…Russia overcame the inertia of collapse and started reviving its power, while the West, being lulled by sweet day-dreams of the liberal ‘end of history,’ castrated its armed forces to the point, when they could be good [only] for leading colonial wars with weak and technically backward enemies. The balance of forces in Europe has thus changed in Russia’s favor.

Pravda, 13 November 2014

The headline of the Pravda article cited above reads, “Russia takes complete advantage of castrated armed forces of the West.” We also read in that same Russian article, “The illusion of world supremacy played a cruel joke on Washington.” We must ask a question here: Who fostered the illusion of American world supremacy? What country supposedly quit the business of nuclear competition, the business of communist subversion, the business of the Cold War? Russia supposedly quit. But they did not quit!

Nevertheless, we find Tucker Carlson and Patrick Buchanan saying that we have been unfair to Russia, that we have needlessly provoked Vladimir Putin, tricking the Russians with false promises. No. The Russians tricked us. And they were already laughing at us in November 2014. America wanted to believe that the nightmare threat of Mutual Assured Destruction was a thing of the past. The Americans never wanted a conflict with Russia, or with China. The Americans wanted to live in peace. But we will not be living in peace. The war is coming to us whether we want it or not. And the war has now begun in Ukraine and there will be additional moves.

Here is my discussion with Nevin Gussack of the Populist Patriot.

War Episode With Nevin


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396 thoughts on “The War in Ukraine: Interview With the Populist Patriot

  1. Still, nobody listens to Putin. They want to erase Russia from the World, as they do wishing away the homeless. To think that Russia will accept a loss based upon conventional warfare, is like thinking that a MMA cage fight is real combat. Russia won’t just stand there and agree to become injured, for the sake of good sportsmanship and prolonged entertainment. Putin is a high level Judoka. He wept at his sensei’s funeral. Putin has a heart. He knows what he’s doing and takes measured actions in response to encroachment by NATO. If he gets put in a corner, he will do whatever is necessary, without being excessive. If NATO doesn’t back off, expect tactical nukes in theatre. This will not be World War Three or Four, but there will not be two more.

    1. Why should anybody listen to Putin? A few days ago, he said that he had no plans to invade Ukraine. Now he has done so, throwing the world into a crisis. He is a sick puppy as are those who shill for him. It will be his fault — and not that of NATO — if there is a nuclear war. He will have provoked it, not some secret cabal of globalists or NATO.

      1. Putin did not intend to invade Ukraine. What he did was to recognize two new ethnic Russian independent republics, who invited in Russian peace keepers. Ukraine continued to attack these dual Ukrainian citizens, as they have been doing for quite a long time. Russia didn’t intend for Ukraine to continue those attacks, which came to include against Russian peace keepers. Ukraine ought to have listened to Putin.

      2. Didn’t he warn Ukraine to stop attacking their own ethnic Russian, Ukrainian, citizens?

      3. That’s ridiculous. They weren’t attacking their own “ethnic Russian Ukrainians,” but rather the opposite — Russians entered the eastern parts of the country to attack and terrorize Ukrainians using the separatists to shield their nefarious, heinous activities. Vice News and many other sources have documented this using photos taken from social networks and matching them up with people in the eastern provinces (oblasts) who were actually soldiers from various parts of Russia. But even assuming your premise were true, Putin certainly has no room to talk now, does he? At any rate, you are so inconsistent in your pronouncements that I assume you are either unbalanced or simply posting to entertain yourself. First you post about huckster Hal Lindsey condemning Putin, and now you suggest his brutal invasion is justified? Which is it?

    2. Insanity is not being able to acknowledge reality when you have it right before your eyes. Yeah, sure, tell the people in Kyiv that. Incredible. Jane Fonda also had her “valid” reasons for betraying her own country.

      1. As for Jane Fonda, I don’t know what her trip was, but a friend of mine, a SEAL on the ground in Vietnam, latter to become Chief on a nuclear sub, told me that Ho Chi Minh, was not an ideological Communist. That he originally, requested for the United States to support the cause to rid Vietnam of corrupt leaders, but that the US declined, so he went to Russia for assistance.

      2. That’s a novel Story Barth. I have never seen any evidence to support such an assertion. Ho was a doctrinaire communist trained in France. The Anamese asked help from France because they were getting repeatedly beat up by the others around them. Then, after saving them, the Anamese turned against the French to throw them out. Giap was a wily character who managed to defeat the French at Dien Bien Phu, and threw out their protectors. they then turned the attention to rest of the country and started subverting the south, and doing exactly what the French stopped others doing to them. It remains a communist country to this day and Ho is revered like Mao and Lenin.

        The current crowd is still authoritarian, but they are still allowing people to do business themselves and the country is doing well as a result. It is still a problem, however, to be a Christian in the country.

      3. Not ‘valid’ in my mind, but I don’t see the difference honestly between Fonda’s stance and the people here who support Putin (especially at this moment after he has shown his true colors for all to see), claiming that NATO and a cabal of shape-shifting lizard people masquerading as “globalists” from Sirius are the real culprits and that Putin is just an innocent victim who was backed into a corner by NATO expansionism. All of the misfortunes and wrong turns we have seen in the West can just as easily be explained by virtue of the fact that there are a lot of shortsighted, greedy business people and also, traitors, I suspect in positions of power within our system. Also, being a communist and a globalist aren’t mutually exclusive terms. They both seek to overthrow tradition in the name of vague abstractions. On what basis do conservatives see Putin as a defender of tradition? He calls the fall of the Soviet system a “geopolitical catastrophe,” the same system that caused deep splits in the Orthodox Church and overturned hundreds of years of tradition.

      4. And just to clarify, I am only referring to those conservatives who do support Putin, as I know there are many that horrified by his policies and actions as I am.

    3. “Putin has a heart.” Maybe physiologically speaking. But otherwise he has proven to be a cold-blooded killer.

      What the hell justification does nuclear-armed Russia have to invade its weak sovereign neighbor, because it feels “threatened?” This is Russian disinformation. You should post on RT.

      1. I’m telling you, VIRTUALCONSERVATIVE1, that arguments like are notwithstanding. NATO needs to back off. If Russia feels threatened, that’s how they feel. You can try to poo-poo it, but that won’t get through to Russia. Back off!

        What would you do if some big well dressed fellow were to come up to you in a reasonably uncrowded subway station during off peak hours, and start breathing down your neck? Cry like a little baby, or what?

      2. NATO has never attacked Russia in its entire history. It is a defensive alliance mostly composed of small countries that cannot defend themselves.

    4. MMA is real fighting. It is not like WWE. People have ben seriously injured in MMA fights. Such is quite rare in WWE. I did like wrestling when I was 8 yo.

    5. Maybe the tendency to worship Putin on the part of some conservatives comes from the fact that he projects a “macho,” strong leader image. He’s a high-level Judoka, wrestles alligators with his bare hands, rides horses bareback, and that sort of thing. But, I can assure you he is not a “conservative” protector of tradition. In my study of other cultures, I have learned a bit about my own. Americans (in general) have the tendency to want to simplify everything and find a quick solution to every problem. Thus, the conspiracy theories about secretive “globalists” and NATO expansionism appeal to them, because they provide an overly simplistic explanation of all the things wrong in the world. They are mad because they see weak leadership at home and because of the impositions on their freedom during the pandemic. Of course, part of the problem is that communist societies are closed societies, so we really aren’t privy to what goes on behind the scenes. I know people in South America in communist nations that had it far, far worse during the pandemic than we did in the US. Curfews were imposed and buses were sent around to collect those out after the curfew to render service at area hospitals as punishment for defying the Covid mandates. People in those same countries aren’t getting enough to eat while the thugs in charge live lavishly. The same is true for Russia. Most of the media there is tightly controlled by the state, unlike the media in the US that even permits fools like Russell Bentley — a guy who was convicted of drug smuggling in Minneapolis and fled the country to join the Russian separatists — to spew their nonsense and sport Stalin coffee mugs and calendars on their YouTube channels. Look at where some of the former Alex Jones fellow promoters of conspiracy theories — conspiracy theories so secret that everyone knows about them — such as Patrick Henningsen end up: on RT. I wonder why? Because they serve the interests of the state-sponsored media in Russia and the communist agenda. While everyone is debating these common knowledge “top secret” conspiracy theories, the real threats are completely ignored.

  2. Barth: 1. NATO is a defensive organization.
    2. Ukraine is a sovereign nation that has the right choose to join whatever defense alliance it wishes.
    3. If the psychopaths running Russia feel threatened, they should remember 1 and 2 above.

    And BTW, shame on you for making excuses for Putler!

    1. NATO is encroaching on Russia. That is offensive. Ukraine is free to commit suicide. If overly ambitious dictators who make their own citizens wear masks and take lethal injections move troops and weapons next door to me, that tends to keep me awake at night. Russia along with the rest of the World, is under attack by the Covid Live Exercise. That is the context.

      1. Barth, NATO is nothing. Putin is using this lie of NATO encroachment as an excuse to invade and take over a sovereign nation. The NATO member with the biggest, best military is the United States. And just look at us. Our military is a mess. Instead of being taught how to fight and soldier, they are indoctrinated with critical race theory and transgender/homosexual perversion. Look at the wusses we have as top brass. Our installed commander in chief couldn’t fight or think his way out of a wet paper sack.

        Why do you defend Putin as if he were a noble, reluctant hero?

        I’ll tell you what Putin is. He’s trash. Plain and simple. Deviant, lying, conniving trash.

      2. Nobody has been proven wrong more times than Barth and all his previous pseudonyms. There’s only been one commenter at a time who uses the phrases “Covid live exercise” and “lethal injections” repeatedly. Seen this for the past 2 years from assorted accounts, which Jeff blocks, then the comments start up again under a new name. Pathetic how he keeps getting attention here.

  3. Barth, Fun Facts:
    Russia – population 145 million. GDP: $1.6 Trillion
    Italy – population 60 million. GDP: $1.9 Trillion
    Germany – population 82 million. GDP: $3.7 Trillion

    Maybe Russia needs to adjust its way of thinking.

    1. I’ve been declared non essential for the past two years, but I did get a couple grand in welfare out of the deal. In the United States, I’m not allowed to work, unless I take a lethal injection and wear a mask. Russia and China ought to take a lesson from Henry Ford, but the US has evolved beyond that I guess.

      1. Believe it or not, things could be much, much worse. I also chose not to take the injections for religious and health reasons, but what does the one have to do with the other? China is very likely the source of the dreaded floating particle mess in the first place. Certainly, I don’t agree with how the West handled the situation, but that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with what Putin is doing. Americans were forced to suffer some and they fell apart at the seams. The first step to recovery is always recognizing the true source of one’s troubles and that is not some nebulous globalist conspiracy or NATO, but rather an ideology that drives people to hate each other and causes divisions to use these divisions strategically. Or have you not read in the Bible that a house divided against itself cannot stand? I suspect that we will all be forced to suffer much more before all is said and done, but the real source of that suffering is an atheistic, materialistic ideology that denies a Higher Power and posits that humans can be their own saviors by wrecking and destroying society. It’s called communism.

      2. I don’t buy that Russia is behind the Covid Live Exercise, nor do I believe that China is in the driver’s seat, but rather a junior partner with a nefarious oligarchy. China is in the middle of them and Russia. The mRNA shots are for depopulation. The US Government has been severely subverted by a Socialist, global elite. Russia is odd man out.

  4. Question for Jeff or anyone with knowledge about this…. I was just looking at a satellite image showing damage to the airfield near Kyiv. Weapons have been pledged to help Ukraine, but how will they be delivered?

    1. From what i have read as of today (2-27), ground convoys of supplies (including weapons) continue unimpeded into western Ukraine…

  5. That is very well said. Romans one also extends to much of society today. It is why you see people vote for slugs like Biden and will lie, cheat, and steal to get someone like that elected.

  6. I think that if there’s a change in Putin’s personality concurrent with the plannedemic, it’s that he appreciates the magnitude of the malicious attack against everyone in the World, by the Global Cabal who take Socialism to an entirely new extreme. There can be no, New World Order, without assimilating Russia, and it’s incumbent upon Putin to defend the sovereignty of his country.

    See, I don’t always entirely agree with Hal Lindsey, but how come Jeff didn’t know that NATO wasn’t about to admit Ukraine, yet Lindsey did?

    1. In other places Jeff expressed doubts about Ukraine being admitted to NATO. I didn’t realize it wasn’t going to happen until 3 days ago. But, I find it unwise to make statements based on information I don’t have.

  7. Ok Barth. So is Putin a reprobate liar, or a reluctant champion for poor Russia, whom the nations of the world want to erase from the face of the earth? Which is it?

  8. Mr Nyquist,

    Begging for Chinese Pressure on Putin

    As you know Biden’s State Department repeatedly Begged Chairman XI to Talk Sense to Putin regarding Invading Ukraine; But XI (Running the Old Good Cop, Bad Cop Routine on the U.S.) gave us the Royal Brush Off and told us where to get off.


    To Coin a Phrase Mr. Nyquist: Are we American’s Fools who Don’t Know Our Enemy? It’s Said: A Fool and his Freedom is SOON Parted.


  9. I have seen very limited fighting footage so far. The high rise hit in Kyev was an empty office building. Photos of some destroyed equipment without footage of getting hit. No infrustructure like electric grid or water supply damaged. Americans told Zelensky to leave, yet he stayed. Now they seem furious. I suspect him to make deal with Putin tomorrow, switch sides like Kadyrov sr in Chechnya.

    1. If Zelensky cuts a deal that leaves any of Ukraine in Russian hands, his name will be mud, and he might as well step down. The Ukrainian people are not going to accept any sort of betrayal at this point. Letting Putin off easy will also embolden Putin to try again later.

      1. He can blame NATO for pushing them into war and then not helping, and not being wrong. He can blame it on radical elements like the Azov batalion for never stopping shelling the people’s republics.

  10. Mr Nyquist,

    Why is Germany appearing to Suddenly take the Putin Menace Seriously as a Threat to Germany when the magnitude of the threat to Germany has been clear for Many years?

    Paraphrasing the Actor’s Studio METHOD ACTOR’S Plea… “What’s Germany’s New Found Motivation?”

    From the Institute for The Study of War: UKRAINE CONFLICT UPDATE 10
    Feb 27, 2022 – Press ISW

    Germany is reorienting its foreign policy to prioritize defense spending, European security interests, and energy independence despite potentially high economic costs to Germany. German politicians expressed broad political support for this fundamental reorientation of German foreign policy, which will prioritize mitigating the threat Russia poses to Germany and its allies.
    • German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced Germany would immediately invest $113 billion into its
    military on February 27.[59] This new investment fund is equivalent to almost 200% of current annual
    German military spending. Scholz called the construction of new ships tanks, aircraft, and armed drones
    a top priority for Germany. Scholz stated the new military equipment will be built in Europe in
    partnership with other European countries, particularly France.[60]
    • Scholz pledged to increase Germany‘s contribution to reinforcing NATO’s eastern flank in Lithuania,
    Slovakia and Romania.[61] Scholz stated Germany has increased its number of troops deployed in
    Lithuania and expanded an air policing mission in Romania. Scholz stated he plans to set up a new task
    force in Slovakia and use the German navy to assist with policing in the Mediterranean and the Baltics.
    He stated that the German Airforce is prepared to defend the airspace of Eastern European countries
    that border Russia.
    • Scholz pledged to raise annual Germany military spending to over 2% of GDP.[62] This additional
    military spending is separate from the $113 billion investment fund.
    • Germany plans to build two Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) ports in Brunsbuttel and Wilhelmshaven,
    northern Germany, and to create a strategic natural gas reserve, limiting long-term German reliance on
    Russian energy imports. Scholz stated that Germany’s energy policy must consider not only the
    economy and climate, but also security concerns.[63]
    • Scholz’ shift secured broad non-partisan support among German politicians. Social Democratic Party
    (SPD) Parliamentary bloc Chairman Rolf Mutzenich and CDU leader Friedrich Merz expressed support
    for increased defense spending.[64] Finance Minister and German Liberal Democratic Party (FDP)
    member Christian Lidner called increased military spending “an investment in [Germany’s]


    1. They are afraid that Slovakia will switch sides without fight, so Americans and Germans send troops there, German capital is heavily invested there. Americans send more troops to Germany, maybe for the same reason.

  11. Mr. Nyquist – might I suggest a new “Ukraine War Update #2” post for those of us who don’t want to miss a single new comment but are flusterated having to scroll thru over 300 comments in that effort ? Just a polite request and regardless of your decision, I’ll continue to absorb all your writings and thank you (and knowledgeable commenters) immensely for your continued labors.

  12. “Brazil’s Bolsonaro refuses to sanction Russia, says Ukrainians “trusted a comedian with the fate of a nation”


    if you use marxist-leninist analysis, the explanation is that national bourgeois in less developed nations would rarely side with imperialism when they are given hard choice. Bolsonaro is not a usual Latin American comprador.

      1. What do you think about the BRICS economic coalition. When India abstained, that’s what came to mind. This bloc has beaten up on the US as the bad guy in multilateral trade talks for years now, so I wonder if there’s just some reluctance even from economic ties to pivot quickly against Russia.

  13. A few people in Australia are getting it and beginning to wonder if we are in the firing line for Putin. I don’t know if he even needs to use nukes. A few hypersonic missiles sent to our dams will be enough to disable Australia’s economy for decades. The only question is whether we would rate highly enough to be a target.

      1. The timetable that the Parliamentarian gave in the article, though–five to seven years for an invasion of the Baltic states–is, in my opinion, way off, now that events have accelerated. I would think that perhaps five to seven months (or even sooner) would be more accurate.

    1. An interesting tidbit from the article about China/Taiwan:

      “Due to rough waters through much of the year, the “window” when China could mount an assault is also limited, with the waters of the Strait typically becoming more navigatable in March — raising concerns Beijing may quickly follow Moscow and move on Taiwan in the coming weeks.”

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