that away with no less than 5 contradictory or differing explanations. People just accept that at face value but it is extremely peculiar when one thinks about it. How many Nazi historians go to sleep under artwork showing how heroic Der Fuhrer was. I have zero surprise he comes out for Putin.

    1. As far as my analysis goes, Jordan Peterson has done a great deal of good within his domain. But when it comes to geopolitics of this magnitude, I like what Nyquist said in his interview with the channel Adapt2030, “The barrier to entry is too high”. This seems to sum it up. Among even our best analyist, there is just too much you need to know to decipher through all the misinformation thats been spread to garner an accurate picture of our situation. Jordan Peterson is just under the same impression most the world is.

      Watching that video, I believe you can tell he’s at least fallen for the “nuclear war will end everyone and can’t be won, so only a deranged tyrant, acting wildly and irrationally, whose been pushed into a corner, would be crazy enough to press that button.” He also clearly doens’t understand our enemy, how they have been waging this warfare in shadows and in the minds of our society. So he falsely draws the conclusion that the decadence in our society stems from our own failings as culture, which in part is true with our many strategic missteps. And so he see’s our systemic collapse as the true failing of west at large, which in of itself, is existanial threat enough for the east to in some way justify their evil actions in retaliation, not realising that it was this very side which has actively pushed us down this path with malicious intention, to create this very situation where we would lose sight of our own value and their evil can reign free and they can take us out.

      But who would do that cause “nukes kill everyone”.

      The idea that this, even in part, could in some way have been foreseen as the long range master plan of the communist, which was said to have died 30 years ago, and have the plan executed real world results, is so insane I can’t blame people for misunderstanding. “The barrier to entry is too high”.

    2. Is Jordan Peterson’s work being cited by Russian media? If so that may be a clue.

      This article also talks about 2 of the western misfits who work for the Russian state media. John Mark Dougan (Florida) and Eva Bartlett (Canada). Russia’s sham tribunal to investigate what it says are Ukraine’s war crimes. It uses western online influencers and propagandists, many of whom live in Russia and are contributors to the state media, with the aim of convincing Russian audiences that Russia’s claims are legitimate. The tribunal’s other purpose is to generate the appearance of evidence that can be submitted to future, legitimate war crimes prosecutions. That way Russia can clog up the gears of the international justice system and make it extremely difficult to prosecute real war crimes.

      That is Russia’s M.O., drown the world in lies and disinformation so people have to expend so much effort to debunk them that 10 other lies go unchallenged. An easier way to get around the “barrier to entry” is to understand that Russia always lies. That way one can at least steer clear of the disinformation, which is half the battle!


      Speaking of lies, it took a war for the EU to finally recognized Russia lied through its teeth about the MH-17 crash.

      Unanimously approving a draft resolution yesterday in Paris… the committee said it was appalled at the “disinformation” spread by Russian authorities…
      “Instead of providing reliable information to the competent investigative bodies, the Russian authorities spread disinformation, including successive contradictory versions of the events designed to create confusion. As demonstrated by open-source intelligence published in numerous reports, the Russian authorities even went so far as to submit manipulated radar, satellite and other data in order to obfuscate the truth,” it said.

    3. I was not aware of that, but given Peterson’s sinister infatuation with totalitarianism and Alistair Crowley, it is hardly surprising…

      Here’s another interesting tidbit from a newsweek article on the subject: “Peterson also described how his daughter [the same Mikaela Peterson now turned youtuber?] once bought him a Karl Marx [!!] doll at a scientific toy store that was half price…” How did his daughter know that, among all figures in world history, it is a representation of none other than *Karl Marx* that would bring so much joy to his father???


  21. JR Nyquist: “If we can hold out until their systems collapse, we’ll win.”

    WION – In China, a major financial crisis is unfolding. Chinese citizens in 86 cities are boycotting mortgage payments towards their homes. Chinese censors are erasing documents about this boycott.

  22. Here is the relevant source for my comment further above. I don’t know what the specific mission of the so called “Fifth Branch” of the KGB was, but it looks Putin might have obtained training early on in his career to subvert religion, in particular Christianity, which he is currently using to dupe millions and millions of Christian conservatives around the world.


    “This [Putin’s] refusal to confess a faith in God [from infamous Larry King CNN interview] is not surprising. It should be remembered, as Konstantin Preobrazhensky points out, that Putin “began his career not in the intelligence ranks but in the ‘Fifth Branch’ of the Leningrad Regional KGB, which also fought religion and the Church. Putin carefully hides this fact from foreign church leaders, and you will not find it in any of his official biographies… The myth of Putin’s religiosity is important for proponents of ‘the [Orthodox] union’. It allows Putin to be characterized as some Orthodox Emperor Constantine…”

    With reference to this latest article by Jeff, I believe that Peterson, like Putin (and Dugin), has worked as a Trojan horse to dupe and neutralize millions of people around the world with conservative leanings, in particular Christian conservatives – even (and perhaps, particularly) those in the so called farthest reaches of the far-right. In short, I believe that Peterson, like Dugin is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, although at least Dugin has the benefit of showing his rabid sharp teeth ready to devour his victims a little more clearly and honestly than Peterson (his “Foundations of Geopolitics” is very clear about the ultimate geopolitical aims of neo-Bolshevik Russia).

    Troy Parfitt recently published, “The Devil and His Due: How Jordan Peterson Plagiarizes Adolf Hitler”. He had compiled a series of excellent and very revealing interviews in the “Digital Defector” youtube channel, *ALL* of which mysteriously disappeared from the said channel. Peterson’s fanatical followers seem to have set to work putting lots of 1 star ratings on this book on amazon, which attests to the dangerous nature of the Peterson cult. His apparent infatuation (according to Troy Parfitt, and I believe the evidence is very compelling indeed) with the works and sayings of Hitler and A.C. himself (Alistair Crowley) seem more than a little troubling, to say the least.

    1. Emperor Constantine was a disaster to Christianity and the church. While on the surface it appeared to be a victory for the church, underneath it set off a process that destroyed the church from within. Much like the “fall of communism” destroyed the West from within.

      Unfortunately, most people merely look at surface appearances, not underlying processes. So they are fooled by Putin’s pretend Christianity.

    2. Ahh, the anti-Constantine types…wonderful. You’ve got a funny definition of disaster. You would have preferred more persecution and death as long as it means there isn’t a Catholic emperor. The people dying in the persecutions were Catholics too, is that why it would have been good to have more of it? That is sowing division in the Christian world. Most anti-Constantine protestants seem to like Donald Trump quite a bit. I do too, but Constantine was 10 times the leader that Trump was.

      Sorry Jeff, if this counts as stirring up religious debate you are free to filter this out, but I take these anti-Constantine people to be bashing Catholics and Orthodox.

      1. Reuben: I don’t know of what you speak. The baleful results of Constantine’s actions infect all churches. That includes the Lutherans, Baptists, Presbyterians and I can’t name a church that isn’t corrupted, some more than others. These are insidious processes that Constantine set in motion and are still acting today. We’re all in this together, so don’t divide us.

    3. Dugin says this and that, and the problem with certain “new Rightists”/”Alternative Rightists” is that they seem to hear only what they want.

    4. More has been made of Putin’s baptism than should be. He has been anti-religion, and is now using the ROC in the same way Stalin later did. Given Putin’s behavior, it is obvious the man is no Christian. No inveterate liar can be Christian.

  23. Russia’s defeat in Ukraine is inevitable. Even the pathetic Russian “patriots” are in growing numbers raising the alarm of imminent logistics collapse of the Russian military. I even saw one quote where a Russian military blogger states that the “lies” by their own side is their “worst enemy,” since it prevents recognition of the significant problems facing Russia.

    It seems the prediction by one of Ukraine’s generals–that Russia would face a crisis by the end of August–are completely true. It might even happen sooner than that. Already the rate of Russian firing into Ukraine has collapsed by more than 50% this past week due to all those ammo depots being taken out. All Russia can do is fire rockets at civilians or threaten nuclear war.

    What will Peterson and the rest of these idiots do when, in their insane worldview, the “globalists” and “LGBTQ” prevail in Ukraine over the super masculine Russian army?

    More importantly, what will China do when its ally has destroyed its conventional war making capability? It is said that all those tanks that Russia boasts about have a minimum of a 1 in 4 failure rate per Russia’s own military bloggers due to massive Russian corruption and incompetence at basic maintenance.

    1. Russia’s stated objective was for Ukraine to cease attacks upon ethnic Russian citizens of Ukraine in the Donbas. Ukraine and NATO ignored that concern. Subsequently, Russia has managed to turn a few fine old Ukrainian cities to rubble, and secured the Donbas for ethnic Russian Ukrainians. That’s an odd interpretation of defeat, and an even stranger view of victory for Ukraine.

      1. Ukraine was not attacking its own Russian-speaking citizens. That is Russian propaganda. Russia sent infiltrators, who worked with agents in Donbas, who started a war against the government in Kiev. If Russia did not interfere in Ukraine there would be no fighting in Donbas. It is Moscow’s meddling, not Kiev’s mistreatment of their own people that started this.

      2. What about the CIA training Azov Nazis in Ukraine since 2014, and the installation of a homosexual comedic actor whom the majority of Ukrainians have never supported? The CIA uses false flag operations all over the World. If the CIA were not in Ukraine, then you might have a more credible argument, Jeff. Let’s not forget the dozens of bioweapons labs tied to the US DoD and Wuhan lab, either. Some of them are undoubtedly remnants of Soviet R&D, but they were not for harmless defensive measures. Those labs under US participation were not defensive. They were gain of function development. The evidence confiscated by Russia, along with Hunter Biden’s laptop, will be introduced into evidence at the World Court, to prosecute the United States and President Biden for war crimes. The idea is to place the US under UN administration. If the US has an honest president by then, we will not relinquish sovereignty, but we will prosecute Biden and his cohorts.

        Americans can’t be afraid to root out corruption, even if Russia thinks that exposing corruption will bring hurt the US. We need to battle the subversive element that’s been making US wear masks, take lethal injections, or quit our jobs. We can’t deny the facts that our government has been taken over by totalitarians. Whether the subversive infiltrators are Communist operatives of Russia and/or China, or if Schwab, Soros, Rockefeller and Gates are independent of them, or are their followers, cognitive dissonance simply allows them to fester.

      3. Considering that objective was transparent BS, and Russians have been unable to secure their stated objectives of taking the Donbas, it is your post that is very strange Francis Vladimir.

    2. I believe literally 0% of what I hear about supposed Communist weakness, and you all would do good to do the same. In light of the fact that their primary weapon is deception, underestimating them can be an absolutely fatal act.

  24. Jeff, I was wondering what you thought about NYC’s Nuclear Preparedness PSA from about a week ago? There was no open blog at the time so I couldn’t ask.

      1. Perhaps we wont see more of this, regardless of how close war is. Isnt it safe to assume this city agency was cued in by the federal government? (They didnt make this up on their own.) And that other cities, counties, states will have already received the same message? They have just chosen to stay mum as to not create panic/keep everyone asleep.

    1. Particularly strange she was talking of ‘the big one’ ; as if describing an earthquake. Did she mean there will be a smaller (lower yield, tactical, emp) prelude? Could it be that they know something but they’re not letting on?

      1. I’ve wondered the same thing. The timing can’t be accidental. A lot of people were freaked out by the message. But I wonder how many of them took it a step further: “if we have to stay inside until we’re told it’s safe to come out, how much food and bottled water do we need to get through those days?”

        I remember years ago when NYC had an extended blackout and most of the residents didn’t even have a flashlight or candles. It was eye-opening for sure.

  25. Have you thought about doing a preparedness video or article explaining what to do in the immediate aftermath of a nuclear bomb, EMP, or foreign troops being unleashed against the U.S.? Maybe it could help some get ready for what seems to be coming.

    1. There are books and resources people can buy. I am not a preparation specialists, though I have interviewed them. Amazon sells several books like “Nuclear War Survival Skills.”

  26. The Marxists infiltrated us starting in the 20’s- seeding the West with degeneracy. Now they’ve sent in their agents to criticize the degeneracy they created. That’s all Peterson is doing. Who else visits Russia for their orders? David Duke and Harry Vox- both shills. The communists are working both sides and we are being pushed “right”.

    Dugin has been talking about destroying “liberalism” since the 90’s. He means real liberalism- and they’ve succeeded. The communists calling themselves American liberals are now a laughing stock to any thinking adult.

    In Dugin’s 1997 Foundations of Geopolitics book, which he refuses to translate into English, he states: “Russia should use its special services within the borders of the United States to fuel instability and separatism, for instance, provoke “Afro-American racists”. Russia should “introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements – extremist, racist, and sectarian groups”

    “Ukraine should be annexed by Russia because “Ukraine as a state has no geopolitical meaning…Ukraine should not be allowed to remain independent”

    We are being pushed into a contrived “right wing” fascist position- you remember Berlin in the 30’s right? Full of child prostitution, porn, primitive sex change operations. It’s the same play.

    1. And also the Nazis were not in any kind morally better, when Hess and others called women to “donate” children to men because of the losses of people in war

  27. Does this not let us think on Archbishop Viganò? He is either an intelligent man who was hoaxed bei Moscow propaganda.

    But how do we know who is really be a fool on this topic or who is working and iyling for “them?

    Some people will tell you that the Ukrainian leader has brought us in nuclear danger….

    1. So the president of the country being attacked is to blame when the attack fails and the attacker resorts to nuclear threats? What kind of twisted thinking is this? You either have a brain or not. You either wake up to reality or live the lie.

      1. And You can read those things written by people who should or could know better.

        I guess it is not merely the AfD spectre here in Germany. Polls suggest that it is wide spread that weapon deliverings should be avoided and the Ukraine should seek for a compromise. These people all do not even think about the possibility of a long term strategy in Moscow (and Peking).

      2. i am trying to convince people about that if Ukraine falls, the war will go on and the weakened Europe will become an appendix of Eurasia. Only few believe me – I left a facebook group about Anti-windturbins yesterday after noone cared about my commentaries about Nord Stream as a weapon and so on, and someone wrote that my jokes were really bad. I claimed for exclusion of those people and was considered to leave the group by the administration, a women, that is a member of CSU.

        But CSU seems to be a problem. The daughter of F J Strauss Monika Hohlmeier works for “China bridge” that declares China to be the global Leader, also HansPeter Friedrich,and Michael Glos, CSU, is member of the German-Russian Forum, like Platzeck, SPD oder Dagdelen,, SED/The Left (i think they are really “left”), Peter Gauweiler, CSU, the scholar of Strauss, claims a plebiscite about Donbass.

        Kretschmer, CDU in Saxony, wants the war to get freezed, we might know what this would mean, like in Transnistria.

        So it is not surprising that only a few people know about Hans Graf Huyn, 1930-2011, CSU, who voted against 2+4 because of Russian stratetgy. He warned over decades, but noone wanted to hear that, politicians and industrials.

        I am reading his “The german card- Moscow’s new Strategy” 1991.

        In the Church especially in Germany, the heart of Western culture, we have laymen and -women who support abortion.

        I guess this is the result of radical masonic subversion and eastern bolshevik propaganda. My children are born into a very mad world. The few who see this, cannot do much. Look at Torsten Mann, who seems to have given up Facebook because there is no chance.

      3. The victim of military aggression should surrender immediately. That is the only path of peace, says the Russian apologists. What is the matter with people who defend themselves when attacked? Everyone knows they are the cause of wars. Their existence in itself is provocation. And besides, dictators cannot help themselves. They have a paranoid mental illness that forces them to kill people. Show some sympathy.

    2. In this way certain terrorists are escribe as traumatizated people

      I wonder what those AfD-, FPOe a. s. o guys will look like when it comes ozt that the Russian “denazification” does not stop when it has reached them

  28. Zelensky has raised a communist clenched fist openly during his virtual conference with the EU Parliament not too long ago…him being an entertainer previously, one should at least be little bit suspicious of this, as the latest developments in Ukraine point out, and that this angle of publicly created situation may serve in Russia’s favor regarding the potential victory over the whole EU and NATO, as the most important communist operation is not the military part of the whole revolution, but the collecting of intelligence and judicial data on the true anti-communist opposition, this same and most dangerous strategy was implemented in Spain by the Stalin controlled communist elements before the civil war started, they were collecting personal data, including political and religious opinions on various prominent Catholics so to use such data later on during the political “trials” – and this is what is evidently taking place today the same exact strategy run by the communists, including the WEF – Comintern Directorate and various public information entities.

    When a certain person, according to certain information, about 15 years ago started a chat subject on SeanHannity.com website with the title “Democrats are Communists”, the personal computer of this person was hacked…and it may have been from that website…

    There is certain anomaly in certain people, who pretend to know the truth but when it comes to tell the truth, they are no capable of producing the good fruits of it…somehow.

    Regarding the question of the Catholic Church – all these people including Vigano, are excommunicated heretics, their religion which they call “Catholic” is not Catholic religion at all, it is an invention of the enemies of the Church and most likely it all came from the KGB directorate (the active measures against religion).

    General Sejna testified to Dr. Douglass that there were communist agents inside the Vatican back then in 1960s, but the situation was much MUCH worse. This is what Sejna knew and the Russians were probably more careful not to reveal the entire extent of their subversive operations against the true Church to their satellites.

    There is an evidence that Pope Pius XII found out that his own under-secretary of State Giovanni B. Montini had secret dealings with Stalin and even betrayed the Chinese Catholics when Mao etc. went revolutionary full speed.

    Montini, by Canon and Church Law was never validly elected to the Papacy, as in 1963 they were already heretics and no longer in good standing, as the Canon Law prevents heretics to assemble in valid Conclave and elect the Pope, and his predecessor Roncalli (validly elected John XXIII) attacked the Sacraments including the most important one for the continuation of the Priesthood the Holy Orders, which Roncalli, who has had ties to communists, have done on purpose to destroy the Apostolic Succession of the Church, so after 1962 the true and genuine Catholic Church is back in the catacombs…

    There is much more to this, including what they did to the real Sr. Lucia dos Santos, one of the 3 children from 1917 Fatima, her 1947 (or close to that year) interview with William Thomas Walsh about whether the world will become communist and her interview with Fr. Fuentes in early 1950s of course caused alarm among the communists, including in the Kremlin, as Sr. Lucia then replied to Mr. Walsh, when he asked her whether that includes the United States becoming communist: “YES”.

    She was “replaced” by an impostor heretic woman (this impostor died in early 2000s), this real Sr. Lucia had to be murdered under orders from the Kremlin (Khrushchev) so that the truth, which she had received from her supernatural communications with Our Lady, would be silenced.

    Somebody in recent years hired some experts in facial recognition (with court expertise credentials) to testify that this impostor was NOT the real Sr. Lucia and that these were 2 different women. This is nothing new for the experienced communist KGB assassins, as this has been done before, but in this case it involved somebody who had verified and Church approved apparitions from Heaven which has happened in 1917 Fatima and then 1929 in Tuy, Spain and so on.

    The woman impostor heretic was all involved in this new non-Catholic religion, was very friendly with the Stalin connected Montini (while he was pretending to be the “Pope”), to Bp. Wojtyla, who was himself also part of this apostate sect and never valid Pope, and so on.

    The testimony of Mr. Pacepa even confirms that fact about Putin, that he is a communist fraud and not “Christian”, as if there was any true Divine help to Putin to be truly Catholic, then he would have nothing to do with this Novus Ordo Sect occupying the Vatican, including this scandalous impostor Bergoglio, who is nothing but a layman and not so much as valid Priest.

    Mr. Pacepa in his article about the Liberation Theology testified that this whole thing was concocted in the KGB, and that “Patriarch” Kirrill, KGB agent, code name Mikhailov was involved in all that, and much more.

    There is a video footage from communist Cuba of Bergoglio hugging this same KGB agent Kirril and signing some kind “concordat” of cooperation between this horrible sect and the KGB “Russian Orthodox”..

    Vigano, just like the rest of them, is nothing but an impostor, and not even valid Catholic priest, as they don’t have valid ordinations in that Sect since 1962. Roncalli and Montini had both FBI files opened up for their communist connections, the FBI file on Montini took the FBI 9 months to produce under FOIA, and the person who attempted this the FBI sent only copies of some old newspaper clippings and nothing substantial…which testifies to the communist penetration of that institution, as to penetrate the true Church with communist agents was and still is their number 1 priority…

    Much more is available on this subject – but the general rule is – if it could be bad, when communists, especially Russians are involved, it is probably MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH WORSE than it is actually visible…even China is not that advanced in lying as the Kremlin Mafia, although this point is debatable …

    1. Okay, thanks, I do not want to discuss the sedisvacantism issue here, just one question- if we do not habe a succession for 60 years – then there is no visible Church any more. Or do Yout think that they are, and if, what do You think where they are?

      1. Sedevacantism is a heresy, according to the infallible doctrine of the Vatican Council under Pope Pius IX. article 4 Pastor Eaternus, Perpetual Primacy…Where the catacombs are is of no consequence now, because people have accepted this false religion, regardless what St. Paul says in Ephesians 4 – one BODY, one Spirit…one Lord, ONE FAITH, one Baptism…

        Apostolic Constitution of Paul IV Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio (1559 AD), point 6 explicitly nullifies election of a heretic to the Papacy, the same for appointment of a Cardinal, Archbishop etc. – and if there was a heretic sitting on the Chair of St. Peter, that alone of itself would mean the gates of Hell would prevail against the Church, which again is a direct heresy…

        Canon 188, #4 severs IPSO FACTO and without any declaration a heretic from his clerical office, which includes the Pope, and most importantly Divine Law takes away the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven from those who betray God, serve the devil and would use that Supreme Office to sentence people to Hell…and Canon 2314, 1917 Code, excommunicates IPSO FACTO all heretics, apostates and schismatics from the Church, specially reserved to the judgment of the (true) Holy See…

        God was the only in 1962 Who intervened, otherwise it would be a heresy if there was no true Pope, and against the Church Law (Vacantis Apostolicae Sedis, Pius XII, year 1947 but it could be before, don’t remember the exact year now)…which says 18 days for the Cardinals to assemble in valid Conclave and to begin electing the Pope.

        We do have a succession, but that would it as far as this publication can go at this point, as very few would believe this and even less would consider converting and being truly Catholic, which is nothing else but Catholic Tradition.

        So you have to rely on the mercy of God, if He will see that you are worthy to be truly Catholic, you will be one of the “eagles brought to the body, wheresoever it shall be…” (St. Luke 17, St. Matthew 24).

      2. I am glad for the full explanation, if only to learn from a more knowledgeable person how convoluted things have become in Catholicism, and how problematic our institutions once they have been colonized by the communists. But how does this relate to my piece about Jordan Peterson?

      3. It is the old war, ex oriente lux vs ex oriente lucifer, who followed the truth as a shadow It is the war between Asian gnosticism,Arianism and so on, and Athanasius, between caesropapism and Pope Gelasius, between byzantinism and Germanic Catholic Occident.

        See for that Oswald Spengler “Jahre der Entscheidung”, 1933, and his mentions about the “coloured world revolution” to be led by Russia.

        What about Bishop Rudolf Graber, 1903 – 1992, wo, as a young priest, spoke about the German Mission and the “Reich” in 1933, a speech that was modified to be published in some NS terms, he mentions the German Middle Ages, Thomas and Scholasticism as the greatest period and I think he was righti. Later he wrote agsinst modernism and secret societies, communism and about Fatima, he was the Marian bishop.

        I suppose to read “The monks of the West” by Count Montalembert in 19th Century, who tells us that the barbarian German(ic)s were liberators from byzantinism.

        Today’s byzantinism is found in Moscow and Peking and in Davos. I do not know if the Rakovsky protocoll is authentic, but the content seems right to me.

    2. CONCERNED: There is a lot to unpack here. The communist/Russian/Chinese infiltration of the West is a complex topic. Furthermore, the infiltration of the Catholic Church follows the pattern of other infiltrations. At what point does an organization become communist from the inside? What is the communist degree of control? Can the organization be taken back? How many good people remain? Do we acknowledge that good people can be deceived by communist lies and captured by communist-controlled organizations? (And how do we politically meet this challenge?) Can we also acknowledge the readiness of some people, in some countries, to fight back — to use clandestine methods to fight clandestine methods? The game is not simple, and the philosophical bent of the players is as varied and confused as modernity itself. The argument that Zelenskiy is a communist because he raised his hand in a clenched-fist salute, should be set aside. Someone raised in a communist country, in the Russian language, is going to employ expressions from that upbringing — expressions or mannerisms that are simply cultural and not ideological. One needs a better proof of Zelenskiy’s treachery than that. We need to be more careful and nuanced. Zelenskiy is a complex figure from a complex place. He has gone through many changes in his life; from Soviet citizen to the citizen of an equivocally independent Ukraine.. Zelenskiy was educated to be a lawyer, but he became a comedian. The content of his television show, “Servant of the People,” favors political reform and national independence from Moscow. It contains slaps at Soviet ways of doing things, and barbed jokes about Russia. It refers to America’s Founding Fathers favorably. What can one say about a piece of comic art that is naively liberal in the post-Soviet sense? Could honest Ukrainians have produced something better? It seems like a good point of departure to me. It reflects aspirations that the West can hardly relate to, and it reflects minds that still suffer from a Marxist-Leninist hangover. No doubt you will make something of Zelenskiy’s participation in a gay dance video. As I understand it, Zelenskiy is not gay. He is married with children. And whatever he has been, or did in the past, does not prove anything about the present. Which of us is the same person as twenty years ago? In judging a person’s motives and sincerity we ought to be careful. If we look at the incredible damage done to the Kremlin regime by Zelenskiy, it is difficult to see how he is a communist agent. One must always watch events with a critical eye, of course, and look for the usual warning signs. But we need some solid evidence for an indictment, and deeper knowledge of the man. Like anyone else, Zelenskiy’s political philosophy probably does not align with my philosophy. That doesn’t make him a double agent or an enemy of my country. And that doesn’t make Ukraine a country unworthy of sympathy and support. Politics is not the realm of ideal choices, where we are free to only associate with saints. What we mustn’t do is align with murderers and criminals. There will never be a utopia, and we need not undermine our own strategic position by rejecting imperfect friends and allies because we will only fight side-by-side with angels. I see no saints to align with, but only modern men who might do better if we can encourage them. As far as Zelenskiy’s ties to oligarch Kolomoyskyi, little can be determined. Jewish oligarchs have a tendency to break with the Soviet structures, playing remarkably astute games. In Russia they sometimes die, or go to jail, or flee abroad. Ukraine has presented us with another story altogether. Loyalty to the Communist Party underground structures is never assured when it comes to oligarchs. Everything with a Soviet taint is not Soviet, otherwise we must write off all former communist countries as pariah states; and this would be an error, since some former communist countries have attained a remarkable degree of independence — proving more consistently anticommunist than the United States. Look at Poland, and also Ukraine. These two countries have balked at Moscow’s control, exposed Moscow’s agents, by standing up for their respective national interests. The weeding out of Moscow’s agents has been a constant process, especially since 2007. We cannot say the same for America. The peoples of Poland and Ukraine, as most people everywhere, operate on instinct. They instinctively know things our people do not. Have they been fooled? Often. But the Ukrainians have been learning, and they have learned through very hard lessons. As Edmund Burke suggested long ago, reform is better than violence. And yes, there has been violence in Ukraine, and that violence is the measure of Moscow’s desperation and not Ukraine’s unworthiness. Ukraine was a large and essential part of the Soviet Union. It was ruled by hidden Soviet structures for many years. But in 2004, with the Orange Revolution, a crack appeared in the Soviet edifice. In 2014 that crack turned into a revolution. Having studied war and strategy my whole adult life, I cannot see any evidence that the war in Ukraine is fake, or some kind of a game to Moscow’s advantage. Some of my Polish friends, long ago, argued that every pro-Western politician in the former Soviet territory is an agent of Moscow. Would that include Boris Nemtsov, Galina Starovoytova and Alexei Navalny? While it is difficult to tell the players without deep knowledge of the people involved, history shows that everybody cannot be in on the communist conspiracy. And there is no strategy, no foolproof mechanism, for controlling human beings. When your back is turned, they grab for whatever freedom they can. As for the war in Ukraine,, I have seen satellite imagery of the damage done by Ukrainian rocket artillery strikes,. We know of the destruction wrought on the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. We can also see the vengeful Russian bombardments against Ukrainian cities. The idea that this war is somehow “fake” cannot withstand close scrutiny. Russia is suffering serious damage and Ukraine is suffering worse damage. What possible gain could communism get that would be worth this kind of moral and material damage? Ukrainians hate Russia right now, and they will hate Russia for at least a generation. This cannot be undone, either in Kiev or Moscow. There is no healing that rift, and the cost to Russia — even if Russia wins — could be fatal to the hidden Soviet structures that rule Russia. However complicated or multidimensional the struggle, the great lesson of totalitarianism is that people always resist control when they get the chance. Only force and fraud, liberally applied, can overcome freedom. And sometimes force and fraud, when opposed by brave men and women, is not enough. We have to be exacting in our analysis of communism, and we should not attribute infallible conspiratorial talents to the communists. They are human beings. Their strategies are real and their conspiracy is real, but their setbacks and failures are also real. From my experience of watching these events unfold, we must avoid painting people or countries with too broad a brush. Zelenskiy could be a bad actor, but I have not seen anything that proves the case. Is he philosophically confused in his opinions? Probably. Is he growing as a politician? Could be. Is he a traitor who only pretends to help his country? Given the damage Zelenskiy has done to Russia, I do not understand how the communists turn this to their advantage.

      1. Mr. Nyquist, there is no proof that Zelensky is a communist and that was not the argument, the argument was the level of trust these governments in “former” USSR should or should not have, based on their actions, and yes, Zelensky wants to fight the Russian aggressors, but at the same time he has not specified this more publicly why it is so, while he had so many opportunities, that is that Putin wants to reconnect the Soviet republics into the USSR and that for that reason EU and NATO should help Ukraine more vigorously and cut off any connections and economic purchases etc. from Russia, and that this is the ultimate survival because otherwise it means worldwide communist tyranny, Moscow and Beijing in charge.

        It is of no consequence what Zelensky did as entertainer, but that these circles were in the “former” Soviet Bloc so highly penetrated by communists and KGB informants and that, without this affiliation a person would not get inside these circles at all, and so, given the fact that this long-term deception of “collapse of communism” is nothing but any true justice lacking fraud, such circles cannot be trusted, no matter how favorable they may seem to an outsider to be.

        It is what Zelensky didn’t do when he had a chance to do it – meaning he was silent about the danger of Russian communism spreading all over the world, and that this war in Ukraine is the last chance for those who truly value the liberty of conscience, to fight back, as otherwise the time of the Antichrist is approaching.

        The article you wrote, there is no argument against it, so this about Zelensky is of consequence to complete the picture, and if there is any help to the Ukraine government, it should rather be to the Ukrainian people than the government, which, as these doubts do exist, should not be accorded that kind of trust as the will of the people to defend their homeland should have – of course, given the fact that the will of the world to defend this sacred liberty of conscience is still somewhat there, otherwise what else can be expected to happen but that the evil will, for 3 and half years (as foretold) be the aftermath…

        In other words – caution, not to jump into euphoria that there is trust, when such things as communist clenched fist on worldwide TV and during the public appearance of the head of the state is evidently there – this is how the communists do recognize themselves, when they pretend to fight against their masters, as ordered, the controlled opposition…again, no proof that Zelensky is one of them, but he did it, so the level of trust should be cautiously amended…

        To your last paragraph – the result is that Russians will have the proof against all those countries involved, if these countries continue helping Zelensky to fight back, and Ukraine might well be the country which could be thoroughly decimated by Russian nuclear attack, and used as nuclear blackmail against the rest of the world, including the US.

        You know better than anybody Mr. Nyquist, that by now there is no balance in nuclear armament and that Russia, China, NK etc. are one communist bloc, fully armed with nuclear superiority and that they will not hesitate to use it to their strategic advantage. They don’t mind loosing their 10 thousand plus foot-soldiers in Ukraine, if the effect of deception (Russian incompetence) is secured and the NATO and US is fooled into regarding Russia’s military ability as marginal…Sun Tzu strategy once again.

        Because then anything else can be used as a tool, including Islamic terrorist attack against the US, which would be run by Russian Spetznaz instead, this way when they publicize long enough that Iran has nuclear ICBM capability, that sudden nuclear attack against US targets can be traced back to Iran only, but not to Russia…these kind of possibilities should be examined very carefully, because otherwise there is a chance of military blunder and ultimately defeat.

        It is understood that Zelensky is fighting back, but the question is whether he is the honest sincere force or secret Moscow asset to lure people of the West into this impossible situation, which again, the ultimate losers are the ordinary people of Ukraine.

        Therefore the solution should be more aggressive on part of EU and NATO and the US, instead of marginal help to Ukraine and monetary purchases of Russian gas and oil, which is the blunder of blunders yet to be seen surpassed…Sorry for the lengthy response.

      2. Actually, Zelenskyy has said that Putin wants to be a second Lenin, which implies a return to the Soviet Union. I quoted him extensively already, in a past article. I believe he said this directly to a group of a Russian journalists on 28 March. My memory is not perfect, but you should read my past essays here to find it.

  29. Great article as usual.

    Some people may enjoy this piece by Naomi Wolf – seems she dug deep enough into Pfizer to uncover the China connection.


    The big question for me is – who is on our side?

    Not Biden et al, not the health agencies (by the way, word is employees are bailing out of FDA, CDC, etc after the approval of jabs for young children ). The military!? I immediately see images of Pollyanna every time I hear “General Millie”, the guy who was ashamed of having walked to a church with Trump.

    One reason so many Americans jump into this Putin as savior idea is that all they see are alligators in our lake trying to eat us. So in desperation, they look for good news elsewhere. People need leaders, and sadly, there are few to none to be found at this time. But delusions won’t save anyone.

  30. One has to add this important point – Ukraine has at least 4 nationalities, specially Western Ukraine, which was stolen after that treasonous pro-Stalin conference Yalta by Stalin from Czechoslovakia, Poland and perhaps part of Hungary as well, just like Moldova was previously part of Romania.

    Western Ukraine used to be very Catholic, Lvov was part of Poland. There is a great book called The Rape of Poland by the last democratically elected Polish PM Mikolaiczik (spelling ?) who had to escape Poland after Stalin ordered his assassination.

    This PM testifies in this book what Churchill words were and how Churchill himself betrayed Poland, and Roosevelt was there with Churchill as well…so no wonder Ukraine people don’t want anything to do with Russia, they still remember what the famine was like and what evils Stalin did to their forefathers.

    What needs to be understood is the fact that it is one thing to regard the people and another what their government is up to. Russians have been known to maintain their clenched fist grip over those countries and so these governments cannot be taken at face value, including the one of Zelensky.

    What is the KGB penetration of them ? How many of them are in truth communists, since the whole country was communist for so long, when their education was always ever since atheistic and therefore communist, so that where is the honesty of truth coming from in those “formerly communist” governments ?

    Russians can use this angle of “you have helped our enemy Ukraine so now we will crush you” on all countries involved, and the controlled opposition in power will just continue the prearranged plan, which is what the Kremlin Mafia desires in the first place – why would they not continue in this, when the result is what counts.

    The people of Ukraine want to be free of Russian Bolsheviks, they know that is the imminent danger, but what about the government itself, will they continue the course, or only for a time and then what ? And when the Kremlin orders to stop come to all controlled opposition, including the one in DC, what then ?

    In the end only God can help, but those who are not on His side will hope in vain…

    1. It is a serious problem if traitors in Washington undercut our defense in order to surrender our position. And we must be on guard against this, and refuse obedience to any government that commits treason.

  31. Reading some of the comments, I get the impression that some of the commenters believe that our enemy must be EITHER the globalists/wef OR China and Russia. We should consider the possibility that our enemies are BOTH the globalists AND China and Russia. In fact, I believe that our enemies are the globalists AND the communists AND the Islamic jihadists AND the transhumanists and possibly others. I don’t know how much these groups are essentially the same with different window dressing versus independent groups that are aligned and collaborating, but they are all against us, and we must be cognizant of what all of these groups are doing and be ready to defend against all of them.

    1. Jeff seems most certain that they are all strawmen of a Russia/China alliance. The late, Fr Malachi Martin, PhD, wrote that Russia, the United States, the European Union, and the Vatican, are in competition for World dominance. He didn’t mention Great Britain, but at the time they were in the EU. He didn’t mention China, either. I wonder why he didn’t?

      If Russia actually controls all the players, I have to wonder what the point is to all the fooling around? Why don’t they just announce, ‘Check-mate’? This is not to absolve Russia of nefarious intentions, but not to excuse other aspiring dictators either. Consider a game of poker with musical chairs on the deck of the Titanic.

      1. Frank: I am deleting some of your comments. They are woefully off topic and damaging to my site. I know there are serious problems with what you are writing, and half-suspect you are a troll sent to make this discussion appear toxic — like your long screed (which I deleted) about repealing the 14th Amendment (which freed the slaves near the end of the Civil War and gave them citizenship). So I am asking you to stop posting here. I am not flying a Confederate Flag. You have worn out your welcome. My time is too valuable to police your off-topic intellectual misdemeanors, and I am not re-fighting the American Civil War.

      2. Jeff, it would be more reasonable if you were able to specifically address what it is I have written which you take issue with, rather then to cast snide aspersion against me. Apparently you have no intellectual argument against my statements.

      3. I do not have the time to argue the merits of the 14th Amendment, which freed the slaves. If you think African Americans should return to slavery and lose their citizenship then I regard you as a divisive crank at best, a damaging troll at worst. My objective is to unify Americans. If you are so thoughtless as to lay this turd on my doorstep I will make you eat it.

      4. The ends don’t justify the means. Take your fondness for Pinochet for instance. You seem to support rule of the CIA over the Bill Of Rights. Tell me you honestly believe that Zelensky was honestly elected and truly represents the majority of Ukrainians. Biden just declared another emergency, just as Alex Jones predicted. Climate rule by Covid model. The same thing that Lincoln did. The United States was created pursuant to the illegitimate 14th Amendment under Martial Law, which has never been rescinded. US Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas foreshadows an inclination to rescind the 14th Amendment. Is he racist, or do you consider him a house negro?

      5. Frank: You are doing what every troll has done on this site since its inception. You are putting words in my mouth, and misrepresenting my views. But more than that, you are drawing people away from my subject-matter. Only a communist, OR A REALLY STUPID CONSERVATIVE, would accuse me of being a CIA shill who is fond of Pinochet. Funny thing. I’ve never written about Pinochet (who is a favorite whipping boy of communists). At the same time you force me to take sides in the American Civil War so as to rub salt in an old national wound. Wow. That’s sophisticated, Frank. Your erstwhile trainers know that I will lose readers if I discuss the American Civil War. You see, if I discuss the American Civil War, I either risk alienating Southern conservatives or I establish my racist credentials as an opponent of the 14th Amendment. So, you can pat yourself on the back for dividing my readers and blotting out my message. This goes to show the sophistication of your side’s “divide-and-conquer” game. And I must thank you for providing my readers with a good object lesson on how communist tactics work. Most of my countrymen are clueless about this, and always fall into your little trap. Your kind also like to stir up religious animosities, too. Just get old Jeff talking about religion and he is bound to offend Catholics or Protestants or Jews or agnostics. Whittle my audience down as much as you can. In consequence, I have been attacked as a Catholic shill and as a Jewish shill and as a an agent of fundamentalism. I beg everyone’s pardon, but I just want my country defended. Is that such a bad thing? Everybody wants to divide and break up with other Americans. I can assure folks that they won’t survive doing that. The only defensible formation we have is America. If America divides we’re all dead. I’m about uniting the country against a COMMON ENEMY. Some months ago, posters here caused a hateful religious debate between Protestants and Catholics. It was a big educational moment for me. So I made a decision, then and there: Nobody here is going to debate who is going to Heaven. As for your 14rth Amendment nonsense, Frank, you can go straight to Hell.

      6. Furthermore, the Equal Protections clause of the illegitimate 14th Amercement did not in fact free the slaves. What it did was make all persons equal as property of the State.

        The South boycotted the First Congress after Lincoln’s war. The Fourteenth Amendment was imposed without a Constitutionally required three fourths majority. It’s the first instance in the Constitution with the terms, United States, Person, and Privileges. Prior to that, it’s The United States Of America, Men, and Rights.

      7. Ad hominem attacks as humorous as they can be when made by clever authors, might actually clarify an issue. Therefore I’m left wondering in what way you find me to be divisive? The conflict is between the 14th Amendment and the Constitution of The United States of America including the Bill Of Rights.

        This would be getting off topic, but I wonder if Justice Thomas has an opinion of if the Bill Of Rights inherently disallows slavery?

      8. I did not attack you. I explained why the things wrote were malicious — whether you wrote them out of political ignorance or maliciousness.

      9. PS — Frank: Justice Thomas is not against the 14rth Amendment. Justices of the Supreme Court cannot be “against” Amendments to the Constitution. They are sworn to uphold those Amendments. To write something so dumb as you have written, is provocative. I cannot tell whether you are putting me on, or you really are that stupid. Either way, I don’t want you posting here. I do not want you reading my articles. The thought of you actually reading my words is painful.

      10. You are a sly-tongued one, Frank. The kind that always gets my dander up. You truly are a wretched creature. You can’t divide us though. I’m a proud Southerner, but I dont give the least care if a fellow American thinks I am white trash, as long as we can stand together against our common enemy. I am a Fundamentalist Christian, and I will work with Catholics, Amish, or any decent American against our enemies. You can’t even fool the least of us such as me. Your endeavours to divide are very useless on this site IMO

      11. Frank Gibbons is a Communist who wants to bring back slavery in America.

        All freedom-loving, patriotic Americans would do well to oppose him.

      12. Fr. Martin was suspected of being KGB asset inside the Vatican, he was IPSO FACTO excommunicated heretic, asked for to leave his priesthood and join the rank of the laity, which is an unheard of degradation and perhaps even against the Canon Law as valid priest cannot do this of his own will, if this is not the censure, he certainly was severed from his clerical office as heretic (Canon 188, #4, Canon 2314, 1917 Code of Canon Law etc.) – he was there with Roncalli and Montini and Wojtyla, involved very actively in their evil deeds against the true Catholic Church, for which they all pay in Hell forever.

        He is NOT a good source of the truth, he was involved in disinformation – for the KGB that is.

        Your example of him saying such things shows the lack of proper understanding how Fr. Martin not only spread deliberately falsehood and pro-communist deception in regards to Bishop Wojtyla being “anti-communist” and heretical fabrications of the kind as recognizing non-Catholic Novus Ordo Sect as Catholic, which is again a horrible heresy, of which canonical and dogmatic fact Fr. Martin was bound to be never ignorant, and so he was a member himself of this Novus Ordo Sect, died in it and is paying for his betrayal of the true Catholic Church in Hell, as this sect cannot absolve themselves from the sin of apostasy and heresy…they lack any authority nor membership in the Catholic Church at all.

    2. I think we have to be even more nuanced in our approach. Because people do not understand the complexities of modern politics, they may not realize how many different political philosophies are at work simultaneously. The West is pluralistic, not totalitarian. The communists have established many false fronts here, of which the WEF is definitely one. They have infiltrated various groups, including the paleocons. It seems to me that none of the major opinion-groups have clean hands. They have all taken on false narratives of one kind or another. To give one example: The term “globalist” meant something very different 70 years ago. The same can be said for Libertarians, paleocons and neocons. We are now tangled up in many hopeless misunderstandings. Most people just settle for their favorite cartoon version of reality.

      1. Comintern continuation – WEF – this is the fact !

        Contacts between Schwab and Putin and Xi and presence of Kissinger etc., all matter of record. The WEF influence, which they try to hide is first and foremost an ideological communist one, and they pretend that the economic influence over the various national policies is the interest and goal, and in fact, as announced, Putin was expelled from WEF and denounced, to fool the honest observers that somehow there is no Russian (KGB etc.) oversight and to maintain somewhat independent appearance of the WEF members, giving them this way the opportunity to change their country’s policies as pretended independent legislative developments, instead of Moscow’s and Beijing’s strategic planning of the same…

        It cannot fail – Putin starts a war against Ukraine, he is no longer welcome at WEF, WEF supports Ukraine’s resistance, and at the same time the WEF members implement the same communist policies in their own countries which the Kremlin wishes them to implement, to take over the world by secret communist subversion.

        But the signs to recognize this fraud are clearly there – Lenin’s bust in Schwab’s office, his ties to the long-term KGB assets as Soros etc., policies of Trudeau (Cuban revolutionary blood you know), Rutte in Holland, the CCP virus and toxic injections bio-warfare, now these pretended anti-communist people who support and paint Russia as the “savior of the world” – this is probably one of the most important deceptive schemes Moscow wants to establish – Russian communists seen as saviors of the world and resisting the “globalist western elites”, most of which are communist assets all along….cannot fail.

        God will visit this world in equity soon, that is for sure, it is already approaching…

      2. CONCERNED :

        If someone is offended in public by others, this does not always mean that it can be taken seriously.

        Merkel denounced Putin, for example. But we know that her poliics show us the opposite. But this way the “Mainstream Mainstream” (Gender Climate Migration Abortion and so on) will think that Putin is their enemy, and “Alternative Mainstream” (Russia als saviour against western decadence) will think that he is their friend.

        If it were not thad sad, I would laugh about the AfD guys here in Germany because they do not see that there “Merkel muss weg” that they shouted out for years contradicts their loyalty to Putin.

    3. There are no globalists. They don’t exist. They are a figment of your imagination, created by Communists.

  32. “And then Peterson conjures up the Holodomor – Stalin’s terror famine against Ukraine, suggesting that Western observers who oppose the invasion of Ukraine are hypocrites because they do not know what the Holodomor is.”

    neither does he. But he is right on this. The only American historian of this period using primary sources is professor Grover Furr.

      1. I haven’t read that book, the name itself suggest it is not impartial. Even if honestly using sources available back in 90s, it is naturally repeating some Khruscevite lies. In Russia itself Stalin’s legacy was fully restored only recently based on newly declassified sources. I strongly recommend professor Furr’s work, he works with the newly declassified sources.

    1. Hey guys, this KGB mouthpiece would like us all to know that demonic mass murderer Stalin’s legacy was “fully restored” recently by the same KGB who perpetrated it.

      If Jeff will not ban these demons, the least we can do is ruthlessly mock and deride them.

      1. Seems there are at least two mouthpieces. I do not know who else. Everyone can take his observation.

        But it is too silly to protect, mediately at least, slavery and accuse others,simultaneously, of being an uncritical CIA fan.

  33. “So they say they believe in God. Good! Even the demons believe that-and tremble in terror.” (James 2:19). “Just as you identify a tree by its fruit, you can identify people by their actions.” (Matt 7:20). “We know we are children of God and the whole world is under the control of the evil one.” (1 John 5:19). The children of the devil, lie, murder and hate the truth-demon possession (John 8:44). Beware of false teachers they introduce destructive heresies, bring the way of truth into disrepute, experts in greed, loving the wages of wickedness, they seduce the unstable, exploiting them with stories they make up, enticing people who are just escaping from those who live in error, promising freedom while they themselves are slaves to depravity. For a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him (2 Peter 2). God cannot lie, He is the same yesterday, today and forever. We are the ones that have to change to only serve one master, unite with one heart, mind, motive and seek His glory only and not our own. “it is better, if it is Gods will, to suffer for doing good, than for doing evil.” (1 Peter 3:17). God is pleased with us as we patiently endure suffering for doing good (1 Peter 2:20).

    Can we even assume someone is even human in this age of robotics and trans humanism? Humans are now considered hackable instruments stuffed with robotics? Can we even appeal to any human consciousness in most those in control-have they not been bred to enslave humanity…they do not deviate from their programming.

    Is are only hope not to get out of the system? To unite and come together onto our own tribe our own political party and stop fighting city hall and be our own city hall? The Amish are more advanced than us…they follow their bibles not fake science. “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” We will now be called domestic terrorists for our beliefs-HR4350? We are out of time!

    If we don’t act now we will never get another chance. For the sake of our children and grand children, we need to act and walk by faith into the unknown-God will part the Red Sea and drown pharaoh-He did it once, He will do it again. We are now over the cliff, we need to be creative and courageous and try and climb our way out and suffer for the good of others and our children-or do we sit idly by in apathy and watch evil kill, steal and destroy America as we write about it?

    1. A practical note: We have to stand up for ourselves as Americans, and we need allies — outside our particular denominations. The Amish live because the larger society believes in religious liberty and tolerates them. I am sometimes troubled by the narrow sectarianism of our best conservatives. Faith is a good thing to have, but politics is a sphere unto itself. If you are a Catholic and the guy in the foxhole next to you is Jewish, you have to work together to survive. Our unifying document is the U.S. Constitution. If it fails there is no telling when we stop killing each other over our fragmented theologies and ideologies.

      1. I got flunked from a university course in Peace and Conflict Studies, in which i completed all of the assignments, fully participated in discussions, and took all the tests. If the professor didn’t like my work, he could have awarded me a grade of ‘D’, but to fail a hard working student who did all the work, and paid good money, is academic and financial fraud on the part of the teacher and school.

        The mistake I made is the same as with Jeff. They can’t tolerate any view other than their narrow own. The professor asserted in his book which we were assigned to read and write a report about, how the Amish were the model which Americans ought to emulate. My point is that the Amish don’t make everything they need, so shop at Walmart for other items.

      2. Frank: You have to understand. I have many communist trolls here who pose as conservatives. They post malicious racist, antisemitic and religiously controversial material to disrupt this site. You just did that, whether you know it or not. My patience is short.

      3. Jeff, there are only 2 kinds of people on this earth: the Lord’s elect and everyone else. You’re looking at it wrongly if you think you can corral disparate sects and denominations behind the just cause of saving America. This thing is not about America or the Anglo tribe beyond or the West or democracy or liberty; we’re way past all of that. This is about Satan trying to prevent the emergence of Christ’s Kingdom on earth and until you grasp that, all your efforts to alert conservatives are going to flounder. This is a spiritual war, so consider the higher causes, not the immediate effects. The Word of God, not the US Constitution, is man’s highest law and the only authoritative guiding document. You’re a decent man, Jeff, a true conservative and one who will not bow the knee to brought-to-life, menacing, living, breathing, obeisance-demanding sacred cows of the neo-Marxist beast, which things are its prophesied image: BLM, LGBT, environmentalism, feminism, etc. For that reason, I have great hope for you; may God give you the humility and grace to see the full scale and nature of what we are facing.

      4. I am not interested in waging a religious war over who the elect may be. Anytime we appropriate such religious language for political purposes we are playing with fire.

      5. Jeff is correct. The only distinction that matters is between Americans and Communists. For every nation, for that matter.

        Religion, race, creed, sex, all irrelevant – we are all citizens together and we will all live or die depending on whether or not we unite based upon our common love of country.

      6. According to the Secret of Our Lady of La Salette (1846), given to Maximin Giraud (you can look it up) a great nation then Protestant in the north of Europe would convert and with its help all nations would become Catholic. This nation is America. The word “north” etymologically means “left” and “down”, precisely America’s position in relation to Europe, besides the fact America is culturally a prolongation of Europe, thereby (or in that sense) being its “north”. The point being that if you dislike religion mixed with politics, I am afraid you are bound to become disappointed; especially if this prediction seems to be related to the Three Days of Darkness that are themselves presumably close.

      7. I’m not speculating on who the elect may be either. That’s for God to know, not us, but going by Revelation 17:8, there is plainly hope for conservatives whatever their religion is at this time. Conversely, committed leftists have to be viewed as a lost cause.

        While bowing down to the red monstrosity’s animated idols is presently an article of faith in the new “ersatz religion” (to use your own nomenclature from a recent blog post), just wait until doing so becomes enshrined in law as a condition of participation in society in the coming digital ID / Chinese style social credit system. I think that’s when we’ll see how many ostensible conservatives – and professing evangelicals – will go along, for pragmatic purposes, just to get along and to put food on their tables.

  34. The Founding Fathers of The United States Of America, never envisioned, nuclear arms. Even if Americans could return to the original Constitutional Republic under Common Law, while ignoring incumbent dubiously elected officials and bureaucrats, the US Military has been purged of Conservatives. Only those who believe in Covid shots remain. If they were given saline shots as a test of loyalty, and aren’t going to die like those who got the actual lethal injections, then there will be a military of blindly obedient troops with no qualms about shooting Americans. On the other hand, if troops have been given the lethal injections, then the US armed services will consist of robotic weaponry.

    Question being, how is the nuclear arsenal to be secured, and how do the new agrarian Americans live in peace with Russia and China? The People are at a severe disadvantage on many numerous fronts.

  35. To Quietman’s comment of 4:45 PM I proclaim a hearty AMEN ! To those who may feel a flush of anger, take a deep breath and reread it. Jeff, this is no detraction from your mighty labors to awaken people but as QM ably stated – we have not hit on the root cause of our troubles.

    I know Jeff may throw up his hands in frustration at another “religious debate”, but I wont sidetrack much. How can we suppose a once mighty and great nation such as America is NOT in the Bible and was missed in Gods written account ? How can we suppose such a tiny (single) nation in the ME (although a multitude of nations was promised) to be the fulfillment of the multitude of blessings prophesied to the true Israel people ? We have been corralled and hoodwinked to a further extent than we realize.

    Our people must be awakened but the communists (and all enemies of Christ) are being drawn here BY GOD for their final destruction. Prepare thyself for the battle of the Day of the Lord. When the smoke finally clears, we wont be gazing upon the constitution but the Word of God.

    I often hear folks (partially) quote – Hosea 4:6 … “my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge …” (even heard Bill Clinton quote that much). But what of the rest of the verse ?

    1. Jeff’s approach is correct. He sticks to facts and documented events. If he spoke from a religious perspective, he could be discounted even easier from all non-religious people as a “crank”. As it is, I have never heard a legitimate criticism of Jeff’s scholarship, as he describes actual events, figures, names, dates, speeches. His approach is 100% the correct one. Religion has a place, but not as a foundation for waking the American people up.

  36. The plan always was to have a place for the Jewish guy in the foxhole to share with us. God loves everyone and His mercy and patience with us is proof He doesn’t want ANYONE to perish. But how can they know if we can’t tell them? How do you live in a country that wants to kill 90% of its population? Is our only choice to lay alive on the surgical table while they take out are organs to for their multi-billion dollar organ harvesting business?

  37. Surprise, surprise, surprise! (Gomer Pyle voice)

    Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday that Russia’s goals were more ambitious than Moscow had declared at the start of the war in February, when it claimed its goal was to “liberate” the eastern Donbas border region. Moscow’s war aims now extend to the provinces of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia in southern Ukraine, which are mostly occupied by Russian forces, Lavrov said.

    Lavrov also said a “number of other territories” are additionally included in the new war aims, though without naming them.

    1. Who woulda thougt?, lol.

      One thing I am very encouraged about among folks in my area. Though most of the people i rub shoulders with on a day to day basis do not look into things on a political or historical level very deeply, with one exception I have yet to talk with anyone, black or white, young or old, who thinks Putin and Russia are the good guys.

      Most folks around here are busy working, farming, prepping, working in their communities or churches, taking care of their families. They dont really trust nor pay too much attention to media and talking heads.

      Many here still have good instincts for truth and lies, and it seems to me, the majority of us would fight like the Ukrainians, Lord willing. Big shoes to fill, I know. The Ukrainians are fighting valiantly.

  38. QUOTE from Mr. Nyquist:
    It would have been far more respectable if Peterson had only said, “I believe we should abandon Ukraine because a nuclear war with Russia is not worth the risk.” We could then discuss the merits of appeasement versus confrontation. But Peterson says the West does not have the moral high ground. We have no right to oppose Russian atrocities. He suggests that the West has morally contaminated Ukraine so that Russia has been forced to stem the pestilence. There is only one faux pa in Peterson’s presentation: He failed to describe Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as “a special military operation.” UNQUOTE

    Firstly, there is no indication that this person is not connected in some way to the Russian communist scheme, if this Peterson is capable of producing such an idiotic compromise seeking opinion.

    But to reflect on this little more – so where is the limit of Russia’s intentions, how these, as evidently communist they are, how can they be countered if one quits before anything is in fact resolved ?

    Who have elected this Peterson to have any moral high ground at all, it is just his fraudulent opinion and in fact so disrespectful to the truth and true justice that one has to pause and think about it – so is he some kind of Moscow asset in all this ?

    Might as well begin to write for Pravda or Tass etc., or RT…

    One has to remember that there was never any true justice served against communism in the Soviet Bloc, none, and so majority of the communist crimes remained unpunished, including of those of the KGB criminal Putin, so how can anyone in good conscience defend Russian actions anywhere, as they are of communist criminals who do not have the authority of the legitimate state at all, as that involved criminal injustice and bloody criminal Bolshevik revolution in the name of condemned diabolical nihilistic atheistic philosophy !

    This goes back to Roosevelt and Churchill era, when the USSR was recognized diplomatically (Roosevelt) and then Stalin as a mass murderer and criminal appeased by land-grab etc. by Churchill at Yalta etc.

    Is there in the history of mankind any worst sell out on the principle of justice at all ? Millions of Polish, Slovak and other Catholics etc. were sold to Bolshevik dictator by the British Empire and the US government (by then already penetrated by CPUSA in some aspect).

    So now comes this dilemma – how to get out of this Russian and Chinese communist stranglehold when there is no military and diplomatic means to do so, as they are stronger than the NATO countries combined, and so such people then seek compromise to happen, and it isn’t there, so then the facts are rewritten to suit the mind in some way, so that it will all somehow fix itself at the end, and this doesn’t work, as justice is still thirsty and hungry, and there is no justice when victims of communism cry out for it from their graves – but looking back on this evil, what the UK and US governments have done in Eastern Europe in particular, now their own blunder comes back, and the appeasement of Russian Bolshevik criminals is the only solution such new Chamberlains are capable of, or they just continue sending arms to Ukraine without any consideration whether that is enough or not…and what happens when Russian KGB criminals as Putin begin to push nuclear buttons instead – and they most likely will push those buttons ?

    It is truly evident that since the regard for who these communists are in truth was completely set aside and they were simply accepted as tolerable partners instead of complete rejection and isolation and destruction of their abilities to further communism worldwide.

    So now come such people as this Peterson, not an isolated case at all, and lecture their flawed and disgusting opinions as if they were the arbiters of the truth and justice themselves, and they are not !

    The only time communism (Russian in particular) was fully defeated was the Spanish Civil War, which was in fact true Catholic Holy Crusade against Communism, 1936 -1939…otherwise all other attempts ended up in retreats and debacles…Vietnam, even Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. – the devil’s servants approaching the victory, but the true Catholic Church alone cannot be defeated by them, and so this is the only comfort, to those who are Her members, as God is with Her and no Bolshevik criminal can succeed against Her.

  39. Excellent essay! It really shows the problem of so many pundits who can only reason in soundbites and artificial constructs of reality. They almost studiously avoid studying the truth.

    It seems from the comments here that there is credible evidence that Peterson is a Russian agent. If that’s the case then he’s not merely clueless, he knows what he is doing. Interesting that he has a background in psychology, it must come in very handy when trying to manipulate the masses. He also went for low-hanging fruit in opposing transgender pronouns, a relatively easy way to establish his conservative credentials. But regarding the war in Ukraine, his arguments are full of inexplicable moral contradictions and omissions that are designed to move conservatives into the Russian camp and make them uncaring about mass murder. This is very dangerous.

    Regarding Peterson’s invocation of the Holodomor to delegitimize people who oppose a second potential genocide (maybe another clue that he’s a hardcore Communist). How often in the past on conservative forums have I seen people mention Stalin’s famine as a way to score cheap points – to show that the NYT lied, that Communist economics suck, that the victims of Communism don’t get nearly as much attention as those of Nazi Germany (doubly ironic now!) etc. But the event is never discussed as a horrible act of genocide in its own right. Only through the lens of the Western Right vs the Western Left. And because Communism in Russia is ‘dead’ it’s old history and not relevant anymore. So of course, Russia’s new attempt is (dis)missed and now we have legions of conservatives unthinkingly playing the role of Walter Duranty. While taking potshots at the real Duranty!

    Some conservatives are now pushing a parallel inversion of morality to the Leftist one. The conservative-sounding inversion holds every insidious destructive practice of the West, from pronoun confusion to abortion and coercive vaccination, as being worse and more malignant than the military aggression and mass murder perpetrated by Russia (and China). And as much as they decry the softness and degeneracy of the West, they evidently assume the West will always continue. Although corrupt, they don’t think it will ever be called to account like the (comparatively less deserving?) Ukraine. In their exacting moral calculus, the fire and brimstone lands on the less guilty party’s house. There’s a self-centeredness here. Also hypocrisy. People like Peterson wouldn’t support a Russian-style of severe ‘incapacitation’ of the West, since after all they live there.

    1. I think You are right-

      Some do not care about unborn human beings, others do not care about Ukrainian childen and adults, and sometimes it is the same folk …..the Left talks about “inclusion”, but Down syndrome human beings can still be “aborted” läter than others. They talk about racial justice and delete “Uncle Ben’s” from the package, or forbid “blackfacing” for the star singers.

      Eastern and Western morality lacks have a common background. I think, understanding this is a clue.

    2. Laura, that’s a good point about the “self-centeredness” issue. Being self-centered never turns out well. These Republicans really do love to bring up the Holodomor to score points against Democrats. But then I’ll bring it up to them and say “Is it really surprising that Ukrainians want independence from Russia after the Holodomor?” and there is no response and it’s as if it cannot even penetrate their head.

      Bukovsky said something like, “When you make a serious break with the past, there is no need to conceal it.” Peterson is in psychology, was a college professor in Canada, worked/studied at Harvard. This background is as leftist and suspicious (for a “right-wing” activist!) as you can get really. Why can’t he have one clean explanation for his Russian Communist artwork? Why a dozen contradictory explanations?

  40. Please forgive me Jeff for this spiritual post. You can not post it if you think it is off topic. Satan has deceived the whole world. He has gathered all of the leaders together and would destroy the whole world if not restrained by God. This hopelessness we feel in the face of communism presents us with a spiritual battle which is the only battle we can win. Our leaders in the US of A are compromised and America has already fallen from within. They don’t care who votes but who counts the votes. We are at the very end of this age. Soon God will appear and reveal Himself to the world and call all into account. Therefore:
    31 What then shall we say to these things?
    If God is for us, who can be against us?
    (The Communists are nothing to God. He laughs at them and mocks them. Read Psalm 2.)

    32 He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all,
    How shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?
    (God is with His people and will never leave us or forsake us. So we are of good cheer.)

    33 Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies.
    34 Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen,
    Who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us.
    (Christ is with us, so why live in fear of Communism, the tool of Satan?)

    35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation,
    or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
    36 As it is written: “For Your sake we are killed all day long;
    We are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.”
    (Communists can’t take away what God has done for us or remove His love from us. We have eternal life and nothing can take it from us. Jesus said, “And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand.” John 10:28)

    37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.
    (A true Christian believer conquers Communism by faith in Jesus Christ. We put on the full armor of God and are able to stand in the evil day. We’re told by Jesus, “Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in the fire.” – Matthew 10:28 Ephesians 6 teaches us to put on the full armor of God in order to stand in the evil day!)

    38 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, 39 nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
    (And I am persuaded that communism cannot separate the true believer from the Love of God, so real, so strong and so true. His Love is so powerful and fills the soul with joy and peace and hope of better things to come. Those who are abiding in God, abide in His Love, and they shall never fall. It’s time to take out our Sword and sharpen it and know it and use it to fight this battle, knowing even if we die, we live.)

    1. We are definitely called to fight the spiritual battle that is going on, but there were also many times in the Bible where God called His people to fight a physical battle against evil. In this case, I think it begins with teaching what Communism truly is and exposing those who are a part of it. Knowledge is a powerful weapon! Is it too late to turn things around? Perhaps. But we still need to keep praying and fighting against it.

      1. I agree with you, PrayinginOK. It is “both/and”, not an “either/or” type reality. And bet we would agree, wisest to pray first and then step out to stand in what is true, right, and good– even if hard. May the modern day Bonhoeffers, TenBoom families, Daniels, Esthers, Deborahs, Joseph’s, Davids, etc, etc arise in our times too. “For such a time as this.”

        The Sons of Issachar, were also very key in biblical history. Part of their service included being the geopolitical watchmen/analysts for the nation, and “knew what Israel ought to do”. Bet we could all name at least one modern day “Son of Issachar”. 🙂 (From the Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible, complete and unabridged re: I Chron 12:23-40, esp vs 32)

      2. Oh yes! I’m “praying without ceasing.” 🙂 You made me smile with the “modern day Son of Issachar.” Jeff definitely fits that description! He has never stopped educating and warning.

    2. Amen and amen. 🙏👑✝️

      Just a fact. Currently, the countries with the fastest Church growth in the world are Iran and Afghanistan– also two of the most heavily persecuted In the world. NOTHING can stop the spread of the Good News and hope found in the One called Faithful and True.

      Again, you need not post this, Mr Nyquist. I don’t want to be a source of starting any strife amongst believers. But, hopefully this is only encouraging and strengthening to the Body as we move into more unsettled times.

      1. Mr. MARCO REESE:

        Selbst verstandlich mit Frau Merkel…

        This was excellent point – she was there when they, the communist plants, got rid of Helmuth Kohl, which was quite a sophisticated KGB op, to say the least, and then she was the successor, and the German people didn’t much care that she was brought up in Communist Germany and was part of the Communist Youth, and that even though she was born somewhere in Hamburg area, which was the American (or British, don’t remember which, but American sector is more probable, memory doesn’t serve), and her father took the whole family into the Soviet Sector, including her as very young child.

        So what does it tell you about her upbringing – it was evidently communist, no doubt. So how can such a person be trusted, when she is elected as German Chancellor and uses the similar policies which in fact enabled the Russian favorable situation today – and now you have suspected STASI agent in power over there, the CCP toxic injections and virus situation proved also how these communist plants are capable to abuse authority for the benefit of the communist cause.


        (This is just a small part of her background, but with photos and analysis, don’t know who the author is, but looks authentic and thorough enough to get the communist subversion picture…poor Germany !)

        Germany was a great country, although Austria is more Catholic in the sense of tradition etc., but today Europe is lost, unless God has mercy on it, and it was seen while on pilgrimage there that they don’t wish to be truly Catholic, and so God is allowing these evils to decimate whatever is still left, Our Lord is very offended by the sinful wicked lifestyle and immorality and heretical opinions, the general apostasy which have took hold on this world is what the cause of the Divine wrath truly is.

        St. Thomas Aquinas wrote somewhere that : “…sometime God allows a hypocrite to rule the people on account of (their) sin…” …and also “when multitude sins, vengeance must be taken on it…”.

        These are such evil times, very evil, but the good fight continues, we will prevail at the end.

      2. it was the British zone. But her father, the “Red Kasner”, a pastor with socialistic convictions, moved into GDR.

        On a podium in Chemnitz with Egon Krenz in Summer 2008 he asked, if children of pastors could not have study, why then Merkel could study- I cannot imagine Krenz did not know the reason (her father). A few years ago Krenz defendet the opening of the borders for non-EU-immigrants.

        As I have been thinking for a couple of years, the exclusion of Krenz, Honecker, Schabowski or Mielke by the “reformed” SED-PDS under Gysi was a fint and they are “Bauernopfer” – but now I think this maybe could have been planned together with those men.

        The podiium in 2008 was organisated by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, this is the foundation that is near by “The Left”, the former SED. But Krenz, as i mentioned, was excluded in 1990, so why should they chose him, a former head of state? He is member of the German Communist Party (DKP), and this one is the de-facto-successor of the Communist Party of Germany(KPD) that was outlawed in Western Germany in 1956

        And of course, the DKP was/is moscow-lined.

        So where are the real differences?

  41. Saw this on Russian chatter channels

    Iraqi Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr has declared war on Turkey.

    Anyone confirm?

    This was the only other place it popped up on clearnet


    -bill freeman

    1. This is what they’re angry about:

      “DOHUK, Iraq — Turkish artillery strikes killed at least eight tourists, among them a small child, in northern Iraq and wounded over 20, officials from the Iraqi Kurdish government, a hospital and the army said Wednesday.”

      But I haven’t seen anywhere that he declared war. That would be a bit suicidal in my opinion.

  42. Something about the recent death of Ivana Trump that is very suspicious, and cannot be set aside…her case is so misrepresented in the press and overall, as if she was some kind survivor of communism, or defector, but that is not the case…


    It is this article (The Guardian) that has some extremely important red flags about Ivana, and facts about her STB informant father, and her prominent communist education and contacts with various agencies, including STB Foreign Espionage file…(!!!)

    So one has to wonder whether her death was accidental or something else, that the knowledge of her past, which is far from being a genuine defector, could be a major liability to the domestic KGB operation.

    There is a picture of them both, in 1987 USSR on visit there by invitation directly from the Kremlin.

    Trump was financially helped by the long-term KGB asset Soros (his case is truly something else !), when he trying to finish his hotel in Chicago, it was something like 150 million dollars loan from Soros…

    But the question is not the economy results of Donald Trump, which did help more than any other administration, but the other things he was involved in – the China contract, to supply them with agricultural products worth 50 billion, and how he promoted friendship with China and Russia (until it was obvious it will not stand of course), and the warp speed promotion, which, the interview with Mrs. Owens, in which Mr. Trump said that it was a great success, how this all ties to the communist biological attack, and how this death of Ivana Trump is therefore very convenient as far as the timing is concerned…and there were some people who understood her past and knew that she was not what the official public opinion was about her…

    Soros video is here about him claiming that he supported the Czechoslovak “dissidents” financially…download it before they take it down, it has some subtitles in it, perhaps Serbian, but the video is in English – it is a major proof of his treason as US citizen and that he is truly KGB asset, because he claimed and wrote that in 1980s he was visiting the Kremlin and CCP General Secretary in Beijing and Kadar in Hungary, while at the same time he was supporting very actively their “anti-communist opposition” in Czechoslovakia and Poland etc. – this is impossible to coexist at the same time, if this was genuine effort, he would NOT have lived one more week afterwards…


    Something is not right about Ivana’s death. And so this article of Mr. Nyquist adds more to this, how such people do exist who have sold their soul to the devil and are on the wrong side of justice and truth.

    1. “including STB Foreign Espionage file…(!!!)”

      STB had a file on everyone who traveled to the west or had relatives living on the west, or just was in contact with westerners. This proves nothing. Before she became a professional gold-digger, she was an athlete traveling abroad to competitions.

      The files of important people were discarded. The files on almost anyone else were made public. If you want to prove someone is a deep agent, checking non-existence of his file is the first thing to do.

      I find the idea that Soros is a communist agent ridiculous, he funds almost exactly the same activities and people as the CIA, NED, and American embassies.

      Yes, there are many agents among politicians in former eastern block, who were groomed for years and prepared for this role, but those are exactly the same people who are no friends of Soros and who Soros’s NGOs attempting to overthrow. In the Czech Republic, former prime minister and president Vaclav Klaus is the most notorious example.

      1. Well, all people who wanted to “travel abroad” during the openly communist era had to have permission from the state, proof of their non-involvement in some scientific military research, their good relationship with the communist tyrants and so on.

        And upon their return they had to disclose all details of their travels, and names and statements of people they met with abroad, and those who traveled into capitalist countries were solely people tied with the communist regime, ordinary people have had nearly zero chance of obtaining the travel permit.

        Your assertions are so far from the truth that one has to wonder who you are….QUESTION MARK red !

        The case of Soros is so clear that there is no need to go into details about him, because there is no genuine defector from communist Red Army controlled Hungary, which was his claim and apparent case who would have later access to the Stalinist leaders of the Kremlin, Beijing and Budapest etc., and at the same time finance their “anti-communist opposition” in the Soviet Bloc and would be able to survive extra week after the KGB discovered it – THAT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE TO EXIST as such in the KGB run countries.

        The KGB and related services have had many directorates, sometime directed to seemingly oppose each other so that one section gained more credibility in the West by publicly denouncing the strategy used by another section, which is called controlled opposition.

        Soros has funded lot of anti-American operations which fit perfectly into the Russian and Chinese communist MILITARY strategy – including Antifa, the Clintons and their evils, and Biden and so on, his claims about how he doesn’t believe in God at all, and so on, it is a matter of public record.

        To have a foreign espionage file in the communist country is an extremely important fact, they have not just opened the file on Ivana Trump and maintained it, but that she was there with Mr. Trump in 1987 Stalinist Russia on visit from the Kremlin, which means she had to be vetted herself for the necessary Soviet Visa to enter there, and of course the KGB had to approve it…

        There is no known case of genuine defector from communism who would willingly be entering the communist lions den and think that they will be able to leave again alive, so how come she was so secure to visit USSR with her husband in 1987 and, as he was known to have publicized in NYC quite often (a brief New York Times report from that time says so), Mr. Trump was interested in nuclear disarmament with the Russian Bolsheviks…so of course he was a person of interest (perhaps even ideological) for the KGB…

        So now Ivana comes, her STB informant father credentials included, and she doesn’t mind to go into the communist Hell with Mr. Trump and somehow the press claims her to be a “survivor from communism”…

        The article uses facts and photos, and there is another TASS photo of them both in Leningrad in 1987 during the same visit, both smiling on the camera and she had no problem going there a t all – it is truly fascinating.

        And then her contacts with the prominent people in NYC and elsewhere, her status as prominent communist athlete (CZ Olympic ski team – only STB vetted members, no exceptions)…so was she or was she not a liability…her death is something that is far too convenient in its timing and if she was pushed down those stairs by somebody, this would be the reason for it…

        And of course this conspiracy theory should be expected to come under ridicule by the very same people who may be ideologically and strategically interested in the results…her death.

        One more important thing about Mr. Trump – he claimed at least 3 or 4 times that he has rebuilt as POTUS the US nuclear arsenal – but the overall reports from experts, including Mr. Nyquist and Dr. Pry etc. dispute that claim with the truly deplorable facts of US nuclear inefficiency in comparison with what the nuclear strength of Russia and China etc. truly is…so why is it so, why would such statements be made about such an important topic…WHY ?

        That’s why her death is not an ordinary occurrence at this time, before the 2024 presidential campaign begins…the timing is vital…and yes, that wouldn’t be the first Manchurian inside the WH after all, there are serious precedents to the contrary !

      2. Well, you’re a communist and an enemy of America. Of course you would deny that Soros is a foreign agent.

    2. If you were an American dealing with important foreigners and the CIA agents ask you some questions in the name of national security, would you refuse to cooperate?

      1. were I convinced they weren’t after the info to dox those people, yes. It is rather difficult to cooperate with the CIA knowing what we know about them now.

    3. @Concerned: Thank you, very interesting.

      The subtitles on the Soros video are in Bulgarian.

      Could you say why you think the “death of Ivana Trump is therefore very convenient as far as the timing is concerned”? Perhaps late 2016 might have been an appropriate moment for her assassіnation if the SVR (KGB) was nervous about what she might reveal, but I can’t see anything special about the present moment.

      1. Well, it is because of Mr. Trump and his actions and what he could have done and didn’t do, what he had done and should not have done, and what he had the authority to do and failed Kerensky style…

        It is all speculative at this point, but the facts about their 1987 visit to Moscow, Kremlin invitation, is so above the normal that it truly raises concerns what exactly is going on.

        Then there is a picture of Mr. Trump from early 2000s with some Russian emigrant who was at the same time tied to KGB front financial company, the name is a memory issue to remember, but the whole connection was so red flag that again these details are way too many at the same time to be passed over without at least taking a serious look at it how exactly this or that angle would serve or not serve the Russian Communist cause.

        His interest in nuclear disarmament while the SS-20s were pointed in large numbers at America is another red flag, his connection to Carter campaign, now the facts surrounding the warp-speed, not able to fire people like Milley and Fauci, and the worst of them all – Mr. Trump had to opportunity to act, while he was still the president, when there was enough substantial evidence of Democrat voter fraud, including the statement from that traitor Biden (excommunicated apostate on the way to Hell) about the most successful voter fraud organization in the history of American politics – Trump could have invoked the Insurrection Act and arrest these prominent Democrats (in truth communists) and have them transferred into GITMO for military tribunals for treason, which it is and nothing less – HE DID NOT DO IT !

        He could have stopped Biden and the whole Pelosi communist gang from gaining power, and he instead gave them the keys to the city…with legitimate information that serious voter fraud had occurred in Biden’s favor… Kerensky 2.0 (or worse !) And the worse part is that these so called “Christians” as Pence etc., knowing full well that no liar can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, have had no problem or conscience issue to certify the electoral lie for the traitor communist asset Biden….and so on.

        So now you have this connection of his wife Ivana to the STB “illegals directorate” which is the Foreign Espionage section, highly trained spies, and if this leaks out or is explained, who can guarantee that, in order for her to save her neck, she wouldn’t spill the beans on the whole set up…

        It is truly a speculation, but an important to make, as the 2024 presidential campaign is approaching and God only knows what will happen before that…very unstable situation.

        There is something more about her sudden death that is truly evil, something is not right with it, something very evil…and so these questions are important to ask…

      2. JUST ONE MORE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT POINT – the 1987 Kremlin visit – she was a witness there, and so was she present the whole time, and if she was STB Foreign Espionage agent, that itself would be affirmative…so WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED THERE that could be revealing who Mr. Trump really is, why it is that he allowed evident communist traitor as Biden and Pelosi to take over and nearly destroy the US of A…meaning the Great Communist Reset began…

        Ivana was a witness, and she saw what the KGB etc. was saying to her husband, and he then claimed that he was there to discuss building of a Trump Tower Hotel in Moscow, which he had to know that they would use for KGB ops, including communist spying, blackmail and recruitment…

        This was another red flag – and so one said he was there because of his interest (as a private citizen) in nuclear disarmament (with the communist pathological liars), and the other said it was the Hotel…

        It just have popped up – she was a witness.

        But again, it is ONLY a speculation, as the perfection of the act (to push somebody old down the stairs) is the mark of the communist plumbing services….if this is true !

        They don’t need such a witness when the triumphant comeback of the rightful president is scheduled…

        They don’t want you to quit the “economy stupid” mind set thinking, it works for them…

    4. I just really can’t take this. Trump is a KGB asset? My goodness, people, have some discernment. He held up Nordstream. He killed hundreds of Russian mercenaries. He damaged the Chinese economy. He approved US energy projects. He threatened Putin over Ukraine. The list goes on and on.

      Are anti-communists really this stupid or are these merely KGB plants? Trump was a KGB spy because his first wife was iffy? Use your discernment, people.

      1. Yes, there is a problem arguing that Trump is a Russian agent. He has done things that hurt Russia and China. Who benefits from a leader’s actions? And you have to look at all actions, not looking too selectively.

      2. So, looking at the article photo of Mr. Trump with this person from the USSR, the data bellow the photo says this:

        Tamir Sapir, who died in 2014, was a Soviet emigre who knew Trump since the 1970s and who put him together with Bayrock Capital. Unger says the company was a shell set up to allow Russians to launder money under Kremlin supervision…

        So to comment on it – Soviet emigre – many people do not really understand that it was nearly impossible to escape from the USSR and remain genuine true defector, unless the person was somebody as Golitsyn for example, escaping from their circles outside the USSR, otherwise there was (probably still is to some extent) such a police security system in place that you had to show permit to enter city or town and your ID when leaving the town, there were checkpoints on all roads in and out. This is a known fact.

        The borders were extremely tight, nearly impossible to escape and remain alive from USSR.

        So while this person was “Soviet emigre” who knew Trump since the 1970s, and was involved in KGB shell company, then all things are then clearer…

        What many from the Soviet Bloc who managed to escape do not realize is the level of communist penetration of the Western Countries and the level of their communist fanaticism…and their willingness to betray the sacred principles of the truth and justice.

        To be able to promote and sign the 50 BILLION dollar deal with the CCP as Mr. Trump did, to supply the PLA with such a vast means of agricultural supplies is of concern.

        Then comes the more important part – the CCP bio-attack and what the US military research about the counter-measures (DARFA or something like this) said – and at that time in 2020 in April it said, the virus was around and the publication of the assessment of what works (Ivermectin and HCQ etc.) and the exact statement that the vaccines work poorly, why would then Mr. Trump promote the warp-speed, which now is proven to be nothing but disaster as it is – this is concerning as there is about 1 million Americans now dead because of the “vaccines” (and the virus initially, and the euthanasia of the old people in the nursing homes and the use of Fauci’s Remdesevir and so on…)

        Then the statement about the nuclear re-armament of the US military which Mr. Trump made at least during his 3 or 4 recent allies – a person who was so much interested in nuclear disarmament previously.

        His ties to the KGB asset Soros, how Mr. Trump protected Hillary Clinton from being prosecuted – he stated that he doesn’t want to hurt them, they are good people…

        Is your memory so short that you only see what you want to see and these important details are not there to see ?

        There is more to this, and this is very important – Mr. Trump promoted the toxic poison injections while speaking with Bill O’Reilly in that town-hall appearance last year, while the injections were known to cause already so much health damage and even deaths in thousands – how can this be reconciled with upholding justice and truth, which morally all are bound to do in front of God.

        Mr. Trump was the one who has picked Milley for the position he’s in now, Trump said so, then the “inability to act” when Biden and his CPUSA gang have stolen the elections, having people as Pence and the rest of the Congress sabotage the whole defensive procedure to the point that Mr. Trump is now not willing to help substantially the people who were arrested for being there on January 6th and protested the whole sellout…

        The Bill Barr fiasco and betrayal, Sessions before him, Fauci not fired when he should have been fired, all the lies and half-baked truths which don’t add up about the desire of being friendly with these Russian KGB criminals and even the CCP criminals before the Wuhan situation started.

        And also importantly – Mr. Trump was willing to shake hands with Russian KGB criminal murderers as Putin, and he was able to sign a deal with the CCP criminal Xi…this is all the communists desire, to have the door wide open…sure, the tariffs were set up but the deal was still going on, the CCP was still friendly partner, and those are still made in China items on Walmart shelves….so they are still being recognized as partners instead of crushed as Bolshevik murdering enemies…and now they have Biden in the WH helping them, to whom Mr. Trump had no guilty conscience giving the keys…instead of lacking them all up under the Insurrection Act authority, and half of the US Congress with it, if necessary.

        So yes, the 1987 Moscow visit is important, the recent death of Ivana Trump is important, as the whole thing is not yet finished, Mr. Trump will most likely run again, and it is important with all these KGB contacts to realize that this serious situation is not marginal at all…the role of the controlled opposition is not a small matter.

        There will be Siberian Gulag airlifts of people who knew the truth and did nothing about it and ridiculed those who saw the danger and knew there is a serious problem there…and there IS A SERIOUS PROBLEM THERE now, and it will get even more serious soon.

        Do NOT complain that you were not warned, it will be too late then.

      3. One must always be skeptical of such leaders and connections, but we must consider an influence operation against such a person as by no means automatic and permanent. An attempt at ingratiation can produce a range of effects in a paranoid and pathologically independent egomaniac like Trump. Is someone like this controllable? Maybe or maybe not. You can always influence such a person, but can you really control him across decades? President Kennedy compromised himself with an East German woman. Did they control him? No. They had to assassinate him. The same goes for Pope John Paul II, shot by Memet Ali Agca, the Bulgarian-directed assassin. Blackmail is not always a successful method, for the blackmailer’s methods can also be exposed and a clever person realizes the KGB is also exposed when the blackmail reaches to a certain level. Col. Lunev commented that such high-level persons had to be treated strictly as “friends.” Any hint of blackmail risked permanent loss of the target. Especially a clever narcissist with certain accompanying traits.

      4. @Concerned, @Perseus

        Thank you, Concerned, for expanding on your original comment about Trump (just above, and further below). I asked you to do this because you sounded as if you had a larger case to make, and I wanted to see what arguments you would make.

        You made a strong case, strong enough to be worth entertaining even if we don’t embrace it wholeheartedly without further evidence. If Trump was able to stand in the 2024 Presidential Election and win, then that, for me (and for you also, I think) would be a strong indicator that Trump is controlled opposition, or at least that the Communists think that he can be of further use.

        I can understand the objections that Perseus makes, but there are two points that could be made in reply:

        1. the depth of Communist deceptions should not be underestimated (you have probably read Diana West’s American Betrayal and know this). Even in our time, we have the example of Putin presenting himself in such a way that the mere footsoldiers of the left have been tricked into believing that he is a conservative Christian nationalist, and therefore to be deplored; while much of the right, even at high levels, have fallen for the same trick, and that he is therefore to be defended and praised as a bulwark against LGBTQ+etc and Critical Race Theory. We have Angela Merkel heading the conservative German CDU party for two decades and acting in favour of Russia at crucial points. It should not be implausible then, that a Trump could emerge in the West who is not what he seems – “not implausible” does not necessarily mean “correct”, but it does mean that we should not reflexively rule it out before giving it proper consideration.

        2. We (at Jeff’s site) are all well aware of the deceptions of the Clinton côterie concerning Trump’s supposed “collusion” with Russia, and that this was used as a smokescreen to stop the US public from understanding that Clinton and Obama had been acting in Russia’s interests. Nothing in the case made by Concerned overlaps with this, and our rejection of the left’s collusion charge does not prevent us from at least entertaining the collusion charge made by Concerned.

        Jeff’s second reply to Concerned provides a useful qualification: Trump may have collaborated in the past without being permanently under Russian control, since it would be difficult to control a man of his character. Even so, Putin cultivated a radical change of character when he became President, so even this is not decisive.

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